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The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. 5.0/5

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11-01 Michelle Obama to Host Broadway's 'Hamilton' at the White House
I think the White House could use Michelle Obama more then ever now lol
Out of the White House "bubble," Michelle Obama impugns the intelligence of women who supported
.Michelle Obama on the racist insult that 'cut her deepest' during her eight years in White House
Melania at the White House listening to Michelle Obama like.
Ten Speed will publish 'Chasing Light,' a book of photos of Michelle Obama, by former White House Photographer Amanda Lucidon, in October.
From the south side of Chicago to the White House, our famous person profile is ex-FLOTUS Michelle Obama. . After...
So Alex Jones the guy who think Michelle Obama is a man has been given press credentials to the White House, my god
Michelle Obama reveals what Sasha, Malia Obama did on last night in White House
Michelle Obama reveals how daughters Malia and Sasha spent final White House night via
Michelle Obama dishes about Malia and Sasha’s slumber party on their final night in the White House htt…
very unfortunate news today that Trump's White House is ending Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn", my interview wit…
Barack and Michelle Obama leave Tahiti as they continue their post-White House tropical tour
Remember when Michelle Obama used to host St. Patrick's Day at the White House? Melania Trump won't even be there. https:/…
Michelle Obama's post-White House but she's looking chicer than ever: ... ALL
When does Michelle Obama get to walk back into the White House and scream "YOU RUINED MY HOUSE!"?
Michelle Obama's momma made Barack keep the plastic on the White House couch because of people like Kelly Anne Conway.…
No, Michelle Obama's Mom Will Not Receive a Pension for Living in the White House.
First Lady Michelle Obama takes one last walk through the White House, along with dogs Sunny and Bo
BREAKING: White House confirms Obamas will come to Palm Springs after leaving office Friday.
Happy Birthday to our amazing Michelle Obama! We will miss your grace and intellect in the White House! https:/…
Opinion: Michelle Obama goes unrecognized on walks outside the White House. Black women know why.
16 writers discuss what it's been like to witness Michelle Obama in the White House
Fake news story claims Michelle Obama's mom will receive a government pension for living in the White House.
I really truly deeply hope Michelle Obama will run for president some day so we will see that family in the white hous…
When the Obama's limo is trying to leave the White House
End of an era: FLOTUS Michelle Obama rocks her final speech at the White House
Michelle Obama to Muslims, immigrants: ‘This country belongs to you’
Michelle Obama's final White House speech SO PROUD OF This FLOTUS! The WH will not see her kind in a very long time.
Omarosa just officially got hired at the White House as someone who vaguely looks like Michelle Obama to be a role model for Melania Trump.
Leaked video of Michelle Obama talking to the Donald and Melania Trump in the White House
Does Michelle Obama do laundry in the White House m? If not, who washes the presidential underwear
Remember when people got angry about Michelle Obama stating the fact that enslaved people built the White House as if s…
Tonight, Thomas goes to the White House to meet Michelle Obama. The season finale of BALLS DEEP, tonight at 10.
US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama send their final Christmas salutation from White House ...
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sent their final Christmas salutations from the White House on Saturday, highlighting …
Michelle Obama is one of the most fashionable first ladies the White House has ever seen. Here are the receipts:
Anyone who wants Michelle Obama to run for president obviously never ate a high school lunch while she was in the White Hou…
Michelle Obama leaves the White House as ignorant about the American dream as she entered it. She EPITOMIZES hopelessness.…
Michelle Obama said that when she and her husband leave the White House, all hope is gone. NO IT'S Only Just Begun - GOOD RI…
Power couples: Obama and Michelle pose at the White House with Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall - 3 weeks after he……
Oprah Winfrey will conduct the final one-on-one interview with Michelle Obama in the White House: http…
ICYMI: Our beloved to host a special White House screening of 'Hidden Figures':
Michelle Obama, post-White House: What she might do as a former First Lady
BREAKING. Michelle Obama said she can't wait to leave the White House making it a unanimous wish of all Americans. And tha…
Just remembered that I had a dream where I met Michelle Obama in the White House. That dream was only to the one where I met her husband.
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Michelle Obama leaves White House staff 'in tears' after emotional farewell ...
Michelle Obama had the place in tears at her final White House holiday party:
Michelle Obama to give final White House interview to Oprah
First Lady Michelle Obama laughs after being called 'Madame President' at White House event. "Be quiet back there."
If 8 Years Ago Michelle Obama said she wouldn't live in the White House, the right would have exploded about it being a sho…
The did an impressive challenge with Michelle Obama at the White House
Michelle Obama, LeBron James and the do the at the White House.
Michelle Obama makes third Vogue cover appearance as her days in the White House draw to a close
First Lady Michelle Obama and Melania Trump met over tea at the White House today.
