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West Africa

West Africa or Western Africa is the westernmost region of the African continent.

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ISIS in North Africa. Boko Haram in West Africa. War in Central Africa. Al-Shabab in East Africa. Xenophobia in South Africa. …
CDC investigating potential exposures of American citizens to Ebola in West Africa
As Ebola cases dwindle, West Africa turns to economic recovery.
Thank you for the sacrifices you made to contain Ebola in West Africa. Welcome home.
At 11am, Richard Todd is an ex-pat cop investigating diamond smuggling in West Africa in 60s thriller Death Drums Along The River.
Nearly 200 Fort Campbell soldiers return from humanitarian mission in West Africa.
Who gambles on love in Gambia?: Relationships forged in the tropical sunshine of West Africa are the ultimate ...
Highly anomalous strong high over central Mediterranean Sea resulting in long-duration dust storm in West Africa.
Proud yesterday of the family giving a car to so they can continue serving children in West Africa
President John Mahama is optimistic that West Africa will be Ebola free. in the coming months.
Although to be fair I know an IFA who set up a school in West Africa...
Be 'proud' of brave NHS staff who joined Ebola battle in West Africa – Man Uni prof - Mancunian Matters
fabric and amazing jewelry from the local markets in South and West Africa. Ghana, Nigeria, Johannesburg,
.rescues crew of sinking ship suspected of illegal fishing off West Africa coast
Joe Pasquale & The Music of Mali: high-pitched funny man presents an evening of music from West Africa. Tony says: Watch out Salif Keita!
1004 ESTATE in V.Island is the largest single luxury high rise estate in West Africa, comprises over 1004 apartments. htt…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
J’can contingent for four-day reggae festival in West Africa | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner
CDC expert and UNMC alum Jordan Tappero, M.D. will speak on on "CDC's Response to Ebola in West Africa" Monday,...
Health worker taken to Westmead Hospital after developing flu-like symptoms after returning from West Africa has tested negative to ebola.
Doctor from West Africa spent night at city hotel before checking into Westmead Hospital.
UPDATE: Health care worker recently returned from West Africa being tested for Ebola at Westmead Hospital.
Yesterday at the White House Office of Science and Tech - Ebola summit - highlights of Inveneo work in West Africa
Kenyan (East Africa) Red Cross Society Naïrobi, (in) Nigeria, the leading West Africa country! Ignorance or manip?
Married women among the Dogon people of West Africa would publicly pursue extramarital relationships with encouragement from their mother
Fmr UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to be featured in .doc on the will examine the in West Africa.|
"The war on drugs has failed in West Africa and around the world" – Kofi Annan:
IOC Athlete Career Programme takes outreach session from West Africa to Central America
Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan: The War on Drugs Has Failed in West Africa and Around the World
Enugu could easily be the best state in West Africa, if it had just one brutally intelligent leader. Just one
ICYMI the Islamic Development Bank committed $180 million to RE in West Africa. Next up beyond the grid?
More soldiers to deploy to West Africa: Soldiers from Fort Benning's 14th Combat Support Hospital are preparing to…
Fort Benning medical detachment back from 14-week deployment in West Africa
More Fort Benning soldiers deploying to West Africa: Those soldiers were part of vete...
(Stars and Stripes) Fort Benning soldiers return home after battling Ebola in West Africa: Before re...
More Fort Benning soldiers deploying to West Africa: Three days after Fort Benning soldiers returned from a…
Once the best military in West Africa, army now struggles against.. htt…
Once the best military in West Africa, Nigeria's army now struggles against Boko Haram.
Ebola Vaccines May Be Deployed in West Africa by January, Officials Say American, Canadian vaccines both in s,,,
is d 1st President in West Africa to host the World Economic Forum. (WEF) in 2014
"Pray that the spread of Ebola in West Africa will be replaced by the spread of the gospel." (Dr. Kent Brantly)
Ola Orekunrin, Nigerian who pioneered flying ambulance in West Africa
Peoples Democratic Party PDP is d largest political party in West Africa.
A hot wind blows from the Sahara Desert across West Africa each winter
All the latest startups news from West Africa
As Ebola's death toll surpasses 10,000, this is how grief (and recovery) look in West Africa
Scientists have known for some time that storms generated over West Africa can become hurricanes. But a new st...
Asia/Africa do not render to Ceasar what is God's as easily as done in the West. 2/2
As Ebola deaths surpass 10,000, a look at the epidemic's past and present, via
So many people have died in West Africa, What will take to contain this deadly virus Ebola
Ebola Crisis Threatens to Trigger Spike in Measles in West Africa via
Islamic State to expand to West Africa with acceptance of allegiance to
W/ origin in Ethiopia, okra was salvaged to the West by slaves stolen from Africa in the 1700s. htt…
American health worker flown home from West Africa after contracting Ebola... Hot on
Photo: Sally Bonetta Forbes ——- Born in West Africa in the area once known as ‘the Slave Coast,’ she was...
UN tally of Ebola deaths passes 10,000, most in Wes...
There is no other way except for WHO to deploy its Medical Resources to West Africa (Liberia) contain the Ebola Epidemi
West Africa to suffer hefty losses each year due to Ebola outbreak: UN report: The region of West Africa would ...
The Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 10,000 could lead to thousands more measles deaths among children
Child measles deaths set to soar in Ebola-hit countries: via
Measles another health crisis in Ebola-hit West Africa
Hes an epidemiologist. Shes a nurse. And both of them felt compelled to head off to West Africa to battle the virus.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
“I am very lucky now. But I will not forget the years when I was recognised nowhere”
ISIS is expanding into West Africa after it accepted a pledge of allegiance from Boko Haram.
$TKMR_$18.45_announced that TKM-Ebola-Guinea will be evaluated for efficacy in Ebola virus infected patients in Sierra Leone, West Africa
Sueford5 Doing Business in Ghana: Curves and Edges: Ghana is a member of the Economic Community of West Africa...
Cherokee Nation nurse returns from Ebola efforts in West Africa
Tom Hiddleston on his first journey with UNICEF UK to Guinea in West Africa...
Twelve 21 Mission shared news of a great harvest in West Africa! Read more @
North Korea's Ebola-related ban to keep travelers from West Africa under quarantine
PARLIAMENTARY CAUCUS on human rights calls on Kenya Airways to stop flights to West Africa to minimise Ebola virus risk spreading to Kenya
The Kenya-Somalia boundary dispute replicated in West Africa.
