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Wes Anderson

Wesley Wales Wes Anderson (born May 1, 1969) is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, and producer of features, short films and commercials.

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Interesting trailer for Wes Anderson's new stop motion film Isle Of Dogs, serious vocal talent involved too:
I'm excited for this new Wes Anderson film! .
Official Trailer of Wes Anderson's "ISLE OF DOGS" new animated feature film.
Boy howdy that Wes Anderson film sure looks like a Wes Anderson film.
Can we all please agree right now that somebody seriously needs to keep Tim Burton far away from Wes Anderson?!
Day 7: A movie that makes me happy is The Grand Budapest Hotel for Wes Anderson's visual style alone, but Ralph Fie…
Seu Jorge does a hilarious Wes Anderson impersonation
5:02pm Needle in the Hay by Juliana Hatfield from I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson
Phil Vischer up here plugging Wes Anderson movies and I am in my element.
Good news, Wes Anderson fans. Fox Searchlight lists release date as March 23, 2018 (up from April 20):
The Special Effects of Karel Zeman, man who inspired Terry Gilliam, Wes Anderson, & Tim Burton via
Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson's Editor Reveals Secrets from the Cutting Room vía
This *** just ignored the existence of Kubrick, Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Akira Kurosawa and Nicolas Winding Refn https:…
these look like they belong in a Wes Anderson movie poster.
Scarlett Johansson is providing voice for a character in "Isle of Dogs" Wes Anderson's new animated film. Probably doing this very hot dog..
Join us for the film that put Wes Anderson and the Wilson brothers on the map. Tickets:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm 1,000-percent bored by people disliking this movie/Wes Anderson. Rushmore was my favorite for years…
How come I'm so in love with The Grand Budapest Hotel but like I don't really care about other Wes Anderson movies
"We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s wrong with that?". Moonrise Kingdom (2012) dir. Wes Anderson
I will now argue that 'Moonrise Kingdom' (Wes Anderson, 2012) is basically the same movie as 'The Wicker Man' (Robi…
Mean Girls, starring Mo'Nique and Sam Worthington. Directed by Wes Anderson, music by James. Budget: $150m
Spoon look like they're in five different Wes Anderson movies at once
Owen Wilson has done multiple movies with Wes Anderson AND Larry the Cable Guy
The new Hi4H is out! Guest joins us to talk about her love for the films of Wes Anderson:…
Cute! I'm scared to start collecting Pop figures. I'd start obsessing. They're coming out with Wes Ande…
I'm at a Wes Anderson film themed wedding this weekend and Moonrise Kingdom just came on the tv so now I'm HYPED
Can i be in a wes anderson film pls? Everything is so aesthetically pleasing
Did accomplish a lot w/o leaving the house. But early in bed with a good Wes Anderson flick.
Describe every Wes Anderson song on 140 characters.
I'm still giggly about Cernovich getting owned by a dorky *** Wes Anderson character
Running from a Wes Anderson character is logical. I would also do it. Claiming you got elbow-slammed by a grandma is tragic.
When I clean my room I feel as if I'm in a Wes Anderson film
How do you spot a Wes Anderson film from the rest? 🎬
*Wes Anderson stands up, walks to laptop
wes anderson stole his shtick from Raising Arizona
most embarrassing Cernovitch running from Wes Anderson Guy, or M Tracey melting down over Maxine Waters brushing past him
Self love is watching Wes Anderson films
Wes Anderson in real life? We’re big fans and love this feed of accidental real life examples of his work:
little known side effect of Gorilla Mind Smooth is a tremendous fear of characters from Wes Anderson films
"I loved this first book, and immediately there were dozens more in front of me..." — Wes Anderson on Stefan Zweig | https…
Rushmore is my favorite Wes Anderson movie until I rewatch Moonrise Kingdom, then thats my favorite, then I see Rushmore again, etc.
Perfect use of symmetry, part two. Wes Anderson’s aesthetically pleasing gift to film.
Also probably Scott Pilgrim as well, & some Coen's stuff & some Wes Anderson stuff as well
The new Wes Anderson film follows a dweeb's unlikely career in the German Federal Intelligence Service.
Spent a few minutes thinking about getting this javelina in order to live my best Wes Anderson life.
I would definitely see a Wes Anderson version of Transformers.   10% Off
🎬 The Art of Wes Anderson, a film thread:
I bet Wes Anderson only eats flowers and licorice
I just witnessed two accidents in the Walmart parking lot while listening to Debussy. . I think I'm in a Wes Anderson film.
