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Wes Welker

Wesley Carter Wes Welker (born May 1, 1981) is an American football wide receiver for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL).

Randy Moss Julian Edelman Tom Brady Danny Amendola Demaryius Thomas Reggie Wayne Peyton Manning Troy Brown Adam Humphries Cole Beasley Eric Decker Rob Gronkowski Texas Tech Vernon Davis Jordy Nelson Bill Belichick Kentucky Derby

I doubt a team would give up a 2nd, but then again, that's how New England originally acquired Wes Welker.
The Broncos have had a number of them. Jabar Gaffney, Wes Welker, Aqib Talib, Daniel Graham off top of my head.
How did I just learn that Wes Welker is the new special teams assistant? 🏈
shoot Devon Wylie. Is that dude still in the league? Everyone was saying he'd be the next "wes welker" lol
Bill O'Brien happy to have Wes Welker as a member of his coaching staff:
O'Brien on asst coach Wes Welker: he's doing everything an entry level coach does. Helping WR/special teams/DB. Breaking down a lot of film.
Bill O'Brien on Wes Welker 'He's doing everything an entry level coach would do'
Bill O'Brien on Wes Welker 'To me, he's the best slot receiver to ever play the game'
lol it's rare and the last I can think of really is probably Wes welker
bc not many got the chance!! Look at pats wes welker and edelman .. wining superbowl must not be good smf
Patriots won't pay nobody 😂 but i still havent seen nobody leave us and go be fye (ex. Wes welker, Matt Cassell)
Saying CBJ needed to make a splash. Comparing Jordy Nelson to Wes Welker. Suggesting OSU would make the tourney. 🤔🤔🤔
they're willing to let a Wes Welker go while they coach up an Edelman.
Is he the next NFL star from Texas Tech? They have produced Wes Welker, Michael Crabtree, Danny Amendola and Zach T…
he reminds me of Wes Welker but more polished coming out of college than Welker was
Very impressive, but Wes Welker's 6 year stretch may be even better
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would you put him in before Welker? If so, does that change if we won in 07 n 11. Wes could of been SB MVP in 07
Wes Welker low key lookin like like Fred Durst
They need to make a modern NFL street. Imagine Odell 😧 or Wes welker
Who was the last player Miami developed that left and went on to have a better career? .Been awhile since the Wes Welker days
Kevin Beard? Peerless Price? NFL guy? Do whatever it takes to get Wes Welker? Is Trooper Taylor still untouchable?
Bill Belichick thinks Wes Welker is going to be a good coach because ‘Wes is a football guy’
Bill Belichick believes Wes Welker will find success as a Texans assistant: "Wes is a football guy." http…
Hunter Renfrow should've got the MVP. That boy is a modern day Wes Welker.
are cj2k, arian foster, Wes Welker and Patrick Willis Hall of famers? All great for 3-5 years. where is the line?
Bill Belichick didn't play Wes Welker in the first quarter of a playoff game because of the distraction caused by making a foot fetish joke.
Rob Gronkowski now trails only Troy Brown, Wes Welker and Stanley Morgan on the Patriots' all-time receiving list.
Wes Welker is to McLean Stevenson as Edelman is to Harry Morgan (ask to explain that analogy)
is Wes Welker a hall of famer? And they had all that due to Tom Brady's greatness nobody else
Mr. Lima. He's in way over his head. She's dated Jeter, Lenny Kravitz, and Marko Jaric. Edelman is a poor man's Wes Welker.
TB12 back yard route practice with Wes Welker and Austin Collie. Pays them in concussion water
Wes Welker and Kirk Cousins break down what makes Tom Brady so special
Since when was Wes Welker on the Rams?..
NBA announcers just hate that they can't compare Dellavedova to Wes Welker / Danny Amendola.
What a great tale of two Undrafteds. like Wes Welker ...
