White House & Secret Service

The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. A secret service describes a government agency, or the activities of a government agency, concerned with the gathering of intelligence data. 5.0/5

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White House intruder: Secret Service arrest man after he tries to jump fence
The person was arrested after trying to jump White House security barrier.
Secret Service arrests person who tried to jump White House barrier via
Secret Service arrests Dallas man in D.C. for threats of killing 'all white police' at White House
BREAKING NEWS: Man arrested near White House intending to ‘kill all white police’ - Secret Service
Secret Service makes arrest at White House after man wanted to kill 'all white police'
Secret Service arrest man near White House who wanted to kill 'all white police' via the A…
Man arrested for bomb threat at White House – US Secret Service
Have you no morals using this tragedy to distract chaos in White House. Also fact S…
Police: The man arrested near the White House had at least nine firearms, including assault-style weapons, in his...
Man arrested near White House had several firearms in his possession, Secret Service says.
BREAKING: Secret Service arrest armed man near White House |
Secret Service arrests man with guns near White House on Sunday via
Secret Service arrest man with nine guns in his car near White House
Secret Service: Man arrested near White House had weapons in car - via
Secret Service arrests person with firearms near White House via the app
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Former police officer arrested near White House had at least 9 firearms in vehicle, D.C. police said
NEW: Secret Service agent with TV pool says the White House lockdown was caused by someone who threw a sign and yoga ma…
Don't be alarmed if you hear gunfire near White House and VP's home tonight. Secret Service conducting exercises. Numer…
The secret service trying to shoot up the White House while Trump is away 🤔
Secret Service to fire shots near White House while Trump is away
Secret Service to fire shots near White House
The Secret Service said it has no audio or transcripts of tapes recorded in Trump's White House
Secret Service says no tapes of Trump were recorded within White House
Lordy: Secret Service says it doesn't have any White House tapes
Secret Service handled White House recording systems for past presidents. But this doesn't exclude possibility that Tr…
Secret Service says no White House tapes, meaning Donald Trump is in a whole lot more trouble
U.S. Secret Service says the White House on lockdown and the reason is currently unclear
Secret Service hanging signs that read restricted area do not enter. Southside sidewalk of White House is now closed to the p…
Secret Service to reduce public access to White House after intruder break-in
Secret Service tightens White House on south side
"The same restrictions are in place on the north fence of the White House grounds, accord…
Secret Service to expand White House security perimeter on south side
Malia Obama's "longtime stalker" followed her from the White House to New York
The Secret Service plans to enlarge the security perimeter around the White House amid growing concerns abo…
White House stalker who asked Barack Obama's daughter Malia to marry him detained by Secret Service…
Secret Service to increase security along south end of White House
Two Secret Service agents fired after White House breach - Breitbart Drain the swamp
White House on lockdown after ‘suspicious package’ discovered as Secret Service investigate from http…
Chanel now why would the Secret Service find a suspicious package near White House unless it…
US Secret Service detains man with package outside White House
Man in custody after claiming to have bomb near White House, source says
The fact that secret service is investigating a suspicious package outside the White House is concerning. Liberals? Rus…
Secret Service: Suspect in custody after 'suspicious package' puts White House on lockdown
White House is on lockdown after suspicious package found on north side of grounds; Secret Service is investigating
White House goes into lockdown mode briefly, male suspect taken into custody
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UPDATE: Secret Service detains man who approached White House with suspicious package
White House on lockdown at 10:25am for a “suspicious package” per Secret Service Uniformed Division officer
BREAKING: Secret Service tells me a man approached the White House and claimed to have a bomb
Trump could rape a woman in the White House with Secret Service walking in and Republican's would find an excuse not to…
Woman who got tangled in shoelaces trying to jump White House fence is arrested for 3rd time, Secret Service says
Navy SEALs, Rangers, Marines should be placed at the SCOTUS, Congress and White House to back up the Secret Service, Marshals DC Cops
"The U.S. Secret Service uses Belgian Malinois to guard the grounds of the White House". NOT GERMAN SHEPHERDS.
BREAKING NEWS: Secret Service responds to another fence jumper at White House
Was the same Secret Service agent on duty when "back pack boy" wandered the White House grounds for 17 minutes?
