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White Widow

White Widow is a strain of cannabis allegedly developed by Dutch seed breeder known as Shantibaba (other sources name Ingemar ) and its known for its abundance of white trichomes and high potency.

Samantha Lewthwaite Sally Jones Islamic State White Russian Northern Lights Duncan Bannatyne Purple Haze

After listening to the advice of Bannon, Hannity and other white supremacist, again called a Gold Star widow a liar!
Shiny object to distract your readers from heartless legislation, Trump lies, Trump cruelty to GS wi…
"We should be encouraging engagement w reason & rational thought ..focusing on what unites us all: our humanity."
Its amazing people won't believe the widow of soldier but believe…
What makes Trump dismiss black pain? White rage. Willing to vote in a man who would meta…
Trying to picture scenario where treats a white war widow like this & I just can't. He seethes w/contemp…
Media needs to make stop reporting on Trump's discusting responses against widow. He's said mothing…
🤖 The reported death of the 'White Widow' and her 12-year-old son should make us face the fact that religion can … .
Can he talk about Trump's fixation w Obama legacy, Trump lack of tax returns, Trump v…
The widow of the 1947 Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year would disagree.
Indoctrinating minors with delusional beliefs IS in every instance child abuse...
biggest *** of all time. Black lawmaker army widow vs white supremacy loving narcissist
Trump kept telling LaDavid Johnson's widow about "your guy" ... I bet he assumed all the WHITE guys killed were MARRIED
White House chief of staff Joh Go Global or Stay Local -
infant in the White House incapable of decency empathy cannot apologize to a gold star widow he offended..via
PAY ATTENTION to how white people are about to talk about Myesha Johnson - a military widow speaking her truth.
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So yeah, how many days now since the White House Chief of Staff slandered a Congresswoman in support of an attack on a war widow?
No, but when white man call a black Gold Star Widow a liar he is a racist. What do you ca…
Like Bakari said, Trump needs to have a beer summit, like 44 did, at the White House w/Widow Johnson. But have Moscato instead.
Does her being white make grieve anyany less for her husband than s black…
The widow of Sgt. Black, killed in Niger, told Foxnews today that Trump was very gracious in his call. Wonder why? He i…
If Pres Obama had called a pregnant,white widow a liar GOP would LITERALLY form a lynch mob on White House lawn!.
More disgraceful behavior coming from the White House. This is a war widow! Let her grieve.
except when it’s Widow in dekus high tops and in s white shirt that says t-shirt
So Donald Trump lied about discussion with Johnson's widow and Gen. Kelly lied about Wilson's spee…
See them white Widow looking straight up hmu
If you believe DJT, you'd rather believe a white man who's lying than a black woman who's telling the truth.
Gold Star Widow Brittany Jacobs: ‘That’s Not the President I Know’ (You know that you are White, don't you?)
Picking a fight with a grieving widow, irresponsi…
Sending a black moron out to backup a white moron is never an improvement. He just called the widow…
Old white leader of the free world's behavior towards the black widow & mother of a man in his command. How is this…
I keep trying to imagine what would have happened in America if Obama insulted the white widow of a white soldier. Chaos. Ab…
Gold Star dad (white): Trump handled this badly. Trump: Check is in the mail!. Gold Star widow (black): Trump handled this b…
Ironically the widow of soldier named BLACK explains exactly who POTUS is, caring & compassionate. Black woman tel…
You think people are complaining that Trump is racist against White folk? Or is this a cons…
For some perspective, Trump has been far tougher on the widow of a soldier killed in action than on admitted White Supremac…
Yup little white boy gets more respect than a army widow !
Why aren't we asking to address this when he passes reporters on the White House lawn? Questions a…
Trump continues to insist that Army widow Myeshia Johnson is lying about how he treated her. I wrote about that.
So if you're a white father of a fallen soldier, Trump gives you $25,000. If you're a black widow of a falle…
Jeremy Corbyn says Sally Jones, the White Widow, should have been put on trial.