Eli won the first one with that D Line and lucky *** David Tyree. The 2nd SB Wes Welker mark *** dropped a gimmie to close out the game
You know he will make the team as a special teams guy and then be a Wes Welker type guy.
Brady was passing to Randy Moss and Wes Welker in 2007, behind an O-line that boasted three Pro Bowlers but was never product of system.
I'm about to pick up Wes Welker for my chargers squad!
One of the B12's all-time great water bugs, Wes Welker, only managed a single runner-up distinction, in 2003.
Rob Gronkowski Edelman Wes Welker and believe me you still going to get to 800 yards 80 catches No Doubt
I feel like Wes Welker would actually know Brady's lawyers, and that's okay.
Wes welker on gametime, 'i know all of Tom Brady's lawyers but I can't name one person on the Toronto raptors.'
Remember it wasn't Saban's fault he failed in The NFL. Despite picking Culpepper over Drew Brees. He also traded Wes Welker.
Wes welker wide receiver have you made your decision about retiring from football handsome.
Brady made Wes welker. You are comparing a ROLE player on a great team to a 2X NFL MVP and 4X Super Bowl champ
Be cool if it was actually Wes Welker's brother lol
Wes Welker throws shad for no reason at all
I dreamt last night that I could un-injure one athlete and I chose Wes Welker's short lil goofy ***
You know he can crush punts and FG's but could have been a FS or WR ala Wes Welker.
I grew up playing soccer and always loved playing it.
one great team for Brady, only Randy Moss and Wes Welker were relevant afterward Brady made that offense look great
played with a lot of great receivers. Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison,Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders,Eric Decker,Wes Welker
Wes Welker just now on w on Art Briles: "There's nobody with more integrity.. I'm shocked by this."
you weren't capable to name more than Brady and gronk on your so called "favorite team" and didn't knew who Wes Welker was??
North Dallas Forty(1979). Is like Any Given Sunday if that was based on Wes Welker rollin on molly at the Kentucky Derby
how about Wes Welker? Lol At least John Lester survived it.
All Sorts Of People Are Rushing To Defend Art Briles Wes Welker in the role of Franco Harris for blind ignorance.
reminds me of Wes Welker and Julian Edelman combined. Real gym rats
Bet the Dolphins regret trading Wes welker to the patriots
Wes Welker seems like a great guy but unlike Klay he couldn't step up and save the greatest regular season
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Wes Welker breaks it down: Manning vs. Brady:
should I care more for Percy Harvin or Lockette? How about Mike williams? Wes Welker should get all our care, no?
Did not know this, but Kliff Kingsbury and Wes Welker were on that 2002 Texas Tech team. Bucks beat them in Columbus, 45-21, in opener.
more or less yes, allows you to objectively view differences between Wes Welker & Calvin Johnson
that homie is nuts going after my boy. Take him out Ryan Clark style destroying Wes Welker.
Studs of the NFL. Randy Moss. Tom Brady. Wes Welker. Tony Romo. Russell Wilson.. What do they have in common. Bad Draft Marks. Next. R. Nkemdiche
Snapple Top fact In the 2010-2011 season for four games Tom Brady had receiver is Randy Moss, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker
Wes welker pats edition would be lit
reminds me of this Wes Welker press conference from right after Rex Ryan's foot fetish story broke.
Shepard is a great short-intermediate route runner, but IMO his comp is a Jarvis Landry/Wes Welker type best in the slot.
rats are such good route runners. Rats would be a poor man's Wes Welker. But way nastier
Quin and *** both had Wes Welker on their previous teams. Would they value Golden Tate in that roll? Do his skills match?
Can try out that flashback Wes Welker maybe?
two years ago I named my Football team "Welker, Texas Rangers." 3 days later Wes Welker got suspended for an illegal substance.
Found out last night that Wes Welker and Wes Walker are two completely different people.
Who's riding the Chris Hogan hype train? Is he going to be the new Wes Welker???
