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West Africa

West Africa or Western Africa is the westernmost region of the African continent.

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2. The Museum of African American History, DC, USA, was designed like a crown on a Yoruba (West Africa) sculpture http…
Cape Verde islands, off the coast of West Africa
MSLGroup owner Publicis moves into West Africa with Troyka Group tie-up. Read more: $PUBGY
Did you know that 3.8 million girls are at risk of breast ironing in Central & West Africa? Like it's a violation…
Online payment for Nigeria - Hope to see more of these in West Africa, East, Madagascar etc. .
Annie was supposed to fly through yesterday. They are rebooked, leaving for West Africa.
And you can watch the film, about West Africa's forgotten soldiers, here
West Africa needs EPAs, says but Nigeria and Gambia have "refused" to sign. We need this. Nigeria, "please", …
Network for strong, national, public health institutes in West Africa
of butter from shea trees in West Africa pushed back 1,000 years.
All you'll need to know about the biggest tertiary fest in West Africa! on tonight!
is the next African emcee I'm looking up to raise the bar. Big ups brother love from West Africa.
Here's what you need to know about the new Ebola cases in West Africa: It appears the Ebola vir...
West Africa is one of the world’s four currency unions. answers four frequently asked questions: http…
heartbreaking: Ebola isn't gone from West Africa. 2 new cases in Guinea.
The United States troops which were sent to West Africa have only gotten 4 hours of Ebola training - very unfair to th…
plans to declare outbreak over in West Africa tomorrow 17March
Thurs 17th WHO to declare West Africa ebola free any return to Sierra Leone/Liberia route soon iron ore price up 70%
West Africa needs to form a joint task force to help fight these terrorists! terrorism should have no place in Africa et al
Members of our DART deployed to West Africa in August 2014 to lead US gov't response to Ebola outbreak.
The USG-led response was its largest-ever to a global health crisis, deploying 3000+ personnel to West Africa
The current outbreak will be declared over in and in the rest of West Africa on Thursday 17 March,
Mimiko inaugurates the first University of Medical Sciences in West Africa, 3rd in Africa:    Ondo State Gover...
Like you guys aren't getting the memo. Ondo University of Medical Sciences is the 1st in Nigeria, 1st in West Africa and 3rd in Africa.
Ondo Medical Varsity, first in Nigeria, first in West Africa & 3rd in Africa
University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, is First in West Africa, First in Nigeria & 3rd in Africa- Mimiko
U.S. doctor with Lassa fever en route to Atlanta from West Africa - The Jim Bakker Show
Good news for West Africa, the Grosvenor Group (real estate developers) are to put $200M into the area
AgriHack (West Africa challenge application is now open
Sierra Leone River Estuary in West Africa is pictured in this image taken by the Sentinel-2A satellite.
I am running for representative seat in River County, Liberia, West Africa. I want to be like Barack Obama.
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I want some ambassadors of good will to please sponsor my youth empowerment project in West Africa email nelsoncaulker45
Listen to WSP - Tiecoura Traore of Mali, West Africa - Railroad Privatization by John Paul Wright on
The Devil's Corridor is perhaps the longest corridor in West Africa, Location: Ahmadu Bello University,Nigeria.
By MFWA The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) and 36 other freedom of expression organisations in Africa...
Urgent action is needed to save West Africa's Their future is
Media Foundation for West Africa to monitor 70 radio stations for
Not only is Cinderella not a real person, the story's a common trope in many cultures. Including North & West Africa https:/…
Attacks from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Will Likely Continue in North and West Africa:
Response to Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa by the Ministry of Health, Labour a...
Well done Edward Davis honoured today by The Queen for services to the crisis response in West Africa htt…
Encouraging signs out of West Africa. Two Americans join Lagos Warriors
Be sure to get your special supplement on West Africa along with today’s copy of Daily Sabah
ODA Tree,Eastern Region (biggest tree in Ghana and West Africa) 128m high and a girth(width) of about 11m
Wheels up to West Africa!!! ✈️ be in Sierra Leone by tonight. Looking forward to hitting ground running and seeing recovery efforts!
Wow 3rd time-Feel for people in West Africa who may have same complications, but no access to good healthcare
The national flag of. "Guinea-Bissau",. a country located in West Africa.
