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West Side Story

West Side Story is an American musical with a book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and conception and choreography by Jerome Robbins.

Rita Moreno Natalie Wood Studio Tenn Marni Nixon Skylar Astin Leonard Bernstein Steven Spielberg Jerome Robbins Audrey Hepburn Symphonic Dances George Chakiris Cecilia Bartoli Tony Kushner Twin Peaks Ben Horne Spanish Harlem

Probably the Outsiders. Has a West Side Story vibe that I dig.
Could, like, the Jews and trans community have a rumble, like in West Side Story, only instead of weapons,…
I never realised he wrote the lyrics to West Side Story. What's your first?
Band camp starts tomorrow! Who's excited to see West Side Story on the field?
It's important to note that at this point of my life, I have never heard of West Side Story. I think 16 year old Jacob w…
Man arrested with rifle at North Side 'L' stop: Cops: A West Side man on parole was scheduled..
ALUMNI UPDATE: Congrats to Glenn Devar ('15) on his run as Tony in WEST SIDE STORY at…
I added a video to a playlist Brian Setzer - Prologue/Jet Song (from West Side Story)
A West Side man was arrested at a North Side “L" stop with a loaded AK-47 rifle early Saturday
.Does this street fighter talk at the White House give people confidence when a real crisis happens?
finally got to see and enjoy a local, amazing production of West Side Story. very well done!
Whether you're a Jet or a Shark, you better not miss out on "West Side Story" live at Shows start A…
Robert Wise directing Natalie Wood on the set of West Side Story (1961)
The rumble from West Side Story but with journalists with pens.
I need David Attenborough to explain to me why T Rex walked like a gang member from West Side Story.
from STEALING THE ROGUE'S HEART, my West Side Story meets working class London…
'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' and 'West Side Story'. Which is built for comfort, not speed?
New Zealand Sign Language interpreted performance of the musical West Side Story!. Two trained interpreters will...
I am now listening to West Side Story with Kiri Te Kanawa & Carreras.
'West Side Story,' original production, this weekend.
This is playing out more like a rumble in West Side Story than the end of
While I'm at it, shouldn't the Winnipeg Jets logo feature Riff from West Side Story?
I didn't quite sob like a little fat girl with no cake at West Side Story, but it was a close-run thing.
To the tune of "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. Inspired by promo. New lyric…
SAMTC is looking for strong male singers & dancers for West Side Story. Auditions 21/5 Email samtcwss
Hairspray, Chicago, West Side Story, Grease, Wicked, and many many more
A new favorite: Cool from West Side Story - interpreted by Neli CoKo (remastered) by Neli CoKo on
.I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright. And I pity . Any girl who isn't me tonight. (West Side Story)
We were studying how innovative West Side Story was when I realized that Hamilton will have the same legacy in music. Wow.
2 events on the opening weekend of 'West Side Story' & 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'
Checking out Hunchback of Notre Dame, West Side Story, and The Bodyguard before Man of La Mancha starts up again.
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Chita came from Broadway with West Side Story to reprise her role at my old stomping ground Her Majesty's Theatre -
Dinner first, then Dave Grusin does West Side Story at Disney Hall.…
We open in a week!! Come see West Side Story at Terre Haute North! May 4, 5, & 6!
There's a drunk man with an umbrella singing songs from West Side Story at Penn Station and the President just launched middles at Syria
Thank you & for a beautiful show tonight. The cast & team of Vivo D'Arte's West Side Story loved
Putting it out there to the universe. "UNIVERSE, call Derek Hough. He'd be awesome in West Side Story. Period.
Saw Beauty & The Beast 17': They should have done for Emma what they did for Natalie Wood in West Side Story:...
Emma Stone Kirsten Bell &Jennifer Lawrence were all considered for the lead in the West Side Story remake. I cannot roll my…
Let's start the day with Debbie Allen as Anita in West Side Story on Broadway. 🌹
Fun fact: Rita Moreno and my grandpa who tried to make me watch West Side Story are the same age
He had the teen actors and teen orchestra perform in West Side Story as if they were on Broadway, and not Prospect St. It was amazing...