【Vol.11 Cote d'Ivoire ③】. Cote d'Ivoire is located in West Africa and shares the border with Ghana, Burkina Faso,...
A lot of companies go through West Africa by entering into Ghana. Why? "It's considered an entry point into West Africa."
Security forces biggest threat to freedom of expression in West Africa - Ghanaweb News
West Africa - Ghana Thank God for the wonderful encouragement the National Office Peer Review gave for the work we do in Ghana
which country are you from Ghana,West Africa...our government is too corrupt
Breaking news the national cheif imam of Ghana has been crown the national cheif imam of West Africa albarkan...
Oman fm wins the 2015 edition of the standchart road to Anfield tournament to represent Ghana in West Africa.
the first Empire in West Africa was Ghana. 12th century. Does that looj like people that had a civilisation in 2000BC ?
West Africa story of the week: Contrarian bet on Ghana is rewarded as bonds surge
panelist & moderator: Abigail Larbi of Media Foundation for West Africa & GTV news and morning shows host.
panelist: Abigail Larbi (Media Foundation for West Africa- major watchdog of Ghana's democracy. GTV news and morning shows host.
officer (Ghana) Ghana - West Africa seeks the services of a Hum...
Retro Travel Photo - Before We Grew Up: Election rally in Accra, Ghana, West Africa - - from the archives...
Foods from Ghana, West Africa: Use this printable to teach children about the types of food eaten in West Africa.
West Africa: IMF Readies Loan for Ghana to Support Reform Plan: [IMF]IMF Readies Loan for Ghana to Support Ref...
ABIDJAN, Feb 18 (Reuters) - West Africa recorded 128 new confirmed cases of Ebola in the week to Feb. 15, the first decrease in three
Nigeria's Boko Haram considering pledging allegiance to ISIS. Would extend reach from West Africa to Afghanistan https:/…
I love you taraji. I'm from senegal west africa
The arrival of doctors in west Africa is great news towards curbing the EBOLA disease.
Results over weekend set up nicely the clash Friday between &
Shea butter is made from the kernel of a fruit that grows wild in West Africa. It is commonly referred…
Army welcomes home troops back from fighting Ebola in Africa now home in US
Dining car recruit companies irruptive west africa yet how headed for observe as within me: MdiSMG
Trade book cars in preference to barter from west coast africa: studebaker toot s v8: ugKi
'Venmo Lucas' director wants more cinema from West Africa
West africa immigrant Falata tribe in is made up of all hit with diseases
West africa immigrant Falata tribe in who is being attacked by muslim Sudan Masalit tribe is also being attacked by
clashes in (N africa) between Muslim Masalit tribe vs West africa immigrant Falata tribe who are made of of many ethnic groups
"When in doubt Move west.. we need another war if we can't get it in Syria or the Ukraine we will move west towards Africa..". -War Mongers..
Cocaine laced with gun powder Live via West Africa.
Guinea's new cases of Ebola are worrying: the vast majority weren't on health workers' radar
David Oyelowo on the red carpet. West Africa, we live y'all! 😩
Between this independent study and History of West Africa I'm annoyed with school lol
South African Northern Force begins advance from Swakopmund on Windhuk, German South-West Africa
then the state department should go there in mass to engage West Africa and show us it's safe. Make the suggestion to her.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"is a killer track!! Fire being blazed in West Africa. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sonni Ali Military strategist, conqueror, and founder of the Songhai Empire in West Africa.
The British and curriculum development in West Africa is such a great read...
Leaving for Abidjan, Ivory Coast, this morning to work with my Regional Office for West Africa on our next 5 year strategy for the region.
African-Americans are an admixture of various African populations and ethnic groups mainly from West Africa
Kenya Airways to resume flights to West Africa soon
United Nations News Centre - Ebola: World Bank will provide seeds to farmers in West Africa to...
[Rephrased] Obama pulls majority of troops out of West Africa: Oxfam reaction cc
Wrothams Windsor has access to the largest London property network in West Africa.
US President Barack Obama to bring back US troops fighting Ebola in West Africa
US Pulls Troops From Ebola Zone: ... the ground in West Africa, the Department of Def...
US to pull troops from West Africa Ebola mission: Pentagon
US Withdrawing Most Troops Fighting Ebola in West Africa: The U.S. is preparing to withdraw nearly all of its ...
Witnessing rays of hope in West Africa’s fight against
Photographing an “invisible enemy:” one photographer talks about her work in West Africa
Obama expected to withdraw troops assigned to battle Ebola outbreak in West Africa:
The US military plans to withdraw most troops deployed in West Africa to help stem the outbreak of the Ebola virus
Nigeria's and signs water project MoU - AfricanQuarters! via
Two promising Ebola vaccines have begun trials in West Africa
Obama to pull out Ebola troops: All but 100 of the 1,300 personnel deployed in west Africa to be recalle... (GUA)
Majority of Troops Fighting Ebola Outbreak in West Africa to Return - DoD - Sputnik International
In Africa nobody suffer from lactose intolerance or stupid nut allergies even had a Hay Fever. That's more or less a thin…
US military to scale back mission in West Africa
US withdrawing most troops fighting Ebola in West Africa
US to withdraw troops from Ebola mission in West Africa: The US military plans to pull out most…
Pres. Obama to announce majority of US troops battling Ebola in west Africa will return home -
US military to scale back Ebola mission in West Africa
BREAKING: Obama to withdraw most US military troops fighting Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Charlie Hebdo has antagonised Muslims in West Africa and galvanised opposition to French interests.
Africa investment opportunities will come from West Africa – Old Mutual
“These are very difficult, agonizing decisions.” Indeed. Ebola Drug Aids Some in a Study in West Africa
Join Martin Gore in supporting Ebola relief efforts in West Africa. Donate today & Martin will match: http…
U tagged me to Nigeria, then West Africa & Paris. Stop the foolishness. I don't reason by country or region. I'm African &proud to be.
Just 2 days to TechCamp West Africa. Excited about meeting top Entrepreneurs from the sub region!
Just 40% of the $2.9bn pledged to fight West Africa's Ebola epidemic has reached the region
One-third of Ebola aid has made it to West Africa: study: Good Samaritans around the world pledged $2.9 billio...
An Iowa National Guard medical unit won’t be heading to West Africa to fight against Ebola after all. They won’t...
