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Wes Matthews

Wesley Joel Matthews (born August 24, 1959 in Sarasota, Florida) is a retired American basketball player.

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my shooting lineup have Westbrook, a throwback Wes Matthews, LeBron, Millsap, and towns
What about Wes Matthews to Minnesota? Seems like a good fit.
Also looked at some potential fits for Wes Matthews via
Nah Fournier's a way, way better ball-handler/shot creator. My projection for him is more a Wes Matthews spot-up guy + defender.
Excited to scout Hart and Mikal Bridges up close. Like both as 3&D guys. Wrote on Hart for here:
if we could get wes Matthews to shoot 40% we would be fine. His 1-7 isn't a fluke...
Why cant Wes Matthews shoot for Dallas. He's just been awful the last 2 years for them
could he end being like Wes Matthews type player?
Trade rumors heating up in 2017. Nets want 2 1st rounders for Lopez. Mavs shopping 3&D SG Wes Matthews. POR interested…
"Should the Consider Dealing for Wes Matthews or Bogut?" via App:
Wes Matthews for Nerlens is a trade that needs to happen
well then I guess there's nothing left to discuss. Just sit back and watch Lou, Wes Matthews, Milsap stay put bc cold mkt.
does wes matthews for in there? Killing me. At least he turned up to the game
ah cmon man you know Wes Matthews was a badass 4th option in Portland
Wes Matthews has gone into a slump...just 2 points tonight...Last 3 games has scored a total of 20 points on 7-of-31 shooting (22.6%)
Add Wes Matthews to the list. doesn't have time for that weak stuff.
one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in person was that Wes Matthews game with Portland at Target center
I might do it since he also took Wes Matthews and Doug McDermott...
Wes Matthews just whipped one of the most off-target behind-the-back passes
Wes Matthews just threw one of the dumbest looking behind-the-back passes in world history.
I wouldn't mind that. Not the old Wes Matthews but still a solid veteran SG. Something they need.
Should the consider dealing for Wes Matthews or Andrew Bogut?
and Wes Matthews, but yeah I would probably trend towards neither.
Hate: everyone on the warriors and wes matthews. Overrated: Melo. Underrated: Avery Bradley, Nikola Jokic. Fav: Gordon…
sny​.tv >> Should the Knicks consider dealing for Wes Matthews or Andrew Bogut?
Yeah, that's true. Wes Matthews most recently.
what does a deal look like that could bring the very avaliable Wes Matthews to CLT in your opinion?
I was thinking about this yesterday: somehow replacing Wade with Portland version of Wes Matthews
The Mavs are shopping Wes Matthews after giving him close to the max last year
Here are some awful, but plausible trade predictions: 1) Ricky for Wes Matthews. 2) Ricky for Gary Harris & maybe Jameer Nelson. (1/2)
Wes Matthews is flying under the radar this summer and that’s a good thing
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Can't wait to put together a 2k team with D Wade, Butler, Wes Matthews, Henry, and Jae as a starting 5 and Doc as the coach
and how could anyone forget the great Wes Matthews?! Got to like the chances for Dallas.
I honestly think if you give them a guy like Mike Scott,Wes Matthews,etc. off the bench they'd be a 30 something win team
Same money as Chandler Parsons who isn't nearly as good. Less money than Eric Gordon and Wes Matthews.
Looking forward to see rookies Justin Anderson and Salah Mejri next season. Also a rested Wes Matthews will be much better.
When super teams like the Warriors, Spurs and cavs exist... Telling fans Wes Matthews and Chandler Parsons are "it" is a joke
Bro I know Andre Miller did not just beat Wes Matthews on a jump ball 😂😂
in the next 3 years Cuban is getting Durant, Griffin, Steph and Anthony Davis in free agency. If not max out Wes Matthews again
Deron Williams, Dirk Nowitzki, & Wes Matthews are going to have to put up great performances like last game. Season is…
nice picture :) everyone in dallas loves Wes Matthews
nope. Wes Matthews was doing it when he played in Portland.
