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Whip Whitaker

Denzel Washington Robert Zemeckis John Goodman Melissa Leo Nadine Velazquez Don Cheadle Lion Air Cast Away Academy Award

The Whip Whitaker ending comes to mind.
As I was saying Deshaun Watson is the real Savage
Jumped off my couch and stamped around my apartment
Wow!!! God told me to finish watching "Flight!" Whip..Dr. Whitaker, Trina..2nd wife, rehab resistance! An amazing movie! I 💛 it!!⭐
That was the meanest thing anybody's ever done to me.
I've watched that Giannis dunk about 40 times now, still makes no sense. He dunked from this
I was Whip Whitaker high last night.
When you write, you learn. Blogging gives a platform for accountability. - in -
My wish for the day: stop rt-ing the Christiansen whip photo. Pretty please?.
Don't count on the Whip Whitaker's of the world~
Keep an eye on that suitcase this time Whip Whitaker
Lester is pouring a FAT glass of bourbon when he gets home
Can't wait for Bill to make Matt Flynn or TJ Yates look like a god out there
Jack Abbott walked into work like Whip Whitaker walked into the hotel lobby.
Start date for the new job is October 31. Walking through those doors in full costume is Great First Impression Making 101
head coach Bill Belichick's advice to Theo Epstein after 2004.   10% Off
he's a hero for crash landing a plane but Whip Whitaker was a villain for the same? v telling
It only took you 6 years but congrats for making this photo
Captain Whip Whitaker is my role model by the_…
Trump says he'll "whip out" the book Clinton Cash for the general election:
I think you could be the next whip whitaker tbh
Johnny Manziel's like 90% of the way to becoming Shia LaBeouf
Moving to Canada if Bernie or Trump become president
Always gonna laugh at singing sheep. Always.
Zach Gorman is going to be a baker this fall. this is not a joke
Firm believer that the DJ Khaled snapchat is just another elaborate Jimmy Kimmel prank🔑
Nothing diminishes a great pass like a Phil Simms breakdown of it.
Not to worry. He'll lose his seat soon. Speaker, Whip set to go out.
actually upset that you like bubba. Guy's the worst!
Now's the time for some Whip Whitaker references, Roddy.
Ms. Whitaker & mr. Gloster doing the whip was the funniest thing I've seen in a while lmao
It's gotta be Whip Whitaker from Flight! Especially if Harling Mays (John Goodman) is just a phone call away.
missed the beginning so now I'm all behind. Amateur hour over here..
Just shook hands with Malcom Butler at LAX. Mumbled my words like a god *** monkey but I got in the thank you, so now I can die happy
We gotta get this one today Let's Go 👊🏽⚾️
Now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae
Just watched Asa Whitaker whip and nay nay. My life has been made.
When you teach Mr. Whitaker to whip>>>>>
"Jamal, can you show us the whip again please Jamal"
Hope I never get as confused as a fly is on a glass window
loved Graduation. 808s was cool. MBDTF was amazing I thought. He definitely evolved. Yezus didn't do much for me...
last one I truly enjoyed was graduation day. Been downhill ever since. Not awful but just not what he should be doing
Still remember Kanye debuting Jesus Walks on TRL (yes TRL) and thinking he was the coolest/greatest dude on the planet. God dammit.
Delly would be so much cooler if he didn't play for Cleveland
Batters are 6 for 59 hitting against Rodriguez
Let me fly the plane. Shout out Whip Whitaker.
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I could watch this roughly a million gazillion fa-fillion times
Lebron is going to pick his nose until it starts to bleed here
Make sure you really gather yourself there Lebron, take your time
When she ask if you can hit that whip 😂😂
Don't forget to use our emoticons to help spice up your IM conversations, Zach! ;)
Adding the cute intern to my Skype for Business contact list
Where in the world is Paul Clendenen
Lady just told that I looked like a math teacher today and laughed. Is there any kindness in this cruel world?
no sympathy for people who willingly live in Ohio.
