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Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings (born September 4, 1982) is an American comedian and actress.

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Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings signed my mothers book and mine! Great evening
Now that Late Night King David Letterman has announced he is stepping as the host of Late Show after 21 years. The be question is who replaces him. Now, as with all late night shows, Jon Stewart will be the front runner. And Craig Ferguson, the host of The Late Late Show will be in the conversation. But I have a unique idea to throw out there. CBS can go bold in late night and change the game. Stand Up comic Whitney Cummings. Yeah, I know she had a poorly received NBC sit-com and her E! weekly show did not last long. But this chick is funny. She will make the jokes that people will be talking about the next day. And it would be good P.R. a woman getting one of the top three jobs in late night. I'd check out Late Show with Whitney Cummings.
Sitting side stage at Chelsea Handler (show and she is funny and fine, so is Whitney Cummings (she here too!!! Okay okay gotta go.
Watching HIMYM and Cristin Milioti is reminding me of Whitney Cummings.
I wanna watch Whitney Cummings but I also wanna watch Dalla Buyers Club, but I also wanna watch American Hustle. God *** it
Gonna watch Holes the movie, also going to the Whitney Cummings Comedy Central special in Irvine tomorrow night!!!
Whitney Cummings has her friends to thank for her career as a comedian.
.is filming her special at this Saturday. Are you going?
"A true friend will go with the Instagram filter that flatter you" - Whitney Cummings. Found your true who follows this golden rule?
That was totally awesome! Thanks Kellie Iamme for taking me out on a hot date to see Whitney Cummings!
So kinda met Whitney Cummings before her show tonight 😝 she pretended she knew us by accident lol
Enjoyed a awesomely hilarious show! I love Whitney Cummings even more now.
Whitney Cummings was amazing! I want to kidnap her so we can hang out!
Tom Papa watched your set on the hbo special with whitney cummings. Fantastic...enjoyed it very much
Hi Everyone, We are extremely happy to announce that we have been asked to provide seatfillers for the Comedy Central Special - Whitney Cummings Live & Uncensored taking place this Saturday, Feb 22nd in Irvine, CA. Whitney is a very funny stand up comedian that is sure to deliver one very entertaining night of stand up comedy. If you have ever seen a Comedy Central Comedy Special, then you know you are in for a fun and exciting evening. Cummings co-created and co-wrote, the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls, as well as wrote, produced and starred in her autobiographical sitcom Whitney, which aired on NBC for 2 seasons between September 2011 – April 2013. Cummings appears regularly on E!’s, Chelsea Lately and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Roasts. Her one-hour stand up special, Money Shot, premiered on Comedy Central in August 2010 and was nominated for an American Comedy Award later that year. There are 2 shows taking place that evening, we have the 7pm show and we have a 9:30pm show, and you can only sig ...
Oh man, Whitney Cummings is ridiculously attractive and funny...but not funny enough to carry Whitney.
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Whitney Cummings: Money Shot. There are way too many things I can say about that.
Don't fall in love with Here's why:
"if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they will kill you..." Whitney Cummings a la Oscar Wilde
you should watch Whitney Cummings stand up on Netflix. I love her
Shopping all day.. Now getting my nails done.. And then double date night with some awesome friends to see Whitney Cummings!! Not a bad way to start countdown to my birthday.. Shots at midnight.. Who is with me?? Lol!
Whitney Cummings is hot. And actually kinda funny.
San Diego: I'm opening for the great Whitney Cummings at the Comedy Store in La Jolla tonight.
Having a hard time listening to this Whitney Cummings album. I think it was recorded with an iPhone at the back of the room :-/
thanks for following me hope you like the sound of crickets you however are a budding Whitney Cummings.
There's also Jen Kirkman, Nikki Glaser, Kathleen Madigan, Whitney Cummings, and this one short girl I forget her name right now.
Whitney Cummings thanks Jay for supporting her career. Subscribe to The Tonight Show for more Leno: The Tonight Show Wee
I found out if you try to picture Whitney Cummings and Aubrey Plaza in your mind you can only picture one. worthy
Whitney Cummings killed it. I'm trying to date her.
If you need a good laugh, Whitney Cummings will be in tonight and tomorrow at 10pm. Info:
Saturday should be a wild and crazy night, when Whitney Cummings tapes her new special for Comedy Central. Just a...
Being away from stand-up full time for almost three years had left comedian Whitney Cummings nearly crawling out of her skin. The 31-year-old Los Angeles resident is more than ready to unleash an all new special on audiences this month, including a stop at the Irvine Barclay Theatre on Saturday, whe...
"...When people reject you, they're really just pushing you toward the right path. That's when you get tough and start figuring out who you are & narrowing down what makes you happy." -Whitney Cummings.
