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West Side Highway

The West Side Highway (officially the Joe DiMaggio Highway) is a mostly surface section of New York State Route 9A (NY 9A) that runs from West 72nd Street along the Hudson River to the southern tip of Manhattan.

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Smized on th west side highway smokin Cookie
I love driving down the West Side highway but this fog is crazy right now ! There's no view to see 😩
West side highway's my new playground
west side highway always been so gUd
bus to D.C. just turned the wrong way into traffic on the west side highway it's cool everything is going great
An hour and a half into my trip down to washington dc and i made it to... a diner near the west side highway. traffic is going well.
Construction on Highway 77 starts Monday: Fiber optic line will be put in along the west side of the highway.
Tell me about it. I live near the West Side Highway and I always know when there's an accident. NYPD & tv choppers arrive
Great! The west side is the natural place for depots and big box stores. Easy highway access.
West Side Highway, then turned north, headed towards *** s Kitchen. Whenever I glanced to the right, my gaze gravitated to>>
West side highway by Rocky is slept on
When u claim u skipped 14th st to the West Side highway coz of "poss traffic frm Meatpacking" + opt for 34th instd of 23, u aint a NewYorker
Speeding on west side highway...exciting
HAPPENING NOW : activists block west side highway in front of the swamp
plz STOP doing construction on the west side highway in the middle of the day!backing up traffic for miles
Took my tempo run outside to the West Side Highway with Nike Run Club! 🌧 I've discovered a…
Buford Highway Farmers Market on What a great store. We live on the west side of Atlanta and it is worth goi…
That scene under the west side highway still gives me chills.
I couldnt survive Alaska. Been dark out for all of the 4hrs since I woke up and I'm already about to go take a nap on the west side highway.
Wasted, high on the west side highway.
I remember this like it was yesterday! I knew he was going to run for PRESIDENT 1 day & win "FMY EX BOSS Pres
Ran 4 miles from Court St over the Brooklyn Bridge to the West Side Highway to West 14th street. Caught the train back
I love jerry nadler. Yrs ago he stopped trump from rerouting west side highway.bravo
TBH if I had a car I'd prob be driving the west side highway rn
Listenin' To Faneto on the west side highway is dangerous
On the LIRR tho, and west side highway pier.
Building referring to r off west side highway also a big problem with him but got them built l
I gotta drive up the west side highway playing going thru the motions and catch a vide that's word to rock
That could be a West Side Highway on the place and over before anyone had to the entire country.
Gas Station Priced Aggressively on the west side of Groesbeck Highway & just south of Cass Avenue. This area has...
If you have roller blades or a bike or anything with wheels hmu tomorrow we're skating the west side highway.
Why were west side highway and roads cleared off ice but the east side is full of snow and ice?!
to exactly 1 year ago today when we flew an over the Hudson River and the West Side Highway in
You're gonna build that wall like you were gonna move the West Side Highway. Your scorn is surpassed o…
The guys pushing shopping carts under the West Side Highway have more class than Trump. He wouldn't fit in there.
Jonah Goldberg: "I watch Trump talking like he should be pushing a shopping cart under the West Side Highway"
If I'm going to be stuck in traffic, I'm glad it's on my beloved West Side Highway.
Pedestrian fatally struck after climbing over divider on the West Side Highway .
Pedestrian fatally struck on West Side Highway after climbing over divider via
'Man, 22, fatally struck by car on West Side Highway - NY Daily News...'
Get real waisted on pinot, smoke a spliff thenlisten to "3am on The West Side Highway" . . It will make so much…
West Side Highway, View of Hudson River, New Jersey, with passing Cars, ... via
Because i LOVE the west side highway
I've never seen the west side highway close
West side highway by asap rocky makes me feel some type of way on the inside lol smh
"Travel far enough west, on a map, and you come out on the other side"
Northbound West Side Highway is jammed from the 50's to the GW Bridge where a stalled vehicle blocks the right lane
do that on the west side highway on a warm Sunday afternoon bro
this guy (Steven Siegel) has lots like that. Soho in the 80s, a completely empty west side highway. They're freaky and great.
No better Wednesday evening than West Side highway'ing it 😌
After seeing gangs of motorcycles ride in NYC, aggressively on the West Side Highway. I really don't care about any motorcyclist.
it's a lot more fun riding alongside the west side highway ... Join me😉
Moshed down the west side highway chain snaps people almost died
Deputies were called to West Side Farm Management at Highway 43 and Avenue 24 at 10:30 a.m. Monday to a report of...
Yes, the West Side elevated highway. A section h…
Yes, the West Side elevated highway. A section here collapsed in 1973
Robertson is truly the highway of the West side
If you have the disposable income, this would look great on a West Side Highway billboard (southbound, near 125th) with your avi.