Actually want the city of Cleveland to win a championship. Problem is I would prefer to see Lebron, shumpert, JR, and gang fail miserably
Dreading the day I get sick of Uptown Funk
concur. Great Debaters on Netflix. Whitaker, not Whip, can't wait
The middle market is responsible for approximately one-third of America’s GDP and one-third of its workforce
Q: What kind of name is Whip Whitaker? A: The best one.
show me a young paul pierce in his Celtics days
I'll be surprised if Kentucky loses a game this season
Straight up not having a coach for your team. Bold strategy Cotton!
For real though, a live feed of inside perfectos is perfectly reasonable and doable. Would def make millions 💰💰💰
Wish there was an app that informed you of who's at perfectos before you go
I assume Whip Whitaker is a pilot for your airline?
For the Yankee swap tonight, we had to bring something that started with the first letter of our first name. Naturally, I brought zucchini
Praying the death of Joe Cocker doesn't send Whip Whitaker backsliding into a drug-and-drink-fueled depression.
K.J. McDaniels’ mom goes to a 76ers game to root for her son & boo everyone else
I think Rex Ryan hates the Patriots more than anything I could hate in my entire lifetime
Will Smith's kids are the worst thing since spinach
"Parents are off to Cape Town and sister is going to Mauritius 😻"whip game dividends
No gym on a Monday feels weird.. All for my boy to enjoy his new german whip.. 🚘
Lost count of the number of duck boots on campus today after the first hundred billion trillion
Collinsworth may never stop ejaculating from that Gronk touchdown
Bully Gronk is the best gronk. Gronk killed a guy
"Rob stirring it up like he's in a night club"
"Nobody could've landed that plane like I did" - Captain Whip Whitaker
Was about to go Whip Whitaker on this mini bar until I found out it was just an empty fridge. ✈️⛪️
Coach Whitaker bumps Migos in the whip on the way to school everyday
Found this in an old folder, for all you ketchup dinks..
Kim Kardashian lookin like a god *** glazed turkey on that magazine cover
Randy Moss with the most ridiculous sunglasses I have ever seen
South Cackalacky in 4 days holy baby Jesus
It's cute when girls think they know more than me about football
Only thing missing in the *** movie was Denzel as Whip Whitaker from Flight LOL
Pretty sure I just got the Starbuckiest of Starbucks drinks you could order. Embarrassed walking around campus with this thing in my hand
I can't wait till you're deported to Canada
"WHIP WHITAKER rises into frame and inhabits the room like a lazy ape at the zoo" - script
Friend said they googled me and it said I had a girlfriend, well that's False.
I always envisioned Chris Broussard's sources being a bunch of beanie babies in his basement or something
Hamilton Collection
Your mother is a stiff Words with Friends competitor
You just got Clemson'd, welcome fellow tigers
Hey Belgium, George has something to say
Sorry, quick side note: if I can grow up to be half the man that Creed from The Office is, I'll be very satisfied with my life.
At the end of the day, Instagram is a primarily a way of saying "Ha! Look what I did that you didn't do!"
I'll the Nazis but the tattoo creatures are a close second
I guess it kinda depends on who ya ask..
Who's worse? Nazis or those people who tattoo "est. 19**" when referring to the year they were born
That's a completely true story by the way
I met a man in Amsterdam last year who told me he got his nipples pierced after he divorced his wife to show her "that he still had it"
that's the least surprising thing I've ever heard
For the record, eharmony has approximately 29,600 followers and I don't want any of those people to ever be my neighbor
I just hope that I never have to resort to eharmony
I really just want leftover food that was once a real meal but instead I got season 3 of The Office
Underrated funny part of The Fighter is how the sisters refer to Amy Adams as MTV girl
I change the channel for a second, come back and the Pacers are down 15? Did one of their players die or something
If you're at a body of water and don't take a panorama snapchat video, were you ever really there?
In a past life, I was Whip Whitaker.
Well I have had just about enough of this college softball bologna taking over my late night sportscenter time. Figure it out ESPN
whip Whitaker not in the running for best host?
