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Western Conference

The Western Conference is one of two conferences in the National Hockey League (NHL) used to divide teams.

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Here are three things to watch as the Predators prepare for Game 4 of the Western Conference final tomorrow night.
The Penguins visit the Senators with the Western Conference knotted at one. Schedule:
Zaza injured Kawhi, and now the Western Conference Final is turning into a real ga-bore.
Not sure what's worse, this sham they call the Western Conference Finals or the new bill nye series on Netflix.
The Western Conference Finals will be a war between the passionate fans and the bandwagon nation.
Everyone wants to dog on the Eastern Conference but have y'all turned this Western Conference Finals game off yet or no? 😴😴
Golden State Warriors leading San Antonio Spurs 72-44 at half time in Western Conference Finals. Looks like another easy win for
Also, don't want to hear about the Warriors tough Western Conference. First two rounds were nothing special and now a Kawhi-less Spurs.
It would have taken them to the playoffs in the western conference. fo…
It's not just about what you do on the ice. knows that and so do his teammates. Story:
Actual footage of the Western Conference Finals
Ppl complain about the NBA protecting stars. This Western Conference Finals is exactly why the NBA does it.
I would trade in the Western Conference Finals for a beer & a Browns vs. Bears Thursday night Football game
Halftime report: 2017 Western Conference Finals, Game 2: Warriors up 72-44 at the half
Whether he meant to do it or not, shout out to for ruining the first two games and potentially the entire Western Conference Finals
This Just In: Andre Iguodala has been ruled out for Game 2 due to soreness in his left knee.
The league should fine Pachulia for messing up the Western Conference Finals.. Dubs would of won but Kawhi would of made if interesting
It's May, the Spurs are in the Western Conference Finals...and I'm watching hockey. Thanks
With just over two months of action this season, let's look at how the Western Conference is shaping up.
If the West is so strong, why is The Golden State Warriors dominating every team in the western conference?
Early vote for Western Conference Finals MVP.Zaza Pachulia. Kawhi's injury = the biggest story line of the series.
If your Team ain't in the Western or Eastern Conference Finals, sit down.
Western Conference Finals suddenly feel like Western Conference All-Stars vs Austin Spurs. . Well, Warriors do have lik…
Western Conference Finals don't start til Kawhi back
D-Lesgue alum Jonathon Simmons putting in the work for the Spurs early on. From $150 tryout to the Western Conference Fina…
This is the Western Conference Finals? Shame
Game 3 in the Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals series tied 1-1 and Anaheim leads Nashville 1-0 at the start of…
Zaza you have destroyed the fun in this years Western Conference Finals
Doris Burke improves to 2-0 on Coach Pop in the Western Conference Finals
It's bad when I'd rather watch love and hip hop than the Western Conference Finals
Zaza Pachulia single footedly killed off the Western Conference Championships and its ratings
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lol my boy Bryn Forbes actually getting playing time for the spurs. In the Western Conference Finals no less
.I've lived in America for 25 years and I've never been asked to sing the national anthem until tonight https:…
I thought yall said the Western conference was great though? Spurs getting 30 balled. Yuck.
Zero point in watching any Western Conference playoff game. Really no point in watching the Finals unless Cleveland gets there.
Mark Jackson talking about a dessert story in the middle of a Western Conference Finals game lmao
I am Honored and Bless, I came home with 3 Awards; Rookie of the Year, Best infield, & 2nd Team Western Conference in Hil…
Zaza killed the Western Conference Finals 😑🖕🏻
Will not watch another game of the Western Conference Finals. Can only hope that Z doesn't work his magic on LeBron.
The ratings for the Western Conference Finals have to be awful now...
72-44 in the Western Conference Finals. Don't make no sense
Have not watched a second of the bball game tonight, could not care less. Warriors have sucked the fun out of the western conference.
I'm watching the right Western conference final tonight.
Not good when Game 2 of Western Conference Finals has feel of October game 2 of preseason
Has there been a more depressing game 2 in Western Conference Finals history?
I don't usually fan out like this, but it's kind of annoying to see how the Western Conference Finals are going to play out w/o Kawhi.
Bryn Forbes playing in the first half of a Western Conference Finals game... Yeah it's time to turn this game off.
72 points in the first half of the Western Conference Finals. Wow.
