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Westboro Baptist

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an Independent Baptist church known for its extreme stance against homosexuality and its protest activities, which include picketing funerals of American servicemen and desecrating the American flag.

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So its ok for me to be racist towards the followers Westboro Baptist Church? Think about that.
Exactly, like when Louis Theroux went to the westboro b…
Westboro Baptist Church is a fundamentalist org
This doofus sounds like the Westboro Baptist Church hired a PR firm
I am going to be picketed by Westboro Baptist.
We gave members of the Westboro Baptist Church LSD and convinced them that Jesus invented ***
The Westboro Baptist Church is now picketing soldiers' funerals with signs that read 'GOD HATES Gray gray
i would support a Westboro Baptist Church member before i support Killary Klinton
I disagree. I think there are far more SJW types than lunatic, far-right, westboro bapt…
Mady talking about Westboro baptist: "dey just mad cause dey baginas all flappy"
book to justify killing people. PP attack vs Orlando Shooting. Also, many Westboro Baptist members praised the orlando attack.
Your really laying it thick their Ron. Very poorly thought out though. How about singling ou…
Saw article about & of course Another fake Christian, they can divorce & remarry but can go to ***
Yes. Like how, as a *** person, I've always preferred the Westboro Baptist Church to the "love the s…
if just one girl was sent to the Westboro Baptist Church to be mutilated in the name of Jesus, would the NYT use the term then?
"the church is the highest legal authority over the earth"?. Which church?. Westboro Baptist? 😵. Grow up 😬…
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Oh, that's everybody then. So your a member of the Westboro Baptist Church then??
Congratulations to Joe Walsh as he assumes his new post as Head of PR and Timing at Westboro Baptist.
Which is really odd, it's the kind of things you hear fro…
Is just ain't me - why we gave daniel radcliffe lsd and why the Westboro Baptist Church lsd and convinced him that brexit ***
is the new Westboro Baptist Church, and he's just as pathetic.
Atheism can also claim religious liberty protections, as can muslims, Catholics and what ever the anti chur…
I stand corrected. Several cases have been through the US supreme court which were not up…
Q. How do you turn a liberal into a Westboro Baptist member?. A. Challenge trans ideology as a *** man.
US left fawns over faith with sects very similar to Westboro Baptist. Own it, & stop telling me to don a hijab.
Ok but Is it really Tuesday if I haven't been told I'm going to *** for wearing yoga pants by Westboro Baptist Church on my way to lecture
I'm looking forward to the episode where the Doctor beats the crap out of the Westboro Baptist Church 😂
I worry we worship this new Safeway so much, the Westboro Baptist Church is gunna protest it for becoming a "false idol"
I love that the Westboro Baptist Church reviews all call it a *** bar.
I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left
Westboro Baptist Church is the worst thing about UWM hands down
Update your maps at Navteq
Im refering to the Westboro Baptist Church ruling btw
Also why the media continually trots out Westb…
That's a broad and ignorant generalizatio…
Seems like just yesterday I was spending my nights sifting through faxes from every midstate police depar…
Saying all Muslims are evil because of ISIS is like saying all Christians are evil because of the Westboro Baptist Church
my mom has went from "Westboro Baptist Church" to "satinistic *** lover" in the past year and I'm so proud of her
Ideological purity tests is how you get ISIS or the Westboro Baptist Church
Been reading through your news stories. Absolutely loved this one!.
My aunt lives less than 1mi from Westboro Baptist-1st time I wanted to go to church in decades but she said no. Pro…
One person speaking does not represent billions. I'm sorry. Westboro Baptist c…
most muslims see salafism/wahabism (wearing of niqab) as EXTREMISM like Westboro Baptist Church in US. Educate yourself
So I listened to 2 Ted Talks today. One about the paranormal, one about Westboro Baptist Church. Both focused on respecting opinions.
In other news I hope everyone is enjoying the show except for the Westboro Baptist Church across the street. Kindly leave. 😊
I would've never known Jerusalem has a version of the Westboro Baptist "Church" without
Ok. Westboro Baptist is now the SECOND worst Church to visit Texas.
White Rural voters made Trump win?. First thing that came into my mind was Shirley Roper Phelps of Westboro Baptist and the KuKluxKlan.
Westboro Baptist Church:) Contemporary? So the bible is only applicable to the olden days? Thought so.
So law enforcement will protect the KKK, the American Nazis & the Westboro Baptist nuts, but Kaepernick?