Wow so many haters if you don't have anything nice 2 say just move on A bully is a bully I follow Wes Welker cuz I'm a fan hes a role model
I told you this *** is cheeks this the same team that signed Wes Welker last year
Dudes got the burners reminds me of Wes welker in his prime.
I think while Harvin has plenty left in the tank, he's no longer a reliable guy. Wes Welker type season if return
In other news, the Patriots have also traded for Cole Beasley, and have named Wes Welker their WR coach.
you've had so many of them Wes Welker is jealous lol
"Their [Patriots] priority is to stay healthy" -Solomon Wilcots. *15 seconds later, Wes Welker tears his ACL*.
why is Wes welker still on the wall
If Edelman didn't get hurt he would've easily gotten 100+ catches like whom??? Wes Welker.
Wes Welker going to the Broncos!! Peyton has a machine, as long as they have DBs that can bat down a pop fly in 4th quarter..…
he looks like Wes Welker in his giant helmet
give wes welker dreads and he wouldn't have lost his spot to Emmanuel Sanders
gritty, sneaky athletic, high basketball IQ, a lot of heart, Wes Welker type.
he's just one of those Wes Welker types you'd want your daughter to marry
Nothing says I love Boston sports like a Ray Allen and Wes Welker jersey
Per Arcidiacano proved his worth one summer against "very athletic" competition. Wes Welker type?
Does anyone have a video link of the Wes Welker devil segment with Kenny Maine?
twisted his ankle in the 7th grade, and never got the proper surgery. Coulda been an elusive wes welker
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Wes Welker, Danny Amendola and Crabtree all play WR and made it to the NFL. 👆
On my way to the racetrack if you see me feel free to give me the Wes Welker treatment
I'm selling '2014 Topps Prime Wes Welker/(white jersey) Denver Broncos (9468)' Click to see
I still have to go with Wes Welker, he gave his EVERYTHING to the Pats.
Okay guys! Friday NIGHT STREAM! VIPS, get ready for a 96 Ronald Darby and 95 Wes Welker, non-VIPS have a chance for 95 Beasly and 94 Mariota
btw in my mind second only to Wes Welker "feet" press conference
is this the Dolphins new Wes Welker or Julian Edelman?
Troy Brown, probably. Though Tedy Bruschi and Wes Welker are faves, too.
Ha he was our modern day Wes Welker for the three seasons he was here fast lil receiver could catch anything 2 now
So tomorrow's my moms garage sale & I'm finding more stuff to bring over.. I bring out a Patriots Wes Welker jersey (Not that it will sell)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wes Welker left to join the most prolific offense in NFL history
Hey, I like but for some reason I can't find videos of Tom Brady hugging Wes Welker, please help?
I'm gonna Wes Welker tomorrow at the horse races😂
"Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Terrance Knighton, Orlando Franklin, Rahim Moore and Jacob Tamme are all fre…
Y'all know nothing of Brandon Stokely.. He was Wes Welker and Edelman before it all 😢
Thank Asante Samuel for super bowl 42 and Wes Welker for super bowl 46
no Broncos player ever used PEDs. Not Lyle Alzado, not Wes Welker, not Von MIller,. Nobode!
This burns me up! Wes Welker got popped a month after Gordon and played because it was in a different "league...
Is it too late to make my obligatory Wes Welker comp for white and shifty slot receiver?
bro he like a more athletic Wes Welker.
I'll say this - that Sione kid from Kearns. Dude scored 18 TD's. 8 yards per carry. Could easily be a Wes Welker type Y back.
Only Wes we acknowledge is Welker after last night.
But Wes Welker is white why do you care?
Wes Welker being up there for is no surprise, Brady was under so much pressure he had to do a lot of screens/short passes to Wes.
that's what Don Beebe, Wes Welker, Peyton Hillis, Jordy Nelson, Ed McCaffrey, and Julian Edelman all do
Wes welker is an average receiver w/o Brady 😂😂😂
he hasn't had 1 but he had 3 great Moss seasons, Gronk, Deion Branch (underrated, amazing route runner), Wes Welker.
