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West Wing

The West Wing is the building housing the official offices of the President of the United States of America.

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LOVE. Reminds me of how Aaron Sorkin wrote West Wing. Can't be sure you're right til you know what…
Jared Kushner’s unusual journey to Baghdad underscores singular role Trump’s son-in-law occupies in the West Wing https…
President Theodore Roosevelt initiated construction of the White House’s West Wing in 1902.
Now they will work from the West Wing under Agent Bannon. Ivanka i…
I love Allison Janney, Marry Louise parker and Stockard Channing. no I'm not watching West Wing again at 6:30 a…
honey, "I'm telling you straight up Nunes got his "info" from the West Wing. I saw him in here." You are scared, I get it.
There's a scene in West Wing where Kristin Chenoweth explains hot NASCAR drivers to Stockard Channing & it's getting me into WWE.
Sometimes I remember what an absolute tour de force Stockard Channing was as Abbey Bartlet in the West Wing and I get rlly ha…
Spicer cut the BS. Ivanka has West Wing office, security clearance and is doing gvt. work. She IS a gvt employee.
Ivanka Trump has West Wing office and will get access to classified information http… Trump daughter Ivanka to get West Wing officeswissinfo.chIvanka Trump arrives to attend a joint news conference by German Cha…
Don't watch West Wing kids. All your favorite actors will show up in random roles and DIE 😭
Did Billy Carter have the same access Ivanka Trump will have in the West Wing?
Now that has an office in West Wing with wife of Abramovich on Speed Dial, next will be Putin staying in Lincoln bedroom.
Ivanka Trump moves into West Wing office -- no salary, but there's no way this doesn't cost taxpayer $$
Trump daughter to get West Wing office
Ivanka Trump is getting a West Wing office and security clearance, reports
Ivanka Trump set to get West Wing office as role expands
BREAKING: Ivanka Trump gets an office in the West Wing & will also be taking ZERO salary!
Happy Nepotism Day!. Ivanka Trump Now Has An Office in the West Wing and Access to Classified Information.
Trump daughter Ivanka to get West Wing office
Ivanka Trump is getting a West Wing office, but allegedly will share bedroom with daddy just to save taxpayers some money.
Reuters: Trump daughter Ivanka to get West Wing office
Ivanka Trump will have West Wing office, but no official title
Ivanka Trump moves into West Wing: The first daughter will not have an official title, but will get…
"West Wing". . They're planning ahead, in more ways than one.
2. Comey confirms FBI probe into Trump campaign and Russia, denies POTUS claim he was bugged by predecessor. . 3. Ivanka gets…
Now time for sudoku and The West Wing because Granny Ceci is thriving
Ivanka Trump Gets an Office in the White House, But We Don't Know What the *** She's Doing http…
Ivanka knows it's the West Wing and not the East Wing, right?
Now that Ivanka Trump has a new office in the WH (?!?), guess who'll be spending a LOT more time in the West Wing? One gues…
Well she has an office now in the west wing.
My advice is don't get too comfy in the "West Wing"
BREAKING: Ivanka Trump is joining her father's WH staff with a West Wing office. She won't have an official position or…
Claiming Ivanka not govt employee yet she attends top level meetings & will now have a West Wing office is blatant corrupt B…
Ivanka Trumps been given a senior advisor position...with an office in the west wing & security clearance for making overpriced shoes? Wot?
First daughter Ivanka Trump gets office in the White House West Wing now that's no lie. All the presidents lies.😆😆
She seems to care about woman's issues. People should be happy that her voice will be heard around the west wing.
Billions China poured into Kushner got him+Ivanka as Beijing's West Wing commissars https…
You have NO business being in the West Wing, privy to confidential, classified information! Outrageous…
*** is going on with the account right now? Is the entire West Wing in a state of panic?
Bets on how long before we have a special new line of West Wing Ivanka Trump clothing available to all on line and in sto…
Ivanka Trump is getting an office in the West Wing. Too bad about her creepy coworker who just so happens to be her dad.
*** ?? Ivanka will get classified security briefings and a West Wing office? Is there now a Dept. of QVC?
Why is Ivanka getting an office in the West Wing and security clearance with official title? WHY?!!
Princess Ivanka gets a West Wing office and access to classified information at King Trump's palace.
