White House & Washington Monument

The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. The Washington Monument is an obelisk near the west end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., built to commemorate the first U.S. 5.0/5

White House Washington Monument Lincoln Memorial Jefferson Memorial Space Museum National Mall Korean War Memorial National Archives United States American History Arlington Cemetery Natural History Museum Natural History Arlington National Cemetery Union Station

3 tornadoes confirmed. LOOK how close this tornado was to White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln…
leaves Washington Monument, en route to White House.
The Capitol, White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial could all be a + axis, except for lousy ground stability on the Mall
I saw the Holocaust Museum, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, and the Korean, WWII, and Vietnam memorials today.👌🏻
Drone operator tells AP he was just taking pictures of Washington Monument before crashing near White House.
What an amazing run this morning -- past the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Mem…
So the Washington Monument just took out the White House. Your move Roland Emmerich.
Destroyed the White House with the Washington Monument. Take that, Roland Emmerich!
ALMOST dropped the monument on the White House @ Washington D.C, National Mall
Whirlwind tour of DC (where the architecture is incredible) and a quick visit to Baltimore (which is always interesting) - some spots were repeats, some spots were new: Lincoln Memorial (still love this one), Washington Monument, DC WWI Memorial, WWII Memorial (love this design and got to see a lot of visiting WWII vets), Vietnam Veterans Memorial (interesting flat design with names), Reflecting Pool, Korean War Veterans Memorial (very interesting design), Navy Memorial, Capital, White House (where a commercial was being filmed in the front), Justice Department (amazing structure), Federal Reserve (impressive columns), The Archives (pretty as ever), The Ellipse (more security than before), Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (massive standing monument that was impressive), DAR Headquarters, Fowler Shakespeare Library, Red Cross HQ Building, Einstein Monument (new stop for us), Constitution Gardens (lovely shapes), Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum (including the observation tower stop where you could watch land ...
difference between the White House and the Washington Monument.” –Admiral Thomas Moorer,, former Chief of Naval Operations
Remember. A few years ago Travis, Pam, Barry, Shanna, Sarah, and I rode our motorcycles to Washington, D.C.. We did all the touristy things like go to the top of the Washington Monument, walk through the miles of the Smithsonian, and stand in front of the White House and Congress. But the things I remember the most are Arlington Cemetery, the Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the quiet peacefulness of the place, and the Vietnam Memorial Wall. There were the graves of men and women who loved the United States enough to die for Her. There were names of boys and girls, men and women etched on tombstones and a Black Wall. People who honored the flag, loved freedom, and fought for their homeland. They were from small towns, big cities, farms, factories; county people, mountain men, prairie women, Americans. Yes, more than any other site in our Nation's Capitol I will remember a Cemetery and Black wall and names, some of people we knew personally, all we knew as Brothers and Sisters in ...
1969 - The Turtles and the Temptations played the White House upon the request of Tricia Nixon. Mark Volman fell off the stage 5 times. 1975 - Stevie Wonder and his band Wonderlove played for 125,000 people at the Washington Monument as part of Human Kindness Day.
Loved watching Christina and the other Auburn alumnae win their softball game. We enjoyed being under the Washington Monument right across from the White House. Perfect weather and great people. War Eagle.
The US Capitol, the White House, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Washington Monument. Just to name a few sights we will be running past on Sunday! Getting super pumped 😃 Catherine Stamps
WE THE PEOPLE AGENDA FRIDAY, April 4: Leave Indy at 12:45 pm and arrive in Washington, D.C. at 2:22 pm. Spend the afternoon touring the National Archives & viewing the Washington Monument. Dinner. Visit the Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial & Vietnam Memorial. SATURDAY, April 5: Breakfast, then off to George Mason University to compete. Lunch. Picture stop at the White House, tour the Smithsonian Complex, Air & Space Museum, Natural History Museum, and American History Museum. Dinner. Wreath laying at the WWII Memorial. SUNDAY, April 6: Breakfast, study time, lunch. Head to George Mason University to compete. Tour the Arlington National Cemetery, Iwo Jima Marine Memorial, September 11th Pentagon Memorial. Dinner, then off to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial & Jefferson Memorial. MONDAY, April 7: Breakfast. George Mason University for more hearings. Lunch, then group photo. Visit the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, meet Congressman Todd Young for a photo on the step ...
Architect Robert Mills [1781-1855] Architect Robert Mills, known for designing the Washington Monument, is sometimes called the first native born American to be professionally trained as an architect. Mills studied in Charleston, South Carolina as a student of Irish architect James Hoban—who later designed the White House, which became the official home of US presidents. Both Hoban and Mills were Freemasons. Mills born on August 12, 1781 Charleston, South Carolina and died in March 3, 1855 Washington D.C. at the age of 73 years old. In Washington D.C., Mills also designed: - The Department of Treasury Building, - The east of the Executive Mansion (White House) - The U.S. Patent Office Building, - The old General Post Office.
