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West Virginia University

West Virginia University (WVU) is a public research university in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. Other campuses include: West Virginia University Institute of Technology in Montgomery and Potomac State College of West Virginia University in Keyser; and a second clinical campus for the University's medical and dental schools at Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston.

Gordon Gee Kappa Sigma Virginia Tech

Celebrating women: Events to honor Women's History Month planned in Morgantown
I added a video to a playlist Movable walls build out for Art Museum of West Virginia University
My daughter signing her letter 💌of intent to go to Salem International University 🏫 in West Virginia on a full...
Top west virginia university articles from last 48 hrs
Blessed to say that I've been accepted to West Virginia University😊
"When creepy guys hit on me I give them the number of the girl my ex cheated on me with." - West Virginia University
Thanks to Dan Nehlan at West Virginia university on a great visit todayGear
Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation @ West Virginia University
Yay So proud to say I got into West Virginia University
'I will have you know, I was the first *** female student at West Virginia university graduate…
Top west virginia university influencers (to follow
Professor Arvind Thiruvengadam of West Virginia University. Dr Thiruvengadam was on the…
Beyond blessed to say that I have verbally committed to West Virginia University to play D1 Soccer!! 🇯🇵🇺🇸
The only thing that could stop Geoff Hamperian on Tuesday night was his shoe laces. The University senior had to...
Conservative backlash threatens to sink new GOP health bill
Blessed to receive my third offer to from University of West Virginia 🏔
This is the common perception in the SEC:
Excited to announce that I have received an offer from West Virginia University!
Mountain music will fill the air when Potomac State College of West Virginia University hosts a concert featuring...
It took ESPN till 2017 to give West Virginia University some well earned respect
Congratulations Rebel Smith (EDD HIED alum) on being named Asst Dean of the College of Business at West Virginia University!
"Dropping a Freshman off at their dorm and laying on the horn yelling "walk of shame!"" - West Virginia University
Night time in Morgantown, WV on the campus of West Virginia University...
when referring to West Virginia University, WVU is how to abbreviate. They do not go by The Univ of WV either. And never WVA
Congratulations to Noah Adams for signing his letter of intent to wrestle at West Virginia University! We are proud of…
"I fell in love with my best friend and it breaks my heart every time he tells me about another girl." - West Virginia University
West Virginia University student dies after fall from fraternity house roof --
West Virginia University student dies after fall from roof.
Service dogs provide inspiration and healing at West Virginia University via
"Uber costs too much! Use Lyft, $50 credit for new users The code you need to enter: PINS >> West Virginia University system"
And will be with me and my team this weekend at West Virginia University!
domain names
Just received an offer from West Virginia University!! ⚪️🔵
Fancy your own private system? The Morgantown PRT at West Virginia University is just the ticket:
A West Virginia University has banned guns and other deadly weapons from campus. This comes after a state law was...
Taveion Hollingsworth (is on an official visit to West Virginia University this weekend!!
Congratulations to West Virginia University's Ginny Thrasher for winning the gold!
Thrasher is a sophomore at the West Virginia University, where she was the first freshman to win both NCAA rifle ***
Former college stars from LSU, Virginia Tech, West Virginia University now on our staff.
Gordon Gee, president of West Virginia University, is a familiar face. He's personable and acti..
West Virginia University is TFM's number 1 party school for 2016:
Proud to announce that Kevin Barkely will be heading off to West Virginia University next year!! Best of luck Kevin.
With the 1st pick in the 2016 NBA draft the Philadelphia 76ers have selected Devin Williams from West Virginia University
I'm waiting to hear back from Delaware State University, Florida A&M University, Grambling State University and West Virginia University!
When your ID's look identical. Lazy eye and all. @ West Virginia University
With the support of 92Y Virtual Clay, Skutt Kilns, Shapeways, Anne W. Bracker, West Virginia University, and...
