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West African

West Africa or Western Africa is the westernmost region of the African continent.

Adama Barrow Yahya Jammeh East African West Africans Amadou Diallo West Africa Sierra Leone President Yahya Jammeh Macky Sall Joseph Kabila President Jammeh State House

What a great word Gary . ‘Palaver’, apparently comes from talks between Portuguese merchants and wes…
Celebrating the Breads of the World - From the country of Chapati (
The day NASA will have a presser and outlining how the West have contributed to the sorry state of most Africa…
Because Africa has a north, south, east and west point. You move south, you migrate. Do you believe on…
The West really doesnt want any1 touching their South African pie. They are now sending out their big guns, FBI on Gupta…
but if it was West African countries it was gonna be replayed like bafana bafana vs Senegal
At an East African restaurant and they’re playing that good ole West African Afro beat! Always here for pan African solidarity.
The root of the problem in African countries is the West, raping their countries of minerals. Teaching the…
did u know that by inserting your fingers into a pencil sharpener u too can achieve the powers of the West African Gorilla Sloth
this is how a West African mother would of felt after finding out her loved one was taken to America to…
As a West African I can tell you, Niger is known for Diamonds and Uranium. Well known to those who know.
West Africa needs to step up operations against West African and Islamic Extremists!
If it gets too *** climate in the West, check out the African challenge. . Humility. Love. Respect!
Did you know that it's estimated 10-30% of West African slaves to arrive in America were Muslim?
Nigerian TV and West African TV stations readily talk about the operations going on in Niger.
If we’re to be serious about “anti-imperialism,” we’ve gotta develop a politic around how the west is reliant upon African d…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Lets spare a lil prayer for Ghana!🙏🏽 We’ve lost our West African brothers to this “One corner” dance they are doing in du…
AQ calls for fighters to "teach France a lesson" in West African cities, including Ouagadougou, Abidjan, & Bamako.
Sankofa Dance Theater performs West African dance for library
So, in addition to me attending a wonderful session, today's West African dance class was WONDERFUL! Loved it!:)
A big thank you from Nottingham based company, BeatFeet, to all who attended their first West African dance...
For my dance colleagues: Sheron Wray's live-stream lecture about West African performance and contemporary dance...
I do have my West African dance class today at 6:00pm. Cheers to you all!:)
Great! But when do you plan for West African region?
it's called "Onyankopon". it's a 3DCG dance anime made in MMD... apparently it's going to be about West African animal gods?
West African countries come together to stop the illegal rosewood trade.
cant wait to marry a West African prince 😭
I got my 23andme results back. And nothing shocked me. Mostly European & West African. Descendant of slaves and Western European immigrants.
Omar Bongo Ondimba/Omar Bongo, (1967-2009): ruled the West African country of Gabon for 42 YEARS - 1967 'till his d…
Ivory Coast Independence Day: Top 10 facts about the West African's country
Oh, his roots are West African, are they? Maybe he becomes a legend like Didier Drogba. Or win the BdO like George Weah.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
140 countries in the West African region???Wow...Google...
Your new go-to place for some REAL West African cuisine opens THIS EVENING 🥂 . Shop 16, Hillcr…
The ECOWAS Commission awards the leading West African companies in the field of quality
Lord, they have an African Greek Picnic weekend but it's in Texas. Y'all I love me some beautiful West African men, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana
France and the economic community of West African states: peacekeeping partnership in theory and practice
Most Europeans in East & Southern Africa permanently settled after colonization. West African climate ensured that th…
2/2 West African crewman is model of compassion in John Singleton Copley's great Watson & the Shark, 1778. http…
French and West African presidents launch Sahel force
Branding & labeling could be a way to start. Sadly, we know more about Argentine or Kobe beef than our own West African beefs.
Flashbacks of the roasting certain specific West African rappers collected on here a f…
I know of it, novel is about being a cast off infertile wife in traditional West African marriage. Grim reading.
Israeli Prime Minister woos West African leaders to join forces: “Israel has the solutions…
Yes. Puzzling how West African states haven't opened up the skies...
There is supposed to be a task force that will check corruption on the borders of West African states - Emmanuel Bensah
If anyone didn't get it, the Guernsey Royal Tern was American not West African, as implied by the ring.