The first ever suspension bridge in Nigeria and West Africa, built by then Lagos State Gov. Babatunde Fashola, links Lekki to Ikoyi. Classy
West of Africa, winner of last year's Hippodice design contest, is on preorder at Spielworxx. .
West and Central Africa: Humanitarian Bulletin, February 2016: In recent weeks, around 100,000 people in Niger...
So excited about 2016. I'll be starting my professional football career somewhere in West Africa, finally. 'Thank you JESUS'.
Technology used in the West not suitable for local climate
Launch of the Fish Farming AgriHack in West Africa: . New innovations continue to revolutioni... via
I had a friend say her dude was from west Africa but he wasn't black. I was so mad.
Learning about the birds and the bees in West Africa
Sanitation can make all the difference for villages in West Africa. for all.
Students at the North West University’s Mafikeng campus were told to go home on Wednesday night as the...
Africa is crying.We are the richest in terms of resources but we still depend on the West.Suppose we solved our problems?
Rural-Urban Linkages in West-Africa illustratively explained by at Proximity will outweigh density http…
Get our free App&view awesome attractions of the beautiful province of South Africa "The North West".
medieval manuscripts from West Africa matter!
Frankie Jay, is back with another hit “Miss West Africa” delivered by cizabeat and blended by indomix. We all...
Job for Commercial Channel Sales Manager - West Africa: Lenovo is the PC manufacturer in the world. With 50...
Putin's strategy in Syria is paying dividends. The West looks on helplessly
Interested on how Togolese tax policies can be a model for all of West Africa? Find out more at
Where the west should actually be intervening.
DAKAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 20,000 people in West Africa have gained identity documents in…
Mahama touts Ghana’s road network as best in West Africa
LMAO Cape Verdean is AFRICAN. Its located off the coast of west Africa.
14-15K survivors throughout West Up to 25% affected by can lead to loss and
North-West University in South Africa is the latest institution to be hit by violence and closed today after...
AFRICA/GHANA - Bishops at a conference on reconciliation and challenges to the Church in West Africa: Accra - ... http…
West Africa's first service launches in Senegal …
The Mafikeng campus of North-West University in South Africa is closed bc it was burned. Intense story.
West Africa's first service launches in Senegal via
An updated animation of in West Africa by Now includes tree. Rendered using Python and
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sierra Leone to host first open data festival in West Africa via Awoko News
- In this term and my next term I intend to work hard to ensure that we become the power hub for West Africa
Security: A new war against Boko Haram: Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari and his military chiefs have anno...
Ghana: Disabled children fail to access free senior high school buildings: An audit report by Ghana's Federati...
we and the world students learning music/dance from west Africa
Six selected from Ashesi as Goldman Sachs interns from over 500 applicants in West Africa:
Every now and then, a child in West Africa is born with these amazing eyes due t... .
Nigeria has the most powerful military in West Africa, but they were no match for Boko Haram... until these guys... htt…
Boko Haram suffer huge setback in raid on Goshi, Nigeria | West Africa via
MUST READ: "in East and West Africa" and "Terrorist by Dr. Nicholas Ridley in featured items: https:…
The National Data Centre completed and opened. It's the largest in West Africa. .
US-led counter-terrorism exercises begin in West Africa amid rising terrorist attacks in the region via
Congratulations to our partner named Best SME & Best Microfinance Bank in West Africa!
The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has written to Ghanaian President, John Dramani Mahama to urge him to...
International News • 'Ebola outbreak: US experts to head to West Africa' via Full story at
When the outbreak hit West Africa, fevers spiked – and so did rates of teenage pregnancy from rape and violence...
This is used in much of West Africa, including francophone countries: small, assorted, low value goods.
WAFA (West Africa Fashion Awards) is West Africa's biggest fashion awards event. A night to connect with with west africa's biggest names.
An outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa has spread to Guinea's capital and beyond its borders in an...
Ghana has the largest market in West Africa. It’s called Kejetia market, located in Kumasi.
New death from Ebola confirmed in Sierra Leone, hours after declared latest West Africa outbreak over.
Thanks to all who attended this morning's breakfast and presentation on Doing in West Africa!
Asian and African studies blog: West Africa via
For fighting jihadists across West Africa, Chad has the go-to army by
I got 13 out of 15. Need to revise Central America & West Africa.
13/15, defeated only by Central America and West Africa.
West Africa braces for more attacks after Burkina Faso hotel siege: At the entrance to the King Fahd Palace *** ..
