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West Africa

West Africa or Western Africa is the westernmost region of the African continent.

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5,000 health care workers are needed in West Africa, the World Bank Chief says.
Is it enough? (the aid package sent by IMF and World Bank to West Africa for Ebola) No, it is not, says
Cuba is the biggest single provider of healthcare workers to the Ebola crisis in West Africa, more than the Red Cross or richer nations -WHO
From Nana Kwame: "People in the Western World need to know what’s happening here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross. That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news the truth." Just sipping this tea.
FEATURED VIDEO: As the Marine Corps continues to operate in West Africa, we must ensure our force is aware of the risks associated with the current Ebola virus. The health and safety of our Corps is of utmost importance. Below is a link to training products that will assist commanders in ensuring their personnel are cognizant of the current issue and take necessary precautions prior to deploying or traveling to that region. For additional information and resources, please visit
"Military to isolate troops returning from West Africa - USA TODAY
The UK disasters emergency committee is to launch an appeal for the Ebola crisis in West Africa
US envoy Samantha Power praises efforts to tackle Ebola in Liberia in West Africa, and urges international donors to continue to help.
World Bank president appeals for medical volunteers to tackle crisis in West Africa
EBOLA'S MIA MAN: Obama's freshly appointed czar is nowhere to be found as CDC issues guidelines on deadly virus — 'It’s a theater of the absurd... it’s laughable' NY DailyNews reports there was confusion Monday over the government’s response to the Ebola crisis — and mystery over what President Obama’s Ebola czar was doing to address it. As the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said mandatory quarantines are not necessary for medical workers returning from West Africa, a U.S. Army general said that he and all his troops returning from Liberia would remain in isolation for 21 days. Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stood by their decision to go beyond CDC guidance, and require all health care workers who have been treating Ebola patients in Africa to remain in their homes for 21 days. But some other governors, like Rhode Island Democrat Lincoln Chafee, counseled a different course. Chafee urged his colleagues to “ratchet down some of the hysteria,” since ...
“They put her in a tent in a parking lot in downtown Newark. If she had been charged with murder, she would have been in better conditions in a county lockup a mile from where she was.” Judge Andrew Napolitano said that a fever was not sufficient evidence to keep a nurse quarantined in New Jersey who had just returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa. What do you think?
Australia Imposes Visa Ban as Ebola Quarantines Draw Sharp Criticism from U.N. Ebola: Australia has become the first wealthy country to impose a visa ban against all countries currently affected by Ebola, after a surprise announcement to the country's parliament on Monday. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison told lawmakers that his ministry was not processing applications from countries fighting the disease, and that travelers from countries with the virus that have permanent visas to Australia had to undergo three-week quarantines before being able to enter the country. He added that Australia was suspending its humanitarian programs to West African countries fighting Ebola. The move was condemned by the Australian Medical Association's president, Brian Owler, who said, "The bigger picture needs to be on our preparedness at home but more importantly our involvement in West Africa itself, putting doctors and nurses and other logistical elements in place and trying to combat the crisis there." The announce ...
By lr_admin The American ambassador to the United Nations says health care workers who go to West Africa to fight Ebola must be welcomed home and nothing should be done to impede fighting the disease “at its source.” …read more Source:: Fox News Chicago – News …read more Source: Lincoln Report
What a great opportunity to get together as a community, enjoy a Sunday out at the beach in dresses and have fun in the sun with a walk, BBQ, live music and prize give- aways. Such a fun and empowering way to help educate girls in West Africa's Sierra Leone. With education scholarships keeping girls…
LIBERIA FIGHT EBOLA Global Youth Leadership & Girl-Child Foundation (RC.71641) is an organisation saddled with the mandate to contribute immensely to the lives of the youth and the girl-child with the aim of alleviating their problems and challenges world-wide. We have great concern for people who have suffered and are still suffering losses in West Africa due to the Ebola Virus Outbreak that is presently spreading to other parts of the world. The Ebola virus causes an acute, serious illness which is often fatal if untreated. Ebola virus disease (EVD) first appeared in 1976 in 2 simultaneous outbreaks, one in Nzara, Sudan, and the other in Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo. The latter occurred in a village near the Ebola River, from which the disease takes its name. The current outbreak in West Africa, (first cases notified in March 2014), is the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak since the Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976. There have been more cases and deaths in this outbreak than all o ...
Ebola hoax: "The Boomslang Snake Effect" Ebola hoax: the "boomslang snake effect" Ebola hoax: the "boomslang snake effect" By Jon Rappoport October 27, 2014 Is what I'm suggesting in this article "too far out?" Not at all. In fact, for some psychopaths it's just another day at the office. After writing many articles on the Ebola hoax, and after demonstrating that the tests which diagnose Ebola are useless, irrelevant, and routinely produce thousands of false-positives, I thought I'd mention an obvious strategy---if someone wanted to invent a fake Ebola epidemic. The bleeding effect. I've already covered several non-viral causes of extensive internal bleeding: the vast overuse of antibiotics in West Africa, and the indoor and outdoor spraying of organophosphate pesticides. Both of these compounds do, in fact, lead to vomiting blood. But consider a couple of other intentional possibilities. The first is the boomslang snake, which lives in sub-Saharan Africa. Its venom works in strange ...
Why is the world losing fight against Ebola? U.S. envoy on special mission in West Africa . Shop Catholic...
The Catholic Institute of West Africa, Port Harcourt Nigeria is the place to be..come along.
African Union has offered 2000 medical staff to Aid Ebola hit region of West Africa
Ethiopian Govt to deploy 200 health workers to West Africa and donate 500,000 USD to Liberia, Guinea, SierraLeone
The Crisis: What it Means for West Africa and the World: Symposium at Columbia
Ethiopia will send 200 volunteer health care workers to West Africa
LIVE today 1PM EST: Crisis: What It Means for West Africa & the World. Background info & details at
TV Asahi reporting that the guy who arrived from West Africa and possibly infected with Ebola is Japanese w/Canadian citizenship
Arise o Compatriots.Happy Nigeria! Despite, what we don't have. I trust Naija. "E go betta".9ja o ni baje o which way NIGERIA? SOME TRUTH ABOUT NIGERIA (1) The most common spoken phrase is ''how far'' (2) 7% of the world languages are spoken by Nigerians. About 30 in Taraba, about 30 in Plateau, 20 in Benue, 6 in Edo, e.t.c (3) Igboora, a town in Oyo state Nigeria, has the highest rate of twin birth in the world. (About 158 twins per 1000 birth) (4) Niger Delta is the 2nd largest delta on the planet. (5) Though Nigeria has 3 major tribes, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo, there are over 250 ethnic groups. (6) Nigeria derived her name from the Niger River which is the largest and longest river in West Africa. (7) Nigeria Nollywood is ranked as the world's 2nd largest producer of movies, after the Indian Bollywood industry. (8) The 50,000-seeter Faith Terbanacle of Winners Chaple Church in Ota, Ogun State, is the largest church Auditorium in the world. (9) Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria's Finance Minister, is the 8 ...
West Africa is an ill-defined region. My Aus daughter and family live in DRC. Will let them come home?
Because of European domination several hundred tribes were able to survive in West Africa if not Larger West African Empires
West Africa was known as the Ghana Empire,The Mali Empire and later the Songhai Empire, The region around lake Chad
Inside Hospital's Ebola Battle: At the government hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone, health care workers struggle to contain the Ebola epidemic, which has killed almost 1,000 people across West Africa.
The last day in Marrakesh. With Ambassador Assia Bensalah Alaoui and Major General Obed Akwa on taking the discussions forward on the Atlantic space in Ghana. Ambassador Assia Bensalah Alaoui is Professor of International Law at Mohammed V University, co-chairs the High Level Panel of the European Union on Dialogue between Peoples and Cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean Area, and is Ambassador-at-Large for King Mohammed VI. Major General Obed Akwa is former ADC of President Kufour and currently the Commandant/Executive Director of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Major General Obed Akwa. Later in December, IMANI and Morocco will organise a high level Ghana/West Africa- Morocco trade discussions with Moroccan businesses. Now going off to Senegal for a high-level West African economic discussions. Good morning
Under Pressure From the White House, Cuomo Says Ebola Quarantines Can Be Spent at Home Facing fierce resistance from the White House and medical experts to a strict new mandatory quarantine policy, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Sunday night that medical workers who had contact with Ebola patients in West Africa but did not show symptoms of the disease would be allowed to remain at home and would receive compensation for lost income. Mr. Cuomo’s decision capped a frenzied weekend of behind-the-scenes pleas from administration officials, who urged him and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey to reconsider the mandatory quarantine they had announced on Friday. Aides to President Obama also asked other governors and mayors to follow a policy based on science, seeking to stem a steady movement toward more stringent measures in recent days at the state level.
Alright, enough about that except to say, USA, you're OK. It's the REGION of West Africa (REGION REGION REGION, not country), that isn't.