I like to make faces at old people when I'm driving on the highway
Hardest part about waking up early is going to bed early
it was the 2007 World Series edition TYLER!!! You can't put a price on it!!
get a new one when we go to a game this summer. can direct us to Sullivan station again
That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Figure it out NBA. Give me some drama. Tell me what's happening. I think we got…
The Spurs are the Patriots of the NBA. Even down to the short-spoken, genius coaches
Denzel shoulda got an Oscar for his performance as Whip Whitaker.
Smoothest little kid ever catches ball from play, gives different ball to older girl in his section via
most exciting thing to ever happen in the city of Cleveland
I was Whip Whitaker drunk last night smh lol
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I need me one of those mini fridges that Whip Whitaker found in the other room in Flight breh...I'll probably never leave my room
Captain Whip Whitaker is Alonzo Harris's reincarnation. Denzel Washington is the illest *** ever.
In the movie, despite many opportunities to seek help, Captain Whip Whitaker finally admits during a hearing..
Brentley Whitaker is going to whip me into shape
Pilot of that plane must be Whip Whitaker.
From now me Whip Whitaker! Cuz I be on Flight!!!
Have you seek the change so much and act like Capt.Whip Whitaker in flight to pour out all your alcohol ?
I might just whip up a feast for the Whitaker family.
I'm ma leave being Whip Whitaker to Denzel
I feel like Whip Whitaker in Flight right now
And again, like I said, you know, some of them will never forgive me. Some of them will. But at least I'm sober. I thank God for that. I'm grateful for that. And this is gonna sound real stupid . -Captain Whip Whitaker (Flight - A thoughtfully provoking movie)
Ok first top 10 who are your favorite male movie characters? This is my list no particular order Heath Ledger as Joker in Dark Knight Denzel Washington as Whip Whitaker in Flight Jamie Fox as Ray Will Smith as ALI Joe Piesci as Tony Devito in Goodfellas Robert Dinero as Jake La Matta in Ragging Bull Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean Kevin Spacey as Keyser Soze in Unusual Suspects Brad Pitt as Lt. Aldo Raine in Inglorious *** Christian Bale as Dicky Eklund in the Fighter
Richie be like: 'I am whip whitaker'
Academy Award® winner Denzel Washington stars in this “riveting and powerful nail-biting thriller1” from Robert Zemeckis, the Academy Award®winning director of Forrest Gump and Cast Away.  Airline pilot Whip Whitaker (Washington) miraculously lands his plane after a mid-...
Whip Whitaker is a professional drunk driver
Listen cuz Whip Whitaker spittin knowledge right now
If you know who Whip Whitaker is you're my homie.
"No one could have landed that plane like I did." -Whip Whitaker
I'm watching the end of this movie FLIGHT and this nicca Denzel got a nicca over here crying. Fuk u Capt. Whip Whitaker, jus fuk u yo!!! 󾌹󾌹 Lol
Flight is a 2012 American drama film. Starring Denzel Washington, it is director Robert Zemeckis' first live-action film since Cast Away and What Lies Beneath, which were both released in 2000, and the first R-rated film directed by him since Used Cars back in 1980, as well as the first ImageMovers release to date to have an R-rating. Flight was nominated for two Academy Awards at the 85th Academy Awards: Best Actor (for Washington) and Best Original Screenplay (for John Gatins). Plot[edit] On October 14, 2011, Airline captain Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) awakens in his Orlando hotel room with flight attendant Katerina Márquez (Nadine Velazquez) after a night of sex, drinking, drug use, and very little sleep. After using cocaine to wake up, he boards SouthJet Flight 227 as pilot to Atlanta. After Whip threads the plane through severe turbulence at takeoff, copilot Ken Evans takes over while Whip discreetly mixes vodka in his orange juice and takes a nap. He is jolted awake as the plane begins its d ...
Gonna show up to work tomorrow morning and reek like Whip Whitaker. Luckily I won't be performing advanced aerial maneuvers.
His music was on point though...timvele zimenezi before we go whip whitaker
Feeling like Whip Whitaker heading into this meeting.
👏👏👏 young Whip Whitaker is what they call me on weekends
Whip Whitaker proved that you can be great whilst technically being a functioning alcoholic
This just in, I'm gonna name my first born Whip Whitaker
Lol Whip Whitaker!?? "Zulu not letting me be a bad influence, all I ask is for one high day at work. Lol"
Unexplained delay. Hope we aren't waiting for Whip Whitaker to roll out of bed..
