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West Bank

The West Bank (', HaGadah HaMa'aravit also known as Yehuda ve-Ha'Shomron (Judea and Samaria)) of the Jordan River is the landlocked geographical eastern part of the Palestinian territories located in Western Asia.

East Jerusalem Middle East Golan Heights

Israel presses on with the construction of thousands of new homes in West Bank and East Jerusalem, despite worldwide criticism and [1/2]
This brazen Israeli thug is just an example of the abuse which Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank end…
This Is IsraHell, practising 'Apartheid Rule' in the Occupied Regions of Palestine (West Bank & East Jerusalem in...
Israel built 2,630 illegal homes in West Bank last year
Washington Post also asked concerns about Russia's historic referendum on the European Union and Germany and the West Bank.
To Be Approved: P1 - United Arab Emirates - The question of the future of the West Bank
There is no historical Jewish state. There is Israel which itself does not claim West Bank is Israel
Members of the Palestinian security forces take part in a training session in the West Bank city of Jericho
Yaalon says opposed to annexation of Area C of West Bank, 'doesn't want 2 rule over Palestinians', no solution soon.
Sharon's plan was always to annex West Bank settlements Jordan Valley
Palestinians could have had a state in 1949 when Egypt & Jordan held the West Bank & Gaza - but NEVER cared until after…
Israel Defense Ministry's closure of West Bank + Gaza . (for the Jewish holiday of Purim). starts at midnight Thursday, ends 11:59 pm Sunday
Listening to on her experience of visiting West Bank with and at event on Israeli settlements
West Bank was not territory of another sovereign nation, so 4th Geneva convention not applicable.
Inside street artist Banksy's Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank city of Bethlehem
Street artist Banksy has opened a new hotel... in occupied West Bank.
The Walled Off Hotel' - new hotel opened by street artist in occupied West Bank.
Tampa council approves 3 towers on west bank of Hillsborough River via
If you are planning a trip to Paris, you might want to visit The Walled Off Hotel. . "The Presidential suite is...
Banksy decorates West Bank hotel with views of Israel's wall - BBC News…
Banksy has opened a Palestinian hotel in the West Bank to bring Israelis and Palestinians together.…
Banksy’s Bethlehem hotel offers room with a view of West Bank barrier
Banksy opens West Bank "Walled Off Hotel" promising 'the worst view in the world' via
Banksy opens new 'hotel with the worst views in the world' on the West Bank
Banksy opens hotel in the West Bank, offering guests "worst view in the world"
Welcome to the wall - artist Banksy opens Bethlehem hotel - BETHLEHEM, West Bank (Reuters) - Under an army watc...
Bethlehem, West Bank. Banksy unveils his “Walled Off Hotel”—a business, protest and art piece—all rolled into one.
Israel’s presence in the West Bank violates no international laws
Palestinians clash with Israeli settlers in West Bank via
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Israel/Palestinian territories: Clashes between Palestinians and Jewish settlers in the West Bank
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Extremist Squatters under Israeli Occupiers protection close by, attacked American Veterans in Nabi Salah Village in Occup…
Banksy's takes on Israel's West Bank barrier with hotel with 'worst view in the world'
Banksy hotel: West Bank guesthouse opens in Bethlehem offering 'worst view in the world' - Evening Standard
The ticket office is open until 2pm today and then between 9am-11am tomorrow to purchase tickets for Sunday's match agai…
-Palestinians clash with Israeli settlers in West Bank
Celtic allowing the drum 👏🏻. Also to let everyone know there will be a minutes silence for Tommy Gemmell 👍🏻. Thanks
Room with no view: Banksy's West Bank wall hotel A museum to British colonialism and the
A foreign activist argues with an Israeli soldier during a protest in the West Bank, and more photos of the week: http…
See inside Banksy's new hotel, metres from the controversial West Bank barrier
Lots of people speak. But do many listen? The illegal settlements in the West Bank proves Israelis dont care.
Palestinians in the face of IOF today in Nabi Salah VLG, Occupied West Bank. Give up Israel, they'll never stop res…
Artwork of the elusive British graffiti artist Banksy on display in West Bank hotel with world's 'worst view'
Banksy has opened a hotel in the West Bank and just look at the pictures via
Banksy's art in a new West Bank hotel features the world's 'worst view' - Los Angeles Times
BBC News at Five crid:40ellb ... separates the West Bank from Israel. More ... by a local Palestinian. There are nine ...
