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White Buffalo

White buffalo is an American bison (American buffalo) that is considered to be sacred signs in several Native American religions, and thus have Great Spiritual importance in those cultures and is visited for prayer and other religious ceremonies.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Charles Bronson Chuck Ragan Native Americans Earth Mother South Dakota Great Spirit Fonda Theatre Evil Ways John Flanagan Dickey Betts

Watch the video for The White Buffalo’s new single “I Got You” now on
Think I did fall in love at the rave too 😍🙊 white buffalo
depends on the sauce I get. I'm too white for spicy AND buffalo sauce 😂
Thank-you to all who attended the Guided Meditation with White Buffalo Calf Woman, I absolutely love Her story.
Giggles and I on our motorcycles at Help portrait. Nov 19 2016. @ White Buffalo Youth Lodge
Love Buffalo check? This is an awesome pillow- go with red for holiday or black and white for an everyday look...
The buffalo is gone, and now that the white man is after his land, we do not see but that the noble Indian will have to go…
Join White Buffalo Calf Woman today (Nov. 20) for a free teleconference meditation (All are welcome please...
I love white pizza with chicken, spinach, and buffalo drizzle. 😍
The time is near for White Buffalo Calf Woman to return and cleanse the world.
Spiritual: White buffalo have returned: are we considering the message? – Native History Online
Get at me cookies online white Buffalo you name it lmao plugg
Awww :( North Dakota's sacred white buffalo died.
Now: "There's a cure in sight, set your soul at ease, for the red and white and the blue disease"
Grateful for the teachings shared this evening about/by at White Buffalo. A chance to learn is a chance to g…
My 2 white labs loves ur blue buffalo dog food I get it at atwoods in Wichita falls,tx my favorite place too go the…
White man come...steal our women...rape our buffalo.
I am totally obcessed with black and white buffalo plaid for Christmas decor this year, anyone…
I'm listening to House Of Pain by on
Blue Plaid Infinity Scarf-FREE SHIPPING, black, white, jersey kni…
cozy little in the High Street Market studio. Buffalo check + blue & white + cozy wool 💙💙💙 (shop...
Playing tonight in Stillwater with our friends Rugged Grace. Great White Buffalo 8pm. — drinking live music at...
Strain of the day: White Buffalo. is great for and
White Buffalo. Cat Scratch Fever. Very hard to 'air guitar' to
Morning drive: Volbeat: call of the warrior, Dwight Yoakum: Guitars and Cadillacs, White Buffalo: Modern Times, Skindred: Ninja,
The White Buffalo - Oh Darlin, what have I done 'I hear what the neighbors say, that that poor boy has lost his way'
curse you jameson, you have destroyed me once again John Jameson by The White Buffalo ♫
WAKE UP DIRECTIONERS. The boys in black & white 💯
Is white buffalo an actual term people use lol
The hunt continues for my white buffalo
will always be my Great White Buffalo... I mean, unless someone wants to take me as their plus one.
I'm going to The White Buffalo at Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN - Apr 18
One time a white made buffalo chicken dip and I know they were thinking in their head "this *** bout to eat it all"
White people love buffalo chicken dip
More of Chet White's images from on Sunday:
"That be your great white buffalo them dark skin girls poppin." This *** drunk lmao
I have a herd of great white buffalo
Buffalo Bills white McGahee youth sz L (14-16)
Craving white cheddar Mac and Cheese and Buffalo Chicken Dip
I have 3 black & white buffalo plaid that considered a problem? 😬
Why can't we have a fest like this up here. White Buffalo,Vintage Trouble,Surfer Blood, John Moreland...then Sebastian Bach, KISS & Def Lep.
The great White Buffalo,. The one that got away
so sad that they took out the White Buffalo stand from Aventura mall😟😟
eh what's the pool temperature!?!? I want a night out at the White Buffalo
Bucky Gleason Buffalo News columnist race-baiting, said that her goal was to be masculine in a lily white game.
BuffaloSabres: .wins it for Team White in the shootout! Buffalo...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Say it with me people "Buffalo Shrimp." A tasty treat that addictive doesn't even begin to describe. Swing by White Farms and treat yourself
Much as I ain't no Ramaphosa fan, the white man who outbid him for that Buffalo never had his wealth questioned.
we don't hear about the one who paid R40m on the same day for a buffalo...nor the "white BEE" billionaires in Witbank!
You're a prime example of a Great White Buffalo.
Westbrook, a dance off, my great white buffalo, & one bruised knee.adds up to a pretty successful night 😌
Come join the murder by The White Buffalo.
before otra buffalo I'm deleting half of anything I have on my phone
NO in hottub time machine you find out the great white buffalo no
The great white buffalo ways gets away in the end
Was the "thickest White Girl ever", who works at the Clifton Buffalo Wild Wings, a tall brunette? I think I saw her today.
The new The White Buffalo album is awesome!