I can't believe the dude that runs the Westboro Baptist Church is winning all these swimmin' medals.
Did the Westboro Baptist Church take over the copy desk or something?
I'm afraid of Christians because Westboro Baptist Church.
I rather take my chances with the Duggars and the Westboro Baptist Church.
im lookin at the Westboro Baptist Church vine account and i cannot stop laughing i love it
when did hire the Westboro Baptist Cult for their back covers?
Westboro Baptist Church is such a disgrace. They should be labeled a hate group and monitored by the Feds.
Blake Shelton has some choice words after the controversial church suggested he repent.
I think now we can all agree that Michael Phelps is a trash athlete who has the same name as the Westboro Baptist founder for a reason.
Live so fully that Westboro Baptist Church will picket your funeral | via
at least my boyfriend isn't a member of the Westboro Baptist Church but that's none of my business 🐸☕️
Dan must be a member of the Westboro Baptist Church
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So I'm at the Gwen concert and the Westboro Baptist Church is here YIKESSS
what a *** !! Westboro Baptist Church or the KKK will hire you when destroys in Nov.
I know Westboro Baptist Church exists but the Venn diagram of their existence and me having to see them doesn't have to overlap.
Louis Theroux's documentaries on the Westboro Baptist Church are truly fascinating
Pretty sure for me, BLM is right up there with Westboro Baptist Church...same thing, same ***
One for the fans - If Westboro Baptist Church Was Ran By Daleks
Oh my god the pokemon gym at Westboro Baptist is being controlled by a clefairy named "Loveislove" this is so cute
Westboro Baptist would say the same as you and could even use the same verse.
100% agree. And I think we should all be forced to associate with the Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK
and all I could think about was this song by the Westboro Baptist Church
you should do that outside the Westboro Baptist Chirch
trolling Westboro Baptist Church Pokemon go style!
Westboro Baptist Church is not bad at all.
Westboro Baptist Deadpool Does anyone else find this as hysterical as I do? Seriously, I look at th
Trump has gotten super Westboro-Baptist-Churchy and it's not a hot look on him.
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I'm making a powerpoint presentation about Westboro Baptist, so that's the limit of my fun today.
but I had to search up info bout Westboro Baptist Church for one and I feel pretty sick honestly
str8s when someone trolls the 6 members of the Westboro Baptist Church VS. when police routinely sanction QTPOC
the Westboro Baptist Church has like 40 members, if liberals didn't constantly give them attention they'd be safely ignored.
The Westboro Baptist Church is so desperate, they're grasping at anything to try to convince the rest of the world they…
I liked a video from CALLING THE Westboro Baptist Church TO MAKE ME STRAIGHT
My pastor had a sermon about why Westboro baptist is wrong.😬
i haven't cheered this hard over a Phelps since the Westboro Baptist Church founder died
Since Westboro Baptist Church lost with their endorsement of Jim Jones looks like they're ready to endorse
Thank you Blake Shelton throwing insults back at those Westboro Baptist *** The deserve it.
It's like Westboro Baptist to the regular Baptists. Not the same
You could donate to OR be honest and give your money & loyalty directly to the KKK, Westboro Baptist & Russia
you a member of Westboro Baptist Church Phil?
Tonight is the nights the crazies from Westboro Baptist are supposed to show up... They will of course make a fool of themselves if they do😀
5 Artists who went toe-to-toe with the Westboro Baptist Church.
. Go scare the crap out of the Westboro Baptist Church followers.
Michael Phelps is also the son of Westboro Baptist founder Fred Phelps and it really makes you think.
Michael Phelps is the son of Fred Phelps, the founder of Westboro Baptist.
Reading about Westboro Baptist reminds me that a lot of us were condemned to *** for chanting Lets Go Hawks before the Rose Bowl Parade.
Daesh (ISIS) attack on Medina is like Westboro Baptist Church attacking St Pauls Cathedral, it just proves that...
Westboro Baptist is in Grove City and I'm going to Columbus today great
Shellie, if Westboro Baptist ever protests a funeral in Lake Wales the way they did in Orlando, lets toss em in a lake nicely.
'Angels' to block Westboro Baptist protest at Orlando memorial
Danny - you still in town? We got Westboro Baptist protesting tomorrow in Orlando. Cathedral Church of St. Luke...