Last time I was on west side highway I was with Tom on the back of his Harley! I miss him and the feelings I had!
amber alert: Childish Trump tied up in back seat of black escalade on west side highway! No doubt trump had no part in this
Construction worker falls to death from West Side highway -
Southbound West Side Highway with a crash in the left lane near 96th Street, traffic jammed both directions.
Just west side highway instead of 30 Rock. Nothing that exciting.
Fire on west side of Highway 17. North bound traffic blocked
RESCHEDULED to mid July >> installing new medians on side streets off between Edgeley + Keele >>
Went last yr. All the burgers were amazing.Prob was the venue is too small. They shud try Pier 26 on west side highway!
I added a video to a playlist west side highway
yah that alt route ended up being the west side highway. Not safe. Shameful.
I'm on the West Side Highway en route to Javits, no traffic.
Happy f7ck8ng Monday. 1hour to GW. Who knows how long on west side highway when i get there.
no detour, no warning, no signs. Sending people onto West Side Highway. It was insane. Wish I had more time to document the insanity
Fantastic fantastic time at Pier 26. 💚💚💚💚 (@ West Side Highway in New York, NY)
Jukebox Joints & West Side Highway are my favourite tracks on ALLA
NYPD has closed Hudson River bikeway without providing alterate so people merging onto West Side Highway
Just heard traffic. Did anyone see the flashing lights at the boat basin on 7th street. . West Side Highway
- The NB West Side Highway at 125th St retaining wall issues will last thru weekend!
I'm ready to take over Central Park, Times Square, the West Side Highway, and The South Street…
This pile of garbage at Christopher St & West Side Highway is getting Bigger and Bigger. . How much more?
Over on the West Side Highway. Up a bit from Christopher St.
1,000 runners tackled a 5K on the West Side Highway last week, led by
go play in traffic on the West Side Highway
I live off 146th. What is going to happen on the west side of the highway? How are the intersections being changed?
Punks beating a man in front of his family. Bad move. .
Got cut off on the West Side Highway this AM by a guy with a "COEXIST" bumper sticker, who then hit his brakes.
Because only we would do the Macarena on the west side highway at 1:30am
So ambitious.3 in the morning on the west side down
People on the west side! Stay away from Saginaw and canal unless getting on the highway. Buncha *** blocking the intersection.
3. Cruising down the west side highway
Highway 11/17 down to one lane west of Sunshine due to a cattle truck on it's side. Motorists asked to go slow.
OPP are warning motorists of delays on Highway 11/17 just west of Sunshine. A cattle truck is on it's side and...
Sunset from the west side highway...
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Always traffic getting on the west side highway 😒
Testing autopilot on the west side highway
Im trynna speed down the west side highway, buy some food then come back uptown.
If u want to do 30mph on the west side highway is cool just please dont do it on the fast lane or just go on broadway eh lo mimo -_-
Nice view from the west side highway
erinrose43 flows, and sprints to make a perfect morning. @ West Side Highway
The traveling coach... pulling off west side highway to mastermind brilliance
hope he performs west side highway and I will also be crying
Wish i could hop on the west side highway right now
Should the Chandler Highway expansion be on the east or west side?
New Jersey, from Manhattan’s West Side Highway on the first day of autumn - September 21, 2015 - Pho
In the Trump Place buildings facing the West Side Highway, many many many many many TVs are tuned to the Sorry, Donald.
LIVE on A lot of police activity off NYC's west side highway
Before the madness I was already tipsy you could see it in my eyes. 😀😘💕 @ West Side Highway
Ugh. Traffic on the West Side Highway. Thousands of moms heading down to the Javitz center to pick up their 40 year olds …
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" wasted, high on the West side highway "
Pablo on the abandoned ruins of the elevated West Side Highway in downtown Manhattan, 1975. pic © Theodoros Bafaloukos
run the West Side Highway (park), from Battery Park to the Upper West Side at least!
Having a cappuccino under the west side highway. It's not Paris but I'm going to milk the last of the warm...
Fireman heading south on the West Side Highway towards the remains of the World Trade Center where smoke...
Don't drive me to take the east side highway when we're deep in the west side...
Bob Simon, superb writer correspondent, dead at 73 in stupid car crash on the West Side Highway.
I have been in the a Town car limo literally 1000 times racing into NYC and the West Side Highway has always been...
According to the NYPD, Simon was a passenger in a Lincoln Town car livery cab that was traveling south on 12th...
on reports speed most likely a factor in death in a livery cab ion the West Side Highway Wednesday
Guilfoyle was on the west side highway yesterday but instead Bob Simon dies, how is that fair?
