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White Oak

Quercus alba, the white oak, is one of the pre-eminent hardwoods of eastern North America.

Happy Easter Silver Spring New Hampshire Ave Montgomery County White Oaks Kings Mountain

HBD to the newest member of the White Oak homeowners committee and a 2016 candidate for mayor of White Oak.Moose "HJ" Trotta
Checked in automatically with the Uber Check-In app! (@ White Oak in Cincinnati, OH)
Now for one of mine (and your) favorites in 2014, my latest composing project: All the best to everyone in 2015!
100% Quartersawn white oak. Best you can find.
Med flight just took off. There's a car upside down in White Oak Swamp Creek. More info soon
Distillers must age bourbon in new white oak barrels that are charred inside
White Oak's Jamarcus Allen claimed the 113-pound Onslow County title after finishing second twice in the annual event
Red and gray 10/12 $7 John Deere 3T $7 Spongebob 6/7 $9 Pick up at Brookshire's in White Oak.
You could have Johnny walker platinum I still drinking and my White Oak! 😍😏😒
off the top of my head: White Oak in the Heights or east Washington down by Julep. Texas, Texas, Yeehaw!
Hardcore cyclocross race today at noon. White oak park. Corner of Houston Ave and White Oak. I'll…
This Date in PSRL History: 11/2/94- White Oak fielded an all-Harvey team: Ray 299, Jeff 295, Paul 295, Mark 294 & John Harvey 292 for 1475
To All of my Family and Friends: Please share LOST DOG McKEESPORT/WHITE OAK/? (McKeesport/White Oak) Bingo is lost, missing since October 15th. He is marked like a Boston Terrier but shaped like a Pitbull, maybe 40-50 pounds. He had been spotted in McKeesport and White Oak, but most recently on Center Street and Center Street extension on October 24th, when he then ran over the hillside towards the river. He may be anywhere at all at this point, even West Newton, Coulter, North Huntingdon. PLEASE call asap with ANY possible sighting, we miss him terribly and need him home.
Game story: White Oak gets back to winning in 49-7 victory over Sabine
31 White Oak has no chill sigma eta xi (SEX) 😂😂😂😂
just ready for Friday night when I get to cheer for THE white oak football boys❤️
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New white papers and an audit program on guidance in Europe. Learn more:
Meet Will Harris of White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia, a cattle rancher with deep roots in the Deep South. He has rejected the corn-fed,...
Following retirement of their 1949 Seagrave rescue squad in late 1977, Burtonsville VFD of Montgomery County MD built a cover for the back of their 1963 IHC VO-190 "Porky Pig" / John Bean pump and loaded up the hosebed with rescue tools and equipment. Pending delivery of a new squad truck the following year, this rig ran as Squad 15. It's seen during a 4th alarm fire in a row of flats off New Hampshire Avenue in White Oak back in March of 1978. (a Kodak 135 print by J. D. Floyd II, Royal Blue Ltd. archives)
Take a walk down a back road,. Tackle box and a cane pole;. Carve our names in that white oak,. steal a kiss as the sun fades,
Time for a shower after a awesome night with Dianne at the White Sox game (@ Miami Motel in Oak Lawn, IL)
Enjoy 6 or 12 Bottles of Mixed, White or Red Wines from Heartwood & Oak at 78% OFF!
How these ppl will make me shot white oak??
Crafted of French white oak and domestic barrel/vat staves reclaimed from a New York winery…
Sittin by lake white oak with my homies & because we like to get crazy on a Saturday night
I just saved 5 white teenagers from taking the dart into oak cliff. Maybe I should have just let them go
I had to make do with the nearest non-caffeinated beverage that was aged in new charred American white oak.
Both Red & White Oaks have a goodly amount of acorns on them this year (picture is Red Oak acorns). Wild Cherry...
If oak state stops them here it is over
Had a wonderful day at White Oak & Mackinaw Valley Vineyards today with my Sis, Mom, Tante Trudy and Kristin!
ahh nuclear white wine, from the rolling hills just outside Chernobyl. A delicate balance of plutonium with a hint of oak.
Cutest white, black and Mexican at oak — Cutest white *** well she has a man . Cutest black don't think there is...
Cutest white, Black and Mexican at oak? — I can't say cus then they'll think I'm a creep ahha
Today, I finally installed the railing I've been working on. Steam-bent white oak and brass screws.
sir danny. Did Fat Ray or anyone at the Hip Hop Klinik mention the white boy in Royal Oak making a film that centers on you?
i keep forgetting you're closer to fayetteville because white oak. I have two free meal tickets for boston market hmu
Northside beats White Oak 21-7 to extend winning streak to 11 straight over Vikings: . Northside’s football wi...
Check out Chairs in Oak Bamboo Linen White Wash Finish Handmade set of 2 New Free shipping via
First meeting of the year is tomorrow at 1:45pm in the White Oak Room! Come find out what LAC night is going to...
If you're looking for yet another reason to hate white people, come to Royal Oak.
Photos of todays Montgomery Village Sports Association vs White Oak Pee Wee can be viewed at
Photos of todays MVSA vs White Oak JR Pee Wees can be viewed at
According to one map I saw today, Silver Spring is only in White Oak
White oak canyon with my sister and cousin. 5 mile hike to get here
At White Oak and therefore strawberries, jalapeño and tequila.
I really wish was in white oak right now😭 miss you so much!!
Couple of white girls at oak brook said I have a really nice smile but I believe that I don't.
Had some black and white and lil white oak ...time to sleep now 🌊🌴
Never thought I would say this but I miss wild *** White Oak 😂✊
How Get the Benefit of the White Oak (roble)
Hope you are having a good time at college...when you are in white oak come and, you and…
18 months ago today, dear friends of mine tragically lost their 8 month old son, Grant. This sweet angel inspired me to pursue my dream. I want to share with you my favorite piece in the salon. You've probably seen this little guy sitting on our front desk and wondered who it's for. Grant's mom & dad called him "rhino," and in Feng shui, a rhino is believed to deter bad energy. I'm so thankful for the Torkelson family to allow me the honor of having a memory of their sweet boy at White Oak. -Sarah
Little Miami golfer Kevin Rothermund medaled today with a 41 on the front nine at White Oak; Panthers beat Western Brown 18…
In keeping with our commitment to feature our animal staff members even after National Zoo Keeper Week, we'd like to introduce you to Andrew Schumann. Andrew, who has worked most of the areas of the conservation center, spends most of his time with our birds, which are his passion. Andrew has been at White Oak for six years. He began working around animals when he as in high school researching seals. Andrew "knew from a very young age I wanted to work with animals, and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in conservation when studying zoology in college." The best part of working at White Oak? "the satisfaction of doing what I've always wanted to do - conserving wildlife and their habitats." Thank you for all you do, Andrew.
the Burlington Coat Factory in White Oak is about to open up next month. So they're hiring
Clark had Queen City Tee's make him some shirts/tanks and one of the says "The Wolf of White Oak".what?
