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White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are a Major League Baseball team located in Chicago, Illinois.The White Sox play in the American League's Central Division.

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Interview with former White Sox minor leaguer Todd Kibby on baseball cards up now on my blog
Mets in a landslide. Former player coaches with White Sox in minors, friend coaches for Royals,…
Watch 2 White Sox games per day from the 2005 season. That should cover 90 days and get you to early February.
White Sox decline option on veteran catcher Geovany Soto ...
White Sox Rookie Pitcher Dave DeBusschere before a 1962 game at Comiskey Park.https…
Only odd thing-the Pirates and Orioles are from the 70's and White Sox are from late 80's
Hey Chicago...get your murders down first - Astros join White Sox as only teams to win World Series featuring Astros
White Sox remain only team to have never lost to the Astros in the World Series. Cc
Former White Sox legend Tyler Clippard gets a ring tonight if the Astros win. I am so excited for this possibility. He…
Finished my Offseason Plan in record time this year. It'll be posted Monday. Why not get to work on yours?
Catcher Geovany Soto has also declined his 2018 club option and becomes a free agent. The White Sox 40-man roster st…
The White Sox are going to the playoffs next year
Liking the cubs instead of the white sox is basically the equivalent of thinking west omaha is the coolest part of town
Where were all these Astros fans during the 05' World Series when they played the White Sox
Dear . Thank you for remembering the 2005 Chicago White Sox. . Sincerely,. The South Side
These Neyland renovations feel like tearing down Comiskey for whatever the White Sox' new stadium is called
Obviously not the tigers😂😂 they’re almost as bad as the white Sox lol
Teams to be shut out 2x in World Series & win series. 2016 1960 Pirates. 1959 Dodgers. 1945 Tigers (vs Cubs). 1921 Giants. 191…
Chicago White Sox player Chet Lemon (44) reading a book before the Texas game on May 10, 1980 at Arlington Stadium. .
From Aug. 8-10, at Guaranteed Rate Field, the White Sox swept the eventual 2017 World Series champs from Houston
Being a White Sox fan is the greatest honor in the world. They could never win again and it wouldn't change anything. South Side for life.
Hey remember when the White Sox won the 2005 World Series?
Well we’re gonna have to worry about the Indians, Twins, and White Sox. All great AL Central teams.
Literally when we won in LA I screamed “WAIT WHERE IS THE CONFETTI” . I had to watch the confetti go off for the White Sox like *** LA
White Sox intro video. Bring this back please. .
Sorry Merk, but all White Sox sweeps of the Astros are not acknowledged and never happened.
The Houston Astros have successfully gone from to .Taking notes Mets, Reds, Giants, Padres, Phillies, Tigers & White Sox?
Feeling real motivated to root for the White Sox right now.
The Cubs need pitching. The White Sox need to get traded to the Cubs.
SportsTalk Live Podcast: What do Cubs and White Sox have to do to get back to World Series?. Listen:…
Ok time to post a cover of the White Sox saying, “Your 2020 World Series Champs”
Hamilton Collection
Listen closely, White Sox fans: Patience eventually will pay off --. it did for the Astros.…
Yea. Get that. As a White Sox fan, I didn’t watch too much this year. Hockey? Blackhawks are good. I like Tampa too!
He and Harrelson were the best White Sox TV booth in my memory. Hawk wasn't quite HAWK back then.
11/2/1967: There also will be an exhibition game between the White Sox and the Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee County Stadium next season ...
Unbelievable: Sports Illustrated writer predicted the White Sox wouldn't win the AL Central—and he was right!
FYI Jerry Reinsdorf cheered for the Cubs last year. He owns the White Sox.
congrats former White Sox legend Tyler Clippard on the World Series victory
Kemp (with full contract), Ian Anderson and Touki Touissant to White Sox for James Shields (full contract)
And in comes the former White Sox, Francisco Liriano.
David Robertson sets up fund for family of former White Sox teammate Daniel Webb
It's so heartwarming to see a former White Sox legend winning on the biggest stage overseas. Good for him. Our bab…
Josh Fields too?? Nah seriously, how many former White Sox have been in this postseason?
So what you’re saying is the White Sox need a new Assistant GM who will oversee Minor…
A touching story about a former White Sox batboy and the 1948 baseball collection he's decided to sell.