So that kansiime is supposed to be the Ugandan Whitney Cummings
Got a mix of old and new, including Eddie Murphy, Whitney Cummings, Greg Proops, Bob Goldthwait, and Cheech and Chong
Watching Whitney Cummings... VIP... Thanks Whitney for hooking us up!
your ready to take take Chelsea's job or better yet her little pal Whitney Cummings career! Super rad!
Going to see Whitney Cummings in Hollywood tonight!!!
IG. I said she had aspergers. and that her fashion commentary is similar to what whitney Cummings is to the show 2 broke girls
I'm still confused as to how Whitney Cummings became a thing.
Taking my baby Jess Westervelt to the Laugh Factory in Hollywood tonight to see Whitney Cummings. Should be awesome!
How did Whitney get through high school with a last name like Cummings
Just found out I get to see Whitney Cummings on Thursday!
I'm opening for Whitney Cummings in San Diego on Thursday. Any way to reach out to the SFN to invite people to the show?
Got told I reminded someone of Whitney Cummings. Score.
Whitney Cummings listening to emotional ninja as we speak. Thanks for the laughs lol
"Before you date a person you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they truly are." . -Wh…
Things I learned the last few days... Poi is still the best live band around. Whitney Cummings new show will be excellent comedy. Austin Texas is one of the friendliest cities I have ever visited bar none. They took a outsider right in under their wing and made me feel right at home for the 9.5 hours I was there. Everyone was giving me so much information in so little time. 2 days of partying heavily in a row with no sleep and you almost miss your flight back home because when you shut your eyes for a moment sitting at the gate you pass out (Thank Gawd a flight attendant woke me up with 2 minutes to get on the plane). MR. WOOD? MR. WOOD ARE YOU MR. WOOD? YOU NEED TO WAKE UP OR YOU ARE GOING TO MISS YOUR FLIGHT!! If you hold a camera above your head for 2 hours straight your arms will hurt like *** for a few days. Time to buy or make a portable support system for my new camera to prevent that and also kill the camera shake when in a very crowded room of people dancing and pushing me around. Somehow if you ...
Had such a great weekend with girlfriends!!! Tonight really topped it off with the hilarious whitney Cummings. I am gonna start stalking her shows. Had me in tears laughing so hard!!! Now on to monday.anyone doing cpr in the morning at banner desert from 8-10:30? With me???
Whitney Cummings brought down the house - incredibly funny!
Super excited to see Whitney Cummings! Love good comedy!!
"It's like we're kittens in lion costumes." That's how Whitney Cummings describes the one part vulnerability to two parts adrenaline...
Back to the problems I love having! What to drink, what to eat, do I put sunblock on and last but not least what should I wear... In this case to see Whitney Cummings comedy show with my favourite travel buddy Leah Walker
I thought last night was the best. Nope!!! Going to see Whitney Cummings tomorrow night featuring Two Broke Girls and Chelsea Handler :D
Whitney Cummings new special should be called One Mostly Unfunny Joke. Standup Live: home of the $40 6pack.
Whitney Cummings stand up tickets...check!! So excited :)
Patiently awaiting to see Whitney Cummings with the bestie and my cuz!!! I'm so excited!!!
With my bestie Thy Phuong abt to see Whitney Cummings!
Waiting in line at Stand Up Live to see Whitney Cummings!
I love Whitney Cummings so is amazing! Fun as heck!
Dinner before the comedy show with Whitney Cummings!!
About to see Whitney Cummings. This is going to be hilarious.
Date night dinner at a new place and then off to see Whitney Cummings at Stand Up Live!
Sometimes rejection is just a form of guidance. -whitney cummings
Okay so here is the story. We went to see AGT runner up Taylor Williamson last night for a valentines night of comedy. Well, I was exhausted after a long day of work and an even longer night working on algebra with McKenna the night before. We went downtown to Stand Up Live to see the show. As the headliner was announced "Please welcome Whitney Cummings" I realized we were at the wrong club. We needed to be at the Tempe Improv. I am such an *** She was very funny though.
Yeah the bender has started... 3 long ice teas , 5 shots of rumple , some pain killers , oh a coke or two... whitney cummings and I got to see her new special before it gets recorded as she tweaks it... oh and a bunch of absolut... I promise to get my crap together and get you guys some good photos... and I will try and fill John Prentis's request for a video if they play it... I mean I have like a million requests... but I try and say nothing to the band... but I hope they do John's again and I can figure out to hit record on the video because it has been something like a decade,,, I am GOING TO SEE POI IN THEIR HOMELAND ALMOST... Hawaii is still on the bucket list... Listening to the Martyrs show that started the crosstown classic to get me warmed up... I hope the TSA takes pity on me tomorrow afternoon... WEL I GET TO SEE POI TODAY.