Michelle Obama helped the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers pull off an epic mannequin challenge during their visit t…
.Michelle Obama is the cover star of our December issue! Read the full story:
Michelle Obama: A Candid Conversation With America’s Champion and Mother in... (-
Michelle Obama is following the tradition of introducing the incoming First Lady to the East Wing of the White House ht…
Once Michelle Obama finally leaves the White House, the new First Lady Bill Clinton will have some big heels to fill.
Michelle Obama will forever be the realest woman to ever grace the White House
Michelle Obama "Can't imagine the shame comments Trump made about women's bodies" yet invites lewd rappers to the White…
Barack and Michelle Obama at their last State Dinner in the White House😭😍
Michelle Obama is the baddest First Lady to ever step foot in the White House. Feel free to disagree by naming an inaccurate…
Congratulations on being the Chef for the last Official White House dinner given by President & Michelle Obama! :)
White House warns Trump not to attack Michelle Obama
Ex-White House social secretary on the First Lady's speech condemning Trump: "This is the real Michelle Obama"
Michelle Obama slams and smears Trump but wants rapist Bill Clinton back in the White House with lying Hillary...these liberals are so dumb!
"If you can't take care your OWN HOUSE, you can't take care of the White House!" Michelle Obama on the Clintons.
The rappers Michelle Obama invites to the White House have said far worse things than Trump. What a huge hypocrite. http…
Michelle Obama can't wait for you to get out of the White House! You're such a liar like your husband!! Empty promises!!
Michelle Obama's exact words were Hillary if you can't run your own house how you going to run the White House so LIAR MICHELLE
Adele visited the White House last night. Shortly after, Michelle Obama attended Adele's show & Adele dedicated MYF…
Michelle Obama and Meryl Streep hug at White House screening of documentary
Michelle Obama's White House kitchen garden to become permanent feature - Washington Times
Michelle Obama rips Donald Trump in speech, saying "We need an adult in the White House."
Michelle Obama goes off on Donald Trump , "We need an adult in the White House."
Michelle Obama: "A president just can’t pop off or lash out irrationally. No, we need an adult in the White House."
Michelle Obama on Trump's temperament: "We need an adult in the White House"
also 8 Years Ago Michelle Obama said of HRC, "How can she handle the White House when she can't even handle her own…
Back when Michelle Obama told Hillary: ‘If you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House’? |
Watching 'Inside the White House' on 5. Wish we could have eight years of Michelle Obama. Love her.
True: Michelle Obama says slaves built the White House.
Michelle Obama threw a fabulous party for her hubby's last one in the White House.
Michelle Obama acknowledged that slaves built the White House and Fox News had a meltdown
Bill O'Reilly to Michelle Obama: Slaves building the White House were "well fed and had decent lodgings provided"
Michelle Obama is right - the White House was indeed built by slaves starting in 1792.
Why did Michelle Obama not run for president... could have had obamas in the White House for 4 more years 😂
You don't like that Michelle Obama said the White House was built by slaves but you're fine with the fact that the WH was b…
Every First Lady in US history has slept in a White House built by slaves. Michelle Obama is the only one who has ever ack…
& . There will never be another, like Michelle Obama, to ever grace the White House!...
It's cool bruh everybody gonna write in Michelle Obama and keep the GOAT in the White House
Barrack and Michelle Obama reading "Where the Wild Things Are" for children on the White House lawn
Gardener-in-chief Michelle Obama brings in her final White House spring harvest
"This isn't about us." First Lady Michelle Obama on her impressions of the White House.
Alexis Bledel visits White House as Rory Gilmore to give Michelle Obama book recommendations
Michelle Obama, daughters to visit Liberia, Morocco, Spain: White House via Gotta get free trips in quickly !
First Lady Michelle Obama & Oprah talk about life after the White House
The 28 Most Magnificent Gowns Michelle Obama Wore While in the White House: Since she arrived in the White *** ..
Michelle Obama: Who she was before the White House via
Michelle Obama would never leave the White House in the condition that First Lady Clinton did.Hillary was angry when she left the WH.
Michelle Obama stunned at the White House's Nordic State Dinner -- see the dress!
WHAT ABOUT US? Michelle Obama wants to know if there's a transgender bathroom in the White House
FLOTUS Michelle Obama takes the stage marking Persian new year celebration at White House
Michelle Obama speaks about her post White House dreams: via
Michelle Obama talks about post White House plans: "Well, I be gonna go back to da woods and visit sum a my Sasquatch friends and family"
First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a traditional Iranian new years feast Wednesday at the White House to celebrate diversity and inclusion
First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a children relay race in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington
On another note, I'm going to the White House on Tuesday to talk with Michelle Obama about an app my mentor and I have been working on.
Michelle Obama: Done with WH: First Lady Michelle Obama is due to leave the White House when her husband's ter...
I love Michelle Obama. I'm gonna miss seeing her be flawless in the White House. Her, Sasha, and Malia.
Barack Obama & Michelle Obama dance with a 106 year old lady who visited the White House earlier this week
Demi Lovato is heading to the White House next week for an event honoring Ray Charles. Hosted by Michelle Obama.