Every black QB gets compared to Michael Vick and every white WR gets compared to Wes Welker regardless of the type of player they are
The could INK Wes...Welker and it'd still just be the Bombers. It's the organization and base, not players!
Is Wes Welker a Free Agent now? Ted Thompson NEEDS to get Welker for any price!!!
Lol Cam. Wes Welker was a white wide receiver, that's why everyone was scared of him.
Guaranteed he will be the next Wes Welker
Wes Welker? So had Talib, BB has the ability to handle those things. He would be a true and cheap deep threat for us
Watching Wes Welker run routes in his prime is like listening to Ray Charles play the piano
That StugotZ/ Wes Welker interview was amazing back in the day
Whose supporting cast would you rather have? Does JM win an SB with Wes Welker?
I'm so torn on this- here's my analogy: I loved watching Wes Welker play but I was terrified to see the Rams sign him
Abby needs some meat on his bones and a Wes Welker padded helmet
Wes Welker dropped First down catch is a memorable one too
Random stupid mind blowing logic I thought of with Wes Welker curse but nevertheless I thought it was interestingly funny
The Wes Welker Curse continuation:. 2013 Broncos lost super bowl. Was not with Broncos in 2015 so this means that Broncos will win Super Bowl
I actually thought it was pretty good and Wes Welker actually agrees
So im picking up Wes welker and Danny Woodhead LOL ONLY PAID 500
Really? Randy Moss and Wes Welker weren't any good? Not to mention he has the best tight end in football. 😒
Imagine if they could examine Wes Welker's brain for CTE. *shudders*
Since I won that Wes Welker giveaway Ima open up a flash back like 5 luck plsz
Went to Macy's to replace my one pair of jeans and walked out with a Macy's credit card and a Broncos Wes Welker jersey. What just happened
Wes Welker heading down the coaching path? Just walked by at North practice
Happy birthday to the 8th grade QB with the Wes Welker hair.
The weapon in that NE O was Wes Welker. I'm a huge Beasley fan but he's no WW in his prime
Remember Randy Moss and Wes Welker on the same team? That's Clemsons passing game. Remember Tyrod and Shady run game? That's our run game
Until you hit a lick... then gotta make that Heath Evans/Brian Urlacher/Wes Welker type return to the game.
Hello, Wes Welker is not one of your top 20?
on your top 20 list, you missed Wes Welker
he's right. Randy Moss Wes Welker and Dante Stalworth were terrible. So we're Edelman and amendola with Gronk.
Don't you feel like Brax could work well in an offense like the Pats. Be an Edleman or Wes Welker type of player?
All rights go to The New England Patriots, NFL Films, The National Football League & all its broadcasters. I do...
Lol, was waiting for the first reference to a "Wes Welker" type.
Easily my all time favourite receiver under 5'9". Like Wes Welker without the concussions.
Basically, I really like to train. That's what keeps me busy during the off...
what about that big helmet that Wes Welker was wearing his last year in Denver?
Wes Welker was just suspended for taking Molly at the Kentucky Derby. Life is a Mad Lib.
Edelmen looked like a poor mans version of Wes Welker.
This Vine of Peyton Manning and Wes Welker dancing at training camp is one of the best out there -
Maty Mauk and Wes Welker should be homies 😎😂
Was Wes Welker in his prime when he went to the Broncos?
Just realized looks a bit like Walt Weiss. It's not as good as Wes Welker/Michael McKenry, but it's close.
Jabaal Sheard. He's the best acquisition since Wes Welker. That catch has screwed his career. Only thing he'll be remembered by.
true but he had Peyton Manning, Demaryius and Julius Thomas, and Wes Welker at the time. He won't have those weapons in Philly
Christian McCaffrey's style of play really reminds me of Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Danny Woodhead and Peyton Hillis
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Racist *** Denver Bronco fans get Wes Welker jerseys over Demaryius Thomas.