I miss you both 😫😫 for you Katie, I hope Whip Whitaker isn't your pilot ;) ✈🍺
and I thought it was all about Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington in "Flight")...
Hangover update: I've eat 2 sausage rolls in the past 24 hours and drank more coke than Whip Whitaker has sniffed.
This *** Whip Whitaker might be my least favorite Denzel character. I mean ***
Today I was pulled over by a Racist Profiling PIG** *** Azz *** * Va State Trooper for no other reason than I was a Black male in a SUV. He had someone pulled so I got in the far left lane. When I passed them they both pulled off. he never turned off his lights & got in the left lane. I was on cruse control so I thought he forgot to turn them off or he was trying to go around me. I pulled to the right lane, he turned the lights off. then he pulled behind me & turned them back on. I asked him what had I done. He says my driver side headlight was out. Now its 11:45 AM!!! Right there I knew he was fishing. then he walked around looking for other problems when I told him the light works & turned it on. Now I have a long list of close & not so close friends that are officers of the law, Mclloyd Bynum, Kenny Spann, Lee Jacks, Morial Whitaker ..., so i knew that no matter how upset i was to just do whatever the officer says right or wrong. thats what i did. I did pull my phone out to record. This is when ...
A question to pool owners. Are there any laws or ordinances in Enterprise, Clarke County or Mississippi about having a fence around your pool ?
We all boutta be drunk as Whip Whitaker tomorrow night lord help us ***
I'm beyond the most slept on stepped on Step songs follow a rap song Writin' my wrongs Writin' in the book of psalms This is the word word to the holy Qur'an Or whatever that's foreign to ya I find it funny that you are embracing a storm wait ring the alarm or wake up wit a bomb thru ya Its Baghdad kids with bad dads cops wit bad badges Big bullets no my bads once the gun shoot ya I said yo my mic go Hot as the Mike Jordan lacing my Jordans and yellin' out ISO Ike Turner your idol whip em And bruise thick poison the size of pot holes sad that you knew them We influence heart of thousands 999,000 But whose counting Thirsty for success and we drink from the youth fountain Big headed tryin to stay grounded like a delinquent in middle school clowin' Drownin' mcs they want life jackets Why we swim backwards We yellin' *** please Pay your respect or recognize the alphabet you can't survive in a room full of g's Coached by my uncle Lil Man I resemble him they trying to tilt the game and we killing all Thebes M . ...
I can never stay away from whip Whitaker too long
Wow! I swear that pilot was under the influence. I was hoping he at least had crash landing skills like Whip Whitaker!
Boris Diaw looking a little Whip Whitaker with it on the bench.
Can som1 explain to me y Whip Whitaker was jailed in the movie 'Flight'?
We should pray that more people will demonstrate the courage and integrity of Whip Whitaker in the movie "Flight"
After a good day at work, had dinner with my girl friend Samantha Parry and her parents and now I'm watching some college rugby sevens! And my boss told me she wants me to teach rugby to my kids at work. It's a great day!
If I'm in a plane that's crashing I can only hope that Whip Whitaker is the pilot
Directed by Robert Zemeckis. With Nadine Velazquez, Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Don Cheadle. An airline pilot saves almost all his passengers on his malfunctioning airliner which eventually crashed, but an investigation into the accident reveals something troubling.
4/5 Robert Zemeckis’ first live action film since 2000, Flight , is a strong character study led by a commanding performance courtesy of Denzel Washington. It follows the tale of Whip Whitaker, an...
Chicks be like I seen your wife eyeing me no # lmao girl bye
At the movies with my husband Cade Porter :)))
New DVDs and Blu-Rays of the last few days include. "I Give It A Year" Romantic comedy set on the background of a couple getting married and their friends and family aren't convinced that they can last. "Flight" Airline pilot Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) miraculously crash lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe, saving nearly every soul on board. After the crash he is hailed as a hero but what really happened to the plane? "Wreck-it Ralph" is an animated family comedy in which Ralph is tired being the "bad guy" as Fix-It Felix the "good guy" always gets to save the day. He takes matters into his own hands and sets off to prove he's got what it takes to be a hero jumping from game to game.
