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Western Isles

The Outer Hebrides also known as the Western Isles and the Long Island, is an island chain off the west coast of mainland Scotland.

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Interesting article about when the Vikings were here. Lots of Norse influences on Lewis. .
Good morning Treez! Continuing our journey down the Western Isles into South Harris today…
There is a Western Isles Wildlife page on FB if you are there. Wild Lewis is beautiful but not specifically birds. X
The lighthouse engineered by Robert Stevenson at the Butt of Lewis yesterday; the most northerly point of the Weste…
Check out this excellent book. Amelia Dalton made a huge success in the Western Isles! I've done a major feature!
A Bronze Age gold torc miraculously plucked off the seabed by scallop fishermen near the Shiant Isles (off the West…
The choice in the Western Isles is clear. Only have the momentum to take on the Just look at the r…
Weather Gods behaving themselves today; beautiful coastal scenery near the Butt of Lewis; the northernmost extremit…
Given up on the Western Isles and Isle of Wight I see (it says Britain, not U.K., so I'll forgive no Northern Ireland)
Scottish Energy News: Highlands University team tests new Scottish wave energy measurement technology in Western I…
Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles in whose maritime territory it is argued that most of the oil is found, want…
For a brief moment I thought that read that George Galloway was standing for the Western Isles seat
First glimpse of Galloway (standing in for Western Isles) in new Gerard Butler chiller Keepers…
Uig sands on the west coast of Lewis in the Western Isles today; the sea colour is beautiful in the sunshine!
Thought provoking opening address by Chief Officer of the Western Isles Health and Social Care Partnership.
Villagers in Argyll and the Western Isles to put new broadband boosting technology through its paces. Find out more…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Western Isles academics wrap up wave assessment tech trials
Western Isles academics wrap up and assessment trials
Sexual predator abused children for more than a decade and treated them like "objects"
The beaches on the Western Isles are often compared with those in the Caribbean Gary!
Impressive coastal scenery at Mangersta on the Uig peninsula of the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles today🌊
Mull of Kintyre astern, Western Isles ahead. Worth the 4am start any day!
Any evidence that Western Isles voters want an interconnector cable & industrial wind farms rather than generation on a co…
I see the dirty tricks are going on up in the Western Isles!
Beth Robertson Fiddes, landscape painter whose work concentrates on the Scottish highlands, and Western Isles ht…
genuinely feel like my soul has been nourished - there is nowhere in the world finer than the Western Isles on a good day ht…
Good morning! Mild,cloudy & breezy today. Rain in the Northern & Western Isles and far north west, with strong-gale force winds here.10-14C
There will also be spells of rain this morning across the north-west of mainland Scotland, as well as the Northern & Western Isles.
What northern part of Scotland? The only Gaelic speakers I've met have been from the Western Isles.
Highlands & Western Isles - Weather, Road users are advised to drive with care due to low...
Western Isles' Battery Point "genny" supplying electricity after power cuts on Lewis & Harris…
Scottish Islands Explorer: Depopulation Forecast The number of people living in the Western Isles forecast to fall.
Western Isles rock offers potential clue to life on Mars -
A guide to ferry travel and golf in Scotland's Western Isles - an under appreciated area!. https…
1947 film about a boy being evacuated by air from Western Isles 'Skyway Ambulance' from National Library of Scotland
The view north over the island of Benbecula in the Western Isles towards North Uist. More:
Hamish Henderson film screenings in Skye, Glenelg and the Western Isles via
The 8.25 satellite image shows that the west coast from Cape Wrath down to Kyle, Skye and the Western Isles are...
Good morning from the Western Isles! Can't wait for
Would you believe this is It's South Harris at Luskentrye, Western Isles, ht…
Team's deployment to the Western Isles this past weekend
Western Isles prob strongest for Leave & results not much different between Eng, Scot, Wales & NI despite what the SNP say!
My telling is set in the Western Isles. Glad you liked the preview!
It had to happen - the first Gaelic email scam targets the Western Isles.
Galson estate in Western Isles is to be handed over to the local community in a local buyout.
The Isle of Lewis does/does not support Donald Trump for president
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Western Isles' Sunday shutdown likely to fall foul of new equality law -
It's the NHS Western Isles staff mag. I'm comms manager just now. Well done u for the novel writing!
The £ for NI lifeline ferry has +31% while Western Isles has -55% in the last 3 years. Sign the petition:
Allan sworn in as Western Isles MSP - Island News & Advertiser
Can't forget the journey to Outer Hebrides (Western Isles) - exotic sunsets, white sands, blue-green waters -
great to see you too - we've been made very welcome in the Western Isles
we welcome to the fold our newest member Capt Malcolm Dalzel-Job. isles army Reserves.
Half a week of consistently good weather... In the Western Isles... its a miracle! 🌞🌞🌞
A trip to the Western Isles would be perfect for our Crear couples wanting an adventure whilst in Scotland x
Special mention this to all cardiac nurses working uk wide esp the wonderful western isles crew
11th and 12th May unable to access fb, just a page of coded script when click on fb. Western Isles Scotland
You must do the mainland too. Glencoe and the western isles are breathtaking.
Isle of Mull offers a host of activities and places to visit... you simply must!
team out & about! Participants Making Waves: The Western Isles | SCVO via
It's unusual for the temperature to rise above 20, so Skye (in the Western Isles) were lucky to reach 28 yesterday!
But we have evidence in the SNP backyards of the Western Isles and Swinney's constituency already of an SNP to Tory switch. Oops
sun splitting the sky here in the Western Isles. Looks like we are getting the best of the weather.
