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Western Pacific

The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the Earth's oceanic divisions. It extends from the Arctic in the north to the Southern Ocean (or, depending on definition, to Antarctica) in the south, bounded by Asia and Australia in the west, and the Americas in the east.

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China installs radar that can monitor S. Korea, Japan and Western Pacific
Extraordinary images, taken by deep water explorers at and around the Marianas Trench, Western Pacific Ocean,...
PLAN to conduct a far-sea integrated exercises in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific.
PLA naval task force to conduct training exercises in the South China Sea, eastern Indian Ocean and Western Pacific.
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Nothing stops from counting we mean nothing!
"Super Typhoon" Choi-Wan in the Western Pacific, as captured by a NASA Earth-observing satellite last weekend.
got off the plane in SFO from the western Pacific I was called baby killer just for being in uniform, that sucked,…
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quite recently, grey whale catalogs of whales have been shared between western pacific and PNW because they migrate…
Typhoon kills 5 on western Pacific island destroyed in typhoon.
.Sailors man the rails as prepares to get underway for a Western Pacific deployment
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I'm confused. Sega released this title almost 2 yrs ago in Asian-Pacific. How could it took 2yrs to get to the western market?
.broadened their western U.S. distribution by partnering with United Pacific Pet:…
Vice Admiral Girish Luthra Chief Western Naval Command at Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi on Evolving Politics of Ind…
China aircraft carrier in Western Pacific drill.
China's 1st aircraft carrier heads for Western Pacific
1/2 After decades of operating as a localized force largely limited to the Western Pacific, the People’s Liberation Army Navy
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That's the Bashi Channel, the usual sea lane to transit from the South China Sea to the Western Pacific and vice ve…
PLA flotilla led by carrier Liaoning on long-range cruise thru East & South China Seas to Western Pacific
China's first aircraft carrier heads for Western Pacific - In this undated file photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, China's air...
The region provides about 60% of the world’s tuna catch, which explains the high-stakes at RFMO mtgs:
I think the gain of western land was best for the United States. It helped them grow and settle on the Pacific.
Dangerous Waters: China, the USA, and the Western Pacific. via
served in the Western Pacific in June 2003 while the forward-deployed underwent maintena…
(FLASH SIDEWAYS): [Claire speaks with a man at a reception desk.] I have an appointment with the Western Pacific Adoption Agency.
it appears it's going to rely on external forcings in western pacific as well. Makes sense with weak but coherent MJO signal
Seems like a lot of big quakes in the western Pacific lately. NZ, Japan, now Solomon Islands. Stay safe, everybody!
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New information and possible heights for western Pacific after 7.8 Solomon Islands - PTWC
yeah I guess. Those earthquakes still bother me though. Major ones all along Western edge of Pacific plate…
Why 'Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission' should focus on controlling at next meeting. h…
.On my personal list top 5-10 best war movies. Also liked Cross of Iron, *** In Pacific, All Quiet on Western Front, The Train
Dangerous Waters: the USA, and the Western by Tonio Andrade
Thuja plicata (western redcedar) another big tree from the fog belt of the US Pacific Northwest.
51 years ago December 1965, Moon and clouds over the Western Pacific as seen from Gemini 7 onboard crew Frank Borman an…
Impressive western USA trough getting reinforcements with new energy dumping in over Pacific Northwest
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(audio) - There's a row brewing at the meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Nadi...
U.S. Marine fighter jet crashes in Pacific off western Japan
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The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission prepares to discuss fisheries policies
Rates of sea level rise in Western Pacific four times higher than global average meeting on
.details his trip to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting in Fiji.
has arrived in Guam, concluding our two month adventure in the Western Pacific Warm Pool! Now to sample 7km of core!
U.S. military fighter jet crashes into Pacific off western Japan; search for pilot ongoing
Annual meeting of Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Committee starts today in Fiji. Will countries start managing…
is this the same Mike who worked at Western pacific?
One thing I see common between Western Pacific and South East Asia , and its relative diabetes is RICE 😳
News from last week's Southeast Asia/Western Pacific conference: the next TEPHINET biregional conference will be organized by the Lao FETP!
There continues to be concern in Washington over a potential Japanese attack somewhere in the Western Pacific or Asia.
in our leaders from Western Pacific recently met in for their Regional Congress!…
The BPDC meeting gets a good wrap at the Western Pacific conference.
Prof Marg McGill talking about the Australian National Diabetes's Strategy Western Pacific meeting…
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Good Afternoon Hearts London from the Far East and Western Pacific. Enjoying 1 week break due to All S…
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Scientists hope a recent tagging expedition in the Western will improve the assessment of tuna stocks.…
There's a very good reason why the Western states and the Pacific Northwest are wary of Californication
Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte’s tilt toward China is a fundamental shift in the Western Pacific power balance.
4) China’s military is deploying more capable unmanned systems which may affect U.S. military’s ability to operate freely in Western Pacific
Dell is hiring several Outside Sales in the Western Region! This one is remote in the Pacific Northwest!
On this I want you to look at LHD 8 & ARG underway in the Western Pacific Ocean. The 11th MEU is along fo…
Is it possible to see 1994 snow/ice event. The western pacific SSTA looks quite similar to that year.
China's objective is to be the kingpin in the Western Pacific, the lone regional power & eliminate our presence
Its later than usual, but this week's WPac analysis & forecast is now up. Quiet for now, but 97W & 99W could develop.
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A U.S. ally is attacking a pillar of America’s military posture in the Western Pacific. My latest
IAPB Awards: Regional Award for Western Pacific goes to the wonderful David Lewis
We are honored to be ranked top Resorts in Mexico (Pacific Coast) Reader’s Choice Awards…
Discounted (early bird) registration for the 8th TEPHINET Bi-regional conference closes on Monday, October 31!…
Enjoy these family-friendly Fall Festivals in the Pacific Northwest!
needs new ways to gain market access for Western And we have new approaches.…
Why do you think Texas needs to build a Western Wall and sink Commiefornia into the Pacific?
How can the U.S. and China create a stable balance of power in the Western Pacific? Read Michael Swaine’s report:
Jack is from the Phillipines, which is a south-east Asian country in the western Pacific comprising more than seven thousand islands. Its ca
Photos of Oceania Network’s launch at Western Sydney University-Australia's Pacific Connections
China air force holds drills in Western Pacific for second time this month via /r/worldnews
What do Chinese views on the South China Sea arbitration case mean for the Western Pacific? Read Michael Swaine: https:/…
India, US, Japan to hold naval drill in Western Pacific . .
