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Western Ghats

The Western Ghats, Western Ghauts or the Sahyādri constitute a mountain range along the western side of India.

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sir please contribute for the biodiversity hotspot 'western ghats' in India.
Red Salute to the Kayyur Martyrs. March 29, Kayyur Martyrs' Day. Kayyur is a remote village in the Western Ghats...
Watch a playlist on Western one of the most places in the world:
Enough of dealing with demanding clients daily. Wanna explore western ghats of the country!
IJAS: Characteristics of Summer Precipitation around the Western Ghats and the Myanma...
Providing more protected space for tigers: landscape conservation approach in Western Ghats
Frequent flyer . Mostly found in the Western Ghats, the Southern Birdwing is now being spotted regularly in the city. March 28, …
PM shud consider offer excess Monsoon waterghats to Saudi by pipelines.Only distance of 1200kms totGulf
The Western Ghats, one of tectonics' best creations. .
Have in hand the View of Western Ghats From Mathur Ditch rXx
Out of 11%, Western Ghats shares a good part, in which 30% is in Kerala.
in its natural habitat. Found in Western Ghats too
On the road, into the serene jungles of the Western ghats. Nothing can beat the nature!
What does a Goan Biker do on a lazy Sunday? Simple. Have fish curry rice for lunch and goto Western Ghats to enjoy the twisties!
Massive Church, permanent construction on fragile Western ghats got no protests from NGO, media. Puppets on a sting?
Tamil Western Ghats are been destroyed by Neutrino research. Support us to stop this
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South & could see some next week with isolated heavy rains over Western Ghats likely
Five new species of freshwater have been discovered in the Western Ghats. Via htt…
India’s frog seekers and the race to find the amphibians of the Western Ghats.
Hotspots of snail diversity in Western Ghats, India in new issue of Tentacle
Lion-tailed macaques are found in the Western Ghats Mountains of southwest India!
New species of ant which builds maze-like nests found in Western Ghats
Coorg sits on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, skirting Karnataka and comprises a land mass of a little...
Top Station, offers panoramic views of Ghats and is a treat to watch. A good read:
On our Coastal Trail, the Western Ghats & the Arabian Sea will be your constant ride companions.
50% of western Ghats usurped by Church missionaries. Working as Land mafia. Cultural genocide of Hindus happening.
Thanks. FYI: I have visited all western ghats temples along with close Hindu & Christian friend.
Agasthyamala 'Located in the Western Ghats among 20 sites added to UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserve
Every few weeks, there is a new species found in the Western ghats. What's happening?
: ’s movie Malletam throws light on big issues... .
I added a video to a playlist Beauty of Charmadi Ghat - Western Ghats
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Western Ghats - Rain forests of India. The Western Ghats are a mountain ...
Day 15 of my solo road trip. The only downpoint of the whole trip was on this day when I deciede to make a halt...
Plantations, deforestation genetically affecting birds in Western Ghats
Today's moment: Enjoying the amazing views of western ghats on my train journey to Kerala!
To make a film on frogs in the monsoon, & went to Sharavathi River in the Western Ghats.
On the road again... Traveling to springs in the Western Ghats.…
Neelakurinji-native to the Western Ghats, blooms once in 12 yrs to transform the Shola forests into a sea of flowers
A terrifying earwig from the Western Ghats.
Wayanad, a serene hill station in . .
On the bank of Kundalika river, a campsite set on pristine land in the foothills of the Western Ghats.
Agumbe, a rainforest region located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka.. A real beauty to ride though!
Was too much for the folks at to put a picture for Kozhikode ... beach, western ghats,…
Dora Montessori of the Western Ghats International School - Coimbatore - India
Reconnect with nature's gift at Adventure Island nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats.
The bull in is a real indian bull called Gaur found in western Ghats.
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Kerala more than backwaters and beaches - views out over the Western Ghats
KOCHI: Nearly frog 30_50 per cent of around 36 different species of frogs found in Munnar region of Western Ghats
Pictures of Kavaledurga in All Its Glory- can some one step to see it is back in life
My favourite day: hiking Western Ghats with
Beautiful view of my village pond on the backdrop of Western Ghats. @ Srivilliputhur - Shri…
Save your dates for the 19 20 march weekend as we go on an exciting trek in the Western ghats . details shortly .
Doctors pick up Ayurveda secrets from the village shamans of Western Ghats...
Congrats to Tejas Thakeray for the discovery of 5 stunning species of crabs in Western Ghats,Maharastra! Best wishes
Tourism is killing the fragile biodiversity of Kaas plateau, a Unesco Heritage Site in the Western Ghats:
Shiv Sena chief's younger son discovers new species of crabs in Western Ghats
Kaveri - Guardian of art. Originating from Western Ghats,it unleashes architectural & cultural wonders h…
I only said there is not enough evidence for complete uniformity all across & western ghats make a separation.