Saw Whitney Cummings who is hilarious. And from DC :)
Whitney Cummings, weds feb 19 in la Jolla!! Who's coming with me??
Well no super romantic dinner or flowers for this stuck/weary traveler but I DO get to go home TOMORROW instead of Sunday and Chris is taking me to see Whitney Cummings!! :)
Valentines Day date night Sushi followed by Whitney Cummings stand up
UFC Fighter, Brendan Schaub and comedian Bryan Callen talk with the lovely Whitney Cummings, the co-creator of CBS "2 Broke Girls" on the latest Podcast.
If you haven't yet supported this amazing festival in the past...give it a chance this year. With the winter we've had, I can't think of a better way to come together than to get out of the cold and share a laugh. If you like rubbing shoulders with stars, this is your time. Jeff Ross surprised me one year as I walked out of the Park Place elevator to be greeted by the Roastmaster himself. From seeing Mike Birbiglia, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Garlin, and many others provide improv in the basement of Horizon Books at midnight during the festival, I've enjoyed every bit of this annual event. Tickets are still on sale for many of the shows. Visit the Traverse City Winter Comedy Arts Festival Page for more information.
Free Comedy Night Tomorrow Night (Weds) at Win River Casino 8pm: Start getting into Valentines day spirit early and check out comedians Doug and Teresa Wychoff. Along with their hilarious stand-up routines, the comedy duo preforms together as the "HE AND SHE SHOW" , an interactive show using marriage advice drawn from the audience while weaving in each of comic’s own stories, jokes and experiences together seamlessly with audience suggestions. This format ensures that no two shows are ever the same. Doug has opened for Tom Arnold and Whitney Cummings.
Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings, Guest of first show, Source Code, Michelle Monaghan, Second Show is Jayne Mansfield's Daughter, from Law & Order SUV, Mariska Hargitay. What an amazing surprise. Watch tonight listen for my Oi! & laughter.
Two weeks ago it was Natasha Leggero. Tonight it's Aisha Tyler. Who's next? My guess is Whitney Cummings. Because some people just can't take a joke from a female comedian.
Kevin Nealon was joined by Melissa Joan Hart, Nick Swardson, Dana Carvey and Whitney Cummings.
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Anjelah Johnson✔. Iliza Shlesinger✔. And now, Whitney Cummings. I need a social life lol
The roast of Donald Trump lol Whitney Cummings is f'n hilarious and sexy
Front row center to see Whitney Cummings...
Whitney Cummings is the worst comedian ever. Ever.
ASK Promotions together with the Lujo brothers and Whitney Cummings bring holiday joy to the children and residents of the Lady Hochoy Home in Cocorite today - awesome beginning - wonderful serenade guys
I love her. Her and Whitney Cummings..I love their style of comedy.
True. She is also a cute *** “that's Whitney Cummings best friend.”
What is Carson doing with Whitney Cummings, Jane Lynch, and Michael Strahan? I'm so confused by this line-up.
Only fifteen minutes left! I can't wait, soon I won't have to see Whitney Cummings' face!
Never tell your boyfriend he's your "savior." You're a happy and busy woman who doesn't need saving!
The little ways you're too emotionally available with men will all add-up to a break-up down the road.
Natasha Leggero can join Sara Silveman and Whitney Cummings as unfunny (albeit, kinda do-able) comediennes
Whitney Cummings is very funny but she is too up beat and her voice is annoying
watched a little but of Whitney Cummings stand up Netflix special. She talks about everything! From sex, uh...more sex, and wait...JUST sex.
"can someone just explain why all balls look like they're 150 years old please? And they're always ashy, *** - Whitney Cummings 😂
"If I could marry a red flag, I would." - Whitney Cummings Sounds bout right
That show is desperate and grasping, but that describes Whitney Cummings.
Whitney Cummings drops as many banned words as she can. Subscribe to The Tonight Show for more Leno: Watch The Tonight Show Weeknights ...
2014-01-11 22:00 Whitney Cummings at the Ice House
Had an incredible time last night. I got to share the stage with so many great comics: Whitney Cummings, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Garlin, and my stand up idol Bill Burr just to name a few. Shout out to Nick Youssef for getting me on the bill. Thanks to everyone who showed up and actually stayed until I went up. Long road still ahead, but this was a good stepping stone in the direction I want to go.
Great line up at "The World Famous Comedy Store" on the Sunset Strip tonight... Sold Out crowd. It went Jeff Garlin, Whitney Cummings, Sara Silverman, Marc Maron, & Kirk Fox. I finally got a good laugh to top the week off. Thanks Tommy.
