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Trump sued for not releasing White House visitor logs
Sean Spicer calls reports of administration infighting "overblown" and "little more sensational than it truly [was]…
BREAKING NEWS: The White House has announced that it will be sending Soulja Boy and a hunnid fifty highly trained shooters…
Trying to figure out the big difference between Seder photos from the Trump White House vs Obama White House. Hm.
Today these wooden eggs travel from ME to DC where they will be used @ White House Easter Egg Roll. Made by Wells W…
US strike in Syria message to all countries, future strikes a ‘possibility' - White House
refused to go to the Passover dinner at the White House. Wanted to watch Hannity
White House warns of potential US 'red line' over barrel bomb attacks
Pepsee: Representing the world against TRUMP. The White House is in a state of disorder; a total lack of organisat…
Barack and Michelle Obama leave Tahiti as they continue their post-White House tropical tour
None of the observant Jews in the First Family were at tonight's White House Seder (Photo below left). Obamas always m…
The White House should just come out and say; "This country cannot feed our veterans or elderly because Trump has 3 res…
Trump admin sued over lack transparency for White House, Mar-a-Lago visitor logs
Watchdog groups are suing to get visitor logs from the White House and Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida
Every citizen under 45, watch "All the President's Men," a genius film about the most corrupt White House in US history...un…
White House readout of Trump’s call with Japan's PM Shinzo Abe about North Korea earlier today:
Russia is on the verge of taking control of a US oil company, prompting US lawmakers to warn the White House
Gorsuch’s dark-money benefactor was present at his White House swearing-in ceremony:
White House seeks to clarify barrel bomb comments on Syria
White House account of May/Trump call much less specific than Downing St one. Omits commitment by Trump to try now to b…
THE AYES HAVE IT! No roll call for never trump. America is not sending another politician to the White House
What's it going to take for the President to respect LEO's?. Light our White House blue!. htt…
Meet the women of the First Lady's Office. Read their stories on
R/T and Send a Cruz missile to the White House.
Why the Political Party in the White House Is Irrelevant to the Stock Market
Kicking off the 2nd White House Mapathon. Watch live at
Trump - this is a new time, Hillary - is the past! I offer you the keys to the White House, please take.
Electricity-generating tiles to be installed outside White House
White House flag flown at half-staff as a mark of respect for the police officers killed in Baton Rouge.
Put up the lights , since wont light up the White House!
♤◊ Antique Book, Country Squire in the White House by John Flynn 1940 1st Ed. Rare
The White House has denied a petition to label a terrorist organization.
Watch Michelle Obama dance to Beyonce in Carpool Karaoke cip with James Corden
Melania will bring womanhood, elegance and femininity back to the White House… A role model for girls & young women!
Obama White House decisions. No comment required… dead black singer matters more than many murdered cops.
Reports indicate White House meals are organic. What they want the rest of America...
Obama gives Islamists a pass: "won't pass judgment on Erdogan gov actions in last 24-48 hrs” http…
WESLEY HALL! Loving this fresh blue and white living room from a recent project! Check out more of the house in...
I got the keys keys keys/Till U in the White House U can't be me/How U steal speeches in 2016
51ft inflatable joint in front of the White House
tests long-range ballistic missiles. puzzled if ok by White House http:/…
heads up as it's like hunting for truffles finding white poppies 🐷, you can get them at Quaker House on Euston Road https…
.I hate missing votes, but I hate the idea of White House more https:…
White House releases action plan to confront ‘real and present’ space weather threats
Pres Obama called a S. Carolina school and said, "Hey, cool desk, Defiancé, want to bring it to the White House?" http…
My deep-dive into Clinton White House docs from 1996:
Everyone need to be the winner. To enter the Tz's White House.
Uh oh. Halloween warning at the doors of the White House Briefing Room.
The classiest sassiest best values White House family in History. End of story. Vote on it. https:/…
White House plans to aggressively deploy President Obama to rally Democrats in 2016
This is how Jeb Bush hopes to revive his sagging White House bid - The Week Magazine
Obama could still make a difference in 2016 White House polls
White House issues report on improving biosafety at federal labs
The untold story of how the US prepared to kill Osama bin Laden
Obama puts White House light on diversity in American music
Rap squats in the White House. What a time to be alive.