. who is anybody to decide who gets to see scenery of western ghats (sabrimala) or Haji Ali mid-sea? Nature belongs to all
Land grab in Western ghats was their first mission. .
Western Ghats to lose 60% protected areas? To "development and commercial projects. "
Aditya sen takes us on a virtual trip to Kodachadri-10th highest mountain peak of Karnataka.
Evenings in Western Ghats. This is from the family trip last week. More pictures to follow.…
Agro tourism at western GHATS near KAS Pathar in mini Mahabaleshwar project and nearby KOYANA Dam.
Any plans of walking the Western Ghats in India? there are many good place.. like Shivamogga.
I remember doing small adventures in Western Ghats but not as big and wild as shown in
Good going. Let the election campaign revolve around this
Sides of Kochi coaches will be wrapped in Kerala-specific themes such as Chinese fishing nets, wildlife of Western Ghats, kettuvallom etc.
After MTR, eh saar? . I missed my 1st chat of 2016 because of patchy network in the Western Ghats. Next Sunday fo'sho!
Among the many reasons I respect & love ji, this is just one of them.
Pune for next 3 days :) ghats # awesome — traveling to Pune, India from Mumbai-Pune Express Way
In due course of time, due to geographical barriers(Western Ghats), Malayalam evolved independently of Tamil
Best part of flying from Mlore to Blore-western ghats 🍀🌴🌳😍
state is home to many magnificent nested in the Western Ghats or the Sahyadri Mountain...
The majestic Western Ghats from Top Station in Munnar. Vote for me to join .
Sakaleshpur to Subramanya train journey along western ghats
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While travelling through the Western Ghats, I felt the same way about Kombdi Rassa cooked by friendly villagers. In Ratnagiri, Kokam sherbet
Learn more about this in the Western Ghats hotspot
Wetlands are lifelines for southern Western Ghats
Western ghats in view as we enter Mumbai. Pic taken from a plane
Andrographis megamalayana (Andrographinae: Acanthaceae), a new species from the southern Western Ghats, India.
SC hindu got 5cent land when Christians conquered entire western ghats
Nice piece from Suprabha Seshan from the belly of the Western Ghats.
The Western Ghats isolated [besides giving us good rain] us from the other states around us which don't have...
One of Xantaara's location hunt trips along the Western Ghats of India. mohitslp…
Anamudi or Anai Mud is located in the Indian state Kerala. It is the highest peak in the Western Ghats and S. India.
Somewhere in the western Ghats. Halfway to Goa! Still time to sponsor us and see me get a…
Western Ghats- Make your own trekking trail https…
Xantaara road trip in a remote area along the Western Ghats. ashleymalar mohitslp
Today we are heading high into the Western Ghats. We're currently deep inside a nature sanctuary and have been...
Interspecific associations of primates in the Western Ghats: A case study of the lion-tailed macaque
Nine beautiful new frogs found in India's Western Ghats
From the archives: Breathtaking view of the Western Ghats
Soak yourself in the beauty of Western Ghats
Soak yourself in the beauty of Western Ghats.
Not all those who wander are lost! Starting Mountain biking trip western ghats. Living a dream! — feeling crazy
Protect western ghats in coastal India.other wise the whole south India will face severe drought in a few years.
India day 5: Trekking the tea plantations of Munnar, giving us the perfect POV of the Western Ghats, @ 2695m
With waterfalls this gorgeous, who can escape the charm of Western Ghats?. Also, one 9"x11" Wall…
Illegal miners have field day in Western Ghats, via
Western Ghats are really beautiful. At Karjat for the weekend. :)
My first travel short film - shortlisted to top 20 entries world wide - world nomad scholarship -
Eco-sensitive zones to sink by 60% of Western Ghats?: Five states located along the Western Ghat... Gujarat Times
.Gadgil report must be implemented, otherwise Western Ghats to loose 60% of protected areas
First love: Himalayas. Second love: Western Ghats. No two ways about it!. Do you have an absolute…
The Western Ghats are home to thousands of animal species including at least 325 globally…
The scenic beauty of the Western Ghats is unparalleled.
The Biligirirangan Hills lies at the confluence of the Western and Eastern Ghats. WAPCO region…
The northern portion of the narrow coastal plain between the and the
The extend from the Satpura Range in the north, go south past through…
Infinity pool in the middle of Chorla ghats - on edge of western ghats in Goa https:…
Conquering the tallest peak of Western Ghats! .
Deep in the Western Ghats, nature has a surprise in store for scientists - Bangalore Mirror
Fresh draft notification on Western Ghats - Business Standard
Join rainforest camp in Agumbe for King Cobra in day & Slender Loris at night.
Kerala govt has given permission to start mining in western ghat region!Wonder what happened to Kasturirangan report on Western Ghats?
