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White Supremacy

White supremacy is the belief, and promotion of the belief, that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds.

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Here's Sunday's sermon on White Supremacy - includes the audio.
speaking next at the "Equality, White Supremacy, and Confederate Statues" panel on the First Amendment.
The D.C. National Cathedral will remove images of Confederate heroes - symbols of White Supremacy. .
My presence at the church as a descendent of Robert E. Lee and an outspoken opponent of White Supremacy had... https:/…
It's quite funny actually they refer to us as ''White Supremacy'' is the European rejection of Jewish Supremacy
It's hard not to notice that ; what people refer to as ''White Supremacy'' is simply the European rejection of Jewish Supremacy.
In the spirit and Honor of the Great Dr Martin Luther King and those who fought White Supremacy with him. Spread the word.…
How "Nice White People" Benefit from Charlottesville and White Supremacy by -
Come on, we all know it stands for White Supremacy - the fulfillment of Lee Atwater's Southern Strat…
There are more people in the United States who find White Supremacy views acceptable, than there are Asian American…
1/stop calling it the "Alt Right," start calling it what Merriam Webster does : Racism, White Supremacy.
"I'm here to show support as a White Athlete" & "White Supremacy: there's no place for it". Latest on Chris Long
Trump:"I condemn racism, bigotry, KKK, Nazis, White Supremacy". Mitt Romney:"You need to apologize for your comments about…
Jimmy Kimmel on White Supremacy ... notice on tape when Trump Says "Excuse Me!" He means Shut up!.
Why when I denounce White Supremacy (in which I am complicit) does *all* the pushback I receive come from the so-called "Peace" camp? Hmmm.
RARE Hillary Clinton "I believe in White Supremacy". Democrats BIRTHED the KKK, BLM & ANTIFA. Think about that. Malcom X…
White Supremacy has no place in America. Let's start with the White House.
Bannon is the face of White Supremacy in the WH. It's time for him to go. Use your voice if you agree.
Can we kill the term "White Supremacy" and call it what it is: White Fragility. Dr Frances Cress Welsing spoke about this for 20+ years.
Bill Clinton in America speaks against White Supremacy while Thabo Mbeki in South Africa denies it's existence, that's 2017 fo…
I am a Black Women & I feel like statement against hate groups on both sides BLM, KKK White Supremacy was Spot on
"I condemn White Supremacy, but vote for Trump's agenda" is the new "I send thoughts and prayers to the victim, but vote a…
White Supremacy has infiltrated the United States Government. THAT is the problem-
If Marcus Garvey was still alive, he'd prolly feel like samurai Jack (S5) vs Aku (White Supremacy)
Its funny how so many of the people talking about "White Supremacy" are Jewish, but never talk of Jewish supremacy.…
Reflection on White Supremacy in Our UUA : Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Race and Prejudice in America Today: A Series - White Supremacy and White Privilege
White people really have to stop telling Black people/POC to embrace White Supremacy and White Supremacist Policies. . Matt…
"Any White person or Black person that hates discussing Racism and White Supremacy, clearly hates Black People"
A noose was found hanging on a tree outside the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. White Supremacy is everywhere.
They are Historical Monuments of White Supremacy created by Democrats. Don't try to erase their History by B…
"White Supremacy is like a really fly pair of stilettos." ~Vanessa Daniel Building a Transformational W…
Denying the reality of Racism is essential for maintaining the System of White Supremacy. - Dr. Fran…
TJI: What is racism and the system of White Supremacy and how it works in the words of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.
Agree, White Supremacy&Aryan Nation are the terrorist within Trump refuses to denounce them becaus…
Dr.Frances Cress Welsing ~The Geopolitics of White Supremacy via Should I fear for my life because Im black
Jews are white, so are Saudi Arabians, which undermines White Supremacy claim and shows absence of any white cultural identity
This is barbaric kidnapping and I might add white supremacy. They really plan on enslaving these children.