First Lady Michelle Obama showed off her dance moves while honoring black dancers at the White House
The concert at the White House, hosted by Michelle Obama, will air on Feb. 26 on PBS stations.
The last White House crusade for Michelle Obama is to seek education for
Why did Michelle Obama only allow Black children on her skit at White House during Super Bowl ? No white or Hispanic kids ?
seriously cannot wait to see all Obama will accomplish once out of the confines of the White House. Michelle &the girls too
Sometime I wonder if Obama and Michelle have shared a blunt on the balcony of the White House while the kids were away.
Michelle Obama welcomes official Christmas tree to White House wow, it seems like yesterday!
BE, let's Funk Fest by getting Michelle Obama in the White House for President😎
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Barack Obama's net worth is 7.5 million. Michelle Obama's net worth is 11.5 million... Is that a White House or your gi…
Barrack & Michelle Obama hold hands as they arrived looking great at White House reception: President Obama in...
Christmas at the White House from FDR to Barack Obama and wife Michelle
Michelle Obama why do you hate white people? . Published on Jun 17, 2012 After living in the White House for 4...
WASHINGTON (AP) — Britain's Prince Harry is joining forces with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. The White House says the trio will visit
She should be EVICTED from the White House! "Michelle Obama Just Spent $240,000 On THIS!"
Michelle Obama tells Stephen Colbert what she most wants to do when she leaves the White House
Here's what Michelle Obama has planned for when she leaves the White House
Michelle Obama's plans post-White House are both epic and hilarious
Michelle Obama broke the Internet with gorgeous gown at White House State Dinner
CNN reported that Michelle Obama wore the same dress 3 times. So basically, all they did was confirm the White House h…
Alkebulan Love American Style Barack and Michelle Obama: Black Love in the White House by Love Dan Edward Knight Sr
A look at the beautiful makeover of the White House dining room.
with Cuba again, taking pictures inside the White House is open now, Michelle Obama has the 5 minutes of fitness, he has restructured
Book review: 'The Obamas' Jodi Kantor tells the story of Barack and Michelle Obama's arrival in the White House and their subsequent
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Michelle Obama talks about the 'proud burden' she and her husband carry in the White House as she remembers fallen…
President and First Lady cancel White House reception to visit Bidens
A toddler upstaged Barack Obama in White House tantrum: the moment a toddler stopped Barack Obama and his wife Michelle in their trac...
"Every day that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are in the White House is a day that I am thankful for"- James Taylor htt…
Michelle Obama, Antioch company create new White House dishes
Michelle Antioch company cre8 new White House dishes
Moments that solidify Michelle Obama as the coolest First Lady in White House history:
Find out what First Lady thought about life in the White House when she first moved in 4 Years Ago: http…
.was a part of a 2011 poetry reading at the White House hosted by Michelle Obama.
Happy to see work by Alma Thomas, of the Washington Color School, hung in the White House. Article by mom.
Michelle Obama redecorated a White House room - and it's much more modern
❤ this story! NJ Girl Scouts chosen to shoot PSA at White House with Michelle Obama via
This day in 1965, the Beatles recorded Paul's "Michelle" for Rubber Soul. Paul recently performed it for Michelle Obama at the White House.
Michelle Obama won’t avoid human rights concerns when she visits later this week, says White House
Michelle Obama celebrates Iranian holiday at White House. Neville Chamberlain would be so proud.
Michelle Obama - "I am not supposed to be here, according to all the statistics..." | |
.talks 'responsibility' of White House redo, importance of first family's dinners:
So proud. spoke about today at the White House with Michelle Obama!
First Lady Michelle Obama turns 51 on Saturday. Happy Birthday, FLOTUS! Ever since she stepped foot in the White House, Obama has wowed us with her style, dance moves and hilarious Vines. To celebrate her Jan. 17 birth, we've compiled a few mo...
Obamacare? Michelle Obama a trans sexual,Not 1st lady,1st man in White House! We are in our last days as written in revelations!
Big things are happening for a 15-year-old Blues phenom known as "Kingfish." He has played at the White House and met First Lady Michelle Obama. Later this month Christone Kingfish Ingram tours France. Watch more of his amazing skills. (Via MyFoxMemphis)
'Twas the Night Before Christmas On a snowy day in 1823, a scholarly American professor named Clement Clarke Moore wanted to entertain his children while on a sleigh ride, so he penned a Christmas poem for them. He called the poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and it has become one of the most well known verses written by an American. Prior to this, Americans celebrated Christmas in a variety of ways, but the description of Santa contained within the poem became very popular and has defined the Christmas traditions that we celebrate today. Many families read this story to their children during the Christmas seaons (Michelle Obama even reads it to children in the White House!), so we are sharing the story here so you can read it as well! How do you celebrate Christmas Eve?