Imagine most of the Western Ghats destroyed. Gadgil says this is the apocalypse via
It appears our fears are very close to reality. "Activists denounce Western Ghats" decision
wonder if any more information has been shared about this: ‘Cut Western Ghats eco zone to 1/3rd of area in draft’
Western Ghats remains a trekker's paradise all year long! in
Register for the Western Ghats trail and meet the humble Gaur.
1A I would like to take it to Western Ghats of Maharashtra.A Journey to Discover the Real Me
New species of tree frog named as Ghatixalus ... .
New species of tree frog named Ghatixalus magnus discovered in Western Ghats: Researchers have discovered a ne...
These kids (4th Std) from a remote village in the western ghats were just amazing (Couple of them are still in 2nd Standard!). This perform…
Learn more about the investment in the Western Ghats:
Tamirabharani swells after rains near Western Ghats
A trip not to be missed. Visit the unexplored corners of and experience life.
The flora of Wayanad are characteristic of the Western Ghats, this sounds amazing to visit for sure
The Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) is an Old World monkey that lives only in the Western Ghats
birds seen around western ghats and around Natures nest
Register for the Western Ghats trail and seek calm and unwind in mother nature’s lap.
Fall in love with picturesque view from the second highest peak of the Western Ghats at Suryanelli Messapulimala
depends on the area! Up North, definitely summer. In the western ghats, monsoon or early winter is perfect!
A beautiful, large, new species of Ghatixalus from southern Western Ghats, India. Ghatixalus magnus lives in...
Karnataka Government starts yettinahole river diversion. Smothers western ghats. Plans to sell it to developers.
@snapharmony : Popular on 500px : Cu Spider of Western Ghats by Manifestations
Cu Spider of Western Ghats CU black and yellow spider in web, Western Ghats, India
A novel third species of the Western Ghats endemic genus Ghatixalus (Anura: Rhacophoridae), with ...
Today, More T showers for W-coast India all along eastern and western slopes W-ghats and some into interior zones
Like to shoot scenery of POWERFUL forts in the lap of western ghats known as SAHYADRI valley with the SHARP eyes of
Malshej Ghat, located in the Western Ghats range in the Pune district of Incredible India
Times Passion Trails has just launched a new Western Ghats Trekking trail, to Know More, visit
Splendid beach hotel in North Goa: Goa, sandwiched snugly between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats on the...
OOPs, I thought Pune and Mum are on 2 diff sides of Western ghats and 1 is leeward while the other is Windward
Wayanad the heaven of Kerala - Nestled inside the western ghats, there lays an ever beautiful destination...
was last month. Western ghats. Ah, feels like so long ago.
New post (Western ghats need to be protected: National Green Tribunal) has been published on
Planing to cycling in Western Ghats which is the life of Indian monsoon and Biodiversity.
Here is the list of top five trekking spots in western Ghats around Chikmagalur district of Karnataka in south...
New post (National Green Tribunal to pronounce its verdict on Western Ghats issue todayAsianet News Hour) has...
Principal territory of Cholas was south & along the course of Kaveri river. From western ghats thru Karnataka till its del…
Craving for a piece of Western Ghats!!
Abbey Falls is in Kodagu, in the Western Ghats in Karnataka, India: via
Mistic Mornings !! Mist engulfing the western ghats early morning from the kodachadri peak of Karnataka state of In…
absolutely- no problem- if you want to know more about Western Ghats -have a look at
please may I print your photos for pupils to make climate change prayer cards? They will research the Western Ghats too!
village doorways in the Western Ghats India
Muniyara, Megalithic relics at Marayoor occupies a vast area on the slopes of the Western Ghats in Idukki district. http…
Going through a tunnel in the Western Ghats
It rains continuously in Meghalaya, Western Ghats. Perhaps city people need to learn how to live with Nature.
you love western Ghats but staying in videsh ...
Range of Western Ghats view from the birth place of river cauvery..
Lush green paddy feilds surrounded by Western Ghats
Malampuzha, a little township on the foothills of the Western Ghats takes its name from the River…
Satellite images show destruction of eco sensitive Western Ghats in India continues unabated
Nangar Tas Waterfall, in the lap of Western Ghats
Western Ghats then and now. It's a shame.
Two hills in the western ghats. Good logo choice.
My answer to Which is the most unknown trekking valley in Western Ghats?
A breathtaking journey to the source of river Kali through evergreen forests of Western Ghats!
.Sir , Please give a time frame for implementing Gadgil rpt on Western Ghats!
Good. So now I want to know what is your stand on Gadgil report on Western Ghats? When will you implement it?
