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Wesley Snipes

Wesley Trent Snipes (born July 31, 1962) is an American actor, film producer, and martial artist, who has starred in numerous films, thrillers, and dramatic feature films.

Demolition Man Willie Mays Hayes Woody Harrelson New Jack City Black Panther Omar Epps Will Smith Kanye West Tom Berenger Simon Phoenix Nino Brown Michael Jackson Andrew Bynum Denzel Washington Anne Heche Chris Tucker Dave Annable

That's how they've been overhyping everything from our Government and now mistakenly did the same here.…
Wesley Snipes and Lord of the Rings’ Sean Astin are working on a Starfinder RPG setting
I’m not gonna grow up to be Blade because I like Wesley Snipes.
Why look like a bootleg Wesley snipes
Rapper will direct and also produce his next film "Cut Throat City.". Terrence Howard, Wesley Snipes, Eiza Gonz…
Exactly. American's will see someone dark as Wesley…
Thanks. I get that - I do like to read stories and understand the details. By the way, it puts me in mi…
Every now and then you come across weird rpg news. This is one of those times. .
Or thinks he is. Idi Amin thought he was related to some Scottish King. My friend…
Wesley snipes came to Nigeria, was crowned. He went back & was slammed with tax evasion. . Samuel peters came, crowned, went bac…
It's not a belief. It's a fact. Ask Wesley Snipes what happens when you don't pay up. Once that is…
Wesley Snipes acting as a drag queen and he'a killing it.I've seen it all.
Wesley Snipes' and Ray Norman's first - A thrilling of science and faith, good and evil, da…
That dude is darker than Wesley Snipes.
No he is PROVING, that our justice system is severely broken...…
Blade: Trinity, written and directed by David S. Goyer and starring Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Kri…
in all the excitement for the MCU we can't let people forget that Wesley Snipes and "Bl…
Disagree. 🍊🤡will not go down w/our a fight. Its in his DNA. Time to call: Magnum PI, Wesley Snipes,…
Prince Harry looks about as much like his dad Prince Charles as I do my dad Wesley Snipes.
Theres a black & white dude here dressed as Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson from White Men Can’t Jump and I am so hyped on them right now
was 🍬But disappointed Billy Bob Thornton and/or Wesley Snipes did not make cameos. (cc: )
has me watching with Sandra Bullock, Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone, Denis Leary, Benjamin Bratt...
49 mins into Sling Blade, no Wesley Snipes & I'm still not sure if Dwight Yokam is a vampire or not. 1 star
We did,Wesley Snipes was our Trainer in defense,The FBI can be defeated But just"Saying' that vs Actua…
Funny thing is that going from Wesley Snipes to Omar Epps was considered a downgrade at one time, for you kids out there.
A shot of Michael Jackson, Wesley Snipes, and Martin Scorsese on the set of the “Bad” Short Film, 1986 https:…
Lots of good actors in that one: Wesley Snipes, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Fishburne, David Caruso...
So says the great philosopher Wesley Snipes😂
Still haven't seen Blade Runner. I assume it's a Blade spin-off. It's about a Hematologist who runs general errands for Wesley Snipes yeah?
Dont gotta be Wesley Snipes black to still be black.
Wesley Snipes beat her *** & deaf her id be sooo over dark skin men too
Why isn't Wesley Snipes back in the acting game 😕
"John Boyega? Well I've seen Wesley Snipes in Blade so I'm sure he's great. They're all great! Denzel Washington too!" h…
Hand down classic Wesley Snipes did that
Me seh last night me try contour like I see all the hot girls doing & ended up looking like Wesley snipes 😭😭 i cnt do it 😩
Wesley Snipes is on that straight and narrow thing now, man! Like a real adult.
Kev should had never admitted to cheating this pic looks like 5 neegas, chris Paul, Gucci man, Webster, Wesley snipes…
Wesley Snipes, Anne Heche & my arch nemesis Dave Annable. Directed by John Stockwell (the real selling point). 275…
Jalen Hurd somewhere smiling like Judd Nelson in New Jack City, after Wesley Snipes got shot. Unbelievable.
