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Wheat Thins

Wheat Thins are a popular baked snack cracker found in North America, distributed by Nabisco, a subsidiary of Kraft Foods Global Inc.

Sandy Duncan

Always so hungry after going out. Gonna eat some wheat thins and an orange.
Wheat thins might be more addictive than crack. Can not confirm either way though
How white am I? I’m eating plain wheat thins as a snack with my liquor at 12:30am white.
3. Reduced-Fat Wheat Thins so I don’t feel as fat when I eat an entire box in one sitting.
We cornered the market on Buffalo Wheat Thins when discontinued. Sorry to say, we will be done with Wheat Thi…
Wheat thins with goat cheese though
Dinner. Can of tuna. 1.5 serving wheat thins.
Wheat thins are so addicting when high
I just ate half a box of Wheat Thins and, sadly, I’m no closer to figuring out the secrets of the universe.
I bought wheat thins and I’m very disappointed because they were stale like how is that possible if they weren’t open 😭
Who ever eats the serving size of wheat thins
Salted wheat thins with sharp cheddar and bacon while catching up on shows >>>
I made my own trail mix on the break room consisting of reces pieces wheat thins and fun-ions. 👅
How I feel after eating wheat thins on day 14 of 🤣
.🎶All my friends are wheat thins take it slow🎶
I got cut off by a Nissan Altima today, btw. I can't imagine being in that big a rush to get to home to eat Wheat Thins a…
Wheat Thins and Nutella is like the perfect combo omg!
You know your two year old watches plenty of hockey when he uses an empty Wheat Thins box to preten…
So much palladium, so little wheat thins
idfk how Braxton’s mind works but he thinks NIAGARA FALLS is behind the gulf ocean..also that wheat thins r made of eggshells.. beYOND dead
In 1967, the $4.50 I just spent on a box of Wheat Thins would have been equivalent of spending $30 on the ***
I have to wake up in 2 hours and I'm currently sitting on my bathroom floor eating wheat thins 😀
I keep wondering why I go out to eat so often but then I look in the pantry and there's a few cans of soup and a single box of wheat thins
I'm so Hype for all the wheat thins
Wheat thins are criminally underrated
No one can believe what's happening rn. Not the fans, not the coaches, not the players. Not the random ppl at home downing wheat thins.
Brushed teeth an hour ago, but this game is so good it's leading me to snack on wheat thins and OJ
Tonight I did bloody mary and wheat thins which feels like a step in the right direction
I don't have enough wheat thins for extra innings 😰
May have been the box of wheat thins
I'm nervous eating an entire box of wheat thins right now. Still sweating. This night has been an unexpected emotio…
S/O to Rowan for not telling me my 4 month old opened wheat thins were hella gross because she didnt want to hurt my feels.
No, I live here. Some people actually do live here. This is awkward please just scan my box of Wheat Thins and leave me alone.
Will someone give me the number of the guy that invented tomato basil wheat thins because I want to thank him personally
Just an update on me, Selena Fielden. A failure. . 1. I stress ate an entire box of wheat thins. . 2. I'm doing NaNo and can't write in order.
was ill & they subbed in Wheat Thins instead. The entire church was just CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH. It was the funniest *** thing.
I just ate a bag of expired wheat thins
My diet consists of easy Mac wheat thins Oreos and beer
I can hear my mom crunching down wheat thins in the living room all the way from my room
Chaz, it's a more fitting name than Chad man, now I'm gonna eat my wheat thins and complain about meat eaters and bigotry
The Ranch Wheat thins are not the quality they used to be. disappointed. There is no flavor and wafer thin compared to before.
It's wheat thins, they're not unhealthy. As far as I know
Really wishing I had a box of Wheat Thins. Cream cheese would pair perfectly with them.
Fav snack is definitely wheat thins 💃💃
Huge shoutout to the lady riding on the bus with for yelling at her when she put wheat thins on the seat next to her.
