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White House

The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States.

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From the White House to Mar-a-Largo to Trump Tower—we deserve to know who has Trump's ear & who is wielding their influ…
FBI Director Comey visits White House for "regular meeting"
State-owned website Sputnik seeks White House press credentials
Russian state-owned news site applies for White House press pass | TheHill
Russian-owned news outlet applies for White House press pass
Paul Ryan after leaving the White House - the lamest thumbs up ever is a picture worth a thousand words.
The Art of the Deal. Republicans got Congress, Senate and White House and they still couldn't beat President…
See how the newly released White House budget will affect NASA's Earth sciences program
White House aids purging records/phones after Benedict Nunes goes rogue for .3rd time. N were all like tax reform next? Whats up Russia?
As the House delays the health care vote, President Trump honked the horn while meeting with truckers at the White House ht…
GOP Replacement to Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House Intensifies in White House, Congress - Breitbart SenateGOP https:/…
Congrats on Today. Miss the class you and Michelle brought to the White House. Hope you are enjoying being private citizens.
'We're getting closer and closer': White House on healthcare vote
Here the White House readout of my meeting in DC with Pence:
Speaker Ryan, concerned they don't have the votes, dashes to the White House. South Lawn Cam:
Paul Ryan Rushes to White House to Tell Trump Votes Are Lacking to Repeal Obamacare - The New York Times
Spicer on Trump and Ryan meeting at White House: "They are continuing to discuss the way forward on this."
In related news, Steve Bannon is preparing the guillotine for Paul Ryan on the South Lawn of the White House.
NEW: Paul Ryan heads to White House to discuss healthcare bill
Can't wait 4U and UR fellow RUSSIAN TOOLS 2 get the "SADDAM HUSSEIN" treatment! White House South Lawn is goid place 4 it!
Donald Trump walks out of the White House to meet with truckers and CEOs on the South Lawn yesterday. (Photo by Mel…
Chelsea Clinton's senior prom was in the White House. She was very under qualified for her NBC News gig. She def "g…
Still no deal on Obamacare repeal after White House meeting
Trump has a new tech whisperer in the White House
You know a Republican is in the White House when a SCOTUS nominee is sailing thru the Senate & CNN is asking whether he's a…
When we had an honest, scrupulous person with morals in the Oval Office, and when taxpayers paid for only ONE White House.
I'm doing rather fine. I would love to have you over to show you the restoration we have done to the White House.
Poll. If Hillary Clinton had won, given Chelsea a White House office and a security clearance, how would Republicans be…
Bo and Sunny, the Obama family dogs, on the South Lawn of the White House, 8/19/13. More photos: https…
President Trump and Vice President Pence greets truckers and ceos on the White House South Lawn
You have reached the White House:. Press 1 for Oval Office . Press 2 for Trump Org. Press 3 for Shoes & Handbags. Press 4 for…
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White House ignores anti-lobbying law in desperate attempt to save its health care bill.
The nonsense of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' STILL makes more sense than Saruman's White House.
Trump ‘will be vindicated' on surveillance claims: White House
White House: Lawmakers will vote on healthcare Friday
Trump, Bannon and Miller have given the name of the White House a whole new meaning.
White House officials and Speaker Paul Ryan tell House GOP they're done negotiating before Friday's health care vote
White House slams Obama's defense of Obamacare as repeal vote looms
Among those not going to White House: Martellus Bennett, Chris Long, LeGarrette Blount, Dont'a Hightower & Alan Branch.
White House throws Trump campaign manager under bus, just like Flynn. I wonder how long before "aides" realize they…
Shot to death after criticizing Putin, the same guy now pulling the strings in our White House. Great job, Republicans! https:/…
On May 1, 1973, Nixon asked his White House chief of staff, Alexander M. Haig Jr., "Wouldn't it be better to just check out?"
Southland Congresswoman Karen Bass Meets With Trump at White House has been published on LA West Media -…
📣I also remember the legislative "visit from the Capitol to the White House" that preceded that quote!
