West Wing & Jimmy Smits

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West Wing did a live (broadcast live) presidential debate that was the *** Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda going tete et tete.
Finally getting to the last season of West Wing. Season six struggled at times, but I like the election set-up of Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits
you guys didn't tell me Jimmy Smits was in West Wing! Meow! :-D
After watching the West Wing, I love hearing Jimmy Smits voice pop up in random places (see: Ken Burn's The West)
Haven't watched that show yet. But I've been watching West Wing lately. I'm at the Alan Alda/Jimmy Smits election.
Oh yes. Jimmy Smits speech about liberals during the West Wing debate was priceless!
Got to second half of season 6 of West Wing. Jimmy Smits for President!
I finished West Wing last night on Netflix. I'd be sadder, except I can't stand Jimmy Smits and end of the series Josh Lyman.
In my dream last night our car broke down and Jimmy Smits gave us a ride home. “It’s all good” he said. I think West Wing is to blame.
I know Jimmy Smits is a good guy in West Wing, but I can't stop thinking of his Dexter character.
So, here is the thing: I only watched the two last seasons of the West Wing for Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits. And it was worth it.
Mmmm, remember when Jimmy Smits was in West Wing? Love love.
“what are your favorite Jimmy Smits characters? // Matt Santos in West Wing
I watched way too much West Wing. One of the managers here looks like Jimmy Smits. I just called him Congressman...
West Wing jumped the shark with the 'military shuttle' arc. Then pretending Jimmy Smits could beat Alan Alda at anything
I stopped watching NYPD Blue when Jimmy Smits died. Couldn't handle my grief. But then he turned up in West Wing :-)
Now that I've almost finished the West Wing, I may need to start watching NYPD Blue to get my Jimmy Smits fix.
I tried that with my West Wing rewatch (the why the *** is CJ CoS & the fine but not WW-ish Jimmy Smits years) & gave up.
Re-watching West Wing. Jimmy Smits just announced point ten of Josh's nine point plan *swoon*
Season 7 of the West Wing should be called "Jimmy Smits featuring Kristin Chenoweth's boobs"
I am watching the debate episode between Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits on the West Wing. I was told that it was filmed live... which makes Alda's long pause in the beginning that much better.
For those of you who may not have followed West Wing, the last season was about an election. Jimmy Smits represented the Democrats and Alan Alda the Republicans. It was a grand portrayal of how a good honorable campaign should be run. In the end Alda loses to Smits but is offered the position of Secretary of State by Smits. I just sent a message to the White House that some such magnanimous act be made toward a descent man and patriot, Governor Romney. It could go a long way to bringing the log jam in Congress to a demise.
Maybe Obama will give Romney a position in his cabinet. Like when Jimmy Smits made Alan Alda his vice president on West Wing.
This gives me great hope. Reminds me of the last episode of West Wing when Jimmy Smits as the newly elected president asked Alan Alda, the loser in the race, from the opposite party, to be a part of the new administration.
I think I'll watch Alan Alda & Jimmy Smits debate on West Wing. It's got more respect and intellect.
Ever since I heard Jimmy Smits claim that Medicare was more efficient than private insurance companies in the West Wing debate episode, I knew something was wrong. Government agencies are not more efficient than private companies. I just knew something was wrong. I had no idea it was as bad as it was. In short, Medicare covers people who are older and sicker than private insurance companies (who have young people in their plans as well). So measuring efficiency by looking at overhead divided by payments out horribly skews the data in favor of medicare. It's like a millionaire saying he pays less for his car as a proportion of his income than I do, therefore he shops more efficiently even though I'm driving a $6000 car and he's got a $60,000 car. A more reasonable and obvious measure, would be how much does Medicare pay per customer for overhead compared to private insurance. By that measure, private insurance companies are more efficient, and have been for years. The story is actually worse than thi ...
I'm sorry. I can't take any more of this. I am going to go watch reruns of West Wing. I'm up to Jimmy Smits @ Democratic convention.
I can vouch for Obama's claims about the cost of Medicare administration. Jimmy Smits said the same thing on West Wing.
Here we go. I have a feeling we'll all be better off re-watching Jimmy Smits versus Alan Alda in the West Wing fake debates.
West Wing wise show, now it's the Newsroom...
I forgot the West Wing did a live Presidential debate episode with Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda. It was very realistic.
“I'm going to be on in a few minutes.Turn on your TVs, people.”// West Wing, Jimmy Smits, Alan Alda. Wonderful!
Another reason why I love the West Wing -- this also applies in real life! During a presidential debate between Senator Vinick (Republican - played by Alan Alda) and Congressman Matt Santos (Democrat - played by Jimmy Smits). The West Wing - Season 7 Episode 7. This episode was taped and shown live in prime-time. Santos: It's true, Republicans have tried to turn 'liberal' into a bad word. Well, liberals ended slavery in this country. Vinick: A Republican president ended slavery. Santos: Yes, a liberal Republican. What happened to them? They got run out of your party. What did liberals do that was so offensive to the Republican party? I'll tell you what they did. Liberals got women the right to vote. Liberals got African-Americans the right to vote. Liberals created social security and lifted millions of elderly people out of poverty. Liberals ended segregation. Liberals passed the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Liberals created Medicare. Liberals passed the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water A ...
"Liberal" is not a dirty word (From Matt Santos, in "West Wing" (played by Jimmy Smits, with Alan Alda)
They really made Ron Perlman look hammered. Funny seeing Jimmy Smits after playing The Prez in "West Wing."
Just got to the ep of West Wing where Jimmy Smits's character sings Costello's "Alison." Just when I thought I couldn't love this show more.
The political ad reuniting the cast of the West Wing needed Jimmy Smits
Jimmy Smits on Sons of Anarchy as some kind of pimp This guy was elected president on the West Wing.
I've only seen the Jimmy Smits election season of West Wing. It was spooky to reflect on in 2008.
Just finished watching Season 6 of West Wing. I had forgotten just how good-looking Jimmy Smits is. Then found out he is in the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy! Nice!
sorry. Had to charge my phone. Love Jimmy Smits generally. Espec in West Wing. Bought my Ma far pavilions DVD
PIC: Jimmy Smits has let himself go since West Wing.
Watching Jimmy Smits ruin 'Dexter' right now, as he did 'West Wing' years ago.. 2 be fair, WW went down cuz they fired Sorkin.
Sons of Anarchy will be back in September for season rated show on cable last season..Jimmy Smits from the West Wing cast joins show
Watching Jimmy Smits *** up a season of Dexter...Big surprise...The man who made West Wing unwatchable got hired again.
Is already sick and tired of both sides of the presidential race. Why can't Harrison Ford, Martin Sheen or Jimmy Smits (West Wing reference)? *** I would vote for Spongebob if he ran a clean campaign.
that fabulous time re-watching the West Wing, when you get a whole season of Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda.
West Wing's Jimmy Smits really does have all the answers.
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