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Whit Stillman

Whit Stillman (born John Whitney Stillman; January 25, 1952) is an American writer-director known for his sly depictions of the urban haute bourgeoisie (as a character in Metropolitan terms the film's upper-class WASP milieu).

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A period comedy written and directed by Whit Stillman, based on Jane Austen's novel Lady Susan. 2/2
Chloë Sevigny, Whit Stillman and crew on the set of "The Last Days of Disco" (1998)
Love & Friendship puts the caustic back in Austen: Screenwriter/director Whit Stillman had to sell his Manhat...
Great talk last night with Whit Stillman. Thanks to everyone who came out and a huge thank you…
★★★★★ 'Breathlessly funny... Whit Stillman is on the form of his life'
Why did Whit Stillman "fix" the spelling of Love and Freindship?
In Stillman and Beckinsale prove they're the masters of Austenland.
Does anyone else get Whit Stillman and Slim Whitman mixed up?
Yes, I will definitely go this weekend too. Not an Austenite; know only of Pride & Prejudice. But, curious about Whit Stillman.
Here's my ★★★★★ review of Whit Stillman's LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, out in the UK this weekend: https…
With out tomorrow, we revisit Whit Stillman’s wondrously witty comedies:
Whit Stillman on turning a lost Jane Austen novella into one of the year’s best comedies:
"Whit Stillman's Austen drama is a racy delight" and another 5 STAR review
Whit Stillman’s Love & Friendship, adapted from Jane Austen, is better on friendship than love but very funny.
Ah well, i’ll drink tea and read Hamiltome and then later get to see Whit Stillman. Not all bad
'Love and Friendship' review: Kate Beckinsale is wickedly funny in Jane Austen adaptation: Whit Stillman directs,…
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Whit Stillman’s new movie a provocative and witty take on marriage vows https:…
Suddenly Susan: I come to you this week as a Whit Stillman fan. There may not be that many of… |
So much Whit Stillman in this Noah Baumbach movie.
A new Whit Stillman film is such a treat! So excited this opens next Friday in UK.
The Critic’s Notebook is here! This week: James Salter, Whit Stillman, and a Stormy Pianist. Read more here:
A really charming Jane Austin inspired comedy! One of Whit Stillman's best films!
Hello, I interviewed Whit Stillman, and we talked about all the things.
Whit Stillman interview on Jane Austen among other things.
Ever been confused by Whit Stillman and Slim Whitman? Me neither, but apparently it was worth a webpage in 1994!
There was some text missing from SDG's review of Whit Stillman's work posted earlier this month. Here's the...
Whit Stillman and the discreet charm of the Urban Haute Bourgeoisie: He’s been called “the ...
Cannot get this biopic out of my mind. I think you cast Chris Eigeman as Whit Stillman and Jason Schwartzman as Chris Eigeman.
Is the new Whit Stillman box coming out on Region Code 2 too. Or will that come later?
it was Love and Friendship, with Kate Beckinsale. It's a Whit Stillman adaptation of an Austen novella.
My favourite film so far this year is Whit Stillman's Love & Friendship. Kate Beckinsale should be a serious awards contender in it.
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Give them some credit. This is the scariest these rejected Whit Stillman characters have ever been.
"Last Days of RINO" would make a good Whit Stillman movie
Dont miss the Whit Stillman retrospective, who visits to introduce his film Metropolitan this March
Filmmaker Whit Stillman at Emory for 'Metropolitan' screening - Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Whit Stillman, speaks at Emory a true inspiration this Thursday!
Whit Stillman, U.S. cinema's answer to Jane Austen, speaks at Emory
One of my favorite movies is Whit Stillman’s film “Metropolitan.”
"Dor. Look. There's a guy behind you who looks like he's auditioning for a role in a Whit Stillman movie." . ^ the Oscars from a bar in BK
Finally, if you do not own a frequently-watched copy of Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan" (1990), are you really any sort of conservative?
The New Republic has been sold to a family straight out of a Whit Stillman film:
Great news for Whit Stillman fans. Following the release of Love and Friendship there will be a Whit weekend starting June 3.
was hoping this'd be about Whit Stillman
Whit Stillman, The Last Days of Disco and the story behind. .
Whit Stillman fans: We've got writer-actor-director Chris Eigeman on Unorthodox this week!
This week on the designer behind Bernie's campaign logo & Whit Stillman’s most memorable on-screen WASP
April will be a good month as we get the Whit Stillman Trilogy. Been waiting a long time for Barcelona!
Why is everyone surprised that Love & Friendship was good..? This is Whit Stillman we are talking about. He gets it done. Every Time.
If you like Jane Austen then Whit Stillman's Love & Friendship is so totally you Beckinsale is brill esp
The secret history of The Last Days of Disco: Young, overeducated, and living for the weekend? Whit Stillman’s...
I have a theory Whit Stillman's been secretly adapting Austen novels this entire time, so it was cool to see him just do the real thing.