"I went to a liberal arts college, home to the most pretentious hipsters you ever did see, and the Westboro Baptist Church
Would happily watch every member of the Westboro Baptist Church jump of a bridge
Cruz is ACLU'ing up the whole process. He's the Gloria Allred candidate with a strong Westboro Baptist streak.
Must that Jewish deli must serve me a BLT? . Must that *** caterer serve weddings @ Westboro Baptist?
should I judge all Christians based on Westboro Baptist Church? No, because I'm not lazy and recognize influences other than relgn
Religion depends on how the follower interprets it. Look at the Westboro Baptist Church for example. Are they considered t…
Never forget: ISIS members are in the same way Muslims, as Westboro Baptist Church members are Christians. They are isolated g…
what abt prolife Christians that think it's ok to kill abortion drs or Westboro Baptist Church protesting military funerals
Should I blame all Christians for what the KKK or the Westboro Baptist Church does?
Don't expect Muslims to take stronger action against extremists if you don't do the same against the KKK or Westboro Ba…
I liked a video Patriot guard protect's a Fallen Soldier's Funeral from the Westboro Baptist Church
Don't Label/Hate class of people due to over top religious fanatics in their midst. ie Christians in Kansas due to Westboro Baptist Church
Nobody thinks that all Christians act like the Westboro Baptist Church members so why is it okay to think all Muslims are terrorists?
First *** supporters, when is the Westboro Baptist Church going to show up?
Standing in affirmation with Duke Ellington School of the Arts and community as Westboro Baptist protests.
Silly CodePink activists find common cause with the Westboro Baptist Church in protesting ht…
that's like *** people voting for The Westboro Baptist Church to be president.
I liked a video i got my interview with Westboro Baptist Church set up! COMING SOON!
What kind of people protest Hezbollah terror supporters. Westboro Baptist Church. JVP.Codepink
Unsurprised to get comments condemning me for comparing Westboro Baptist to ISIS. Using a religion to spread hate is wrong. No…
I'm going to become the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church just so I can come out of the closet at one of their protests
Because the Westboro Baptist Church exists, all Christians are racist, bigoted hillbillies. Unfair statement right? Same as …
Yet we are so quick to say "THATS NOT REAL CHRISTIANITY" when it's something like Westboro Baptist Church. Terrorism knows no religion...
lmao okay, so are you saying that Westboro Baptist Church shares the ideals of every Christian in the world
Also, ISIS is not Islam, the KKK are not Protestants, Westboro Baptist Church are not baptists, Child-molesting priests are …
complains about "hate" while they find common cause with Westboro Baptist Church
complains about "hate" when they find common cause with Westboro Baptist Church
Hating all muslims because of ISIS is like hating all Christians because of Westboro Baptist.
Westboro Baptist Church protested at NASA yesterday but these counter-protesters showed em. https…
I could easily compare you to jihadists or Westboro Baptist Church but I won't sink to your level.
waiting for you to top the Westboro Baptist Church's "Going to *** list for doing that.
that's still not ALL Muslims.That's a population of people. We wouldn't look at Westboro Baptist Church & label all Christians
ISIL is to Islam what Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity. as you say "extememists". next
Miko !! and join the Westboro Baptist Church in protesting
to them the opposite is true. Look at the Westboro Baptist Church, theyre convinced that an omnipotent being who created...
So do groups like Westboro Baptist Church and Right to Life crazies.(&most Trump supporters) What's your point?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
*me talking to my friend from Boston*. him: don't you live in the same town as the Westboro Baptist Church? . me: well. unfortunately
ISIS is to Islam what Westboro Baptist is to Christianity. Stop generalizing and demonizing entire religions.
Westboro Baptist Church to picket the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School in NYC on Thursday, 3/31/16:
Vegans are the Westboro Baptist Church of eating tbh
If you're going to judge Islam based on extremists, you better judge Christianity based on the Westboro Baptist Church & the Inquisition.
The Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK both claim to be Christian
Quit calling all Muslims terrorists. There are radial *** in every religion. Not all Christians are like Westboro Baptist.
Kinda missed the point there, Islam is not the problem! Do u blame all Christians for the actions of Westb…
Westboro Baptist Church planning ANOTHER picket at NASA -- this time Goddard Institute for Space Studies:
Muslims view "Islamic" terrorists the same way most Christians view the Westboro Baptist Church….
The type of people that vote for Trump are the same type of people that go to Vacation Bible school at Westboro Baptist...