As per their agreement after Super Indy XIII, at Proving Ground 3 on July 19th Norm Connors will pick the opponent for John McChesney, while Justin LaBar will choose Jimmy Nutts' opponent! Norm has made his intentions known already and has chosen "Big League"'s opponent to be the monster newcomer Asylum! McChesney is sure to have his hands full, but don't count out the wiley former champion just yet. Meanwhile, LaBar is keeping his cards close to his chest and has claimed he will not reveal Nutts' opponent until the night of Proving Ground 3 in White Oak! Despite popular opinion, LaBar is well connected in the world of professional wrestling, not to mention the number of clients he holds in IWC, including the Super Indy Champion! What does he have up his sleeve for Jimmy Nutts in White Oak?
Police are continuing to look for the man who robbed the White Oak's Huntington Bank --
What?Aare there any more hummingbird trainings here at ? Good to see White Oak representing
For any1 that wants to go hiking to White Oak tomorrow, we're meeting in the Target parking lot tomorrow at 8:30am. Bring a …
Two October book signings booked for my collection of Horror Stories! 1 @ Homer Glen Library & 1 at White Oak library! Dm me for details.
Coming to the Lab Rescue Dog Walk? Here is a map of Quiet Waters Park. I've drawn a big red circle around the area where the Lab Rescue Dog Walk activities are taking place: Sassafras and Red Maple pavilions. The Sassafras lot is reserved for vendor booths and volunteer/vendor parking. The next closest parking lot is Red Maple, then the two parking lots between Sassafras and Sycamore pavilions and then the parking in the Sycamore pavilions. The only place you cannot park on Saturday is the White Oak pavilion as it's reserved for a wedding. Hope this helps!
Hello Churro Lovers back in Granada Hills Grubfest 17700 Chatsworth st. Corner with White Oak
Hello all family and friends Lin'Asia Harris moving on ceremony is June 10th at 10am. Fifth Baptist Church on Cary St. Please come and celebrate her for a job well done in elementary school. If you can not attend the ceremony she will be having lunch at Red Lobster at White Oak right after ceremony.
*** good day to be a DEMON. Win or Lose,Navy Blue through and through. We werent the better team or the luckier team team tonight but no one can question this teams heart or character. I'd bet on Fike given another chance. Co Conference champions and Tournament Champions. There is not another team at Fike that can say they beat White Oak in the regular season as well as knocked them out of the playoffs. Not many can say they made it to the FINAL FOUR. Every player contributed something different to the team. Winners are not determined by the end result of your season but how you have grown as a team from that first day. We are all " Certifiable" in our own way. Austen King may have said it the best a few years ago" If you told me at the beginning of the season this is where we would end up, I'd take that" Thank you for the opportunity to be your coach!!!
Another naming contest! We need a name for a brand new product that features the miracle working extracts of Jewel weed with a supporting cast of White Oak, Aloe, Witch Hazel designed to work wonders with Poison Oak and Poison Ivy. Name it! The more clever and unique the better! If we choose a name suggested here the person who offered the name will receive a free bottle when we get it in stock. Name away! --Steph Tallent
And now, what you all have been waiting for: the final installment of "The Chicks of White Oak"! Today we feature our wattled crane chick. This little one hatched on May 12th and is being raised by its parents; it is one week old in these photos. Found in sub-Saharan Africa, wattled cranes are one of the largest cranes and may reach up to six feet tall at full height. White Oak works with other facilities through the Conservation Centers for Species Survival's Crane Sustainability program to help save this Vulnerable species. -photos by Andrew Schumann
yea I went to coastal and white oak
He has a white oak stake waiting for us. Klaus and I.. He let me know his plans. I am worried about everyone.
Here's one for my educated friends: my swamp white oak tree has something wrong with the leaves. It grows hard ball like leaves that shrivel up into black balls with holes in. Is this a disease or insect problem? I did spray insecticide a year ago with no change to the issue.
Congrats Josh Milam and White Oak Slidders for just winning championship in Longview Lear Park.
Lol @ my mom's attempt to drive out White Oak going about 70😂
JUNIOR POWDERPUFF : we are still having practice at White Oak tonight at 6:30 ! 🏈
In Houston's Heights neighborhood, on the southwest corner of White Oak and Harvard.
“JUNIOR POWDERPUFF: don't forget we have practice at 6:30 at white oak tonight 😁”
Do I need to bring out the white oak stake and leave a part of it in your back again? [I arched a curious yet amused brow] >>
“All the Lil white thotties be at red oak park lol”
Went to White Oak for a retreat: didn't have a water crisis
Rodos in White Oak real deal Greek fare!
Thanks to White Oak, PA for supporting IWC & myself last night! Look for the DVD soon on
Natural pineapple is about to run out better hurry if you wanna try it! 2706 white oak
The ray flecks in red oak are always a little shorter than white oak - good way to tell the difference
White oak in my sorrel has me feeling so hot that I'm stripping with every sip
Rewarding myself after trash pick up in the river today... (Jai Alai White Oak Aged IPA)
Okay, nobody is around to take a picture of me with my new white oak long pole, but let me tell you now that I love this pole and I am going to be buried with this pole. Now I am just trying to think of a good name for her.
Come listen to the tribute of “Simon & Garfunkel” here at White Oak Amphitheatre Saturday, June 7! G...
Asking $50.00 for this wifi box meet in white oak
My sister challenged me to jump into cold water. This is a waterfall on White Oak's cold!
Had the opportunity to visit family in Oak Ridge this weekend. Also, dat Walter White camio in Godzilla
Hey people white oak wasn't closed for two weeks just for you to 5 mph over the tracks now. They're fine, it's all good.
Uplighting done yesterday for a wedding at Oak Pointe Country Club in Brighton. The Magenta and White…
Suhn I can not believe I had to walk from Kennedy high skool to white oak last night😐
"Sticks & stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me." 😍✊♥️. @ White Oak…
auction of the day: John Lewis Riley Guest Bed White Oak Wooden Frame plus Two Luxury Mattress
Till next time NC, ugh hello Va. This is the worst part about coming home. home @ White Oak…
Oh yeah I'm on white oak st too of you looking for me! JUST HAD TO LET YOU KNOW! Wouldn't want you to act like...
