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Westminster Abbey

The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, popularly known as Westminster Abbey, is a large, mainly Gothic church, in the City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom, located just to the west of the Palace of Westminster.

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'His heart was always in Dorset' Thomas Hardy's heart is buried in a tiny church in Stinsford, Dorset. His ashes ar…
If anyone I know is going (and it should be well worth it's), say Hi to Cory from me. And I'll say Hi to Go…
Agreed I am attending the Commonwealth War Graves Centenary Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey tomorrow.
Staying in Go and check out Westminster Abbey! ht…
1306: Feast of the Swans takes place at Westminster Abbey. Preparing to march against Scotland, Edward I of England knights his son ~
Staying in Go and check out Westminster Abbey!
I identify with them: I didn't get to tramp around Buckingham Palace, clamber over St Paul's or (true) take a photo…
Reminder: If you make it to Westminster Abbey, look down for the plaque (📸 from Publisher Mark Tauber)
Got to visit the WestMinster Abbey Church today!! As well as Buckingham Palace but didn't get to see the Queen😂
Cookie :). Westminster Abbey. This grand religious landmark also serves as the burial ground of about 3,000...
Moltres was recently seen playing on top of Westminster Abbey.
The Cosmati Pavement mosaic floor of the High Altar of Westminster Abbey . London , laid down in 1268
Engineers at work on telephone switchboard cabling at Westminster Abbey, London 1953 for the coronation of HM Queen…
Ditto has been spotted trying to make friends in front of Westminster Abbey.
A special service remembering Ronnie Corbett will be at Westminster Abbey on 7th June. Free tickets available:
Was turned off him when he refused to sing anthem at Battle of Britain Commemoration in Westminster Abbey
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This evening's organ recital will be given by It's free! And there's more information about it here:
Church of England confirms Meghan Markle CAN marry Prince Harry at Westminster Abbey even though she is a divorcee http…
View of the Henry VII Lady Chapel from the outside of Westminster Abbey.
[Sunday Recap:] Fans are invited to the Ronnie Corbett memorial at Westminster Abbey on 7th June:…
As reported by we’re using state-of-the-art technology to reveal secrets of Nelson & Pitt wax effigies
Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Westminster Abbey - they were very privileged to walk through the royal doors!
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can marry at Westminster Abbey says Church of England
The history & beauty of Westminster Abbey with Dean of Westminster, The Very Reverend Dr John Hall
Charles Farris holds a Royal Warrant to her Majesty the Queen, and supplies candles to Westminster Abbey and St…
to Highgate though I visited Westminster Abbey and the church where Shakespeare was buried, also Père Lachaise, and a number of cemeteries
in 1960 Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, married Anthony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey in London
OTD 6th May 1960, Princess Margaret married the photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey.
Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey in 1960-
Catherine waves to the crowds as her sister Pippa Middleton holds her dress at Westminster Abbey on April 29,2011 in L…
2011: Prince William and Catherine are married in Westminster Abbey in
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29 Apr 2011 – The Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton takes place at Westminster Abbey in London.
We look forward to a Centenary thanksgiving service in Westminster Abbey in October.
I was in London today. I missed it but there was a service of commemoration & thanksgiving for Anzac Day at Westminster Abbey.
1661: King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland is crowned in Westminster Abbey.
April 23, 1661. Charles II was crowned King of England and Ireland at Westminster Abbey.
The Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey, the final resting place of Henry VII.
Our friends are holding a Service of Celebration and Hope at Westminster Abbey on 9 May, 12pm. RSVP here:
He was later laid to rest in the magnificent, gilded tomb in the Tudor Chapel at the east end of Westminster Abbey...
Thursday 17 April 1483. Having lain in state for 8 days in St Stephen’s Chapel, King Edward IV’s body was carried to Westminster Abbey.
Attended the Service of Hope at Westminster Abbey today - then walked back into the Kingston Episcopal Area over Westm…
Praying in solidarity at the 'Service of Hope' today at Westminster Abbey
playing what a wonderful world for the queen at Westminster abbey in London!
