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West Africa

West Africa or Western Africa is the westernmost region of the African continent.

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(2/2) ECOWAS decision does not come as a surprise given Morocco's increased interest in West Africa:
Chale, I don't know who to sub for Samuel Eto'o. All these guys are from West Africa, Kalusha from Zambia (SADC Region).
Am from Anambra, the 4th biggest economy in 9ja n it has one of d largest markets in West Africa. (Onit…
LOOKING FOR A DOCUMENT CONTROLLER POSITION: in West Africa, , Northern Canada, Eastern Europe or the middle East. please let me know.
Am from Anambra, d 4th largest economy in Nigeria with one of the biggest markets in West Africa (Oni…
We tend to be accepting of the ankh & other ancient Egyptian religious symbols but symbolism from religions from West Africa
Known officially as the Republic of Benin, is located in West Africa. Find here some facts and
NOIPolls, the premier organization for country specific polling services in West Africa has released a Social...
2030 - West Africa's turn to host the World Cup
They have better football academies I think & West Africa is a ready market for France and Belgium
Dema is a class that focuses on dance, music and storytelling traditions of Ghana and West Africa.💃 🎵.
I liked a video Muskegon Heights Kids Travel to Ghana-West Africa
Before the arrival of the colonialists from Britain, the Oyo Empire of the Yorubas was one of the most powerful in all of West Africa.
Top read | conviction is the biggest victory for international criminal justice in West Africa.…
Ep213: This Company Has a Sweet Solution to the Bitter Problem of Child Slavery in West Africa via joewaters
If this was Western Europe there would be more than 4 people on a beautiful day. But this is West Africa, Nigeria to be pre…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
How to achieve regional integration in insurance across West Africa – Efekoha
Investment key in adapting to in West Africa
Blame Fulanis for allowing British govt to use them in destroying West Africa.
The complex beauty of the African architectural genius. We need to build on what we have. Agadez, Niger; West Africa
After Central Africa region in December, West Africa economic bloc has rule out devaluation of franc
US imports from West Africa drop off, as heavier grades get pulled to Asia instead…
Home and Nigeria is Nigeria & West Africa's premier retailers Buying Trade Fair.
*** - my favorite president in West Africa is sick - We wish PMB a speedy recovery
This is an image of a 14th century European map of West Africa, featuring Mansa Musa & his wealth. The Empire.
Hybrid Warfare Scenarios: China and the Geopolitics of West Africa. "The Sahel Silk Road" https:…
Prof Paul Farmer reflects on global responses to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa: The Ebola Suspect’s Dilemma ht…
Recommended: blog post by Leonor Faber Jonker on the colonial genocide in German South-West Africa (1904-1908) ht…
but also proved to Zambia by Jeremy Wade's fishing in episode set in West Africa to a dozen countries
Big brother West Africa should be the next one we can't keep having Nigeria, SA then Africa and repeat all the time
Guinea-Bissau is a Portuguese-speaking country, but English and French are the business languages of West Africa. https:…
with the spirit by Jeremy Wade's fishing in West Africa to prefers gifts of her gifts of good and West African
HIRING: French-speaking Senior researcher w/a background in and research in West Africa. Apply:…
Rachel Dolezal just legally changed her name to reflect West Africa:
After a brief survey of West Africa on Google Maps, it appears the main language is French.
Togo: French-speaking part of West Africa: A Bridge to a Better Life for Kpondjo’s River Dwellers via
I prefer poverty in liberty than riches in Slavery . Serous Toure of Guinea , during the French colonisation of Guinea in West Africa .
Don't even get my started on West Africa and the Middle East/Northern Africa 😍
Interesting article in that the geography is largely Russia and West Africa. The price basis is from 2015
Real Jew From Tribe of Judah, South ISRAEL, Off the shores of West Africa, Slave Trade happened to One Nation of People, IS…
Scrutinizing the Peace and Security Agenda in West Africa. Role of Peace-building and Conflict Prevention.
First black captain leads Royal Canadian Navy ship to West Africa
Very soon, out me own Kumasi shopping mall which is the largest mall in the whole of West Africa would be opened,...