Film folks, name your top 5 Whit Stillman movies.
Surprise Movie was Whit Stillman's Hilarious and ridiculous, great fun and audience seemed to have a blast.
Love & Friendship is the kind of film you could watch on loop. Kate Beckinsale reigns supreme. Whit Stillman, you are a genius.
Delighted to reveal our Surprise Film is... Whit Stillman's
A treat to see Kate Beckinsale delivering Whit Stillman dialogue again in Love & Friendship, but it was Tom Bennett who had me in stitches.
Whit Stillman's Love & Friendship, then. Basically business as usual but with corsets.
And they can now boast films by Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, Woody Allen, Chan-wook Park, Kenneth Lonergan & Whit Stillman - in a ONE-year span.
Like most of the journalistic community on Brits night I am off for a night of booze and debauchery*. *Seeing the new Whit Stillman
‘Love & Friendship’ Director on Adapting an Unfinished Story (Video) via
" of the things I’d like to do is The Gold Diggers of 2015. A Warner Brothers musical review set in the present day." — Whit Stillman
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going to see the new Whit Stillman fim tonite :,)
UHBs rejoice! is releasing a tasty box set on BluRay/DVD April 19 .
Telling people I often confuse Walt Whitman with Whit Stillman is my favourite way of proving I'm both stupid AND pretentious.
I will never overcome my disappointment that riding a New York subway was not in fact like this. Whit Stillman lied.
Whit Stillman movies have made it impossible for me to refer to NATO as anything but OTAN.
Criterion wouldnt let me use the 50% off code for the Whit Stillman trilogy bluray :(
Whit Stillman's LOVE & FRIENDSHIP is a classy delight, and Kate Beckinsale is superb in the leading J Austen role.
Sundance reviews bode well for Whit Stillman's Love and Friendship, based on Jane Austen story. Chloe Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale. May 13!
Whit Stillman on how 'Love & Friendship' freed him from criticisms with his work:
The gang hangin’ with Whit Stillman and his huge cowboy hat.
And there is a whit Stillman movie coming out next year. Score!
One of my favorite lines from Whit Stillman
Please do. Eigeman is brilliant. Dialogues are fast, embroiled and witty as any classic Whit Stillman
I did. Love it too. Whit Stillman is one of my favorite screenplay writers. But I prefer Barcelona to Metropolitan
If you're eager for a new Whit Stillman movie you'll probably want to see L for Leisure.
FROM THE ARCHIVES: Get into the holiday spirit with (1990):.
Any progress on getting Metropolitan and Whit Stillman to Atlanta?
Paradigms of American Urban Haute Bourgeoisie (UHB) actions in Whit Stillman movies.
"Do you think it's good having rough language, like 'shacking up,' in the movie?" -Whit Stillman, on the BARCELONA commentary
"It's just that my step mother's a writer--having us around makes her nervous." - Whit Stillman's Metropolitan
"A deadpan-nostalgic recreation of 90s American hipsterism reminiscent of Whit Stillman." Barf.
Whit Stillman is quite a blast from the past.
Whit Stillman's METROPOLITAN begins in one hour! Don't miss it! 12/1 at 7pm.
Go see the 25th Anniversary screening of Whit Stillman's METROPOLITAN tonight only at the Film Center.
Celebration screening of METROPOLITAN plays TOMORROW 12/1 at 7pm with Dir. Whit Stillman in-person!
Never watched it but it didn't work from what I understand. My feelings were hurt that Whit Stillman's pilot didn't get picked.
Now that the limit on people I can follow has been lifted, I can add Whit Stillman back.
Whit Stillman's ebullient holiday tale METROPOLITAN is our repertory pick of the week:
Your visual evidence: The Gilmore Girls, films of Whit Stillman, Harold's mother in Harold & Maude, and Pete Campbell from Mad Men
Interviewing Whit Stillman soon. Currently in a poetry class and we are talking about Walt Whitman. 100% chance I'll call Whit, Walt.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Fred:What do you call what's above the subtext?Ted:The text.F:That's right, but they never talk about that
Thinking about when New York was cool when I first went at 21. Thinking about how I wish Whit Stillman would do...
Because I always wondered what it would look like if Ozu directed a screenplay by Whit Stillman…
Whit Stillman's next movie is a Jane Austen adaptation? Yay!
Whit Stillman movies are almost entirely populated by characters who are oblivious to how much people want to punch them in the face.
It's almost Halloween so it's time to watch a Whit Stillman movie.
Great to see Whit Stillman reunited with cast of cult Metropolitan at pages Sept. issue
Off to Barcelona and I hope it is very Whit Stillman
Books in Films: . "The Decline of The West" in Whit Stillman's ' Metropolitan (1990). Thanks to
Ever see Whit Stillman's Barcelona? I get the impression you'd dig it.
Don't know why greenlit what's looks like sub-standard Whit Stillman fare
Whit Stillman visual references I think? And I had the impression it was a two-semester senior seminar
I'd love to have a Whit Stillman themed dinner party but nobody would participate probably :'(
We effortlessly segued into a conversation about Whit Stillman. WHERE ARE OUR EMMYS?