Steph C, Klay T, Dame Lillard, Wes Matthews, Omri Casspi and Brandon Knight last night ... players who've drained 7 3s in a half this season
Decided to make a quoteboard for my Wes Matthews story so if you wanna read all my interviews & more, here you go.
Wes Matthews said Mavs are a .500 team... They wouldn't be if their max contract SG didn't play so average
we could trade WES Matthews and Anderson for a draft pick between 7-10? You think?
All purpose parts banner
Wes Matthews with the ball fake via
3-googles, 3-arrow. Kentucky sure does love poaching Wes Matthews' celebration ideas.
Regardless of whether Jefferson trade happens, don't plan on Jazz matching Matthews offer. Enjoy Portland Wes.
Wes matthews at crunch time or a trash can? Im taking that trash can every time.
Best Wes Matthews game I can recall in some time -- and still Mavs trail by 5.
No way Wes Matthews is going to sit in crunch time today
Still trying to figure out how that "steal" by Wes Matthews wasn't a foul.
Nice steal to transition three by Wes Matthews. Mavs still down 91-95 with 5 min left
Monta Ellis tweaked his knee (Wes Matthews undercut him). He's limping off the court under his own power. Sitting on the bench for now.
Wesley Matthews & Monta Ellis have nearly identical stat lines right now: Both are 4-7, 4 rebounds, 4 assists. Wes has 8 points, Monta has 9
David Lee is doin WORK. Give this man 80% of Wes Matthews' contract lol
I'd much rather have Monte than Wes Matthews right now
If there's a game for Wes Matthews/Mavs to break out of his slump it's against the Pacers.. matched up against the guy you replaced..
Monta Ellis gonna kill the Mavs today and Wes Matthews will suck as usual.
Achilles change everything, but it's far more overcomeable than ever now. Look at Wes Matthews. Still ballin'.
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Mark Cuban on Wes Matthews: "We had a lot of interest in him before the deadline." Says he's "not at all" worried about contract.
Wes Matthews' Achilles injury going into free agency was an interesting angle to watch and I wonder if Mario Chalmers will get some looks
he shouldn't...just bc your team doesn't resign's the owners fault for paying Wes Matthews
Jerry had Deron, Wes Matthews, Kyle Korver, Millsap and Memo and the Jazz didn't shoot 3's. This was in 2010. Yikes.
Raptors wanted to pair Carroll/DeRozan with Wes Matthews, go super small, so similar thinking with Joe Johnson. Joseph’s be…
Rick Carlisle on Wes Matthews: "He's fine. And I'm not going to fist fight him to try and sit out tomorrow (for rest)."
real quick! Wes Matthews or Devin Booker tonight? Is Wes even worth keeping at this point?
Devin Booker, Wes Matthews, Aminu and Bob Cov. Have to leave one on the bench on a h2h points 9 cat. Who would u pick?
This is the same Buzz Williams who wasted Wes Matthews, Jimmy Butler and Jae Crowder. Cards by 6.
Pro tip: don't jack Wes Matthews' shot celebration.
Wes Matthews and Chandler Parsons please give Mark Cuban and Dirk their money back
Ok clearly got Wes Matthews and Ray Felton mixed up in their promo.
Charlie Villanueva calls Wes Matthews his pitbull, says it's 'crazy' a man ... - Dallas Morning News
Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight playing like Dirk Nowitzki and Wes Matthews
It's not just Aldridge. Blazers look weird without Nic Batum, Wes Matthews too.
Chandler Parsons and Wes Matthews getting in some extra shots before tonight's Mavs-Pelicans game.
Did I just witness Kemba leaving Wes Matthews open to double Zaza Pachulia in the post?
Russell has 2 points, 0 assists and can't guard Deron Williams, Raymond Felton or Wes Matthews eight months removed from Achilles surgery...
Yes, he should have played CJ McCollum over Wes Matthews. CJ > Jordan > Bowie > Wes
Devin Harris and Jon Leuer both went to Wisconsin, Wes Matthews from Madison, Mad Town representing in this game
Wes Matthews starting the opener 7+ months after tearing his Achilles is so bad *** Hope he recovers his peak athleticis…
Via Tim MacMahon, Deron Williams and Wes Matthews are starting the year on a minute restriction.