Pre-dravidian tribe of Kerala "A Journey to the Land of Kanikkars",wilds of the western ghats of Kerala
One quiet morning in the Western Ghats.
is a hill station on the Western Ghats, a range of mountains situated
The lifeline of south Western Ghats,needs saving ht…
We absolutely admire people who take up such initiatives! Clean-up crew goes in Western Ghats | Business Line http:…
No, friends, this is neither SHimla nor Mussorie nor our own Western Ghats, but Satpura in Central India!
The Western Ghats are a beautiful mountains that run almost parallel with the western coast of the
Snails in the brightest hues are found only in the Western Ghats and need protection .
MLC proposes an alternative: The impending disaster of implementing the Yettinahole project along the Western Ghats…
Gorge on an array of tasty and healthy cuisines at our restaurant, amidst the scintillating views of the Western Ghats!
Wild.. Wild.. Western Ghats . BEEHIVES in the making inside the deep jungles
How will Modi allow their funding masters to make a loss? They will rather destroy western ghats to sustain bubble.
. Conquering the tallest peak of Western Ghats!
Touring Sakleshpur - Enjoying the Peace and Self-possessed of the Western Ghats...Nzae
Here's an interesting fact about the King Cobra found in the Western Ghats of India.
Thanks for the eye opener. Shrinking Bats diversity in the western ghats.
Find out how the sale of mushrooms is hurting the of the Western Ghats
We were greeted with splendid views during our day to peak in the western ghats of
Orchid Dendrobium Herbaceum: Orchid Dendrobium Herbaceum is endemic to Western Ghats and is often referred to ...
Because 'development' can upset the balance of one of the most biodiverse places on earth.
A new species of Cinnamomum (Lauraceae) from Nilgiris, southern Western Ghats, India.
Why bats in the Western Ghats prefer coffee over tea plantations In …
Given a choice, bats in the Western Ghats prefer plantations that grow coffee, not tea
Supreme Court panel says no to mega rail link through Western Ghats
Australia saved Great Barrier Reef but who will save Okhla bird sanctuary and Western Ghats from Modi govt's disastrous environment policy?
Which among the following is regarded as a continuation of the Western Ghats?. a) Nilgiri Hills. b) Cardamom Hills...
Development threatens shortwings in the Shola of the Western Ghats,
Duncan Mascarenhas' Maruti Suzuki Swift on the way to the Western Ghats.
Environment ministry gives June 15 deadline to states to mark eco-sensitive area in Western Ghats (1/2)
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is the northernmost wildlife sanctuary of Kerala, southwest India. located on the western slope of Western Ghats
The biodiversity in the Western Ghats is under extraordinary pressure
Kerala is a small state that lies in the south western part of India. This south Indian state abounds in natural beauty. To its west is the Arabian Sea, and to the east is the Western Ghats mountain range, that separates the state of Tamil Nadu from Kerala. Kerala can be accessed by air; the state has three major international airports. The state can easily be accessible by railway networks and road transport. Here is a video guide from Kerala Tourism for travellers on how to reach Kerala.
Sunset at its best in Western Ghats from Table Top at Panchgani
9 new frog species discovered in India's Western Ghats
Village walk and exclusive Bird watching in western ghats. Dear all we introduce a Village walk and exclusive 1.Bird watching in western ghats. We offer bird watching in valleys and wet lands. 2.A day with a farmer In this package you can experience all the activities in the village with the farmers. Package will inclusive of breakfast, lunch(ethnic kerala food from organic farms), and evening snacks arranged by the village people.The local interaction with the local people ,cooking class for kerala snacks. Feel the real life of wayanad with wayanad naturalists and Sijo Manuel Wayanad.
"Kalakad: 3 years in rainforest" a commemoration on time spent in southern tip of indias western ghats
Last two Kurinji flowers in the western ghats. We get to see these beauties only 12yrs later.
Being in NYC, I don't have trek through the jungles of the Western Ghats or venture down the Ganges river to find...
as small as your thumbnail found by grantee in the Western Ghats,
Check it out! 9 new species of frogs discovered in India!
Nine new species of which amphibians were discovered in the Western Ghats by scientists from the Indian Institute...
Nine new frog species found in Western Ghats
# Karnataka government should see to it that it protects the Western ghats . As the region is key to rainfall patterns!
Kasturirangan report: plea for fresh exercise to elicit public opinion: ‘Most people in Western Ghats…
Ask to intervene to stop the destruction of Western Ghats.
Flanked by the Eastern & Western Ghats, is in the middle of Peninsular India.
Yep in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in the southern Western Ghats. Crazy powerful and it bit me - but what a stunner.
Frogs as small as a thumbnail found in the Western Ghats - CEPF-funded Grant to IISc
Nine tiny, beautiful new frogs found in India's Western Ghats
9 new species of bush frog have been found in India's Western Ghats. Some as tiny as a thumbnail.
Treasure trove of new frogs found in the Western Ghats of India!