Our british isles uk and eir or irl western europe part uk votes to stay in or leave eu if go alone?? What then
The UK Cottaging community welcomes Dale in Western Isles, HS1. Chat free at
So impressed with such innovative practice here in the western Isles-us of technology, self-referral for years, now look…
If going local you need to look at natural communities rather than use the same model everywhere-lessons from integratio…
I'm off Stornoway next week if you're interested in the western Isles. Beautiful scenery.
Great time on the Western Isles.traffic was murder though!!!
good job for him the western isles loves SNP, otherwise he is unemployable.
We've got to keep building on that momentum, across all of Scotland, including the Western Isles.
Parts of the western isles and their beaches from 34.000ft flying out yesterday.
It’s Outer this world on idyllic Western Isles
Western Isles of Scotland had a record breaking day yesterday - the hot spot again today😎☀️
good. I agree we should help the 0.5 per cent of Scots living in the north western periphery of the country in Western Isles.
Backhill, Berneray. Cosy, luxury holiday cottage in the Outer Hebrides. Outer Isles
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Uist Crofters growing machair tatties for local schools. Great policy ,lucky school children.Western Isles first as usua…
His Royal Highness Prince Arthur Uther Pendragon, Crown Prince of Camelot, Duke of Gedref and Lord of the Western Isles
Since the introduction of Christianity around 600AD, religion has been a cornerstone of life in the Western Isles.
how about the Western Isles? Late May gives you long long evenings -and flying to Barra would be fun:
You might remember I said this morning I was out to lunch today with the Western Isles Emporium?. Well it was...
Saturdays forecast is now online cold day ahead
4 out of the top 5 are in Scotland 😊.
Wanna live in the 3rd happiest place of the U.K. for a while? Come and stay in the Beach Hut Ullapool !...
Congratulations to the Western Isles Macmillan nurses for the nomination!
That's us all ready for our trip to Skye and the Western Isles! See you all soon!
Western Isles gain more social homes say SNP
Western Isles housing survey. Condition of private sector housing stock will be assessed & householders interviewed.
Morning brief now online check it out
Study to reveal condition of housing in Western Isles: A MASSIVE survey is to be carried out in the Western Is...
Research to disclose situation of housing in Western Isles
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Showers will affect Caithness, NE Sutherland, the Western & Northern Isles and north Skye today, some heavy and...
Just off Oban, on a ferry Western Isles of Scotland! near Mull.
Dont forget the Western Isles of Scotland Oban to Mull Lismore etc etc !!!
STORNOWAY: Western Isles gain more social homes say SNP
Today is very exciting for us. You will have heard me talk about the Western Isles Emporium before -
That was the WORST western Canada trip I have EVER seen this team play BUT good teams find a way and they DID. 5 of 6, I'll take it
And many said this western road trip would bury the 5-1 on the trip. Outstanding
nice western Canadian road trip by the Isles, big wins when they needed them
weren't good in Western Canada; no better in 1st period at Winnipeg. Trail 1-0 and lucky it wasn't worse.
Why is Western Isles grey? We were one of the 2 areas in UK to vote no on 1975!
Excited to go to the Western Isles of Scotland for a week
conclude Western part of trip in Winnipeg. Pre-gm w at 7:30; Jiggs & at 8. MSG+...
Man a kamikaze came in Western Isles and he most likely capture your village, can you please answear me?
Donald Mackinnon, c1930, beside the boat in which he crossed between the mainland and Western Isles (
Christine Chlad, NHS Western Isles says 50% increase in patient face time for district nurses thru intro of digital pe…
'Martine's Description of the Western Isles, value 01:16:0', listed 1726 in library at the manse
Small collection of Western Isles books from our museum library
Being inspired on community empowerment by Helen from Western Isles
Here's hoping for you, we've been to 1/2 of The Orkneys, 1/2 of Shetland not Fair Isle and 1/2 of The Western Isles
An Là, 02/03/2016: via CO interview by BBC ALBA on the Western Isles from 09:40
3 or 6 Isle of Benbecula (Western Scottish Isles) langoustines, served cold with lemon and mayonnaise
WIIGA AGM DETAILS. The AGM of the Western Isles Island Games Association will be held in the Council Chambers,...
V interesting. Would be good though to see views of Western Isles & Shetland, the 2 most anti- areas of uk in '75.
Western Isles Coy learning on Benbecula, yes we do get the sun in Scotland
I can't see this raising much £ in the Western Isles. Negligible, IMO
Lovely hair thanks Judith. Wonder what weather in Western Isles will be.
Well will we see weather in Western Isles tonight? Or just a dress and waving arm?
Great to meet Shona from Charles Macleod of Stornoway an employer on the Western Isles
New generation of Gaels will come from the Western Isles, traditional Gaelic speaking communities, not central belt:
A dead humpback whale has been found washed up on the Isle of Barra in the Western Isles, Scotland.
Juvenile humpack whale found dead on Western Isles beach
New sports event The Heb to be held in Western Isles - BBC News: BBC NewsNew sports event The Heb to be held i...
New sports event for Western Isles - A new two-day multi-sports event involving running, cycling and ...
Video: leaves people trapped in the Western Isles... including our reporter
. Another step in the right direction though. Well done Western Isles NHS!
Watch: Our intrepid reporter Nic trapped on Barra by
Wintry showery and icy conditions expected overnight throughout the Western Isles. Please take care.