The president is no longer safe on the White House grounds, according to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino,
President Trump no longer safe in White House: Former Secret Service agent |
Secret Service confirms an intruder was loose on White House grounds for 16 minutes
Secret Service has a problem Trump not safe at the White House and they can't control their lap tops lax agents need blame & correction
The man who climbed over the White House fence last week managed to roam undetected on the grounds for 17 minutes
Secret Service employees "extremely disappointed and angry" over handling of White House fence jumper
Secret Service issues unusual press release over White House intruder via
White House intruder on grounds 16 minutes before arrest: Secret Service | Reuters ➜…
First on CNN: White House jumper on grounds for 15 minutes before caught, Secret Service source says - CNN
Intruder who scaled White House fence arrested by US secret service
Secret Service says person arrested on White House grounds after climbing fence
The Secret Service has arrested a man after he breached the White House grounds late last night.
Secret Service: Person arrested on White House grounds after climbing fence
The only intruder the "Secret Service" should apprehend on the White House grounds is a dead intruder. Do your jobs-you are an embarrassment
NEW: The U.S. Secret Service says a person is under arrest after getting onto the south grounds of the White House
Secret Service says nothing dangerous was found in search of backpack carried by person arrested at White House
Secret Service arrest White House backpack intruder Friday nite. How did he get so close to https:…
Unbelievable that a no-name loser jumped over the White House fence. Secret Service must build a wall, as we will on t…
Dan Bongino: "The Secret Service is not prepared to protect the White House." Sobering warning from on
Secret Service official confirms to NBC News there was an intruder incident at the White House late last night. Statement c…
Secret Service statement on White House grounds intruder incident
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
News Alert: was at the White House during intruder breach.
STEP IT UP!. Secret Service:. Person arrested on White House grounds with backpack. Trump was there!.
What's the over/under for how many days until Eric Trump gets swirlied by the Secret Service in the White House bathroom?…
doesn't want to stay in the White House? The entire country is good with that. Otherwise, could Secret Service ge…
. The Secret Service is too busy protecting the terrorist in the White House, and other enemies…
Obama: please tell me you didn't pay secret service to run a taco truck in front of the White House . Biden: I may h…
White House and Secret Service, I have an idea: cover the Pentagon all over with Red Buttons to disguise the real one.
Everything Hillary Clinton touches, she destroys.The FBI,the State Department,the Secret Service &,if she wins the White Hous
DEVELOPING: Secret Service officer riding motorcycle has been hit by car near White House https:…
White House terror alert after 'Secret Service agent hit by vehicle outside gates' ^Mirror
Scene at White House where Secret Service agent on motorcycle was struck by a car at 15th street https:…
JUST IN: US Secret Service: Motorcycle officer has been struck by vehicle near the White House and is receiving medical…
Secret Service agent on bike hit by a vehicle near the White House.
Secret Service Agent struck near White House by car. Agent has been medevaced to nearest hospital.
BREAKING: White House terror alert as secret service agent 'taken out': POLICE have descended on the White *** ..
Secret service agent rushed to hospital by helicopter after being struck by a car near White House .
BREAKING: Secret Service agent hit by vehicle outside the White House -
take the jet go right over the White House & freak out the Secret Service. LOL
Person injured outside White House was shot by Secret Service, authorities say
Clinton White House was den of coke, mistresses: ex-Secret Service officer.
Shocking moment Secret Service shot armed man via
Video of White House gunman Jesse Olivieri who was shot in the stomach by Secret Service
Brynes is a Secret Service uniformed officer. Not Agent. Works outside White House! You know that-tell truth!
Bill Clinton's White House 'like a brothel' - PRESIDENT Bill Clinton had an affair with former Vi...
A man approached a White House security checkpoint with a gun Friday afternoon and was shot by a Secret Service agent when h…
Secret Service shoots man with gun outdoors White Home
Man shot by Secret Service near White House identified:
BREAKING NEWS: Secret Service shoot armed man outside the White House. . Meanwhile 👉
BREAKING!! White House shooting: Secret Service stops armed man: Police told ABC News that a man brandished a...
US Secret Service shoots armed man outside White House: In US, the Secret Service has shot an armed man outs...
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U.S. Secret Service agent shot a man who brandished a gun near the White House on Friday while President Barack...
