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The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. Laura Lane Welch Bush (born November 4, 1946) is the wife of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. 5.0/5

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It so refreshing to have a Lady in the White House again. The last real lady was Laura Bus…
Laura Bush brought this amazing painting to the White House by famous black artist Jacob Lawrence depicts the blac…
Wow Melania what a great First Lady finally some class back in the White House since Laura Bush.
"She has style, she has grace, SHES A LADY!" Unlike the White House has seen since Laura Bush! 😎 White House needs
Mrs Cruz is so very articulate...brilliant, and kind hearted ... CLASSY LADY.. hasn't been seen in White House since Laur…
If that's the First Family Portrait & hangs in the White House? And then the Pope visits. Or Pat Robertson. Or Laura Bush.
We need another First Lady from the state of Texas! And, Laura Bush was a real lady and an asset to the White House!
Laura Bush put a Jacob Lawrence in the Green Room, the Obamas love Alma Thomas, and other tales of White House art:
Mrs. Laura Bush is one of the most classiest First Lady's we have had in the White House. The current one, not...
When George W. Bush, Jr. term ended, his father, George H. Bush, Sr. attempted to keep a grip on the White House by pushing his other son Jeb Bush and his daughter in law, Laura Bush run for President they both refused to run. Now, Jeb Bush, Fmr. Gov. of Florida who helped ( wink wink) his brother George W. to win a very chaotic and controversial Presidential Election in 2000. In 2000, Dan Rather was a highly qualified Anchorman with high integrity in this world for many many years. He read the election reports that were coming in and announced his perspective that Al Gore had won the Presidential Election of 2000. He was fired even though he was right. How dare he, Dan the Anchorman tell the truth. It cost him his livelihood because it set off a republican storm by exposing corruption and civil rights violations in Florida. It revised the way America would vote because the 2000 Bush Election was rigged and Florida's Gov., Jeb Bud was in the middle of it all.
Ok, I liked the first two bush presidents, but c'mon, even Laura Bush admitted that there shouldn't be another bush in the White House
Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama have all lived in the White House … and visited Sesame Stre…
Treating War Veterans Like Dirt - Scream The News Dying Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young Reacts to George W. Bush Joke About Missing WMDs.. Original video source: on Mar 21, 2013 Watch the full interview with Tomas Young on Democracy Now! at During our interview with paralyzed Iraq War veteran Tomas Young, who recently announced he has decided to end his life by discontinuing his medicine and nourishment, we get his reaction to jokes by George W. Bush and Laura Bush made at a White House Correspondents Dinner about missing weapons of mass destruction." Check out the Democracy Now! Interactive Timeline of the Iraq War at DOES THIS MAKE YOU FEEL? DO YOU THINK OUR POLITICIANS ARE OUT OF TOUCH?... LIVING IN A SHELTERED BUBBLE? ARE THEY PLAYING GAMES WITH PEOPLES' LIVES? HOW MANY TIMES MORE WILL THIS HAPPEN BEFORE WE STOP ALLOWING THESE THINGS? DO YOU THINK OUR VETERANS ARE TREATED FAIRLY? SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND JOIN THE DISCUSSION AT SCREAM THE NEWS
It’s pretty clear that feminism as it’s portrayed is just a thin veil for what it really is: a war on men. This week, First Lades Michelle Obama and Laura Bush sat on a panel at the U.S. Africa Leaders Summit to discuss what life is like in the White House. Michelle takes the spotlight …
Laura Bush was in the White House for 8 years and she didn't manage to get her yellow *** teeth whitened not once!!! Smh
What the Secret Service thought about the presidents and their First Ladies !! *JOHN KENNEDY *A philanderer of the highest order. * **LYNDON & *LADYBIRD JOHNSON **Another philanderer of the highest order. In addition, LBJ was as crude as the day is long. Both JFK and LBJ kept a lot of women in the White House for extramarital affairs, and both had set up "early warning systems" to alert them if/when their wives were nearby. Both Kennedy & Johnson were promiscuous and oversexed men. *She was either naive or just pretended to "not know" about her husband's many liaisons.* **RICHARD & Pat Nixon **A "moral" man but very odd, weird, paranoid, etc. He had horrible relationship with his family, and in a way, was almost a recluse. *She was quiet most of the time.* **SPIRO AGNEW ** Nice, decent man, everyone in the Secret Service was surprised by his downfall. **GERALD & Betty Ford **A true gentlemen who treated the Secret Service with respect and dignity. He had a great sense of humor. *She drank a lot!* **JIMMY ...