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Banksy’s art in new West Bank hotel with world’s ‘worst view’ via
Banksy's art in West Bank hotel with world's 'worst view' — AP Images Spotlight
Not w/o +95% of West Bank territories under their sovereign control. Otherwise, just annex & give right to vote
Too bad there's no good jobs in the West Bank or Gaza. Also, the Palestinian body politic is as divided as ever.
Israelis cut off water pipelines for the 2nd time in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank on Sunday…
"It is legally accurate to say that Israel has established illegal colonies by force in parts of the West Bank."
On Thursday, February 16, a group of Anti-Zionist Jews visited the tomb of the prophet Joseph, in the West Bank...
Peace in the Middle East means one thing :a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza living in peace with Israel .
Some at this Palestinian university worry Trump doesn't see how Jewish settlements in West Bank hurts Palestinians
Stunning! Prince Talal: must end their occupation of historic lands in West Bank
BEIT EL, West Bank (AP) -- President Donald Trump's nominee for ambassador to Israel may be causing controversy ...
Protester on crux of the issue: "We oppose illegal settlements in the West Bank. David Friedman funds them."
The occupation of the West Bank is 50 years old in June, and shows no sign of ending
Trump warns Israel that expanding West Bank settlements not "good for peace"
Since Trump's inauguration, Netanyahu's government has approved 6,000 new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem https…
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Palestinian teen stabs 13-year-old Israeli girl to death in her bedroom in West Bank
Israel/West Bank - Travel News - Clashes as demonstrators block key roads following arrest of member of Haredi communi…
IDF shoots, injures HRW employee at 'peaceful' protest in West Bank
There's a name for the reality in the West Bank. It's called Apartheid
CS Monitor - Israel retroactively legalizes West Bank settlements. Can they do that?
Netanyahu supports a vote on a bill to legalize West Bank settlement outposts
New law "damages the state of Israel" and "our ability to fight back against those who hate Israel.” -Yair Lapid
Netanyahu’s hysterical rhetoric on Iran seeks to divert attention from West Bank settlement building
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes the new Iran sanctions and says the world must respond to Tehran "aggression" https…
West Bank settlements will ultimately sink Isreal. Why can't they see that. It's suicide.
Israel has just passed a new law to expropriate privately-owned Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank.
NBCNews: Israel votes to retroactively legalize West Bank settlements
Israeli lawmaker thanks Trump after Knesset passes bill…
Israel votes to retroactively legalize West Bank settlements
Israel passes controversial law on West Bank settlements
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ISRAEL passes law legalizing thousands of settlement homes
In historic first, Israel legalizes West Bank outposts with sweeping new legislation
Breaking: Israel passes bill to allow state to seize private Palestinian land for Jewish settlements in West Bank https:…
Israel passes controversial law on West Bank settlements by via
Since Donald Trump's inauguration Israel has vowed to build 6,000 new settlement homes in the occupied West Bank...
What Israel's West Bank settlement means for both sides of the conflict
Dozens of Palestinian women put their bodies on the line to prevent a home demolition in the West Bank. . Image from video by…
Because of the possibility of Israel annexing a large part of the West Bank is very real. An awful setback for Pales…
So far in 2017 Israel has demolished over 120 Palestinian structures in West Bank & East J'lm, displacing over 175 Pales…
Israeli forces killed 32 Palestinian children in 2016. The deadliest year of the past decade for West Bank children
Palestinian security forces dispersed a rally in the center of Hebron city in the southern occupied West Bank on...
533: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Battle over the West Bank
2016 saw the highest # of Palestinian structures demolished or confiscated by Israeli security forces across the West Bank &…
sniper shoots in occupied West Bank .
Israeli & US companies are profiting off walls, prison, and oppression from the West Bank to the west coast.
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The presence of Israeli settlements, like & settlers in the West Bank amounts to war crime under the Rome S…
Israeli forces and settlers brace for the evacuation of a West Bank outpost
Israeli police begin forced removal of Amona settlers in the West Bank - The Washington Post
♞ Israel approves 3000 new settler homes as eviction looms - Yahoo News
Israeli forces brace for looming evacuation of West Bank outpost.
your racist, hateful oppression of Muslim states will lead to something terrible
Oppression ain't cheap-what will this mean 4 social prot budget? approves settlement homes in West Bank
Israeli forces are reportedly approaching the West Bank settlement outpost of Amona ahead of its evacuation. (Ynet)
Israeli forces brace for evacuation of West Bank outpost: (from
Israel waited until Trump sworn in to approves 2,500 West Bank settler homes.