The Mali Empire that ruled much of West Africa for 400 years from Niani, this village in Guinea on the Sankarani...
Kullman Dining Car Company. built the first pre-fab United States Embassy in Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. bankrupt 2011
An Economic History of West Africa, by A. G. Hopkins is much broader (because West Africa) but think of it as context setting.
Jessica Johnson shows us what we learn when we focus on women in the middle passage between West Africa, the French…
abeg now, Ghana has to win the cup for West Africa
The real smart ones came back w/new attitudes after 90 day TDY's to West Africa or Beirut.
Check out Bronzes of West Africa by: Leon Underwood -Hardback Vintage 1949 via
Nigeria is the Regional Collaborating Centers from West Africa working in sync with to achieve its objectives.
An NGO that provides succour for people living with diabetes in Nigeria and West Africa.
For latest African news,from the Maghreb to the Horn of Africa,from the Great Lakes region to Southern & West Africa,follow
Nigeria did not exist until British govt decided to create and own a country in West Africa. Biafrans demand
Fighting Ebola with Information: the use of Data & Digital Technologies in West Africa
Gambia (Brikama Branch) in West Africa needs help. So does Mali. I already have a Western Union set up. But I need to upgrade.
ECOWAS, EU launch €29.3m peace, security project for West Africa: ECOWAS and the European Union have…
West Africa is “trending away from entrenched, long-standing rulers” via
West Africa sets 12pm GMT deadline for to quit as troops encircle via
West Africa sets high noon deadline for Jammeh to quit during pause in military intervention…
West Africa forces enter as sworn in as leader
West Africa readies force to ensure inauguration
Lmaooo West Africa isn't playing games with Jammeh
ECOWAS intervention in demonstrates how SADC & EAC are jokers! S.Sudan and Burundi wouldn't be this way if they were…
Its still very early. Benefits from mmm west Africa now and quit whenever you want . Register using this link..…
You forgot same thing. . There is no army in West Africa able to stand up against _an army.💪💪
Some of the West Africa forces that could intervene in Gambia within hours if defeated dictator Jammeh refuses to go. http…
eNCA | List of towns affected by Eskom's power cuts
I was better educated in West Africa in classrooms with mud walls for less than pennies a day than US pupils. It's Not Th…
West Africa is having a bad day - 30+ killed in Mali and potential military action in The Gambia. :(
Will and fawning be prepared for West Africa confrontation in Gambia or leave…
Rachel Maddow did a story about the crisis in West Africa RIGHT NOW, in Gambia. They're about to have a war.
Farm attack Zeerust, farmer and wife assaulted, robbed via
I think the West are scared of functioning democracies in Africa, b/c a functioning state cannot be exploited as much as a fai…
Child marriage is still widespread in developing countries, such as parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Latin America, & Oceania.
Rachel is clearly unaware that ECOWAS is generally acknowledged to be a serious political, economic & security bloc for West Africa
Most people in West Africa or even any well-informed person would not immediately think of so-called "fun stuff" when they think of ECOWAS
I published my two cents on on linkedin: 'West Africa's last despot: Lieutenant Yahya Jammeh'
watching now. Unbelievable Gambia and west Africa on the brink of choas and our govt.
SRSG on developments in West and Sahel - Press ...
Advice to dictators in West Africa, don't embark on a test of your popularity through free elections. The result…
- Relieved British tourists arrive home from Gambia
Still stunned by how hard & expensive it is to travel from East to West Nairobi to Dakar 9 hrs, $1800 return on KQ.
Clearly with the situation, the cat has entered the chicken house. Time for West Africa to take off the bluff.
Dear Africans,. Imagine if were in West Africa. Nkurunziza would be out in 2015.
Just In. . "Adama Barrow is due to be inaugurated as the new president on Thursday, and West African military...
is one family. East, West, North or South.
Nice little war in West Africa brewing
what is pln to monitor the situ in west Africa over the weeknd? You have no nsa staff.
actually the west screwed up ME , Africa and the Indian subcontinent. The worst kind of genocide! Read history
4. Senegal is the most stable country in West Africa. Hate to think of what a spillover conflict could do to the shining e…
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lol bro just post your fine pics, you know Nigeria has the best army in west africa
I don't think Gambian President Yahya Jammeh knew anything about State of emergence until Robert Mugabe travelled to West Africa last week.
