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West Pullman

West Pullman is a neighborhood located on the far south side of the city of Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the 77 official community areas of Chicago.

Chicago Tribune Salvation Army Pat Quinn

Played on so many trips from west side to Pullman. First Gorge concert was TP.
Is Pullman the West Virginia of the state of Washington? Our investigation: .
You’re officially on notice, West Virginia
44-year-old Tony Goodrich Sr. was shot to death on the block where lived in West Pullman on Tuesday evening.…
the proud city of Pullman, West Virginia
Did Pullman relocate to West Virginia, and nobody told me?
The scene in Pullman from the booth after the upset.
If you drove to Pullman right now from the west side, you wouldn't miss the party 💯
The most outrageous thing Adam Amin has said tonight is that Key West is 2,000 miles from Pullman, Wash.
Key West and Pullman couldn't be more different
not a Bball fan, I am about 100 miles south and west of both Pullman and Spokane is a JR at WSU
Wish I could clone myself so I could be home for birthdays and in Pullman for CFF and Couer d'Alene for pro west finals at the same time
Great game developing out west. Pullman rocking. is the only announcer who sounds cool saying (I’m jealous)
I would love to show you my at 11921 South Perry Avenue
See a virtual tour of my listing on 140 East 122nd Street
A 44-year-old man was gunned down in West Pullman last night:
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Shootings kill two people, wound four since Tuesday:
UPDATE: 44-year-old man fatally shot in West Pullman identified
Police: 44-year-old man fatally shot in the head in West Pullman
Warmer temperatures across the West... including
This finished ranch in West Pullman is a head turner!
Mele & McGuire deserve credit for landing one of the hottest prospects in West. Always thought Pullman was a perfec…
Then join us on WED 15/11 6pm for Book Group. We can't wait to a) read it & b) discuss…
On the Far South Side Sunday morning, 7 people were shot, 1 fatally, during an attack in a parking lot
1 killed, 6 wounded in West Pullman shooting, occurred outside the Universal Entertainment Center, black SUV opened…
Horrible: 34 people shot, 7 dead in Chicago since Saturday morning
Despite removal of Confederate statues, black people still drop'n like flies in Chicago. Progressives perplexed.
7 shot, 1 fatally, in West Pullman parking lot
Praying for Everyone who were shot in the West Pullman area 119th Loomis last night.
ICYMI: One man is dead, 6 others shot in a West Pullman parking lot. The search is on for the gunman.
From the overnight incident at 11901 S. Loomis.
7 shot, 1 fatally, in parking lot on Chicago’s South Side
1 killed, 6 wounded in West Pullman shooting: A shooting left one dead and six wounded in…
UPDATE: One person was killed & six people were wounded in a shooting in West Pullman, fire officials are confirming https…
1 killed, 6 wounded in West Pullman shooting
1 killed, 6 wounded in West Pullman shooting:
Man demands apology for swearing at sister, is shot to death: A West Pullman man shot an Engl..
Police: Man killed in West Pullman shooting -
Man found shot dead after burglary reported at home in West Pullman neighborhood
I'm gonna miss Pullman so much when I graduate but I am looking forward to being back on the west side full time
If you wanna be modern day billy the kid, chicago is for you.
That awkward moment when the Jiffy Lube guy in Pullman sees your Idaho plates and asks "where you from on the west side? 😯😕
"Dirt cheap deal in West Pullman area of Chicago Brick Raised Ranch only $39,000. " by on
Pass it on somebody might could use this... @ West Pullman, Chicago
(WEST PULLMAN): Crews are on scene of a house fire on Emerald Ave near 124th St.
OK nah shirlen take me there boo thechristishow @ West Pullman, Chicago
Before you cab any place close to West Pullman. The RYE promocode gives $10 credit on the Lyft app. chicago letmeknow
too much purple on the west side! Went straight from East Wenatchee to Pullman ❤🐾❤
State child welfare authorities will investigate the death of a baby boy in the West Pullman neighborhood
Man facing first-degree murder charges for beating 3-year-old son to death, killing unborn daughter: prosecutors…
17-year-old was walking in the 11500 block of South LaSalle when a vehicle drove up and someone inside fired shots.
17-year-old boy wounded in West Pullman shooting
I'm going to round up all the west side people who have complained about their 3 flakes of snow and make them survive in pullman for a day.
No injuries reported in West Pullman vacant building fire
I love Pullman but sometimes I just need the west side
Interesting article in that the geography is largely Russia and West Africa. The price basis is from 2015
I've built Monorails in Pullman, West Lafayette and Starkville, and by gum it put them on the map
One down one to go hurry up 5:30pm @ West Pullman Park
Anyone headed back to Pullman on the west side with an open spot today?