President Akufo-Addo will today[Friday] leave Accra for Liberia as part of his tour of some West African states.
Is travelling too much or is he visiting West African states to promote pan-Africanism?
Established in the 15th century, the Oyo Empire grew to become one of the largest West African states.
We have a drop in option for tonight's West African dance class at 8:15! It's an incredible opportunity w a master dancer and drummer.
INTERPOL HQ and cyber has taken no action on my hacking of ATM card funds by West African financial action Task Force Daker disappointed
I'm excited to take this West African dance class next semester
Opinions in Asia : Australia: Police investigating case of West African minor kept as ‘sex slave’
wish my West African dance class would bring back the capoeira master to give another lesson it was so much fun
Gambia's new President returns to country. Gambia's new President Adama Barrow arrived in the West African count
West African gas pipeline project to be reinvigorated
especially in the Canadian television show River in Dutch Guiana in West African and Caribbean who commonly are also made
Looking like 6 ft of West African heartbreak 😋
MP for Foni Kansala accuses West African troops of trying to force their way into a private property.
I think about this al the time. When I'm eating Caribbean food, coastal food, southern food, and West African food.
West African children rescued from slavery – in pictures
Hoteps and Black Hebrew Israelites refuse to acknowledge their West African and Central African ancestry.
And if Your *** was actually educated on African History. There were Christians long before Slavery in West Afr…
Oh wow. Three of the people im referring to are West African as well (Sierra Leone)
I'm West African and don't know anyone who ever practiced traditional voodoo. Some Ghanaians and folks Togo did but not many
You need to change your prayer point if you aren't praying for a good West African man to enter your life TBH
actually not really. Only a small subset of African ppl practiced it until creole people & West Indians popularized their version
West African men will treat you like a queen, I love it
And West African men know how to dress, and they always smell good
Wait West African's migrated to West Africa ? Cant you point me to where you read this ?
all West Indies & all African girls I need yall here I know yall been waiting for this to happen
The thanks our newest customer on the
In West African countries clean water isn’t always an option. Would you help us fill their cups with clean water? https:…
If Hebrew Israelites are not African, how come they look so much like Africans, especially West Africans ?? 🤔
Horrific reports of West African migrants being bought & sold openly in slave markets in Libya htt…
Yes. many were the result of invasions. It's well documented. many West African tribes make oral accounts of this.
Welcome to the second part of uganda's West African edition
Weird to watch folks discover West African heritage on those DNA tests. and then fetishize the cultures.
Black Egypt so far removed from African Americans compared to possible Semitic, Moorish, or definite West African roots. NGHs love KMT tho.
Adichie as the latest iteration of the West’s simplistic tokenistic relation to the African continent
Looking forward to a great Easter weekend full of Dance! Join me some performances in Gospel, West African, and...
A4: “Ella Jenkins is to children's music what Ella Fitzgerald is to jazz.” htt…
Our *mostly* West AfricaN ancestors are literally buried under these soils, their culture lives on in us and you'd…
West African and Brazilian Ensemble had a great performance at SLAM on Wednesday. We hope you can join us for our... htt…
Young people want share of the lucrative property market | African Times Online News Website South | West |
First assessment of age and sex structures of elephants by using dung size analysis in a West African…
The complex beauty of the African architectural genius. We need to build on what we have. Agadez, Niger; West Africa
What about African countries? Where is Egypt, South Africa and Mauritius? And Russia, West and So…
Itu 😂😂😂 I promise to find all those bearded West African men and thread them for you 😂😘
Take a look at our brand new West African Feed!
Does this have anything to do with Islam? Why, certainly. We constantly hear in the West that Islam forbids...
Don't generalise that to be an 'African' mentality pls cause it's only West Africans represented on that 😕
.teams up with Lai-momo to provide vocational training for West African migrants in Italy…
Make a simple West African dress yourself: Have a look at our guide!
6 years after NATO regime change, West African migrants are being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets ht…
Dont complain about West African music's popularity when you are busy competing with local comedians ukisonga ka ugali.
BIAFRA: The man fighting for independence of Biafra... from a council flat in Peckham via
Android crash course in/ atelier intensif a Merci / Thanks to the West African Research Center (WARC) for...