US and to hold naval drill in Western Pacific
India, US and Japan to hold naval drill in Western Pacific - The Times of India via
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US,Japan, India to hold major naval drill in Western Pacific
While the Atlantic & Eastern Pacific have active tropical systems, the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific remain quiet
shows European flagged fish carriers operating in the Western Pacific
War in the Western Pacific: The U.S. Marines in the Marianas, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, 1944-45 by E. Hammel.
A pilot has landed a cargo plane on the island of Guam in the Western Pacific, despite the front wheels not deploying cor…
Here at Marcus Pavilion covering the second semi-final match-up of the day. Seattle Pacific will look to upset top seed Western Oregon.
There is a potential for a major storm system to impact the Western, Central, and Southern United States over the...
The Pacific is churning again as the latest car in the rain train moves into Western Washington.
You don't see this often... big fail for the ECMWF across the Western Hemisphere + N. Pole. Stems from Pacific Low?
All the Western States and Territories, from the Alleghanies to the Pacific and
"Our ships and aircraft operate routinely throughout the Western Pacific — including the South China Sea — and have for decades,"
Franklin Mint Western Pacific emblems of American Railroads bar in silver
Congestion eased right up on Ipswich Mwy Rocklea , Pacific Mwy Rochedale and Western Fwy, Indooroopilly.
Howard Sobel of Western Pacific Regional Office highlights key figures on
In the Philippines, 1 out of 4 pregnancies are undesired. - Howard Sobel, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office
If the win every game left they have a 45.3% chance of making the playoffs. 😜
. Western States Pacific States Like them all and share... .
The Western Conference has the one thru five from the Central and the first three from the Pacific.
Logistics still proving difficult in PNG's drought-affected Western Province
Nichol: western half of Pacific Ocean has lots of islands: much of ocean lies within exclusive economic zones of island nations
Globally, the greatest number of people with is in the Western Pacific region with 62 million people
Nick Bond says is linked to "weird stuff in the far western tropical Pacific," & it's not clear if we'll see another Blob.
reaches Western Pacific to join in Japan
Free public events May 12-14, 2016, hosted by the Disability Studies Program, University of Washington.
I've been saying that there is an incompatibility with the middle eastern culture and western civilization.
"Lower- and middle-income countries will be hardest hit...esp western Pacific region and Southeast Asia"
just Google Pacific Coast Academy Western Samoa. Everyone always tells me I should write a book lol
Salty Topics: Invasion of the Indo-Pacific Lionfish in the Western Atlantic. Today 6:45 PM. …
Upcoming event in w Arlene Strom, BlueSource's & Michael Colborne from Pacific Western
US & Pacific Islands reach deal for US tuna fleet to fish in western and Central Pacific
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A humpback whale in the Western Pacific. Photo by
China air force again holds drills in Western Pacific: "This year the air force has four times carried out dri...
(it's going to be a long Pacific Century, Western Civilization.)
The top six teams in the Western Conference are all from the Central Division. . The current top team from the Pacific? The Arizona Coyotes.
Ride the Red Arrow bus for free to this year’s RAP/CTS Celebration thanks to Pacific Western Transportation!
The official fatality count in after the strongest storm in western Pacific history (Zero. Job well done, MEX!
Check out this Charter Driver - up to $172.58 per day at Pacific Western Toronto in
Trademark dispute involving beers from North & South of the border
The Pacific is an embarrassment to the proud tradition of the Western Conference.
What's happening with that monstor storm on Pacific Coast -
"Asia's New Battlefield: The USA, China, and the Struggle for the Western Pacific" by Richard Javad Heydarian
NEW Argonauts of the Western Pacific; An Account of Native Enterprise and Advent
We at (PSWA Canada) Pacific South Western Advocates are looking forward also to working with the 42nd parliament of Canada.
Is the Trans Pacific Partnership a western solidarity group with the lady boys of Bangkok?
Western Pacific nation of to protect 80% of their ocean:
Hamilton Collection
[WUNDERGROUND] No Western Pacific Tropical Advisories: There are currently no tropical advisories.
Smoke over the western tropical Pacific Ocean
Smoke over Indonesia and the western tropical Pacific Ocean
Can the PNG government give an update on the proposed South Western Pacific University in the PM's electorate?
The lowest 100LL in the Western Pacific region is at Santa Paula Airport, CA (SZP) for $4.00/gal
By Tim Kelly TOKYO, Sept 27 (Reuters) - A top U.S. admiral wants the powerful Third Fleet to expand its engagement in the Western Pacific
Aircraft carrier arrives in Japan Interesting to see greater 3rd Fleet involvement in the Western Pacific expected
US admiral signals wider role for powerful 3rd Fleet in Western Pacific to focus on areas with 'greatest instability' http:/…
U.S. admiral signals wider role for powerful Third Fleet in Western Pacific -
Brave crews battle wildfires as Pacific Northwest braces for high winds forecast in the U.S.:
Impressive imagery of the twin typhoons in the Western Pacific this morning.
As of late this morning we now have twin typhoons in the western Pacific, Goni and Atsani: http:…
In the Western Pacific, Typhoon has winds of 110mph with a pressure of 940mbars. Movement is North at 1mph.
We now have Tropical Storm Kilo in the Central Pacific. Approaching the western islands of Hawaii next week.
Those 2 eyes looking out at us — 2 Category 4 typhoons in the Western Pacific
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Two monsters in the Western Pacific today. First is and second is Both of these are bad but amazing!
Wildfires in the Pacific NW creating some hazy conditions across parts of SW and western ND. Photo c/o NDDOT on...
Twin Goni and Atsani all set to approach -
Bringing up baby: . IT IS a long way from the western Pacific Ocean to the flooded streets of Buenos Aires wh...
Two typhoons in the western Pacific right now. Goni is Korean for "Swan", and Atsani is Thai for "Lightning Flash"
Western Pacific Trust : Aug 2015 growth predicted as healthy.
1911 Western Pacific railroad tunnel converted to part of Brad Freeman trail. Train tunnel was aband
European model indicating more trouble on the way for the Western Pacific over the next 10 days.