Off duty Robbins officer kills man who may've tried to rob him in West Pullman.
Me texting my friends in Pullman while I'm on the west side. . *pls notice me*
West Pasco, Ritzville, Pullman residents: Your State Senator has an issue with transparency.
But seriously, why does my cat like to chill in plastic packaging? @ West Pullman, Chicago
If you're super into Sherlock Holmes, Zero Effect is a fun look at "What if Holmes was a west coast 90s dude played by Bill Pullman?"
$1M bond for woman charged with burning man on Far South Side
West-side Coug fans are getting the shaft this year. Driving to Pullman 5 weekends in a row is absolutely BRUTAL
My freshman year 1975 School was closed one day after Thanksgiving Break, took almost 12 hours from the…
Woman charged with burning man in West Pullman domestic dispute
A woman has been charged with throwing a flammable substance on a man during a domestic dispute in West Pullman…
46-year-old man shot in West Pullman: A 46-year-old man was shot Tuesday afternoon in the West Pullman neighborhood…
Chicago RAHMicide | Parents investigated by DCFS after autopsy shows 3-year-old Tayveon Thomas of West Pullman ...
Don't be walkin around West Pullman unless you from there. The vill ugly.
Teenager shot in the feet in West Pullman. Read Blog:
1937-The Chicago and North Western Pullman dining car headed to the west coast
ah i just noticed that. It's so hard cuz West side is the Best side😬 but yeah i think imma stop by Pullman
I won't be on the west side lol but you should come to Pullman 😏
Little Giant Ladders
Any West Side Cougs getting over to Pullman early??? 🏈🐾
dat was my lil homie dat got killed in west pullman.lil Reg smh def wasnt for u bro 😢😢
Reginald Fleming Jr. of south suburban Lansing fatally shot while walking in West Pullman
Reginald Fleming Jr. of Lansing was shot Monday afternoon in West Pullman, and died about three hours later.…
.star Dwyane Wade opens center to provide a safe haven for Chicago kids from gun violence
actually it was roseland and west Pullman not englewood
River North (where Trump's property is) is different from Austin or West Pullman. Very different.
chicagonewsnow: Man, 18, critically wounded in West Pullman shooting
Man, 18, critically wounded in West Pullman shooting...
Man, 18, critically wounded in West Pullman shooting
"Great Buy and hold or Flip. Good condition Brick single family in West Pullman area. Only $39,000." on
Great job to Officers Cuadrado, Fahey, and O'Neil for apprehending this violent criminal!. http…
Chicago RAHMicide | Police: Miguel Williams and Donald Carter Bruson fire shots at each other in West Pullman, ...
St. Rita High School's Knights of Augustine Lead the Pope Francis Habitat for Humanity Challenge in West Pullman
17-year-old boy shot in both thighs in West Pullman
AHEADS UP to any students or others heading to the West Side.
I've made the trip from Pullman to the west side so many times I can tell exactly where I am in the middle of nowhere using bushes and rocks
Prayers up to everyone including myself that's driving to the west side from Pullman today! ❤️🙌🏻
To everyone making the trek from Pullman to the west side please please please drive extra safe
I live in the west loop but may need to vote for Pullman. Pullman had a GREAT year!
The neighborhood is looking like a serious contender for this year's Vote here -->
Surely we can all agree on as the best neighborhood! Vote TODAY!
Next up in the Curbed Cup: the West Loop vs. Pullman
7" of snow overnight in Pullman. Finals are still happening and no one really cares. Wut? If this was the West side we'd all be dead lol
Shootings injure 2 teens in West Pullman, 2 men shot in South Shore
Charges pending against woman for man's fatal stabbing Friday morning in West Pullman
Tonight we ride with at West Pullman Park, let's ride family...
I'm teaming up with the Red Cross to install smoke detectors in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago. Do you know anyone who needs one?
Picking up friends that shacked is a lot harder on the west side than Pullman cause everyone lives so god *** far away 🚘
continues the Habitat for Humanity build for homes in West Pullman today
I'm still gon post a missed connection about myself on Craigslist and see who respond. . "You were at the West Pullman library wearing..."
Amazing ladies collaborate to build for those who need them most! Get
The people working for West Pullman Park are fantastic! They have all sorts of inspiring/fun activities for special ed.
.playground build in West Pullman as part of We're a proud partner. http:…
One man moved to West Pullman 32 yrs ago. He came from Mississippi for jobs but says the last 20 yrs have seen a steep drop in employment.