Life got better bout 2hrs ago. she worries
Been seeing the Hot Chocolate Coolada commercial from Dukin Donuts a lot lately and I've come to the conclusion that all three individuals in the commercial must suffer from short term memory loss. As the commercial plays they take turns guessing at what it is until the final person reads the cup the beverage is in and names it given the name on the cup. What I'd like to know is how they ordered said beverages given that neither knew the name... Probably at the counter like: " ohhh lemmi get that dark looking piece in the cup with the whip cream on top"
don't give me that bs, ill whip yo head boy you know that I will
JR Smith is the Whip Whitaker of the NBA.
You can't get a junkier junky than the character captain Whip Whitaker played by Denzel Washington in Flight,dang.
I hope you see me as hannibal mixed with leatherface coupled with frank white a splash of whip whitaker crash or take flight
"It was as if I had reached my lifelong limit of lies. I could not tell one more lie." - Whip Whitaker
Whip Whitaker woulda landed that plane safely tho
I wonder what whip whitaker is up to these days
yeah he def needs supervision. I think of him like Whip Whitaker in flight lol
And now "flight" concept makes sense to me. Alcohol (cns depressant) + cocaine (cns stimulant). The Whip Whitaker way.
About to whip up this seven egg omelette😏
Kalo liat Lion Air teringat flight. Whip whitaker..
I got that Whip Whitaker in the trunk
Capt. Whip Whitaker had a very nice sex with a local girl last night. But he's still the best. Good job!
Who was the Whip Whitaker/Denzel Washington pilot on Lion Air, and was he intoxicated?
Whip Whitaker with Lion Air. Kinda makes you think twice traveling.
Capt. Whip Whitaker has done it again. Thank God
Eliza that's rude. I have beautiful alto 2 rhythm, and i can whip out some funky beats.
Whip Whitaker in "Flight" eventually reached his bottom and realized he couldn't "lie" anymore
Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) in "Flight" has all the addiction isms: denial, rage, isolation, manipulation, & the illusion of autonomy
Swap Alonzo Harris with Frank Lucas and replace Whip Whitaker (minus the coke addiction) with Malcolm X and you still have the same movie.
"I whip my stairs back and forth, I whip my stairs back and forth" -- Hogwarts
(Whip Whitaker) is alcoholic pilot hide this issue for along time. Super dramatic movie !
Wise words my man Whip Whitaker lived by..>RT “Relax ya mind let ya conscience be free”
It's worrying why friends are equating me to Whip Whitaker from Flight (2012) -
flight. Better hope whip Whitaker is flying that bad boy
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" Zemeckis said of the film's airline captain Whip Whitaker: We didn t want to leave the Big East but found ou...
Denzel Washington pas bgt meranin whip whitaker difilm flight
I wanna fly with Capt. Whip Whitaker, if you know what I mean. 😍✈
Based off my flight simulator app, I would not be able to pull off a Whip Whitaker.
I'm a get Whip Whitaker drunk tonight.
Trying to get whip Whitaker wasted tonight
Price is Right is featuring a flight via "Cheap-o-air". Couldn't bring myself to use them. "This is captain Whip Whitaker speaking"
Honestly Whip Whitaker post liquor binge and pre coke binge would be a better Pitt player right now
7 Days until I get my Whip Whitaker on! ! ! ! Doin' it in memory of Ms Marquez
It's looking like a whip Whitaker type of morning...turn up
can I start calling you Whip Whitaker
what whip Whitaker did in flight takes balls i wish my father had the balls to do that
Staying up all night drinking tonight and then doing a line of coke tomorrow morning and taking the SATs call me Whip Whitaker
The question is, would you rather Whip Whitaker from Flight as your pilot, or this handsome guy?
