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Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings (born September 4, 1982) is an American comedian and actress.

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Whitney Cummings sexy in mini dress at �Consumed� Premiere in Los Angeles
basically the Whitney Cummings/Chelsea Handler of 2015. At least she's using the most of her 15 minutes.
Pitchers with at least 250 innings and 9.00 K/BB in a season. 2002 Schilling. 1884 Whitney. 1883 Whitney. 1875 Bond. 1875 Cummings
Im watching whitney cummings and i wish was here cause her reactions would make me laugh more 💖
Vegas will be in an uproar on the 28th when comes to town. And yes, we GO there:
Any chance of seeing Whitney Cummings on Undateable Live soon?
Whitney Cummings at the Consumed Premiere at Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills
HBO has announced a premiere date for Whitney Cummings' comedy special
Laughed our way through I Love You. So funny, what a pro.
More for Whitney Cummings and her... assistant?
Whitney Cummings gets her own HBO special
We have our release date for new special -
Whitney Cummings, you are not, nor will you ever be, my girlfriend.
Whitney CUmmings.u'd just be this stupid?...yeah.i think this might be stupid.
Whitney Cummings at the premiere of Amazon's 'Transparent' Season 2 in West Hollywood - Nov 9, 2015 x5
Did Whitney Cummings get hotter or did she just stop screaming so much?
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I added a video to a playlist Ginny Goodwin on "Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings"
I came across this quote/idea while listening to Tim Ferris' podcast and hearing Whitney Cummings discuss how she...
I had this weird dream awhile ago that was a episode of a sitcom starring Aisha Tyler and Whitney Cummings playing biological sisters.
The new from a couple of nights ago ft. Brendon Walsh, Nick Thune and Whitney Cummings was plata sauce. One for the ages!
Funny or Die: Nick Thune, Whitney Cummings & Brendon Walsh - Terms of Ensearchment - w...
Imagine if was hosted by Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, Lisa Lampanelli or Whitney Cummings.
“I promise: if you just tell the truth and get your heart broken as a comedian, you will have a house.”. – Whitney Cummings
"Love means wiling to die for someone, that you yourself want to kill." -Whitney Cummings, Comedian
Female comedians (such as Whitney Cummings, Amy Shumer, Melissa McCarthy, etc.) are not funny.
This is a show not to be missed! Whitney Cummings is coming to The Ridgefield Playhouse on May 15th at 8PM! Suzy...
It's loaded with new and returning stars like Andy Kindler, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Whitney Cummings, An...
Whitney Cummings Loved meeting and his badass Mohawk
this is how I feel about Sarah Silverman and Whitney Cummings.
Whitney Cummings' new HBO pilot asks, 'Are Men Necessary?'
Congrats to who scores comedy pilot and standup special -
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First Take talking about Manziel is the worst show imaginable until that Whitney Cummings and Maureen Dowd show comes on HBO
Whitney Cummings is hella pretty and funny imo
HBO orders Whitney Cummings comedy pilot and standup special
Amy Schumer isn't funny. She's almost as bad as Whitney Cummings.
A drunk old maid gets a television deal but we have to go hat in hand to publishers. My God.
“HBO is teaming with actress-comedian-writer Whitney Cummings for a relationship comedy and a stand-up special.
People sure hate Whitney Cummings. I, on the other hand, have enjoyed her work since I discovered her on Chelsea Lately a few years ago.
.orders a pilot and standup special by Whitney Cummings
why hate so much on Whitney Cummings? You know she's just a person, trying to make people laugh right? She's not a monster.
It's no Whitney revival, but hopefully it'll do for you?
MT HBO teams up with Whitney Cummings for new comedy pilot.
Whitney Cummings is getting a new show if you're only into TV that no one on the internet is in to
Whitney Cummings to star in HBO pilot based on Maureen Dowd's 'Are Men Necessary?'
Inside Amy Schumer back. Also: apparently Whitney Cummings got another show? Sure. Okay. Inside Amy Schumer back!
I despised but I think that Cummings could do a much better job not playing by network rules.