New York, Oct 27, 2014: The White House has told states that have imposed mandatory quarantines for some travellers from Ebola-hit West Africa that the policy could impede the fight against the disease, while the first health worker isolated under the rules planned to sue. Kaci Hickox, a nurse placed in 21-day quarantine in a New Jersey hospital after returning from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, will contest her quarantine in court, her attorney said yesterday, arguing the order violates her constitutional rights. New Jersey, New York and Illinois are imposing quarantines on anyone arriving with a high risk of having contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, where the epidemic has killed nearly 5,000 people. The White House voiced its concern to the governors of New York and New Jersey about the potential impact of quarantine orders, a senior administration ...
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state wants to encourage health workers to go to West Africa to treat ...
An Ebola affected region of West Africa!! Don't let them in.
The US should buy a Club Med. Free 21 days after your service in West Africa. Your family can come too!
Fox News “We needed to do this to protect the public health of the people of New Jersey,” the governor tells host Chris Wallace Top federal health officials have slammed the idea. Still, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is defending a new airport-screening policy that calls for medical workers returning to New York or New Jersey from West Africa be placed under mandatory quarantine. [ 298 more words. ]
US envoy criticizes global response to Ebola on West Africa visit
Three states imposing mandatory quarantines of healthcare workers returning from West Africa sparks a furious debate, with Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, saying it discourages workers from helping in the region, while NJ Gov. Chris Christie says he has an obligation to protect residents.
Doctor who recently returned to New York from West Africa is in isolation,being tested for Ebola. What about …
Breaking Bad action figures at Toys R Us? Doctor who valiantly helped Ebola patients in West Africa comes home to NYC, uses subways, taxis, goes bowling! Forget the left, forget the right, forget conservative, forget liberal, forget if you believe in God or not... isn't there an inherent sense of right and wrong that lives in our hearts? I can make a good and rational argument for all sides of the above questions. Real and valid arguments supporting both... but come on people, truth, deep truth, the painful truth... have we lost sight of that altogether? This is made most difficult when you deal with issues like the above where talented, generous and wise, compassionate people are involved... and in the case of Breaking Bad, they are friends. great people... still... No, let's keep Toys R Us for kids, at least the stores - you want the action figures as collectors, put them on line - give at least one sliver, one thin wall of protection to our children. That or put up a sign in a certain aisle that say .. ...
The CIA estimated average life expectancy in Sierra Leone was 57.39 years. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the population is 1.6%, higher than the world average of 1% but lower than the average of 6.1% across Sub-Saharan Africa. Few people in Sierra Leone have regular access to adequate medical care. For some people from rural areas, the next doctor or hospital is out of reach although free health care might be provided there. In other cases, people are charged by the medical staff who are themselves poorly paid. Many people do not know that they have a right to free medical care. Endemic and infectious diseases[edit] Sierra Leone suffers from epidemic outbreaks of diseases, including yellow fever, cholera, lassa fever and meningitis.Yellow fever and malaria are endemic to Sierra Leone. 2014 Ebola outbreak[edit] Further information: Ebola virus epidemic in Sierra Leone In 2014 there was an outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa. As of 4 August 2014, there had been 691 cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone, and ...
This Doctor Craig Spencer seems like a first rate moron. He ignored symptoms of Ebola right after treating Ebola patients in West Africa. This is how pandemics get passed around. From The New York ...
By Jonathan Allen and Julie Steenhuysen New York/CHICAGO (Reuters) - As a New York City doctor tests positive for Ebola after volunteering in West Africa, health officials face the challenge of deciding how wide a net to cast for his possible contacts in the largest, most crowded city in the United States. Dr. Craig Spencer, an emergency doctor who was working with Doctors Without Borders in Ebola-stricken Guinea earlier this month, returned to t...
Guess what’s probably behind the spread of Ebola in West Africa? (Hint: It begins with “I”)
Welcome to the Ebola Hoax! The US Government and the Rockefeller-created WHO (World Health Organization), part of the Rockefeller-created UN (United Nations), are doing a grand job indeed of hoaxing it up right now when it comes to ebola. Just to be clear – ebola exists. There is an ebola virus that was most likely manufactured in the US-funded Kenema bioweapons lab, with links to elites Bill Gates and George Soros. When I say ebola hoax, I am saying the hype surrounding ebola, pushed by the mainstream media, is totally out of proportion and manufactured to induce fear – to sell more vaccines, prepare the ground for forced vaccinations, pass draconian legislation to limit rights, and create a One World Dictatorial Medical System. Some of the reporting and video footage of this ebola psy-op (psychological operation) are so laughably absurd and fake it really reminds me of the Sandy Hook hoax – the biggest school shooting that wasn’t. At Sandy Hook, almost everything was fake; with ebola, it seems m ...
.announces is traveling to West Africa to demonstrate U.S support for aid to hot zo…
So I took Dad to the hospital last night to get his hip checked out. I told them we'd been to West Africa but no problem ! It's all good.
Fear and indifference leave West Africa desperate for Ebola staff via /Ongoing problem from within.
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CDC: Health Care Workers volunteering to combat epidemic in West Africa are heroes. We must treat them with respect…
[U.S . REPUBLICAN IS NOT BUYING INTO SELF QUARANTINE .] VIA - POLITICO . "Rep. Jason Chaffetz took a jab at the government’s handling of Ebola as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo repeated assurances that his state is prepared following a case confirmed in New York City. “If you’ve had direct contact with an Ebola patient, somebody who had the disease, we’re going to have to put you in quarantine,” Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.” “I just don’t think you can have somebody with direct contact with Ebola patients and then allow them to go bowling in New York City, that’s just not going to work. Chaffetz’s comments come as a 33-year-old New York physician, who had been working in West Africa with Doctors Without Borders, returned to New York and on Thursday was confirmed to have tested positive for the virus. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, of which Chaffetz is a member, will also be holding a hearing Friday into the handling of the Ebola t ...
From Patient Zero to today, here is a look back at how the West Africa Ebola outbreak grew to become the worst on record.
bo prove to us that Ebola is nothing to worry about. I will pay your airafare to West Africa, you pay your way back.
Kaci Hickox, quarantined in Newark after arriving from West Africa, tested negative for Ebola and posted an essay online in which she criticized the way she was treated at the airport.
EBOLA: NO MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS IN Sierra Leone? Firstly, I have to say a big thank you to all the selfless medical professionals, Black and White, that are putting their lives on the line to save Ebola victims in Africa, you are my heroes and heroines, nothing in this post is directed at you. Almost every News Agency reporting on Ebola has eloped to the fact that the widespread of the disease is because of the lack of medical professionals in Sierra Leone, the Governments stay silent on the point and the conclusion is made that there are no medical professionals in Sierra Leone. The huge assumption, of course is that medical professionals can take up medical obligations without an organisational structure, neither need to work in collaboration with an International framework to support them. Therefore, this assumption, seamlessly blames the African people for the problem. For so long, we have often heard the western narratives on African problems and invariably, the African narratives is often muted, wel ...
UPDATE: The governors of New Jersey and New York said today they are ordering a mandatory, 21-day quarantine for all doctors and other travelers who have had contact with Ebola victims in West Africa.
Automatic quarantines in effect for health care workers from West Africa, NY official says
New Jersey health officials say a woman who arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport from West Africa has tested negative for Ebola in a preliminary evaluation.
But it is not all countries in West Africa that has Ebola. In fact 2 countries there has successfully contained it.
While many in the U.S. fret over the few cases of Ebola in America, the epidemic is constantly claiming lives in West Africa. Join and me and Oxfam America in supporting health workers going overseas to combat this disease. When you purchase one of my songs through Reverbnation, half of the proceeds will be donated to Oxfam to supply the health workers with the proper tools to help those in dire need. So go ahead and purchase some good tunes from me while helping out a good cause for many others. For more information on Oxfam go to Support My Music, Support A Cause
The nurse, just back from West Africa, says: "I am scared about how health care workers will be treated"
Colleagues have *no* idea how NY doc became infected. They say he was scrupulous re: safety procedures.
"Patients can beat this disease. We can beat this disease. But we have to stay vigilant. We have to work together at every level—federal, state and local. And we have to keep leading the global response, because the best way to stop this disease, the best way to keep Americans safe, is to stop it at its source—in West Africa." —President Obama on
Ebola fears spark China pullback in West Africa. via
Guess she drew short straw "🇺🇸. US ambassador to UN will visit Ebola-hit West Africa
Dallas nurse who'd been caring for Ebola patients in West Africa describes her treatment at Newark
New post: US Army to build more Ebola treatment units in West Africa
According to New York regulations, United States ambassador to United Nations Samantha Power should be under Ebola quarantine monitoring as she visited West Africa.
Latest developments in outbreak: A health care worker worker who just returned from West Africa is under a man...