Must Read: Scoop by - Ivanka now has West Wing office, is seeking security clearance. Lot to unpack here
Are you seeing this? Now she's in the West Wing. How many reasons are needed to
There are very few West Wing offices & most have been occupied by people with the same job functions for decades. Who wi…
Trump will react by installing another family member in the West Wing, Ivanka. Don't we have some nepotism…
Ivanka—who said she would play no formal role in dad's admin.—is now getting a West Wing office, security clearance. https…
Question for GOP hypocrites: Imagine if Clinton had won, given Chelsea a West Wing office and security clearance, Would you…
She and her staff are in the East Wing. Press reports I saw said Ivanka in West Wing, along with her husband.
Ivanka Trump will get an office in the West Wing, a govt-issued phone, and security clearance. She still has no official White…
Now Ivanka will have office in West Wing w/security clearance but not as employee w/pay. How long are Reps goin…
Ivanka Trump moves into a West Wing office, acknowledging there’s "no modern precedent" for her role
I've no doubt every adult in this family is 🚮 but these dynamics are hella dysfunctional & so gross 4 its children. htt…
Ivanka is getting an office in the West Wing, security clearance, a gov’t communications device. But no real WH job.
Ivanka Trump moved to D.C. saying she would play no formal White House role. Now, she has a West Wing office.
Trump is now flouting anti-nepotism laws, giving both Ivanka and Jared security clearances and West Wing jobs
I had a security clearance & West Wing office. diminishes the value of expertise & hard work it took me & other…
Why is Ivanka Trump getting security clearance? Because Trump can't focus, stay on topic or read security docs?
Check out this inside view from the West Wing as welcomes Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.
Trump daughter Ivanka to get West Wing office Finance States
Ivanka now has an official office in the West Wing next to Powell, getting a security clearance + gov-issued phone: https:…
Come find us MATS in Louisville, West Wing, Booth # 63160 Fruehauf is re-entering the US market. Come meet us & g…
Next week is the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville! Stop by booth 60109 in the West Wing and say hi to us!...
.greets German Chancellor Angela Merkel outside of the West Wing lobby at the
Right out of the West Wing - suggests Gorsuch and Garland. Great idea then, great idea now.
first return to West Wing in a couple weeks and I'm blessed with a and Mary-Louise Parker centric episode 🙏🏼
poor John Amos died all the time; West Wing, Good Times, Die Hard 2, thank god he made it through Coming to America
Danny probably leads to more shouting at the TV during West Wing episodes in my home than any other character.
The "I miss my boys" scene's a great reminder that while Lily Tomlin was fun, Kathryn Joosten was the heart of the West Wing
I've started watching West Wing to help me remember what a president should look like.
Locus of control shifted to the novices in the West Wing. If he leaves for reputational concern it will be a blow!
Honored to host Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman in the West Wing today. Our commitment to Israel's security is unbreakable. htt…
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They did it to Matt Santos in the West Wing, and although he wasn't best pleased he accepted it as par for the coarse.
watched the Newsroom Jo, great series! Written by Aaron Snorkin who wrote West Wing, Jeff Daniels & Sam Waterstones both superb
I'm watching the West Wing episode where they are vetting SCOTUS picks and in walks Edward James Olmos as the Latino on the short list 🙌🏼
I had a Sorkinesque walk and talk with my sister recently and it was so satisfying. But Sports Night > West Wing
DESTROY THE GUY FROM SESSIONS. . STEVE MILLER, AKA HEIMLER . Stephen Miller’s corner office in the West Wing of the...
I would have done it differently too, as in cut the RNC staff in the West Wing.
When art inspires reality: The West Wing version. The only trouble is everything else feels awful, like we're livin…
as CJ West wing said:we don't comment on anon. sources,we assume u made it up
of press, west wing and federal bureaucracy? Scary beliefs of . More reason to
Pick a TV character most similar to you. -Toby Ziegler from the West Wing. Compassionate yet driven. Sets higher ex…
I like to watch West Wing and pretend it's reality
. Skipping it, personally. I'm going to watch old episodes of the West Wing and wish we had a legitimate POTUS.
I think there is a West Wing episode on fake news
Aka government is being run out of the West Wing.
It was suggested that Obama hired 250,000+ during his term to various offices. Also had 500 in the West Wing. There sh…
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Didn't West Wing cover that you stand when the president stands in the Oval Office? Or does she only do that for…
I saved photos from the West wing prayer room & Obama's Weekly mooslim dinner all taken at the White House
Tonight will NOT watch DT. West Wing reruns will do it for me. By the way is an awesome actor.
"If everyone, including West Wing officials, now agrees that Priebus did what he wasn’t supposed to do" Umm, yep, you Lock'em Up!😎
Overtly political or legal shows like The West Wing or The Good Wife tend to default to people on the left as the chief protagonists. Why?