Go to the US lol, East & North africans are far piffer than West African girls, th…
So tell me why I got my ancestry DNA results & im 55% west europe & im 45% african
Once an orphan, Lt. Gen Nadja West today is the first African American female three-star general.
But yeah, the only African country who can claim that they are descendants of enslaved people are South Africans. I was talking about West.
Show up in Western Africa until the 1400's. These are facts fam. "Black Hebrew" is strictly an Amer…
Within that it’s broken down into central and East African mainly. Then 4% West African
New in : The Cool West African tee by now available for purchase via www.garmspo……
If I read another devt paper that asks *insert West African country* to behave more like Ghana I'm going to fight somebody 🙄
Glad the U.S "liberated" Libya. Now we got Middle Easterns selling West African refugees as slaves in public. Thats on you H…
Oil stimulating the economy of Ghana, IMF says. Ghana emerging as a West African brigh…
In Harlem getting my hair braided by a West African queen 💁🏽
From Islam to Roman Catholicism, faith journey leads West African native to Episcopal Church
South African music is considered not African enough in Europe and the US. They want West African drums or the Ladysmith Black Mambazo sound
And she be dealing with some issues that you CAN'T believe. West African female addicted to thrift retail 🎶
📹 Oil companies are devastating West African communities. The Niger River Delta used to be one of the...
The first president of the West African nation of Joseph Jenkins Roberts, was born March 15, 1809:
Might have to give my West African slide another chance 🤔
when a school u don't even attend asks u to model for their fashion show @ a West African gala wa wareeer the biggest uni hopper in the gta
I never knew that Cameroon was never part of West African region. Cameroon is arguably part of Central Africa.
A 12-year-old girl from the West African nation of Gambia is expected to leave the U.S. next week after surgeons...
flees into the various West African religions came to him following coitus
The West African Black Rhino has been officially declared extinct. It was hunted for its horn. Shame on our species.
Over 30,000 African will receive their first kits & in our program this year !
engineers use personal leave to bring electricity to West African community using solar panels -
Shrimp dried on the roof, West African Style. @ McCrady's Restaurant
True. There are over 600 African groups in from Central, East and Southern Africa. There are 1000's more in West & North Africa.
Read more about lessons learned from a landscape study of 15 countries:…
History won't forget that the West's war in Libya was not about humanity but money. Protecting the dollar from the Afric…
"Sierra Leonean Krio is the lingua franca and the de facto national language spoken throughout the West African nation of Sierra Leone."
Hungry for something new? Try Kendejah, the newly opened West African restaurant in Downtown San Leandro:…
All the latest West African startups news
Christian crusaders thought slavery was good because Jesus. These types think anything West African is idol worship. So it had to go.
with the spirit by Jeremy Wade's fishing in West Africa to prefers gifts of her gifts of good and West African
Tiga dege na - West African peanut stew. 3rd dish in my World Cuisine Program. So yum! Find out more here…
Today begins my Can't wait to try this West African inspired via
how about Benin and other West African historic states? Wouldn't they have depended on cassava?
Dalgetty, Greg. "The Ways and all cases of Zombie as West African, and Walz (2006) Encyclopedia McFarland, Jefferson, NC:
Yeah there's chilli in this. It's like a veggie version of West African peanut stew
Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) 1st West African nation to openly declare their support for Ahmad Ahmad for the upco…
Oh I just remembered the time they made "West African peanut soup". I was HEATED. Lol
West African peanut soup with brown basmati rice and hot pepper sauce ❤
Westside Baptist Church in Lewisville has service days designated to wearing traditional West African clothing & I'…
The journey gives Lt.-Cmdr Paul Smith an opportunity to reconnect Nova Scotia to its West African roots.
presents official music video for its first West African artiste 'Mama Africa' is produced…
1999: Amadou Diallo, unarmed West African immigrant, is shot 41 times by police in Bronx.
On this day in 1999 Amadou Diallo an unarmed West African immigrant was shot 41 times by four plainclothes NYPD officers.…
Nigeria is a West African country located on the gulf of guinea,it has 36 states the capital is Abuja. Official lan…
West African Examination council in Freetown is a shopping Mall for WASSEC.(West African senior secondary school Examination certificate
Reuters: A witness says West African regional forces have entered The Gambia's capital Banjul to cheers from the city's r…
Democracy wins in Gambia!. Thank you Macky Sall & other West African leaders. (Watch out, Joseph Kabila: you are next). https:/…
The Gambia’s new leader, Adama Barrow, has expressed gratitude to West African leaders who were solidly behind...