There's no such thing as an overrated movie by Wes Anderson.
me:. 2014 vampire weekend fan: i can't believe the Royal Tenenbaums directed by wes anderson is the best film Ever
Wes Anderson is an executive producer on the upcoming documentary about the writer of :
Michael Almereyda and Wes Anderson doc on the life of BLADE RUNNER screenwriter Hampton Fancher.
Jared Kushner is always one futura font away from starring in a Wes Anderson movie.
Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson ok ang dami niyang besh na actors last recurring cast na to from his films
Todd Solondz is like Wes Anderson with a sense of humour.
Also, there's a pretty strong sampling of Wes Anderson at a certain point
Jason Jordan is Ned. Kurt Angle is Steve Zissou. The Life Olympic with Kurt Angle directed by Wes Anderson
How'd Demetri Martin end up in a Soderbergh before a Wes Anderson?
Produced by Wes Anderson and directed by Michael Almereyda
People are sharing photos of real-life places that belong in a Wes Anderson film
Website Builder 728x90
The world is full of real-life Wes Anderson locations, apparently
This couple's photos are basically an IRL Wes Anderson film 📸💑
I'm watching the Royal Tenenbaums & the Darjeeling Limited next, Wes Anderson is an addiction. . I just…
Wes Anderson- A series based on either Darjeeling Limited or The Royal Tennebaums
The Darjeeling Limited (2007), dir. Wes Anderson — “I guess I’ve still got a lot of healing to do”
The Darjeeling Limited is Wes Anderson's best movie fight me about it.
Happy birthday, Anjelica Huston, pictured with Wes Anderson on the set of THE Royal Tenenbaums.
Anjelica Huston and Wes Anderson on the set of The Royal Tenenbaums (2001).
more places that look like they belong in Wes Anderson's world, what an Aesthetic
I like Wes Anderson mostly to spite people who don't like Wes Anderson.
Ahh that was cute, weirdly Wes Anderson, but Moonrise Kingdom was what I needed with my cuppa and blanket right now.
I was picturing Wes Anderson style whimsy and this film is more Atom Egoyan style tragedy and weird family bonds.
I'm convinced that Bud Cort is the spiritual forefather of every single Wes Anderson protagonist.
I feel like Bud Cort is the spiritual forefather of every Wes Anderson protagonist ever.
Directors like Sofia Coppola & (Houston native!) Wes Anderson know they should do better but lack the vision, courage, commitment to do so.
Watch a charmingly geeky video essay about Wes Anderson's youth theme
A personal message from Wes Anderson & Jason Schwartzman.
2:51 AM - watching 2008 interviews of Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson.
We go together like Wes Anderson war movies and Jason Schwartzman playing a patriotic USO performing ventriloquist. 🇺🇸
imagine if Wes Anderson did blow and married Mel Gibson, and then they did a Lifetime movie
5. Favourite movies include: all Wes Anderson and Wong Kar Wai movies coz nothing arouses you more than straight lines and muted colors.
It was mentioned in a drive-by of Ross Douhat defending Wes Anderson movies
1. My fave film director is Wes Anderson — forever. Fave film of his? "Moonrise Kingdom". Next in line is "The Royal Tenenbaums".
"it's like 13 Reasons, but by Wes Anderson and with more bleach!" -Roger Ebert
All 15-year-old Ty did was stay home and read Paste Magazine and obsess over Wes Anderson films.
Reading Craig Silvey's intensely odd and deeply lovely The Amber Amulet - at 84 pages it's like a treatment for a Wes Anderson film.
A little retro cinema night with some of our HNDs this evening (watching Wes Anderson's Rushmore) before we wave...
I demand that Wes Anderson directs a European mafia movie that stars Jacques Martin and Peter Laviolette, right now!
War Machine couldn't make up its mind whether it was a warmly melancholy Wes Anderson tale about dysfunctional...
I definitely want to watch more movies like this it reminds me of Wes Anderson's creations.
I plan on rewatching Memento & og Old Boy today, and watching The Grand Budapest Hotel and probably another Wes Anderson movie
When I try to explain the cultural impact of the Fast and Furious saga to a Wes Anderson fan
It's a cup of tea, cake, and Wes Anderson films kind of night
I'm brazilian and I've never heard about Sonny Anderson. What a shame!
is gonna show up in the next Wes Anderson movie.
He'll be in the next Wes Anderson film
Did Wes Anderson sneeze and just appeared?