The World Health Organization announced the end of the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa on January 14, 2016.…
West Africa is made up of 15 republics stretching from Cape Verde-Senegambia in the west to Niger-Nigeria in the east. That defined >
CDC staff were essential to stopping the outbreak in West Africa. Looking back w.
e be Kumasi flashy or Ashanti Region flashy or Ghana flashy or West Africa flashy or Africa flashy?
If you had to choose one, would it be SE Asia, West Africa or a Western Europe vacation? I can't make up my mind :(
" effort across the Liberian diaspora in West Africa to recruit former soldiers and rebels."
As much as we Nigerians and Ghanaians fight, at the end of the day Naija and Ghana run West Africa 😂. Don't @ me tho.
Take charge of your PF in 2017 with huge lithium amongst other minerals from West Africa to Queensland
METRO purchased a Villiage Drill to provide water in Burkina Faso, West Africa. It arrived in the capital last week. Mer…
Doraemon: "It could be in Tibet or West Africa."
. That's why China is winning Africa . China views Africa as a business partner . The west gives bribes, see no opportunity
So why did you go around West Africa, paying off Fulani herders not to attack Kaduna people?
.my little sister joined the Peace Corps and is spending the next two years in West Africa. She sends her holiday w…
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When is bein coming to west Africa (Nigeria)
I will always remember Wham! and the hit "Holiday" - synonymous with my time in West Africa in the 80''s. A 1 record disco!
Shining the Spotlight on West and Central Africa’s Entrepreneurs
Bringing solar power to West Africa -speaks to Xavier Helgesen, CEO of our SME category winner…
Nice book although Swaziland is not in the West of South Africa (page 32) , but in the East. Just finished it 😎😎😎
A very SUNNY and merry Christmas to you all from sunny and fabulous Ghana West Africa baby!! My…
When east meets west in Africa... Our breakfast this morning consisting French Toast with …
Yep, through the you're having an impact in West Africa! Click and see!
Sambisa is almost six time the size of lagos as reported, if FG & N/E states can collaborate & farm on it, they'll feed West africa
Farm Attack – grandson shot in the mouth – North West via The scum strike again.
Yes,once the West stop stealing their natural resources! Africa is a rich continent but certain countries in the West r robbing "em
Ghana's next president faces tough demands on jobs and corruption
Discovering the Landscapes and Wildlife of South Africa’s Arid West
Just a thought - what is our evacuation plan in West Africa if faced with a disaster close to this?
In Show of Support Pope Francis Writes Assad, Sympathizes with Syria and its People
Africa in 2017: Another race of East against West
and the west never paid reparations to any of their former colonies in Africa. Double mouthed imperialists
Nigerian staple food cassava was brought to West Africa from Brazil by the Portuguese.
Muslim Iraqi Soldiers Erect Cross on Top of the Church in Newly Liberated Karamless Village Near Mosul
ISIS Sets $1mn Reward for Killing Danish Girl who Fought with Kurds, Denmark Sends her to the Jail
So I heard mmm West Africa is giving 50% profit after 30days...your money will still do mannequin challenge it's non of my business
French aid worker was kidnapped in the west African country of Mali, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs says.
Welcome to the cattle republic in west Africa called niger-area (Nigeria).
An That Is 100% Effective - for the Zaire strain ravaging West (via @ intell…
Rebel Commanders Readying to Leave Syria for Turkey with Hefty Amounts of Stolen Money
They made up a country in Africa. Wiki says its in East Africa but this looks more like Mali/West Africa http…
From NLR 102: Rob & Rodrick Wallace on the economic policies that underpinned West Africa's Ebola outbreak:…
Loool. Our Judiciary now has the reputation of an underwear in West Africa. Shameful...