Ted Cruz is a Christian extremist. The Westboro Baptist Church support him. 😦
In 2011 Scalia affirmed Westboro Baptist's First Amendment right to protest funerals. Tomorrow they'll protest his. http…
Finally, a funeral that the Westboro Baptist Church will not picket.
No, you can find "love and acceptance" with the Westboro Baptist Church because you're a bigot.
Scalia's vote for the Westboro Baptist Church was principled & correct. I suspect he'd be amused by this grim irony.
Megan Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Phelps...yeah, them.
Fred Phelps (1929-2014) || founder of Westboro Baptist Church, ugly man
It's just silly to say that ALL Muslims are bad. I don't want to be judged based on Timothy Mcveigh/Westboro Baptist.
A Westboro Baptist daughter's move from the church. Fascinating piece from
hmmm.something inspirational for a friday morning?.. Live a life that the Westboro Baptist Church will want to picket when you die.
"Live your life so the Westboro Baptist "Church" wants to picket your funeral.". --Penny Hodgers Kausal. LOL, perfect!
If the Westboro Baptist 'church' refers to you as ''filth personified'' after your death, you can call that a life well lived.
"Bum hunting is the media’s preferred tactic of fighting the culture war too: Westboro Baptist, that Starbucks...
Fitness model (and reformed Westboro Baptist picketer), Lauren Drain
They have become the new Westboro Baptist Church, targeting innocents as matter of routine (ncluding innocent police).
that's like letting the Westboro Baptist Church ruin Christianity for you
And we have Westboro Baptist, Samuel Ward, Kevin Swanson, Charles Worley and countless others
Saying the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church are not Christians just because you don't agree with them
.Respectfully disagree, DAESH is mainstream Islam like the KKK or Westboro Baptist Church are mainstream Christians
Life-affirming redemption story of a Westboro Baptist. Clear-eyed, steady-handed work by
"See something beautiful" - narrated by Nathan Phelps, son of Westboro Baptist pastor, Fred Phelps.
Westboro Baptist Church is probably the worst case of "freedom of speech" we have in the country.
Channeling Fred Phelps & Westboro Baptist haters protest him as he comforts victims of mass murder.
I wish I was lucky enough to run into Westboro Baptist members on the street
Shewee. The worst we have on the Christian side is that *** Westboro Baptist Church. They're a religion all by...
The folks from the Westboro Baptist Church are standing on the corner of 30th and 8th carrying a sign that reads "Thank God for 9/11."
Have heard Westboro Baptist has protesters on/near your campus.
John Hagee, Pat Robertson and Westboro Baptist Church can stand to take some pointers on how to be good Christian leaders from Pope Francis.
OPHS is now being picketed by Westboro Baptist Church. Please show your support of my Alma Mater!
As an OPHS alumni, I support my high school against the Westboro Baptist Church!
Lol at the interview Fox News did with the Westboro Baptist Church..all circumstances aside, that wasn't even journalism
.. joins Republicans. She may as well go the whole hog and join the Westboro Baptist Church as well.
No matter how strongly I believe in free speech, Katie Hopkins and the Westboro Baptist Church pushes the limit
I would love 2 see Pope visit Westboro Baptist Church & oldmans church just to see them spontaneously combust and burst into flames
Why can't somebody disembowel and smear her guts all over the
feds never let anyone have fun. Still don't see the problem releasing Sarafin on Westboro Baptist, but appearantly it's illegal
Don't be too flattered, GOP. She also wanted to join Westboro Baptist Church.
J.K. Rowling Just Took on Westboro Baptist Church Trolls and the Result Was Amazing by via
Westboro Baptist Church is going to protest a school in my district because they crowned a transgender as homecoming queen.
. I think Westboro Baptist still clings to this, but could you see uttering this garbage
Westboro Baptist Church is going to a near by high school of mine to picket because our homecoming queen is a transgender.
Is it just me or does look like she would be a perfect fit for baptist church.
Well.. Westboro Baptist Church is picketing my high school... That's not cool..
Westboro Baptist Church to picket Oak Park High School in KC, where a guy was crowned hoco Queen
Kevin Brosam approves of ISIS, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the ku klux klan.
i think you guys should take down Westboro Baptist Church website: they are pulling there crap again
Westboro Baptist Church is protesting @ a high school close to me for a transgender winning homecoming queen
After picketing their faces TWICE, Westboro Baptist can tell you
In response to the Westboro Baptist Church parodies The
The fact that Westboro Baptist Church is going to Oak Park to protest a beautiful transgender teen winning homecoming queen makes me sick.