***Male FOUND*** North Versailles area. Finder took to White Oak Safe Haven to have scanned for chip, no chip. Will be going to the Animal Rescue League.
Perfect weather for a free cup of gelato. Stop by Gelazzi's (3601 White Oak Dr) sneak peak today from 1pm-3pm.
Lol and he white and from oak cliff
Tim started asking me about Camp. God *** is it July yet? Cant wait to be back at white oak, chill'n around the fire with my White Oak crew and our boys.
Before & After our adventure in White Oak Canyon! @ Shenandoah National Park
1st time both trucks open on sunday! We'll be open from 12ish-7 at Fitzgerald 2706 white oak and Houston food park 1504 st Emmanuel 12-3
Got cabin fever this rainy Sunday Morning? Come visit Debbie and me at The Chattanooga Market! It's dry! White Oak Cottage!
White flowers. A little of England in my yard, so awesome. They are small, but the quote you wrote about oak trees works.
Please be in prayer for my best friend not named Kilpatrick this am. He is preaching in view of a call at White Oak BC!
What color is a white oak snake? Google says they are grey but the one curled up next to my barn is tan with brown spots. Anybody know what kind it is? Lance says the only good snakes is a dead snake but if he's a good snake I want him to live.
The Sounds Of Simon & Garfunkel with Greensboro Symphony at White Oak Amphitheatre on June 7 (Up to 67% Off)
/ Soccer for Mooresville High, right. Heard his name announced at regional final in JVille v. my old school, White Oak.
Jessica Lyn B White Oak Falls!! Are you picking our next destination!!! LOL
Looks like Swayde will be a fourth generation Roughneck. We are moving back to White Oak!!
More great graduation gift ideas! Precious Moments graduation figurines to mark this precious moment! Or an autograph Snoopy graduate! We’re open 11am-6pm today at Capital City Shopping Center and White Oaks Plaza.
Sso, I will not be in church this morning at East White Oak so I need all the "OAKERS" to post the powerful words of Pastor Benjamin Mittman Sr so I feel like I am right there on the 4 th row. Pray for me as I get on these highways and roadways and head back home to the Carolina's. Congratulations to the 2014 Ms Caribbean Gemz Queen! Good Morning!
To all my friends out there: I know many of you have already liked White Oak Conservation's page, but if you haven't, I invite you to do so. because why wouldn't you want cool animal pictures showing up on your news feed?... To go along with the cat videos you already get. Oh, and because I do most of the posts. :-):-)
♥Hey Mom♥ .your 3rd grandbaby will be 1/4 of a century old this next week and has a beautiful girlfriend,too. Dylan is working hard at being single &21 (they get more handsome everyday) & both boys work endlessly and hard as well as care for their GMa Phyllis like loving, dedicated soldiers. , I planted a garden for you with lotsa veggies but w/your forget-me-nots and Great GMa McCoy's Zinnia's.however instead of your four o'clocks I planted my moonflowers instead so we could all grow beautiful together...:-)you bloom(morning glories) in morning, Zinnias all day & when light is fading mine open for night. . I have a couple of cardinals that have made themselves a home in my tree out back & it reminds me of you, your mother and Grandmother Worsham. I'll be making some apricot fried pies this week while thinking of you while using your official baking mixing bowl. 1200 White Oak Rd is under renovation & going to be re sold after. I hate it, but they're tearing the barn down. It looks so sad & u ...
Choir Sunday at Calvary Chapel old bridge 123 White Oak Lane come hear us be joyful be blessed
Who would have guessed that these white oak trees were growing wild on the High Line.
Matthew 5:6 Jesus said, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." White Oak bring your appetite, I have Gods message!
Finally its Spring time, Many plants are growing, cutting and plantings are keeping up all busy. Don't have enough plants? or just want to round out your growing needs? Well the Potomac Chrysanthemum Society plant sale will be taking place next weekend on Saturday May 24th between 8:00 am and 12:00 noon. It will be taking place in two locations. Gaithersburg in the parking lot on Rt. 355 and Fulks Corner across from the Gaithersburg Police Station. Enter off of Old Towne Ave. (Rt. 177 West) and the 2nd location is at White Oak - Silver near the bank of America parking lot located north of New Hampshire Ave. and White Oak Shopping Center. Turn right at the first light on Rt. 29. Single plant in a pot $1.50. Many colors and mum types will be available . Well rooted plants are ready to plant. Chrysanthemum experts will be at all locations, to answer any questions. Please bring boxes for your purchases.
Gettin down in white oak tonight yeeyee congrats Sammy!
I guess this night takes me to the pine in white oak.
My good White Oak wa I does use to flavor my food my mother take and give it to people to drink! *** !! :()!
White Oak Mountain Area of the Jessieville/Winona District of the Ouachita Mountains.
I just want to say that I am very proud of my daughters softball team the Richlands Shockers- they were down 13-2 against a very rude White Oak team that was made up of a bunch of cheerleaders chanting the whole game they were unbeatable blah blah blah even the coach slapped each ones hand as they went on to the field for the last inning telling each one that's a "W" for us well let me tell you our girls never gave up and came back and won 14-13! I was so proud they never gave up, never got intimidated, and just gave it their all. so proud of you all- Caty Boles and The Shockers!
We've received notice that White Oaks Farm is within a 600 foot wide study corridor for a Spectra Energy gas pipeline. This is not welcome at all. Things are very preliminary, but we are not happy. Grumble. :-(
Custom TV stand/ bench with solid 5/4 white oak top , maple drawer fronts and construction .
Jen Scheirer please meet Michelle Recktosh...she has some white oak safe haven questions.
Life as I know it has ended. Lock up your children and pets. My daughter, Shoshana, just got her Learners Permit. Seriously though, I let her drive from White Oak via the ICC and New Hampshire Ave to Sunshine (Brookville). She did a PHENOMENAL job. I'm very proud and equally as scared.
Second day of therapy. Not looking forward to Monday. Target shot in neck and Epi steroid shot in back. Really scared. Just want to get better. Miss my residents at White Oak.
