White House & Lincoln Memorial

The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. The Lincoln Memorial is an American memorial built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. 5.0/5

White House Lincoln Memorial Washington Monument Jefferson Memorial Korean War Memorial Space Museum National Mall United States Natural History Arlington Cemetery Arlington National Cemetery Korean War Vietnam Veterans Memorial National Archives New York

You don't often read sentences like this in science journals: ".the White House or the Lincoln Memorial may be m…
This won't do anything as long as we have a nazi in the White House. Someone just vandalized the Lincoln me…
Photos show bare White House offices emptied of Obama photos as fireworks go off at Lincoln Memorial
Maybe a billboard on either side of Lincoln at his memorial or across the front lawn at the White House.
To heat my 7 year old complain, our walk from the Lincoln Memorial to White House is the Bataan Death March.
The Capitol, White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial could all be a + axis, except for lousy ground stability on the Mall
Homeless singers achieve their dream by singing at White House, Lincoln Memorial
I saw the Holocaust Museum, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, and the Korean, WWII, and Vietnam memorials today.👌🏻
Finally at Washington DC! I went to see White House, Lincoln Memorial today. It's been great.
We were picked up from Union Station by our tour guide Brian with Bi-Partisan Tour Company. We had a five hour private tour that was so awesome. He told great stories and we saw so much. He took picture of us at each stop. I can't wait to see them. We stopped at the US Capitol, Ford's Theater, US Treasury, White House, Air Force Memorial. Marine Memorial, FDR Memorial. Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, WWI Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial and Einstein Statue. Claire asked so many questions that I said I hope you are not charging by the question.
Hello Family, Aalijah Lewis is planning to participate in an amazing educational program to Washington, D.C., with her school. Some of the places they will visit are The Capital, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and the museums. In order to take part in this unique adventure, she will need to raise $1750. Please help her by sponsoring a portion of her trip. Any contribution you could make would bring her that much closer to her goal. $15, $25, $50, $75, any amount you desire. You can send your donations by inboxing me. Thanks in advance
Whirlwind tour of DC (where the architecture is incredible) and a quick visit to Baltimore (which is always interesting) - some spots were repeats, some spots were new: Lincoln Memorial (still love this one), Washington Monument, DC WWI Memorial, WWII Memorial (love this design and got to see a lot of visiting WWII vets), Vietnam Veterans Memorial (interesting flat design with names), Reflecting Pool, Korean War Veterans Memorial (very interesting design), Navy Memorial, Capital, White House (where a commercial was being filmed in the front), Justice Department (amazing structure), Federal Reserve (impressive columns), The Archives (pretty as ever), The Ellipse (more security than before), Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (massive standing monument that was impressive), DAR Headquarters, Fowler Shakespeare Library, Red Cross HQ Building, Einstein Monument (new stop for us), Constitution Gardens (lovely shapes), Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum (including the observation tower stop where you could watch land ...
Have fun on the mall today. I expect you to visit the White House, Supreme Court and Lincoln Memorial for this guy.
Union Station, Supreme Court, library of congress, United States capital, Monument, Lincoln Memorial & White House all done in 6 hours
Air & Space, Natural History, American History, Lincoln Memorial & White House are doable in one day if you're quick!
Have you considered Washington DC? Visit the White House, walk the National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol. Grab a refreshing beer at the Capitol City Brewing Company and then explore the US Capitol and Library of Congress. Most sights, including the Smithsonian are free to enter. There is something for everyone in this family friendly city.
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STUDENTS TO DC - Another GREAT DAY! We visited so many sites, including the White House, Capitol, WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, and SO MUCH MORE. The kids are having a great time and learning LOTS. It is a pleasure to be here with them. A special thank you to all who made this trip possible, including parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. This trip is something our kids will NEVER forget. Good night, Bolsa Knolls.
See some of Washington DC's most famous sights on this short but informative walking tour that includes the White House, Lincoln Memorial...