High time Whit Stillman introduces droll bourgeois angst to the Alien canon.
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My romantic dream is to live inside a Whit Stillman movie, even if I'd probably be the guy hiding a Bible inside a copy of The Economist.
Thanks for reminding me of Whit Stillman at the top of his game!
Chloë Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale star in Whit Stillman's wonderful THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO, now free on Crackle:
don't recognize it offhand ... one of your Whit Stillman movies?
I was hoping Brody's Whit Stillman show would take off. I think it faded away?
you are a character in a Whit Stillman movie?
Kate Beckinsale & Chloe Sevigny to star in Whit Stillman's LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP
'Love and Friendship' will film in Ireland with Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny, directed by Whit Stillman h…
I liked it as well. G. Gerwig draws you into whatever she does. Liked her v. much in Whit Stillman frippery, Damsels in Distress.
Whit Stillman: “I was surprised that 'Damsels in Distress' got so much flack, because I just thought it was the girl, college 'Rushmore.'”
Franco-American Film Festival on the Champs Elysees: From Whit Stillman to Agnes Varda - Whit Stillman's...
Day 2 Turner Classic movies Whit Stillman,Richard Linklater,Jason Lee and David Steinberg good times were had by all!!
ALASKA Projects in association with The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at UTS is proud to present ALASKA Cinema Club. Curated by Dr Alex Munt (Senior Lecturer, UTS), ALASKA Cinema Club will screen 10 Manhattan focused films in 2014 at the UTS Bon Marche Studio and ALASKA Projects which will be converted into a micro-cinema in the Kings Cross car park. The program will deliver an eclectic series of films from Spike Lee, Woody Allen, Whit Stillman, Larry Clark, Mary Harron and more! A guest speaker will introduce the films. ALASKA Cinema Club Film The Right Thing (1989) 6:30pm Tuesday 6 May Bon Marche Studio (UTS) Building 3, 755 Harris Street Sydney, Broadway 2007 Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (1989) takes on the big issues of race, gender and class politics in America. Set on the streets of Brooklyn, over the hottest day of the year, the film simmers with racial tension towards its explosive and controversial ending. Lee renders New York with a bold, colourful cinematic brush and the film remains a tr ...
Amazon has ordered two pilots to debut on Amazon Instant Video later this year. From director and producer Whit Stillman, The Cosmopolitans follows a group of Americans in Paris looking for love and friendship. The dramatic comedy stars Adam Brody, Chloe Sevigny, Carrie MacLemore, Dree Hemmingway, Shaun Evans, Freddy Asblom and Adriano Giannini. The pilot will begin shooting on location this month. Hand of God follows the powerful and law-bending Judge Pernell Harris (Ron Perlman), who has a religious awakening and begins having visions and hearing voices through his ventilator-bound son. The drama also stars Dana Delany as Perlman's protective wife, Andre Royo, Alona Tal, Julian Morris, Elizabeth McLaughlin and Garret Dillahunt. The Cosmopolitans and Hand of God are the first two pilot orders for Amazon's third pilot season. More pilots will be announced in the coming weeks. Once the pilots are available later this year, viewers will once again be able to provide feedback for Amazon regarding whi ...
Saw Nebraska last weekend, and Dallas Buyers Club this weekend. The only Best Picture nominees I haven't seen are Her and Philomena - maybe next weekend if I get a chance. Dallas Buyers Club, while VERY well acted, is my least favorite of the bunch so far - good movie, just couldn't connect to the story. I actually REALLY enjoyed Nebraska. I still think 12 Years a Slave will win best picture (with Alfonso Cuarón taking home best director), but Nebraska might be my favorite. Bruce Dern is just great, as is the rest of the cast, and Alexander Payne continues to impress me with his almost minimalist style - he really lets the actors take front and center without resorting to a lot of fancy camera work. Don't get me wrong - I sometimes like that fancy camera work, but his stories don't need them. He's able to pull you in through the cinematography and acting. The Descendants has been on HBO the last couple months, and every time I see it, I end up watching it. He and Whit Stillman are two directors I really ...
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Some fun facts about the Yule Log, including ties to Gracie Mansion and Whit Stillman.
Whit Stillman's 'The Last Days of Disco' is now streaming on
look at David Mamet and Morrissey. It's much more unusual for such talents to retain their zing (Whit Stillman is one)
naturally, I was thinking P.T.A doing something. I'd like to see Whit Stillman do Calvin and Hobbes
Liked Frances Ha, not loved. Kept wanting it to turn into a Whit Stillman film; I think these kind of films work best as oddities.
I'm introducing my sister to the joys of Whit Stillman via 'The Last Days Of Disco'. Kate Beckinsale is an unlikely Trojan Horse.
I'm watching Whit Stillman's Metropolitan and I'm about to turn it off.