Great beer. - Drinking a Great White Buffalo by at —
Lol @ white people who try to talk about the history of buffalo
Happy 19th birthday to White Cloud, an albino buffalo residing at the in Jamestown
Halftime score is 205-58 for 580! Come hang out with us at White Buffalo for the after party!
Website Builder 728x90
Who remember the movie White Buffalo, with Charles Bronson ?
Peanut butter, jalapeño, bacon, white cheddar with truffle fries =mouthgasim!!
White Buffalo: Everybody who has ever been interested in the culture of North American Indians knows that the white…
The "White Buffalo" demonstrates on Kevin what to expect from this weekend... .
Francois Botha, SA boxer, aka White Buffalo is our this morning - Ain't nobody messing with him!
"What show was your favorite from Cfest2014?" Brett Kissel, Rascal Flatts, Lee Brice, White Buffalo
I added a video to a playlist Charles Bronson (The White Buffalo) full movie
Dickey Betts on stage last night at White Buffalo, got to talk to him also,really cool guy!!
At the White Buffalo and just got an impromptu performance by Dickey Betts!! So cool!!
"WHITE BUFFALO", musical composition administered by: Azzurra Music Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "...
Just ordered the hottest wings they have at Buffalo Wild Wings... Then I remembered I'm white & I went to the bathroom and cried. 🔥👅
Dear great white buffalo ... Some day u will be mine!
The great white buffalo... One that got away
all these black women with white babies in buffalo. Never seen so many blk/white couples anywhere else.
tell him he has the Buffalo Wild Wings White Supremacist look on lock
A white buffalo calf was born in Tokat, Turkey
white plains Buffalo Wild Wings is hiring too
The joy of being a Buffalo Bills fan is knowing no matter how good or bad of a season we have.. we will always bleed red, white and blue!
I just saw a great white buffalo...
Official music video for "The Getaway" from the new album from The White Buffalo titled "Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways" // Buy the album here:
The White Buffalo performs "Wish It Was True" at Dakota Tavern as part of CMT Canada's Dakota Sessions in October, 2012 Buy album on iTunes:
His voice is haunting and real. The White Buffalo is gaining popularity having his songs featured most recently on the Sons of Anarchy. Here, he performs a s...
Posing in white leather buffalo london boots with metal hee
Why would you get off the tour bus to get up and close to look at a buffalo. White ppl. Smh. Sorry, not sorry
Post Prod. is complete on the new short film WHITE ELEPHANTS written, directed & produced by Dom Allen in collaboration with Buffalo Films
Buffalo Wild Wings Plains After work relaxation thanks to the homie
Don't waste your time chasing your great white buffalo
The White Buffalo kicked off day 3 of The Great Heart Festival Live in Bellwoods
Saw my white buffalo tonight with another homie. Some humbling ish right there, needed that slap in the face tho
But we've got the same bitter blood running through our veins. Don't You Want It - The White Buffalo via
Fisheries report 3.5 metre white shark near Binningup - Buffalo Bch at 1.00pm vicinity of dead whale
Shoot on sight, boy, let God sort out the livin'. The White Buffalo "Joey White": via
The White Buffalo makes no sense though - they play him on Sons of Anarchy and that's a FOX owned show
The UFC turned down the Game of Thrones theme last week, The White Buffalo this week. Walkout song police running rampant
The white buffalo is definitely my greatest musical discovery in the last 5 years
Oh and I spoke to after the fight - the UFC nixed his choice of The White Buffalo as his walkout song. I was not happy
ran into my great white buffalo jk I don't have one
Fell in love with a 29 year old bartender in Oswego... Great white Buffalo
Figures the white girl is darker than me lol @ Buffalo Pub and Grill
I just used Shazam to discover The Pilot by The White Buffalo.
The White Buffalo are sacred to many Native Americans. There are several variations of its Legend, but all are meaningful, and tell of the same outcome. Story by Jim and Dena Riley.
Caught a glimpse of my white buffalo, but my eyes said swerve mentality
Eternal Cowboys killing it at the White Buffalo show.
Taken from the 'White Buffalo EP' You can download the EP from iTunes here:
If someone in buffalo is awake right now take me home, there's too many drunk white kids I cant handle the swag
White blouse, mint white Buffalo heels & sunglasses on my blog:
The Great White Buffalo is gonna kill me.
Relatives, this was sent by Brother Roderick Blackbird. Wanted to share this prayer with you. Love and blessings to you. White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child of the Rainbow Clan, including Man. Over the Rainbow we flow, yippi-i-o.
Jonny two bags, the white buffalo, and chusck ragan. Awesome show.
Some footage of The White Buffalo opening up for Chuck Ragan. If you havent heard them I'd suggest checking them out!
The great white buffalo has returned home where he belongs! TOO *** EXCITED! I missed you bo!!
