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The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. Ann Lois Romney (née Davies) (born April 16, 1949) is the wife of American businessman and Republican Party politician Mitt Romney. 5.0/5

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Ann Romney on her battle with multiple sclerosis and the race for the White House
Though sources close to Mitt Romney recently announced he’s once again “thinking about” another bid for the White House, at least one of Romney's GOP colleagues thinks Ann Romney had the right idea. “I’m with Ann Romney on this one: No, no, no, no, never,” Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told ABC News' Jonathan Karl at a forum of three likely 2016 presidential candidates in Palm Springs, California, Sunday night. Romney “would have made a great president,...
In this case, Queen Ann Romney who felt the White House her birthright!
Ann Romney: ‘Mitt and I are done’: The Hill – by Jesse Byrnes Ann Romney ruled out another White House bid by ...
Ann Romney slammed the door Monday on another attempt at the White House for her husband Mitt, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.Attempting to put a pin in rumors that her husband is secretly plotting another campaign for higher office once and and for all, Romney told a reporter for the Los
Ann Romney weighs in on another run for the White House
Ann Romney didn’t do much to further the notion that her husband, Mitt, might try for another run at the White House in 2016 — but she didn’t do much to stop it from spreading, either.
Ann Romney on Tuesday added a little more fuel to speculation that her husband, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, may make a third run for the White House.
I guess it's a "do as I say, not as I do" for the Obama's ( we all know that they are privileged ... at least in their minds) ... I guess that all of the MORONS that voted for him, and then re-elected him, kids are just as hungry at school as the other kids ... Ann Romney would have been such a wonderful, caring and gracious First Lady, like Laura Bush was ... I vaguely remember when there was "class" in the White House, not now of course ... oh well, hopefully there will still be a salvageable USA when Obama is finished destroying it ... we can only hope ... SEMPER FI!
It should be President Mitt Romney and First Lady of the United States Ann Romney -- not those cave-dwellers tainting our White House and taxing us to death.
On CNN, the former GOP presidential nominee said he wished Hurricane Sandy never happened — because it gave President Obama the chance to look presidential. Of course, there were a lot of other reasons to wish Sandy didn’t happen — including 125 deaths and about $62 billion in damage. But Mitt has his own problems. However, Ann Romney assures us that the couple who thought they would be living in the White House right now are done with grieving their loss. And she’s often been joined in the grieving process by people who burst into tears when they see her. “It just happened yesterday, again,” she said. “It’s happening less and less when people see me and start to cry.
Let's face it - one of the main reasons Mitt Romney lost was the thought of Queen Ann in the White House.
Just watched Mitt and Ann Romney interview with Chris Wallace. Sure wish they were in the White House now. Mitt's best response to the questions about the sequester: "Why would a president refuse flexibility on the cuts?", and, "Nero is fiddling". America made a terrible mistake in November. I'd guess that many people watching that interview know now that they should have voted for Mitt the Manager.
Just saw a clip of Mitt and Ann Romney with Chris Wallace. Full interview Sunday. I am saddened by people who beat up on Mitt. He would have made a fine POTUS. Is a Class Act that would make us proud. It is an indictment of the 90%ers who rejected this guy. For those calling Mitt a RINO,none of the other candidates could have won in 2012. The way things are going it's gonna be a long time before GOP occupies the White House. WASS.
Days after skipping President Obama’s Inauguration, Mitt and Ann Romney are coming to Washington. The one-time White House hopeful will visit D.C. with his wife on Friday for a reception in their honor, National Journal reported.
“Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine, and the White House is upset about it because National Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them.”
Romney profile Mr Romney, a former one-term governor of Massachusetts, brought to the race wealth, business experience, a national profile and a broad network of fundraisers and supporters left over from his failed 2008 White House bid. With his square jaw, gleaming eyes and immobile hair greying at the temples, he could be a presidential candidate straight from central casting. He has been married to his high-school sweetheart, Ann Romney, since March 1969. Mr Romney lost the party's 2008 nomination race to Arizona Senator John McCain but took only a brief break from the campaign trail. Almost as soon as Barack Obama was in the White House, Mr Romney began building support for the 2012 contest. He hoped that his background in business would help him convince voters that he, not President Obama, was the man to manage America's halting economic recovery. To win the Republican Party nomination, Mitt Romney had to convince primary voters of the authenticity and depth of his conservative principles, and to ov ...