Good morning, Wells, Nevada, how are you? Point where the upstart Western Pacific met the old Southern Pacific.
The waters of the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean warmed significantly from 2003 to 2012, but most of the heat...
Deeper Ocean Waters Have Absorbed Much of Excess Atmospheric Heat: The waters of the Western Pacific ...
Saipan, the largest island of this US territory in the Western Pacific, is hosting the regional tournament,...
Also, we had huge Navy operations, Army divisions camped everywhere, and material command stocking the whole Western Pacific theatre.
The Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group wrapped up operations in the Western Pacific and reported for duty in...
In the Western Pacific, Tropical Storm has winds of 40mph with a pressure of 1004mbars. Movement East at 4mph.
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China is wary that US in the Western Pacific, India in IOR+Ru in Central Asia cd b possible impediments2 d "belt+road’’ initiatv
Death toll rises to 54 after Russian trawler sinks in Western Pacific: rescue center Read More :
There are 4 active Tropicals over the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, and South Pacific
6 March 1521: Ferdinand Magellan lands on Guam in the Western Pacific
USS Paul Hamilton Departs on Deployment to the Arabian Gulf and Western Pacific via
In the Western Pacific, Tropical Depression has winds of 35mph with pressure of 1004mbars. Movement is NNW 4mph.
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AirAsia flight QZ8501: Search area expanded; pilot's final call revealed AP | Dec 30, 2014, 06.19AM IST SURABAYA: More planes will be in the air and more ships on the sea on Tuesday hunting for AirAsia Flight 8501 in a widening search off Indonesia that has dragged into a third day without any solid leads. At least 30 ships, 15 aircraft and seven helicopters were looking for the jet carrying 162 people, said Indonesia's Search and Rescue Agency chief Henry Bambang Soelistyo. Most of the craft were Indonesian but Singapore, Malaysia and Australia contributed to the effort. Aircraft from Thailand planned to join Tuesday's search. He said the search area would be expanded to land areas, with four military helicopters dispatched just after sunrise near Pangkalan Bun on the western part of Borneo island and to smaller islands of Bangka and Belitung. "Until now, we have not yet found any signal or indication of the plane's whereabouts," Soelistyo said, adding fishermen from Belitung island were also helping. Th ...
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Did not play, playoff odds unchanged at 0.01%
Did not play, playoff odds down 0.3 to 59.2%
I have a question about the Modern Whig Party’s stance on Foreign Policy, and the inter-related area of Defense Spending. In addition to taking a more assertive/aggressive stance in Eastern Europe, Russia’s Putin has repeatedly stated that he beliefs that Russia should provide a counterpoint to the current American dominated world economic and political establishment. China has also voiced support for a fundamental shift in world politics, and has taken some very aggressive stances in the Western Pacific. How would Whig candidates, either for Congress or President, respond to these threats? Are they threats?
Tune in at 8:30 Pacific Western time at:
Did not play, playoff odds down 0.006 to 83.2%
USS Sampson, a destroyer, which was already on an independent deployment in the Western Pacific is joining the search for flight
Whisper Nato, Japan and USA can cut off Western Pacific ports in one day.
The USS Sampson is based out of San Diego but is deployed in the Western Pacific.
BREAKING: USS Sampson currently in midst of independent deployment to the Western Pacific
Thank god I have Disney channel for eastern and western pacific time so I can watch hsm twice
I liked a video from Kansas Pacific - Full Length Western Movies
Reese Witherspoon finds herself on a journey across the Pacific western-trail.
Live coverage of Alice Lloyd @ Western Kentucky will be at 8pm ET tonight on FOX College Sports Pacific.
View of the Pacific w morning coffee (@ Best Western Plus Laguna Brisas Spa Hotel)
Typhoon is only when it orginates in the western part of the North Pacific Ocean.
The name Kathleen has been used for four tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, one in the Western...
So get out your Google Earth and look for Guam;Western Pacific Ocean, South of Japan, North of Australia, East of the Phillipines
"Gerald Celente: They're selling the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its European sister, the Transatlantic Trade...
Did not play, playoff odds down 0.2 to 3.9%
Lost to Phoenix 107-116, playoff odds down 0.007 to 0.01%
Did not play, playoff odds up 0.1 to 96.6%
Did not play, playoff odds down 0.003 to 56.2%
Did not play, playoff odds up 0.1 to 4.2%
Did not play, playoff odds up 0.2 to 72.5%
Did not play, playoff odds up 0.04 to 96.5%
Did not play, playoff odds up 0.08 to 72.5%
Did not play, playoff odds up 0.09 to 56.3%
H bombers made the flight around key U.S.military hub in the western Pacific,on Dec.13.
Plays Phoenix, playoff odds unchanged at 0.02%
Plays at LA Lakers, playoff odds up 0.3 to 52%
Did not play, playoff odds up 0.002 to 4.1%
Did not play, playoff odds unchanged at 0.008%
Did not play, playoff odds down 0.05 to 77.5%
Check this out: c.1952 General Motors WESTERN PACIFIC California Zephyr Poster by Bern Hill: $995.00 (0 Bids)...
Western states seek a green alternative to salt for clearing road ice, snow
How the world of Andy Hawes and Timothy Blixseth spins.
US Report: China's Nukes Getting Bigger and Better A new congressional-funded report paints a dark picture of China’s nuclear weapons and missile modernization efforts. The report, issued Nov. 19, by the US China Economic and Security Review Commission, states China will pose a threat to all US military forces, bases and assets in the Western Pacific within the next 10 years. China will also be able to attack US national security satellites in a variety of ways — kinetic, laser, electronic jamming and seizing. According to the report, China’s capabilities will hold at risk all US national security satellites in every orbital regime in the next five- to 10 years. “In space, China in 2014 continued to pursue a broad counter-space program to challenge U.S. information superiority in a conflict and disrupt or destroy U.S. satellites if necessary.” Beijing also calculates its space warfare capabilities will enhance its strategic deterrent as well as allow China to coerce the US and others “into not ...
I received some spam today - "hi there, Air Force Systems Command missile and space development operations in the Western Pacific area…
A look at the week ahead in Eastern Asia and the Western Pacific.