West Africa to integrate human and animal health to fight and
West Africa to target human and animal health together to fight Ebola and Zika
it was Muslims who killed millions in Algeria, West Africa, North Africa, Vietnam, Iraq,
Gorgeous ladies from celebrating a successful conference in West Africa! Way to go
15 years ago he was a security guard in London. On Dec. 1, he could oust West Africa's oldest dictatorship:
East Africa got all the slow twitch muscle, West Africa got all the fast twitch muscle. Diversity, Africa style.
West Africa is currently tackling outbreaks of several zoonotic diseases
Before I went to Liverpool Vet School, I had a gap year in Mali, West Africa, working with and their…
1] "South-West Africa is a geographical area. Slaves and dogs are named by their masters. Free men name themselves.”…
Question 9: the middle passage was a sea journey in which slaves were brought from West Africa to the West Indies.
During the transport of slaves from West Africa to the US during the Middle Passage white pirates raped African mal…
Lolol! He's from Ghana, West Africa and moved here when he was 16 to New York, then Mary…
"Ghana was adjudged the best place to do business in West Africa." - President
into hub of the West Africa!. Read on H.E. official website:. h…
This dude just followed me from T. Coop down Greene St asking if he could take me home to West Africa...
Goodman Gallery is pleased to be exhibiting at ART X LAGOS this weekend - West Africa's first International art...
World Bank: Ghana Overtakes Nigeria as Best Place to do Business in West Africa: The Wor...
Did you know that in the 14th century the city of Timbuktu in West Africa...
African Rhythm & Roots Festival to bring the spirit of West Africa to - the AU review (blog) :
Thousands of communities along West Africa's coast are at risk of being washed away by rising sea levels.
Ghana is taking economic advantage of the mess in Nigeria & positioning as West Africa's new hotspot. We are here winning…
HI, I'm Patrick . Nate. Where are you from? West Africa?. Detroit . But where did your people originate from?. Idk, I'm not Alex Haley .
Nigeria derives her name from river Niger, which is the largest and longest river in West Africa.
Uber booms in eyes expansion to French-speaking West Africa
Uber booms in Nigeria, eyes expansion to French-speaking West Africa
Cosafa has 14 members English , French and Portuguese speaking countries. West Africa 16 North has 5 while the East has 12 then Central 8..
Brotherly love: Amid rising religious fundamentalism in West Africa, the BBC's Lamine Konkobo looks at how on...
NAMIBIA 🇳🇦. From the coastal Namib Desert. "Namib" means "Area where there is nothing" in the Nama language. Former name: South-West Africa.
IPO of Sucrivoire on West Africa's stock exchange to start Oct. 5, demand seen strong
Happy Western Wednesday, Thanks to Helder Pereira for the from Cape Verde, West Africa.
West Africa waging war on terror: Liberia President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said Africa had an increasingly imp...
"Cultural valuation and biodiversity conservation in the Upper Guinea forest, West Africa"
Boko Haram, Islamic State, and the underlying concerns for West Africa via
Jihadists argue over leadership of Islamic State's West Africa province -
Love the coffee Aroma?. Enjoy the best coffee beans from West Africa. Breakfast for as little…
Recession: Nigeria has lost its status as the aviation hub in West Africa to Ghana
Congratulations keep West Africa connected to the world. Kisses from from Nigeria.
Toolkit on abolition in West Africa launched by in Please share
Ghana has gradually become the hub in West Africa as airlines get cheaper aviation and better conditions there.
Has the WWE ever had Wrestling Matches in Ghana or West Africa before?
Though it's important to note Ghana didn't have near the amount of Ebola as most of West Africa from what I remember.
do you guys get orders fron Ghana, West Africa? Never see a laptop with my own eyes :(
Oluwa Glass Plc that was at a time the only glass company in the entire West Africa died the moment the Germans handed it over to Nigerians.
The Niger River is the principal river of West Africa, extending about 4,180km (2,600mi) making it the longest river in N…
Sokoto leather work is second to none in West Africa. State Govt and UNIDO have signed MoU to boost the sector. 🙌🙌
No team from West Africa in this year's at last its North against South.can atleast Zesco beat Wydad Casablanca?