I guess it's a "do as I say, not as I do" for the Obama's ( we all know that they are privileged ... at least in their minds) ... I guess that all of the MORONS that voted for him, and then re-elected him, kids are just as hungry at school as the other kids ... Ann Romney would have been such a wonderful, caring and gracious First Lady, like Laura Bush was ... I vaguely remember when there was "class" in the White House, not now of course ... oh well, hopefully there will still be a salvageable USA when Obama is finished destroying it ... we can only hope ... SEMPER FI!
I was having a talk with my brother today about how I can't stand seeing Michelle Obama (Mooch) on TV. I never asked for her opinions or speeches and I really don't need them. I don't need her telling other people how to eat or how to exercise. Utter nonsense. And expensive nonsense, at that. I compared her to George W. Bush's wife and realized that neither of us could remember her personal name for several minutes! Laura. Yeah. That's it. Laura Bush. She was such a perfect First Lady that we couldn't even remember her name. That is how little she bothered or offended people while she lived in the White House. She sure didn't spend $100 million on personal vacations.
Clinton ? When was she First Lady ? Actually she was Pres while Bill hung around the White House. Anyway, Laura Bush the best...
I love the picture of GW Bush and Laura Bush sitting around the table doing a jigsaw puzzle watching baseball in the White House
Laura Bush: We are now living what I call "the afterlife", in a state George calls "the promised land". She said after they left the White House, a friend sent her a Laura Bush Bobblehead doll. Her friend told Laura she had found it for sale "shortly after Obama's election. It was on the Clearance shelf."
I saw a very offensive post referring to missing a classy First Lady in the White House and showing Laura Bush! Really how about her daughters gettin drunk in another country on a trip that she was on for our country! Michele Obama is extremely classy and her daughters do nothing to embarrass our country. She has also done more for childhood obesity than anyone and does more for our veterans so yes I found that awful picture and comment very offensive!
Laura Bush on pay for 1st ladies. In a sneak-peek for a special “First Ladies” interview with C-SPAN, former First Lady Laura Bush responds to a question about whether or not the president’s spouse should get a salary. She replies that she doesn’t “think so,” because “there are plenty of perks.” Furthermore, Mrs. Bush adds that the real question is whether or not a “First Gentleman” or a First Lady might be expected to maintain a career while married to the President of the United States. Mrs. Bush couldn’t have given a classier or more appropriate response. Instead of insisting on taking even more money for taxpayers, she noted that the First Family is already living in the lap of luxury with chefs, personal assistants, trips, access to Air Force One, and many other benefits. Demanding a salary on top of the $1.4 billion it takes to fund the White House each year is just immoral and disgusting.
Please read. A great writer and a great politician. Bill Yosses, the White House pastry chef, has resigned and is moving on this June. Yosses was hired in 2007 by Laura Bush to make cookie plates and sugar sculptures. After Michelle Obama requested that dishes be lower in fat and sugar and served in smaller portions, he began replacing butter with fruit puree, honey and agave. But, he stated he has never given up on traditional sweets. “I don’t want to demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs,” Yosses said, noting that his departure from the White House is a “bittersweet decision.” Barack is so fond of Yosses’ pie crust that last Thanksgiving, the First Family had nine pies to choose from; huckleberry, pecan, chocolate cream, sweet potato, peach, apple, banana cream, coconut cream and pumpkin. It is interesting to note that there is not a single plum pie in that entire sugary, butter-laden list! I guess chef Yosses did not want Little Barack Horner to be able to pull out a plum and make the fa . ...
Michelle Obama has visited some 23 countries in 72 days of travel. Isn't that appalling? Laura Bush only visited 73 countries in 212 days of travel. That Michelle Obama is really over using her privilege of First Lady, isn't she? She's nothing like the sweet docile Laura Bush who barely travelled at all while in the White House.
WOW! SHE IS WHAT I CALL "HIGH MAINTENANCE!" Mary Lincoln was taken to task for purchasing China for the White House during the Civil War. And Mamie Eisenhower had to shell out the salary for her personal secretary from her husband's salary. Total Personal Staff members for other First Ladies paid by taxpayers: Mamie Eisenhower: One-- paid for personally out of President's salary. Jackie Kennedy: One Rosaline Carter: One Barbara Bush: One Hilary Clinton: Three Laura Bush: One Michele Obama: Twenty-two How things have changed! If you're one of the tens of millions of Americans facing certain destitution, earning less than subsistence wages stocking the shelves at Wal-Mart or serving up McDonald cheeseburgers, prepare to scream and then come to realize that the benefit package for these servants of Mrs. Obama are the same as members of the National Security and defense departments and the bill for these assorted lackeys is paid by YOU, John Q. Public:
A little FYI for y'all: There has NEVER been anyone in the White House at any time who has created such an army of staffers whose sole duties are the facilitation of the First Lady’s social life. One wonders why she needs so much help, at taxpayer expense, when even Hillary, only had three; Jackie Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and prior to Mamie Eisenhower social help came from the President’s own pocket. Yes, Yes, I know, The Canadian Free Press has to publish this because the USA media is too scared they might be considered racist. Sorry USA !
at a Laura Bush lecture... "Reflections on the White House". (mom and I went to a Barbara Bush lecture 20 yrs...