Asking people in West Pullman why they came to the area. One woman moved here in 1962 because it was the first all black neighborhood.
Update: one man is dead and two others injured in shootings in South Shore, Lakeview and West Pullman
Its that time of year again! Fire Softball / West Pullman 3rd annual picnic. On Saturday August 16 2014@ 12pm at Blackstone Park 14200 Blackstone in Dolton Il. Save the date and spread the word. Come and hang out with lifetime friends from the old neighborhood. See you there. Any questions just inbox me.
Part of our outreach to West Pullman
Hey West Pullman! The Normal Street Block Club will be hosting a party on 8/2 from 10-3pm Come for health screenings and fun! 120th & Normal
Police: 2 men accused of West Pullman shooting: Charges have been filed against two men accused of a shooting...
Police: 2 men accused of West Pullman shooting
A man from West Pullman is charged with allegedly sexually assaulting, holding a woman captive for 12 hours.
Prosecutors: Man sexually assaulted woman, held her captive for more than 12 hours: A West Pullman man who...
Was hoping to come back from Pullman to some coolwr weather and it is just as hot here on the west side of the mountains 
Wild west cyprus holidays, flights, hotels, pullman car portage but considerable more than one.: QVaesPcyJ
Central City Farmers Market! It's on 14th Street West. Sometimes there will be a little one down at Pullman too, just depends
A 15-year-old boy was killed Sunday afternoon in a West Pullman neighborhood shooting on the Far South Side.
Neighbors and first responders help rescue children jumping from a South Side fire in the West Pullman neighborhood. 7 injured.
Another picture that I am borrowing from Dan's page. This is the boyhood home of radio personality, Garry Meier. The home is located at 116th and Parnell in the West Pullman neighborhood. Photo by Paul Petraitis. — with Garry Meier and Tree he used to climb to sneak out of house. I believe he graduated St Catherine's in 1964.
I just had a flash back...can all the sugar plum fairies from West Pullman check in.I am checking in now
Driving back to the west side from Pullman thinking the same thing everyone thinks on their way back from Pullman: back to real life
Just googled top 100 party schools.. Pullman is 31... West Virginia is 3. And right outside my window 😭
Oh. Sorry. . I grew up near Pullman before moving to the west side after school.
Holy Savior Armenian Apostolic Church, consecrated on October 26, 1924 ,was the first of its kind in the Midwest: Chicago, Illinois (West Pullman are). Founded my Mary's grandfather and 5 other men, all Armenian immigrants, it became a symbol of hope to the members survivors of the Armenian Genocide.-: 1915 - 1923. The e-Book can be purchased at MY ARMENIAN GENESIS: THE LONE SURVIVORS, by Mary L. MOVSISIAN Foess
Micro Market Recovery Program/Neighborhood Stabilization The Micro Market Recovery Program (MMRP) is Chicago's neighborhood stabilization initiative, focusing on 13 areas that are experiencing higher than normal problems with foreclosures. In each area, the City of Chicago is fostering the reoccupation of vacant & foreclosed homes through partnering with not-for-profit intermediaries, for-profit capital sources, homebuyer incentive programs & providing financing to approved developers and end-users. MMRP target areas include: Humboldt Park, Chatham, Chicago Lawn, West Woodlawn, Auburn Gresham, West Pullman, North Pullman, Belmont Cragin (North & South), Englewood, Grand Boulevard, East Garfield Park & Austin. Partners In Community Building, Inc. is a HUD certified not-for-profit agency created in 2002 for the growing need of affordable housing. Their mission is to promote & provide safe & sanitary housing to community members in need. Their services include: Home-Ownership Counseling Foreclosure Preventio ...
I guess BHO & Rev. Wright (Wrong) are on a break. had a dream, Obama has a drone, Rev. Wright says BY STEFANO ESPOSITO Staff Reporter January 15, 2014 3:24PM The Rev. Jeremiah Wright chats with Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis after an event Wednesday in West Pullman to commemorate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. | Stefano Esposito~Sun-Times Updated: January 16, 2014 2:22AM If the Rev. Jeremiah Wright believes — as he’s claimed in the past — that he and President Barack Obama will be buddies again when he’s out of office, the firebrand preacher didn’t do himself any favors Wednesday. Speaking at a breakfast co-hosted by the Chicago Teachers Union to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Wright said that while the civil rights leader proclaimed “I have a dream,” Obama says, “I have a drone.” Wright, Obama’s former pastor, called for King’s “revolution of values” and a rejection of the “three-headed demon” of “racism, militarism and capitalism” ...
Thousands of Cook County residents waited in line for flood assistance in the West Pullman neighborhood early Friday morning.