Secret Service shot armed man outside the White House after he brandished a weapon at a security checkpoint http…
Secret Service agents shoot a man at the White House after he was found with a gun at a security checkpoint. 9News…
Source: Secret Service shoots man who approached checkpoint near White House with weapon.
US Secret Service shot an armed man at a security checkpoint outside the White House on... via
Secret Service agent shoots armed man outside White House
Scary! Secret Service shot an armed man at White House. Thoughts with everyone I know in Washington DC. Stay safe 🙏
Secret service shoot armed man at White House security checkpoint
Suspect carrying firearm was shot by Secret Service officer at perimeter, did not access White House
Officials: Armed man shot by Secret Service near White House - Fox News
Ongoing situation at White House. Due to apparent shooting. Secret Service clears lawn
Secret Service shoots man with gun outside White House: A U.S. Secret Service officer shot a man with a gun w...
White House shooting: Secret Service stops armed man -
Secret Service agents shot an armed man at a White House checkpoint. Building is on lockdown. Obama is not there.
Secret Service shoots armed man near White House, lockdown over
White House in lockdown after Secret Service shoots armed man at security checkpoint
White House lockdown lifted; armed man shot by Secret Service, taken to hospital
White House shooting: Secret Service stops armed man
Secret Service shoot man who drew gun outside White House
Suspect shot near White House, in custody: Secret Service officers on Friday shot a man near a security checkpoint…
DEVELOPING: Security alert issued at the White House, armed Secret Service agent posted on roof
Report: US Secret Service plans to raise White House security fence by 5 feet, add new concrete foundation by 2018
Request from WH or big house?: The U.S. Secret Service is proposing a "taller and stronger" White House fence...
White House on lockdown due to security incident, Secret Service says -
Secret Service flaws laid bare in report over White House fence jumper
anyone elected to White House is a Giant Prison Guarded by Homeland Security and Secret Service.
Standoff at 15th & Pennsylvania as Secret Service won't allow the 51-foot inflatable joint near White House.
US Secret Service says sorry to Gerry Adams for 'error' that barred him from White House
Barak Obama...Democrats...White House...Secret Service the President needs to see this!!! I hope it goes VIRAL!!!...
Why does this "adviser" live in the White House, dine daily with the Obamas, and have her own Secret Service detail?
Asked if clock would raise suspicion from Secret Service at White House. Josh Earnest doesn’t want to tal…
"Ask the Secret Service and White House staff who used to duck into doorways as she appeared." Joyce Clemons
Possibly the coolest Secret Service agent manning the exit of the White House! Great to know that…
Secret Service: Man who scaled White House fence wanted to die
US Secret Service patrolling Lafayette park after White House jumper is arrested
Man draped in American flag leaps over White House fence before swiftly being nabbed by Secret Service.
Someone jumped the White House fence again! Jeb Bush was taken away by Secret Service. They told him to wait until November to move in!
Don't worry, the first thing Obama did was increase the number of Secret Service people at the White House, he will be all right.
Secret Service arrest a man outside the White House after he used a slingshot
Man arrested in White House slingshot incident
at Million Mask March holds his own against Secret Service dog at White House in via https…
My guess is that the Secret Service didn't feel comfortable letting a Muslim into the White House with a "clock."
I was turned away at the White House today around 9:40 am. Only those with special passes were allowed pass Secret Service. I had no idea.
Maybe Ahmed will bring another HOAX CLOCK with him to the White House!!. Wonder how the Secret Service would react?
bet you $100 the White House secret service still checks the clock for a bomb.
+ Secret Service wants fake White House to train agents on
DHS is investigating alleged misconduct by senior Secret Service agents, White House officials say.
CORRUPT Secret Service agent, Shaun Bridges on duty at the White House
Elvis was so famous the Secret Service let him bring a Colt .45 into the White House to give to President Nixon.
Secret Service officials cleared the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House on Tuesday afternoon...
BREAKING: US Secret Service interrupts White House press briefing to evacuate briefing room.
White House press room evacuated after bomb threat - Secret Service orders journalists to leave the briefing room ...
Secret Service evacuates reporters during White House press briefing
That's unusual - the White House briefing interrupted by the Secret Service, press asked to evacuate.
The US Secret Service evacuates the White House briefing room after a bomb threat was called into local police.