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I aint no alcoholic i jus like to drink like the homie Whip Whitaker
Makes me sad when i roll up in my whip cuz oil is made up of dead animals like dinosaur feel me? i gotta sit this one out and think about it
After a long night of drinking and sex with one of his stewardesses, William Whitaker (Denzel Washington) or Whip is understandably exhausted. But duty calls, so he pulls himself together for another day of work as a commuter pilot. On his flight from Orlando to Atlanta, the plane suddenly steeply nosedives due to a severe malfunction. Left with no choice, Whip rolls the plane upside down to stop it from diving, before righting the body to crash land in a field. Soon after he wakes up in the hospital as a hero, miraculously only losing six lives in the wreck. However, when an investigation is launched into the incident, questions arise about alcohol and drugs found in Whip’s blood test. Did the plane crash because of a mechanical failure, or was he drunk at the wheel? Whip insists he’s clean, and his union comrades are fighting hard to prove it. Whatever the outcome, he must stay sober until the hearing is over. But for Pilot Whitaker, the truth is already coming out.
we're watchin whip Whitaker do his thing right now...where u at??
Still on the tarmac... 3 hours... Pretty sure our pilot is whip whitaker.
Sarah Whitaker Help please.. my 2yo has a tummy bug and his poor wee bottom is red raw and very very sore! Ive got all sorts of creams here (sudocrem, calendula, curash powder even canestan), have used a bit of everything over the last few days but it just gets worse. I couldn't even get him in a baking soda bath as it hurt too much. If it's the bug we have all had in this house, he has another few days to get through and I need somethign to help protect and heal his bum! Thanks
In honour of Capt Whip Whitaker, no booze tonight. Caffeine, please.
Who wants to get Whip Whitaker drunk tonight?
Flight tells the story of Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot that saves a plane and nearly all its passengers from a certain death. When an investigation is carried out to look into the details of the crash, Whip's troubling lifestyle begins to surface. Writer John Latins creates a dynamic and an internal narrative confrontation for viewers to become immersed in a story full of mental struggle. It's a unique and very engaging story that stands as one of season's best efforts. Director: Robert Zemeckis Writer: John Gatins Stars: Denzel Washington, Nadine Velazquez, Don Cheadle Rating 7.3
If this movie is based off a true story, Whip Whitaker is a piece of work
Whip Whitaker would be able to land this plane drunk
turn on CNN, they need ole' Whip Whitaker in Cahokia
About to take off to AZ, wish Whip Whitaker was flying this thing
Come springbreak imma B worse than Capt. Whip Whitaker
Like the great Whip Whitaker once said "I'm not to drunk to drive."
Watchin Flight and Whip Whitaker is partying hard.
Pork Roast, Mashed red potatoes, Broc.,col, and cheese, home baked bread and Homemade Strawberry Pie with Cool whip for dinner! Yummy!!!:)
Watching Drinking...only because it's how Whip Whitaker would want it.
Whip Whitaker reminds me of Lance Armstrong in
"...for the first time in my life, I'm free." -Captain Whip Whitaker, Flight (2012)
We saw the movie FLIGHT last night...YIKES... I'm praying there aren't too many more pilots like Whip Whitaker out there! (Especially on Air France flights heading to Spain next week :-\)
Looking foward to bowling tonight with Stephen Whitaker and Jolie smith! I'm gonna whip ure *** !!
What's 1 of your favorite redemptive stories on film? Among hundreds of others I love John Creasy's redemption in Man on Fire.
This could be the Vodka talking but sometimes its a burden to be so irresistible...;)
it's much good coffe and good film today..all day at home..relaxation!:D
Expand to building another building out back, specifically designed for what I will be doing, rent or mortgage ( because later in your 60's your can rent it out, other income ) but a house to expand. Or go with what so many people have done, a small piece of land and a greenhouse and it grow same as the plants do. I like to share these thoughts here because when I was growing up here in Dallas we had Grace and Charlie Davis ( and he could even whip you up a plant stand ) whom lived in Garland and were members of the Alpha African Violet Club here in Dallas. That we hybridyzers ( of new and yet unseen varieties of blooms and blossom ), they were growers, they were showers ( boy when I was little at the mall where they would have the shows, these people put out some plants that were astonishing, I never had seen anything like it in my while life, these were the 80's, and the 80's were good ) Even had one named Alpha Charlie After their club and his name, Charlie Davis. Last I saw Grace Davis was in 20 ...