RIP Simon The world lost a dynamo of reporting integrity today. To recall what TRUE journalism is read this: htt…
Drivers constantly speed through lights on the West Side Highway. Never saw anyone get pulled over. Drivers know this. RIP
Not surprised driver was speeding on West Side Highway to . beat a light. They are the worst drivers in NYC. RIP
Still can't believe Bob Simon. Covered the most dangerous places on earth, dies on the West Side Highway. Like the cruelest existential joke
Bob Simon from 60 mins died on the West side highway
Driver involved in crash that killed Bob Simon has had his TLC license suspended pending investigation.
"60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon was killed yesterday in a crash on the West Side Highway
Examining a black box, combing the neighborhood for footage. In only all crashes got this level of investigation.
best writer of his generation: 60 Minute correspondent Bob Simon killed in accident on the West Side Highway
Plot your course from the west side highway. The west side highway is incredibly easy to drive.
Bob Simon, '60 Minutes' reporter and veteran war correspondent, killed in horrific crash on West Side Highway
Bob Simon went to every dangerous place in the world, and he dies on the West Side Highway.
Wearing seat belt is tragic takeaway from giant loss of Bob Simon.
Bob Simon has been to every dangerous situation in the world and his life ends on the West Side sad
60 Minutes reporter Bob Simon wasn't wearing seatbelt in accident that killed him on the West Side Highway
This morning on CBS2, continuing coverage of the loss of correspondent Bob Simon.
Bob Simon of ‘60 Minutes’ killed in car crash on West Side Highway
Dear & Day 158: Because the West Side Highway becomes the Henry Hudson Parkway at 72nd St.
It is that time of the week where I just can not sleep. Thus, I am going to get on my F/B page and voice my opinion. First of all it is so cold outside. It is right now 14 degrees Farenheit but it feels like minus 10. Still with 3 layers on me and protecting my face I went for a run on the West Side Highway. If you have not run at midnight, you are missing a lot. It is quite, windy, cold but for me beautiful to finally be able to run with no pain. Also, this is one of the privileges of living in Manhattan, the West Side Highway is at your feet and you can go for about 10 from the tip of Manhattan to George Washington Bridge. NYC Marathon here I come! Two, I am in total shock what happened in Paris. To kill in cold blood a man lying on the floor begging for help and mercy and for him to be a moslem. What kind of people are they? Why don't sane moslems speak up in unity? Why don't they have united march against the killing of innocent people? Three, this past Saturday with my dear friends David Del Tred ...
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773 DAYS LEFT. WE HAVE FOUND THE NEW NORMAL FOR AMERICA .. If you are truly outraged by some action of police, prosecutors, grand juries, or courts, you can shut down the heart of a great city. Thursday night, thousands of "protesters" disrupted the annual Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center, conducted a "lie-in" in Grand Central, blocked Times Square, and shut down the West Side Highway that scores of thousands of New Yorkers use to get home. That the rights of hundreds of thousands of visitors and New Yorkers were trampled upon by these self-righteous protesters did not prevent their being gushed over by TV commentators. I saw one anguished man cry out from a blocked car that he was trying to get his sick dog to the vet. But his rights were inferior to the rights of protesters to block traffic, chant slogans and vent their moral outrage to TV cameras. From New York to Washington to Oakland, crowds acted in solidarity to block main arteries at rush hour. Has President Obama condemned this? Has ...
Protesters shut down part of the West Side Highway in NYC, photo via chopper: http…
A.M. Links: Eric Garner Protests Close NYC Bridges and Thoroughfares, AG Nominee Loretta Lynch to Oversee Federal Inquiry into Garner’s Death, Satanists Join Florida Capitol’s Holiday Display : Source: – Friday, December 05, 2014 Thousands of protesters occupied the streets of New York City again last night in response to a grand jury’s failure on Wednesday to indict the police officer who killed Eric Garner. At times protesters clashed with police and temporarily succeeded in shutting down traffic on both the West Side Highway and the Brooklyn Bridge. "The federal civil rights investigation into the chokehold death of Eric Garner could present a new complication for Loretta E. Lynch's nomination as attorney general, because she will be heading the inquiry as the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York even as she undergoes scrutiny in the new Republican-controlled Senate." President Barack Obama will nominate Ash Carter to be his new secretary of defense this mornin ...
Chanting on West Side Highway "Eric garner Michael Brown Shut it down!"
...but please believe from Broadway to Canal St to the West Side Highway, lower Manhattan was a parking lot.
See raw footage of Garner grand jury protesters on the West Side Highway and in Grand Central http:/…
Literally nothing to see right now on the West Side Highway, please move on.
The halva-topped tahini doughnuts at this West Side Highway car wash are the real deal:
I glare at you guys from the West Side Highway sometimes...
And the potholes at Terminal E are worse than the BQE, the West Side Highway, AND the Cross Bronx Expressway. Bad..