Looking out over the Mall from the Blue Room at the White House. The Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial a...
When you land at DCA you see the Washington Monument, the Capitol, the Jefferson Memorial and if you know where to look the White House. But when you land at Dulles you can see Wegmans!
The Cult of the Uniform By Laurence M. Vance December 26, 2013 "Information Clearing House - There are a number of distinctly American symbols that evoke feelings of pride, nationalism, and patriotism. There is the Constitution. There are monuments like Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial. There are structures like the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell. There are buildings like the White House and the Capitol. There are also things that there are many of: American flags, bald eagles, dollar bills, and images of Uncle Sam and the Great Seal of the United States. In the last ten or so years, these symbols have all been superceded by one image that is so powerful and so overwhelming that it drives some Americans to tears and causes others to act in the most nonsensical and irrational of ways. I am referring to a military uniform. Not just any military uniform, of course, but one of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. And especially a ...
Ronald Reagan and the Pope!! FOR ALL YOU REAGAN LOVERS AND FAITHFUL - Ronald Reagan lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda on June 10, 2004. " And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was ONCE offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation" (Hebrews 9:27-28). The ACTING President and the ACTING Pope!! Ronald Reagan was sworn in on Jan 20, 1981 on the West Wing of the Capitol Building. All previous Presidents took their oath of office on the East side of the building. The central object in the Vatican is the Egyptian obelisk. This one actually came for the Temple of Isis in Egypt. The Pope faces this phallic symbol when he address the multitudes below. Reagan faced the Washington Monument during his swearing in ceremony from the West Wing of the White House. The obelisk is a well know symbol of ancient Egypt. The Washington Monument or obelisk is on the West side of the Capitol. Reagan .. ...
Jogged past the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, the White House, and saw fireworks. Ya I had a good run
Looking at Washington Monument, White House, and MLK from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. DC Friday adventures!
Amazing photo of the Washington Monument from Pete Souza, White House photog.
I can see the Capitol, Pentagon, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, White House, and National Cathedral.
Today in DC with the fam! Saw the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House!…
Finished off a big sight-seeing day! Went by the White House, but because of security issues you can't get too close anymore. Went to the National Archives and saw the original Declaration of Independance and Constitution, although you can't photograph them. Very awesome though! The Capital building is awesome; the platform at the top of the steps in the picture is where the incoming President gives the inauguration address on Jan. 20 at noon every four years. Finally, saw the Washington Monument...under repair because of earthquake damage sustained in 2011. Pretty busy day for an old man! Tomorrow.Baltimore!
★4TH OF JULY LADDER PINNED TO TOP★ Fun Facts-50 The number of U.S. flags that are flown 24 hours a day at the Washington Monument in Washington DC. Other places where American flags are flown continuously include Fort Mchenry in Baltimore, Maryland; the United States Marine Corp Memorial (Iwo Jima) in Arlington, Virginia; on the Battle Green in Lexington, Massachusetts; and over the White House in our nation's capitol.
It was not far out of the way, so I thought a quick tour of DC would be awesome for Jarrett Mitchell!! We got off the subway and walked to the White House.then WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial then down the mall (Smithsonian) to the Capitol. So we actually saw ALL the "important" stuff in 3 hours. Notice the armed guard at the Capitol and he was NOT on the roof. The frame around the Washington Monument is quite cool. The only drawback was it is all fenced off in preparation for the 4th! (And I am thrilled that I was able to walk straight for 3 hours though I am in a hotel in Virginia very sore...could not have made a hundred feet before surgery!!)
Watched a wee bit of Gerard Butler's new flick 'Olympus has Fallen' and had to stop watching. Gerard needs to vet his scripts a bit better. If ever there was a film to raise hatred and fear against North Korea, this is it. I got as far as Gerard fighting through the Korean terrorists on the White House lawn, while Korean suicide bombers ran amok and Korean suicide pilots took out tiny targets on the ground eventually crashing through the Washington Monument causing it to collapse twin-tower style on the pedestrians bellow. The symbolism was not subtle and the script and action was worthy of a b-rated Jason Stratham film. Strathams new film "Redemption," by contrast is a compelling critique of modern Britain and the brutality of war. Stratham plays an alcoholic homeless soldier on the streets of London who through fate finds a chance of salvation. Hope to see more of this from Stratham and Gerard needs to have a wee think...