CORBYN: Labour Leader refuses to say he'd bomb ISIS jihadi Sally Jones, known as the White Widow.
From Jihadi John to White Widow: The Britons killed after joining Islamic State
It is being reported that British Islamic State recruiter, Sally-Anne Jones (aka 'White Widow'), has been killed in a US…
Pentagon looking into reported death of Islamic State's 'White Widow'
"Want some white widow?". Me- "that's my favorite spider" . Lmao im funny asf sometimes lemme just make myself laugh
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This session is going to have me in a deep sleep. White widow is my fave
Real white widow used to have alil coke in it ... so
Chief is happy to announce that we are joining forces again with White Widow Records to host a special afterhours...
Some of our options from Select Elite: G13, Blue Magoo, Romulan, Double Dream, White Widow, Purple Trainwreck, Cinex, and Dutch Treat.
Roald Dahl's agent pressured him into making Charlie Bucket a white character: .
The white spider widow strikes again
Free on Kindle Unlimited Mature white widow romances 30-year younger cabin boy…
On the Israeli side, people wave a white widow whom he had to redone it few times.
Listen to the latest WWR radio show and find out news about our gig on
I'm just a white widow in KY -supposedly the kind of people who support Donald Trump- and I am calling him a white supremaci…
white widow is forever my favorite.. I'm in love with the destructive girls
Mature white widow loves African youth.
Stan, those are spider bites. The white beam of light you saw was your near death experience with a black widow.
Hmong marijuana growers in California fight attempts to shut them down Sort of partial to White Widow myself...
Check out our Mad Scientist (18.40% THC)! It's a delightful blend of Herijuana X White Widow :)
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want I want in life is 1976 bistenel chevy pickup truck red white and blue with the inblum on the hood and the back widow
Apparently, Charlie from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was black until the publisher made Dahl turn him white.
Frank stopped by the White House on Friday!
Birmingham: Who is the White Widow? Why Sally Jones is one of the world's most wanted terrorists
We’ve restocked our store with two T300 varieties: Rockstar (23.9%and White Widow (20.9%THC).
Coke definitely won't help you sleep better. Try an indica. White widow is good.
'My shock at discovering my mum is a jihadist terrorist linked to the White Widow' - Mirror Online
"White widow Sally Jones vows to 'fight to death with ISIS' ", 11 July 2017
White widow incredible bulk before harvest
Your choice sis..Sally Jones 'will stay with until she dies' .
You are welcome and my reward shall be a White Widow with spicy ranch please and thank you.
FML a black widow spider in my living room 😫hoovered it up, drowned it in hot water in sink, then massive white moth appears 😱
'She will stay until she dies' White Widow Sally Jones' location REVEALED -
Loved Amsterdam when I was there just avoid the white widow 😉
You remember the first time you had white widow?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
weed for sale - We grow and distribute various strains of marijuana such as White Widow,sour...
the Northern Lights and white widow continue to thrive in the Karachi outdoors, though the kush express has passed away 🙏🏼
Why do you think the widow deserves the $$? Cause she's white and he's a brown muslim?
It might be a male black widow. They're brown with a white marking on its back. Ran into one of those that piggy backed from KY to MI
I found the original scarlett pic tho..
I just got 1 question to ask you blaze. Blue dream or white widow? 😎
I can't escape from the white widow
Get seeds and your collection gains a real eight-legged heavyweight!
Here we go another staged photo opportunity to gain WH…
Mature white widow loves young African.
White Widow is one of our varieties of rich in the terpene limonene, also often found in fruit.…
Good riddance she must never be let back to the UK, she made her choice & now must deal with the consequences
I'm definitely not a saddist but I'm definitely in need of a lot of white widow'.
White widow Sally Jones 'will stay with ISIS until she dies' despite claims she wants to return to Britain
want some blue dream or white widow 😭 I'll even take Girl Scout cookies
White Widow live resin and White Russian with kief. See ya guys next year!