Were is that jeselnik. ...Whitney Cummings gets me laughing but it's not the jeselnik offensive.
Whitney Cummings: Whitney Cummings is a Los Angeles based comedian, actor, writer and producer. Cummings co-created and co-wrote, along with...
I'm watching whitney cummings' stand up and im in love with the stage
Guys wearing jerseys to watch the game is like me putting on scrubs to watch Grey's Anatomy- Whitney Cummings
'Whitney', '1600 Penn' cancelled by NBC: Meanwhile, Whitney ran for two seasons and starred Whitney Cummings i...
Whitney Cummings is bomb, but her stand-up is garbage.
Whitney Cummings is by far the worst comedian i have ever watched. Sinbad is sadly better
Whitney Cummings is hosting a show called If you ask me it should be called
LA was so tight holmes I wanna stay here forever aye! Got to see Dane cook, Whitney Cummings, Bob…
me too Whitney Cummings is also super funny :)
Finally get to see Whitney Cummings! Yea! Mission complete! All I've ever wanted to see is Chris Delia and Whitney doing stand up
I really wana go to the laugh factory! I'm dying to see Whitney Cummings
New drinking game: take a shot every time whitney cummings says "right?"
Hey everybody! Come with me to The Main Room: Whitney Cummings!
Sitting here watching Whitney Cummings laughing so hard it hurts! This women is hilarious!
Whitney Cummings: If Roseanne and Fran Drescher had a baby, replaced its voice box with a car alarm, and gave it a microphone.
I will see you in Vegas you *** You better be at your best becasue I'm missing Whitney Cummings to see your *** ***
It's the holiday season and some will spend at least a couple of hours watching tv-shows, sooo.. why don't we make a list of recommendations? :) I'll start: 1. The Inbetweeners - british humor, very good :) 2. The Middle 3. It's always sunny in Philadelphia 4. Family guy 5. Everybody hates Chris - life of Chris Rock, good 6. Rescue me - for the ladies (firefighters) / for the gentlemen (Denis Leary) 7. Whitney - 2 stand-up comedians ( Whitney Cummings, Chris D'Elia) 8. Wilfred - a man and a dog, 2 very different people :) 9. Raising Hope - silly, still fun 10. Nurse Jackie - starring Edie Falco, the mad nurse :) 11. United States of Tara - comedy - multiple personalities, good acting 12. Curb your enthusiasm - Larry David show 13. Louie - Louis CK type of fun 14. Getting on - new but good. 15. The league - not my personal favourite, but some of you might like it 16. The office 17. Parks&Recreation 18. Will&Grace 19. M*A*S*H 20. Seinfeld 21. The new adventures of old Christine - with Julia Louis-Dreyfus PS ...
It's by Whitney Cummings who I hear wrote Two Broke Girls. Long story short I recommend it.
"Do you think we like stalking your profile 10 times a day? No! It's exhausting!" -Whitney Cummings
I've been watching stand ups for the past 3 nights - Whitney Cummings is the best
I was wondering why 2 Broke Girls could be so unfunny & annoying then i seen it was Whitney Cummings that was behind it. Utter Pish
one of the creators of 2 Broke Girls is called Whitney now I know what broke; the condom!
In 2013, BABY TALK was born! From LA to NYC, take a look back at some special moments of our first year. featuring Superhost Dan Levy, DJ Jensen Karp, Baby Abe, Papa J, the Milkos Sisters, Brookie the Cookie, and special guests JOHN MULANEY, MOSHE KASHER, WHITNEY CUMMINGS, JERROD CARMICHAEL, BJ NOVAK, PAUL SCHEER, CHRIS D'ELIA, NEAL BRENNAN, CHELSEA PERETTI, JULIAN McCULLOUGH, RON FUNCHES, JAKE & AMIR & MANY MORE! Can't wait to see what new joys of parenting a show come in 2014!
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People say I'm like Max in Two Broke Girls or I'm like Whitney Cummings from Whitney. Both are compliments. Thanks guys.
Beth Behrs (born Dec 26, 1985) American actress. She plays Caroline Channing in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. She was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the elder daughter of David Behrs, a college president, and Maureen Behrs, a first grade teacher. She has a sister who is six years younger. Behrs moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, in 1989, where she was raised. She began performing in theater at the age of four, and played soccer while growing up. She was a student at E.C. Glass High School. At age 15, Behrs relocated with her family to Marin County, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. She began attending Tamalpais High School in 2001, and was accepted into the school's highly regarded drama program. Behrs studied at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and went on to perform in the musical Dangling Conversations: The Music of Simon and Garfunkel, and the plays Korczak’s Children, and A Bright Room Called Day. She was classically trained as a singer. Behrs moved to Los Angeles, Califor ...
or watch Whitney Cummings : Money Shot on Netflix, its hilarious
How tall is Whitney Cummings? Who's Whitney Cummings dating with? See at:
Okay. Whitney Cummings is me. We are the person...yes.