And now the warriors and Spurs are taking turns representing the western conference
Good job Zaza you just made the Western Conference Finals a BORING series. 😒
I'm upset at myself for ever wanting a GSW/SAS Western Conference Finals
It might be a sweep in the Western & Eastern Conference finals 😂
Gotta put this Western Conference Finals in rice.
Spurs vs. Warriors, LIVE NOW in the Western Conference Finals on ESPN.
Bryn Forbes and Dejounte Murray, two rookies, are on the court in the Western Conference Finals. Who would've thought.
Zaza Pachulia is a shoe-in for the Western Conference Finals MVP.
it's half time and we're down by 28. Western Conference Finals and we're playing like we don't want to be playing. Breaks my heart.
Let's Go ! Let's win this Game 2 of the Western Conference .
Western Conference Finals game one San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors who is going to come on top w
Sekou Smith checks in from Oakland ahead of Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, pitting the Spurs against…
Nice to see the San Jose Barracuda advance to the Western Conference Finals. First time a Sharks affiliate has done so since 1995.
Who the *** decided it was cool to schedule game 1 of the Western Conference Finals for 3 pm on mothers day?
How is Paul Romanuk getting the Western Conference final play-by-play over Bob Cole? How does always mess this up?…
Will it be the Golden State Warriors or the San Antonio Spur taking the Western Conference and moving on to the NB…
And when Coach Pop saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more Western Conference teams to conquer. https:/…
Don\'t discount Kyle Lowry heading to this Western Conference contender. (SPEEDonFOX)
Kyle Lowry is considering moving to the Western Conference in free agency (per
(The Star):make first Western Conference final : For the first time..
If Russ had guys like Lou Williams, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson and Patrick Beverly.Western Conference Finals.
Western Conference and they all 99. wins…
Winner of Anaheim Ducks/Edmonton Oilers will have home-ice advantage in Western Conference final.
Chris Paul is so overrated for a player who haven't been to a Western Conference Finals or a NBA final.
Western Conference semi-final showdowns are locked in. Eastern Conference could be too by tomorrow.
No matter what, the team representing the Western Conference will have not been to the Stanley Cup Final since at least 2007…
Eastern/Western Conference when you can match this and beat them 4 times then I'll be impressed. .
On this day in 2002- Peter Forsberg (Colorado Avalanche) returned to hockey in Game 1 of the Western Conference...
Packing for the the 65th Western Region Conference!! Excited to see my Sorors
Why are the grizzlies in the western conference Tennessee is very much on the eastern side of the country
Kevin Durant is doing a great job helping the Warriors win. But enough about the 2016 Western Conference Finals
What matchup do y'all want to see in the Western Conference Semifinals?
Spurs gonna give the Warriors trouble in the Western Conference Finals but warriors going to the finals
45 min into the show and you haven't mentioned the Western Conference Leader SAFC is having a MVP st…
Kevin Durant been a member of the Warriors since the Western Conference Finals..
Grizzlies are only in the playoffs because of a declining western conference
Kyle Anderson was 2 years old during Vince Carter’s freshman year at UNC. Now they’re arguing in Game 2 of the Western Conference Playoffs.
tHis man KAWHI might be the MVP of the playoffs if they make it past the Western Conference Finals
you can only shoot 29% in the Western Conference playoffs for so long
Tell ya mans I'm guarding him in the Western Conference Finals! LOCK DOWN DEFENSE!!
The number 1 seed in the Western Conference hasn't scored in 7 straight periods to start the postseason...🤔…
Just put the Warriors and Spurs in the Western Conference Finals already
Hope the Predators or Oilers win the whole Western Conference
And.?Talk about the Sens... have you even watched any spot the Western Conference playof…
They're the UVA of the western conference
God I hope that the Spurs and Warriors are both 100% healthy going into the Western Conference Finals. If so it's gonna be one for the ages
I never really care who wins the Western conference series. And this year, I don't care who wins in the East (other than the Habs, obvs.)
Spurs vs Warriors for the Western Conference Finals
Nevermind the Win, if the Pacers can score 111 on Cavs, how much can Wall & Beal score on them and The Western Conference?
The last time the Western Conference had an 8 seed team with a goalie who is on fire as Pekka Rinne is right now, they won the Stanley Cup.
Cavs wouldn't make it past the first round in the western conference
Are the playing the Western Conference Champions or the Team USA U16 team?