Discovery! 9 species of bush found in Western Ghats, India,
Amazing! 9 beautiful new found in India's Western Ghats ~ via
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Watch new films about participatory research and fruit trees in Western Ghats, India
News: Two films on participatory research and fruit trees in the Western Ghats 
Nine tiny new frogs add to Western Ghats inventory:
Watch two new films by about participatory research and native fruit in the Western Ghats
wow. Well said buddy. I would settle for shimla or even western ghats if it's in karnataka. :')
Nine species of bush frogs discovered in Western Ghats:. Nine new species of bush frogs were discovered in the Wester…
Nine new found in Western Ghats via |
INSubcontinent: New draft policy to save Western Ghats: INSubco...
Western Ghats is home to many species of frog, including 14 dancing frogs - covered in a Zootaxa
New draft policy to save Western Ghats:
Indian scientists discover 9 new species of `thumbnail size frogs` in Western Ghats. Read the Full Article:
Check out these gorgeous bush frogs, newly discovered in the Western Ghats in India
In the plains, dried ones are available, it is used instead of tamarind around Western Ghats and the Coast.
Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary :. * Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Western Ghats, in Khanapur...
Hit the roads of Western Ghats with for a view of various types of forests, grasslands and hills on the
A sea plane service connecting Mumbai to tourist destinations in the Western Ghats, an alternative for Mumbai-Pune expressway
FLORALMARVELS: Habenaria longicorniculata (Orchidaceae) commonly known as the Long-Tailed Orchid is a terrestrial orchid occurring on the grassy slopes of of the Western Ghats. The peculiar looking flowers are borne on long scapes and are fragrant.This orchid is propagated by tubers.The tubers are used as folk remedy and are also eaten by local tribes. Sighting:The Giris,Chikmagalur,Karnataka about 1800 msl. Date:21-09-2014. When two friends understand each other totally, the words are soft and strong like an orchid's perfume."Martin Luther King Jr.
Western Ghats. Older than the Himalaya mountains, Western Ghats runs along the entire west coast of India. The...
Malin is a tiny village in the midst of Western Ghats in Ambegaon taluk in Pune district. Heavy rainfall during the last days of July led to a massive landslide that brought down the entire hillock...
Good piece, although I can't believe they put a picture of 2 frogs at it - 7 vulnerable species at Western Ghats.
Several endangered species could be threatened in the Western Ghats.
The debate over the highly biodiverse India's Western Ghats heats up. No easy solution in sight.
I spent the morning bird watching in the Western Ghats, an area full of endemic species you can only…
SAVE THE WESTERN GHATS! Dams, mines and power stations-- three things that are being considered by the new Govt!
Bio-diversity threat at the Western Ghats via
Must-read -Opening the Western Ghats up for a free-for-all jamboree will have consequences - Hindustan Times
Sirimane Falls: Sirimane Falls is one among the many waterfalls of the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Sirimane Fa...
Today while trekking around the Western Ghats we came across a camp of a local tribe called the…
By virtue of its varied geography and long history, Karnataka hosts numerous spots of interest for tourists. There is an array of ancient sculptured temples, modern cities, scenic hill ranges, unexplored forests and endless beaches. Karnataka has been ranked as the fourth most popular destination for tourism among the states of India.[133] Karnataka has the second highest number of nationally protected monuments in India, second only to Uttar Pradesh,[134] in addition to 752 monuments protected by the State Directorate of Archaeology and Museums. Another 25,000 monuments are yet to receive protection.[135][136] 7-storey domed building with 4 domed corner towers Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur, has the second largest pre-modern dome in the world after the Byzantine Hagia Sophia. The districts of the Western Ghats and the southern districts of the state have popular eco-tourism locations including Kudremukh, Madikeri and Agumbe. Karnataka has 25 wildlife sanctuaries and five national parks. Popular among them are Ban ...
Here's some journalism: on the seven Western Ghats creatures that could soon be finished. via
NDA govt's new initiatives will destroy the Western Ghats
Dams, mines and power stations-- three things that may be a part of the
Seven animal species that could soon disappear from the Western Ghats.
To be read alongside on the endorsement of the decimation of the
Today's Beautiful, Misty, Rainy Morning to all from majestic Western Ghats galory district of Wayanad, Kerala.
'The Kasturirangan panel report on undemocratic' - Madhav Gadgil | Environment loses to 'development'
Cant prevent rains but yes damage can be contained if we do not over exploit banks of mountain rivers. Alarm bells for Western Ghats
What are they doing with western ghats in India again? As I said, the world bank gave carbon credit for coffee farms
There is nothing more beautiful than a trek in the western ghats in the monsoons. At Shilim peak a few days ago..
I'm an hunter. Now I'm just walking in the western ghats and searching dear for hunt.
A 255-km trekking trail along Western Ghats is in the works. If executed well, its a step in the right direction!
Western Ghats are magical in the monsoons.