Washington D.C.: Michelle Obama has come forward to admit that she is also one of Bill Cosby's many rape victims. In a press release from the White House, Michelle Obama claims that Bill Cosby forced himself on her in Chicago in 1987 as she was doing legal work for Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby
Michelle Obama lighting candles and dropping rose petals all over the floor somewhere in the White House right now.
Trust us, Michelle. Nobody forgets you've been in the White House for 6 years.
Barack & Michelle Obama are the last 2 people in USA who should gripe about racism since it put them in the White House.
his winning and dining with Obama and michelle at the White House...
NBC's Today behaved like the White House press office on Thursday as co-host Matt Lauer announced: "By the way, the White House is coming out with a brand new initiative today and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, sent us a special message about it. Take a look." [Listen to the audio or watch the vide…
President Obama’s 16- Year-Old Daughter Malia Confirmed Pregnant Posted on November 28, 2014 by Angela Baker in Headlines , Politics WASHINGTON, D.C. - In what promises to be the biggest White House scandal since intern *** President Barack Obama’s daughter, 16-year-old Malia, has confirmed that she is pregnant. Sources say Malia is now in her second trimester. Mother and First Lady, Michelle Obama, says that although she will be a grandmother much younger than she planned, teen pregnancy runs in the family. “On her father’s side of course. My mother-in-law had Barack when she was 18, so I see where Malia gets it from. I’m just so excited to decorate the nursery. The White House hasn’t seen a baby since oh, 1884 or so.” For now, Malia is staying hush-hush about the father’s identity, but one thing she would say is that he is white. “My mom always hoped I would get with a nice mixed-race man like dad, but love is so colorblind. Mom was probably right though. The dad already left me ...
Just read Michelle Obama's senior thesis from Princeton... Yikes!!! How did she get into Princeton, let alone the White House?
A program that’s provided Santa Ana youth with a number of skill-set opportunities, ranging from producing music videos to documenting under reported stories of at-risk communities, was recognized Monday by First Lady Michelle Obama. The Santa Ana Public Library’s TeenSpace program was among 12 after-school programs across the nation that Obama presented with a 2014 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award at a White House ceremony. “You teach kids more than just skills in the arts and the humanities, but you light a fire in them. You help them grow emotionally and socially. You give kids a spring in their step when they get out of bed each morning. You give them something to look forward to after school each day,” Obama told the honorees. For Cheryl Eberly, principal librarian of young adults services for the Santa Ana Public Library, the recognition serves as “validation for all the hard work.” She received the award along with TeenSpace volunteer Josue Rodriguez. TeenSpace began in ...
Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama have all lived in the White House … and visited Sesame Stre…
The White House holds 'Salute to the Troops' concert featuring: Mary J. Blige, Common, John Fogerty, Willie Nelson, Romeo Santos and active duty military members Army Sgt. Christiana Ball, Marine Corps Capt. Matt Smith and Capt. John Ed Auer perform during a concert at the White House with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in attendance. It was a Historical day for Romeo Santos, Latinos around the world and for Bachata! Like, Share, and Enjoy! Youtube link:
...Obama's Halloween costume at the White House? Presidential... via
Tried trick or treating at the White House and Michelle Obama gave me a pamphlet on childhood obesity and some kale chips.
A Bloomfield Hills seventh grader recently was invited to the White House to meet Michelle Obama after winning a recipe contest.
Picture of President Jonathan with Barrack & Michelle Obama at the White House
Michelle Obama leads children in White House garden harvest
The Charlie Crist gubernatorial campaign got a boost from the White House on Friday when First Lady Michelle Obama visited Orlando. Subscribe to WESH on YouT...
Around this time, last year...Diwali with The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and Bollywood Dance for the very first time at the White House. So grateful and fortunate.
AP President Barack Obama recently had the embarrassing experience of having his credit card declined when he went out to eat. Obama mentioned his credit-card issue on Friday when he spoke while signing an executive order aimed at protecting people from credit-card fraud. Understanding Credit Card www.CreditCardsFAQ.co.uk He said his card was rejected when he was having a dinner date with his wife, Michelle Obama, in Manhattan during the UN General Assembly. " It turned out, I guess, I don't use it enough, to so they thought there was some fraud going on," said Obama. "Fortunately, Michelle had hers." Obama and the First Lady dined at New York City restaurant Estela on Sept. 24 while he attended the annual UN meeting. The White House did not respond to a request for comment about whether this was the meal where his card was rejected. In July, a White House press pool report described Obama using his "JPMorgan card" at a barbecue restaurant in Austin, Texas. According to the report, before using the card, ...
How hip is First Lady Michelle Obama? Hip enough to dance to "Turn Down for What" inside the White House — with a turnip clenched in her right hand.
Michelle Obama dances with turnip and harvests crop The First Lady held a White House harvest this…
Michelle Obama dancing with a turnip in the White House. Nancy Reagan just rolled over in her grave. Hm? What? She's not dead yet???!??!
Michelle Obama hosts a Fashion Show at the White House and Obama takes a nap..and all the while this is happening...