Wesley Snipes & Woody Harrelson had great chemistry
Jim Cameron was going to do Spider-Man. Wesley Snipes was going to be Black Panther, and Wes Craven was going to do Doctor Strange 🤔
Will Smith, Hallie Berry, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Wesley Snipes & Chris Tucker all need to make a come back in Hollywood
See me, Wesley Snipes, Anne Heche and Dave Annable in in select theaters and on demand!
Major League: nobodies and underdogs WIN. For real: Wesley Snipes and Dennis Haysbert were nobodies! Imdb the cast and go WOW!
It's absolutely not better than the Original. . The replacement of Wesley Snipes as Willie Mays Hayes alone makes it worse.
Major League II: The role of Willie Mays Hayes, which was previously played by Wesley Snipes, will now be played by Mike Tomlin.
I'll start: Wait, why is a young Mike Tomlin playing Willie Mays Hayes? What happened to Wesley Snipes?
but not by position. Jessica Biel, Kevin Costner * 3, Tim Robbins, Robert Wuhl, Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Tom Berenger,
Wesley Snipes and Arsenio Hall could be brothers.
Is Too Wong Foo what ruined Wesley Snipes also?.lol
If you make Blade, bring back Wesley Snipes. Everyone i know would watch that. He is iconic. Old, but iconic.
Wesley Snipes went to jail for tax evasion. Shouldn't Leo get treated the same?
Ain’t gon talk too much shyt but alotta you muffuggas dressing like gta pedestrians n Wesley snipes on Demolition Man
Fox news hit a new level of stupid this morning. They compared the Senate Majority leader to Wesley Snipes in...
Sanders on morality holds the same cache as Wesley Snipes on tax strategy
When fine art and music collide: a group of guitar makers pays tribute to the Group of Seven
Look hagandass, I just don't like the idea of not Wesley snipes as blade. And I love John boyega
Lmao DeMar Derozan looks like Wesley Snipes so much 😂
wesley snipes gone stop ignoring me like i'm not verified. I just wanna know if theres ever gonna be a blade 4 wes! 😭
I think Rod called her Wesley Snipes from Demolition Man, after she chopped her hair off. Idk why I remembered that, but I w…
Word & the random Wesley Snipes cameo lol
do u think Wesley Snipes is headed for the slammer?
I'm waiting for a Blade movie that's all(And with Wesley Snipes).
I have a weakness for any Wesley Snipes flick where he's kickin *** yo
With a lot of effort, Victor Neri had this Wesley Snipes appeal back in the day... Now he effortlessly reminds me of of Lawrence Fishburne!
That trailer for Black Panther looks dope but I still think @ Wesley Snipes or @ micheal Jai white should've been the man for the job..js!!
This will be the year of the remakes as Wesley Snipes, Tom Berengerr, Corbin Bernsen and other return.
Barack Obama is a LEO. Halle Berry is a LEO. Jennifer Lopez is a LEO. Whitney Houston is a LEO. Wesley Snipes is a LEO…
[snipe hunt]. I shoot at Wesley Snipes. . He ducks and laughs, "White men can't hunt."
Remember when Wesley Snipes and Allen Payne ran dope and Chris Rock sucked a glass peener?. The 90s remembers.
Yeah he should! Willy Nelson and Wesley Snipes & others did time for taxes. Who the *** is he not to have too?
Today is or, as Wesley Snipes calls it...
Cliffhanger, starring Dakota Johnson and Wesley Snipes. Directed by Edgar Wright, music by Muse. Budget: $500
why r u only talking Passenger 57 and Demolition Man when Wesley Snipes had the Blade trilogy? HOFer!!
Demolition Man is the greatest movie of all time, any genre. Wesley Snipes with a blonde flat tops the Sandy as a nerd.
Michael Jai White or Wesley Snipes. Both martial artists in multiple styles and started practicing as small children.
Wesley Snipes, the World Heavyweight Champion is about to meet his match, Ving Rhames! Watch them battle it out in…
Happy 60 Behind the scenes photo of Wesley Snipes & director Spike Lee on the set of Jungle Fever, 1991. https:/…
Yaphet Kotto as Picard? And Wesley Snipes as Geordi? Where's the alternate universe when THAT happened?