I used to always root for them 2nd when they played in the western conference. It's a great fan base and story. It's exciting
Western Conference first round winners courtesy of
I think he'd have more than 3 but 6 probably not. Western conference players are faster and play h…
That's a big "IF" ... I strongly doubt he'd get there 6 times . In the Western conference that is.
They wouldn't be in the Playoffs cuz LeBron won't play for a Western Conference Team
If the western conference is a harder conference to play in because the players are more skillful…
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Look up their records facing the western conference
😂😩 or the Western Conference Finals, but yeah I ain't gonna watch this game 💀
These Western Conference teams really get up and down the floor.
In the past 2 games the cavs have beat a team thats not even top 10 in the league by a combined 7 points. Western conference will smack them
Game 3 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals between the and is underway. Nashville leads the series 2-0.
NMSU hires Chris Jans as new men's basketball coach
What if Lebron was in the western conference
Lebron to Maverick Carter: thank you for never allowing me to play in the Western conference.
And these pictures of the Western Conference matchups are also 🔥🔥
I've been to the Western Conference Finals more times than Chris Paul.
We’re proud to be the only Western Conference team to finish without a losing record at Joe Louis Arena.
All of playoff seeds from the East and Western Conference have been clinched. NYI and Tampa Bay Lightning are eliminated.
From a customer standpoint and the good of the game, I don't think LeBron James should sit out Western Conference road games…
My have once again clinched the Pacific Division of the Western Conference!
Congratulations to the for being the champs of the Western Conference! Great win tonight! . 🥅🏒 🏆
there should be 2 banners Western Conference champs & MLS Cup champs
The improved to 45-20-5 (95 points) this season and opened a three-point lead atop the Western Conference.
The Golden State Warriors currently have the longest losing streak (3) in the Western Conference via /r/nba
The reigning Western Conference champs will be at Taft on Oct. 8. See if the Greens can get back to the top 👉…
ICYMI, we're partying with the on Wednesday as the Western Conference champs get set for 2017!…
Saturday on ABC, watch Matt Barnes and the Warriors take on Kyle Anderson and the San Antonio Spurs for supremacy in the Western Conference!
The Spurs will be without their leading scorer when they face the defending Western Conference champs
A Western Conference coach texted me during intermission and said that Ondrej Pavelec is the best goalie on the Jets's system.
It was the first game in the Western Conference semifinal in 2009, Houston Rockets versus Los…
Kevin Durant is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. My thoughts on how that affects the Warriors and the Western Conference: ht…
Most likely 1st round, Western Conference:. Pacific:. NSH at S.J. ANA at/vs EDM. Central:. L.A at MIN. STL at CHI
Congrats to for being named Western Conference player of the year!
2/21/1967: The Central Division winner, perhaps the will host the Coastal Division winner for the Western Conference title ...
"Kicks of the Night" go to Anthony(Brow Balla)Davis of the Western Conference. God Bless the Ballas 😃⭐🏀👍
Watch out for the New Orleans they will be a dangerous team in the Western Conference. With and
A new series featuring the Top 3 goaltenders for each team in the Western Conference. First up - Windsor:
just when I thought the lakers were the joke of the western conference the kings front office came around and said "hold our beers"
There are a new generation of western conference teams rising. Pels, Nuggets, eventually the wolves and lakers behind them.
Vlade throwing boogie away reminds me of when he tipped the ball to Robert Horry in the Western Conference Finals.
Always weird to have New Orleans in the Western Conference.
also realized that western conference games are on very late and I'll probably miss them anyway.
The Mavericks’ rebuild just got more difficult with the Pelicans’ trade for Cousins
I mean we play in the Western Conference just getting past the Spurs, Rockets, and the Clippers should be considere…
The 2005-06 Los Angeles Lakers blew a 3-1 lead to the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference First Round
Western Albemarle's Ryan Ingram is the Conference 29 POTY. Here's the All-Conference 29 boys basketball team:
We are all the western conference bench 😂😂.
The Kings haven't got finessed like this since the 2002 Western Conference Finals
they had Isaiah Thomas, Whiteside, and Boogie. They have a box of old 2002 western finals conference shirts left over.