PIA-NCR: Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III today attends the 65th Session of the World Health Organization Regional Committee for the Western Pacific at the Philippine International Convention Center. The 65th RCM will discuss regional health issues, including anti-microbial resistance, dengue, non-communicable diseases and Universal Health Coverage. The Western Pacific RCM is an annual meeting of 37 countries and areas, which is chaired by the Regional Director, Dr. Shin Young-soo. It is being attended by Health Ministers from the region, as well ad senior officials from the WHO.
UPDATE: Search continues for missing pilot in jet crash. Rescued pilot is in fair condition:
Two wildfires burning in Western Washington -
Two Navy F/A-18 fighter jets crashed after taking off from a carrier operating in the western Pacific
Thoughts and Prayers for 2 F/A-18 Navy Pilots who crashed into the Pacific while assigned to Carrier Air Wing 17 stationed aboard the USS Carl Vinson currently in the Western Pacific. My Son is assigned to the Cruiser USS Bunker Hill which is part of this carrier group and has been tasked along with a destroyer to search for one of the pilots who is still missing. Hope for a speedy recovery of the one pilot and prayers that they find the still missing pilot safe and soon.
Military: 1 pilot missing, 1 recovered after Navy jets crash into western Pacific
JUST IN: The says two F/A-18 Hornets crashed Thursday afternoon in the western Pacific. One pilot is injured the other is missing.
The US Navy continues to search for a missing pilot after two combat jets crashed at sea in the western Pacific...
Pilot still missing after two US navy jets crashed into western Pacific Ocean
Two US Navy jets crash in western Pacific
Two US Navy jets have crashed into the western Pacific Ocean, with one pilot still missing, the Navy has said.
Two U.S. Navy Planes Crash in the Pacific Ocean - One pilot is missing after the planes collided over the Western ...
Two FA-18 fighter jets have crashed in the western Pacific Ocean
Two F18 Hornets have crashed in the western Pacific, one pilot missing
Did you know the is searching for a pilot after 2 F/A-18 Hornets crashed over the western Pacific? Weigh in:
Two U.S. Navy jets crashed into the western Pacific Ocean. (fixed typo)
Recently, Super Typhoon Neoguri, the strongest typhoon so far in the 2014 Western Pacific season smashed which of the following countries? [A]Japan [B]New Zealand [C]Australia [D]China
News VietNamNet: Conflict in the Western Pacific has captured world attention. Conflict over com...
*POST Tropical Storm ARTHUR CANADA UPDATE AND METEOROLOGICAL STATEMENT OF THE EVENT FROM CANADA AND LAST EVER STATEMENT FROM ENVIRONMENT CANADA* Sorry for No Updates have got sidetracked by Super Typhoon Neoguri in the Western Pacific. Been along period I have tracked Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones over 3 or more regions in the last few days, anyway here is the Last Ever Statement from Environment Canada on Post Tropical Arthur and Current Warnings and Radar and Satellite. :) 4:32 PM ADT Sunday 06 July 2014 Intermediate tropical cyclone information statement for: NEW BRUNSWICK NOVA SCOTIA PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND For post-Tropical Storm Arthur. *** corrections: Charlottetown 'PEI' in summary table, not 'ns'. Also modified wording regarding rain-related flooding in New Brunswick and added some new data. *** This is a special meteorological summary for post-Tropical Storm Arthur. This is the final statement by the Canadian Hurricane Centre on this storm. *** meteorological summary of the event ***. Hurricane ...
Rob Spangler started by discussing the fleet of cars on his Western Pacific, 8th Sub layout - and then he decided...
Commentaries Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:48 Why Are Russia, China and Iran Paramount Enemies For US Ruling Elite? TEHRAN (FNA)- Does it not seem strange that with the Cold War long over, the Paramount Enemies of the United States remain Russia and China? That is not a bad question to ponder with Vladimir Putin’s visit with Xi Jinping in Beijing. And there is no doubt that Russia and China hold this pariah status in the eyes of the US imperial elite. In the last months we have watched the US try to push Russia East and tear it apart. At the same time Obama traversed East Asia trying to stitch together an anti-China military and economic alliance in the Western Pacific with Japan as the linchpin. In fact it is striking that the US has allied itself with neo-Nazism in Ukraine and Japanese militarism on the other side of Asia. This is happening despite the considerable changes that have taken place in both Russia and China, neither of which would any longer claim to be interested in an anti-capitalist crusade. The o ...
I participated from the USI side in an International conference on , "The Emerging Security Security Scenario in Asia -Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities", organised by China Institute for International Strategic Studies(CIISS) from 26 May to 28 May 2014 at Bejing.There were senior level strategic experts from 50 countries, including former Prime Minister of Australia , Bob Hawke.I presented a paper on the subject and was one of the panelists.The foreign participants met China's top hierarchy , including one hour session with the Defence Minister of China.China has adopted a hardened stance in the Western Pacific and mince no words in blaming the US for provoking the regional countries for ganging up against China. The US , on the other hand , maintain that but for their proactive role, China will finlandise smaller countries and go to war with Japan over Senkakau islands . Japan, Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam lean on the US presence , whereas! Kampuchea , Laos and Myanmar are aligned with the . ...
In the music-I-sometimes-forget-I-love department, today's installment: "Scarecrow" by John Cougar Mellencamp (1985). I kinda knew the music, of course -- as most of us did -- when it was popular (peaking at on the Billboard 200). But I didn't really discover (and fall in love with!) this album until some time in 1987, when it somehow made its way into my cassette collection. I was in the Navy, sailing the Western Pacific (and points beyond). "Scarecrow" quickly saw regular duty in my Aiwa Walkman knock-off. This was probably the peak of J(C)M's creativity. He was hanging out with Neil Young at the time, and some of ol' Neil's genius must have rubbed off. The songs on "Scarecrow" have attitude, sincerity, and (an albeit somewhat polished) rawness. Not to mention catchy melodies! The small town rural nostalgia theme resonated with me, being stationed 6,666 miles (no, really -- I checked it: from the rolling New England farmland of my youth. Net result, it was one of my favorite and most-played alb ...