Me - "Are you guys on the east side or west side of the highway?". Her - "Well, what direction are you coming from?"
I wanna bike ride along the west side highway
I'm a big fan of the West Side Highway
he is on Highway 211 in Fauquier county go through the Town of Warrenton and turn right on 211 west he will be on left side
I blame you for my dream about there being a giant Toynebee tile in the middle of the West Side Highway that was like a speedbump.
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Living on the west side is especially cool when the wind is so bad you have to take 21st Street home instead of the highway
Heading south on the West Side Highway this afternoon...looking west over the Hudson River.
Got me doing the John Wall on the West Side Highway. 💪💪
Well today I saw a Moped gang screaming down the west side highway. So that was interesting.
What is goin on today for traffic to be like this on the west side? Maybe this is how it always is when u don't hit the highway SMH
Northbound West Side Highway with a crash in 1-lane near 158th Street.
Phone booth burial grounds beneath the West Side Highway.
spontaneous, magic walk on the west side highway before a little Sunday night show. @ Hudson…
Ran across the gwb and down the west side highway...yeah I'm tired
Driving along the West Side Highway as the sun sets 💕
There was traffic jam on the west side highway because a NYPD tow truck had to be towed.
Nearly creamed by a minivan gliding through a right on red off West Side highway at 16th St. this morning.
Waiting on the west side highway cause my driver doesn't have his license is always good
Today was a great day 5K pier 84, 42nd street west side highway.
nasty multiple car accident west of Balzac at the 8th Street and Highway 566 intersection. People sitting on side of hghway.
Marc Anthony is Honored by Gray Line New York's 'Ride of Fame' on the West Side Highway on September 8, 2011
Pretty awesome view to start my day! @ West Side Highway
Beautiful drive down the West Side Highway to the studio with the sounds of doing her vocal warm ups!
"He built the Harlem River Drive and the West Side Highway.” The change in rhythm in the last line, that’s a dying fall."
It would be cool to be on the west side highway on a motorcycle right now
yeah I saw some by the west side highway perfect view into New Jersey
*Hits blunt*. If we're on the west side highway, is it still considered the east coast? - MXT.
West side highway view. I love my city
Out on the West Side Highway, it is Honking O'Clock. Welcome to the weekend,
truck on 26th blocked off street. Stuck for 20 minutes. Got out of the car and directed traffic to back up into the west side highway. Go me
I've def burned the west side Highway on a regular basis, they just making him an example
ha yea 25mph on the fdr or west side highway at 11pm, right. During rush hours, its a taunt since ur going 5mph tops
Driving a down the west side highway. This car is fast @ Battery Park
Amazing run along the West Side Highway this morning.
It took about 10-15mins to drive from Detroit to NYC on The Crew. They got the West Side Highway details wrong tho
Yesterday, I did a little experiment and drove 25 mph down the West Side Highway, just to see what it felt like.
Fridays call for singing Whitney Houston songs at the top of our lungs while driving down the west side highway
They leave the club and he cruising down the west side highway playing trey songz
Currently "under zee highway" in the WEST SIDE of New York...sound familiar ?
Yeah. Bean buzzed dozens of times on West Side Highway by *** hole drivers like this jerk
The west side highway is a complete mess im never getting home 😩🙈
Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC A black Range Rover ran over a group of bikers in New York City during an annual street ride. After running over multiple bikers at the :50 second mark, he takes off only to run over another biker at the 5:00 minute mark. (please drop here a line if you have any further info) Greg Gie: Police say a large group of motorcycle riders attacked and beat a 33-year-old father who was driving in Manhattan with his wife and 2-year-old daughter on Sunday. The dispute began when the family called 911 to report the bikers driving erratically on the West Side Highway near 125th Street, police said. The bikers were in town for an event called Hollywood Stuntz, where motorcyclists drive around Manhattan doing tricks, according to officials. The dad then hit one of the motorcycles, and the others surrounded him and started hitting his Range Rover. The family then sped off, apparently striking some bikers, who chased them, police said. At one point, a biker got off his motorcycle and op ...
Always feeling when I'm in a taxi going up the west side highway
I'm just skinny not fit. I can barely run .5 mile but like running/walking on west side highway in NYC
How to help heal the highway wounds of West Side and help in the process.
I just wanna cruise up and the West Side HighWay bumping some classic Max B tbh
The Harlem Promenade, High Line-inspired park near the West Side Highway will bring affordable housing and pubic...
saw someone abusing their dog on the west side highway. never felt so helpless. I yelled but they walked away 😫😩😖
So sad woman collapsed crossing the West Side Highway on Vesey - unconscious
Amazing run down the west side highway with fitnessmagazine & with all…
:( it would be so valuable for Columbia students and perfect to ride on Central Park and West Side Highway. What's holding?
like Light Street and Key Highway between Fed Hill and the Inner Harbor, more concrete barriers to overcome.