Whitney Cummings is teaming with HBO on a new series and stand-up special! Get all the details -
Whitney Cummings might be getting an HBO comedy based on Maureen Dowd's book:
trying to listen to the episode nannying with Ryan crowning and it's the Whitney Cummings episode
Maria Menounos & Whitney Cummings help free the Beagles - Hollywood TV | Watch: via HollywoodTV©
wouldn’t doubt that. SS is so outrageously ridiculous that any1 would want 2 be her. wanna know who’s good tho? Whitney Cummings
too perfect to happen... It'll end up being Whitney Cummings
Whitney Cummings Frankie falls asleep on my bosom after I breast feed him
Whitney Cummings Does this mean I can drive in the HOV Lane?
$14 -- Whitney Cummings at Ontario Improv incl. Weekends: Email...Read more ...
Chelsea Handler celebrated her birthday with boobs:
Hi Looking for Whitney Cummings I Love You stand up - is it still available on catch up?
I just finished off my evening by seeing an amazing comedy show with Whitney Cummings, who was always my favorite comedienne! So excite.
True fan and fan of the best Whitney Cummings
Alumna Whitney Cummings (C '03) to be guest speaker at Annenberg undergraduate graduation.
We've got Whitney Cummings, Rodney Carrington, & Carlos Mencia all coming here this year. Any other comedians that you want to see live?
Whitney Cummings is easily the nicest, most gracious person I’ve met in this…
Moving piece about the Slavery Museum @ the former Whitney Plantation. Kudos Michelle Miller & Our world needs more Mr. Cummings
Past special guests have been Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings & Dave Chappelle who's it gonna be tonight
.AMAZING Whitney Plantation museum! Cummings' perspective on the real and recent history = some whites GET IT.
Comedy Central should do an all-girl roast. Imagine Lisa Lampanelli, Amy Schumer, Whitney Cummings, and Natasha...
Whitney Cummings and Sarah Silverman are my favorite white girls
If I had to pick my own people for a roast, I'd have, Seth MacFarlane, Jeff Ross, Bill Mahr, Amy schumer, Lisa Lampenely & Whitney Cummings
Meet John Cummings. Out of his pocket, he bought and renovated the Whitney Plantation in Wallace, LA.…
the Whitney Cummings podcast was great ! was that her laughing or did she bring a child with disabilities to the show with her ?
New guest stars lined up for season three include Whitney Cummings, Andy *** Patton Oswalt, Elliott Gould, M...
Whitney Cummings tries on Sia's hat with built-in hair fringe while Selena Gomez chats with Justin Theroux.
Eileen on WWHL Whitney Cummings was a trip.
Whitney Cummings was quite excellent as guest host of "The Late Late Show" last night - makes me wonder why she wasn't considered full-time?
There's nothing like Whitney Cummings stand up 😂😂
Regis Philbin and Whitney Cummings split the week hosting The Late Late Show with guests Martin Short and Davi...
Hey guess what? You're going to be on the Late Late Show on Thursday with Whitney Cummings hosting!
Look for Whitney Cummings. I think she's there too. You can keep each other company.
I can't even find my old Whitney Cummings special
Whitney Cummings Snow selfie with Adam pally. We are both hosting the Late Late show this week…
Congrats to Whitney Cummings for being the sole female cast member out of the 18 announced for Adam Sandler's new movie. (h/t
Taylor Lautner, Nick Nolte, Blake Shelton, Whitney Cummings and more, along with the rest of the Happy Madison...
your bit in the Wedding Ringer w Whitney Cummings had me, glass of Moscato in hand, laughing out loud. Too good. :)
Whitney Cummings This Wednesday on the Late Late show see what dumb foolish idiocy
Jake, Ms. Whitney Cummings is seated in 1A, or as I call it, the Fogelseat
Whitney Cummings Screw diamonds. This is my best friend.
Lmao "If Whitney Cummings is not a one-minute woman, whoever. named her should be arrested and charged for fraud."
This is the most I've watched Can we have or some funny female not just Whitney Cummings? Nice change
I'm watching 2015x08 "Whitney Cummings, David Koechner, Jeff Ross" laying on the couch...
worst decision he's ever made in his life.. wait 'til Jeff Ross and Whitney Cummings gets ahold of that guy
Whitney Cummings Ramona will make her television debut next Wednesday on the Late Late show on…
I'm listening to Marriage And Babies by Whitney Cummings on
Can't wait to be 21 so I can go to comedy clubs. I'm bummed I missed Whitney Cummings. Not that I have to sneak a flask everywhere.
Whitney Cummings I’m hosting the Late Late show next Weds and Thurs and I’m taking it…
I added a video to a playlist Whitney Cummings Love Is Dangerous
Dane Cook is the original Whitney Cummings. Unfunniest man on earth.