If you from North Africa, South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and Central Africa we all are one in Africa
Canada's government Ottawa replacing special forces trainers in West Africa with regular troops:
for regional peace in West Africa has to f…
places NBC doesn't understand the geography of so far...the Indian Ocean, West Africa, Central Europe
2. But this group praises former leader of ISIS in West Africa, Abu Bakr Shekau. But he does not declare ISIS "apostat…
An in-depth look at the British Library’s collection of Arabic manuscripts from West Africa
.West Africa - Ghana and Nigeria - not just dolphins but also manatees targeted
I'm raising money for Volunteer Public Health Worker in Ghana, West Africa. Click to Donate: via
Accra, Ghana. Feels good to finally visit West Africa . 😎
We now have reasons to continue our partnership drive in West Africa. Reports from South-East Nigeria, and the...
West Africa and Nigeria has to Product Position itself for Tourists to come –Carmen Nibigira.
In Ghana, West Africa, the internal trafficking of children is one of our biggest challenges
We're not even Africa's finest. West Africa (esp. Nigeria and Ghana) take us for all of our lunch money in that dept.
Behold the Ooni of Ife: Pre-colonial kingdoms in West Africa included Ife, Oyo, Ashanti and Dahomey. All of t...
Expo of Guinea at the YALI West Africa conference in Ghana
Support Returnees Diaspora ( RIDEO). We follow up in Ghana-West Africa: they are doing great with no support yet. https:…
I see mad traffic in Accra and wish I could get some cash as loan and invest in the railway business in Ghana and West Africa.
I miss Olusegun Obasanjo as our President, this is someone that knows West Africa, to be more precise Nigeria and its needs. Long live Obj!
My colleague Benjamin Baker, training future authors of the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists in West Africa
Ifá originated in West Africa among the Yourba groups as a form of traditional African medicine
Canadian generosity in action in West Africa -
Vetiver oil has been used in traditional medicine in South Asia, Southeast Asia and West Africa for thousands of...
Fulani,Peul or Fulbe:primarily Muslim people scattered throughout many parts of West Africa,from Lake Chad, in the east,2 the Atlantic coast
25. Askia the Great - Emperor of Songhai Empire. He made his country the largest country in West Africa.
OMG Digital is basically BuzzFeed for Africa OMG Digital, a West Africa-based startup founded by Prince Boakye…
Thanks for proving my point. African Latin was spoken in North Africa in Roman provinces. Nigeria is in West Africa.
culture long before then. And can be dated back to the ancient city of Benin in West Africa during the 1400-1500s
Obasanjo calls for single for West Africa
It's the biggest lake settlement in West Africa and it's magical. @ Ganvié
As part of the 82nd (West Africa) Division, many Nigerians fought in Burma against the Axis powers, many died, so.
The Silverbird Cinema is one of the biggest cinemas in West Africa with over 50 screens in branches across Nigeria, Accra and. Nairobi
Evidence that US state department wants the expansion of Islamist poised to kill every Christian in West Africa.
A short film on youths in West Africa by Ousman Fye, Founder & Creative Director @ Idealist Media Pictures.
Growing up in West Africa; Jazz Bass legend: Richard Bona tells a story about a real life incident that happened to him as a young boy..
"We illuminate the connections between West Africa and the Americas through music and education." -- Julie Moore.
Nigeria: Islamic State in West Africa murders at least 30 people in jihad raids on two villages
that the gospel of Jesus Christ would transform the Babanki and impact lives across Cameroon and greater West Africa.
Friendly match: Togo 1-0 Zambia. The Chipolopolo Boys lost in West Africa. Next is Gambia in another friendly
1968, a ship w/a cargo of synths leaves Baltimore, vanishes, is marooned in West Africa, creates new type of music.
Chipolopolo Head To West Africa: The Chipolopolo boys will today head to West Africa where they will play two...
1/ Covenant University Ota Ogun State Nigeria, becomes the first university in West Africa to adopt a university-wide digital learning...
16 teams left in & :. 9 from North Africa. 3 from West Africa. 2 from Central Africa. 1 from Southern Africa. 1 fr…
Where will fishing industry shocks hit hardest? Central and West Africa most vulnerable
I don't even get. Ogun State had enough bitumen to build road across West Africa the last time I checked.