OTD in 2005: the White Sox completed a 4-game sweep of the Houston Astros to win the
All purpose parts banner
This is the first World Series game victory because the Astros got swept by the White Sox in '05
White Sox went from the best in baseball (John Rooney) to the worst radio bo…
Atleast I have the White Sox to look forward to
Breaking: The Red Sox have announced the hiring of Houston Astros bench coach Alex Cora as their manager.
As a Chicago White Sox fan I can defintely relate
stack two wins for the first time since 2015. 12 completions in eight quarters. Like the 83 White Sox, winning ugly.
Good news Houston, you don't have to face the White Sox buzzsaw this time around.
The 'SAX' logo on Heiji's baseball cap is a parody of the 'White Sox' logo.
Red Sox nation and white sox nation are similar in how they are grasping at straws, "well, at least our rivals didnt make it".
So a Leafs fan can't be a white Sox fan🤔
LOL the same reason I've been miserable as a white sox fan these past years. Jerry is loyal to a fault
Idk, the Ukrainian guys I met in Vegas from Chicago quoted “Disaster” when talking about the White Sox…
Todays Pirate: HBD Wilbur Wood, who won 1 game for Pgh & 163 for the White Sox after his 1966 trade. The Bucs didn'…
the white sox grill is really bad. Service awful and food sub par too . Seems to be a poor change.
Speaking of '05, my cousin who is a White Sox fan give me a shirt proclaiming that team WS champions.…
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Yeah, the red ones even worse, White Sox nothing to do with red.
feels similar to White Sox, just good enough to give you hope and entertain, not good enough to win muc…
White Sox fans are the absolute bottom of the barrel 😂😂I guess when your teams that bad all you can do is hate
Just like the 2015 Cubs. They weren’t expected to make the 2015 NLCS, and White Sox fans were talking MA…
It seems like every fight in the stands that I see - regardless of sport - someone's wearing a White Sox hat. So em…
Kass is the head White Sox Meathead. The amount of space that the Cubs occupy in the White Sox Brain Collective is staggerin…
Congratulations to the on winning the Pennant. This White Sox fan wishes you to win it all
Close enough... Braves, White Sox 2020 World Series book it now
Astros win Game 7 for the first time in franchise history to advance to their second World Series (swept by White Sox in…
Glad to see they knocked out the Yankees. Better hope your Stros are better than when they faced my White Sox in 2005
I always say ‘if you want to know how the Cubs are doing ask a White Sox fan.’ They worry far more a…
Last year many fans wished well. Me too. But this year is this year. So glad it's over, finally.
Honestly seeing how good the rebuild paid off for Royals, Cubs, and possibly the Astros, I can’t wait to see the White Sox experience this
If that were true the White Sox rule Chi Town (yeah Right). The NLCS has outdrawn the…
On top of the 25 million extra they added in the white sox deal. The Yankees do stuff that ma…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The Royals, Tigers, White Sox and Indians have all been to the World Series since the Twins last playoff victory. Think…
Happy Birthday Wilbur Wood, a 3x All-Star pitcher for Sox who led AL w 24 wins in 1972 and '73; won 20+ games in 4…
They’re talking radical MLB realignment again. Here’s one good way to do it.
Toby Hall was it on the last white sox team to make the playoffs.
I have White Sox stadium seats in my basement and I haven’t watched more than 3 games of theirs in 5…
I don't mind the white Sox failing and I don't mind the bears failing, because they played/play with heart and the future is bright
in 2005, the White Sox take down the Astros 5-3 in Game 1 of the World Series.
The Yankees dealt Nunez to the White Sox with Wilson Betemit and Jeff Marquez for Kaneka Texiera and Nick Swisher on Nov. 13, 2008.
I'm sure it won't get delayed at all of Camelback Ranch to themselves because of the White Sox debut.
Honest ? here. What's the allure of being a White Sox fan? They'…
Date was 9/10/1920? Babe Ruth struck out and the crowd was fairly large. Indians, White Sox, and Yanks were in a ra…
Just awful news about former White Sox pitcher Daniel Webb. He died in an ATV accident. Statement from White Sox: https:…
We mourn the death of former White Sox pitcher, Daniel Webb, who tragically passed away last night.
I can't find out whether Dennis Hastert was a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan, and its really bothering me
How will Bryce Harper look in a White Sox uniform?
We send our condolences to the family of former White Sox center fielder, Jim Landis, who has passed away at age 83.
I was just replying to the White Sox fan. You are so polite. I'm going to wat…
That was the best bad year I've ever seen. Good things in store for our White Sox in 2018.