11 July 1977. The Medal of Freedom was posthumously awarded to Dr. Martin Luther King and received by his widow in a White ***
ISIS recruiter and 'White Widow' Brit Sally Jones DESPERATE to come home SHE SHOULD HANG FOR COMPLICITY TO MURDER.
...and done. . "White Widow". 18" x 24" Oil on Birch Panel. Based off of the
peep Ur whatsapp Lxrd. The sound of Angel's singing in a meadow of White Widow and Purple Haze await U.
I added a video to a playlist White Widow Marijuana Strain Review
If Hillary could exterminate someone close as Foster: They will eat their own: White Widow Spider with Hot Sauce!
My white widow came in today, it's gunna be lit
Aid worker told me: "A widow in one of the villages was crying: she could not pay her N500 monthly rent." N500.($2).
Those with axty,panc dsorder ,stay away from sour d, white widow,(aVERY POTENT HYBRID),etc.
I m'faut la black card .. I m'faut la white widow..
This white widow is reeking. Buds smell so good.
Where's the terrorist's warped widow hiding out these days anyway? White House?
Note to self: Avoid a White Widow space cake unless you fancy a trip to Mars.
White widow make stress disappear like Malaysian flights
White women wanted black widow to have a solo movie SSOOO bad,But it'd ultimately be every Angelina Jolie movie ever and we already got that
White Widow from check out our strains @ and try the new 2016 strains!
Trae ese bong voy a ponerle white widow
White is the color of mourning in Morocco. A Moroccan widow wears white for 40 days after the death of her husband.
"The color white holds so many emotions.The pain of a widow and the happiness of a bride" ~ Shivansh Sarin
Whats everyone smoking on tonight ? Id love to know : i got some white widow and hash
white widow loaded up from Cheba Hut just hit the spot 😌😏
It's a nice day for some White Widow! (try not to sing it... you can't) They are making magic over at Stickyfrog...
I love LA for all these options I just bought a half of white widow for 45 lol I'm mad hype
Put that white widow weed in a cigar i puff
I want some white widow .. N Hercules .. 😭😭
It's 4:20 that means a shout out to a hard to find favorite strain. White Rhino from the White Widow family.
Sighting of "White Widow" Samantha Lewthwaite at Duncan Bannatyne hotel was a false alarm. What an absolute shocker.
Sighting of notorious terrorist 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite at Duncan Bannatyne-owned hot...
Huddersfield: 'White Widow' terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite did not stay at Darlington Hotel on Bo...
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Sighting of 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite at Bannatyne hotel was 'false alarm'
A bud of White Widow from Amsterdam. So beautiful
hey man what's that white widow taste like? Never tried, friend gave me some seeds said they were WW
Yes! is one of the biggest yielding hybrids around, producing...
ISIS bride Sally Jones: What you need to know about the 'white widow'
Your prince will come one day. He may not ride a white horse or live in a big castle but he will love you and only u.
Remix for Higher Self out now on White Widow Records ✌🏻
Would that be the one they called the White Widow?
Eny one fgr pls blk white no clr bt true girls aunty hwif widow plsss
But could also be a case of using forged RSA documentation. Chatted to about terrorists using RSA docs htt…
Episode 1: for the enthusiasts - The Cannijuana Friends - I play African Queen and White Widow! via
Nugshot of the super frosty White Widow
so the bud I'm about to smoke is white widow lol never heard of it
White Widow and Northern Lights in Seattle. But they DO love the 90's here.
2 Thursdays ago i got Snow White and now on this Thursday im rollin w Black Widow (p.s. i know its a cheesy name)
Like a widow or orphan can blow up the White House. :)
Do you know will be a widow if Blow Up the White House
I've had white widow 3 times in the past 5 years.. A dispensary near me has it sometimes. Killer bud for sure
*** was highed up off the white widow blend 😂😂 same night Nel died
I know someone who grows White Widow O.O
All the hippies like, "Ditto",. ,Jungle Fever, how I creep with white widow
ISIS women trained for terror by White Widow in UK.