Our next artist is the talented painter Robert Wilkens! Wilkens has been a lifetime Texan and has no reason to leave. Robert found the greatest value in life was creating art. At the age of twenty-three he opened his own gallery and brought art to Schertz. He organized art shows for artists who otherwise would not have had an opportunity to be seen and for patrons who had never once stepped into a gallery. He has continued doing so until 2010, and now his only endeavor is to focus on his own work. His popularity has grown in San Antonio through various art shows and art groups; he has headed up committees and led “Live art competitions”, where patrons can see art being created from the beginning to the end. He has worked for the First Lady Laura Bush at the White House to work on a Tromp L’oeil mural. Robert now creates his own work under his own intent and themes instead of putting himself to work on other people’s ideas. This is some of Robert Wilkens amazing work!!
Laura Bush... "You are the classiest of "All " the "First Ladies" that have ever been in the White House !!! Classy...Decent and Very Respectful !!! I miss you !!!
Former First Lady Laura Bush has recently made a statement that a First Lady no matter who it is should not be paid a salary. She went on to say that there are many of perks living in the White House such as having a chef and traveling all over the world all of the time. For relaxation, she would si...
Don’t know the validity of this but I wouldn’t be surprised if it's true……and if it does come to light to be true even Michelle can't stand him. Subject: OBAMA DIVORCE? ? Hadn't seen this before. But when I went to “Truth or Fiction” it had a note that forwarded me to a Jerusalem publication saying about the same thing. This may be true, since Michelle didn't return to the White House with the President. She stayed in Hawaii to supposedly visit her friend Winfrey. Here's the latest from Washington, DC- "I've had enough!" Furious First Lady Michelle Obama hurled those fighting words at her husband after he publicly humiliated her by flirting with a leggy blonde foreign leader at South African icon Nelson Mandela's memorial service, sources say. In a bombshell world exclusive, the ENQUIRER has learned that in the wake of the mortifying incident, President Obama and his wife are now sleeping in separate White House bedrooms. Sources say an enraged Michelle is also preparing to boot her hubby of . ...
Michelle Obama...Divorce talks heating up, White House leak. Michelle is mad AS *** She feels violated in front of the whole world, and screamed at him, ‘I’ve had enough!’ She’s met with divorce lawyers and told Barack that she wants a life apart from him. Mi­chelle Obama will stay in the White House for the rest of Barack’s term for appearances’ sake, but she made it clear they’ll be leading separate lives. She’s moving into one of the va­cant bedrooms in the family’s private living quarters, and she’s preparing to move his clothes and personal things out of their million-dollar house in Chicago. Behind the scenes, his advisers chewed him out, saying the photo­graphic images of his frat-boy hijinks will haunt him forever. On top of that, women voters have bombarded the White House with letters, phone calls and emails ex­pressing sympathy for the First Lady and anger at the president. Even Obama’s top female advisers and friends like Valerie Jarrett were disappointed with him. .. ...
During her eight years in the White House, Mrs. Laura Bush was a champion of President Bush's ambitious agenda and a gracious representative of the American people. A former teacher and librarian, she has dedicated herself to advancing education and promoting the well-being of women and families wo...
S President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will attend a South African national memorial service Tuesday in honour of late civil rights icon Nelson Mandela, a White House official said. It was unclear whether Obama would stay through to 15 December, when Mandela receives a state burial at his boyhood home of Qunu. The memorial service, at Johannesburg's 94 000-seat soccer stadium, comes ahead of the funeral, which will see a cortege with Mandela's coffin pass through the streets of Pretoria on three consecutive days. Presidents, religious leaders and cultural figureheads from all corners of the world are expected for the funeral. "The president and Mrs Obama will be attending the national memorial service for Former President Mandela on Tuesday in Johannesburg," the official said, adding that further details would be provided later. The White House has indicated that former first couple George W and Laura Bush will accompany the Obamas on the presidential plane Air Force One. Ex-president Bill Clinton ...