Nigerian President introduces former President Olusegun Obasanjo as the "oga of a West Africa.". security summit in Abuja
OBEAH Monologo Snapback. Inspired by West Africa, the West Indies & Barbara Kruger. More on
Phillis Wheatley was likely Fulani and from the Gambian or Senegalese region of West Africa.
Ministers from the Eastern Caribbean underscore vital SIDS concerns in West Africa: DAKAR, SENEGAL, 27 April ... https:…
Interestingly one positive side effect of the Ebola crisis in the Mano River Nations of West Africa is that prostitution has
Hailed as West Africa's golden child, Ghana deserves its place in the sun.…
West Africa: Poverty Blamed for Fueling Terrorism: ... the Boko Haram massacres in the Lake Chad region, food...
...there's a 'Fulani question' that needs to be answered in West Africa region...
Global Fund awards ITPC - West Africa grant for US$5 million to extend community monitoring of treatment
Tomorrow is World Water Day. Here is an article published last year focusing on water supply in West Africa.
all originated from West Africa. And Afrobeat has so many genres within it. I'm Nigerian trust me.
West Africa tends to adopt more of the French culture while East Africa adopted more of the Indian culture
Interestingly in the Mano River Nations in West Africa, prostitution has dropped right off since the Ebola 2014 outbreak.
This also says a lot about US-French coordination on security issues in West Africa
Mali reduces forecast for 2016/17 cotton harvest: The cotton season opened last month in West Africa's bigges...
Thanks and I had many French Immersion Teachers under my leadership from Mali (West Africa)
Ebola resurgences in West Africa suggest the virus can linger longer than expected
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,,, HF have built or refurbished over 420 pumps and filter units in West Africa, Latin America and Asia
We might now know why Ebola keeps popping up in West Africa:
if you had said "Arabic", you wouldn't be far away from the truth. French is more prominent in West Africa.
Top story: Violent attacks worsen in seas off West Africa despite global piracy… see more
Usman Dan Fodio echoed in a jihad movement led by the Fula ethnic group across West Africa. Google: Jihad Movement and Shekau.
Looking forward to presenting at the West Africa peace & security network annual symposium, Accra, Ghana this Friday
The role of training in the West Africa response: 8,000 health professionals from 80 nations were trained.
South/ Central America, India and West Africa seem like such amazing places to visit.
Nice piece from on location at the largest solar farm in East & West Africa
This is Us! We are here to serve you in the heart of Sapele, Delta State Nigeria, West Africa
2GW green energy planned to West Africa - Off-grid solutions are important part of
26. Oba Ewuare - First King of the Benin Empire and one of the first warrior kings of West Africa
I was super lucky to see this beautiful chimpanzee during cruising on the Gambia river, West Africa. Magical!
Explore one of West Africa's finest holiday destinations, the beautiful Ghana.
Thank God for us Ghana tw3. Best tw3 you'll find in West Africa
Islamist militants in West Africa could attack Ghana and Togo next, government says
United in fighting in West Africa, Task Force Meets in Ghana. Read more :
so I want to ask, how do the displaced communities of indigenous folks from West Africa interact with indigenous North Americans?
Love to everyone on this track.From Baltimore to East Cleveland to West Africa! Lom Nava Love!
DID YOU KNOW? . The earliest forms of Art produced in West Africa are found in Nigeria – This is the Iron Age Nok... http…
River Niger is the 3rd longest river in Africa and the longest river in West Africa flowing through 4 countries with majority in Nigeria
Blue Ribbon is busy making ads with private school children while children in West Africa are dying due to hunger, the sad world we live in
Kaduna to have biggest poultry farm in West Africa —el-Rufai
Former president Obasanjo warns about drug money seeping into politics in West Africa
Maryland County on the coast of West Africa (Liberia) was founded in 1822 to encourage black Indians to migrate there.
Let's keep it real. This ship carries about 5,000 and takes about 2 weeks to travel from West Africa to AMERICA.
Wouldn't it be a kick to see kids in West Africa wearing 2016 Eastern Conference playoff t-shirts on ABC News one night this Summer?
An American physician assistant suspected of having Lassa fever is being transported from West Africa to Emory Universit…
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