Me: Did wesley snipes just throw one dude's larynx at another dude?. Ash: He DID. Me: Huh.
Wesley Snipes demands I always bet on black, and out start date was the 24th so black 24 please! And thank you 👍
I can't be the only one who thinks Wesley Snipes would have made a better Harry Potter?
Do you think Wesley Snipes banged a lot of white chicks? Serious replies only please.
I liked a video Opie and Anthony Animation Fest: Wesley Snipes Goes 2 Prison
I'm just sitting here watching a movie called unstoppable starring Wesley Snipes. It is a really good movie so far maybe a nap after idk
Please make this game winning shot Wisconsin
I need to do a Wesley Snipes marathon. This man has so many movies gems. Also can believe I forgot Murder at 1600😩
All Villanovas offense is is Hart and brunson driving to the basket
OH LORD here we go again i blame Wesley snipes for this
Sorry Wisconsin as a Carolina fan I understand the feeling when all your players are on the bench because of stupid foul c…
Villanova going to win because Wisconsin is in foul trouble
Fact that Wesley Snipes is not a Marvel superhero...or supervillain is blasphemous!
Its Wesley Snipes trying to make a come back the blade Rusty ~ hard!!!
Joel Berry says his ankle is at "75-80%" today; Said that he limped getting out of bed this morning, but it's getting b…
Joel Berry says his right ankle is a little sore, but otherwise he feels fine. Expects to play against Arkansas…
Saturday relaxing watching one of my favorite movies with Snipes Reedus Perlman and…
How about signing people up to vote in 2018 to get rid of GOP, instead? Better than jail cell (like Wesley Snipes)
My birth mother was two shades darker than Wesley Snipes. My birth father was yellow like banana. Their eight babies came in various shades.
picture Wesley Snipes as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. Or Wesley Snipes as every character on Friends.
If it were up to me, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba would be in every movie and TV show with Wesley Snipes playing everyone else.
Rapp Battlez was dope. Here's a blurry photo of THE Wesley Snipes and THE Jean-Claude Van Dizzle…
Share with us your original artwork of Wesley Snipes. Best works will be shared on social media.
Have you ever seen Blade: Trinity? I hear it is so bad, Wesley Snipes even hated working on the film
Listen I just learned that Wesley snipes is NOT in blade runner
Wesley snipes in New Jack City mmm hmm ..
Brooklyn's Finest! . Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes storyline was so good the movie could have just been about them!
possibilities for a Wesley Snipes type turn for Jared Cook.
I'm doing a comedy battle rap in character as Wesley Snipes and at first I wrote rhyming jokes but now these are bars. Where's Meek Mills.
1 was the best 2 was good, 3 was meh,replacement Willie Mays Hayes was alright. Missed wesley snipes tho
Al Capone, and Wesley Snipes would beg to differ, and many others That S.S. teacher needs to move to N. Korea, Liberal land
Two weeks today, “Major League: in Focus”, curated by yours truly, begins Line-up/Tix: https:/…
*** it's been so long since I've seen those movies .. wesley snipes was great in them
Wesley Snipes' book is on there too. i've no interest, but you might
I propose a sequel to Coming to America starring Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman replacing Wesley Snipes.
Nice play by Joel Berry before the half!
Usc vs Smu game of the tournament so far!!
Wesley Snipes Goes 2 Jail by JohnnyUtah (HD) this is how Jim's rants/stories should be animated
At with family this will be the closest thing to I will experience.Wesley Snipes Passenger 57 that…
Every glass of Guinness looks like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.
*points gun and cries like Wesley Snipes in New Jack City*
And then when they kids comes out lookin like Whoopi Goldberg and Wesley Snipes they gotta figure out to how to lov…
with Wesley Snipes on AXN. Interesting. I didn't know Baltimore, MD looks exactly like Sofia...
Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown or Wesley Snipes as Blade? Very important question
I feel like Get Out put black men in a special place. Feels like we're the center of the universe. Got me feeling like '92 Wesley Snipes.