Freedom Tower from the West side highway.
Doc gave me a ride in his Audi S8 today and boasted about going 0 to 60 in 3.9. He then continued to go 80 on the West Side Highway.
Chelsea Simone last week at an unsupervised construction site near the west side highway. I'm looking…
goals: speeding down the West Side Highway, with my boo
Y'all .. I got on the highway from 96th and made it to the west side without getting lost !! I'm so proud of me
My uber driver told me act like this is your car so I'm blasting "Would you ever think" w: R. Kelly & Nas, on the west side highway ✨
This is a special shoutout to the group of hot who almost made me get into an accident on west side highway bike path
I was on the west side, near 29th, but not on the highway. Still, a good freakin' guess, yo!
of the billboard for with by jonathangrassi over the West Side Highway.…
My billboard for hangin out on the west side highway thanks to
Top down and stuck on the west side highway in the Not a bad view.
Somewhere along the west side highway
Just lost my motorcycles on the west side highway, can anyone give me a ride?
Running with and we saw algalsc on the west side highway @ River Side…
Juniper 💜 Herbs that grow on the west side highway NYC 💜contains anti-microbial oil 💜 effective…
Cab has two options:. West Side Highway which has 0 traffic. FDR Drive that is literally at a stand still. guess which option he chose
Down the West Side Highway towards Midtown . Getting ready to go back to Manhattan at the end of this month and...
If you live on west side of you might have some issues getting home via I-490 or Route 390 via
I used to bike down the west side highway before, never around the city or any other boroughs though
Last night I was on the West Side Highway back of a cab blasting "Drake - Pound cake" and looking out the window. Wishing my mom was.
tearing it up on the best side West Side @ West Side Highway Bike Path
Wunghnu Primary School is located on the west side of the highway near the creek.
Cruising down the west side highway
Last night I traded my iphone6 to drive a monster truck down the west side highway for ten minutes. Should i report it as stolen yes or no
Spent the morning biking along the west side highway 🗽🌃🚴
I can't get excited that you can buy me a Celine bag, but I'm ecstatic at the idea that we can go for a power walk on the West Side Highway
I had to leave my car in the middle of the West Side Highway unlocked, I thought when I get back my GPS and hack license will be stolen.
Just got home from the city. This drunk girl fell flat on her face on the West Side Highway, I picked her up, brought her to her building.
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That's that top down riding on the west side highway music
If it wasn't fashion week, I would never have believed I saw Mrs Tom Brady running along the West Side Highway this morning. But it is .sorry I had no time to chat .
The tower, as we were approaching it on the West Side Highway going south. @ WTC -Freedom Tower
Andy Schwartz, New York Rocker, June 1980 DUSK. THE rain falls in a thick gray curtain for as far ahead as we can see through the windshield of the battered compact, crawling in a line of homeward-bound traffic up the pitted, broken West Side Highway. Photographer Rob Norris is at the wheel; he's a good driver, but on at least one occasion the rain and the dark and the swerving traffic bring us uncomfortably close to someone else's rear end. I ride shotgun, nursing a nasty cold and a nascent whopper of a headache. It is not a Good Day, but the eternal spirit of the inquiring reporter (or the insatiable bloodlust of the rock journalist for the hot poop on this month's chart-topper – have it your way) pushes us onward to the non-descript suburb of Portchester. There, we may yet catch hold of the Pretenders in the course of their afternoon sound check. So hectic is the pace of this first leg of the group's first American tour that they have reportedly blown out every scheduled interview save for the one ...
Noticed in median of West Side Highway, Manhattan, near Jane Street.
Got it done!!! NYC Half Marathon.13.1 miles around Central Park, through Times Square...down the West Side Highway.through a tunnel and ending on Wall Sunday Morning race! Felt like I did the impossible after last night driving to bussed it up to Atlantic City with the future Reeves duo for their 30th...drove back to NYC at 5:15AM just in time to make it to the start line at 7:40AM and ran 13.1 miles with absolutely NO SLEEP! Enjoyed the race BGR buddy ran her first Half today and I'm so proud of her! I'm glad I stuck by your side through thick and thin. You helped me be a better me called me "coach" ...I'm far from that! You did awesome darling! And much love to you all for all the support along the way!