Health care worker had recently treated Ebola patients in West Africa and was quarantined as stat
and indifference leave West Africa desperate for health staff... via
Probably the people living there. WHO says Ebola outbreak continues to spread in West Africa
Global Development Professionals Network Global health innovation banner Cuba calling: what this small island can teach the world about Disease Control West Africa needs what Cuba has: a well-trained, coordinated healthcare system. Anything less and Ebola wins Guardian Professional, Thursday 23 October 2014 17.43 BST Raul Castro and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at the summit on Ebola in Havana What can the governments of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia learn from Raul Castro’s health policies? Photograph: Xinhua/Landov/Barcroft Media Guatemala, Pakistan, Indonesia, Haiti. Four different nations that share a common experience: in the past decade, they were all struck by natural disasters which overwhelmed their under-staffed and under-funded public health systems. Into the rubble, flooding, and chaos of these distinct cultures and contexts, Cuba dispatched a specialized disaster and epidemic control team to support local health providers. It was a story of unprecedented medical solidarity by a de ...
If this doctor, who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa,has Ebola,then Obama should apologize to the Ame…
What can we do to help?Phyllis C. Murray "The UN is playing a significant role in helping the countries of West Africa respond to the Ebola crisis, by mobilizing the global community and by providing technical assistance, funding, supplies, and personnel. Following the lead of governments of Ebola-affected countries, the UN is partnering in its response with other governments, technical agencies, donors, and NGOs. The Ebola Response Fund provides an avenue for individuals, corporations, foundations and civil society organizations to directly support the UN’s response. Contributions to the Fund will be channeled exclusively to UN entities working to halt the outbreak, principally to WHO to support its Ebola Response Roadmap. Over time, as both the outbreak dictates and UN partners advise, funds may be used to support other UN entities’ work to address Ebola."
Of the 3000+ Doctors w/out Borders staff in West Africa, 23 have contacted ebola (as of Oct 19).
Can we talk about how NY and NJ are putting all doctors nurses returning from volunteering to treat Ebola in West Africa in 3…
U.S. ambassador to the U.N. heads to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to draw attention to need for aid:
United States ambassador to the UN to visit Ebola-ravaged West Africa
latest overview of the West Africa via
Doctors, & healthcare workers volunteering to combat the epidemic in West Africa are heroes.
Looking for ways to help fight the global spread of Ebola? Regular Americans across the country are helping in a variety of ways right now. Here are a couple options available to you. Sign Up to be a Medical Volunteer If you're a qualified medical professional and want to volunteer to work in West Africa, the Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) can connect you with reputable organizations who are active in the Ebola response. Click here to learn more. The CDC is also developing an introductory safety training course for licensed clinicians who want to work in an Ebola Treatment Unit in Africa. Learn more here. Click here to meet some of the CDC experts who have traveled to West Africa to help stop the spread of the disease. Share Your Idea to Help Combat The Global Spread of Ebola USAID is calling on the global community to come up with practical, cost-effective innovations that can help health care workers on the front lines give better care and stop Ebola's spread. Learn more and take a ...
Hate to sound off on that negligent doctor in NY with Ebola but I do hope he gets well and I wonder if Columbia Pres. Hospital, a top Hospital will fire him. Who would want him as a doctor, not me. He did a wonderful thing helping patients in West Africa no doubt but was he as negligent with helping them as he was here in NY. He ruined his reputation as a doctor in NY as far as I am concerned. I think people are angry at him. I know I am.
On page 57 of the October 18 - October 25 2014 edition of The Economist there is a reference to Australia in a four page article about the Ebola crisis in West Africa. The Australian Government offered a donation of $2.5 million to Medecins Sans Frontieres. MSF declined the donation and requested Australian doctors instead. The Australian Government said no. The effort to contain Ebola is desperately short-staffed. The affected countries need many thousands of doctors, nurses, and construction workers (to build isolation units for infected people). Cuba has already sent 170 doctors and plans to send 300 more. If poor Cuba can make that commitment why is rich Australia offering nothing?
yes. And endanger us all, and cost lives in West Africa as it punishes medical volunteering
A nurse just returned from poverty stricken & ebola ravaged West Africa and is complaining about being confined to an apartm…
US: Ambassador Power to visit 3 Ebola-ravaged countries in West Africa: The United States ambassador to the United…
US envoy to the UN Samantha Power travels to West Africa - UPDATES:
"Wising up on Ebola: Govs. Cuomo and Christie smartly toughen a quarantine for travelers returning from West Africa" http:…
Cuomo and Christie preparing to put all people returning from West Africa on "double secret probation".
Ebola wouldn't be in USA if they keep letting doctors go to West Africa .
My halloween costume. The true face and side of Obama..."You have a business, you didn't build that". Raising the debt ceiling doesn't increase your debt, it just tells congress to pay the bills they already racked up." "Lets get something straight Isis(islamic state) is not Islamic." "If we stopped flights from west Africa, we would have hard time screening passengers becase they may go to another country first." Can we say itinerary?
"That I am anti-Ebola panic — and especially anti-Ebola media scrum, which was disgraceful — does not mean I am not concerned about Ebola where it is authentically a problem, which is in the expanding epidemic in West Africa. It is a dreadful outbreak, it needs attention, and it says something ugly about us as a society that we only really noticed it when two Westerners were injured by it. But, again: The conditions that are pushing that epidemic along do not exist in the US."
Statement from Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby on the Change of Responsibility for Operation United Assistance Today in Monrovia, Liberia, Major General Gary Volesky of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) assumed command of Joint Forces Command - Operation United Assistance and the fight against Ebola in West Africa. Just 38 days ago, Major General Darryl Williams arrived in Liberia to form an advance detachment in his capacity as Commanding General, U.S. Army Africa prior to the formal establishment of this Joint Forces Command. In this short period, our service members, under his leadership, have made great advances in establishing command and control capabilities for this effort including lines of communication over very rough terrain.
THE BOOK WAS BY PROFESSOR JOSEPH J. WILLIAMS IN 1931 Introduction: Read This First Are the African Americans The Descendants of West African Hebrews? This question Is Answered In The (Affirmative ,with a Resounding)YES , By Professor Joseph J . Williams after more than eleven years of intensive research into the subject. In his book entitled Hebrewisms of West Africa , this eminent cultural anthropologist documents the origins and extent of the Hebrew religion and culture in that part of West Africa which is the ancestral Home of most black Americans. His book has 443 pages. Iist documented with more than 1,400 footnotes . In reality , it is a compendium of very nearly every major treatise on the subject.Professor Williams cites over 900 different scholars and eye - witnesses -in this encyclopedic effort
If they've beeing using plasma from the people that survived the ebola virus and it's working, and it's saving lives here in the US, why not take some of their plasma out to West Africa. I'm pretty sure they will find many sick people that matches their blood type.
I Shall use my voice to declare his Glory Because whenever I need him The Almighty God came through. Healing I declare all over west Africa and here in United States. Because he who began a Good work in me will be Able to Complete It. God bless Remember Church Today Set your Alarm.
So in the worst Ebola outbreak ever has seen .003% of the population of West Africa infected. I can totally see why people in the US are pissing their pants in terror. Let's get a grip, people.
By Sola Ogundipe Nigeria is Ebola free! It’s the best news millions of Nigerians have heard in a long, long while. “Today, exactly 42 days (twice the maximum incubation period for Ebola virus disease) after the country’s last infectious contact with a confirmed or probable case occurred, the chains of transmission have been broken. The virus is gone – for now. The outbreak in Nigeria has been defeated.” Such was the manner of the official declaration of Nigeria as an Ebola-free nation, last Monday by the World Health Organisation, WHO. It was the climax of an odyssey that began exactly 93 days earlier and a comeback from the proverbial journey of no return. Further, the WHO noted: “This is a spectacular success story that shows that Ebola can be contained. The story of how Nigeria ended what many believed to be potentially the most explosive Ebola outbreak imaginable is worth telling in detail.” This is a good public health story with an unusual twist at the end. As part of preparedness for ...
Tonight we had several local police officers and fire rescue trucks come into one section of our community. We all assumed someone was sick or injured so we went about our night. An hour later, Palm Beach County Special Operations trucks came in. We all came outside at that point. Our gated community, with one way in or out, was closed off. We all waited for an hour and then saw a Haz-Mat team in yellow suits and black masks go in. Freaky sight! Even freakier is that our neighbor was brought out on a gurney mummified in white plastic. They then told us he had just returned from West Africa, had been showing symptoms of Ebola, and we would be wise to stay in our homes.tow hours later! The press has been outside the gates for hours.
Detaining (yes, I know they are calling it "quarantine," but it's detention) healthcare workers returning from West Africa after treating Ebola patients is criminal and irresponsible. It's going to make fewer people want to go to Africa to help out MSF, and it panders to the public misinformation and panic. It's toxic, and it's a gross overreach of authority for no good reason. I am disgusted, NY and NJ.
Doctors Without Borders, stay here there are plenty of sick and uninsured to care for. No need to go to west Africa.
Not the kind of distinction the U.S. craves: America now is the country with the greatest number of Ebola cases outside West Africa.
