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Western European

Western Europe is a loose term for the collection of countries in the European continent, though this definition is context-dependent and carries cultural and political connotations.

Bronze Age Eastern European United States North American Latin American Eastern Europe New Zealand

last year I had two big essays - a seven paragraph essay on European imperialism in Africa for Hon…
Legal immigration should still be restricted. Western European countries only with white descent. A few with degrees from elsewhere.
Trying to bring Western European ideals when traveling to a new part o…
I did mine a year or two ago, and I'm the whitest white person ever. 100% Western European. Scandinavian too
Yes i hate that my European cradle of western society is getting annexed by so called refugees (economic migrants)
I got my 23andme results back. And nothing shocked me. Mostly European & West African. Descendant of slaves and Western European immigrants.
There is an obvious & overt anti white European agenda across near all Western nations. Forgive me if…
Western leaders repeat continually that Russia may invade European nations, but the NATO does not prepare militaril…
Anti-European artist replaces white men w/ African women in Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam'. No creativity -piggy back…
I'm sorry to say this but western european women are gross.
why would eastern/western european illegal immigrants set up camp in Arizona? The…
is seeking to reinvigorate the European project as a way of restoring writes
Our culture is based upon what used to be western European. If someone doesn't like that perhaps they should go to another country?
Proves Eastern Europe isn't going to fall for the NWO crap our Western European leaders have.
Because Israelis, (Who are European colonists and their descendants) are still White an…
failure of Western Europe to integrate migrants makes it almost impossible to convince Eastern European publi…
Yeh all western countries are European, white nationalism is no different to what you're describing.…
It's just another Western European country, I'm guessing you've never been.…
White culture best culture. Western Civ. = extended phenotype of European peoples. .
From a Western European standpoint, this is just unbelievable & unprofessional. In my country they would b…
The goal is the elimination of all & every western European political & religious influence in the w…
western european time's initials spell out "wet" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
21. Hispanic, sprinkled with bits of Northern and Western European/Scandinavian.
You mean a flawed question no it isnt. You can't n…
Communists have never been anything other than a minor option within Western European Democraci…
Is the biggest threat to Western European irrelevance? . The calm before the storm
The point I would like to make is that, the Middle East has been a Western…
He won't get credit. He's Western European and there's that Eastern European bias
Other thing that kills my goat: ffs, I'm not an 'E European'. I'm a Hungarian German…
"Imported"? We exported. If you're of European decent, you are the inheritor of western…
I wonder why Western European Govt's can't make anything similar to DHS in US to protect the life a…
Case Western Reserve and 3 European studies have proven there are psychologica…
Muslim world mustn't presume that material success of Western and European nations is due to their abandonment of religion.…
Spain is pretty much the only western european country that hasnt grossly shifted towards Islamophobia.
Gavin McInnes did a segment on why South Asians and Arabs rarely give their European or American born…
From adventure novels I love and wanting to put marginalized voices back into western European historical narrative…
their European born or North American born off springs Western first names.
Western civilization is white European civilization. . Don't fall for Jewish tricks.
Mostly a collection of western European cultures. That doesn't negate my point, however.
I'm white (Western European), I don't approve. are racist pieces of kaka!
European western education is just fragments of adaption from an Afrika Nation stolen from Moors. . Do you have no shame at a…
99.8% white Western European, 2% Native American here. Daughter of the revolution. I'm against it.
The key to becoming *European* is to follow Western standards and to open up one’s markets to Western investors.
Latest research shows Jews and Muslims being the victims of social hostilities in European states. Possibly in most wes…
China learned the colonialism from its Western European authors. Now it's their turn.
As I look into my Western/Northern European ancestors, I'm finding that they were all in the…
Christianity is a pillar of Western Civilization, so it must be destroyed, along with Nationalism and people of Eur…
Propagation of economic shocks from Russia and Western European countries to CEE-Baltic countries: a comparative an…
Is there another Western European country where central government has neglect…
Do you really think they see a difference? Dublin is a major western city. It's just as much…
Brits aren't western European. Lumped in with Sweden
I think when they say western they mean American cos I'm part Eastern European and no one use measurements 😅
Also to Anglo/Western European white nationalists, your ancestors didn't build the Colosseum nor Parthenon the people who conquered them did
Sharing for John:. Being European I am proud of my background and heritage. . I don't like my western heritage...