I've seen Forrest Gump more than 10 times, I've seen White House Down about 5 times...but trust me when i say that there is nothing like seeing the view from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument IN PERSON...WOW
The US Capitol, the White House, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Washington Monument. Just to name a few sights we will be running past on Sunday! Getting super pumped 😃 Catherine Stamps
A message from Delta Tau Delta at GW --- Hello Brothers, My name is Philip Anderson and I'm the president of the Gamma Eta Chapter at The George Washington University. I'd like to extend an invitation to stay at our Shelter to any brother who plans on interning here in Washington DC, or has other plans in DC, this summer! Our Shelter is in the middle of the Foggy Bottom community, about a five minute walk to the Lincoln Memorial, the White House and the Foggy Bottom Metro stop (Blue/Orange Lines). The Shelter has an amazing kitchen, a large living room, and every bedroom is equipped with a 60 in flat screen HD TV which are all connected to a Hulu and Netflix accounts. Each room also has a mini fridge and a microwave. Utilities would all be included in your rent. If you are interested in living in one of our two singles email me at pandergwuor call me at (954) 907-4575 Please let everyone in your chapter know about this opportunity, we've had many brothers from other chapters stay in our Shelter and it has ...
We just found out that Bratcher Sundries, our handmade soaps - made right here in Strasburg - will be in the WHITE HOUSE GUEST ROOMS!!! They are already being put in the White House, Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial gift shops and now this!! Go Strasburg!! And you can get them locally at People's Drug Store here in town! Yay!! :)
Successful trip! I was able to go to an awesome conference and I was able to explore DC! I got to see the Jefferson Memorial, WW2 Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Mirror Pool, where MLK gave his speech, and FINALLY walked as close as possible to the White House!!! Great experiences here at Gallaudet this weekend but I am exhausted and ready to head home in the morning!! :-)
GIVE A GIFT OF EDUCATION AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR I am excited to announce that I have been chosen to participate in an amazing educational program that will be taking place in Washington. D.C. June 8-11. 2014 with my friends and classmates! We'll spend a total of 4 days and 3 nights together in D.C. learning really cool things about our country as well as earn credits for next school year. Here are some of the awesome activities that are planned for us on our visit: • The Capitol: See the Rotunda and the Senate and House chambers where Congress meets. • White House: Visit the most famous house in America -home to our president and the executive branch of our government. • Lincoln Memorial: Pay tribute to our 16th president and reading his famous Gettysburg Address. • Arlington National Cemetery: See the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Eternal Flame at JFK's gravesite, and the Challenger Memorial. • Smithsonian Museums: Visit the many Smithsonian Museums l ...
Our adventure today included: the White House, Lincoln Memorial, World War 2 Memorial, the Korean…
Hoofed it (in my Mario Batali Crocs) from Arlington Cemetery to the Lincoln Memorial and on to the White House and Smithsonians. This pup is beat.
Quote of the weekend: "Everything looks so much closer in 'White House Down'!" - Addison. Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Museum of Natural History, and hopefully a walk by of the White House before heading home tomorrow evening!! :)
It was 205 years ago today -- On Feb. 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was born in present-day Larue County, Ky. Also on this day in the U.S. presidency, cabinet, Congress, states, U.N. and Supreme Court, Feb. 12: • 1914, groundbreaking took place for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (A year later on this date, the Memorial's cornerstone was laid.) • 1959, the redesigned Lincoln penny — with an image of the Lincoln Memorial replacing two ears of wheat on the reverse side — went into circulation. • 1963, President John F. Kennedy celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation with a reception at the White House. • 1999, the Senate voted to acquit President Bill Clinton of perjury and obstruction of justice. • 2009, Saying "I made a mistake," Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., abruptly withdrew his nomination as President Barack Obama's commerce secretary. • 2013, President Barack Obama set up high-stakes clashes over guns, immigration, tax ...
