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West Africa

West Africa or Western Africa is the westernmost region of the African continent.

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Scaling out and scaling up: Improving in West Africa
EBOLA PRAYER REQUEST UPDATE " Ebola continues to ravage Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, causing a humanitarian crisis in West Africa. Not only has the disease claimed 1,350 lives, but it has disrupted almost every aspect of life. More and more countries are restricting travel to slow the spread, with Liberia taking the drastic measure of instructing its soldiers to “shoot on sight” anyone illegally crossing the border from neighboring Sierra Leone. The confusion has also disrupted supplies lines within the countries, making food and medicine more difficult to find. An Ebola Outbreak starts from contact between a human and an animal, where the human is exposed to infected fluids or tissue, possibly through eating the meat or being bitten. The disease then spreads from human to human through contact. Scientists think fruit bats are the disease’s natural host, but many different animals, such as monkeys, can be carriers. The disease is thought to have started in a jungle area of Guinea, near the bor ...
UPDATED: Aug 25, 2014 04:58 GMT Congo is reporting Ebola cases in a northern town, sparking fears that the deadly virus is expanding far beyond West Africa. Two people in Gera town in the Democratic Republic of Congo tested positive for Ebola, a government spokesman said Sunday. A lab and quarantine station have been set up in the town, which is about 750 miles from the capital of Kinshasa. The World Health Organization said that the nation did its own tests, and the U.N. agency's lab is conducting its own confirmation testing that will also determine the strain of the virus found. Congo said its test showed the strain is different from the one that has killed nearly 1,500 people in the West African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. Experts have described the West African outbreak as the worst in the history of the virus. Ebola first appeared in 1976 in Sudan and Congo, and takes its name from a river with the same name in the latter nation. Congo, which is in Central Africa, has had s ...
Ebola kills two people in the Democratic Republic of Congo - in the first reported cases outside West Africa.
VIDEO: Why Ebola is so dangerous. The disease explained in 60 seconds. Please share... -OFW Admins - Ebola Virus Infection Ebola is a rare but deadly infection that causes bleeding inside and outside the body. Although popular movies and books describe major outbreaks of ebola-like disease in the U.S., they're just works of fiction. Ebola strikes mainly in remote villages of Central and West Africa, but it has spread to some African cities, too. The disease, also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever or Ebola Virus disease, kills up to 90% of people who are infected. So far serious Ebola cases have only shown up in Africa. Ebola can spread from country to country when people travel. So it is possible for Ebola to reach the U.S. if someone who is infected travels here on a plane. But there are safety measures in place to prevent people from coming to U.S. airports with the disease. Airline crews are trained to spot the symptoms of Ebola in passengers flying from places where the virus is found. Crews are told t ...
I Am Concerned about The War what war? the one, they say, With thousands now dead, Ukraine refugees say aid is ... about the war Palestinians watched as an Israeli bomb, top, flew toward a building in Gaza City on Saturday. They scrambled to run away from debris after it ... about ... Thursday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called ISIS an “imminent threat to every interest we have,” adding, “This is beyond anything ... I said, I am concerned The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is one of the largest Ebola Outbreaks in history and the first in West Africa. It is affecting ... the war the disease the shooting in After two weeks of violent protests that have rocked this St. Louis suburb of 21,000, the police tasked with keeping the ... Caffe in North Beach protected...they keep coming in in clusters, five or six at a time, not in pairs like they did when we was kids... I am concerned. I don't feel safer. Why don't I feel safer?
Famed pathologist Michael Brown’ in Sunni [Muslims] in West Africa has up 45 minutes after a military operation.
Largest Coal Power Project in West Africa to Begin 2015 in Kogi State - via
In villages rumor circulates that Whites brought Ebola to West Africa to kill Blacks (was Sharpton there?)+who often refuse Red Cross help.
England’s health authority has warned that the Ebola Virus in West Africa is “out of control,” and its Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond says it poses a “very serious threat” to Britain. Travelers from West Africa could easily bring the disease...
The Ebola Outbreak has claimed more than 1000 lives and the World Health Organisation says its scale is 'vastly underestimated.' How to protect yourself against Ebola - AFP West Africa is grappling with the largest outbreak of Ebola Virus in history, and concerns are mounting that the hemorrhagic fever could spill across international borders. Here is some advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how people can protect themselves against Ebola. Symptoms of Ebola include fever, headache, joint and muscle aches, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, lack of appetite and in some cases bleeding. "Transmission is through direct contact with bodily fluids of an infected person, or exposure to objects such as needles that have been contaminated with infected secretions," said Stephan Monroe, deputy director of the CDC's National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases. "Ebola is not contagious until symptoms appear." The Ebo ...
More countries tighten controls over Ebola Today's News Fri, 22 Aug 2014 More countries have tightened restrictions for travellers originating from Ebola-affected countries. Modipe Nkwe, manager of Public Affairs for the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana, denied that the country had closed its borders to travellers from Ebola-affected countries, but both the African Travel And Tourism Association (ATTA) and Botswana Tourism have reported that travellers from Ebola-affected areas were being turned away at the airport. According to Modipe, Botswana’s airports are currently performing thorough health checks for travellers from West Africa on entry into the country. He said: “This may cause some delay, hence we kindly request that travellers exercise some patience as this is an important public health intervention to prevent cases coming into the country. Any inconvenience that this may cause is highly regrettable.” However, ATTA reported earlier this week that an SA-based tour operator travelling w ...
West Point residents say they need to leave the slum to buy food and go to work Continue reading the main story Ebola Outbreak Economic 'devastation' Life on front line Why so dangerous? Mapping the outbreak Police in Liberia's capital, Monrovia, have fired live rounds and tear gas during protests after a quarantine was imposed to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus. Residents of the capital's West Point slum area say the barbed wire blockade stops them buying food and working. Four people are said to have been injured in the clashes. Liberia has seen the most deaths - 576 - in the world's worst Ebola Outbreak, which has hit West Africa this year. A total of 1,350 have died in four countries - Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, as well as Liberia. Some Liberians believe Ebola is a hoax, so the government is running public information campaigns Hundreds of West Point residents protested on Wednesday after security forces erected blockades around the slum. One 15-year-old boy was injured in West Poi ...
U.S. Ebola patient discharged: Dr. Kent Brantly, who contracted the deadly Ebola Virus in West Africa while he...
Dr. Kent Brantly: "Please do not stop praying for the people of Liberia and West Africa"
"I am forever thankful to God for sparing my life, attention my sickness has brought to those in West Africa" Dr. Kent…
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HSEWN GLOBAL HEALTH NEWS: Two American aid workers who contracted Ebola while working in West Africa have been released from the hospital. Doctors say the former patients are no longer contagious, posing no threat to others. Kent Brantly, a physician with the humanitarian group Samaritan's Purse, was discharged from Atlanta's Emory University Hospital today. Missionary Nancy Writebol, of SIM USA, was discharged Tuesday.
of 5. Liberian security forces patrol a street after clashes at West Point neighbourhood in Monrovia August 20, 2014. Credit: Reuters/2Tango Related Topics Health » (Reuters) - Police in the Liberian capital fired live rounds and tear gas on Wednesday to disperse a stone-throwing crowd trying to break an Ebola quarantine imposed on their neighbourhood, as the death toll from the epidemic in West Africa hit 1,350. In the sprawling oceanfront West Point neighbourhood of Monrovia, at least four people were injured in clashes with security forces, witnesses said. It was unclear whether anyone was wounded by the gunfire, though a Reuters photographer saw a young boy with his leg largely severed just above the ankle. Liberian authorities introduced a nationwide curfew on Tuesday and put the West Point neighbourhood under quarantine to curb the spread of the disease. "The soldiers are using live rounds," said army spokesman Dessaline Allison, adding: "The soldiers applied the rules of engagement. They did not f ...
Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol were was working with Christian aid organizations in West Africa when they were infected with Ebola.
There is no end in sight to the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, according to the head of the World Health Organization.
Stopping outbreak in West Africa and preventing future threats
Ebola fears slow tourist flow to Kenya , South Africa The Ebola Outbreak in West Africa is putting off thousand...
Donate to the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa - Plan Canada
The outbreak in West Africa is putting off thousands of tourists who had planned trips to Africa this year.How do you think the countries should tackle this?
All I hear on the news is about keeping the peace but not much progress being made, what should be happening is making a change, not just for now, because of ISIS, Missouri, the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, because if something isn't done permanently our children and our grandchildren are going to grow up in a world not like the one we knew as children.