Two weeks away: Employer Summit in Register your organization today >> https:/…
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EdR is proud to celebrate the groundbreaking at in beautiful West Virginia!
wait immediately thought West Virginia university not Walton Verona. If you want a partner to watch struggle I might be your guy
true true you got some good offers tho ! All I got is West Virginia university prolly where I'll go
Hmm, if Michael Fulmer was Virginia Tech...then Wade Miley would be West Virginia University
Blessed to receive a(n) official offer from the University of West Virginia
Congratulations to the varsity 7 on 7 team. West Virginia State University 7 on 7 tournament champions!
2018 Team Takeover/Paul VI guard Brandon Slater has picked up an offer from West Virginia University
the cicadas better be gone by move in day 💙💛 @ West Virginia University
"The perks of sleeping with my girlfriend= no fear of STD's. Think of that next time you're with your fwb." - West Virginia University
West Virginia looks to become memorable: West Virginia University has failed to leave much of a dent in the B...
Extremely blessed and honored to receive my first offer from West Virginia University
Blessed and honored to recieve an offer from West Virginia University!
West Virginia University is recommending a new contract for its president.
Congrats to coach Tony Gibson who has added the title of Associate Head Coach at West Virginia University.
It has been a long road but we did it! Thank you George and all of the SVA chapter members! Feeling Proud!
Congratulations to '13G English department GA, who just officially hit ABD status at West Virginia University! So proud of you!
BLESSED to say that I have officially committed to West Virginia University 💙💛💙💛 DUBSUP❕🔵❕ ❕❕ htt…
Great Day To BE A Wolverine! Nana Asiedu just received his 13th scholarship offer today from West Virginia University.
Donors have pushed West Virginia University to 95 percent of its current fundraising goal
Be sure to check out offering courses to help doctors, nurses & others reduce opioid use.
is offering new courses to help reduce opioid abuse. Read more at
West Virginia University offers courses to reduce opioid use
American Military University unveils community space for veterans. Tour the center via the video link below! .
Blessed to receive a(n) offer from West Virginia University
WVU Tech . Our top 25 Naia soccer university countdown begins with West Virginia…
I am excited to announce that I will continue my education and basketball career at West Virginia University as a walk on
Proud to announce my acceptance to East West Virginia Tech University-Campus at Georgetown. Roll Hoogies Roll!
Working on Diving for balls drill at West Virginia University with Gymnastics equipment
Sports Fanz WV is very proud to have conducted autograph events with all 4 of the former West Virginia University...
With students today at West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV continue to get out vote for htt…
South Hagerstown's Brandon Ngati just signed to wrestle at West Virginia University.
Winner of the 2011 community guitar hero league and stealer of your girl @ West Virginia University
visited West Virginia University and I'm so in love with their journalism department 😻😻 I'm so excited
Yo who wants to go to West Virginia University in 2 weeks?
Congrats to Chase Johnson () on picking up an offer from West Virginia University!
"Did my first walk of shame today in 2ft of snow." - West Virginia University
Disappointment (noun): A team who plays a division 1 sport at West Virginia University.
West Virginia University to help restore almost extinct fish to the Lake Superior Basin. Tune in to U92 FM (91.7) at 4 for more information.
Proud Mom moment; Cole applied to ASU, Kutztown, Rowan, York College and West Virginia University. He got accepted to all 5!!
Here's a little flashback to North High Street in 1960! @ West Virginia University
Very happy to say I'll be continuing my education at West Virginia University!!
Blessed to receive an offer from West Virginia University!💯
West Virginia University offers hope by via
bruh I just got accepted into West Virginia University!
"My boyfriend gives me chocolate coins in exchange for *** - West Virginia University
Ethan Shim and Andrew Rullow sign with West Virginia University https…
No you're not West Virginia University. You're its student
Happy to say that Lambda Chi Alpha will be starting at West Virginia University! Ready to get this process going! 😎
Athletic swimmers from West Virginia University and Hatboro Horsham High School didn't let the blizzard stop them from getting ready for
West Virginia University be lit on snow days
We had another snow day and it was fun @ West Virginia University
Following this weekend's huge snowstorm, West Virginia University just canceled Monday classes but said campus will reopen at 6 PM that day.