Hey everyone, Sunday I will be running the NYC Half Marathon. I will be in the 2nd wave starting at 7:45am and beginning at the 72nd and Park East entrance. I'll be running through the park, Times Square, Battery Park, West Side Highway, and finishing on Wall St. in lower Manhattan. I should be finishing around 9:30am. After which I will be searching for the nearest BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS. The spectators are what make the runners put one foot in front of the other so please come and support me and my fellow runners. You can also follow me by downloading the NYC Half Marathon app and entering my bib
Good thing I took it easy last night.DUI checkpoint on the 79th Street ramp to the West Side Highway. 3 cars sidelined, 3 drivers in handcuffs, I have 1 less PBA card and I need a new pair of trousers! Lol! A big THX to my nephew, Kevin Brennan! Could you send me another card please?
Payphone graveyard New York, underneath the elevated West Side Highway at 135th and 12th Avenue. photo Dave Bledsoe ht…
Lots of bad drivers on the West Side Highway tonight. Saw a yellow cab run head-on into a wall and a drunk driver hit a car :O
The West Side Highway (officially the Joe DiMaggio Highway) is a mostly surface section of New York State Route 9A (NY 9A) that runs from West 72nd Street along the Hudson River to the southern tip of Manhattan. It replaced the West Side Elevated Highway, built between 1929 and 1951, which was shut down in 1973 due to neglect and lack of maintenance, and was dismantled by 1989. The term "West Side Highway" is often mistakenly used, particularly by the news media traffic reporters, to include the roadway north of 72nd Street which is properly known as the Henry Hudson Parkway. The current highway, which was completed in 2001, but required some reconstruction due to damage sustained in the 9/11 attacks, uses the surface streets that existed before the elevated highway was built: West Street, Eleventh Avenue and Twelfth Avenue. A short section of 12th Avenue still runs between 125th and 138th Streets, under the Riverside Drive Viaduct. Eleventh Avenue is a separate street north of 22nd Street. The portion be ...
Getting ready to start the Cupid Undie Run on the Hudson River Park near the West Side Highway in Manhattan, NYC! Photo taken on 2/15/14. Feel free to tag anyone you may know!
North Moore Street and the West Side Highway, hot dog vendor. Current day Tribeca, 1936. Photo from the New York...
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NYC's homeless LGBTQ teens need YOUR help. The Church of St Luke-in-the-Fields in Greenwich Village is running a free pop-up clothing shop on Saturday nights for the homeless *** teens who attend our dinner program. We need your donations of gently used coats, sweaters, shoes and other winter clothing items. We also need new socks, underwear toiletries. Finally, gift cards are needed to help us bring Christmas to these kids St. Luke's runs one of the oldest programs in the city for homeless LGBTQ teenagers--we provide a restaurant quality meal every Saturday night to approximately 60 teens; we triage their most pressing psychosocial needs and refer to agencies that are equipped to meet more complex needs. We are a doorway to services, and we provide a safe space where these kids can just BE, and where no adult will harm them or want something from them in return. The kids we serve are the ones who work the side streets and the West Side Highway later at night. Their needs are profound, and St Luke's n ...
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As you complain about the horrible traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway, the West Side Highway or the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, this is just a reminder. Our African and Indigenous family members - our ancestors are our FAMILY MEMBERS - died after and while building these that YOU, today, may have the luxury of feeling disgruntled. and love always, family.
3 reasons Michael Bloomberg bit it. Stop-& frisk made NYC on a racial parity with Alabama. If you outlaw 32 ounce soft drinks, fat people will buy 2 16 ouncers. You *** A sports stadium on the West Side Highway? Worst idea for NYC ever conceived of by a non- mental patient. . Bllomberg, every minute of your store- bought illegal 3 term tenure was annoying and aggravating. We're glad you're gone.Not everyone in NY is white and rich. Or wants to be.
In New York City today? Be sure to stop by and see Chef John Moeller at the Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival He will be at La Sagra Sunday Slices presented by from 4-7pm with Anne Burrell, Adam Adam Richman and a slew of other wonderful Chefs! Pier 92 at 52nd street and West Side Highway
An undercover New York City police officer arrested in the infamous motorcycle-gang incident on the West Side Highway has been found to have previously spied on Occupy Wall Street. Detective Wojciech Braszczok was detained after taking part in an attack on a motorist in an SUV that was caught on video. Occupy activists say Braszczok was previously arrested as an undercover officer posing as a demonstrator in Grand Central Station. Braszczok is with the NYPD’s Intelligence Division.
Wojciech Braszczok, a 32-year-old detective in the New York Police Department who was off-duty at the time, is allegedly shown on a video pounding on the Range Rover as it drove amid a sea of motorcyclists on the city's West Side Highway, according to the official. That video is now in investigators' hands.