DAMMIT! you reminded me i haven't worked out yet today! but now i'm all sleepy and full of wheat thins!
so today i managed to:. - go to a dr appt n make 2 MORE. - scheduled MORE APPTS. - paid BILLS. - gROCERIES. zesty salsa wheat thins're gross btw
actually it's more like saying Triscuits are like classy Wheat Thins
Am I the only person who struggles with trying to determine whether wheat thins are actually salty or sweet?🤔
the word 'thin' is a part of the name Wheat Thins so this means if you eat a whole box you won't gain weight, science supports this probably
I'm drinking coconut water in case potassium helps at all and eating wheat thins for carbs. Thanks y'all for the tips ❤️
All hail fruit based spreads! One of my favorite things ever is apricot jelly on wheat thins.
Just feasted on some wheat thins to stave off the hunger pains!
I'm pretty sure my mom thinks the only food I like is wheat thins bc THATS ALL SHE BUYS ME TO TAKE TO SCHOOL
Don't judge vegans, they just want to eat nothing but Wheat Thins and cake in peace.
Found these wheat thins in the future arc is because future arc is just sleeping forever or is really lazy.
We love a protein packed breakfast, especially on CBC Wheat Bagel Thins! Thanks
When all you've consumed in the last 12 hours is water, chips and wheat thins
I'm v delusional from being sick lmao I went downstairs to get a sweatshirt and I ended up staring at a box of wheat thins for two minutes
Family back home: you know any celebrities out in Los Angeles?. Me: I know a guy who has a lifetime supply of wheat thi…
Slightly jealous rn because Lannan is out like a *** light & I'm just laying in bed, thinking about the box of Wheat Thins in the cabinet.
Just found out my paper is due Monday instead of a week from Monday as I'd previously thought and now I'm stress-eating w…
Wheat Thins make studying late at the library so much better
Probably going to finish this box of wheat thins because I have no self control
If anyone was wondering if u can eat wheat thins in the shower, the answer is kinda
everyone has a shout out and im in bed eating wheat thins and watching Netflix
Lmao they basically put 1 pepperoni on all them baked wheat thins. I can't 💀
I'm way too tired for this. I just want to be in bed watching The Amazing Race and eating wheat thins and hummus face timing my boo
At no point in the Stranger Things opening titles does it say, "Wheat Thins," okay, I have LOOKED
I liked a video Sandy Duncan for Wheat Thins ◊ 1976
Tattoo ideas:. -Times New Roman font saying "Wheat Thins". -A full-back tattoo portrait of Mr Spector's face. -that's it so…
Wanna how many wheat thins I can put on my dads head while he's asleep?
Spicy buffalo wheat thins are the key to my heart
give me Swiss rolls, lunchables, and wheat thins and I'm good to go
Chipotle wheat thins are absolutely delicious
"What should we call our knock off wheat thins?"
Can I pay you in cool ranch wheat thins?
Got a BBQ tomorrow w/3 & 1. Clearly, drinking lots of whiskey & staying up to eat wheat thins & cheese is the answer.
still carry Wheat Thins Garlic Herb? Store in 70517 has been out forever! They are my fav!
Tomato Basil Wheat Thins and cocktail sauce. Best mistake EVER! Yall should try it. 😍😲😵
Go to the store and get some wheat thins and hummus. Any flavor. Snack on that when your hungry. It fills you up.
I want wheat thins and that triangle spreadable cheese.
Eats a whole box of wheat thins. Mom-" don't you think you're allergic to wheat?" . Me-"yep."
toasted pita wheat thins are my fav vegan snack EVER..
40 oz to Freedom. Pretty sure Sublime was singing about Wheat Thins.
please bring back the cinnamon wheat thins. My mom checks the grocery aisle each time to see if they came back.
same. I love the chocolate rice crispies too. And mini wheat thins 😻
Huh. I ate approximately a half of a box of Wheat Thins last night. The family size.
wasn't that a clever viral video from a couple years ago? 🎶 "Too Many Wheat Thins ..."