Gustavo Dudamel leads the orchestra in, Mambo from West Side Story
I liked a video West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein/arr. Michael Sweeney
In 1961, Rita Moreno became the first Latina Actress to win for Best Supporting Actress for her role in West Side Story. None h…
Leonard Berstein's Symphonic Dances from West Side Story to start my day. Reminds me of Youth Orchestra in 1998
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Gavin McInnes & his West Side Story street gang, the Proud Boys, racking up a perfect 2 for 2 record of being pepper sprayed…
Just watched the Elizabeth Taylor clip on Montgomery Clift they showed on TCM after West Side Story. 😭
you think? Most of the huge musical hits of the 50s are deeply macho - West Side Story, American In Paris, Singin in Rain
Experience what it was like during rehearsals for the original West Side Story with these 15 moving pictures
Casablanca. From Here to Eternity. West Side Story. The Godfather II. Silence of the Lambs. Unforgiven. No Country for Old Men.
This week at Berklee — West Side Story; Great American Songbook: Tribute to Laurel Canyon; and more.
Into the Woods, West Side Story and need to learn the other
I don't like many musicals. A few I really like. But I'm coming to the conclusion that West Side Story is in a league of its own.
In 1959 the composer of West Side Story, Leonard Bernstein, was named Man of the Year at convention.
West Side Story, starring Judy Garland and SpongeBob. Directed by David Lynch, music by Babyshambles. Budget: $500
Gigi's voice by Betty Wand who also dubbed parts of Rita Moreno's songs in West Side Story.
Photos: Rita Moreno performing on the set of West Side Story (1961) -
A revealing remake of "West Side Story", starring Joel Kinnaman and Adam Driver
West Side Story is nou hier vir Gautengers.
Oh dear. "Charming musical" doesn't equate to the raw excitement of West Side Story. You should have listened to me.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Yes! There's Eddie's brother dressed like a Jet from West Side Story.
I see Buena Vista Social Club and West Side Story (two flags with music notes)
What happened to West Side Story's Natalie Wood? Her turbulent life, sexiest pictures and SHOCKING death:
I don't think so. The last newsletter hint that was thought by some to be West Side Story was Rumble Fish.
I was miserable in West Side Story. They really miscast me. I came f...
West Side Story in the future. Data sniper Reef Gibson is caught up in a cyber gang war where her family is on the line.
West Side Story style! 🇺🇸 Watch our amazing pro-dancers close the show with a blockbuster performance!
Nov 29, 1981, the actress Natalie Wood, who starred in such movies as Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story,dro…
Mine:. Les Miserables, Grease, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Singing In the Rain. Yours: See the difference?
Cast of W. H. Taft Junior High School's production of "West Side Story" has a powerful statement for Jill Stein:
The National Scholastic Press Association (gave awards to the staff of West Side Story and The Little Hawk
When your bird think he in West Side Story
In Vancouver? Go visit -- Magic! Also here's a shot of me playing Tony in West Side Story from '99. https:…
Trapper John, M.D. meets West Side Story, but with Kourtney Kardashian and John Cusack.
The film adaptation of the 1957 musical 'West Side Story' was released in the US on 18 October 1961
Never mind the poor math - "West Side Story" is one of the greatest films of all time, thanks, principally, to Bern…
West side Story is the reason why I love musicals
Your math is very wrong about when West Side Story was released.
18 years ago today, "West Side Story" hit theaters. Here's our original review of the film:
Final rehearsals underway for West Side Story: it's looking really good!
Even decades later, the music, choreography and effect of 'West Side Story' are hard to resist - Los Angeles Times
ok listen when mike chang auditioned for tony in west side story and sang cool ICONIC
Read the complete list of Jeff Award winners her. And while you're at it, take a look around our newly designed...
I first saw 'West Side Story' on stage in 1958. I was in the army, havi...
Songs inspired by Shakespeare, from Purcell to West Side Story. Artists include: Jane Hughes, Camilla Foster Mitchell,…
West Side Story has got me on the edge of my seat!
. Agreed. We like 2hear all sides of story,not just side Bankers want us2hear:.
West Side Story. - MY FAVORITE MUSICAL. - chanGED BROADWAY. - im emotional. - if u don't like this i don't like u
West Side Story, Dreamgirls and enormous talent all around. Invest in the arts!
1 dead, 4 wounded in West Englewood shooting
UPDATE: 1 dead on the scene, 4 wounded in West Englewood shooting
Four shot in West Englewood, all transported to hospital in serious to critical condition
Update: Child among 4 wounded in West Englewood shooting that also left 1 person dead
West Side Story... All we need is rival gangs to sing and dance and be reprimanded by someone's sister to end violence...