Welp my new fav spot is the white buffalo saloon it was awesome! I like it wayyy better then Joyland for much nicer! Good times tonight!! :-)
Cat White Buffalo, Tommy Despair. who wrote this out of you two? LOL
May 10th 1877: Rutherford B. Hayes has first phone installed in White House. (Buffalo Bill)
Anyone else at the Chuck Ragan (Official) and The White Buffalo show in Hollywood?
My friend B said blue eyes & blonde hair are over-rated in Hollywood. Only about 10% of the worlds population are 'born that way'. Like a white buffalo we put them on pedestals. B has blue eyes & so do I. Yes, maybe they are over-rated. Brown eyes can withstand more Sun. And my son has beautiful brown eyes. He loves his blue eyed blonde haired mum more than anyone. Thank God for those un-over-rated brown eyes!
I'm giving away: white buffalo turquoise earrings. Check it out -
Another great tattoo by White Buffalo custom tattooing
Another great tattoo by white buffalo tattooing
White Buffalo - The Woods: Headphones in. Smoking a cigarette. Listen to this.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Truckee Brother mattmachine16 at the Fonda in LA right now tearing it up with White Buffalo and bass…
She will forever be your Great White Buffalo.
Notice how Buffalo Wild Wings and Big White Women have the same monogram
I've seen a white guy drag buffalo skulls that were pierced to his back during a 3 day fast.
And so our dogs have Native American names now: Little White Buffalo and Running Bull. This household, I swear.
Watching the Great White Buffalo on tv starring Charles Bronson, what a great movie, lol
Oomf is my great white buffalo.. The one that got away
I wish I knew parmalee was at the white buffalo saloon
If I'm wearing any white article of clothing there's a 96% chance that there is buffalo sauce on it
At the white buffalo with Shannon Del Hennessy
With Sandra Triplett for white buffalo, Chuck Ragan and Johnny two bags. Not sure who that last cat is but I'm about to find out.
Watching The White Buffalo. Man i remember watching this with my Grandpa Juan. Miss those days of him and all his old western movies and his quirky remarks. Time sure flies by 😭😭😭 lol
To whoever The Great White Buffalo is, your *** is too great
Watching The White Buffalo with Charles Bronson and thinking about Dad.
Enjoying a Gingersnap on the rooftop patio of before White Buffalo
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OMG I haven't thought about THE WHITE BUFFALO in 30 years. What a weird movie.
Heading to The Fonda to check out Chuck Ragan (Official) and The White Buffalo for missed ye
About to hit the white buffalo show
Parmalee jamming to a packed house at The White Buffalo Saloon! - Maverick
hey The White Buffalo is on maybe i could save myself a hart attack or stoke and watch some Charlie Bronson
Pre-Concert festivities with these boys! @ White Buffalo Saloon
Chiefin on some great white buffalo.
Set times for Chuck Regan at the Fonda Theatre (Jonny Two Bags 8pm, The White Buffalo 8:55pm & Chuck Regan 10:10pm
You can classify this as accidental vinyl. Bought it at the Chuck Ragan show. Thought I was buying White Buffalo vinyl. Oops.
Buffalo chicken dip is crack for all white girls out there
Going to see THE WHITE BUFFALO tonight at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood tonight. They are amazing, so if...
White House petition to change team name to the Buffalo Buffaloes
Buffalo Bills. The only team that wears red, white and blue with an actual plan!
Wow my passed on Cyrus and got a white dude from Colorado State. But congrats on going to Buffalo man.
buffalo has got a couple of MASSIVE guys at tackle now. kouandjio and glenn are both huge and CJ spiller has to be salivating
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Zoë is the definition of white. She's sweating and had to take off her sweatshirt to eat buffalo wings
Wassup Sarasota! It's goin down tonight at the White Buffalo Saloon
Tune in from around the world to watch and connect with The White Buffalo Live from the StageIt world headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles
That moment when you see the great white buffalo >
Buffalo butter: bright white (expected, but unfortunate resemblance to Crisco), flavor a little gamey. Not loving it.
SJES Pre-K were some of the first to see this White Buffalo just in from ND@ Briarwood Safari! http:/…
FRESH BEER ALERT: Great White Buffalo Hefeweizen is back on the taps here at the brew pub. We can smell the FRESHNESS in the air! For those of you who haven't tried our white beer we are encouraging you to come try it and let's here some feedback. Heck Yah I love new beer days!
Parmelee and John king at white buffalo. Too bad I'm broke!!
The Legend & Importance of the White Buffalo To Native Americans, the Bison or American Buffalo was a symbol of sacred life and abundance. This importance and symbolism was created from legend: One summer a long time ago, the seven sacred council fires of the Lakota Sioux came together and camped. The sun was strong and the people were starving for there was no game. Two young men went out to hunt in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Lightning Medicine Cloud Along the way, a beautiful young woman dressed in white appeared to the warriors and said, "Return to your people and tell them I am coming." This holy woman presented the Lakota people with the sacred pipe which showed how all things were connected. She taught the Lakota people the mysteries of the earth. She taught them to pray and follow the proper path while on earth. As the woman left the tribe, she rolled upon the earth four times, changing color each time, and finally turning into a white buffalo calf. Then she disappeared. Almost at the same ti ...