Royals join families, victims of London attack — including Utahn Melissa Cochran — for service at Westminster Abbey…
🌞Cosmati Pavement🌞 in front of the High Altar of Westminster Abbey laid down in 1268 by order of Henry III. 👉
joins Westminster attack survivors at Westminster Abbey
Candle-lit Abbey tribute to those killed in Westminster terror attack
Today I joined the families of the victims of the horrific attack in London two weeks ago for a Service of Hope at Westm…
Royals join families of London terror victims for memorial service at Westminster Abbey
April 5, 2017 - Wreath and message placed by Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge during the Service of Hope at W…
Very proud of team putting together this beautiful and thoughtful service so quickly - thanks https…
Although I don't have any religious beliefs, it's nice to see so many people coming together in Westminster Abbey to rem…
Proud to attend the moving and fitting Service of Hope at Westminster Abbey following the Westminster attack.
When will WESTMINSTER ABBEY hold a SERVICE for the innocent and homeless people SANCTIONED to DEATH,by HER MAJESTY'S CO…
We're holding a for Victims, emergency services and to attend.
View of the Thames , with the Rotunda and distant view of Westminster Abbey. Follower of Samuel Scott 1703–1772 https:/…
Been in London today - very privileged and proud to represent at the very moving Service of Hope in Westm…
Back from his skiing hols, Prince William finds the time to show his absolute sincerity.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attended our following More:.
Download the Order of Service for our which will be broadcast live on from 11.30am:
Members of the royal family were also seen at a service at Westminster Abbey. This included The Duke and Duchess of…
Relatives of those killed in the London terror attack join Royals for "service of hope" at Westminster Abbey
At service of hope in Westminister Abbey .
About 1,800 people gathered for a Service of Hope at Westminster Abbey this morning, two weeks after the attacks...
Many faiths were represented at today's
Officers from were proud & honoured to attend today at Westminster Abbey https…
Wonderful that all London Boroughs represented at today's moving Westminster Abbey Service of Hope
Balsall Heath Forum and Birmingham was represented today by Abdullah Rehman who attending Westminster Abbey 'A... https:…
At a time of sorrow, may we find hope. Proud to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside thousands of Londoners at Westminster A…
Avril 5, 2017 - The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Henry of Wales attend a Service of Remembra…
Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, arrive at a Service of Hope at Westminster Abbey. Via
Lovely afternoon meeting other London Mayors at Westminster Abbey for the London Mayors' Association annual civic servi…
School in St James Park, our Church was Westminster Abbey & I have a g8t affection for this area. I'm
Shocked and sad over what's happened in London. My uncle works in Westminster Abbey. I was so worried about him as soon as I found out.
Westminster Abbey is happy to offer a place of safety to MPs, Peers and their staff.
View from the Terrace of Old Somerset House (towards Westminster Abbey). by Paul Sandby pre 1775 . Oil painting. (
Why do the Queen & Duke have to travel in such a huge limo? Surely there's a bus that runs from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace?
Working behind the scenes at Westminster Abbey – in pictures
Well, I would try to squeeze in Oxford Street even if you can't shop and Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey...too much to see
Trying to figure out what the church looking place is across the street, turns out it's Westminster Abbey, who knew
Good luck to The Choir of Westminster Abbey when they take part in at Methodist Central Hall...
Great view of school by Westminster Abbey.
Looking for half-term ideas? We've got lots of activities during Day on 11 Feb, plus all week…
Some more info on the Martin Luther King Jr. statue above Westminster Abbey
Statue of Martin Luther King Jr. among the martyrs at Westminster Abbey.
Did you know that Westminster Abbey has a statue of Martin Luther King?
Did you know there's a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. above Westminster Abbey? Installed in 1998
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The monks of re-founded Westminster Abbey were still in possession at the time
From a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.” .
1245 Edmund of Lancaster, younger brother of Edward I, was born. His tomb (L) in Westminster Abbey rather more…
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throwback when i swung by westminster @ Westminster Abbey
Writing on Gertrude Bugler in 'Hardy's Women', how ironic that a reluctant Florence was at Westminster Abbey for hi…
1559: England's 25-year-old sovereign left Whitehall to be crowned Queen Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey
Happy to you all. If you're passing Westminster Abbey here in today, you can take a moment to remem…
London tourist tip: the Houses of Parliament is also known as the Palace of Wesminster. It is not Westminster Abbey, which is a large church
The sword belonging to Henry V which was carried at his funeral on November 7th 1422, photo taken in 2015 at Westminst…
Zapdos has been spotted making a fuss behind Westminster Abbey.
Thats seems like a correct prediction, important enough for a former member of the BRF but not Westminster Abbey!