Filming moved from MKE to Camden Yards. Omar Epps replaced Wesley Snipes. Randy Quaid joined cast. Okay, but not as good as ML1.
I thought Will Smith, Wesley Snipes and Denzel Washington have saved the world many times. Proud of race-baiting?
I liked a video Paul Mooney funny jokes about O.J Simpson and Wesley Snipes
Will Smith and Wesley Snipes never won an Oscar, SAG, or Golden globe smh 🤔
My coworker looks like James Harden, Wesley Snipes, Eddie Murphy, and Luke Cage wrapped in one big blanket of "I jus want to be myself" lol
Well I'm upset I never got to see the OPCD that tells me how to differentiate Wesley Snipes from Bill Pullman. I'm still confused
I need to admit that I get Wesley Sneijder and Wesley Snipes mixed up.
Yeah I would go to jail if I didn't pay taxes Wesley Snipes went 2 jail, they caused Redd Fox's heart attack over s…
Wesley Snipes rules, and Willie Mays Hayes was the best part of Major League
please can you paint John Prescott, in his jag, chasing Elvis Presley stealing top secret US files off Wesley Snipes.
you are the Wesley Snipes (Sidney Dean) of fans. Would rather look good and lose than look bad and win.
2 people I'd never mess with: Wesley Snipes and David Blaine 😂😂
How the *** can they make Major League 3? Charlie Sheen is 51, Wesley Snipes is 54 and Tom Berenger died in 2002!
Man, the Cleveland Indians haven't won anything since Tom Berenger bunted Wesley Snipes home from 2nd.
he'd be in jail for income tax evasion. (See, e.g., Wesley Snipes, Lauryn Hill, Darryl Strawberry, Ja…
, can you get Tom Berrenger to come out as Jake Taylor and Wesley Snipes to come out as Willie Mays Hayes, too? .
"We're still waiting to hear back from Wesley Snipes and Rene Russo. We'll let you know."
People who didnt pay taxes: Pete Rose, Al Sharpton, Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson I'd guess paid every dime he was asked to
The IRS went after Pete Rose, Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson, and Redd Foxx. Why have they not arres…
Just found out Wesley Snipes is a real life fifth degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and a black belt in Hapkido and I can't stop laughing
Donald Glover, Jaden Smith, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Wesley Snipes and I'm throwing Dennis Rodman in there fo…
👱🏿 they have Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man though...
I like em light too but Wesley Snipes in Blade laid the foundation for my love for darker men
Someone needs to develop a strain called Willy Mays Haze. Not for the great one himself, but for the Wesley Snipes character.
I'd like to see Idris Elba, Sterling Brown, Cuba Gooding Jr, or Derek Luke to play Black Manta. That order. Wesley Snipes if going older. 👌🏻
Oooh. Wood Harris, Lance Reddick, Lennie James, Royce Pierreson, Columbus Short or for old times' sake, Wesley Snipes.
Got on a Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown shirt, my mom talking about who is that on yo shirt.. Smh
Order Miche Bag Online!
oh lol Wesley Snipes was Nino Brown in New Jack lol
man, Darren Jackson makes Wesley Snipes look white
New Jack City is brilliant, Wesley Snipes was Oscar winning as Nino Brown IMO
Why can't we live in harmony like Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour, or Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes in White Man Can't Jump?
Wesley Snipes says he doesn't think Taylor Swift's relationship with Calvin Harris is destined to last.
that wasn't Wesley Snipes? Could've sworn it was Kevin Hart. I might be wrong. I tend to mix up my Morgan Freemans
Should use it anytime you talk about Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.
*** it looks like Andrew Bynum ate Wesley Snipes from Demolition Man
Bynum out there looking like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man. I'm sick
lmao. He looks like the Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man
Andrew Bynum: You remember Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man?. Barber: Say no more
Andrew Bynum has the Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man look going son.