Hey Let's have a west wing marathon 💜
In the morning I saw someone watching West Wing on the way to work. Now on the way home someone is watching Madam Secretary. Interesting..
he also has the presidential voice and looks fit for the role, as West Wing tropes go.
Wasn't this an episode of West Wing?!
.West Wing plan is probably unrealistic.. but its still getting criticism from Gorusch proponents. From J…
I remember you on iCarly back when my daughter watched it and all I could think of was wow what a change from the west wing.
Everyone knows this was a West Wing episode, right?
As some colleagues have pointed out, this is apparently similar to an episode of the West Wing (can't believe I don't reme…
Cooking pasta bake always reminds me of University. and I timed the cooking based on how long an episode of The West Wing was.
Alec Baldwin as Trump against the West Wing cast could be funny. Or terrible. But it's work.
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Kellyanne Conway’s made herself at home at the White House and people have a few things to say about it
- Someone should refer that hooker to the West Wing clip where Martin Sheen points out when the President stands, NO ONE SITS
Remember these days? When we all still wanted to believe?
In the parlance of the current west wing, Grillot would be viewed as a race-trader.
Sen. Tom Udall says he didn't get this idea from "The West Wing." Sure, Tom. Sure.
We all need more Toby Ziegler in our lives.
God love him for trying. Stay and try to help or run like the wind? Next, on a very special West Wing.
You could Take what he doesn't know and fill the west wing, wonder what the world leaders think he's spoken to think of him ?
"In the White House, when the president stands, nobody sits." (President Bartlett, The West Wing, season 1)
Not only am I rewatching The West Wing for the third time, I also binge the podcast that analyse each ep in depth.
If you think so try walking into it. Dont confuse the public White House with the West Wing working area
Does everyone remember that the staff from 'The West Wing' died on 'Star Trek: Voyager' ?
"Everyone, we are ready to begin filming "Does the Entire West Wing." Places please".
This "West Wing" character finally gets the movie he deserves
*LEAKED* The pilot of The West Wing from the Bizzaro World
This fan trailer makes up a movie all about Toby Ziegler.
Headline if were a liberal: "Feminist icon of the West Wing shatters norms and strikes against the sitting pat…
We'd all be better off if she were binge watching The West Wing instead
Sacha Baron Cohen stars as President Donald Trump in the New West Wing, says Aaron Sorkin.
Would also watch a West Wing type show w Spencer as POTUS, Henson& Monae as top advisors, A. Woodard as Chief of Staff, etc etc
Bill and Monica had sex on Oval Office desk. via
Any way my husband & I can reserve West Wing WH your on 9/12 or 9/13? Both members of Rep Club in NC
Counselor to the President = WH photographer? take a lesson here: The West Wing: When the President stands:
Seems that Bill Clinton did a little more than put his feet on the couch in the White House. 🤔
Service say Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky had sex in every corner of the Oval Office
I also liked this episode of West Wing. Glenn Close and William Fichtner were great together.
Maybe he watched the West Wing episode when Glenn Close and William Fichtner were nominated at same time.
If a president ever needed seasoned political veterans in the West Wing, it's Donald Trump
Mathew Santos was only officially Prez for the last 10 minutes of the last ep of West Wing. & he deserves 2 b honored more today than Trump
Reminded of that West Wing episode in which law scholar says presidential democracies suck+advises new nation to adopt parliamentary system
Might just want an episode of the West Wing every night instead of the news. Then to take me all the way to 2020.
1/2 There is a bridge over the virgin west coast line near Wing. As a result of your dishonesty I was going to jump from there
Nah, as liberals subscribe to the West Wing = Real Life philosophy, ppl there only need to eat once every 5-6 days.
We could really use a secret plan to fight inflation right about now.
Pic of hallway in West Wing with Obama photos taken down
People Are Binging ‘The West Wing’ to Cope with the Trump Presidency via
loved Jason Isaacs in West Wing. Brief but good
And u did a great job of proof reading for the West Wing.
The management in the West Wing could literally (and i mean this literally) they could not manage a ChuckECheese
Charlie: I've never felt like this. Josh: It doesn't go away. -The West Wing
"It's an effing train wreck." Anon WH aide when asked to describe the current operational status in the West Wing.
Lawrence did a great job of proof reading 4 West Wing.
don't ruin my wish for the west wing to return! (But yeah, I like G&F on its own merits too).