What about [Islamic] interpretations regarding women? We find, in many parts of the world that tend to be populated by Muslims, it seems that women are getting the short end of the stick. read the interview ... Some of what we see may be considered to be inequities. But we have to remember that, when Islam spread from Arabia to what we consider the Muslim world today, it spread through countries and societies which had very ancient traditions. Egypt, which had an ancient tradition. Iran, another ancient country. Persia, before that. The subcontinent of India, another ancient culture. Same thing with today, current-day Turkey, the Byzantine Empire. ... Through that, many cultural norms became to be considered by societies as being Islamic, but they're really cultural. So in matriarchal societies, which you will see some matriarchal societies like in West Africa or in Egypt, you'll find women very, very influential. Women hold the purse strings; women determine a lot of what happens, because ancient Egypt h ...
Have. a blessed Sumday...Make Sure try to go Church and pray together with Whole community.specially remembering the Ebola victims in West Africa and Peace in Middle East .Thank yu !!!
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According to Gary Bauer, 3 leftwing House reps are urging the prez to put our military personnel into direct contact with ebola patients in West Africa, ie, cleaning up vomit & soiled linen. This is what they think our military are for. It's not enough that they're building facilities there...they want them to bring it home!
Ok so maybe it's time to quarantine doctors IN West Africa??
Le' Sun Delicious 7am ~ 1pm Main course : Rice 1. Steam Yam with Dried Scallop 2. Lemon Grass Chicken Soup Yams nutrition & Benefit Yams are one of carbohydrate rich, staple tuber vegetables of West African origin. Botanically they belong to the family Dioscoreaceae, in the genus, Dioscorea. Besides their use as food, yams have been symbolically associated with culture, and ritualism all over Africa, Asia, and Latin Americas. Yam tubers (Dioscorea rotundata) put for sale in a market. The yam plant is a perennial vine cultivated for its large, edible, underground tuber, which can grow up to 120 pounds in weight and up to 2 meters in length. They are one of the typical tropical crops requiring hot, humid temperatures and may cease to grow when temperature dips below 68 degrees F. Yams are similar in appearance to sweet potatoes, however, they are not at all related to it. Important differences that distinguish them from sweet potatoes; yams are monocotyledons, larger in size, features thick, rough, dark bro ...
The nurse coming back from West Africa said she felt like she was being treated like a criminal, I highly doubt that woman knows what it actually feels like to be treated like a criminal or what it feels like to be brought to a hospital as an actual criminal in handcuffs.
Just hours after NJ officials quarantined a seemingly healthy nurse returning from treating patients West Africa, she has spiked a fever. She's now in isolation, undergoing tests at University Hospital in Newark. We're monitoring all these developments and will have the latest on WABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News at 11.
After a tough childhood in West Africa and exile in France, Mahama Cho could win Olympic gold for Britain in Rio.
With the death toll in West Africa rising to over 4,900 and new cases sprouting up daily, the World Health Organ...
We need your help! Join us in a call for prayer with the Wesleyan Church this Sunday asking God to: Have mercy on the people of West Africa by eradicating this horrible epidemic that is taking so many lives. Pray for the courage and safety of healthcare workers that are currently treating patients with Ebola. Pray that international staff support will soon come in full force to support current medical teams fighting Ebola. Pray for WHI staff that they remain safe supporting the people of Sierra Leone. From, John Lyon, CEO, World Hope International
It is crystal clear that Donald Trump is a buffoon.I cannot for the life of me see how this man can sit on his padded perch atop the Trump Tower in New York and criticize the president about his handling of ebola. In my personal opinion, this deluded man is not only a buffoon,he is an opportunist.I am very concerned about the ebola epidemic, in fact I have spent sleepless nights praying for my relatives and friends in Sierra Leone and the greater West African region, I do realize that the epidemic needed to be tackled at its source in West Africa and I fully realize the angst of the American people about this deadly disease, but let's face it, the world has morphed into a global village, when something goes awry in one part of our world, it is bound to affect other areas of the globe, it is inevitable in this era of air and sea travel.Now it is incumbent on us to help the people of west Africa and at the same time stave off this disease from coming to our shores, we must have protocols in place to quarant ...
About Ebola virus For the genus, see Ebolavirus. For other uses, see Ebola. Ebola virus (EBOV, formerly designated Zaire ebolavirus) is one of five known viruses within the genus Ebolavirus. Four of the five known ebolaviruses, including EBOV, cause a severe and often fatal hemorrhagic fever in humans and other mammals, known as Ebola virus disease (EVD). Ebola virus has caused the majority of human deaths from EVD, and is the cause of the 2013–2014 Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, which has resulted in at least 9,964 suspected cases and 4,881 confirmed deaths. Ebola virus and its genus were both originally named for Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), the country where it was first described, and was at first suspected to be a new "strain" of the closely related Marburg virus. The virus was renamed "Ebola virus" in 2010 to avoid confusion. Ebola virus is the single member of the species Zaire ebolavirus, which is the type species for the genus Ebolavirus, family Filoviridae, order Mononeg ...
To protect America from We must fight it at the source in West Africa.-
Baby loggerhead turtles from Cape Verde off the coast of West Africa start life with a 24-hour marathon swim.
DEVELOPING STORY: Woman in voluntary isolation at Georgetown Hospital after return from West African country where Ebola is NOT present.Doctors suspect Chikungunya, she is showing no signs of Ebola but Hospital taking all precautions. GEORGETOWN HOSPITAL PRESS RELEASE On October 24th 2014, GPHC was notified by a private physician of a patient who had recently travelled to a West African nation where Ebola is not present. She went to the Physician for evaluation and treatment of leg pains. During the Physician’s interview, she reported some mild joint pains and was concerned about Chikungunya infection. She had recently returned from a leisure trip to a region in West Africa, so the Private Physician referred her directly to GPHC. The EBOLA response team was immediately summoned and convened and she was placed immediately in isolation for investigation. She reported returning to Guyana, via Suriname, from a West African country where Ebola is NOT currently present. She has not had contact with anyone w . ...
West Africa used to be a center of science and research in medieval times. West African cities used to boost libraries unmatched with those in Europe and West Africans sailed across the Atlantic well before Columbus. Most of knowledge and libraries were lost due to waves of Tijaniyya Sufis and Khawarij and their blind conservatism, and colonialists finished off what was left. Overall literacy in Dan Fodio's state was higher than anywhere in Europe at the time, and look where the literacy levels are now.
Well I can't hold it in any longer.I know everyone is scared, or sick of hearing about the Ebola virus. We now have a New York City doctor diagnosed with it. Also nurse Nina Pham who had it, and has now been deemed Ebola free. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), is telling the public that Ebola is spread through direct contact, with an ill person's blood or body fluids. They have also been very vague about airborne transmission. The CDC's definition of airborne is "moving or being carried through the air." If a symptomatic person with Ebola coughs or sneezes on someone, and saliva or mucous comes into contact with that person's eyes, nose or mouth, these fluids may transmit the disease!! 2 nurses providing direct care to an Ebola patient, with full protective gear, became infected!! We are letting people from other countries, that have been exposed, such as the New York City doctor, just get on planes and bring the virus here to the United States!! It is time we closed off flights from these West Africa ...
Our Jury Members BERNI GOLDBLAT _ Self made filmmaker Berni Goldblat directs, edits, produces and distributes films since 1999 in West Africa. In 2000 he created CINOMADE (, an organization based in Burkina Faso, which specializes in intervention cinema through awareness films and debates. In 2006 Berni established the independent film production company LES FILMS DU DJABADJAH also based in Burkina Faso. After MOKILI, his first fiction feature film, he released a feature documentary The hillside crowd, selected at 50 International Film Festivals, winning 5 awards in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and USA. Berni is currently working on an animation film co-directed with Gilles Palenfo. A member of the prestigious AMAA Jury since 2007, Berni was in 2011 appointed a member of the jury of the International Francophone Film Festival of Namur (FIFF Namur) in Belgium. STEVE AYORINDE _ A journalist, author and a newspaper administrator, Steve Ayorinde is one of Nigeria's best known film and art crit ...
Caruba (Extra): Ebola! Ebola! Yawn By Alan Caruba How is Ebola spread? Two ways; one, by letting anyone exposed to it in West Africa into America when they fly here and, two, by assuming that medical professionals and others who have been exposed to it would quarantine themselves from contact with others once they are here. The latest case is Dr. Craig Spencer, an American to whom the travel ban would not apply, identified as potentially having Ebola after treating victims in Africa and who totally ignored the potential of spreading it to others as he made his way around New York on subways, went bowling, and likely had dinner at a restaurant. Earlier a NBC news crew that had been exposed to Ebola was issued a mandatory quarantine by the New Jersey Health Department, but its chief medical editor and correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, while symptom-free, decided to break the quarantine. One of the crew, Ashoko Mokpo, did fall ill and is being treated at the Nebraska Medical Center. What does it tell you w ...
Christian groups in West Africa are blaming the spread of Ebola on ***
New York, New Jersey will automatically quarantine some medical workers returning from West Africa
Fighting Ebola in West Africa, then fear of disease in U.S.