Saw from trolley or visited: Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery, National Museum of American History, National Museum of Natural History, Newseum, Spy Museum, Ford's Theater, White House, Old Executive Office Building, National Archives, US Navy Memorial, Union Station, Smithsonian Postal Museum, U.S. Capital, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, World War II Memorial oh and Smithsonian Castle along with others I'm sure! No wonder we are pooped out! The ones we only got to see today that we want to visit, we will try to cram in tomorrow! Chilling tonight in the hotel!!
In 1996 I traveled as a chaperone with my granddaughter Courtney's fourth grade class to Washington DC. We visited the White House, which was pre- September 11th and we were able to tour the White House and the Capital. We also visited Ford's theater, the National Archives, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Mall, and the Washington Monument. One of my favorite stops and most meaningful was Arlington National Cemetery. The story of Arlington and it's origins go back to the Civil War. Arlington was the home of Robert E. Lee at the beginning of the war and was confiscated by the Federal Government for back taxes. General Montgomery Meig's hated Lee because his son was killed fighting the Confederates and he was tasked to begin a National Cemetery. Meigs began burying soldiers in Mrs. Lee's flower garden and as close to the house as he could in order to ensure that the Lee's could never live at Arlington again. Many famous Americans are buried there. Some of the most famous are Pre ...
Capitol Building, White House, Smithsonian, Saudi Embassy, and the Washington Monument all in one day. My feet are toast.
Went to the White House, Washington Monument, Capitol Hill, three Smithsonians, and Georgetown all in one day and all by foot.
One hundred years to the day after the suffrage march, more than 10,000 (some say 15,000) members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc marched from the Capitol past the White House to the Washington Monument. In contrast to the 1913 march, we had amazing police support, the participation of several Past National Presidents including our oldest, Dr. Frankie Freeman, who served on the Civil Rights Commission in 1957, also Congresswoman and Past National President Marcia Fudge. Glad to have greetings from Sigma Gamma Rho and Zeta Phi Beta, missed our other sisters (invited) including our white sisters, four of whom spoke, but few chose to march with us.
February 22, 1630…Members of Plimouth Colony held a feast, to which they invited Chief Massasoit and a number of his Wampanoag tribesmen. The chief's brother, Quadequine, introduced English colonists to popcorn.1819…A treaty was signed wherein Spain ceded Florida to the United States, but ratification was postponed for two years. Spain received no compensation, but the U.S. agreed to assume liability for $5 million in damage done by American citizens who had rebelled against Spain.1879…Frank W. Woolworth opened his first 5 and 10-cent store in Utica, New York.1885…In Washington, DC, the Washington Monument was officially dedicated. It opened to the public in 1889.1924…Calvin Coolidge became the first U.S. president to make a radio address from the White House.1956…Elvis Presley entered the pop music charts for the first time. "Heartbreak Hotel" began its climb to the spot, reaching the top on April 11, 1956, where it remained for eight weeks.1957…Famed American dance instructor Arthur Murray ...
Back from a whirlwind three days: tours of White House and Capitol, Library of Congress, National Archives, Arlington National Cemetery and Changing of the Guard, Peterson House, Lee's Mansion, Kennedy gravesite, a few Smithsonian's, Lincoln Memorial,Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Korean and Vietnam War Memorials, countless statues, Fingerprinting at the Crime and Punishment Museum, Navy Memorial, and many other landmarks along the Lincoln Heritage Trail. Need a vacation to recover from my vacation, lol! Wait, good thing I have one.
African-American/Black History Month Fact of the Day...The March on Washington began with a rally at the Washington Monument featuring several celebrities and musicians. Participants then marched the mile-long National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial. The 3-hour-long program at the Lincoln Memorial included speeches from prominent civil rights and religious leaders. The day ended with a meeting between the march leaders and President John F. Kennedy at the White House.
Thousands rally in D.C. against Keystone Pipeline Richard Clement / Reuters Demonstrators march past the White House during a rally against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington, February 17, 2013. REUTERS/Richard Clement Follow Andrew Rafferty, Staff Writer, NBC News Thousands of protesters took to the National Mall on Sunday for a climate rally that organizers touted as the largest of its kind in U.S. history. The group’s top priority was to urge President Barack Obama to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would carry oil sands from Canada through the United States. “When you are in a hole stop digging. Above all, stop the keystone pipeline. The president can do that with the stroke of his pen,” said Bill Mckibben, founder of the environmental activist group 350.org. Although the crowd count could not be independently confirmed, organizers estimated nearly 40,000 people from across the country descended on the nation’s capital to gather near the Washington Monument and then march to ...
Brilliant way to start last day in Washington...a good 10km run taking in the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, Arlington & Capitol Hill! Now, time to make tracks & head for Toronto...
