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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Hunter (born Wendy Joan Williams; July 18, 1964) is an American media personality, Actress and New York Times bestselling author.

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Why didn’t someone introduce me to this Judge Mathis and Wendy Williams interview earlier in life ... y’all are sel…
I love listening to old Wendy Williams interviews when the guests are gettin her together. Judge Mathis and Whitney…
*** Wendy Williams talking mad crap about return of Jersey Shore.She was always so nice to us when she needed guests…
Wendy Williams talking about Malia Obama living her life after being in the White House for 8 Years with Pre…
Lmao I can't decide if this is kris Jenner slander or Wendy Williams slander
Has anyone ever noticed that kris Jenner and Wendy Williams look exactly alike
Wendy Williams show *** a big D. Her audience are all brain washed by the same drugs that wendy's on. Disgusting tv like really disgusting
losing brain cells watching Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams is one spritzer away from passing out, *** in the dirt, again. She has "Hilary Brain" now.
Wendy Williams is Trash. Her comments about Terry Crews and his sexual assault incident are absolutely horrible. She shou…
Wendy Williams said terry Cruz wasn’t brave for coming out about his sexual assault.
Cheers to that, Wendy Williams as well while we're at it. Both have been ru…
Why do people even still watch Wendy Williams?
Wendy Williams was talking about Taylor Swift on a recent episode of her show!! .
Some woman should chin check Wendy Williams bum *** for that Terry Cruz statement she made, talk about a double standard smh
"Nikki" lmaooo I thought this was that troll Wendy Williams account
Wendy Williams really upset with your comments about Blake Shelton being the sexiest man well truly think you don’t…
Is it just me or have I never seen anyone faint the way Wendy Williams did? Honest question btw. I need some answers be…
Wendy Williams has been announced as a speaker for and will discuss female empowerment in the entertainment industries…
Either be a Wendy Williams, or be a Mother Theresa.
Kathy Griffin fainting on stage, yes she upstaged Wendy Williams, lol.
Didn’t Wendy Williams do that on her Halloween show? Finally happen Kathy Griffin has no new…
EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams' husband is STILL seeing his young mistress
Kathy is thinking if it's good enough for Wendy Williams, it's good enough for her. Kathy trying to gather…
Why Brent Grimes wife look like Wendy Williams on crack
Wow that Hunter husband guy is really doing Wendy Williams again like that? Dam
I liked a video Wendy Williams says Tamar Braxton CANNOT come on her show
Celebrities all prolly have privates where they act mad reckless can someone leak Wendy Williams finsta I wanna see what she…
kay maybe more like 5 cuts on 5 different fingers...but still! Almost pull a Wendy Williams like I ain’t got litres, like simmer down please
Can someone send me the Wendy Williams/jasmine masters wild thoughts video please
I swear I thought Stiverne was going to faint like Wendy Williams when gave him the Arch Angel Death stare,like seen a ghost
unpopular opinion: I don’t think Wendy Williams fainting is funny. She’s problematic as *** but that wasn’t funny.
I liked a video Wendy Williams Portends Fall of America!
At first, her crew thought Wendy Williams was pranking them when she fainted on live TV:
Idk why I️ used that Gif...I️ love Wendy was funny, but I️ sympathize with her...for I️ am a chronic faller
I liked a video Wendy Williams faints on TV LIVE
Wendy Williams fainting on live tv is my new most favorite meme I can’t stop watching & laughing
Mood: Wendy williams. Im just ready to leave work 😩
So Wendy Williams passes out on tv & memes were made before she hit the floor but Tyrese who’s in court for severe abuse…
I used to watch her when she did Hot talk on Wendy Williams all the time and i knew she was psycho we stan
My sis Wendy Williams out here looking 18 😍
Wendy Williams “fainting” on stage was an MK Ultra malfunction. A conspiracy theory.
My boyfriend and I both think Wendy Williams looked like she seen something when she said she fainted on her show.
Wendy Williams dressed as liberty, getting a terrified look in her eyes, then savagely falling to the ground is a metaphor…
I mixed clips from 'The Shining' with the video of Wendy Williams fainting.
Wendy Williams passes out on live TV
Wendy Williams really fainted watching James Charles walk in the costume contest
Wendy Williams fainting to a legendary timeless iconic BOP
I was crying like Tyrese when Wendy Williams died on tv
Wendy Williams look like she on drugs
Why did they delete the That's So Raven video of Wendy Williams??! 😩😩😩. Good thing I. SAVED IT!!! 😈😈😈
Wendy Williams has always hated Michael and Janet. If you…
Wendy Williams will sit down with to talk about her scary collapse on national TV.
Wendy Williams out here looking like a snack.
Kyle keeps laughing every 10 minutes and when I ask him why, it's always bc he's thinking about Wendy Williams fainting
But don't forget Wendy Williams request she said Ester Dean Drop it low she said make sure Doc B play it
Yo, sometimes, you guys go way too far. How do you make a gif of Wendy Williams fainting as a joke? Like get it togethe…
Those that watched "GET OUT" know what just happened to Wendy Williams 😂😂😂
Wendy Williams is a performance artist and her fainting as Lady Liberty was a metaphor for America’s demise (a conspira…
Wendy Williams opens up about fainting during her LIVE Halloween episode.