Tyler Taylor and Allie I'm in town forgot my phone will be home in a little while.Planning on going to the White Buffalo Pow-wow tomorrow, let me know if you want to go!! R.J. will be there!!
Being on time to anything with a child is a ghost orchid, or unicorn, or great white buffalo.
"Sometimes I wish I was a guy" - I know she's gonna get me back for this, but it's too funny to pass up! Red's obsession with The White Buffalo continues ...
"He brushed against her dastardly son of a catastrophe well he shot the lights right out of her eyes he took her by the hand helpless within his command he ripped her heart out of her chest and put it with his" -Shall we go on--The White Buffalo
Is there anywhere in Lawton to get a Monte Cristo sandwich besides White Buffalo? Inquireing for a friend.
Heading to TONIGHT with Parmalee! See you at White Buffalo Saloon: Click for tickets to the show tonight!
19th Generation Keeper of The Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, Chief Arvol Lookinghorse, shares profound ancient wisdom. Each person has been placed here now for a purpose to fulfill a great dream of healing. Read more about White Buffalo Day …
White Buffalo Day is August 27th and we invite you to join us in keeping the vision of healing, and unity alive in the hearts of the people.
Everybody dont forget about the great white buffalo at 8:30 tomorrow night...and for those of you who dont know what im talking about thats a Dam hot tub time machine qoute. comes on at 8:30! Best movie ever!
Mothers day party at my little Ines school. Work. And concert tonight at the White Buffalo with Gloria Klein Sisson. Happy Friday everyone!
Dade White Buffalo u will always be in dreams tho.
Please Join Us if You Can On Mother's Day in Central Park You and your loved ones are invited to Share in Ceremony with Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle, who will call forward a special blessing honoring Mother Earth and the Horse Nation at Cherry Hill Fountain in Central Park, New York. All are warmly welcome. Ta'kaiya Blaney of the Sliammon Coast Salish People and Donna Augustine Thunderbird Turtlewoman of the Mik'maq Nations will be joining us among many others. Chief Looking Horse is in New York to take part at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and will be leading a panel entitled: "Protecting and Restoring Sacred Sites under the guidance of First Peoples' Cultural, Spiritual and Legal Heritage Keepers" which takes place on Tuesday May 13th.
Just another video. Great White Buffalo ***No copyright infringement intended. I do not own any part of this music, it belong to Ted Nugent***
Track 6 from the new album "Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways" by The White Buffalo BUY ALBUM: *Featured in Sons of Anarchy: Episode 12, ...
If you didn't think about immediately calling your great white buffalo during above & beyond, especially during sun and moon. You don't belong.
found a new great white buffalo...Britt Robertson
J. Lee Thompson’s The White Buffalo, based on the novel by Richard Sale, is definitely “one of the most bizarre curiosities ever released in cinemas.” In this strange Western variation on Moby *** Wild Bill Hickok (Charles Bronson) is an “Ahab of the West” haunted by the dreams of a giant white (a…
Alright, I'm done! Hattiesburg, I don't want to see you until the first day of classes for Summer '14! Can't deal with all this "being broke" mess. :-p I'm gonna go home tomorrow, relax, head out to a much needed powwow in Tupelo, hang with my family and watch as my cousin passes her powwow princess crown to another young lady that will represent the White Buffalo Powwow at the Buffalo Park. I'm out!.
This video and song is dedicated to the most strongest lil man I know, Dade White Buffalo! My brother Eagle I. Weston came up with these powerful words and I put them together. WE HOPE YOU LOVE THIS SONG BRO! This song is your song Dade, When I think of you, I think of my son *J.Soldier* He fought as long as he could and im hoping you'll pull through and live the long life you were suppose to have. We all pray for you bro, you've reach alot of lives and showed us to NEVER take life for granted. This song will be sung for every cancer patient from here on out in honor of you Dade... Be strong and know we are behind 100! "Iyoya Mani Ku Blihiciya yo Tehika Omani Nitawa, Tunkasila, Nicica Heca Un Welo Nitakuye Ki Nisakib Iyani-gluza-pelo" "Iyoya Mani, Be strong! Tunkasila is with you on your hard journey... Your relatives are beside you, supporting you..." Prayers to my lil homie and his family! Enjoy the song lil brotha... RoundDanceDrizZy
Back II Back & KJ Mechanical are in Sarasota Hangin' with PARMALEE for our BIIB Show at the WHITE BUFFALO SALOON Friday Night... They Wanted Us to Send A Message To Ya'll.
R.I.P DADE WHITE BUFFALO...hope you have a safe journey and you were a strong kid. I know me and my family never meet but u have touched many peoples hearts. I am sending my condolences and prayers to you and your family.