Wonderful to have Gordon Gee, president of West Virginia University, on our campus.
Puck drop in 30 minutes as the Knights take on West Virginia University at 1:30 at the Erie Insurance Arena!
Coming from a soon to be k-12 certified Art Teacher from West Virginia University this video speaks volumes!
raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by the exercise physiology department of West Virginia University
It is my two-year anniversary since coming back to West Virginia University. I am so lucky to work at a fabulous university …
Like the Volkswagen Emission scandal was tested and revealed by West Virginia University because of their Name not repu…
West Virginia University not lacking in the booty department.
Monroe lifts West Virginia University over North Carolina, 7-4 to open up Tournament play
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Great to see our friend and former West Virginia University Mountaineer football star Quinton Spain getting some...
Congrats, Jackson! MT Proud to announce I’ve committed to play baseball at West Virginia University
West Virginia University is probably the most turnt college in the nation
Psst, played for West Virginia University not some fictitious place known as University of West Virginia. That is all
Kevin White former West Virginia University Mountaineer Football Star and Draft Pick for the Chicago Bears is...
Congrats to Will Liverpool, 2017 Mid Atlantic RHP on his commitment to West Virginia University.
November 27! Join Virginia West for our biggest pep rally of the year, as we cheer on The Ohio State University...
Proud to announce that I have committed to play baseball at the university of West Virginia!
Really don't know if I should go to Kent State or West Virginia University. Like I'm just stuck 😟
Congrats to Centennial HS/Vegas Bulldogs Bailey Thomas! Signed her LOI to attend West Virginia University!! 🐶 https…
Tune in today to Fox Sports 1 at noon and watch the Texas Tech versus West Virginia University football game.
In the rankings Georgia Southern is now ranked high than West Virginia University. They are at 52. We are 39.
West Virginia University has a wonderful hand lettering gallery by Jen Mussari on display
if you also feel personally victimized by West Virginia University's chemistry department
Xavier Staggs presented the legal aspects of starting a business at Marshall University workshop.
Little Giant Ladders
WVU GREEK New Member Safety: West Virginia University GREEK Life is continuing to m...
I hate that Utah's name is the Utes. University of Virginia Virgins. West Virginia West Virgins. Tennessee Tenns. Texas Tex's.
Thank god we had tent city, because we celebrate mediocrity here at west virginia university
WVU Greek New Member Safety - West Virginia University Greek Life is continuing to move toward positive change for...
Come on Pokes! I need to be able to tell my 1st gr students our classroom university crushed West Virginia!
Is the University of Indianapolis, Bowling Green, Ohio University and West Virginia University ready for us?! We will see you all soon!
Family of Nolan Burch files lawsuit against West Virginia University. Burch died in 2014 of alcohol poisoning
West Virginia University "Word Art" Minted Coin and Panoramic Photo Your favorite College team is featured under...
West Virginia University bs Oklahoma State University tonight at 7! I'm in there!
So I just got an invitation for a college visit at West Virginia University ..😍🙌🏽
West Virginia University faculty chief brushes up on emergency plans, wants to spread word
It's called Alderson Broaddus University and it's in West Virginia😍
Peep in the back "yes daddy" 😂😂😂😭 ... West Virginia university we LIT this weekend
Most difficult month in WVU football history? Brad Howe makes the case, previews today's game in blog.
Blessed to have gotten emails from Ohio State, Oklahoma State, and West Virginia University. Cant wait to go watch a game and visit
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...Why did the EPA sit on the West Virginia University data for 18 months, then make the public announcement during International Auto Show?
Today we say farewell & thank you to Betsy from West Virginia University who has been cataloguing parish records
West Virginia University's Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources has been ranked in the top 20,...
West Virginia University will always have the greatest fan base in all of college football, no one will NEVER compare.