White-bellied blue flycatcher - Male, is endemic to the Western Ghats (including the Nilgiris) of southwest India.
"'The Kasturirangan panel report on is undemocratic' - Madhav Gadgil |
Just back from the Western Ghats - cant imagine we will loose this and our relationship with nature
MAKING WAY FOR TIGERS IN SATPURA B.K. Singh, Deccan Herald, July 22, 2014 The Satpura Tiger Reserve is an important habitat of the Central Indian Highlands ecosystem. It is a unique area of rich biodiversity. On the Pachmarhi Plateau, Sal forests exist on Gondwana sandstones, whereas on lower plains, teak forests grow on basaltic traps. Species common to the Western Ghats and the Himalayas, along with endemic or endangered flora are found. The Reserve comprises Bori sanctuary, Denwa sanctuary and Satpura National Park, making the total protected area about 1,510 sq km. The entire landscape is vital for the survival of tigers, as it forms the largest tiger habitat in the world, covering an area of 10,000 sq km, spread over Chhindwara, Hoshangabad, Betul, Harda, Khandwa and Melghat. The area is important from an archaeological and evolutionary point of view. There are 50 rock shelters with beautiful paintings, which are 1,500 to 10,000 years old. The Reserve has corridor linkages with the Pench Tiger Reserv ...
A new species of mayfly was discovered in the southern Western Ghats of India belonging to the genus Labiobaetics.
SPEECH BY THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA, SHRI PRANAB MUKHERJEE AT THE FIRST CONVOCATION CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF KERALA Kasaragod, Kerala: 18-07-2014 1. It is a happy occasion for me to be here today to attend the First Convocation of the Central University of Kerala. I am also delighted to visit Kasaragod, located in the Malabar region, which holds great socio-historical significance. It was an important centre of commerce during the medieval times, frequented by Arab and European traders. During India’s struggle for independence, this region produced prominent freedom fighters like Pazhassi Raja, Kelappaji – known as ‘Kerala Gandhi’ – and K.P. Keshava Menon. 2. Despite its glorious past, this region over the years has lagged behind the rest in terms of development. To restore its rightful place as a centre of growth befitting its legacy, one of the important initiatives was to establish this Central University in 2009. Flanked by the Western Ghats on one side and the magnificent Malabar Coast on the oth ...
Kochi – A lovely seaside city is flanked by the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. A...
The Muduvans are tribespeople who live in the dense evergreen forests of the High Ranges in the southern Western Ghats (Anamalais), along the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. One of the most fascinating traditions of the Muduvans are their dormitory system (unmarried boys and girls above the age of ten do not live with their parents, but in separate dormitories) and their weddings (the bride and her women friends hide in the forest and the groom and his party have to find them to initiate the ceremony). Their songs (which include lullabies, love songs and others to mark occasions and festivals) are beautifully musical.
Kerala, God's Own Country With the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats towering 500-2700 m in the east and networked by 44 rivers, Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. An equable climate. A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters. Lush hill stations and exotic wildlife. Waterfalls. Sprawling plantations and paddy fields. Ayurvedic health holidays. Enchanting art forms. Magical festivals. Historic and cultural monuments. An exotic cuisine... All of which offer you a unique experience. And what's more, each of these charming destinations is only a two hour drive from the other - a singular advantage no other destination offers. Kerala, India's most advanced society: With hundred percent literacy. World-class health care systems. India's lowest infant mortality and highest life expectancy rates. The highest physical quality of life in India. Peaceful and pristine, Kerala is India's c ...
dreathan-donn : . Western Ghats a biodiversity hotspot by Sandeep J Patil on Flickr.
Goa CM Manohar Parrikar for scientific study on the Western Ghats -
Goa CM bats for scrapping of Western Ghats report: Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Friday that he will...
Tamil Nadu politicians are averse to invitation to Sri Lanka. West Bengal CM is boycotting the swearing-in ceremony and would never allow a deal with Bangladesh over the Teesta. The Congress is mocking at the invite to Pakistan PM. Why are other States silent? Let Uttar Pradesh and Bihar object to Nepal's representative. All States on the Western Ghats must say no to Maldives. The Northeast should be up in arms against Bhutan. Third Front constituents, looking for a job? Raise a din against Afghanistan! All this despite the fact that these are hardly bilateral engagements. They are a little more than a photo-op. We are not a nation. We are a joke.
Hill Tumeric plant native to Eastern & Western Ghats due to habitat loss & over-exploitation
Trivia for 5/16/2014: In what Asian country do you find the Eastern and Western Ghats? 1…
Indian scientists discover 14 new species of 'dancing frogs' in Western Ghats .