Spring issue of carries interesting article on military challenges in the Western Pacific by 's Evan Montgomery
George Washington strike group departs for Western Pacific patrol
Amalda vernedei herlaari Van Pel, 1989 OLIVIDAE -350~400m, Trawled, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, 91.0mm, F+++, 2005 The "Herlaar's Amalda" is a very handsome ancillariin endemic to northern and Western Australia. A. vernedei (Sowerby, 1859) represents a very widely distributed and very variable species in the Western Pacific and forms a complex of many subspecies such as A. v. herlaari, A. v. hilgendorfi (Martens, 1897) from Japan, and A. v. richeri Kilburn & Bouchet, 1988 from New Caledonia. It is one of S. Peter Dance's 50 "Rare Shells" (1969), which more specifically referred to the most elusive nominate subspecies A. vernedei vernedei; of which only a few specimens are known and appears to be endemic to deep water of the Solomon Islands. The conchologically similar but more accessible A. v. herlaari is often used as a substitute or placeholder when one attempts to collect all 50 and finds the nominate A. v. vernedei impossible to obtain. Although another subspecies of A. vernedei from the Ph ...
World War I parallels in the Western Pacific of 2014? Some interesting thoughts by Walden Bello for ISN/ETH Zurich Great Power Conflict in the Western Pacific: Reprise of the First World War Scenario? 22 May 2014 by Walden Bello In many eyes, World War I resulted from cascading events – i.e., isolated incidents sparked chain reactions that led to war. Today, Walden Bello wonders whether Japanese opportunism, Chinese territorial claims and the US pivot towards East Asia will prod the region towards a comparable fate. Serving as a convenient excuse for a heightened U.S. military presence in the region have been China’s controversial moves in the western Pacific. In particular, Beijing’s claiming the whole South China Sea, or West Philippine Sea as Chinese territory has allowed the United States to come in and appear an indispensable actor to protect the region’s smaller countries against Chinese hegemony. A former U.S. colony and ally, the Philippines have been especially receptive to Washington’s ...
South China Sea - UNCLOS - US-China competition on the High Seas The National Interest: China and America Clash on the High Seas: The EEZ Challenge During U.S Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s recent trip to China, China’s Minister of Defense, General Chang Wanquan, warned that Beijing would make “no compromise, no concession, [and] no trading” in the fight for what he called his country’s “territorial sovereignty.” Chang told Hagel: “The Chinese military can assemble as soon as summoned, fight any battle, and win.” The comments come amid an escalating campaign by Chinese nationalists to alter the status quo in the Western Pacific that has raised alarm in capitals across the region. While China’s more aggressive external posture in the East and South China Seas has been on display since 2009, Beijing’s dispute with Japan over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands and with Vietnam over disputed waters and islands in the South China Sea have grown increasingly volatile over the past year. Just t ...
Globally, less than half the population (38.3%) drinks alcohol. Drinking is likely to increase in rapidly developing economies in Southeast Asia, the Western Pacific region and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Antibiotics may lose their power to cure disease, WHO warns News release MANILA, 7 APRIL 2011—The World Health Organization (WHO) today warned of a possible return to the days before antibiotics were developed unless global action is taken urgently to combat the growing problem of drug resistance. WHO cautioned that the misuse and irrational use of drugs are weakening the fight against diseases, such as tuberculosis and malaria, that should have been contained decades ago. At the same time, other age-old diseases are on the rise, with the possibility of no cure. The rallying cry of this year's World Health Day, observed on 7 April is "Combat drug resistance! No action today, no cure tomorrow." It seeks to raise awareness about what drives antimicrobial resistance and how to halt it. "Antimicrobial drug resistance is a complex problem, and it requires a comprehensive response among and between Member States across different sectors," said Dr Shin Young-soo, WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific. ...
Taiwan - naval modernization, new frigates for US in sight ? US House Approves Frigate Sale to Taiwan The House approved the sale of 4 naval frigates to Taiwan while reaffirming its commitment to the Taiwan Relations Act. By Shannon Tiezzi April 10, 2014 On Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing the sale of four U.S. frigates to Taiwan, while also officially reaffirming U.S. support for the Taiwan Relations Act days before the 35th anniversary of that legislation. The bill, HR 3470, began with a section underlining the importance of TRA before moving on the specifics of the latest arms sale to Taiwan. “The Taiwan Relations Act has been instrumental in maintaining peace, security, and stability in the Western Pacific since its enactment in 1979,” says the bill’s first clause. The bill, which was introduced by Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, passed with “overwhelming bipartisan support,” according to a Foreign Affairs Committ ...
I caught this nice old Relic of the past from the Western Pacific on the Northbound Mixed freight in Tioga Texas .Photography By Ed Miller
LCS Takes On More Congressional Water (POLITICO 10 APR 14) ... Philip Ewing The Navy hunkered down Thursday for more attacks on its Littoral Combat Ship program by critics who have seized on a new report said to fault the first deployment of the first ship. Sen. John McCain opened his latest fusillade against LCS with a floor speech Wednesday and continued into a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee’s seapower panel. Citing an as yet unreleased Government Accountability Office report, copies of which have been leaked to select reporters, the Arizona Republican said the LCS has already proven to be a wasteful, unproven mistake. “We still don’t know if it is capable in a non-permissive environment,” he said. The GAO quotes Navy officials recommending that the LCS not operate in the Western Pacific, given the limitations of its range and electronic warfare systems, McCain said. Commanders should consider using the ships only in the smaller Persian Gulf, the Navy officials said, effectively ...
Low- and middle-income countries in the WHO South East Asia and Western Pacific regions had the largest burd…
Measles ‘eliminated’ in four Western Pacific countries, according to World Health Organization
USS Indiana (BB-58) was a 35,000-ton South Dakota class battleship, built at Newport News, Virginia. Commissioned in April 1942. After shaking down in the Atlantic, she joined the war against Japan, operating in the South Pacific from late November 1942 into October 1943. Indiana then moved to the Central Pacific, where she participated in the invasions of the Gilbert Islands in November 1943 and the Marshall islands in January 1944. In April and May 1944, Indiana escorted carriers in raids on Japanese positions in the Carolinas. Beginning in June, she took part in the the Marianas campaign, including pre-invasion bombardment of Saipan and the Battle of the Philippine Sea. The battleship screened the fast carriers into the Autumn of 1944, assisting in strikes on the Palaus and Philippines. After an overhaul, Indiana returned to the Western Pacific in January 1945, in time to participate in the invasion of Iwo Jima, carrier raids on the Japanese Home Islands and the Ryukyus invasion. Later she used her six ...
k's weather monitors the weather in the Western Pacific and the Philippine Area of Responsibility to communicate it in layman's terms.
