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Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an Independent Baptist church known for its extreme stance against homosexuality and its protest activities, which include picketing funerals of American servicemen and desecrating the American flag.

Vans Warped Tour Louis Theroux

Congratulations a successful rebranding! You are now considered as hateful and ridiculous as the Westboro Bapt…
omg the Westboro Baptist Church read my essay
wHy does the westboro baptist church still exist
you're picketed by the Westboro Baptist Church.
He's done ones on the Westboro Baptist Church, prisons, Israel, sex offenders, UFOs, Ameri…
Louis Theroux’s doco on the Westboro Baptist Church is far to depressing to go to sleep on. Better watch Orphan Black now
watching that Louis Theroux and the Westboro Baptist church doco now and I want to throw things at the TV...
Westboro Baptist Church would like to thank Dean Esmay for making them look sane.
Fun fact: apparently Westboro Baptist Church once protested a Lorde show because, "there's only one Lord".
it's like presenting the westboro baptist church as representing Christianity.
Watch what happened when the Westboro Baptist Church protested the Vans Warped Tour ⋆ Epeak . Independent news and… ht…
Sounds like one of those Westboro Baptist Church "christians". Too much hatred, not enough love. She…
The way I've lived and will continue too, the westboro Baptist church will picket my funeral. It was all worth it lol.
TIL a house right across the street from Westboro Baptist Church was intentionally bought and painted rainbow...
Westboro Baptist Church showed up to Warped Tour. I was told to stop fornicating w/ men. Not sure who she thought I was.…
Listen it's this simple. In America w…
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Vans Warped Tour rejected the Westboro Baptist Church like a bad organ transplant. Check out what happened:…
Warped Tour stands up to Westboro Baptist Church at recent stop
Only CSUEB knows the westboro baptist church speakers smh
Please don't allow that to be witnessed outside of Westboro Baptist Church, again.
Westboro Baptist Church is at it again. -
If Trump goes so will Secretary of Health Tom Price. Mike Pence met with Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps about being the new SOH
I have to encounter my Westboro Baptist Church-leaning, Bible-obsessed aunt for the first time in 5 years tomorrow. Send positive vibes.
Thought Louis Theroux' first documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church was bad but the 2nd one Is worse 😡 so much anger
What's the difference between trolling family and the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at f…
Are you related to the Westboro Baptist Church or something??? That's extreme, even for American Christians 😲
The GOP in have by and large become the Westboro Baptist Church of American politics. Embarrassing, sad, and of…
anyone else unsettled that we haven't heard from the Westboro Baptist Church in a while? Like are they just like "life is good now" or what
never get your info from Westboro Baptist Church
You will then love some of the quotes by the Westboro Baptist Church, just google it!
The memorial was held about 3 blocks away from the Westboro Baptist Church, but she died suddenly. They didn't protest. I bet they would've.
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You'd object if Westboro Baptist Church were upheld as representative Christians. Why…
You're joking. So the Westboro Baptist Church fell off your radar?
This doofus sounds like the Westboro Baptist Church hired a PR firm
Yes. Like how, as a *** person, I've always preferred the Westboro Baptist Church to the "love the s…
if just one girl was sent to the Westboro Baptist Church to be mutilated in the name of Jesus, would the NYT use the term then?
is the new Westboro Baptist Church, and he's just as pathetic.
I'm looking forward to the episode where the Doctor beats the crap out of the Westboro Baptist Church 😂
I worry we worship this new Safeway so much, the Westboro Baptist Church is gunna protest it for becoming a "false idol"
I love that the Westboro Baptist Church reviews all call it a *** bar.
I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left
Westboro Baptist Church is the worst thing about UWM hands down
Saying all Muslims are evil because of ISIS is like saying all Christians are evil because of the Westboro Baptist Church
Ideological purity tests is how you get ISIS or the Westboro Baptist Church
When did SJWs replace the Westboro Baptist Church (and those like them) as society's laughing stock?