Miss Birdies wheat *** and National Cream Thins tun up jamaican food processing for the first time in decades. Trus mi
Tell me more. I'll substitute with Wheat Thins.
Tbt to Halloween when I dressed as the babadook but my friend's house had more of a grown ups drinking wine vibe
Flying away meaning the fish was in those Wheat Thins?
I snacked a little more yesterday I ate chips and wheat thins in between my meals.
My Grandma called and wants to stop by to watch the game... she reminded me that she loves Wheat Thins, Cheez Whiz and Hot Wings..
Wheat Thins too. We seriously don't need chili cheese flavored Wheat Thins.
Weird that next season of American Crime is just an hour of Teri Hatcher reticently eating Wheat Thins
I would start a box of Wheat Thins before I started Jeremy Johnson again
Its 2am. I'm playing Monster Hunter and eating wheat thins. . What is life.
the powdered wheat thins at mistook a Korean band for the cantopop legen BEYOND and now their discography is confused ☹️😪🤕
I be hating when he outta town, hotel I FaceTime you, no towel
When you say something smart to your girl and she try to get off you 😂
I ate an entire box of wheat thins just to do it
If ya gettin married, good for you. If ya ain't gettin married, great for you. If ya gettin wheat thins, ya killin the game.
The way Carly Fiorena says "why" is like how Stewie Griffin pronounces "wheat thins".
Stale wheat thins and coffee for breakfast
I've gotten sick off of Buffalo Wheat Thins and Pimento Cheese 3 days in a row.
Starving these wheat thins just aren't cutting it 💀💀💀💀
Wheat thins and cream cheese is my weakness 😛
Who needs a party when you've got a box of wheat thins and Guinea pig?
Wheat thins are a disgrace to this world
I'm that girl carrying an entire box of wheat thins around campus bc I don't know how to pack an adult dinner 🙃
finally gained the 10lbs I been tryna gain for like a month and a half 😁🙌🏾
Ugh.sorry to hear. Maybe a quick video question? Okay to eat Wheat Thins from your sweatshirt pocket?
Wheat Thins with cream cheese is the best
I should be doing my case study but I'm on my bed eating wheat thins. ._.
High asl and these wheat thins are sensational
"Oh I want some deer meat" - thank goodness my roommate is just as southern as me & doesn't eat wheat thins for dinner 😁
Looks at burgers. Eats wheat thins.
Brooke is the reason why I obsess over wheat thins
It's entirely possible that I'll eat this fresh box of wheat thins until they're gone 😁
I made the yummiest stir fry for dinner tonight & paired it with some delicious wheat thins.
My 6-year old buddy OF commented: "Wheat Thins leave more flavors on your tongue, and you can really taste the umami."
Really want some Nathan fries, so I'm gonna pretend these Wheat Thins are😩
Jacob existing on a diet of wheat thins and watercress sandwiches.
"Her lips look like wheat thins and her potato looks like a head. Oh wait."-Kyle Haranczak
Eating hummus with carrots and wheat thins. I'm slowly making my way to a healthier lifestyle lol
Why these wheat thins taste like a dog biscuit
In bed with Chance feeding him smoked salmon, turkey, and wheat thins because he gets whatever he wants on his last day
I had a very nutritious and delicious lunch of Wheat Thins and a Rice Krispie Treat today😊 thanks 😉😉😉😘
Find me with my hand in a box of wheat thins 💯
can't believe I just ate an entire box of wheat thins
I went to get Wheat Thins from the vending machine and it got stuck so my teacher was gonna give Me a dollar for another one
What I wouldn't give for some Wheat Thins right now
girl, I'm getting fat with all this icing! i eat it on poptarts, pretzels, wheat thins. true munchie food 😂
Tuna sandwich with wheat thins and some tea👌🏻
Wheat thins and orange sherbet. That's all I have to say.