White House says threats were called into DC Metropolitan police; Secret Service was notified.
Ted Cruz said if president he will have a Cuban-style Pig Roast on the White House lawn. Too dangerous. Secret Service might fall in the pit
"Willie Nelson smoked a joint on the rooftop of the White House as Secret Service looked on."
US Secret Service agents were drunk when they entered White House …
Secret Service to add more spikes to White House fence
DC protest again stands off against Secret Service at White House "We're standing up to be heard" http:/…
DC solidarity protest for stands off against Secret Service police at White House
Secret Service officer told WWR recently (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) "They're gonna have to put a dome over the White House"
White House fence climber arrested: US Secret Service agents arrested an intruder who scaled the White Hous...
BREAKING: White House to get spiked fence, lava moat, and Secret Service guys flying those ostriches from "Joust."
White House complex to get 'anti-climb' fencing: The National Park Service and the Secret Service plan to begin…
"Anti-climb" spikes to be added to White House fence: National Park Service and Secret Service will install t...
White House fence may get spikes via Sounds like another Secret Service workplace accident in waiting...
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Secret Service wants $8 million to build a replica White House to help train agents after an embarrassing security
US Secret Service has just cleared Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House.
They're so concerned about an assignation attempt yet they forget to lock the front doors to the White House..
Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy insists no crash at White House, no videos ‘erased' via
Some Secret Service guys crashed a car into the White House. And they had been drinking when it happened. *** I miss seeing those guys.
Secret Service seeks $8 million to build fake White House for training
Secret Service erased surveillance tapes from March 4 crash at White House
Secret Service investigating suspected cyanide attack at White House.
America is in deep debt but yet they want to give $80 million to replicate the White House.
letter' sent to White House, says Secret Service. Tests at screening facility found traces of poison
Cyanide letter' sent to White House, says Secret Service -
Director of US Secret Service has asked Congress for money to build a detailed model of White House to train agents
Letter sent to the White House had traces of cyanide, US Secret Service official tells AP
'Cyanide letter' sent to White House, says Secret Service
Secret Service agents disrupted bomb investigation at White House
Bucket list: getting detained by secret service at the White House ☑️
Secret Service (DC) investigated after agents crashed into the barriers outside of the White House after a night out
With new probe into potential misconduct, Secret Service's leadership questioned once again...
Why was there so much confusion with the Secret Service after Bush took over the White House?. President Clinton's code name was "Mr. Bush"
.at the White House today. Secret Service needs to make sure this dirty cretin doesn't knee Obama.
White House suffers 'security breach'; Secret Service arrest man for 'unlawful entry' outside premises
Secret Service arrests man for climbing bike rack outside White House -
The man who operated a drone that crashed on White House grounds told the Secret Service he had been drinking
It may be nothing. But a small drone has been found in the grounds of the White House. 😶
Secret Service investigates drone found on White House grounds - New Haven Register Se...
Man claims responsibility for drone that landed on White House grounds early this AM, says it was an accident.
THE US Secret Service are today investigating a drone that was found on the grounds of the White House.
Pardon? "White House official says device found on grounds was small drone.
Horrible & too much of a coincidence! "Man tells Secret Service that drone crash @ White House was accidental
White House says Secret Service investigating after recovering "device" on White House grounds; asserts it was not a threat -
The Secret Service recovered an unauthorized "device" on the grounds of the White House, a spokesman said Monday.
Man tells police drone crash at White House was accidental
Secret Service says device that crashed at White House complex overnight was 2-foot 'quad copter' -
Small drone found on White House grounds: The US Secret Service said it recovered a 60 centimetre "quad copter...
Secret Service investigating drone at the White House: reports.
UPDATE: DC man tells Secret Service drone crash at White House was an accident:
‘Small drone’ found on White House grounds, Secret Service looking for suspects
Secret Service questioning government employee who operated a drone that crashed at White House lawn 3am
White House security scare as drone found on grounds Monday; President Obama was in India at time
“BREAKING: AP source: Apparent drone operator tells Secret Service he didn't mean to fly near White House.” -rofl news of the day
Secret Service says a D.C. man has come forward to admit he accidentally crashed his drone on the White House lawn.
The device, which was heard and seen by a Secret Service officer just after 3 a.m. Monday, was not dangerous, said Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary. The Secret Service is investigating.
