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Whoa Nelly

Whoa, Nelly! is the debut album by Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado. It was released in North America on October 24, 2000 by DreamWorks Records.

Keith Jackson Frank Broyles

Keith Jackson, sportscaster with 'Whoa, Nelly! call, dies
“WHOA NELLY” . RIP to one of the greatest to ever call a CFB game. Here’s Keith Jackson’s call of the 1993 Sugar Bowl.
CELEBRATING A LEGEND: Legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson, whose career spanned five decades and included some of th…
Whoa Nelly! Heaven gained a new legend in the press box in Keith Jackson. I hear Fox saved him a seat with all the…
Don't be telling everybody what we up to sis👀
If y'all put as much work in a beneficial investment as you put in other people's business y'all would be rich. Shift your focus.
Yea I'm gone ride for ya baby but I ain't gone lie to ya baby🎧🎼
Lord please push me to my full potential 🌹
I think because Jan & Feb were added later ... I don't remember tho. I remember something about it only been 10 months o…
Why is October the tenth month but oct means 8🤔🤔🤔and December is the 12th month but Deci means 10🤔🤔
me at 9pm: I'm gonna sleep early tonight. me at 3am:
Went to sleep happy and woke up even happier ☺️
Whoa nelly! Hats off to the for a remarkable comeback victory at the
Down 44-10 in the 3rd quarter and come back 45-44. Whoa Nelly!!!
I really gotta stop using retail as therapy. Gonna end up broke & still upset 😭😂
Whoa omg Morse was engaged to be married,? I'm completely shocked, I mean I can't believe it. Who is this woman.?
UCLA game= a Perfect Storm! Team getting bum rushed on the field. Brother gets puked on in the stands. Whoa Nelly... CFB Saturdays are back!
I know y'all been a lil bored but we got y'all Friday 💪🏾🔥
Wasn't sure how I felt about this Verrit thing and didn't want to comment before I got confirmation it's crap and w…
Whoa nelly someone help me off the floor
Whoa Nelly! Back away from the snow white tooth veneers and the chemical peels, Kellyann…
Need some nail practice, who's down for a $3 fill in🤔
When you have 6.83 in your account and your food turns out to be 6.81
If I used to talk to or go with one of your friends do not try to talk to me because I'm not going for it.
Whoa nelly... he gon be good that Cam kiddo.
I have such a genuine spirit and I don't think anything will ever shake that❤️
I wonder if I met the person i'm going to marry yet 🤔
My exact face but with a bit more Disgust
If Barry (Twinkle Toes) Obama were still in charge he'd say don't anger IS (ISIS)or they'll bring retribution Whoa Nelly !!!.
This day is off to a bad start already..
Whoa nelly. Ginormous freight train is causing my condo to do the earthquake shake.
— Whoa, nelly! [She exclaims at the two, setting down their drinks as Lex shyly returns to his seat with a —
Anyone who doesn't have deluxe version of Whoa, Nelly! or the Hey Man CD should look on eBay.
Whoa nelly this is a nasty storm! My dog is freaking out. Electricity out & lightening dancing everywhere
Whoa nelly. The yoppa is out this morning
Whoa, nelly. Very first thing on my TL this morning. Quite the startling image when just woke up. Holy cats!
🅱🍫 girl not gunna lie I used to be scared of you💀💀 but you're actually nice and really pretty☺️ haven't seen you in a while though man
✊🏽😌 reg! We didn't get to talk much but you seem cool and always lit lol
💕 you're gorgeous and you have some serious serious talent💯 I hope my future daughter comes out dancing just like you 😍👌🏽
🐻🚀 teddy bear!!! You're my *** and I can't wait til vstate with ya💯
🍍🔥💯 you never fail to put a smile on my face even when I feel like the world is closing in around me☺️ always there when I need to laugh lol
👻😈🙌🏽 do what you gotta do to get that check and I respect your hustle💯 and Mad love for ya kid lolz
If I don't like you I'm skippin you😂😂💯
🙃💜 never really got to talk since I didn't really go to Newton but you're so cute and seem sweet too ☺️
😇🕷 you're one of the nicest guys I've ever met 😭💯
I hold my tongue sooo much lol if I wasn't so nice y'all would've been caught the wrath 😂💯
xx. Whoa Nelly!!!😉. It's been a while since you have blown through my TL like that Scott 😄😌😘. Thank you 🐢💚. Good to see you ❤💋
WHOA Nelly 🐴 The bag that comes with this month's kudos is HUGE!!! This. Is. Bananas. 🍌🍌🍌 Who…
El Chapo heard Gucci was goin on tour soon, couldn't miss it
I'm never dating anyone with trust issues again
I hate Applebee's but I'd definitely go to Chili's on a date
Five star review for Whoa nelly, it isn't even season
Whoa Nelly! It's as hot as a tiger's balls outside. . At least it makes the women wear skimpier clothing, amiright?