Did Diablo Cody and Whitney Cummings team up to write an Allstate commercial and come up with The dialogue is terrible.
Whitney Cummings People are so used to seeing me through instagram filters that I carry one…
I want to put a child in Whitney Cummings.
If Rick Reilly and Whitney Cummings had a baby it would be a gong.
Whitney Cummings Brad Pitt can walk on. I find regular Pits much hotter
Whitney Cummings and I need to go to brunch
Whitney Cummings: Vote or else I will post more photos like this
it's Whitney Cummings becoming a fame ***
like they didn't just do the old make fun of her then be nice at the end, Whitney Cummings went the whole shabang
Whitney Cummings: Shine bright like a lion
Whitney Cummings: Shine bright like a lion
Whitney Cummings: Hey Baahston, let’s bang a left
Ginny is bestfriends w Whitney Cummings who is friends with Chelsea Handler who is friends w Sandy.. YOU SEE WHERE IM GOING W THIS?!
And Whitney Cummings you are a racist *** Lol
I hate to do this, but Whitney Cummings: not funny!
Wonder what Whitney Cummings and co did to get kim kardashian.
-Apparently Whitney Cummings does, it's 75% of her shtick lately.
“Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they truly are.” – Whitney Cummings
I'll be singing "I will always love you" with white stains all over myself. I'll be Whitney Cummings
Whitney Cummings: from with — East coast! The season premiere of 2 Broke Girls is…
I like the show its pretty funny plus they are both sexy so is whitney cummings
RG 2brokegirlscbs: Beth- Whitney Cummings got me this as a season 2 present for my dressing room.…
he loves Whitney Cummings he thinks George Lopez is funny
Whitney Cummings: Tickets now on sale for my shows in Las Vegas at the Venetian November 28 and 29. Come and see me…
Whitney Cummings: Bridesmaids for hire. We take cash, check or Chardonnay. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Whitney Cummings posted it on her instagram last night and I got it before she deleted it
2 broke girls decides to employ kim after all the jokes that she is payed for doing nothing. Well.. Whitney Cummings, you just killed a joke
Whitney Cummings - “Prince Charming is now a complete basket case”
Thank you Whitney Cummings for the Joshua photos MY GOD!
Whitney Cummings: Prince Charming is less charming when he starts drinking at 3. 
Whitney Cummings: David Lynch, Ginny and I are ready for our close up. 
Whitney Cummings: About that Hudson Valley hard knock lyfe
To assume Whitney Cummings is a "celebrity" is a bit of stretch, don't you think?
Whitney Cummings: Finally a Starbucks barista who gets me.
A womens explanation of the female hamster or as comedian Whitney Cummings calls it "our imagination"
Last night I got to see Louis CK, Doug Benson, Hannibal Burress, Whitney Cummings and Reggie Watts kill it live. Thanks
Can't wait to see Louis C.K., . Sarah Silverman, Marc Maron, Reggie Watts and Whitney Cummings — watching Oddball...
Whitney Cummings has no idea how Jim Rome got so popular.
Some of the highlights for me: Whitney Cummings, Demetri Martin, Marc Maron, Jim Gaffigan, and Louis…
Hannibal Buress Louis CK and Whitney Cummings in the same night for $10 lmao guess I'm coming back here next week
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Here's a *new* interview i did with Whitney Cummings + special guests Hannibal Buress,Sarah Silverman &Chris Hardwick
Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Marc Maron, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Ross . September 19. Who is down to go??
4 Tix to see midnight on September 3rd w/ Jim Jefferies, Chris D'Elia, and Whitney Cummings. Who's…
Whitney Cummings: from getting drilled in my *** by Nick Kroll. With Whitney, Neal…
"Comparison is the worst form of violence against yourself." - Whitney Cummings
Psychiatrist: "Super story on glad i get this paper--I always take it to work for my patients."
Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler make me sooo happy. It's like Pee Wee's Playhouse over there in TV Land or something. Just sayin'.
Whitney Cummings: kiss cam chemistry with a stranger
Whitney Cummings: kiss cam chemistry with a stranger
Read my interview with funny lady who talked about depression among comedians & more
Underdog. via Laugh for her Friday & Saturday h…
the one with Whitney Cummings has been my fav so far. But they have all been great!
just watched the Whitney Cummings episode. It was awesome. Cant wait to catch up on the rest. You are wonderful!