I just watched the clips from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno talking to George and Laura Bush. They have more class in their little fingers than the current occupants of the White House have in there whole bodies.
Stayed up late last night and caught George W. Bush and Laura Bush on the Jay Leno Show. I truly admire them.they are so gracious and humble. Their marriage of thirty years is such an inspiration. It has withstood all the years of politics and that in itself is inspiring to me. Can not imagine some of the dark days they weathered in the White House and all the time they have remained loyal to each other. We need more role models like them in the public eye. President Bush also respects and honors our service men and women and will not hesitate to give them the honor they deserve. No matter how one may feel about his legacy as President, I for one respect the goodness in him and respect what he stands for. Just felt good to see him and Mrs. Bush it gave me that warm, cozy, protected feeling again. I miss that.
I was given So here's some things you may not know about me. 1. I'm a middle child of 3 girls and was always treated like the younger sister and also the older sister, never could win. 2. I've battled weak immune system problems since a child and battle autoimmune problems daily. 3. I'm often afraid of becoming sick, especially in public places that I am not familiar with. 4. I love hot baths, and once had my very own 6 person hot tub. 5. I've held a certified teaching license for 19 years. 6. I use to compete in roller speed skating. 7. I've had my picture taken in the White House with Pres. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush 6 times thanks to my very own US Secret Service, Special Agent man!
Great fundraiser and testimony for the Building Hope for the Future Campaign for the women & children living at Kalamazoo Gospel Mission! Looking forward to Scott's testimony, who was home-schooled until 14, then admitted to Arizona State University! The same year diagnosed with kidney disease & spent 10 months undergoing dialysis, the following year rec'd a kidney transplant, which saved his life! He graduated from ASU and was received at the White House by Laura Bush as one of the RFB&D (Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic) scholarship winners in '06. Scott finished 8th in Season 8 of American Idol--the first visually impaired finalist on the show--and performed on the American Idols LIVE! Tour '09 across the nation, including Grand Rapids, MI, with Matt Giraud doing many dueling piano requests to the extent American Idol brought them back the following season by request to do their dueling pianos nationally! May all of us be inspired and encouraged by Scott's testimony!
Video on msnbc.com: During President Obama’s trip to Africa, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama both agreed to speak at a forum about life in the White House moderated by Cokie Roberts.
Mr. & Mrs. Class. They Show Up Again... There's a group of ladies in the Dallas area who make and stuff neck pillows for soldiers coming through Dallas Fort Worth airport. They go to the airport and meet the incoming planes every week and greet the soldiers coming back for a few weeks R&R, give them a pillow, tell them they pray for them, and thank them for their service. The lady who took the pictures said everyone was so surprised to see George and Laura Bush recently just standing quietly in the waiting area with others who come to meet the troop planes. She said it was amazing to watch the faces of the soldiers light up in recognition when they spotted them and that many came over to speak and shake hands. And, tell me once again the name of the man in the White House who bad-mouths this man and his wife. President Bush actually does go the airport each week to welcome the soldiers. IMAGINE THAT!
Every time Obama has to fire-up Airforce One for a golfing trip to see his Golf Coach, or Tiger Woods to play a round of golf, it cost the taxpayers $750,000. While 20 million Americans are out of work, losing their homes, or living in *** because of Sandy this president lives like a king. Giving up his extravagant life-style while Americans are suffering hasn't occurred to this ego driven man. And why not? With all of his Photo Ops using children, and ordinary people to play politics, the first cut he could think of was to cuts tours at the White House so schools have to cancel trips. Disgrace! Maybe Michelle Obama could let one of her 20 or so assistants go. Laura Bush had under 5! Entitlement has been a part of Obama's life since birth. Now he's living the large life on public funds. It's disgusting to everyone but the *** that put this flawed man into office. What a bad example! theodore miraldi
Answer: For 15 years, Laura Bush and four female friends have escaped together for a week every summer. They arrived at Mammoth Lakes on July 8, 2001 and a day later came to Tuolumne Meadows Lodge with an entourage of some 25 people, including Secret Service agents, a White House communications team, various aides and several park officials. The group took up about 15 of the 70 cabins at the site. July 27, 2003 Laura Bush and all her friends arrived at Lake Crescent Lodge in Washington State for a week long vacation in the Olympic National Forest. "I have a group of friends that I grew up with in Midland, Texas, and we hike every summer at a national park," said Mrs. Bush. Yes, she and her friends arrived on Air Force II with lots of Secret Service Agents. July 23, 2006 Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska First Lady Laura Bush arrived in the park by train on July 23rd for a one-week vacation at a private inholder lodge in the Kantishna area. Members of the park staff assisted Secret Service and Whit ...