Feeling Patriotic About President’s Day By Shaunti This past summer, something amazing happened when our extended family traveled to my old stomping grounds in Washington, D.C., to take a tourist tour of the White House. I used to work on Capitol Hill, and had friends who worked in the White House, so I had been there several times. But I was thrilled to have a chance to introduce the kids to a place that holds such special meaning in our country. But nothing could have prepared me for the moment when a tour guide stopped about 30 of us who just happened to be there at just the right time, and beckoned us outside. It turned out, the President was about to leave on Marine One, the presidential helicopter. If we wanted to, we were invited to head out to the back lawn and watch. If we wanted?? Are you kidding? Every person in that room had different political viewpoints, but as we walked out onto the awe-inspiring sweep of the back lawn, the white marble of that beautiful old building rising ab ...
After a whirlwind day of sightseeing in D.C., we are getting ready to board the bus for the trip back. Should be in Detroit by 7:30 am for breakfast and mass with the seminarians. Would've been neat to have had a pedometer on today. Walked to mass and back this morning, then from the hotel to Union Station to the Capitol. Then all the way down the National Mall with stops at the Museum of Natural History, American History Museum, past the Washington Monument, to the Lincoln Memorial. Then to the Vietnam Memorial and the White House. Dinner in Chinatown. Walked past the Verizon Center. The Bulls are in town so it was busy. A little shopping on F Street and back to the hotel. Should sleep good on the bus.
The end of an exciting inauguration weekend. I spent Sunday afternoon walking around the Mall, while there was still room to roam and soak in the atmosphere, from the Capitol steps to the Lincoln Memorial. Monday, we decided at the last minute to go back to the Mall for the swearing-in ceremony. We watched from the base of the Washington Monument, where a faulty big-screen gave us only partial audio and video, but we still got the big picture. Then we had a wonderful lunch a block from the White House and caught a couple of glimpses of the parade, went home and took a nap. A historic weekend, and glad to be just a part of it!
Utuqqagmiut, or "People of the Utukok River," reside in the small Inupiat community of Wainwright on the northern coast of Alaska After the swearing-in ceremonies at the US Capitol, the Presidential Inaugural Parade will make its way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House where President Obama, his family and invited guests will review the parade. For more than two hundred years, in times of war and peace, uncertainty and prosperity; presidents, their families, and citizens from all walks of life have marked Inauguration Day by marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, united at each and every moment in common purpose and bold determination to shape our future together. It's the route charted by Thomas Jefferson in the first Inaugural Parade more than two centuries ago; the route bookended by the unfinished dome of the Capitol and the still-rising Washington Monument as Abraham Lincoln took office; the route millions of Americans watched John F. Kennedy travel in the new-fallen snow after he asked them to t ...
Wow! Manchester at 6 a.m. and touring D.C. by 9:30...and on foot no less. We saw Supreme Judicial Court, Library of Congress, Toured the Capital Bldg., Botanical Gardens and the Air and Space Museum. Tomorrow it's Ford's Theatre, White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln's Memorial and the Wax Museum. Having a blast already!!
On our way to a rehearsal in Virginia. We've driven by White House, Washington Monument, Capitol Bldg, Jefferson Memorial, and the Pentagon.
Woke up in DC. White House, Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Washington Monument, back to the truck and on our way again.
OTDIH, 1965: Approx 35,000 anti-Viet Nam protesters encircle the White House and then proceed to the Washington Monument.
Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) is the United States of America’s (U.S.) most hallowed ground. It is located in Arlington, Virginia, overlooking the picturesque Potomac River, the The Pentagon, the White House, the Washington Monument, and the U.S. Capitol.
Busy day! Arlington, White House, Washington Monument, Capitol, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Roosevelt Memorial and a drive through Bull Run to see the Christmas Lights!
Today, I ate lunch on a pilllar, with Abraham Lincoln behind me, The Vietnam Wall in front of me, the Reflecting Pool, WWII Memorial, and Washington Monument to my right, and the beautiful Potomac to my left. Walked from there to the White House with Travis Lambert and our boss, then I split and let them hit the Smithsonian while I came home to relax for a bit.
This excerpt was written by a well known author of crime fiction: If I were a writer of crime and suspense novels — oh, wait, I am a writer of crime and suspense novels — the machinations behind the burgeoning sex scandal centering on former CIA Director David Petraeus would go something like this. A smooth-but-shifty White House operative takes Petraeus for an unbuggable walk-and-talk in the shadow of the Washington Monument. Speaking in the smarmily evasive language of all fictional blackmailers, the operative says something like this, “You're scheduled to testify before Congress about this unfortunate little affair at the Benghazi consulate a few days ago. The official line is that it was due to a spontaneous riot sparked by an irresponsible video. I believe you'll want to support that line about the affair before Congress lest the administration be forced to reveal your affair and congress with Ms. *** Goodhead or Paula Broadwell or whatever her absurdly salacious name is.” Long story short .. ...