I liked a video Veterans Protect a Fallen Soldier's Funeral from the Westboro Baptist Church
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Don't even get me started about Westboro Baptist Church being on campus tomorrow 😤
You do know this pic is a Westboro Baptist Church protest & not "Christians", righ…
there's no reason to ever go to Westboro Baptist Church
no one in Westboro Baptist Church is worth listening to
Westboro Baptist Church is protesting at both of the institutions I teach at tmrw. is fun!
Members of Westboro Baptist Church have been killed in a San Bernardino elementary school shooting.
Finland, apparently more Tr00 Kvlt than Norway, then. According to the Westboro Baptist Church at least.…
I agree the Westboro Baptist Church that Finland is the land of so dam hot saunas and Gomorrah.
Do you believe in love & equality? Then join us tomorrow @ 8:30am on campus as we counter protest the Westboro Baptist Church
Westboro Baptist Church will be at Rancho High School, CSN, and UNLV tomorrow
Why was UC Berkeley having Ann Coulter speak in the 1st place? That'd be like Westboro Baptist Church asking the Dalai Lama to do a podcast.
Trump is to conservatism what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity. The 35% of America who think he's doing a good job rn- why??
I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left
Apparently the Westboro Baptist Church is coming to my campus tomorrow and I'm so glad I dont have classes on Thursday. 🙃
Westboro Baptist Church verbally attacks in the name of religion.
Yes. 3k sects of xianity, from Catholics to Westboro Baptist Church, believe that theirs is…
"Here’s the problem: Hating the Westboro Baptist Church is a dangerous waste of time and emotional energy, a...
My new goal in life is to be specifically protested by the Westboro Baptist Church
Really interesting Ted talks by Megan Phelps-Roper on why she left the Westboro Baptist Church.
My greatest goal in life is to live so fully that the Westboro Baptist Church pickets my funeral.
I'm calling the Westboro Baptist Church, you *** will be hung.
Hey let's let the Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK march too. Gotta be "inclusive" right?
Google "Westboro Baptist Church- Wikipedia"- They are trying to fight the perversion of our culture by LGBT, Jews, Catholics, etc.!
The only people that truly hate me are my step mother and the members of the Westboro Baptist Church...and I'm so okay with that.
Westboro Baptist Church aims to take Rasmea Odeh's place beside Linda Sarsour to lead the resistance
Are you aware that the Westboro Baptist Church made a cover/parody of Dear Theodosia?…
there are Christians who don't see women as equals too. There's the f'ing Westboro Baptist Church, etc. Fear won't save the USA
And the Westboro Baptist Church is just like all the other Batptists - right?
ISIS is representative of Islam in the same way that Westboro Baptist Church is representative of Christianity.
People are gonna see I follow the Westboro Baptist Church and think I agree with them when really I laugh at everything they post lmao
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why go to Westboro Baptist Church when you could go somewhere good instead
Westboro Baptist Church protested Yeshiva University this morning. The student response was full of love. Photo by
A group of students, alumni and friends held a counter-protest against the Westboro Baptist Church this morning.…
"Oh yeah, well, heh heh, what about the Westboro Baptist Church?"
I liked a video Westboro Baptist Church protests at Yeshiva University
Let me think, Westboro Baptist Church, BuzzFeed, Donald Trump, professional victims and Hillary Clinton
How many people have the Westboro Baptist Church killed in the name of Jesus again?
I'm glad white people have established themselves as a fringe branch of the Westboro Baptist Church.
These Preachers from Westboro Baptist Church - Is this a Christian? Peace
Terrorists do not represent Islam. In the same way that the Westboro Baptist Church does not represent Christians.
I declare that, in response to the we deport the Ku Klux Klan, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the Churches…
Every branch of Christianity from the most liberal Episcopalian church to the Westboro Baptist Church uses the bible as its source.
I was once called "the Westboro Baptist Church" of the tokusatsu fansub community.