Who will win "Best Actor" tonight? Will it be Daniel Day Lewis for his portrayal of the title role in "Lincoln," or Denzel Washington as Captain William 'Whip' Whitaker in "Flight?"
how could you NOT love this movie. WOW.
For someone who travels by plane almost every two weeks, I kinda regret watching "Flight" (Denzel Washington). I will never look at any commercial airline pilot the same way (with prestige, respect and awe...not to mention sober) again! It was an opener to me that like us, they also have their own demons to fight. It's okay, though, if all pilots will be like Capt. Whip Whitaker, who twisted and turned the plane and landed it with the least number of fatalities. But if not, may god bless my soul!
I turn up with my *** everyday of the week if we ain't smokin we drinking - Rob Dollaz , Osha Reed , nd Relly Rell
What stage of a flight carries the highest risk? a) Take-off b) Landing c) Anywhere in the traffic pattern d) At cruising altitude If you are a pilot don't answer. If you are a pilot and can't answer this before looking at the choices you should turn in your licence to the nearest FAA Field office. For extra credit, explain why your answer is correct.
Bought a big azz bag of cotton candy yesterday...low and behold that's what saved my life in the middle of the nite
This was another movie that came out around the same time as PBW, and once again I seemed to miss it in theaters. This film interested me because it looked like Denzel Washington had a chance to act like somebody else other than Denzel Washington for a role. He's an actor that, to me, is either typecast or simply cannot give each individual character their own physical and vocal tendencies. I see Denzel Washington every time he's on the screen, but the trailer made this one look different.    Trailers are not the best way to judge things apparently. That being said, there were some things the trailer got right. Our good friend Denzel is a pilot, apparently a drunkard, and he's piloting a plane that starts going down for what is originally an unknown reason. He manages to pull some stupid crazy moves like, say, rolling a commercial airliner, and lands the plane relatively safely, saving 96/102 of the souls onboard. Of course, in the ensuing investigation, he fails his toxicology for being drunk and high ...
Okay FB family.. I'm weak this morning.. Really sick and flying across country. If you have it in your heart to throw up a prayer of safety and strength for lil' ol' GEM it would be most appreciated. Love u all!
Directed by: Robert Zemeckis Starring: Denzel Washington Kelly Reilly John Goodman Don Cheadle Based on the real life story of Whip Whitaker, a pilot who saved a plane from crashing, ...
Whip Whitaker is such a character made for Denzel Washington. Good casting by Robert Zemeckis in FLIGHT.
My grade for Flight is an A-, this movie is so good; director Robert Zemeckis has put together a fantastic film that combines all sorts of elements including self destruction related to alcohol and drug usage, guilt, life of lying to oneself and passion. Denzel Washington plays this role as Whip Whitaker flawlessly and with so much heart, the supporting cast led by Don Cheadle, Bruce Greenwood, Nadine Velazquez (hot as molten lava), John Goodman (whoa!), Kelly Reilly and Melissa Leo gave Washington another reason to shine cause every scene he shot with these great actors gave the movie more reasons tokeep watching it; excellent chemistry. film is a must see... By the way Kelly Reilly's performance as Nicole is a scene stealer eventhough Denzel was the flawless lead actor.
Really praying Whip Whitaker isn't flying my plane today.
I'm so in right now just call me ...Whip Whitaker 😂😂😂
Just watched Flight. Ol Whip Whitaker enjoyed himself a good snort of the firewater..
When William "the Whip" Whitaker,the pilot from flight hits turbulence-you don't get a fasten seatbelt sign..
Currently amusing myself by imagining Toby Jones in the Whip Whitaker role in FLIGHT.
Let's offer a toast to Whip Whitaker!! 🍷
Just saw Flight last night and I can unequivocally declare: I am Not an alcoholic! I ain't got a *** thing on Whip Whitaker et al. Geez.