The inside of the White House is absolutely beautiful. Laura Bush was one great First Lady.
In what was not the first-ever Oscar appearance by a First Lady, Mrs. Obama was beamed live from the White House into Sunday's ceremony in Los Angeles to unseal the envelope and announce that the night's final award, for Best Picture, would go to "Argo." In 2002, Laura Bush appeared at the ceremony on videotape. Americans have long been fascinated by their First Ladies, scrutinizing everything from their clothes and hair to the issues they promote and how they raise their children. Mrs. Obama acknowledged that she and President Barack Obama have added appeal, and perhaps sometimes are subject to extra scrutiny, because they are the first black family in the White House but also a young couple (she turned 49 last month; he's 51) with young children (daughters Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14). She said she doesn't give a second thought to critical comments about what she does as First Lady. Her strategy, she said, is to do things that further her larger goals and Oscar night fit with her support for the arts. She ...
Remember when the right freaked out when Ronald Reagan and Laura Bush participated in the Oscars telecast? Yeah, me neither. And no one said anything going back as far as 1940 when FDR opened the 13th Academy Awards from the White House via radio address. However, Michelle Obama participates and all of a sudden it's an outrage. It's so sad to watch what was once The Grand Ole Party, turn into everyday petty cry babies.
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Because I listen to conservative talk radio at nights: "Former First Lady Laura Bush participated in the opening segment of the Academy Awards in 2002, while her husband was in office. In 1981, President Reagon, newly elected to office, appeared in a taped greeting for the Oscars from the White House." Eat it, Michael Savage.
If people are so upset that Michelle Obama participated in the Oscars, why weren't they upset at FDR, Ronald Reagan or Laura Bush's participation? To the *** who say "it was an intrusion", was it an intrusion with Laura Bush or with Reagan? The real deal about it is that these people just don't like the Obamas - it has nothing to do with a First Lady or someone from the White House participating - that's happened 3 times before. It's all about not liking the Obamas. Period. There was NO politicking, no political speech at all - it was just a glamorous first-lady reading a list and announcing the award, and like it or not, many people like her. She was far more welcome than Seth Macfarlane's utterly juvenile and inappropriate jokes. But somehow, I'm expecting that most of those who are upset with Michelle Obama actually enjoyed the poor excuse for humor.
The President will be in Hampton Roads today; look out for delays in Newport News! While actual routes aren't known, here's the official schedule from the White House: 10:50 am || Departs White House 11:50 am || Arrives Newport News, Virginia 1:05 pm || Delivers remarks on the impact of the sequester 2:05 pm || Departs Newport News
Hi: I watched the Academy Awards Sunday. Why was the First Lady presenting an award? Why mix politics with the academy? I feel she had no business being there. Would have preferred Jack Nicholson giving the award to Argo. There is a time and place for everything. She was an 'uninvited guest' anyway. She needs to stay with politics in the White House. Not everyone at the Academy Awards voted for Obama anyway and did not appreciate her presence. I Agree. How many of you agree with me.
Submitted by Rob Howard on 02/21/2013 - 6:16pmFormer First Lady Laura Bush. Photo by Susan Sterner - official White House photo.JAMIE STENGLE,Associated PressDALLAS (AP) — A pro *** marriage group will replace ads that include former First Lady Laura Bush speaking on the topic with a new ad this wee...
Does everyone know Barney Bush (birth name Bernard Bush; September 30, 2000 – February 1, 2013) the former First Dog passed away on Feb. 1st? RIP dear Barney Bush! "He never discussed politics and was always a faithful friend."... September 30, 2000 – February 1, 2013 "Laura and I are sad to announce that our Scottish Terrier, Barney, has passed away. The little fellow had been suffering from lymphoma and after twelve and a half years of life, his body could not fight off the illness. Barney and I enjoyed the outdoors. He loved to accompany me when I fished for bass at the ranch. He was a fierce armadillo hunter. At Camp David, his favorite activity was chasing golf balls on the chipping green. Barney guarded the South Lawn entrance of the White House as if he were a Secret Service agent. He wandered the halls of the West Wing looking for treats from his many friends. He starred in Barney Cam and gave the American people Christmas tours of the White House. Barney greeted Queens, Heads of State ...
Jacqueline Kennedy received an Emmy for her nationally televised tour of the White House restoration that was viewed by 46 million Americans. She is featured today in the Globe's print-only "First Ladies of America" series. Who is your favorite First Lady?