Iowa National Guard won't be heading to West Africa to fight Ebola
West Africa election watch: Guinea - Nov presidential elections are being prepared amid the Ebola crisis. ISS Today
Ghana was an African empire that ruled most of West Africa. Gold coast is a name given by whit…
Editorial: What worked in controlling the Ebola outbreak in West Africa
Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament, Senator Ike Ekweremadu commends Ghana for living up to rating as beacons of democracy in West Africa.
During the 1400s, West Africa became a hub of Islamic knowledge, surpassing centers of learning in the Middle East. ht…
Flag of the Kanuri people of West Africa. Boko Haram's leader and most of its fighters are Kanuris, but most Kanuris aren't part of the group and many don't even like in Nigeria but in neighboring Cameroun and Niger.
Special Representative of the Secretary-General for West Africa, Mohammed Ibn Chambas, cautions against electoral violence in
the Middle Passage is the sea journey undertaken by slave ships from West Africa to the West Indies
The State House press release below... It was a pleasure to welcome Secretary John Kerry to Nigeria. We had a candid and constructive discussion about a broad range of issues. Nigeria is a vibrant democracy and the largest trading partner of the United States in Africa, with more than $18 billion in bilateral trade. Our countries and peoples share a mutual admiration for each other and a deep commitment to freedom, democracy, and human rights. This is why we are together engaged in a struggle against a common enemy that promotes terror, fear, division, and violates human rights, most especially of women and girls, with complete impunity. Winning the fight against Boko Haram in Nigeria and West Africa is absolutely essential to beat back the tide of religious extremism around the world. Our security forces have been working tirelessly and courageously to achieve this goal. I reaffirmed for Secretary Kerry that Nigeria is strongly committed to building the multinational task force to fight Boko Haram in ...
Ebola Crisis in West Africa – UPDATE: Following are some of the ways the Church of the Nazarene is responding to the Ebola crisis in West African countries: •Guinea Conakry – The 10 Nazarene churches in this country are working in coordination with other evangelical organizations and have distributed 100 chlorine tap buckets* and 1,500 Ebola prevention brochures in two major cities and 15 villages. A total of 4,500 people were informed about Ebola prevention. Many people in the villages asked workers to come back at the end of the Ebola crisis and plant churches. • Liberia – All three Nazarene districts are constantly involved in prayer, Ebola prevention campaigns, and food distribution. Rice has been distributed to more than 1,100 families; Ebola brochures and 150 tap buckets put in place thanks to 140 Nazarene churches and 130 pastors. One pastor, Sam Lama, also invited aid recipients to join him at an upcoming Bible class. • Sierra Leone – Seventy tap buckets have been distributed and mor ...
With Matawalle and Muhd IBN Chambas, Sec Gen. Special Representative for West Africa and Higher Rep to Nigeria.
Its work done, Ebola task force sits tight in West Africa
Dr Mohammed Chambas, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for West Africa, has p...
Ebola cases are plummeting in West Africa. Is the end in sight? via
Boko Haram: Nigeria's loss, Ghana's gain! I would not know how many of you have realised that if the international community want to discuss any issue with West Africa or even Africa today, unfortunately, nobody will think of bouncing it off with Nigerian leadership. Ultimately, Nigeria has lost its leadership position not only in Africa, but even in West Africa. Years ago, President's of Benin, Togo, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and other West African countries hardly take any decision in the international scene without informing Nigeria. Investors are worried, very worried at our ability to run our affairs. A new report said that South African companies with operations in Nigeria are being tight-lipped about the impact on their investments of terror group Boko Haram's attacks in the region.They seem reluctant to do anything that may unsettle the Abuja government before next month's election.About 200 South African companies, some listed on the JSE, have operations in the continent's most populous country, ...
Ebola crisis in West Africa appears to be receding
Prayer Team* Received a note this afternoon from Peter Williams formerly of Italy and for the past 20 years has been taking care of 6 million orphans in West Africa and has asked us to pray for the orphans and his staff and himself. He has a location in Ghana where he hopes to build separate living quarters for the boys and the girls so they are not all in one building. Let us pray for the ongoing success of the orphans and for Peter and his team to remain healthy and that his dream comes true to build the separate living quarters for the boys and girls. He hopes that the finances will come to be all in good time. Let God's Will Be Done for Peter and team. Appreciate your prayers too. Thank you.
"If they (i.e. PDP) are doubting the result (Buhari's certificate), then they should come and see the authentic copy and not the photocopy sent to us by the Cambridge West Africa School. We are here waiting for anybody doubting what we have sent out." ~Alhaji Isiyaku Bello, Principal, Government Collage, Katsina.
Lagos of our dreams - We must begin too see Lagos as not just an economic nerve-centre of Nigeria but it must be the commercial centre for West Africa sub-region and the whole of Africa.
MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY. DR. Chima Korieh The Race and Identity: The Case of the Igbo- Hebrew Israelites in the Americas, This paper explores the way the Igbo-Hebrew Israelite people of The Bight of Biafra Hinterland, West Africa, viewed race and constructed their identity in the eighteenth and nineteenth century Americas and the Caribbean, following their enslavement. The Igbo-Hebrew Israelite people were brought to the United States and other parts of British Americas in large numbers through the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. The Europeans oppressed the Igbo people as a result of the social construct of race and Igbo identity was reconstructed in the Americas because of their ancestral customs. Specifically, this paper explores the issue of race and identity formation through a critical study of the lives of two Igbo ex-slaves—Olaudah Equiano, the author of The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Oladuah Equiano and Archibald John Monteath, whose life as a slave and mission helper with the Monrovian missi ...
Bush Meat - Bush meat is a trade we and our newly now over a year old sister organisation are going to fight in tandem. International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action South Africa have been fighting to end the bush meat trade in western, central and northern Africa for some years. Now Say No To Dog Meat.Net joins us with their intensive quest to banish the bush meat trade - united we stand we will end this bloody unregulated slaughter that places human security at risk of contracting serious infectious diseases. My name is Dr Jose C. Depre and I am the Chief Environmental Officer and Executive for International Animal Rescue Foundation. Last year I introduced two new directors now making some fifteen to the company. The two new and fresh eyed directors experts in wildlife and animal welfare are Madame Donna Armes and Madame Michele Brown. An innovative new model has mapped the potential sustainability of bush meat hunting across the Congo Basin, shedding light on where more resilient species exist ...