I just realized that we have a bunch of famous monuments (White House, Capitol, Mount Rushmore, etc) with all sorts of room on them for corporate advertisements. Bam! Fiscal cliff averted. I mean, how cool would Abe Lincoln look wearing a pair of Nikes? And this is a family show, so I won't get into the obvious Washington Monument possibilities...
It's 5.30pm in DC and we have finally arrived at the hotel! Have passed the White House, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial already...
You can see the Monument, White House and Jefferson Memorial from here. (@ Washington Monument w/ 3 others) [pic]:
So far today, I've been by the Pentagon, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Bldg and the White House,.gotta say again how much I love my job! Oh! And the Memorial Bridge!! Beautiful!
Home sweet Home at last!! Had a wonderful weekend in Washington, DC! Bob took me to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of Natural History. We walked the National Mall where the Washington Monument and White House where as beautiful as ever. The weather could not have been any more perfect. And te highlight of the weekend. Castleton State College vs. Galludette University. It was homecoming for them so the university was hopping with activity. The game was a big win for the Spartans 28 - 20. Pictures coming shortly!!
What an adventure in DC yesterday... in a nutshell: saw museum of Natural History, American History, Holocaust Museum, Lincoln, Jefferson, WWII, Vietnam Veterans Memorials, saw the White House, Washington Monument, & the Capital building... Got stranded for a time when we missed our train outta DC, finally lucked out after several attempts to get back & scored free greyhound tickets back to Baltimore at 1am... I'd say it was an eventful day... Another awesome experience :)
Just returned from our trip to ride coasters for a couple of days, then off to D.C. for our first anniversary. The weather was perfect, we had a great time, and would like to go back again and see everything we didn't have time for. But we did get to see: White House, Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Jefferson Memorial, Space & Air Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of American History and a Sculpture Garden. Not bad for 4 days! It almost did me in - but fun nonetheless!!
Dropped Nancy off for a workshop in DC. For the first time since we moved Via Bella to Maryland in March, we were in the capital. After dropping Nancy off, I drove down to the mall to cross the Potomac in serve for a Falls Church Trader Joe's. Coming down 16th, the White House and the Washington Monument were right in front. Then the mall, the Lincoln Memorial, and Arlington. For all the criticism of "Washington," I must say that I get goosebumps when in the capital. As some of my friends know, I served at Camp David for two years while in the Air Force. It was the Nixon years right before the Watergate hearings began in the summer of 1973. During those two years, I developed the strongest respect for the Presidency even if I did not support the current president. And for all of Nixon's failings, he also should be credited with his successes. No President has got it all right and every President, at least in the modern era, has some incredible successes. Whether we are looking at Obama or Bush (both I and ...
Having a great time in Maryland with my family. Got to see the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. Also got to see the White House and go in the American Portrait Museum. Looking forward to the next couple days, but not the 6-7 straight shot plane ride home...UGGGHHH... My butt is still sore from the one here...
Have just returned to hotel after a days sight seeing. Rod said he wanted to go to the Smithsonian. Well that's fine, but the "Smithsonian" is 19 museums & galleries and one zoo! So we walked down past the White House, the Washington Monument down to the Castle (Smithionian's HQ). the Freer Gallery of Art & the Sackler Gallery, both specializing in Asian art, the Freer in Japanese wood cuts and scrolls. After lunch we visited the National Air & Space Museum, of course :-), after they kicked us out we made our way back here via subway, got on the wrong train (their signage could be better!), fixed that got to our transfer station & that was OK, then got to the station near the hotel and the exit we needed was closed! Actually asked directions and eventually made it. More sight seeing tomorrow.
55 weeks since my last trip to DC. This time I ran 7 miles from the Hilton past the White House, past the Ellipse, around the Washington Monument, down along the Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln Memorial, up 23rd to the State Department, past GWU returning to the Hilton. My pedometer is motivational.
Awesome to see David's Tent set up between the White House and the Washington Monument for 40 days of 24/7 worship of our King Jesus. May it bring our nation to it's knees to bring praise to our God!
Morning runs the past 2 days: past the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial. So,I think I deserved the cupcake for breakfast! So far, have had food from Ghana, Ethiopia, Spanish tapas. Life is great!
Twenty-five hours in DC: Hotel, shuttle, Metro, Fro-yo, Mexican food with Kathryn Elizabeth McDaniel's friend, Glen Hansard (best concert I've ever seen), Metro, taxi, hotel, sleep, wake up, check out, breakfast, Eastern Market, Thomas Jefferson's library, Library of Congress, DC Public Library (for a social visit), more fro-yo (seriously can't get enough of the stuff), Capitol Building, Washington Monument, White House. Done and done and heading home.