Five years ago I got kicked out of West Virginia University. My adviser told me "College isn't for everybody, you know?"
SOS- West Virginia University will be the death of me
love this! I'm Julie, I'm 19, and I'm an animal science major at West Virginia University 💙💛 & I'm majorly
So jealous of all my friends that go to West Virginia University 😒
"Move in weekend was better than 4 years of high school." - West Virginia University
The first Confucius Institute in West Virginia State is inaugurated in West Virginia University.
Fall fest with chainsmokers and schoolboyq @ West Virginia University
It's officially move in day at West Virginia University
Today is move-in day at my beloved West Virginia University.
MetroNews Morning News Headlines: It will be a busy day on the campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown.
Thousands of West Virginia University students arrive for start of fall classes in Morgantown
loving my new home at West Virginia University. Happy Move In Day, Mountaineers 💙💛💙💛
Move in day! Excited to spend my next 4 years at West Virginia University
"I'm going into my junior year of college and I'm still a virgin." - West Virginia University
Zach Garrett (Heritage 2017) and Ben Kling (Stone Bridge 2018) have been invited to West Virginia University Elite Camp
PR errors: relocating to a smaller [University] in Bethany, West Virginia,” said Todd [Adams], interim president for the DCHS.
"'Don't put all your eggs in one basket.' Nice try, basket industry." — West Virginia University
West Virginia University Football Coach Dana Holgerson made an appearance today on SportsCenter to talk about the...
Best of luck to as he begins his journey at West Virginia University!!
sign grad Joe Madsen, an offensive lineman from West Virginia University.
According to West Virginia University, hugging can lower stress and promote feelings of well-being?
Don't miss all the fun at the WVU tennis camp! Remember that last minute sign ups are still available! LINK:
The Art Museum of West Virginia University opens in little over a month. See the link for the opening week schedule. http:…
More than 5 years after he committed to University of Southern California as a seventh grader, David Sills is...
Proud to announce I have received my 2nd offer by West Virginia State University
Congrats to Kyle Farwick on receiving an offer from West Virginia State University FB last night!
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A Look at the West Virginia University Assessment of Technically Recoverable Gas in the Utica Shale
Blessed to say that I received my first offer to play at West Virginia State University.
Great talk by Dr. Cruzado, the President of Montana State University and Dr. Gee, the President of West Virginia University at
Could you read and understand the letters and words? Yes? . Congratulations! You've passed the West Virginia University entrance exam!
Day-Perroots named associate provost for undergraduate academic affairs at West Virginia University
WVU football season tickets go on sale Tuesday: West Virginia University puts season tickets on sale Tuesday;…
Day 1 is a rap in Ohio ... Now Day 2 is at the university of West Virginia
Happy 152nd Birthday West Virginia, home of the greatest university in the world!! 💙💛
WVU Sports Notebook: This week's West Virginia University sports news and notes.
hey I'm a brother at West Virginia University and I'm In vegas for edc and would love to meet up with some of the brothers!
Who is the "first family" of West Virginia University athletics? See who Brad Howe puts in the spot in his new blog.
Hot Seller! Check out the West Virginia Uni... at Find your team!
"My girlfriend broke up with me so she can be a *** in college. It's so pathetic that it makes me laugh." - West Virg…
How big of an impact does WVU have on North Central West Virginia? Is it in the millions or billions? See here.
I love the feeling of immense pride I get when people ask me where I go to school, and I say "West Virginia University"
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"In desperate need to get laid and go to some real parties. My town blows. - West Virginia University
I'm goin up to West Virginia University on Monday 😜😍🏈🏈
It was cool to be a guest speaker today at Paramore University in West Virginia. Here I'm presenting…
Been Killing it in West Virginia the past few days with the guys😈💪🏻 @ University West Virginia
West Virginia University has had beer sales for several years at Milan Puskar Stadium, no problems thus far.