Pls can the LGBTQ+ community claim the hateful songs of the Westboro Baptist Church so they don't spread the hate they want them to?!
Yet more "no true Christian" fallacy, especially when the Westboro Baptist Church, Paul Hill, etc. would say the op…
is the dumbest protest that has happened in the history of civilization. Worse than Westboro Baptist Church. Just plain stupid.
Westboro Baptist Church. You really need to hit up your history books. 🙄
The Trump administration: the Westboro Baptist Church of American political history. (Bannon plays Phelps in the HB…
yes, facts are facts. I'm Southern Baptist and I abhor what the Westboro Baptist Church does in the name of Christ!
Well it's official. The United States is being run by the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, and Russia
Westboro Baptist Church. The Christians at the Salem witch trials. Do you need more?
Worked on a secret project today with Nathan Phelps! Son of the Westboro Baptist Church and LGBTQ+ activist 🌈🌈 my *** h…
In this generation, the Westboro Baptist Church is the only church that plainly tells you what the Bible says without being paid for it!
Zuma quoting the Bible is like the Westboro Baptist Church quoting People Magazine.
Wrong, USA is united in hatred for Jesus Christ, preached by Westboro Baptist Church:
I preferred when Westboro Baptist Church were fringe lunatics, not the Executive Branch ...
I don't like people that practice Islam the same as I dont like Jehova Witnesses or Branch Dividians or Westboro Baptist Church
Hope the Westboro Baptist Church never cease, they bring me endless entertainment
. shares his experience with the Westboro Baptist Church with after they visited
IUPUI turns backs to Westboro Baptist Church protest...
Did I ever tell you about the time I called Westboro Baptist Church and preached a bible verse to them about *** marriage? No? Okay.
Westboro Baptist Church makes me so mad because they tell everyone they're going to *** Read the *** bible! Jesus never did that.
Actually, Westboro Baptist Church, I think you'll find that this is a far greater abomination than htt…
Westboro Baptist Church was at Vans Warped Tour yesterday to protest! Details here:.
I hear Westboro Baptist Church is protesting our show in Kansas City, and I have never felt more right in my life! Hit…
There has to be a welcoming committee. Like when the Westboro Baptist Church showed up.
I can't believe the dude that runs the Westboro Baptist Church is winning all these swimmin' medals.
Did the Westboro Baptist Church take over the copy desk or something?
I rather take my chances with the Duggars and the Westboro Baptist Church.
Westboro Baptist Church is such a disgrace. They should be labeled a hate group and monitored by the Feds.
at least my boyfriend isn't a member of the Westboro Baptist Church but that's none of my business 🐸☕️
Dan must be a member of the Westboro Baptist Church
I know Westboro Baptist Church exists but the Venn diagram of their existence and me having to see them doesn't have to overlap.
Louis Theroux's documentaries on the Westboro Baptist Church are truly fascinating
100% agree. And I think we should all be forced to associate with the Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK
Westboro Baptist Church is not bad at all.
the Westboro Baptist Church has like 40 members, if liberals didn't constantly give them attention they'd be safely ignored.
i haven't cheered this hard over a Phelps since the Westboro Baptist Church founder died
5 Artists who went toe-to-toe with the Westboro Baptist Church.
. Go scare the crap out of the Westboro Baptist Church followers.
Have you guys considered that maybe the Westboro Baptist Church is saying that God hates cigarettes and not homosexuals? Has anyone asked?
Apparently had an employee go all Westboro Baptist Church on a beloved dead college athlete this weekend? Yikes.
My family though has been pretty chill but I live in Topeka, where Westboro Baptist Church is so
be able to only sleep with closeted members of the Westboro Baptist Church for the rest of your life
Freedom of speech versus hate speech: the case of Westboro Baptist Church
Probably the worst part about the Republican National Convention is the Westboro Baptist Church is outside, dressed like chee…
A giant Clefairy named "LoveIsLove" has overtaken the Westboro Baptist Church:.
can u talk on ur show about the LGBT community challenging the Westboro Baptist Church 2 a Pokémon battle.