East India Company in West Africa mid-17thC - told employees not to engage in slave trade. https:/…
African jokes on social media is just West Africa. African culture on social media is just West Africa. African any thing is West Africa.
Tmw (1/17) workers in West Africa will drive to another town to present drama about Jesus's life/resurrection to about 40 Deaf.
UPDATE: At least 18 nationalities killed in Burkina Faso hotel siege as Al Qaeda raises the stakes in West Africa
Re-Emerges in Sierra Leone: “The end of Ebola transmission in West Africa is a testament to what we can…
Ebola patient dies in Sierra Leone hours after WHO says outbreak was over in West Africa.
West Africa correspondent spoke to witnesses in Burkina Faso about last night's attack, horrifying
The US got no special interest in Ghana,to them we are just a part of West Africa an ebola cursed people.
Ebola is back after West Africa declared Ebola-free -
Ebola death confirmed just hours after West Africa was declared virus free
Ghana praised for helping to end Ebola in West Africa
UN Office for West Africa commended for its efforts
Australian officials in Ghana are working with local authorities, after two Australians were reportedly kidnapped in West…
Tmrw briefed by on upcoming elections in West Africa & transnational threats to the region. Read
This afternoon: meeting on peace consolidation in West Africa - report here:
The mindset of wanting to be rich overnight is anther challenge for .
Breaking: 28 now confirmed dead in west Africa hotel attack.
With West Africa in mind—I was talking to Jollof Feminist yesterday, you might find her perspective interesting
The Australian surgeon and his wife kidnapped by Islamic extremists in west Africa named as Ken and Jocelyn Elliot.
is back after West Africa declared Ebola-free: A aid agency report says a woman who died of Ebola in Sierra…
Reports: 20 dead in possible terror attack in West Africa via usatodayg
It's just West Africa for now, not the whole continent for the . We still reaching out.
At least 28 people, including six Canadians and an American, die after Islamist militants attacked a hotel in Burkina Faso, in West Africa.
14 Jan 2016, Security Council briefing on activities of UN Office for West Africa (UNOWA), Special Rep Chambas | .
but i do have to tell you, Trump shall destroy america if ge rize...Africa will look to china and develop without the west
Today in 1970- FLOTUS Pat Nixon visited Liberia during her historic trip to West Africa:Via
This morning UN Spox sent out Press Statement on West Africa - with no word of hotel attack i…
the latest victim of the forgotten in west Rmmbr the hundreds of girls are still held by
The French most likely never left Burkina Faso like the rest of West Africa, I don't know why people are so surprised
Another terrorist attack 23 people killed in west Africa and no one cares because of the colour of skin
What terrorists intend for West Africa should scare us all. We've got weak governments, disjointed societies, porous borders e…
West trafficking and usage problems in focus as countries consider pragmatic alternatives
Ebola is back just one day after the World Health Organization declared the outbreak over in West Africa
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Latest Ebola outbreak over in Liberia; West Africa is at zero, but new flare-ups are likely…
Ebola death confirmed in Sierra Leone, hours after World Health Organization declared West Africa outbreak over
HF has been sending clinicians from to West for many years to strengthen the local system
Africa: the continent where the West’s electronic goods go to die:
Ive been to slavery museums in the UK, Caribbean, Central America & North/West Africa. . The UK's is by far the most sanitis…
Covering a kidnapping in south west Africa is nothing more than a distraction.
The Republic of West Africa reminds me of that time Sarah Palin referred to the Republic of West Korea. (Maybe I made that up.)
WHO declares defeated in West Africa. Let's hope we learned some lessons, as something similar will almost certainly happen again
WHO declares end to Ebola transmission in West Africa - Omaha World-Herald
As disease ebbs in West Africa, Philadelphia halts monitoring
Kisses to my honey as she is off to roam the jungles of West Africa for the month! Plz bring me…
I stay greener everyday all the way from West Africa - Nigeria repping it with my Elder Sister
If you've not been to the West Africa exhibition you need to go. It features Fela Kuti who I int/v
The distinct culture and mythology of West Africa's Yoruba people have deep, ancestral roots, centering primarily in western Nigeria.
Has Nigeria yet communicated its stand on being part of the alliance? Where's the battleground? Syria or West Africa?
Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) is West Africa's first Air Ambulance service provider.