Seems like a lot of folks want to pick apart "American Sniper". What it got right; what it got wrong. Was it historically accurate. Look; it was a MOVIE. It was not presented as a documentary. I watched it and enjoyed myself. Can't that be enough? Past that, if Chris Kyle had been on the roof of the White House, the Secret Service would be picking up pieces of that drone out of the gutter instead of wondering who gets fired this time; Chris didn't miss...
WASHINGTON -- A small drone flying at low altitude crashed in to the White House complex before dawn Monday, the Secret Service said. President Barack Obama was not at home, and the White House sai...
MORE: Small drone crashes at White House complex, Secret Service looking for suspects and motive:
Secret Service investigating a drone-like device that was found on the White House lawn. Obama is in India.
Secret Service investigates device, described as small drone, found on grounds of White House.
Some sort of device has been located on the White House property. Secret Service investigating. -Latest on Chann…
"Secret Service investigating small drone on White House grounds."
White House confirms 'device' found by Secret Service in grounds
House Republicans Put Obama’s Life In Danger By Holding Homeland Security Funding Hostage. During a call with reporters Wednesday afternoon, R. Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, pointed out that one of the troubling impacts of the House Republicans not funding the Department of Homeland Security is that until it is fully funded, the Secret Service will not be able to move forward with the additional security measures recommended for the White House and President Obama. Other problems a CR imposes are going to be harder for the public to see and feel right away, but law enforcement is already feeling the impact of the House Republicans’ actions. Kerlikowske said that he “can’t stress enough the importance of having a stable budget in place” for money in place to equip and train. He stressed that prioritization is “critical to any law enforcement agency.” On Wednesday, the House Republicans voted (236-191) to fund the DHS but they attached amendments that def ...
Ed Henry Presses Josh Earnest Over Obama’s Absence At Unity Rally White House admits they should have sent a higher-level official. Ed Henry got into a tense exchange Monday with White House press secretary Josh Earnest when he asked why a higher profile official other than the ambassador was not sent to Sunday’s Unity Rally in Paris. The White House spokesman explained that the short notice for the outdoor event created some security challenges for the Secret Service. “We’re talking about a march that came together with essentially 36 hours notice and a march that occurred outdoors with an obviously very large number of people who participated. We are mindful any time the president goes to a public place, or the vice president for that matter, that we don’t want to, or at least we want to try mitigate the impact that the security precautions would have on those who are participating in this public event.” Henry acknowledged the importance of proper security precautions to protect the presiden ...
‘Earpiece envy’: White House colleagues skeptical about WHY Valerie Jarrett has Secret Service detail. Uh, because she …
The US Secret Service dreads the prospect of Hillary Clinton back in the White House.
Back on the job! Secret Service dogs who took down White House fence jumper are back today,
Following Secret Service Director Julia Pierson's recent resignation over a major security breach at the White House, new allegations are facing the president'
A Tale of Two Presidential Vacations By Brian C Joondeph “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking” is an aphorism from author H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Much of the life of an American president is public, yet much is not. The true character of the president may be revealed during moments away from the television cameras and news reporters. President George W. Bush and his wife Laura “[n]ever left Washington, D.C., until the day after Christmas,” writes former White House reporter Joseph Curl. The reason was simple. A low-level White House staffer explained, “So all of us can be with our families on Christmas.” The “us” meant hundreds of staffers, police, Secret Service agents, and reporters who move with the president. President Obama and his family, in contrast, begin their Christmas vacation well before Christmas. His large entourage follows, most of them leaving their families behind to celebrate Christmas without them. Sure, Waikiki Beach is nice, but who wouldn ...
Here are the 15 perfect holiday gifts for Obama: No. 1: To remind Obama of the economy he created, may Michelle work in a part-time, low-wage job with no benefits. It might do her some good to experience the real Obama economy. No. 2: I’d like to see Obama’s Secret Service disarmed, since he doesn’t think rest of us need guns for protection. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! No. 3: I’d like to remove the fence around the White House. Since Obama doesn’t think we need any fence at our Southern border with Mexico, why should he need a fence around the White House? Either fences or walls work, or they don’t. If we don’t need one at the border (and Obama says there’s no border problem), then obviously a fence isn’t needed at the border to the White House either. Let’s all live with “the honor system.” No. 4: A Christmas dinner at White House prepared and served by illegal immigrants who just arrived from the Ebola zone, since he thinks the rest of us shouldn’t worry ...