On the eve of that the second Gulf War was declared, I had the honor of hearing Pete Seeger sing with Paul Stookey and Mary Travers at a candlelight peace vigil at the Lincoln Memorial. They suggested an improptu, peaceful walk down to the White House after the vigil so that President George W. Bush could see the masses of people who were peacefully urging our country away from more death and destruction. They led, we followed - and as we walked, the government decided, for the first time in our country's history, to shut down the public gathering space behind the White House, which never even closed during the tumultuous protests of the Vietnam War. I'll never forget the unity that I felt that evening amongst these Peace Warriors - RIP Pete.
The Cult of the Uniform By Laurence M. Vance December 26, 2013 "Information Clearing House - There are a number of distinctly American symbols that evoke feelings of pride, nationalism, and patriotism. There is the Constitution. There are monuments like Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial. There are structures like the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell. There are buildings like the White House and the Capitol. There are also things that there are many of: American flags, bald eagles, dollar bills, and images of Uncle Sam and the Great Seal of the United States. In the last ten or so years, these symbols have all been superceded by one image that is so powerful and so overwhelming that it drives some Americans to tears and causes others to act in the most nonsensical and irrational of ways. I am referring to a military uniform. Not just any military uniform, of course, but one of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. And especially a ...
“Outward” By J. Wesley Wilkey, Pastor Faith United Methodist Church, Champaign, Illinois October 20, 2013 Philippians 4:15-19 NRSV Next in the series “Live Simply, Love Generously; Generously Live, Simply Love” (Thirty one years ago this fall, I was approached by the chairperson of our Conference Board of Church and Society and asked if I would lead the next Conference Youth Seminar to Washington, D.C.  At the time, I had never stepped foot on the holy ground of that city, although I had been driven through it in a Winnebago Brave RV on one of those family vacations my Dad planned for us.  I guess Dad didn’t realize when he drove us all the way to D.C. in a Winnebago that there would be no place to park it so that we could get out and walk to tour the sites.  So, we just drove past them slowly while Dad acted as our tour guide: “There’s the White House, boys!” and “There’s the back of the Lincoln Memorial,” and “There’s the base of the Washington Monument”, and so on.  It ...
ST PATRICK'S, AGRA: USA-NASA: DAY 8: WASHINGTON DC The day started with the WDC city tour with the first stop at the seat of power - The Capitol Hill. It was then the White House, followed by the Korean War Memorial, the Vietnamese War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. The students were also taken around through various other landmark sites in Washington. After an Indian lunch they left for New Jersey. They have safely reached their hotel in New Jersey and had an Indian dinner before retiring to bed. Tomorrow's day is spent in New York.
Even as Obama prepared to meet with citizens signing up for his health care program and then make a lunch-hour speech in the Rose Garden, the White House cut back to a skeletal staff. The U.S. Capitol canceled tours not personally led by Congress members. "Closed" signs and barricades sprang up at the Lincoln Memorial, and national parks and federal workplaces across the country were following suit.
Jogged past the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, the White House, and saw fireworks. Ya I had a good run
White House: Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden will come to the Lincoln Memorial to hear Pres. Obama speak.
I can see the Capitol, Pentagon, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, White House, and National Cathedral.
Today in DC with the fam! Saw the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House!…
It was not far out of the way, so I thought a quick tour of DC would be awesome for Jarrett Mitchell!! We got off the subway and walked to the White House.then WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial then down the mall (Smithsonian) to the Capitol. So we actually saw ALL the "important" stuff in 3 hours. Notice the armed guard at the Capitol and he was NOT on the roof. The frame around the Washington Monument is quite cool. The only drawback was it is all fenced off in preparation for the 4th! (And I am thrilled that I was able to walk straight for 3 hours though I am in a hotel in Virginia very sore...could not have made a hundred feet before surgery!!)