See how the Warriors helped the Western Conference win the All-Star Game
tell me who else could take a team 40-18 in the Western Conference with Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson
Congrats to alum Chris DeMarco for coaching the Western Conference All-Stars in New Orleans this weekend.
Steve Kerr is a savage for asking the Western Conference All-Stars to draw up some of the set plays their respective teams…
So hype for the game! Which one of these CN x Western Conference mashup logos is your favorite? 🏀🏀🏀 https:/…
New Orleans is one good guard away from being a western conference contender..
I know I hate Vlade now why the Pelicans ? A Western Conference Rival I thought we want to make the playoffs ???
I always cheer on the Western Conference ...
We are here at the SME Annual Conference & CMA 119th National Western Mining Conference in Denver on Feb.19-22!…
For giving you the closest thing to relevancy since the 2002 Western Conference Finals🤔
Going to Bring your data questions to experts booth
was feeling it last night, going off for 41 points in a Western Conference victory
Pelicans are big winners and have the potential to be one of the top teams in the Western Conference with Davis and Cou…
If you're wondering what it sounded like on the Western Conference bench when KD and Russ reconnected...
The stars are out! ⭐️. Western Conference prep is underway - 8pm ET on TNT 👀
Cousins and Davis in Nola? Man, can the NBA's Western Conference teams get anymore stacked?!
Alone atop the Western Conference, Mikko Koivu reflects on the rise of the
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Stars now owners of third worst record in NHL. Ugh. Far cry from being at top of Western Conference last season. 😕
In addition, the Cavaliers are now 29-6 in their last 35 home games against teams from the Western Conference.
Western Conference reserve Top 10 Plays of the season for the
Draymond & Klay have been named reserves on the 2017 Western Conference team » 👏🏽 https:/…
Gordon Hayward is the Western Conference player of the week. George Hill was his point guard this week for the last 4 years.
Congratulations to Gordon Hayward the Western Conference player of the week.
while Las Vegas seems smart... can you add 2 Western Conference teams and not add any Eastern conf? Would call for realignment
Our second vote for Western Conference wild card is the Denver Nuggets' Nikola Jokic . https…
if this should be the Western Conference starters. Stephen Cury. Russell Westbrok. James Haren. Kevin Duran. DeMarcus C…
This is Utah's 9th win in 11 tries. The Jazz move up to sixth in the Western Conference and take over the lead in the Northwest Division
Congratulations to respective NBA Western Conference and Development League Players of the Month, Russell Westbrook and Dakari Jo…
The Thunder has won four straight, Westbrook has four consecutive triple doubles, and is November's Western Conference player of the month!
With a quarter of the season gone, 6 of top 8 records belong to Western Conference teams. Cleveland (3rd), Toronto (5th) only reps from East
Top of the Pacific Division. Top of the Western Conference. . Top of the NBA League table. . One team. Golden State Warriors. .
for me, Spurs vs OKC 1st half of game 1 in the Western Conference semi-finals this year, OKC got spun out the build…
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Put Anthony Davis on the Suns and we going to the Western Conference Championship.
MLS Video: The Colorado Rapids beat LA Galaxy 3-1 on penalties to advance to the Western Conference Finals (ESPN)
Lakers are currently 6th in the Western Conference. It's early, I get that, but we're looking at a considerable improveme…
Only one way to go for Houston Dynamo in 2017 🔝 *finished 2016 last place in Western Conference
In the KHL, Craig Woodcroft's sits in 2nd place in Western Conference's Boborov Division with 40pts in 24 games.
Will the Portland Trailblazers be able to break out of the Western Conference's middle class? (By
For some reason the NLCS, the NFC Championship Game and the Western Conference Finals always have something more to them than their counter
That missed replay smells like the 2002 Western Conference Semifinals.
Western Conference foes meet in WNBA finals
[FoxSport] Western Conference foes meet in WNBA finals
Western Conference foes meet in WNBA finals MINNEAPOLIS – The only thing standing between the Minnesota Lynx and …
The first reactor was dubbed R-1 because it hit another plane in the Western Conference quarter-finals.
Big win by former SFU men's soccer head coach to secure a trip to the Western Conference Finals for
Blues ready for Western Conference semifinal vs in Kansas City this Sunday! PREVIEW:…
The road to the goes through KC as are the highest remaining seed in Western Conference. .
Mark your calendars! Western Conference rivals and settle the score on 8/21!
Report: links up with Western Conference contender...