Centuries of extracting Jesus from his socio-historical context and making him in the image of Western European Christi…
My bad bro. When I say white I mean western culture mostly from European losers and religious pedophiles.
Really interesting on how Western European cooking changed course in the 16th and 17th centuries.
voila. taking over a whole country. If refugees did that 2 any Western/European country people would scream murder.
If this were put to a referendum, almost all European countries would vote for it. Too late now for western Europe. https…
European countries should do more to help protect Western interests and values in Asia.
Our destinctly inherent European traits don't exist anymo…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Jesus yes! By the standards of any Western European parliamentary democracy this is like watching a…
And on saving Western European civilization from Frankfurt School degeneracy.
The difference between Eastern European & Western European mind set at this time in history is staggering.
Whats disgusting abt pretty much all Western European leaders like Theresa May is not only do they have NO plan2 protect…
This states. Leary that European domination of cultures and breeding out Western European cultures completely. No w…
Today in NATO formed in 1949 by US, Canada & Western European nations to provide collective security agains…
NATO is a military alliance of Western European powers and the US and Canada. It was established to defend against the Soviet Union.
"Half of Western European men descended from one Bronze Age ‘king’". . via
Telll us what you think from your jail cell, traitor in chief. Western European allies recorded treasonous conversations!
Where's home? Who are Ya? The lost unwanted tribe of Western European!
Also, congrats to Turkey for beating out Kyrgyz Republic and Bhutan (2 other slightly less Western European countries) in the rankings
Austria avoided becoming the first Western European country since the second world war to elect a far-right leader https:…
Of course the Latin American/Western European cases might offer something, but they were mostly elite led, negotiated Xfers.
Which is why native born white people in America definitely do have a culture: Western European.
Yes, white people have a culture, too. U.S. is framed by Western European culture.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
There is no white culture. Western European? Only England, Spain, and Portugal have influenced culture in America?
Wrong. Dominant culture in U.S. is White/Western European. Others/immigrants can choose to assimilate into it or reject.
Thomas Sankara by a land slide 󾮞󾮞 Mandela b4 jail is revolutionary, after jail Western European and media hero.
I hope they also include China, Africa, Australia. Not just Western European history.
but that's not western culture. He was talking about western civilization, which is most European & by extension mostly white
Only western civilization...meaning only people of european dissent...hmm🤔
Even the Tories (conservatives) in the UK are too liberal for me. Most Western European conservatives are too socially liberal.
Western countries specially European countries have not learned lessons from India on perils of welcoming & giving shelter to Muslims.
the "debate" being some groups have contributed more to civilization than Western European and Americans? What group is that?
I'm concerned about MY countries future, and Donald Trump is the last hope for Western Civilization. As a European, I say this.
nope different. Do some research on Western European imperialism since 15th Century.
is it really so absurd to say white people have contributed the most to western civilization AKA European culture?
Lol saying Western Civilization is a White, European creation is not "White Supremacist." It's history. ***
no more crack for you 😂😂😂 European contributed to western civilization.. 😂😂😂
I would say religion is very important in Western Civilization but European Civilization didn't start elsewhere
TBH, in any study of Western civ. (eg, history of Western art, European history, etc.), you start with the mid-east.
Okay you would benefit greatly from learning what western civilization is. Hint: it's mostly European
while the dark ages and the plague ruined the European continent. I agree, Western civ rules, but they haven't been in pwr 4 lng
European Banks in Crisis. Demand 150€ Billion Bailout under sanction by Western world is doing just fine
BTW, not anti European. I have European blood in me and the culture birthed Western Civilization. UR
Steve King,I checked history for you.The bible, one of the cornerstones of Western Civilization?Not written by European whites!
Take your hijab off!! I'm not Muslim and deserve your respect concerning my western and european way of life and my God.