Great news: a birth pool is in full use at Western Isles. Revealing&shocking that it took 10 years!
More than 10,000 homes left without power in Aberdeenshire, Perthshire and Western Isles
all Schools in Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland Isles have a 'Wind day' today was between 60 to 90 mph
Apparently my late paternal grandmother is causing havoc to The Western and Northern Isles from the other side!
As of 11:30 warnings in force for western isles .
Spare a thought for the Western Isles where Storm Gertrude has wrecked towns and villages, causing literally tens of pounds worth of damage.
The ancient Standing Stones at Callanish, on the Isle of in the Western Isles
A Stone on the Isle of in the Western Isles -
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MET OFFICE WARNINGS FOR WESTERN ISLES LATER TODAY. A band of rain will move in from the northwest on Friday...
For those in the Western Isles, the Vatersay to Barra causeway is currently closed at the moment due to the...
For an idea of what's coming there have been multiple gusts of over 90mph in the Western Isles and several over 100mph.
Yes! After 11 years I'll visit the Western Isles again this summer. I'm so happy about that 😃.
Schools Shut As Storm Gertrude Set To Hit: Schools in the Northern and Western Isles will be shut for the day ...
Executive will still meet. Video conferencing already in place for Glasgow, East Ayrshire and Western Isles. See email for vid con contact.
My morning update on the storm check it out
Update: Schools in Western Isles, Orkney & Shetland closed Fri because of
Wow! Check this out. What an amazing sight to see. Killer whales near Lewis.
What are conditions like where you are this morning? We like to get as many reports across the Western isles as possible
UK NEWS ... Scotland battered by Storm Gertrude: Gusts of 90mph are recorded in the Western Isles as Storm Ger...
REMINDER: Alll schools throughout the Western Isles are closed today, Friday 29th January
SSE takes roadshow to the Western Isles to raise awareness of fuel poverty alleviation:
Because it's actually the biggest of the Western Isles. North Uist is small. There's nothing there.
Hurricane 'Liar' settles over Northern Isles! Now affecting Western Isles and expected to loiter long over mainland.
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Things go in threes - and so here's another property with much to offer, in the far north of the Western Isles.
Scottish Islands Explorer: Plenty of Property Here's an interesting property in the far north, of the Western Isles.
Scottish Government asked to delay plan over Western Isles concerns on possible economic impacts
oh and two days to get back and forward from Manchester to the Western Isles-really?
Amazing trip to St Kilda & Isles after great conference. Thanks to all involved.
Marine Protected Area plans delayed so Western Isles fisherman can voice their concerns about economic impact
Island rabbits out of control: There are calls from the Western Isles for a cull of...
Year ago today I was in a helicopter over the Western Isles with a famous trophy. Today welcoming the Queen at Waverley Station.
This learner from the Western Isles made her own video - and you can too!
Calling all student nurses at Western Isles Campus ... remember we'll be on campus today so come along to join the RCN
On tour in Daliburgh, the Western Isles. Performed at St Peters Hall & some workshops today
PHOTO: Robert Plant on holiday in the Outer Hebrides
Castlebay, the village capital of the wonderful island of Barra in the Western Isles. More: .
Let explain how inspiration came from the remote beauty of Scotland's Western Isles.
For my cake day, I present the Third Best Thing About the Western Isles. via /r/Scotland
In pictures: Coastal archaeology on the Western Isles.
Silhouettes of Western Isles seen from the west coast of the mainland.
on South in the Western Isles of with
Looking forward to seeing at our Western Isles Campus!
Fab work from in the Western Isles who made this wee movie about - they're passing them on!
Western Isles representative elected new Vice-Chairman of HITRANS
Interesting development following campaign in Northern and Western Isles over high air fares
2000 spaces could be made in greater glasgow area, and western Isles is after loads of people too :)
Seems the same in the Western Isles according to
Stravaiged the longest track in the Western Isles through large areas of wildland
Nationalists received a nasty surprise when the Western Isles which is represented by SNP politicians at Westminster& Holyrood voted No???
Bin there! Lovely. Western Ireland has some of the best off-piste walking in British Isles. Macgillycuddy's Reeks are best
Shetland, however, have lost both games against Western Isles.
108SD310 spotted by 108SD113 on 27585.000. Comments: Alan in Western Isles via Aurora Reflect
Dry overnight, some areas of cloud around western and north coasts and across the isles, here temperatures...
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We do our burning in Longships. Those wickermen are so Western Isles.
Western Isles may be in line for an increase on the present 2p surcharge imposed on them by SSE.
Na h-Eileanan Siar or The Western Isles, or Innse Gall The Lng Island the only Council in the UK to have solely...
This is a wonderful short film from the Western Isles about women who I believe are the real Cailleach's . Morag,...
Western Isles council says it supports position of more refugees in UK - Island News & Advertiser
It needs giant fans in western Ireland to blow the stupid jet stream north of the British Isles! ;-)
Welcoming our Western Isles Campus student nurses today to our Campus in Stornoway! Exciting times!
Off to the,Western Isles today. First stop, South Uist! 😊🚚
New artwork for sale! - "The Cuillin Hills of Skye in the Western Isles" -
Moderator to speak at Western Isles conference on rural evangelism - Free Church of Scotland
Its kicking off in the Western Isles. BBC News - Sweets and knitted hats stolen from Canna's shop
BTWEthernet comes to the Western Isles! Our new fibre Ethernet node is live at Stornoway on the Outer Hebrides extending coverage
Unusual weather phenomenon caught on camera in Western Isles
Or perhaps even the 1300km The Highlands, Glens & Western Isles. (Was on tv:
MSP raises Western Isles health issues with Government. Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda...