Kevin Hart is the unfunniest thing on this earth not counting Whitney Cummings.
Thank you Christmas, for giving me an excuse to text all my ex's. - Whitney Cummings. Lol
Whitney Cummings gave me the Bank of America card to get me for credit fraud
Move Over Chunk Handler there's a new pup on "Chelsea Lately". Popular comedian, Whitney Cummings, talks to Pet360 about her dog Ramona and show "Two Broke Girls" at Stand Up For Pits!
I miss my, as Whitney Cummings put it in her (well let's just call it a) "show", "soap opera villain" hair.
Chelsea Lately regular and Comedy Central star WHITNEY CUMMINGS is brash, profane and fiercely funny
I am pretty stoked. Just got me tickets to see Comedian Whitney Cummings at the SJ Improve.
Whitney Cummings is performing at the SJ improv. Looks like I'm Cummings
My impatient boyfriend gave me two of my Christmas presents already. A gorgeous necklace && tickets to a Whitney Cummings show :) Love this man!!
Whitney Cummings, who created and starred in NBC's 'Whitney' and co-created the hit CBS sitcom '2 Broke Girls', has become one of the most recognizable names in the contemporary comedy scene. Cummings first gained fame for her hilarious stand-up about men, women and relationships, appearing on 'The…
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That last drive was as pointless as a Whitney Cummings sitcom
I finally saw my first celebrity in Hollywood. Whitney Cummings was standing right next to me in the lobby. She's hilarious!
Whitney Information on this product is here: more items: Understanding nutrition; Mid life love: at last; Whitney season 1 [hd]; Disclosure of the heart (the heart series); Whitney cummings: money shot; Whitney, my love; I wanna dance with somebody; More than rivals; Whitney: tribute to an icon; Spiritual disciplines for the christian life (pilgrimage growth guide); Whitney cummings: money shot; Fate of the states: the new geography of american prosperity; Whitney: season one; Remembering whitney: my story of love, loss, and the night the music stopped; Whitney; Whitney season 1; Whitney season 2; A very important guest; Whitney (paranormal bbw shape shifter romance) (alpha marked).
"I don't like morning sex. So I just take a watermelon with a hole in it and put it in the microwave for a minute ... and slap a wig on it and lay it in bed, and then I just BOUNCE!" - Whitney Cummings
Comedian Whitney Cummings Stands Up for Pit Bulls: Cummings, talked to us about her dog Ramona, who she says is, 'just like a person' at Stand Up For Pits! in Los Angeles. Would you say your pet is just like a person to you?
Lmfao best part of my day is watching stand up comedy during my lunch break : ) ... If you love stand up comedy like me watch Angela Johnson on Netflix .. Hilarious!!! Now watching Whitney Cummings stand up, she's makin me cry!!! 󾌴
My daughter Whitney Cummings rocked it at her concert tonight.such a beautiful voice and beautiful girl, inside and out...I'm proud of the woman you are you!
"Jeff Ross has been roasting people since whitney cummings was just a glint in the eye of the man who raped her mother." Anthony jesilnik Lol
“Romantic comedies...they brainwash women. They make us believe in like, fate and destiny. Fate and Destiny are the names of strippers, okay ladies? They don’t really exist.”---Whitney Cummings lol
Whitney Cummings' stand-up act makes me so glad that I am a *** man.
At the silicon valley ball!! Dance, music, drunks, dinner and comedy, featuring Whitney Cummings!!!
The hilarious Whitney Cummings is only 30 years old, but she's conquered the world. Last year she had 3 television shows on the air at one time and tells Wen...
Oh my, Whitney Cummings is so NOT funny...
Directed by John Fortenberry. With Whitney Cummings. Money Shot finds Cummings riffing on a wide range of topics chiefly, the differences between men and women and how both tend to behave in relationships.
You should get tickets. It's going to be AWESOME! Entertainment includes music by, Escala, Foreverland, Dueling Pianos, Luce, Lara Price and Earl Thomas; Comedians, Whitney Cummings, Jay Mohr, and Natasha Leggero; a Roaring 20s themed Casino; Cuisine from our local restaurants; and the profit benefits Downtown Events! Get your tickets now!
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Whitney Cummings, Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler In the same place at the same time? Oh Lord!!! Sick!!!
Just watched Whitney Cummings: money shot with the best friend ever. Now I have a new favorite comedian :)
Friday at 7pm, Whitney Cummings, Nick Rutherford and Rory Scovel pay a visit to Stampede!