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First Lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks at a Diwali celebration at the White House. November 5, 2013.
just calling the White House to complain about Michelle Obama nbd
It's hard to imagine that Michelle Obama and her White House advisors could possibly have picked a more...
Michelle Obama has us eating no calorie pizza and pretzels at lunch while she is probably sitting in the White House eating 3 Mcchickens.
Literally just watched Michelle Obama drive into the White House.
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama while receiving President Jonathan at the White House on Aug. 5, 2014.
And you are far below "Michelle Obama: 'Laura Bush Set A High Bar for Me During Her Time in the White House'"
It’s pretty clear that feminism as it’s portrayed is just a thin veil for what it really is: a war on men. This week, First Lades Michelle Obama and Laura Bush sat on a panel at the U.S. Africa Leaders Summit to discuss what life is like in the White House. Michelle takes the spotlight …
US President Barrack Obama welcomed the visiting African Heads of State in style. He ensured that each one of them enjoyed the ambiance of the expansive White House and took a photo with each and everyone of them in the Blue Room of the White House alongside the US First Lady Michelle Obama as a sign of good gesture to the guests. Some of the African leaders were in the company of their spouses while President Paul Kagame of Rwanda chose to be accompanied by his beautiful-towering daughter Ange Kagame. The photo session was not exclusive to any of the visiting Heads of State and Government from Africa, it was a privilege accorded to all
First Lady Michelle Obama engaged in a battle of the sexes Wednesday, claiming that women are more intelligent than their male counterparts. “We can’t waste the spotlight. Time is short. Change is needed. And women are smarter than men,” Obama said during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit to a laughing audience, according to White House...
Received by President and First Lady Michelle Obama when they hosted us for a dinner at the White House
US President, Barrack Obama, on Tuesday told President Uhuru Kenyatta that he will visit Kenya before 2016. Speaking at White House where he had invited Uhuru for dinner after addressing a conference at the US –Africa Leaders’ Summit, Obama and Uhuru chatted for over 20 minutes on things concerning Kenya and United States. Obama, who has Kenyan roots, praised President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership, and urged him to concentrate more on eradicating corruption and poverty which has affected his father’s land for years. “I assure you, I will visit Kenya before 2016,” Obama told Uhuru. Obama’s wife Michelle Obama who was present said she is longing to visit her grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama, who hails from Kogelo Village in South Nyanza. “I am longing to meet my family in Kenya,” Michelle told Uhuru. They later posed for a photo.
Michelle Obama evokes personal story to inspire young African leaders to pay it forward “My ancestors came here in chains. My parents and grandparents knew the sting of segregation and discrimination. Yet I attended some of the best universities in this country. I had career opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. And today, I live in the White House.” - Mrs. Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama host Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger at White House: Lewis Hamilton and Nicole...
Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton meets Barack and Michelle Obama at White House ... - Daily Mail
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Michelle Obama: "Christmas at the White House includes Christmas music."
Michelle Obama may not be having a blood feud with Hillary Clinton, but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy about another Clinton in the White House.
3/15/13 - Just three months into President Obama's second term, rumors are already swirling about First Lady Michelle Obama's plans after the White House. Af..
First Lady Michelle Obama speakes Saturday at a private memorial service for poet and author Maya Angelou, the White House said. The service takes at Wake ...
Yeah no tears over this one from Michelle Obama since the kidnappers are bankrolled by the White House!
With Barack Obama now ‘joking’ crack cocaine is being baked into White House pies (HEAR him in the video!) and Michelle Obama now virally exposed across the country as being transexual, Jeff Rense and Jim Marrs discuss the last days of America as...
What it’s like when Michelle Obama shows up to the restaurant where you’re dining 0 More First Lady Michelle Obama serves herself some salad during a dinner at an Olive Garden restaurant in 2012. (Carolyn Kaster/AP) By Tom Sietsema July 11 It’s true what they say about Michelle Obama. She has amazing arms. I saw this up close when she unfurled her bare right limb in front of me Thursday night, while the two of us were doing tapas at the jumping Barcelona on 14th Street NW. Clearly the First Lady works out, clearly she moisturizes and clearly L’Oréal should hire her as its pitchwoman after she leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. “Ma’am, you rock,” I wanted to tell her, even though I was seated a table away from her party of eight, which included White House chef Sam Kass, and was separated by a table occupied by two Secret Service agents. (They ate, too, but didn’t drink anything stronger than soda.) A food fan who has eaten around the world (Le Diplomate, Cafe Milano, Zentan) around town, the . ...
I wonder if Michelle Obama gets some of amazing/gorgeous outfits from White House | Black President.
Michelle Obama denies the President's jokey allegations that there's 'crack' in the White House pies
WASHINGTON, June 23 (Reuters) - U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama will not go into politics after leaving the White House, she said on Monday, dismissing rumors ...