- It's like an asthmatic mouse escaped from a Wes Anderson movie.
Portugal is the character in a Wes Anderson film that's trying to be endearing but is just a supercilious sex-pest
Okay, the Portuguese dark horse. Will a Wes Anderson character singing a Jobim-like number win it all? Etc. etc.
Now that the gorilla is on stage, I am sure it's a Wes Anderson stunt. It has to.
Dude looks like he should be in a wes anderson film
Wes Anderson is responsible for the Italian entry?
Hi is this Wes Anderson? You know that indie film set in Belarus you are making? Well listen to this
Hot take: Bill Murray is to Wes Anderson as Steve Buscemi is to Adam Sandler
Meet the man who inspired Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest’ in ‘Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe’. http…
for all he knows ur sweaty cuz u got good d*ck and his wes Anderson *** is out here boring some unfortunate woman !
Review of first episode of Series of Unfortunate Events: children in a Wes Anderson movie are forced to live in a Tim Burto…
The wise children and immature adults of the Wes Anderson universe
Yo Shea, you'd love that Wes Anderson compendium. Awesome graphic work like TRYB.
. is a perfect mix of Woody Allen, Seinfeld, and Wes Anderson. Well done on S2
Rushmore, Rush-less: Wes Anderson's Films, From Worst to Best - Rolling Stone looks back at 'The Grand ... -…
Every *** Wes Anderson movie boils down to weird people living in a dollhouse world being kind to each other. We should cele…
Unlike most films that use songs purely to sell soundtracks, Wes Anderson's movies knew how to properly maximize the songs' emotional value
I feel like you and live a life written alternately by Wes Anderson and David Lynch.
Best directors which use music from the 70s in their films: Marty, Tarantino, Wes Anderson, PTA and Perfect soundtrack
If you don't think The Grand Budapest Hotel is Wes Anderson's best, then honestly, I don't care what you think.
I loved you in all your roles in Wes Anderson movies
The curious tale of Elon Musk's family background. Wes Anderson could make the movie...
"Geoffrey Nutter’s poetry recalls the charm of a Wes Anderson film.".
Wes Anderson's animated feature Isle of Dogs is coming to theaters April 20, 2018! New poster below.
first poster for Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs' just hit. In theaters April 20, 2018.
A hotel "best described as Robinson Crusoe meets Wes Anderson" via
(grand budapest hotel). poster design for a Wes Anderson movie. https:/…
Prada: Candy, 2013. -first collaboration with Prada. -well I like everything Wes Anderson related so
Happy birthday Wes Anderson... I love you. I love Prada Candy, too. 💋🎂
Truffaut. Welles. Demy. Ashby. These are the directors who inspired Wes Anderson's vision:
The opening credits of are like a Wes Anderson movie
Hollywood does live in a bubble lbr. Also, as much as i love Wes Anderson when has he ever cared about non whites
Here's the first poster for Wes Anderson's next film, Isle of Dogs. There's a lot to unpack here...
We're looking for writers to pen our sketch comedy show "RevelAsian Live" w/ ScarJo, Tilda, Wes Anderson & white execs making appearance.
How do you make me even less interested in ever seeing another Wes Anderson movie again as long as I live?. Cast Yo…
Dude *** ScarJo and Tilda AGAIN? Related: What world does Wes Anderson live in where only white ppl exist. Even th…
"The Chipmunks" by Wes Anderson. Owen Wilson as Alvin. Adrien Brody as Simon. Jason Schwartzman as Theodore. Bill Murray as Dave
"Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze, and Quentin Tarantino are about as dangerous as Arthur Fonzarelli was." – Vincent Gallo, 2007.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The most used phrase on a Wes Anderson set is: "Am I in the middle of the shot yet?". (Not true but probably is)
It's like Bryan Fuller, Wes Anderson & Del Toro all created a piñata together and David Lynch smashed it open
Also the "Radiohead of Movies" is clearly either David Lynch or Wes Anderson. Mulho…
From Werner Herzog to Wes Anderson, Laurie Anderson talks us through her thirteen favourite films:…
Only way THE BOOK OF HENRY wouldn't be the most uncomfy film of the year is if they threw out Trevorrow's cut and got Wes Anderson in there.
It makes my brain angry that you don’t know Wes Anderson.
George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, spike out
That Premier Inn advert is a massive knock off of Wes Anderson and makes me irrationally angry.
Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola and Christopher Nolan feature in this amazing crop of short works.