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Ultonian Hero-Ballads Collected in the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotlan...
Resolution sought to school row - A school on the Western Isles is seeking to resolve a row over subject ch...
Romney Marsh, Kent, is about as far away in the UK as possible from the Western Isles. They have several things...
Recent statistics have shown that the Western Isles, the Scottish Borders and the Lake District have something in...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Monday Money Matters What have the Western Isles,Lake District and the Borders in common?
Leading the SRAC charge will be Alanna Goddard and she should be a good battle with Western Isles team mate Sarah MacIsaac (HBT/North Uist)
Calum John Macleod Photography snapped this pic of Selibost beach in Harris, Western Isles htt…
The Northern Isles & Western Isles are special cases because of their geography. All other constituencies are English sized
Northern part of Western Isles. Part of Ross Shire. From actual surveys. Drawn by Wm.…
Just 7 days to go... Here's what myself & the other Western Isles have to say in this week's
How's the Western Isles campaign coming along?
Visit The Outer Hebrides ( also known as the Western Isles and the Long Island), is an island chain
2 my surprise Western Isles is just the Outer Hebrides after a quick google, Inner Hebrides also known as Southern Hebrides
Piece on returning to the Western Isles for his latest book - in at 10:28 - available until 6pm 14/04 ht…
Thanks to ALDC for emailing council by-election help needed notice - for North Uist ward, Western Isles council. Good luck with that one.
_Many areas on snow alert_ Many areas across the rest of the UK are on snow alert, with frequent blasts of sleet and snow forecast, bringing yellow warnings for Northern Ireland and most of England and Wales overnight. Orkney, Shetland, the Western Isles and the east of England look set to escape the worst of the weather. In Dundee, a six-vehicle crash saw a car slide off the road and crash through railings into the wall of a property. There were not thought to be any injuries following the incident on the corner of Constitution Road and Dudhope Street at around 8.20am. Travel in the city was disrupted by heavy snowfall, with delays to bus services and some operators running only on major roads. More than 30 schools in the Highlands were closed because of the weather and many roads in the area were affected by snow and ice, including the A9 where a lorry jackknifed near Carrbridge.
Wow! News just said wind gust of 144 mph recorded on island of St Kilda and waves of over 40 feet recorded in the Western Isles.
Winds reach 144mph on St Kilda hill as 'hits Western Isles
Wind of 140 miles per hour recorded in western isles of Scotland? Blimey.
The Western Isles are still without power but they've lit one of their special bonfires to keep warm.
Launched from Barra Island, Western Isles about half an hour ago -
The British Weather Service have recorded waves higher than 14 meters (46 feet) high on the Western Isles.
MORE SNOW ON THE WAY Later tomorrow, into Wednesday & Thursday especially away from the coast and above 200m. Local blizzards expected with drifting snow and high wind chill. Severe gales on Wednesday gusts 80/90 mph for the far NW, Skye & the Western Isles. DISRUPTION TO TRAVEL IS EXPECTED Can i ask that you all share this as this is a significant winter weather event and as many people as possible need to be aware as changes to travel plans may well be needed. Thanks.
Western Isles and west coast badly hit by stormy weather but Edinburgh is fine so the metropolitan elite don't care. Indep…
I believe 17,000 people were/are without power in Western Isles of Scotland due to
As horizontal sleet and snow sweeps across the Western Isles its nice to think of some of the brighter days earlier on in the season. Just look at this family party of Red Throated Divers at feeding time. Who would have thought that chick could swallow a Sand eel that long? Thank you Cliff Reddick for the photographs.
Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in the Western Isles of Scotland as they are hit by monster winds, waves from a most unusual storm . . .
Significant wave height up to 14.9 m at 9:10 am for the Western Isles according to WaveNet
Thousands without power on the Western Isles as 'hits UK (Pic: Getty)
Western Isles Weather - What a capture! Port of Ness around 11am today taken by Angus Maclean
The western isles of Scotland are getting it also!
Power to 18k homes in the Western Isles knocked out by
Thousands without power on the Western Isles as 'weather bomb' hits UK -
Registered Nurse Western Isles Circa £12.50 per hour In Touch Recruitment are proudly working on behalf of a quality focussed care home provider that pride themselves on the support they provide for staff as well as the level of service all home.
Wave heights off NW Britain currently the highest in the world. Very glad I'm not in a boat off the Western Isles! htt…
Thousands without power on the Western Isles as hits UK (Pic: Getty)
Western Isles of Scotland's electricity cut off by storm, says the news. When quizzed, a local replied "Elec-what? Nae, you've lost meh."
It's windy. There are power cuts in the Scottish Islands Wonder why?
Really nice BBC special about the Highlands, Glens and Western Isles 1300km audax.
Power has been restored to 27,000 homes across the Highlands and Islands after outages due to severe weather.
The whole of the Western Isles have lost power this morning after a fault with a subsea cable
'Weather bomb' lashes UK hit by 40ft waves, 80mph winds & the whole of Scotland's Western Isles have been left without power.
Power cut hits 17,500 homes as rain and gales batter Western Isles
I'd love to see the people making fun of the bad weather go up to the Western Isles for a winter. Just one winter.