More like she looks very THIRD wife. The 4th bought & paid for wife is waiting in the West Wing.
National Public Radio (February 16, 2017): An employee in the West Wing of the White House characterized the...
I, like many others atm, am binge watching west wing again. do you have a favorite sam speech? mine was his Galileo 5 remarks.
on NPR just now: Mary Louise Kelly asked a source in West Wing what the mood there was. Answer: "Absolute f-ing trainwreck"
he just hasn't watched that episode of "West Wing"
It would appear that 45 is learning from House of Cards instead of The West Wing
seeing Jim Acosta in the West Wing on the live feed just feet away from a reality show 'villain.'…
Watching West Wing, annoyed that I will never be able to fight over a muffin with Ainsley Hayes
People are turning to The West Wing to deal with Trump's presidency
Kreepy Kaine Klown flapping his yap on the Senate floor! To think, he mighta had a West Wing office! Scary!. .
my time has come. The West Wing. Old boy. Jiro dreams of sushi. Bo Burnham make happy. Pulp fiction. The Birth of Saké
West Wing leaker silenced after pulling back the curtain: Trump "irrational", staff "demoralized"
Sounds like we need to get a new bill on the floor for West Wing! Thanks for the feedback - no news yet though! *HP
My dream last night was The West Wing cast in the zombie apocalypse 😂.
Trump protests bag a celebrity fan in West Wing's More tonight on
Transcribing my interviews is taking FOREVER & I can't even do it with The West Wing on in the background 😭
Ready Set Go - Here comes the crowd, Stop by and see Ash and Dennys at the booth in the Pavilion just off the West…
so true! I've been watching it every day since the inauguration!! Thank God for the west wing!!
The one thing benefiting from Donald Trump's presidency
📷 Assortment of badges I’m working on to send to Richard Schiff (West Wing)
THIS right after they find the switches that control the lights in the West Wing?
Wasn't all that long ago when "White House mess" referred to place in west wing where staffers gathered for meals
Top Trump advisor, Stephen Bannon, denounces claims of friction in West Wing:
I was just thinking that it is just about time for my yearly run through.
You better stop looking for logic out of the West Wing. It'll make your head hurt.
probably a dumb question, but can POTUS delegate West Wing housecleaning / staff-up job to VPOTUS? Take it off CoS's plate?
The defenders of liberty are mere spectators as Trump seems to turn West Wing into bureau of the Kremlin.
People are turning to The West Wing for help in dealing with Trump's presidency
Star of The West Wing explains to why he adopted 'President Bawbag' as a moniker for the POTU…
Not surprising. If only would watch.
I've never watched the West Wing, but I'm big on political shows now. Is it a must watch?
Could you promise to keep The West Wing on Netflix at least through 2020? It's my escape from this ongoing reality in the US
All purpose parts banner
TV helmer Tommy Schlamme: Why now is a good time for a 'West Wing' reboot
Looking at as Sam Seaborn in the West Wing and as Chris Trager in Parks and Rec. There are so many lines d…
Aaron Sorkin needs to write a spin off of West Wing where Sam Seaborn is president.
The best main characters on the West Wing are CJ Cregg, Charlie Young, Sam Seaborn, and Abbey Bartlet. NO ONE ELSE MATTERS.
West Wing reboot plot: Sam Seaborn decides to run for Preisdent because a Trump like figure is in office and he feels it's his duty
Aaron Sorkin should bring back the West Wing with Sam Seaborn as President.
"If only the West Wing were still on, [Trump] could learn how to be president. We miss you Josiah Bartlet." -Colbert
I want President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet?. Trump should be made to watch the entire series of West Wing. One episode...
We started the Fall watching all of West Wing and have retreated to HGTV, House Hunters International.
Every day, the White House press briefings are like the West Wing episode where Josh runs the press pool, except without the .…
Next move by Prez: announce a 'reality' show based in the WH. West Wing meets The Office channeling Apprentice vibe. Bannon as exec Prod.
he proposed an episode from the West Wing. Literally. It's in season 5. Called "The Supremes"
What is Steve Bannon's Role?: CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports on Steve Bannon's influence in the West Wing and new role……
Admiral Adama is on this episode of the West Wing and I just like, jumped out of my skin
The cast of West Wing begging the electoral college to vote for Hillz. So many classic…
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Watching "West Wing" in the Trump era is like watching "Leave It To Beaver."
