White House & President Obama

The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. The Presidency of Barack Obama began at noon EST on January 20, 2009, when he became the 44th President of the United States. 5.0/5

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Remember when President Obama sang Jingle Bells at his final Christmas Tree lighting in the White House. That was a ni…
Don't tell Trump that President Obama used the bathrooms in the White House or else he might start crapping on the South Lawn.
Is this the same Jesse Jackson that brought his mistress with him to the White House to advise President Obama?
JUST IN: President Obama did not call Gen. John Kelly when his son was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, White House official…
this happened 12 hours ago do they not alert U at the White House immediately? President Obama always alerted in the moment
Derek Wolfe declined the White House invitation in 2016 when Obama was president because he was "busy and had a lot of t…
Hey Joe Madden. Why didn't you say anything about disrespecting the White House when President Obama was in office
So private citizen and former President Obama gets paid for a speech = people outraged. Trump sells out White House t…
President Obama will welcome leaders from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to the White House on May 13 and to Cam…
Sarah Huckabee at White House Press Briefing on "President Obama is laying out a responsible 24-month phase out…
President Obama invited the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood into the White House & people attacking
I proudly served at the White House Under President Obama. I wonder who in the WH today is proud to be serving under President…
Scaramucci knows that in Trump's White House you can say anything as long as you tell the President his crowds are bigger…
Thank god the White House is so ineffective that Obama is basically still president with all his policies still guiding…
Ted Nugent threatened to kill President Obama. Trump smiled as he visited him at the White House. That condones violenc…
Ted Nugent called for President Obama to be assassinated. Trump welcomed him to the White House. Think about that.
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President Obama wants to change the name of the "White House" because it is highly discriminating and not at all politically correct!
Obama led a scandal-free White House and he didn't commit treason. . Please get President Obama's name out your mouth Josh. htt…
Just imagine if President Obama or Hillary would have had Russians in the White House, no American Press, republicans…
White House says that former President Obama made clear to Trump he 'wasn't a fan' of Michael Flynn.
Unlike the current man in the White House- when President Obama says he will do it, the money actually gets donated. ht…
President Obama's Official White House photographer new book will be published by Little, Brown and Company Nov…
.used White House visit to post a thank you letter to President Obama on Instagram.
3 years ago, Ted Nugent called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel”. Last night, he dined at the White House with President…
President Obama and kids shoot hoops at 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll. video:
Still a surreal day looking back on it four months later. When Obama, Trump and LeBron were all at the White House.
DEMOCRACY UNDER ATTACK: . Trump's White House has launched an evidence-free criminal accusation against former President Obam…
Just a reminder that Tom Brady skipped the White House when Patriots won the Superbowl and President Obama was in office.
African American music stars visit President Obama at the White House today.
Fake news story claims Pres. Obama ordered a life-sized bronze statue of himself to be installed at the White House:
Bit late but this piece on the White House mailroom Under President Obama is the best thing I've read in some time
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama presented with flags that flew over White House on first and last day of presi…
President Obama shakes President-elect Trump's hand as he welcomes him to the White House on Day.
When it's President Obama's last day in the White House and he actually leaves...
Thank you President Obama for your Grace in the White House. You have truly been a inspiration to us all! We love you!
President Obama faces White House Press Corps one last time
Read what President Obama said at his final White House press conference
President Obama invoked Jackie Robinson during the Cubs' visit to the White House on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
In his final week in the White House, White Sox fan President Obama hosted the Cubs with some of his trademark humor
President Obama, a White Sox Fan, Welcomes the Cubs to the White House
This might be a better link to watch the Chicago Cubs at the White House with President Obama.
WATCH LIVE: honored by President Obama at the White House
President Obama's exit from the White House feels less like the end of an era and more like the end of an error.