APC Vs PDP; DEFINING MEMBERS REAL IDEOLOGY If you support PDP, you are paid to do so and apparently, a thief; • But if you support APC, you are a patriot who is fighting for Nigeria • If an APC governor award a km of road for N1.2billion, he is prudent and God sent • If a PDP Governor awards same km of road for N500million, he is thief • If Fani Kayode joins PDP, he is a *** • If Atiku Joins APC, he is a democrat • If Jonathan Spends N7billion for his office per year, he is a criminal • If Fashola spend same in a year, he is a saint • If Akpabio approved N200million as pension, he must be stoned • If fashola approves N300million for Tinubu, he is a change agent • If you cancelled toll gates as a PDP government, you are an enemy of Progress; • But if you build a road in Lagos, with taxpayers money and toll the road, you are a genius • If you increase school fees as a PDP government, you must be crucified; • If you do same as APC government, there must be a reason Cuz education ...
Ebola: Travellers from Ebola-stricken countries in west Africa to be monitored across US
In addition to the human toll, the Ebola crisis in West Africa has severe political consequences. According to Achille Mbembe, Western states present their intervention in West Africa as a purely h...
In Defence Of Buhari's Statement Of Results By Jarus of Nairaland The arguments agsinst the veracity of GMB's certificate defy common sense but it has become imperative to offer some explanations to the questions raised. I will take them one by one. One, that this is a statement of result, not certificate. Do people know the meaning of certificate at all? Certificate is issued in one copy, and by the examining body, not the school, which is a mere examination center. My WASSCE certificate, issued by the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) in 2000, after showing my details, says “having been in attendance of the following recognized school…”. This follows what should be common knowledge that, it is the examining body, not the school, that issues results, and the result is the property of the student, not the school. What the school issues is statement of result which is copied from the result mastersheet also supplied by the examining body to the school, and retained by the school. It is this mast ...
The first batch of a possible ebola vaccine will be flown from Belgium to west Africa today.
PDP rejects Buhari’s WASC result, says document ‘forged’ The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has dismissed the statement of result released by the Government College Katsina, as the University of Cambridge West African Schools Certificate results of Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC. At a media briefing Thursday, the PDP said the document released Wednesday by the school was “forged, manipulated and fraudulently procured”. The Katsina College released the two documents amid intense controversy over Mr. Buhari’s academic qualification as required by the Constitution for a presidential election candidate. Read below, the PDP’s full statement released by Femi Fani-Kayode, the director media, Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organization. Gentlemen of the Press, Yesterday, 21st of January, 2014, the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Gen Muhammadu Buhari addressed a Press Conference where he attempted to explain the series of controv ...
22 FACTS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! (1) 11% of people are left handed. (2) if you try to say the alphabet without moving your lips or tongue every letter will sound the same (3) You should always wear a hat because we lose 80% of our body heat through our head (4) August has the highest percentage of births (5) the most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E (6) the least used letter in the alphabet is Q (7) the names of all continents both start and end with the same letter (8) Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine. (9) the sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the English alphabet (9) your tongue is the fastest healing part of your body (10) the most commonly forgotten item for travelers is their toothbrush (11) there is no butter in buttermilk (12) women blink twice as much as men (13) the word 'testify' derived from a time when men were required to swear on their *** (14) In Uganda there is a tribe called Buganda and their language is Luganda. (15) Eagles ...
GSK ships Ebola vaccine to west Africa: International health authorities are scrambli...
West Hills Mall in Ghana is the Biggest Mall in West Africa 👌
PRESS STATEMENT, ABUJA, 22ND JANUARY 2015 CSOs CALL ON POLITICIANS TO STOP RECKLESS AND INFLAMATORY STATEMENTS We applaud the signing of an accord by leading candidates in the elections to keep to the code of conduct already signed by all registered political parties in the country and be civil and courteous during the campaign. The value of such an accord is however not in the signing but in keeping to the letters and words In this regard, we are concerned about the series of reckless and inflammatory statements as well as hate speech coming from some members of the political class. For example, on the 19th of January, Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State sponsored an advert in three national dailies suggesting that if elected into office, Muhammadu Buhari of the APC might die in office. He had photographs of three previous heads of state from the North West who died in office and a question mark on the photo of Buhari. Publishing a “death wish” for your political opponent is completely unacceptabl ...
And what about international corporation in West AfricaHaram? Or is extremism in Africa no threat to the West?
Ebola Vaccine Trials To Begin In West Africa: Trials will begin within weeks for two experimental vaccines to ...
When will the International Criminal Court charge Nigeria’s president? By: Peregrino Brimah 2015-01-21 09:17 How many crimes against humanity will it take for the International Criminal Court to decide that it is time to charge the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the deaths of thousands of Nigerians, Cameroonians and other nationals? How many lives will be lost, and what increasing level of threat must West Africa continue to face before the court decides to take action? For six years Nigeria’s presidency accused opposition politicians and opposition parties as being behind Boko Haram terror. An iota of evidence was never provided to substantiate this deadly distraction. Is this not a reason enough to charge Nigeria's president in crimes against humanity? The Nigerian government failed to declare Wanted, a terrorist leadership that had taken responsibility for acts of terror implicated in the deaths of hundreds of citizens for three years of carnage. Is this failure to execute the swo ...
Great to see a decent Tier III Datacenter in Africa
South Africa-based airport services provider Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) says it remains committed to supporting measures that prevent the spread of the Ebola virus. ACSA adds that it continues to work with the Department of Health and the South African Civil Aviation Authority (Sacaa) to monitor health risks posed by the outbreak of Ebola. This has been the most severe outbreak of the virus, with more than 6 000 fatalities and more than 16 000 people having been infected in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, in West Africa, which has been the worst affected. ACSA group spokesperson Unathi Batyashe-Fillis details that the company’s screening and preventive measures at its international airports across South Africa are bearing fruit, as no cases have been reported. “Further, our international airports are working with health officials to ensure that the correct measures are taken to effectively protect our airports and our airport users. The Department of Health has qualified and trained medica ...
GSK ships Ebola vaccine to west Africa -
GSK ships Ebola vaccine to west Africa: GlaxoSmithKline has shipped the first batch of its expe...
Don't forget the Spanish and Portuguese took my ancestors from West Africa to Jamaica.
This is exactly what the west has done to Africa..devide us and entrench the notion that we not the same people..