West Wing leaker goes dark after pulling back curtain: Trump "irrational", staff "demoralized"
Maybe we could just spend the next four years watching West Wing and Parks & Recreation on a loop
.snags West Wing seating chart. How close will Jared, Kellyanne, Reince and Bannon be to the Oval? https…
Hilarious! It's like a Pre-K teacher reporting the classes morning activities. Romper Room in the West Wing!
Elizabeth Moss looks like she never ages. She played in West Wing in 1999 then Mad Men in 2007 and looked almost the exact same.
West Wing quiz night. There’s uproar about Eton College being allowed as an answer for a Will Bailey question. We are mediocre at it.
Has our new First Lady sold sex out the back door of the White House yet? Are there any West Wing mirrors in which she looks pretty?
Just saw Marine leave station outside West Wing meaning has left too. Offices empty, Obama photos off walls. http…
Paint crews headed into West Wing with large buckets of paint, as work begins to flip for team Trump, Bloomberg reporter says.
I'm going to watch the West Wing all day tomorrow I'd rather live in that political reality
This wall in West Wing used to have Obama photos until earlier today. Oval Office can be seen down hallway.
I've seen the entire series of the West Wing, Veep and now watching Designated Survivor so sod it, I'll do it.
A King at the ...❤ Pictured: Dr. King leaving the West Wing after meeting w/ President Johnson on Aug 5 1965…
A slippery slope... WH press briefings moving out of the West Wing?. Complete coverage in media newsletter:.
I agree with the sentiment (also love the West Wing) but there are more qualified people with experience in this field.
the q I haven't heard answer is whether they're discussing moving press booths/workspaces out of…
The odd thing about rewatching The West Wing from Season 1 is that it just dawned on me that season aired in 1999-2000. Before 9/11. 😶
Is there any reason to stop watching west wing on Netflix to watch the last two minutes of the game?
Hey, Rinse Repeat. Please watch an episode of West Wing.
if only they would learn more from watching the West Wing, like governing with actual human decency.
President Bartlet, aka Martin Sheen, warns of political corruption as Trump takes over the West Wing via
Wasn't it also in an episode of West Wing?
Maybe that guy Danny from the West Wing? ;)
It will be great to see in the White House!
Newspapers are dead and broadcast network news is right behind them. Why not?...
is this where I confess I don't even like football? Just a sucker for anything West Wing.
.narrating "The West Wing is challenging but no matter what happens- he has his wife."
Sometimes—not often, but sometimes—real life is as good as The West Wing. This is one of those times. Watch this. https…
Journo's don't understand that we have begged Trump not to let these swine into the West Wing. We don't trust them and th…
Has anyone given thought about what Trump and his interior decorators would do to the West Wing and the Oval Office?
How was there not a West Wing spinoff (maybe "One First St") about the Supreme Court with Glenn Close as Chief Justice Evelyn Baker Lang?
True or comfortable Central Park West Wing, and die, where these symptoms would possible to his hand up the raising of humanity.
more than comings/goings - current set up has access into part of West Wing,close to O…
here's the list that will be moving into the WHPC space in the West Wing to form the core of the new Govt News Agency
"West Wing access to senior administration officials" is the most overrated journalistic prize in DC.
You need to binge watch The West Wing. That show helped me get through the Bush years.
TRUMP ready to include bloggers in White House BRIEFINGS! Moving PRESS CORPS out of the WEST WING? -
Reince Priebus tells Trump's team is considering moving press briefing room out of the West Wing.
Going nuts over the fact bloggers and non-traditional journalists will be allowed press access.
White House reporters to 'fight' Trump team's plan to limit their 'West Wing access' via the App
The White House press corps was stunned by reports that the Trump administration might eject them from the West Wing
Trump's team considers moving White House press room via Did & watch 2 much West Wing on TV?
Now on A unique tour inside the West Wing with President Obama
Did my taxes today. And thought about this. My favorite west wing scene. / charlie & I have the same fave bond movie
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release 3.17.17 a Clancy-like thriller -the West Wing meets Top Gun on ACK and dines at Summer House…
say overblown: but admit "initial" press conferences will be in Executive Office Building, not West Wing https…
An invitation for a unique tour inside the West Wing for President Obama's last appearance on
At least we wont be subjected to that abominable donkey show thats been stinking up the West Wing these past 8 years. REFUND
You might recognize this as Los Angeles City Hall / the Senate in West Wing / LAPD HQ in Dragnet / (insert place) in (insert TV show)
Mm….Series 2, West Wing, Ep 5 (5th time)….only thing worth watching, really. . I mean, Gary Barlow. Really?