Underdog. via Laugh for her Friday & Saturday
BTW what happened to Whitney Cummings Part 2 ? Did it get the chop?
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Trust Us: A Q&A with Al Pacino, a great musical pairing and celebrating roller coasters: And Whitney Cummings, too!
Making the world a better place has its perks! I'm going to see Famous Top Comedians Whitney Cummings and Dane Cook tonight!
JUST got done watching and my gurl whitney was on i love me some whitney cummings
I have the biggest crush on Whitney Cummings. This interview on Jim Norton's show put me over the top.
i don't know if you've said this already, but just in case Whitney Cummings is not Jewish
Whitney Cummings: All choked up shooting my last episode of Chelsea Lately
“new special premieres Sat June 28 at 11/10c.
Really like show. a strong host. should be on every show. But please, no more Whitney Cummings
What if the indie band is Whitney Cummings?
My new favorite talk show host new episode with is up now. Great interview.
Comedy Dynamics offers vast comedy library on Hulu featuring more!
Whitney's news is seriously bad - Whitney Cummings would have made one inappropriate journalist. The...
Sandra Bullock celebrated her 50th birthday in style over the weekend, jetting off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with a few girlfriends in tow. Among those to join her in the birthday festivities were comedians Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings, who shared a flurry of snapshots from the trip including a sweet moment between the "Gravity" star and her sister, Gesine Bullock. In the pic captioned "Happiest birthday," the siblings grin ear to ear while rubbing noses. In another photo from the weekend getaway, Source: omg! INSIDER
Amazing night with Dave Atell, Whitney Cummings, Artie Lang, Jim Norton and Ray Romano — feeling funny at The...
Whitney Cummings and Sarah Silverman are like the ONLY cute female stand-up comedians.
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So, this Undateable on NBC is just Whitney without Whitney Cummings? Did they Sandy Duncan her?
“I think, for me, if I was to have a goal, it would be to take a little bit of the shame away from being human.”.
Why Whitney Cummings' *** Jokes Are Important: Tinder demands some degree of vanity—it's an app designed to g...
I will watch the new Whitney Cummings stand-up special. But I'm going to watch it like an angry, lifeless blogger, with lots of groans. 😠
Check out hottie dishing out some much needed advice for men!
Why Whitney Cummings’ *** Jokes Are Important via I shot this about 3 months ago. Tivo it.
on a completely different issue, u need to mix in the Whitney Cummings sex talk into future shows. Sure Fred has it queued
Why Whitney Cummings' *** Jokes Are Important: . Share the joy. Tinder demands some degree ...
.used to send fan letters to Edward Furlong. Yup. See what else she confessed to us:
Trending on Google at the moment... good domain possibility?: Whitney Cummings
Whitney Cummings: I have the best friends in the world.
H100 News: *** Napkin Ed explains his superb hearing ability and in the greenroom with
Really enjoyed this interview, courtesy of
Read the most wonderfully accurate joke about guys "in an alley gerking off on a dead pigeon singing Bible hymns."
Howard stern show and a guy called in and asked Whitney Cummings if she would let a guy *** on her face 😂😂😂
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“Preview new special Sat June 28 at 11/10c. her!
Whitney Cummings' laugh goes into my cerebral cortex.
Preview new special premiering Saturday June 28 at 11/10c.
Listening to interview Whitney Cummings is like listening to run of the mill female stripper/comedian/Jackie hybrid.
How is Whitney Cummings a real Stern fan when she doesn't know who Hanzi is?
Why Whitney Cummings’ *** Jokes Are Important via Can I get an amen and a you go girl somewhere?
I learned today that Whitney Cummings of Comedy Central Roast fame has NO intent on doing another roast unless it's a dear friend of hers...
Aziz, Louis C.K. Hannibal Buress, Sarah Silverman, and Whitney Cummings are all performing in Auburn in Sept...TOGETHER
.most controversial message yet: It's OK for women to be women
Are you on is, but mostly just to see the most cliché men use:
Never have I seen the internet more united than the YouTube comments section on a video where EVERYBODY said that they hate Whitney Cummings
fb question! who would you love to see get paired up for a buddy cop comedy. my 10 pics are 1-Adam Sandler & Eddie Murphy(this team up will be a dream come true) 2-Damon Wayans & Damon Wayans Jr.(father/son duo) 3-Sarah Silverman & Whitney Cummings. 4-Aidy Bryant & Kate McKinnon(cause they had a buddy cop skit on SNL) 5-Andy Samberg & Matt Bennett(these 2 look alike) 6-Seth Rogen & Kevin James(both playing mall cops lol) 7-Seth MacFarlane & Alex Borstein(Brian & Lois as Cops lol) 8-Chris Pratt & Anna Faris 9-George Lopez & Gabriel Iglesias 10-Martin Lawrence & Kevin Hart.