Sue Schwob left me stranded in the Hott Shops parking lot (in White Oak Md) in 1970 , little did we know the journey we were about to embark on! It was that Blue Devil that made me do it!!! I
I have an idea. Just wondered if there is any real artistic architects in the area up for a historical project? I challenge this project to anyone r any group with the love of trees and the appreciation of preservation. I am posting a picture of the worlds largest tree house. The fallen oak in these pics could be used to complete a natural tree house around the oak tree still standing. I saw mother nature destroy this beautiful shingle oak tree in a split second. Leaving the great white oak standing firm. The white oak is 19 ft around. It is 115 feet tall and 105 feet wide. The fallen tree is also 112 ft tall and 60 ft wide. The trunk is over 12 ft around and some branches 7 to 9 ft around. It is an upright growth meaning most limbs are straight up. This tree could be used to construct the natural home built into the mighty oak still standing. What a historic monument built by wood loving, tree hugging, and artistic designers. Anyone game? I bet if researched, there might even be a grant ...
The day Barcelona got knocked out of the Champions league was a sad day indeed, it was the day I started drinking Puncheon. I pray to the father up above, please let Barcelona win the league today and help me find my way back to white oak.
The campground is alive with activity with the Hags with Nags group, as everyone makes their breakfast and packs up a lunch for today's ride. Eight (8) people (including myself) will be riding the 26 mile ride to Charit Creek Lodge, 15 people (including John, the guide) will be riding the 18 mile Cumberland Valley Loop, and eight (8) people will be riding the White Oak Loop with Candy. Cloudy skies this morning with a small chance of showers this afternoon (40% chance of a passing cloud between 1:00-2:00) but no thunderstorms in the forecast. High today to be around 58. PERFECT for riding. We'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures Have a wonderful day everyone and we hope y'all will get to ride some too!!
Just waking up in the Piney woods of White Oak..Excited about tonight..slept like a baby.. Vicki is still sleeping. She looks like an angel while she sleeps, and wakes like a freaking Have a lovely weekend everyone.. If you're in East Texas, I hope to see you at the show in Longview tonight.. It will be a night to remember.. Love ya friends!!!
well im up an ready to go climb a freaking Monster white oak *** things so big that the bucket truck with a 80 foot boom should get me to the first limb,an i take over from there...its only around a buck fifty tall with high voltage lines everywhere *** thing should have a red flashing light on top to keep airplanes from hitting ok its fixing to meet the man thats gonna put her on her *** no worries i stayed at a holiday inn lastnite we will see you in the clouds,ill be the one waving planes on by.RAISE *** AN CLIMB TREES.;)
Little white oak trees. Had a huge crop of acorns last year. The parent tree is huge. I grew up with this tree, played in its limbs and enjoyed its shade. And still do today.
White Oak Tribal Tones Competition this morning with my beautiful girl, McKenzie Hulgin! Can't wait to hear that amazing voice!! Good luck today kids! Then to Kings Island we go for fun! Let's get this day started!
Today, May 17, 2014, is World Whisky Day “Whisky or whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Different grains are used for different varieties, including barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, buckwheat and corn. Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, made generally of charred white oak. Whisky is a strictly regulated spirit worldwide with many classes and types. The typical unifying characteristics of the different classes and types are the fermentation of grains, distillation, and aging in wooden barrels.”
If you're up to taking up yourself, old hardware flooring for sale. Really good shape. Probably white oak
Another Great Day to be a Demon! Down with White Oak in OT! That monkey is long gone! We will host Jacksonville on Tuesday at 7:00.
What a Friday this has been, Donald and I got to meet Richard Sherman and Mike Robinson at the Chick-fil-A at the white oak shopping center . How awesome was this, got to meet and get a autograph from Super bowl Champions. Richard was very nice and had a great personality. Go HAWKS!
The sounds of White Oak Conservation at night! This amazing facility is committed to both native and exotic species, both plants and animals.
Join the Grayson County Bluegrass Opry for our next show on Saturday, May 17th, as we will also be raising money to assist 6-year-old leukemia patient Jayden Phillips with his medical expenses. The show will feature the following bluegrass bands: McDonald Road of Leitchfield, Higher Ground of Bowling Green, Hickory Grove of Leitchfield, and Porter Ridge. There will also be a concession stand on this night. Showtime is 6:00 PM and admission is free. The Bluegrass Opry show is in the Old Judicial Building at 125 East White Oak Street in Leitchfield behind the Shell Station. Please use the rear entrance of the building and take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Come out and join us on the 17th of May to hear some great bluegrass music and help raise money for young Jayden too.
This coming Saturday, if you want to get out and play, Tom and I are hosting a volleyball game in Munster at White Oak Park at 2:30pm. The park is located on White Oak just South of 45th Street over the railroad tracks. We will be ordering pizza carryout during the game. If you'd like to play with us, call me at (219) 771-2059 for more details. Lets get some sun!
Tulip 5k is tomorrow at 1pm. White Oak park in Bloomington! Looking forward to seeing everyone! Can't wait!
One of the best ways to normalize metabolism is to consume organic iodine in the form of White Oak bark, Black Walnut hull, and seaweeds.
Dog I've been on New Hampshire Ave for like 40 minutes and I haven't even hit White Oak yet
Stuck in traffic in White Oak on New Hampshire Ave. Ridiculous
Over 400 4th grade students climbed a large White Oak at Penn State as part of an Arbor Day Celebration.
You can get a refreshing cold 32 oz fountain drink for only 99 cents at any White Oak station: All 32 oz fountain drinks now available in a styro foam cup for the same low price of 99 cents.
Cruised through White Oak today on the pontoon. So many memories. Hickory Hill looks great. Hill's Dock is still there...just not as rockin' as it was in the 80s. I so wish we could turn back the hands of time.
Too Mexican for Oak Lawn but too white for 47th Street. 😬   10% Off
We'll leave it to me to do something stupid. Went up on white oak n backed his truck right smack dab in a tree. Lmbo the bumper dented n I was yelled at pretty good. Lol I just laugh it off. What else can u do!!
I'm going to take a thing. [Using vs. I appear in our room for can take the last stake of white oak. I hide it in my boot]
I swear they were so confused about the hybrid curse,the white oak stake,they even discovered the entire Original faminly in TVD
Cassis, white pepper and oak. This will go nicely with the Easter ham.
Road block done in white oak their headn south on 17
Just found out the white oak I've been cutting is being bought by Jack Daniels to make whiskey barrels! That's awesome!
New grass fed meat cuts & farm fresh organic eggs from White Oak Pastures are in! Check out our artisan food items in the front of the store next time you stop in!
Tomorrow white oak shuts down and my morning stress level explodes
Lol bet that might happen alot! I should have said Happy Easter White Oak! :)
I just know White Oak is hurtin' .. 😔 .. my prayers goo out too yall man frfr. 🙏 ..
Too mexican for Oak Lawn, too white for 26th street.
I don't know him, but rip to the boy at white oak. sending thoughts & prayers to his family. 😔🙏🙌
GREAT GREAT morning at White Oak Baptist Church. To God be the Glory!