Western and european values must prevail over bloody Daesh, Isis or whatever similar !!!
umm, they r like ISIS, those who dont agree r asserting western white cis european supremacy & r racist far right nazis
His exploitation game is western european level so no surprises lol
Really? You want a lecture about the ancient Greek origin or the modern western European origin?
Genetically, part Semitic, part European, with a culture that is distinctly anti-Western. A totally unique people
It's true lol. "civilization" is western culture. Western culture is European gentile. Honorable mention for Jews.
while you're at it, ask why Western European, Eastern European, American, and Christian is a single sub-group.
Steve King didn't say only white people contribute to history. What he said was western civilization with European roots. Totally different.
in America white is considered European, north African, and Western Asia by employment metric
I meant Western European countries and their progeny.
That's because they were White. The Egyptians were as White as you can get.
All humans culture have attributed things.But western European culture is best mix that's existed so far.Wait,white?
You can go to jail for hate-speech in numerous Western European countries
Peter King just legit said that non-western (white, Christian, European) cultures have not made significant contributions to civilization
White/European people didn't even contribute Christianity to Western civilization
Turkey is neither European or democratic with values in starck contradiction to Western human and democratic values.
Good to know that the world is divided in Western/European and Sub-Saharan and nothing else.
just said no "sub-group" aside from Western European Christians has contributed to civilization on live TV.
Did I just hear f**ktard Steve King "imply" that Hitler contributed to society bc he was a Western European Christian???
"Not a single Western European country in top 10 refugee hosting countries" - Gonzalo Vargas Llosa of
We need a Westminster model of Parliamentary government in PH i.e. what UK, Canada, Singapore have / not the French or Western European kind
28 (5-16): Half of men from one Bronze Age 'king'
👍Depts that offer courses only on Western philosophy should be renamed “Dept. of European and American Philosophy.”👍 htt…
"European Union" is the name of a bank like Western Union
Political Pop: To make the Soviets evil and the Nazis non-existent | .
yes, might have improved but still higher than many developed western European nations
All Western European cities.For decades. Why the outrage ? It is too late. Now it is spreading to the countrysides.
US and Western European Atrial Fibrillation Market - New Products and Technologies are…
Opinion: Focusing on Islamic terrorism is a distraction from western white extremism .
The Hunger Games trilogy, if you haven't watched the movies or read the books, is about a dystopian regime that...
should have said western empires France, Germany, Spain, Portugal - European powers!
With Putin's encouragement (and funding in some cases), European and wider Western fascism are resurgent...
I see. like that? didn't even knew she was kyrgyz native
Migrants as % of populations of Western European countries, & 1990 and 2015
The only reason the UK says its all politics is because its Eastern European, if this song was western no one would complai…
exactly: a british is inevitably also european and western. Point is national sovereingty and democracy
Yes indeed, that would be only appropriate. See also:
"Sub-fertile Western European populations will rapidly be replaced by more fertile low-IQ non-European immigrants."- He…
Migrants as % of populations of USA, Canada, Western European countries, Australia & New Zealand, 1990 and 2015 [OC]
Eastern European votes are not of less value that Western or Central European votes. A 12 is a 12.
in some western European airports I suspect there are more ISIS sympathisers working there than travelling
is a propaganda farce worthy of a Hunger Games 'gamemaker'
'Western tourists are now at risk in Turkey'
Good luck to and in your European promotion games today!! 💪🏻🏑
Geopolitics of The contest extensions represent the Western European and Others group at the UN Security Counci…
“An effective EU defense policy is in British, European, and Western interests,” says
Those in European country are the normal Islamic's in the middle east and south Asia. Not western Muslims
Mikhail Gorbachev. “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European ...
nobody even wants to vacation in any Western European country. will go to the East
Half of Western European men are descended from one Bronze Age ‘king’ who sired a dynasty of elite nobles which...
Half of Western European men descend in male line from one Bronze Age warlord
in 1973, OPEC imposes an oil embargo against the United States and a number of Western European countries.