Someone should make a meme of as Wesley Snipes's Willie Mays Hayes and as Omar Epps's WMH
*** Messi. Joining the tax fraud hall of fame next to Wesley Snipes.
In the famous words of Wesley Snipes aka Willie Mays Hayes "we shoulda gotten the live chicken"
I'm pretty sure there is a game based on this starring Dean Caine and Wesley Snipes.
Eric Jerome Dickey spit truth at his friend, Wesley Snipes...
Wesley Snipes as blade and Micheal jai White as the antagonist...shut up and take my money😁
Free Doug Haas, Michael Clark Duncan and Wesley Snipes. We Immortals we will die legends
A lot of my family members could be famous people impersonators. . Wesley Snipes. DMX. Beyonce. Flavor Flav. Gary Coleman . Not even joking
..Looks like Wesley Snipes on To Wong Foo..ijs. That long gold weave, ha..
yup marvel. Tbf he got the most looks early on with the Wesley Snipes films but few knew it was marvel
this is obviously some mistake. They must have overlooked the legend tax exemption. Same issue w/ Wesley snipes
Wesley Snipes put darkskin men on the map?
did I miss something? How does Wesley Snipes as blade correspond with the red room scene edit?
Conversation swung from and to Mike Figgis and Wesley Snipes... cover feature incoming
Media ended Wesley Snipes career for tax evasion. Lets see if their beloved Emma Watson gets the same treatment
Idiotic eureka moment: I just learned that the leader of the other gang in Michael Jackson's Bad video is Wesley Snipes
I'm still hoping Wesley Snipes comes back for more BLADE.
. you can't tell me that Wesley Snipes isn't PERFECT for the character, S'yan The Swift... Well ?
He's a warrior. Aging heroes still have their physique. Could have given us Wesley Snipes or something.
If she didn't pay taxes on it, she needs to serve that Wesley Snipes time⚡️ “Emma Watson named in Panama Papers”.
he owes millions s in back taxes ?!?! No jail time ?! Wesley Snipes did jail time for back taxes did his time like a man.
Got work at 7 am, can't sleep. So I'm up watching New Jack City, just like any real one would. S/O WESLEY SNIPES.
Next time someone buck up I'm bringing my blade out and I'm Wesley Snipes in that ***
Wesley snipes just dnt understand how attractive he was in ''Blade''
Remember that scene in Rising Sun when they face swapped Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes? I can do that with my phone now. Weird.
All my exes look like Wesley snipes
When I was trying to rate the Wesley Snipes movies I got this far:. 1) Demolition Man. 2) To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
you seen the fan with Wesley snipes 😂
After watching the play the in San Fran it males me want to watch the movie "The Fan" with Wesley Snipes as Bobby Rayburn
Well after 4 washings and a shower, my hands have gone from "Wesley Snipes" to "zombie grey." But at least both cars are working.
Him: why would his name be Wesley if not after Wesley Snipes?. Me: I feel pretty comfortable assuming you're not going to get the reference
apparently marvel has plans for blade including talks with wesley snipes. Allegedly
This reminds me. Last week someone asked my cat's name. Me: Wesley . Him: Like Snipes? . Me: Uh, yes in that their first names are both Wesley
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I wish Wesley Snipes could've been Black Panther so bad
*** Wesley Snipes BEEN wanting to play Black Panther quiet as it's kept, but Blade blew up first.
yeah he never got the hype he deserved..Wesley Snipes wanted to do a Black Panther movie for years..he saw the potential
Wesley Snipes...white men can't jump!
Wesley Snipes The Art Of War That was a great movie
and I still hate they replaced Wesley Snipes with Omar Epps like nobody would notice in part II
Even though Wesley Snipes has been campaigning to play Black Panther for 10 years. Would've loved to have seen that.
I Saw Wesley Snipes On Chicago and Michigan: I Commended him on the Documenta... via
Wesley Snipes had sex scenes in like 8 movies straight! Who was his agent?!
I don't see Obama as the first black president. He's far too light skinned lmao, get Wesley Snipes or my man Akon.
A reboot of The Shining written by the Coen Brothers starring Wesley Snipes and becomes a Broadway show
Wesley Snipes and Teresa Randle in Sugar Hill: They loved each other in spite... via
Wesley Snipes as Comm. of Internal Revenue.Trump as Becky with the Good Hair
The best R-Rated Superhero movie of all time. Sorry, Wesley Snipes.