Make that 7 years in a row Northwest Division takes the Western Conference! Congrats.
Congrats to In all but one year since 2008, a Northwest Division team has won Western Conference.
Does the Rajon Rondo trade make the Dallas Mavericks the favorite in the Western Conference? htt…
"In the name of House Thunder, champions of the Northwest Division, rightful kings of the Western Conference.."
Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Rasheed, and Ben Wallace lock down the Western Conference in the 2006 All Star Game. ht…
Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals between San Antonio and Oklahoma City
Draft Grades - West (Rotoworld): Corey Abbott looks at what the Western Conference teams did during the draft.
I gave Chargers home rivalry shot of beating the Western Conference champion.
Former D-man Mark Shoemker heads to the Western Conference champion
Noah Gregor goes 111th overall to the defending Western Conference champion San Jose Sharks
to when the Western Conference was "Dominant" against the (Stanley Cup Champions) Eastern Conference Penguins
Good job, Warriors. Wow. To come from a 3-1 deficit to win the Western Conference. Heart of a Champion. Now onto LeBron and…
2016-17 Capitals sked just landed in my inbox: Nov. 8 – Washington hosts the Western Conference champion San Jose Sharks on Election Day.
Will the Warriors three-peat as Western Conference Champions? Give us your input!
I think the Cavs might be able to beat the Western Conference champion...once. In the best-of-seven. Maybe.
Next year GSW will not be allowed to be the champion in the Western Conference
73-82 in a Western Conference that's Champions-League better than a Serie-A (or Turkish Super League) East.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Western Conference. 1-0
If LeBron James played his entire career in the Western Conference, he'd be like Chris Paul. Still waiting to get past…
Lynx forward Moore named Western Conference player of week -
.So would Nashville then move to the Eastern Conference if Carolina moved to Las Vegas and the Western Conference?
The Cavs would be a or seed if they were in the Western Conference says
Big O. I think the Thunder are a Mike Conley away from winning the Western Conference. And maybe a Pao Gasol also.
Good luck to and the for their deciding NBA Western Conference game today.
Lake Erie sweeps Ontario. They will represent the Western Conference in the Calder Cup Finals.
Friendly PSA: Thunder have won 7 of their last 9 games... against the two best teams in Western Conference. GS, SA.…
Russell Westbrook, not Steph Curry, is the best point guard in the Western Conference Finals.
The best point guard in Western Conference Finals is wearing Thunder blue
Little Giant Ladders
Thunder roar to leave Warriors on brink in Western Conference Finals (Photo: USA Today) https:/…
[Massachusetts Blogs]If the Western Conference Finals hold true to form and the Oklahoma City Thu…
Western Conference is so much more entertaining than the Eastern Conference 🏀
All square. Golden State destroys Oklahoma City 118-91 to tie up the Western Conference Finals.
Until KD come to the East they might as well just let Lebron wait for the Western Conference champs every year lol
Congrats to Anthony Grant and the Western Conference Champions the OKC Thunder
Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and Thunder starts tonight. You ready?.
St. Louis and San Jose face off in Western Conference Finals - Washington Times
Using analytics to figure out the Western Conference final (by
Sharks-Blues Preview (The Associated Press): The Blues are in the Western Conference Finals for the firs...
There's more on the line in Game 7 than just a Western Conference ...
Oklahoma City will face Golden State in the Western Conference Finals after upsetting second-seeded San Antonio.
FYI Kelly Cup Finals opponent from last year, Allen Americans, are 1-0 in Western Conference.
(The Sports Xchange) - The San Jose Sharks advanced to the Western Conference final after routing the Nashville...
It's like the Western Conference is the Premier League and the Eastern Conference is the Championship.
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I fee bad for Bron. He's going to cruise to the Championship & then get smoked by a superior Western Conference squad
Cavs going to championship, but let's see how they play against Western Conference teams...
Well they're in Tennessee and in the Western Conference
He should be out until the Western Conference Championship
A Western Conference battle is coming up 🔜 for your
NBA should move Memphis to East, expand and add Seattle Supersonics and Oakland Predators to Western Conference.
This is like that NBA thing how whoever wins the Western Conference wins the championship
The last time a Western Conference team outside of California or Texas won an NBA championship was 1979.
Great game OKC and SA. These two teams going to kill each other and GS going to be fresh come Western Conference Championship lol.