15 Jan 1559 Coronation of Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey, the third & most successful child of Henry VIII to sit on…
Nothing quite like Westminster Abbey Sunday morning service with the choir, unbelievable sound from the organ pipes
On the agenda for tomorrow: Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Tea at Clarridges, and Les Mis. Thanks to for tour ideas!
1559 Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey, England.
Elizabeth I was crowned in 1559. The English language was used for the first time at this service.
Saw Big Ben; lit a candle for my Grandma at Westminster Abbey; had a good cry; fish & chips and a pint of cider in…
Completed in 1090, Westminster Abbey was consecrated in 1065. Built by Edward the Confessor, he was buried…
OTD in 1065, St Peter's Abbey (now Westminster Abbey) was consecrated by Edward the Confessor. He died a week later ht…
Canaletto - Westminster Abbey, with a procession of Knights of the Bath, 1749
From grand affairs in majestic venues like Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral to charity fundraisers with...
Yes they certainly do...I love Westminster Abbey but Norwich cathedral (my local) is tops for me.
Church leaders, Egyptian Ambassador attend service for victims of Cairo church bombing at Westminster Abbey -
Tonight is the night! A Festival of Lessons & Carols at St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey. 6.3…
I use Pret on Tothill Street - on right as you go from St James's Pk tube to Westminster Abbey - has lots of seats downstairs
London - Westminster Abbey, with a Procession of Knights of the Bath, 1749
At Ronnie Barker’s memorial service in Westminster Abbey in 2006, vergers carried four candles instead of the telephone.
The view from the final event of the year - Westminster Abbey in all its splendour. Are you coming today?…
It took place in Westminster Abbey. ++George Carey and 40 other bishops did the deed.
David Hockney to design stained-glass window for the Queen in Westminster Abbey
David Hockney will design a window in Westminster Abbey to celebrate the Queen's reign.
David Hockney to design stained glass window for Westminster Abbey
David Hockney window at Westminster Abbey to honour Queen
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David Hockney to design Westminster Abbey window in honour of the Queen, after saying
Happy 69th anniversary to the Queen and Prince Philip, who married in 1947 in Westminster Abbey
David Hockney commissioned to design new stained glass window for Westminster Abbey
David Hockney to design Queen's Westminster Abbey window -
HBU'sDrWard:"The memorial in Westminster Abbey, which I had the great privilege of unveiling on the fiftieth anniversar…
David Hockney to design Queen's Westminster Abbey window Artist David Hockney is to design a
Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Street Art, The globe theatre, Westminster Abbey, we saw inside and the vespers ! And obviously-
30 yrs ago today - I was in London, went to see Westminster Abbey, but it stat d to rain very heavily as we got there, so went back to hotel
Prince Harry and the Duke of Edinburgh visit the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey 📸:
Among my favourite memories of living in Engand is a daily visit to Westminster Abbey for Evensong service. This...
Been to San Diego 100s of times. Never knew the Wonder Bread building was "historic." Is it like Westminster Abbey?
Henry Morton Stanley, who famously met David Livingstone in Africa, married in Westminster Abbey & laid a wreath on Livingstone's grave
On the wall of the south choir aisle of Westminster Abbey hangs a memorial stone to John and Charles Wesley that...
90th Anniversary of BBC's Choral Evensong, from Westminster Abbey -
Only catching up with this, which was glorious: Choral Evensong, Westminster Abbey - 90th Anniversary
A view of St. James's Palace and Westminster Abbey in from the Village of Charing Cross in the 17th Century. https…
today my dad went to church at Westminster Abbey 😭😭😭
The Duke of Somerset's coffin arrives at St. Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey, for his ceremonial funeral.
The oldest church in center of Westminster Abbey. 😱
to our choristers touring the UK and Ireland, singing at both Westminster Abbey in London and Christ Church in…
Westminster Abbey concerning the King’s new burial chapel that was designed to replace an earlier structure at the east end of the church.
An honour to be rigging and filming at Westminster Abbey today, to celebrate the life of a true legend
Terry Wogan - Westminster Abbey ?. Westminster Abbey ??!!. C'mon, that's WAY over the top isn't it ?