Never truly watched To Wong Foo BUT I will say this, Wesley Snipes in drag isn’t memory that you can NEVER forget.
Hamilton Collection
I dreamt that was being added to my life in post via really dodgy greenscreen. I was protecting Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes.
I know y'all saw Kanye West at the looking like Wesley Snipes in the Blade Trinity
Where are Dean Cain, Vanessa Williams and Wesley Snipes when you need them?!
I'm hoping for a Money Train 2 feat. Wesley Snipes and Ted Dibiase Jr. Or maybe a new Blade with HHH...wait
Walter McCarty looking like Wesley Snipes father in Sugar Hill
"The doves aren't crying, but Wesley Snipes is because he won't be able to give a *** anymore". -Woody Harrelson. Best quote ever
Speaking of old school action movies, Wesley Snipes really was the best villain in the 90's as Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man.
John's Advice of the Day: Pay your taxes or go to jail like Wesley Snipes.
That is another good one! Wesley Snipes, Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock.
I fell asleep watchin Demoliton Man. Had a dream me and Wesley Snipes in Simon Phoenix mode were wrecking fools in the future.
They should get Wesley Snipes to play Green Lantern. He'd be a perfect fit as John Stewart.
and -50 on her looks😴😂. Bryce😕 Tony Snell and Wesley Snipes could do better than her😴
Stephanie Mac looks like she's going to team up with Wesley Snipes and hunt vampires after Wrestlemania
Is it really? I haven't noticed that trend. I think of Denzel Washington in Man on Fire and Wesley Snipes in Blade.
I want to be like Schwarzenegger, Stallion, Van dame, Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, & The Rock in movies. They inspire me.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The Undertaker has James Brown's hair, while Shane was sweating like Wesley Snipes during an audit
Rick James was couch, cocaine, Wesley Snipes, 5 fingers, unity, and darkness.
She's ugly but she got a fat *** , is the same reason your baby moms look like , Wesley Snipes in to Wong fu
Blade used to be my FAVORITE y'all don't even know Wesley Snipes was a bad mothashutyomouth. I real life wanted to be a day walker
If I only I had heeded my fellow lifters advice sooner I could still be built like vintage Wesley Snipes
Anthony : "Alright you want Wesley Snipes or Denzel? -Denzel. -Done, roll". Chris: "...You want Ben Affleck or Keanu Reeves?"
I don't look like Wesley Snipes though lol
Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes are the only two celebrities I'd trust analyzing basketball.
Me: if you had to marry, do, kill between Forrest Whitakker, Wesley Snipes, Uncle Phil. Wave : she said do Forrest no wait I meant .. 🤔😳😂😂
Would you rather:. Go Kart with Wesley Snipes. or. Mini golf with Danny Glover?
I wanna watch Disappearing Acts with Wesley Snipes & Sanaa Lathan...oh...or Asunder with Blair Underwood & Debbi Morgan.
America needs an "economic enemy" to fear. It's a tradition. How else would Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes make a movie?
Should of got Michael Jai White, Wesley Snipes, JVCD to do it.
"He looks like Sam Smith, but with the breasts of Wesley Snipes."
My evening has been an odd mix of Kate Bush, Joan Bruton, Noel Fielding and now Wesley Snipes in full drag. Eventful thus far!
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By 1994, the idea of Wesley Snipes being billed below a fading Charlie Sheen or Corbin Bernsen was ridiculous
Wesley Snipes beat his own mug for "To Wong Foo"
Bruh Demolition Man Wesley Snipes just got knocked TF out 😂
Wesley Snipes is back on his feet now!.
of 2010 Wesley Snipes movie.also a boring movie.
I love the Wesley Snipes and Angela Bassett scene in Waiting to Exhale. And that letter he sends her...gah!