West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone? This is a call for an immediate, thorough, and independent investigation of Tulane University researchers (see here and here) and their Fort Detrick associates in the US biowarfare research community, who have been operating in West Africa during the past several years. What exactly have they been doing? Exactly what diagnostic tests have they been performing on citizens of Sierra Leone? Why do we have reports that the government of Sierra Leone has recently told Tulane researchers to stop this testing? Have Tulane researchers and their associates attempted any experimental treatments (e.g., injecting monoclonal antibodies) using citizens of the region? If so, what adverse events have occurred? The research program, occurring in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, and Liberia—said to be the epicenter of the 2014 Ebola Outbreak—has the announced purpose, among others, of detecting the future use of fever-viruses as biowe ...
[] – The Ministry of Health is on high alert and has instituted a number of measures in light of the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa. The Ministry has been conducting awareness sessions with various personnel at the Cheddi Jagan International airport (CJIA) including: port health…
The current Ebola Outbreak in West Africa has already claimed the lives of over 1000 people. Under-resourced health systems are struggling to cope, and the WHO recently declared the situation an international health emergency. In light of this, the UK Department for International Development (DFID),…
Ebola is the virus that causes Ebola Virus disease. Ebola Virus disease is a serious illness that causes viral hemorrhagic fever and is deadly in up to 90 percent of cases. Ebola damages blood vessel walls and inhibits the blood from clotting. This results in internal bleeding that can be life-threatening. Ebola Outbreaks have garnered serious attention as there is no known treatment, vaccine, or cure for the disease. These outbreaks have primarily affected people in tropical regions of Central and West Africa. Ebola is typically transmitted to humans through close contact with the bodily fluids of infected animals. It is then transmitted between humans through contact with blood and other bodily fluids. It can also be picked up through contact with contaminated fluids in an environment. Ebola symptoms include fever, diarrhea, rash, vomiting, dehydration, impaired kidney and liver function, and internal bleeding. Ebola Virus Structure Ebola is a single-stranded, negative RNA virus that belongs to the viru ...
I want to thank my family and friends for all their support in helping with Ghana preparation. After a long back and forth discussion with World Health Organization, United Planet and my family, I've come to a hard conclusion to cancel my trip to work in the hospitals in Ghana this time around due to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa. I'm really upset and disappointed, but it's the safe choice for myself and family.
The Ebola Outbreak in West Africa is the deadliest occurrence of the disease since its discovery in 1976. This video explains why the disease is so dangerous - in 60 seconds.
All 365 of Sierra Leone’s Ebola-related deaths pinned on one healer Published time: August 20, 2014 16:58 Get short URL Reuters / Tarik Jasarevic Tags Africa, Health,Medicine Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis has been traced back to a single healer in an isolated border village, who had claimed to be in possession of special powers to cure the deadly disease that started penetrating the border, it has emerged. “She was claiming to have powers to heal Ebola. Cases from Guinea were crossing into Sierra Leone for treatment,” top medical official, Mohamed Vandi, who was based in the crisis-struck Kenema district, told AFP. “She got infected and died. During her funeral, women around the other towns got infected,” he told the agency. The woman was based in the eastern border village of Sokoma. Mourners at the funeral of the healer prompted a chain reaction of sorts, and what was initially a more confined outbreak materialized into a severe epidemic when, in June, the virus struck a city of 190,000 called ...
newsflash: Ebola: Nose masks, gloves for WAEC supervisors, invigilators - Kofoworola Osagie, the nation The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) will protect supervisors, invigilators and candidates taking its examinations from the Ebola Virus. Its Head of National Office, Mr Charles Eguridu, spoke of its plans against the dreaded virus yesterday at a news conference in Lagos on the November/December West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Eguridu said supervisors and invigilators would be provided with hand sanitisers, gloves and nose masks. Sick candidates would be discouraged from taking the examination as part of measures to guard against the spread of the Evola Virus Disease (EVD) during the examination. He said the council has made arrangements for emergency medical services if the need arises. Eguridu also announced that candidates who are unable to register for the November/December 2014 WASSCE before registration closes on Monday can still sit for the examination at desig ...
death toll in West Africa hits 1350 –
Ebola could endanger 1M with food shortage in West Africa - CONAKRY, guinea — The...
SAD Pictures of The Biggest Market in West Africa- Ariaria Market Located in Aba Abia State: This is Ariaria m...
Ebola crisis has a serious financial effect on West Africa
Over 1500 volunteers working non-stop to control in West Africa. Please help.
y CAF insist on football to be played in west Africa,let's work to eliminate Ebola not encourage the spread
MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Riot police and soldiers acting on their president's orders used scrap wood and barbed wire to seal off 50,000 people inside their Liberian slum Wednesday, trying to contain the Ebola Outbreak that has killed 1,350 people and counting across West Africa.
The South West Africa campaign of was colonial competition at the expense of the people
Good morning blessed people,today let us join hands as believers and cry to God in jesus name for this pandemic(EBOLA) which has plundered our fathers,mothers, brothers and sisters in west Africa;lets pray for divine healing,health and protection from this virus in jesus name.
Ebola death toll in West Africa climbs to 1, 350: WHO
As we are inundated with media coverage of the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, including Sierra Leone, it is important to recognize the root causes of this international public health crisis. On a g...
A doctor is bound for West Africa to help a team of doctors treating
Ebola-affected countries should immediately begin exit screening all passengers leaving international airports, sea ports and major ground crossings, the U.N. health agency said on Monday. The agency didn't spell out which countries should start screening passengers, but noted that the Ebola Outbreak involves transmission in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leona and a "small number of people in Nigeria." All countries, even those unaffected by the outbreak in West Africa, need to strengthen their ability to detect and immediately contain new cases without doing anything that unnecessarily interferes with international travel or trade, the agency said. But countries don't need to impose travel restrictions and active screening of passengers if they do not share borders with Ebola-affected countries, it said. Authorities in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea say they are already closely inspecting departing passengers for signs of fever or illness. The risk of the Ebola Virus being transmitted during air travel is ...
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Perspective from The New England Journal of Medicine — Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa — No Early End to the Outbreak
was invaded 100 years ago today by the forces of German South West Africa.
INTERVIEW: UN System Coordinator on Ebola dispels myths, pledges support for West Africa’s efforts to halt outbreak ht…
Liberia police fire on protesters as West Africa's toll hits 1,350.
International Netball Federation cancels international meeting in Nairobi (East Africa) owing to outbreak in West Africa
MAKING SURE WE KNOW There are two people, unfortunately victims, who saved this country from Ebola Ammaggadon. Those dissing their memories and efforts in one way or the other would have been singing a different tune by now had they not prevented the wildfire from starting! Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh singlehandedly saved Nigeria from Ebola and paid the supreme price in the process! She it was that ordered that Ebola rest be carried out on Mr. Patryk Ebola. We would have never known and possible there would have been out-of-control infection spin-off from that bio-terrorist! Then SHE RESISTED PRESSURE BY A WHOLE EMBASSY to release that satanic agent of Ebola! I bet you, if you go check her phone, you will see the pressure also came from over-zealous follow-follow Nigerian officials! Dr. Adadevoh stood her ground! She gives me hope that professionals still remain in Nigeria! We may not be as bad as we make ourselves out to be! I hear Mr. Ebola Patryk was headed for SCOAN. Can you just imagine what that could ...
Dr Chan in A humane world cannot let the people of West suffer on such an extraordinary scale
Dr Chan in Many people have asked me why the outbreak in West Africa is so large, so severe, difficult to contain: p…
What's Ebola...? Ebola Virus disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is a disease of humans and other primates caused by an ebolavirus. Symptoms start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pain and headaches. Typically, vomiting, diarrhea and rash follow, along with decreased functioning of the liver and kidneys. Around this time, affected people may begin to bleed both within the body and externally.[1] The virus may be acquired upon contact with blood or bodily fluids of an infected animal.[1] Spreading through the air has not been documented in the natural environment.[2] Fruit bats are believed to carry and spread the virus without being affected. Once human infection occurs, the disease may spread between people, as well. Male survivors may be able to transmit the disease via semen for nearly two months. To make the diagnosis, typically other diseases with similar symptoms such as malaria, cholera and other viral hemorrhagic fevers are first exc ...