Congress asks White House for information on any link between Russia and Flynn | By
White House is 'short' on votes required to pass Obamacare replacement bill through House
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Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House with President Trump
How the Trump hotels chief is navigating expansion plans with its founder in the White House https…
Lindsey Graham on Nunes briefing the White House before the intel committee: "I certainly wouldn't have done that" https:/…
Herman Melville, broke and looking for a government job, attends a White House reception and meets Abraham Lincon.…
A former White House ethics lawyer says the Queen and Obama could jointly sue Trump for libel
"As the vise tightens on President Donald J. Trump's campaign's contacts with Russian operatives, the White House...
*** ! Ivanka Trump moving into White House sign of something much, much more worrying says former Cabinet secretary
Former AG Loretta Lynch encourages protesters to help get President Trump out of the White House
Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice explains how the White House is destroying our standing in the world with its lies. https…
These former White House lawyers are doing critical work to help protect our democracy from Trump Admin. Follow them
Outside of the White House, meanwhile, a team of former Obama adm officials is working to subvert Trump's agenda
What? Trump is inviting Palestinian President Abbas to the White House... Ok, you are gonna make me love love love you
Obama invited Snoop Dogg to the White House. D convicted felon bragged he smoked a blunt n Lincoln's Bedroom. . Never again w…
Top Republican runs to White House to share leaked intelligence; it's . time for a special prosecutor
Lincoln? That's the guy with the bedroom in the White House right? He was a President? LOL
yes, where are they all hiding?. Robert Reich: Where are the grown-ups in the White House? via
Brigitte Gabriel says a "practicing Muslim…cannot be a loyal citizen"—and says she has a meeting at the White House.
And the *** loves having dinner at the White House now. Check your spine at the door much, Ruby?
With Ivanka moving into the White House, Trump created the cabinet position Secretary of Closets. Imelda Marcos has been offered the post
Sir, and that crazy man in the White House seem to be on witch hunts. You are making demons regular folks out of work. Shame.
Russia-Donald Trump link: Smoke? Fire? Or just a 'big, grey cloud' over White House? (News)
White House claimed Trump had a day full of meetings, but the truth emerges with a swamp selfie
Republicans, you control the House, the Senate, and the White House. Start acting like it.
Judge Gorsuch – going strong! Keep up the good work. In the words of “slam dunk”
If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention! We need to get these moochers out of the White House! http…
Ivanka Trump now has her own White House office, so we thought we'd make her some fitting motivational posters.
Susan Rice: False statements from the W.H. pose "real and potentially profound dangers to U.S. national security.". https:…
Feds investigating whether far-right news sites played any role in Russian cyber operation. . HT .
Tonight! As paranoia seizes the White House, Trump staffers take drastic measures to keep their work and private lives…
.Wondering if u can arrange 4 me to work at the White House? I promise to be the best Trump babysitter.
Women shouldn't take job advice from a woman whose career depends on daddy. Looking at you, Ivanka.
Sadly, the White House is trying to create a sentiment against "leakers." My advice, stop breaking the law & leaks wouldn't b…
the WH today not only invited America's most prominent anti-Muslim activist for a visit, it apparently lied about it http…
The FBI’s Russian-influence investigation includes a look at the Breitbart and InfoWars news sites
Under fire over Russia investigation, White House officials choose to change the subject
Susan Rice: When the White House twists the truth, we are all less safe. Why veracity matters to our security. https:/…
VICTIM-person injured or harmed as a result of a crime or action. That does NOT describe the position of a senior White House s…
Ivanka Trump company is sued, accused of unfairly profiting from White House
FBI: "We think Russia may have gained control over the White House.". GOP: "We're really upset about how you learned that…
My house is a wreck because of it, but...Keith boots?? They started out all white.
Amy Swonger, a lobbyist employed by Hillary fundraiser Heather Podesta, just got hired by Trump
This is crazy. If Sean Spicer cites a news article as evidence from the official White House podium, it should be accurate.…
"Just remember she’s only sitting in that seat because her daddy let her." Whoa, Cosmo.
The budget is so indefensible that the President won’t even let his cabinet officials testify to Congress htt…
White House distances itself from Paul Manafort, who reportedly laundered money to himself from a pro-Putin - Salon
As i've said before, i never understood why breitbart had Russian search engine tags in its code.