Anyone involved besides the few Western European nations you gave all the credit to. Like the Chinese, as I said.
weddady: On the stupidity of Western European public opinions in the self inflicted refugee crisis
Italian politician saying he'd set his son on fire if he was *** This is from a Western European nation? Come on Italy Grow up
Racism is "hard-wired into the culture of every South African of Western European descent", writes Peter Bruce
Western European immigration, great; limited Latin-Americans okay; Muslim immigration is patently suicidal.
Aust means south, Austrians are Southern Europeans, they will not be included in a Western European regional parliament.
When Nikki Minaj says "Im Roman" that doesn't really make her special because anybody with Western European roots can say that
This association of Blackness with Satan, evil, sexualization was brought to the new world in the height of Western European witch trials
The stated targeting of France was tied to an ideological argument on the birth of Western European ideas like mass reading
the dichotomy is usually American/Western European focus on finished product rather than process
Don't reject what Western European culture brought to America. Adopt it...become American and succeed in life.
I dont see how he's on my side. I'm North-Western European, he said only Eastern Europe is worth saving. I dont believe that.
Driven by the Drug War, the U.S. prison population is six to ten times as high as most Western European nations.
comparing it w/ Western European, Nordic countries, 'Murika. They work longer, for lesser pay.
Pls are North American & Western European countries members of the International Criminal Court? Have their citizens been convicted at ICC??
Difference in values and males (not men) don't care for their women or children
Fun fact: UK has approx 1/2 the number of radiologists per capita of any western European country and about 1/3 compared …
I think a problem with Christianity is that it's western adherents visualize Biblical stories as if everyone in the Bible was European
Well, western Europe. Eastern European prisons are less fun.
UTD prof Max Schich tracks the spreading web of Western culture in animated, digital map.
Together with global partners, we are supporting disaster efforts to address the European
Muslims constitute the majority of immigrants in most western European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, a…
Everyone knows white western European civilization is superior if you judge by the ability to conquer, oppress and subjugate other peoples.
Huh. Is fairytale just the word for a Western/Northern European folktale? Or is there another difference there.
The first was from 1870 to 1913, marked by the electrical and rail revolutions, when the United States and Western European were dominant.
The World Justice Project ranks Canada 14/25 North American and Western European countries in terms of access to justice for civil issues
Migrants set off for Western European nations, despite others' tragic tales.
I don't like Charlie Hebdo at all... but I think they are mocking the Western/European response to the crisis, not the child, no?
"While the Western countries of the Old World are subordinated to the New World, Europe cannot be European”.
Really? I did not know it was so easy to settle in any desired Western European country.
East European countries said no to mass immigration from They have no intention of ending up like Western Europe. Respect!
.naturally the Daily Tele blames the lone non-Western European in the LNP
Especially when so many progressive groups focus their efforts on western and European culture. You are very brave and...
America's fatal mistake: failure to enforce the primacy of Western European culture.
I've already been told we're gonna talk about this in my WESTERN EUROPEAN POLITICS class tomorrow. It's very odd.
European voters reject role faithful of lackey to US-led Western Hegemony by electing radicals at the ballot box?
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says her country and other western European powers need Russia to resolve the...
What an Eastern European girl thinks of western men who visit Eastern Eu... via
From our archive: Populist arguments have become more pervasive in the UK and other Western European countries
European leaders are smarter than Western EU leaders.
European borders clamp down on incoming
By end of WW1 most of mid east was occupied by western european forces. europeans encouraged ethnic tensions, created borders e.g. new iraq
European capital has long planned on how best to 'utilise' refugees fleeing Western wars of conquest & plunder.
Merkel urges West to work with Russia on Syria crisis - Germany and other Western European powers need to work wit...
How did Tate move beyond displaying British and Western European art?
.only seems to be a thing in the American and Western European metal scenes.
Lord of the Rings star laments the silence in the West. Claims Christianity being wiped out in the Middle East
[new post] I predict the Netherlands will be the first western European to stop the immigration madness.
"Christianity in the Middle East and in Africa is being wiped out — I mean not just ideologically but physically.". http:/…
Waiting for trains that will continue their journey on to western European nations like Germany and France, the migrants…
Why is everything that western European welfare states do without thinking is so hard to *click* in the minds of Americans.
Free market, high trust, western society is naturally valued by European peoples and almost no one else.