President Obama talks about eight years in office, life in the White House and what’s next – on tonight's https:/…
These nine White House staffers remember their most inspiring day working for President Obama
An invitation for a unique tour inside the West Wing for President Obama's last appearance on
President Obama, thank you for allowing my HBCU band to play on the South Lawn of the White House. This memory will for…
President Obama's farewell speech and sworn that Trump will occupy the White House on 20th January 2017. Great man
President Obama and Basketball: Role of hoops in the White House - New York…
Obama's last White House party looked pretty epic:
President Obama's most candid moments, as captured by the Official White House photographer http…
Chief White House Photographer has selected the best photos of President Obama from 2016 https:…
President Obama and First Lady give their last holiday message from the White House.: via
White House plays one last holiday prank on President Obama w. snowmen [VIDEO]
lol President Obama turned the Tennis Court into a basketball court at the White House
White House staff pranks President Obama with creepy snowmen ➡️ by via
President Obama's White House staff keeps pranking him with a freaky snowman family, and it's INCREDIBLE.
White House staff pranks President Obama with terrifying snowmen
President Obama just granted 231 pardons and commutations – the most ever in a single day
President Obama leaves his anti-police mark as he makes his way out of the White House. How much longer? .
President Obama made a surprise appearance at the White House for the screening of Hidden Figures. Octavia Spencer's face…
Hamilton Collection
Octavia Spencer's face when she met President Obama was PRICELESS: 😅
JUST IN: President Obama to hold press conference from White House briefing room tomorrow at 2:15p ET
President Obama's last Chanukah party in the White House. Yes, 10 days early. So what? (Don't read the comments -...
Watch Bill Murray praise as he beats Obama in White House putting contest:
Bill Murray, President Obama talk Cubs, Sox at White House in new video
Almost 1 a.m. & I can't think of anything except for the inauguration of dt and President Obama leaving the White House. I will miss him.
President Obama and the First Lady open up about their life together and last days in the White House. Subscribe n…
Bowe Bergdahl has asked President Obama to pardon him before leaving the White House
🔥🚨Trump invites Philippine Prez who called Obama a SOB to visit the White House 😆
Trump invites Philippine president who called Obama a ‘son of a b*’ to visit the White House via
President Obama singing 'Jingle Bells' with Chance The Rapper dancing on his right is probably the cutest thing https:…
President Obama and incoming UN secretary-general meet at White House
"President Obama has set a high standard.". White House press secretary Josh Earnest threw shade at Trump over his dea…
Tim Thomas said no to President Obama for visit to White House. How many championship winning athletes will say no to President Donald Trump
President Obama and VP Biden will not attend Fidel Castro's funeral, White House says.
Photo: President Obama in the Oval Office on a snowy afternoon at the White House.
56 days 20 hours. Until President Obama leaves our White House. . It always would have been difficult to say goodbye. . Now...it'…
The menu at President Obama's final White House Thanksgiving looks pretty tasty - but only six kinds of pie this year 🦃🍗🍁🍽 ht…
Cicely Tyson, Diana Ross & President Obama at the White House for the ceremony.
President Obama's time in the White House is nearing its end, but we have plenty of photos to remember it by.
"Donald Trump met w/ President Obama at the White House. He got to do his favorite thing.Evict a black family from their home." -Seth Meyers
JUST IN: President Obama to hold a news conference from the press briefing room at the White House tomorrow at 3:15p ET
President Obama's team was very welcoming & cordial to President-elect team today at the White House. Th…
Donald Trump says after his meeting with President Obama at the White House he is reconsidering his pledge to completely…
Trump's arrived at the White House to meet President Obama. Mr Dignity handing over to Mr Dignitas.
White House staff warmly greet as he arrives to meet President Obama
Kevin Love says J.R. Smith nearly gave President Obama one of his signature “tattoo” shirts 😂😂
Got my 2-seater out today to take to The White House for his meeting with President Obama. Should arri…
President Obama walks off Air Force One with Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer, on his last day at the White House today.
That awkward moment when President Obama welcomed Trump to the White House.
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White House spox said President Obama stands by his characterization of Donald Trump as unfit to be President
President Obama says that if Trump succeeds, America succeeds, during White House meeting
President Obama says he called President-elect Trump last night, invited him to the White House https:…
President Obama is live from the White House talking about the election results.
President Obama will hand over the keys to the White House in 71 days to He's speaking right now from the Rose Garden.