Chandler Parsons, Wes Matthews, Deron Williams, and Javale McGee all participated in a 3-on-3 rehab game today. Major step in their process.
Wes Matthews: "I'm trying to be ready opening day. Whether I can play or not, I can't really control that. But my goal…
Oh yea and Wes Matthews or Danny Green becoming a knick
Wes Matthews will miss the season opener, could return by Christmas time (CBSS)
Justin Anderson could get minutes until Wes Matthews is 100 percent, according to coach Rick Carlisle.
Khris Middleton is WAY too low. Hes better than Monta & Wes Matthews tbh
Im sayin! Dis *** gave Wes Matthews corpse a max deal...for no reason at all lmao
Instead of having three running backs releases Matthews and grab a Wes welker at receiver
That's why we got rid of Ryan Matthews sorry ***
Just need Julio and J.Matthews to combine for 100 yards and a TD and my fantasy season starts 1-0...
Wes Matthews tore his Achilles a month+ after Jennings so how is he going to be back a month earlier?
I'm getting Wes Matthews celly for sure
Wes Matthews sends local students back to school in style
Gonna watch Charlotte and Dallas games this season just to see how batum and Wes Matthews do. Blazer greats
If I’m Wes Matthews, I don’t see how the are half as appealing as the But I am not Wes Matthews
Wes Matthews brings new dimension to the Mavs
NBA 2015 news, rumors: Wes Matthews ready to play by NBA ...
When lebron harden klay Kobe etc come into town Jimmy Butler is no where to be found but he'll clamp a OJ mayo or Wes Matthews 😴😴😴
Photographed Wes Matthews and Shelby Matthews last maternity session tonight,Hopefully I will get to do a birth...
Imagine Lebron's reputation if the Cavs had drafted guys like Kawhi, Gobert, Korver, Butler, Wes Matthews.
a healthy Wes Matthews and Eric Gordon make that list.
Lmao look at Wes Matthews.. The second he tried to recover JSmoove took it the other way
traded Batum, Wes Matthews gone, LA gone, Lopez gone.only Damian left. No draw, very slim chance of winning.
Is that the same Wes Matthews that supposed to a wing stopper?!? The same Wes that got paid in Dallas??
Mavs guard Wes Matthews plans to play opening night
Still wonder why Mark Cuban & the Mavs upped W. Matthews' contract from $57mil/4yr to $70mil/4yr? Here's your answer!
Wes Matthews says he'll play on Mavericks opening night
Jamal better than oladipo for *** sure. *** id say he's better than Wes Matthews
Someone should let Ric Bucher know he's about two months behind on this report.
"I came to Dallas with one intention, and that’s to win.". -Wes Matthews
Parsons, Williams, Matthews land in SI's Top 100 of 2016 - Mavs Moneyball
The reportedly did not make an offer OR EVEN CALL Wes Matthews this summer. (
still have the all time scorer got Wes Matthews Chandler Parsons drafted well and a good bench
With DeAndre Jordan going back to the Clippers, Wes Matthews's deal with Dallas goes from 4/$57M to a max deal: 4 years, …
In the last week, the Blazers lost Lamarcus Aldridge, Wes Matthews, Nic Batum, Robin Lopez, Arron Afflalo and Steve Bla…
The Blazers lost Afflalo, Aldridge, Batum, Lopez, Wes Matthews, and T. Rob this off season. Dang man.
Mavs have a nice group of talent, Wes Matthews, Chandler Parsons, Dirk, DeAndre Jordan. Need some help at PG.
Should I catch lobs from CP3 and contend, nah I'll go to Dallas and hope Dirk isn't done and Wes Matthews has a...
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As anti-Monta, Wes Matthews is a perfect fit for Mavs. Well, if he's healthy.