Ann Romney wearing Nancy Reagan red tonight. Sorry, Ann - but you don't to be First Lady - or redecorate the White House.
wake up, stupid *** lol Nov. 4, 2012 Mitt Romney the GOP candidate who violated federal ethics laws will be the first Presidential candidate to be charged before an election for President. Criminals in the White House? As of November 1, 2012 the United Auto Workers have charged Romney with hiding profits of up to 15 million dollars from the Auto Bailout of 2009, and his wife Ann Romney where the funds were used from her “not so blind” trust accounts. The UAW isn’t the only organization that is filing the complaint, it is joined by: CREW, SEIU =Service Employees International Union, Public campaign, People for the American Way and the Social Equity Group. Mitt Romney in public opposed the Auto Bailout by the Obama administration yet he build a profit center around Delphi Investor Group that he hid in a limited partnership trust. This offshore corporation in a limited partnership inside a trust hid the profits and reduced taxes through the use of devious loopholes. Ann Romney is implicated here beca . ...
Heavenly Father grant us peace and love for one another. Save us from another four years of this muslim in the White House. I Pray for Mitt and Ann Romney and their family and for Paul Ryan and his family as they come into the final stretch of their campaigns. Thank you Holy Father that this man of God is running against the liar-in-chief. I pray that the victims of Hurricane Sandy are able to be fed and may they have water and warm clothes and blankets until the recovery reaches them. Father heal this great nation of ours and bring us all together. In Jesus name Amen
5 days to the election. Man will I be glad when it's over! = WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW 5 DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION By NEDRA PICKLER and STEVE PEOPLES The Associated Press Thursday, November 1, 2012 1:24 PM EDT ROANOKE, Va. (AP) — Presidential politics reignited in the wake of natural disaster Thursday, with the candidates beginning their full-throttle closing arguments with new vigor on the same pocketbook concerns that have dominated the campaign from the start. President Barack Obama, Republican rival Mitt Romney, their wives and running mates were blitzing across the country in the busiest day of campaign events yet. The six principals were hitting seven swing states that will help determine on Tuesday which man will occupy the White House for the next four years. After avoiding criticism of Obama by name for a full day after Superstorm Sandy, Romney aides said Thursday it was game on. That was evident as Romney stood in front of a semitrailer cab emblazoned with the logo of the Roanoke, Va., window and d ...
"Today the Secret Service caught a woman trying to sneak into the White House with a mysterious package. Turns out it was just Ann Romney with some carpet samples."-Jay Leno
ie Pavlich Romney Campaign Bus Being Used For Hurricane Relief Efforts Katie Pavlich News Editor, Townhall Oct 28, 2012 05:19 PM EST Click if you like this post! Sign-Up In a true example of leadership, Mitt Romney has sent his campaign bus to aid in hurricane relief as Hurricane Sandy prepares to slam into the northeast as early as tonight. Donations were being accepted today at the Romney campaign Virginia headquarters. Ann Romney was scheduled to appear in New Hampshire tomorrow, but has canceled plans so resources can be spent helping people affected by the storm. Twitchy has more: President Obama has canceled and rearranged campaign events in preparation for the storm, something he didn't do in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks in Benghazi. President Obama is canceling some campaign events in Virginia and Colorado so he can monitor Hurricane Sandy during and after its expected landfall on the East Coast. After a campaign event Monday in Youngstown, Ohio, Obama will return to the White House as ...
Ann Romney can feed a family of 30 for $137.50. This came from the Rachel Ray show. This is going to be one terriffic 1st Lady in the White House She knows how to budget by shopping at Costco so we have both Mitt & Ann Romney both knowing how to balance a budget Something we definetly need in the White House and for our country. Obama & Michelle only know how to spend our tax dollars. If you don't want to vote for Romney then vote for another party, anybody but not Obama. Wake up America!
Is it me or is anyone else disturbed by the pics of blond haired fair skinned Ann Romney under which people declare how "beautiful" she is and how well she will represent our country? Personally I think Michelle Obama is a stunningly beautiful woman who has stood up for things I find important (as opposed to the ideals and lifestyle of Mrs Romney) and has been a gracious representative of our country around the world. Representative of the glorious diversity of our country, not just the northern european Anglo saxon portion of it. I rarely post any rants but i think its time we really took a hard look at the underlying basis of so much unprecedented resentment toward a President of the United States starting before he even took office. All politics aside, this is a very serious issue and worry to me: why so many have simply been unable to accept a dark-skinned First Family, even before they took up residence in the White House.