Beche de mere at risk of extinction in Western Pacific | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
On This Day: February 19 On Feb. 19, 1945, during World War II, some 30,000 United States Marines landed on the Western Pacific island of Iwo Jima, where they encountered ferocious resistance from Japanese forces. The Americans took control of the strategically important island after a month-long battle. On Feb. 19, 1912, Stan Kenton, the American bandleader who was an innovator in the progressive jazz style of the 1950's, was born. Following his death on Aug. 25, 1979, his obituary appeared in The Times. 1473 The astronomer Copernicus was born in Torun, Poland. 1878 Thomas Edison received a patent for his phonograph. 1881 Kansas became the first state to prohibit all alcoholic beverages. 1959 An agreement was signed by Britain, Turkey and Greece granting Cyprus its independence. 1963 "The Feminine Mystique" by Betty Friedan was published. 1997 Deng Xiaoping, the last of China's major Communist revolutionaries, died in Beijing at age 92. 2004 Former Enron Corp. chief executive Jeffrey Skilling was charged ...
The World Health Organization said the Philippines was among the few remaining countries that recorded an outbreak of measles in the Western Pacific region. In its recent report, WHO ranked Philipp...
India - China - maritime competition, part 4 of the FDI (Australia) study (previous parts published here already) Examining the Sino-Indian Maritime Competition: Part 4 – India’s Maritime Strategy Key Points India is modernising its navy. This is an outcome of a perceived maritime threat posed by China’s naval growth. Another dimension of this modernisation, however, is the hard-power and naval capacity India is now able to project in the IOR. India is simultaneously developing relationships with states in South-East Asia and the Western Pacific, causing some in China to question its motives. India is, essentially, pursuing a Mahanian policy in its maritime relations Summary India has adopted a policy of upgrading its naval capacity since the 1980s.Given China’s growing presence in the IOR and its long-standing power competition with India, this section will consider whether India’s on-going naval modernisation aims to achieve an active force posture driven by its strategic intent to have secure ...
~THE BATAAN DEATH MARCH~~~ The Battle of Bataan ended on April 9, 1942, when U.S. General Edward P. King surrendered to Japanese General Masaharu Homma. At that point 75,000 soldiers became Prisoners of War: about 12,000 Americans and 63,000 Filipinos. What followed was one of the worst atrocities in modern wartime history—the Bataan Death March. During the Battle of Bataan, the American and Filipino soldiers of General Douglas MacArthur’s United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) had held out for four months against the Imperial Japanese Army, while every other island and nation in the Pacific and Southeast Asia fell to the Japanese. By March 1942, Japan controlled all of the Western Pacific except the Philippines. General MacArthur’s plan was to hold his ground on the Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island in the Philippines until the U.S. Navy could bring reinforcements and supplies from the United States. Once the reinforcements arrived, he planned to attack north from Bataan, defeat th ...
"In the Western Pacific - Tropical depression Lingling is located approximately 344 nm west of Koror. New Caledonia cleans up after Tropical Cyclone June - New Caledonia's north is cleaning up after the area was struck by Tropical Cyclone June on Saturday. The system caused flooding and cut a number of roads. The storm also felled trees and cut power some communities. Saturday's flight schedules were also affected, with international flights delayed and some domestic services cancelled. The fast-moving cyclone weakened into a depression as it veered southwards and moved into cooler waters. Tropical cyclone June is expected to move onto the upper North Island later today. Since 2000, New Zealand has missed a number of major Tropical Storms, but the most recent damaging one was Cyclone Wilma in early 2011, which caused damage to parts of Northland and Coromandel. A number have reached New Zealand but have fizzled just a few hours before reaching land. Cyclone June is not expected to be as strong as Cyclone ...
BTW: here are some details of the history of the Willow Glen Trestle: · It is not simply a “common design” trestle, but rather one that was designed and built to the unique conditions of the time and place: the post-World War I shortage of materials, the financial constraints of a business just emerging from bankruptcy, and the need to quickly be able to serve the canneries that were opening in Willow Glen and across San Jose. · The trestle was built to be strong enough to carry freight, but only if the trains were run “dead slow”. This caused traffic congestion, which lead to the “grade separation” movement and the eventual incorporation of the Town of Willow Glen. · The trestle was built by Western Pacific, a rival to the near-monopolistic Southern Pacific Railroad. For decades, the Southern Pacific tracks had run right through the center of San Jose (down 4th St.), but when their franchise expired at the turn of the last century the City began pressuring SP to relocate their tracks. T .. ...
New Year celebrations under way in the Western Pacific and east Asia Fireworks from Sky Tower in Auckland, and Harbour Bridge in Sydney, traditional bell gong at Homyoji temple in Tokyo and light show illuminates Shanghai.
New Bomber Can Nuke US Military Bases, Brags Chinese State Media - Paul Joseph Watson - Beijing's bellicose rhetoric intensifies Chinese state media is once again bragging about Beijing's military prowess, touting the fact that China's new H-6K strategic bomber can attack U.S. military bases in South Korea as well as the Japanese mainland using long range nuclear cruise missiles. The report features on the prominent pro-Communist Party news website Want China Times. "With a range of between 1,500 and 2,000 kilometers, the CJ-10 meets the requirements of the PLA Air Force to possess the capability to launch strategic missile attacks against US military facilities and those of its allies in the Western Pacific," states the report. The article also lauds the fact that the H-6K can target the Japanese mainland without even leaving Chinese airspace, in addition to Russian cities in the Far East, all major cities in India, as well as Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, "in a potential war against Southeast A ...
I am retiring at the end of the month form the Federal Government and Christmas Eve is my last working day. I thought I would share my last message to bosses, co-workers and the "troops" (one Navy captain, and the rest are civilian GSs (a few are also veterans and military retirees), and they are good and dedicated people, who I have been thru good times and bad over the last three plus years: I am wrapping up things and preparing to head off into retirement in a few more days (next stop Florida and my New Year's resolution will be to do more fishing). I decided to "join the Navy and see the world." I have been from one extreme to the other; from Norwegian fjords up in the Arctic Circle to the tropical jungles along the Panama Canal. I was on submarines home ported in Japan, Spain and Scotland. I got to travel across much of the Western Pacific (WestPac). I have been to a dozen different countries in Europe (and much of that travel was primarily as a civilian (GS)). I had the opportunities to go to a ...