It's getting dark here on Capitol Hill and the trees are beginning to lash back and forth. Raining like crazy White House, you can barely see the Washington Monument or the Old Ex. Office Bldg. Still no real rain on the Hill but I think it will and just a few minutes. The wind his OOOps REAL RAIN JUST HIT! The wind is flying through my apt blowing papers all over.
Dear friends & family, Thank you so much for the wonderful BD wishes on my last BD with a 4 in front. My awesome wife made it special by arranging total surprise visit of One of two BFFs since cadet days, David Preston of CRU staff who loves in Williamsburg, VA. We went into DC, and we were joined later by rest of fam for great walk around Jefferson Memorial, Tidal Basin, Washington Monument, and White House. Finished off day back home with my favorite...haven't had it in 3 years...yes Karen Baker: Baskin Robbins PB & Chocolate Ice cream! Thanks again to all for encouraging notes. Steve
Visited the Newseum and the Museum of American History here in DC today. As we were walking to the Washington Monument, the unmerciless American rainstorm got us unawares. We missed the White House and the Lincoln Memorial as we opted to take a taxi back to the hotel. Tomorrow we shall be better prepared.
My morning run on the mall may have just made up for suffering the last 10 months in DC. As I left the Lincoln Memorial, the sun rose behind the Washington Monument before I passed the White House where I found myself thanking our President, for being a leader. It may be just a speech, but I'm not afraid to say that, for once, I feel more proud than I do cynical.
One nation under God? Which God are we referring to? The pagan goddess depicted on New York Harbor? Or the god "Horus" represented by the eye atop a pyramid like the one on the back of your dollar bill? How about the goddess evoked from the pagan obelisk called the Washington Monument? (obelisks were used in pagan fertility rites, namely to their goddess Ashtaroth who was said to descend and mate with the obvious phallic symbol, thus providing crops for the year.) Then of course, a quick look at the streets of DC on a map shows the White House itself at the bottom point of an inverted pentagram (No, I am not making this up, it is quite obvious.) So again I ask, which God is this nation under?
find total distance from Washington Monument to Smithsonian Institute, to U.S. Capitol, National Portrait Gallery, to White House back to Washington Monument. Find the distance between each and the total distance traveled.
Holy Smokes - What a day in Washington - We did more today than some people do in a lifetime. Arlington Cemetery (I wasn't aware that 17-21 Burials happen daily - Yes STILL! - Jefferson Memorial - Lincoln Memorial - Vietnam Memorial - Washington Monument - Capital Building - National Airport - Tresury Building - White House (outside only) World War II memorial - Hoover memorial - Martin Luther King Jr Memorial
Wow, what a day ... Woke up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, went horse riding, drove to DC, found parking (hard), walked to the Capitol, the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam, Korean and WW2 memorials, finally the Washington Monument, then drove to NYC, established that GPS does not work much in Manhattan, found the hotel anyway, unloaded, found a gas station (not easy on Manhattan), filled up, found AVIS, got rid of rental car, taxi back to hotel, Korean take-away, and now time for bed.
What a great trip to our Nation's capital. I have a renewed respect for what our Founding Fathers and all those Patriots afterwards right up to today have done to protect the freedoms we have today. We need to get back to the country we used to be. Ok, Off my podium. We did the following: Myrtle Beach go carts and laser tag, U.S. Capital tour and House Chamber, Air & Space Museum, Arlington Cemetery and the changing of the guard, Lincolm Mem., American and National History Museums, circled the White House, Exterior of the National Cathedral, Pentagon Mem., Embassy Row, Georgetown tour and a Potomac River cruise. Saw the Washington Monument (still closed since earth quake last Aug.) and Thomas Jefferson Mem. from a distance.
In Washington D.C:) hit the White House, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Capital building, and Washington Monument all in 2 hours:) that's record time!
It's really beautiful near Pennsylvania Avenue (where the White House is) and around where the Washington Monument was.
Description of a Washington DC hotel we were thinking of staying at for Labor Day weekend.Please read to the last sentence. Set within walking distance of major Washington, D.C. attractions, including the White House, this hotel blends the charm of the 1920s with many of today's modern amenities, including wireless internet. The Hamilton Crowne Plaza Washington DC is surrounded by top sites, including the Smithsonian Museums, the Washington Monument and DuPont Circle. The Washington, D.C. Convention Center and the Lincoln Memorial are also only moments away. The most recent booking for this property was made August 5 at 14:54 from Kuwait.
This is almost going for the cheap shot on Congress, but as you watch the London Olympics, with venues next to Buckingham Palace, alongside Whitehall and the Embankment, or going past Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square -- I have to admit, I don't believe we could pull this off as well in Washington, D.C. in Lafayette Park next to the White House, through Foggy Bottom past the State Department, and up and down the Mall between the Washington Monument & Capitol buildings. To be fair, there's a case to be made that the couple billion you have to spend (and the Brits have) to make that happen doesn't really end up doing enough lasting benefit to be worth it: but the folks in Great Britain sure are showing off their capital and the landmarks in fine style!