A service of thanksgiving for Sir Terry Wogan is taking place today at Westminster Abbey
Joanna Lumley read a special poem as celebs gathered at Westminster Abbey to pay tribute to Sir Terry Wogan today
' leaves a memorial service for the late Sir Terry Wogan at Westminster Abbey on Sept 27, 2016 in London.…
Thank you to for all the many years of laughter. See some of our photos from his memorial here:
Family, friends and famous faces turn out to remember Sir Terry Wogan at Westminster Abbey on the 50th anniversar...
Alan Partridge turned up to Westminster Abbey wearing a Castrol GTX jacket.
Today is the 50th Anniversary of Sir Terry Wogan’s first broadcast on BBC. A lot of celebrities are going to be at Westminster Abbey.
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For all of the "veterans" out there... Look who I met at Westminster Abbey today...
A sweaty run across London after a delayed Southern tube from Brighton but now here at Terry Wogan's memorial service at West…
I need this post to win an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Pulitzer, and be enshrined at Westminster Abbey.
Stars turn out for 'entirely authentic' Terry Wogan at Westminster Abbey memorial service.
Chris Evans leads emotional tributes at Sir Terry Wogan memorial: 'He is the best, and he will always be the best' https:…
Memorial service for Terry Wogan at Westminster Abbey in London
A lovely tribute to Sir Terry Wogan today up at Westminster Abbey.
Depressing: Mark Lawson decrying how *religious* the Westminster Abbey Memorial Service for Sir Terry Wogan was. It is…
People complaining about Sir Terry Wogan being commemorated at Westminster Abbey and the coverage thereof. Go play on the moto…
Joanna Lumley leads stars at memorial service
Top story: Sir Terry Wogan: Tribute under way at Westminster Abbey - BBC News see more
Stars pay tribute to Terry Wogan at Westminster Abbey thanksgiving.
Sir Terry Wogan memorial to be held at Westminster Abbey today
Sir Terry Wogan gets a VIP send-off as stars turn out for Westminster Abbey memorial service
Wogan would have giggled as great sons of church traipsed out of Westminster Abbey to Floral Dance at his memorial
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At Westminster Abbey for Terry memorial service. The Abbey is full of Terry's family, friends & fans.
Colleagues of Sir Terry Wogan have been at Westminster Abbey for a service of thanksgiving. He died aged 77 in Janu…
Beautiful memorial for at Westminster Abbey. My highlight was Peter Gabriel singing That'll Do. V moving
Stars arrive for the Service of Thanksgiving for Sir Terry Wogan at Westminster Abbey
With outside Westminster Abbey after a moving ceremony celebrating the legend that was
Visit our website to see photos from today's service.
Eamonn and Ruth is at Westminster Abbey through the morning paying tribute on with Gloria Hunniford.
Oh. A bit like St. Paul's cathedral, Westminster Abbey, etc Giles? Both huge vanity projects for the rich.
Queen Elizabeth I was born to King Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn. She shares a tomb with Mary I in Westminster Abbey:
Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing Street, St. James Park and Buckingham Palace can officially be removed from my bucket list
📷 margaretroses: Queen Elizabeth II arriving at Westminster Abbey for her sister, Princess Margaret’s...
Edward VII and his wife Queen Alexandra were crowned in Westminster Abbey, London on this day in 1902.
Edward VII was crowned in Westminster Abbey on 9 August 1902.
Edward VII was crowned at Westminster Abbey in 1902. . Read more:
1902: Edward VII & Alexandra of Denmark officially crowned King & Queen of UK in ceremony at Westminster Abbey after death of Queen Victoria
9 August 1902. Edward VII was crowned in Westminster Abbey. The "Edwardian Age" had begun.
8th August 1553: On this day in history King Edward VI was buried at Westminster Abbey
5 August 1100. Henry I, son of William the Conqueror, was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey.
Today in 1986 Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew,Duke of York at Westminster Abbey.
23 July 1986: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were married at Westminster Abbey.
Today in 1986 in London, England, Prince Andrew, Duke of York marries Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey.
28 June 1461 - Warwick the Kingmaker crowned his first King, Edward IV, in Westminster Abbey
Students from are in vigil at Westminster Abbey to remember CSM Geo Gregory
Listen and explore the story of CSM George Gregory Part of the vigils at Westminster Abbey
Download the Orders of Service for our services to be held tonight and tomorrow:
BonnyCombs25: Queen marks deadly Somme centenary at Westminster Abbey
Queen marks deadly Somme centenary at Westminster Abbey
Check yourself or I'll unleash the Ghost of Westminster Abbey on ya.