Liberia: Not So Fast - Ebola Trial Drug Trumpeted in Liberia Is 'Pesticide' Monrovia — A trial drug introduced in Liberia as a possible cure for the deadly Ebola Virus is nothing more than a pesticide which was recently rejected by health authorities in Nigeria. A group under the banner Concerned Citizens of Liberia chaired by Mr. Nathaniel Blama a Montserrado County Senatorial candidate told a news conference last weekend that it had secured a Product "Nano Silver" that they feel can be used to deactivate the Ebola Virus if given to a patient of Ebola. The group claimed that it had found a solution for the Ebola Virus that has killed hundreds of people they discovered a Nutrient call Nano Silver. Blama said: "Nano Silver, from our research, has shown that it has the power to cure lots of illnesses and diseases, including the ability to deactivate the Ebola Virus." The Nutrient according to Blama is made up of crystal mineral water and Macro Particles of refined silver. The Nutrient, he said, is nontoxi ...
International efforts to halt the spread of Ebola in West Africa will take many more months as crushing poverty, dysfunctional health systems and widespread fear continue to fuel the epidemic, according to world health officials.
West Africa must openly confront its political and governance weaknesses to curb the growing drug trade in the region, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo said on Wednesday.
Latest Pics of The Biggest Market in West Africa, located in Abia State. Well, Abians should know better by now, another chance to get it right is around the corner.For Aba, we have ( flyboolt cars) (swimming keke ) (ship trucks) and people that jump like frog because bad roads.
Brevet från Nigeria. Förlåt - Togo. "Dear Nystroem. I am Mr.David Biawah, a lawyer based in Lome capital of Togo republic in West Africa. I need your urgent assistance for the claiming of the sum of $11.7 Million deposited in a bank by late Mr Adam Nystrom, He was my client & the bank has authorize me to bring his next of kin for the fund claim. Declare your interest to enable me send you the detail."
Ebola is real and is finishing people in West Africa, lets all remember them in our prayers.
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Eish! There are still people who think that Africa is a Country. You have an Ebola Outbreak in some parts of West Africa, and they cancel their visit to the Southern parts of Africa that is thousands kilometres away from the Western parts. This is also despite assurances from Health Ministers in Southern Africa that there are no reported cases of the virus in the Region.
LONDON (Reuters) - Up to 30,000 people could have used experimental treatments or vaccines so far in the world's worst outbreak of Ebola currently plaguing West Africa, British scientists said on Wednesday.The
you ever wondered where the Irish get their light skin color from? Well, it appears we may now have the answer.     A major new US study at Penn State University has found that Europeans' light skin stems from a gene mutation from a single person who lived 10,000 years ago. Scientists made the discovery after identifying a key gene that contributes to lighter skin color in Europeans, and the Irish fall into this category. The Mail Online reports that, in earlier research, Keith Cheng from Penn State College of Medicine reported that one amino acid difference in the gene SLC24A5 is a key contributor to the skin color difference between Europeans and West Africans. This is undoubtedly where the Irish get their light skin from. "The mutation in SLC24A5 changes just one building block in the protein, and contributes about a third of the visually striking differences in skin tone between peoples of African and European ancestry," he said. Cheng and his team studied segments of genetic code that have a mutati ...
Making news at 10 Skeleton found in parking basement 1. The skeleton of a man, the head detached, was found at the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) building in Wynberg, near Maynard Mall, yesterday The skeleton was found by a construction worker who had been doing renovation in the basement parking lot. Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed that the skeleton was that of a male. He said a murder investigation had been opened and forensics and pathologists were present to determine the age of the skeleton and how long it had been there. 2. The North West department of transport has allocated R240m for a scholar transport programme, MEC Gaoage Molapi said yesterday. In his budget speech Molapisi said his department was currently providing transport services to about 51 567 pupils in this financial year. He said all routes would be redesigned and all transport operators had already been instructed to take their vehicles for compulsory testing at government testing stations. 3. Police in th ...
Secretary at Beam Energy: BEAM ENERGY is an independent oil and gas company with the principal business objective of identifying, acquiring and developing interests in oil and gas assets in West Africa, focused initially on Nigeria including the prolific Niger Delta. Beam En...
Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen which country can you give the best in Pigeon English in West Africa is it (a) Nigeria (b) Ghana (c) Siera Leone (d) Liberia (e) Burkina Faso
West Africa Commission on Drugs presents report to ECOWAS chairman John Dramani Mahama.
Experts explain why the Ebola Virus is spreading so fast and how it’s affected West Africa. They also talked about prevention measures.
Ebola: How Providence, Tact Saved Nigeria From Catastrophe By Olaolu When the Americo-Liberian man, Patrick Sawyer undertook his now famous flight into the country from his native country, little did Nigerians know that an unwanted death carrier had landed. Sawyer, whose visit to the country had become controversial, was billed to attend a function of the regional organisation, Economic Commission of West Africa (ECOWAS), in Nigeria later checked into a Lagos hospital for treatment of a less known ailment, Ebola Fiver. The care centre, First Consultants Hospital, a private medical centre has had the unenviable fortune of being the first port of call for the dreaded disease currently ravaging the West African region in the country. Owing to the fact that the scourge, though have been around for some was alien to Nigeria, thus it exposed the level of preparedness of the country to emergency medical situation. Though, a high profile personality, Sawyer sought help of the medical facility located at the highb ...
This morning I woke up to a nomination for the ALS ice water bucket challenge which of course, I quickly declined! This challenge is now being done as a game rather than for its cause. It seem to be spreading faster than Ebola in West Africa! However, I find it funny and I laugh at the ignorant participants but I still want to nominate. I therefore nominate not 3 but 4 people starting off with my most controversial classmate Audrey Stewart- Morris. Dipping into the friend's stream am calling out Nikki Atse Ashley Depass and Marlene Anderson. Come on now girls am ready, waiting and embracing myself for this entertainment. Llol
A Brisbane doctor bound for Sierra Leone to help victims of Ebola says she will be more protected than the international workers who contracted the deadly virus. Clinical director of anaesthesia at Redlands Hospital Dr Jenny Stedmon leaves for West Africa on Saturday for a month to join an international team of physicians and nursing staff treating victims of Ebola. Earlier this month, an American aid worker working with the deadly virus while in Liberia became infected. Meanwhile, two men in Austria who had been hospitalised on the suspicious of carrying the virus were given the all clear. "We will have the protective equipment that is required so we will be more protected than they were," Dr Stedmon said. "Of course nothing is without risk, but I think on balance, the good that can be done is more important and I think this is a preventable disease, it's important to say that. "With proper protective clothing it's not that likely that I will be affected by the disease." Dr Stedmon said she would have fu ...
A Brisbane doctor heading to West Africa to help Ebola victims says she will be well protected against the virus.
The Wellbeing Foundation Africa Celebrates the Life of Nigerian Humanitarian, Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh As we reflect on World Humanitarian Day, which was globally commemorated on the 19th of August 2014, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa recognizes all aid workers who have risked their lives and faced adversity in order to help others. In today’s world, selfless healthcare workers all over the globe, from UNICEF in Syria to Doctors Without Borders in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, also continue to provide invaluable humanitarian services in the face of danger, which have resulted in countless lives being saved. According to the United Nations, 2014 has recorded the highest number of aid worker deaths, kidnappings and injuries, while carrying out life-saving activities. As emphasized by WHO Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan, “Doctors, nurses and other health workers must be allowed to carry out their life-saving humanitarian work, free of threat of violence and insecurity.” This is particularly i ...
A Sacramento County patient tested for the Ebola Virus returned to California earlier this month after traveling to West Africa, state health officials said Wednesday.
THE FIGHT AGAINST EBOLA It's nearly nine months since the first case of Ebola was reported in Guinea, West Africa. The virus subsequently spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone after causing so much fatality in Guinea. West Africa sits today in a state of uncertainty over efficient measures to take in order to avert a regional disaster. The most shocking reality has been the manner in which government officials and other politicians have extensively engaged in politicising this health dilemma. Can these politicians come to the realisation that innocent lives are perishing daily. We will like to use this forum to issue a wake call to those politicians to arise and tackle the issue. Please stop politicking.
Ebola is from the pit of ***   Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) declared in his church service on Sunday 17th August 2014 that the killer disease Ebola currently ravaging West Africa is from ‘the pit of *** . According to Joshua, who led his congregation in prayer for the nations and individuals affected, time was up for the ‘strange ailment’ and life would soon return to normal for the affected countries. “The so called strange ailment coming from three nations – Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia… satan is the manufacturer, the source,” Joshua defiantly declared to the faithful. “Begin to capture the covenant of that strange sickness,” the cleric then enjoined the congregation. “Command that strange ailment to come out and go to the pit of *** in the name of Jesus Christ!” “Because of Christ, people of Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea, you are released,” Joshua bellowed, accompanied by the vibrant congregants in a service allegedl ...