Ann Romney seems to have nearly as much class as Laura Bush ... It will be nice to have a classy lady in the White House again ...
On Nov. 6, 2012 lets all do are part to make them our next First Family. The family that is using our White House right now needs to start packing, so Mitt, and Ann Romney can move in come Jan. 20, 2013.
Mitt and Ann Romney desire is to live in the White House and become President and 1st Lady... it's a possiblity... but can they win the hearts of the people... I think not. and that's is what they don't understand... President Barack and 1st Lady Michelle Obama are loved by the people. and all the money in the world can't buy you love. this my thinking...
Ann Romney is such a classy lady. I can see her in the White House. She reminds me of Laura Bush - poised & confident, but never arrogant.
Tell Obama to put his money where is mouth is...and donate his salary to the U.S. to help pay for something...anything...but him.Mitt Romney worked for the state of Massachusetts as Governor for 4 years and received NO PAY! (CBS News) When Mitt Romney took over the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, he refused a salary for the job. He didn't take a salary as governor of Massachusetts, either. When CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley pointed the pattern out in an interview with Romney and his wife, Ann Romney, she laughed, "Oh, I know where you're going with this one." The former governor and GOP presidential nominee wouldn't say whether he would accept the roughly $400,000 a year salary that comes with the White House if he wins in November, saying only, "I have no announcement. ... We'll see what the future holds." But the Romneys stressed in the interview that they have long been involved in charity and service, particularly through the Mormon church, where Mitt Romney served as a bishop -- the leader of ...
Rosemary Ellis of Good Housekeeping reveals what she learned in her interviews with the wives of the two White House candidates, talking about Michelle Obama's daily workouts with the president and Ann Romney's “lovely” personality.
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Keep your eye on ABC next week. Ann Romney will gues host GMA Wednesday. And Diane Sawyer will interview Barack Obama at the White House, with the first bit airing Wednesday. BLS BS? – Jack Welch led the a small, probably short-lived charge against Labor Department jobs data today. He suggested on T...
has anypne else noticed that 4 yrs in the White House, Ann Romney will look just like Barbara Bush??
Word has leaked out that Campaign Manager and occasional Caribbean Socialite Ann Romney was deeply disappointed by the fact that if Mitt wins the White House in November, she would only be known as "First Lady"...not, "Anne the First, Queen of Polymer".
"If we win the White House, there's my new horse crate for Air Force One." -- Ann Romney, on the space shuttle final flight
Mitt Romney snores, loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and secretly admires Snooki from MTV's "Jersey Shore." Ann Romney hogs the blankets, irritates her husband by leaving the cap off of toothpaste and once walked in on former President George W. Bush getting a massage while exploring the White House...
Coming up at 4pm, a rocky weekend for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their Sunay show appearances - we start there with Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland; Karen Finney, Jon Capehart and Ana Marie Cox discuss the injection of God into Mitt Romney's Saturday speech (with Pat Robertson) and a question on Ann Romney; a note on Mitt Romney and his decision not to mention Afghanistan in his RNC speech; TopLines weekend recap will set up Robert Traynham, Dana Milbank and Julian Epstein on sequestration and climate change; Brad Woodhouse will talk Medicare; Kristen Welker checks in from the White House; Martin Clears the Air...see you soon...
Throughout the GOP convention, Governor Romney featured women who have triumphed over enormous obstacles. Olympic gold medalists, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Governor Susana Martinez (NM), and Ann Romney, whose feats of strength include raising the couple’s five sons, all shared support and the GOP's spotlight. Compare that record to the Democrats’ production. The DNC features Bill Clinton, the infamous philanderer whose adulterous conduct led to the term “Bimbo eruptions” during the 1992 presidential election, a memorial video to Ted Kennedy, who left female "companion" Mary Jo Kopechne to die at the bottom of Lake Chappaquiddick, and President Obama, who pays women working in his administration 18% less than he pays men, according to his 2011 annual report. Democrats are dedicating this election cycle to the notion that their opponents are waging a “war on women.” Yet it was Bill Clinton who used his position in the White House to demonize Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wille ...