The one that got away... My Great White Buffalo
Work till 6 off tomorrow with the bruins tonight and a bonfire for my good ole' friend the great white buffalo tonight gon' be good
White Buffalo are the same as regular Buffalo except they insist on bottled water when they join the other Buffalos at the wa…
Children of the Rainbow "When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow." -- Old Native American Prophecy 5th World of Peace: Rainbow Prophecy "When the Time of the White Buffalo approaches, the third generation of the White Eyes' children will grow their hair and speak of love as the healer of the Children of the Earth. These children will seek new ways of understanding themselves and others. They will wear feathers and beads and paint their faces. They will seek the Elders of the Red Race and drink of their wisdom. These white-eyed children will be a sign that the Ancestors are returning in white bodies, but they are Red on the inside. They will learn to walk the Earth Mother in balance again and reform the idea of the white chiefs. These children will be tested as they were when they were Red an ...
Before I left the house today, I put on My Morning Jacket. Then I drove down to Linkin Park, where I saw these guys traveling in One Direction wearing these crazy costumes that made them look like Queens of the Stone Age. Then these Drive By Truckers threw a 2Pac at them, and then one started acting Daft Punk. Then the Police came, and they used a Tool to Usher Five Blind Boys from Alabama down to help clean The Beatles that were turning the White Buffalo, P!nk. After the ghost pepper chili on my 50 cent breakfast burrito, I couldn't use my Flaming Lips, so I started typing a bunch of Foo on the Black Keys of my keyboard. Thankfully the Foo Fighters were nearby with their trusty Skrillex. Then my Pitbull (Metallica.. we just call him Matty) ate the neighbors pet Drake. So after a quick Dashboard Confessional, I got the idea to call overseas to my buddies. I have watched them go from Boys II Men. From Prince to now the Kings of Leon. They were able to send a new pet for my neighbors. A Monkey name ...
Beacon of Hope has a brother that is from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Jack White Buffalo, who stayed with us last summer, is an awesome young man who has an incredible passion for the Lord. Jack has a hunger to grow and become all that God has created him to be. Jack was brought out of Rosebud Reservation by one of the Missionaries from the Beacon of Hope, Rob Bunham. Rob called me from the reservation and told me that this young man had great potential with the Lord, but had to get out of Rosebud or he would die. Once Jack arrived and got settled in, he did really well while at the Beacon of Hope, he got a job right away, and got involved in a church and was settled in. Because of circumstances with family back at the Reservation Jack decided he was needed there and lift us to go back and work things out. Unfortunately things did not work out for Jack and he is in need of being rescued. Jack is in serious trouble and needs to get out as soon as possible. Rob and I will be leaving Saturday m ...
Coming out tonight? Just tapped the White Buffalo, Dry Hopped Deviant Dales on nitro, Dry Hopped Mama's Little Yella Pils and more for our Oskar Blues Brewery event tonight! Plus we made party Chex Mix with the Oskar Blues Hot Sauces - Dales Original Wing Sauce and Mama's Honey Sriracha. Fun starts at 6PM tonight
Most all Nations have stories about the 'Sacred Pipe'. What many people refer to it as The Peace Pipe. Which is an incorrect Hollywood thought shown in the old west movies and cartoons. The Sacred Pipe is to the Native Americans as the cross is to christian cultures.   The pipe, in one form or another, has come to most cultures around the world. Every group has used... the pipe in one way or another and has stories of how they came to have it. The Lakota tell the story of the White Buffalo woman and how she first brought the pipe to them. Just as the T'salagi have this story.   It is not important how the pipe first arrived. Or who it came to first as all nations see themselves as the first to have this gift from creator. What is important is that the pipe is revered as a sacred item and also important is that it did come from The Creator. What is most important is that pipe was brought to all men of this world, for we all must share this world.   ong ago, but not long after the world was new, a tribe ...
Listen to The White Buffalo I promise you'll love it
Sean Dryhurst is my great white buffalo
Runnin into your drunken white buffalo dt with her bf. Toh
What an awesome sweet blessing this little one brings! Many thanks to our sister Janis for sharing this gift with our circle. "Ptesanwi "White Buffalo Calf Woman's sacred message is much needed and a gift to us being born on Thanksgiving. May those who are hurting find Peace, Love and Forgiveness and may all old wounds heal. Thanksgiving is bittersweet for many. As it is a day to give thanks to Great Spirit for all the good health and harvest that we have today. It also holds a day of darker meaning for those who know the real history of how it came about. Let old wounds heal and let the promise of "Ptesanwi" White Buffalo Calf Woman return bring love into each of our hearts and purification into all aspects of our lives. Many Blessings to this little miracle, Mama "Peace Keeper" and Papa "Spirit Thunder" and their caretakers Aaron and Cynthia... May Great Spirit protect them all.