Funny, I decided on West Side Story for tonight's entertainment, just the day George Chakiris celebrates his birthday.
Happy birthday to George Chakiris born this day back in 1934. Do you remember seeing West Side Story in the...
AMERICA from West Side Story (1961) featuring George Chakiris&Rita Moreno – lyrics by Sondheim, music by Bernstein
I didn't realize that John Astin was in West Side Story.
Rehearsals for the all-alpaca production of West Side Story underway on a farm in Wales...
I like the shores of America! . Comfort is yours in America! . Knobs on the doors in America, . Wall-to-wall floors in America. West Side Story
West Side Story - Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra . Great music but the arguments in the comments make me laugh
this week continue performances of 'West Side Story' https:…
this week continue performances of 'West Side Story'
Million dollar idea: West Side Story but with an Irish Catholic boy and a Persian Sephardic Jewish girl based in Beverly Hills.
Caught a lovely production of "West Side Story" while randomly on Long Island tonight. Great job to all
"The Get Down," Netflix's new show, is "West Side Story" with rappers and disco. Our review:
"IN THE HEIGHTS" the West Side Story for a new generation!” — Time Magazine
Russ Martin spending more time in the alley this weekend than the cast of West Side Story.
does anyone want the following not necessarily pristine playbills:. West Side Story revival, 9 to 5, Memphis, Driving Miss Daisy revival...
Marni Nixon, voice of classics like 'West Side Story' and 'The King and I, dies at 86: Hollywood voice double...
Soprano Marni Nixon, who dubbed voices for Natalie Wood in West Side Story & Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, died M…
Remembering Marni Nixon, the invisible voice of "West Side Story," "My Fair Lady" & more:
From My Fair Lady to The King & I, West Side Story to The Sound of Music, Marni Nixon was the voice of my childhood. https…
Her voice was what was used for the dubbing. In My Fair Lady, King and I and West Side Story
Marni Nixon, voice of Maria in West Side Story film, has passed away:
Which would you see in theatres and which would you wait for Netflix? West Side Story or Goodfellas?
RIP The voice behind the singing screen presences of Eliza, Anna, and Maria (in West Side Story not the one who's a problem)
Sharks or Jets? Enjoy at the Little Theater of Alexandria!
The woman who was singing voice in My Fair Lady dies. You may have heard her in West Side Story.
Just read that the great Marni Nixon died - and then by itself, my iTunes shuffled to the West Side Story Finale. Whaaa...
I was just listening to an Alice Cooper record and it had the Jet Song from West Side Story and I'm dying.
Marni Nixon, the secret "ghost singer" behind Hollywood's blockbuster musicals like "West Side Story," dies at 86. http…
The King and I, My Fair Lady, West Side Story... Just some of the soundtracks to feature unsung hero Marni Nixon.
Marni Nixon, the voice behind stars in movie musicals like 'My Fair Lady,' dies at 86
Heads Up on what to look out for on West Side Story - our Blog about Life in West Broward County. Check it out...
It's 2 AM and my dad is playing the music from West Side Story.
He played Chino in West Side Story. He's so cute.
Idea: a Romeo & Juliet/ West Side Story spinoff, but the rival gangs are Trader Joes vs Whole Foods.
Tonight tonight we're at for West Side Story
Home from seeing West Side Story at theater. So incredibly beautiful! I'm a take a minute to cry a bit more...
I will never stop loving West Side Story with every fiber of my being.
'West Side Story' was one of the high points of my career. Yet, when I first saw it, I was ...
'End Credits' for West Side Story just perfect... Playing it on repeat.
We had a great run of West Side Story -Great to collaborate with the Ocean City Theatre Company in this fantastic...
Opening night of West Side Story with Greater Ocean City Theatre Co! Feeling thankful to share…
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I grew up on old musicals. West Side Story is a good one but my 2 faves were Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Guys & Dolls.
Apparently I know one performer from yesterday's West Side Story in Leipzig personally bc I work w/ him in Dresden @ La Cage aux Folles
Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer looking pleasant next to each other on the set of West Side Story.
I'm watching West Side Story and I just discovered that Tony is the same actor that plays Ben Horne on Twin Peaks... I can't unsee it now...