Holiday blues got you down? Head to The Comedy Store on Tuesday, Dec. 10 for a sleigh full of laughs, as the legendary landmark presents their tried and true weekly showcase 16 Headlining Comics, with Whitney Cummings, Mark Ellis, Bobby Lee, Erik Griffin, Brody Stevens and more on the lineup tonight...
Random shout out to Whitney Cummings in the Lone Survivor credits. Huh.
The time to RSVP for my annual toy drive Comedy Rocks show this Tuesday would be now. Its getting full!! Wait til u see who is showing up!! Ralphie May, Aries Spears, Whitney Cummings, Chris Delia, Natasha Leggero and me... 10pm at Hollywood Improv on Melrose Ave. BRING A TOY AND IT'S A 5 DOLLAR SHOW!!
*** *** *** Click yes and RSVP or write your name on this wall ASAP and you will be on my "FIVE DOLLAR I AM BRINGING A TOY FOR KID" list to get in this coming Tuesday! Boom! Ralphie May, Aries Spears, Whitney Cummings, Natasha Leggero, and Chris Delia all on the lineup! and TWO huge surprise guests as well... stay tuned...
If you wanna be a good person WHILE having an incredible time, then I have directions for you. 1st, buy a toy (not from the 99 Cent Store! Something good! It's for kids that do not have much after all). 2nd, give me your name on the comments here on this update or message it to me, so that I know you are committing to doing this and you will end up on my VIP 5 dollar list. 3rd, come out THIS TUESDAY (Dec 10th) at 10pm to the Hollywood Improv and BRING SAID TOY for my annual holiday Comedy Rocks and we shall have a jolly and *** old time... LINEUP: Myself, Ralphie May, Whitney Cummings, Chris Delia, Natasha Leggero and Aries Spears!! Also featuring Ryan Peckinpaugh and Cody Morley, as well as THREE surprise guests (one of which has never ever done my show and he is big time). If you do not want to participate in the toy part ya big Scrooge, and you just want a half off ticket for 7 bucks, then you can go to LAUGHSTUB.COM and buy one with passcode BALLS (in all caps).
Perfect roundtable if only Whitney Cummings &/or Natasha Leggero were w/ Heather & Fortune as well.
I'm ready to laugh out loud, please don't disappoint, Whitney Cummings (@ The Hollywood Improv -
Won't be home for the B-Day mid as well go to this show to celebrate late B-Day gift but going to see Whitney Cummings, Jay Mohr, and Natasha Leggero.
COMEDIANS! Who would you like to see play in PG? Harland Williams, Jeff Ross, Jay Mohr, Gerry Dee or Whitney Cummings?
Whitney Cummings and Beth went to a Knicks game last night without Howard... Please call in and talk some sense into Howard.
saw on Whitney Cummings Instagram that she got on there. Thought you'd like to know. I followed!.
Such a shame that the classy had to share the clubhouse with the classless Whitney Cummings last night. So crude!
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Who is this guy? Cutting down Martin Lawrence?. Just figured out Whitney Cummings wa. s on the show last night *** andy you need to
whitney cummings: actress. Guy: wrong place at the wrong time..
Cummings You were great on Bravo last night! Loved you throwing shade on Brandi n Patty Stanger! You are hilarious!
Whitney Cummings licking some guy's cheek on the MSG Jumbotron. No complaints from said dude.
Whitney Cummings licked someone's face and frankly, this wouldn't have happened in Joe Lhota's NYC.
Why have I never watched 2 Broke Girls before?? *** I love this show.. & Whitney Cummings.
Beth O and Whitney Cummings at the Knicks game. Where's
I've yet to find Whitney Cummings, Chelsea Handler or Jenny McCarthy funny.
Now that's a bad hair day! Whitney Cummings' long extensions fall out as she smiles for photographers
Who is Whitney Cummings to say anything about boyfriends teeth!? She's got big horse teeth!!!
Who the *** is Whitney Cummings? Comedian? Where!? She's not funny! Oh didn't she has a canceled sitcom one?
NEWS Feud Alert! Brandi Glanville Slams Whitney Cummings for Insinuating that She Was Too Thin on 'WWHL!'
As a society we really need to put more work into teaching men how to express their emotions - Whitney Cummings..
No one invite to any super important business meetings on Friday. She is busy with her show.
I dislike Whitney cummings but I watch Whitney show here n there
These characters in Congress are as poorly written as Whitney Cummings sitcoms.
Why does still ask Whitney Cummings to be a guest on Last night she was rude, insensitive and brought nothing to the show.