Bring di puncheon,bring di white oak and bring di black label come
Congrats to the DCL Dynasty on your wins on yesterday. 2 different jamborees and 4-1st places.I hate we didnt get a chance to make it to Dazzlin Stars jamboree, but we will make it up to them! OAN: hiding eggs and devoting my time to the white oak easter hunt organized by Carla Taylor!!! White oak, where i was born and raised!
Great service this morning at White Oak Worship Center. So many people there they had to add chairs!
Heard FBC Cumberland Choir sing, "You Shall Know the Truth" from Celebrate Life musical. We did this so many times when I was in youth group at good ole' White Oak Baptist in Greenville, SC. I was singing right along with the choir (embarrassing my daughter the whole time). It was worth it.
As fresh as it gets! - Drinking a Jai Alai White Oak Aged IPA by at —
Annual Easter afternoon movie with the Matthews family (@ Regal White Oak Stadium 14 - for Divergent)
White people are serious about hockey...
Got voted White Oak Pond Grace Presbyterian Church Youth Softball MVP of the Easter Tourney. Somehow. God really does work miracles.
About to head to white oak to do some family fishing! Me and faith are heading out to slay the big ones
--It turns out, he was dead the whole time. Someone stabbed him with the only weapon that could kill him. A white oak stake.
The gas station at white oak said closed for 5 minutes earlier 😐
The weekend started off a little "iffy". But turned out to be a really good weekend... came home to Rodessa to have Easter with the boys' grammie,Patricia Martin .Had all my kids together and my grandson-couldnt hav asked for anything better...Heading back to White Oak with sum happy memories
A beautiful white oak that will spread its limbs, growing slowly to provide shelter and memories .of Bob!
Who does that dog think he is? Like i won't stake him with a white oak ash dagger
Annual VFW Easter egg hunt. White Oak this is a great tradition where are you?!?
Happy Easter! Beautiful sunrise service on White Oak Mountain at the Third Ave Church picnic area and then...
Wonderful church service today at WHITE OAK GROVE. The choir sounded outstanding and Bob preached a great sermon. Hope you all have a great Easter Sunday.
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Soccer at white oak at 2 if anybody wants to join text me!
Come to white oak if anyone is tryna ball
Couldnt imagine what tim is going through right now! He is the nicest kid at white oak!
Awesome service at White Oak Hill this morning! !
There's just one dirt road. That takes me back to a honey hole. A hundred year old white oak tree. Layin' shade on me
Our engineered harwood flooring imports range from dusky walnut to a lovely double white oak!
I got up the two newest carved screens for the open studios show this last Fri. The panels are made of Cherry, Paper, with White Oak frames, approximately 13"x 26". They are made to have LED's in the back so they will light up but there is no power in this location.
Great service this morning at White Oak. The little kids put on the best play. I think everyone was crying before it was over. Happy Easter to all. Remember the tomb is empty and Jesus lives again.
Behold, the dwarf white oak is risen.
Great day in The Lord at White Oak Grove Church. Jesus is risen, He is risen indeed.
I totally forgot about that too 😂 I didn't know she went to white oak :o
Happy Easter to all my White oak family! Sorry we are gonna miss it this year!
To Catherine Thompson.At Church this morning when you told me to get some good pictures today ,you thought i was going to post that picture of that big ole pan of bacon and sausage did't you? I will later but first let me tell you a beautiful little true story ...on my drive home from sun rise service at Douglas Mill i passed White Oak Church and i saw the most beautiful site , a dear sweet angel was standing by the door patiently waiting for someone to open up the Church door and let her in , it was my beautiful smiling friend and i just had to go back and get a picture to share with all of y'all so we all can have yet another reason to smile today.Thank you Lord for this wonderful Southern Easter Sunday morning ...Thank you for your son who died that i might live and live life to the fullest,thank you that he did not stay in that tomb but he is now in heaven and he is one day coming again...Thank you for the wonderful family and Church family that you have blessed me with ,and thank you for all my won . ...
Just enjoyed Bro Marks (pastor at rock creek, where I've been attending) message via the love stream!!! Now to white oak grove with my family to worship! Christ is risen and surely alive!
Going to hit up White Oak for a walk/jog. Listen to music n just clear my head up a little.
come one, come all! We will be having an Easter pageant at Weeping Mary Baptist Church in white oak, today at 2 o'clock !!!
With mom & my white oak grove Baptist church family Happy HAPPY Resurrection Sunday
Going to get my praise on at white oak missionary baptist church in grimesland nc
Docs Friends at White Oak Church next Sat nite, Immanuel Bapt Church Paragould next Sun nite, mini rise at Paragould next Mon nite Come to one or all and have great time of worship and fellowship and sing along with us, clap your hands, tap your feet We are going to have a great time
We are going to Brunch at The White Oak River Bistro with Woody and Laura
5 lawns filled with eggs, 20+ kids on the hunt, 1 Easter Bunny...let the games begin on White Oak Street!
Ok FB friends. I need some help. Trying to find a place for our motorhome when it's not in our driveway this summer. White oak closed to anymore campers. Too much vandalism 😒! So if u know if anyone with alittle extra space we could borrow ( will pay monthly ). That would b great! Thank u!!
White Oak Lake Baptist Church would like to invite you to out little church to witness the BLOOMING OF THE CROSS. This is a special event this church does to HONOR Jesus Christ. He died for our sins, but, most of all HE IS RISEN. We will also have a baptism in the lake this morning. Ray Forrester is being baptized. Come and join us in celebrating the LIVING CHRIST. BE BLESSED
This morning when I woke up, I was a little sad not going home for Easter, I don't remember ever not going to White Oak Church for Easter, or being with my wonderful aunt Myra Glassco on this day, ( especially her cooking) but we stayed home this year and going to West Hill Church then to spend the day with my children and the Best Mom ever!Make new memories and feeling blessed! If only both my brothers and their families were here! Happy Easter everyone
Happy Easter EVERYBODY!! Whomever will be attending church will you say a prayer for me while your there! Thanks in advance 😊🙏 For all that was invited to shays Easter/bday cookout it starts at 4 at white oak park and I'll see all of you there ☺️😘✌️...
At White Oak Christian Church ready to worship our risen King!
My latest table build. While this one doesn't look so big, it's 4' wide and heavy! The top is made from 2" Swamp White Oak. It is 78" long, each breadboard is 6" wide. The client wanted a smooth surface, but still wanted character such as knots. It has natural edges on both edges. I was worried that the client wouldn't like the large knot on the one edge, but it turns out that the table was placed so she could see that from her kitchen, her favorite part. The 5"x5" legs are Sycamore. They are very unique with the black spalting lines throughout. I could have used Oak, but they liked the look of these and color wise it turned out well. I used teak oil for color under a matte polyurethane finish. What do think?