West Side Story is in this episode of Glee and I'm getting so sad. I miss it so much.
Can't wait till a pharm ad ruins Bernstein's "Somewhere" frm "West Side Story.". "There's a pill for us...a capsule and a pill for us..."
Please check this item out on my eBay store!. West Side Story (Natalie Wood) DVD 2003 New And Sealed via
Spielberg and Kushner preparing for a West Side Story remake? That's...odd. Could be interesting though
Steven Spielberg wants to remake 'West Side Story' via if its not i dont want it
Steven Spielberg has confirmed he is remaking West Side Story: .
Steven Spielberg reportedly planning remake of 'West Side Story.'
Tony Kushner is working on the script for a West Side Story remake.
Tony Kushner is writing a new movie version of West Side Story to be directed by Steven Spielberg. (Will the ethnicitie…
AAADT subject matter. West Side Story aural setting. That is all TY.
Throwback from our 1983 production of West Side Story - front and centre is htt…
Steven Spielberg attached 2 West Side Story remake? Why? Did he get wind that it has sharks in it?? cc:
Enter to win FOUR tickets to production of West Side Story courtesy of
My brother refuses to listen to Hamilton but will watch Rent or West Side Story? 2+2=7?
06/03: Happy to experience West Side Story at Schermerhorn Symphony Center, presented by Studio Tenn.
Went to see clients & in 's West Side Story with Sam Spencer Lane on Friday night. All I can say is WOW!
Waiting for the rumble at West Side Story! @ Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Tonight and tomorrow Studio Tenn is producing West Side Story at the…
Hipsters and music row peeps, eat your hearts out...backstage for Studio Tenn's West Side Story
Be transported back to NY in the 50s w/ production of West Side Story tonight:
Catch Belmont alums in this performance of "West Side Story," a celebration of a cool new partnership!
Studio Tenn aims high with its upcoming revival of West Side Story: . Go West. . ...
Get a behind-the-scenes look at Studio Tenn's 'West Side Story' -
Studio Tenn presents West Side Story this Fri & Sat! Don't miss your chance to see this classic!
YEAH!? Look up the "Leonard Bernstein: Making of West Side Story" album. That recording is incredible. 😉
Now playing: "Dance at the Gym" by Leonard Bernstein from 'West Side Story: Original Soundtrack Recording (remastered)'
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What a fabulous work of art Leonard Bernstein created and realized in West Side Story. Recording sessions filmed...
there's a few i like for sentimental reasons (Bye Bye Birdie, West Side Story) but I've been studying Porter and Sondheim
I would pay to see a rendition of West Side Story where Oliver Platt lead the Sharks.
Hey Shawn, I think Peter was referring to the rival gangs in West Side Story, the Sharks and Jets.
We have officially challenged the crew to a West Side Story face off for the opening keynote.
A line from my modern day West Side Story script:. "And the rest of the Jets pulled out their phones to film Tony fight"
I tried to rewatch West Side Story right now and I just can't. I'm sorry Rita Moreno
At the end of the day we live in a world where Cecilia Bartoli is CURRENTLY playing Maria in West Side Story and that, sir, is enough for me
true or false: The last line in Camp Cope's "West Side Story" is a nod to Why?'s "These Few Presidents"?
Wonderful production of West Side Story at starring Cecilia Bartoli & Norman Reinhardt. Looking forward to Gala Concert tmrw!
Liam Steel triumphed last night with new choreography for West Side Story feat. sublime Cecilia Bartoli
coincidentally Jay, Jimmy Smits turned down the lead in LA Bamba, West Side Story, and Maya & Miguel
Are you aged 9 - 18 and want to be part of the West Side Story team in Windsor? Find out how ht…
Rita Moreno in a new Target commercial. Looks amazing. Was she a toddler in West Side Story???
"Isn't it weird how Romeo and Juliet is literally exactly like West Side Story?" -Carlos
Storyboard sketches by Saul Bass for title sequence from "West Side Story" (1961).
Congrats to Padraic Di Fisco nominated for Bord Gais Energy Theatre Award for his part in Friary production of West Side Story
I love West Side Story but could you imagine street gangs fighting by doing ballet moves
Listening to West Side Story radio, and I'm low key trying to hold back tears
wants to live life like the opening of West Side Story.
Since Hollywood is in the habit of making stage to movie musical renditions how about another West Side Story movie?