Arrest human trafficking in West Africa with economic development, group urges
Trusting that this year I can move nearer to my church in West London. Will see how it pans out with my daughter if she will go to Africa.
Bahurutshe chief dies in hit-and-run: North West police are questioning a man in connection with an accident t...
"West Ham" shows up as trending topic in South Africa at rank 2.
N West chief killed in hit and run crash
The reason I prefer cases from the West is because History teaches that Africa can not tap its potential.
It is unthinkable that 55 years after independence, Nigeria is still not producing Pencils.Even West Africa.
Kanye West will be like! "Olamide yeah u're my brother in Africa"
Chimps in West Africa use leaves as sponges to soak up fermenting palm sap and get drunk
Hans Bassing’s Tanzanian-bred change method ready for the west.
I think our singular focus on West Africa is misguided, we also share borders with Central Africa.
A failed head of state holds onto power even if the constitution forbids, one is against the west and africa is a a breeding island of them.
you're acting like a child now!! You don't drop mic on stage feeling like Kanye West while you're not...dis is AFRICA dude!
R Mugabe says "China never colonized Africa. But the West plundered Africa &are doing so till now. China is offering win win …
Electronic Device Insurance
A network of rivers and their tributaries in central Burkina Faso, West Africa. The
Visit to the Biggest tree in West Africa. Big Tree known as Tree. Support our own. Koo Nie!
Delicate portraits from West Africa reveal 100 years of life across the Atlantic
yes God really bless west Africa with solid miniral
Africa as the Wild West for the Chinese: very interesting review of book,
DID YOU KNOW : There's been no reported case of Ebola in Guinea for 42 days. Today there are nearly 15,000 Ebola survivors in West Africa .
Shop owners bring colour to Meltham and support to Africa
After the loss of more than 11,000 lives, can West Africa finally begin to put behind it in 2016?
This was reference to France's historical role as oppressor in North/West Africa, French IndoChina
stricken country in the Middle East? Or West Africa? Nobody, because you would be moving somewhere more unstable than..
in West Africa: Slow growth picks up, but incubators are sorely needed. My story.
Lions in Central and West Africa will be listed as endangered
60% of world’s total maritime kidnappings happen along the coast of West Africa, Nigeria in particular: reports
Report on the 2nd WHO (World Health Organization) Consultation on Biobanking: Focus on West Africa via
Assista a "Rollin&The Rise of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in West Africa" por no
Holy Mother of this how to end 2015... Burundi come on... learn from others in West Africa or from Rwanda
I suggest only 2 types of Back to Africa Concepts. The United States of West Africa or The Greater Mali Empire.
Mansa Musa lived from 1280 – 1337 and ruled the Malian Empire which covered modern day Ghana, Timbuktu and Mali in West Africa.
MIKE SECCOMBE. the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, Australia’s slow, privatised and ineffective response has come.
The Duke of Cambridge is presenting medals today to Army Medics who served in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak ht…
Prince William has presented the Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa to members of 22 Field Hospital who...
They might've did that to East Africans a millennia ago...but you see, I was taken from West Africa.
British Empire is a leech stuck to West Africa right along with the French. They mean us no good and never have.
West Africa has been breeding Women leaders dating back to Yaa Asantewaa
We're Read about our latest opening here: **Clinical Research Associates, West Africa (Ability... -
Bank of Africa (BOA) transitioned from the central bank of the colonies of French west Africa to the francophone countries of West Africa.
only saw Nig v Mali yesterday, good game. End to end stuff. Some fine talent there. Tall & skilful "young" men from West Africa
French presidents are always in West Africa.
...poor West Africa. Thwy will have to work harder to feed the French
On my way to an IAB meeting in Benin City Nigeria: interesting plan and valuable objectives for Public Health & Wellbeing in West Africa
representation Ive yet seen or read. The French colonized places with strong beliefs in the supernatural. West Africa, Hati, SE Asia.
For more information on support to French operations in West Africa, please visit
Mali, a former French colony in West Africa, has been fighting an Islamist insurgency for the... https:…
I really need a fluent understanding of French to keep up w/ news & current affairs across West Africa. First stop:
Do not miss the only International Travel Fair in West Africa,AKWAABA 2015.From Nov 22-24, 2pm-6pm. Eko Hotel,VI
A baby girl in Guinea, who was the last known Ebola patient in West Africa, has recovered:
outbreak in West Africa has resulted in more Ebola survivors than ever before:
Use to think Gov Ajimobi of Oyo State was the worst Governor in West Africa till Gov…
Accra . Ghana . West Africa. show us some love Kevin Hart and Ice cube .