Thithi is a wonderful tribute to the Wes Anderson school of film making. Gadappa is the coolest dude since Jeff Lebowski.
Wes Anderson on the different acting styles of Jeff Goldblum and Gene Hackman:
A lovely piece about finding a place to escape and accept oneself through movies - Wes Anderson specifically.
This freshman is the next Wes Anderson.
A friend just posted an invite to a Wes Anderson themed birthday party and I might just have to dress up as Margot Tenenbaum and crash it.
It sounds like Wes Anderson's new stop-motion film is going to be nothing like "Fantastic Mr. Fox" h…
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Gene Hackman, Wes Anderson and Bill Murray on the set of THE Royal Tenenbaums (2001).
My new outfit post is inspired by everything Wes Anderson!
Have you guys seen the new Wes Anderson yet?
I love the new Wes Anderson short. I wonder how long it will take me to be at that level.
Whoever directed the new Premier Inn ad is clearly a big Wes Anderson fan. (Or maybe it’s actually Wes Anderson???)
I did an interview here about Wes Anderson, SPACE RABBIT, and my puppet obsession.
The new Wes Anderson movie looks terrifying.
This also needs to be the title of Wes Anderson's new film, asap
📷 Wes Anderson announced his new movie, Isle of Dogs, which will shoot in England. The new stop-motion...
Love this new cover of Cell. Reminds me of Wes Anderson, but the intention is of Fritz Kahn
is my new favorite show. If the Cohen Bros and Wes Anderson collaborated, this would still be better I think!
Wes Anderson is my favorite artist. His films brought my imagination to a whole new level
Humblest Trickily is the new Wes Anderson film I think
Remarkable and Serendipitous. Maybe a new Wes Anderson film?
Wes Anderson's new film tells the story of a precocious child coming to terms with to do your
I did an interview about SPACE RABBIT and the Wes Anderson connection.
Anyone watching Legion? It's like the love child of & Wes Anderson. Not as much dark sweetness as Bryan's work, but good so far
Wes Anderson can be hit and miss, but no one can deny that he is an artisan. His shot selections are pure joy.
; Yoko Ono is in Wes Anderson's new film along with Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum and possibly Adrien Brody. I'm crying. ;
Jeff Petry always looks like he's narrating a Wes Anderson movie in his head
Premier Inn absolutely gagging to get Wes Anderson in on that advert.
The ending of Life Aquatic is beautifully heartbreaking. Wes Anderson is a God *** genius.
Read half of a book, binged on Hayao Miyazaki and Wes Anderson films on this rainy day. This is probably the calmest I've…
A Wes Anderson or mike Leigh Batman would be fun
I'm just saying, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is the best Wes Anderson film.
Posters of Wes Anderson films featuring iconic props
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) - panned as a lesser Wes Anderson effort, it's actually one of my all-tim…
is what would happen if Wes Anderson and David Lynch made a superhero movie
Wes Anderson and Bill Murray on location in Italy during the making of 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou' (2004).
S1E1: It's like David Lynch and Wes Anderson made sweet, sweet love and their baby was an X-Man.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Legion is half Wes Anderson and half David Lynch
Day 18/100. I made my favourite Wes Anderson character Steve Zissou from The life Aquatic, I also love Bill Murray!
Watching The Royal Tenenbaums... . Ted Thompson would make a great Wes Anderson character.
Senpai says to Fred: Almost close to Wes Anderson!
Wes Anderson films are all long chase scenes
Today at Metrograph: The Maysles' GREY GARDENS. Wes Anderson's THE Royal Tenenbaums in 35mm. & riveting new documen…
HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE is a charming, funny, and touching Wes Anderson-style film.
Meet the veteran production designer behind films by Wes Anderson, Stephen Spielberg, and Woody Allen — Carl Spragu…
Watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople last night and what a special film.Felt kinda like a Wes Anderson film in places x
Finally got round to watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople - a kind of Wes Anderson live action version of Up (i.e. re…
The Young Pope is odd. . Even for my Terry Gilliam/Wes Anderson-loving self.
Ivanka looks like the most boring rich white lady ever, Sasha + Malia have been dressing like Wes Anderson protagonists since 08, don't @ me
my sisters dumb rich ex boyfriend just posted a pic of him hanging w Wes Anderson ok
Need my fix, fixed. VSQ Performs Music from the Films of Wes Anderson by Vitamin String Quartet ♫
The directing in the Netflix version of A Series of Unfortunate Events is an eerily close match to Wes Anderson films 😳. And I LOVE it 😍
Two things concerning The Graduate, I want a kitchen like Ben's parents had and Wes Anderson had to be influenced by this film.