Visit with us at White Oak Baptist Church this morning!!! We begin at 10:45! Looking forward to an awesome time celebrating the risen King!
Some old drunk named Don T. is tellin his story at the White Oak group at 4pm. today l think Lawerence and l are going Any one else?? Happy Easter everyone
Happy Easter from the White Oak Athletic Club Family to you and your family. Have a great day!
All purpose parts banner
Well for the second time in 20+ years I just went into the triple digits on White Oak Road! Only this time I wasnt give the cop's an escort. It was almost as much fun tho!
Cops at white oak in bellefonte. And headed south passed valley store.
The colors in tonight's sunset were the most awesome I've seen in some time. These pictures were taken from the Giant parking lot on White Oak.
Tempo Records on Chatsworth & White Oak buy ten cassettes get one free!
Thank you to the Gladewater Fire Dept and the White Oak Volunteer Fire Department on your assistance with the George Richey Road structure fire Saturday morning! No injuries reported. Good job to Larry Robinson , Jc Bernard, and Derek Zivney.
White oak Shawnee's dancing on May 10th. Pass the word.
Photos from 10 mile loop up West Prong, down Finley Cane, then down to White Oak Sinks.
Sunrise service in the morning at White Oak Run Baptist Church. Anyone care to join me? 😀
Am having sunset mix with white oak n coke lol it taste gd ooo yuh :)
Just want to say to all my White Oak Church family, you did a great job tonight! Love you all very much!! :-)
White Oak Church of God play and drama members were amazing. So happy I was able to attend. Thanks and keep up the awesome work. It was wonderful seeing and visiting even though it was a quick one. Wish I could have seen more loved ones, maybe next visit. Pamela Perkins Leach Michelle England Chrystal Marlow Overton Joeboy Marlow Journee Leach Kelsey Marie Overton Shirley Henderson Dewayne Doodle Henderson
Sea food in white oak. Let's check it out
My friend Amy Bailey & I were playing a game while on the road to White Oak over Spring break--this is it: See how many festivals you can think of in SC, and name the town that has them. I could name Atomic City Festival (New Ellenton), Peach Festival (Gilbert), Okra Strut (Irmo), Strawberry Festival (Aiken), Peanut Festival (in Pelion, the Peanut Capital of the World), and I think Amy came up with some of those plus the Watermelon Festival (Hampton), and the Chitlin Strut (Salley thx Anthony Fulmer). I will add two new ones, the Festival of Flowers (just saw the ad for that in Greenwood--which precipitated a round of ANOTHER FESTIVAL!!! LET ME POST SOMETHING ON FB! lol. such a loser) AND the Azalea Festival (Summerville). Did I miss any?
I lost my Dad October 2012! I miss him very much and related to this post. It is funny I saw this today and I was out tending the white oak that we planted in our yard in memory of him. Miss my Mom too— lost her one year and a day after my Dad!
We're back...did you miss us? 25 miles +/- hiking in the Great Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park, over several days. Middle Prong, Little River Trail (in the rain and snow, what fun!), White Oak Sinks, Alum Cave, Porter's Creek. A lovely little cabin in Laurel Valley, Townsend. And an excellent divider it was: 14 1/2 years at Guy Gray Supply is finished as of the 11th of April, and I start Monday the 21st at Cape Electric in Lone Oak. Life is good. And (surprise!) I took a lot of pictures, and will post a few over the coming days.
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I'm must say my vist this time was great,I saw my neo K.j,And my niece Amberia,...they made my day...and I got to see my White Oak lane family,Big Gene,Terrell,and Ant Man.i enjoyed my self.
Bonfire in white oak.anyone interested, message me for details.
Come join us on Resurrection Sunday at White Oak Grove 2261 Big Daddy's Road, Pikeville, NC. All are invited to come. I will love to see your face in the place. Its also our youth day service. Please bring your young people. Service starts at 11am.
Got my *** kicked today at White Oak, and Enterprise south. Avery Avery Glass kicked it up the hills and Shane Shane Silvers kicked it back down the hills. Big thanks to Pinhoti Yeti for keeping all of us headed in the right direction today at white oak! We'd have been lost as last years Easter eggs without him!
Just took his 12yr old son on a 2.75 mile run. He didnt even break a sweat. I on the other hand look like I jumped in white oak pool. Wth!
As a reminder, Steve Sledge, Marian Carter Bevins, and I will be hosting a get together at the Buffalo Wild Wings at White Oak Shopping Center in Garner next Saturday, April 26, from 4-6PM. We have the outside dinning area (under awning) reserved for drinks and, if you wish, to order for supper. You're also welcome to come back to my house, I live about 1.5 miles from BWW, to eat or to just hang put. I'll have beer and a couple of bottles of wine chilling on the deck! Please let us know if you plan to attend! Happy Easter!
Anyone want some free firewood? I got a ton of red, and white oak flooring cuts that are great for fireplace or firepits. Raw unfinished flooring cuts. No chemicals. Burns hot and hardly any ash. If ya want some bring some totes. And no I dont deliver unless your gonna oah me. The stuff is free tho.
So...I didn't get to tell you all about my Olive Garden experience at White Oak yesterday. Let's just say that I wrote a survey that will make them think twice about providing sub-standard customer service to someone like LRW. I. DON'T. PLAY. THAT. My money ain't funny and neither is a wrong order, you feel me? -- LRW/NCPCEO
Great day with our family at white oak celebrating EASTER good food and egg hunt for all the little ones
Here is one for everybody, who remembers the Washteria (spelling )on Churchill Rd and there was a Mobile Home park behind it. was just north of White Oak Ln. and south of Black Oak Ln.
Took Ethan to the Egg hunt this morning in White Oak..he is so excited for Easter this year. he only found 2 blue he was sad he only found 2 and other kids had more... then he saw another little guy crying because he missed his turn and didn't have Ethan walked over and dropped one of his into the boys bucket so he had 1 too. He really is a good kid.
A female downy woodpecker clings to a white oak tree on a drizzly day in Blythewood, SC.
For sale: white oak mates bed (single) in descent shape (can throw in old mattress if wanted) asking $100 obo
Sally Bell Pegram- My great-great-grandmother. Lived in White Oak and worked at Cone Mills from age 13 to 76.