I could watch West Side Story twice a day every day. Jerome Robbins choreography is as amazing today as the first time I saw it.
It's been 2 months and I'm still not over West Side Story! 😭😭😭
No Sarah - the West Side Story soundtrack will not help you study music history but it's worth a shot
Can't wait to see West Side Story this weekend ❤️
Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins share the Academy Award for Best Director for thier work on West Side Story today in...
Takes ACT: has a whole passage about Jerome Robbins and West Side Story.what a coincidence!
I chose a eternal classic for the first film I recommend: West Side Story
In 1984, Kiri Te Kanawa made a special recording of West Side Story in the leading role of Maria, conducted by Leonard Bernstein.
I'm the city budget director! I watched West Side Story last night when will I find my own Maria? 👸🏾
I remember back in high school they gave the same kind of warnings when the Drama Club performed "West Side Story".
We're finally listening to something that I know in History of Music. West Side Story baby 🙌🙌
Howlin' Huskies learn the name of next year's marching show. Watch out here come "North" West Side Story!
Tbt to West Side Story theme staring Steve Schirripa, Tony Danza and Tony Sirico
At last a decent photo of in West Side Story at the Prince Edward Theatre from 1998.
West Side Story was terribly important because of the style of the dancing ...
I just saw West Side Story on stage for the first time & I think we have the Jane Eyre problem: no adaptation is as perf as the 1 in my head
I danced in a company of 'West Side Story' when I was very young. It was mo...
i'm at 0:16 seconds...are you sure this isn't Tobey Maguire's screen test for West Side Story
Love this picture of Skylar with a lucky fan after West Side Story!
The jet girls are wack in West Side Story, not up for debate
West Side Story was a very successful musical later made into a very successful movie about fact that Puerto Ricans are American citizens
Skylar Astin with a lucky fan after West Side Story!
Skylar Astin with some fans after West Side Story' s second show!
Skylar Astin met some fans after West Side Story's Opening night!
Skylar Astin with some lucky fans after West Side Story!
Our first real look at 10-story addition coming to 707 West End Avenue on the
Seeing West side story Thursday with my babe 😘
A slew of classic romantic dramas they don't. Casablanca, Brief Encounter, West Side Story. They are still romances.
i can't believe i can watch west side story and say it's part of the research for my BA dissertation
Run thru of west side story today!!! I really think it's going to be great 👏🏾
Early Iron Age Europe as that dance scene from West Side Story.
We can’t keep cool how much we loved WEST SIDE STORY:
re: 'Maria Maria' you remind me of a West Side Story (Carlos Santana, recently on Q from what I understand) BUSTED
Two Movements from West Side Story - Black *** Mills Band. ~ Tune in now at
Such an exiting day today! Getting to play my dream role as Maria in West Side Story! :D
Happy opening night to all of PHS's West Side Story cast, especially my faves & 🎭 💕
Music to return to Asbury Park's West Side - Asbury Park Press
Whamo-bamo! What a dress rehearsal!! Congrats to the 10th Ave Cast of West Side Story! Pam!Pam!
flip me Ross! You make my favorite dance move from West Side Story look like a stretch!
west side story for the Theatre Royal Newcastle, im playing chino :)
next fight I would love to hear the intro music to be West Side Story -
Like the song goes, in West Side Story, "Nobody knows in America Puerto Rico's in Ame…
Maria Maria... reminds me of a west side story.. growing up in Spanish Harlem..
Maria,Maria u remind me of a west side story
roommate captured me serenading my harry styles doll w West Side Story
The energy of youth was spectacular display in this wonderfully energized “West Side Story” https:…
the signs as movie musicals . taurus: West Side Story (1961)
I finally saw and then wrote about it:
My speakeasy costume makes me look like Maria from West Side Story
Taskmaster's amazing West Side Story-ish dance moves in are killing me.
and Umberto...match made in west side story heaven. always a blast!
This reminds me of the gym scene in West Side Story.
playing cello for West Side Story in April for the ALL+School
if you're curious, the song that i got so passionate about being a waltz was "America" from "West Side Story"
Not sure what West Side Story has to do with my Jaws paper but I'll make it work
if I get one more notification that u posted in West Side Story I'm boycotting the show
My mom just called West Side Story "the show with the Mexican sharks." Lord give me the strength to not change my last name and run away.