Whoa Nelly! Jim Perry! You know this picture would make a great meme. Love the bulging eyes Jim! Card Sharks 1979
whoa whoa there nelly. You're reading into it too much
I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado from the album: Whoa, Nelly!
Was at the Shamrock Pub and just seen an Elderly couple order some Beer shots LOL Nelly man do I feel Old and weird
Records that are still super legit: Nelly Furtado’s Whoa, Nelly! Seriously. It’s still so good. Promise.
Whoa Nautical Nelly--major shizz otg on Water Street just now
whoa Nelly overreact much? Jeez! It was one bad game. Wells has done an incredible job overall.
Hurricane Patricia went from a category 5 to a category 1 once it hit landfall. Whoa nelly
when I turn off gamemode on my tv and upscale the game image it 4k, whoa Nelly, its BEAUTIFUL. Input latency kills it though
And all I wanna do is have peace .. And sleep
Put that Revere catch in your back pocket I case the jays come back, whoa nelly glove save and a beauty
Whoa nelly... My Husker volleyball team is falling apart tonight
WHOA, NELLY. What a bombshell that was. S4E5 Poor Desiree, lied to from birth...
I liked a video from Battlefield 4 - 1177m Headshot - WHOA NELLY
Whoa Nelly "It is easy to do a great thing for God so long as greatness does not require interior humility, pr...
Nelly Furtado's "Whoa Nelly" is also a really solid piece. Not sure what happened to her.
I added a video to a playlist Battlefield 4 - 1177m Headshot - WHOA NELLY
Whoa nelly!! just got the word to play THIS Saturday with a seriously…
Whoa Nelly! sure did make my notifications inbox busy with their enhanced 2.0 layout! Perfect, time now to be productive!
All i wanna do is make a better score on this ACT and im happy with my life
I'm not a pet I don't have a owner and nobody tells me what to do unless your name is God.
whoa where was this new Nelly hiding at?
Whoa nelly kind of punt from Taylor Symmank -- flips the field for D as SHSU takes over on their own 22 yd line. 60 yd punt.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Whoa nelly!!! Sharon Morejon... You my friend are always correct!!! I was sad a little yesterday when I forewent...
And it kinda makes me remember why.. Nvm
Whoa nelly! It's time for some college football!
Still don't know what to do for my birthday 😐😐😐😂
Whoa Nelly! This here one's as slimy as a pigsty in a rainstorm!
Whoa nelly. Trying to come up with a name for this supergroup.
Whoa Nelly. 17 seconds later and SMU ties Baylor at 7.
LOOK AT THAT PAGE also we're super close to 200 pages, whoa nelly
Well, of course it is. You didn't realize we live in a stick-built house & drive a team of horses? Whoa, Nelly!
Whoa Nelly...just like riding a bike buddy.
The boys who turned you down will regret it in high school lol
It shouldn't be a humans decision to make about who stays on this earth because of their decisions it's gods
The Jim Harbaugh era has begun. He has a headset on. Whoa nelly! Let's do this baby!
Whoa nelly, follies is in for a surprise tonight👌🏼
thank you for responding. When you add that feature whoa nelly
Add them to the list of people I dont like: people that pronounce words that end in A like pizza with an ER pizzer. Whoa nelly that tears it
whoa nelly back up a step. Why an onion?
Whoa Nelly. Baker Lake throatboxer phenom ringing his bell
Whoa nelly, huge game all around with plenty of heroes to interview! Congrats Cuthbert on 1st HR. ⚾️💥
Whoa nelly! Besides humans, horses are the only animal that races!
That's nasty what's a matter with people
gone not answer my FaceTime you punk little *** 😂😂
Whoa, nelly. Is inside a tree really the best place to be in a lightning storm?