The battle between and has been going on so long, it's hard to picture one without the other.
Cosmo wrote an article whining about Chelsea getting $600K/year from NBC and a seat on the board of Expedia, right? htt…
I'm going to leave this right here.(from a current Trump White House Aide)
Something terrible is happening. America's most prominent anti-Muslim activist is welcome at the Trump White House
Yes. You did a great job. You in for the fillabuster? An illegitimate White House…
FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites
White House Security Weighs in On the Truth that Obama forced the wiretaps through Loretta Lynch "Guilty Obama"
White House issues gag order to officials on budget details
Ivanka says she will "volunteer" to comply with ethics laws. Will she "volunteer" to go to jail if she breaks them? ht…
Today Ivanka received top level security clearance and a White House office.
I'd like a Top House Intelligence Committee member, to explain his communications with the Trump White House…
Pretty scathing takedown of Ivanka getting WH role here from .
Oh, did Comey lie again? I'm sure Trump is really concerned... in his Oval Office... in his White his Presi…
You are a liar and you do not respect the White House. You dug your spike heels into the brocade o…
Hard to object to Ivanka in the White House when we already have an unqualified person with personal business interests in the Oval Office.
White House stops taking credit for stock market as Dow Jones, Nasdaq drop
White House defends President Trump’s golf habit, argues it's different than Obama's by htt…
if the White House welcomed David Duke, it would be a big deal. apparent visit today should be too https:/…
Ivanka Trump apparently will have an expansive portfolio in her White House role, not just offer insights.
Trump cuts arts funds and Irish musicians say "No, Nay, Never" to the White House on St. Pat's Day
Do we owe this to the Nazis in the (very) White House?
Alternate theory that was posed to me about giving Ivanka Trump a formal role - White House is having trouble filling many j…
Ivanka into the White House? It’s like a coup, and the dictator’s family is moving into the palace as it prepares to the loot…
OMG! This is worse than the Trump Tower bugging! Give up drugs to work in the White House?
There is a parallel power structure being put into place in the White House which bypasses all confirmation and accounta…
If I remember from the White House pictures, Jason Heyward's girlfriend looks uncannily like Kris Bryant.
will be outstanding in her White House role
Boris Johnson to meet Steve Bannon in White House visit
House Appropriations Committee chairman on White House budget chief:
dream come true to see in the White House where he belongs. Miss your words of wisdom on Pat! We need u!
White House delays release of climate executive action
People act like it's such a big deal that the FBI is investigating the White House for espionage.
Donald Trump wouldn't have to make $18m education cuts if Melania lived in White House instead of Trump Tower
Political analyst Chris Robling: “I believe that the White House is not functioning properly and
Get this person out of the White House. What a disgrace.
Comey didn’t put the cloud there. The Russians did. The cloud isn’t over Trump’s White House; it’s over all of us. Do your job!
White House still won't back down from Trump's wiretap claims
White House installs political aides at Cabinet agencies to be Trump’s eyes and ears
Ivanka Trump, who retains close ties to her business, will take a role in the White House
White House claims FBI, NSA told Congress that Russia did not influence election
"The big question isn't what Trump and White House are saying about Russia story. They will evidently say anything."
If ANYONE thinks Trump meant Obama as in singular and not under the umbrella of HIS White House- They are literally retarded
James Comey testifies about the White House, Russian hacking and Trump's wiretapping claims -…
BREAKING: Ivanka Trump will receive an office in the White House, but will not have an official job
Spicer's line on Manafort/Flynn was absurd, but the implication is clear: the White House is starting to worry
White House tries to distance Trump from campaign aides amid FBI investigation writes.
Who the *** is Ivanka Trump to receive a security clearance? Get this family of grifters out of our White House already.
White House: Trump still won't apologize to Obama over wiretapping
Ivanka Trump, who is getting a White House office, was involved in building a hotel in Baku plagued by corruption:
6. White House seems to be setting itself up to argue that no one IMPORTANT on the campaign colluded with Russia
New reports raise questions about Ivanka Trump's role in the White House
a fortune for every-weekend trips to FL; Mrs Trump staying in NY instead of White House; etc. Unnecessary expenses: he should pay. 2/2
Hmmm, if I were or I would be scared. White House is already selling them down the river.