We now know Patrick Sawyer was actually on his way to a famous Nigerian miracle pastor's Church. Another Liberian just showed up, again with Ebola, on his way to same miracle pastor. What do these Liberians know that we don't? When you advertise miracles on billboards and posters plus international satellite TVs, putting up all kinds of strange displays of healing power, some people are bound to believe you. Now those who disagreed with banning of miracles on TV a few years ago must now know better. So between these pastors, government inability to screen visitors entering Nigeria and the abysmal state of healthcare across West Africa, we are indeed in soup! I still cannot believe our internal affairs ministry did not do the easy thing of requesting pre-flight temperature profile from countries like Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, even when we had enough warning. Simply no plan. Lastly, all people from African countries reading this, listen carefully: Our healthcare system is a mess and we do not bel .. ...
Praying for Liberia & Sierra Leone tonight, is killing women, men &children. Please help me spread awareness of the health crisis in West Africa.
Ebola is spreading in West Africa and the scientists from the West told us that the diseases is from the consumption of bush meat . Is bush meat eating new to Africa ? Our fore fathers ate bush meat and they didn't suffer from any disease similar to Ebola . The inhabitants of Pacific Islands of Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Christmas Island, Comoros etc are all bush meat eaters. In Fiji for example the weather is similar to that of tropical Sub Saharan Africa . They hunt for games and eat bush meat ranging from rats, bats, snakes and various reptiles . These are consumed as their major source of protein. Why do we have Ebola in Africa and it is spreading in Africa's emerging economies . There is more to Ebola than meet the eyes. Africa's emerging economies need to train crack squads of hackers and maintain a super intelligence gathering and sharing to checkmate the activities of real and imaginary enemies . As China emerges and overtook rival Japan as world's second largest economy they did not go to s . ...
Check out this article reporting on our recent Global Leadership Conference in West Africa. "Leadership is a trust!"
For Fejiro Ogbanufe, National Finance Officer on the FMM West Africa project, free movement
So the outbreak of this Ebola what what in West Africa, particularly Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria has apparently affected our tourism industry. It seems like our global friends aren't aware that as a country we are thousands of kilometers away from the said countries and neither do we share any borders with any of them. In other words they take Africa as one big country. Talk about ignorance!!!Just like those Gautengers who would ask you if you know someone from Lusikisiki just because you introduced yourself as someone from PE (Eastern Cape)...There are still those ignorant Gautengers who think that IKOLONI is just one big city, mnxm
Canada is working with to organize the donation of 1,000 doses of an experimental vaccine to West Africa:
Your producers want to talk to me about the , but I rather discuss in West Africa first.
Read the latest on the current outbreak in West Africa
Dai Floyd, adventurer and all round good egg is currently having the wonderful experience of taking his son around the Western Front battlefields where two of his relatives from Neath - Fred Worth and Sam Floyd lie in Commonwealth War Graves. Sam Floyd was from the Latt, which prompted me to think of the one man from Neath - also from the Latt - from WW1 who is buried in Sub Saharan Africa - Morogoro Cemetery in Tanzania to be precise. It took me a long time to piece together this man's service for the book I am writing, including the interrogation of files in Pretoria and Nairobi. It's quite a story, and I set it out below. Please keep information on your relatives coming - particularly anyone out there who has a relative on a local memorial. Any detail will help. Jon. Allen, William John. Lieutenant Indian Army, Attached East African Intelligence Department. William John Allen had a most interesting life and military career. He was born at the Latt in Neath, in 1893, the son of John and Emilah Allen of ...
Brilliant cc RT“Pop tunes become infomercials in the fight against in West Africa
The African Development Bank pledges $60 million to help authorities in West Africa fight the worst-ever outbreak...
West Africa Ebola toll passes 1,200, quarantine victims to get food: WHO
Ebola in West Africa is more lethal than its Congo Jungle outbreaks. By having a mortality of only 55% Vs the 90% of the Equatorial outbreaks, the 45% have time to spread and infect more. Compound with cultural bottlenecks in urban West Africa!!
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360Fresh: Obina – Fight Ebola: Still on the fight against the deadly outbreak “Ebola” in West Africa, Smart Do...
NEWS of the death of Professor Dora AKunyili came to most Nigerians as a rude shock. More confounding to many of them was the report that such a high profile stakeholder in the health industry died of cancer. But she was not alone as many notable Nigerians and thousands from other West African count…
Ebola is speadng wide in west africa God hv mercy upon innocent soul pls!
When you read it ,they are saying west Africa is worsing (EBOLA) oh ok ,that what am talking about
The Sahel region of West Africa is one of the harshest places to live on earth: 100º heat and access to clean water is rare. This September, you can help cha...
Africa Finds Its Own Cure For Okechukwu Ofili on August 17, 2014 Opinion LAGOS, NIGERIA – While America is busy injecting defenseless rats with the Ebola Virus to systematically extract antibodies that can maybe “cure” Ebola. A group of extraordinary Africans have come together to find a more humane and effective cure for the disease. Sources confirm that this potential cure does not involve harming rats, monkeys or any sort of animal and neither was it created in any fancy or expensive African research University or Hospital (that is if they even exist). These brilliant scientists…I mean pastors gathered inside Africa’s most lavishly equipped and weekly funded medical research facility … the Nigerian church … where several other cures have been discovered in the past couple of years. Including the cure for Aids, the cure for Cancer, the cure for Poverty and even the cure for Boko Haram just ask Pastor T.B. Joshua! So while America is still playing around with rats, these Nigerian pastors ar ...
CHIBOK GIRLS, ISIS AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SAGA Today is about 4 months when we heard about abduction and kidnapping of some school girls in Nigeria. the incidence was highly tensed from both local and international communities whereby reaction from Nigerian security agencies indicated not only incapability but also unprofessional in handling such a small group of insurgents (Boko Haram). The situation escalated more and more when the news media throughout the world began to write and headline the incidence in their cover story .Therefore, the superpowers got alerted and began to intervene; The USA, Britain, France, China, Canada, Iran and Israel all offered help to bring back the girls, and of course they did help by sending military experts to Nigeria.Those experts are now almost 3 months in Nigeria searching for those girls in a specific location known to all (Sambisa) but still could not find them. What are they really doing in Nigeria? Is Boko Haram such an untouchable "terrorist" group? Does Bok ...
About 200 people suspected of being newly infected with Ebola were quarantined in northern Sierra Leone, the World Food Programme said Tuesday as the outbreak spread across West Africa. The cases had all been reported this week in the town of Lunar in Port Loko district, said Glen Myers, a (...)
PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT:HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM KILLER Ebola Virus. Below is all the information you need to know about Ebola Virus: (1). It is a Central African disease that has traveled over countries in a living host to West Africa. It is easily spread by physical contact and eating contaminated bush meat. Major hosts are in 5 species of Bats but monkeys and apes are easily infected and killed. (2). It kills in a week, leaving no time to treat an individual(3). It has no known vaccine or cure(4). Known cases have been experienced recently in Guinea, Liberia and Central Africa Rep, spreading eastwards and westwards towards Nigeria. Death toll so far in West Africa is over 1000. (5). The Ebola Outbreak of 2014 is the most challenging one witnessed in Africa.What we can do? :1. Avoid eating any bush meat for now! Especially Apes and Bats 2. Wash your hands as regularly as possible, especially after shaking hands with anyone. It is spread by contact. 3.The most straightforward prevention method during Ebo ...
A new illness has shown reared its head up in West Africa but is currently in Personal hygiene is a good way of combating and also eating healthy foods which boosts your immune system. Prevention is better than cure.
JONATHAN AND THE SACKED DOCTORS,WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT IT: The Resident doctors deserved it. Firstly the education of over 80% of these doctors was subsidized by the government. These doctors are part time doctors because they are working and still schooling to become consultants in their various fields. The average remuneration of resident doctors is over N270 per month and these are not permanent staff of the hospitals. Also the traing/courses they undergo to become consultants is financed by the government whether National (NECO) or West Africa. Yet the went on strike and were paid July salary while still on strike. Last year they went on strike close to three times and at december Fed Govt reached an agreement with them to massively increase their salary such that a House officer(fresh graduate) would now receive N270 and Resident doctor over N350 per month. They are on strike now because govt also heeded to other health workers demand for a marginal increase in salary relatively to the doctors own. ...