Hosted by Seth MacFarlane, Lisa Lampanelli roasted Donald Trump and also served it up to Marlee Matlin, Larry King, Snoop Dogg, Whitney Cummings, Anthony Jes...
check this out Whitney Cummings Is Every Single Girl On Tinder: Even famous people need lov...
I could have seen Whitney Cummings but I'm not 21, ahh I wish I had a fake I.D. 😩
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Whitney Cummings killing it. I want to be her friend. whitneycummings @ Laugh Factory
Whitney Cummings devout *** kissing of Chelsea is like, ok we get it you'll never be famous as her.
Whitney Cummings got chewed up and spit out on Chelsea Lately tonight. She does not have a good poker face.
I love Undateable! You should bring Whitney Cummings on the show as a guest! How fun would that be?!
Whitney Cummings is the most annoying human being on earth.
Cummings You look great with your new face!
Maybe the so successful Whitney Cummings should shut up about Marilyn Monroe.
GREAT Whitney Cummings is on the round table 😒
OMG it's Whitney Cummings boyfriend on this show. Love him
Yeah, but just wait until the DirecTV marionettes get their own sitcom. (Showrunner: Seth McFarlane. Star: Whitney Cummings.)
Vegas labor day weekend or nah??? MissKhalia Cummings Phylicia TaliyahTaiden Watson Whitney CampbellAqua Jezelle...
Whitney Cummings and Pete Holmes weirdly both have hypnotherapists? Maybe not weird? I just got to LA
Whitney Cummings: Tonight on Chelsea Lately see my genius invention to replace antiperspirant.
Whitney Cummings: My voice is officially loud enough to not need a microphone 
"dating a dj is like dating a valet for his car" - Whitney Cummings
"I decide when the party is over and the party don't start till I *** in.". Osheyy Whitney Cummings.
Whitney Cummings is awesome. Apart from being a great comedian she acts like my sister but looks like me. Crazy awesome😄
Whitney Cummings: Hot new couple alert Jane and Chelsea
Whitney cummings is the princess daisy to chesea handlers princesa peach
Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler are pretty much everything what every woman is scared to be, but deep inside we all love these two!
I tried to watch Schumer's show but never got into it either. Also I don't think I've ever seen or heard a Whitney Cummings show.
Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings were both at Melissa Etheridge's wedding so don't worry you can sleep tonight
The show stars Whitney Cummings and is based on her real-life experience and her comedy routines.
If Whitney Cummings and Chris D'Elia were together for real, that would make my life. (I watched Whitney until 3 this morning. Not ashamed)
This Dana Eagle chick straight up stole a joke from Whitney Cummings out of the David Hasselhoff Comedy Central roast! Gross
Whitney Cummings is cute and oh so tall. Also her name is Whitney Cummings
Whitney cummings has a huge mouth her name makes me laugh
Guys I'm at Bridgetown & drunk enough to set my phones wallpaper to a screenshot of Whitney Cummings' nails w/ NO IDEA how to change it
That Undateable show looks like it's really not funny. Like something Whitney Cummings created.
I love him so so much. And Whitney Cummings
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a real toss was her or Whitney Cummings
2 Broke Girls (2011– ) TV Series - 22 min - Comedy Creators: Whitney Cummings, Michael Patrick King Stars: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs " Sassy, streetwise Max works two jobs just to get by, one of which is waiting tables during the night shift at the retro-hip Williamsburg Diner. Sophisticated Caroline is an uptown trust fund princess who's having a run of bad luck that forces her to reluctantly give waitressing a shot. At first, Max sees Caroline as yet another in a long line of inept servers she must cover for, but she's surprised to find that Caroline has as much substance as she does style. When Caroline discovers Max's knack for baking amazing cupcakes, she sees a lucrative future for them, but they first need to raise the start-up money. "
If Whitney Cummings is a comedian, then I'm an astronaut. (Hint: I'm not an astronaut)
Closing notes from a great - entertaining firside chat between Dori Howard of & Whitney Cummings
no but she is significantly more amusing than Lena Dunham, Kristen Wiig, Sarah Silverman, Whitney Cummings
No one thought Whitney Cummings was funny.