Antonio Brown is the 1st player with at least 15 Rec, 150 Yds, and 2 Rec TD in a game since Wes Welker in 2011.
High motor guy, coach on the field, a Wes Welker type
hard worker, wes Welker like quickness , heady, leader
Real coach on the floor. Got a high motor. Gritty. Wes Welker type.
Buccaneers SBN: Wes Welker, hero of diminutive receivers everywhere
it is almost as rare as comparing a white slot receiver to someone that's not Wes Welker
Adam Humphries (right) w/ St Louis WR Wes Welker after the TB-STL game this past Thursday.
Wes Welker, hero of diminutive receivers everywhere: Every time…
>> Wes Welker, hero of diminutive receivers everywhere
Wes Welker, hero of diminutive receivers everywhere
.of course Wes Welker was going to be Adam Humphries' personal hero.
I added a video to a playlist Wes Welker
Wes Welker won't remember his own name in 2 years.. Between the concussions and Molly he don't stand a chance.
it's sad a guy was destroying me with 95 Wes welker on lobs
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Bears' George McCaskey: "Concussion" film is beneficial for NFL safety: Wide receiver Wes Welker was with the ...
I heard Wes Welker just saw the movie "Concussion" but when asked about it, he couldn't remember any of it.
Chris Paul is better than Tony Parker, aka the Wes Welker of Point Guards
wait what? A lucky catch and Wes Welker dropping a wide Open pass is getting shut down. 🤔
I know I got one talent if I wanna take acting. Few of my friends called me Wes Welker, a…
Wes Welker. The playing dynamics between him& TB12 were off the hook. Ridley too because he could push through the defensive🏈
healthy Wes Welker, cuz he was one of the gang
Wes Welker and Randy Moss is less weapons? Get outta here lol
Sure could use Wes Welker with DAT being out.
Wes Welker played two snaps last night. How does his presence on the Rams' 53-man roster benefit either him or the team?
I would say a couple things, I've seen him play well with Randy Moss and wes welker at hight of powers w/ D that got ball
great possession receiver. Like a Wes Welker.
He's just gritty, a real Wes welker type. Faster than he looks. Blue collar guy.
you should see how small Wes Welker is without the gear on
3 years later and Wes Welker is still one of my favorite receivers ever
Was there a Wes Welker sighting tonight? Don't recall seeing him.
Rams allowed Wes Welker to perform concussion test on Case Keenum:. Welker: What year is it?. Keenum: Alabama. Welker: H…
I was selling a 91 Wes welker and now he's not on my bench or auction house and I don't have the money where can I get help
Dang. Wes Welker got another concussion while on the bench.
the only reason im still watching this game is because I'm holding out hope to see Wes Welker catch another concussion right quick.
Got to see my boy Wes Welker tonight so that was pretty awesome...
When the Bucs realize Adam Humphries has the potential to be Wes Welker , they'll give him more burn. He's a stud.
Dig it. At first glance I thought you were a fantasy football player who was REALLY into Wes Welker.
Been looking for Wes welker flashback all day hit me up please need him for slot
Imagine being a terminally ill kid in the hospital and hearing your local NFL team is sending players to visit but SURPRISE IT'S WES WELKER
This just in: Wes Welker has been diagnosed with a concussion upon looking at his uniform tonight.
I forgot Wes Welker play for the Rams
So is Wes Welker on special teams now or what?
Logan Mankins and Wes Welker before the game
3rd and 5?. Doesn't matter what the year is, throw an out route to Wes Welker for a 1st Down.
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If Robert Craft isnt dialing up Randy Moss and Wes Welker right now,. Idk what life is
Jordy Nelson, Wes Welker, Edelman, and Eric Decker are all better than Odell Beckham.