On my way back to Africa, this time west Africa. I will not be in an Ebola region, so no need to worry. I would just appreciate prayer for a successful trip. I'm headed somewhere that we feel God is up to something special.
we have to surrender 2 or 3 kenyans in west Africa to catch Ebola and die than to risk 40m Kenyans at home-cs, health. what a government!
Vicissitudes :-( This beautiful art is in memory of all those captive Africans who died on slave ships during the Middle Passage, the crossing from Africa to the Americas. About a third of captives died from the horrible conditions on board. Their bodies were thrown into the Atlantic. Others, particularly women with children, who were often allowed to move about unshackled on deck, threw themselves over. Many believed in reincarnation and hoped to escape slavery and be reborn to a life of freedom. How bad was it that they chose suicide? It certainly is justifiable under these nefarious conditions. Vicissitudes defined: a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one unwelcome or unpleasant. Vicissitudes depicts a circle of figures, all linked through holding hands. Located in Grenada’s Moilinere Bay, Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures are a momument created to pay homage to the hundreds of slaves that sought freedom or were forced to jump overboard slave ships travelling through the Mi ...
The ice bucket challenge thing is pretty cool, but here are a whole bunch of other disease-fighting charities you can donate too! Some of these orgs are helping with the ebola crisis in West Africa.
An extract from BBC about the myths of Ebola in West Africa: "In the latest flashpoint - some people in Lunsar, about 120km (74 miles) east of the capital, Freetown, say the new cases are not Ebola patients at all. In fact, they insist that witches are flying around the country in aircraft and one of these crashed causing casualties".
The world is experiencing a deadly outbreak of deadly Ebola Virus disease and has killed more than 700 people in West Africa. The disease has no known cure and only one in ten people wh
The world is unusually turbulent right now.its like brush fires are springing up everywhere. Civil unrest in America, war lingering in eastern Europe, tensions rising in the South China Sea, Ebola spreading in West Africa, and Israel in full combat. Father help your children.
YOUTUBE VIDEO OF The Hebrews Israelites From The {Fula} & {Mandinka} Tribes in Gambia West Africa Talking about how Their People was Taken into Slavery and t...
Suspected EBOLA in Germany on Tuesday, 19 August, 2014 at 16:54 (04:54 PM) UTC. Description The Ebola Virus came a little bit closer to home today after a woman was tested for the deadly dise ase in the German capital of Berlin. The 20-year-old woman, who collapsed while working at a Job Centre in Berlin's Pankow district was taken to hospital after showing symptoms of the virus. According to Berliner Zeitung the woman, who is originally from West Africa, said she had had contact with victims of Ebola in her homeland. The job centre was immediately cordoned off and around 600 people have now been quarantined inside, according to reports. Police have not confirmed the case was Ebola but said they were testing for the disease. The deadly virus can only be determined after a blood test is carried out. Early symptoms include fever and circulation issues and mucus. There have already been cases of Ebola found in Spain and Austria. A Spanish priest became the first person in Europe to be treated for the disease ...
The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa an international health emergency. The disease has already killed at least 961 p...
Oops! It is a continuation of my birthday rite...Ok, let me first acknowledge my maker before I go any further step!My lord n my God without whom none of this would have happened, the creator of heaven n earth, in my humbling voice n being, I want to take this time to say, thank you once more heavenly father for giving me the chance to reached this far! I am blessed, because not all who were born on the same day as me were fortunate to see this day.But here I am today being celebrated in a grand style!... August- 16th,my birthday is very special and dear to me, because it is the day I was brought into this world by two beautiful n wonderful personalities:my mommy n daddy. Both of whom who have nurtured me into being a well productive woman in society today! ... I wanna say, mission accomplished mommy n daddy, so your continue to rest on in the bosom of father Abraham...One lesson my beloved late dad taught me and i have learned,which I have carried with me, and will continue to until the day I follow h .. ...
One of our ministry partners in West Africa, Amevivina Care Project, held its 2014 women's conference in Ghana this month. Over four days, 44 women leaders were trained in women's health, micro-enterprise, and inductive Bible study methods. We are delighted to see the progress of ACP's ministry in just a few short months since being with them in Togo this spring!
Extreme Medicine: The Search for New Antibiotics By Kate Kelland and Ben Hirschler August 19, 2014 NORWICH, England (Reuters) - Pampering leafcutter ants with fragrant rose petals and fresh oranges may seem an unlikely way to rescue modern medicine, but scientists at a lab in eastern England think it's well worth trying. As the world cries out for new antibiotics, researchers at the John Innes Centre (JIC) in Norwich are also taking a bet on bacteria extracted from the stomachs of giant stick insects and cinnabar caterpillars with a taste for highly toxic plants. Their work is part of a new way of thinking in the search for superbug-killing drugs - turning back to nature in the hope that places as extreme as insects' insides, the depths of the oceans, or the driest of deserts may throw up chemical novelties and lead to new drugs. "Natural products fell out of favour in the pharmaceutical sphere, but now is the time to look again," says Mervyn Bibb, a professor of molecular microbiology at JIC who collabor ...
The WHO is urging Ebola screenings for travelers in West Africa. Which begs the question…there are still travelers in West Africa?
update: The World Food Programme is to distribute food to 1m people in quarantine zones in West Africa
EU FMs special session: discussions focused on situations in Iraq,Middle East,Ukraine & Ebola epidemic in West Africa
As the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Nigeria worsens, Nazarene churches in West Africa are asking for prayer and support. “People are deeply worried and engulfed with fear,” said Rev. Daniel Johnson, who serves as district superintendent in Liberia. Nazarene churches are responding by providing health education in communities within the major Ebola “hot spots.” The education program teaches church and community members how to spot symptoms of Ebola and prevent the spread of the disease. Churches are also working to provide prevention and hygiene supplies, including chlorine, disinfectants, soap, pump buckets, and gloves. In addition, they will provide food and vitamins to strengthen the health and immune systems of people living in the affected areas. To contribute toward relief efforts, you can give to the Africa Emergency Relief Fund: (Photo credit: Getty Images/John Moore)
EBOLA: U.S. to deploy 100 medical personel to West Africa!
I fear that this issue is completely out of control in Liberia and it portends a possible shutting down of West Africa …
uhm about 100 trained teachers marking over 500,000 papers each country in west Africa
Travel to West Africa Once again we want to stress the importance of not traveling to West Africa, as the region is in the middle of a detrimental outbreak of the Ebola Virus. Ebola has only a 10% survival rate and is easily transmitted fromperson to person. We understand that UMVIM teams want to reach out and help during this time, but please understand that teams will only burden an already over-burdened area.
Samaritan's Purse 1 hr · URGENT PRAYER NEED: The Ebola crisis in West Africa is spiraling out of control. Pray for peace, healing, and help for the suffering people.
This week I'll be talking to the international director of Mphs based NEW POST: 901 in West Africa
Applause:: Heroic US doctor traveling to West Africa to fight Ebola
Ebola suspect held at Entebbe airport. Uganda is on high alert following an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa that...
Pharmacists working in West Africa have spoken about the overwhelming scale of the challenges they have faced in Liberia in the battle against the Ebola Virus.
causing most of the value/money from the natural resources to go to the West and East Asia rather than Africa,
West Africa flight ban leaves Kenya Airways in a fix
Palm oil now destroying the forests and habitat of great apes in West Africa too:
The is providing support to Liberia and Sierre Leone in efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola.
Africapitalist proponent Tony Elumelu has committed N100 million to help battle Ebola Outbreak in West Africa - http:/…
Charts showing the rise of Ebola cases and deaths in west Africa
Offshore Unit Manager - West Africa area - catering and support services currently seeking an offshore experienced Unit Manager to be responsible for managing a new project in West Africa Area. In this position you must be able to manage and operate the catering and support services of the unit effectively, including the maintenance of the highest standards of hygiene and managing the team with leadership skills. Previous experience: Have occupied a Unit Manager position before, at least 5 years’ experience in similar position. Be used to supervise job teams Be willing to work with rotations Personal skills: Be a good communicator Have intercultural social skills based on experience Be able to supervise and train teams efficiently Be costumer focused Noted by the organization Resilient Search quality Ensure compliance to environmental, Health and Safety Policy Certificates and Knowledge: BOSIET (opito) Police Clearance Certificate Medical certificate IT medium skills Food hygiene Certificate contact = . ...