A service on the eve of The Battle of the Somme at Westminster Abbey in London, Britain, June 30, 2016
All night vigil, Westminster Abbey tomb of the unknown soldier, for the Somme's million dead, 100 years ago tonight https…
The Queen & Duke of Edinburgh arrive at Westminster Abbey for an evening service for the Somme centenary https…
The Chelsea Pensioners stand in vigil at Westminster Abbey
This evening's service for takes place in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey https:…
2am in Westminster Abbey as vigil is kept throughout the night.
The Westminster Abbey Choir. Heaven must truely sound like this!
The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will be attending the service at Westminster Abbey this evening.
At Westminster Abbey: soldiers in evidence marking the efforts of their forebears who fought at the Somme htt…
Fabulous pictures of Webster pupils in Westminster Abbey.
Queen begins overnight vigil as Will, Kate & Harry mark the Somme at Thiepval
1/ Just back from Somme commem at Westminster Abbey. V impressive as I'd expected. Also as expected focused entirely on…
Read the full story and see photos from tonight's service and vigil.
Listen and explore the story of Hanns Schaefer Part of the vigils at Westmin…
Queen and Prince Philip attend a Service on the Eve of the at Westminster Abbey, 30 June 2016
Listen and explore the story of Major Reggie Tompson Part of the vigils at W…
Honoured to be at at Westminster Abbey tonight :Last Post" ringing through total silence. https:/…
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Queen marks centenary of Battle of the Somme as overnight vigil held at Westminster Abbey
College Green (formally known as Abingdon Street Gardens) refers to the collegiate church of Westminster Abbey
Photo of the day: Salma Hayek at a reception in Westminster Abbey
1 June 1533: Henry VIII of England's second wife, Anne Boleyn, is crowned at Westminster Abbey. http…
Alessandro Michele will show Gucci resort 2017 @ Westminster Abbey, where no fashion show has been held before >
Gloucester Cathedral in fact is the only place outside Westminster Abbey to have hosted an official coronation since 1066...
Ooh I used to loved brass rubbing. My only memories of Westminster Abbey and Coventry cathedral.
A memorial service celebrating the life of Dame Joan Sutherland is taking place at Westminster Abbey in London this morning.
28th April 1603: On this day in history Elizabeth I, the last Tudor Monarch, was buried at Westminster Abbey.
in 1603 Queen Elizabeth I was buried in Westminster Abbey. The Tudor Dynasty was laid to rest.
Elizabeth I's funeral took place in Westminster Abbey on April 28, 1503
.en The bells of Westminster Abbey are ringing out to celebrate The Queen's 90th birthday
Did I mention how absolutely stunning Westminster Abbey was? I was on the verge of tears the entire time. I got to light a candle & pray ❤️
📷 thecambridgees: Catherine Middleton arrives at The Goring Hotel after visiting Westminster Abbey on...
28 April 1603. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth I took place at Westminster Abbey.
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Today in 1603: The funeral of Queen Elizabeth is held at Westminster Abbey, where she is buried.
in 1603, Elizabeth I's coffin was carried from Whitehall to Westminster Abbey where it was buried
head east straight away as far as Tower bridge & take in Tower of London, St Pauls, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey & Buck Palace.
Muslims are taking over the grounds around Westminster Abbey for prayer.
This year sees the 500th anniversary of the consecration of Henry VII’s Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey.
in 1603 HM Queen Elizabeth I funeral took place at Westminster Abbey
Our entry for the Chelsea FC Stamford Bridge Gates Competition inspired by Westminster Abbey's gothic architecture
Achievement of the day: managed to not throw up @ Westminster Abbey having dragged myself from sick bed for a mtg
On 20 May the Polar Museum will close so staff can attend Shackleton service at Westminster Abbey. You can go too: https:/…
Today in Tudor History: 28 Apr 1603 - Queen Elizabeth I's funeral was held in Westminster Abbey.
April 28, 2011 - Workers carry in sections of the red carpet at Westminster Abbey
Queen Elizabeth I was buried a Westminster Abbey in 1603.
““would fail to maintain or improve (preserve or enhance) the character or appearance of the Westminster Abbey and…”
'This Is The Day' · Choir of Westminster Abbey and the Choristers of The Chapel Royal. »
The Henry VII Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey, a testament to the triumph of the Tudors.