Babe'z u said u'd be home by 11. Am still up waitin for u to call or txt But i think i smell how it is now. So i hope ur havin fun Rox. Great white buffalo. Cheer'z to u & .? Ka!
The great white buffalo born on thanksgiving day.
Such a great night at White Buffalo Saloon dancing & seeing old friend again, starting to love my life again & my family that always been there for me no matter what & great friends that are true and always there for me & a job that im thankful for everyday :)
Little Giant Ladders
A Sioux Warrior killed a white buffalo and was given the honorable name Grey Bull, for this is my last name that I wear so honorably! A white buffalo was born on Thanksgiving...
I want some buffalo chicken rings from white castles
Ok I'll take the white girl who plays soccer at buffalo, she's raw
The White Buffalo of prophecy was born Thanksgiving morning! This is the time we've waited for?
the Prophecy continues to unfold,,, welcome white buffalo woman spirit
At the top of the universe...beyond the stars... there is an opening to another world... A White Buffalo and Water Bird protect this place... The Eagle goes in and out as he pleases... the universe is dark because only a small amount of light shines through it... The woman who wove the basket... left it open... for you and me...
White dude in Buffalo Wild Wings just threw up al over the bar! 😷😷
"Some people go through their whole lives and never even see their 'Great White Buffalo.'"
Ever since you I know I rather be alone cause their will never be another great white buffalo
I just used to tag Oh Darlin' What Have I Done by The White Buffalo.
How about that great white buffalo...
Simply speaking, she's my great white buffalo
steered away from bourbon tonight. Enjoying some Buffalo Trace White Dog Wheated Mash.
Are they sure this game is in Buffalo? I see a whole lot of blue & white in the crowd!! GO LEAFS GO!
Typical blue and white crowd in Buffalo
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
All i see is blue and white in Buffalo
was back in buffalo and I missed him 😩😩😩 he's a fine white man 😛😂
Black Friday? Not in Buffalo.tonight is ALL blue and white!
You know nobody would be getting tasered if it was White Friday, right?
Buffalo cauliflower bites were delicious. Then I drank 2 glasses of white wine and now I'm a bit drunk.
A new white baby buffalo was born on Thanksgiving Day 2013.
Hope reborn as a white buffalo calf as Thanksgiving meets the Festival of Light. May there be peace & healing on...
Everyone in Buffalo is representing the Blue and White tonight. Wish to be there right now.
Thanks for the follow fam. .Here is some free Music for you:
To me, vs hockey always has an undercurrent of blue-collar grit vs white-collar privilege.
Looks like it's all leaf fans in buffalo tonight it's a sea of blue and white !
Kessel with a beauty! 1-0 Leafs! Look at all that blue and white in the Buffalo stands, simply magnificent.
Can't believe Buffalo got Walter White to sing the anthem!
“Puck drop in Buffalo It looks like the Leafs are @ w/ all the Blue & White. Go Leafs Go.
Can't decide if Mats Sundin grew a goatee or if it's Walter White singing the anthem in Buffalo
bringin lots of blue and white over the border into Buffalo tonight on this black friday.
Buffalo Sabres' national anthem guy looks an awful lot like Walter White.
White Buffalo born on Thanks Giving, very spiritual meaning
So I was given a 10. 1. I was a girl scout when I was in elementary school. 2. My favorite flower is a daisy. 3. I don't like styrofoam touching my teeth. 4. I love marzipan - wait for Christmas every year to have some. 5. I love Lingonberry on my crepes. Brings back the days of growing up with my Swedish grandparents. 6. I have had both knees replaced. 7. Of all the dogs we've had over the years, my favorite was my Golden Retriever, Blu. 8. For the next year and a half I will be studying in the Lutheran Diakonia Program. I have already finished 6 months of study. 9. My secret desire is to go on a Riverboat cruise down the Mississippi River. 10. Love the movie, White Buffalo, with Charles Bronson.
On r way. Building is where the white buffalo lived
Yep its official i got a white buffalo lol Like if you know wat a white buffalo is
K.R.I.T. - Insomnia always makes me think of my "Great white buffalo" lol the one I let get away
Guess I'll be ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut 😋 but I want buffalo wings from 25th st!
I want my baby back. :( if any of you see him tell me!!! He has a blue eye and a brown eye and he has a brown back and white legs.
Great day!!! Breakfast with good company, shopping and sushi with my mommy, football and dinner with my parents. Oh and I found my great white white Wes Welker jersey!
Red and white bedding with buffalo checks - love this
Almost time to head to The White Buffalo Saloon to teach Line Dance lessons...c y'all there :)
"Keep doing what you believe, unless you find your great, white buffalo." Oakridge's words of wisdom for the day.
Alright, sweet peas, today's the magical day! I expect to see all of your sexy faces in the place called Swing House Studios TONIGHT! Cupcakes from Royal Red Velvet Cupcakes, munchies from The Melt, wine from Standing Sun Wines (oh yeah) and amazeballz music from The Alarm Science, Great White Buffalo and John Flanagan. 7pm ALL AGES FREE!!! No excuses. Unless it's a really good one like you have to sit up with a sick friend. That's a classic.