Someone gets it. Muslims are evil scum.
Western Europe: Selections of stamps from 7 different European countries.
they have rent controls in most other Western European countries, they work well there.
shame old traitor you call yourself a Jesuit yet you are accomplice to the attacks on Christianity
John Rhys-Davies: World has 'lost its moral compass completely' via
the Western World loved HiM = that should "throw up" a RED FLAG ...the European World through MEDiA…
former European colonies who's economic problems are direct consequence of Western policies
Lord of the Rings actor fears 'we have lost our moral compass' via
Eastern European and Western Europe & Others (i.e. America, Australia and NZ) the joke ting is Israel's the only state not part of a group
Lord of the Rings actor fears ‘we have lost our moral compass completely’ fears the end of ‘Western European…
Lord of the Rings star fears end of 'Western civilization' due to ISIS . via
Lord of the Rings actor warns world has 'lost its moral compass completely' over ISIS
A new study reveals that 64% of Western European retailers are undergoing digital transformation:
Western European nations have a long, sad history of ignoring and outright betraying their Eastern European allies.
Post-war East Asia is not like western Europe. No European Union binds former foes together
and Ethiopia went from constant famine to having a capital, Adis Ababa, that is more Western European than many cities in W. Euro.
Fascism means opposition to Western European enlightenment.
2 for the Latin American-Caribbean States 2 for Western European and other States
I look foward to the day when crepes will be referred to as Western European dosas.
Is there any Western European country where Sally Mann's photos would be seen as controversial? I kind of doubt it.
"I'm basically West & South African and Western European." I’m spanish/african, my parents are from Ivory Coast and Cameroon
so i guess to each their own. i always heard her say she was Cape Verdean and she does look Western European like
It barely matches, to me, Western European culture.
Coutts is pleased to announce the appointment of John Saunders as Managing Director for Western European, American and Resident RND clients.
American jails compared to Western European jails is just wow it's a culture shock really.
Succeed if Syriza movement in the Greek elections on January 25 would be4 the only time the extreme left took power in Western European
It's like Ché Guevara; he is held up by naive American and Western European people to be some hero when he was a mass murderer
"Star signs" are the Western European cultural equivalent of the Chinese animal zodiac.
"When American presidents prepare for foreign wars, they lie." - Robert Higgs "Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac." - George Orwell "All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu "It is a known fact that Western European peoples and business interests, and even the governments themselves oppose Washington's sanctions on Russia," underlining that many Europeans know full well that Russia is not responsible for the trouble in Ukraine. "They know that the cause is Washington's use of the CIA and the NGOs established by the National Endowment for Democracy and other US "democracy groups" to orchestrate protests and use the protests to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine." "Washington forced its European vassal states to impose sanctions on Russia," the former assistant Secretary of the Treasury P.C. Roberts said, adding that one of the US aims was to portray Russia, not Washington, as the government that ...
Western propaganda knows when to shut up about the very biggest over $700 Billion business deal ever. Because it was between Putin/Russia and Xi/China. This deal has certainly a bigger positive impact on world economy than the Lehman Brothers negative impact through bankruptcy and crash in 2008. There is still so much air on the Wall Street and U.S. debt is never payable that another crash in the West is now inevitable. I can conclude that the Western press is specialized now only to make bad news about Putin/Russia and Xi/China and never any real or good news... even if the news would be gigantic AND BIGGEST DEAL EVER! There is a very deep silence in Western media over the very biggest business deal ever... over $700 Billion. This is also lifting China up to become a bigger buyer of Russian gas than the whole of Europe. But the Western European press is hardly farting on this. The deep silence is because Western media CAN NOT TELL POSITIVE NEWS about Putin and Russia, or Xi Jinping and China, What a bias ...
I'm only interested in meeting cool and non-creepy western ladies and gentlemen. That means American, Canadian, Western European and Australian/New Zealand. All others please do not add. Followers are OK. I appreciate your cooperation.
You are aware that the United States is a Western European sovereign nation. So voting for white men comes along with it.
I wonder what it's like to live in some super rich Western European or East Asian country where they have money to support infrastructure.