When bae opens the door for you and smacks your *** after you walk in
smh it will be ok.. I have no clue what's going on but😂
you honestly don't have s clue Jenelle
my chill level has hit an all time low since yesterday. Idgaf anymore
he probably spent 5 minutes saying, "i got something to tell you! let me tell YOU something, whoa nelly do i have something.."
When Isaiah is a giant sap but looks like thug.
Whoa Nelly. Stompin all day in my err force ones. Very potent at 1... (Goldilocks' Revenge)
Yall really over hyped Jurassic World lml😂
Like.. EVERYTIME I hear there name my arm automatically flinches 😂😂😂
ATL! Who needs bluegrass and brunch? Whoa Nelly rides at the Pullman in Kirkwood from noon - 3:00! Cc:
Whoa Nelly.. I don't get it 😞. U need 2 consult French. Consulate 4 pizza chg
'Whoa Nelly.' Have you been here? (Make sure to read all the way to the end.)
I need a massage so desperately WHOA NELLY! This neck pain is redonkulous. Now that my uncle made it alive and not paralyzed outta surgery, I guess Ima get mine done too like I should have 3.5yrs ago... My c2-6 is all jacked up and my nerves are all tangled... Someone with magical hands wanna come get the knots out plz?!? Anyone???
WHOA NELLY, but hey dat boy can "strut before a wanton, ambling nymph" when he feels up to it.
Whoa Nelly! Thank you so much for the Birthday love yesterday! I wanted to comment back to everyone that posted...
Nelly was Clowin wit that song that video tho! Whoa..👌
Whoa nelly! I've sold 2 houses and 2 lots before 9:00AM today!
Pioneer Woman's cheesy olive bread... Whoa Nelly! This was a wonderful sounding food and I had to make it... You can Google her food network recipe or just continue reading: I bought one loaf of Italian bread from Marios yesterday. Sliced it horizontally into halves and made the spread...which is so bad for you, it's good. The spread: One stick of room temp butter One-half or one-quarter cup of MAYO (I know, right? Yuck? No.) 3 green onions, sliced thin One 6 oz. (dry wt.) can black olives One 6 oz. (dry wt.) Green olives with pimentos -Both roughly chopped I used the cheese I had already in the fridge: Vermont sharp white cheddar and a Monterey Jack/Colby blend. It was about 16 oz total...but if there'd been more, I would've added more. Spread the spread on the bread. Bake at 325° for 30 minutes. Cut into breadstick width. Serve with something good for you, like a salad.
Idk WHYY I'm starting on a half day though😂😂
Whoa Nelly!!! Check out THAT line up...6 lines from bottom INDIGO VIBE. We're singing this Sunday 1.30 pm at The...
I love this song and still love it since I was 4
I only wear thongs cause my underwear always ends up my *** anyway
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
He followed me whoa nelly this is serious
Whoa Nelly! Found a new favourite whiskey at the I'm taking that Texan home with me.
Dont be giving out your neighborhood to strangers — Good point thank you
Smh, things happen and people change👌
I've fallen out with people I never thought I would. but they all come 🚶 and go. ✌️
Whoa Nelly !! My page just suddenly changed !! Think it's similar to an older version .
So...have you ever written yourself a very important note...and not be able to read your own handwriting? Yeah...I did it...AGAIN. Maybe I should start using Dragon Naturally Speaking. Do you think it would recognize reckon, fixin', y'all and WHOA NELLY? Just sayin'...
Don't ever forget your day 1's. Squad over everybody.
alright well it's dead and done.. Everyone is calm now why are you still dragging it on😒😒 and subbin them
“I can't stand people that think everyone is out to get them like...” RFFTTT!!!
LMFAO RFT ''Class of 2016 hate eachother. ''
Ignorance is when you don't know any better 😒😒 like using a word when you don't know the meaning☺️
Lips are currently burning due to the extra chillies in my guacamole for lunch, Whoa Nelly... I'm in need of some milk ^~
no shawty I think you need yours fixed.
Lol why he always gotta have the last word😂😂
Your ''best friend'' should never tell ANYBODY your personal business!
Tomorrow's gunna be a good day I feel it☺️
whoa nelly!!! That is quite the combo girls. Gimme Gimme! 😀
Whoa Nelly! My Seats are almost there in the South EZ!