'White Widow' jihadi Sally Anne Jones warns she will 'expose more ...
White Widow Compilation CD's for ADE! 😋 these are scrummy!
Waking baking with white widow, zonkkk
"Some beautiful white widow loaded up this fine 🌲💚 …
Who's got the hook up for white widow/white rhino???
6 different strains:. Apollo. Death Star. Blueberry . Green Crack. ATF. White Widow. Shop with the best 😙💨🍃
Black Widow never eats black and white cookies, because she lives in the gray area.
Isn't that the black widow lady from White Collar?
I got wrangled up and thrown out by security for burning the White Widow
Born x raised,my mama the black widow. Spun the web in this white house. Dreams come true in this white house!
White widow, pineapple express, train wreck, and blue dream all up in my pockets😍
White widow doesn't kill her victims after sexing them, it just gives angel kisses
Widow of White Rock Lake jogger says slaying has left "hole in our hearts"
one of the most popular of in the USA. Find it here
White Widow with the house setup the best 💯
dominant concoction that combines Herijuana and White Widow genetics. With a THC profile that often stretches to 24%, Mad Scientist
Catch me smoking White Widow, sipping on a White Russian
My buddy leaves for college tomorrow, so we smoked some beautiful White Widow last night.
Talk about that Northern Lights and Black/White Widow tho...
White Widow Auto/ Vero29/ Hydro: Thought I'd make a little journal to help me out in futu...
. " speaking too you is my hobby. White widow. "
. " Yeah i got two people to join me. Come on white widow."
. " white widow. . You are my second in command i got two more team mates. "
Donald Trump tried to get Atlantic City to condemn the home of an elderly widow so he could build a limousine parking lot in…
It's a gem in the dark, this White Widow. Thanks to Jose for sharing. ;) Discover this gem:
After the start to this morning, I'm gonna need some of that white widow was telling me about right after work..
Hello everybody! We have another great giveaway today with 3 Auto White Widow seeds being given away!. All you...
“…Acapulco Gold, hit the bong and reload. White shark, white widow, and white rhino… I'm hooked on 'ponics, that's all I know…”
How sure are the Mirror about their White Widow splash? | via
He be smoking that white widow too much
Details. . Featuring our White Widow 5-panel sold on and in
“The White Widow” (2015) selected for the 3rd Festival International Cinema Libre of Hamburg (Germany) from 28th-30th August 2015.
Can anyone understand how it is to have lived in the White House and then, suddenly, to be living alone as the President's widow?
SmokeOutSundaze whatchu smokin on .. We off the white widow today
underspawn is spinning 'White Widow' by SmokedBeat in the Chillout Mixer:
White widow have you not talking to nobody 😂
White widow Had me So doped *** near couldn't even walk in the house 😩💨🍂🍁
Can a fisherman's widow learn to live and love again? "The Salty Dog" by Debbie White
Blunt white widow I'm coming for you
French toast and some white widow. Yeah that's my morning
Come on it's a . Nice day for a . White Widow! . Pick it up!
I'd honestly say our White Widow for durability, GSC or Pineapple Express for quality/taste & White Russian for yield.
Is there a hybrid of train wreck and white widow?
He had a dream, and he was least expected to be heard.. We have a dream too.. Bubblegum kush.. Medical grade, jack herer, sour diesel, white widow, Northern Lights, Jedi Knight, orange kush, blueberry kush, Maui wowie, pineapple express...
Listen to white widow by shaymac at DALLAS TX by Ms.chance on
most definitely, not my favorite though. That's between Afghan mush and white widow
Could you listen to Major Macs single! BTU and give your opinion . subscribe if you like thanks!.
white widow on garlic bread with no mushrooms and Parmesan and oregano BOOM
White Widow…because no one would smoke Black Widow.