Black supremacy=better at basketball than a short white guy in his 70's. 🙄
the Democratic Party owns slavery? WHITE SUPREMACY owns slavery. White Supremacy does not have a political par…
It just speaks to how white supremacy has conditioned black people to see black children specifically boys as older even if t…
"White supremacy" means nothing, merely two words used to embolden the sheep.
Explain Racist DNA, Racism, and why the System of Racism/Zionism White Supremacy exist.
It's it believed that 'MILK' is the NEW symbol for white supremacy
Jews, however few, getting into white supremacy is just baffling; you don’t see black people in the KKK.…
CAIR knows the language to use to win over left-wing sheep. Blames "white supremacy" for Trump (i.e. white people)
All purpose parts banner
Some our folks needs this present Culture in CHARGE TO GIVE THEM IDENTITY THUS SUPPORTING. WHITE. SUPREMACY Aka "vo…
It's been said that the Alt-Left movement is the death throes of the last vestiges of white supremacy in the Democratic…
“Why do they hate the poor so much?” Because the poor are brown and Black that’s why. As in most things, look for the white…
Hollywood only makes white blond women stars and pay them more, is that white supremacy?
White people I need you to know that there's a difference between Black Supremacy vs reclaiming our heritage.
1/ Regarding my last rant, it might be helpful to give my background on living in a conservative environment, amid white supr…
17/ In fact, I’d say ANY white person who claims they never thought this in the back of their mind is lying. White supremacy…
Who supports White Supremacy more than black lives? NOBODY!
Understanding brain surgery doesn't equate to understanding racism/white supremacy.
According to trump supporters white supremacy is a myth & black supremacy is a thing bc we play basketball better https…
It's the current year and the trend is still replacing and dissolving White America. Fight back, join the Vanguard. ht…
Watch out he's no longer just a symbol of white supremacy, now an agent of the Cia's meme warfare Division
Superbowl represents white supremacy in America
The Woman's problem, like with white supremacy, is that too many women think like men.
What Bannon is doing is simply going down in history as White Supremacy and World Order. It's nothing new. Nothing spectacular. He's scum.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hi Toronto friends, tomorrow is the National Day of Action Against Islamophobia & White Supremacy. There’s a march and rally, pls come out!
The OFL endorses the National Day of Action Against Islamophobia and White Supremacy:
are seeking peace & safety. is not about public safety, it's . White Supremacy . Racism. Fascism…
😂😂 White Supremacy is like White Privilege another myth, I guess better then the Muslim Brotherhood or BLM or other…
justify WHAT? u want a racist white man to be granted his wish to die as a martyr for white supremacy with no suffe…
Roof literally WANTS the death penalty to be a martyr for white supremacy. That's why I don't think he should get it.
.on "we cannot have Breitbart...arbitrating who can be hired and fired in universities" https:…
Trying to look up white supremacy memes to reblog but naturally butt stuff has homosexualized everything.
+'This picture says white supremacy has won': Critics ac...
wow you really think so? Whenever blacks do something independent of the system of white supremacy, the govt
I hope you know your pic is also used as a sign of white supremacy on certain forums. I seen it on CNN Are you racist?
white supremacy and they think they're above everyone. It's the skin color.
racism is white supremacy. It's impossible for Non-white people to be racist under a syste…
actually yes. "Whiteness" is a political creation in the united states to support white supremacy and class warfare
supremacy - 2 white people holds a BLACK family hostage . y'all know white folks can't hold a black family hostage !…
I could care less about the threat of white supremacy when I have friends and family who escaped imprisonment and executi…
because white supremacy IS in their interest. They chose it above all the others
The false accusation of White Supremacy is intense with them!
So much of White supremacy is performing morality, for the largest possible audience, versus actually being humane.
Zionism is equal to White Supremacy amongst Southern Christians (me). It's not a religio…
Save those white sheets ;>) - How the alt-right’s sexism lures men into white supremacy via
People are socialized to believe that Whiteness is beauty, morality, real feminism, non-violence and a credential. This is Wh…
This dude eat breaths and sleeps white supremacy..