Great to see Fire star among the Aussie contingent at the White House today meeting with
White House Press Secy. Earnest on today’s shooting in VA
Democrats overwhelmingly think Hillary Clinton is their best shot to win the White House
White House calls on Congress to reduce gun violence
White House spars with Koch brother, says 'chose to squeal' to reporter
It's First Dogs have long been part of White House history. Who's your favorite?
Hey Obama -- he SHOULD have had the out of control Mexican arrested!.
Latinos unidos 4 Hillary event last night was INSPIRING! We're ready to get Hillary to the White House! h…
Vornado finds a buyer for prime site near the White House
California hosts White House in early education celebration
Donald Trump is an unstoppable force is slaying all before him, reports in Iowa.
Learn all about the REAL top dogs in the White House on
Hey DC!! Papa H is in the house!! Actually I'm just loitering at the White House!!!
ALUMNI NEWS: Major Naomi Porterfield Dennis '03 has been named a White House Fellow for 2015-16
Bowling in The White House w bag http:/…
White House takes swipe at Trump for booting Univision reporter from press conference:
White House jumper killed in courthouse lobby via KYW
Happy National Dog Day. President Bush with Millie and her puppies on the White House lawn.
America deserves better Click to take back the White House.
Donald Trump in Iowa: Unstoppable force is slaying all before him as he looks more like a…
When you go to your white friends house but your mom said you can't go outside barefoot
The Reagans most famous pet at the White House was Rex, a King Charles spaniel.
Dear God bring sanity to the White House, STOP this deal. No nukes for Iran...
White House feud with Koch brothers intensifies:
White House says is another example of "all too common" gun violence
Man who climbed White House wall killed in Pennsylvania courthouse
Women White House staff R still paid less than Men under Obama
All White House photos from the state funeral of are now digitized
Obama plans to confront Chinese leader on cybersecurity during his visit:
of the Open Innovation Office for the White House talks impact of impact cha…
Finally finished,This was a 3 bed studio house in the country. White all round & stripped wood,then varnish. Oooshh 👍
special report is on now as gets ready to speak from White House.
We were stoked to put on our August 2015 cover! Now, see the White House's response: . htt…
Standing by at White House for to hold news conference on Iran deal
WATCH NOW: Obama to discuss from the White House
Brave 11-year-old who stood up to bullies gets invited to the White House
President Obama will hold a White House conference later this morning. Scott Pelley will anchor live coverage
WIRED : With a new pilot program, the White House will connect thousands of homes to the Internet …
.to help bridge digital divide in Initiative (
I spy with my little eyes The White House. by isabella.27
Colin Minx Purple/White # 55 here/ready to go. A lot of energy in the house!!!
"This morning, the United States became the first country to reach Pluto. ". Source:The White House. 2015.7.15
Pre press conference. White House. by mhoffmanboston
On This Day: Meeting Ruby Bridges at White House when Norman Rockwell’s painting, featuring Ruby, was on loan, 2011 http…
Learn ways to simplify your space as you plan for the future in your home:
swears "WILL prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon." Promise can't keep. htt…
While we wait for Trump to be taking the White House Over, Saudi Arabia and Israel will make a pack against any...
claims "we've stopped spread of nuclear weapons in this region." Region LOL. http…
Iran will keep 1/3 of its installed centrifuges. Grants "right to enrich." http:…
gets to keep reactor in Arak in production. Lesson? Build-baby-build. htt…
A new White House program will help connect public housing residents to the Internet.
White House: Federal deficit set to drop again
Obama: if Iran violates deal, future Prez can always go to war. Against a nuke Iran? htt…
Photo: White House press corps enters White House ahead of President Obama's press conference on Iran nuclear deal…
Watch: President Obama to hold a press conference at the White House on the
Republicans are latching onto this one White House comment to highlight 'the big lie' of .
Obama chuckles: I'll "continue our unprecedented efforts to strengthen Israel's security."
Fox News: WATCH LIVE: President Obama holds press conference at White ... -
he has "mutual respect" 4 Iran. Minus dead folks hanging from cranes. http…
Hello Wednesday from Calm White Room! OPEN various hours and pst..'it's an in-house secret I'd like to share as...
: "threats to eradicate that's a dead end." For who?.