What's going on? White Oak wrestler Ramos wins 174-pound championship at Brute Nationals - Jacksonville Daily News
A pre-Easter shout out to some special places of worship. White Oak UMC, First-Centenary UMC, Trinity UMC, Buckner Memorial UMC, Tellico Plains UMC and Signal Mountain Baptist.
Jaspers birthday party is at White Oak . There are balloons tied where you need to turn once you are in the park. I am looking forward to seeing everybody that shows up! And just because you're not tagged does not mean you're not welcome to come! Lots of porkburgers and chips!
Jackson ate good this morning and is looking a lot more "alive". Yay!! Ty white oak vets!
White Oak was on fire last night with an awesome rendition of 'Calvary' by the Revels UM Church Praise Team of Greenwood, MS.
Great news! Just heard from my sister a few minutes ago. Daddy is being discharged from the hospital and being sent back to White Oak for his therapy. Please continuing your prayers that Daddy is able to make progress and return home soon.
Had an amazing evening with my kinsmen. Hail the Aett of White Oak! Truly I am blessed with knowing and claiming such good folk.
We will be having sunrise service at White Oak on Easter morning at 7:00 am... Bro. Josh Kidd will be bringing the message! I hope to see everyone there :)
Hey Everyone, A up date on my mother. She out of the hospital in White Oak in Kings Mountain for rehab. She have to be there for 20 days and hope she'll be home after that. I would like to say thank you to all of your thoughts and prays. And Thanks again to all of my family, friends and my co-workers. Take care.
To all of my friends, family and people who have been with me through my mom's surgery/recovery. Things are a little better tonight. It does appear, though, that her rehab is going to be have to be done in a nursing facility. I am hoping she can be at White Oak in Kings Mountain or Cleveland Pines in Shelby. To my nursing friends.advice??
Dogs will be at Petsmart, White Oak in Garner, tomorrow between 10:00am and 1:30pm! PLUS, the cats are back! Thanks again to Jennifer Nourie, Christina and Samantha for all your help in making it happen!
I just ate at The Pier in White Oak for the first was AWESOME,the shrimp was off the chain,
White Oak Sinks, April 18, beautiful day and hike. Fields of phlox, shooting stars and falls plus many more wildflowers and lots of people!
MaryKate Helms seemingly takes the pitch as the goalkeeper for White Oak High School’s perennial state championship girls’ soccer team without a scene.
Well Heaven for Real is SOLD OUT!!! 715p showing @ White Oak! I don't know whether to be happy or sad!😝😝😝
Tonight is Bastone Brewery's BIGGEST Mug Club party of the year, celebrating 10 Years on Main & 5th! Starting at 5PM today, Bastone Mug Club members will be treated to four unique offerings by Bastone Brewmaster Rockne Van Meter: Pink Peppercorn Sage Saison Lemongrass Thai Chili Saison Raspberry Rosemary Saison and White Oak - Riesling Saison Enjoy free hors d'ouvres and music by the Blue Water Kings, too! Craft Bar Monk Beer Bar Vinotecca
Body pulled from Cape Fear River on Sunday. ID'd as Joey Glen Voncannon of White Oak. Story at
Join us for one of our Easter services this weekend. Murrysville 10 AM. White Oak 10 AM. North Braddock 11 AM
whats up fb, gotta do a lil bragging, this has a been a victorius week for me and my nieces in track and field. I must say that these Ladies are pure atheletes, 1st started tuesday i traveled to Union Grove for 17AA Jr. :high district meet from Tatum my niece 7th grader Lasabri won the the shotput 32'8, got 2nd in discus, then ran 100m hurdles got 3rd, 300mhurdle got 4th and anchored the district champ mile relay, Wednesday I traveled to White Oak to the 17AA High School from Tatum 9th grader LeAndrea Allison took 1st in Discus and 4th in shotput area bound in both, then Thursday stopped in Carthage to watch my other niece Deandra Traylor baby i was almost in tears because my baby is a 9th grader on varsity she mopped them girls in the 400m dash and ran on the winning mile relay last leg, i wish my mother could have seen her grands show out the way i use to, Expecting great things from my district title holders, one proud Uncle I can stick my chest out.
Join the Chamber for a Ribbon Cutting TODAY at 10 a.m. for Butler County EMA!!! The Ribbon Cutting will take place at White Oak Tower at 1301 White Oak, between Marble Hill Rd. and 14th Street, This Ribbon Cutting is to celebrate the New Location of the EMA Repeater Radio Station!!! This accomplishment is the result of a collaboration of Butler County EMA, Poplar Bluff Municipal Utilities, Butler County Commissioners, Poplar Bluff Severe Weather Response Team, Poplar Bluff Severe Weather Service Team, Poplar Bluff City Council and Southeast Missouri Amateur Radio Association.
We would like to thank Joseph & Crystal Mann, the first to buy hot dogs. Caremore Assisted Living , White Oak & ALL of those who came out to support our Junior Firefighters. Also special thanks to the Backwater Band. Thanks for your support, your awesome!
I'm sorry Amber, but it helped my team win field day at White Oak. Got 5000 point for stealin those panties
Does anyone know of another way to get to Shady side without going through Forest Hills from White Oak?
Today, I filed to be a candidate for elective office. I am running to become a member of the Montgomery County, Maryland Central Committee. This is the "governing" body for the Democratic Party in this county on the North side of the District of Columbia. But, in reality, it only has one official function -- to replace Democrats who vacate elective office from this county. It tries to be a force for electing Democrats, but, too often, campaigns and candidates work around it. I'm hoping that I can push it to become a support group for our elected officials, asking their advice and their wishes about what we would do. District 20 is in the South-East corner of the county -- Takoma Park and part of Silver Spring and White Oak. If that's where you live, I want your vote in the Democratic Primary election in April.
The guy from the Longview paper called and wanted to interview me since I am running for Mayor of White Oak. I sent him this info in an email.guess he will put it in the paper tomorrow? Education Background – Graduated White Oak in 1980 / lettered in Football / Band / Baseball and participated in Debate / Fellowship of Christian Athletes / Spanish Club / Drama / attended Louisiana Tech on a band scholarship for 1.5 years / transferred to the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a B.B.A. in International Business in 1984 / elected Senator of the College of Business for the Student’s Association as a senior / attended South Texas College of Law in Houston for 4 years [did not graduate]. Work Background – Deputy District Clerk of Harris County – Court Clerk for the 151st District Court [the “Pennzoil vs. Texaco” court] 1985 / and then Senior Legal Assistant and/or Office Manager for the past 29 years for various law firms / the past 5 years with Tefteller Law, PLLC in Gilmer working . ...