FBI’s Trump-Russia probe knocks White House on its heels
One Trump adviser dismisses the internal White House mess and says the only fight that matters "is the one inside Trump's he…
Congratulations on your move into the White House with no role and no responsibilities except to enrich yourself even furth…
show us the proof about Chelsea or her office in the White House or state department, oh Russian troll
GOP senators hoping for changes to health bill emerged from a "frustrating" White House meeting, Sen. Mike Lee said.
Republicans said anyone under investigation should not be in the White House use that as a catchphrase
If you wonder why Ivanka Trump will have office in White House, . read James Gibin, Edith Wilson: The Woman Who Ran The United States
What the White House's obsession with Andrew Jackson means for the world
Ivanka Trump Gets an Office in the White House, But We Don't Know What the *** She's Doing http…
Ivanka Trump moved to D.C. saying she would play no formal White House role. Now, she has a West Wing office.
Ivanka in the White House? Nepotism? Narcissists can't see the fall coming until the floor hits them in the face. https:/…
Read Christopher Steele's dossier. More and more proven true. Hear that noise...rats fleeing White House.
And yet Republicans control two thirds of state houses, plus the House, Senate and White House.
How long before he gets hired by Breitbart (or the White House)?
So wait, White House, House, Senate, State Houses, and STILL excuses? Maybe they are just good at campaigning but can't govern
The protests include a free agent, Christopher Wood, a former White House adviser to the French government.
Ivanka Trump White houses biggest leak I think it is ileage for her to have access to any documents in White House files
Why? The GOP has been complete *** over Garland, Benghazi, etc., America gave them both houses of Congress, White House.
Ryan: Expect changes to White House's proposed budget cuts for NIH
It is good that the courts are continuing to challenge the White House on recent bans, writes Pat Perriello.
DOJ seeks to expand White House's authority to fire agency directors
Wait, only 37% approve of Trump yet we control the White House, Congress and 2/3rds of State Houses? One is not like the o…
"Trump invites Palestinian president Abbas to the White House as he tries to jump-start Middle East peace process"
.speaks out on White House's proposed budget including cuts to via…
That's started by regressive Democrats because they have lost White House,Senate,House of Reps & most state legislatures.
Chairman of Cooperation Ireland Christopher Moran at the White House for St Patricks day celebrations
Individual motivations in the White House. See new blog post & radio show audio:
Trump's 'new friend': What happened at the White House, when Enda came to visit... (via
Today, Monday, 1st day of Spring. Let's hope the weather improves because this circus at the White House casts a la…
Virginia man, 29, who 'drove up to the White House in a stolen car and claimed…
If the White House anti-administrative-state lawyers are correct, our constitution is a suicide pact
Progressive drives to White House gates, claims to have bomb
President Trump will host Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the White House on Monday.
US makes formal apology to Britain after White House accuses GCHQ of wiretapping Trump Tower.
New York state’s attorney general is preparing to escalate his office’s litigation against the White House
New York AG steps up scrutiny of White House by hiring public prosecutor to scrutinise Trump administration
Instead of White House aides searching for excuse to not ditchParis climate deal Trump shd say promise has same sta…
New post: What's the game plan at the White House? Is there one? .
EHRLICHMAN: Alright.. for the White House to get out in frontof this and that once Hunt goes on, thenthat's the ball game..
These kind of accusations against the President have no place in our White House ! I for one am tiered of this ! Sc…
Melania and Barron Trump moving to the White House in June: report
White House security boosted after arrest
The guy faking the bomb at the White House checkpoint yesterday, in guerrilla warfare, would be the test run.
White House meeting with Trump was catastrophic for Merkel
: Person in custody after driving to White House gates and making bomb threat - CNN One person was in cu…
Barron Trump takes his first trip across White House lawn | Daily Mail Online
A new hit show could be Fawlty Towers but in the White House with Donald as Basil Fawlty and Spicer as Manuel.
Report: George Conway, husband of White House counselor, chosen for key Justice Department post.
and the circle is complete. the White House propaganda output is being orchestrated by Vladimir Putin.