COMING UP: President Obama to hold news conference at the White House -
The White House’s contradictory immigration policies are under fire in the courts
ISRAEL PRIME MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU AND President Barack Obama (White House Photo) Elections in Israel, the acquisition of Nuclear capability by Iran, the political tug of war between the U.S. Congress and the President, the rift between the Israeli Intelligence Agency, Mossad, and Israeli Prim…
Always liked this picture of President Reagan walking to work along the Colonnade (White House Photo)
Mrs. Obama and daughters on Great Wall of China - the Mutianyu section (White House Photo)
JUST IN: White House confirms that US President Barack Obama has canceled his upcoming trip to the APEC summit in Bali, Indonesia due to the US government shutdown. White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Portuguese American photograph Pete Souza on the official White House Photo of the President
Watch Edie Lambert's exclusive interview with President Obama tonight starting with KCRA 3 Reports at 5 p.m. (Image Courtesy: Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson) Click this link to see more behind-the-scenes images.
Photo of the day: President Barack Obama walks with Chief of Staff Jack Lew during a break from debate preparations in Williamsburg, Va., Oct. 14, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Celebrating the Power of Girls Via Barack Obama congratulates Google Science Fair winners, from left, Naomi Shah, Shree Bose, and Lauren Hodge in the Oval Office. Photo:Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
President Barack Obama watches the Vice Presidential debate aboard Air Force One with staff, en route home from Florida, Oct. 11, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for perso...
First Lady Michelle Obama talks with children attending Camp Noah as they make trail mix at the McAlpine Park Recreation Center in Birmingham, Ala., July 18, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy) - Photos of the First Lady
Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Senior Advisor to the President, in 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
President Barack Obama signs a bill into law at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, Aug. 10, 2012. Staff Secretary Doug Kramer, left, prepares the next bill for the President's signature. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza There’s been much consternation today at the White House about a bust of Winston Churchill. A quote from conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer has ignited a fiery blog post from normally serene White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer. “Obama sta...
President Barack Obama shoots baskets on the White House basketball court with Justin Friedlander and his family, July 6, 2010. Friedlander, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in March, 2009, has launched an initiative called Justin's Quest, in which he will shoot 40,000 basketball shots, one for every person diagnosed with a primary brain tumor each year in the United States. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
President Barack Obama welcomes Stephanie Decker, her husband Joe Decker, and children Reese and Dominic, to the Oval Office, June 29, 2012. Decker lost her legs while saving her two children during a tornado in southern Indiana in March. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) A Kentucky woman who lost both legs shielding her children from a tornado walked arm-in-arm with President Barack Obama into the Oval Office on Friday. The visit by Stephanie Decker came just under four months after the twister wrecked her home in Henryville, Ky. She had tied a blanket around the children and thrown herself on top of them when falling debris crushed her legs. … When not using a wheelchair, Decker, 37, is able to walk for extended periods using prosthetic limbs…. Decker was joined by her son Dominic, 9, daughter Reese, 6, and husband Joe, 42, for the Oval Office visit, which came just before Obama flew to Colorado to view damage from the state’s wildfires. It followed a handwritten letter from Obama and a f ...
The White House wrote: The President and Mrs. Obama hosted military personnel and their families for an Independence Day celebration with a barbeque, a Brad Paisley concert, and a view of the fireworks over the National Mall. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Dear fellow American Veterans, Please consider the following before buying into any plea from Obama for your vote come November... On August 6, 2011, a CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan killing all 38 people on board -- 30 of them Americans, 22 of them Navy SEALs. When the bereaved families gathered together three days later for the solemn Dignified Transfer of remains at Dover Air Force Base honoring their fallen loved ones, they notified the Pentagon (as per SECDEF policy) that they did NOT give their consent to having media present, and their decision that “no public images of the ceremony be made or released” was delivered by the Pentagon to President Obama himself -- who disregarded it! In fact, Obama intentionally chose to drag his photographer Peter Souza along to take a picture of himself . . . saluting caskets! Obama would, in fact, use that offending image more than once: He brazenly made it his White House Photo of the Day despite the controversy and public outcry from t ...
President Obama sits on the famed Rosa Parks bus at the Henry Ford Museum. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
April 2012: Photo of the Day: Check out the White House Photo Office's picks for Photo of the Day in April of 2012.
To be or not to be part of Israel - Solving the White House Photo Mystery Over Jerusalem
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