Wait... y'all really think tomorrow is President Barack Obama's last day in the White House?!
President Obama called Joe Maddon and invited the Cubs to the White House before he leaves
This means President Obama will be able to host the 2016 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs at the White House before he le…
President Obama danced to "Hotline Bling" with Usher and Janelle Monáe at the White House. It was lit, as they say http…
We Will Make America Great Again! We Will Put in the White House, He will be our President. The C…
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had a big night on Tuesday (Oct. 18). Not only were they invited to President Obama's last White House...
Gwen Stefani attends the State Dinner with President Obama and Prime Minister Renzi at the White House
President Obama & Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi speak from the White House via can we clone them?
WATCH LIVE: President Obama and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi hold joint press conference at the White House
President Obama is first President to have a Diwali celebration at the White House. Do you think Trump knows what Diwali i…
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I added a video to a playlist "Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House
President Obama on having Bob Dylan at the White House.
"On my death bed, I'll will remember holding hands with my daughter's, not my work at the White House," President Obama.
BREAKING: President Obama declares state of emergency in South Carolina due to Hurricane Matthew - White House.
President Obama forgets phone at the White House, proves he is human after all.
The White House says President Obama has declared a state of emergency in due to
President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio talk climate change at the White House – video
White House - Spirit of Innovation 3 Oct. President Obama calls for inspiration "within| for a positive change.
Capturing the unguarded moments with President Obama: A look at the work of White House Photographer Pete Souza
JUST IN: President Obama to deliver a statement from New York City at 11:30a ET, White House says
President Obama pays tribute to late British MP Jo Cox as he meets ...
PM Modi & President Obama have cooperated extensively on climate agreement: White House.
US President Obama, PM Modi to have bilateral meeting in Laos: White House. .
Obama takes Friday golf trip: President Obama left the White House on Friday afternoon to play a rare ... (Hill)
NEW: President Obama to attend and deliver remarks at September 11 memorial ceremony at the Pentagon on Sunday, White House offici…
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Photo: President Obama says hi to Walker Earnest, son of White House press secretary Josh Earnest and Natalie Wyeth… http…
President Obama is hosting a music festival at the White House called "South By South Lawn" .
President to throw big music festival at White House before he leaves office
White House: Obama commutes sentences of 110 people, bringing total to 673, more than past 10 presidents combined https:/…
White House spokesman Josh Earnest says President Obama is still committed to closing the U.S. prison for...
Tonight I s President Obama last Birthday Turn Up in the White House.can't wait to see the…
President Obama authorized the air strikes in after careful recommendation from defense secretary - White House
I'm so proud of what President Obama has accomplished and stood for while in the White House.
Why did Michelle Obama not run for president... could have had obamas in the White House for 4 more years 😂
President Obama Presents the Medal of Honor - In a ceremony at the White House, President Obama presents Lieute...
Congress passes compromise bill to curb drug abuse - White House says President Obama will sign the bill even t...
President Obama coming to Dallas next week, schedule to be determined, White House says.
President Obama, who is on a visit to Poland, has been briefed on the shootings in Dallas, White House says
President Obama celebrates his last Fourth of July at the White House
President Obama adorably sings his daughter "Happy Birthday" at the White House.
Ken Griffey Jr. hangs out with President Obama at the White House
After the White House if President Obama runs NBA team the way he runs the country I pity the team he buys
WATCH: Penguins coach Sullivan gets phone call from President Obama, team invited to White House
President Barack Obama will lease a home in Washington, D.C.'s Kalorama neighborhood after he leaves the White House ne…
Watch as President Obama tackles four common myths about our economy.
Ahmed Mohamed accepts President Obama's Invitation to visit the White House
'Nova Nation celebrates at the White House with President Obama
President Obama, my Mom is 96 yrs old, would like to visit you at the White House, she was a hostage at the Japanese Embassy.
President Obama recently hosted a Conference on Resilient Building Codes at the White House.
"President Obama was away from the White House at the time, playing golf at Andrews Air Force Base."