Like the set of a Wes Anderson film about an ice cream parlour on the Amalfi coast or Miami Beach:…
Feeling like in a Wes Anderson movie📽 The whole look is @ Parker Palm Springs
A Series of Unfortunate Events is giving me serious Wes Anderson vibes and I love it.
What do Jackie Chan, Bill Murray and Wes Anderson have in common. Buster Keaton.
Wes Anderson and Adrian Brody's H&M short film and more earn Costume Designers Guild Award nominations…
Give me one more Tarantino, one more Wes Anderson, and one more Austin Powers and I'm cool with shutting down Hollywood forever
One can never go wrong with Wes Anderson or Tim Burton films
Matt Bonner's retirement video is some weird low budget New England version of a Wes Anderson short film. And I love it.
why does Matt Bonner's retirement announcement video look like a Wes Anderson movie???
Matt Bonner, the new Wes Anderson. Thanks for everything, Rocket.
Wes Anderson & on the influence of Richard Adams, esp Watership Down
Jim Jarmusch's poem-like Paterson is a lovely myth and a quiet manifesto in response, in part, to Wes Anderson:
NEW REVIEW: "Daniel Bennett's new album might be the first genuine musical equivalent to a Wes Anderson film."…
“Wes Anderson is one of the most talented filmmakers of his, or any other, generation".
*** *** *** Giving the gift of this official image from Wes Anderson's upcoming project 'Isle of Dogs:' We're hyped…
Wes Anderson's new animated movie is slated for release in 2018
via Official announcement of the film I've been storyboarding for 2 years! Wes Anderson's "ISLE OF DOGS"
Finally, an official announcement on the Wes Anderson movie "Isle of Dogs" and I'm proudly one of the animators!
Wes Anderson is making an animated movie about dogs, and it’s starring Bill Murray
Wes Anderson reveals (very) early footage from his stop-motion animation Isle of Dogs, wants you to be in it:
Wes Anderson's next film to be canine animation with Bill Murray and Yoko Ono
Wes Anderson officially announces new animated film Isle of Dogs - Entertainment Weekly
The artist recreating the world of Wes Anderson in miniature:
Wes Anderson Announces New Stop Motion Film, 'Isle of Dogs'. You fall into one of two camps when it comes to Wes...
Wes Anderson announces his latest Isle of Dogs
Want to voice a character in Wes Anderson's new film And win a trip to the set in London? Check it out…
Wes Anderson's New Stop-Motion Movie is Titled 'Isle of Dogs,' Full Cast and First ...
Here's the first teaser poster for Wes Anderson's next film See the full cast: https…
Wes Anderson is making a dog movie, fingers crossed for sumptuous reimagining of Dog With A Blog
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Wes Anderson's newest film's official title is Full cast announcement in new video: .
Wes Anderson is making a new stop motion movie called Isle of Dogs. This news pleases me greatly.
Film > Movies> Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs reveals cast, first look-
Wes Anderson just announced the title and cast of his new stop-motion animated film
Cause my life like a Wes Anderson movie lol
Wes Anderson is going to the Isle Of Dogswith Greta Gerwig and Yoko Ono
...that dog on the new Wes Anderson film looks evol.
Wes Anderson reveals the cast and a first look at his next film, Isle of Dogs
1st look at images from Wes Anderson's new film 'Isle of Dogs' in a video he just put out, exclusively here:
Wes Anderson returns to animation with
Wes Anderson announces the cast of his upcoming film "Isle of Dogs" (Watch)
Wes Anderson announces new film, teases clip, wants you to be in it
Wes Anderson wants you to star in his "Isle of Dogs" movie with &
Wes Anderson introduces his new film Isle of Dogs due in 2018:
Wes Anderson announces new film "Isle of Dogs," starring Bill Murray and pretty much everybody he's ever worked with htt…
Wes Anderson has revealed the title + full cast + first footage from his new stop-motion film.
Aping Wes Anderson not necessarily a bad idea, but the film feels like this is going to be Wes Anderson optics - Wes Anderson storytelling.
Wes Anderson shares sneak preview of his new animated film, 'Isle of Dogs'
Of course the new Wes Anderson movie will have Yoko Ono in it.