If simply not living among white people is considered oppression, what's the argument against white supremacy again?
White supremacy is real, any stat that backs that up is maybe true, and any which doesn't was probably skewed to return a favourable result
Happens all the time when *** in my mentions demand I provide statistical evidence of white supremacy, when the truth is...
ironic since the Trump family cohort with white supremacy
if news is true, small Montana town tolerates white supremacy so long its "peaceful"
Trump claims to not know 'white supremacy' or 'white supremacist.' Really? Is he that ignorant or just lying?
Just a reminder that I'm dapper af but totally against white supremacy. I wonder why magazines aren't fawning over my beliefs.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
the system of white supremacy is a strong belief backed up by action. That's what religio…
A question for people who refute things like white supremacy and privilege.
Where are his neo-nazi fans? Any links?. MT Dylann Roof WANTS the death penalty; white supremacy is a RELI…
White students in neoliberal Unis have a sense of ‘supremacy’ leading to a desire for distancing from the ‘Other’. http…
"Dylann Roof" is sacrificing his life 2 the religion of White supremacy and pure evil. Will whites put his pic over their fireplaces? smh
so and CAN suspend the hitler/white supremacy accounts. they just choose not to. interesting
'Alt-right' groups will 'revolt' if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say
Dylann Roof actually WANTS to get the death penalty because he understands that white supremacy is a RELIGION, & all reli…
The GOP stopped being the "Party of Lincoln" and the people long ago. Morphed into the party of White Supremacy and…
your Unified Republican Party = White Supremacy & the Rich Corporate Cabinet Appointees. Serve country not self Mr. Speaker
Another anti-union propaganda. His background experience says it all: White Supremacy nationalist Breitbart. .
I will fight White Supremacy till the day I die. Then, Pierre and my upcoming children will continue to help...
Putin, Comey, Trump, Fake News, White Supremacy... starting to realize we got seriously Oceans Eleven'd.
Ugh!! I hope doesn't support White Supremacy!! It must be an accident (?). 😳
Just say no to White Supremacy in the White House
White Supremacy needs to be dragged into the town square by an angry mob and publicly beaten to death with bats and chains.
White Supremacy has no remorse for the evil history that cast a shadow over our Brothers/Sisters today.
look at the common factors here- Nigel Farage, Breitbart, White Supremacy, UKIP, Donald Trump and UKIP.
Trump promises to speak out against White Supremacy as soon as he's done denouncin' Broadway Musicals, the NY Times & Satur…
For the love of...Jeff it's White Supremacy or NAZI. . You sleepy, need a nap?
behold an era that has us considering the "nuanced" difference between "White Nationalism" & "White Supremacy"
"Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy". I think you are ready to watch it now after the election.
So you see, Lone Star: Social Justice will always triumph because White Supremacy is dumb.
You should have run Liz Warren--Oklahoma native and Harvard insider who knows about the Billionaire Boy's Club--White Supremacy?
If you believe that Pepe the Frog has been a front 4 White Supremacy then you're just a moron. It's an inside joke and…
“There is no 'compromise' between equality and violent White Supremacy.” via
Take a couple of minutes to watch. Former CNN host Soledad O'Brien tells CNN: "You have normalized" White Supremacy. ht…
Folks always want to make it seem like White Supremacy is whiteness gone wild. No. It's a standard 🇺🇸 practice.
"Auschwitz was like summer camp." Uhm...what?! Documentary 'KKK: The Fight for White Supremacy' on
Lack of scholarship about the African diaspora and White Supremacy causes submission to the oppressor. Continue to rock their symbols.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Like Ronald Reagan before him, is paid to do & say as he is told. White Supremacy dies hard!
blames attack on "White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Capitalism" reports
Please come to my FB page to WATCH my video on Hate, Killing, White Supremacy, &The Donald
So many great people attending Mosque Maryam today. Movie stars, Sports figures, TV personalities. White Supremacy is ov…
"We can't you LEARN to be DUMB we did it?" ~Lester P. No I'm Black I reject the MYTH of White Supremacy.