Congratulations to 2017 RB Tayon Fleet-Davis on receiving an offer from West Virginia University
At the University of West Virginia. Pretty big facility
Upward Bound, a program for high school students, at West Virginia State University strives to educate students...
Thank you to the fantastic group of West Virginia State University exchange students for helping assist with a...
Beer sales cut exceive drinking by 30% at West Virginia
Blessed to say I've received my 3rd offer from West Virginia university
Another offer in for Tyjuan Garbutt West Virginia University offered today
Can't wait to start a new chapter of my life at West Virginia University! 💙💛
brother got accepted to Rutgers and West Virginia University 🙌🏾
Proud of my good buddy on deciding to go to West Virginia University next year, good player, better grad party thrower.
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Great visit at West Virginia University enjoyed the players and coaches 💙💛
Forestry Job Alert: Assistant Professor in Quantitative Forest Management in Morgan town, US with West Virginia…
The only player to score more points than LeBron James in the 1st 2 games of the NBA Finals is Jerry West...from West Virginia University.
Congrats to 2018 WR for receiving his 4th Offer from West Virginia University
"Grab a beer, light a couch on fire, and have a *** of a good time!" - West Virginia University
just a pretty pic of my future home 💙💛 @ West Virginia University
Blessed to have recieved an offer from The University of Kansas and West Virginia University!
Happy 24th anniversary to the Theta Chi Chapter at West Virginia University!
Morgantown bans patio furniture because West Virginia University students keep burning it all ht…
"Turns out trying to drink away your ex's memory doesn't work" - West Virginia University
Greek life has come to a halt at West Virginia University:
"If you use a condom. Does it really count?" - West Virginia University
Guys with bigger units get blown harder 💪 @ West Virginia University
Best Virginia is always a good time @ West Virginia University
Pumped to have just received an offer from West Virginia University
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Student from Williamsville charged in Burch death at West Virginia University
Arrest made in connection with November hazing death of West Virginia University student. via
West Virginia University student charged in brutal murder of pastor via (Satan works in horrific ways)
West Virginia University student beats local pastor to death
Happy birthday, West Virginia University! I am glad you are so old … it makes me look young!
Great lunch today with Dr. E. Gordon Gee, president of West Virginia University. Great speaker, great spirit!
I'm leaving to tour West Virginia University at 5 😂
Extremely inspired by Saira's story! via
Seeing what West Virginia University is all about!
Got the UMass Jazz Emsemble I 1999 cd cranked up as Epsilon Nu hits the road for KKPsi/TBS Central Precincts at West Virginia University
I have officially committed to the University of Charleston West Virginia to continue my academic and football career
West Virginia University's newest club: Students Optimistic for Curing Kids. Helping children with pediatric cancer throughout the state!
West Virginia University is continuing work on a $300 million dollar construction project
"I wish the guy I friendzoned would man up and just kiss me sometime when we're drunk. Then he could be my FWB" - West V…
Clint Trickett West Virginia University Mountaineers QB is coming to Collectibles, Etc. for an autograph event...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Blessed to have just received my 9th offer to West Virginia University !
Autopsy: West Virginia University freshman from Amherst had .493 blood-alcohol content
Nothing compares to West Virginia University on St Patrick's Day with
It's game day! UK Hockey takes on West Virginia University at the Lexington Ice Center tonight and tomorrow...
I met a number of West Virginia University students who are interning at the legislature.
Shout out to West Virginia University: national champion of our hearts.
Title - All of It! Roy Croop, CHASenior Vice President Asset Management Email: roy.croopCroop is a senior vice president with responsibility for the day to day asset management oversight for Noble’s full service hotels. Mr. Croop joined Noble in 2001 as general manager of the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs. Under his leadership, the hotel received Marriott’s Service Excellence award six straight years and was recognized as Noble’s Hotel of the Year three times. Mr. Croop gained increasing responsibility as regional director of operations and Noble vice president of operations until being promoted to this role in 2011. Mr. Croop has more than 39 years of hospitality industry experience and began his career with Winegardner & Hammonds where he served as general manager for several various properties. Mr. Croop received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from West Virginia University and is a Certified Hotel Administrator. The “Papers”, The “Reasonable Revenues” The “but-for ...