Is Amy Schumer funny like when ppl thought Whitney Cummings wasfunny?
Peter Berg and Whitney Cummings are dating?!. this guy reminds me of Peter Berg.
Are you a Whitney Houston fan? Don't miss the Tribute Show tomorrow at Burton Cummings Theatre
Apparently Whitney Cummings was on "Two Broke Girls." Pictured here, standing next to a brunette.
Whitney Cummings should have learned that a sharp-tongued sexually obsessed character doesn't wear well in a recent sitcom.
I'm really getting into Whitney Cummings' sitcom. Shame it took so long to get to the UK...and then got cancelled.
Whitney Cummings just licked your photo.
I love Whitney Cummings, she can make me laugh for 2-3days with one joke. Would absolutely LOVE to see her live one day!
White girls are sooo cool... Zooey Deschanel, Rebel Wilson, Whitney Cummings… I wanna be a black version of all of them combined! :(
not sure why there’s a pic of Will Ferrel behind it when that’s a Whitney Cummings joke.
Random stupid thought of the day- While watching the O's game it occurred to me that If comedienne Whitney Cummings married Blue Jays infielder Ryan Goins, she would be Whitney Cummings -Goins. That has a nice ring to it.
Whitney Cummings to Hulk Hogan "You have less sperm in your balls than Pam (Anderson) has in her mouth right now"
Her stand up rocks. Whitney Cummings was on Howard Stern recently and said she is working on a new show for cable
Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings signed my mothers book and mine! Great evening
Now that Late Night King David Letterman has announced he is stepping as the host of Late Show after 21 years. The be question is who replaces him. Now, as with all late night shows, Jon Stewart will be the front runner. And Craig Ferguson, the host of The Late Late Show will be in the conversation. But I have a unique idea to throw out there. CBS can go bold in late night and change the game. Stand Up comic Whitney Cummings. Yeah, I know she had a poorly received NBC sit-com and her E! weekly show did not last long. But this chick is funny. She will make the jokes that people will be talking about the next day. And it would be good P.R. a woman getting one of the top three jobs in late night. I'd check out Late Show with Whitney Cummings.
Sitting side stage at Chelsea Handler (show and she is funny and fine, so is Whitney Cummings (she here too!!! Okay okay gotta go.
Watching HIMYM and Cristin Milioti is reminding me of Whitney Cummings.
I wanna watch Whitney Cummings but I also wanna watch Dalla Buyers Club, but I also wanna watch American Hustle. God *** it
Gonna watch Holes the movie, also going to the Whitney Cummings Comedy Central special in Irvine tomorrow night!!!
Whitney Cummings has her friends to thank for her career as a comedian.
.is filming her special at this Saturday. Are you going?
"A true friend will go with the Instagram filter that flatter you" - Whitney Cummings. Found your true who follows this golden rule?
That was totally awesome! Thanks Kellie Iamme for taking me out on a hot date to see Whitney Cummings!
So kinda met Whitney Cummings before her show tonight 😝 she pretended she knew us by accident lol
Enjoyed a awesomely hilarious show! I love Whitney Cummings even more now.
Whitney Cummings was amazing! I want to kidnap her so we can hang out!
Tom Papa watched your set on the hbo special with whitney cummings. Fantastic...enjoyed it very much
Hi Everyone, We are extremely happy to announce that we have been asked to provide seatfillers for the Comedy Central Special - Whitney Cummings Live & Uncensored taking place this Saturday, Feb 22nd in Irvine, CA. Whitney is a very funny stand up comedian that is sure to deliver one very entertaining night of stand up comedy. If you have ever seen a Comedy Central Comedy Special, then you know you are in for a fun and exciting evening. Cummings co-created and co-wrote, the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls, as well as wrote, produced and starred in her autobiographical sitcom Whitney, which aired on NBC for 2 seasons between September 2011 – April 2013. Cummings appears regularly on E!’s, Chelsea Lately and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Roasts. Her one-hour stand up special, Money Shot, premiered on Comedy Central in August 2010 and was nominated for an American Comedy Award later that year. There are 2 shows taking place that evening, we have the 7pm show and we have a 9:30pm show, and you can only sig ...