President Obama golfing at Andrews Air Force Base and not currently at White House
President Obama invited to the White House to talk about battling drug addiction & fighting opioid abuse https…
i want to kickflip up the White House steps and high-five President Obama and throw a bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos at Joe Biden
White House make it official: President Obama will visit Hiroshima during trip to Japan later this month. First U.S. pr…
📷 scififreak35: micdotcom: Watch: President Obama brought the house down at his last White House...
President Fitzgerald Grant AND President Obama both in their White House home at the same time! Whoa.
President Obama with former First Lady Nancy Reagan at the White House in 2009.
Good morning from the White House. Only one President Obama public appearance scheduled: Commander in Chief's Trophy presentation.
This is what the White House said when asked if President Obama will meet Boris Johnson: https:…
President Obama met with Chance The Rapper, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled & others today at the White House.
President Obama has the same system in place when Hillary Clinton tries to visit the White House or State Department.
President Obama has appointed Chancellor Patrick Gallagher to a White House commission on cybersecurity. Story to come.
President Obama called Jay Wright today to say Congrats & invite Villanova - the to the White House! http…
White House officials would not tell NBC News Friday whether President Obama will raise the issue of 70 fugitives from U…
President Obama with Minister of Foreign Affairs García-Margallo at the White House.
*BOMBSHELL* Ted Cruz caught calling President Obama a *** in the White House"
President Obama was in Atlanta today detailing the White House's plan to fight opioid and heroin abuse.
LIVE: President Obama and are participating in the annual White House
Recording of Ted Cruz calling President Obama a *** in the White House
Overseen in the White House: photos of President Obama signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009 by…
Enda...cut his White House "St Patrick's" festivities for March 17...because Gerry Adams wants to kill President Obama at the White House
He is no "hero"...Gerry Adams was denied entry to the White House...because he wants to kill President Obama...
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz invited President Obama to move the White House down to the U.S.-Mexico border during a press...
President Obama talks on the phone in the Green Room of the White House with President François Hollande of France…
White House press secretary says President Obama told people at Austin, Texas, fundraiser Democratic party need- via
DIT music students, Roisin Ward Morrow & Anna McKenna performed at the White House for President Obama https:…
Bellowing out “Roll Tide,” President Obama welcomed Alabama’s football team to the White House for the fourth time since h…
Clemency now for Leonard Peltier! Call the White House and urge President Obama to grant clemency: 202-456-1. http…
President Obama will recognize the University of Alabama football team on March 2 at the White House.
Greg Lorjuste, '04, works in the White House. Here's a day in the life of the man who plans President Obama's life.
Let me witness Donald Trump enter into the White House after President Obama. make room for me come January 2017.
Kevin Dineen, who summers with his family on Glen Lake, was at the White House today, as President Obama honored...
Blackhawks exchange gifts with President Obama: The Stanley Cup champs visit the White House for the third tim...
White House adviser Ben Rhodes says President Obama is going to Cuba earlie…
White House confirms that President Obama will travel to Cuba in the next few weeks
President Obama will sign a presidential memorandum on Thursday creating a White House task force on cancer, the first s…
Petition the White House to have Dr. Sam meet with President Obama
"Domestic violence is not a joke": White House responds to Sarah Palin blaming Track's arrest on President Obama
President Obama's motorcade encounters slick roads during trip from Joint Base Andrews to the White House
President Obama invites Kendrick Lamar, his favorite rapper, to the White House
Eric Holder on Hillary: "candidate that we need in the White House" to continue "the progress of President Obama" http…
White people upset with President Obama having Kendrick in the White House like this addict was a good role model
President Obama weeps openly during a press briefing at White House on Tuesday.
“UPDATE: White House says President Obama hopes to speak by telephone with Japanese and South Korean leaders”
An emotional President Obama pauses during remarks at White House event announcing new exe…
In an emotionally powerful speech delivered today in East Room of the White House, President Obama announced a...
President Obama is scheduled to make a statement from the White House today. NPR will broadcast live at 10:30 AM CT.
President Obama spying on Israel and members of Congress is yet another frightening overreach by his White House.
Sign and circulate the Juneteenth ON-LINE PETITIONS to President Obama and the White House:.