Another great night at White Buffalo Spiritualist Sanctuary thanks to everyone who braved the cold and came along to join us. A huge thank you to tonights medium Bernadette Brown who gave a fantastic demonstration of Clairvoyance. We look forward to welcoming Bernadette back in the not to distant future.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
"black churches get more turnt than buffalo wild wings on sunday" or starbucks on white girl Wednesday
Movie day: White House Down, The Call, and The Purge. Along with buffalo chicken dip, does life get any better? 👍
YOUR Steelers defeat the Buffalo Bills today, 23-10.
Why does she have to go out man give the white girl a chance wanted that buffalo to go home kmt
See you all at Swing House Studios tonight for our bash w/ John Flanagan, The Alarm Science and Great White Buffalo. 7pm.
The White Buffalo is Cormac McCarthy with an acoustic.
Last time Buffalo won in Pitt we wore white helmets, white jersey and blue pants.. Coincidence? I think not.
Buffalo Bill by clever white boy with issues.
The white girls in Buffalo love EJ Manuel!
When I played football for south buffalo (💪) we played north buffalo n they had 74 black kids n one white kid whose last name was *** ouch
Blue jersey and white pants combo looks to Buffalo Billish for me.
mighty taco, Starbucks and the Buffalo Bills, call me a typical WNY white boy
I still would like to see the red Buffalo helmet with the white jersey/blue pants combo, last worn in game OJ broke 2000 yards
Back in the Great White North...well, Buffalo anyway. A bit parky, innit?
Forever chasing the great white buffalo..
Trying to find a black close contact is like trying to find the great white buffalo 😒
I wish I had Kim K. She's my white buffalo.
2013 Plaid Graduation - Pink White Case For iPhone 5C: A buffalo check plaid pattern is the basis for this Cla...
Saw this movie Sergeant Rutledge w/Woody Strode. A Buffalo Soldier falsely accused of raping a White woman.
“Ed jumping into the crowd. White man can jump . God Bless Buffalo
The best decision in all of Buffalo sports in the past decade was the Bills going to the white helmets.
Pink and White Plaid Monogram Christmas Ornaments: Sweet pink and white buffalo check plaid pattern for you to...
The following is the location of the St. Clair's Knights Templar treasure from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This massage will be intercepted and you are warned that many are still after this hoard. You may draw near the sight, but do not enter the ground, the Tent, the Chalice, the Blade of the Templar Cross. This is Holy Ground. This is Sacred Ground. There are 24 relics from the Holy Land and a grave of the Knights Templar depicted in the Westford Knight image facing West. Once again I have the "White Stone" found in the book Revelation. My spiritual name is "White Buffalo". The following map pertains only to my life. This was ordained in Heaven a long, long time ago. Please note the original Christian symbol before the Cross was used. When this star is bisected the lines converge East of Mille Lacs Lake on the North side of Bear Lake. Here you will find a gigantic triangle as mention by a Celt hundreds of years ago. See page seven of the Geoglyphic Study indicated below. The Google image ...
Nothing like a slow Saturday for previewing music...and I just learned we are giving away the new Jack Johnson disc, From Here to Now to You, tomorrow morning...with that and an acoustic session with Roy Moats, how can we go wrong?.we also have new music from Sting, Linda Thompson, Jack Johnson, Basia Bulat, Diego Garcia, Sarah Jarosz, The Wood Bros.,Patty Larkin, Meg Hutchinson, White Buffalo, Emiliana Torrini, Matt Wertz, Patty Griffin, Piers Faccini, Tift Merritt, Skye Zentz , Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott, Carly Ritter,Mandolin Orange, The Greencards, Richard Buckner...It's gonna be a great Sunday morning.
White Buffalo on Adam Carolla podcast 1:01:20 if you'd rather not listen to a cranky old man and his yes men
This was incredible in Sons of Anarchy. House of the Rising Sun - White Buffalo
White Buffalo = Hybrid of Townes Van Zandt, Jamey Johnson and Eddie Vedder - w/ a small amt of Nick Cave
Los Angeles! The White Buffalo is doing a show at El Rey on Sept. 28th - Tix go on sale this Saturday (7/27) at...
What are billionaires doing with their money? Are they really going Green? According to Bloomberg, billionaires are going bison in a really big way. Cynthia Hart, President of the SWPA, home of the White Buffalo, Melaine Sweet, independent Financial Services Professional and Rain on the Earth take a...