Prince Avalanche is quietly amusing. Feels a bit too written at times (and not like Whit Stillman golden boy written), but I dug it.
Great pun but better reference. I love that Whit Stillman film. Kate Beckinsale never lived up to that role again IMO
Jane Austen continues to be relevant 200 years after Pride and Prejudice was published...Whit Stillman Gearing Up...
I've enjoyed many Whit Stillman films over the years. Unfortunately, Damsels in Distress is not one of them.
Whit Stillman is ready to direct his passion project, The Last Days of Sisqo.
It saddens me to know that Whit Stillman has only made four movies in the expand of two decades...make more Whit!
Ten year ago, we had Slim Whitman, Whit Stillman and Walt Whitman. Now we have wait wait wait
Jon Stewart is taking a break from the Daily Show to direct a movie. Will it be a political comedy like Whit Stillman's Barcelona?
Having starred in films by Whit Stillman, Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach, Greta Gerwig has officially become something of indie film's collective muse. After first turning heads with her raw, naturalistic performances in the "mumblecore" movement that she had a hand in spawning, she made a seamless t...
It's delightful and a little bewildering to find a 2012 comedy that evokes a world that exists only in the novels of P.G. Wodehouse. Whit Stillman's "Damsels in Distress" creates Seven Oaks College, a school so innocent and naive that only it could believe in itself. Its heroine, Violet Wister, is o...
"When I was growing up, there was only Scrooge McDuck to look up to." -Whit Stillman (Again, not Slim Whitman)
Second, for $1.30, you should rent Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress (big props to Max Goss for recommending his movies), for which Greta Gerwig should have won an oscar for best lead actress. Not my favorite Whit Stillman movie, but definitely worth the time and money.
I liked Whit Stillman's "Damsels in Distress" a lot. Comedy's the hardest thing to do well, I think.
Even though he didn't feature in Whit Stillman's
I suspect that the great literary critic Lionel Trilling felt threatened by the formidable judgment of Jane Austen. He seems, in any case, to take her as a challenge. There is a funny scene in the movie Metropolitan directed by Whit Stillman where a young would-be radical discusses a sharp criticism by Lionel Trilling of Jane Austen to the disapprobation of the girl he is ambiguously interested in, who wonders if Trilling read Austen. "Typically in Jane Austen's novels the archaic ethos is in love with the consciousness that seeks to subvert it. There is no more momentous scene in English fiction than that in which Marianne Dashwood's alienated spirit, her hope of making a wild dedication of herself to unpathed waters, undreamed shores, is justified by the sudden sympathy and even admiration which her dutiful sister Elinor gives to the distraught consciousness of Marianne's lover, the faithless and destructive Willoughby." -Lionel Trilling, Sincerity and Authenticity, (1971), pgs. 76-77. The allusion is ( ...
WA- you knew I couldn't be done w/this yet: Man Ray: A man in love with a woman from a different era. I see a photograph! Luis Buñuel: I see a film! Gil: I see insurmountable problem! Salvador Dalí: I see rhinoceros!
Olivia Thirlby from Dredd reminds me of the character Audrey from Whit Stillman's Metropolitan - if she were a psychic supercop that is
The Cascade's Movies of the Year 2012 - from Anderson(s) to Whit Stillman, our picks from one to fifteen:
Hear from acclaimed writer and director Whit Stillman TONIGHT at 6pm in the Tate Theater! Then at 8pm view his film Damsels in Distress.
Director Whit Stillman speaking at 6 at the Tate Student center. at 6. He reminds me a bit of Noel Coward. " Last Days of Disco" is a must see.
A wise column, with the bonus of referencing a good Whit Stillman film:
This is really making me feel like a Whit Stillman character. Which is a recurring problem for me.
"Rick Von Slonecker is tall, rich, good looking, stupid, dishonest, conceited, a bully, liar, drunk and thief, an egomaniac, and probably psychotic. In short...
UGA FILMMAKING WEEK 2013 Prepare to unleash your inner filmmaker with UGA Filmmaking Week, sponsored by University Union’s Cinematic Arts division and headlined by Campus MovieFest, the annual film...
So. For those that have not quite got what is going on with this page, this is a teaser for a magazine of the same name that is hopefully gonna hit the shops this April. The first issue for Spring/Summer 2013 is featuring interviews, articles ,essays and photos by Andrew Weatherall, Whit Stillman, Eddie Ruscha, Paula Goldstein, Ariel Pink, Adrianna Glaviano, David Hellqvist, Chris Moorby, David McFarline and others to be announced soon. Our full website will be up soon with more details and features.
So the good folks at Fishbowl picked up on our Whit Stillman-inspired poster for SLAMdance.
Wes Anderson vows to remake Whit Stillman's films in the style of Hal Ashby.
Damsels in Distress is very, very funny. I love Whit Stillman's work.
My first Whit Stillman movie was DAMSELS IN DISTRESS the other night on DVD. Not an ideal introduction, I know, but I can definitely see what the Stillman fuss is about. DAMSELS was still fun - I don't think any dance number in that movie was rehearsed for more than ten minutes, intentionally.