Moz CEO Sarah Bird shares work-life balance strategies with Joe Biden, Michelle Obama at White House Summit
Michelle Obama says will not go into politics after White House via
Apparently Michelle Obama has the toughest job in the nation. We remember her claiming that life at the White House is not unlike living in a nice prison, but she needed to remind us recently that the miserable First Lady doesn t get to travel very often an...
Watch CBS This Morning at 7:35A for the week's health news roundup. And find out why Michelle Obama invited me and a small group of medical correspondents to the White House three days ago.
Michelle Obama on Thursday turned her annual garden harvest into a showcase for healthier school lunch standards and pledged to "fight until the bitter end" to keep them in place. She met with local students to harvest the White House garden and turn the harvest into a meal. (WTOP/Rachel Nania)
Put the 60k Obama Engineered illegals on buses and drop them off at the White House. Michelle can feed them correctly.
A Black Reporter Summarizes Barack Obama The below summarization of Barack and Michelle Obama’s 5 year reign in the White House is by far the best I’ve ever read as it squarely hits the nail on the...
Words so Powerful that carried a little black girl from the South side of Chicago, all the way to the White House~ Michelle Obama
I'm sorry Michelle Obama you're mistaken. Maya Angelou's words didnt get you to the White House. Sucking Barrack Obamas *** did!!
"Maya Angelou's words took me from south side Chicago to the White House" -Michelle Obama. Nah Ridin Baracks *** did that
The news from the White House this morning will make you cringe.   Political analysts have determined that no Democrat could ever beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, but they forgot about particular woman.   On April 1, the White House announced First Lady Michelle Obama will eye a r…
"Maya Angelou's words carried me as a little girl from the south side of Chicago to a grown woman in the White House!" 1st. Lady Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama used a talent show at the White House on Tuesday to promote the importance of arts education. (May 20)
In a recent press conference White House announces that Michelle Obama has banned junk food in schools and the game Hungry Hungry Hippos.
First Lady Michelle Obama will speak Saturday during the memorial service on the Wake Forest University campus for Maya Angelou, the White House announced this afternoon.
12-year-old Haile Thomas is getting kids in the kitchen and health on their minds Standing 10 feet from Michelle Obama, the White House seal pegged to a podium between them, Haile Thomas seemed ner...
First Lady Michelle Obama announced a new initiative at the White House on Wednesday to help end veteran homelessness across the country by the end...
Obama Makes A Promise About Michelle Running For Office Fans of the First Lady of the United States will be disappointed with President Barack Obama's assurance that his wife won't run for higher office. Obama sat down in the White House's Blue Room with ABC's Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan for an interview that aired Friday, where he was asked about how he'd respond if Michelle Obama were to run for an elected position. "In 10 years from now, if Mrs. Obama turns to you and announces that she wants to run for office, what would your honest reaction be?" Ripa asked. "I would say, 'Where did you take my wife?'" Obama replied. "I was sure that there had been an alien body-snatching going on. One thing I can promise you is that Michelle will not run for office." Sixty-six percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Michelle Obama, according to a recent Gallup poll
Upon arrival at the White House, Michelle Obama directed Bowe Bergdahl to the finest scrap from last nights shindig.
First Lady Michelle Obama interviews NFL cornerback Richard Sherman in a new video promoting her Let’s Move! campaign. Sherman was visiting the White House with…
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Richard Sherman, Michelle Obama team up in the White House kitchen - Yahoo Sports (blog)
About two months ago, my office was contacted by an anonymous source who claimed to be a former White House staff member of the Obama administration. He claimed to have sensitive information regarding a stunning revelation about the First Lady, Michelle Obama and he wanted to arrange a meeting with…
Michelle Obama and Richard Sherman make meals for Let's Cook in the White House kitchen
I was thinking about the horrible things that happened to Maya Angelou in her childhood. The devil did things that caused her to stop speaking because he know how powerful her words would be! She reached inside herself and let her pain heal millions! If you look at Oprah Winfrey, her pain almost destroyed her as well but look what happened when she pushed through! If you even look at how where Michelle Obama not only never forgot where she came, her fight to bring equal rights to Chicago paved her husband's road to the White House! Women, God placed a power inside of you like nothing else in this world! You not only have the power to bring life into the world, you have the power to change both the world & lives! Imagine if Maya Angelou had stayed silent after what happened to her happened! Imagine if Oprah let what happened to her as a young adult define her! Imagine if our First Lady settled and never pushed! Imagine what will happen if you do the same!
Richard Sherman ’s cooking can save your life, kid. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback recently joined Russell Wilson , Percy Harvin and Michelle Obama in the White House ...
There is nothing accidental about Obama's deliberate sabotage!!! _ On Tuesday, only NBC's Today reported on the White House accidentally leaking the name of the CIA station chief in Kabul, Afghanistan, which correspondent Peter Alexander described as "an incredibly embarrassing and actually potentially dangerous mistake." Neither ABC's Good Morning America nor CBS This Morning mentioned the administration screw-up that occurred during President Obama's trip to Afghanistan over the weekend to visit the troops. [Listen to the audio] ABC and CBS did find time to promote other favorable White House stories. GMA did a full segment on First Lady Michelle Obama defending school lunch standards against criticism and This Morning devoted a full report to the White House holding a science fair for girls. Alexander detailed the seriousness of the situation: "Just hours after successfully pulling off a secret presidential trip to Afghanistan, White House officials were scrambling to protect another high-stakes secret ...