WELL I guess we are an island cuts power to Western Isles (Reuters)
"Up to 17,000 without power as 'weatherbomb' hits UK" seems a bit harsh to not mention that that 17,000 is Western Isles' …
Scotland 'weather bomb': 1,000 homes still without power in Western Isles as severe rain and gales batter ... -
Weather and waves in the extreme. The Western Isles. Photo Roddy Read.
Scotland 'weather bomb': 1000 homes still without power in Western Isles as ... - Scottish Daily…
Friends on western isles tell me the thunder there sounds like the sky is being ripped apart
'Weather bomb' brings hundreds of lightning strikes to Scottish mainland and Western Isles
'Weather bomb' batters parts of Britain: live updates: More than 17,000 people in the Western Isles are withou...
Wednesday will be a largely cloudy and grey day with occasional outbreaks of rain across England, Wales, Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight. Some mist and fog patches too, especially over some of the hills which may linger for much of the day. A few lucky spots may see a little brightness developing, such as the far south west of England, but many places will stay dull and damp. Cloud and rain spreading into Southern and Eastern parts of Scotland too. Otherwise though, the rest of Scotland, Northern and Western Isles, Ireland and Northern Ireland should have a largely dry day with sunny spells as any early mist and fog patches clear. Although there will be a few scattered showers, mainly across eastern parts of Northern Ireland, Western Ireland and the Western Isles. Winds staying mostly light and variable in direction. Temperatures by the afternoon will widely reach 7 to 9 degrees Celsius.
Scotland votes against independence Scotland has voted against independence, after the result in Fife, where 114,148 voted Yes and 139,788 No, made the result a mathematical certainty. With 31 out of 32 regions declared, 55.42% had voted against going it alone compared to 44.58% who wanted Scotland to break the 307-year union with England. First Minister Alex Salmond, who led the Yes campaign, said he accepted the verdict of the Scottish people and called on all Scots to do the same. Mr Salmond also called on the leaders of the three main pro-Union parties to live up to promises of further devolution they made during the referendum campaign. There were wins for Yes in only four of the 32 local authority areas - Glasgow, Dundee, West Dunbartonshire and North Lanarkshire. The Yes side failed to take key targets, such as Clackmannanshire and the Western Isles, and fell well behind in the capital Edinburgh. It failed to secure Mr Salmond's Aberdeenshire constituency.
Dundee wipes out Shetland, Orkney, Western Isles and Clacks. Not literally. 14k swing
Wow, a big swing in the predictions of the Western Isles. Here comes the cavalry of no voters...big no's alround
in the Western Isles telling Scots to vote No while Gaza burns:Something wrong somewhere Jim!
Good morning, Here is your forecast update. Scotland: The Northern Half of Scotland including Western Isles will stay mainly cloudy with a threat of rain, especially north western areas were the rain will turn heavier for a time this afternoon. The far Northern Isles may stay dry until this evening but will stay cloudy for the most part. Southern Scotland will stay mainly dry but will remain cloudy for most of the day. Temperatures of 12°c in the North, up to 18°c in the South. England, Wales, Isle of Man & Channel Islands: Another decent day in store today with plenty of sunny spells, cloudier periods are likely in the North East, Yorkshire and the Midlands at times and here we see a low risk of an isolated shower, however, there will still be plenty of sunny spells. Some long periods of sunshine are expected in many areas and temperatures will rise accordingly with up to 24°c possible in southern England, around 19°c elsewhere but coastal breezes may peg temperatures back a couple of degrees, so exp ...
News Saturday June 21st Baton relay programme revealed The detailed timetable for the Queen’s baton relay in the Western Isles has been revealed, including every relay leg on Tuesday July 8th, when the baton travels from Castlebay to Ness, and back to Stornoway. Local organisers have had permission from the MoD and Qinetiq to fly the baton to St Kilda, where, weather permitting, it will make an unscheduled helicopter landing on the furthest point North West in Scotland. The St Kilda side trip would take the baton from Benbecula to the lonely island, and then back to Tarbert to resume the schedule. There are community events in Castlebay, Daliburgh, Lionacleit, Tarbert and Ness, six baton-bearers will relay the baton, before it travels on by convoy to Stornoway. 34 individuals then have the honour of carrying the baton round the town, to a gala event in Perceval Square. Emergency Services Cycle Ride The Emergency Services Charity Cyclists were on schedule to reach Castlebay around 4pm yesterday afternoon ...
Ministry of Defence overturns Western Isles wind turbine decisions
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Glenfinnan M.P. 1745–1746 Prince Charles initially landed from France on Eriskay in the Western Isles. He then travelled to the mainland in a small rowing boat, coming ashore at Loch nan Uamh, just west of Glenfinnan. Here he was met by a small number of MacDonalds. He waited at Glenfinnan for a number of days as more MacDonalds, Camerons, McPhees and MacDonnells arrived. When he judged he had enough support, he climbed the hill and MacMaster of Glenaladale raised his royal standard, on Monday 19 August 1745, and claimed the Scottish and the English thrones in the name of his father James Stuart ('the Old Pretender'); A MacPhee (Macfie) was one of two pipers at Glenfinnan when Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his banner there in 1745. Brandy was distributed in celebration. So began the rebellion that was to end in failure eight months later at the Battle of Culloden (16 April 1746). Many MacPhees (Macfies) followed Cameron of Lochiel in the second line into the Battle of Culloden in 1746. After Culloden, in ...