NAVAL BASE POINT LOMA, Calif. -- Friends and family of Sailors aboard the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Hampton (SSN 767) welcomed home Hampton’s crew Dec. 18 following a six-month deployment to the Western Pacific. The deployment supported the Chief of Naval Operations’ Maritime Strategy, which includes maritime security, forward presence, sea control, and power projection. During the deployment, Hampton executed missions vital to national security and participated in U.S. and multinational naval exercises. The ship’s port visits included Yokosuka, Japan, Singapore, Guam and Subic Bay, Philippines. Hampton’s Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Lincoln Reifsteck , is very proud of his crew and their accomplishments. “I am proud of the tremendous effort the crew has put into being successful and for the support and encouragement from our great families. The men have done exceptionally well, and it shows,” said Reifsteck. Hampton was commissioned November 6, 1993. Measuring more than 360 fe ...
On December 16, 1943, nearly 500 Navy sailors died when three US destroyers in route to battle in Leyte Gulf were overrun by a giant typhoon in the Western Pacific. My uncle, Milton Ward, died at sea when the USS Hull was swamped by 100 foot waves as were two other ships. It was a terrible event dwarfed by the overall horror of WW2.
Hillary Clinton might say, “What difference does it really make” that the Obama administration has been systematically hollowing out the U.S. military? Look at the international waters of the Western Pacific to see the answer. China’s increasingly powerful People’s Liberation Army is threatening not only its neighbors with Air Defense Identification Zones and harassment by warships. The Chinese have lately begun using such aggressive techniques against American planes and naval vessels in international waters, as well. Communist China clearly seeks to dominate one of the world’s most strategically important regions. Worse yet, it has become convinced that, under President Obama, America will submit, not resist. The temptation inevitably is to downplay or ignore such aggression. But history teaches that it will be far harder – and more costly – to challenge it later on. -Frank Gaffney
USS Floyd B. Parks (DD-884), 1945-1974 USS Floyd B. Parks, a 2425-ton Gearing class destroyer built at Orange, Texas, was commissioned in July 1945. Assigned to the Pacific Fleet, in early 1946 she steamed to the Far East on the first of twenty Western Pacific deployments she would make over the next twenty-seven years. During the Korean War, Floyd B. Parks twice participated in combat support operations, including an intense shore bombardment effort during 1951 in which she fired over twelve-thousand five-inch shells. During the rest of the 1950s and early 1960s, Floyd B. Parks continued her pattern of regular WESTPAC deployments. In January 1955, she assisted with the evacuation of the Tachen Islands, near the China coast. She was damaged in a collision in March 1956, but returned to active service by mid-Summer. During the later 1950s, she supported nuclear tests in the Central Pacific. In 1962-63 the middle-aged destroyer was given an extensive "FRAM-I" modernization to better equip her for contempora ...
I don't think most people understand what 7th fleet does for USA, Japan & Western Pacific. Those kids r at sea 9-10mths/yr!
WEATHER UPDATE AS OF December 05, 2013 at 12:12PM BY WESTERN PACIFIC WEATHER Who is the Offiical Typhoon Agency & What is a Super Typhoon? Watch this video on YouTube. Over the past several years I have noticed a difference in opinions of people across the western pacific and the world on this exact question, “Who is the official Typhoon Warning Agency?” Plus, what is the definition of a “Super Typhoon” From what I have seen and heard from many around the world is that most have no clue or think they know but in reality are not even close. List of Countries on the Typhoon Committee First I want to start off by mentioning that in the Western Pacific there are over Ten Forecast Agencies that create Tropical Cyclone Forecast at one time or another pending how close a storm is to their respected countries. To name a few they are the Japan Meteorological Agency, China Meteorological Agency, Hong Kong Observatory, Indonesia Meteorological Agency, Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Korea Meteorological Associ ...
Otolaryngology jobs in "Call for location" - OR - LIVE, Work and Enjoy life on the Islands in the Western Pacific.
Nov 13 Pearl Harbor (NNS) -- Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, directed the activation of the hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) Nov. 13 to be ready to support ongoing disaster relief efforts in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. On Nov. 11 Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel ordered the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) and her escort ships to depart early from a liberty port in Hong Kong and make best possible speed for the Philippines. George Washington, USS Antietam (CG 54), USS Cowpens (CG 63) and USNS Yukon (T-AO-202) will arrive off the coast of the Philippines the evening of Nov. 14 local time. U.S. Pacific Fleet ships already operating in the Western Pacific were also immediately diverted. USS Mustin (DDG 89), USS Lassen (DDG 82), USS Emory S. Land (AS 39), and USNS Bowditch (T-AGS 62) are now on station and coordinating with the Philippine government. The U.S. Navy also has P-3 maritime aircraft already supporting the disaster relief effort led ...
15 things about me. Tell me 15 about yourself. 1. I won a SF Call Bulletin contest selling new subscriptions and went to Disneyland Opening Day July 17, 1955. 2. Have been a salesman and working since age 11. Started by mowing lawns and collecting empty bottles. 3. My dad was an officer in the USAF WWll and Korea and as a result of his assignments the first year I started and finished a complete school year in ONE school was Soph yr. of high school. 4. My first trip to Mexico was at age 5. 5. I’ve been riding horses since age 5. 6. I joined the Navy at 17 yr. and 1 day. 7. I drove a 52 ft. LCM for USN and landed US Marines on beaches throughout the Western Pacific. 8. I missed the VN war by 1 month. USN by being discharged July 1964. 9. I’ve been a Rotarian since 1980. 10. I currently live with one wife, three dogs, two cats, three hens, one rooster and one tortoise that is currently AWOL. 11. I decided twenty five years ago to retire in Mexico in a small town on the ocean, twenty miles from the near ...