"European leaders blundered in attempting to turn Ukraine into a Western stronghold on Russia's border" = misbegotten/ ill-fated policy?
Malaysia Wins UN Security Council Seat By Nani Rahayu Yusof NEW YORK, Oct 16 (Benama) -- Malaysia won a non-permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), taking 187 out of the total 192 votes. The voting took place at the United Nations General Assembly hall to fill five vacancies among the Security Council's non-permanent membership. Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, was at the hall to observe the voting process. The new members will take up their seats on Jan 1, 2015 and will serve on the Council until 31 December 2016. The five seats available for election in 2014, distributed regionally, will be: one seat for the African Group (currently held by Rwanda); one seat for Asia-Pacific Group (currently held by the Republic of Korea); One seat for the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, (currently held by Argentina); and two seats for the Western European and Others Group (currently held by Australia and Luxembourg). Lithuania will maintain for another year the seat for the E ...
European settlers and Native Americans had very different ideas about land, its ownership and its uses.
Ecommerce Sales in Western Europe to Grow by 15% in 2014: The Western European B2C ecommerce market is develop...
"Moldova, a small Eastern European country whose legal system is not considered as robust as those in Western Europe"
Western European constructs. So no there was not
If if you're saying that a Western European nation state
The Western European Department of the FCO had a pretty cheesy fax header.
We are the ones suffering most on the western United States. Drought, wildfires, floods. European pigs.
Also, NZ should totally move from the Western European and Others Group and into Asia Pacific. Staying in WEOG makes us look backward
In the October Monthly Briefing: Western European economy continues to struggle, and much more
Interesting to note the rise of China, Russia and Eastern Europe in the past 15 years at the expense of the Western European countries...
classic,western guitar EUROPEAN MAPLE TONEWOOD back and side timber for luthier
A fine example of a ‘bellarmine’ stoneware jug dating from the early 17th or late 16th century.
great editorial. Lessons for all Western European States in this... 👍
There has to be a better term for "Westerners". I was born 175° East, and 36° South. Not Western. Not European or American.
or 'Visegrád on steroids'? Interesting idea. EU started as club of Western European countries so makes sense
Western culture not bad they also very good things a british or european do not sit home on holiday , they go out.
yesterday a song came on Spotify that was kinda chinese, western, european, indian, maybe even andean, all in one... it was amazing
just bc it doesn't affect you doesn't mean ppl out there including non western/European countries don't get influenced by it
"Israel considered geographically in Western Asia, it is a European nation culturally, politically and economically." 💩
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
La Salsa, Bobby Chinn, Le Petit, Don’s … is the luxury restaurant in Hanoi characterized many European customers...
Convert Chamorro Standard Time to Western European Standard Time (chst to westt)
The western model is broken " ignorance of the western European... productive of a great deal of harm; racial hatred"
Good article. I read earlier today that although Western European economies are slowing down, Ebola, etc there doesn't (1/2)
Western European counties supporting Fascists again, who'd of thought it?
Mont Blanc: the highest mountain in the Alps, Western Europe and the European Union. It rises 4,810.45 m…
Frida Kahlo was part Jewish and Western European! Mostly Native Mexican. LOVED her little Jew blood the most. lolololol
So you think western European countries will refuse to trade with one of their richest neighbours?
Question:list diff.between Alaskan natives and Western European world views. Ans: Alaskans want Sara palin to be president,Eur…
I totally do that for Western or European fantasy-style RPGs, but I name myself Gundam in every JRPG I play.
A lot of British muslims don't like the fact that the Holocaust has deep resonance in the British + Western European psyche - tough
Why do WE have to take care of everybody? Especially Africa - which we're reminded every day is superior to Western European civilization.
Immigrant religion is not merely a sideline. "Real America" is not western European sectarian Protestantism. via
There is NO drama here btw:. "If a Western European Team plays a North American Team, both games will be on US East".
Indeed. Lots of Western European nations have a well defined right-of-centre party, and a separate right wing party. Hm. Dunno
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
You play alot of western european players online, is all of there connections like this...
..complete rejection of "Western model" as alien European product forced on X and Y..