Israel approves huge expansion of West Bank settlements
UN: Listen. Those settlements are illegal and you really should stop building them. Israel: LOL.
"Disputed areas of the West Bank" is good. Now for even more precision, you could write " formerly Transjordan or Judea".
El Chapo on the run again. This dude is like a bank robber from the old west.
Israel announces plan to build 3,000 homes in West Bank settlements, report says by
IN PICTURES: Preparations for eviction of illegal West Bank outpost -
Israel approves huge expansion of West Bank settlements It is another leader just pushing his agenda
.work on how settlements contribute to a separate and unequal reality in the West Bank here:…
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Lieberman have approved the construction of over 3,000 new homes in the…
Israeli settlers hunker down in the face of eviction from West Bank outpost via
Israel just approved 3,000 new settler homes
Israel authorises 3,000 more settler homes in West Bank.
Israel announces building 3,000 homes in West Bank.
12 Palestinians kidnapped, homes ravaged in West Bank sweep by IOF via
BREAKING: Israel says it will build another 3,000 housing units in the West Bank, in addition to 2,500 units announced last…
Israel authorises 3000 settler homes in West Bank: Great news for Israel, true owners of this land.
Israel ramps up its settlement program, announces thousands of new units in disputed areas of the West Bank.
Israel says will build 3,000 new homes in West Bank settlements via /r/worldnews
French court ruling: Israeli presence in the 'West Bank' is legal: An unpublicized earthshaking ruling made by a… https:…
IN PICTURES: Bracing for evacuation of illegal West Bank outpost
we can stay t my moms on the West Bank and just uber to across the river
Well, the Golden Gate bridge still stands, for now. The "jew killers"?, who knows. Maybe emigrated to Gaza or West Bank.
TESCO to stop selling dates from West Bank
PHOTOS: How the state builds a road for West Bank settlers via
Minister statement on Israeli Government’s plan to build 2,500 housing units in the West Bank
Israel announces plan for 2,500 more West Bank settlement homes via
UN condemns Israel's West Bank settlement plans: "Any unilateral of grave concern for the……
PLO calls for international action over Israeli settlements
BREAKING: EU says Israeli plans for 2,500 new housing units in West Bank "seriously undermine prospects for a viable two-…
Israel approves huge expansion of West Bank settlements (knowing the new US administration is fully on board.)
Incremental catastrophe begins- stands aside as Israel approves 2500 new units, 566 in
Israel approves 2,500 West Bank settlement homes only days after Trump sworn in via
Israel approved new 2,500 settler homes in post-Trump expansion via
On a day Israel announces 2500 new apartments in West Bank, Israeli Minister Katz blames lack of peace on Security Council…
Netanyahu: "We are building and we will continue building"
Barack Obama used last hours in office to send $221m to the Palestinian Authority
I was under the impression that East Jerusalem was in the West Bank...still learning
Building plan for occupied West Bank came two days after more than 500 settlement homes we
Israel okays 2,500 new West Bank settlement homes
Obama used his last hours in office to send $221m to Palestinians
Israel approves construction and planning for 2,500 West Bank settler homes
Israeli fanatics illegally grabbing more Palestinian land in the (likely valid) belief Trump Admin will protect them https:…
PA runs West Bank and Hamas runs Gaza. could question part of Judea Samaria
Israel just approved a big West Bank settlement expansion, further undermining any hope of a two-state solution.
The bad news is coming in fast and furious this morning. West Bank settlements, Keystone and DAPL pipelines, censorship…
Anyone else notice the 3 Abraham religions have killed more people, incited more violence than any other force on earth? West Bank
Israel announces 2,500 more West Bank settlement homes
The West Bank belongs to Israel. And they could have the rest of the Middle East for all I care.
Israel plans 2500 new settlement homes in occupied West Bank – Al-Arabiya
While Benjamin Netanyahu has endorsed the 2-state solution, he has also sped up a campaign of settlement building   10% Off
BONUS ROUND:. -russia is going to legalize domestic violence. -Israel approved 2,500 homes in Palestinian West Bank
I mostly just watch TV. I hope you and your family stay safe on the West Bank.