And participate in the official launch of the West Africa Energy Leaders Group & a myriad of other pertinent disc…
Workshop Description This is an intensive course targeted at those interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and start-ups. The workshop will take the setting of a venture capital competition. This involves one round of problem pitching and product ideation, two rounds of development, each followed by a presentation of the work. The top teams will be voted on after each round, and prizes will go to the top team of the final presentation. There will be daily lectures on topics ranging from how to plan a business and how to make an effective presentations to entrepreneurship culture in the U.S. vs. Russia, and workshops on programming, Arduino building, computational biology workshop (if there is interest). MIT students with experience in business, entrepreneurship, and a wide variety of technical skills will lead the workshop. The students will be divided into teams, which will have several cutting edge project ideas to choose from, such as the following: Device oriented: With the growth of paymen ...
West Africa sees launch of largest data center
Photos: Offshore West Africa 2015 - Registration Opens. Click the link below for details:
GSK ships Ebola vaccine to west Africa: Pharma groups race to launch drug trials amid decline in new cases
That project is one of its kind in west Africa, and it would help boost tourism to the state.
Just saw the CNN vid of the guy saying "Black West Africa" isn't a priority to world leaders. Gutted! My stomach is in kn…
Good news South Africa fans: Quinton de Kock could be fit in time for the final match at Centurion next Wednesday
The Observer of London: Perilous polls amid Boko Haram - Editorial by The Observer of London; Friday, 23 January 2015 GOODLUCK Jonathan, Nigeria’s president, finally made it to Borno State last week, almost two weeks after the Islamist terrorist group known as Boko Haram seized the town of Baga and killed hundreds, possibly thousands, of civilians. Jonathan, making a brief tour of the state capital, Maiduguri, congratulated the army on its work, notwithstanding its abject failure to prevent the massacre. “We thank you as a nation. Terrorism is a global phenomenon. We’re working day and night, trying to curtail this madness,” he said. What Jonathan did not say was how he plans to break Boko Haram’s grip on 20,000sq km of territory spanning three north-eastern states or bring an end to the plague of murderous atrocities, suicide bombings, schoolgirl kidnappings and rapes it has unleashed. The president is frequently criticised for inaction as the violence worsens. It sometimes seems he is trying t ...
Ebola effort needs another $1bn despite decline in cases in west Africa, says UN:
[REUTERS] Ebola ebbing in West Africa but vigilance needed: WHO
The Ebola virus is also killing the Great Apes of West Africa
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Presenter: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel January 22, 2015 Department of Defense Press Briefing by Secretary Hagel in the Pentagon Briefing Room SECRETARY OF DEFENSE CHUCK HAGEL: I have to wait 'til my body guard can sit down. Good afternoon. As we leave 2014 behind, I want to first of all thank all the men and women of the Defense Department for their sacrifice, their service for this country, and I also want to thank their families for the incredible sacrifices they make. All of America, I know, is very proud of the men and women of this institution, and some of you know, last week I had an opportunity to thank some of those individuals personally as I took three days to travel around the United States and visited some of our bases. And again, it was a personal opportunity for me to let them know how much I have appreciated the work they've done for this country and what they continue to do. Again, I know how proud this country is of these men and women. We see the kind of work they do, their commitme ...
"PEACEMAKERS, MAKING PEACE" TEXT: Matt. 5:9, 23-25; Rom. 14:17-19; James 3:13-18 INTRO: Because this world is full of discord and fighting mankind is constantly striving for peace. Why is the world like this? The human heart is sinful! The reason there are constant needs for "peace treaties" has to do with the constant need of salvation to change the human heart. The world loves the thought of peace. The United Nations exist to bring this goal into reality. They have huge peacekeeping forces. But that is just the problem, peacekeepers are not what the world needs, it is PEACEMAKERS that are needed! We cannot keep a peace that hasn't yet been made. Today we have "peace treaties" - "peace missions" - "peace prizes" - "peace ambassadors" - "green-peacers" - "peace conferences" - peace marches" - "peaceful co-existence pacts"... but theone thing we don't have is PEACE! The world has always based peace on such things as: 1. Fear of mutual destruction (this is what "detente" with Russia was based on, a philoso ...
GSK ships Ebola vaccine to west Africa from
GENERAL BUHARI:.., The 2nd famous african politician believe to be next to MANDELA, and the most trusted GENERAL in the entire continent. Emulator of ABRAHAM LINCOLIN, the Inculcator of MAHATMA GHANDI. The seeker of Peace, the Commander of Unity, Teacher of Progress, Planner of Economy, Destroyer of Corruption, Eraser of Indispline. True son of Africa. The only cleared elite in west Africa and the Peoples General. GEN. MUHAMMADU BUHARI RTD.
GSK ships first Ebola vaccine to west Africa for trials - but slowdown in cases will make it hard to prove it works http:…
The Ebola virus is still spreading in West Africa, , and the number of known cases globally has now exceeded 20k.
The 1st group of soldiers from the 101st Airborne Div. are home from West Africa. We're live in Ft. Campbell at 10.
West Africa overland from Accra to Ouagadougou through Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso
.works to aid & provide resources for patients in West Africa. Looking for skilled
THE RISE AND FALL OF NIGERIA UNIONISM There have been strict indications that the umbrella body of all Nigerian Students has lost its mission and vision. Before the name NANS came into existence, the umbrella body of Nigeria Students was known as NUNS. NUNS came into existence when the umbrella body of West Africa students WASU fought the colonial masters and insisted on the rights of African Students to be ported and promoted. NUNS adopted the same ideology of WASU and That was how students unionism started in Nigeria. During the 1960's, tertiary institutions was not much in Nigeria, but the system was well coordinated and managed, the students voice was very sound and clear which led to the Abolition of the so-called Anglo-Nigerian Defence pact. In the 1970's, the number of higher institutions in Nigeria increased in numbers. The students struggle by this time was fully appreciated and recognized in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. The students saw themselves as agents of change, and they wanted to m ...
Can we roll back Boko Haram in West Africa too? That's killed even more people.
Germany promises to help Ghana end blackouts Germany has offered to help Ghana solve its energy issues as well as in the education sector. President John Dramani Mahama is currently on a state visit in Germany hoping to strengthen the relationship with the European powerhouse. German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to help Ghana end the erratic power supply that has raged on for over a year after the two leaders went into a closed-door discussion. Their talk also touched on issues affecting the continent as a whole. Merkel said Germany is prepared to support the young oil-producing country in various sectors. “For Ghana, it is providing electricity and electricity supplies which is of the greatest importance and we have been talking about making contribution towards developing renewable energy,” she said at a joint press conference. “We value the partnership with Ghana and it is a friendly one.” She added: “Ghana is a good democracy and good partner in West Africa. Our tides in the field of de ...