News Wednesday May 28th RET for inter-island routes Transport Minister Keith Brown has announced plans to introduce RET ferry fares on the Sound of Harris and Sound of Barra ferries from October 2015. The move will mean that passengers, cars, small commercial vehicles, and coaches on all routes in the Western Isles will benefit from cheaper ferry fares. Comhairle nan Eilean Siar’s transport committee chair Cllr John MacKay welcomed the news but has called for the scheme to be introduced sooner. He, said: “I am pleased that the Scottish Government is honouring its commitment to introduce RET on the Inter-Island ferry routes. However the Comhairle would wish to see this long overdue measure introduced as soon as possible. If it is of benefit and provides value for money why wait until October 2015?”. Lord of the Isles off A technical fault with the MV Lord of the Isles means that today’s 7am sailing from Castlebay and 8:55am from Lochboisdale to Oban have been cancelled. CalMac says there could be a ...
European election: UKIP wins first Scottish MEP seat David Coburn David Coburn has been elected Scotland's first UKIP MEP Continue reading the main story Euro election 2014 UKIP on course for Scots MEP seat Scottish Euro election candidates Guide to European elections Final push for Scots Euro votes UKIP has won its first Scottish seat in the European election, it has been confirmed, while the SNP took the largest share of the vote. The SNP and Labour each won two of Scotland's six MEP seats, with one each for the Conservatives and UKIP. The Liberal Democrats, who came sixth, lost their only European Parliament seat. The final result was delayed until 12:30 to allow for counting in the Western Isles. The 31 other local authorities had declared overnight, but the island authority does not count votes on a Sunday. UKIP - which won 27% of the votes in England - picked up 10.4% north of the border, enough to send lead candidate David Coburn to the European Parliament. 'Libertarian agenda' Mr Coburn told BBC R ...
Good morning, UK Forecast – 26th May Synoptic situation: The remnants of the low pressure system that has affected the weather across the UK for the last few days are now sitting over Ireland. High pressure is building strongly to the north of Scandinavia whilst a new area of low pressure will be forming over mainland Europe as it drifts towards the east and southeast of the UK during the next 24 hours. Today’s outlook: Many areas are starting off dry this morning with some sunshine, the best of this across northern parts of England down into the west Midlands and east Wales. There are a scattering of showers across northern and western Scotland, southern Scotland, Northern Ireland along with coastal parts of Wales and southwest England. There is also a band of more persistent showery rain across central, southern and south-eastern England with this moving up into western parts of East Anglia and the east Midlands. For Scotland, including the Northern and Western Isles, and Northern Ireland it will .. ...
Don't see the need for independence? How about UK Deputy Prime Minister Nigel Farage? Comment By Alyn Smith SNP MEP Sunday 25 May 2014 This week, 500 million people across 28 member states went (or at least had the chance to go) to the polls to elect their Members of the European Parliament. As a fun fact, Scotland is one of the last European countries to declare our results, given no-one starts counting until all polls EU-wide have closed and the Western Isles do not count on the Sabbath. So, unlike our friends in England and Wales, we will need to wait until tomorrow morning to see who Scotland has chosen to represent us in Brussels. It is early days, and I hope that I will get back myself but also with all my heart hope that I'll be joined in Brussels by the SNP's Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, a bright, articulate Scots Asian woman who fought a great campaign and is the living embodiment of everything Ukip stands against. I've been a close watcher of Ukip during the 10 years I've spent in the European Parliame ...
Here it is: the Quiz that Buzzfeed tried to BAN! (Sadly it's not interactive because I'm not tech-minded like that - feel free to share this post with any boffin friends who might know how to do it and can be bothered.) Not sure which way to vote on 17th September? Problem solved: simply answer these set of questions, tally up your points at the end and you will find out which way you should be voting. Easy peasy! Q1 Alex Salmond is: (a) the First Minister of Scotland (b) nothing whatsoever to do with the referendum (c) an evil, sinister demagogue Q2 Jeanette Krankie is also known as: (a) one half of the modestly successful 1980s comedy duo 'The Krankies', who appeared in Crackerjack and a few pantomines since (b) Johann Lamont (c) Nicola Sturgeon Q3 When is North Sea oil going to run out? (a) How should I know? No one knows (b) Never. And there's even more off the Western Isles apparently (c) Late September or early October 2014 Q4 Most opinion polls suggest that about 40% of Scots want Scotland to leave ...
Fowlis, Hubbert and Greig join touring 'Yestival' Tom Gordon Scottish Political Editor Sunday 27 April 2014 A GROUP of artists, authors and musicians in favour of independence is to embark on a month-long nationwide tour aimed at instilling a sense of "cultural confidence" in voters unsure about backing a Yes vote. Organised by the National Collective group, the road-trip will be a central part of Yestival, a programme of art, music, film and literary events being taken to every city in Scotland in July. Among those taking part are the singer Julie Fowlis, whose songs featured in the Pixar film Brave, the playwright David Greig, and the singer RM Hubbert, who last year won the £20,000 prize for best Scottish album. Pop-up events are also planned for the Borders, the Western Isles, the Highlands and Orkney and Shetland. Director Ross Colquhoun said Yestival would be a "major cultural event" in "Scotland's summer of independence", showing the vote is about more than just polarised debate. He said: "Creatin ...
Described as one of the Western Isles' true contemporary treasures, Julie reached global success by performing on the soundtrack of the Disney Pixar Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA winning 'Brave'.