REVIEW: FLIGHT Four strikes and you’re out for Mr. Denzel Washington You have to be a great actor to get four strikes in my book. I mean, I’ll let a few bad movies slide because I know the potential for greatness is still there. But it looks like the magic has started to wear out for one Mr. Denzel Washington. This week’s movie, Flight, will be the fourth consecutive movie starring Washington that I have given a grade of C- or lower. Flight is about a talented pilot who is also battling some personal demons. When a scheduled flight takes on some mechanical issues, it’s up to Whip Whitaker (Washington) to land the plane, if possible. The aftermath of the landing/crash is a sordid look at the problems alcoholism can bring upon a person’s life. I find it absolutely baffling how a talented actor such as Washington, can make such unwatchable movies lately. The Book of Eli (which, sadly, has the been the best of his recent movies), Unstoppable, Safe House and now Flight are all borderline terrible mov ...
Every old person with a walker from Atlanta is on my flight! Wher ia Whip Whitaker when u need him?
No one could landed the plane like i did - Captain Whip Whitaker
Whip Whitaker goes to prison for finally taking responsibility of his addictions, even though he saved 104 lives.
"For the first time on my life, I'm free.." ~Whip Whitaker (FLIGHT) ★★★★
I think Whip Whitaker is flying this jet this morning...
AOPA is all about PILOTS and the aircraft they fly! From the Student Pilot aiming to achieve their PPL to the Commercial Pilot who flie for the airlines. Our biggest task is lobbying on behalf of all of our members to ensure their freedom to fly.
I've got a problem ya'll.i'm like Whip Whitaker.except my addiction is chocolate...I gotta go buy more Vday candy b/c I keep eating it
Whip Whitaker is putting on a legendary *** performance right now.
At the end of the movie "FLIGHT" on Whip Whitaker's desk, filling half the frame in a close up is "The Resolution For Men." I did a double take and hit rewind. Yep, there it is! Congrats to Alex & Stephen Kendrick. Having now seen the film I can't recommend or endorse it due to a lot of its bad content (especially the beginning which requires a lot of fast forwarding), but it was awesome to see such a godly book deliberately featured in the film, especially a film with a redemptive theme involving fatherhood.
I want Whip Whitaker to fly my plane.
Minibar in my hotel suite is empty. Feel like Denzil Washington as Captain "Whip" Whitaker in the film Flight - no connecting door though.
film - Whip Whitaker embarks on a journey of self discovery 4/5* outstanding
Pretty easy to see Forest Gump's family sold the farm to Whip Whitaker's at auction.
my name is Whip Whitaker and I am an alcoholic
Whip Whitaker drunk last night with the blackout boy
I will attempt to coin the phrase "Whip Whitaker Wasted" without having anything to do with the movie Flight.
With the homies & alexbcruz10 feeling like Whip Whitaker Take
I wonder how reacted to Whip Whitaker's efforts to save that plane...
you better make sure that your pilot doesn't hang in Whip Whitaker's inner circle.
Pilot to passengers on my delayed flight home: "I'm gonna it fly it like I stole it. | Well-played, Whip Whitaker!
'Whip Whitaker' (played by Denzel Washington) is an Anti-Hero. He performed an heroic act but lacks the Virtues of a Hero.
Lol he was probably trying to be a Captain Whip Whitaker in Flight
Captain William Whip Whitaker is the man. He definitely made the right choice
I will tell yall right now,if you have not seen Denzel Washington as Whip Whitaker in the motion picture FLIGHT,you are missing out
Flight - SUPERB!! Denzel Washington is excellent as Whip Whitaker, and he thoroughly deserves the best actor Oscar he has been nomed for! :D
It takes a plane crash for Whip Whitaker to realize he has a drinking problem. And 2:20hrs for the…
Went to sleep in a bad mood ...woke up in one .Im bouta start drinkin like Denzel in da young Whip Whitaker
Denzel Washington's role in FLIGHT ranks in TIME's list of Top 10 Movie's of 2012.
NEW DVD RELEASES: Whip Whitaker had an epic layover in Orlando -- an all-nighter with a sexy flight attendant an...
They call me whip whitaker for short
In the movie Flight, Denzel's name was Whip Whitaker
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