Mali declared Ebola-free as new cases decline in West Africa: The announcement comes ...
When I hear a Christian talk about change, regarding this Upcoming Elections. I am compelled to feel pity for him or her. Any true Christian would have nothing to do with Buhari. Light and Darkness has nothing in common, and anybody campaining for Buhari, has an agenda or stands to make a gain, cos no normal Nigerian would. In the wake of this campaign and stuff, have been quiet and watched carefully, Buhari has nothing to offer But to fulfill his long longed desire to finally make this Nation an Islamic state (God Forbid!). It's all an agenda. They want to make the Whole of West Africa an Islamic state, thus to do that they have to start with Nigeria, the most populous African state. In order to do this, they have to use a disciplinarian and a military enforcer Clothed in the warm embrace of Democracy who will stop at nothing to achieve it. Thats what was done to Turkey (a case study). And this is just How it started, The Christian Community taking things for granted. Go and do your research. Christains ...
Today in history: On Jan. 18, 1535, Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador, founded Lima, Peru. In 1644, perplexed pilgrims in Boston reported America's first UFO sighting. In 1671, Pirate Henry Morgan captured Panama. In 1777, the city of San Jose, Calif., was founded. In 1778, Capt. James Cook stumbled into the discovery of the Sandwich Islands - now known as Hawaii. In 1788, the first elements of the first fleet carrying 736 inmates from Britain to Australia arrived at Botany Bay and set up a penal colony. In 1862, during the Civil War, the Confederate Territory of Arizona was formed. In 1865, the Battle of Ft. Moultrie, S.C., began. In 1896, the first x-ray machine was demonstrated in New York City; and British troops occupied Kumasi, in West Africa. In 1911, the first landing of an aircraft on a ship occurred aboard USS Pennsylvania. In 1916, a meteorite struck a house near Baxter, in Stone County, Mo. In 1919, Walter Owen Bentley launched Bentley Motors, Ltd. - the business was later be purchased ...
Big thanks to our brother West Africa states who've commited to helping us fight BH. Indeed, Nigeria's survival is in Africa's best interest
Thy food thy medicine- Shea butter Shea butter (/ˈʃiː/ or /ˈʃiː.ə/) is an off- white or ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa). Shea butter is a triglyceride (fat) derived mainly from stearic acid and oleic acid. It is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer, salve or lotion. Shea butter is edible and is used in food preparation in Africa Occasionally, the chocolate industry uses shea butter mixed with other oils as a substitute for cocoa butter, although the taste is noticeably different. The English word "shea" comes from s’í, the tree's name in the Bambara language of Mali. It is also known as karité in the Wolof language of Senegal. In some parts of West Africa, shea butter is referred to as Ori. History Accounts from as early as Cleopatra's Egypt speak of caravans bearing clay jars of valuable shea butter for cosmetic use. The funeral beds of early kings were carved in the wood of shea trees. Shea butter's skin care and healing properties ...
Land, Food and Culture in West Africa: Facts about Poverty, Food & Water Problems in Mali
Ebola cases drop off in West Africa:
This month we'll spend more than $700 million on unwanted pressies - what a waste! This year, tell your friends and family 'I don't want a present' and build a school in Sierra Leone, West Africa instead.
The secret to curing Ebola in West Africa is no secret at all:
spills the not-so-secret secret to curing West Africa from via
Paul Farmer unpacks debates around standards of care for treating Ebola in West Africa in op-ed:
PDP, APC Reel Out Policies to Stem Reliance on Oil 16 Jan 2015 Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday proposed new sets of policy measures in response to the challenges posed by the country's over-dependence on oil as the only major source of income. While the PDP said it is implementing policies that would make the economy an all-inclusive one through the privatisation and liberalisation of critical sectors of the economy, APC said it would target investments in agriculture and related industries as well as revive the textile industry as a basis for creating jobs for the unemployed. Speaking at a debate organised by the Centre for Democracy and Development in conjunction with Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), the PDP representative, Dr. Katchi Ononuju, said it is not true that the country was lagging behind but instead the party had been able to stabilise the economy leading to the achievement of the feat as the larges ...
Suspected Ebola patient who visisted West Africa being treated in Edinburgh hospital
"Like many aid workers, I went to West Africa to respond to the Ebola outbreak because it was the most essential...
While ISIS and Al Qaeda are widely known for their terror operations, Nigerian-based Boko Haram is reaching a new level in buildings its extremist base and control in West Africa.
what to think about it so here you are: Traitez ce message avec prudence. Il n'a peut-être pas été envoyé par : favoradi2000Des messages similaires ont été utilisés pour voler les informations personnelles de leurs destinataire in english now: tret this message by being becareful about it some messages like this had bee, sent to steal your personals informations and maybe wasn t really sent by thisperson mentionned up to the text so please it s a waening never beleive SPAMMMERS! My Dearest one, I know that it may sound strange to receive an email from someone you do not know at all, but I am desperate to save my life and future that is the reason I took this bold step and made some research before I got your contact. I have confidence that this is the right step toward the right direction. My name is Miss Sai Rebecca and I am from Ivory Coast a country in West Africa . My mother died of cancer just after my birth and I have been with my father who refuses to marry a second wife all through. Most un ...
Congregants at Trinity Episcopal Church come from many countries, including in West Africa
PROFILE OF FIIFI FIAVI KWETTEY Fifi Kwetey who has always been a passionate lover of his homeland Ghana, decided to come back home to continue his education. In September 1984, he enrolled in Bishop Herman College and by June 1987 had obtained the GCE O level. Even at that early stage, the young Fifi had started making headlines nationally and beyond the frontiers of Ghana. He was adjudged by West African Examination Council (WAEC) as the overall best student in the whole Ghana in 1987 and was subsequently flown by WAEC to Nigeria where he was given the top most Award of Excellence as one of the Three Best Students in the whole of West Africa for GCE’ O level in 1987. In September 1987, Fifi Kwetey proceeded to Achimota where he sat for another academic record, taking just a single year to obtain straight As in all his A level Subjects. He did his national service in his beautiful town, teaching English at EP Tokor JSS in September 1989 to August 1990. Fifi then entered the University of Ghana, Legon wh ...