This review of Damsels in Distress seems right on target. I started to watch the film tonight and it tried my patience. I turned it off about 15 minutes in. I admit to being in a bit of a short tempered and whiny mood so at another time I might respond differently... but I am guessing not. I know I have at least one friend who will not see eye to eye with me on this... cause he is a huge Whit Stillman fan... but I am reminding myself again to pay closer and closer attention to what my gut tells me. I think Whit Stillman makes his films for someone other than me. yes, I mean you, Jeremy!
"Damsels in Distress." Rough in spots but, oh, Whit Stillman, how I've missed you. Editor-in-Chief, school newspaper: "Okay, any questions?" New staff writer: "Yeah, why is this called 'The Daily Complainer'?" Editor-in-Chief: (Sighs.) "Well isn't it obvious? We come out every DAY, and we're the DAILY campus paper, so . . . 'DAILY Complainer.'" New staff writer: "Um, no, uh . . ."
Most of Whit Stillman's films do have that.
we missed this in the cinema, is it out on DVD now? Seen all the other Whit Stillman films so need this for completion
DAMSELS IN DISTRESS (Whit Stillman, 2011). I have seen every feature film he made. Hope this one is as great as the other Stillman films.
Whit Stillman on Damsels in Distress: 'It was a little bit like a university project' - via
The Spanish Prisoner (David Mamet): kinda like if Barcelona-era Whit Stillman decided to make a genre film after watching too much Bresson.
Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress is a comedy about a trio of beautiful girls as they set out to revolutionize life at a grungy American university - the dynamic leader Violet Wister (Greta Gerwig), principled Rose (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and sexy Heather
Whit Stillman and the art of the courteous comedy via
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After watching Whit Stillman's brilliant "Damsels in Distress", I'm now going to describe all personal crises and "tailspins".
A Whit Stillman double of Damsels in Distress and then last Days of Disco. Comedy genius.
I always get Wes Anderson and Whit Stillman confused.
Whit Stillman to direct, Taylor Nichols to star (as Mark Degler from III).
"we obviously have wildly different theories about dance parties." one step closer to my life becoming a Whit Stillman flick.
THANKS TO DARRAGH O’DONOGHUE, who puts DAMSELS at the top of his list-- Top 5: Damsels in Distress (2011, Whit Stillman) “Sensible” people are irritated that Stillman films seem to be aimed solely at readers of the New Yorker. In fact, they belong to a radical, comic tradition of rigorous mise en scène, formalised talk and philosophical heft that includes Oliveira, Rohmer, Rivette and Eugène Green. Into the Abyss (Werner Herzog, 2011) Margaret (Kenneth Lonergan, 2011) Rowdy Rathore (Prabhu Deva, 2012) Tabu (Miguel Gomes, 2012)
Before he was Dharma's Greg, he co-starred in the 1994 Whit Stillman film "Barcelona" (200 pts)
That thing where you're listening to disco and the first thing you think of, before anything else, is none other than Whit Stillman.
And in the case of Whit Stillman movies, succeeding 100% of the time.
Finally watched Whit Stillman's new(ish) movie Damsels in Distress. It wasn't what I expected. He's never predictable. It's a delight.
'Damsels in Distress' movie quotes are hilarious. In the film, written and directed by Whit Stillman ('The Last Days of Disco'), Greta Gerwig stars as Violet Wister, the leader of a group of girls who are determined to change life at a small, liberal arts college. Together, these women try to trans.
Whit Stillman still has it, watch 'Damsels in Distress'.
DAMSELS IN DISTRESS: Whit Stillman riffing on Mike Judges characters and scenarios. Frustrating flaws, but a dozen or more ear-to-ear grins.
Damsels in Distress. Whit Stillman's aggressively odd comedy about pretentious liberal arts students. Greta Gerwig was fantastic.
4. "Damsels in Distress" Whit Stillman's first movie in 14 years and his best yet, turns the follies and misguided perceptions of youth into a hilariously bent social comedy of developing identity. Some guys don't know colors; some girls prefer doofuses (or doofi, the plural, Stillman indicates). Th...
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Movie Review: Damsels in Distress I posted the trailer for this a couple months ago because I was excited about a new Whit Stillman film coming out (it's been 12 years since his previous one, "The Last Days of Disco"). His directorial style is a bit flat and his focus on high society folks isn't always my cup of tea, but, *** it! He writes great dialogue... This film is a bit of a departure for him. His previous films are all rather slice of life, albeit the lives of highly literate, upper class folk (kind of like "The Gilmore Girls" but with more glassy eyed). This one appears at first to be the same kind of thing-- 3 girls act as a welcoming committee of sorts for a new student transferring to their prep school/college (I'm not quite sure what kind of school it was). But it turns out that the welcoming committee also run the on campus suicide prevention center, and do so with an emphasis on dancing. As the movie progresses, there are even more oddities revealed about this campus, and by the end, nobody ...