The world is getting browner and browner. This is scaring White Supremacy, one day they will be the minority, we will rule again.
"White Supremacy"?! Girl you weren't crying you were advocating it by degrading your own race. You Stacy Dash pt. 2.
White Supremacy and Trump's Battle for the 'Soul of America'
All eyes on San Francisco City Hall... Cops are beating people..Shame on who is a lapdog for White Supremacy...
Frank Talk: Biko, Black should not be anti-White by anti-White Supremacy
I liked a video from Dr. Frances Cress Welsing on Racism-White Supremacy
my prof says. I still write how White Supremacy was law. How Jim Crow was death and why bold decisions in Brown's case are needed today.
Zionism and White Supremacy - Kwame Ture formerly known as Stokely Carmichael
Raised by in his article for . The Boston Review .
Actually. I never saw this at the time. Dang.
On -White Supremacy and the Birth of the Modern Democratic Party
*** community, the oscars, the hospital, court room, and etc. all reflect how white supremacy is in EVERY part of daily life
can't even go to America without someone advocating mortally unjustified white supremacy
"...and divine judgement against demonic forces of white supremacy." ~James Cone
The fall of white supremacy in one short video
White supremacy includes a belief that white people are entitled to spaces everywhere, including in the cast of Hamilton.
SA today the line is clear. there are those who fight against black politiciana, black business and those who fight against white supremacy
I promise you that the society you were raised in was also steeped in white supremacy.
You hate other races and believe in white supremacy-you're the epitome of racist.
A simple "end" to white supremacy won't heal the generational wounds created during its existence.
Am I reading that wrong or is basically advocating white supremacy politics? No wonder she pushes Trump.
Still trying to figure out how Trump is a racist. He does not believe in "white supremacy" nor that whites are superior to…
*"Unlike the rest of y'all, I have no implicit bias despite being raised in a society steeped in white supremacy."
This racist spin on the BLM hashtag gives good example of how media upholds White supremacy. They're not even trying to hide it.
I need the @ of that Alex girl who was protesting white supremacy @ a trump rally and was assaulted I need to show her some love
If your gospel has nothing to say. about racism, white supremacy,. and systemic injustice, then. your gospel has nothing to s…
I'm gone 😴😴😴 his other tag on white supremacy too
I think doing right thing for now but, yes, new party needed >> On
"How can one believe that God loves black people in a world defined for 500 years in white supremacy?" ~James Cone
So we're right back to racism and white supremacy and what to do about that...see how the disease of racism always hangs around?
Whiteness has no meaning outside of white supremacy. Manhood has no meaning outside of male supremacy.
wow white supremacy is alive and well with Coulter and company!
Europeans really try to make everything Eurocentric. THATS White Supremacy in its purest form. As if they are the Center…
*** Donald-back at it again w the white supremacy! . via
The article is a ‘must read.’ & please see timeline for many related insights. h…
If you read any political article today, PLEASE read this one. h/t On Stone Mountain | Boston Review
.refusal to condemn Donald Trump is exemplary of his white privilege being complicit in promo of white sup…
White supremacy is so insidious. It's chilling the lengths they would go through to dismantle black prosperity people WILL NOT carry you to salvation: your self-reflection and active divestment in white supremacy will.