White widow smoking on the killer with the grey hair🍃💨👲
Join - Best growing community period. Here is our last white widow grow!!!
“Who is up for smoking some White Widow..
"Who is up for smoking some White Widow.. yummy
Breast Cancer Awareness
Who is up for smoking some White Widow..
Beautiful nug of some White Widow i just picked up.
White widow hits the spot lol. They need to bring it to beaverton asap
Yeah. And his widow fought to keep stories out of court that showed he was making up stuff.
In my research on the 'white widow' doc, mosques are the last place that breed extremism. extremism filters through the da…
White Widow 'is alive and living with al-Qaeda husband in Somalia'
White Widow is alive and living with AQ-linked husband in Somalia reports Kenya Intelligence official
White Widow 'killed by sniper in Ukraine' World's most notorious woman terrorist is 'DEAD' (via
Lewthwaite, 30, who was said to be fighting for the Islamic State in Syria last month, was gunned down two weeks ago, reports claim A British female terrorist nicknamed the 'White Widow' has reportedly been shot and killed in Ukraine. Samantha Lewthwaite, 30, was gunned down by a Russian sniper two weeks ago, according to Moscow news agency Regnum. One of Britain's most wanted people, she was reported last month as fighting for the Islamic State's terrorists in Syria. The extraordinary Russian claim has not yet been formally verified and her father has said he is not aware if the reports are true. Lewthwaite was married to 7/7 suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay, 19, a Jamaican-born Yorkshireman, and allegedly left Britain in 2009 before being linked to atrocities in Africa. See also: White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite 'trains ISIS suicide bombers in Syria' "One of the world's most wanted terrorists Samantha Lewthwaite who fought as part of a Ukrainian battalion has been killed by a volunteer sniper," said the n ...
Saw a headline about the White Widow and my brain involuntarily trilled "White Widow!" to the tune of Brown Sugar. Jesus
Tomorrow's front page, as Dec gets engaged, and the White Widow is killed
Irish-born "White Widow" terrorist reported killed by Russian sniper in Ukraine
A British terror suspect known as the “White Widow” has been killed by a pro-Russian rebel in Ukraine.
Russian news agency, Regnum, makes extraordinary claim that 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite killed in Ukraine
A British terror suspect dubbed the "white widow" has been shot dead by a sniper in Ukraine, a Russian news agency has claimed.
Did you see the NYPost story about the white widow? She met a Russian bullet.
If its true that samantha the white widow is dead,the devil must be in gud company now,justice done to the victims of westgate.
👍 Wanted 'White Widow' terrorist shot dead by Russian sniper in Ukraine after fighting for Islamic State
The "White Widow" terrorist killed by Russian Sniper in Ukraine: White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite...
Still rolling rillos with white widow in it.
'White Widow' killed in Ukraine, according to Russian report
White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite is killed by sniper in Ukraine. Out of the gloom, a ray of sunshine:
White widow is something so serious bruh 😳😦
Has British 'White Widow' terrorist been shot dead by a Russian sniper?
A BRITISH woman terrorist suspect dubbed the "White Widow" has been killed in Ukraine, it was claimed today.
A British woman who became one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, and was dubbed the “White Widow,” was killed by a Russian sniper in Ukraine, reports said Wednesday.
Brit terrorist Sam Lewthwaite shot dead by sniper. places bounty on sniper.
White widow Killed. Truly what a Man can do, a lady does it better. White Widow proved it to the world. R I.P madam warrior.
A point of weakness, working with ISIS... now the West Gate victims can rest avenged.
Reports: 'White Widow' terrorist killed by Russian sniper by
Website Builder 728x90
Comedian ole lenku told us that white widow died in the westgate attack..
DAILY MIRROR FRONT PAGE: Sniper 'kills the white widow'.