I played a Gospel concert on Saturday Night at Maple Park U.M.C on 117th and Elizabeth last Saturday night that was off the chain fun and inspiring! Will Howard, Will Kurk and Ben Jammin Johnson you guys amazing me! I love the chemistry that is growing in our too brief encounters. I look forward to future soul explorations! Maple Park's Pastor Robert Biekman is truly an a great teacher and leader (also funny) I recommend this church if you're looking for somewhere to worship in the Maple Park, West Pullman, Morgan Park area.
7 people shot today, from Logan Square south to West Pullman, between 1 p.m. and 10:15 p.m.
ATTENTION: Out of 339 Chicago public schools, over 129 schools will close as of March. Some schools up for closure are King High School, Morgan, Dunbar, Young, Dyett, Reavis, Phillips High School, Bowen HS, CVS Highschool, Hyde Park Highschool, Pilsen, West Pullman, South Shore Highschool (Closing for good), etc. Most of these schools test scores were the lowest in the state of Illinois and by government order, was forced to shut down the lowest rated schools. ITS SEMMS AS IF THINGS ARE getting worse for Chicagoioans everyday. BELOW IS A LINK TO THE LIST OF ALL SCHOOL CLOSURES IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO: AND IT IS VAST.
This has been a great month with our students at West Pullman. Among other notable moments, our kids were treated to breakfast prepared by Chef Cordell McGary. Then, we had an eye-opening workshop facilitated by La Quis. I'm so appreciative of our volunteers, and I love it when we work together for the benefit of these young people.
Stepbrother of the teen rapper was killed in Chicago's West Pullman neighborhood last week.
Chicago Tribune on Chicago Teen Gun Violence: About 4:30 a.m. Sunday, an 18-year-old man was fatally shot in the chest on the 5300 block of South Calumet Avenue, officials said. The shooting occurred in the Washington Park neighborhood. The man was pronounced dead at 5 a.m. at Stroger hospital, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. No further information was immediately available. Those two teenagers were the fourth and fifth persons killed since Friday night. The others were a 73-year-old man sitting on a stoop with a friend, a 34-year-old man getting ready to celebrate his brother's birthday, and a 20-year-old woman in a "domestic" incident. Saturday night's shooting incidents started about 5:45 p.m. and the pace didn't relent well into Sunday morning. The locations stretched from Rogers Park, blocks from the city's border with north suburban Evanston, south to the 12400 block of South Lowe Avenue in the West Pullman neighborhood.
Chicago Tribune on Gun Violence: Quiltavia Patterson was an aspiring rapper who left Chicago months ago to get her twin toddlers out of harm's way. Jermaine Carter was "the cool guy" in the West Pullman neighborhood who did tattoos. He also preached to his children daily about staying in school. Patterson was walking home from a family get-together with her sister early this morning, and was passing Carter and other neighbors at Eggleston and 120th when a dark-colored car drove past and someone inside opened fire, according to family and police. Patterson, 25, was dead at the scene. Carter, 38, was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he was pronounced dead.
Chicago (IL) Tribune: Five people reported shot in West Pullman
1 killed, 4 wounded in West Pullman shooting
More important than the packers. “Five people reported shot in West Pullman
Five people reported shot in West Pullman
Five people reported shot in West Pullman: As many as five people were reported shot and wounded this...
Chicago (IL) Tribune: 18-year-old man killed in West Pullman neighborhood
Two years after graduating, Obama was hired in Chicago as director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale on Chicago's South Side. He worked there as a community organiz...
Far South Side Ald. Carrie Austin (34th) appealed to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Tuesday to make Roseland and West Pullman the next target for his anti-violence initiative. Austin questioned why the 80-year-old Farrakhan and his army of men, known as the Fruit
Chicago (IL) Tribune: Man in critical condition after West Pullman shooting
Man in critical condition after West Pullman shooting
Times are tough. The down economy has made life even more cumbersome for America’s poor, which is why a tragic story about theft coming out of West Pullman, Chicago, is that much more infuriating. Police are currently searching for a food pantry delivery truck that was stolen from a pastor who purch...
Gov. Pat Quinn stood in the auditorium of a sprawling new Salvation Army community center that officially opened in West Pullman on Saturday and put into perspective the meaning of a new swimming pool, performing arts center, soccer field and other recreational outlets in the Far South Side ne...
A Chicago mother who was shot, along with her daughter, while sleeping in their bedroom in West Pullman is speaking out about the incident. Tonishia Allen, 24, was released from the hospital after being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg, but her 1-year-old daughter Jaliyah remains in intensive ...
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