WOW! Left hotel at 9:45, walked about 4 blocks to Pentagon City Metro. Rode to Arlington Cemetery, walked across bridge to Lincoln Memorial, then walked to MLK Jr. Memorial, then to WWII Memorial, over to Washington Memorial, up to White House, then it was to the American History Museum, then Museum of National History, then to the Archives, but line was way to long, so I went ahead back up to Federal Triangle caught Metro back to Pentagon City, then walked 4 blocks and arrived back at hotel at 3:45. Going swimming now! If I can get out of bed we will see what tomorrow brings, hoping weather will allow me to get to the National Zoo!
School has been out for less than three weeks. So far I have looked at the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, the White House, The Declaration of Independence, Old Faithful, Devil's Tower and the Craters of the Moon; visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the MLK jr. Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, Rockefeller Plaza, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore and the graves of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane ; wandered through Arlington National Cemetary, Mt. Vernon, Independence Hall, Central Park in New York, the Grand Tetons Visitor Center, the Fountain Paint Pots and the streets of Deadwood; walked across the Brooklyn Bridge; and stared down a buffalo, a New York pigeon, a yellow-bellied marmet and an ornery 7th grader. I'm a little tired.
For the educational side of our vacation we saw Antietam Battlefield (bridge pic), George Washington's tomb and home, Ford's theater, The Peterson house where Lincoln died, Lincoln Memorial, a bunch of other memorials and buildings and the White House. And Fort Mchenry where the victory there inspired Frances Scott Key to write the Star Spangled banner!
So yesterday Washington DC. Amazing place. Visited Arlington Cemetary, very moving, then on to the White House, WW2 memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and OMG can't remember the rest. Anyways, I sat in the cars, wiv me customers, whilst the old one run around taking pictures. It was like an ugly version of Challenge Anneka, he looks worse from the back than the front. There you never thought it possible. Anyways he is supposed to set up a meeting wiv me and the President. Evenings is best especially over a meal and a nice cold beer. Anyways there we is in this Mexican restaurant. Hot! Hot! Hot! in walks the camera crews the minders followed by the President of.El Salvador. Can the old one not do anyfing right? Stripe me! He just lets me down everytime!
2nd day and last night in Washington DC 31 degree.omg. Too hot! But i could visit many good places!!! I went to White House(but i couldn't meet Obama k), Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Museum of American History, Museum of Natural History and FBI building. But i couldn't go inside of FBI building.k Washington had very good view and great architecture!!! I liked here :)
Are you having difficulty finding a place to stay while studying at Kaplan in Washington D.C? We have rooms available June 15 - August 10th at the Penn House! A great location! ** No rush hour commute! Penn House is only a 12 minute walk to Kaplan ** Downtown of USA capitol: 20 minute walk from the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and National Mall ** Convenience/great night life: Two big grocery stores (Whole Foods and Trader’s Joe), Starbucks, restaurants and coffee shops are all within 2-3 blocks away ** Get anywhere in DC easily: the metro stop (Orange, Blue & Red Line) is 2 blocks away
Another fake face in the crowd.. TW! Either without a doctor or the media, he would be none news by now.. You know all the golfing and the unfaithful behavior From childhood Woods was raised as a Buddhist, and he actively practiced this faith from childhood until well into his adult professional golf career.[196] In a 2000 article, Woods was quoted as saying he "believes in Buddhism... Not every aspect, but most of it." He has attributed his deviations and infidelity to his losing track of Buddhism. He said that "Buddhism teaches me to stop following every impulse and to learn restraint. Obviously I lost track of what I was taught." Tiger Woods is registered to vote as an independent. In January 2009, Woods delivered a speech commemorating the military at the We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. In April 2009, Woods visited the White House while in the Washington, D.C. area promoting the golf tournament he hosts, the AT&T National. Woods underwent laser eye surgery i ...