These are the faces of America, this is who rightfully should be in the White House next year. When I think of America I imagine THIS! NOT Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama, or filthy rich Willard and Ann Romney. What have we done? :(
Ann Romney may think she is entitled to live in the White House, but Michelle Obama showed her and the rest of the nation what a real First Lady looks like.
First Lady Michelle Obama countered Ann Romney's personal, heartfelt speech at last week's Republican National Convention with her own portrait of discovery over the past four years in the White House
From the "Get a Load of This" Department: The Democrats had originally planned to have Obama's nomination acceptance speech in the 73,778 seat capacity Bank of America Stadium, AKA "The Vault." But get this, because of "weather concerns," they wanna keep it at the 20,000 seat capacity Time-Warner Cable Arena where they are currently having the convention. How mcuh you wanna bet the weather in Charlotte is gonna be just fine on Thursday night? Now, I dunno about you, but methinks the real reasoning behind this is that the Dems don't wanna be embarrassed if they can't fill "The Vault" the way they filled up the 80,000 seat Invesco Field in Denver back in 2008. And they make a big deal over Clint Eastwood's empty chair? Pullleeeze! This is just but one of many indicators that the Obama ambience has been lost, and probably will not be recovered. It's over Barack and Michelle! Start cleaning out the White House, and packing up your things. Make way for Mitt and Ann Romney, the new blood of America, and the rea ...
I am a senior citizen and have lived through a lot of first ladies. i have found something to like about most of them, but I must say Ann Romney is everything i think a First Lady should be. She has the class of Jackie Kennedy, the intelligence of Hillary Clinton, the bravery of Betty Ford, and the great love of Barbara and Laura Bush. We need her in the White House.
Who would be a better First Lady: Michelle Obama or Ann Romney? No question. Michelle Obama has proved she's incompetent. We need new blood in the White House, not a globe trotting anti American thief.
Wow, Ann Romney is the embodiment of what a Presidential First Lady should be. Reminds me of Nancy Reagan in all the good ways. Chris Christi did a great job of identifying why Romney is the only choice to lead the country. Thank God for the New Republican Party. What great work all the republican Governors have accomplished at the state levels and what can happen when one of these success stories takes over the White House!
Listening to Ann Romney talk about hard times is like Charles Manson Talking about peace. Please net worth $250 million and she sits up at night worrying about the mortgage's and how she loves women. What are the men just laying around drunk. I feel like I'm listening to Sara Palin ramble. Thanks for speaking Ann. LOL. All the way back to the White House.. Please stop talking.
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Dems/Libs loved horses when Jackie Kennedy rode them, Ann Romney will be in good company in White House!
One hears this frequently from people like Hounshell who report on national security and intelligence matters in Washington. That the powerful Senator who has devoted herself to criminally punishing low-level leakers and increasing the wall of secrecy is herself “one of the biggest leakers in Congress” is about as perfect an expression as it gets of how the rule of law and secrecy powers are sleazily exploited in Washington (moreover, as EFF’s Trevor Timm observed yesterday: “Strange, I don’t remember Sen. Feinstein decrying leaks coming from the White House when they led to the Iraq War“). By her own reasoning, Dianne Feinstein should be criminally prosecuted for espionage and threatened with decades in prison (indeed, as an American citizen and government employee, she certainly has greater legal duties not to leak than does, say, private Australian citizen Julian Assange, whose prosecution she is demanding). But as Democrats are very fond of pointing out these days — as they did, very fai ...
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Monday insisted that he would not release more than the two years of tax returns he had already promised because they could be damaging to his White House ambitions. Over the weekend, …
We know our president well, with four years to get acquainted. But, we know little about the man who is running against him. I hope you will read this to gain insight into who is this man is, who happens to be a candidate for the White House. Things You Should Know About Mitt Romney Personal Information: · His full Name is: Willard Mitt Romney · He was Born: March 12, 1947 and is 65 years old. · His Father: George W. Romney, former Governor of the State of Michigan · He was Raised in: Bloomfield Hills , Michigan · He is Married to: Ann Romney since 1969; they have five children . Education: B.A. from Brigham Young University , J.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard University · Religion: Mormon – The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints Working Background: · After high school, he spent 30 months in France as a Mormon missionary. · After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar, but never worked as an attorney. · In 1984, he co-foun ...
Hilary Rosen was right: Ann Romney hasn't worked a day in her life. Raising 5 kids with a gallery of maids and butlers doesn't qualify as work. Save America and keep these people from getting into the White House.