Wes Matthews has agreed in principle with the Mavericks on a four-year deal, per source. Turned down huge offer from Sacr…
Wes Matthews has informed the Kings he won't be accepting their offer. 4 years, $64 mil off the table. (
But ESPN sources say Dallas is Wes Matthews' preferred destination -- over both Kings and Raptors -- and that Mavs are f…
Is the Wes Matthews meeting over yet? Do we need to send to jerry-rig a deal and close him on being a
best part? They wanted to free up the $ to go after Rondo, Monta, and Wes Matthews. Even with all three they'd still be in lotto
The Kings clearing the salary cap space to pursue free agents Rajon Rondo and Wes Matthews, league sources tell Yahoo Spor…
Wes Matthews is a much better player than mid-level exception (starting salary $5.5M) and that's best Hornets can do.
any reason the Hornets don't pursue Wes Matthews? Seems like a good fit & clear talent with something to prove
bad. I wanted Danny Green too. But now I want Wes Matthews
The Raptors reportedly met with free agent Wes Matthews, though the Mavs remain favorites.
yup. Carroll is the only second-tier FA who even remains a possibility, though, unless the Wes Matthews market craters
they gonna have to do something hopefully we land Wes Matthews
Really curious to see the real market value of the Afflalo, Danny Green, Wes Matthews likes.
Wes Matthews, Jordan Clarkson, Horford, Xavier, Kawhi, Serge and Kyrie round out my top 10.
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Imagine a starting lineup of Dirk, Devin Harris, DeAndre, Parsons and Wes Matthews.might be kinda good
Names to keep in mind as Mavs fill out backcourt in free agency: Danny Green, Wes Matthews, Mo Williams, Jeremy Lin http…
I'm down with Afflalo, Danny Green, or Wes Matthews. Think Afflalo is closest to realistic, but still not realistic probably.
Erm, so maybe the Raps could get Wes Matthews? Seems like Portland's gonna blow it up.
Cavs need to get rid of Haywood, Swish, James Jones, and Joe Harris. Pick up Wes Matthews, Norris Cole, and KJ McDaniels/Dorrell Wright.
Part two of story on Wes Matthews return from injury. Awesome work Jason!
Am I the only one that would love to see David Lee end up with the AND sign either Demarre Carroll or Wes Matthews
Offseason predictions: David Blatt fired, Dwayne Wade goes to the Cavs, Knicks draft Willie C-S and add Wes Matthews, Rondo, and Aldridge
Noah will be better next season if he don't get traded with Gibson to get Lamarcus Aldridge & Wes Matthews
The crew @ Pringles Crouch have recently fitted out Lindsay and Wes Matthews with a full John Deere AMS...
yeah he does. But he's cheap, beats overpaying R.Jackson . Can save more money for Wes Matthews, etc
It would depend on Jeff Green opting in or not. If he opts out: Wes Matthews or Jimmy Butler.
Guys I would like to see in a Spurs uniform next season: Marc Gasol, Lamarcus Aldridge, Wes Matthews, Jimmy Butler. To name a few.
naw we jus need a guy like Wes Matthews or Jeff green even a Matt Barnes
This will be a big summer for POR. Lamarcus Aldridge, Wes Matthews, Robin Lopez, Arron Afflalo, Steve Blake, Dorell Wri…
*** to see Wes Matthews and Dorrell Wright sitting out knowing they'd make this series totally different
the Portland situation so bad u could put Isaiah Thomas on this team w/ Wes Matthews healthy and we wouldn't know who he was
I deadass traded Wes Matthews, Meyers Leonard, LMA & Dorrell Wright for Favors, Burke, Burkes & Hood from the Jazz on 2k
Mike Conley being gone may not matter in this game. Grizzlies really are still better with no Wes Matthews.
No Mike Conley? Thats tough. But no Wes Matthews hurts Portland so much more..
Kevin Love out. Mike Conley out. Wes Matthews out. Rajon Rondo's antics. First round sweeps galore. This has not been a lot of fun.
I bet Portland would trade Wes Matthews for Courtney Lee straight up. Gotta be worth kicking the tires on at least.