Dear West Africa Young People, the cancellation of this yr's WAYPC was necessary due to the virus issue across the Sub-region. traveling across the borders is quite difficult. Coordinators of the Conference are still in fellowship to find an alternative. however, those who have already prepared to be in the Conference should use this time to really enjoy the whole New Testament of the Bible and bring the overflow to the Lord's day meeting as if you just returned from the conference. Amen.
Zambia only got escalators last year and even they know better than us and enforced flight restrictions to west Africa.
Caf Passes Flying Eagles for 2015 AYC after Lesotho Walk-Over Nigeria U-20 men’s football team became the first to reach the group stages of the 2015 African Youth Championship (AYC) after Lesotho failed to show up for a first-leg qualifier on Saturday. The South African nation had earlier expressed concerns over the Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa, stating categorically its government has placed a travel ban on people arriving from Nigeria Having not been served any prior notification about suspension of the fixture from the Confederation of African Football (Caf), match officials decided the Flying Eagles had walked over Lesotho 15 minutes after the referee’s kick-off whistle in Kaduna. Coac Manu Garba Says the Flying Eagles Will Go Straight Into Camping for AYC. “The Flying Eagles have been declared winners according to the regulations of the competitions,” a statement on the Caf official website read. Nigeria will, henceforth, join seven other countries including hosts Senegal in the tourn ...
G+ Ebola – Who's to Blame?. The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has called into question the e...
Kq should be forced to stop the route to west africa,ebola is real
Support Dan Kelly's fight against the Ebola crisis. You can make a difference!
I disagree. + West Africa was colonized by the British before slavery so most people would've converted anyway.
First day off in Kigale, Rwanda working on the CECAFA Cup. Went to the Kigali Genocide Museum which documents the events that scarred this land in 1994 when over a 100 day period around 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were murdered. Fantastic example of how to deal with a tragic past. Have posted some pics and left out the truly gruesome images displayed. Although inevitably some of those included are still disturbing. DON'T VIEW IF YOU ARE OF A SENSITIVE DISPOSITION. Thought this part of Africa's history might be of interest to those never likely to make it here. There is also a section dedicated to Genocides of the past from the Hereros in South West Africa, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and obviously the Nazi Holocaust. By the way, although entry is free you have to pay $20 to take pics inside the Museum
Thoughts to to keep out and hope for the rest of West
taking toll on businesses and commercial activities across West Africa where the virus has killed over 1,000 people.
seeks to halt flights to West Africa
D issue of Ebola Virus in west Africa is bringing abt a lot of error in d catholic church. Let us pray for d holy church dat our lord wil rmain wit us in d holy eucharist nt minding d errors. AMEN.
Ebola ain't a terrorist that you would say,'he was last seen in West Africa.'
Airlines Urged to Keep Flying in West Africa Amid Ebola Outbreak: Health officials say it's almost impossible to... ht…
LIBERIA is very suspect you know . Like it seems like there is an element trying to spread Ebola across West Africa . I am deeply suspicious
WHO urges calm as Kenya bans contact with Ebola-affected countries
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someone warn since KQ has been shipping them by the drones frm west Africa
If multichoice thinks west africa is not fit to be part of BBA because of ebola scare, we must as well boycott the use of their services.
Ebola Outbreak Worsens With Missing Patients, US Scare: The deadly virus is spreading fear in West Africa and beyond.
continues to spread in West Africa | Photos | The Big Picture
I'm in grudge about Ethiopian flying in the west Africa but friends from the next door r insisting.
Over 2000 suspected cases of in See our new map & updates:
Investigate the disappearance of United States anti-poaching pilot Bill Fitzpatrick & plane in West Africa.
Ebola: U.S to deploy 100 medical personnel to West Africa
Guinea bears brunt of West Africa Ebola havoc: Guinea companies, expatriates, investors and tourists are fleei...
The government’s order to suspend flight to and from both Sierra Leone and Liberia because of the ongoing Ebola Outbreak may take six months before it is lifted. This is after an estimation by Medical charity Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF) said the outbreak of the epidemic in West Africa will take at least six months to bring under control
EBOLA The day you rose you drove Africa to be mad.It was some decades ago but nobody knows your origin.Questions linger battling in our heads,but the key to where the answers are kept is lost and cannot be found. In west Africa you are notorious.All knees bow before you.Not because you are MIGHTY NOR SACRED,but because of the worse that comes with you.Some tried to escape like wild animals in order to survive,but at a blink of an eye you swallowed them. You are hostile,greedy,egocentric and most of it,ALL EVIL.The question is WHY and WHAT for?? but the river to all answers has dried up. Our lives are kept active by prayers.All day long we kneel down and cry out to GOD.The question is HOW MANY MORE SHOULD DIE BEFORE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT?
The upcoming visit of a delegation of leaders from Ghana sponsored by Sisters Cities International has been postponed. The geographic location of Ghana is in a region in West Africa experiencing an ever expanding epidemic of the Ebola Virus. Although the risk of transmission of this disease as a result of this visit is quite small, it is felt the small risk might overshadow the value of this important event. The visit will be rescheduled and announcements will follow.
Happy that KQ has seen sense and withdraw their financial greed flights to West Africa, with effect kesho. I hope it will cover the whole of West Africa routes and not Liberia/Sierra Leone only.
You cannot reason with ebola. That if flights are stopped from going to west africa, ebola could still com in through the sea. That is the gov.position.
Shock as tourist cancel SA travel plans over Ebola. Ebola is moving faster than we can handle the crisis in West Africa is outstripping the ability of Aid organisation to stem the epidemic. MORENA BOLOKA SECHABA SA AFIRIKA.
The Power and Limits of "Stoma-Structure". do like vote-buying. It is essential. That is the only way we have to see anything good coming from the politicians. Anyway, I can vote for whoever I want.” – Anonymous (Sao Tome) in ‘Is Vote-Buying Effective? Evidence from a Field Experiment in West Africa’ by Pedro Vicente If Marcus were a poor man which our ancestors forbid—I should be the first to give him my paper [vote] for free, as I did before. But today Marcus is a great man and does his things like a great man. We did not ask him for money yesterday; we shall not ask him tomorrow. But today is our day; we have climbed the iroko tree today and would be foolish not to take down all the firewood we need.” – Ogbuefi Ezenwa in Chinua Achebe’s short story ‘The Voter’. With the recent governorship elections in Ekiti and Osun, a new expression has wangled its way into our political lexicon. It is “stomach infrastructure,” a term I want to further stylize as stoma-structure. Contrary to . ...
South Africa’s Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has dismissed claims that the Ebola Virus Disease has arrived in South Africa. This after the Democratic Alliance’s Jack Bloem caused a public panic with claims that a lady, from Guinea, who went into labour at the Rahima Moosa Hospital, west of Johannesburg, had contracted the disease. The Minister said the lady tested negative for the disease and there is still no sign of the disease in the country. “She did not even have symptoms…” he said. “We did the PCR on the lady and she is negative — that’s the normal test that the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) does for Ebola. We still took precautions… we did the serology, although it was not necessary, and it was also negative,” said Minister Motsoaledi on Thursday. He called the urgent media briefing following allegations that a female patient admitted at a hospital was infected with the disease. The test, called DoD EZ1 Real-time RT-PCR Assay, is designed for use on indi ...
scare hits Big Brother Africa Organisers of the Big Brother Africa competition have allegedly rejected the candidates selected to represent Ghana at the contest. According to a source at MultiChoice in South Africa, the four candidates were rejected on the basis of the Ebola scare in West Africa.’s sources at Endemol, producers of the BBA show, said the four candidates who made it through the selection stage in Ghana were rejected because of the Ebola Scare in the West African sub-region. An official revealed that fresh auditions are being held to select new Ghanaian candidates for the popular TV reality show of the continent. The new audition is only opened to Ghanaian nationals leaving in South Africa as a precautionary measure. It is expected that the same thing will be done to candidates from all of West Africa, especially countries where the Ebola disease has been recorded. The disease has killed 1145 persons in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria since it broke out. When St ...
You know you're a geek when you're excited to hear a conversation regarding Ebola intervention in West Africa on NPR Radio! Loving my new car!!!
Family, Ebola seems to be getting around From West Africa to Central Africa now back in to Uganda and Kenya, what is really going on in Africa??? We will be getting the back lash of the evil that is projected on the motherland, now there is a possible case of Ebola in New Mexico.
Ahead on group now wants KQ to suspend all flights to West Africa. Stay tuned for details.