First came the White House fence jumpers. Now it’s Congress, fencing off money for the embattled Secret Service because of a totally unrelated fight with President Barack Obama over immigration. Just last Thursday, an independent review panel warned that the Service is already stretched thin a…
A bigger better fence won't help... it won't work on our border how will it help at the White House???
Report says Secret Service needs new leadership, resources and a new fence around the White House. report…
The Department of Homeland Security released an executive summary of its report on the Secret Service moments ago. The report recommends that the U.S. government replace the entire fence surrounding the perimeter of the White House. The report was drafted
Official report in from Homeland Security study of the young man who leaped the White House fence, ran across the yard, entered the White House and dashed about: "Secret Service too insular. Needs revision. Won't be fixed overnight." Well.I suggest that they should not do it at night, but get some of our elected legislators to do something about it DURING THE DAY! They have the time.or at least they will if and when they get back from another vacation period from away from Washington. 'Tis the season to be jolly.by golly.
WASHINGTON -- An independent panel tasked with investigating the shortcomings of the United States Secret Service has recommended the White House undergo a bit o...
Based on O's policies,I thought we didn't need to build bigger fences? DHS report calls for bigger White House fence
Report recommends Secret Service ramp up protection of White House by Dan Roberts in Washington via Network Fron...
Secret Service review panel says a new fence around White House is needed, but security problem is much deeper:
Secret Service agent, Paul Landis, lifts John F. Kennedy, Jr., into the air on the South Lawn of the White House,...
Open letter to the fake President of the United States. From Senior Chief Geoff Ross USN (Ret) Communist Trojan Horse Barry Soetoro Greetings Mr. Barry Soetoro, Before I start let me open this E mail to you by saying this information will be promulgated to over 250,000 people. I will copy it to the FBI the CIA the NSA and the US Secret Service. I will also copy the Congress and the US Senate. To the people that read this E mail. You can decide to dismiss this information or you can act upon it in a responsible way . You as real American's are obligated to defend and protect the US Constitution of the United States. I present to you my opinion on Barry Soetoro the Communist in the White House. An evil doer who is trying to financially destroy this nation using Marxist ideology. We have a weak ineffective Republican leadership with John Boehner and I urge him to step down and allow a real conservative America to step in to lead and save this nation. (1) I charge that you Barry Soetoro are the son of former ...
Finally, China has a First Couple who can both stand up, and be the quintessential Chinese "Confucian-Daoist" "Fu-Mu Guan父母官". Xi DaDa and Peng MaMa. These two don't need Louis Vuitton, Prada, fancy stretched limousines and beefy Secret Service security with 20 bomb-proof black SUV security convoys to accompany each foray outside of the secured fortress called the White House. Peng MaMa does not need Dior or Versace to clothe her but Ma Ke, a Chinese designer. Her clothes are proudly designed, made, and branded in China, under the brand "Exception." She has restored the intrinsic elegance of the Chinese Qi Pao (aka Cheongsam" and has no need to ape "Euro-Chic." She is a Chinese lady through and through. She queues for tickets like all ordinary folks to watch a concert in Beijing. Xi Da Da.This is one contemporary Chinese leader who came in at the right time, right moment, right circumstances to do the most difficult part of fixing China's domestic rot from a governing party of stale, slack, surly bu ...
Linda, head of Secret Service fired because threat to First family not shot before entering White House.
A 23-year-old woman from Michigan was arrested by Secret Service agents after they spotted a holstered handgun on her hip while she was standing outside of the White House Thursday evening.
Secret Service arrests woman with a gun who was protesting Obama's immigration speech outside the White House:
Secret Service arrested woman with a gun outside the White House after Obama wrapped up his immigration speech
The Secret Service arrested a man who had a rifle and ammunition in a car that was parked near the White House, CBS' Mark Knoller reports. The New York Times re...
"Can we like be in the secret service and try to protect the White House or something."
Man With Rifle in His Car Arrested Near the White House: Secret Service found the weapon and ammo in his car.