Do the Clippers have money this offseason? Would be interested in seeing them w/ a Wes Matthews or Khris Middleton at the 3.
but I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna be super hyped over a dragic Wes Matthews back court next year. And Lou off the bench ;)
Mavs offseason plans, resign chandler, go after Wes Matthews, and Brandon Knight, or Chris middleton long shot with lamarcus.
thinking long term with the thought that he would fit in our system. Beverly, Wes Matthews with Amare and Lou Williams off bch
we'll be better next year if we keep guys like Rondo and Amare and replace Monta with Wes Matthews
I'd LOVE Wes Matthews for this team but he's far outta their budget
How will Wes Matthews' brutal injury impact shot at an title?
How will Wes Matthews' ACL injury impact shot at an title?
How will Wes Matthews' ACL injury impact playoff run?
I wouldn't mind getting him. I don't think we will get Wes Matthews or Jimmy Butler. Towns is a Center. Very good defensive
.Terry Stotts joined to discuss Wes Matthews' injury & why he majored in zoology:
Wes Matthews tore his Achilles wearing Kobes with his stitches on the sneakers ironic
That replay says it all. Tough break for Wes Matthews.
Wes Matthews or Kyle Korver getting the dub.
Outta Jimmy Butler, Wes Matthews, Tobias Harris and Reggie Jackson who u givin the max to? 😕
Just saw 2014-15 league leader in 3s Wes Matthews hit one and the next play Paul Pierce hits 2000 3pointer.
Lillard and Wes Matthews are the Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty of NBA back courts
.& vs. IND was 1st time since Wes Matthews & Eric Maynor (2009) that two rookie guards started for UTA (
Only Michael Bernhard would invest so much into Wes Matthews for him to get hurt 2 minutes in.
will have enough $ to sign! Wes Matthews,G.Dragic.Greg Monroe,Lamar Aldridge and you and can make it happen!
Wes Matthews would be our 2nd best defender behind LBJ. Kaman gets 10 and 8 every game. It what we need
I saw Kaman and Wes Matthews for Delly TT and a 2nd
Wes Matthews buried that 3 in Reggie Jackson's face
Bradley Beal with a little Wes Matthews in him...backs down Isaiah Thomas and draws the foul. Will he pull a Wizard and go 1-for-2? Probs.
I would love Wes Matthews but I question the availability of Brendan Wright. Not a long term guy for the Celtics. Maybe picks?
Referee gets a little too close for comfort for Wes Matthews
Honestly Wes Matthews or Danny Green would have been a better fit for DAL than Rondo
Damian Lillard & Wes Matthews are both top 5 in 3 point FG's 🏀
.Wes Matthews and the bench should be the key factors. This is the time they should show their worth.
Knicks should loo at Wes Matthews next year free agency
but bro I'm TELLING YOU, Wes Matthews is marginally less effective than Victor Oladipo with less than 3 minutes in the 4th quarter
Ref puts his junk in wes matthews face
Wes Matthews has a cool game and seems like he probably owns some really nice slippers.
yeah, that's probably more of an issue, but when I heard they tried and failed for Wes Matthews, Afflalo made so much sense!
he not. Neither will Danny Green, Corey Joseph, or Wes Matthews lol
Wesley Matthews actually balled in the Nike Kobe 9 KRM EXT "Challenge Red":
Wes Matthews.. sorry I don't mean to tease. He would solve lots of problems for wolves
boards for days. Wes Matthews will be the recipient
Wes Matthews in red Kobe's that dropped today. Fresh. (Pic via
Weird how Wes Matthews was 3rd option at Marquette. Now a solid pro and other 2 guys are nothing.
Wes Matthews has spent way too many Tuesday night's at Wando's, all you can eat bacon. Just proved it going to the rim against Danny Green.
Wes Matthews is Joe Johnson if he was the third option on a team.
My boy Wes Matthews earning his money
I still enjoy watching Wes Matthews ball. Still wish he was in Utah.
Wes Matthews wearing those new all red Kobe joints that came out today
Wes. Matthews solid going to the rim
Wes Matthews almost sending Danny Green to sleep.
I don't understand that last play, settling for a fadeaway three? Wes Matthews, obviously good shooter, but I would rather see a pick n pop.
Wesley Matthews is now a part of the Trail Blazers 5,000 point club. Congrats, Wes!