So, photos below but I have to laugh. The Reflecting Pool was drained, the Washington Monument was closed, half of the mall was ripped up, half of the American History museum was closed, the White House visitor center was closed. They must have known the Connollys were coming to DC. But, we did see some great things...loved the Lincoln Memorial, Ford's Theater and the Pederson house where Lincoln died; hey this is history people! The Holocaust and Spy Museums were amazing. One is fun and exciting, one not so much but still, so educational and eye-opening!
Well, home sweet home! It's crazy to think that I was looking at the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and WWII Memorial this morning and now I'm just chilling at my apartment watching Adventure Time with Steph! Awesome sauce.
This time tomorrow I will be standing outside the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, etc. Can't wait to finally get there!
Today was a super long day. We navigated the D.C. metro, went to the Capitol buidling, 3 Smithsonian Museums, and the Washington Monument. Time to rest so we can get back at it in the morning. Tomorrow's agenda includes the Holocaust Museum, the White House, and National Archives. I hope we can fit in a few more.
Yes, its late. We are learning alot here at Bernina University. For dinner tonight we walked about 3 blocks. After dinner we decided to walk to the White House (our map said only 10 mins, it was wrong) Then the Washington Monument was really kinda close, so Charlie and I decided to walk over, then we saw the WWII Memorial and in the background is the Lincoln Memorial and so, yes, we are crazy, and we walked over and then climbed all those steps. On the return trip we went through the Viet Nam Memorial but it was too dark for pictures. Found frozen yogurt on the way back. I am now laying down with my feet propped up on 3 pillows. It was a great walk and lots of fun.
Just got back to Children's Inn after a day of sightseeing in Washington DC. WOW! It's amazing to see how big all the buildings really are compared to seeing them on tv. We saw the White House, Washington Monument, Vietnam, Korean & WWII monuments, Lincoln Memorial. More to see tomorrow! Can't wait.
Well, today was a pretty ordinary day here in DC. Stopped by our Representative's office and had lunch at the Capitol building, hit the Library of Congress for a few, browsed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at the Archives, observed the Washington Monument, touched the White House lawn, saw some Segways get drenched by a sprinkler in front of the Lincoln Memorial, left the country for a minute or two (Canadian embassy ;)…the most unusual thing I saw today was filtered water. Honestly, you don't see that very often out here!!!
Fourth of July in DC: two hr parade down Constitution Ave., Lincoln Monument, Vietnam Wall, Natural History Museum, Washington Monument, and the White House. Now fireworks on the National Mall. The boys are enjoying their first trip to DC.
Todays Mission: See Barack on the South Lawn of the White House and watch fireworks over the Washington Monument. Nothing else matters.
Our tax money hardly working. Think how much we could do with 190 million/yr. Hundreds of millions of your tax payer dollars are being spent to hold onto vacant and unused buildings around the country. Exhibit A: A mammoth structure in Georgetown, right in the heart of the nation's capital. The rooftop view looks out over the Potomac River, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, even the Washington Monument. This is some of the most valuable real estate in Washington, D.C., and yet the building has sat mostly unused for more than a decade. There are an estimated 14,000 vacant or nearly vacant buildings owned by the Federal Government that cost taxpayers some $190 million a year to maintain, according to a White House spokesperson
Strange FACTS- Washington Monument is 555ft tall above ground and 111ft below = 666 ft. The streets directly in front of the White House make a pentagram. The argument that the one street doesn't connect to make a complete pentagram has been made to refute any conspiracy but in Black Magic the broken pentagram is known as the devils footprint and is used to conjure up demons. Washington DC sits between Maryland (MARY) and Virginia (VIRGIN) on the 33rd parallel. Could mean NOTHING or ???!! Google for yourself and make up your own mind.
Sightseeing! Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, get your picture taken outside the White House fence...
Got back from washington d.c. wednesday @ 7:15 & it was really fun I went 2 the Hard Rok Cafe, Joe Theisman, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, Madam Tussauds Wax Museum I got 2 meet a lot of other Girl Scouts & famous people I would luv 2 go again
Rebecca returned from her Girl Scout trip to Washington DC. The best part was the hotel, and she brought us coffee and shampoo to prove it (nothing can strip a hotel supply cart faster than a pack of ten-year-old girls). Biggest disappointment: the Lincoln Memorial. She is sad that Lincoln is wearing shoes, because she would like to see a President's feet. Also, the Washington Monument is really, really big; the White House is white; and they went to a museum with paintings.
The Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, Hoover Building, Library of Congress, Washington Monument, my future home: the White House, etc... :]
coolest thing today? well, that's tough! highlights would include getting Jr Ranger patches AND pins, seeing AMAZING DC sights (White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument), kids ooohing over fireflys...but I pick...seeing 2 distinctly different helicopters coming in low by the Washington Monument just after dusk. Then we followed with our eyes as one LANDED on The White House lawn (Truman balcony side, you can see it from the WM). I asked a police officer near by, but of course, all he could say was, "What do you think?" I think we saw the President and/or First Lady flying in!
So Clyde and I went to Arlington Cemetary on Thursday at the same time soldiers were placing flags on every grave in preparation for Memorial day...took my breath away! Went to downtown Washington yesterday and saw the Capital, White House, and Washington Monument. But the highlight had to be Archie Bunker's chair at the Smithsonian...see pictures!
So far this week I have been to the smithsonian, Arlington Cemetery, Union Station, Bell Tower, Washington Monument, Bureau of Engraving, rode the metro aka subway tons White House, US capitol- private tour) , met John Boozeman, Senate Building, tunnels under the capital. Walked 18 miles in 2 days. Now for the start of today.
We made it to Vienna, Virginia...just outside DC. The wedding was amazing and beautiful! We love you Kari, Christina, Shea and all the family! Cant wait to see all the cool stuff in DC; Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, White house, Washington Monument, and National Aquarium here we come!
Also, the Pentagon is surely the best defended building on the planet.90 It is not only within the P-56-A restricted air space that extends 17 miles in all directions from the Washington Monument, but also within P-56-B, the three-mile ultra-restricted zone above the White House, the Capitol, and the Pentagon. The Pentagon is only a few miles from Andrews Air Force Base, which has at least three squadrons with fighter jets on alert at all times. (The claim by The 9/11 Commission Report that no fighters were on alert the morning of 9/11 is wholly implausible, as I have explained in my critique of this report.91) The Pentagon, moreover, is reportedly protected by batteries of surface-to-air missiles, so if any aircraft without a US military transponder were to enter the Pentagon's airspace, it would be shot down.92 Even if the aircraft that hit the Pentagon had been Flight 77, therefore, it could have succeeded only because officials in the Pentagon turned off its missiles as well as ordering the fighters f ...
walked down Pennsylvania Ave... looked at the White House... now the Washington Monument ... amazing, never thought I'd be here!
had a great weekend, went to Baltimore Maryland with my daughter for her nomination as Breakout Author Of The Year (she didnt win the award but she is still a winner to us.) it was great to be nominated when it is your first published book. (Wealthy & Wicked... by ChrisRenee). we also went to DC saw the White House and the Washington Monument (have to see statue of MLK next time) im sooo tired that was a 17 hour drive. we had fun... shout out to my other daughters from another mother Tamarine and Ebony thanks for going with us.
Home from D.C. Took a nap, a shower, and unpacked. Lots of stuff to see in D.C. Washington Monument, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon, Changing of the Guard, Jefferson Memorial. FDR Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial, Arlington Cementary, Kennedys Gravesites, Air and Space Musuem at the Smithsoain.
Our house to the Capitol, Washington Monument, the Lincoln, quick stop in Foggy Bottom at Burger, Tap, and Shake, East on Penn, in front of the White House, back around the Capitol and home. Perfect bikeride date night with Dustin Hanks!!!
What a BEAUTIFUL city Washington D.C. is! I visited the White House, which I was able to tour lead by Erin's friend, JoAnna who is finishing her internship there, the Washington Monument, (not open to the public yet due to the earthquake) & Lincoln Memorial (where Colin Hanks, Tom's son was spotted, but not by me). Also saw the WWII Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and the new Martin Luther King Memorial! Then on to the FDR Memorial, & Jefferson Memorial. Unfortunately, the famed cherry blossoms were done blooming due to our early, mild spring...very disappointed! Also did not get to visit the Smithsonian, so I guess I'll just have to go back! Can't wait!
Saw the White House,Jefferson Memorial,Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial all in one amazing day!!! Coolest things ever!!!
The carriage heads south past the White House, then east along the National Mall towards the Washington Monument.
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Sightseeing all afternoon in D.C.feet and back are tired but it was great.Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial (my favorite), Natural History Museum (Syd's fav), Korean War mem., Vietnam mem., WWII mem., White House, and Union Station!! Day 2 tomorrow, yah!! Thank you for all the nice notes and likes! Have a great night!!
Ive seen the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Pentagon. Where tf is the white house???
In a surprise move, White House spokesman Jay Carney announced today that the President signed an Executive Order authorizing the United States Park Service to…
American History museum, White House, Washington Monument...now resting the "dogs" for the 10m tomorrow...and then bring on the adult beverages
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