Islam, Judaism & Christianity, three of the most DESTRUCTIVE, OPPRESSIVE religions to ever exist. You are not of any true God. West Bank
No matter who you vote for, Israel wins. . Israel approves 2,500 new West Bank housing units
After East Jerusalem, Israel to build 2,500 new homes in West Bank
The PA does not exist - there is Hamastan in Gaza and Fatahland in the West Bank
Israel to build 2,500 new settler homes in West Bank, signaling major construction bump following Trump inauguration https…
Israel approves 2,500 West Bank settlement homes; PM Benjamin Netanyahu says we will "continue to build"
Israel approves construction of 2,500 houses in illegal West Bank settlements
Good for Israel don't let anyone bully you what you do in your own land West Bank or for a one sided peace deal on you I love Netanyahu
Breaking News: Emboldened by President Trump, Israel approved 2,500 new settlement homes in the West Bank
.UK views settlements as "contrary to international law and an obstacle to a two-state solution"
Hasn't this kabuki theatre been going on for years. End game will be Israel annexing West bank & Golan. .
60% of Democrats now support some form of sanctions or serious action against Israel due to West Bank, E. Jerusalem settlements.
Netanyahu, Lieberman approve construction of 2,500 homes in West Bank
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Unilateral Withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem – Legal Observations by Amb. Alan Baker
"Commander of Qassam in the West Bank during the second intifada Yusuf alserkgi."
Israel's justice minister wants to reach understandings with Trump on West Bank settlements via
.West Bank demonstrations vs embassy move orchestrated by the Palestinian Authority, no doubt. That's how it works
Occupation of Gaza & West Bank is a scandal to which we must never become accustomed say bishops visiting Holy Land
Incitement to violence found in 240 textbooks in over 400 UNRWA schools in the West Bank, Gaza & East Jerusalem. https:…
Interior of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, UNESCO World Heritage Site, West Bank, Lux
I resolved to stop building new settlements on West Bank land, if you can help with that one please.
Buthyna in the West Bank is realising her dream to run her own coffee shop in our project w/h…
The international community needs to take a stronger line on these West Bank settlements.
Send Jew-boy Cohen to the West Bank.. and Mike "Israel Shoeshine Boy" Pence w him.
Right-wing Israelis, emboldened by the Trump election, want to annex parts of Palestine (area C of West Bank)—80,000 Pal…
'The deadliest year in a decade': Israeli forces killed 32 children in West Bank in 2016
That's racist! Is this the West Bank? I think. we have to sanction Obama at United Nations Does…
"Ganim" was a village and an Israeli settlement in the northern West Bank...
PA President Mahmoud Abbas has been given the green light to pursue his policy of making the West Bank "judenrein".
Israeli minister outlines plan to annex West Bank settlement after Trump takes office
I'm cynical, but how cheaply will Wall St's favorite son & Netanyahu's West Bank Real Estate Consultant Schumer sell us out?
Israeli forces kidnap 34 Palestinians in West Bank - Days of Palestine
Israeli forces killed 32 Palestinian children in 2016, the highest number in 10 years
"Occupation", "East-Jerusalem", "West Bank", "Palestinian land". All are correct unless you're delusional
Funny how West Bank/Gaza under Jordanian/Egyptian control not described as 'occupied' until under Israel after 6 Da…
Mnuchin's One West Bank horror show is a gift to Democrats if they choose to use it, and parade foreclosure victims to his…
2016 'deadliest year' for Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, in a decade.
In predawn raids, Israeli forces arrest 36 Palestinians, including ten minors, from across the
In the West Bank, Israel restricts Palestinian water access by diverting water sources from Palestinian communities to Israeli…
2016 was 'deadliest year' for West Bank children in a decade, charity says - The Independent
about snr Israeli officials who publicly tell security forces 2 unlawfully shoot 2kill
620,000 Israeli settlers colonize West Bank in 570 colonies. An increase of 27,000 settlers over last year
'Human Rights Watch has compiled numerous statements by senior members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration and...