Wes Matthews misses the 3pt shot and we're going to TRIPLE overtime!
Decent shot by Wes Matthews for the game winning, just couldn't get it down. Spurs in another 3OT game this week.
Haven't seen Wes Matthews make a shot since regulation and he gets the final shot? Doesn't make sense
Wes Matthews what the eff are you doing give the ball to Damian
Give it to Wes Matthews for the win! 🙏
Wes Matthews and Meek Mill the same person too
Tim Duncan getting mad and blocking and then staring down Wes Matthews is the single greatest thing that has happened in the NBA's history
*** Timmy given a stare down to Wes Matthews after the swat.or was he just staring off into the distance as he often does.
Why even let Wes Matthews take shots when Damien will take them all?
Duncan with the stare down on Wes Matthews aglfter blocking him!
Get the ball out of Wes Matthews hands lol
Wes Matthews is killing me right now.
Wes Matthews ballin in those new all red Kobes! 🔥🔥
Wes Matthews is why Portland hasn't won this game already! Terrible shots
Wes Matthews been slacking this season!
Just saw Robin Lopez and Wes Matthews. The Blazers are staying in our hotel in San Antonio 😳
I love Wes Matthews' reaction to having his personal space invaded by a ref:
Teams are going after Wilson Chandler and Wes Matthews. Two of my favorite players in the league.
Denver is cool and all but I'm sure that Portland would love to give Wes Matthews to Milwaukee.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I got walker, Wes Matthews, rubio, Anthony, faried, horford, stoudemire, Parker, and bogut
Blazers' notes: What did Scott Brooks say to Nic Batum? And which opponent's stats did Wes Matthews a...
Catch Robin Lopez, Wes Matthews, Avery Johnson, the Laker Girls and Rocky this afternoon at Glorietta Activity Center starting at 4PM!
Paul Millsap is playing in Deron Williams' charity dodgeball event on the 15th. Wes Matthews, too.
“kobe, Joe Johnson, harden, klay, Wesley Matthews”. Wes Matthews is better than James harden!? 😡😡😡
So to review: The Kings didn't draft Damian Lilliard, gave away Robin Lopez and Thomas Robinson, and had Wes Matthews in Summer League...
Great first round of the NBA playoffs with great representation from Marquette University - Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, Steve Novak, Wes Matthews, and, most importantly, Doc Rivers.
Kyle Lowry for mayor of T-dot, Wes Matthews for mayor of lighting up James Harden
I love it when the Blazers play UGLY!! Wes Matthews and Nikolai Batum (Uh We We) played lights out on defense.. Houston Rockets came to play, but Rip City. Says we fighting tonight!! Great win Blazers.. A game at A time!! 3-1
How good would a lineup of Deron Williams, Wes Matthews, Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson have been this year?
BLOCKBUSTER TRADE: The Heat ship Wade, Gortat, Wes Matthews, and George Hill to Cleveland for Big Al, Klay Thompson, Dirk, and DeRozan
Jeff Green, Nic Batum, Jimmy Buckets, Kyle Korver, and Wes Matthews are my guys along with Parsons and Wall
New rumor surrounding the Cavs from my source: Cleveland and Portland has apparently began to contact the Cavs on possible trades. My source told me that Portland will not budge on Lamarcus Aldridge *** ) however "for the right pieces" are willing to "explore" Nicolas Batum, Wes Matthews, and Robin Lopez. One suggested trade would pan out something like this: Cavaliers receive: Nicolas Batum, Wes Matthews, Dorrell Wright, Robin Lopez Blazers receive: CJ Miles, Tyler Zeller, Anderson Varejao, Dion Waiters. This would make the most logical sense. The Blazers receive a young stud in Dion Waiters, who can play off Lillard and Mo Williams. They'd alsoget a veteran presence and athletic Center in Varejao, along with 3pt shooting in CJ Miles, who can replace the shooting lost with Wright and Matthews. Meanwhile, the Cavs get Robin Lopez, a defensive big-man who's an upgrade over Zeller, plus more 3pt shooting in the back-court with Wes Matthews and Dorrell Wright.