Oh man, Whitney Cummings is ridiculously attractive and funny...but not funny enough to carry Whitney.
Whitney Cummings: Money Shot. There are way too many things I can say about that.
Don't fall in love with Here's why:
"if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they will kill you..." Whitney Cummings a la Oscar Wilde
you should watch Whitney Cummings stand up on Netflix. I love her
Shopping all day.. Now getting my nails done.. And then double date night with some awesome friends to see Whitney Cummings!! Not a bad way to start countdown to my birthday.. Shots at midnight.. Who is with me?? Lol!
Whitney Cummings is hot. And actually kinda funny.
San Diego: I'm opening for the great Whitney Cummings at the Comedy Store in La Jolla tonight.
Having a hard time listening to this Whitney Cummings album. I think it was recorded with an iPhone at the back of the room :-/
thanks for following me hope you like the sound of crickets you however are a budding Whitney Cummings.
There's also Jen Kirkman, Nikki Glaser, Kathleen Madigan, Whitney Cummings, and this one short girl I forget her name right now.
Whitney Cummings thanks Jay for supporting her career. Subscribe to The Tonight Show for more Leno: The Tonight Show Wee
I found out if you try to picture Whitney Cummings and Aubrey Plaza in your mind you can only picture one. worthy
Whitney Cummings killed it. I'm trying to date her.
If you need a good laugh, Whitney Cummings will be in tonight and tomorrow at 10pm. Info:
Saturday should be a wild and crazy night, when Whitney Cummings tapes her new special for Comedy Central. Just a...
"...When people reject you, they're really just pushing you toward the right path. That's when you get tough and start figuring out who you are & narrowing down what makes you happy." -Whitney Cummings.
So that kansiime is supposed to be the Ugandan Whitney Cummings
Got a mix of old and new, including Eddie Murphy, Whitney Cummings, Greg Proops, Bob Goldthwait, and Cheech and Chong
Watching Whitney Cummings... VIP... Thanks Whitney for hooking us up!
your ready to take take Chelsea's job or better yet her little pal Whitney Cummings career! Super rad!
Going to see Whitney Cummings in Hollywood tonight!!!
IG. I said she had aspergers. and that her fashion commentary is similar to what whitney Cummings is to the show 2 broke girls
I'm still confused as to how Whitney Cummings became a thing.
Taking my baby Jess Westervelt to the Laugh Factory in Hollywood tonight to see Whitney Cummings. Should be awesome!
How did Whitney get through high school with a last name like Cummings
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Just found out I get to see Whitney Cummings on Thursday!
I'm opening for Whitney Cummings in San Diego on Thursday. Any way to reach out to the SFN to invite people to the show?
Got told I reminded someone of Whitney Cummings. Score.
Whitney Cummings listening to emotional ninja as we speak. Thanks for the laughs lol
Things I learned the last few days... Poi is still the best live band around. Whitney Cummings new show will be excellent comedy. Austin Texas is one of the friendliest cities I have ever visited bar none. They took a outsider right in under their wing and made me feel right at home for the 9.5 hours I was there. Everyone was giving me so much information in so little time. 2 days of partying heavily in a row with no sleep and you almost miss your flight back home because when you shut your eyes for a moment sitting at the gate you pass out (Thank Gawd a flight attendant woke me up with 2 minutes to get on the plane). MR. WOOD? MR. WOOD ARE YOU MR. WOOD? YOU NEED TO WAKE UP OR YOU ARE GOING TO MISS YOUR FLIGHT!! If you hold a camera above your head for 2 hours straight your arms will hurt like *** for a few days. Time to buy or make a portable support system for my new camera to prevent that and also kill the camera shake when in a very crowded room of people dancing and pushing me around. Somehow if you ...
Had such a great weekend with girlfriends!!! Tonight really topped it off with the hilarious whitney Cummings. I am gonna start stalking her shows. Had me in tears laughing so hard!!! Now on to monday.anyone doing cpr in the morning at banner desert from 8-10:30? With me???
Whitney Cummings brought down the house - incredibly funny!
Super excited to see Whitney Cummings! Love good comedy!!
"It's like we're kittens in lion costumes." That's how Whitney Cummings describes the one part vulnerability to two parts adrenaline...
Back to the problems I love having! What to drink, what to eat, do I put sunblock on and last but not least what should I wear... In this case to see Whitney Cummings comedy show with my favourite travel buddy Leah Walker
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