But I also got accepted to Michigan State University and West Virginia University 😌📚
Meet our new moderator Raine Klover - Hello! I am Raine Klover. I am 41 years young wanderer who has lived all over the United States, including Seattle, Dallas, New Orleans, and Albuquerque (with a few other stops along the way). I am married to a very patient West Virginia boy and we have finally put down roots in Huntington, WV. We have two awesome kiddos and three crazy cats. I am a “non-traditional” student and attend West Virginia University through an online program. I also work full-time for a non-profit organization that operates a local foods market. I am an omnivore who leans toward the paleo lifestyle. I spent several years as a vegetarian and about a year as a vegan. I look forward to sharing this journey into the idea of the capsule kitchen with you all!
West Virginia University extends offer to buy Mountain State campus in Beckley for $8M
Welcome to Memphis, Texas A&M University and West Virginia University fans! Join us for dinner tonight after the Autozone Liberty Bowl.
Am I the only one that gets the West Virginia University logo confused with Wonder Woman?
Bullseye Junior will be attending West Virginia University in 8 days from now
"You know you're in college when you set an alarm for noon." - West Virginia University
LEXINGTON – Shannon Dawson, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at West Virginia University, will join...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
No Ivy League education could teach me the lessons that I learned at West Virginia University.
Today in Country Music History Dec' 19th. 1. Little Jimmy Dickens born,1920 James Cecil Dickens (born December 19, 1920), better known as Little Jimmy Dickens, is an American country music singer famous for his humorous novelty songs, his small size, 4'11" (150 cm), and his rhinestone-studded outfits. He started as a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1948 and became a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1983. Born in Bolt, West Virginia, Dickens began his musical career in the late 1930s, performing on a local radio station while attending West Virginia University. He soon quit school to pursue a full-time music career, and travelled the country performing on various local radio stations under the name "Jimmy the Kid." In 1948, Dickens was heard performing on a radio station in Saginaw, Michigan by Roy Acuff, who introduced him to Art Satherly at Columbia Records and officials from the Grand Ole Opry. Dickens signed with Columbia in September and joined the Opry in August. Around this time he began ...
"C's get degrees has never been more real in my life.. - West Virginia University
Ohio State University.Cleveland...the fact it borders West By God Virginia.
Belington Shop With A Cop Program Sees Success Last week, the Belington Police Department took over thirty area children to Walmart in Elkins to shop for much-needed winter clothes and a holiday toy during their annual Shop With A Cop program. Shop With A Cop is an annual event hosted by the Belington Police Department, which the department raises funds for throughout the year, that extends a helping hand to area families who might be in need of a little something extra to make the holiday season warm and bright. Officers from the Philippi Police Department and the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office assisted the Belington Police Department both nights as they traveled to Elkins. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, children gathered at Belington City Hall before climbing into police cruisers for a trip to Walmart in Elkins, where each child is assisted by an officer to pick out an outfit, a winter coat, hats and gloves, shoes, and other clothing essentials that they might need. Once each child has picked out ...
Ohio Valley University is located in West Virginia, this is as confusing as Kansas City being located in Missouri.
When people tell me that I'm MIA 😂 what am I supposed to do say I'm sorry That I goto West Virginia University😂
WVU All you Oliver Luck haters need to review what great things he did for West Virginia University. WVU is fortunate to have had such an outstanding athletic director If you disagree fine review what he has accomplished.
Oliver Luck is becoming number 2 man as NCAA. Could he be Emmert's replacement?
Stephen Kopp, president of Marshall University, in West Virginia, dies suddenly.
WVU Davis College to offer study abroad trip to Nicaragua: This spring West Virginia University students will ...
Coach Huggins and the West Virginia University Men’s Basketball Team are off to a hot start and back in the Top...