For the Memorial Day weekend my lady and I drove down to Virginia to visit some family. On Thursday, the 23rd, we parked at the Arlington Cemetery, walked around and watched the changing of the guard at the Tome of the Unknown Soldier. Patty is from Oregon and this was the first time she’s been on the East Coast so I got to do a little tour guiding. We walked across the Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial, visited the Vietnam Wall and walked by the White House after visiting with my friend Paul Craven in his office building. We traveled the length of the Mall to the Capitol Building; saw a little inside the National Air and Space Museum, the outside of the other Smithsonian Building, the WWII and Korean Memorial. The last time I was in downtown DC was in 1976 when I worked as a messenger and I had forgotten how impressive our Nation’s Capitol can be and to see it again through the eyes of someone who’s only read about it in history books was a treat.
On a positive note Hannah and I will see the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument tomorrow!
Back from a whirlwind three days: tours of White House and Capitol, Library of Congress, National Archives, Arlington National Cemetery and Changing of the Guard, Peterson House, Lee's Mansion, Kennedy gravesite, a few Smithsonian's, Lincoln Memorial,Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Korean and Vietnam War Memorials, countless statues, Fingerprinting at the Crime and Punishment Museum, Navy Memorial, and many other landmarks along the Lincoln Heritage Trail. Need a vacation to recover from my vacation, lol! Wait, good thing I have one.
Yesterday my phone ran out if battery. After the White House, we walked down to Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Korean War Memorial before being picked up Jeff Tackett & Lauren Havighurst Tackett for a nice dinner out. Exhausting day, but fun.
Washington DC is one of the best cities in the United States to ride a bike. Washington has bike lanes all around the city to make it easy and safe to ride your bike. You can ride your bike down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue with the capital in front of you. You can retrace the route every president since Jefferson has taken leaving the Capital and ending at the White House. Bike lanes are on the main streets of Washington.You can bike along the monuments and memorial. Ride your bike to the front of the Lincoln Memorial or along side the World War Two memorial, bike along the tida basin and the C and O Canal. One of the best rides is to Mt. Vernon the home of George Washington. The route is along the George Washington Parkway and the Potomac River. The ride is very long but relaxing. You will be able to stop to take great pictures along the way. You will ride into the town of Old Town . Old Town Alexandria was started in 1749. As you ride in the town you will be able to see buildings dating back to t ...
Off to Baltimore Airport, Maryland. Enjoyed a wonderful 4 days in Washington DC. From seeing history at President Obama's Inaugural Address to the US Constitution at the National Archives to the US Capitol to the White House to the National Mall to Arlington to the Lincoln Memorial to the Pentagon to Rosslyn, Virginia to Ford's Theatre
Flew over the Lincoln Memorial and White House on final. (@ Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA))
We only got lost or missed a turn I should say 4-5 times. Went to the Iwo Jima Memorial and then to Arlington National Cemetary to see Tomb of Unkown Soldier, Memorials for Challenger &Columbia Space Shuttles, JFK, Jackie, Edward, Robert and Joseph Kennedy, Jr Graves and changing of the Guard. Then to Lincoln Memorial, walked by Vietnam Memorial and found Stanton Setka name, WW 2 memorial, by White House, Holocaust Muesem and Money engraving building. All In All a good day! Stanton Setka was a year older then me and died in Viet Nam and from Riceville!
Woke up in DC. White House, Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Washington Monument, back to the truck and on our way again.
Busy day! Arlington, White House, Washington Monument, Capitol, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Roosevelt Memorial and a drive through Bull Run to see the Christmas Lights!
Just drove past the White House, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial on this election night.
It's 5.30pm in DC and we have finally arrived at the hotel! Have passed the White House, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial already...
So far today, I've been by the Pentagon, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Bldg and the White House,.gotta say again how much I love my job! Oh! And the Memorial Bridge!! Beautiful!