Rick Hahn would love if he could hit the fast forward button. Instead, the have to wait a little longer.
ICYMI: prospect Carson Fulmer squared off against Kluber last night & earned his third win: https…
Since my White Sox have been eliminated since April 12th, I think will be bandwagoning and rooting for the...
White Sox season might be over but we're not. The White Sox Talk Podcast continues every Tuesday in the off-season or as…
Baseball Season is over for ME, a White Sox disappointed Fan.
The Chicago White Sox will be drafting fourth in June. I hope they draft Seth Beer.
White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia never expected to be in AL batting race
This was an extremely productive 1st season of the White Sox rebuild. Rotation pieces emerging, Moncada over the hump,…
I managed to get one of the white sox rosin bags.
Hawk gets emotional as he discusses how it feels to finish calling another White Sox season. White Sox Pregame Live: https…
White Sox lost Sale, Quintana, Eaton, Frazier, Robertson, Kahnle, Melky, Swarzak, and Gonzalez--and lost only 11 more gam…
Could be worse...I'm a white sox fan.
Ravens, bulls, white sox 😅 guess I'm a hawks fan too but I don't watch enough hockey
State of the White Sox rebuild: Now we play the waiting game
Hawk Harrelson calls it a career: 'I've been blessed, but it's over' -- (http…
A perfect season for His 30 appearances/20.0 innings are the most in MLB history in a scoreless season.
Wild, Heat, White Sox, Red Sox, Lightning, Jazz, that's all I got? Who am I missing?
Not sure, just GIF searched White Sox looking for something snarky, but was drawn to that one because there was a Cub in it too.
Thank you, White Sox fans. We can't wait to see you at home in 2018!
Really hoping Chris Beck doesn't play for the White Sox next year tbh
Should have grabbed that White Sox beauty and become Ron Kittle.
I wrote some White Sox stuff today:. .
Watching the Indians and White Sox, hoping for a Goody/Bummer decision...Rick Renteria is ruining it by pulling him. Dang it.
Rick Renteria is proving to be the right manager for the rebuilding White Sox, by
.answers your White Sox questions on Rick Renteria's contract, the 2018 draft and more.
Why Rick Renteria would be OK with bringing back current, young White Sox catchers
Indians went 6-for-15 with 5 extra-base hits and 6 walks vs. Mike Pelfrey before White Sox manager Rick Renteria finally pul…
[Chicago Tribune] Rick Renteria on Mike Pelfrey's outing in White Sox's 10-1 loss to Indians
Sprinting to the finish, Indians pummel White Sox
Wow! High Park Little League House League Final (Red Sox v. White Sox). Game 5 of best of 5 series. Bottom of 6th…
The are in. They’ve their first spot since 2010 with the Angels’ loss to the White Sox.
I still think the White Sox play at Comiskey Park.
September 28, 1990 - Frank Thomas of the White Sox hits the last home run at old Comiskey Park in Chicago.
September 27, 1993 - White Sox clinch the A.L. West crown with a 4-2 win over Seattle on Bo Jackson's three-run homer.
White Sox Q&A with Rick Renteria's contract, the 2018 draft, a rebuilt rotation and more…
SP: Join for an evening at the park w/ BO JACKSON. Hear his stories, network with sports fans & more! https:…
I dunno. White Sox play hard under Renteria. They are awful but will play them tough.
Will James Shields stick with different look in 2018?
Its been a year since I hesitated on buying a White Sox hat and Im still regretting it
and all us White Sox fans are laughing maniacally.
White Sox fans didn't like him at all as manager
Davidson is exactly the player the white sox need to get away from. Hope he's not on the roster next season.
roll to keep pace in Wild Card chase
Excuse me, hate filled White Sox fan over here. {arm raised}
I was trying to keep my Dad calm because the anthem singer was terrible. As White Sox fans, we were behind enemy l…
As the two White Sox fans I know, I must ask what you thought of Robin Ventura as a manager?
There playing the white sox and the white sox won against them last night angels are on a losing streak come on
Born in Chicago, moved to NY as a kid. I'm a rare White Sox and Yankee fan. The teams have never tested my…
MLB Predictions: Will the White Sox upset the Angels? 9/26/17 -
Marlins fans remember Chris Volstad? He's making his first start in the majors since 2012 tonight for the White Sox.
Matt Davidson was a lot of fun at the beginning of the 2017 season but he should probably not have a role on the 2018 White Sox.