Wesley Snipes was such a good friend when Angela Bassett needed it
All this talk about a PK vs Therrien war. Who the *** are they kidding? In the words of Wesley Snipes... Always bet on …
Only movie Wesley Snipes looked decent in is Waiting to Exhale 😂
I used to love Wesley Snipes back in the day. He was FINE 😍
as Wesley snipes says, always bet on Blaze!
Were Oakley blades relevant before Wesley Snipes wore some in Blade?
please no Wesley Snipes! Recast! And how about some badass vampires for a change?
Sharing something that we might really doesn't know TIL Wesley Snipes' apartment was destr…
TIL Wesley Snipes' apartment was destroyed by the collapse of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers. He happened to…
I could see Hugo Weaving or Wesley Snipes as Mr. Sinister and doing a good job in the role.
how about 10 and Black? Because Wesley Snipes says: always bet on black
If there's not a petition for another blade movie with Wesley snipes, there needs to be
'Definition Man' - Wesley Snipes and Sly Stallone read the dictionary
"Nothing else gives you that deep-down" Wesley Snipes in New Jack City... Or was it Randy Gregory 🤔
Wesley snipes invented the dab in 1996 😂
I added a video to a playlist Wesley Snipes (The Art Of War) full movie
Light skinned dudes had the force in the 80s and early 90s before Wesley Snipes came along.
We're conditioned in this country to believe that if there's a problem, the...
I love being a dad, it keeps me fit and inspired and children are so funny.
In honor of get off Deadpool's jock and start a petition to have Wesley Snipes host in character as Blade dummies
you would think people would be blasé, but it is like that Silvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes future SciFi movie
That makes you kohai and Wesley Snipes ?
In fairness, you have to be a black "civil rights leader" to cheat on your taxes. Wesley Snipes can attest.
Ted Cruz looks like a Mexican Drug Lord in the latest Wesley Snipes movie. He looks like a Jesus Freak just one Pepsi away from meltdown.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
when did he meet with Wesley snipes?
Call it what you want or what you like I've been ballin all my life. I'm Sydney Deane yall Wesley Snipes.
"He's black. He's Wesley snipes black." - my sociology professor talking about an old friend
I love Wesley Snipes... but Chris Evans > all day
Omg 😩 I'm watching I love New York and Tiffany said Taylor maids wife looks like Wesley snipes in too wong foo 😂😭
Glade - Wesley snipes samples different plug-in air fresheners.
Did Charlie Rangel or Al Sharpton ever pay their taxes? Wesley Snipes did time for that.He paid his debts.
Kanye West really reminds me of Simon Phoenix, gleefully played by Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.
Things were so much simpler when Wesley Snipes & Woody Harrelson made movies together
Woody Harrelson should've brought his good friend Wesley Snipes with him! Snipes has all the pull in Hollywood!
Woke up from a utterly harrowing dream this morning featuring Wesley Snipes, Lei Roberts, a desert (alla Mad Max)...
This is after Wesley Snipes and Charlie Murphy.. Now S the darkest mf on the planet today
The NBA Celebrity Game should be only actors from 90s basketball flicks. Duane Martin, Leon, Wood Harris, Wesley Snipes, Denzel, Kevin Bacon
no problem if I look like Chris Sarandon, Frank Langella or Wesley Snipes. chris
That halftime show (minus Coldplay) was blacker than the back of Wesley Snipes upper lip.
Remember when Wesley Snipes was in "To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything?" Goodness, what a great *** movie.
Hey Tommy Lee Jones, if you couldn't catch Harrison Ford or Wesley Snipes what makes you think you'll catch Jason Bourn?
it's true that Wesley Snipes only talked by post-its signed "Blade" during Blade : Trinity ?
People the same color as me. Morris chestnut. Wesley Snipes. Michael Blackson.
It seemed to me that Keanu Reeves is following the path of Steven Seagal or Wesley Snipes...
I'm all fine for Ralph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson as long as we get Wesley Snipes to play Julian Assange in return.
I would rather see Wesley Snipes as JAMES Bauer
Mos Def, Terrance Howard, Wesley Snipes, and B.O.B. should open up their own smart-dumb college.
Wesley Snipes & Kadeem Hardison looked alike to me in the late 80s/ 99s
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