JaVale McGee disrespectful block on Wes Matthews! - Jevel Magee
lol true! Hard to get minutes with Byron Dinkins, Gerald Paddio, John Morton, Wes Matthews, Tom Garrick and George Ackles
That team was to raw with Wes Matthews, jerel mcneal, dominic james, Jimmy Butler, lazar hayward .
I still wish sometimes that we had built around Deron, Wes Matthews, Ronnie Brewer and Paul Millsap. But I'm alone, probably
I will grant that the Miami Heat are the NBA Champs for 2013...BUTT: Game 6 made Dennis Rodman look like a prophet when he said that this Miami Heat team would have been "average" against the teams of the 80's. This year's Spurs team looked like the "over-the-hill" gang, with "old men" like Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker, practically schooling the "Prime-Time" combo of Bosh, Wade, and James. Compare the Heat to these teams of the 80's, and YOU be the Judge. ENJOY!! 1986-87 Lakers. Starters: Byron Scott, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, A.C. Green. Bench: Mychal Thompson, Michael Cooper, Kurt Rambis, Wes Matthews, Adrian Branch, Billy Thompson, Mike Smrek. 2.)1985-86 Boston Celtics. Starters: Robert Parish, Kevin McHale, Larry Bird, Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge. Bench: Bill Walton, Scott Wedman, Jerry Sichting. 3.) 1988-89 Detroit Pistons. Starters: Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Joe Dumars, Rick Mahorn, Vinnie Johnson . Bench: Dennis Rodman, John Salley, James Edwards, Mark Aguirre. 4.) 1982 . ...
Also, Buzz Williams of Marquette is a *** of a coach. Guys like Wes Matthews and Jimmy Butler, come into the NBA and contribute immediately
New BE fanpost: Arron Afflalo: I love Wes Matthews, I really do. Met him once, got his autograph, chatted a bi...
If I managed hawks I would of dealt smith to the west for Wes Matthews & Hickson.. Joe Johnson for draft picks and sign a point forward
Wes Matthews, David Rivers ready to come in if Nick Van Exel is unavailable.
if they trade him you probably have to take on Wes Matthews too
Nate Robinson to Detroit, Dwight Howard to Cleveland, and Wes Matthews to Denver are the perfect off season moves!
Lamarcus Aldridge, Nic Batum, and Wes Matthews (POR) are all out for Sunday's game
Dawn Zulueta Starting to get ugly. Not sure how much longer I can watch this. This is all Wes Matthews fault,
Lamarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum and Wes Matthews are out for Portland's game today vs the
come on bro could barley beat the Blazers when Batum, Wes Matthews nd Hickson weren't playin ...
yea he ballin better then Wes Matthews
Dang guys, my bad, misspoke, wes matthews is OUT, hopefully you verified on RW. sorry.
J.J. Hickson (POR) will play Friday, Wes Matthews and Nic Batum will sit out again.
J.J. Hickson (back) and Lamarcus Aldridge (illness) will play in Friday's game against the Thunder, but Wes Matthews (ankle...
is another grinder that has a bright future. Ask Wes Clark and E.C. Matthews. Coaches remember his name in 2 years.
Buzz Williams sure knows how to get those boys ready to succeed in the pro game, between he and Wes Matthews
BREAKING: A official has pleaded guilty to accepting more than $12K in bribes from a Virginia contractor.
Not enough ppl appreciate that some things are simultaneously amazing and retarded, e.g. Dave Matthews, Buffy, Darksiders. Wes Anderson. KFC
Last time the Lakers played the Blazers Kobe had 40. On Batum and Wes Matthews lmao
Yep. Barely beat the Blazers who have lost 9 straight without Wes Matthews, Nic Batum, and JJ Hickson. Big win.
Kobe is great,Didn't have Wes Matthews guarding him tho and Blazers had 4 rookies start,he's the best but chill people
In other news, Wes Matthews is going insane in Philips Arena.
Most underrated out of Wes Matthews, Gerald Henderson, or Mike Dunleavy?