Im Eastern European thank you very much and were not the same as the big western countries
Architecture in Macao can't make up it's mind. Is it Western/Chinese/European?
What we perceive as 'western' music is mostly reliant on a fusion of classical european melody techniques and african rhythm patterns.
ESN Köln would love to host the Western European Platform - one of Erasmus Student Network's regional platforms -...
Abandoned US/European supplied chemical weapons dating to 1980s were found in Iraq.
illume research publishes it's first Western European Hosted VoIP report.
Africans, Eastern Ukrainians not welcomed in European Ukraine (Kyiv and Western Ukraine). European values kicking in
Nazi Germany was founded & supported by US/Western European capitalists and Swiss bank…
Yeah, but do you really wat to compare a the US to venezuela? Or rather to a western european democracy?
Is it weird to say I actually don't find Western/European guys thaat attractive-
22 September Time: 9am – 12:30pm Location: General Assembly Hall Opening prayer Welcome prayer from Chief Sidd Hill of the Haudenosaunee Opening Plenary Meeting Remarks from: H.E. Mr. Sam Kutesa, President of the General Assembly H.E. Mr Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations H.E. Mr. Evo Morales Ayma, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia H.E. Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico (Latin American and Caribbean Group) H.E. Mr. Sauli Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland (Western European and Other Group) H.E. Denis Sassou Nguesso, President of the Republic of Congo (Group of African States) High-level representative from Asia-Pacific Region, TBC High-level representative from Eastern European States, TBC Chief Oren Lyons, Chief of the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs Ms. Aili Keskitalo, President of the Sami Parliament of Norway (Representative of the Arctic Indigenous Region) Mr. Luis Evelis, Senator of the Republic of Columbia (Representative of the Central an ...
Dukach – a decoration in the form of a medal pendant, which girls wore around their neck, strung on a ribbon as a symbol of maturity and the transition from childhood to adulthood. The word ‘dukach’ is the Ukrainian derivative from ‘ducat’, the name of Western European gold coins, which came from Venice and were used in 1284. The Dukach (in 19-20 cc.) varied in material and artistic value - from carefully crafted jewelry to primitive penny stamped plaques. It was an accessory used for both festive and daily ocasions worn by both adult women and little girls. Dukaches were passed from mother to daughter or, otherwise, had to be ordered or purchased from craftsmen. Women’s jewels often cost a lot more than a family’s entire household. So what was a dukach and what did it represent? These decorations were a medal pendant, sometimes attached to a bow-brooch. The bow represented a ribbon tied at four loops, with two branches coming from the center, and a crown placed between the upper loops. So . ...
I hate having to explain to difference between JRPGs/European RPGs/Western RPGs. I really just need to write a book.
Mesmerizing Photos of People Lying in a Week’s Worth of Their Trash photographed by Gregg Segal: United States has a trash problem. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces more than 4 pounds of garbage per day. That’s more than double the amount produced in 1960, and it’s 50 percent more than the amount produced by Western Europeans. In January, photographer Gregg Segal decided to put some imagery to those numbers. His ongoing series, “7 Days of Garbage,” shows Californian friends, neighbors, and relative strangers lying in the trash they created in one week. Source:
we hear calls for a western islam or an European islam, A new religion conceived in the white house or 10 Dowing street
I dislike the idea of western or european judges lawyers police social workers & laws dictating African life
My ideal lifestyle is not european or western. I do not idolize their culture, religion, diet, language or economics structure
The and other foreign dignitaries hailed as the "Savior of Vienna and Western European civilization." Thank you
If BT then why has UK lowest GDP PER CAPITA OF ALL North WESTERN European Countries. UK last of14
is releasing in cinemas on 30th September and you could win tickets to the premiere!
US and EU move to shut down Western aid to Russian oil exploration in latest sanctions over Ukraine.
Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Meets the European Commission Delegation for Western Balkans -...
Any immigrant group that came to American and that look different from western European people were seen as invading forces
My ancestry is western European. Don't talk to me about gray areas.
Christine Lagarde: The IMF’s chief talks about giving more power to non-western countries, bringing more women...
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