The American Indian Dog® You have found the Home of: The American Indian Dog Founder/Trustee Breeder, for over 50 Years The Original Copyrighted Registry for the True American Indian Dogs, Founded in 1965 Indian Dog Research, Rescue and Sanctuary Our First People's Dog's are known as American Indian Dogs, and not by any other name. Members of: The International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance American Indian Rights Alliance The Red Earth Descendents The Rare Breed Livestock Conservancy Smithsonian American Indian Museum Sacred World Peace Alliance- working to save the American Indian Dogs, White Buffalo and Indian Horses. Welcome to: Song Dog Kennels® Maintaining the True Descendents of the "Old Dogs" This is the same breed, still called American Indian Dogs that we have all seen described by our First Peoples, from thousands of years ago. Lewis and Clark wrote about them, extensively, in their travels across the American continent. (Painting by Ferrara) American Indian Dogs were invited to show at th ...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Check out "Youtube" music video of One Night Rodeo singing "After Beautiful" . This song is moving up the country charts. Friday night "White Buffalo" on Clark where they will be playing. come out & join us. I personal can't wait to do some country western dancing.
The Auburn Event Center is at 145 Elm Ave, Auburn CA 95603 - From 80 Take the Elm Exit towards Placerville / Cool - at the bottom of the hill at the light you will see a giant water wheel - we are in that center just behind the water wheel to the left - It is in the opposite corner from Pistol Pete's - used to be Club Soda (with a twist), The Spotlight, White Buffalo... - just look for a bunch of people with smiles.
8/8/04 - Meditation journal and journey -- I was going up through White Buffalo was the same White Buffalo that came to me in the opening circle and it came out of the herd that was spinning in the fire. I am going to tell you the story of when I returned to the land of my father after many years. I traveled with Crazy Feathers on horseback. It was good to feel the spirit of him and the land. We rode high on the ridge and the wind blew cold and crisp across my face and through my hair. I tried to hold my tears, but they streamed down my face like Two Medicine River. I could not stop them. I saw grizzly tracks and passed its scratching tree. The splintered bark was above my head as I rode by. As we climbed higher, the wind became so strong it took my breath away. That moment, we saw the tipi village below.
The White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophesy The Lakota religious system and White Buffalo prophesies are based on a messiah who appeared to them about 2,000 years ago called the White Buffalo Woman, or Ptesan­Wi, as she is called in the Lakota language. (The "Calf" part of her name was added later by fairly recent storytellers.) The oral tradition says she first appeared to them in the form of a wakan (holy) woman who "floated" above the ground. She stayed among them for a period of time and taught them how to use the buffalo to sustain them, and gave them instruction in seven sacred rites they were to incorporate into their daily lives and preserve and pass down to future generations, similar to the Christian belief in the 10 commandments presented to Moses by the Christian God. When White Buffalo Calf Woman left the Lakota people, the people saw her walking off in the same direction from which she had come, outlined against the setting sun. As she went, she stopped and rolled over four times. The first time, ...
Jimbo Mathus' 'White Buffalo' tour to stop in Augusta | The Augusta Chronicle
The Stronghold Society nonprofit dedicated to instilling hope and supporting youth movements through Live Life Call To Action Campaigns.XGames / ESPNWalt Pourier's Artist in Residence interview  RAVEN CRYby writer Colin Bane I'm one of those people who can say, 'Skateboarding saved my life,' which is something you hear almost all old skaters say as they look back on it," says Walt Pourier, speaking from the artist-in-residence studio at the Denver Art Museum's American Indian Galleries near the end of his recent 10-week stint there. Surrounded by Wounded Knee Skateboards decks, featuring his iconic portraits of Black Elk, Crazy Horse and the White Buffalo, Pourier adds, "Skateboarding inspired me." When Pourier -- an Oglala Lakota painter, graphic designer and lifelong skateboarder -- says "Skateboarding saved my life," he means it quite literally: A suicide epidemic on South Dakota's Pine Ridge reservation has reached deeper and deeper into his circle of friends and family. Lately, he's been turning his ...
Great white buffalo. . Great white buffalo.
I just had a great white buffalo encounter
I am now known as the white buffalo rocket.
There is no such thing as the great white buffalo
Why aren't I anyone's great white buffalo
At Buffalo wild wings, watching some ufc chillin wit my white people.
The one that got away. Great white buffalo..
Buffalo has moved Tyler Myers, Thomas Vanek, and a 2nd round pick for Henrik Zetterberg and Ian White
Lol @ my mom & step dad thinking they're going to be able to make it through the west side of buffalo alive to look at my car. YOUR WHITE.
This chick remind me of my great white buffalo so much it's ridiculous..
any idea of how obese a city Buffalo is? If there is more than a handful of fat white girls he'll never make it
Jess is trying to tell me Im not white Just cause I had to walk 10 miles to the nearest water hole and crave buffalo balls I'm not
Buffalo chicken night with my date Walter White
What we need in Buffalo: White Castle, Sonic, Jack in the Box, Carl Jrs., Chick-Fil-A
I wish I still had my great white buffalo 😔
I've never even ate at Buffalo Wild Wings
The Connecticut Street Armory is a great venue for tonight's Black & White Gala.
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