Jazz reunion! On the Blazers side we have Ronnie P, Wes Matthews, and Sasha Pavlovic. On the Jazz side, we have Millsap, ... er that's it.
That man Wes Matthews was clutch tonight! He straight from Marquette University in the Wisco! We do it big over here!
gonna go with Wes Matthews since the opponent is TOR
Blazers vs. Knicks A banged up Knicks team welcomes in the Blazers to Madison Square Garden tonight. Even with all their injury concerns, the Knicks are -9 favorites tonight in the NBA Odds. New York has Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton either out or questionable for tonight’s game, while Tyson Chandler is also banged up along with Rasheed Wallace and the likes of Iman Shumpert. However, the Knicks will get a boost tonight, as Amare Stoudemire is expected to make his season debut tonight. Stoudemire has missed the whole season up to this point, and with all the banged up Knicks, he might be called on to play more than the Knicks would want normally. However, the Blazers taking nine points is too many for the likes of this banged up Knicks team. With the possibility of no Anthony tonight, along with no Felton and a banged up Chandler, I don’t even care if Amare comes back and scores 20 points. The Blazer should have enough to cover with all the Knicks’ injuries. Wes Matthews is set to make his retu ...
Just reported from the Oregonlive website, during this morning's shoot around, that Wes Matthews will likely sit...
"Terry Stotts says Lamarcus Aldridge (ankle) will be a game time decision vs Suns tomorrow night. He & Wes Matthews (hip) did not practice." -Chris Haynes
Expect to see lots of a Lillard/Ronnie Price backcourt tonight if Wes Matthews is out tonight .. He's listed as porbable.
good call.. he can definitely fill up a stat sheet when he's at his best. IMO he's on par with wes matthews, minus the minutes
Southerland pulls up like he's Wes Matthews in 2K
Wes Matthews' comeback did ... not go as planned:
With that catch, Wes Welker is the first player in NFL history with 5 seasons of at least 100 receptions.
Definitely bummed Wes Matthews is hurt but watching Claver with the starting unit is pretty entertaining. Guy is always moving!
With Victor Claver starting the second half for an injured Wes Matthews, Blazers have pushed lead to 59-47. 9:45 to play in 3rd.
Wes Matthews has not returned to the game after starting and playing the first 4 minutes.
Just want to confirm: Wes Matthews played the first three minutes of the game, hit a three, didnt really do anything else, & went home? Sick
JJ Hickson dribble penetration and kickout for a Wes Matthews three? Why not?
Then who would you want to move him for? A quality 2 guard (my preference for this position would be Wes Matthews, btw)?
I am 3 Wes Matthews treys away from my first fantasy win in 3 weeks. Please basketball gods, let this happen.
No Wes Matthews for PT, Hornets road record ATS is pretty good 6-3. Beaten the Clips and Bulls. PT should win but could be close.
Wes Welker needs to give me 12 pts to beat in Due to Jamal Charles Ryan Matthews and Anquan Boldin giving me a conbined 4pts
Romulus got E.C. Matthews and that point guard Wes Clark. Wes Clark going to Mizzouri
A couple scoring stats from tonight... Juwan Clark had 15, EC Matthews had 21, Wes Clark had 11 and Kris Clyburn had 8...
I think that this botched layup by Wes Matthews is hilarious
Romulus defeats Lansing Sexton 67-52. EC Matthews with 21 & Wes Clark had 16. Jalen Hayes had 15 & Trevor Manuel with 13
Been following him since his BC days, but officially adding Dudley to my "non-Jazz players I really like" team. Wes Matthews is the 2-guard.
Making fun of Wes Matthews air ball lay up "I think he been hangin out with javale McGee" 😂😂😂
Nice effort by the blazers tonight without Wes Matthews.
Wes Matthews plays and I probably play POR. Any different bench and I play POR. Said it all day that I lean that way, perfect spot for them.
No excuses for blazer haters about that win. Big 3 played. If anything we didn't have Wes Matthews. Great win
came from the D Leagues when Elliot Williams and Wes Matthews got hurt.
I even made Wes Matthews miss his first nba games ever.
I hate watching the Blazers play, makes me miss Wes Matthews
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