How can CNN effectively report about the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa with a correspondent "on location" in South Africa (Johannesburg) ?
AfDB pledges $60 million in grants to fight the epidemic in West Africa - African Development Bank & no
As many of you know, the Ebola Virus has plagued West Africa, and now the borders of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have been shut down. Given the severity of the situation, as much information as possible should be disseminated in efforts to solve the crisis associated with this epidemic.
Still waiting for Gambia president Yahya Jammeh to consort a cure for Ebola in West Africa. TD Jakes can go to *** with his medicine
Doctors Without Borders says the Ebola Virus in West Africa will take six months to contain.a God our people really suffering and will continues to suffer for six months again.hum God please help West Africa and Africa.dey way Liberia government don't have budget allocated for disaster or state of emergency to help citizens hummm,in Liberia ninety nine standing fifty nine sitting.Liberia dat suffering.
Ebola is still spreading & killing.efforts of containing and terminating seeming pray: Dear heavenly father please HELP, HEAL & SAVE our affected & infected brothers and sisters in West Africa. Protect all the unaffected countries & uninfected individuals covering them with the umbrella of the blood of Jesus. You are able to create change in the quickest time possible Lord. Have mercy. Thank you Lord. Amen.
[Sportive23] US basketball team cancels trip to Senegal because of Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
Exclusive: Emergency food drops eyed for quarantined region of West Africa
Panic and myths about Ebola lead world to cut off West Africa by
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Major cooperations withdraw staff from Africa regions hit by
Ebola Spreads Faster Than Medics Can Handle The outbreak that has claimed over 1,100 lives in West Africa is moving faster than aid organisations can handle. According to the medical charity (Medecin Sans Frontieres), health experts have described the situation as like being in “wartime”.
To the extent that the models show development in the E. Atl, they are developing the wave farther west, not the one just off Africa.
Doctors Without Borders says it will take 6 months to get an upper hand on Ebola Outbreak in West Africa - http:…
NYTIMES: Epidemic 'much worse' than world realizes
How long will it take to bring the Ebola crisis in West Africa under control?
The deadly Ebola Virus that has killed more than 1,000 in West Africa is disrupting the flow of goods, forcing...
Ebola death toll rises to 1,145 in West Africa, WHO says: The death toll from the worst ever outbreak of Ebola...
'Cow will make your baby fat': breaking food taboos for improved in west Africa via
'Loved Ones Turn Against Them': Ebola Survivors in West Africa Face Brutal Stigma: Amid the dearth of good new...
Ebola moving too fast, doctors say: The Ebola crisis in west Africa is outstripping the ability of aid organis...
Still to come: RTin West Africa is moving faster than can respond to; Listen in:
Got this from a forum; Ebola strikes "Stone age" Africa. The entire continent comprised largely of backward thinking people is thrown into confusion. They were praying,calling on GOD as usual. GOD doesn't drop vaccines or cures from heaven. I wonder why they can't get that into their thick skulls. Ebola hit Africa in the 70s and the Americans took note. They developed a cure and locked it up in a wardrobe somewhere. A thinking society,a practical society,a sensible society. They solved the problem in the lab and not in the church or mosque. They know the solution to problems is not by handing it over to GOD or casting it on Jesus or Mohammed. They found a cure and locked it away, for a day it will be needed. We were in Church and Mosques,praying. So Ebola hit West Africa and the entire continent became jittery. Hundreds died,America kept quiet. Two Americans got infected,the Americans opened their wardrobe,flew the cure to Africa and saved their citizens. The drug worked within minutes! The 2 citizens wer ...
International spotlight For people in West Africa who are currently trying to get through this terrible outbreak that will be of little comfort. Even so, if casting the international spotlight onto Ebola helps to bring our notions of risk perception into sharper focus then that can't be a bad thing - not just in terms of boosting immunisation rates at home. But also if it helps to remind us that Ebola is not the exception, but rather just one example of the terrible norm - where thousands of men, women and children are dying from a range of horrible diseases every day - then perhaps that will bring the world a step closer to doing more about it.
Ebola Outbreak in West Africa bigger than thought, WHO needs to up its game in response. Virus still not airborne.
outbreak in West Africa continues to escalate, w/ 1,975 cases and 1,069 deaths reported from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sier…
The United Nations is to step up food aid to reach up to a million people affected by the Ebola Outbreak wreaking havoc in west Africa
Maybe the state officers who use to import and export hard drugs to West Africa are behind the flights.
The virus can remain contagious in bodies for up to 60 days, even after death -
NYTIMES: Epidemic 'much worse' than world realizes...
Egypt is in the grip of a violent tyranny — with the West's backing, writes Owen Jones
The Ebola epidemic in West Africa claimed a fourth victim in Nigeria on Thursday while the United States ordered the evacuation of diplomats' families from Sierra Leone and analysts warned of a heavy economic toll on the stricken region. See more at:
Turn on the news & you inevitably hear about the Ebola break in West Africa. You are probably wondering whether it could affect you. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention have prepared an overview of Ebola frequently asked questions.
The says there is evidence that the scale of the outbreak in West is vastly underestimated.
5 Viruses That Are Scarier Than Ebola: The Ebola Virus has now killed more than 1,000 people in West Africa. A...
Countries which make up west Africa are Nigeria,Algeria,Mali Guine,Guine Bisasau,Ivory coast,Liberia,n.k
Fort Worth doctor: 'I'm recovering in every way; fight far from over in West Africa'
Salesian Missions launches emergency fund to assist efforts to contain deadly Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, issues urgent appeal for donations
This Ebola thing is serious , the Government pretends to be ready to handle it if by any chance it finds it's way into the country and upto now there is still free in and out of the country to west Africa , meanwhile it should be noted that whenever there is an outbreak of cholera it claims quite a number of lives before it goes down
West African Foundation for Advancement of Education launched:: The West African Foundation for Advancement of Education (WEAFAE), established on the premise to provide accessible education to students in West Africa, was formally launched on Saturday, at the Law Faculty complex in Kanifing.
PRGDT training workshop underway:: Five-day local project management training for recipient communities of the Regional Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change Adaptation in the Sahel and West Africa Programme (PRGDT) projects on Monday commenced at a local hotel in Bakau.
its only in Kenya where we are so hypocritical when it comes to humanity, take a look at our humanitarian organizations: back zack and many more in as much as we tend to see it as humanitarian many companies or organizations are benefitting from it.NOW ITS KQ risking the lives of kenyans through their normal travels to West Africa,PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. whether the KQ will lose a huge sum amount of money or not ,lets rather safe guard the kenyans or else.
This dangerous and most deadly disease or Virus that is presently affecting the west Africa call.Ebola...Ebola means in our traditional language that (Goat)..This Disease or virus is affecting both humans and animals.Just of recent here is Douala A little girl by name Bella was affected by this disease or virus Ebola. In Angola a Gorilla was affected and put 2 death by this same disease or virus Ebola. So i just want to ask if Stella,Pamela is aware of this Terrible Disease or virus call Ebola?...( )
USAID commits $12M+ for Ebola in West Africa:: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) officials announced this week more than $12 million in additional funding to help curb the West African Ebola Outbreak. Since the outbreak was first reported in March 2014, USAID has committed a total of $14.55 million to support the response.
Beds in Ebola treatment centers are filling up faster than they can be provided, evidence that an outbreak in West Africa is far more severe than the numbers show.
Ebola is embarrassing our people in west Africa, God we need your intervention before WHO. Waapoo from Gambia.
This is copied and pasted from my friend Donna. She coordinated our adoption from Liberia. From the site of Restore Liberia: There has been an increasing amount of coverage about the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa. You need to understand that there is so much more to this than people getting sick. In fact, to larger impact on West Africans is the almost complete economic shut-down that is occurring. Expats are fleeing, businesses are closing or reducing their hours, government offices are closed. Employees are not going home with pay. This is the rainy season, and that means that the reduced transportation routes have already slowed the economy by a third. People are going to get hungry very quickly. Access to clean drinking water is increasingly under threat. Imagine that you are a poor Liberian- In a good month; you may take home $100. A 25 kg bag of rice, however, is $75 (that will feed a family of 4 for a month). The average wage earner supports anywhere from 10 to 15 people. Now you are being told th ...