K guys. Ready. I met this incredibly amazingly talented wise witty and utterly brilliant rabbi tonight after sitting in on his lecture... This man is the real deal and im bli neder going to this... So if u need a ride... Im driving. Whoa nelly he was sooo good... So inspiring tonight! Love love love.
Whoa nelly! We officially got our highest gas bill ever. The old house tax was steep this winter it seems.
Whoa Nelly. Grumpy, grump girls. Cold and overcast. They came to papa all right. But sure not in a sweet way. Sure loving this new bee jacket.
Whoa nelly! This one is a constant lesson in my own life!
Whoa Nelly! Ol' West Wing is featuring Guinness for $4.99 ALL weekend??! Hold my purse, I'm goin' in!
Whoa Nelly, that was a party! Thanks hogs! Tonight we are finally playing in Park City at the Spur! We cannot wait to bring the Legs to Main Street! Come one come all, just make sure you wear your best fur!
Are the Football God's punishing me? First I have to listen to Chris Collingsworth try to ruin a perfectly good game...Now I have to hear Brent Mussberger...Ughh.Boy I could use a little Kieth Jackson and Frank Broyles! ! Whoa Nelly! ...Well Kieth! !
Watching the 2006 Rose Bowl..Texas vs USC...16 future first round picks..Vince Young was a man playing against boys..Amazing what a bust he turned out to be. And Matt Leinert was also a stud!!! But what a game. Love Keith Jackson's voice. Whoa Nelly!!
You young ones won't know who I'm talking about but it is my Iron Bowl wish to get Frank Broyles and Keith Jackson back to broadcast this game. Whoa Nelly!
We need a Keith Jackson, "Whoa Nelly" for the rumbling, stumbling stud known as Eddie Lacy.
I think he's good but not to many Keith Jackson's... Whoa Nelly n look at the big uglies up front
Just out of curiosity, I watched Miley Cyrus’ new video for her new single “We Can’t Stop” I have to say the following: 1. I have never ever liked Miley Cyrus. Not even in her Hannah Montanna days. Except for the *** Down Throw Down, but that’s just because it’s adorable when my little girl sings “Polka dot it, country fried it” But even my 6 year old sings it better than the original. Just sayin. 2. We get it, Miley, you are a grown up. You are a big girl now. Do you really have to wear the skimpiest of skimpy clothes, act like a bi-curious harlet, and dry hump a bed to prove that? Take notes from Taylor Swift, Ashley Tisdale and Selena Gomez. Good role models for my girls to look up to. Not white trash ridiculousness. 3. Thanks for making country folk around the world vomit at your behavior. As I recall, Miley Cyrus prided herself on her country roots and Dolly Parton being her god-mother. Good job Miley! Even Dolly’s size J breast implants say “Whoa Nelly. You’ve gone too far” . ...
Whoa Nelly! Walking Dead rocked this week. Zombies all over the world and the two human factions declaring war! Next Sunday is forever.
Al Pachino was thirsty so I said reach in my bag I've got some water. Whoa Nelly, did he go off! He said "You're out of water! You're out of water! This whole bag is out of water!"
Wait until you sink your teeth into this wedding pretties. Not only are there magnificent photos by the talented Karen Wise Photography, but this bride has an adorable blog called What’s Gaby Cooking filled to the brim with yummy recipes. Yup, this blogger beauty teamed up with Whoa Nelly! Catering…
Whoa Nelly!! Get'cher Boot scootin gear on cause Jason Boland & the Stragglers are playing for Bourban Girls Grand Opening night!! February 20th!! I expect to see everyone there!!
Whoa Nelly! Changing from a shoulder bag to a backpack? That is craaazy AND cool. Alert the media!
forget that have you seen Clyde's suit? Whoa Nelly? Said in my best Keith Jackson voice!
"Shouldn't Keith Jackson come out of retirement" I do miss the good ol' Whoa Nelly!
For the younger gen that have never heard Keith call a big game, well let me just say "Whoa Nelly, let me tell ya about Keith Jackson"
Tammy says: I just bought the one month membership! Now, I need suggestions :) I have Whoa Nelly and Boingo, what are some of your other "go to" fonts?