Did you see "Damsels in Distress"? Whit Stillman mixing it up with Heathers and Animal House & Greta Gerwig's smart loopiness.
Whit Stillman movie with Greta Gerwig and Adam Brody. Really good
I love Whit Stillman's dialogue, and Greta Gerwig was a deadpan hoot.
Must write album reviews today, not essays about Damsels In Distress/letters to Whit Stillman.
New on a discussion guide by on Whit Stillman's film Damsels in Distress:
Oh my gosh Whit Stillman is so funny
Relieved. Would love to see a prep school-based Whit Stillman film about an approaching natural disaster
So Whit Stillman's LAST DAYS OF DISCO was an interesting piece of Hurricane relief. Fun movie.
Damsels in Distress. See it. Along with Metropolitan, Barcelona and Last Days of Disco. And anything else by Whit Stillman (I think he might have done some TV). So so wonderful to enter his world on a rainy Sunday evening.
is that a Whit Stillman reference or a Slim Whitman refernence?
I had NO idea Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, Last Days of Disco) had released a new film, Damsels In Distress. It's cute.
I really want Whit Stillman to be my friend. Not sure how to go about it.
Damsels in Distress -- I've said this before, but my favorite thing about a Whit Stillman film is how there's not...
Whit Stillman was hilarious. Gave some truly awesome answers in a panel session.
I don't like to say I am pushing 60 . I prifer to say I am pulling 59.Whit Stillman.
Whit Stillman's "Damsels in Distress" has got to be one of the most bizarrely unique and funny movies I've seen.
I'm staying with the family for the night and came home to veggie fajitas and a Whit Stillman DVD marathon
Feeling kind of ill, watching Whit Stillman movies.
American Psycho is like a Whit Stillman film where everyone is the Chris Eigeman character.
I was JUST now reflecting on that very (sad, hollow) truth. Maybe Whit Stillman is the only one who can ensorcel him?
Actual horrible sentence I said yesterday: "I couldn't audition for the Whit Stillman movie because I was in Italy."
"I'd really like to make a film with actually sociologically likable characters." - Whit Stillman, in the Last Days of Disco commentary
Whit Stillman - legend. Though it is unfair to put artistic integrity and commercial savvy next to each other on a panel. Havoc ensues.
I am having more trouble than I anticipated launching this Whit Stillman presidential write-in campaign
I just don't have the time! Wes Anderson does that to me, as has Noah Baumbach and Whit Stillman.
Andy Nowicki on the films of Whit Stillman
Watching Damsels in Distress. First fifteen minutes I feel as if Whit Stillman is trying to test me with the full force of Whit Stillmaness
Enjoyed the film Damsels in Distress - glad Whit Stillman's back.
Have you seen other Whit Stillman films?
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I JUST realized that earlier today I referred to Whit Stillman as Walt Whitman.
Whit Stillman's METROPOLITAN reimagines the teen comedy as a comedy of manners. Very interesting.
Just saw Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress. Funny, clever and the girls, especially Greta Gerwig is phenomenal. And the score, wonderful
Tonight's double feature: Damsel's in Distress and Blue Like Jazz. The former your typical Whit Stillman dialogue (which is mostly pretty good) driven movie. Like his other films gets a bit episodic at times. Did like the scene where a guy seduces a girl by having her watch stolen kisses. The latter was pretty spotty. Disappointing considering the great source material. That is baffling because author donald miller (a progressive christian writer) was one of the screenwriters. Did like Justin Welborn as The Pope. You will know what I mean when you watch it. Miller conveys his message much better in the book. Per usual the book is better.
it's Whit Stillman in a contemporary college with Greta Gerwig instead of Chloe Sevigny
Love the new Whit Stillman film, Damsels in Distress. Hilarious. Go Greta Gerwig!
Oh I watched Damsels in Distress, I have no prior Whit Stillman experience but it was utterly charming. It's why Greta Gerwig is now my hero
Damsels in Distress: Funny, strange, neomodern, and proper. Whit Stillman does it again!
Greta Gerwig has some smarts! She goes from Whit Stillman to Noah Baumbach!
After more than a decade of not making movies, Whit Stillman's returned with an odd one, Damsels in Distress. We're not sure if it's good, but we are sure that it's one of a kind. Check it out for yourselves & let us know what you think, okay?
Rented & stopped watching midway thru the stupefyingly boring/talky Ivy-League-y "Damsels in Distress" by writer/director Whit Stillman.
Film fanatics may yearn for the rare Paul Thomas Anderson, Terrence Malick, or Whit Stillman movie. But my director-to-pine-for has long been Amy Heckerling. Though she's dabbled in silly fare, making European Vacation under the National Lampoon banner, and directing both Look Who's Talking and Look...
Oh, I just watched Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress and I loved it. Greta Gerwig is my spirit animal.