WASHINGTON (AP) -- First Lady Michelle Obama is answering Republicans in Congress who want to roll back healthier school meal standards, holding an event at the White House to highlight the success...
Ahead of Monday’s Met Gala — one of fashion’s biggest nights in New YorkFirst Lady Michelle Obama announced that she will be partnering with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for a “fashion workshop” at the White House. “Anna and I are actually working o…
Michelle Obama on nutrition standards at the White House
First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday plans to make a rare foray into a Capitol Hill dispute, using a White House event to rally support for school meal nutrition rules that Republicans are pushing to loosen.
Michelle Obama hosted a talk about girls' education Thursday at the White House, seizing the moment while...
On May 20, First Lady Michelle Obama showed her support for arts education by hosting a White House talent show featuring students from poor-performing schools that participate in the President's Committee on the Art and the Humanities Turnaround Arts program. The show, which was the first of ...
Students in ‘Turnaround Arts’ program hold a talent show in the White House - Michelle Obama, who was seated...
First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the first-ever White House Talent Show on Tuesday, and actor and former White House staffer Kal Penn attended the event. Penn joins Morning Joe to discuss.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Count on singing and dancing, maybe even a few magic tricks, when the curtain goes up Tuesday on the very first White House talent show. Michelle Obama and the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities are the host...
Jurnee is so cute. She knows we are going to DC in a few weeks for our family vacation and she asked if there was any way possible to meet President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. I told her I can't even get her into the White House, much less meet them, sorry. She is bummed and doesn't understand why it should be so difficult.
First Lady Michelle Obama along with Sarah Jessica Parker sit down with Access' Billy Bush at the White House for an exclusive interview. Watch as the ladies talk about the White House's Turnaround...
US First Lady promotes role of arts in education US First Lady Michelle Obama dances onstage during the Turnaround Arts Talent Show at the White House in Washington, May 20, 2014.
White House talent show kids, and Sarah Jessica Parker, dance for Michelle Obama
I was having a talk with my brother today about how I can't stand seeing Michelle Obama (Mooch) on TV. I never asked for her opinions or speeches and I really don't need them. I don't need her telling other people how to eat or how to exercise. Utter nonsense. And expensive nonsense, at that. I compared her to George W. Bush's wife and realized that neither of us could remember her personal name for several minutes! Laura. Yeah. That's it. Laura Bush. She was such a perfect First Lady that we couldn't even remember her name. That is how little she bothered or offended people while she lived in the White House. She sure didn't spend $100 million on personal vacations.
Fallon: Michelle Obama is inviting celebrities to a White House talent show. I heard Joe Biden's been practicing three new songs on his armpit.
I just woke up from a dream that I was eating donuts & drinking cute alcoholic beverages wit First Lady Michelle Obama whilst we sat on the floor of the White House & listened to trap music . Ok
Letter from a mom to Michelle Obama. Poignant. Dear Mrs. Obama, My prayers to the girls from NIGERIA and their families. Oh, such heartache for this community to have the worry about the unknown location and the well being of their precious daughters. I guess my confusion lies in that neither you nor the White House, has yet to reply to my email from 4 months ago. I begged and pleaded to have the White House administration stop or control, the heroin/opiate epidemic going on right here in the United States. Our children are missing and dying by the hundreds and thousands, with some deaths not even being documented as drug related as they are due to suicide. Our sons and daughters have been kidnapped by the chronic, incurable, and deadly disease of addiction. Also, we have our dual diagnosed children, with mental health issues and substance abuse disorders, yet the stigma attached to this disease, has stopped families and addicts from receiving services. I have never heard President Obama, or you, Mrs Oba ...
mothers were invited to the White House for a Mother's Day event:
Michelle Obama sure loves to give out hugs. (Our arms are open wide, FLOTUS!) The First Lady extended a warm welcome to military mothers and their children at the White House today for the annual Mother's Day Tea. Honored guests were praised by Mi...
Russia didnt choose Piscean year Michelle Obama, for White House, Yanks did...so you will get the tragedy you picked.
On May 8, 2014, Michelle Obama presented the National Medal for Museum and Library Service in the East Room of the White House. Read more about the medal and...
US First Lady Michelle Obama appeared Saturday on the White House weekly address to express her outrage over the recent kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria.