Committee news: International response to Ebola epidemic in West Africa examined, International Development Commit…
The pre-dinner talk last night from Major Tom Fletcher on his work in treating Ebola in West Africa was truly humbling.
Using IFC - International Finance Corporation's flagship report for decision making in West Africa
Ebola still remains a small-scale killer. The virus is devastating for West Africa nonetheless
There's so much oil offshore in West Africa, and within the Great Rift Valley area. African nations should be a utopia.
'Lake Retba' actually exists and its located in Senegal, West Africa
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Africa: No Need to Panic - Africa Is Still Rising... Slowly: [ISS] If Nigeria moves, the whole of West Africa ...
Lions, pride of Africa, vanishing in West Africa
Bollore plans IPO in Paris to finance his West Africa train project
NGR & nextdoor Benin are in West Africa. Of course, Nigeria are co-located in the 'armpit of Africa' with Cameroon
Nigeria, others move to revive West Africa trade union
Now Trending in Nigeria: Bollore plans IPOs for Nigeria-West Africa rail project
Biafrans in far West Africa are suffering in the hands of Nigeria government. We want Freedom. Let the church help us
Big up to West Africa in 2015. Overcoming Ebola. Peaceful elections in Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire & Nigeria. Reversed a co…
Lions, pride of Africa, vanishing in West Africa: 13, 2012, photo released by Philipp Henschel shows a male li...
The island nation of Sao Tome and Principe, located off the coast of West Africa in the oil-rich Gulf of Guine...
organic Shea butter is sustainably sourced and benefits over 17,000 women in West Africa
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Head of Region – West Africa . Read more >>>>
Tuareg and Fulani people of northern regions of West Africa 🌍
NAH Horners were never on the silk route to West Africa. They were port merchants. They traded with the gulf.
From East to West Africa, from North to South Africa,we agree on this thought - Motherhood is a blessing not a burden
Great event by on Penetration in West Africa, at Creek Golf and Yacht Club
That's the reason why rates of HIV are higher in married women in West Africa. The inability to negotiate condom use
I'm interested to join any group working on ! Particularly in Central and West Africa (in English / French)
This might be a great fit for you: **Clinical Research Associates, West Africa (Ability... -
If West Africa was never colonized, I vision Songhai Empire controlling all of West Africa including the Seaports.
Vera Sidika - She bleached to yellow, she takes her 'office' for business normally in West Africa.
Great welcome event last night with students from West Africa! Next up Central Asia!
Church with those who have nothing to lose & everything to gain! Cape Verde, West Africa
We're Click to apply: **Clinical Research Associates, West Africa (Ability to speak French will be... -
This Week in London - MC Escher at Dulwich; West Africa's literary history at the British Library… via
How shea butter is helping women in rural West Africa achieve financial independence
You built biggest hospital in West Africa but didn't trust it enough to treat you, may be you will when you build largest in the world.
What's wrong with Senator Akapbio sef?! The governor that built World Class hospital first in West Africa!
British interest in West Africa is creating chaos in that part of the world!
Yoruba boys are the Jamaicans of West Africa. They just ruin lives.
100 years of photo portraits from West Africa: will open 8/31. http:…
Soon. Ebola in West Africa. Before, now and then. A supplement of the Pan African Medical
we want u in Ghana (West Africa) too... I'v watched most of your videos and i think you are a geniuse.
the most habitable point in West Africa is at Amedzofe in the Volta region of Ghana
The proceeds from the event will help build West Africa's first bank in
Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon have lowest fuel pump price in West Africa
DTN Libya Uprising: Yahya's luck: How a runaway from West Africa got lucky in Europe
God bless the whole world,God bless Africa,God bless West Africa,God bless Nigeria and God bless me,Lol stingy???
Am I allow to restate something that I have stated before. The Countries of West Africa and the Mid-East was...
East Africa is a bunch of countries, same as North Africa and West Africa... then there's South Africa. Selfish asf.
my father, brother and me in West Africa.. growing up.
Fly>Flight>Arik Air, Nigeria and West Africa's largest carrier, is resuming flight services to Monrovia, L..