Hamilton Collection
New report: 32 Palestinian children killed in the occupied West Bank in 2016
With a banner and hat that say "Build Israel Great Again," Mike Huckabee visits the West Bank
This is true. A few thousand Jews were ethnically cleansed in 1948 from what became West Bank: Old Jerusalem, Etzion, A…
A military court convicted an Israeli soldier of manslaughter for killing an incapacitated Palestinian assailant in the West B…
More than 230 illegal Israeli settlements & outposts are on stolen Palestinian land throughout the occupied West Bank and East…
More children have been killed by Israeli forces in 2016 than in any other year in last decade
Two hurt in suspected car-ramming attack in northern West Bank
Palestinian protesters on the West Bank will now stop dressing like Santa Claus, in order to avoid being associated…
Did John Kerry forget about all the Jews who were massacred and expelled from the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem?
Land grabs in the West Bank are illegal. 14 of 15 UN Security Council nations agree. US abstention was right and just!
PLO rejected offers in 2000 and 2008 giving them over 95% of West Bank. They turned it down. They don't want peace.
As prime minister, Ariel Sharon privately planned to continue withdrawals from the West Bank after Gaza.
Newsworthy: Obama admin, Israel clash over peace process - MSNBC's Kelly Cobiela goes to Israel's West Bank to ...
Heights from Syria, Tiran Island from Saudi Arabia, southern Lebanon, Gaza, and more of the West Bank.
it started in Israel but it eventually spread to the West Bank
The only way Gaza & West Bank could be "contiguous" is if Israel surrendered its entire southern border
Israel is intent on annexing all of Palestinian territory in the West Bank and pushing the Palestinians out
demolished a facility and water well owned by Musa FarajAllah in Idhna Town in the Occupied We…
False Statements - west bank is NOT Israel land. NOT under 1917 or 1948 charters
How does the construction of housing settlements in the West Bank make Israel safer?
Trump's special rep for int'l negotiations used to do guard duty at a West Bank Jewish settlement armed with M-16.
5/The settlements are filled with AMERICANS. Zealots in the West Bank often are immigrants from the US, not sabra.
PLS read RES 2334. It is far reaching and it involves much more than the West Bank lands. It is basically a tool to strip us of everything
View across the Nile from Luxor, towards the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank.
what is ur take on the recent un resolution on settlement by Israel in the West Bank ?
I totally agree with Naftali Bennet. Time for annexation of West Bank. Time to create Israel federal 3 nation state.
Why create a terrorist state on the West Bank and in Gaza? As long as the Palestinians want to exterminate the Jews, there…
Unforeseen holiday family convos: explaining how me traveling to the West Bank was different than North Korea, defending
Is there a "Parade of Homes" in the illegal Israeli West Bank settlements? Will do an episode of "House Hunters" there?
"Israel's West Bank land grabs biggest in decades
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The Resolution says that Jews must ask permission to live in E Jerusalem or the West Bank
Israeli dep. minister: we will start construction of a new bypass road in the West Bank next week
.complicit in plunder of West Bank resources (a war crime) - what is doing about this? https:/…
Israeli settler in the Zionist occupied West Bank: "We killed Jesus; we're proud of it!"
In 2016 Israel killed 31 Palestinian children in the West Bank—the most deadly year in a decade for the region
Jews would have to have their heads examined to withdraw from the West Bank. Look what happened when they left Gaza. https:…
Israel wrecks 18 Palestinian structures for every one it licenses in West Bank's Area C
The West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights should belong to Israel forever! Jerusalem should be it's capitol and Temple Mount!
Israel's West Bank land grabs biggest in decades
don't think Netanyahu wants any part of a two-state solution and never has. That's his right. I also think calling the West Bank
Nearly every Palestinian family in the West Bank has a family member currently in prison or who has been. https:…
."I am just beyond in a seething rage over what this administration has done in its last days."
Palestinians are good people. Tell Israel to stop taking land: West Bank, Golan Heights -- and water + resources.
These "wonderful charities" include a West Bank Israeli settlement deemed illegal by UN and opposed by every US adminis…
Israel's pariah ZIONAZI apartheid regime for ZIOTARDED ONLY made over 2k demolition orders in ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED West Bank in 2.5 yrs
Should Israelis really be settling in the West Bank and East Jerusalem?.
2,000 Palestinian homes demolished by IOA in West Bank Via PIC
Netanyahu cuts all aid to Senegal because it stated the obvious: the West Bank settlements are illegal.