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📷 Westminster Abbey! Amazingly, we got to attend a private prayer service in the chapel of Edward the...
IN 1759, on 14 April, Handel died at his London home aged 74. He was buried in the South Wing of Westminster Abbey.
The Queen and other members of the Royal Family attend a Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.
The tomb of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia at Westminster Abbey.
John MacVicar Anderson. A View of Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. 1870
I hear in preparation for my move to London they are going to rename Westminster Abbey to…
Westminster Abbey has some beautiful woodwork. Some Grinling Gibbons carvings there as well.
A new museum will open in the Abbey's beautiful triforium gallery in 2018
St Paul's, Westminster Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral get 4.5 million visitors a year, with admission around £11 that's £49.5m tax free
Westminster Abbey, from the inside b…
Oxted School teacher, from Leatherhead, marries in Westminster Abbey.
Normally, no. You're supposed to go kill Templars and save the world. Not read about the Westminster Abbey.
» The Princes in the Urn: Why it’s Time to Let Go of the Westminster Abbey Myth
500th Anniversary of Completion of Henry VII's Lady Chapel Celebrated at Westminster Abbey -...
We RAN to make afternoon tea at Westminster Abbey. Turns out the tea room is in a literal…
Check out Carol Concert program at Westminster Abbey in presence of the Princess of Wales via
Stone of Destiny, one of four Scottish nationalists who stole the stone from Westminster Abbey
The west towers and buttresses of Westminster Abbey
School teacher, from marries in Westminster Abbey.
In New York to meet friends on the board of the American Fund for Westminster Abbey as we raise funds for the…
Westminster abbey and Big Ben from the London Eye. Incredible.
Stephen Millership's captures the beauty of Westminster Abbey htt…
Stephen Millership's captures the beauty of Westminster Abbey
London's Westminster Abbey and Westminster are the icons of the city. But the greatness of being…
And there's all my picture from today so far. Also saw Westminster Abbey
Birthday in a few. Big 26 loading. I have a surprise for y'all lol. April 20th @ Westminster Abbey
I'm happy for you but will feel strange not picturing you at Westminster Abbey and in London! ❤️
Westminster Abbey: the second of my February 'jollies.'
Register on line for the Shackleton Centenary Service at Westminster Abbey on Friday 20 May at 12 noon
C2111cgt UK Westminster Abbey at night postcard
State-of-the-art facility at Heyhouses School is opened and dedicated by the Dean of Westminster Abbey.
of course there's always evensong at St Paul's, Westminster Abbey and Southwark Cathedral. Probably won't have music up yet
and by cathedral I obviously mean Westminster Abbey. Not the cathedral...
In Johnny English (2003) starring Rowan Atkinson, St Alban Cathedral was used as a substitute for Westminster Abbey! h…
we spent 2 weeks in London last yr, at Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral.
1305 Edward I celebrated his conquest of Scotland in Westminster Abbey. 1306 Robert Bruce was crowned king of…
Jack F.'s Review of Westminster Abbey - London (4/5) on Yelp: We weren't able to tour the Abbey this time, but...
Don't thin I've ever been I snide Westminster Abbey. Decided to go today. Closed. Sods law. Onwards to the Bridge via this pub we are in.
Jerusalem - Choir of Westminster Abbey, The Choir of the Chapel Royal, The Londo - Listen
When your taxi home is down the Royal Mile, past the Horse Guards Parade, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye 😍
Have to say walking by Big Ben, Westminster Abbey on way to my polling place was pretty darned awesome! https:…
Mind you, I have stupid arguments that Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral are separate and different buildings.
“Henry VIII.'s Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey prayer if his wife.
18 Feb - Prof. David Carpenter will speak about Henry III and the Building of Westminster Abbey.
we have seen the Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Piccadilly, Stonehenge, convent gardens...
Hi, you can board route 148 at Parliament Square / Westminster Abbey (P) at 0324 or 0344 or 1/2
QEI gave MQS a state funeral at Peterborough Cathedral. Her son James moved her to Westminster Abbey & a better tomb than QEI!
Please RT: Petition for a memorial for David Bowie at Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner -...
Elizabeth I was crowned at Westminster Abbey in 1559. She is buried in the Abbey's Lady Chapel.
A man who worked at both Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral, keeping his post even after Cromwell...
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