Whit Stillman's DAMSELS IN DISTRESS is terrific. Hilarious, well-written, and featuring my favorite Greta Gerwig performance so far.
Whit Stillman Channels Woody Allen and the '30s in "Damsels in Distress": Talking with Whit Stillman feel... Forbes
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The universe...what a concept. It's so vast and mysterious, and, when you really get down to it, unknowable. The whole thing is just...forever beyond our comprehension as Mere Mortals (which is the title of my forthcoming Neil Gaiman inspired fanfiction in which John Constantine and The Riddler search for Death). I think God is like that. G.K. Chesterton said "The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man." There's just so much we can't understand. Not even our own lives, their very existence, their purpose, their meaning. But we can grasp our lives and explore our own personal mysteries. Because if there is one thing you can say about your life, it is your own, not any other mortal's. And where does that come from? What is the biological need to ask questions of such a profound nature. In Paul Schrader's Light Sleeper, David Spade's Theological Cokehead says that the idea of God presupposes his existence. He asks then, what is the role of human thought? Taylor Nichols in Whit Stillman ...
Nothing creates quite so much joy as a Whit Stillman film. He's found a new Chloe Sevigny in Greta Gerwig.
Whit much Woody Allen influence has he got?
Who can make it through more than 30 minutes of ANY Whit Stillman film?!
Watching Whit Stillman's Last Days of Disco; a comedy of manners for people who don't know any manners
"When Webcams Were Rare" banner floating to the floor as Whit Stillman's latest opus comes to a close.
there’s a Whit Stillman movie just waiting to be made around that quote
'Whit Stillman novel based on a movie' is the exact opposite of 'George J. R. R. Martin novel on which a tv show was based,' yeah?
Yes of course. Whit Stillman is fantastic.
Franklin Laviola on the triumphs of Whit Stillman, Woody Allen, Richard Linklater, and more...
Loving "Girls." It's like Whit Stillman meets the 21st Century meets frump.
ideas for imaginary films based on comic books: Dobie Gillis directed by Whit Stillman!
Few days behind, but have to say I love you just a little bit more for mentioning Whit Stillman. My favorite!
Nothing I see on tv tonight will give me as much pleasure as Chris Eigeman last night on Bunheads. Whit Stillman has much to answer for.
Film Update: Triple Feature Sunday The Bourne Ultimatum 3/4* I like the action and the stunts. A clear plot helped,too. It leaves us on a note that hints at sequel potential. It's good, not great. Oh, and I think Rachel Weisz is pretty cute in this. The Campaign 2.5/4* It's funny and crude as one might expect. It helps to like Mr. Ferrell's and Mr. Galifianakis' sense of humour. You will probably laugh at their antics while cringing at how close real elections are getting to the situations depicted. Damsels in Distress 2.5/4* It's Whit Stillman channeling Woody Allen, with quirky ladies and commentary on dating in college. He doesn't achieve Mr Allen's greatness, but instead seems to have created something that mocks him. I had higher hopes for this film from the director of 'The Last Days of Disco'. It's not any wonder he's rusty.
"I mean, you'd always wear an Oxford shirt, wouldn't you? Because otherwise you'd look bad" Whit Stillman 🇺🇸
Mel reviews Whit Stillman's 'Damsels in Distress' and we have a preview screening GIVEAWAY
. please tell me you're attempting to add Whit Stillman's Barcelona to the collection. Bread alone does not make a good sandwich!
Well, is Whit Stillman trying to channel Woody Allen, adding eccentricity of his own to the form. Dialogue driven, quirky
About to watch one of my all-time favorite films for the first time on Blu-Ray, Whit Stillman's THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO...
For reference, this pretty much sums up my opinion of the film, and Stillman in general:
I CANNOT believe I'm missing Whit Stillman's Q&A Sold out! Omg. I won't get over this for a while, people.
Oh good. (btw, I've never seen a Whit Stillman film before and know nothing of his style)
.quotes from Whit Stillman's Metropolitan. Sorry. Old favorite I've been rewatching.
Swear to God - Whit Stillman is the voice inside my head for the last thirty years. Unreal the way this guy thinks.
Finished Moby *** today. Believe the hype. Going to work on some non-fiction then novels by Whit Stillman and Graham Greene
This week on DVD/Blu-ray: Two of Whit Stillman's most beloved films; the latest Oscar-nominated film by Joseph Cedar; Terrence Davies' fifth narrative feature in over two decades; one of the year's most successful documentaries; and the film that made a scream queen out of Elizabeth Olsen.
I like THE PRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY and the ’37 KID GALAHAD as well as anyone, but both were still a decade away from the first truly grown-up boxing film; just pop the 4K-remastered Gene Kelly in your Blu-ray player, and you’ll willingly destroy your best Louis Vuitton clompers in a curb puddle; Whit Stillman with the right actors – and a great companion to the “Disco-night” pages in the new Bill Veeck biography
7/29/1994 "Barcelona" opens. 2nd film from Whit Stillman, strong idie effort with a great performance by Mira Sorvino.