Vacation has been absolutely AWESOME!!! We went to sooo many different places n saw sooo many great things. At COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG we toured so many places n heard so much about our history. It was very very interesting n i learned alot. At JAMESTOWN N YORKTOWN more history n exciting sites. At Virginia Beach there wasnt alot to do cuz it was their down time. But we had fun just hangin out n goofin off. :) Then we drove to WASHINGTON DC n it was Great. We saw the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, n so many other places there. But the most interestin n touchin thing there was the Washington Memorial.Just bein there n touchin the wall n readin Alll those names of Fallen Soldiers made me feel both Proud n Sad. There were wreaths n plaques honorin the Women who served n lost their lives as well as the Men. People were placin flowers n notes, some were kneelin in prayer, others cryin or smilin. IT WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE n i wish Everyone could go there. We spent our last day n night at BU ...
Got Back from DC on Sunday, toured the Rose Garden, only open twice a year, 1 weekend in Spring and Fall. Went to the Viet Nam Memorial Wall. I could have very easily been on that wall. Quite an experience! Visited the Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool, the Capital, and the most impressive was the Private Tour I received of the West Wing of the White House!! Secret Service required quite a bit of identification including a background check we had to send in prior to our visit. No photos are allowed. I visited the walkway the President comes from the residence to the Oval Office from the residence, the Conference Room, the Situation Room, the indoor and out door Press Rooms and the Most Incredible, the Oval Office with all of the Presidents and all of the BIG decisions that were made there over the years. I have seen and done alot of cool things in my life but this has to be ranked near the top.
Dropped Nancy off for a workshop in DC. For the first time since we moved Via Bella to Maryland in March, we were in the capital. After dropping Nancy off, I drove down to the mall to cross the Potomac in serve for a Falls Church Trader Joe's. Coming down 16th, the White House and the Washington Monument were right in front. Then the mall, the Lincoln Memorial, and Arlington. For all the criticism of "Washington," I must say that I get goosebumps when in the capital. As some of my friends know, I served at Camp David for two years while in the Air Force. It was the Nixon years right before the Watergate hearings began in the summer of 1973. During those two years, I developed the strongest respect for the Presidency even if I did not support the current president. And for all of Nixon's failings, he also should be credited with his successes. No President has got it all right and every President, at least in the modern era, has some incredible successes. Whether we are looking at Obama or Bush (both I and ...
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If you are ever in Washington D.C. tour the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument.
Having a great time in Maryland with my family. Got to see the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. Also got to see the White House and go in the American Portrait Museum. Looking forward to the next couple days, but not the 6-7 straight shot plane ride home...UGGGHHH... My butt is still sore from the one here...
Busy...busy...busy! We've been to Philadelphia, Washington DC and NY and went on top of the Empire State Building, Wax Museum, Statue of Liberty, Jefferson Memorial, visit the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, The Capitol, Time Square and Rockefeller Center...whew! We're dragging our butts!!!
55 weeks since my last trip to DC. This time I ran 7 miles from the Hilton past the White House, past the Ellipse, around the Washington Monument, down along the Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln Memorial, up 23rd to the State Department, past GWU returning to the Hilton. My pedometer is motivational.
Morning runs the past 2 days: past the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial. So,I think I deserved the cupcake for breakfast! So far, have had food from Ghana, Ethiopia, Spanish tapas. Life is great!
The girls are full of information about Abe-wa-ham Lincoln. EK had to correct Molly that Abe Lincoln did NOT live in the White House; he lived in the Lincoln Memorial. Ummm. I miss the days we called him "Hammerhead Lincoln". EK went on schooling M on presidential info, only to pause and ask "which president was it that tried to take away our freedom? Was it Barack Obama?" I swear I do not make this stuff up. I am not that funny.
Had a great day...walked around Washington...seen the National Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the White House...spending the night in Roanoke, Virginia...will be in Nashville tomorrow
This will get ALL his pictures and BUSTS thrown out of the White House. Ya think by that giant sand mold at the convention they plan to put his head on the Lincoln Memorial. One more term and they will re-write history to show Barry soetoro Barack Hussein Obama gave the EMANCIPATION PROCLOMATION.