Da EduSystem is rootd n white supremacy.Killing bys lose interest early on.wont assimil…
Let's get this very very painfully clear, folks. NOTHING will absolve white people of their investment in & maintenance of w…
I posted the article on my FB page an hour ago & not single comment. NO WAY does racial justice and liberation and dismantling of white supremacy even REMOTELY resemble absolution of whit…
Yes It's up to white people to dismantle white supremacy in our lives and institutions
it's very stressful to be conscious as a black person Coz u see white supremacy clearly and all e time
Kamau Kambon breaks down White Supremacy in less than 10 Minutes via
It wasn't right when it was under white supremacy & it's not right now under "religious liberty." Shame on Mississippi &…
Rampant Racial Violence, White Supremacy of Trump Campaign Mirrors George Wallace of the 60s http…
The History of Hollywood: Propaganda for White Supremacy at Home and US Militarism Abroad
White Supremacy will murder our children on video, expel them for growing their hair out natural & then tell us that ou…
I added a video to a playlist Professor Griff Exposes Steve Harvey and The System of White Supremacy
Like on on white supremacy its like he stopped paying attention in 1992 and is stuck in that year on race.
I actually seen a piece in VICE lately about white supremacy in Canada. it will become an issue.
We're in a different time now though. White supremacy groups are becoming more of an issue.
"Presentable" reinforces white supremacy and what whites deem looks good. You doing the mans work for him.
the "Conservative" faction (including in AB are EXTREME...peppered with white supremacy, racism...
America is comfortable with Black death. Never accept the normalization of white supremacy in the media.
I refuse to speak about Black Excellence while we are under the supervision on the white supremacy
The government is militarizing our university to protect the white supremacy legacy, we will Decolonize NoMA KUBI SIYAYA
So called ISIS and immigrants are not my enemy. White supremacy is.
So-called "Western civilization" was built on white supremacy&colonialism, and still profits from it to this day.
Trying to write a paper on White Supremacy in Latin American without writing the White man is the devil on every page.
White supremacy is when Trump can speak his mind about race,have the security he wants but Beyoncé can't when she speaks about black pride.
Choosing to say White Dominance instead of White Supremacy so people remain comfortable reinforces Whiteness. …
Also, at a very pivotal point in history. HRC chose white supremacy.
Here is white supremacy Cruz told lies too that shot Minster introducing Cruz at event in Idaho then headed to WH |
Ofc. Given that White Supremacy sees her as more "marketable". Give me Serena over Sharapova ANYDAY 🙌🏾
I'm trying to comment on a YouTube video and I brought up white power and supremacy and there's an "unknown error" my comment won't post.
Hilarious; thing is the NEW Klan don't wear white sheets;they are wearing Navy Blue and gray suits practicing white supremacy
On racism, white supremacy and admitting that we need each other
Our racial preferences as people of African descent can be rooted in oppression. Sometimes, what we prefer is a symptom…
White supremacy is our country's lineage, designed for us to be indifferent..
Okay, so it's a little discomforting that the IfTrumpWins hashtag has a picture of white supremacy. I don't like that at all.
you had Idaho won to, if you would have showed up! Cruz campaign in white supremacy area, lied you would take guns & lands
Freddie finally called out Frank's white supremacy.
Why are we surprised with this whole Trump situation it's the US where white supremacy thrives
one of Cruz white supremacy kkk supporters by Canada border, shot Minster that introduced Cruz at Idaho event!
. Right, that's why international Marxism is sperging over . "Muh Nazis!". "WHITE SUPREMACY ON THE RAPID RISE!"
Anytime Black folks have organized a movement against white supremacy, a white nationalist movement re-presents itself.…
As another Jew fur I'm so offended by this group. White/Christian supremacy is so wrong and it infuriates me
Black man if you not fighting against white supremacy you are helping it. WAKE UP!
The White House will have the word "supremacy" added in the middle of it
Cruz used same lies as in Kansas as he did white supremacy area in Idaho, trump would take guns & lands with ED. Up by Canada
is hand-picked by White Supremacists & Racists and as such can't be an Activist against White Supremacy MYTH.
he'll appoint a new judge to the Supreme Court and also rename it to White Supremacy Court.
I hope all you dumb PC culture losers do leave once I win, the ones who stay will experience the greatness of white supremacy
This is so heartbreaking and sad. White supremacy follows black kids everywhere
People focused on Democrats and Republicans when White Supremacy has switched parties several times...