MISSING GIRLS: Michelle Obama Speaks. Pls read n compare with Nigerian First Lady "US First Lady, Michelle Obama today delivered the White House weekly address attracting even more attention to the plight of over 230 girls abducted from their school in Chibok, Borno, North eastern Nigeria. Read what she said below. Hello everyone, I’m Michelle Obama, and on this Mother’s Day weekend, I want to take a moment to honor all the mothers out there and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. I also want to speak to you about an issue of great significance to me as a First Lady, and more importantly, as the mother of two young daughters. Like millions of people across the globe, my husband and I are outraged and heartbroken over the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls from their school dormitory in the middle of the night. This unconscionable act was committed by a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education – grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls. And ...
White House deputy spokesman Eric Schultz said Michelle Obama would focus on the issue of the mass abductions in an address on Saturday to mark Mother's Day, which falls on Sunday in the United States.
Here's the latest twist in hashtag activism: Wednesday afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama posted a selfie holding a sign reading It's not exactly a "selfie", as the professional photo shows the First Lady in the White House, looking both dignified and concerned. Our prayers are…
Jamaica ready to Reggae Sumfest Montego Bay.- Jamaica is ready for Reggae Sumfest, the greatest reggae show on earth, now in its 22nd year. In the festival to be celebrated next July 13-19 will participates four-time Grammy nominated and BET Best New Artist winner, Wiz Khalifa that will join Tessanne Chin, Jamaican sensation and winner of NBC’s The Voice as headliners of Reggae Sumfest 2014. Wiz Khalifa who has been steadily making a name for himself in the global music industry is set to display his talents on International Night 1, Friday, July 18. Since winning Season 5 of NBC’s hit show The Voice, Tessanne Chin has had a full schedule of appearances on the Caribbean and international stage. Last month, she made history when she was invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to perform during the special Women of Soul Concert at the White House. Chin will take the stage on International Night 2 on Saturday, July 19 which brings the festival to a close. “Reggae music is synonymous with Jamaica and every ...
First Lady Michelle Obama tapes a "Let's Move!" public service announcement with 2013 NBA Champion Miami Heat players LeBron James, left, and Dwyane Wade, in the Map Room of the White House, Jan. 14, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)
First Lady Michelle Obama catches Veeps Joe Biden and Julia Louis-Dreyfus eating ice cream in the White House kitchen during their sketch video for the 2014 ...
AN OPEN (LONG BUT INSPIRATIONAL) LETTER TO THOSE WHO WOULD WISH TO ATTEND AN ENTREPRENEURIAL AND CREATIVITY ENHANCEMENT EVENT THIS 7TH MAY DABBED "TAPPING GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES." Inspired friends, there are not many opportunities like this one when we get to meet these 3 global figures inspiring us next Wednesday. I encourage you to read this entire message, and share it with all your friends, family and colleagues, because this could be the turning point you have been waiting for, for decades. Let me give you a glimpse on these 3 figures we are hosting at this unmissable inspirational event. First is a lady who has been featured at CHOGM, the White House, BBC, EAC, African Union, UN, President Paul Kagame, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and many other global audiences with her amazing story of entrepreneurship. I am talking about GRACE NANYONGA, the powerful woman behind GRANAFISH. Her story starts when she was double orphaned and her relatives sold their home. She then resorted to selling banana leaves a ...
Congratulations to Rue Mapp for winning NWF's National Conservation Achievement Award for Communications. Rue is a great friend of NAAEE and a founder and CEO of Outdoor Afro, an organization that uses social media to reinvent African American connections to nature. Rue's work has been honored by invitations to the White House for its America's Great Outdoors initiative and to sit in on Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" think tank, along with several other accolades. The award was presented at the National Conservation Achievement Awards Gala last night. Rue shared honors with President Bill Clinton, David Suzuki, and RenaissanceRe. Larry Schweiger, retiring CEO of NWF, was also honored for his leadership and tenure at the helm. Congratulations to all!
" Living in the White House is like living in a really nice Prison".First Lady Michelle Obama " Its *** I can't stand it"...Michelle Obama response to Carla Bruni's question of how she like living in the WH. I think she should just pack her Burlap sack and leave for a real prison
Girl gives unemployed dad's resume to Michelle Obama during visit to the White House
First Lady Michelle Obama became the latest high-profile member of the White House to make a cameo on the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation," appearing in the series' season finale that aired Thursday night.
Charlotte Bell went all the way to the top to help her dad find a job, giving his resume to Michelle Obama at a White House visit. INSIDE EDITION has the story.
Michelle Obama speaking to children: "Me and the president, we dream of sneaking out of the White House." I dream of a First Lady who speaks proper English, at least in front of schoolchildren.
WASHINGTON -- A 10-year-old girl gave First Lady Michelle Obama her unemployed father's résumé during an event at the White House on Thursday. The First Lady hosted the children of Executive Office...
Students at Ansonia's Prendergast School take gardening tips from woman who helped Michelle Obama plant her kitchen garden at White House.
This girl will try help her dad any way she can. First Lady Michelle Obama met with the children of the White House employees for a question and answer session on Friday and while some children wan...
WASHINGTON: Michelle Obama’s annual question-and-answer session with the children of White House employees too...
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