"Whitney Cummings is not funny. agree mean mot funny
Brandi Glanville's *** hookup, Joanna Krupa's 'prostitute' wedding dress and more from Whitney Cummings
Whitney Cummings is a genius and not just because of her last name but because is hilarious.
... About that "Mazel Muzzle"... Whitney Cummings needed one last night!
I really wish I thought Whitney Cummings was funny because of girl power and that but no.
I would so go to a Whitney Cummings stand up comedy show 👏
Whitney Cummings is extra obnoxious tonight.
Love lisa vanderpump! & Whitney cummings sooo in love with ! :)
Whitney Cummings talks a lot of smack considering both shows she had/were on were cancelled
*** is up w Whitney Cummings on using all the "hooker" and "prostitute" references?
Dont you think Whitney Cummings looks the *** child of Heather Dubro and Chelsea Handler with one chromosome missing.
"I would take Kyle to Rite Aid and get her some xanax because she needs to calm down." - Whitney Cummings
Whitney Cummings just said Yolanda's really name is Tammy lmfao. That was hilarious
Get Whitney Cummings and her laugh off my tv screen
u should very bleeped Whitney Cummings GD.. awful
Whitney Cummings is arguably my favorite person in the world.
Whitney Cummings is giving me life late at night. She is so wickedly funny.
You mean Whitney Cummings? She's pretty funny at those roasts, but I've never seen her stand-up.
that was an intense show tonight with Whitney Cummings and
Best HW Intro line ever "...Truth is I'm a prostitute but don't worry I never charge" -Whitney Cummings must be a weekly guest
LMAO. Whitney Cummings is on fire on
Whitney Cummings is coming hard for EVERYBODY tonight! 😱
lmfao Whitney Cummings is throwing so much shade I can't believe it
Whitney Cummings is so funny and sharp! Perfect for she should be on more often :)
Someone give Whitney Cummings a muzzle, this girl doesn't know when to shut up. No wonder her show got cancelled
Lisa Vanderpump and Jim Edmonds are on why does it have to be ruined by Whitney Cummings? She is in no way funny
They put 5 second delay cause Whitney Cummings is on blazing fire
Don't worry. The only funny thing about Whitney Cummings is her lack of a career.
I find your guest Whitney Cummings highly offensive- taking the Lord's name in vain.
Whitney Cummings is talking2 the camera like she's guest hosting Chelsea Handler's show. She's such a hack and I hope she gets throat cancer
Hey, so Whitney Cummings is making me crazy uncomfortable on
Anyone a Whitney Cummings or Ian Bagg fan, they both have shows at Brea Improv next week. LMK if you like to go
American comedians should have contained people like Rich Hall, Whitney Cummings, Reg Hunter and the GENIUS that was Bill Hicks
Whitney Cummings isn’t funny and she looks like Amy Winehouse the morning after a big night out
Whitney Cummings has a standing show at Treasure Island. From the middle (Chelsea Handler show), to the top (NBC sitcom), to blah.
Pete Holmes and Whitney Cummings meet for the first time and love each other.
You will never see Alex Jones, Teri Hatcher and Whitney Cummings in the same room together !
Is Whitney Cummings friends with Ron White? I know Ron knows why, but does Whitney know why I ask?.
Whitney Cummings ! Bambi! Tera Ventura look a like my wife lol
I would totally still bang whitney cummings
Ugh so sensitive today I just got sad watching Donald Trump roast because I felt like Whitney Cummings was "too mean" MORE 5HTP PLZ
oh god I love Whitney Cummings' show!!!XD
Why Jennifer McCarthy fell for Jim Carrey, but Whitney Cummings won't. but u are Jewish
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Hey Whitney Cummings, let me ejaculate on your last name.
Nobody likes you... but yet you come back every couple years for no reason. .you're like the McRib!! -whitney Cummings.
Whitney Cummings' sense of humor makes her sexy af!!
"Whitney Cummings will teach you how to be successful in the industry without swallowing"- Seth Mcfarlen 😂😂😂
Remember when Whitney Cummings was funny?. Yeah, me neither.
I wonder if i were a comedian if i would be funny or if I'd end up like *** Whitney Cummings
"The way you do anything is the way you do everything."- something Whitney Cummings quoted on some late night show
A flashing dog, Whitney Cummings, Rob Schneider and more!
Whitney Cummings is weirdly proud of her ignorance of and contempt for people who aren't as successful as she believes herself to be
topo! wanna be Whitney Cummings, would you be my Chelsea Handler? Mas quem sabe um talk show de repente? Pra chamar os boy magia!
"Guys who talk about their ex-girlfriend are like girls who talk about their farts." - Whitney Cummings
I had no idea who he was at the time and later saw that Whitney Cummings gave him a spot on some show. Good for hitt I wanna see
What happened to Whitney Cummings in the Main Room on Saturday the 24th?