Stigma of Fighting in West Africa, then returning to the U.S.
New York, New Jersey to quarantine medical workers returning from West Africa
PLESE SHARE THIS POST AND LIKE OUR SITE IF YOU AGREE WITH THE MESSAGE. THANKS on behalf of Zimbabwe tourism. EBOLA Common sense prevails!! hopefully other operators adopt similar policies. New Cancellation Policy in Place to Address Fears Over Ebola 1. Victoria Falls Safari Lodge 2. Victoria Falls Safari Club 3. Victoria Falls Safari Suites 4. Lokuthula Lodges Africa Albida Tourism owners of the properties above are offering NO CANCELLATION PENALTY if travel is cancelled as a result of a confirmed case of Ebola by the World Health Organization, in either Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe or Zambia. AAT recognizes that consumer confidence in traveling to Southern Africa has been shaken as a result of the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. There is no need for me to articulate all the reasons as to why there is no logical basis for this concern. The fact that Europe is closer to West Africa than both Victoria Falls and Cape Town is well documented. However, the reality is that there is a huge decreas ...
First, a reality check: More Americans have married Kim Kardashian — three — than contracted Ebola in the U.S. The two Dallas nurses who came down with Ebola were infected while treating a Liberian man, who became infected in West Africa. The New York doctor who has tested positive for Ebola had been treating people in West Africa.
WHO: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses ready in 2015 LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization says millions of doses of two experimental Ebola vaccines could be ready for use in 2015 and five more experimental vaccines will start being tested in March. Still, the agency warned it's not clear whether any of these will work against the deadly virus that has already killed at least 4,877 people this year in West Africa. Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny from the U.N. health agency told reporters that those doses could be available in 2015 if early tests proved that the two leading experimental vaccines are safe and provoke enough of an immune response to protect people from being infected with Ebola. Trials of those two most advanced vaccines —one developed by GlaxoSmithKline in cooperation with the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the other developed by the Canadian Public Health Agency and licensed to the U.S. company NewLink Genetics — have already begun in the U.S., U.K. and Mali. "The vaccine is not the m ...
SHOCKING REVELATION: “Ebola Virus Originated From US Bio-warfare Labs In West Africa” – American Professor * A popular American professor has exposed the real reason behind Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa. Francis Boyle recently answers questions for TVXS.GR and revealed that the United States of American has been using West Africa as an offshore to circumvent the Convention on Biological Weapons and do bio-warfare work. professor Francis BoyleProfessor Boyle Boyle is a leading American professor, practitioner and advocate of international law. He was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. He served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International (1988-1992), and represented Bosnia – Herzegovina at the World Court. Professor Boyle teaches international law at the University of Illinois, Champaign. He holds a Doctor of Law Magna *** Laude as well as a Ph.D. in Political Scie ...
Liberian Conservatives and Christians Using Ebola As Justification For LGBT Harassment throughout Liberia are being targeted and harassed as a result of churches within the country claiming that recent ebola outbreaks are acts of God’s wrath condemning homosexuality. "Since church ministers declared Ebola was a plague sent by God to punish sodomy in Liberia, the violence toward *** has escalated,” LGBTQ organizer Leroy Ponpon told Reuters. “They're even asking for the death penalty. We're living in fear.” Factors like a failing healthcare infrastructure and spotty governmental response have contributed to Liberia bearing the brunt of the outbreak. Earlier this week the World Health Organization released its most recent figures tracking the number of confirmed cases and mortalities associated with ebola throughout West Africa. Liberian health officials have recorded 508 deaths caused by the virus--the largest figure in the region. Since the outbreak’s beginnings in late 2013, tensions within Lib ...
What's really scary about Ebola isn't the one patient in New York. It's the 1000s in West Africa.
Without proper screening, 3 Ebola-infected travellers are predicted to slip out of West Africa every month
Asian equities were mixed on the last trading day of the week as concerns over Ebola and China offset gains on Wall Street. A doctor in New York tested positive for the Ebola virus, the New York Times reported early on Friday, after returning from West Africa last week. Speaking at a press conference, New York Mayor de Blasio said officials believe "very few" people had contact with the doctor since his return. Markets reacted quickly to the news, with the Japanese yen strengthening 0.3 percent against the greenback and Dow futures dropping over 70 points before paring losses. Meanwhile, attention in Asia was on China where official data showed new home prices falling 1.3 percent on year in September, the first annual drop in nearly two years. The report heightened concerns over the country's property market, which many experts say poses the single biggest risk to the economy. U.S. stocks surged on Thursday, with all three major indices climbing over 1 percent each, following strong third-quarter results ...
Pentagon U.S. troops to fight Gold Glove Ebola in West Africa for up to one
I have been saying for weeks for President Obama to stop the flights from West Africa. So simple, but he refused. A TO…
U/D Manhattan: Breaking - The first patient who returned from West Africa & is at Bellevue Hospital has tested Positive on t…
Dr came back from West Africa after working on Ebola patients may spread Ebola in NYC:
Frightening research indicates that the US and allied governments are responsible for the development of the new strain of Ebola: Ebola Is A GMO Product Of US Bio-warfare Laboratories Letter from Dr. Cyril Broderick October 20, 2014 Dear World Citizens: I have read a number of articles from your Internet outreach as well as articles from other sources about the casualties in Liberia and other West African countries about the human devastation caused by the Ebola virus. About a week ago, I read an article published in the Internet news summary publication of the Friends of Liberia that said that there was an agreement that the initiation of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was due to the contact of a two-year old child with bats that had flown in from the Congo. That report made me disconcerted with the reporting about Ebola, and it stimulated a response to the “Friends of Liberia,” saying that African people are not ignorant and gullible, as is being implicated. A response from Dr. Verlon Stone said ...
Ebola in NY. Bellevue Hospital, just a block from NYUMC. I hope healthcare workers helping Ebola victims in West Africa get screened and monitored after their arrival. Why not? .. Even if it is for 21 days.
If you haven't heard. Ebola case in New York today. His girlfriend now in quarantine. Not my intention to lend a hand in scaring people about the Ebola thing just curious about how this happens. Let's go down a checklist. 1. The guy now positive for Ebola is a doctor, a professional who supposedly understands the nature of this horror of a disease. 2. Wallows in ebola in West Africa for several weeks with the Doctors Without Borders program. 3. Gets on commercial flight back to U.S. with a couple hundred people without first isolating himself for the amount of time needed for disease to manifest itself. 4. Runs around in the most densely populated city in the U.S. for several days exposing and therefore endangering countless people even after beginning to feel ill. This includes going bowling the night before he checked himself in the hospital with 103 temperature. 5. Now he's in quarantine at NY Presbytarian. I feel like I'm missing something.
Dr. Craig Allen Spencer, 33, had been working with Doctors Without Borders in West Africa.
Yes, it's been confirmed, the first Ebola patient in NYC!! Here is what I don't get: You have an organization : Doctors Without Borders who travel from the US and other countries to help Ebola patients in West Africa. It is definitely a nobel and honorable cause and they take the proper precautions when dealing with this disease or epidemic.(Or so I thought!) The doctor who was diagnosed today, arrived back in the US sometime around 10/17 and felt fine until yesterday, he said he felt fatiqued and then today had a fever. He went bowling yesterday, riding at least 4 different trains. I get it, you can only get Ebola by exchanging or touching body fluids by an infected person. By doctors coming back from dealing with Ebola, don't they understand that by coming into contact with Ebola could also infect them and then entering the US, affect others? Is it just me or do other think that the risks outweigh the good?? Should doctors who are in this organization be quarantined for three weeks in Africa after ...
Dear NYSCTF Members, Chaplains & Faith Leaders, It was been announced just after 9:00 p.m. tonight that NYC now has its first presumed Ebola case – a 33 year old Doctors Without Borders physician who just returned from West Africa. He returned from Guinea over a week ago and today reported a 103 degree fever and diarrhea. He was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in a specially equipped ambulance and is now in isolation. He resided in Harlem and has been travelling in the subways regularly since his return. Preliminary tests are positive, the City is now waiting for confirmation from the CDC. More to Follow!
A Doctors Without Borders physician back from West Africa tests positive for Ebola at a New York hospital.
Not a knee jerk reaction, just an observation. Politicians tell us this Ebola is extremely hard to get. A Doctor, from Doctors Without Borders, confident he followed all protocol, treats patients with Ebola in West Africa, contracts the disease. Comes back to New York, weeks go by and he starts to feel it coming on. Pretty sure this Doctor did not have sex or french kiss one of the Ebola patients. If he did, he would not have been so confident he did not contract it. I am hoping that a Doctor who knowingly had contact with Ebola patients would never think of walking in New York, let alone even fly into this Country. So, is it still extremely hard to get Ebola?