Ranch wheat thins are on anotha level
Wheat thins are so good I will eat the pain away with them
The Jolly Roger is sailing towards my little bowl of Wheat Thins.
I started trying to eat healthier so I had to cut it out of my diet lol. The snacks in my dorm are a box of wheat thins
[nabisco hq]. "Wheat Thins sales are down we need ideas". *raises hand*. "anyone else?". …. …. "ok Dan, but I swear to god if u sa…
I grabbed a handful of wheat thins and a piece cow pals Colby Jack lol. But I'll have to!
So is eating buffalo flavored wheat thins dipped in light ranch still considered a "healthy" snack?
Had that dream again where I was devouring Wheat Thins off of Sandy Duncan's nude body
It’s always fun to spot fellow rooftop parties down below until you realize that they have more Wheat Thins.
EVERYONE I have discovered my cat likes wheat thins.
Im on the brink of exhaustion and rn im in a ball on the couch eating wheat thins
These sundried tomato and basil wheat thins are giving me life right now.
Someone in my house ate like all my wheat thins *** and I'm not okay with this.
When there's only 6 wheat thins left in your box and you didn't bring anything else to eat 😒👊
Look at the size of this box of wheat thins. IPad for scale
If i can fit 8 wheat thins in my mouth at once then i wonder how many *** i can suck all at once! Oh the possibilities…
Wheat Thins? Call me when they're Wheat Thicks. Gimme that wheat!.
LIVE on News 12 Midday Live!!! I'm eating Wheat Thins...I get hungry at this hour.
Multigrain Wheat Thins are like crack to me.
When you're breakfast is a box of wheat thins it's safe to say you need to get groceries
Saving the best for last. National Cheeseball day. Ritz or Wheat Thins?
Kind of feel like getting stuff done.. Kind of feel like just laying down and eating wheat thins all day
Laying in bed drinking a beer and eating Wheat Thins is a great way to end a hard day.
[(4x5) + (63/7) - (81-68)] = how many Wheat Thins Original you are supposed to enjoy per serving. If you don’t like math th…
All I want is goat cheese for my wheat thins
It's 🍋fault that I bought two boxes of Wheat Thins.
just gonna leave this here. . I thought it had a different meaning. I guess we could go get some wheat thins..
I'm obsessed with ranch wheat thins.
Staying home by my self eating wheat thins
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I had applesauce and wheat thins for dinner, this is real life.
Hint of salt wheat thins taste like the body of Christ
That totally relatable moment when inspiration strikes as you're eating a family sized box of wheat thins.
Wheat thins have become an addiction now. 🙈
When I'm dead bury me in a stack of wheat thins
I got chips, mini oreos, fruit punch, wheat thins, and a blanket all in m bag ready for tomorrow. 😊😂
Today I ate a whole box of wheat thins
Is thins an actual word or is it only appropriate as like wheat thins?
I could eat wheat thins for the rest of my life.
Decided to eat wheat thins, so yes, I do want to feel like I'm dying later.
I keep losing food man wheat thins now onion rings
Wheat Thins for dinner and a 75% off Reese's egg for dessert.. Gotta love being an adult.
also, coming soon on the Patcast, the story of the lost Train lyric about wheat thins.
I'm really upset because I got a box Ranch Wheat Thins and they are actually regular flavor in a Ranch box.
So are Wheat Thins like diet Golden Graham's lol
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Opened a box of sundried tomato & basil Wheat Thins and they are plain! No flavor on them! Not even salt. Factory fail :(
I want to be in my stained rose dress before the guests arrive on Christmas Eve, and I'm dancing to Benny Goodman whilst eating Wheat Thins.
If one is allergic to wheat, does that mean they can't eat wheat thins?
It's that point in the year where I no longer take a snack bag of wheat thins to get me through my night class, I take the whole *** box.
How many wheat thins are too many wheat thins
Cravin a honeybun but eating wheat thins instead 😒
Dropping whole Wheat Thins in my Mrs. Grass soup like a boss.