A big moment! West African forces move into Gambia to oust a defeated leader who refused to give up power
Exam question: Compare and contrast decisive West African action on with East African faffing around on
troops on the ground in the And I'm proud to be a West African, where at least I know I'm free...
Heritage came up at work. I said I am West African and Cuban. This girl screamed across the room, "YAS, I can see it all in that head!" 😂
BREAKING NEWS: West African forces have launched their invasion of Gambia to oust President who refuses to step down http…
well; we know that the West recognizes Botswana as the only 'democratic' African state! They only see Bot…
West African forces suspend military operations in Gambia for talks
West African troops cross into Gambia in search for Jammeh - via
backs West African efforts to install new president
Enter to a Wahl James Martin blender worth £45 from in this
West African countries halt Gambia military operation in favour of talks
Gambia is one of West African states that officially supports Saudi war on Yemen. Like Idi Amin, Jammeh has close ties with Saudi Arabia.
West African leaders have agreed to stall the ECOMIG offensive to give troubled President Yahya Jammeh at last...
Jammeh flees as West African troops enter Gambia
Gambia on the brink over two presidents: A West African regional force charged into…
West African troops entered Gambia on Thursday in a bid to depose the country's defeated ruler, Yahaya Jammeh,...
The rippling effect of concession is y West African leaders won't let Gambia slip away. Hope they do same…
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The West African regional bloc Ecowas has now given Yahya Jammeh until noon on Friday to leave office.
For blowing up Africa, to prevent Kadhafi from installing a West African dollar.
West African leaders aim to persuade longtime Gambian ruler to step down; regional force…
from a bloc of West countries have entered in support of Adama Barrow, shortly after the... http…
West African troops suspend military operation but will resume on Friday if doesn't step down…
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has formally approved the deployment of troops to The…
West African troops have entered shortly after Adama Barrow was sworn in from the Gambian embassy in...
It is evident that Southern African countries are not stronger than West African countries in football.
Anytime I can't quite get a step in my West African dance course, I just channel Mary J. Blige. Its effective I swear.
West African troops enter Gambia to back new president Adama Barrow
West African nations halt Gambia operation to allow mediation :Auto pickup by wikyou
West AfricaN military forces to suspend military operations in Gambia till Friday afternoon to allow for final talks
BREAKING: West African nations to halt military operations in Gambia until noon Friday to give talks a chance: reports
I absolutely love this . 4 *** West African women . They are all so beautiful omg
Gambia's president has until midnight to step down or West African bloc will intervene
capturing the African Arts Festival @ the Blue Star tonight. Celebrating West African artist. See more:
Senegalese troops are entering Gambia. On the verge of a multi-country West African war. Will there be anyone in the Trump WH ready for it?
West African troops halt operation to force leader Yahya Jammeh to hand over power - new ultimatum issued https:/…
The West African intervention forces on their way into May God protect the people!
"Gambia is not a West African issue; it is an African issue. South Africa should take a stronger position.".
Just In. . "Adama Barrow is due to be inaugurated as the new president on Thursday, and West African military...
Foreign Office warns against all but essential travel to the West African nation
Thomas Cook to fly back 1,000 UK tourists from Gambia due to political unrest in the West African country
West African leaders to take 'major decision' on Gambia, Nigeria says - Thomson Reuters Foundation
The contribution of West African languages to Ebonics is absolute...
West African states to intervene militarily In Gambia if Yahya Jammeh does not step down (…
Harmattan is a dry and dusty northeasterly trade wind which blows from the Sahara desert over the West African...
West African states give January 19 deadline to leave of office or face military eviction
Why does this guy look like the dictator of a small, West African country?
Beyoncé's "Daddy Lessons" is a reminder of country music's black and West African roots
Gambia: Buhari, other West African leaders cannot intimidate me - Jammeh - Premium Times Nigeria
Because Blacks consider you as their own tribal breed. By the way, are you one of those fake West African "Jews"?
East vs. West African men? — West African men is what I've been attracted to so ...
African Nations Cup. Will Kouyate, Ayew, Feghouli and Sakho be released by West Ham on Monday January 2 missing five matches?