President Obama to meet with Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos in February at White House - via
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President Obama will ride with Jerry Seinfeld in a ’63 Corvette Sting Ray and will talk about what it’s like to live in the White House.
Barrack & Michelle Obama hold hands as they arrived looking great at White House reception: President Obama in...
White House says President Obama misspoke when he said female suspect in San Bernardino shootings came to US under…
White House pooler: Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco had briefed President Obama on the shooting in Colorado Springs.
As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel arrives at the White House on Monday, he and President Obama have reasons to put the past
Pope Francis and President Obama on the White House colonnade earlier today.
Read: President Obama to meet with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at White House, will push for two-state solution
Jonny Gomes will visit President Obama next year. This is what he wore the last time he visited the White House.
FILE: Oct. 2, 2015: President Obama at a news conference in the State Dining Room of the White House, Washington,...
White House plans to aggressively deploy President Obama to rally Democrats in 2016
Ahmed Mohamed met President Obama — and it couldn't have happened on a better night
President Obama its like at the White House BORING
Ahmed Mohamed took President Obama up on his invitation to visit the White House last night
Congressman Ryan: Something is not right if the White House & President Obama would like you as Speaker. They are not the ones voting!
Obama Could Endorse In Primary Between Clinton, Biden. . A White House spokesman would not rule out the possibility that President Obama cou
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Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, said President Obama offered his condolences to Dr. Joanne Liu, chief of Doctors Without Borders,
President Obama apologized to Doctors Without Borders chief for bombing in Afghanistan, White House says.
Reflections on the White House Beat: Peter Baker, who covers President Obama as The Times’s Chief White House Correspondent, discusse...
A group of like-minded scientists has written the White House to ask President Obama to prosecute we
U.S. President Obama says "Nihao" in Chinese to President Xi when opening his welcome speech at the White House.
Maine lobster is on the menu when President Obama welcomes Chinese President Xi at a White House State Dinner
See why this teen is criticizing President Obama for inviting Ahmed Mohammed to the White House.
LIVE: President Obama is speaking at the White House screening of documentary on criminal justice reform.
President Obama invites Ahmed to the White House astronomy night
President Obama hosts King Salman of Saudi Arabia at White House: Saudi King Salman is meeting with President Obama at the White Hous...
Mayor Rob Burton's daughter Rachel worked for US President Obama in the White House. Surprise, Surprise. .
In a fact sheet released today by the White House, President Obama challenged all Mayors to publicly commit to a cli…
What will President Obama do after he leaves the White House?
White House spokesman says President Obama spoke with President Carter today to wish him a full and speedy recovery
“Thank you, Ethiopia. We are large consumers of coffee in the White House.” - President Obama. h…
What it's like to pitch your startup to President Obama: 'He is extremely intimidating'
With a smile on his face, President Obama and the First Family leave the White House for Martha's Vineyard.
"We'd welcome a decision on Keystone XL and so should the White House. The pipeline offers President Obama his...
Next Up, Keystone XL: On Monday morning, President Obama stood before a roomful of White House officials and e...
President Obama welcomes telepresence robots into the White House via and LawrencePublic Schools has them!
Speed dial the White House and Tell President Obama to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier: 202-456-1.
@ the White House with Megan J. Smith, Chief Technology Officer for President Obama and former VP of…
It still baffles me how President Obama lit up the White House in rainbow colors, but didn't lower the flag for the 5 Marines who died.
Surprise! 97-year-old Vivian Bailey ran into President Obama and Vice President Biden on her White House tour:
President Obama will hold a White House Conference later this morning. Scott Pelley will anchor live coverage
Photo: White House Press Corps enters White House ahead of President Obama's press conference on Iran nuclear deal…
COMING UP: President Obama to hold news conference at the White House -
'President Obama is making it easier for more Americans to access solar power! A new White House initiative will...
Live now: Jay Carney, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, President Obama's economic team address White House press
White House says Russia's Vladimir Putin told President Obama in phone call he would not attend G8; Medvedev to attend in his …
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President Obama will return to Martha's Vineyard for a 15-day August vacation, the White House has confirmed.