Omg! Watched a few minutes of the press conference. These people are *** They are going on about how the doctor followed protocols and as soon as he felt symptoms he went to the hospital Because he was a doctor and new better. But what about all the others that are coming from West Africa that don't know better ? That are going around with symptoms and infecting everybody? What are we going to do about them? And if this doctor was wearing full protective gear and recalled no breach, how the *** did he catch a Ebola?
patient is ER doctor Craig Spencer who treated Ebola patients in West Africa.
NYC hospital running tests on doctor with Ebola-like symptoms after returning to United States from West Africa:
The U.S. Military now has 631 personnel in West Africa in support of Joint Force Command United Assistance...
New York tests doctor who was in West Africa for Ebola - Reuters
Come check us out this Sunday! We are kicking off our Central Utah Missions Conference at 10:30am. Then each evening, Monday - Wednesday, this week at 6pm. We will have guest speakers going to British Columbia, Italy, and Cameroon, West Africa. Faith Baptist Church in Salina 165 S 400 E
1st Area Medical Laboratory of the 20th CBRNE Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground to deploy to West Africa to fight Ebola
Nigeria became the first country in West Africa to host the World Economic Forum in wonder NOI is the Finance min
Celebrities Launch Campaign Against Ebola - originally published on - A new campaign addressing the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was launched by some celebrities to raise awareness about the Ebola Deadly Virus (EDV). The video is star-studded with on-screen cameos from movie star Idris Elba, former UK Prime Minister – Tony Blair, supermodel Naomi Campbell, soul singer Alicia Keys, basketball icon [ 133 more words. ]
So now Ebola is a punishment from God? && ppl shouldn't meet up (church, school, etc.) to prevent spreading in West Africa??
October 22, 2014 "Obama administration announces that passengers arriving to the United States from Ebola-affected countries, such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, in West Africa must enter through one of five selected airports that are screening for the disease..."
Can Killer Ebola Unite Humanity? by Grand Master Adnan Oktar As the world continues to grapple with new problems arising every new day in the Middle East and ponder a feasible solution for Syria and Iraq, especially with regards to the threat of the so-called Islamic State (IS), another tragedy is unfolding in West Africa that has left the world baffled. After crippling two countries and threatening the third one — Nigeria — Ebola is moving fast across continents. The world media also appears confused as now there are two powerful contenders to qualify for breaking news: Explosions in Iraq or Syria, turmoil in Lebanon and the fast increasing number of Ebola victims. Unfortunately, the world did not pay much attention to the virus in its early stages. After all, it was just confined to that abandoned continent, which had always been exploited by the powers that be every now and then. Ebola is a dangerous contagious virus and its cure remains elusive. At the onset of the breakout of Ebola in West Afric ...
Ebola May Compromise Morocco’s AFCON 2015 Hosting The rapid spread of the Ebola Virus in West Africa has forced Morocco to back-pedal from her initial decision to host the 2015 African Cup of Nations. The country fears that hosting the African soccer jamboree will slam open the country’s doors to the ravaging Ebola Virus. For fear of contamination, the Moroccan Football Federation, in a formal letter addressed to the Confederation of African Football, CAF, expressed her disinterest in hosting the tournament. However, CAF has issued a statement reassuring the country that everything will continue as scheduled and that all necessary measures will be taken to contain the importation of the Virus. With the current action by Morocco, CAF is considering South Africa and Ghana as possible hosts of the tournament, if Morocco should disappoints. Although the duo is favourites to take over the bid, CAF has not issued any categorical statement approving that Morocco would not host the competition. Morocco on her ...
Did this doctor save Nigeria from Ebola? Nigeria could have been Ebola's main disaster zone – thanks to a few smart medics, it has a clean bill of health Dr Stella Adadevoh - did she save Nigeria from Ebola? Dr Stella Adadevoh Today there's been some rare good news on the Ebola front. Three months after suffering its first cases of the virus, Nigeria has been declared Ebola-free again by the World Health Organisation. It may not sound like tremendous news, given that the death toll is still rocketing elsewhere in West Africa. But given how bad it could have been, it's something to be extremely thankful for. I could just as easily be writing now that Ebola had claimed its 10,000 victim in Nigeria, and was on its way to kill hundreds of thousands more. No, I am not about to embark on a paean in praise of the Nigerian state health system. That would be both dull to read, and an insult to the millions of Nigerian who have to suffer it every day. For the main credit goes to a single doctor working in a priva ...
Aid groups step up relief efforts as Ebola intensifies in West Africa
My name is Mariama Gifftian Kpaka- Sengita. I was born and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa. A civil war in my country forced my family (mom, step dad and brother) to come to the United States. I was 12 years old. I am a US citizen, an educator, a mentor, a coach, a counselor, a friend, a...
CDC to monitor travelers from West Africa for three weeks | TheHill
When Obama said the other day on TV that the measures he has in effect are more effective than a travel ban, it made me sick. What is more effective than stopping all people who may have the disease from entering the country? The man becomes more ludicrous every day! Republicans have been calling for a full travel ban since Eric Thomas Duncan, 42, was diagnosed as the first person in the United States to have Ebola. In recent days, GOP members of Congress have pledged to introduce legislation to ban travel from West Africa after the Nov. 4 elections, the latest being Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Born in Liberia, Duncan contracted the disease after he helped a pregnant woman there who later died from Ebola. He left for the United States four days later, but did not tell screening officials that he had contact with someone who had Ebola. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Tuesday that everyone traveling from Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Guinea now must land at one of the five U.S. airports that began sc ...
Stolen from my mom, Sarai Eilat: The Ebola strain in America has been traced back to West Africa. Ebola is a type of filovirus. West African Countries where this outbreak started are Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. The U.S. currently has a Level 3 Travel Warning for Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. This means only essential personnel should travel to these countries. Nigeria has a Level 1 travel warning. Nigeria has a lower warning level because at the onset of Ebola Nigeria imposed on themselves a travel ban to both incoming and outgoing travel. They were able to contain the outbreak. CDC has offices located in international airports and land borders now. At a CDC Press briefing they said border patrol agents have been instructed on what to watch for. How is Ebola transmitted? Ebola can be transmitted from mammals and rodents to humans. When Ebola was first discovered there were extensive studies done to see if Ebola was transmitted by mosquitoes. The studies proved mosquitoes do not ca ...
Quarantine should begin at West African borders and one should be allowed to leave West Africa until crisis is over.
"On holiday in West Africa, I went into a children’s bookshop. NONE of the books had African children on them.
U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Liberian Scientist
US tightens travel restrictions from West Africa to curb Ebola – Los Angeles Times
A top Red Cross official said Wednesday that he is confident the Ebola epidemic that has killed thousands of people in West Africa can be contained within four to six months.
As I move forward in West Africa with the Gary Johnson Outreach.Thankful for all the prayers,calls and emails from family and friends that's in agreement with me on this walk of faithAid Is On The Way
President Yoweri Museveni has expressed sadness at the loss of lives in West Africa due to the Ebola outbreak and...
PS: Ebola is not yet in Ph . In response to the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, RITM has come up with a...
JUDICIAL WATCH: OBAMA TO ADMIT NON-CITIZEN'S FOR EBOLA TREATMENT Friday, 17 Oct 2014 The government watchdog group Judicial Watch alleged Friday the Obama administration is formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment. The group, which cited one unidentified source, said the administration would aim to bring Ebola patients into the United States for treatment within the first days of diagnosis, and that it’s not clear who’d pay either for the transportation or treatment. The group alleged the plan for treatment includes special waivers of laws and regulations that ban the admission of non-citizens with a communicable disease; Judicial Watch cited its source saying the administration has not told Congress about the plan. “The source is concerned that the proposal is illegal; endangers the public health and welfare; and should require the approval of Congress,” Judicial Watch stated. Latest: Do You Support a Travel Ban on West Africa Nations? Vote ...
Americans have gone from distribution of wealth. To redistribution of Why not a nice vacation in West Africa ? htt…
In a period like this, you are proud to be a Nigerian; not in her capacity as the most populous country in Africa neither because of her erroneous believe in her size as the giant of Africa. Nigeria was declared free of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by the World Health Organisation, a feat which was commendable by the hard work done by those in authority and her citizens that complied with the precautionary measures. While, we celebrate the victory against the deadly virus at home, let's not forget those that lost the battle against the virus most especially, Dr Stella Adadevoh, who oversaw the treatment of Patrick Sawyer, the transporter of Ebola to Nigeria, when he arrived sick in Lagos, on a flight from Liberia in July. Dr Adadevoh fought to isolate Sawyer, who had lied about his symptoms. I saluted her determination and courage to isolate the patient, this, effectively saved the country from a national disaster by spotting that the patient was lying about his condition, and stopping him from leaving her . ...
Demand isolation (travel ban) of West Africa to stop spread of allows concentrated medical focus in one spot.
The West Africa outbreak is the worst in history. unicefusa is helping children and working to prevent…
Best remedy for ebola right now is information and how to a void it rather than cure it. Share this video and if you are from West Africa with family, relatives and friends in the most hit countries of SL, Guinea and Liberia…reach out and inform them on how to minimize spread of ebola
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Perusing some travel sites. Airfare to west Africa is RIDICULOUSLY cheap right now! I smells vacation!!