Jasmine Tookes is a model of African, Brazilian & West Indian ancestry. Standing at 5'9", shes the first Black model t…
[International] severs ties with the West African island nation Sao To...
Hip Hop • House • West African Music • Stay tuned for a full line up to be released. In the meantime, save the date! 😘
PM Sogavare says MSG will include Micronesia, Polynesia, & African countries in fight for West Papua. htt…
majority of slaves came from West African countries. how US blacks fare vs ancestors that remained in homelands.
lol that's that East African food I'm on West Africa right now lol, but pilau is good can't lie 🍴🍴
This excerpt illustrates the difficulty West African kings faced between being Muslim and fulfilling their roles as custod…
Yeah something, there's not many West Africans in here. There's more East African here. With a few that have restaurants n halals
Which West African country makes the best Jollof?
A room full of West African leaders trying to convince Gambian President Jammeh to accept his defeat.
West African girls😍 35% off 🎄🎄🎄 discount code: ASHAN57 . Save this Holiday with
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Maybe while the west are busy tearing themselves down African can sneak up on them.
The partnership between & will help strengthen the West African banking system.
African entrepreneurs should look to the East and not the West for business model inspiration - Ventures Africa
ijoo!This man who caused the world to stand still when elected? Im not West African. Im from Namibia, but feel deep pain.Pheewww!
President Jammeh says he will not step down, condemned mediation by West African regional bloc ECOWAS
Six more days until tickets go on sale for The African Market! Come and experience art on all levels coming from West Af…
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh said he would not step down and condemned mediation by West African regional bloc...
West African Heads of State and Government have resolved to attend Gambia President-Elect Adama Barrow swearing in & of…
oh. And my mama is a stubborn, Aries, West African woman. Ain't enough time in the world to correct her.
Despite losing election to Adama Barrow, and in face of pressure from West African leaders, Jammeh insists ‘nobo...
Ms. Ekeocha laying it down. Abortion imported from the West is anti-African neo-colonization.
Experience the West African country of Gabon through the eyes of the Your Shot community.
This why I only date West Indian and African women. These Black American women want a "care free Black boy" they can play dress…
horrible. Like I'm not even surprised bc West African men are evil
Consultants (Disaster and Risk Reduction Policy Program) at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)…
Name a nation where its accepted?West Indies? Definitely not. What African nations?
West African food is so good honestly lol
Nigeria is the only country where an illiterate without Cambridge West African School Certificate (WASC) will still become Pre…
President of ECOWAS Commission: sending troops to to forcibly remove Yahya "a conceivable solution." ht…
Benin is planning to spend $15 billion to spur development in the West African nation during the 2016-2021...
West African countries commit to common vision for coastal resilience via
13 West African states come to Jerusalem to discuss sustainable productivity in arid and semi-arid regions
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today commended decisions by a bloc of West African countries to ta...
West African states say they will take necessary measures to uphold Gambian election result
West African leaders call on Gambia's Jammeh to step down next month :Auto pickup by wikyou
West African democracies seem more willing to defend democratic movements than the United States
Let's lecture West African states about commitment to democracy while we perform slow-motion coups in the USA
West African states are the envy of the world despite challenges – Buhari READ MORE
Kanye West met with Trump to discuss the slave couture he designed for "the African Americans" to wear for when we go back to slavery.
-Be Kind on the Roads!. And his name is...?. GP, WEST RAND, ROODEPOORT, JOHAN RD.
Wow... turns out the chef at the West Vernon Applebees is a 65 year old AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN. No WONDER I Found a tampon and weave in my.
"West African leaders press Gambia's Jammeh to quit" -
you don't get a football player and Kanye west to meet on African AMerican Issues... Trump, Kanye and Ray Lewis are all clowns.
The West African leaders returned from State House where they met They're cryptic about what happened there. Let's sta…
West African leaders head to The Gambia to try and persuade incumbent President Yahya Jammeh "to leave office"
.and other West African Leaders hold meeting with Gambia's Jammeh, to get him to step down.
West African Pork and Peanut stew is now in the oven. ONLY . 2 and half hours to wait .