Regretfully drags himself out of bed and toward the door of his chambers, stepping out into the Hall of the West Wing. "/Cogsworth/!"
Dear Trump, if you want to make America great again.. watch The West Wing
Right-wing Israelis, emboldened by the Trump election, want to annex parts of Palestine (area C of West Bank)—80,000 Pal…
no, just the West Wing forever and always right now. Should I? I have Charmed up next on the docket
Okay The West Wing is killin me I need to study and I've still got like 6 seasons left. I. Cant. Stop.
Pres Obama seen here tossing football in the West Wing with Marvin Nicholson. Personal Secy Katie Johnson appears unamused…
Matt Santos on The West Wing was a terrible Presidential candidate. He ran for one constituency; himself. Never noticed that before.
I've just watched episode S04E04 of The West Wing!
Bye, bye, Mal. They are waiting in the tall grass. West Wing fans will understand that line.
Strong coffee and West Wing on box set is my kind of Sunday morning.
I know I say it a lot but, I wish The West Wing was actually real life 😔
I have just discovered The West Wing-it's fabulous! All 7 seasons in 2 weeks! Epic!
West Wing: The Pilot. Here we go. Billie - this dude always seems to play a journalist! Wasn't he in Sex & The City?. OMG, Leo. My heart.
'West Wing' writer says show grew on him during 2000 recount tension
Friends,. Art Of Living Rural Wing West Bengal is in need of 2nd hand laptops, desktops/ smartphones in working...
idk why I'm awake but it is fine *puts on another episode of the west wing*
Rewatching West Wing. Think I'll just watch this for 4 years. I'm still in first stage clearly.
Percy Fitzwallace is the most underrated character on The West Wing. Shoutout to my man 🇺🇸
is my favorite person ever. I've watched The West Wing, The Help and Hairspray today.
I've never seen The West Wing as extra as it is right now during the S4 finale.
the West Wing is probably funnier too
"Get dressed. Now." - Sam Seaborne in the midst of sleepless nights, West Wing s4 ep1 = me any morning ever .
Has there ever been a better pilot than The West Wing?
Why doesn't Netflix India have TV series like The West Wing?
domain names
I'm doing good. Just finished Season 5 of The West Wing. I'm moving on to Episode 3 of
Off the top of my head? Cheers, Seinfeld, House, West Wing, Breaking Bad
WELP I cried for the first time watching West Wing... so I guess I'm officially in. THANKS CJ.
in the fictional worlds of House of Cards or the West Wing this might be "awkward" for a PEOTUS, not in this world, tho...
we do not share the same ideologies. Putin will be in the west wing
Season 4 of the West Wing was a rollercoaster from start to finish. I'm shook
Josh's callback to the Hole Speech in West Wing Season 3 is my platonic ideal.
idk if it has west wing but I use
Anyone got a good t*rrent website? My current one seems to not have any links to The West Wing anymore.
My review: Ok... that happened. Seems to me it was like West Wing meets Gojira, except not at all like West Wing...
Never watched a second of "West Wing," but from everything I've heard this sounds like it in a nutshell. A cliched,…
maybe will start a reworked West Wing for her to star in as, The President. Maybe throw an Emmy her way.
I think everyone should watch the west wing.
17 years late to the party but The West Wing is SO GOOD.
You guys Rickie Vasquez is on The West Wing and now I'm torn and maybe want to watch My So-Called Life instead
Nice and buzzed, time for about 90 seconds of a West Wing episode to get right to that REM sleep
Blade isn’t a big deal. The West Wing. I wanted to binge that!
Yes!! I am joining you in binge watching the West Wing for however long…
"Be subject to one another." President Bartlett quoting Ephesians and proving that The West Wing can still resonate:
literally everyone: have you watched west. me: WING? YES. everyone: . world
Heard rumors of a west wing reunion then promptly almost had a heart attack. Good. I've been work…
The only way I watch trumps inauguration is if they use the technique in "A Clockwork Orange".i'm g…
Me, this afternoon: I have so much time to start my homework!. Me, now: I am 4 episodes into the West Wing. I ate Andy's and I regret nothing
So basically Israel is getting an office in the West Wing
It’s taken me 10 years of watching and re-watching West Wing to come to terms with the fact that Josh+Amy Gardner>>Josh+Donna
Any episode of West Wing gives you a 50/50 shot of seeing Joe Estevez impersonating his brother. (Ep. 240)
Third, the West Wing made me cry and Marlee Matlin is beautiful.
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