Who wants to help us beat *** when the Westboro Baptist Church protests at Oakpark?
Turns out Westboro Baptist is gonna picket at my lady school over the transgender HOCO queen. Welp guess who may get arrested for assault!!
John Rambo's end-of-movie monologue in Part II is a perfect argument against Westboro Baptist.
Westboro Baptist, 100 members, is hated by Baptists. Radical Islam? Embraced by millions. Good straw man argument
People followed Hitler, Steven Anderson, Voldemort & Westboro Baptist, it's just that some people are stupid & brainwashed...
Tbt to the time Westboro Baptist Church came to Oak Hills and we got out of school early to avoid riots 😅😂
that extremists are monitored and arrested in the US but Westboro Baptist Church can picket funerals and preach hate?
the Westboro Baptist Church must be Rick rolled...everyday
Hate in the name of GOD. Yep ..I'm sure the entire Westboro Baptist congregation will be spending eternity in the same place
Foo Fighters to appear at every Westboro Baptist Church rally
Westboro Baptist Church shouts death to America, do we Bomb Kansas? Best deal available is …
make it official for God to like *** hence pissing off Westboro Baptist Church no end
ban the kardashians and Westboro Baptist Church.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
That the Westboro Baptist Church can protest outside of concerts?
make the Westboro Baptist Church followers walk around with hats that have massive *** on them
the existence of the Westboro Baptist Church
is it ok that the Foo Fighter unleashed Rick Astley on Westboro Baptist protestors?
a full on ban of the Westboro Baptist Church?
remove the freedom of speech from Westboro Baptist Church
all Americans have the right to freedom of speech unless you are from the Westboro Baptist Church
That the Foo Fighters rick rolled the Westboro Baptist Church?
For the foos to inflict Rick Astley upon The Westboro Baptist Church
that the Foo Fighters RickRolled the Westboro Baptist Church?
to ask the Sousaphone band to join the in RickRolling the Westboro Baptist Church?
"Are stillborns going to *** ". "No". "What about the third day after they're born?". "Well yes". I love Westboro Baptist Church interviews
If Someone Executed 50 Members of the Westboro Baptist Church. ... Would the Surviving Members Picket t...
to hope mentions Westboro Baptist getting Rick rolled?
Meet the Westboro Baptist Church choir! And find them on (Vine by
Little Giant Ladders
that rick rolled your friends Westboro Baptist Church? Awesome footage lol.
Westboro Baptist Church showed up at my college campus. If you don't know about them look them up
Just met the Westboro Baptist Church of Purdue. They called me and a bunch other people rapist.
White People who think that eating sushi is "Cultural Appropriation" are to what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity.
Westboro Baptist Church people at purdue are crazy. Will post videos soon. Stay tuned
So its official the BDS Movement is the Westboro Baptist Church of the international community
What is your opinion about Westboro Baptist Church, and will you one day wreck their signs?
Westboro Baptist Church had better be kept away from the Papal visit if they are going to be mean .
*Infiltrates the Westboro Baptist Church. *Changes all their protest signs to dic pics. *Wins the first Nobel Prize for Real…
Westboro Baptist Church to picket on 9/3/15 & sing this parody: News release:
Yes, Westboro Baptist Church a case in point. And they're all lawyers! They make their money by suing people! God Hates: Them!
Flipped off some Westboro Baptist wannabes and still made it to class on time so it's a great day.
It will be easier for the Nazis and the Communists to enter heaven than anyone from the Westboro Baptist Church.
That is so wonderful that it makes me smile. of &
The Foo Fighters Rick Rolled that Westboro Baptist protest.. That may have been the greatest video that I have ever seen..
Will you be revisiting the Wild Horse Adult Resort or Westboro Baptist for a follow up documentary?
so how is life at the Westboro Baptist Church for you nutjobs?
Westboro Baptist to picket funerals of victims. 😡 More on mass shootings:
Lafayette shooter's digital footprint reveals affinity for Hitler, Westboro Baptist, and 'power of the lone wolf':
Lafayette shooter's online life: Hitler, Westboro Baptist, and 'the power of the lone wolf':
gunman was big fan of Westboro Baptist. Christian terrorists shame ISIS by killing more Americans! http…
Social justice is trying to ruin the lgbt community. Westboro Baptist, take notes!