Terrorist “The white widow” has been killed in Luhansk Samantha Lewthwaite, referred to as the “White widow”, was the wife of the suicide bomber of Jermaine Lindsay, who was one of the 2005 London subway bombers. [52 civilians were killed and over 700 more were injured ] After the death of her husba…
Widow' world's most wanted terrorist shot dead by Russian sniper - TVNZ
Decisions decisions white widow or the grand daddy
'White Widow' jihadist killed by Russian sniper via
If it's true I say well done Russian sniper
'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite 'killed by Russian sniper in Ukraine'
Wanted British 'White Widow terrorist killed in Ukraine', claims Russian news agency via
. Starting to like Russia more and more!
‘White Widow’ Samantha killed by Russian sniper: report
terrorist killed in Ukraine, claims Russian news agency. Yet to be verified
'White Widow' terrorist killed by Russian sniper, reports say
Starting to like Russia more and more!
Russian news says ‘White Widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite has been killed by sniper:   10% Off
Breaking: White Widow, wife of 7/7 bomber, reportedly shot dead in Ukraine
Reportedly she (Samantha Lewthwaite) was fighting with the fascist Aidar batallion.
White Widow - Hybrid White Widow buds are covered in crystals, giving it an almost sugared look. A relatively new strain developed in the early 1990's, it has been the subject of many rap songs and was frequently mentioned in the television show Weeds. It is a very potent and powerful variety of can…
Samantha "White Widow" One of the Westgate terrorists Finally killed by a Russian Sniper in Ukraine..on 12 Nov 2014
A Russian news agency claims that the White Widow, Samantha Lewthwaite, was killed while fighting in Ukraine against Donbass…
Samantha 'White Widow' Lewthwaite reportedly nutted off by Russian in Ukraine:. DEATH TO ZOG!
Russian reports say the woman dubbed the "White Widow" for alleged terrorism offences has been killed.
'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite killed by Russian sniper: report
White Widow and Rocket Racoon, la Viuda Negra y Mapache Cohete from/de
I don’t have a card but my boy has the link. San Bernardo, Caviar, Girl Scott Cookies, White Widow all the top notch stuff.
Legends from GHS in autoflowering form: Jack Herer and White Widow.
[SOM]The mystery of the 'White Widow' - Eyewitness News: The mystery of the 'White Widow'Eyewitness NewsIt see...
'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite remarried into family of top al-Qaeda commander
I call it Jacqueline Kennedy cuz it's so presidential ya White Widow yu feelin me ?
A TRUE STORY… A few hours after the terror attacks that targeted two buses along the busy Thika Superhighway on Sunday evening, a Muslim lady dressed in her full Islamic attire including a ‘ninja’ (the piece of cloth that covers the face fully, only exposing the eyes) boarded a matatu headed to town from Kasarani. It’s not fair but after the grenade attacks people worry about what might be hidden beneath… From the minute she stepped in, she was greeted by questioning looks from every passenger aboard and one of them had the audacity to shout; “White Widow,tumeisha !” / The white widow is here, we are finished”, and on that cue everyone in the bus started shouting, “White widow”. Annoyed at the insults, the lady asked the passengers why they were calling her that name and without uttering more words, passengers started streaming out of the bus, with some demanding the matatu crew to force her out of the bus. Seeing that the bus that had taken half an hour to fill was getting empty, the ...
World wide terrorist, 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite, has been linked to the huge terror attack which occur...
White Widow for patients. Lemme know if you want a bug free healthy, red solo cup start for free . Starting a batch
☆ The RIGHT and WRONG ways to be WASTED : Wrong Wasting your potential in the WRONG places in life. Working out your Wreckage getting Wasted in the WRONG Fashions. Watching the World pass you by While sitting on the side lines. Which leads me to WHY I moved to my Wicked Sick Home out here in *WASTED*WORLD* where the RIGHT kind of WASTED is Welcomed. * We get Wasted on the Mountain. We go to WASTED State UNIV. to make our Work in this world Worthwhile. And at the end of the day we kick back and Relax. Rebuild. And Re.Load while gettin a little Wasted with the White Widow. :) I've learned how to be wasted and not be a waste. Of time potential and life. This has been the best thing I've ever done. No matter how I struggle in and out I know I've made the RIGHT decision. To seek out the success in me by coming here. Welcome to Wasted state. Where we work hard. Play harder. And live like we were intended. ☆ ( time to go get ready for my visit back home. have a WONDERFUL day everyone!.Ill be home for a few d ...