Mirror mirror on the wall , how things change now the Islands Independence movement is gathering momentum - or do they ? A few months back , UK government says - " Westminster will deliver greater powers to Scotland " SNP replied by saying - "No , they cannot be trusted " Now the Islands are pushing ahead with Independence, the Scottish Government is in the same position as Westminster was . "Scottish Government has promised to deliver greater powers for the Northern and Western Isles" - the cry goes out from Edinburgh as Islands Independence threatens the break up of Scotlinde, before it is even born !! SNP -career politicians - now mimicking the words of Westminster when faced with the same threat. Is it really about Brigadoon friends - the SNP gravy train rolls on at our expense . See it for what it really is , amatuers trying to be professionals :)
A Brief History of Clan MacDougall from Philip A: Cogito, sumere potum alterum (phil) photos on Wed 14/11/12 15:39 No Highland clan has a history of more striking changes than that of the MacDougals. While the chiefs of the name were at one time sovereign princes in the Western Isles, their representative to-day is a private gentleman of moderate estate, and the race which once made treaties and fought battles with the kings of Scotland is now content to play a modest part as private citizens and loyal subjects of the British Empire. Clan MacDougall is a Highland Scottish clan consisting of the descendants of Dubgall mac Somairle, son of Somerled, who ruled Lorne and the Isle of Mull in Argyll in the 13th century. During the Wars of Scottish Independence the MacDougalls were supporters of William Wallace but later fought in civil war in support of the powerful Clan Comyn, who were rivals to the throne of Scotland, against Robert the Bruce. The early ancestor of the race was the mighty Somerled, Thane of A ...
Orkney, Shetland and Western Isles in talks with UK Government for greater influence
SIBC news - The councils of Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles, in the Our Islands Our Future initiative, are meeting again this week
This year police and fire members are going to be raising money for Cardiac Risk in the Young (C- R-Y) this is a very worthwhile charity as are others. I would like people to take 5 minutes of your time to read a story about Andrew Macleod who tragically passed away in 2011. All money's raised will remain in the Western Isles and will be used for much needed cardiac screening in young males and females ! Match is confirmed for Saturday 30th August 2014.
An Island Crofter in London. He lives on the Isle of Barra and flys to London weekly from the lovely airstrip on the beach. He has one of the lowest expenses sheets in Westminster. When he stands up to speak, as the MP elected for the Western Isles of Scotland, he is going to sound very different. His native tongue is Gaelic but we think his English is actually pretty good. It is surely very rude of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron and a large number of the MPs in Westminster, to go into fits of laughter when he asks a serious Question at Prime Ministers Question time? Would this happen if he was of another Ethnic minority? .just saying. I think the least he deserves is equal respect. He doesn't deserve to be told his question was stupid and get peels of laughter thrown at him Ehh? Slightly rude perhaps. WATCH IT ON THE LINK HERE.
Pony stabled in living room moved: A pony is removed from a house in the Western Isles after ...
Little Giant Ladders
*Posted on behalf of Hotel I am working for* Chef/Couple wanted for Remote Island Hotel, Seasonal April/May-October/November We are looking for an enthusiastic couple/ partnership to work at our deluxe Guesthouse. It is a live in position on the Island of North Uist in the Western Isles of Scotland.. The business is situated in the main port/village of Lochmaddy. The Chef would need to cater for a short Brasserie style menu and responsibilities would include ordering and maintaining the Kitchen Management. Some Breakfast Shifts would be included. The other party would be responsible for evening management of the restaurant and Bar and also include some breakfast shifts. These positions would suit and adventurous pair of motivated self starters interested in a high standard of hospitality and the outdoors. The Business operates in conjunctions with the nearby Langass Lodge Hotel. The successful applicant will have to Manage the day to day running of the Guesthouse, Managing staff and reporting to the Mana ...
This is an extract from the notes of my dad's family tree(Aoghnais Mhurachaidh Ruaraidh beag Ruairaidh Chupair:- Roderick MacLeod of Pabbay- Ruaraidh Chupair-was born around 1769-we cannot be more accurate than this, as there were no registers of births or baptisms in the Western Isles at this period, so we have to estimate dates from the ages quoted in later census returns, which are of variable accuracy! Roderick appears in the census returns for the Isle of Pabbay in 1841, but has moved to Borve, Berneray by the 1851 cenus. His parents were John MacLeod and Kirsty Campbell, on whom there is no more information available. These MacLeods were originally from the Ardhasaig area of Harris, and belonged to the group of MacLeods who had for generations been removed from Pabbay- and it was said that his trade as a cooper, or barrel-maker, was very welcome on that island, as it was famous for the production of illicit whisky Roderick MacLeod married Marion Campbell, a daughter of John Campbell and Margaret Mac ...
There has been a long tradition of influences between Scottish American and African American communities. The great influx of Scots Presbyterians into the Carolinas introduced the African slaves to Christianity and their way of worship and singing. Even today, psalm singing and gospel music are the backbone of African American churchgoers. It has been long thought by the wider African American community that American Gospel music originated in Africa and was brought to the Americas by slaves. However recent studies by Professor Willie Ruff, a Black American ethno-musicologist at Yale University, concludes that African American Gospel singing was in fact introduced and encouraged by Scottish Gaelic speaking settlers from North Uist.[44] His study also concludes that the first foreign tongue spoken by slaves in America was not English but Scottish Gaelic taught to them by Gaelic speakers who left the Western Isles because of religious persecution.[44] Traditional Scottish Gaelic psalm singing, or "precentin ...