Pizza for lunch, anyone? When the White Sox win the game, you get 50% off pizza at using promo code SOXW…
The White Sox are 51-1 when leading after eight innings,
Tadahito Iguchi throwing out ceremonial first pitch prior to Thursday's contest, final White Sox home game of the season
Im going to order it, i like the white one
$25 shipped (lower then I paid for it! Lol) for this beautiful card from one of the heroes in the white Sox world s…
With Jose Abreu out, it gives the fringe infielders one last chance to show something to the front office.
Ohio State Basketball Head Coach Chris Holtmann slated to throw out a first pitch at Friday's Indians vs. White Sox game. cc
White Sox rookie LF Nicky Delmonico (AFL 2015) sends the Angels to the brink of elimination with a two-run double. htt…
Well this works out pretty well for this White Sox fan. All the best, Chris!
the old guy saw my cubs shirt and said to me he’s a White Sox fan but we could be friends it was actually cute.
The Twins can clinch a playoff spot tonight with a win in Cleveland AND an Angels loss at the White Sox. Twins lost 103 gam…
Plenty of highlights from YoYo this week.
Yesterday the honored C Rob Brantly's father on the field on the last day of his 37-year military career.
White Sox's 'Women in Baseball' panel to showcase progress in the sport
Well owned White Sox at the time, so yeah Melvin Piehl probably got a free beer.
White Sox legend Ron Kittle is in the Shannon Center today!
Working for the White Sox for the past 4 years, and I still get giddy when I get to the park everyday ⚾️😬
Bears win, Cubs win, White Sox win, and D Wade is leaving the Bulls. Great day for Chicago sports
Can Jose Abreu keep up his stellar play to be Paul Konerko like for the White Sox when they are finally good?
Joining Hall-of-Fame company the latest feat for Jose Abreu, White Sox model of consistency -
Jose Abreu reaches rare milestone for White Sox in 8-2 loss to Royals via
Good weekend. Royal at White Sox tonight and Hyde Park Jazz Fest tomorrow.
Blame f***ing Bud Selig for the Cubs sh**show coming to town. White Sox fans never traveled. MKE should still be an AL team.
I love, love, love White Sox baseball! When I'm in the warm embrace of the ball park, nothing else matters. I'm among friends.
I'll never forget my max bet on the White Sox when they opened the new Comiskey Park back in the day,,…
Comiskey Park, Chicago - Action during the infamous 1919 World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and White Sox. The f…
Don't do this to me again, White Sox.
Insane price tag for a pitcher who wasn't even better than Charlie Morton this seas…
White Sox doing their damnedest to get walked off...
White Sox acting like this is game 7 of World Series.
Besides every player on the White Sox, Ryan Braun has got to be my LEAST favorite player on the planet.
The White Sox shortstop has 13 walks and 149 strikeouts. I'm not regretting choosing not to watch baseball this year.
3 hits in a game where the white Sox starter had to leave in the 1st inning 🚮
And how on earth are the Houston Astros loosing to the Chicago White Sox?
White Sox recall RHP Giolito to start versus Twins
White Sox plate the first run of the game in the second. Marwin to lead off the bottom half for the
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White Sox lost 3 guys last year was so terrible one tragically I know how u feel
Juan Minaya on for the White Sox here in the top of the 9th.
Kansas City tops Toronto 1-0, the Royals improve to 75-77 on the year. They take the series and face the White Sox tomorrow a…
Juan Minaya eighth pitcher to be used by White Sox. Unless you count Clippard, then it's nine.
White Sox turn to Juan Minaya, their 8th pitcher tonight, to try to close out the game in the 9th. Sox lead Astros 3-1.
White Sox bullpen has been terrible, but we can't hit smh
Let’s just hope nobody we face has pitching like the Chicago White Sox bullpen.
If we're losing to the White Sox and our bats won't light up we won't win. We really jus…
Man this performance vs the White Sox Bullpen.
For example. I’m a Yankees fan but have White Sox, Tigers, and Dodgers gear. I’m a Lakers fan but have a…
Brad Peacock, trio of relievers pitch Astros to win over White Sox
So many White Sox prospects stepping up tonight.
The White Sox won the American League pennant 100 years ago on this date.
Astros vs White Sox! (@ Minute Maid Park - for Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros)
Why the are optimistic about their middle infielders' potential: (
This could be good. Sox are beating the Astros 3-1 in the 9th.
Tyler Clippard in for the Astros here in the top of the 9th. Score remains 3-1 White Sox
It absolutely breaks my heart to see former White Sox great Tyler Clippard pitching for any team other than the Pale Hose. I'm heartbroken.