Cruz went to Coeur d'Alene, white supremacy aligned kkk, Cruz told them Trump would take their guns & land, ED, got their vote
14. I'm not sure who let Trump think it'd be wise to run but they need to evaluate their white supremacy thoughts
I appreciate views from many different angles but I do not tolerate white supremacy and racism.
probably not many Mormons in pan handle Coeur d'Arlene where Cruz went, went to skinhead, white supremacy area! Like kkk
you're a nasty person. No wonder why you let the idea of white supremacy keep you down. It can be your excuse for failure.
Stop being surprised when a racist country founded on white supremacy behaves like a racist country founded on WS.
White supremacy and the racism that sustains it is and always has been about power.
1. I find it absolutely ludicrous that ppl r eating up Trumps white supremacy ideology, TC is a weird ignorant guy & Hillary is bill part 2
"I remember there being a fresh layer of snow on the ground symbolizing the white supremacy over the dirt minority". ^talking about his birth
The latest gem of a trumper I found. I censored the name. Follows white supremacy groups & Donald Trump
There is an agenda that is being used currently to recruit millions of white people into white supremacy.
White Supremacy is a feudal system that has no equality whichever side one looks at it
WHY SOLVING INCOME INEQUALITY doesnt address the sociopathy of white supremacy nor structural racism
How the built their empire on white supremecy.
This is the problem with viewing white supremacy through the lens of police brutality: your analysis revolves around visible…
I don't think white supremacy is as prevalent as you perceive it to be. My original point is just that KK isn't white
No Mr Gallegos, this is about anti-Hispanic, White Supremacy. Don't be fooled Dem's are voting for him too.
I am blaming White supremacy. If those who benefit from it won't end it, it never will end.
Do you understand systemic racism? Do you get this country was founded on white supremacy? Read & have a great night.
Of course I am. He's held up white supremacy. The *** would I want to be for that? Yeesh.
Now wait a minute Isn't Idaho were all the White Supremacy is? Ha, Guess is backing the…
White supremacy is a system. So again, the Nadir, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, education etc are results of the system
"That flag is a symbol of white supremacy, & white supremacy is the biggest lie that Satan ever told."
They just want to train us to accept the white supremacy agenda which is a problem because as I always say white...
Wait! Isn't that the White Supremacy and militia state??? I thought those people were for Trump??? I haz a confuzzle!
I liked a video from Dr John Henrik Clarke - White Supremacy's "Mulatto" Factor
"obviously an endorsement of the doctrine of White Supremacy" - C.J. Earl Warren in Loving v Virginia
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The Republican message of Racism & White Supremacy is lost on vast majority of Jewish voters
What these "race in France" experts fail to say explicitly is that French selectively embrace mixture while maintaining white supremacy.
Another issue: Scholars acknowledging French white supremacy tend to focus on past racism. Few describe France as *still…
I think some scholars of race in France get really confused about white supremacy because of French attitudes toward "race mixture"..
Jane Elliott's Uterus comment, or when a Black American (criticises a White American (Senator Clinton) under white supremacy.
Segregated America, White Supremacy: The Lives of the Fathers of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X
You can't tell me thats not hilarious lol *** weep about white supremacy & then yell about "god" like thats not a straig…
Lecture February 26 at 7 pm: University researchers examine white supremacy activity in Canada via
It's easier to blame Black Women than it is to blame White Supremacy. Cause, I mean...who DOESN'T hate Black Women? Includ…
You can shame, silence, beat, assault, Black Women. Kind of like what's been done for centuries. Oh but dismantling White …
No. White supremacy was legal for most of American history. Some argues it still is
At Vic Mensa's show he spoke out about white supremacy and it was crickets
Right.. But it isn't self explanatory, because white supremacy involves its own obfuscation & erasure.