I think Harvey Updyke should handle the communion wine at Westboro Baptist this Sunday...
Crowd awaits Westboro Baptist protestors at Chattanooga shooting memorial on Lee highway.Westboro said to protest.
Crowd awaits Westboro Baptist protesters at Chattanooga shooting memorial on ... - Chattanooga Times Free Press
Westboro Baptist reportedly planning to protest funerals of slain servicemen - Chattanooga Times Free Press
Fred Phelps is the Westboro Baptist Church guy, not Michael Phelps
Lol do people really not know that radicalism is present in all religions? Westboro Baptist Church?
Idea! Take all illegal criminals and put them in Westboro Baptist Church. Then lock doors. Then blow up Westboro Baptist c…
'I had to pray for people to die': Woman escaped 'hate cult' Westboro Baptist ... via
they aren't a church or Christian. Westboro Baptist is a democrat organizat…
The irony of course is that religious nut cases from ISIS to the Westboro Baptist Church are united in homophobia
Apparently, Westboro Baptist ignores part of the ◄ 1 John 4:8 ►. Read:
Westboro Baptist as fundamentalist Christians. ISIS as Muslim. Fringe is fringe of something nonfringe.
Just imagine what it's like at the Westboro Baptist Church right now. Imagine how red their faces are. Relish it
God loves everyone, even the sinners. So if you're acting like a Westboro Baptist Church moron I suggest you refresh your Bible knowledge.
Westboro Baptist is as bad if not more Hate filled than Rev. Wright's Trinity United Church where Obama attended for 20 years
Westboro Baptist Church try to fly Irish flag upside down in protest, struggle with it
Westboro Baptist 'church' hate-group coming to Elizabeth City, NC, on 31 MAY 2015. Not what Christianity is about.
and the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church justify themselves with the Bible
Westboro Baptist doesn't represent ALL Baptists, they provoke but nobody kills them. We have right to protest.
we should interview Westboro Baptist and say that represents all Baptists
Youknow, when the Westboro Baptist people do what they do, we don't blame/hate all Baptists...
Should a *** Baker be FORCED to CATER a wedding at the Westboro Baptist's Church??
saying Neturei Karta reps Jews is like saying Westboro Baptist reps Christians.
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It ain't me, babe. ISIS. Is like Westboro Baptist: They only claim the faith; they neither teach nor live it.
Is there anything more embarrassing than having apart of the Muslim faith? Westboro Baptist banshees
The founder of Westboro Baptist Church has died.Thank God!
Leonard Nimoy was an awesome man and I know he lived his life right because Westboro Baptist Church is going to...
If the Westboro Babtist is going to picket Nimoy's funeral, I'd love to see the stand guard.
Is the Westboro Baptist Church just trolling at this point or...?
Would anyone care if I followed Westboro Baptist Church protests around the country, randomly sniping one off each visit?
Can someone take out Westboro Baptist Church so we can all picket their funerals and have a huge orgy outside?
It’s worth noting: the Westboro group doesn’t always show up when they threaten, and, perhaps more enc... via
We need & of all fandoms to block these lunatics: …
Hey Westboro Baptist, can you please do a virtual picket of They're hypocrites.
Still, the thing to remember is that Leonard Nimoy's legacy will live on long after everyone's forgotten Westboro Baptist Church.
So, I'm thinking this may be a good time to hire a couple of American Snipers to end the WBC once and for all.
Westboro Baptist Church once again threatens to demonstrate at Leonard Nimoy's Funeral. These people belong in ***
Westboro Baptist Church proving once again what attention seekers they are. They've threatened to picket Leonard Nimoy's funeral.
Their behaviour is moronic, as usual.
Amazing.Ive seen Islamic apologists use the Westboro Baptist Church as a counter argument to Islamic terrorism.Such
OK GUYS... IT'S TIME. We have reached the point in the road where we have to end The Westboro Baptist Church... .
How is it we allow the Westboro Baptist Church to pick and choose who's funeral to picket? Tax the Group into oblivion.
If Westboro Baptist Church has a protest at my funeral, then I know I did something right in my life.
Very few are terrorists, As very few Christians preach hate as the Westboro Baptist Church do.
we need to dress as Klingons and get in their faces with batliffs and start screaming about dishonor to them.
The hate mongers at Westboro Baptist Church are at it again.
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