Maria Maria . She reminds me of a west side story . Growing up in Spanish Harlem . She's living the life just like a movie star . Maria Maria
Music to return to Asbury Park's West Side. via
there's a commercial that plays I feel pretty and I got excited cause I thought west side story was on
Would it be the same "they" who just spread false story abt Rubio? Check the side you're on.
Dana Evans, the Post-Tribune 2015 Girls Basketball Player of the Year - Chicago Tribune
West Side Story tickets go on sale tomorrow during all lunch periods $10 a ticket!!!
Police: Man with depression went missing 2 days ago on West Side
Liam has west side story's soundtrack on vinyl
As an act of mercy, one of us should buy the anti-Puerto Rico people a copy of "West Side Story" and explain they're U.S. …
West Side Story opens at Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy in Elizabeth on March 17th. . Tix at:
Carnegie Hall's West Side Story, Staged in a Queens Warehouse with Skylar Astin and Newcomer Morgan Hernandez, ...
West Side Story (Theatre) - All roles and ensemble for new production playing outside London
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Just got tickets to the Houston ballet to watch West Side Story one it's lit! 😍😍
revitalization of West Side Story w/ ITH vibes, but with Russian Jews and Dominicans
See the pics here of 's production of West Side Story
Oklahoma, Chicago, Cats, Sound of Music, Phantom of th Opera, Wizard of Oz, West Side Story, Calamity Jane, Singin in the Rain
Once you get past the Tony and Maria sleep-fest, "West Side Story" is actually a great show.
"West Side Story," sweeping the 1962 with Rita Moreno winning Best Supporting Actress
Anita is and always will be Rita Moreno in West Side Story.
I liked a video Bernstein : Symphonic Dances from West Side Story
Make sure you buy tickets for West Side Story. Opens Wednesday night at the Winston Theatre!
Steoh just confused West Side Story and Rent.the Rachel Berry inside me is screaming
Me, too! I'd love to dance in West Side Story. Love Rita Moreno's dancing. That was my dream.
Yo this has a little Leonard Bernstein Symphonic Dances from West Side Story thematic element to it and I am here for it
West Side Story...and Sant-Saëns — I'm at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TX
*** you, I just finished watching Rent. Now, I'm compelled to watch West Side Story. (Can't really complain, it's good stuff)
Agreed! That's why West Side Story annoys me sometimes. AS IF white people could mambo and salsa better than Puerto Ricans
Jo Davies' loves musicals. Her favourite shows are West Side Story, Sweeney Todd & Company. See her in
Natalie Wood at a dance rehearsal for 'West Side Story', 1960.
Say your prayer because we're destined for glory. When the credits roll, it's Harlem's West Side Story.
basically picture West Side Story if it were set on the Port Mann Bridge
Casting announced for 'West Side Story' at Paramount: Something's coming to the Paramount Theatre in Aurora an...
I'm dead serious. Anderson High School followed up an all-white "West Side Story" with an all-white "To Kill A Mockingbird."
FOX Broadcasting Company: FOX please make. West Side Story live. - Sign the Petition! via
Gina Rodriguez as Maria and Oscar Isaac as Bernardo in "West Side Story"
From Auditions to Opening Night ❤️ Goodbye to West Side Story, Hello to so many new adventures ☺️
West Side Story at the Dallas Symphony with for Valentine's Day ☺️
A actor has not won an Academy Award since 1961, when Rita Moreno won for West Side Story
Skylar Astin & in West Side Story. Performances will take place from March 4, 2016 through March 6
Going tonight to watch dancers give practice tae kwon leap to themselves. (Original Jerome Robbins choreo for West Side Story. :) :) :)
That moment when you realize Tony from West Side Story is the same actor as Ben Horne from Twin Peaks! MIND. BLOWN.
I joined the lotto to see West Side Story at for $25 tix on Enter here:
Take time out to enjoy the facilities at Tickets for West Side Story here
What if wrote Hotline Bling while watching West Side Story and he's planning a reboot?
Watching west side story and playing MTGO. happiness achieved
Why does riff look my Puerto Rican than Maria does in west side story ??
America from West Side Story is my jam it's a little embarrassing
Okay, but why does west side story have to end like that
This weeks . Sondheim wins again. West Side Story will always be a favorite.
Last night I went to see West Side Story at Signature Theatre. Fabulous production! Really excellent energy, dancing, singing
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