Open house Monday in White Oak on the SR 2031/Lincoln Way improvement project beginning at 6 PM..
Thank you one and all for another Great Atenveldt War! Estrella XXX was the best! As Bard of the Sun, I can tell you there was LOTS of music, and there were LOTS of performances! Special thanks to my Saturday Grand Court Project team, Ryan Smith, Jonathan Hopf Laura Hopf Nevin Phull Christopher Lyon The Whiskey Bards (Tonis, Yon, Cos, Simon), Viscount Stefan (Steve Smith), Patrick Butcher Joany Lee Jeanette Fiori-Clemente Lord Guy, and all of you who showed up at War to play and sing with us! Thank you to Laura Hopf and the Whiskey Bards for being a "fire and forget" bardic torpedo for Royal Feast! Thank you to Order of the White Oak member Lord Ryan for a great youth Bardic competition Sunday! What a great idea! Thank you to Master Yonatan for a great opportunity to play and sing at Sunday's concert! Masterful performances by THL Michael Sinestre, Moivar Vinurlin, The Whiskey Bards, Countess Ilora (O, Ilora!), Kelli Daher, and others. And to all those who listened to us around the fires, I say.. ...
Does anyone know if citizens Bank in White Oak is open??The phone is messed up there and I'm needing to go to the bank
White Oak hub proposal is sent back again to Montgomery County planners
Just took the kids to see the new Lego movie at White Oak shopping center.. Im going to have people that disagree Im sure, but that movie SUCKED! There was only one or two moments in the whole thing that I actually chuckled at, the rest of it was drawn out and boring. Even the kids were falling asleep halfway through, two very big thumbs down.. Im still confused why it is winning at the box office, that tells me everything else must suck even worse
Markvue Manor Women's Club annual spring fashion show will be Sunday April 6th at Banquets Unlimited. Fashions will be provided by Phyllis' of White Oak. $25 ticket includes wonderful luncheon of Chicken parm, roast beef etc. Lots of beautiful Chinese auction baskets!...
Wow I can walk from Langley Park to White Oak.. Can't say I'm lazy :/
Back up and running again..feeling so much better..still taking it easy tho. Had a pleasure of doing a photo shoot for Ashley Stewart @ White Oak yesterday! Photos will be up soon. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
Daniel Buschle is currently wanted on several theft cases. Buschle stole a purse from a vehicle at St. James church on Christmas day. Buschle was issued a high bond but was released from the Justice Center. Daniel Buschle frequents northern portions of Green Township including the White Oak shopping Center and southern parts of Colerain Township including Heid's Lanes. Buschle has tattoos on his neck and hands. Anyone with information on Daniel Buschle's whereabouts please contact Green Township Police Department or Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Crime Stoppers.
We need to consider this on White Oak!! 90.00 bucks per hour Georgia forestry commission provides this service. We just need to get on their schedule.
got a letter today saying my diabetes doctor was leaving in a few week for "other career pursuits". Just when I finally found a great doctor too. The GSMC clinic in White Oak and the Gladewater clinic are merging. Anyone know anything about Dr. Paul Kyser or Scott Hunter? It said I could see them. Until I make a decision I will be seeing a nurse practitioner for my treatment. Bites!
Oak Wine Barrels. Okay, the wood they use for those barrels is White Oak, and it comes from the Ozarks. There is a big cooperage right across the border from me that supplies 90% of the wine and whiskey barrels supplied worldwide. I'm in the Little Ozarks of Kansas, it's about 30 miles to the Missouri border. This area is pretty much all white oak forest and little rolling hills. I live just north of the Walnut Ridge state forest, which is what Walnut Grove was named after in Little House on the Prairie, with Laura Ingals. Yes, I do really love this area, and honestly never want to leave it. There is so much wild west history right in this location it's incredible. The thing that really made me want to stay here is when I was plowing my garden and I plowed up a civil war musket. I gave the musket to my brother Jim as a birthday present several years ago. Only god knows the story that musket has behind it, it could have belonged to a wild plains Indian.
Signing day photos from Gilmer, Mount Pleasant, Marshall, White Oak, Palestine, Pine Tree, and more:
Anyone know a safe route to bike to White Oak? Going down New Hampshire or 29 feels like riding on a highway
Gladys M. Goforth WHITE OAK - Mrs. Gladys McClure Goforth passed away on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, after a brief illness. She was born in Waycross, Ga. to Charles Thames and Pearl Culbreth McClure. She moved with her family, including six brothers and two sisters, from Waycross to White Oak, North Carolina. She graduated from White Oak High School. In 1942, she married June Haywood Goforth, then a U.S. Marine. They moved to Fayetteville where together they raised their two children and enjoyed a loving and happy marriage until his death in 1991. While raising her family, she was active in school, church and community service. She worked and retired from both J.C. Penney Co. and Belk Hensdale as a sales associate and fashion model in the Belk fashion shows. She was a member of the Eastern Star and the White Shrine of Jerusalem, holding various offices and joining in their service to community as well. In 1998, she was presented with the Miriam Award by the White Shrine for her service over the years. During h ...
Acc outer loop b4 355 along left side Delays from College Park Sb95 still slows onto 495 Sb29 backed up from White Oak
This is from one of Timmers nurses when he was in the NICU. I know a lot of my neighbors frequent the White Oak shopping area as do people in Highland Springs...please be on the lookout!
Remembering a few places that had large Oak Trees in the center of the road. Seems I recall; 1 that was on Lassen St west of Topanga, 2 south of Ventura Blvd in Encino, 1 in Woodland Hills and a few on White Oak in Northridge. Anyone else remember these? Any other details and/or history of these? This Image is of one that was in Pasadena!
Are you ready for tonight? White Oaks will be open until 5pm today. Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year's Eve!
great white oak. But I suddenly found myself estranged from the rest, an outcast amongst my own family. I had fleeting dreams all my life >
White Oak has sparked development in eastern
They had weaknesses, the sun burned their skin as did the flowers that grew at the base of the white oak. The one thing now that could >
I am breathing and sweating white oak.. Jude like flare
The Starbucks in Stone Oak is always so packed because white people 😂😂
12 Seater long grained Tenon table with Lategan chairs for Wilderness beach house. White Oak with White Leather.
White Oak and Laburnum Ave. development "well-deserved and much-needed" for eastern
But is that jaunt at white oak this year or Blake ?
jealous 😒 I almost hit a judge this year at Havelock, one the sophomore year at Greene central, and freshman year at white oak
Wonda is dey gone do it big n white oak
“Metro bus driver pinned against wall by bus at White Oak Shopping Center in Silver Spring has died.”
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