The Secret Service arrested a 41-year-old Iowa man one block from the White House today after a search of his car uncovered a rifle and ammunition, law enforcement officials confirmed to ABC News. The man, R.J. Kapheim, from Davenport, Iowa, ... [ 1 more word. ]
Secret Service (finally) admits:No 1 was disciplined aft agency misled us on White House fence jumper via
Secret Service arrests man with hunting rifle outside of White House - State Column: State ColumnSecret S...
NEW: Man arrested at the White House after Secret Service found rifle & ammunition in his car: http:…
Secret Service arrests Iowa man with gun in car outside White House
Call your elected representative and demand that congress rescission all funding for the Secret Service, the White House and all of its staff, Air Force One, Camp David, and all other presidential amenities, if obola tries to pass amnesty!!
Secret Service arrests man near the White House
Man arrested at White House after weapon, ammunition found in car.
Iowa man arrested near White House with gun in car: The Secret Service arrested an Iowa man Wednesday afternoo...
PLEASE REMEMBER THIS FOREVER Worse than you thought & worth remembering and this came from a Democrat. Dear Mr. Ex President Clinton, I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, "Thank me, I voted for Clinton-Gore." So, I sat down and reflected on that, and I am sending my "Thank you" for what you have done, specifically: 1. Thank you for introducing us to Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broderick. Did I leave anyone out? 2. Thank you for teaching my 8 year old about oral sex. I had really planned to wait until he was a little older to discuss it with him, but now he knows more about it than I did as a senior in college. 3. Thank you for showing us that sexual harassment in the work place (especially the White House) and on the job is OK, and all you have to know is what the meaning of "it" is. It really is great to know that certain sexual acts are not sex, and one person may have sex while the other one does NOT have sex. 4. Thank you for ...
Secret Service arrests man outside White House, finds rifle in car
The Secret Service arrested and Iowa man outside the White House today
the White House fence doesn't need to be raised. Raise the standards of Secret Service.
The secret service head, Mr. Clancey suggests there is a moral issue within the ranks. People are wondering if the president is vulnerable. There is talk of building a more secure fence around the perimeter of the White House. In our presidential history, have we ever had this concern? I'd be a bit concerned when our elite secret servicemen and women do not want to protect the commander in chief...
Secret Service arrests Iowa man near White House, recover a shotgun and knife from his car
The man approached a uniformed Secret Service officer near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. saying ”someone in Iowa told him to drive to the White House,”...
Tennessee D-Rep. Cohen on House Judiciary Committee just suggested the Secret Service build a moat around the White House to deter jumpers
Maybe the White House can blame the Secret Service for allowing Gruber to wander in on so many meetings with Obama whil…
Errors by Secret Service officers revealed in government's investigation of a break-in at the White House
Issa accuses Secret Service of giving false account of White House breach - Fox News
Series of Secret Service blunders eased way for White House intruder
As intruder scaled White House fence, Secret Service officer chatted on phone - just one of many blunders that day: http:…
Secret Service blunders left White House doors ajar The Burlingtons called in to save the day
A man ran into the White House past the Secret Service and is alive. Michael Brown was motherfu3k'n jaywalking.
From foxnews.com: Sept. 20, 2014: Uniformed Secret Service officers walk along the lawn on the North side of the White House in Washington. (AP) Secret Service officers bungled the response to a White House intruder by committing a series of what one lawmaker is calling a “comedy of errors,” including one officer who was on his cell phone when the man jumped the fence and multiple officers who assumed bushes would stop him. [ 764 more words. ]
In the past 5 years, we have had just over 40 incidents with people jumping the White House fence... Yes, if it happens again the Secret Service has threatened to take Joe Biden's Frisbee away!
Series of failures cited in Secret Service probe of White House fence ...
Agent was distracted by a personal phone call when intruder entered White House, review says: ht…
A Secret Service agent guarding the White House was chatting on a personal cell phone, did not have his radio earpiece in, and had left a second radio in his locker when a man climbed the fence in September.
Thick bushes no barrier for White House intruder - WXOW News 19 La Crosse ... A…
White House breach 'due to critical Secret Service failures' |
‘Comedy of errors’: Secret Service officer chatted on cell phone as intruder scaled White House fence via
White House breach due to 'critical and major failures' of the Secret Service, review finds
Thick bushes no barrier for White House intruder: The Secret Service response to an armed intruder who jumped ...
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