The suffered a Game 1 loss to the in the opener of the Western Conference Semifinals.
NBA PLAYOFFS: cruise past in Game 1 of Western Conference Semifinals https:…
That would be great for the Western Conference team that gets the player a year or two down the road.
Good news Western Conference teams, if the Bruins win the lottery (1%) they will decide he isn't Bruin enough in a year or so and trade west
Give Seattle a team for Western Conference or maybe Las Vegas. Pittsburg, somewhere in Virginia or somewhere in Maine for Eastern Conference
Check out the on ice Post Game Celebration after we won the Western Conference Championship.
Hamilton Collection
.defeated the in Game 5 to advance to the Western Conference Semifinals.
Just as the clock hit zeros and the celebrate as Western Conference Champions
Did you know tickets are available? Don't miss out on the biggest blogger conference in the western US!
.on "The Western Conference is wide open & for the taking for any team."
2006 Western Conference playoffs, 1st round. After hitting the game-tying shot in regulation, Kobe did this in OT https:/…
5th Moscow conference on Int'l security is over: wasnt here,western media almost silent. C'mon we all want to figh…
never had a better first round bracket (but I'll totally miss the Western Conference Finals)
Western Conference Semifinals tickets available on the secondary market:
The clinched the Western Conference Finals in a double overtime victory against the Kelowna Rockets! We are so proud!
Golden State defeats Houston, 114-81, to advance to the Western Conference Semis for the third time in four years
ESPN doing ESPN things again. Only two decent brackets for the Western Conference out of all their "experts."...
Who's going to win the Western Conference?
will the thunder beat the Spurs in the western conference semis?
Pretty disappointed in the western conference NHL matchups in the second round, ill be waiting for a blues-sharks meetup in the final..
Who will represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup?
For the first time since 1997, the are off to the | RECAP:
Cleveland wouldn't survive in the western conference
Congrats to the on winning the western conference tonight!
[Examiner] Nashville Predators show depth of Western Conference by beating Anaheim Ducks
Utah, Houston and Dallas are locked in a race for the last two Western Conference playoff spots.
What it is like to shoot the Western Conference Championship CELEBRATION! https:/…
First the Kings, then the Blackhawks and now the Ducks out. Welcome to your new Western Conference, folks. There's som…
I'll be happy with whichever team wins the western conference at this point. Cheering for Isles and Caps in the east.
The schedule for the Western Conference track & field meet Fri 4/29 at Bearcat Stadium. No prelims. Finals by time. http…
Congrats to for making 2nd team All Western Conference!
The 2016 Western Conference Baseball Team as selected by Hillsborough Co. public school coaches:
defeat 2-1 in Game 6 to force Game 7 in Western Conference 1st Round.
Since 2009 the Western Conference final has included Chi and/or LA, the exception being in 2011 (Van vs SJ).
Enter to tickets to the first two games of the WHL Western Conference final! …
London Knights score 7-4 win over Erie Otters in Game 1 of Western Conference final.
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Stan Van Gundy on the Wolves looking to hire Tom Thibodeau: "I'm really glad he's in the Western Conference, really glad"
This is Erie's 3rd straight Western Conference final, the last 2 years they lost Game 1 but both were on the road in Guelph and Soo
NHL playoff season is here again. Chalie Palmer looks @ the Eastern and Western Conference
3 out of the 4 Eastern Conference games were competitive. So far all 3 Western Conference games have been blow outs. East >West
Eastern Conf 1st round is competitive. Western Conference not so much. Total mismatches so far. Parity in the east. Dominance at top of west
[Sun Herald] Golden State will be tough to stop in NBA's Western Conference playoffs
Blazers-Clippers is only Western Conference series in which BPI favorite has less than 90% chance of winning series http…
NHL Western Conference playoff preview: Are the champs in trouble?
I'm calling it now, will be Western Conference champs.
So this morning, the Phoenix Suns are 50 -- Five Zero -- games out of first place in the Western Conference.
For as long as I have been a Stars fan they have been mediocre and now they are Western Conference champs I feel ya Tucker
What better way to celebrate the being Western Conference champs than with some custom geo…
True that. Central Division Champs and best in the Western Conference. But we are optimists!
Quote this with your prediction of the Eastern Conference champs and Western Conference champs.
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