The Astros defeated the White Sox, 4-3. They are 93-58. It's their first time 35 games over .500 since Sept. 14, 1999.
Farquhar keeps the bullpen night going strong for the White Sox. Six Chicago relievers have allowed 1 run on 3 hits in 7.2 IP of work.
3 more outs for the White Sox to put Houston 2 games back in loss column of Indians for top AL seed (3 up w/tie breaker technically)
Yesterday. The effing WHITE SOX are beating you at home thanks to walked in runs and a solo shot against your bullp…
Tyler Clippard to pitch the ninth for Astros. White Sox leading Astros 3-1.
All the babies at these penthouse suites at the hawks and white sox game are triggering me
White Sox leading the Astros 3-1 in the 8th! Come on Chicago, you can do this .
Francis Martes gave up a home run to Tim Anderson. 3-1, White Sox.
Meanwhile the White Sox are using a pitcher that reminds people of the movie Shrek to protect a 2 run lead over Houston. September baseball
By my calculations, the White Sox have used 24 pitchers in this game.
The White Sox tack on an insurance run. Delicious...
White Sox manager acting like he managing game 7 of the alcs
Danny Farquhar in for the White Sox to face Evan Gattis to start the bottom of the 8th⚾️
*** White Sox got more relievers than Devo has clean innings!
Brad Peacock earns his 12th win on the season as the extend the win streak to six!. RECAP: http…
White Sox just took out a pitcher before he threw a pitch. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before.
Is Frank Thomas the greatest White Sox player ever...?
The White Sox take a 3-1 lead to the bottom of the 8th against the Astros...
Well the White Sox are beating the Astros at the moment...not that anyone gives a care...My Tigers lost...
It the Astros win it all this year, all White Sox hate will be forgotten.
The white sox only sucked this season to get a nice draft pick they are actually the best team in the league obviously.
White Sox add a run in the 8th to take a 3-1 lead. McCann, Springer and Reddick due up for the
Tim Anderson homers to CF off of Martes. White Sox lead increases to 3-1. Nobody on and no outs here in the top of…
My dude is losing his mind over the 2005 white Sox.
"The way you dream about how your career can be:". Jose Abreu nears 25-homer, 100-RBI milestone
But remember we play the White Sox too
Cities with two teams end up with a Clippers, Mets, White Sox, Jets or Chargers
3 seasons with the Indians, 2 with the White Sox.
Exhibit A: White Sox. That Monday loss was confounding and horrifying, but they figured it out.
A’s and White Sox gave us fits. two of the worst Al teams
The are excited about the potential of their middle infielders, Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncada. Here's why.
Was it the one White Sox game they lost?
How are the White Sox winning? Only explanation could be the league doesn't want us to have the pick because we're already
Tim Anderson hits homer No. 17 to extend his hitting streak to a career-high 12 games. Solo homer to CF pushes White Sox lead to 3-1.
Fulmer exits in 1st with blister on index finger: White Sox starter Carson Fulmer lasted on..
suntimes​.com >> Carson Fulmer exits White Sox game in first inning
Great chat with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf wants to repay fans with a winner: via
Ugh loved Todd Frazier when he played for the White Sox feel terrible for him and the kid.
and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf still paid his reported $4 mill salary while he play…
Astros seek best AL record with White Sox in town (Sep 19, 2017). (SPEEDonFOX)
If not for Tim Anderson's 2-out double in the ninth inning, the White Sox would have been no-hit on Sunday…
Anderson proving capable asset to White Sox
Tim Anderson breaks up no-hit bid on final out in White Sox's 12-0 loss to Tigers Sports Baseball Chicago White So…
Anderson proving capable asset to White Sox. Sent with At Bat
White Sox to throw another young arm at Tigers (Sep 17, 2017). (SPEEDonFOX)
A Vegas move makes sense for the A's or Rays. Not the White Sox. Remember the whole gambling thing that got Shoeless Joe b…
Oh, wow...for some reason I have in my records that the Braves traded Gordon Beckham to the White Sox. Correcting now.
Still sore, Avisail Garcia looks for strong finish to breakout campaign
Matt Davidson's RBI single pushes the White Sox lead to 2-0 in the first.
My boy came back from the DL on fire. The force is strong with this one. Go White Sox!
New bats, more experience behind Yoan Moncada's career day against Tigers
James Shields (3-6, 5.40 ERA) starts for the White Sox. He is 0-2 with a 5.53 ERA in eight road starts this season.