Nov. 16, 2002: Wes Welker has 14 catches and 247 total yards and Kliff Kingsbury throws 6 TD passes as Texas Tech upse…
RG3, Jimmy Graham, Wes Welker, Ndamkung Suh, just to name a few
Pro Football Talk - - Rams don t know if Wes Welker will play this week
What can Wes Welker bring to the St. Louis Rams?: The St. Louis Rams finally answered the call... via
"Wes Welker says he's going to be fine." Hmmm.
Ted Thompson doesn't make moves to appease to the fan base. He makes moves if they fit. Wes Welker and Vernon Davis weren't the answers.
Wes Welker signing w the Rams this wk reminded me of Chris Borland's retirement. The NFL's concussion issue goes on.
Wes Welker is exactly what the Rams needed to make the playoffs. The only good WR that they had makes a better halfback than pass catcher
Wes Welker still wants to play, and the St. Louis Rams worked him out - Yahoo Canada Sports (blog)
Wes Welker set to star along side Will Smith in Concussion 2. Filming to begin after his stint with the Rams.
THIS JUST IN: Rams and Wes Welker reach agreement on deal, (via and
I don't know why the didn't just sign Wes Welker, he's basically a white Steve Smith just not as aggressive.
Wes Welker signs with St. Louis Rams: Wes Welker's wish has been granted. The wide receiver has signed with th...
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Tom Brady to Peyton Manning to Nick this rate Wes Welker will be getting passes thrown to him from Geno Smith some day
The are expected to sign Wes Welker (via
or Adrian Peterson and Wes Welker as wingers or Steve Stamkos as a Center Forward
It's hard to believe the are better off with Titus Davis and Denarius Moore...over Wes Welker, Reggie Wayne and other available WR's.
Cole Beasley is no Wes Welker. Cole Beasley isn’t even Cole Brown from ‘Martin.'
Keenan Allen: 10 receptions before halftime, the 1st player to do so since Wes Welker in Week 13 of 2012
Do the Patriots have a cloning device? Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola. They're all the same.
Tom Brady's had Troy Brown, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, & Rob Gronkowski to throw to in his career. HES HAD …
Our fault.. We cut James Jones and didn't sign any other WR.. Wes Welker is better than these guys..
If both Randle and O'Dell have leg injuries the Giants are supremely screwed. Bring on Wes Welker and Terrell Owens.
Can we just take some time to remember when Randy Moss and Tom Brady and Wes Welker and Dante Stallworth (and more!) played on the same team
Having an IM football team comprised entirely of Wes Welker-type possession receivers.
Kam’s kill list is impressive; Vernon Davis, Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Megatron…
Fells out for the year and Cruz return unknown? What are the Giants gonna do? I'll take Chris Cooley and Wes Welker for $1000, Alex.
Bigger, more explosive Wes Welker is Rex Burkhead with Bengals, they hiding this guy
Guys like Julian Edelman, Dion Lewis, Wes Welker, Mookie Betts & Isaiah Thomas give hope to those who are vertically challenged with sports.
Sean McDonough is talkin about Bawstahn again. And forgetting that Wes Welker and did/do exist. Classic Ben Affleck.
Would you take Wes Welker, Gronk, Randy Moss, Edelman, Troy Brown, Deion Branch over those guys or nah?
😂 So if it came down to it, who you choosin, Hakeem Nicks or Wes Welker?
there are others too; Wes Welker and Julian Edelman are far from admirable
Yahoo has Josh Gordon, Wes Welker and Justin Blackmon ranked ahead of Cordarrelle Patterson in fantasy.
Wes Welker is (I think) the only player to catch TDs from both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Austin Collie failed, maybe Reggie Wayne?
surprising from as college football player, he says, he was as fast (4.6 40) as Wes Welker.
Steve Johnson getting drafted around where Donte Moncrief and Wes Welker are. Great value there.