Mullaperiyar Dam The Mullaperiyar Dam is a masonry gravity dam on the Periyar River in the Indian state of Kerala It is located 881 m (2,890 ft) above mean sea level, on the Cardamom Hills of the Western Ghats in Thekkady, Idukki Districtof Kerala, South India. It was constructed between 1887 and 1895 by the British Government to divert water eastwards to the Madras Presidency area (present-day Tamil Nadu). It has a height of 53.6 m (176 ft) from the foundation, and a length of 365.7 m (1,200 ft). The Periyar National Park in Thekkady is located around the dam's reservoir. The dam is located in Kerala on the riverPeriyar, but is owned, operated and maintained by TamilNadu state. Although the Periyar River has a total catchment area of 5398 km2 with 114 km2 in Tamil Nadu, the catchment area of the Mullaperiyar Dam itself lies entirely in Kerala. Etymology Earlier known as the Periyar Dam as it was basically meant to dam the Periyar river,[ the present name Mullaperiyar is derived from a portmanteau ofMul . ...
GOAN MANGOES ARE THAT GOOD -- THEY REALLY HAVE TO BE TASTED TO BE BELIEVED... Like a drop of honey, Soft as a bride's lips, Our pride, our wealth, Is the Goan mango. -- Manoharrai Sardesai, Konkani laureate Even as the rest of the country drives itself into frenzies at the arrival of Ratnagiri 'hapoos' Alphonso, Goa remains unmoved, its collective taste buds readied for entirely different varieties of mangoes that remain unknown to the rest of the country because they're devoured in toto in-state: the Mankurad (from Malcurado), and its smaller but equally delicious cousin, the Hilario (also known as Mang'ilar). India's smallest state comprises a tiny fingernail of territory between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, but it possesses an outsized appetite for mangoes. Colonial records name 106 different varietals of Mangifera Indica in Goa alone, the cumulative result of enthusiastic experimentation encouraged by the European Jesuits who dominated Goa's administration after its conquest by Alfonso de A ...
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We're headed out to Goa tomorrow which revived some memories from our trip to bring in the New Year with a mad bunch of people! Check out this promo video and join us for the big party this winter on the beaches and hills :D Turn up the volume and watch the end, most riders will relate to the closing of the promo! ;) Longer edits soon to follow.. Write to infoor inbox us for details on the tours or to fix your own custom tour with family and friends. Goa and Western Ghats tours are open from October 2014 to March 2015. On motorcycles or cars, whatever you like.. Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions.. April is ending well and have a super May everybody!
Geographical Significance of Gods Own Country Kerala at a glance Area - 38,863 Sq.Km Districts - 14 Talukas - 63 Panchayats - 991 Corporations - 3 Municipalities -54 (including townships) Rivers - 44 Longest River - Bharathapuzha (251.1 Km) Highest Mountain - Anamudi (2652.3 Meters) Climate - Summer - 35 to 22.5 degrees C Winter - 32 to 20 degrees C M.L.A's - 141 M.P's (Lok Sabha) - 20 M.P's (Rajya Sabha) - 9 Tucked away in the south west corner of India, Kerala is a narrow strip of land between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Lined by coconut trees and sinfully beautiful beaches, the coconut palms shade nearly the entire State from the tropical sun. Visitors can spend time riding small ferries through the backwater lagoons or watching elephants cavort in the wildlife sanctuaries. Kerala boasts of a rich tradition and a deep historical background. Long before Vasco Da Gama discovered India when he landed on the coast of Kerala, the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and the Chinese had long since been sai ...
Chelonians for dinner: hunting threatens at-risk turtles and tortoises in India Chris Samoray April 23, 2014 WARNING: This article contains a graphic photo. - The extinction risk faced by mammals is often in the limelight. But it may be surprising to learn that next only to primates, chelonians—or turtles and tortoises—are the world’s most imperiled vertebrate group. “It is important to conserve chelonians as they are such a distinct group among reptiles [because of] their characteristic shells and [that they] are much older than the typical reptilian groups like crocodiles, lizards and snakes," said Arun Kanagavel of the Conservation Research Group at St. Albert’s College in Kochi, India. "Unfortunately, they are also one of the most endangered vertebrate groups in the world." Recently, Kanagavel and his team conducted research on two rare chelonian species of India’s tropical Western Ghats region, one of the world's most important biodiversity hotspots, with many species of amphibians, fish ...
Murudeshwar Murudeshwar is a temple town located in Bhatkal taluk of Uttara Kannada district. The temple here is dedicated to Murudeshwara, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is located at a distance of 165 km from Mangalore on the National Highway, attracting thousands of devotees and tourists to this place. Murudeshwar is a picturesque place, and it is situated between Honnavara and Bhatkal. Bounded by the Arabian Sea and rolling hills of Western Ghats, makes Murudeshwar as a favorite picnic spot. The sea is an intrinsic part of the temple scape at Murudeshwar. The sea on three sides surrounds the temple towering on the small hill called Kanduka Giri on three sides. Two life-size elephants in concrete stand guard at the steps leading to the temple. As one ascends the hillock, there is a shrine of Jattiga seated on a horse. Evening visit to see sunset at sun set point is real fulfilling experience. View of small boats and fishermen coming back to their houses from quite distances and from different sides i ...