Wednesday January 15th 2014 Turbulence at airport Yesterday’s flights between Inverness and the Western Isles were in turmoil as apparent ‘technical difficulties’ caused cancellations and delays. After the morning’s cancellation of the plane to Stornoway, passengers couldn’t go onward to Benbecula or over to Inverness, and flights both ways continued to run late until the final services yesterday evening. Operators Loganair have not issued any statement about the problems. MP wants to get Scam Mail Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil is asking constituents who have received scam mails to send him examples. The MP is putting his weight behind an anti-Scam campaign, which looks at scams like fake lotteries and fake lawyers promising cash Many such mailshots end up with vulnerable people parting with their cash. Mr MacNeil said: “There is a head of steam starting to build in parliament with MPs looking for ways to tackle this menace and to try and make sure that vulnerable people are not ripped off .. ...
Alec and Fraser will be live on Isles FM - Community Radio for the Western Isles at 5pm. There are now only a few tickets left for tonight's gig in An Lanntair so be quick if you haven't yet got your tickets!
Power cut hits 18,000 properties in Western Isles, parts of Skye and the west Highlands says
Suspected cold seep at Rockall, the remains of a volcano 418km west of Western Isles, is home to new marine species:
Fàilte - Isles FM: Community Radio for the Western Isles
Western Isles Health Board approves Enhanced Community Model for Mental Health Western Isles Health Board members this week backed the ‘Enhanced Community’ model as the preferred model for Mental Health services in the Western Isles. NHS Western Isles Medical Director Jim Ward presented a Mental Health Consultation Report to members, which described the current Mental Health service, the proposed Enhanced Community service and the outcome of the recent consultation process, as well as financial and workforce implications. Board members agreed that the next steps should be taken in terms of identifying the necessary funding to implement a new and improved Enhanced Community Mental Health Service. The case for changing the configuration of Mental Health Services is based on an understanding that the way services are currently set up in the Western Isles does not allow for an effective, locally delivered approach to mental health service provision. NHS Western Isles therefore set out to modernise the ser ...
Scottish Hydro Power Distribution (SHEPD) engineers are working to repair damage to the electricity network following last night's high winds. Around 6,000 customers are currently without power. Fort William, Oban and the Western Isles are among the worst affected areas. SHEPD said: 'We anticipate restoring customers throughout the morning with the majority on by this afternoon and only very difficult areas possibly remaining into this evening.' Mobile and landline telephone services in areas of North Uist also have been knocked out. BT engineers are currently working to restore the loss of services, which is affecting the Bayhead, Berneray and Manish areas. Police Scotland will have extra officers patrolling the affected areas until connections are restored. Western Isles Council, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, are advising that Laxdale and Leverburgh schools are closed due to power failures and Tolsta School is also closing shortly. Winds of up to 90mph hit the Outer Isles last night.
News Thursday November 28th Prince Charles supports island abattoirs His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, has stepped in to support two Western Isles abattoirs as they struggle to survive in a difficult business climate. The abattoirs in Lewis and North Uist are two of six island facilities to be supported by funding from The Prince’s Countryside Fund and the Scottish Government in a project called Sustaining Island Abattoirs. HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, as he is titled in Scotland, has long been convinced of the importance of retaining island facilities. A new Business Support Manager has been appointed and will bring in expertise to help each facility. Help offered could include funds for improvements and support for staff training and apprenticeships. His Royal Highness said: “These facilities are vital for the local agricultural businesses and economy. It allows farmers and crofters to add value to their produce, tourism providers to promote local provenance and l ...
News Wednesday November 27th Tolsta wind farm approved A wind farm application for Tolsta, which planners wanted to turn down, has been approved by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar on the basis of overwhelming support from residents. Local councillor Kenny Murray moved to approve the application at a planning committee meeting yesterday, and won backing from the committee. 14 turbines have been applied for on grazing land at Tolsta Moor. Planners wanted the bid rejected because of environmental concerns, including the aesthetics of the turbines in the moorland setting. But Cllr Catriona Stewart argued there had been 53 letters of support from local residents, with fellow councillor Rae Mackenzie saying that view should be listened to. The decision will go forward to full council meeting tomorrow. Independence white paper ‘interest’ for the isles The Scottish Government's white paper on Scottish independence has plenty in it to interest Western Isles residents, according to islands MSP Alasdair Allan. Dr Alla ...
. Western Isles always had a batch of old notes. Got British Linen Bank note and Commercial Bank note in change plus other 'odd' ones
A pharmacies company is refused permission to open the first chemists on Benbecula in the Western Isles
Comhairle approves North Uist wind farm opposed by MoD: Western Isles councillors have approved plans for two ...
Wind farm opposed by MoD approved: Western Isles councillors approve plans for two wind turbines that are oppo...
Land on the Western Isles is gifted for a proposed visitor centre dedicated to St Kilda
has arrived in the warnings across and Western Isles
News Tuesday October 22nd Water main finished Scottish Water has finished water mains renewal in Ardmore, ensuring a better supply of water to South Uist residents. The work has involved the replacement of 3.9km of water mains pipes at a cost of £173,900. Outdated and fragile pipes have been replaced with modern pipes that are more flexible and resistant to bursting. Work started in February and was carried out on behalf of Scottish Water by MacInnes Brothers Ltd. Craig Aburn, Project Manager, said: “The area served by this water main now has a modern, secure pipe that is less prone to bursts. This will dramatically reduce interruptions to supply and provide the people of Ardmore with a better standard of service.” No support on ETV from Labour Westminster’s Labour shadow Minister for Transport and Shipping, Gordon Marsden MP, has said he won’t ally with the SNP to give a commitment that his Party would support a full time Emergency Towing Vessel (ETV) in the Western Isles. The MP made his state ...
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