If Abbrederis isn't practicing this week, he's gotta be done with football. Wes Welker doesn't take this long to come back and he'd had 4!
I like Stevan Ridley and he's on the Jets, I like Wes Welker and he went to Denver, etc
but best view is seeing Wilson in the shot... his shoulders drop faster than a Wes Welker pass
still guys like Wes Welker, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Steven Jackson available. Crazy.
Tonight's Denver vs. Seattle game has us reminiscing about Wes Welker at last year's Sunland Derby Gala. Wes is...
Wes Welker & Mike Evans had a baby and he's going to take Cody Latimer's job:
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🔋⬆️😈- Oh man! Go get some this year cause we all know you're better than half the dudes that we play. You play like a wes welker honestly 💪
hall and oats, Wes welker, and fat Amy from pitch perfect
Wes Welker's draconian punishment for Molly overturned the NFL drug policy but Blackmon and Gordon are still banned indefinitely
Ladies and gentlemen, your 2015 Boston Red Sox!. *Special appearance by Super Bowl MVP Wes Welker
thanks dude means a lot. Ive been a huge JJ Worton fan since his freshman year. He honestly is like a better wes welker.
trivia: Cole Beasley is the next ... A) Wes Welker. B) Charlie Joiner. C) Jerry Rice. D) lol
Either that or Brady throws another 99 yarder, only with Julian Edelman instead of Wes Welker!
PAINS me to see that while I was coveting Greg Camarillo (the next Wes Welker), I dropped Jordy Nelson. Twice.
I'm guessing that "ppl" include ppl like Vernon Davis and Wes Welker
Two people told me they didn't know who Wes Welker was today. I am now very sad. 😔
preaching to the choir g .. Wes welker was our running back .. We turned the smoke route into a run game
anyone got 93 Wes welker need him for all patriots team
Justin Blackmon? Surprised you didn't draft Wes Welker and Michael Irvin too.
What about Wes welker, couldn't he help here?
Wes Welker's route running tape from Tech is pure gold. Study that if you're a young slot receiver.
Can't believe you risked watching tonight, when Thursday will be a 2nd brain-pounding in 3 days. You could end up like Wes Welker.
return punts*.outside of TE position...wes welker and Jordy Nelson...rare to talented white skill position players..
Can't believe I just wrote a piece about Jarvis Landry where I promote him comparing him to even Wes Welker. .
I just say that to any substance abuse lol. Idk he could be chilling with Wes Welker popping Molly
Beasley will b the wes welker of the cowboys
ppl like him bc he could be the next wes welker or joe jerivicius or ... you know what I'm saying
Edelman being an 89 is along the lines of what Wes Welker was rated so why are yall upset lol.
Is he the next Wes Welker? Does he have that speed? Or is he just a practice squad guy for this year?
I think you mean anytime you give him Randy Moss and Wes Welker in their primes.
I got Wes Welker on the bench on my Fantasy team somebody sign that man already.
your really dumb hunter Terrance Williams is as good as Wes Welker on Denver has plays here and there lol
Why am I just now finding out that Wes Welker isn't playing this year? MY LIFE IS RUINED I LOVE THAT MAN
What do Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald & Wes Welker have in common?. They each had fewer TD receptions th…
I think he had a promising career as a Wes Welker, Eric Decker type receiver. But yeah. Not good
3⃣ tomorrow we get down to business Wes welker jr I'm on a empty stomach right now let's eat !🍴
Breast Cancer Awareness
Still think we should've gotten Wes Welker instead of Lance Moore
If you want to bet on a strong horse though: Scott Walker is grittier than Wes Welker and less elite than Joe Flacco.
Our streak of suspended PED players continues... DJ Williams in 2012, Von Miller in 2013, Wes Welker in 2014, and now Derek Wolfe in 2015 :/
Champ Bailey hopes Wes Welker will retire due to his history of concussions
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