You know Hollywood is broken when the directors of 'Little Miss Sunshine' and the mighty Whit Stillman have to wait YEARS B4 making nu films
Wish 'Whit Stillman' was more prolific. Loved 'Metropolitan' and 'Last Days of Disco'. Waiting for 'Damsels in Distress' to come out in DVD.
You are the only person I know who has quoted a Whit Stillman film that I haven't introduced to Whit Stillman films. Seen em all?
Enjoy also the Q&A w/ Whit Stillman & cast of @ The Film Society of Lincoln Center: via
“Oh shootings, yes. But that doesn’t mean Americans are more violent than other people. We’re just better shots.” (Whit Stillman, Barcelona)
It used to be Hal Hartley, Whit Stillman and Kevin Smith who had crossover cinematic universes. Now it's Marvel.
Yeah man, just got put out on blu yesterday. I love me some Whit Stillman.
Watching Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress (2012): Animal House as rewritten by Edith Wharton for the coed pov, with M-G-M dance numbers.
I am totally going to the Whit Stillman.
Whit Stillman directed The Last Days of Disco - starring Chloe Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale - The Criterion Collection has released it on Blu-ray.
Ken Korman brings you the week's new Blu-rays: Star Trek: TNG, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Whit Stillman's trilogy, and more
New on Blu: 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'Silent House' and 'Last Days of Disco': In addition to...
Whit Stillman’s ode to the very early ’80s, THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO is out today on Blu-ray:
I think I will pick up those Whit Stillman Criterions today
A with for Whit Stillman's summery 1994 comedy Barcelona.
Whit Stillman's finest work on when the Saturday Night Fever broke: Blu-ray THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO
I'm still having trouble writing Whit Stillman. Keeping writing 'Walt Whitman'. Think it's here to stay.
Attention, Vassar! It's really true -- DAMSELS is playing Poughkeepsie too. And for Buffalo friends, it's also at Cheektowaga. Madison, Manhattan, Raleigh, Dallas, Los Angeles & other national dates continue. THIS JUST IN FROM HITFIX: Best Original Screenplay: Whit Stillman, "Damsels in Distress" -- Truthfully, there are a lot of categories where Whit Stillman's deliciously skew-whiff campus comedy deserves recognition, from Greta Gerwig's spry lead turn to the point-on, period-blurring costume design. But things must start with the dazzling verbiage of Stillman's script: 21 years ago, he was nominated in this very category for his debut, "Metropolitan," and his comic voice remains inimitable, merging literate ruminations on human behavior with nose-held anal sex gags, with nary a pause for breath between the two. It's the funniest comedy of the new decade -- at least -- and it's all down to a writerly hand that had been inactive for far too long. --Guy Lodge
Also I did not know that Dunham and Whit Stillman were having a Kramer Versus Kramer over Digger from Gilmore Girls.
Thu 7/12 is the last night to catch our double of Whit Stillman's DAMSELS IN DISTRESS + Noah Baumbach's KICKING AND SCREAMING
Was sent Whit Stillman's Metropolitan from What are the chances of me liking it considering I hated Damsels in Distress?
Actress, writer and filmmaker Greta Gerwig has a remarkable career on her hands. Born and raised in Sacramento, the 28-year-old already has three major movies in release just this year, Whit Stillman's %22Damsels in Distress,%22 Daryl Wein's %22Lola Versus%22 and Woody Allen's %22To Rome With Love.%...
Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress. Doufii as new model to ease pain of watching dudes lying for a living. AKA public discourse.
I can barely find out anything about this, but the Whit Stillman film Damsels in Distress is playing in JXN Sun.
@ Cinema Paradiso 1 nite: I was lukewarm: Whit Stillman fans might be curious
Damsels in Distress! It's the new film from Whit Stillman! is v excited! (I think)
Can we throw in Whit Stillman while we're at it? The Apartment, I remember Whit Stillman beeing annoyed by what i said about it. Maybe rightly so.
Didn't know that Whit Stillman's first three movies are all connected. Now I'll have to watch METROPOLITAN and BARCELONA.
Tonight grab a friend and come on down to see Whit Stillman's Damsels In Distresse sponsored by our dear friends...
I've never seen a Whit Stillman movie. Fixing that now with LAST DAYS OF DISCO. If I like it then I'll pick up DAMSELS IN DISTRESS.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
and while we're at it, Whit Stillman's "Damsels in Distress" can just go ahead and be titled "Gringas Mamonas" for the Mexico release.
For those of you who couldn't make it to last night's sold out show, Whit Stillman and Carrie MacLemore will be at the Saturday 7:00 show to say "Hi" and introduce Damsels In Distress.
I am dying over the entire Whit Stillman experience. Dying.
Whit Stillman and Carrie MacLemore before the premiere of 'Damsels in Distress' at The Capri
Watching geek out over Whit Stillman at the "Damsels in Distress" screening is the funniest thing I've ever seen.
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