"The team at the White House was steady and a source of inspiration. Laura (1st Lady) was a rock of stability and love. My brother Marvin and sister Doro, both of whom lived in the Washington area, stopped by frequently for meals. Mother and Dad offered constant support, my family gave me comfort and helped me clear my mind." President George W. Bush in his autobiography titled "Decision Points". This was part of the source of his strenght in the wake of 9/11 terrorist attack. This is what I called family support in time of crisis.
Appointed by Laura Bush, the White House Executive Chef has helmed everything from the Obama family's snacks to the state dinner honoring China's President Hu Jintao.
Politics aside, I happen to think that this is one of the most beautifully gracious moments witnessed at the White House. The Portraits are great; I've always admired First Lady Laura Bush, President George W. Bush's humour is as warm and winning as ever and congratulations to the artist, as well as President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for graciously hostess the unveiling. Reply ·12
I was going through my "memory box" (pics, cards, etc.) that I have saved over the years because they help me recall my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and my siblings and friends. I came across a Christmas Card, my husband Scott and I received in 2008 from the White House and signed by George and Laura Bush. What struck me as I reread the message inside the Christmas Card was the usual greetings but included was the following "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" - Matthew 5:16. As I replaced the card back in my "memory box", I thought I wonder if I will ever receive a Christmas Card again from any President like this. How blessed we were to have had the Bushes and Reagans in office, at least in my lifetime. America is changing, we must "bow the knee" to our King of Kings. He is on His Throne. Pray for a revival.
Thanks to everyone who submitted an answer for Mario Zavala, you're our randomly selected winner. Please PM us your mailing address and T-shirt size to claim your prize. Lady Bird Johnson, Laura Bush, and Lynda Bird Johnson Robb are all UT alumnae who lived in the White House. Hook 'em!
Secret Service thoughts about Past President's and First Ladies GEORGE H. & Barbara Bush *Extremely kind and considerate Always respectful. Took great care in making sure the agents’ comforts were taken care of. They even brought them meals, etc. One time Barbara Bush brought warm clothes to agents standing outside at Kennebunkport; one agent was given a warm hat, and when he tried to nicely say “no thanks” even though he was obviously freezing, President Bush said “Son, don’t argue with the First Lady, put the hat on.” He was the most prompt of the Presidents. He ran the White House like a well-oiled machine.* *She ruled the house and spoke her mind.* *GEORGE W. & LAURA BUSH *The Secret Service loved him and Laura Bush. He was also the most physically “in shape” who had a very strict workout regimen. The Bushes made sure their entire administrative and household staff understood they were to respect and be considerate of the Secret Service. *She was one of the nicest First Ladies, if not ...
Why do the First Ladies need so many personal staff that cost all of us tax payers a lot of money? Michelle Obama has a personal staff of 22. That is not White House staff, that is just personal staff. Unofficially there is between 2 and 4 more. The staff is costing us tax payers 1.5 million dollars a year. Remember she has no official duties. Jackie Kennedy had 5 Barbara Bush had 4, 2 were part time Laura Bush had 15 Hillary Clinton had 19 This should be our first cut in our deficit.
This interview was awesome, The First Lady, Laura Bush is a very caring person. I sure miss her in the White House, but she continues to help others wherever she travels. She sets a great example for all of us to follow! Many blessings to the Bush Family! Prayer partners continue to pray for Malala, she's a very courageous young lady, I can just imagine what she will do in the future. She has made an impact on thousands! (:
Ann Romney seems to have nearly as much class as Laura Bush ... It will be nice to have a classy lady in the White House again ...
Laura Welch Bush(1946-) First Lady Present First Lady Laura Bush has taken an interest in the effects of the September 11 attacks on children. She has revived the more traditional role of First Lady back to the White House. Relationship: 6th Cousin 1 times removed
Ann Romney is such a classy lady. I can see her in the White House. She reminds me of Laura Bush - poised & confident, but never arrogant.
Presidents and industry insiders avoid GMOs The Obama family has wisely opted out of exposing themselves to GM foods by requiring organic--and therefore non-GMO--foods served at the White House. They are even planting an organic garden on the South Lawn of the White House, to feature 55 types of vegetables. The Bush Family also had an organic kitchen policy. Laura Bush was "adamant" about it, but kept it all quiet. Even at Monsanto, many in-the-know employees won't consume the company's own GM creations. Back in 1999, the management of the cafeteria at Monsanto's UK headquarters in High Wycombe, England wrote: "In response to concern raised by our customers . . . we have decided to remove, as far as possible, genetically modified soy and maize (corn) from all food products served in our restaurant. . . . We have taken the above steps to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve." And one former Monsanto scientist told me that his colleagues, who were safety testing milk from c ...