A typhoon is a Tropical Storm of cyclonic force and peculiar violence occurring in the Western Pacific and…
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Pacific Islands call for 30% cut in Western Pacific while fleet increases of 20% expected
The history of the Jews in Fiji is intertwined with the settlement of the Fiji islands by European explorers and settlers. Most of these settlers arrive in Fiji via Australia and New Zealand. One of the early settlers was a merchant by the name Alexander Schmerrill Bowman (Hebrew name Alexander ben Shmuel) who was born on 9 Jan 1847 in Schneidemuhle, Prussia,(modern day Pila in Poland) and died 1909 in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Mr Bowman was of the firm Bowman and Abrahams of Levuka and Loma Loma. As he settled in Levuka the Old Capital of Fiji he married Sara Annette Solomon on 25 July 1877 in Levuka, Fiji, daughter of Phillip Solomon and Catherine Cohen. She was born 27 September 1857 in Auckland, New Zealand, and died 1915 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.[1] Another well-known figure was a 20-year-old Henry Marks who arrive in 1881 from Australia. Marks laid the foundation of what became one of the most extensive commercial enterprises in the Western Pacific. Marks was later joined by Jews from India and elsew ...
Analysis, Military, Stratagem October 22, 2013 Army’s next challenge: The ocean Source: Politico The U.S. Army has proved over its 238-year history that it can fight and win almost anywhere — in the jungles, deserts or mountains. The next venue, however, might prove to be the most difficult: oceans. President Barack Obama’s strategic “rebalance” to the Western Pacific was good news for three military services: the Navy, whose ships sail on or under the vast ocean; the Marine Corps, whose troops deploy from them; and the Air Force, which needs long-range weapons and aircraft to cover the skies. Less so for the Army with its heavy tanks and infantry formations. The Army says it has an important role, too, but selling its sibling services, Pentagon leaders and Congress on what that is has become a full-time job. As the Army gathers this week for its annual meeting at the Washington Convention Center, attendees are reminded that it’s playing for the highest stakes. If it can convince the Pentagon ...
WHO Director-General addressed the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific
The Australian label South Sea Islanders refers to the Australian descendants of people from the more than 80 islands in the Western Pacific including the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu (formerly the New Hebrides) in Melanesia and the Loyalty Islands, Samoa, Kiribati, Rotuma and Tuvalu in Polynesia and Micronesia who were recruited between the mid to late 19th century as labour in the sugarcane fields of Queensland. Some were kidnapped or "blackbirded" into long-term indentured service. At its height, the recruiting accounted for over half the adult male population of some islands.. proud to be a south sea islander :)
USS Higgins returns to San Diego San Diego (CNS) - A San Diego-based guided-missile destroyer that served with the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in the Western Pacific and Middle East returned home Monday morning following a lengthy deployment. The USS Higgins and its crew of 250 left Jan. 14 and, according to the Navy, conducted several exercises and theater security operations while at sea. The vessel also made port call in Palau, Singapore, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Japan, Guam and Pearl Harbor. "I am continually grateful for the effort my crew displayed this deployment," Cmdr. Nicole L. M. Shue, the Higgins' skipper, said before the ship's return. "The dedication and professionalism they put forth daily reaffirms their commitment to their country and the naval service. They have worked incredibly hard, and we are looking forward to reuniting with our loved ones back here in San Diego." During a port visit to Nagoya, Japan, Higgins' sailors helped clean the grounds at a local orphanage ...
Bronislaw Malinowski attacked Freud's Oedipus Complex in saying that it was not universal in his "Sex and Repression in Savage Societies". Mostly, he studied in the Trobriand Islands and in Melanesia, where he also studied the Kula ring (a gift exchange study that appeared in his "Argonauts of the Western Pacific", and was criticized by Marcel Mauss). ~孙悟空
CNN - The strongest storm on the planet so far this year is rumbling across the Western Pacific near Taiwan and the Philippines, prompting authorities to issue warnings to residents in vulnerable areas. Packing winds as strong as 260 kilometers per hour (162 mph) on Friday, Super Typhoon Usagi is forecast to plow through the Luzon Straight that lies between Taiwan and the Philippines on Saturday..
Tin Pei Ling: Health is a basic human right. Discussing the draft resolution on Advocating Maternal And Child Health in ASEAN at the ASEAN Inter Parliamentary Assembly in Brunei. Singapore was ranked first in the world for having low under-five mortality in 2011 (source: UNICEF). We also have one of the lowest maternal mortality ratios in the Western Pacific region. Still, we must not be complacent and should continue to enhance our health system, education and promotion efforts to ensure high standards of maternal and child health.
US tiny islands for military use? - Islands Business magazine International tourists would pay top dollars for vacation in far-flung tropical islands with U.S. flags flying on them. But the United States has other plans that involve setting up live-fire training ranges and divert airfield on tiny islands in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). The U.S. Department of Defense says it is rebalancing military forces in the Asia-Pacific region. In line with this, it is proposing to increase its joint military training capabilities by developing live-fire ranges and training areas on Tinian and Pagan, some three-quarters of the way between Hawaii and the Philippines. Tinian and Pagan’s use will address the U.S. military’s unit-level and combined-level training deficiencies in the Western Pacific. Training areas in Guam, also a U.S. territory, are already being used to capacity. The U.S. Air Force is also planning to build a “divert” or alternative airfield on Saipan, CNMI’s capital ...
Home Mohmaed Aboaluzud From Egypt with love, love , and the Philippines , Officially the Republic of the Philippines , is a constitutional republic located in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific . Archipelago composed of 7,107 islands , bordered by Taiwan to the north across the Luzon Strait , and Vietnam to the west across the South China Sea . Sulu Sea in the south - west is separated from the island of Borneo and Mrs. Sea to the south separates it from other islands in Indonesia. Bordered on the east by the Philippine Sea . Classified into three major geographic sections of Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao. Manila is the capital . And the Philippines has an estimated population of about 92 million people , making it ranks 12 in the world according to the census . It is estimated that 11 million overseas Filipinos worldwide . There are multiple races and cultures all over the islands. The climate is tropical and is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world. Was ethnic Alngrito from prehistori ...
TODAY:Sea level rise in Western Pacific is highest in the world, Success of Fiji's first traditional cooking school
Palau or the Republic of Palau, is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. Palau is a group of...
Typhoon in the Western Pacific hitting Taiwan right now.
Stayed up all night & wrote a screenplay involving a high pressure circulation in the Western Pacific -- WITH SHARKS!
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1 in 3 people have in Fiji. In the Western Pacific region 58% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed!
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