HOT TIP (DECEMBER 6, 2012) SCREENWRITING SUCCESS… (“I’m Going to Make this Simple”) (For all Hot Tips go “MOVIE CLOUD” & “LIKE”) - Want to sell your script? Of course you do. So let me make it simple. We, in the industry (me included) believe you, if gifted with a “Good Ear” (aka: gift of dialogue) will likely get a proper agent, who is well connected, with your third script and sell your fourth script. Now, I know that you have taken a screenwriting class or a webinar from Syd Field, John Truby, Linda Seger, Michael Hague or Blake Snyder (he died early in life), and each of these instructors, in my opinion, are excellent, and you have bought Final Draft 8.0 or at least have the App…and you’ve written a script…and now want to know (A) how to get an Agent, (B) how much money to ask for, are (C) practicing your pitch and (D) need to know how to sell it. Whoa Nelly! Let’s take a step back. Rome wasn’t built in a day even though people say that G-d made Earth in a week and you ar ...
Interviewer: Success came easy in Canada for I'm Like A Bird. What about worldwide? Nelly: With my first single I'm Like A Bird, I was lucky to have immediate radio success in Canada. In the US though, I had to go knock on a lot of doors, go to a lot of board rooms and play the song for them. Quote: Interviewer: I heard somewhere during the Whoa Nelly era, the night you won three Juno Awards (the Canadian Grammys) you tried to get into the after party but couldn't get in. Nelly: Yeah, that was my first tabloid story. I thought it was so funny. First time I was in the news for something other than my music. But yeah, I couldn't get in, even though I took home so many awards that night. Quote: Interviewer: I think it's lazy when people try to compare a body of work and they try to compare an albums commercial success. I mean, the stars are aligned differently, the economy is different, the industry is different for each era. You can never really tell why one album does better than the other. And Folklore di ...
Skinny Wraps in Kinston tomorrow... Whoa Nelly! Inbox me if your in Kinston or New Bern and would like me to drop off a few $25.00 coupons.
Anthony Anderson Hitchens has won the Big Ten Regular season tackle Stats By nine. Awesome baby! Whoa Nelly! way to go Anthony. WE are so proud of you. Ryan Anderson predicted you would lead the Big Ten in tackles in your Junior year. Hope he played the big lottery last night. Going into the game Anthony was 5th in the nation.
It's amazing how this works. Mia Love is an amazing woman, yet the democrats vilify her at every opportunity and don't see any thing wrong with it. But say one word about the inept incompetent Rice, and Whoa Nelly! You are a racist bigot!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Whoa Nelly and holy crap all at the same time, people! :( Rick Shelby From Dennis Wrigley Here's something else the corrupt state run media is totally ignoring... And you'll only here it from me! Virginia Moseley was the senior Washington producer at ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Now Moseley is moving on to CNN to become their deputy bureau chief in DC. You're probably thinking who giv es a *** right? Moseley just so happens to be married to Obama’s Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, Thomas R. Nides. But, unfortunately it doesn't end there. I'm just getting warmed up, folks. Former Bill Clinton hack and current ABC propagandist George Stephanopoulos works with ABC News reporter Claire Shipman who’s married to White House Spokesboy Jay Carney. It was Moseley who recruited George StepOnTopOfUs to ABC. Finally, both Stephanopoulos and Shipman work with ABC News ‘Business Reporter’ Bianna Golodryga. She is married to Obama’s first Budget Director Peter Orszag. ABC campai . ...
My wife just used the expression, "Whoa Nelly!" Remember where it came from? And no; it wasn't sportscaster Keith Jackson.
Whoa Nelly, I can barely work the controls; let alone declare my respect for Les Dennis
*wakes up with a slight headache* Whoa Nelly! Ma head just ah pounding. that's what ah get for drinking cherry wine with the prince.
Last night at dinner I ordered a "green cocoanut" drink and they brought me a raw cocoanut with fresh cocoanut water/milk in it. It looked festive, tasted OK and the meat was kind of creamy. Then I remembered Tom Hanks revelation from "Castaway" on what green cocoanut milk does to your digestive system. Whoa Nelly!
Whoa Nelly! Just watched Keith Jackson call the 1972 Olympic 200 Fly final & WR by Mark Spitz. Doesn't get any better.
Spur of the moment decision to do unbearably quaint and cozy B&B tomorrow in Jim Thorpe, PA to start our 1st year anniversary celebrations. Hopefully zip-lining at Camelback enroute! Whoa Nelly! I got an adventure girl!
Whoa Nelly! I hope this turns out to be a good thing for all of them.
At my highschool's new football stadium. Whoa Nelly, we're stepping it up!
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