The Black Spring in West Africa: Call for Action in . Group fears Togo is next in t…
 In the serene atmosphere of the eastern part of Nigeria, West Africa; stands a young citadel, driven by the quest for teaching, learning, research, development and excellence. That is Ebonyi State University.
A soldier home on emergency leave from duty in West Africa who was found dead in the yard of a residence Tuesday morning in Killeen tested negative for the Ebola virus, according to the results of a preliminary screening.
BigReporter: West Africa: Libya the Key to Stopping Terror in the Sahel...
/1 Good on China! (232 more to W.Africa). And yeah, WHO talking restructure for faster response is needed. But how?
Lagos is prodigious west side relative to africa up to outsmart campanile.: yrVsUfC
The concerns of the West cannot stop with Paris. According to news...
DALLAS (Reuters) - A U.S. Army soldier who just returned from West Africa and was self-monitoring for Ebola symptoms was found dead on Tuesday near the Texas base where he was posted, Fort Hood officials said. "At this point, there is no indication of the Ebola virus disease, but medical tests are…
W thnk 4 everything 2 hv an impact th west must involved .Africa has to com wth its own initiative.
Soldier deployed to West Africa found dead at Fort Hood; tests negative for Ebola - CDC chief: Why I have hope ... -
Bats are a possible source of Ebola epidemic in West Africa
Killeen Police and Fort Hood Military Police currently have a home blocked off on the 3300 block of Cantebrian Drive where a man was found dead in a yard Tuesday morning. Fort Hood officials confirm the man is a soldier who recently returned from a deployment to West Africa. Officials say there are…
why is it every time Africa has a crises you people feel the west should intervene? You feel they are that incompetent?
*** TO SHOW YOU THAT KING JAMES OWN SLAVE THIS THE YEAR THAT THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN THAT YOU BELIEVE IN! The Atlantic slave trade is customarily divided into two eras, known as the First and Second Atlantic Systems. The First Atlantic system was the trade of enslaved Africans to, primarily, South American colonies of the Portuguese and Spanish empires; it accounted for slightly more than 3% of all Atlantic slave trade. It started (on a significant scale) in about 1502[38] and lasted until 1580 when Portugal was temporarily united with Spain. While the Portuguese were directly involved in trading enslaved peoples, the Spanish empire relied on the asiento system, awarding merchants (mostly from other countries) the license to trade enslaved people to their colonies. During the first Atlantic system most of these traders were Portuguese, giving them a near-monopoly during the era. Some Dutch, English, and French traders also participated in the slave trade.[39] After the union, Portugal came under Spanish le ...
Ebola outbreak: Canadian volunteers to West Africa doubles since call to action -
Officials say they're investigating the death of a Fort Hood soldier who was found outside an off-base apartment after he returned from deployment in West Africa. The first of two Ebola tests given as a precaution came back negative.
American Ebola survivor returning to west Africa to work in hospital:
Fort Hood soldier found dead Tuesday tests negative for Ebola, according to second, more conclusive test ht…
Canada sending 3rd mobile lab to West Africa to help fight Ebola.
American solider dies after return from West Africa to deal Ebola
A Fort Hood, Texas, soldier found dead outside his residence in nearby Killeen on Tuesday returned from duty in West Africa less than a week ago.
A Fort Hood, Texas soldier was found dead in the yard outside of his apartment today, the military base confirmed. The as-yet unidentified man was part of a group of 87 soldiers in isolation following their return to the U.S. from West Africa Jan. 7.
China sending large Ebola relief team to West Africa
“Doctors Without Border Dr. Craig Spencer tests positive for Ebola in NYC
c8959397: China sending large Ebola team to West Africa
The spread of the deadly Ebola outbreak throughout West Africa is leaving hundreds of children orphaned, and a number of them are reportedly marginalized by some tribal communities due to the fear of witchcraft and black magic.
I'm less concerned about what the West is doing for Nigeria. What is Africa doing?
Fort Hood soldier found dead after returning from West Africa
Soldier found dead in Texas after returning from West Africa - NY Daily News
UPDATE: Soldier was on emergency leave from Africa & told to self monitor twice a day. awaiting medica…
2.2 Colonialism Tropical rainforests are found mainly in the Third World countries, Australia and Hawaii being the only exceptions. All of these countries have indigenous populations who had their own system of land management and/or ownership in place for thousand of years before the intervention of colonists from rich industrialised nations. The colonial powers (Britain, France, Spain and Portugal), whilst exploiting the resources of many of these countries, attempted to destroy indigenous peoples' rights to remain on their land. Colonialism turned previously self-sufficient economies into zones of agriculture export production (Colchester and Lohmann). This process continues today and the situation is worsening. 2.3 Exploitation by Industrialised Countries Wealthy countries have been consuming so much of their own resources that they are no longer sustaining their growing populations and increasingly, they are turning to the resources of the financially poorer countries. "Twenty per cent of the world's ...
A soldier who recently returned from West Africa has been found dead. Dr's say he didn't have
readies 90.9 bil yen to aid in West Africa:
Fort Hood soldier who was found dead outside home after recently returning from West…
American solider dies after being sent to West Africa to deal with Ebola
C.D.C. Chief ‘Confident’ on Ebola The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa could be brought under control. Ebola Virus
Fort Hood confirms dead soldier had just returned with team sent to combat Ebola in West Africa
In Sierra Leone, West Africa you can get a Oz. Of Kush for $10
Ft Hood confirms soldier found dead right after returning from deployment to fight Ebola in West Africa. Testing now to f…
Nigeria's forgotten massacre: 2,000 slaughtered by Boko Haram, but the West is failing to help
A week back from West Africa, Fort Hood soldier found dead via
3rd T20I: Match is scheduled to start at 09:30 PM IST in Durban, South Africa.
It is currently 68F/20C and Fair for Somerset West, South Africa.