He's right.. Just as Kenya is in East Africa, Morocco in North Africa n Nigeria in West Africa
Behold Eko Atlantic City,Dubai of West Africa,(Central Marina View), the new city will be home to 250k ppl+Biz
Powerful and moving, 100 years of photo portraits from West Africa
There's already a 'Manhattan of West Africa' planned in Lagos. Eko Atlantic City.
. Buhari and his Boko Haram Hausa/Fulani brothers are working very hard to destroy West Africa. HELP!
Tomorrow morning in community groups there will be an opportunity to give to help Saidou (our West Africa partner).
Jeff won Project fame West Africa, you heard it here First..
Alassane Ouattara on fleek - One of the guys raising the quality of leadership in West Africa these days
Bukina Faso: Interim leader sworn in again after brief coup, is West Africa changing? Shouldn't Coupists be punished?
Currents in the Atlantic Ocean flow from this part of West Africa to South America.
My topic will present the indigenousness Gods of West Africa, the original spirituality of Africans in America in October
95% of African Americans are from West Africa, United States of West Africa, no disputes where we come from.
prices and shipping to Ghana,West Africa..send details to. c.wondermagis
On d 23rd of Sept, d most beautiful stadium in West Africa will be ‘lit’. You don’t want to miss it. Join the conversati…
Join paint all faded zebra crossings in Takoradi on Nvday15! @ Takoradi ,Ghana ,West Africa
...are you talking about? In Ghana (and other parts of West Africa), almost everyone goes to the tailor for those type of...
West Hills Mall in Ghana is the Biggest Mall in West Africa
Good Am. Ghana, a nation on West Africa's Gulf on Guinea, is known for diverse wildlife, old forts & secluded beaches
watch out for me Mr.Warren. From Ghana , West Africa will rise to be the best entrepreneur and the richest man in the world.
They used to say Ghana is the gateway to West Africa or something like that. Well, the runway has cracks, the Cedi has a heart attack!
Ghana looks to cassava to transform economy | West Africa
Its our West Africa celebration w/ . The Silent Housewife IV by of Ghana
AfricAsia adresses the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce on business opportunities in West Africa.
pls clarify. What leadership position in West Africa? Hehehe Oh, Senegal and Ghana!! Now we're talking. Lol
...forgot to mention that the black-eye pea is called cowpea in Ghana. The cowpea/black-eye pea is indigenous to West Africa.
Swedish TV: Ebola now in West Africa by *** Prof. Helena Nordenstedt Karolinska Inst. just back from work in Guinee
Did You Know the 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos State, Nigeria,is the largest bridge in West Africa? Measuring 11.8km?
From "True Detective" (season 1) to war-torn West Africa, Cary Fukunaga continues to challenge and inspire us.
The immediate predecessors of blues were the Afro American/American *** work songs which had their musical origins in West Africa - Baraka
Latest news: African Girl Summit, religious leaders mobilising in West Africa, and more. Read:
A tropical wave off the coast of West Africa and heading towards the Caribbean is producing minimal shower activity.
Bill Gates already induce Ebola in West Africa, wants to wield the sringes there for Endlösung, Final solution
Ghana. Cape Coast was a former British colony. Cape Coast Castle was the largest slave trading center in West Africa
Yingli Solar establishes joint venture to increase power capacity in West Africa
MainOne's MDX-i taps Azure to offer cloud services in West Africa
A rarely severe hurricane with winds of up to 87 miles an hour has hit the tiny island nation of Cape Verde off the coast of West Africa
Uber style service landed in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. First kind in West Africa or probably Africa in general.
"Nok Terracottas". One of the most distinctive artifacts from Africa(100 BC-200 AD). Nigeria-West Africa
. outbreak in West Africa. I am a firm believer in survival of the fittest. The US needs to stop most or all forms of foreign aid.
Adebayor is from Togo. Togo is in West Africa. Berahino is an England international. England is not in East Africa
West Africa's Cape Verde islands escape major damage from 1st hurricane: Authorities in Cape Verde say the fir...
Together w/ sponsors and we’re working to empower cocoa farming communities in West Africa: http…
Dr Chan: In West Africa, WHO, and many others, were late in recognizing the potential of the [outbreak to grow so explosiv…
Q&A with - The Legacy of West Africa's Crisis
Epidemiological features and trends of virus disease in West Africa
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