Same source now reporting that there will be a sale on wheat thins next week.
Busy day. orientation and several hours of training videos at work then payed electric and ran errands. On the way home to eat lunch chevy called and my loaner is ready so eat burrito and wheat thins in car on way to dealer. Finally just got home. In two days the passenger door handle and the charge port door will be fixed. Love the loaner though it's a 2015 with heated seats and navigation and only 900 miles on it. Start regular shift at work tomorrow.
Sittin on the couch eating spray cheese and wheat thins with my momma 💁
Current situation in life: eating wheat thins and rice for dinner
Who needs regular wheat thins when...
I thought of all the work I'm doing with my life consultant! The honey mustard wheat thins were the hardest decision! Lol!!!
I had to choose veggie chips over wheat thins and a salad over Chinese food. Adulting is so hard!
Before I do that though I just stole this man's Wheat Thins.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Wheat Thins and X file reruns should do the trick. He'll be grouchy, don't take it personally.
My stomach is eating away at itself. S.O.S. send Wheat Thins
My moms mad at me cause I can't remember if I like wheat thins :(
After school snack. Dangerous to have wheat thins and cream cheese at the same time
At the gym and all I can think about is wheat thins and chick fil a. Needless to say the "perfect Paris body" is really coming along nicely.
Ate an entire box of wheat thins throughout the day.
Cheese balls and wheat thins make this world go round😋
I can live off wheat thins and cheese slices NO LIE
I haven't eaten in 2 days (except for five wheat flour thins and like 2 bites of a chicken sandwich)and now all that hunger is hitting me rn
Right after I got bod pod tested I ate a whole box of wheat thins.. 😂😂😂
Would you listen to a weekly podcast of people eating Wheat Thins and talking about how good they are? We would, but we’re a little biased.
I'm oddly obsessed with tuna and wheat thins right now...
I'm terrible at trying to give people gifts bc I'm happy with a box of wheat thins but apparently that isn't acceptable to everyone
Spicy wheat thins are my favorite thing to eat when I'm high
I don't usually take time out of my day to thank so thank you Wheat Thins. You're special to me
I am eating wheat thins while looking at the pictures of Harry and Emma and I am literal trash
My new favorite snack is Wheat Thins❤ those are soo good👌💯
Top three favorite snacks: 1. Wheat thins and Cheese or Peanut butter. 2. Eggs with hot sauce or jelly on toast. 3. Apples and peanut butter
Someone bring me carrots or wheat thins to eat my hummus at work pleaseee
I want sum chicken salad with ranch wheat thins
These spicy buffalo wheat thins are fire !
Class got cancelled, it's raining and I get to sit in my bed working on my essay while eating wheat thins. 😄👌
I told myself I wanted to start working out, but instead I'm laying in bed cuddled up with a box of wheat thins.
I think I'm the only person in hunter that voluntarily buys wheat thins from the vending machine
Wheat thins are so good unless they are the wheat ones I hate those
Mr. James has wheat thins and I wanna ask him if I can eat them until class is over
My Christmas card is a picture of me eating wheat thins in my underwear.
Currently dipping honey mustard Wheat Thins into honey mustard sauce. I'm not really sure what that says about me but yolo.
Fact: broken Wheat Thins have no calories.
The laughing cow cheese and wheat thins 😋👌
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Lunch today: Ham and cheese sandwich, off brand wheat thins, and two ibuprofen for good luck.
Asked my brother to bring me lunch.. He brought me a box of wheat thins
It's really sad when my wheat thins are gone
Wheat thins description is very descriptive
Glee, wheat thins and extra sharp cheddar cheese😍
thanksgiving break is about to be me,wheat thins and TV. If you're not any of those items- i strongly discourage your attendance.
Being stranded on a New York i90 interstate highway surrounded by other cars in 5 feet of snow with a co driver who keeps mentioning he has to poop. I know somehow someway god is punishing me for something I did with this. Even worst, co driver keeps eating everything in the truck. I keep wondering at what point he will realize that the further consumption of food will only make his constipation worst. This dude is on his second box of fiber wheat thins.