COORG SUMMER PALCE HOMESTAY (9 photos) Coorg Summer Palace Home Coorg Summer Palace home stay is situated in the center of Western Ghats of Kodagu district. It is suitable for family holidaying, group touring, and echo tourism. The ideal time to visit this place is all over the year. During December to June the evergreen forest of Western Ghats will change its colour and make feast to the eyes and soul. There is an Beautiful water stream just at a dist of 500mts from the home stay. Coorg or Kodagu (originally called Kodaimalenadu) means 'dense forest on steep hill'. Dubbed as the Scotland of India, this district has a lot to offer to the tourist. Misty hills, lush forest, acres and acres of tea and coffee plantation, orange groves, undulating streets and breathtaking views are what make Madikeri an unforgettable holiday destination. Coorg is on the Western Ghats. Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and teak wood forests, this is one of the most beautiful hill stations you can visit. It lies on ...
TOP 10 ALLEGED INDIAN TREASURES, India was the richest country long before British rule and long after numerous conquests from outside invaders. Territories of most of the kings were larger than England, Spain, Portugal, France or Germany. The number of invaders that invaded India are too numerous to count and all through this some departed with the loot while others stayed here to rule. Most of the treasures belonging to royal families were seized after India’s Independence by Indian government. Here is a list of Top 10 Alleged Indian treasure that remain a legend, yet to be discovered and have become a part of the local folklore. 10. Sri Mookambika Temple (Kollur, Karnataka) Sri Mookambika Temple nestled in the foothills of Western Ghats of Kollur in Karnataka is a busy local pilgrimage. The temple sees a huge surge in the devotees in the nine-day Navaratri festival. A bizarre note to be made here is that over the last few years temple’s income hasn’t exceed 17 crores; however, the shrine board ha ...
WESTERN GHATS CLASSIFIED AS ‘ECO-SENSITIVE ZONE’ Kodagu to be worst hit, Kerala spared Madikeri, Mar. 20 - A total of 56,825 of forest area of Western Ghats lying in six States including Karnataka, has been identified as an ‘Eco-sensitive Zone’ by the Union Ministry of Environmental protection, in an order issued on Tuesday. However, some time ago, a high profile committee headed by K. Kasturirangan had submitted a report identifying 59,940 of forest area falling under the States of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat in Western Ghats (37% of the Ghats stretching for a length of 1,600 km) as eco-sensitive zone. The above report had triggered a spate of protests in State, especially Kodagu district and in the neighbouring Kerala. It was also proposed to organise Kodagu bandh in protest against the report. Intervening, Kodagu-Mysore constituency MP H. Vishwanath had led a delegation from Kodagu to Chief Minister Siddharamaiah and Forest Minister Ramanath Rai and ...
The Sahyadri, with their rocky mountains and pinnacles, historic hill forts, huge lakes and extensive forest region are a virtual paradise for trekking, climbing and camping. The Sahyadris provide a wide choice of outdoor and adventure to all lovers of outdoor life. Stretching for over 1600 km from Gujarat to Kanyakumari, the Sahyadri mountain range is a trekker’s haven with its rugged topography, majestic hill forts, ancient temples, expansive forests and picturesque lakes. Sahyadris, or the Western Ghats, have been proclaimed as one of the ten ‘hottest biodiversity hotspots’ in the world. They offer numerous destinations and a wide range of outdoor adventure activities to nature enthusiasts and those seeking adventure. Since Sahyadri is not the archetypal mountain range, its highest peaks including Anaimudi in Tamil Nadu (at 2695 meters) and Kalsubai in Maharashtra (at 1200 meters) are formidable yet approachable even for the amateurs. It is because of its geography and easy accessibility that Sah ...
In the Spring issue out now! KERALA - Gods Own Country A Brahminical myth proclaims that Parasurama, an Avatar of Mahavishnu, threw his battle axe into the great sea and the land of Kerala arose, and was reclaimed from the waters. The spice trade between Kerala and much of the world was one of the main drivers of the ancient world economy. For much of history, ports in Kerala were the busiest (Muziris) among all trade and travel routes in the history of the world. An eclectic fusion of cultures, cuisine and architectural heritage; and where mosques sit side by side with churches, Hindu temples and synagogues, in perfect Zen-like co-existence. Lying between the sparkling blue Arabian Sea to the east and the rugged mountains of the Western Ghats, this land on the southwestern tip of India has been described as paradise on earth. Read this fascinating feature that takes you from Kochi to the Backwaters..along the Malabar coast and up to the spice and tea plantations. Fascinating festivals and incredible reso ...
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