My morning run on the mall may have just made up for suffering the last 10 months in DC. As I left the Lincoln Memorial, the sun rose behind the Washington Monument before I passed the White House where I found myself thanking our President, for being a leader. It may be just a speech, but I'm not afraid to say that, for once, I feel more proud than I do cynical.
spent a wonderful day in DC with my husband and kids. had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, walked the Mall all the way to the Lincoln Memorial, then walked past the White House on the way to our hotel. checked in, got cleaned up and then back out to get dinner at Legal Sea Foods. our waiter was fabulous and gladly took up the lightsaber challenge that the kids throughout. probably heading to the zoo in the morning and then a few more sights before heading home. thank you Carolyn Clayton for taking care of the house and dog.
Holy Smokes - What a day in Washington - We did more today than some people do in a lifetime. Arlington Cemetery (I wasn't aware that 17-21 Burials happen daily - Yes STILL! - Jefferson Memorial - Lincoln Memorial - Vietnam Memorial - Washington Monument - Capital Building - National Airport - Tresury Building - White House (outside only) World War II memorial - Hoover memorial - Martin Luther King Jr Memorial
In Washington D.C:) hit the White House, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Capital building, and Washington Monument all in 2 hours:) that's record time!
Today, on our trek across these United States, Sue and I visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the US Marine Corp Memorial (also known as the Iwa-Jima Memorial) and viewed the Pentagon and White House. Always hard to go to the Wall and Arlington, not because I was in Vietnam (i spent the 'war' with the 25th Infantry just after their return) but because so many have done so much to guarantee our freedom. Ultimately giving their lives to guarantee you and I remain free and strong.
Description of a Washington DC hotel we were thinking of staying at for Labor Day weekend.Please read to the last sentence. Set within walking distance of major Washington, D.C. attractions, including the White House, this hotel blends the charm of the 1920s with many of today's modern amenities, including wireless internet. The Hamilton Crowne Plaza Washington DC is surrounded by top sites, including the Smithsonian Museums, the Washington Monument and DuPont Circle. The Washington, D.C. Convention Center and the Lincoln Memorial are also only moments away. The most recent booking for this property was made August 5 at 14:54 from Kuwait.
Just came back from a wonderful trip to Washington DC with my daughter. Saw the White House, The Capital, Lincoln Memorial. Washington Monument, National Zoo and the best of all The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Good times!
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Well, went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the White House and 2 other Museums. This City is so beautiful and so full of History. I have learned more in 3 days about my country then I did in 12 years of school. I hate to leave. And yes, Ms Kaye I miss you...
This time tomorrow I will be standing outside the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, etc. Can't wait to finally get there!
Yes, its late. We are learning alot here at Bernina University. For dinner tonight we walked about 3 blocks. After dinner we decided to walk to the White House (our map said only 10 mins, it was wrong) Then the Washington Monument was really kinda close, so Charlie and I decided to walk over, then we saw the WWII Memorial and in the background is the Lincoln Memorial and so, yes, we are crazy, and we walked over and then climbed all those steps. On the return trip we went through the Viet Nam Memorial but it was too dark for pictures. Found frozen yogurt on the way back. I am now laying down with my feet propped up on 3 pillows. It was a great walk and lots of fun.
Just got back to Children's Inn after a day of sightseeing in Washington DC. WOW! It's amazing to see how big all the buildings really are compared to seeing them on tv. We saw the White House, Washington Monument, Vietnam, Korean & WWII monuments, Lincoln Memorial. More to see tomorrow! Can't wait.
Get to see the Smithsonian, White House, National Mall, & the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous speech!