Re-imagine chili as a dip and serve along side WHEAT THINS ***
Easy and yummy snack! Not necessarily healthy, but great especially if on a budget! Wheat thins Ragu (any flavor) Mozzerella cheese Parmesean cheese Just put in the microwave for 1 minute, or until cheese is melted.
Wow, wheat thins make a lot more noise than I thought they would...
Thank you for these awesome personalized Nacho Cheese flavoured Wheat Thins!
I always forget that I love wheat thins
If only Wheat Thins actually made you thin...
I believe humans were put on earth to eat wheat thins dipped in peanut butter and if you don't agree then give me your peanut…
When I go hiking I like to cover myself in syrup and wheat thins to attract the animals.
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it's 1:40am & I have proceeded to eat pineapple, wheat thins, and a spoonful of peanut butter. to be continued
On my way to Small St Espresso with wheat free oat thins and chocolate toffee snaps.
I feel like whatever I replied to is gonna be the wheat thins thing all over again.
Ethan keeps calling Mini Wheats, Wheat Thins... And he's always talking about having a big bowl of "wheat thins"
I want a nice figure but I also want chili cheese wheat thins
If it involved Bruce Pearl, I'd be worried about the sanctions that came with those Wheat Thins.
Jennifer Aniston is so hot I am a box of wheat thins
Only having wheat thins to eat in my dorm is the true struggle
The Wheat Thins account is funnier than most humor accounts
Was eating wheat thins just now n realized they didn't taste as good, then saw tht they were 'low sodium' dafuq I want all the sodium!!!
ayy that's why I kinda ate all her wheat thins lmao
should I have wheat thins or cheez its
My first year of college I was eating toasted hot dog buns and wheat thins for dinner.
I left my wheat thins in my car but I'm too lazy & cold to go get them 😢😅
Currently sitting in my bed with bologna, cheese, & wheat thins😌👌
"Dinner consists of weissbier and wheat thins."
Dinner consists of weissbier and wheat thins.
Can't wait to get home and bang my pasta and wheat thins
I had *** today. Ritz are good, but Wheat Thins...yummy. Especially with CheezWhiz.
Oh and I forgot to mention that the box of wheat thins was family sized! 😳😂😋
I ate almost an entire box of wheat thins today... Come on Olivia, you are better than that!
No stopping me once I dive into the wheat thins
these commercials are killing me. I would rather watch than wheat thins sorry.😩
Wheat thins was surprised he caught it
Mmm wheat thins. I think I love you.
Few things in life are better than buffalo wheat thins and spicy humus
If they could add *just* a bit more salt to Wheat Thins, I'd be a very happy pregnant lady. Who ate cheese and *** for dinner. WHAT.
I’m a sinner. The amount of sin I’ve committed today alone would boggle the mind. I’m a wretched, disgraceful, odious (someone get me a thesaurus, please) human being. I don’t say this to brag. I’m simply stating the condition of my soul. Yesterday, I saw a left-hand turn from the right-hand lane, against the light, without a signal. I swore. Profusely. And don’t even get me started on gluttony. I ate an entire box of Wheat Thins this afternoon after I got home from work. And I find that I’m getting less tolerant as I get older. Wednesday evening, I turned off a “Christian” radio station that had been playing some good music because the air personality felt obligated to spew hatred towards *** out of my radio. I don’t need my kids learning to *** bash. In February of this year, the Arizona legislature passed SB 1062, a bill authorizing “Christian” businesses to deny services to *** and *** customers on the basis of “sincerely held religious beliefs.” It was, rightly, vetoe ...
Tonight, we’ll say farewell to a man who tells jokes and hello to a new show to watch with Wheat Thins.
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We're gonna pretend that I'm NOT watching "Finding Nemo"and crying into my Wheat Thins
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