Florida attorney general Pam Bondi said to have job in Trump's White House - Chicago Tribune
Jason Chaffetz says White House intruder was able to “rattle the door handle” – CBS News
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel sits next to Ivanka Trump, Friday, March 17, 2017, at the White House in Washington…
Security alert at the White House as intruder attempts to jump fence
"The U.S. Secret Service uses Belgian Malinois to guard the grounds of the White House". NOT GERMAN SHEPHERDS.
BREAKING NEWS: Secret Service responds to another fence jumper at White House
fascinated by what's going on at the White House. is Eliza Doolittle as Henry Higgins in Pygmalion
Former chief of NSA's TAO division Rob Joyce to be White House cybersecurity coordinator (Mar 15) good pick, I'd say
"Spicer should resign as White House press secretary" Nah, he's comedy gold!
Was the same Secret Service agent on duty when "back pack boy" wandered the White House grounds for 17 minutes?
Ivanka Trump takes centre stage as she sits next to Angela Merkel for White House meeting.
White House tries to promote Trump's budget, accidentally shares column mocking it:
The president is no longer safe on the White House grounds, according to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino,
Former Secret Service agent makes DEVASTATING claim about Trump’s safety in the White House
President Trump no longer safe in White House: Former Secret Service agent |
Watching Independence Day and the alien wants the people 2 die. Sounds just like the White House.
Secret Service confirms an intruder was loose on White House grounds for 16 minutes
Secret Service has a problem Trump not safe at the White House and they can't control their lap tops lax agents need blame & correction
The man who climbed over the White House fence last week managed to roam undetected on the grounds for 17 minutes
Secret Service employees "extremely disappointed and angry" over handling of White House fence jumper
Secret Service issues unusual press release over White House intruder via
White House intruder on grounds 16 minutes before arrest: Secret Service | Reuters ➜…
Merkel is just trying to figure out what bathroom to use at the White House.! Merkel is giving Trump the Nazi evil eye stare!
Such a gracious host👇greets German Chancellor Angela Merkel and welcomes her to the White House.
White House fountain dyed green for St Patrick's Day as Trump says he 'loves Ireland'
If a "Fascist was in the White House", all Democrats would be in concentration camps right now
There isn't a southern White House!!! There is one White House and it is located in the Mid Atlantic region of our country.
Irish PM St Patricks Day speech yday at White House with Trump on compassion for migrants/ Lady Liberty https…
To be clear; I believe it is our moral duty to be outraged every day that Nellie is in the White House. Now, back to movi…
So the White House will apologize to Britain for the wiretapping whopper but won't apologize to the American people? https…
Trump - the paranoid android BBC News - Trump distances White House from GCHQ wiretap claim
I added a video to a playlist White House photographer shares behind-the-lens moments / Barack Obama
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"Spicer should resign as White House press secretary"
WSJ reports that George Conway, husband to senior WH adviser Kellyanne Conway, is the pick to run DOJ civil division https:…
Do the soon to be felons in the White House understand that only the first 1-2 that cooperate with investigators will…
US apologizes to Britain over White House claim GCHQ ‘wiretapped’ Donald Trump
Who can forget the embarrassment of St Patrick's day 2010 when Brian Cowen ate the Shamrock before meeting Barack Obama…
Trump and Merkel to hold joint press conference via
Lawrence: Trump 'most deviant man ever to live in White House'
When speaking about the VA, Trump manages to sneak in a plug:. "Everybody always wants to go to the southern White House"…
Great to see the Leader of the Free World at the White House for the 1st times since Trump's "election"
Trump welcomes Angela Merkel to the White House, says their first meeting was ‘very good’
White House Lauds Article That Says Trump Budget Will 'Punch the Impoverished in the Face' http…
Watch Live: President Trump meets with Angela Merkel at the White House.
This was in today's email from the White House. So clearly, literally no one read the linked piece by did…
'Outrageous': expert slams White House for denying ' link to
What about when someone issues a false and defamatory report in the name of the White House and Presidency?