What is happening in west Africa now
EBOLA Treat as propaganda rumors that major Gichangi has resigned because he is afraid of Ebola. I want to again send a Strong warning to any Kenyan who contracts Ebola. The government won’t entertain such a person and we have instructed our security apparatus to shoot such such a person at sight. We also further advise anyone with Ebola symptoms to report the matter urgently to the Nyumba Kumi chairman for first aid. We have instructed Kenya Airways crew flying from West Africa to put any passenger they suspect of Ebola in the plane’s boot.We have also boosted the number of sniffer dogs at the airport which are Helping in screening the passengers by sniffing at their private parts. We are aware that some members of the opposition are planning to cross the red line, then go to Liberia and contract the disease in order to blame the government. We know them and we shall name them. With those few remarks, fellow cooks, sorry, fellow Kenyans, I want to request you to remain calm as the government is in fu ...
"Is it true that Mcas from Turkana County have gone to west Africa to learn more about Ebola..?"
The two cases of suspected Ebola infections in Kasoa, Ghana have tested negative. That is a total of 39 negative tests on Ghanaian residents. Ghana is the refugee center for West Africa. Its borders are open and many are coming in from Ebola effected countries. Pray those who are sick, the health care professionals and the families who have lost loved ones.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is closely monitoring the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa.
Dear God, I have just learnt from this evening's ZNBC Main News that the bats, which are suspected to carry Ebola, which usually migrate from West Africa and congregate in Kasanka National Park in Central Province, may threaten our very existence. Almighty God, Kasanka National Park, you know that it is located in the Serenje District of Zambia’s Central Province. At roughly 390km2, Kasanka is one of Zambia’s smallest national parks. Almighty God, thank you that Health Minister Joseph Kasonde, has just assured us that there is no need to worry, though the bats, he says, may have had carried some Ebola Virus in the past. God, some doctors too have assured us that the bats won't be a threat to our lives. God, the problem is, I don't know whether to believe him or not, for these leaders lie to us to much - let them not lie over this matter, for once, let them tell us nothing but the truth. Dear Father, thou at in Heaven, let the Minister's words come to pass that he is not just cooling down our apprehens ...
Ebola wil nt come in zambia we broke it jst there in west africa, *TYPE AMEN 4 DIS DEADLY VIRUS* I JESUS NAME?
Canada is helping the international fight against the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa. But what is it doing to protect the home front?
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Ebola is now rapant in West Africa especially Sierra Leone Liberia and also Nigeria. According to world news Ebola has killed more than 10,0 people in West africa, we 've to prevent this diseases by avioding bush meat and others things that have been said by the the medical teams. Now the only District that is not affected by Ebola is Koinadugu District, Kabala headquater town. All Sierra Leonean and others West Africa countries 've to stop the movement for now. So there is a question for you, how can we prevent this Ebola Diseases?
Divine Chocolate USA will sponsoring BBYF again this year! We encourage you to support this company in any way you can as their mission is one of Love! Namaste Divine Chocolate we see the beauty in you. Mission To improve the lives and opportunities of small-scale cocoa farmers in West Africa by establishing a dynamic, branded fair trade chocolate marketing company, thus putting the farmers higher up the value chain. Company Overview Divine Chocolate is a pioneering Fairtrade chocolate company, co-owned by the 60,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana. Owned by Cocoa Farmers, Made for Chocolate Lovers.
AT 8PM. Hundreds of mourners across the Country today flocked Dokolo to attend the burial of the late Standley Okello,the father to the Director of Criminal Investigation intelligence Directorate, Grace Akullo. President Yoweri Museveni in his condolence message delivered by Dokolo County Member of Parliament, Felix Okot Ogong commended the late Stanley Okello for his positive contribution to the development of Uganda. Okot Ogong said the late Standley Okello and other Lango leaders protected the land of the people of Lango from being grabed by foreigners. Grace Akullo while adressing mourners said her late father natured her very well when she was a child. _ Over 300 youth from different parts of Lango today received a number of items from Volunteer Service Oversea (VSO) for starting up businesses. At a function held at Human Technical Development Centre, youth from 19 groups from the districts of Lira, Dokolo, Apac and Alebtong received items for skill development and self sustenance. In his speech, th ...
Ebola is taking a toll in West Africa. Nigeria and Sierra Leone are among the countries affected. Nigeria has a community policing contingent in Somalia and Sierra Leone has a good size military contingent in Somalia and both countries are serving under AMISOM. Given the rapid spread of this virus, is there any debate about the implications of this fact. Are members from these forces moving back and forth to their countries? Are food rations being imported to them in Somalia? Is there a debate in Somalia either within government, The AU, The UN about the implications of these scenarios?
Can West Africa manage its Ebola crisis? DW speaks to Dr. Oliver Johnson of King's Health Partnership which works with a hospital in Sierra Leone
I am black, am happy I am from Nigeria, am happy I am from Africa, am grateful I am from west Africa, am thankful Be proud of where you come from God never make mistake about you Be good ambassador of your country Be good representative of your family If you are white, be happy If you are black, be grateful If you are short, smile If you are tall, rejoice If you are fat, thank God If you are slim, be grateful God never make mistake about us Be one of the best creation And not one of the intimidated creation.
Today on15 th August , full day youth seminar of RCC church..& guest from West Africa (Ghana) Ps. George & Ps. Enok & his wife shared lords word & 125 peoples of our church were blessed .. Praise the lord..
Smeone make me understand.there is this aid worker frm the us who contracted ebola in liberia and was flown to the us in a chartered flight for treatment in one of the big university hospital. Alipona? Na kama si wasaidie the affected countries in west africa pliz.
Salvation Army Provides Aid to West Africa in the Wake of Deadly Ebola Outbreak
President Uhuru Kenyatta: Ebola will be defeated. The world should not shun the people of West Africa over the
A doc brother said d following abt "Since 1976 tht it has been in existence n ravaging ppl in Central n West Africa,.
Pres. Kenyatta says Kenya will not shun West Africa over Ebola Outbreak. Calls for effort to conquer the outbreak.
I'd rather be dead in West Africa than alive in Bloomfield, WI too
Mr. Titus Naikuni is the CEO of Kenya Airways and a hero of Kenyan business circles. Kenya Airways is owned by KLM/AirFrance, blue chip companies that profess corporate social responsibility. The World Health Organisation has declared Kenya a high risk Ebola country. The greedy and irresponsible Naikuni/KQ/KLM/AirFrance still want to make endless profits by flying to West Africa, the epicentre of the They don't care about Kenyan lives. They just want profits no matter what; they put their shareholders and creditors above our citizens and healthcare workers. The powerful corporations of KLM/AirFrance/Kenya Airways are playing Russian Roulette with our country's national security, our economic stability, and the lives of our people. It's that simple. I must speak up now before the greed of Kenya Airways kills even one Kenyan through Ebola. I speak up because some of the junior health personnel directly "screening" incoming passengers at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi come from Kibra Constituenc ...
American universities are suspending programs in West Africa in light of the Ebola Outbreak -
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Should Kenya stop flights to & from West Africa in light of Ebola Outbreak & WHO warnings? from 02GMT
Kenya Airways facing known unknown. They know there is in West Africa but unknown if they will carry an …
Please keep praying for the Ebola Virus to stop in West Africa!
Hello, the AfDB has launched a new blog on West Africa, and the latest piece is on AGOA. Thanks!
Kenya Medical Association expresses concern over continued flights to Ebola hit West Africa by Kenya Airways.
Scientist say they have found how the lethal Ebola Virus blocks and disables the body’s ability to battle infections in a discovery that should help the search for potential cures and vaccines. A group of scientists in the United States found that Ebola carries a protein called VP24 that interferes with a molecule called interferon, which is vital to the immune response. “One of the key reasons that Ebola Virus is so deadly is because it disrupts the body’s immune response to the infection,” said Chris Basler of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, who worked on the study. “Figuring out how VP24 promotes this disruption will suggest new ways to defeat the virus.” The team, lead by Gaya Amarasinghe from Washington University School of Medicine, found that VP24 works by stopping something called “transcription factor STAT1” – which carries interferon’s antiviral message – from entering the nucleus of a cell and initiating an immune response. “This study shows just h ...
Trending: a social media campaign in Kenya to get Kenya Airways to suspend flights to West Africa…
When we ban flights to West Africa can we also ban their movies too? we are at a higher risk of afrosinema boring us to death t…
Let's pray for West Africa this virus is killing people. Sengathi uJehova angaba nabo abantu bakhe ababhekene nalobunzima
WHO has confirmed measures taken in West Africa will keep airline workers travelling there safe from contracting
For example, there is more genetic diversity in West Africa alone than the rest of the world
WHO reports 128 new cases, 45 deaths in West Africa
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