We drive the West Side Highway often. There, and on a few other local highways, we often see totally out-of-control motorcyclists, unhelmeted and even sometimes unlicensed, driving like bats out of *** in big groups. I've always been shocked that the police seem to turn a blind eye to it, and I often dread that I'm going to end up hitting one of them as they bob and weave and spiral around our car, or come racing out of nowhere to pass us. So yes, before now I have been unsettled by what seems to be the really angry energy of NYC's motorcycle culture. But what just happened to Alexian Lien and his family takes the terror to a whole new level.
so today I'm driving down the West Side Highway and what do I see but something sort of like a small boat floating in the Hudson River. upon a closer look it was black on the outside and white on the inside. It was one of those old fashioned big bathtubs. Hm
Embarrasses me to claim I ride a motorcycle. Of course these guys weren't "bikers". DA won???t charge bike assault thug in SUV??beating The Manhattan DA’s office won’t press charges against one of the motorcycle thugs who allegedly terrorized and beat a man after a wild chase on the West Side Highway, and is reluctant to prosecute another, sources said Wednesday. Allen Edwards, 43, of Queens, who allegedly smashed in Alexian Lien’s rear driver’s side window with his fist, surrendered to cops Tuesday morning but will not be charged, the sources said. “The DA declined to prosecute. Look at [The Post’s] front page [Tuesday]. He’s there on the motorcycle right next to [Lien] after he got his *** kicked,” an angry law enforcement source said. Video shows Edwards pummeling the rear window of Lien’s Range Rover, near where his toddler daughter was belted into a child seat, and Lien on the ground with Edwards next to him. Another source said prosecutors were reluctant to charge a seco ...
This happened Sunday on the West Side Highway in New York. The driver of Range Rover (a guy in his 30s driving his wife and child) found himself sur
Real life Mad Max suddenly happens on NYC's West Side Highway.
Im here to tell you all that the year 2013 has been a cursed year. As Queen Elizabeth II proclaimed after the so-called accidental death of her daughter-in-law, Princess Diana, this has been my/our Annus Horribilis (sorry for my botched Latin). No need to recite again the long list of trials and tribulations already reported on my past FB status reports, except to add two bullets I just dodged in the past 12 hours: (1) nearly lost my Apple browser app to hackers around 1 AM [never mind]; and (2) lost all hot water in our condo early this morning (to be repaired by 2 PM). Major breakdowns of major life sustaining systems. Last life threatening bullet was successfully dodged last weekend: Driving (on Thursday 9/12) to DC for Kol Nidre services at my home synagogue, I was caught in a horrific down pour while driving on Manhattan's West Side Highway at 55 mph around 6 PM. Rush hour traffic on all sides of my car. My entire SAAB cabin suddenly fogged up. My car's defogger mechanically failed me. Instead of def ...
The Second Tuesday in September Tuesday morning started out unremarkably. I took my usual 5:10 a.m. bus from the Park & Ride in East Stroudsburg, arriving at North Bridge on the West Side Highway around 6:35 a.m. I remember it being a perfect weather day; almost no clouds and the temperature was in the 70’s. I walked under North Bridge (which connects The World Trade Center to The World Financial Center) and entered Tower 1. After passing the security checkpoint, I took an elevator to the 35th floor. The elevator service was shut off to the 34th because of the construction, so you had to go to 35 and walk down one flight. I was on the floor by 6:45am and sat down with a few of the guys that had already arrived. The conversations were pretty much about the usual topics; ball scores, girls, stupid things the other trades were doing. I wasn’t very excited about the work ahead that day. Monday I had been doing tops with L.A. Ray and was not looking forward to more of the same. “Tops” is the sheet rock ...
I totaled it on the West Side Highway, one night. Heading to the George Washington Bridge. I cried:-(
FUTURE TO THE BACK An intrepid rear view mirror David Tait 27 JUN 2013: I recently spent a day surrounded by airplanes without actually flying anywhere. No, this time at least I wasn’t stuck at an airport waiting out a weather system but was on a day’s outing with my sons to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. For those of you unfamiliar with this tremendous facility, it is a floating museum housed in the USS Intrepid, a World War II aircraft carrier permanently moored at 46th Street on Manhattan’s West Side Highway. This is by no means your typical bricks-and-ivy museum with a bunch of fossils and Etruscan vases – au contraire; here the museum itself is a huge part of the story. The 36,000-ton Intrepid was commissioned in 1943, and has a highly distinguished service record. She saw extensive action in the Pacific Theater, including the Marshall Islands, Okinawa and the battle of Leyte Gulf where she survived several direct hits from aerial torpedoes as well as two deadly Japa ...
Why Your Network is Your Net Worth By Porter Gale I lived in Manhattan for more than seven years, and on any given day I typically went to the same deli, the same coffee shop, the same ATM, and walked the same route to my office.. We've all been there, complacent in our comfort zone. What would have happened if I had changed my routine? How would my life be different? What if I had dropped Starbucks and only gone to independent coffee shops? What would have happened if I had started taking tennis lessons on the roof of the club up the West Side Highway? Who would I have met? How much would my net worth--by way of my network of people, places and things--gone up? Sometimes change is self-motivated, and sometimes it is a result of outside influences. The best change comes when you look at ways you can proactively shake it up by identifying your barriers, changing your routine, trying events designed to meet new people, and getting outside of your comfort zone. Ask yourself, "What is holding me back from mee ...