Top choices University of Oregon Oklahoma State and West Virginia Universty... Ole Miss and Kansas may be a move too😏🏈
University president Gordon Gee said West Virginia aims to move swiftly in hiring a new athletics director,...
Exclusive to Collectibles, Etc. for the first time ever West Virginia University Mountaineers gold football...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Coach Tom Bradley on possibly coaching "I coach for West Virginia University I don't want any distractions...excited for bowl."
offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson leaves for same post at Kentucky:
WVU offensive coordinator Dawson to join staff at Kentucky
Officials, community members react to the news of Marshall University President
University of Charleston to replace gymnasium
Congratulations to my Nassau Brother for committing to the University of West Virginia 🏈, so proud of…
Dr. Stephen Kopp truly Energized West Virginia through his work at Marshall University. May he rest in peace.
Got into West Virginia University. Suck it dad, I told you I'd make something of myself. .
A Great loss today for Marshall University, Huntington, and West Virginia.
“West Virginia University yooo shoutout to my school ☝️
Congrats to CB Rasul Douglas (on signing with West Virginia University! http:/…
A Photo of angry protestors in wait nevermind West Virginia University just won a football game!!
"i party every night and I still have good grades - West Virginia University
"I think it is high time that Marshall University became a branch of West Virginia University."
""Went to a party one time, kissed a girl and I liked it." - West Virginia University" I see you working
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- A West Virginia University student found without a pulse at a
The West Virginia University freshman who was found unconscious and not breathing inside a fraternity house — leading to a suspension of all Greek activities...
The newest trend in Greek life at many universities is suspending fraternities and sororities, either one by one or as a whole. West Virginia University, a medium-size public university in Morgantown, has opted for the latter, suspending every frat and sorority on campus after an 18-year-old was fou…
Sad update, but WVU president has announced freshman student Nolan has died
[University] Student in West Virginia University fraternity incident has died - MSNBC: MSNBCStudent in West Vi...
Statement from W.Va. president on student's death.
West Virginia University suspends all Greek activities after freshman dies following frat party
Freshman Nolan Burch dies after incident Wednesday at West Virginia University fraternity house - USATODAYcolleg...
WVU Kappa Sigma chapter had been suspended/had its charter revoked since mid-Oct, their national org tells BI:
Please keep the family of the West Virginia University frat member who passed away in your thoughts. He was just a baby. Only 18.
BREAKING: West Virginia University freshman dies following what officials are calling a "catastrophic medical emergency" at the Kappa Sigma house.
Greek life suspended at West Virginia University following "catastrophic medical emergency":
Buffalo native dies after pledging incident at West Virginia University.
WVU halts fraternity, sorority activity after medical emergency
West Virginia University freshman Nolan Burch died Friday after an alcohol-related incident at the Kappa Sigma...
WVU halts all Greek life after emergency in frat house
West Virginia University suspends all fraternity, sorority activities.
“Words cannot describe the heartache we, as a West Virginia University family, feel at the loss of one of our own – Nola…
The No. 1-ranked West Virginia University rifle team looks to continue its success in two conference matches on the road this weekend, Saturday, Nov. 15 vs. No. 16 Ole Miss (at West Point, N.Y.), and Sunday, Nov. 16, at No. 12 Army.
West Virginia University has suspended all frats and sororities
"It's not the walk of shame. It's the get laid parade. " - West Virginia University
West Virginia University suspends all fraternity, sorority activities
West Virginia University has suspended social and pledging activities, effective immediately, at its campus-affiliated fraternities and sororities following two recent incidents.
West Virginia University has suspended all activities by campus fraternities and sororities hours after a student was found at a fraternity house without a pulse, police and school officials said on Thursday. Nolan Burch, 18, was not breathing when he was found at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house ar…
Our thoughts and prayers are with WVU student Nolan Burch's family, the West Virginia University community and the members of our former chapter at WVU. Full Statement:
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