Wes Anderson has officially announced the title & full cast for his new stop-motion feature! Watch:
Wes Anderson's next stop-motion animated film is about dogs and features Bill Murray and Yoko Ono http…
Wes Anderson announces new movie starring all your faves - USA TODAY
Wes Anderson's new movie features all the greats: Bill Murray, Bryan Cranston, and dogs:
"I’m here today to officially announce the start of my new film, which is called ISLE OF DOGS." h…
Wes Anderson presents his new feature film 'Isle of Dogs' vía
This shot of Edward Norton and Wes Anderson makes me so happy
It's official: Wes Anderson's next film is the animated 🐕
Wes Anderson announces title, cast for new stop-motion film
Your latest short is very Wes Anderson, I love it!
Wes Anderson, and Chris Renaud lent their voices to the animated film, 'Sing'.
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I'd love to be in a film made by Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Wes Anderson, Peter Jackson, JJ Abrams, or Ridley Scott.
My directing style will be a mix between Christopher Nolan and Wes Anderson.
Films by Hitchcock, Hawks, Griffith, Keaton, Wes Anderson among 25 added to the Nat'l Film Registry htt…
legit, Orson wells who?? Francis Ford Coppola?? Wes Anderson?? Gtfo all y'all, cameraman come on down and get your award 🏆📹
'Sonata for cello and Piano in F minor' (Mutato Muzika Orchestra) from The Royal Tenanbaums suno! Wes Anderson's soundtracks are pyaar!
Come Together! Jim Brown Ray Lewis & Wes Anderson all brothers. It's America, baby, not the US of Mainstream Media!…
Peter Pan at the National Theatre is an amazing production, feels like Emir Kusturica and Wes Anderson have teamed up.
If you ever actually remember when America was great again remember Wes Anderson's way of putting on shoes. Out
His Dallas restaurant, where he met Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson.
Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson exiting Columbia Pictures offices after signing deal to make Bottle Rocket, November...
Its a to be a dog in a Wes Anderson film. This one looks ok right? Nope, doped up Owen Wilson runs him over…
I would love to see Owen Wilson or Wes Anderson on your show. Both are super talented 😀. Love the show. Big fan.
How does Wes Anderson always get the best out of the Wilson Brothers?
Name any actor who can do Blackhawk Down, Wedding Crashers, every Wes Anderson film and the Night at the Museum triology.
H&M's Christmas advert is by far the best this year, Wes Anderson always leaves a mark
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I am all but sure nothing will be better than Wes Anderson's brilliant adaptation. One of the best movies ever!
Wes Anderson & the Wilson Bros changed the film landscape 😗 via
Facemask on and candles lit, 'bout to watch that Wes Anderson/ Adrian Brody h&m commercial for the 5th time and cry a whole bunch.
If U ever wondered what a Wes Anderson directed Xmas ad feat Adrian Brody would look like then wonder no more 🙌🏻 ❤️
Wes Anderson directed a 4-minute commercial that is 2016's best Christmas film.
Festive Cheer from H&M and one of my favourite directors Wes Anderson! 🎄
2nd day of Christmas and we get this great short film by Wes Anderson with Adrian Brody (all for )
Owen Wilson dressed up as a candy cane vibrator in ur wildest Wes Anderson holiday dreams
Oh man, imagine a Wes Anderson movie about Werner von Braun with Jason Schwartzman
A coup for H&M getting Wes Anderson to make a short for them with Adrian Brody. Love him - colours/quirkiness :-)
Wes Anderson kicks off the season with his new short "Come Together" starring Adrian Brody.
Owen Wilson and his big nose annoy me in everything except Wes Anderson movies
Adrian Brody has a voice that melts. Wes Anderson is my fave. This message is pertinent. This message…
Wes Anderson directed an H&M Christmas commercial and it is lovely.
Everything you wish a Wes Anderson commercial could be and more. 😍 via
Tis' the Season! Do yourself a favor today and watch this adorable Christmas commercial directed by Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson directed a Christmas commercial for H&M and it is great
You had me at Wes Anderson. Well done
Reminded of Tina Fey's awards ceremony joke about Wes Anderson arriving on a bicycle made of antique tuba parts. Cut to bemused Wes. Ace.
Wes Anderson makes more adverts than movies – how does his H&M Christmas commercial measure up? - New Statesman
Why does everything Wes Anderson makes is amazing . Come Together – directed by Wes Anderson .
Im telling you right now. If wes anderson made a Christmas movie, it would be my all time favorite Christmas movie.
Famous film producer/director Wes Anderson's new hit is a commercial for fashion powerhouse H&M
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