Miguel Cabrera homers off James Shields to cut the White Sox lead to 2-1 in the 3rd.
Yoan Moncada's first HR off Tigers pitching is a drive off Chad Bell that hits off top of LF fence and goes over. 1-0 White…
White Stockings...Sox really stepped up the name change
Brad Ausmus tells 97.1 he has thought about playing Andrew Romine at all nine positions in a game during series vs. White So…
in 1915, Red Sox beat White Sox 2-1. Babe Ruth had as many hits as he allowed, pitching a 2-hitter while also getting…
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homer four times, but fall to White Sox. RECAP ➡️
Between Cubs and White Sox, a combined 31 runs. Kinda like MTJ going into the playoffs!
. the Yankees , Phillies , Mariners , and both Chicago teams . White Sox & Cubs outscored the tonight .
Here are some crazy stats about the massive offensive days for the and -
I added a video to a playlist From start to finish, Renteria pleased with White Sox’ effort
As the late Harry Caray once said, HOLY COW!!!
.always remembers and cares for his 2005 White Sox team.
My White Sox and your Cubs nailed it today. A total of 31 runs today.
In a slugfest tonight the White Sox and Tigers defeated the Texans and Bengals 24-22.
The Indians bullpen has not allowed a run in 32 2/3 innings dating back to the final two innings on September 4 at the White Sox.
The White Sox had 25 hits and scored 17 runs on the Tigers today, good lord.
BOOMMM! 4 straight winners for us as the Tigers/White Sox EASILY go over 10.5 runs!
Yoan Moncada is the first White Sox player to reach base 5 times in a game before he turned 23 since Frank Thomas in 199…
.RHP Jordan Stephens talks about what motivates him in the White Sox system:
White Sox today:. Moncada 4-4 with 5 runs, 2 BB, SB and HR. Abreu 4-5 with 3 runs, 2 RBIs. Garcia 5-5 with SEVEN R…
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In the past 2 days, the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox have combined for 54 runs on 64 hits
The Cubs and White Sox scored more points today than the Texans.
My buddy dressed up as a clown to the white sox game against tigers and tigers announcers talked about him…
Tigers now within a game of White Sox for third pick in next year's draft (also, AL's worst record).
White Sox/Tigers game had more runs than Texans/Bengals points
That's a joke. 14 of the games have been against Detroit/white sox/ and a decent at best royals club. Still impressive yes
The Cubs and White Sox both outscored the winner of the NFL's Thursday night game, the Texans.
Sure the Indians have won 22 straight games, but they haven't scored 17 runs in one game. 2017 White Sox > 2017 Indians
White Sox tickets are cheaper than movie tickets, is the rebuild going to be as real for the bulls
Our guys slug 17 runs on 25 hits to open up series in Detroit with a win!. RECAP:
If the white sox could send saladino back to little league that'd be great. He. Can't. Play. Very simple
.-plethora of Cubs highlights for 14 run win. . -1 (ONE) White Sox highlight for 17 run, 25 hit explosion.
The Bengals and Texans combined for 22 points tonight. . The White Sox and Tigers combined for 24 runs tonight. . So, there's that...
The score to the White Sox Tigers game is 17-7. The score to the Texans Bengals game is 13-9
Mike Mulligan already talking about the Cubs/White Sox series that is over a year from now. Will the Cubs need those games? A year from now.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Madison Bumgarner faces White Sox for the 1st time in his career in series finale in Chicago.
Carson Fulmer showed some first-round skills, and the White Sox showed more talent than the Giants.
Today The Chicago Bears, White Sox and Cubs all play at the same time in Chicago. Good scheduling guys!
If one word describes Jose Abreu after he hit for the cycle, it's "grateful." Here's my story on the star:
So No not the white sox. Lmao Das cool
That's awesome. The white sox the other?
The White Sox’ season series with Cleveland ended with a forfeit in their favor.
Jose Abreu becomes sixth White Sox batter to hit for cycle
White Soxs Abreu hits for seasons 7th cycle
Was unbelievable watching that live tonight! Way to go 79, you are such an amazing individual and one of…
Here's who has not gone deep for the White Sox tonight: Brantly, Engel and Narvaez
Abreu records first career cycle, Sox slug season-high six home runs to back a dominant James Shields. RECAP:
Jose Abreu had a smile on his face when his triple split the defenders. He turned it up & completed the cycle.
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