An alliance for life - Cuban health workers heading to West Africa
Ebola can spread by air in cold, dry weather common to the U.S. but not West Africa, presenting a “possible, serious threat” to the public, according to two studies by U.S. Army scientists.
Question : would you ban flights from west Africa?. Not asked yet.
Ebola vaccine trials in West Africa in January
workers fighting in West They are real heroes deserve our full support! Doing so much with so little.
CBS News senior medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook on the facts about the outbreak in West Africa, and how to deal with it in America.
Research: Ginger Selectively Kills Breast Cancer Cells New research published in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology found that "ginger may be a promising candidate for the treatment of breast carcinomas."[i] This is a timely finding, insofar as breast cancer awareness month is only days away, and one of the primary fund-raising justifications is the false concept that a low-cost, safe and effective breast cancer treatment is not yet available. Could ginger provide the type of cure that conventional, FDA-approved treatments have yet to accomplish? The new study was performed by researchers at the Biological Sciences Department, Faculty of Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia, who discovered that a crude extract derived from the medicinal plant ginger (Zingiber officinale) inhibited the proliferation of breast cancer cells, without significantly affecting the viability of non-tumor breast cells -- a highly promising property known as selective cytotoxicity, not found in conventional . ...
THE KOREAN AMBASSADOR’S CUP 2014 The Korean Ambassador’s Cup otherwise known as KAC has been scheduled to take place in December 2014. The competition which was originally slated for August was rescheduled due to the outbreak of the dreaded Ebola disease in Nigeria in particular and West Africa in general. The CCSF championship 2014 met similar fate as it was cancel due to the Ebola outbreak. KAC 2014 has been rescheduled for 12th to 14th December, 2014 at the Molade Okoya Thomas Indoor Sports hall of the Teslim Balogun Stadium complex in Surulere-Lagos. This year’s event is will run from Friday through Saturday and Sunday. Lagos State Taekwondo Association will host the championship. The Nigeria Taekwondo Federation is also organizing a referee refresher course for Poomsae and Kyorugi referees. The course which will take place from December 8th to 11th will feature refresher course for old referees in Kyorugi and Poomsae referees who just graduated from the Abuja course in 2014. The technical meeti ...
West Africa needs credible governance now more than ever. This virtual room is making it possible:
My take on how to solve the Ebola problem in the US: 1) Recognize that there is NO Ebola PROBLEM in the US. 2) Also realize that Africa is not infested. There are roughly 10,000 cases in 4 West African countries out of a total population of 1.069 billion in the African continent. 3) Stop the media from creating fear mongering crap. There are 2 cases in the US. Only 2. There are 317 million people in the US...even if another dozen cases popped up from the 2 confirmed cases (due to exposure), there would still not be a problem. It's a numbers thing people. Get over it. They want everyone to be fearful...that is how they control the sheeple. Gee wiz.
The Department of Homeland Security announced that all travelers from Ebola outbreak countries in West Africa will have to arrive at one of five airports with enhanced screening.
Soldiers sent 2EBOLA INFESTED WEST AFRICA WITH MINIMUM TRAINING.Will liberals Bupset if they come home with EBOLA as much as they R when war
because no one cares about west Africa
Ebola SMS system set to launch in West Africa In Sierra Leone, the system has been sending out 2 million message...
To see what it is like for an American family to live in Mali, West Africa, check out my son's newsletter:
.U.S. troops in West Africa only got 4 hours of training - the admin showing a level of inco…
The patient info sheet asks if you've traveled to West Africa recently😂
Gen. Dempsey delivers update on U.S. military action in West Africa
A union survey shows 86 percent of Washington nurses feel unprepared for Ebola. The Washington State Nurses Association is calling for increased training and protective equipment at hospitals. Details of the survey at 5:00. Then at 5:30 - our story with a nurse who just returned from Liberia. She talks about the precautions she's been taking since coming back to Seattle and why she'll soon be headed back to West Africa.
Travelers from West Africa restricted to five US airports - CNN
All U.S.-bound travelers coming from West African countries where there have been Ebola outbreaks will have to fly into one of the five American airports, the Department of Homeland Security announced today. Specifically, beginning on Wednesday, any passengers arriving in the United States who...
So I went to the doctors today. I have bronchitis and sinusitis. They seriously asked me if I have traveled to or been around anyone who's gone to west Africa. Yes, I have just come back! Isn't my tan amazing?!
In 2010, Tekmira signed a $140-million contract with the DoD to make in West Africa
"...The Alliance made the difficult decision to temporarily withdraw all personnel from Guinea, West Africa"
Nigeria is Ebola free , yay . So I have nothing to fear with my up coming trip to West Africa for my "Public Hand Rail Licking" holiday . That's my new "Extreme Sport" , licking public hand rails in dirt poor , festering countries .
Just had to resist the urge in a super-packed elevator to ask if anyone wanted to see the photos from my trip to West …
If they don't fly, will they drive, walk, or boat over from West Africa? Stop the flights.
We will in West Africa. I am supporting the effort and you can to too by donating here:
How deforestation could be fueling Ebola's fire:
Listen up you guys and girls there is a scam going on where you get an Email from said scammer posing as a refugee from West Africa (Senegal) claiming to have 5.3 mil. in a London bank and wants to wire funds to your account. I Googled this and learned that this has been going on for years. So be careful who you send friend requests to. They tried to get me. Google Standard Chartered Bank PLC London and you'll be more aware of the scam. Looking out for my FB friends everywhere!!!
Congratulations Cameron, we are round of u, UP UP WEST AFRICA
Commanding Ebola to BOW to the Name and the Sword of the Lord! Prophetic Word: Ebola -Johnny Enlow I was just spending some time in prayer regarding the ebola virus and this is what I heard from the Spirit of the Lord: "The ebola virus is not from Me. I have not sent it to judge anyone or to teach any people a lesson. I am the Healer and the Lifegiver. It is the enemy that comes to steal, kill and destroy and you will now stop him. Ebola will bend and bow and you will insist on that until it is so. I have put my word in your mouth and you will command ebola to bend and bow . . . I am arising as the Sun of Righteousness with healing in my wings. I will now arise and shine in and through my sons and daughters and they will put out the fire of ebola. There is a great harvest now initiating and the enemy is attempting to kill the harvest. He will not succeed. I will be greater than ebola- and my sons and daughters in many and various fashions will stomp out the fire of ebola. I have even now raised up a David ...
when you realize you signed up for a tour of west Africa..
Every black person should ...visit West Africa to see where we've come from & South Africa to see where we are going!
ICYMI: Today, we thank our donors as we celebrate a milestone: MSF's 1000th survivor!
WHO: Experimental ebola vaccines could come to West Africa by January
Families of Service members deploying to West Africa: Get our fact sheet and Q&A's by visiting:
Exclusive: Ban Ki-moon wanted to visit West Africa but decided fuss over his trip would hinder the Ebola fight
Ebola serum for Africa 'in weeks': Treatments to tackle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa should become availa...
Wise Food Storage assists in the Ebola relief effort in West Africa
p-51: dragon killer. This movie is about Nazis using dragons to fight the allies forces out of west Africa. :I
Just had a great idea.I think its past time for all the people who say they are in touch with christ to step forward and help in the healing by performing the laying on of hands...Come forward brothers and sisters and help end the suffering of sooo many gentle sheep !Ill pay for the flights to west africa AND provide a film crew to document the event !.Imjus sayin'
Uganda Pres Museveni tells on "It is our problem, we should address it ourselves," not wait 4 West. htt…
New bracelets I've been making to fundraise my volunteer trip to West Africa with 🌍 Only $5!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Exclusive: Ban Cancels Visit to Ebola-Ravaged West Africa: The U.N. secretary-general's surprise trip has been...
Had to go to OU Children's Hospital to get my son's hand casted today, I was VERY pleased to see a nurse, with gloves and a face mask on, sitting in the entrance. He was asking me questions about whether I had been to West Africa recently, had I been in close contact with anyone admitted at Dallas Presbyterian, etc...That was VERY comforting :)
ZeroHedge | October 21, 2014 While President Obama has declared his experts say banning travel from the Ebola-stricken West African nations is not the optimal route to stopping the deadly virus' sp...
Seriously people - How many Thousands of Americans die of the FLU every year and that doesn't stop people from planning travel and vacations?? There are people are really thinking they shouldn't travel at all due to EBOLA that one person has died from who came from an Ebola infected country in West Africa??
Goes to show fighting ISIS just from the air is HOGWASH! It seems this *** administration has finally figured out JUST 4 HOURS of Ebola training for the troops going into West Africa WASN'T enough.they've upped it to 4 days.oh goody! Wonder if they upped their Ebola protection gear too? They say the one Dr who caught Ebola was METICULOUS putting on his protective gear and they are assuming he got it from someone OUTSIDE the hospital area in Liberia. JUST LIKE our troops can get it from an infected person walking around!