Mitt & Ann Romney want to bring Big Love to the White House.
Ann Romney had some kind words in a recent interview for First Lady Michelle Obama, the woman she could replace in the White House if Mitt Romney wins the 2012 election. “I think she's lovely," Romney said of Obama during an interview on Fox News.
Ann Romney raised 5 boys. She successfully battled Breast Cancer and multiple sclerosis. But what does White House insider Hilary Rosen say about Ann
The first closet has increasingly become a subject of interest since Michelle Obama swept fashionably into the White House in her Jason Wu ball gown. Yesterday, Ann Romney's clothes stole the spotl
Todays mathematical political trivia: 1-How many times Hilary Rosen (the woman who attacked Ann Romney for not having a "job", who Obama has now distanced himself from) visited the White House? 2 - How many cents on the dollar has Obama paid female staffers compared to male staffer? ANSWERS: 1 - 35 times. 2 - 87 cents for every dollar paid men.
With the Secret Service and the GSA getting into their party groove and the Democrats starting to hit the campaign trail, which will mean more gaffs like attacking stay at home mothers and whatever Bill Mahr said about Ann Romney. The coming season will be wild and wooly. A personal note I voted for Obama but I had hoped he would respect the national debt by not coming to Ohio 20 (as per tv news) since his election. He should talk from the White House. It would show he was serious about curbing money spent on parties and trips that could be avoided. The President should set the good example. As Gandhi said "we must become the change we want to see".
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss White House adviser Hilary Rosen's attack on Ann Romney. Sarah Palin told Sean...
On his 9 a.m. et MSNBC show The Daily Rundown on Friday, NBC political director and chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd referred to Hilary Rosen's denigrating remarks about Ann Romney as a "manufactured controversy" a total of eight times throughout the one-hour program, mostly during the fir...
Did anyone else notice how Obama tried to pretend he didn't even know Hilary Rosen? "This was an ill-advised statement by someone on TV". - Obama"s response yesterday about Hilary Rosen's insulting comments about Ann Romney. What he doesn't want people to know is that Hilary Rosen (a Democratic strategist who works with the Obama administration on messaging) is a frequent visitor to the White House. She's been there at least 35 TIMES and met with Obama himself, personally, 5 TIMES. Throw her under the Greyhound bus with the others: Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Van Jones, Tony Resko, Blagoevich...Hilary Rosen...who's next? When the media exposes your relationship with Obama and it presents him in a bad light...you're history. You gotta go. You can tell a lot about a person by the people he hangs out with. Personally, I've seen enough.
You can't win department. So Democrats from the White House on down immediately condemned Hilary Rosen's comment about Ann Romney not working. And Mary Matalin is upset, because they came down too fast and too hard, and should have been more supportive of Rosen. Ah politics.
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Hilary Rosen and Hillary Clinton: Ah those sweet, sweet memories of Hillary Clinton saying she wasn't "some little woman standing by her man, baking cookies" -- and of Teresa Heinz-Kerry's wondering if Laura Bush had ever worked a "real" job and the understanding that Michelle Obama had a $300,000 a-year job created for her out of whole cloth, and then discontinued when she left for the White House. --Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney and the Credentialists The Anchoress
The NBC and CBS morning shows on Thursday completely skipped any mention of a nasty attack on Ann Romney by Democratic National Committee adviser (and frequent White House visitor) Hillary Rosen. Today and CBS This Morning both ignored Rosen's insult that Mrs. Romney "has actually never worked a day...
POLITICO asked Anita to respond to the comments made by Hilary Rosen regarding Ann Romney. It should be posted soon on POLITICO, but in the meantime I wanted to share it. I'm proud of my wife's response: This saddens me. I know and respect Hilary and know she is a hard working mom with a great job both inside and outside the home. Ann Romney chose a different path and I thought feminism was about us women having the freedom to make choices about our lives. Whatever that path we take I don't think it makes any of us less qualified to talk about important issues facing the country and we all know the economy is first and foremost on our minds. I am working harder now than I ever did because I worry my kids won't have half the chance I did. But after many grueling yet fulfiliing years in the White House I would rather be home with them more. This comment also reminded me of the 2004 campaign when Teresa Heinz Kerry made a similar statement about Laura Bush. Never one to take the bait, Laura Bush understood ...
Ann Romney critic frequent White House visitor: While the Democratic National Committee was quick...
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