-Israeli forces killed 31 Palestinian youths in the occupied…
UN Resolution 242 does NOT require Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria (so-called "West Bank"). SHARE the truth: htt…
Resolution to stop settlement on the West Bank before the UN is not new; have been brought up as the settlements are an impediment to peace
The only homes Pickles wants to build are in illegal settlements across the West Bank. Homes in the UK do not further his Z…
All Jews were forced out of Judea + Samaria (West Bank) in 1948. The Jewish people have returned. AND THEY'RE HERE TO STAY. vi…
New roads will 'strengthen Jewish presence in the West Bank' despite UN resolution
Faced with possible annihilation Israel fought the six day war with extreme success and occupied Gaza, Golan and West Bank as protection.
in 1973, after the Arabs LOST the war, they also lost control of gaza, Sinai, Golan and the West Bank.
Gaza under Hamas administration has basic human rights? This is what happens in the West Bank. And war of course.
I predict that the Office of the Prosecutor will open an investigation into war in but not West Bank
A Christian clergyman prays in the ‘grotto’ of the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, West Bank. Photo credit: Atef Safadi/…
People gather around a tree in Manger Square in front of the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank town of Bethle…
Dire? More dire than it's been for the past 4 decades? I'd rather live as an Arab in the West Bank than, oh, any Arab countr…
Most of the West Bank should rejoin Jordan in my opinion. Jordan is a relatively stable country, and already majori…
Focusing on expanding settlements in West Bank is importent, but it's also important to remember the whole country is…
17. Life expectancy in Gaza/West Bank is 73.2 yrs, higher than 1/2 all other Arab states!
Some Xmas humor MSNBC: In his flight to Egypt, Jesus was a political refugee. FOX: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus: Jewish settlers in the West Bank
The U.S. green light that allowed the U.N. Security Council to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and ...
Precisely as worded, tonight's UNSCR on West Bank settlements needs to be put to a division of the House of Commons.
Israel's high court delays demolition of West Bank outpost after settlers pledge to leave peacefully
For his envoy to Israel, Trump has chosen a supporter of expanding settlements in the West Bank.
Well done 3rd Newbury for collecting an amazing 203kg of food for West Berkshire Food Bank to help families in the are…
Old news. In college he expressed concern with Israeli aggression in the West Bank. Doesn't make him anti-Semitic.
wouldn't it be ironic if you were mistaken for a Jewish settler visiting your friends in the West Bank & were...fill in the blank
Egypt pulls a Resolution on Israel to Stop all “Settlement acitivities” in West Bank
This community is fighting against a planned coal plant in Indonesia, financed by the bank
Chilean football club tours West Bank to reconnect with its Palestinian roots'
MY DEAR PRIME MINISTER ABBAS: Wishing peace and prosperity will shine over the West Bank; Gaza Strip
Israel to return bodies of 11 dead Palestinians on Friday. via PIC
Israel's top court postpones eviction of illegal West Bank outpost
Trump picksSupporter of WestBank settlement 2B ambassador2 Israel this nowJared kusher donating $
The scale of corruption in Ukraine has reached levels, when IMF and World Bank money comes back to private accounts in…
Tech in Palestine: 'Virtual market has no checkpoints': West Bank firm Mashvisor has become the first…
Trump gave $10,000 to West Bank settlement in 2003, report says
'Fragmentation': How Takes over Rural in the West Bank via
5 Palestinians kidnapped, 2 injured in predawn assault by IOF. via…
The UN is about to vote on ending Israeli settlements
Israel's right-wing government is pushing a "historic" bill to retroactively authorize settlement outposts
I do west of the bank in the tree gnome stronghold
Israel Confiscates Trailer Serving as Clinic for Palestinians in West Bank. read more:...
Future of Palestinian Authority tested in West Bank’s lawless alleys
The Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) arrested nearly 20 members in the West Bank.
just let the Europeans invade the west bank until Palistne doesn't exist
Under Israeli pressure, U.N. postpones a vote to condemn settlements in the West Bank
Stay strong on UN resolution re West Bank and Jerusalem please do what is right not necessarily what's popular
Egypt has suddenly delayed a vote on its UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank as Donald...
Soldier injured by gunfire during West Bank… https:/…
My means I'm going to food bank for 1st time tomorrow due to long term disability appeal denied.
BREAKING: Israeli soldier wounded in Palestinian shooting attack in the West Bank, emergency forces on scene, Police se…
Big day in Israel-Palestine as world waits to see if US will veto a UN resolution condemning West Bank settlements
INTERNATIONAL: Israel seeks to delay evacuation of West Bank outpost
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