TX. Immigrant rights march set for July 4 Immigrant rights march set for July 4 By Elaine Ayala Updated 12:37 a.m., Tuesday, July 3, 2012 Bolstered by recent White House moves to postpone deportations of younger immigrants and the Supreme Court's decision to halt major portions of Arizona's controversial SB 1070 law, San Antonio activists will hold their second annual March for Immigrant Rights through the city's West Side on Independence Day. Participants will hold a “ procesión de velas,” a Wednesday evening procession by candlelight, instead of repeating last year's march in July's scorching heat. Their goal is to bring attention to the November elections and what they see as a slight softening of both Democratic and Republican stances on immigration, or what spokesman Carlos de Leon called “the legacy of George W. Bush's courting of the Latino vote.” “It gives us bargaining power,” he said. “It's finally what we've been hoping for. If we truly organize, we'll have a say” in the shape ...
Proud of my twins: we took the metro to near the White House, walked past the Washington Memorial, to the Lincoln Memorial, around to the south side of the mall, all the way to the Smithsonian Castle and then near National Archives to catch the metro home. They did not complain and were happy all the way. It was a fun day. (and Jim was good too :-D )
In the National Zoo, they have us beat here we are walking in this zoo free and seeing everything from a fishing cat to an elephant to giant pandas thats a shame we pay 7.00 to see nothing. But its been great went to the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and now the National Zoo just wonderful, now its time to eat.
Rebecca returned from her Girl Scout trip to Washington DC. The best part was the hotel, and she brought us coffee and shampoo to prove it (nothing can strip a hotel supply cart faster than a pack of ten-year-old girls). Biggest disappointment: the Lincoln Memorial. She is sad that Lincoln is wearing shoes, because she would like to see a President's feet. Also, the Washington Monument is really, really big; the White House is white; and they went to a museum with paintings.
White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Hill -all check. Now looking forward to opening plenary of
Enjoyed a great run this morning -- across the Key Bridge, along the Potomac River through Georgetown, passed the Kennedy Center, around the Lincoln Memorial, around the White House and back down through Georgetown.
Im back. WOW WOW WOW, what a trip were to begin well at the beach i guess. Just a fun time in Virginia Beach with my bros Connor, Harry, and Rod. I walk dance listened to great music bike up and down the boardwalk, went on the pier had a beer.Virginia Beach blew my mind. Played golf at Virginia Beach USGA golf course incredible , shot a 96 hehehehehhehe Rod got me hehehehhehe. Went to the biggest Naval Base in the world saw the Bush airplane carrier awsome 76 thousand people work on that base crazy. I ate at the best spots Rod and Harry love there food eheheh and yes saw lots off beautiful bikinis ehehehehhe I love fashion ehe. That just the start. We stop in Washington went to the White House, Capitol Hill, Washington Momument ,Lincoln Memorial and more great food .This as been a true experience and an eye opener, the U S A is truly a wonderful place. I know im bringing Brigette there . Im tired but man what a great time. O yeah beer 24 cans of 5.9 for 8 bucks burp.
DC! Tour of the White House, Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, WW II memorial, Korean War Memorial, and last but not least, the Smithsonian American History museum...lots of walking, sore feet but it was worth it!!! Now poolside with a drink! Life is good! But I missed the "puffy shirt" and the ruby Rex slippers!!! Cait and Col when can we go back? He he he he:)
Home from D.C. Took a nap, a shower, and unpacked. Lots of stuff to see in D.C. Washington Monument, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon, Changing of the Guard, Jefferson Memorial. FDR Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial, Arlington Cementary, Kennedys Gravesites, Air and Space Musuem at the Smithsoain.
Jefferson Memorial, White House, Washington Cathedral and Lunch at Air and Space Museum and walk to the Capital Building, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Korean Memorial and more! Sleepy faces but lots of smiles. Big day for the kids today.
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Sightseeing all afternoon in D.C.feet and back are tired but it was great.Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial (my favorite), Natural History Museum (Syd's fav), Korean War mem., Vietnam mem., WWII mem., White House, and Union Station!! Day 2 tomorrow, yah!! Thank you for all the nice notes and likes! Have a great night!!
Ive seen the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Pentagon. Where tf is the white house???
The Washington Monument, White House, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial, & The Capitol are all down at The Mall
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