China sending large Ebola team to West Africa
Fort Hood soldier found dead tests negative for Ebola - Dallas News |
Evaluation Time: All the participants of NYS work shop held on 22nd Nov, 14: You need to Evaluate the work of each of your batch mate's work, which we are going to post every day. Give your valuable comments. ARTICLE BY NISHKA TEJUJA, MODERN SCHOOL EBOLA , VIRUS DESEASE The last time I sat on a flight returning to India , I remember the flight attendant announcing , " If you have recently visited any cities or countries in West Africa please inform us , Incase of any symptoms such as headache, muscle pains or diarrhea, please contact airport medical safety immediately . "This got me curious so I decided to do some research. I realized I must start by knowing what exactly is Ebola? Discovered in 1976 at the Ebola river in Africa , Ebola is a disease caused by ebolaviruses carried out by naturally fruit bats. The symptoms start roughly after a week of getting infected. they are as follows : At first : fever , soar throat , muscle pain and headaches are start to emerge, after another three days or so , vomit ...
More than 7,000 have succumbed to this horrific virus in West Africa...and the numbers continue to rise rapidly. Prayers for West Africa and her people... We had better get a handle on this before the epidemic spreads worldwide.
Fort Hood soldier who traveled to West Africa found dead
A US soldier was mysteriously found dead Tuesday outside his apartment in a Texas military post Tuesday just days after he returned from West Africa, media reported.
Ebola test negative for soldier that had returned from West Africa - Austin American-Statesman
Fort Hood soldier back from West Africa found dead
Trouble Brewing: West Turns Blind Eye to Boko Haram’s Bloody Massacre While the world’s been focused on ISIL’s reign of terror in the Mideast, it’s largely neglected the rise of its de-facto counterpart in West Africa, Boko Haram. Now that over 2,000 people have been killed over the past few days and a 10-year-old suicide bomber has been used, that may be changing. Boko Haram first rocketed to international notoriety last spring after they kidnapped nearly 300 female students from their traditional area of operations in northeast Nigeria. This led to widespread global backlash and the social media campaign # Bring BackOurGirls. In the meantime, internet activism has obviously proven to be no replacement for on-the-ground operations, and the Nigerian military has had severe difficulty in battling the terrorists. The expanding chaos has finally become transnational, with militants spilling over into Cameroon and refugees fleeing by the thousands into Chad. As Boko Haram begins to look more and more ...
The Sokoto Caliphate was certainly the most powerful state in West Africa during the 1800s, before it was defeated by the British.
Written by Sgt. 1st Class Mary Rose Mittlesteadt 101st Sustainment Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (AA) Public Affairs Buchanan, Liberia – As service members of the Joint Forces Command – United Assistance complete their missions, the logistical mission to redeploy the equipment used to battle the virus is picking up speed. The 101st Sustainment Brigade (Lifeliners), Task Force Lifeliner, JFC-UA, from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, is the lead logistics element for Operation United Assistance in West Africa. [ 524 more words. ]
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Ebola: efforts to combat the unprecedented outbreak in West Africa can succeed, and have already led to marked improvements in certain areas, but the fight will not be over until the last case is addressed. Dr Bruce Aylward is the Assistant Director-General of a cluster which brings together WHO's work in polio eradication and humanitarian response. A Canadian physician and epidemiologist, Dr Aylward is the author of some 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters. He joined the World Health Organization in 1992 as a Medical Officer with the Expanded Programme on Immunization. He worked for seven years with national immunization programmes at the field level in the Middle East, western Pacific, Europe, North Africa and central and southeast Asia. Since 1998, Dr Aylward has been responsible for the oversight and coordination of all polio eradication activities across WHO's Regional Offices and the Global ...
Two promising Ebola vaccines will soon be tried on the frontline of the epidemic in West Africa, the World Health Organization has announced
The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited UN Women today to wish staff in New York a happy new year. He said: "Today, at the beginning of this new year, let's commit to making 2015 a landmark year for women's empowerment. You can count on me." Since he recently returned from a visit to countries in West Africa, he used the Ebola-safe "elbow bump" greeting. Photo credit: UN Women/Ryan Brown
Tests of two Ebola vaccines currently under development could begin in West Africa as early as the end of the month http:/…
Late-stage trials of vaccine to start in West Africa by the end of the month:
All former Nigerian Presidents and Heads of State have been engaged in one activity or the other to contribute to Nation building even after leaving office except Gen Buhari. We know about the Yakubu Gowon Foundation and its commendable effort at eradicating polio in Nigeria and Africa. Also Gen Obasanjo's African Leadership Forum has been involved in leadership training and development in Nigeria and Africa. Gen IBB has continued to play diplomatic roles in the West African Sub region. General Abdulsalami Abubakar, has served variously as ECOWAS special envoy to war-torn countries in West Africa. These Former Nigerian Leaders have continued to use their names and personalities to serve Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the world. And they are not tired in so. Today, i challenge every Buharist to name one developmental venture Gen Buhari has done to contribute to the well being of Nigerians, West Africans or Africans. Or any nursery, primary, secondary or tertiary institution that he has built or donated i ...
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This week's Final Call Newspaper editorial: Conspiracy theories and unnecessary Black deaths By News Updated Jan 6, 2015 - 8:40:05 PM When an emergency arises in Africa or elsewhere in the Black world, our vulnerability to those who provide care for us surfaces alongside the threat to life that must be responded to. Such vulnerability should lead to questions about who is providing the care and the service, their agenda and whether we are truly being served. Such questions about methods or motives are often disregarded as “conspiracy theories” and paranoia despite a history of medical malpractice and genocide against us. But questions about motives and methods have arisen again as West Africa copes with the deadly Ebola virus, a virus which has been a favorite subject for study and funding by the U.S. Department of Defense. The questions come not from a wild-eyed radical but from the mainstream UK-based Guardian newspaper. The Guardian reported in December that British health workers lef ...
"Minds 🙇🙇are like parachutes: they only function when they are open. - West Africa"bc africans knew wat parachutes wer? 😐
SOMEWHERE IN THE VOLTA REGION. How can a region fully of tourists attraction sites like the Volta region have bad roads? Tourism is one of the highest foreign exchange earners for the country and yet the roads that lead to most of these sites are dilabidated. Isnt this an irony? There is a full and working ministries of tourism, local government and rural develpoment, roads and high ways. District and municipal assemblies and a department of feder roads. The question is, what is the modus operandi of these ministries, agencies, departments and assemblies? These government agencies should be up and doing to put these roads into the right shape to serve as a source of revenue to governement. The roads that lead to the highest height in Ghana ( Mt. Afadjato) and the longest waterfall in West Africa ( Wili Falls) should be upgraded. Moreover, the Wili Falls environment should also be upgraded to attract more tourists. God bless our home land Ghana.
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