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Trump welcomes Merkel to White House for high stakes visit - Washington Post
The White House adds very negative review of budget to website and email blast
White House sent out an email today highlighting a WaPo piece about Trump's budget... ...unfortunately, it's satire https:…
White House starting new St. Patrick's Day tradition on South Lawn for Irish children: hiding potatoes
First on CNN: White House jumper on grounds for 15 minutes before caught, Secret Service source says - CNN
White House cites satire column to tout budget
The focus of the budget includes boosting national security, including law enforcement and border security.
Trump and Merkel to meet for first time at White House
White House, some conservatives agree on health care changes (from
Europe's most horrible person is in the White House. The damage she's done to her country and our continent is unprecedent…
FACT: If Melania Trump lived in the White House for just 10 days we could fund Meals on Wheels for a full year.
White House forgets to read the article, shares parody lampooning its cruel budget
I wonder what genius over at the WH was responsible for this:
Will the White House now have to apologize for having not apologized?
President Trump appeared to ignore Chancellor Merkel's offer of a handshake in the Oval Office https:/…
Breast Cancer Awareness
If you are an outspoken, strong woman and/or in a leadership position, Trump's body language here will be familiar 😏. http…
So, wrote a parody about Trump's budget essentially punching poor ppl. The White House labeled it "news" in an…
It's clearly high time to hand White House exterior security over to the
I don't like republicans in the White House they invariably cause wars 2 shore up their warped brains ideas of right 4 the lunatic fringe.
and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during German-American business roundtable at the White House. On right, I…
Today welcomes the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, to the White House. . Watch their press conference: https:/…
Angela Merkel is at the White House. Reports indicate Merkel invited a dozen homeless people into the Oval Office. Secr…
Trump welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House - USA TODAY
LIVE NOW: Donald Trump, Angela Merkel hold first face-to-face meeting at White House. WATCH:
he was there to greet her as she arrived at the White House and did shake her hand
From counterterrorism to public broadcasting, the new White House budget proposal has some…
I think the White House needs a loan of Father Dougal's helpful diagram:
White House budget proposal slashes science funds for everything from climate science to nuclear fusion
White House repeats claims that Obama ordered Brit *** to bug Trump's phone
Billionaire nails why Donald Trump is losing control of the White House #
White House budget chief: Proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels are compassionate to taxpayers
I remember when Barak Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House, supported them in Egypt, & put them…
Remember when Michelle Obama used to host St. Patrick's Day at the White House? Melania Trump won't even be there. https:/…
Can't make this up! White House denies Senate Intelligence committee's findings because he believes a "failin' New York Ti…
Jim We stared into the abyss at the White House in the search for truth and didn't find much
Have other Nazis been in the White House? Wernher von Braun was invited to a 11/25/63 reception, but it was cancelled after JFK was shot.
Ok you and I aren't always the best of friends, but this White House budget proposal is your time to step up and shine.
Great day at the White House and on the Hill discussing efairness and tax reform. Thanks to Terry Mon…
"He stands by it." Spicer makes official what he's been doing: the White House still believes Obama ordered wiretap of…
Still a surreal day looking back on it four months later. When Obama, Trump and LeBron were all at the White House.
WATCH: speaks at "Friends of Ireland" lunch after meeting at White House with Irish PM.
White House says CBO was “way, way off … in every aspect” of scoring Obamacare. That's not accurate: https:/…
How did we get here? How could a man so utterly unqualified end up in the White House as leader of the free world?
3 arguments the White House uses for eliminating the why they're all totally wrong:…
= much like Hitler's SS but wear wife beating shirts and ties when at the White House
All purpose parts banner
I know right, goto blame FoxNews for getting a deadbeat Apprentice celeb into the White House
Why is White House pursuing exec order on immigration? Not, I suspect, for reasons stated.
Usually one would ignore Huckleberry Hound over here, but his daughter is a White House spokesperson so this might…
Trump’s advisers liken him to Andrew Jackson, the first populist to win the White House. So how alike are they?
answer reporters at White House, but at a rally he sounds like he's on trail.
Everyone pause to give a slow clap for Stephen Miller, strategic genius, giving court reason to strike down White House t…
Finally a couple in the White House worthy of celebration! We celebrate Resurrection Sunday - Praise the Lord!
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