One of the top 10 on my bucket list - Make out with a girl in front of the westboro baptist church protesters
I can't believe westboro baptist church joined Pokemon go just to battle their gym currently held by the Pokemon named love is love
When will satan do us all a favour and take the westboro baptist church back to the dark pits of *** where it belongs?
An LGBTQ activist is battling the Westboro Baptist Church in Pokémon Go. Yes really. - Upworthy
It's the little things that make me happy:.
Westboro Baptist Church has been claimed for a clefairy named "LoveisLove."
“Westboro Baptist Church Gym is controlled by a Clefairy named LOVEISLOVE.” Not for long!!
Did u hear? Westboro Baptist Church is a gym that is now controlled by a Clefairy named LoveIsLove> My *** heart is bursting
In case you need to smile: The infamous Westboro Baptist Church is a Pokemon gym and the gym's owner named their pokem…
Who knew that Westboro Baptist Church and the Trump Tower would be an ideal place for Pokémon Gyms? 😂
an unstoppable clefairy named Loveislove has apparently seized control of the Westboro Baptist Church gym
The is a spot and Westboro Baptist Church is a gym 😂🙌🏼
Throwback to when the Westboro Baptist Church got mad at me for writing about Dave Grohl on AP
What playing looks like when you live next to Westboro Baptist Church.
John, is all of Christianity responsible for the Westboro Baptist Church? Apply that to Muslims & AQ. Very easy.
but the Westboro Baptist Church isn't bombing people and killing non believers for not reciting the Bible. ***
Westboro Baptist Church protested my church's General Assembly, never been more proud to be Unitarian Universalist
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The Freedom From Religion Foundation is like if the Westboro Baptist Church was taken over by Delores Umbridge
Rest In Peace, But also Respect. . Westboro Baptist Church, you shouldn't be targeted innocent people, because...
you know you've completely given up on life when you support the Westboro Baptist Church. Like rock bottom. bedrock. emphasis on bottom
Certainly a Westboro Baptist Church member is in far less perfect communion than, say, an Anglican.
What cancerous rock in *** did the hatemongers at Westboro Baptist Church slither out from under? Jail them all!!!
If Babavakian is of interest to you, then no comment here can help you. It's a sad cult, the people in it are clearly unhealthy. Westboro Baptist Church for socially isolated leftists. Avoid!
Favorite quote of the week: Live life so fully that the Westboro Baptist Church will picket your funeral - Unknown
Westboro Baptist Church protests funeral but blocked by hundreds of protesters singing amazing Grace
Calling on all decent people in Orlando to counter the despicable plans of Westboro Baptist Church to disrupt the funerals of…
If a white closeted Christian did this and pledged allegiance to the Westboro Baptist Church, would anyone argue religion…
Westboro Baptist Church members welcome in Cleveland for the RNC: Unprofessional Mark Naymik
Westboro Baptist Church members and other vile fools must be welcome in Cleveland for the RNC: Mark Naymik
Situated across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church compound in Topeka, Kansas, Equality House is a bold statement against intolera…
you "reporting" on the Westboro Baptist Church "some voices say God kills soldiers because he hates *** "
Can't go a day in Michigan without being asked if I'm part of the Westboro Baptist Church when I wear my Westborough stuff 🌚🌝
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Westboro Baptist Church lies again about soldiers being hated of God. Mat 8:9 For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me.
I would hate for all Baptists to be judged by the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, for example.
If the Westboro Baptist Church picketing funerals is protected speech (as the Supreme Ct decided), you have no chance there.
Westboro Baptist Church couldn't tell the law of God from Satan's backside if you smacked them all upside the head with a Bible.
It basically involves the Ark of the Covenant. Shut your eyes. Unless you're a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, then shut your eyes!
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