What ever they pay those guys is not enough to haul her mega *** around! Is she drunk or trying to be sexy. I think I threw up in my mouth!!! Does anyone ever remember Jackie Kennedy or Laura Bush ever acting like this? No but class has left the White House and now we have Bozo and his clown!
I think Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan were among the greatest First Ladies to have ever lived in the White House. Hillary Clinton, not so much.
I have kept a running tab on our present administration since it took office. please take a moment to read this if you're seriously considering a vote for our current President to stay four more years in our White House: President Barack Hussein Obama is the President who has done these things: •Apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner. There is documented proof of this. •Have a social security number from a state where he has never lived. Also documented •To go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayer. •To preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States of America. No, it wasn’t Bush’s fault. •To have 22 personal servants at taxpayer expense for his wife. To see why this is an issue, consider that it is unprecendented by former First Ladies. Mamie Eisenhower had one aid, Jacquelin Kennedy one, Roseline Carter one, Barbara Bush one, Laura Bush one. The onl ...
Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush... EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!!! This is America's First Lady in the White House!
I am having a hard time seeing the 'First Lady' in a dress without sleeves! I never cared that much for Jackie Kennedy, however, the lady knew how to dress and look like a 'First Lady', as did Barbara and Laura Bush. Then we have a President that is brewing beer in the White House. Does anyone see anything with that picture? JS
I am a senior citizen and have lived through a lot of First Ladies. i have found something to like about most of them, but I must say Ann Romney is everything i think a First Lady should be. She has the class of Jackie Kennedy, the intelligence of Hillary Clinton, the bravery of Betty Ford, and the great love of Barbara and Laura Bush. We need her in the White House.
Romney has chosen a Proverbs 31 wife...Hopefully she'll join other famous First Ladies in the White House: Eleanor Roosevelt, Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Barbara & Laura Bush...Women that have stood by their men and stood for other causes.
Thus far, in my opinion, Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush were the 2 most beautiful 1st ladies in the White House in my time!!
I just watched a program on PBS called Monarchy. President George and Laura Bush were hosting Queen Elizabeth in the White House. It was quite a production and they showed such CLASS! I pray that we can get America back on track and get our world image back as the premiere country that every country wants to emulate. We don't need a president that apologizes for our actions (or inactions) we need a president to LEAD! Come on November!
Bringing ghetto values to the White House since 1/20/09. It goes to show that you can take the girl out of the 'hood, but you can't take the 'hood out of the girl. Doesn't she have someone on staff who can explain the word "decorum" to her? No dignity or respect for the office from either of them!! Well, I've never seen any other heads of state acting like that. Very undignified. Did anyone ever see a pic of Queen Elizabeth like this? Or Margaret Thatcher? Jackie Kennedy? Laura Bush? Yeah.didn't think so.
I am reading "Spoken From the Heart" by Laura Bush. Close to the end of the book she says "I wondered if Barack Obama, who spent far more time attacking George than he did his opponent, John McCain, would want to amend his words once he discovered the reality of the White House and was himself confronted by the challenges and crises that hit a president every day, all day" Wonder what she thinks about that today.
Unprecidented means never happened before: According to AP: "Moreover, according to the Associated Press, several other First Ladies had larger numbers of personnel working for them than Michelle Obama does: A look at some First Ladies and their staff sizes: Laura Bush: Between 24 and 26 by end of President George W. Bush's term in 2009, according to Anita McBride, Mrs. Bush's Chief Of Staff. Lady Bird Johnson, whose signature issue was beautifying roadways, had a staff of 30, said Stacy A. Cordery, a history professor at Montmouth College in Illinois who studies First Ladies. Betty Ford had almost the same number. Jacqueline Kennedy, who made renovating the White House her cause, had about 40 people on staff, Cordery said.
Since leaving the White House, Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush have pursued humanitarian work abroad in an area that has become particularly contentious for Republicans at home: women’s health. The Bushes recently opened a women’s health clinic in Zambia, a country that has t...
Laura Bush was both the First Lady of the White House and the Last Lady of the White House!
Great First Ladies. I long for a woman of grace in the White House like, Laura Bush, Nancy Regan, Pat Nixon, Barb Bush, Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower, Betty Ford and yes even Hillary makes the cut... BTW, Mamie, Bess and Barbara were no trophy wives but they were women of grace and wisdom. I didn't mention Jackie for a reason. She fits with the above but should be mentioned separately because at a very young age she was there and represented this nation beautifully in appearance, speech and grace. If you want to see why I say this, get the picture of MO in the one awards show, dressed like a common street hooker. None of the above would have done that. You may also note that about 1/2 of the ones mentioned are democrats. I did not mention on purpose Lady Bird Johnson because I believe she was party to the assassination of JFK and Elanor Roosevelt who actually usurped the power of the presidency at times.