Photo: President Obama makes a surprise appearance at the White House kids State Dinner, held to recognize winning…
President Obama, daughter Sasha go for a swim in Gulf, White House says
President Obama & the First Lady welcomed Bruno Mars to the White House yesterday:
DavidNakamura: President Obama will meet Tuesday at the White House with Nguyen Phu Trong, the General Secretary of the Communist Party
Republican leadership to arrange photo session on White House lawn with President Obama on the eve of 4th of July.
While Girl Scouts are rock climbing outside the White House, President Obama is in the Oval Office, aide tells me.
CNBC "RT CNBCnow: HAPPENING NOW: President Obama speaks from the White House Rose Garden about the Supreme Cour
President Obama at annual White House dinner: "Whatever our faith, we are all one family."
President Obama will deliver a eulogy at the funeral mass for his Vice Presidents son, Beau Biden, the White House has announced.
Uphill climb for President Obama's trade agenda after House Democrats spurn a top White House priority:
President Obama welcomed the 2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants to the White House for the third time in five years.
Giants: President Obama welcomes San Francisco Giants to White House for third time: President Ob...
President Obama was my last hope in telling us who killed Tupac Amaru Shakur. He is leaving the White House without even shedding a light :(
CWRU Student-Athlete Entrepreneur to be Recognized by President Obama at White House
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President Obama & Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan during an arrival ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. htt…
A Florida woman’s letter to the White House prompted a Mother’s Day greeting from President Obama
In the US, an ABA teacher was amongst only 54 honoured today as "Teachers of the Year" by President Obama at the...
Starting to believe Tom Brady is racist for not going to the White House along wit his teammates to see President Obama he saw Bush 3 times!
President Obama and Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., are seen in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington
"I want boys and girls studying all the subjects and getting good at all the subjects" —President Obama http:/…
President Obama runs into a group of schoolchildren while walking near the White House. WARNING: cuteness ensues.
The harsh reality of drone strikes: President Obama speaks from the White House on Thursday about a U.S. drone...
to attend White House dinner with President Obama tonight (online stream).
Drones and the Myth of Precision: On Thursday morning, President Obama appeared before White House reporters t...
President Obama welcomes Patriots with DeflateGate dig: President Barack Obama welcomed the Patriots to the White House on Thursday a...
if you agree with President Obama: We owe it to our kids to before it's too late.
President Obama will welcome the Super Bowl champion New England on the South Lawn of the White House tomorrow afternoon
President Obama honors Ohio State's national championship football team at the White House (phot.. Related Articles:
Headed to the White House to a reception in the Rose Garden with President Obama to a ceremony for HR-2 repeal of the SGR. Great!
Little Giant Ladders
President Obama jokes with Ohio State players during Buckeyes' visit to White House
President Obama checks out his new Ohio State gear as he congratulates national champion Buckeyes at the White House.
Buckeyes back in spotlight. President Obama congratulates national champion Ohio State at White House.
On April 20 President Obama will host Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the White House
President of omitted from the Official White House video on meetings with President Obama
RAW VIDEO: President Obama meets with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the White House:
Morgan State Choir sings at White House for President Obama with Pastor Shirley Caesar! Now that's…
Well,President Obama has the Portuguese Water Dog.Maybe these guys could move into the White House with Hillary
President Obama has spoken to House Speaker John Boehner, and White House officials are making calls to lawmakers to say why the deal
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands to visit President Obama at the White House: The Kin...
Full video: President Obama delivers a statement on
Why I came to Birmingham by President Barack Obama-I was honored 2 b in White House press pool
We've signed a letter to the White House and asked President Obama to "ban the box."
President Obama & the First Lady will welcome to the White House in Sept.
"It's the end of discrimination against the sick in America." —President Obama on how we're
Obama taps top Biden aide to be senior White House adviser: President Obama has chosen one of Vice Pres...
Supergirls conquer President Obama at the White House via
President Barack Obama will be in Birmingham on Thursday afternoon to talk about the economy. White House will release more…
Obama, aides take aim at Republican budget: White House officials from President Obama...
President Obama's Cleveland speech will hammer at Republican intransigence, White House says
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