Well-known names like Purple Haze, White Widow & Northern Lights join an excellent selection that also incorporates heavyweights like Shiva Skunk Feminised & Ed Rosenthal Super Bud on the White Label Seeds website!
Morgan just told me she put Luke Skywalker and White Widow in this blunt..And the keiff of both. We're about to be faded.
I am in a dead slump! Was supposed to be getting on a plane bound for Scotland tomorrow but courtesy of the British embassy and its new rules and regulations (count the White Widow as being VERY RESPONSIBLE for this) hubbie's UK passport still not finalised after more than two months. Was looking forward to some down time and some runs in the snow (sure to be some!) and revisiting the sounds and smells and views that I so enjoyed five years ago. Not to mention three little people that I have heard so much about but never clapped eyes on, and their Mum and Dad of course! Ah well, God works in strangely un-understandable (?) ways. I guess I will be spending the weekend writing Christmas cards and maybe its time to take my first plunge into our pool. Its supposed to be 24 C at the moment. Not too shabby!
White Widow ordered execution of 7 people including Muslim clerics in power struggle with Shabaab
White Widow ordered execution of SEVEN people including Muslim clerics via
British 'White Widow' terrorist ordered the executions of SEVEN people including two Muslim clerics say Kenyan...
So President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is in South Africa perhaps looking for the White Widow o getting the present President Obama left for him
‘White Widow’ gave birth at upmarket Joburg clinic...
Samantha Lewthwaite booked into the luxury Genesis private clinic in Johannesburg with her terror suspect part...
Fabulous revelation. The White Widow delivered a child next door to me.
'White Widow' gave birth at upmarket Joburg clinic: via shared the following link: British terrorism suspect commonly known as the "White Widow", Samantha Lewthwaite, gave birth to a child at an upmarket clinic in Johannesburg in 2010, it has been reported.
White Widow gave birth at upmarket Joburg clinic:
White Widow gave birth at upmarket Joburg clinic
‘White Widow’ gave birth at private Joburg clinic
White widow daughter ‘born in Joburg’. Mre details hve *** 2 lyt abwt da so calld white widow who apparently had her 4th child in Jhb.
Kenyan police have extended a warrant of arrest for British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite
New arrest warrant out for the 'white widow': Kenyan police have extended a warrant of ...
I kept thinking to myself ‘sangfroid’ is such an unusual word Samantha Lewthwaite White Widow
'White Widow' gave birth at upmarket Joburg clinic -
'White Widow', gave birth to her fourth child at an upmarket private health clinic in Johannesburg
Non-scence...!Why is cabinet secretary Amina Mohammed not mistaken for White Widow?
do u by any chance happen 2 be related 2 the White Widow? LOL
'White Widow' gave birth at upmarket Joburg clinic
'gave birth at upmarket Joburg clinic:
"Rest in peace to the dead, bring the white widow in"
Mohammed Ali of Jicho pevu mistaken for a terrorist bcoz the name Mohammed Ali was on the terrorist watchlist.why didnt they mistake the retired boxer or rather why didnt they also mistake Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed for the White Widow?.
why then the government stand tall to cry loudly that this so called white widow never lived here in Nairobi sad
Just read an article on the dreadful white widow spider which is supposedly such a major problem for all of us. Really it is a tiny wee spider that doesn't do any harm at all apart from, if you unlucky to be bitten, a little sting. Do not read articles in the newspaper about these venomous monsters on the loose. It is all propaganda in the papers, a load of rubbish to sell newspapers.
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