White supremacy really mentally ruined and manipulated hood *** into thinking their own kind are their enemies, its disgust…
Tamara Levitz: "I investigate the early history of the AMS as an institution of white supremacy" Colloquium NYU
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Vic Mensa was one of the very few who actually spoke out against white supremacy but yall clowned him
& by extension, that Bernie's class-oriented progressivism wont translate to racial justice unless it confronts racism &…
You "woke" people get on my last *** nerves!! Can't even breathe air without it being turned into something about white supremacy
These are all results of white supremacy NOT feminism. Actual results of feminism: Less self-hating women.
Hoteps are just black conservatives that have been dipped in coconut oil and shea butter. That's it. They love white supremac…
Black Women did not destroy Black families, white supremacy did. Black Women SAVED Black families.
You ask a black feminist about any issue regarding the black community and they're going to tie it back to effects caused by …
All the things they spout out are supported by white supremacy. Their homophobia. Transphobia. Misogyny. Every. Thang.
All they do is attack other black people. They always blame black people for our shortcomings, not white supremacy, but we th…
Hoteps will say that black feminists and black LGBT+ are "puppets of white supremacy" all the while upholding white supremaci…
Is White supremacy just a social movement too then?
:: Still clinging to the "White Supremacy" mantle when most of us are definitely not supremacists.
I'm sure there are some black folk right now watching screaming "White Supremacy!" even tho most of the team is black. 😒
Global and gospel church are the minority against Global Christianity so best bet is to fight it as White Supremacy
"I don't care if you're green w/purple polka dots if you don't support the MYTH of White Supremacy you're a Troll" ~Mary Sheys
Until BW are no longer charged as being traitors or co-conspirators of White Supremacy for speaking on violence we expe…
The "White Supremacy" Movement is run by the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center. It's a Psyop.
Another attempt by White Supremacy to bend govt's hand in addressing equity. We 've seen this with VISA Regs & Private Health
Paula is part of the problem,she believes Blacks should acquiesce to White Supremacy& she knows NOTHING about Black history
John Wayne's daughter endorsed Trump? Well, John Wayne was a huge bigot who believed in 'White Supremacy" yeah https…
Our artist partner and board member Jesse Williams discusses White Supremacy and how it dehumanizes people of color. htt…
Jason is still in prison for fighting White Supremacy; donate 2 his commissary
Yeah, so is marching for White Supremacy.
He’s one of them Good old Boys.He was ordered not to charge those Police Officers by the White Supremacy...
What's with these black people saying, "I'm American, not African American"? What's the point of this statement? White supremacy still wins.
This is one of those things I talked about on That idea of White Supremacy coupled with the phrase “I don’t/didn’t know."
White supremacy is cutting off your 7 year old students natural hair (assaulting her) and still keeping your job
Was ’s dream a plot for white supremacy..
Blacks are very well capable of being agents of white supremacy that's how they have a scapegoat. Peep Freddie gray
c) I don't identify as white. I didn't benefit from white supremacy. but it's the closest opt…
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A 68 year old woman brought Sa to a stand still in the first week of 2016. Now tell me thats not what you call white supremacy!
Black people please stop watching every negative stereotypes and racial propaganda TV shows white supremacy put on TV.
We're this deep into violent American white supremacy and still appealing to some moral conscience that has never existed an…
Because that's white supremacy for ya.
So white supremacy, as interpreted by any place with a dark and light population, is the problem?
Fight for the liberation of Black, fight for removal of the system of racism, White supremacy, fight to replace it. -Frances Cress Welsing
Its the tragedy of uncle Toms...they will side with white supremacy & crucify their own...greatest tragedy
White supremacy in three words or less:
Was ’s dream a plot for white supremacy.
You'll debate with white people all your life until you realise that the premise of white arrogance n supremacy are rooted in land ownership
always. Whenever White supremacy is questioned, quotation marks are used. Notice almost always: 'racism' too.
If you can understand the world of Middle Earth, Star Trek/Wars, GoT, HP, etc., you can *** sure understand the world of white supremacy.
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