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 4,493 deaths from Ebola and 8,997 cases in West Africa. Outlets mostly say the lack of money and resources are the main reasons, but they either skim over two important reasons or skip them all together. Even if the hospitals and countries had all the mo…
The following sponsored message was sent to you by AlterNet on behalf of National Nurses United: Help Stop Ebola - - -Please Sign Our Petition to Tell Congress and the White House to Order Hospitals to Put Safety Standards First Now that nurses, who have been sounding the alarm about Ebola for more than two months, finally have the attention of policy makers and many others, let’s have no more excuses and take the steps needed to contain and eradicate this virulent disease in the U.S. and globally. You can help by signing our online petition to Congress and President Obama here. In the U.S., long experience with the privately-run corporate hospital chains that dominate care delivery have made the sober reality abundantly clear – unless the healthcare industry is mandated to put the safety of patients, nurses, and other caregivers above their profit motive, the Ebola threat will only get worse. That’s why we are asking all Americans to join us. Sign our online petition. to tell Congress and the White ...
How many does he plan on bringing in from west africa or mexico???
CDC Safety Training Course for Healthcare Workers Going to West Africa in Response to the 2014...
More people in America have recovered than have died from Zero quarantined or isolated peoples so far have been diagnosed with Ebola, and a great number have been declared free and safe from the disease already. Put on your big boy pants America. The time to freak out has passed. Why don't we concentrate on helping out West Africa, and preparing ourselves at home for similar dangers at home (vaccines are apparently in the works, as are efficient detection devices; Many of the recovering patients are producing anti-bodies which shows lots of promise for fighting the disease).
Ninety-one Cuban health workers are heading to West Africa on Tuesday to join other medical professionals in the battle against Ebola.
How Ebola is affecting the livelihood of small business owners in West Africa Check out the details here:
Shea butter has been used as a skin moisturizer and soothing agent for irritated and chapped skin. It's derived from the Karite tree found in West Africa. Shea butter also protects your skin from harmful UV rays and will help heal and sooth a sunburn.
Glamorous Models Africa Modeling agency / Glamorous Models Africa modeling agency Miss American International University West Africa (Gambia) 2014 Beauty Pageant is tanking place this FRIDAY, 24th October 2014 - at Paradise Suites Hotel , at 8pm. Be there to support the After party will be at Crystal Lounge Club. Miss AIUWA Gambia page for more info. Bravo to the Angola international model - Paula Carvalho
Apparently when the nurse asked if I've been to West Africa in the past year? No its been at least 3 years! Was not the right answer!
domain names
In a Pentagon briefing Wednesday, Gen. David Rodriguez claimed that the full hazmat suit – which Americans have come to know and love thanks to one Thomas Duncan – isn’t necessary for our troops, who will be instead equipped with gloves and masks to safeguard against the deadly virus. Only the finest for our heroes! “They don’t need the whole suit – as such – because they’re not going to be in contact with any of the people,” Gen. Rodriguez said in his briefing. The soldiers, who are from the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, are charged with building hospitals in West Africa. Anyone who believes these men aren't going to be exposed to ebola should get on a plane and go help them build building to be torn apart as soon as they leave.
when I got my blood taken on friday they asked if I have been to west Africa in the last 2 months uhh no never been out of the country farthest i have been is south Carolina i don't know if it was just because it was taken on a military base or if they asking every where
Soldiers of the 2nd and 3rd Battalion, 501st Aviation Regiment, Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Armored Division participate in mandatory Ebola personal protective equipment training at the 2nd Battalion hangar at Biggs Army Airfield, Oct. 14, in order to prepare for deployment to West Africa.
EBOLA: LT COL POTTER EXACTLY CORRECT 101st SENT TO LIBERIA! YEP AND TO SET UP AND PROTECT THEIR BIO WEAPONS LABS! Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division are heading to Liberia to fight the Ebola virus. Kentucky Air National Guard provides support for the 101st. The 633rd Medical Group returns home to Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia after supporting relief efforts in West Africa. POST ONLY FOR NEWS AND INFORMATION TO EDUCATE PEOPLE BELIEVING THIS CONSTITUTES FAIR USE FAIR USE AGREEMENT 17 U.S.C. § 107 Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright
Liberia, West Africa- sitting in small rooms for hours with people who've personally been affected, no electricity, unforgiving heat, deplorable sanitation, yet I'm ALMOST more afraid of Ebola here in the States. The media is having an absolute field day with this one!
"MR. PRESIDENT, BRING UP THOSE WALLS!" We need to control the spread of in this country. We need a vaccine and proper training for all professionals. We need to have better screening special Ebola treatment centers. We need all this in place before the season. Until we are ready, Mr. President, Bring Up Those Walls! Stop all non-essential flights from West Africa. Stop this deadly virus and isolate it in West Africa. Medically that is the best thing to do. Do not let these bugs become a global problem, It can affect our economy, our system can collapse and more importantly, this can become a national security issue - Dr David B Samadi SHARE!
It was all in the news saying the US gov sent 3000 troops in West Africa for ebola but why didn't they report that Cuba sent medical personnel ??
Troops from the 101st Airborne Division will not receive full protective Hazmat suits for their mission in West Africa.
At the Dr. today, the receptionist asked if I had recently returned from West Africa. I couldn't help but think, wouldn't it be a little late if I had? As in ban flights until the virus is contained. I told her I had not been to West Africa and am pretty sure I don't have Ebola.
More U.S. troops are arriving in West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak, but the rainy season is causing a delay.
18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army General Martin E. Dempsey talks about the U.S. military mission in West Africa as well as precautions i...
Just crossed Border and question was if we had been to West Africa. Is that close to Seattle Wa?
So Obama will send 4,500 troops to West Africa to aid the people with Ebola, but he won't send troops to the Middle East to slaughter Isis.
GOOD MORNING FAMILY, FRIENDS AND ENEMIES: I woke up this morning thinking about West Africa . when this idea (thought) entered my mind - 'in the very near future, it will be announced that the largest oil and gas deposit is found off the coast of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone'. I am also thinking - AND THIS IS TOTAL SPECULATION - that the current flu season will be the worst, in the history of our world. The basis for my speculation is - the ongoing Fukishima neuclear disaster which have poisoned the Pacific ocean, compromised and destroyed the immune system of many children (clouds formed over the Pacific deposit water (rain) on land). This could explain the rash of children illnesses. !!! (AGAIN, I MUST STATE - THIS IS TOTAL SPECULATION, ON MY PART, and I would hate being right) ... I think that combining the flu virus with compromised and damaged immune system is a recipe for disaster... could be worse and more fearful than the E. virus... Anyway, I am gonna continue praying for all those Black/A .. ...
Sell JT and start a Tourism office in West Africa headed by Hess you guessed it The Bully 😱
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
First Baptist Church of Collingdale has coordinated a Liberia Relief Effort that has been mostly in-house. We do not solicit funds outside of the church for our general fund. Some have asked about our Ebola Relief Effort in cooperation with our sister-church Lighthouse Baptist Church of Liberia, Inc. We send funds on a monthly basis to our partners in Liberia. 100% of gifts received go directly to a grass-roots effort to fight Ebola. If you feel led to participate, tax-deductable gifts can be sent to FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 814 Andrews Avenue Collingdale, Pa. 19023. Checks should be made out to 'First Baptist Church of Collingdale' with a notation on the check or envelope (Liberia Project). There are no administrative fees for this project. The next support gift will be sent after November 1st. If you send a return address with your gift, we will send you a receipt for your taxes. Most of all.remember to pray for West Africa.
Kudos to friend and colleague John McCallum for his leadership and the vision for missions of Hot Springs First Baptist Church. For those of you that were with us at River of Life yesterday, Pastor McCallum's experience referenced in this blog is an example of the very thing I was referring to regarding our response to world events. Are we going to join the crush of voices that are full of panic, fear, and anger? Or are we going to be faithful witnesses of the Kingdom of God, singing the songs of Zion in a foreign land? If you expressed an opinion about the recent decision of Hot Springs Baptist and their missions trip to West Africa, read this for clarity. This will not be the last time that Christians are going to have to make hard decisions about being on mission for God.
WASHINGTON - The United States will issue strict new guidelines telling American health workers to cover their skin and hair when dealing with Ebola patients, a top health official said on Sunday, while some of the dozens of people being watched for possible exposure to the virus are expected to be cleared. In Texas, a lab worker who spent much of a Caribbean holiday cruise in isolation tested negative for the deadly virus and left the Carnival Magic liner with other passengers after it docked at Galveston early on Sunday morning. The new guidelines for healthcare workers and the precautions taken for the cruise passenger reflected widespread anxiety over Ebola in the United States, including calls from some lawmakers for a travel ban on West Africa. The worst outbreak on record of the virus has killed more than 4,500 people, mostly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf urged stronger international action to control the epidemic, saying on Sunday the disease was unl ...
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