I just saw a documentary on a visit from Queen Elizabeth to the U.S. in 2007. She visited Williamsburg, VA, etc. Had State Dinner with then President George W. and First Lady Laura Bush. Laura Bush was so elegant and poised. Made me so proud of our White House residents as they represented us. Not all First Ladies have the class and elegance Laura does. You did us proud, all of your years and you are still doing Texas proud. Thank You!
Former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush crack up the room at their White House portrait unveiling. For more video on this event, check out:
This is a ramarkable painting, and I think it was hung in the White House, this week. This is an interesting couple. Laura Bush is a school teacher, who seems to have focused on one student. Her husband. How sweet is that? I remember while working at StageWest, Hilliary Waters, Rory Seeber's wife, suggested that I read a book that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, about his Second Wife, Shiela Grahm. The book was A CLASSROOM FOR ONE, or A LESSON FOR ONE, or something like that. Shiela Grahm, was from the wrong end of London, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, did his best with her, in Polite Society, in Hollywood. It wears a person down, when the entire world, hates your guts, and wishes you only bad things. In my lifetime, I do not think there has been a more unpopular, and hated president, that George W. Bush. This picture, takes all that away. I truely hope that he is enjoying his life now. I think it was incredibly sensitive, and savy, for Michelle and Barak Obama, to have Laura and George, back to the ...
Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush bring humor to the unveiling of their official White House portraits.
The first very inspiring thing the Obama administration has done so far, by having George and Laura Bush at the White House. I still salute George W. Bush.
G.W. Bush just said it best "Laura Bush: The GREATEST First Lady to EVER occupy the White House"
This will be interesting 2 watch. Obama will host George W. Bush and Laura Bush at White House tomorrow 4 unveiling of W's official portrait
Laura Bush: An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady: When Laura Bush moved into the White House on January 20, 20...
Re: The Left "The authenticity of conservative women has always been under attack by radical orthodox feminists, but perhaps not as brazenly as by someone with such direct and frequent access to the corridors of the White House message machine as Hilary B. Rosen. ... [Ann] Romney, sneered Rosen, 'never worked a day in her life' outside of the home and should have no voice on women's issues. ... In 1992, Hillary Clinton mocked women who stayed at home and 'baked cookies and had teas.' In 2004, blueblood Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, sniffed that First Lady Laura Bush ... never 'had a real job -- I mean, since she's been grown up.' ... What's striking about Rosen's latest ideological sniper attack is that she is not some lone-wolf operative on the fringes of Beltway influence. She works with former White House communications director Anita Dunn at the D.C.-based strategic communications consulting firm SKDKnickerbocker. That's the same company that promoted t ...
Hilary Rosen and Hillary Clinton: Ah those sweet, sweet memories of Hillary Clinton saying she wasn't "some little woman standing by her man, baking cookies" -- and of Teresa Heinz-Kerry's wondering if Laura Bush had ever worked a "real" job and the understanding that Michelle Obama had a $300,000 a-year job created for her out of whole cloth, and then discontinued when she left for the White House. --Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney and the Credentialists The Anchoress
POLITICO asked Anita to respond to the comments made by Hilary Rosen regarding Ann Romney. It should be posted soon on POLITICO, but in the meantime I wanted to share it. I'm proud of my wife's response: This saddens me. I know and respect Hilary and know she is a hard working mom with a great job both inside and outside the home. Ann Romney chose a different path and I thought feminism was about us women having the freedom to make choices about our lives. Whatever that path we take I don't think it makes any of us less qualified to talk about important issues facing the country and we all know the economy is first and foremost on our minds. I am working harder now than I ever did because I worry my kids won't have half the chance I did. But after many grueling yet fulfiliing years in the White House I would rather be home with them more. This comment also reminded me of the 2004 campaign when Teresa Heinz Kerry made a similar statement about Laura Bush. Never one to take the bait, Laura Bush understood ...
I will herby quit watching the Biggest Loser. The show is now being filmed at the White House and Miss Barry O is getting involved.please excuse me while I go puke.Funny thing is that Laura Bush never got to do this.
Charlie Rose - Laura Bush/Fashion Week (February 7; 2008): A conversation from the White House with the First La...
"George W. Bush's White House was a woman's world. Laura Bush ran the show." - Nicolle Wallace
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