I'm not a flirt at all. I'm kinda like Whitney Cummings.
I do think, though, this show needed a host or possibly two. Imagine Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler.
Nikki and Sara is probably worse than Whitney Cummings
What ever happened to that insufferable woman Whitney Cummings?
"Robin's "V" is like the first five minutes of a movie: It's never been seen by a black guy" - WHITNEY CUMMINGS
Someone just told me my sense of of humor is like Whitney Cummings dawg she's not even funny.
I'm making a run at the best life ever. -(Whitney Cummings)
Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer and Whitney Cummings the only funny female comics in my opinion.
IMO Whitney Cummings' broad statements re: female sexuality & monogamy arent accurate.U have better grasp.
Girls shouldn't try to be funny, unless they're 'Chelsea Handler or Whitney Cummings' funny
I can believe that. I'm looking through the list and Whitney Cummings is one, can't stand that girl. Most look funny though.
I would love to see you on 2 Broke Girls. I'm sure Whitney Cummings can write up a delish role for you.
Whitney Cummings seems angry at the existence of alt comedy in this podcast
People who complain I'm on my phone too much don't realize I'm only pretending so I don't have to talk to them. ~ Whit…
Whitney Cummings looking good next to Michael Strahan lol
Loni Love, Jo Koy and Whitney Cummings would be the perfect round table!
Why does everyone seem to hate Jim Belushi? I like him. We should be focusing on the real problem: why Whitney Cummings ever had a TV show.
Like, why do I care if Sarah Silverman or Whitney Cummings do anal?. But asking Mariah if Derek Jeter's *** is huge? YES
can't wait for a good nigh! Whitney Cummings, Chris d, and Chelsea Handler! Being on the laughs !
Gunna go see Whitney Cummings tonight And Chris !!!comedy store
Whitney Cummings has to have sucked lucifer's *** a time or two
Sarah Silverman, Lucille O' Ball, Ellen Degeneres, Barbara Dunkelman, Whitney Cummings, and Amy Schumer are all incredibly attractive to me.
I finally think America wised up that Whitney Cummings not funny what so ever and that she has never been funny
Check out what happened when went to LA to hang with &
"Comparison is the worst form of violence against yourself" - Whitney Cummings, who doesn't remember who she heard that from
Whitney Cummings is actually really funny.
It's been awhile since I jerked off to some Whitney Cummings ***
Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings are just the funniest people in the world!
And today's cool guests are Whitney Cummings and Tyrese Gibson o.O
What gave Whitney Cummings the idea that Pakistanis and *** go hand in hand?
Whitney Cummings is a dream. A dream that I wish was my aunt.
I would rather get naked and do jumping jacks in public than show any literate person my Google search history. ~ Whitney Cummings
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I'm still surprised that you don't like Whitney Cummings and like her show 2 Broke Girls.
I don't know who's more annoying out of Mindy Kaling and Whitney Cummings.
Just for Laughs. Whitney Cummings is DOA. Steve Martin. ^j9jq
It's like Whitney Cummings said, you either watch it on t.v or you go without.
Anthony Jeselnik, Whitney Cummings and Amy Schumer are to comedy in a sense that John Wayne Gacy and Richard Chase are to…
My English teacher reminds me of a cleaner version of Whitney Cummings
I've just watched episode S01E07 of Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings on !
Whitney Cummings gotta be in some sort of depression. I mean, she lost both her shows.
The series follows Whitney Cummings, as she portrays a fictionalized version of herself, and her very supportive live-in boyfriend, Alex.
"Women are cheaper than men, though. It's not even that we're cheap. We just never expect to pay anything..."~Whitney Cummings Ha!
Googled tour dates, but I got distracted by the fact that "Whitney Cummings FEET" is 4th on the google most searched list.
sydney leathers sounds like Whitney cummings
...Yep, he played Kevin Quinlan in that episode of That's Introverted Sensing.
Missed the Show with Vinny on starring Watch it here
Rachael just called herself the next Whitney Cummings. 😒
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as Whitney Cummings said, "the first three months of a relationship is basically just me trying not to fart."
Whitney Cummings really isn't too hot at comedy.
You were freaking awesome at Whitney Cummings gala!! Cant wait to see more of you! Standing ovation bien merite! ! Bravo!!!
Whitney Cummings, 8 or 9 comics total. Great show.
Last lap! Final show for the . Whitney Cummings was off the chains! And her guests were very good!
"I don't get what is so cool about dating DJs. That's like dating a valet because he drives a nice car" -Whitney Cummings
I hope they cast Whitney Cummings in the Ruth Gordon role.
Dane cook seth Meyers and whitney cummings
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