"We've been friends for a long time": Kanye West and President-elect Trump appear together at Trump Tower
Mass genocide occurring and we're focused on Kanye West. Wake up.
security forces block access to electoral office- refusing to let staffers enter, as several West African leaders arrived in Gambia
Prez Mahama to join West African leaders to The Gambia over Jammeh’s stance on election.
CNN - "Tensions rise in West African Country after incumbent leader grips president-elect's hand too hard"
West African leaders arrive in Gambia to convince Yahya Jammeh to step down, as security forces 'take over…
Figured it out. "The African Americans" Donald Trump was referring to. The African Americans= Kanye West & Omarosa
my brain just filled in West African traditional whenever I saw "African"
Donald Trump met with his African American...Kanye West lmfao
President John Mahama and three other West African heads of state from Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone arrived...
Military intervention in The Gambia 'conceivable' if Jammeh does not go - West African body
President Buhari with West African leaders at the meeting with President Dr. Yahya Jammeh of Gambia at the State House in G…
West African leaders press Gambia's Jammeh to quit j9
West African leaders in Gambia to urge President Jammeh to quit
"West African leaders press Gambia's Jammeh to quit"
West African leaders meeting with Jammeh to convince him to respect election results.
West is fortunate: although African American, his life is well insulated from the hardships a Trump pr…
President-Elect Adama Barrow and coalition team are now meeting other West African head of states to discuss the outcome…
Coming up on West African leaders arrive in Gambia to help resolve the post-election crisis
West African leaders press Gambia's Jammeh to quit
Yahaya Jammeh Mansa welcomes West African leaders including our own is in a pensive mood.
WAIT so Kanye West was there to talk about African American issues??? Okay I"m even more done with him.
PPP can make Nigeria maritime hub in West African sub-region – Nimasa DG – Vanguard
Update your maps at Navteq
I don't think words were obscure (examples shared w me were Spanish and unspecified West African language)
sparked an epidemic that infected over 28,000 people, including in the capital cities of six West African countries
Hoteps are another level of foolish. When logistically you would've descended from West African "kings and queens", you worship Egypt? Lmao
Grow your network with West African leaders. Gain world-renowned management training to grow your business.
West African oil ready to go, FAR Ltd. says
that's American *** I'm talking Caribbean or West African mystery medics
Remember the West African adaptation of film? Star Tuareg guitarist MDOU MOCTAR plays 2017…
I'm so happy for this opportunity to be a part of Bo Diddley Plaza's West African performance tonight! Let's hope I…
That was Calypso from Trinidad & Tobago was most often sung in a French creole and led by a griot, means West African historian, storyteller
These kids who play football for West African countries these days are just huge. Look at these Senegal players this night Vs Cape Verde.
No way they are West African, we have too much pride. We would never shake our bums on camera like dat
John F. Timoney on Amadou Diallo, West African immigrant shot 41 times by officers in the Bronx in 1999. “If..
Timbuktoo, is a historical & still-inhabited city in the West African nation of Mali, situated 20 km north of the River Niger on the souther
Gabyendingstory : _TheCivilRight U know many Africans can NOT dance? It's a West African thing-your genes...just saying. _WordSmiff_ (via T…
"Luv" by Tory Lanez is SO taking cues from West African pop music 😩😩😩
Abu Bakr Shekau, now ex-Emir of the West African province of the Islamic State, released an audio message where he says the new
Since I won't be able to collect my money West African brothers? Do a operation code https:/…
To trade conveniently with rest of West African neighbours, will come to your rescue!
Arik Air wins West African Airline of the Year at Ghana Aviation Awards
If what i hear of West African new leader then i ask Allah to guide them aright chang their filthy mistakes nd ways nt like the pass
No wet-season waiting for WAF - Tanlouka project ‘shovel ready’ by end of the year, says West African chief
Ambode said the refinery will create jobs & contribute immensely to solving the fuel supply challenge in the West African r…
Episode 40: Cold-blooded is out! It's about a dangerous little turtle.
Yes, I can't deal with Haitian men. But another West Indian or West African sure.
Reggaeton's run was like if Wale & every other rapper of West African descent tried to make every song like "My Sweetie" for like 2 years
Chelsea are said to want Andre Ayew. How did he measure up vs Eden Hazard in 15/16?.
something like %70 of all violent crimes R committed by African Americans jus sayn thats not white fault its your own
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