I just saw the skinniest person I've ever seen running on the West Side Highway. He must have been running from a cheeseburger.
Dad is: Lincoln Tunnel in/Holland Tunnel out I am: Holland Tunnel in/Holland Tunnel out When I get lost in Manhattan, I follow a random brand-new Lincoln Towncar to West Side Highway, and then to Holland Tunnel out to New Jersey Turnpike...sometimes I follow all the way to Pennsylvania Turnpike.
The Healing Powers of Kirtan By Rachel Goldstein On that unfortunate day in 2001, the one that changed reality as we know it, my life‐long friend Gabby was running down the West Side Highway, watching in horror as history transpired right before her eyes. I had just returned after finishing producing an ABC Television documentary mini‐series about the Hamptons and was in between apartments. In this time of despair and uncertainty, I moved in with Gabby in our bruised hometown of New York City. I cherish the memories from this healing time, especially an unexpected musical gift Gabby bestowed upon me. Music has always played a prominent role in my life and is key to helping me achieve solace and comfort. While living with Gabby, she introduced me to the beautiful rhythmic chanting and eclectic sound of Krishna Das. I quickly understood why I was hearing this music that was making me relax. There was something in his voice that soothed me in this time of pain and sadness that was pouring throughout the ...
Located in the heart of the Chelsea Riviera, between the High Line and the Hudson River (ignore the West Side Highway, s'il-vous-plaît), the Hotel Americano has become an icon of international, Franco-Latino style. Chef Joseph Buenoconsejo, who the NY Daily News named one of the best chefs under 3...
From the window of her apartment on Bethune Street, Ynestra King can look out across the West Side Highway to the playground where she plays with children in her family, to the Hudson River, and beyond it, New Jersey. S
If anybody is flying up or down the west side highway today come holla at me!!
heck yeah... That's a good path but also the west side highway is nice. Central Park is definitely worth it
How happy am I when I'm passing cars on the West Side Highway on my bike? As happy as a slinky on an escalator!
Up at 5am so I can leave work early to see the show tonight. I get to see the sunrise as I drive the West Side Highway. 🌞
Why not enjoy it cruising down the west-side highway doing things we like our way with you Kaputtz..*Chuckles*
Going skateboarding on west side highway at night. Is this safe?
yes love to run on the NY west side highway and more than spring is here!
Spidey was filming on the west side highway today
Just seen Steve Novak on the west side highway
On this west side highway making moves with the homie
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Yes. Plus, I drive the West Side Highway, which is enough to drive anyone to murder. :D
Nothing like a waterfront stretch with yuliyasysevich @ West Side Highway Running Path
we meet in the union square store at 6 pm and run over to the west side highway. We do about 4 or 5 miles
Gig done! Off to the west side highway to watch the sun set over the river ☺
I just saw the reincarnation of Freddie Mercury on the west side highway...or a stranger with some kicking facial hair. Either way awesome!
Flying down the highway.. I'm reeecklesss!.. Take to the good west side happenin!.. West side what's happenin!!..
lol nah I was just heading south on the west side highway
: dead *** my *** makes me wanna drive with a bad chick & sing this to her while driving on the West Side Highway lol
photographers. Street COVERED in Oyster shells. RH side of entrance to Cuthbert Homes park. Off Admirals rd just west of the highway.
Always great to be in a cab on West Side Highway and 14th n suddenly remember you left your jacket at Javitz Center.
Traffic stopped completely on west side highway by police. What's going on?
Anyone know why the West Side Highway is shut down?
Several helicopters are hovering over Lower Manhattan. Police activity on the West Side Highway near Chelsea Piers.
This traffic on the west side highway is no joke 😒
Stuck in the west side highway with
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Oh man the west side highway drive 🙌
Stretch of West Side Highway to close for tree removal
For some reason this song just makes me want summer to come and cruise down the west side highway and up the FDR .. lol don't judge
Annnd... My cab just got rear ended on the west side highway. A little less scared now.
yo get use to using the west side highway when I get home u no good on the Eastside or in Brooklyn. Iight
Young B, driving down the west side highway
Was about to hit the West Side Highway but it's cold, yo.
The helicopters zooming around over the West Side Highway are both unnerving and comforting.
Moose off to the side of the road ready to come up on the highway - just west of Foxtrap Weigh scales.
I hate people that drive on the west side highway that aren't from NY. Take the train if you don't know how to drive in the city✋😠
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