Wendy Williams fainting on her show is a big mood.
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Me looking at these Wendy Williams memes
Wendy Williams is me when I want to stay home and I have to make sure my mom believes that I don’t “feel good”
I didn’t think the Wendy Williams jokes were funny
Ok, now that Wendy Williams' okay I'm just going to look at memes & laugh. I'm sorry. I promise I'm a good person w. a dark sense of humor.
*** Wendy Williams passed out on tv. Smh God Don’t like ugly. Capitalizing off of people’s demise and now look at ya. You…
The Wendy Williams gif to end all Wendy Williams gifs
Wendy Williams really just gave us the most iconic event of the 21st century .
Wendy Williams came back and said she just “overheated in her costume.” Now I’m no medical expert but that didn’t seem li…
50cent mocks Wendy Williams after she fainted on live TV
This how Wendy Williams was before she fainted 😭😭😭😭
I don't respect Wendy Williams but I NEVER wish harm on another human being
Wendy Williams fainted and they made her a meme before she hit the floor
And here comes the river of Wendy Williams fainting gifs
First of all Wendy Williams drags everybody so the jokes are hilarious idc
Wait did Wendy Williams really faint or is this Tyra Banks "I've been working so hard I'm so tired you guys"
Wendy Williams fainting will probably be one of the best GIFs ever made.
Wendy Williams created an empire by cutting *** and I can’t giggle cause she caught a hot flash dressed as lady liberty? T…
Wendy Williams must of seen herself in the mirror earlier
Wendy Williams really just sealed her fate in the gif archive
Lady Gaga : Dress up Everynight and performs on stage . Wendy Williams tries dressing up once : .
Wendy Williams got a little overheated in her costume and passed out. She's doing fine now.
Wendy Williams fainting sorta reminded me of that Helen Mirren 'Prime Suspect' moment during the police sketch - "Ive seen that man before!"
Lifestyle> Wendy Williams fainted on live TV, and it was terri--
Wow I hope Wendy Williams is okay. That looked really frightening and serious.
Walter White - " Hold my beer, Wendy Williams " (Presented again for Emmy consideration years later.)…
Happy Halloween here’s Wendy Williams dressed up as Dolly Parton
Y’all really making fun of Wendy Williams?? That woman literally had a stroke on live television...
Who tf said Wendy Williams over heated from all that hot tea she be spilling 😭
God, you’re really going to put Wendy Williams in a lady liberty outfit and have her faint on live TV and I’m the bad guy…
Wendy Williams passed out live on tv and I’m shook.
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Wendy Williams fainted becaus the Cherokee tribe cursed her family bloodline in 1800’s she is a white witch burn her
Wendy Williams passed out during live Halloween special mashable
That Wendy Williams video remind me of the first time I nutted
I'm sorry the Wendy Williams fall is funny 😂😂😂
Wendy Williams fainting while dressed as the Statue of Liberty is the perfect metaphor for 2017.
Wendy Williams passed out on live TV. She said her costume made her overheat.
Fam it's too *** early to be making these Wendy Williams jokes 😂😂😂
Here's the moment Wendy Williams collapsed on live TV
Wendy Williams came back after commercial break. Said she overheated in her costume.
"I overheated in my costume," Wendy Williams said. "I did pass out. But you know what, I'm a champ and I'm back." https:/…
Wendy Williams fainted while filming her TV show 😳. Her reps have said it was due to dehydration and she is doing well. htt…
Jesus Christ! Wendy Williams fainted on TV. This is one of the scariest things I've ever seen.
Dog why are y’all laughing at Wendy Williams fainting 😂😂😂
Lmao at Wendy Williams, who faints like that not on a soap opera 😂😂
Wendy Williams just passed out on live TV. And then rallied like a friggin champ minutes later. h…
Wendy Williams just collapsed on stage on live tv today on Halloween. Pray for her.
Wendy Williams will remain the Queen of GIFs and MEMEs
I have never identified with anyone more than Wendy Williams collapsing in a wig.
Wendy Williams faints on-air, says she 'overheated' in Halloween costume
Everyone keep Wendy Williams in your prayers, we hope she makes it through!
I’m glad Wendy Williams and Combat Jack are okay but if enough notable Black people die this year we do a baseball team -…
Wendy Williams overheated in her costume and fainted on her show, but came right back like a champ!
Just saw the Wendy Williams footage. The moments just before she fell out were scary af.
Wendy Williams back stage after passing out
Same ones making memes of Wendy Williams are gonna be the same ones posting RIP when they say comes.
Wendy Williams passed out during TV broadcast, reportedly due to being too hot in her costume
So we’re clear, Wendy Williams passing out isn’t funny. I’m glad she is ok. Black folk, check into your own health. Don’t a…
Wendy Williams just collapsed on air CALL THE PARAMEDICS. SAVE WENDY!
Wendy Williams pass out looked more like a stroke. She couldn't even pronounce her words.
Me seeing Wendy Williams fainting on her show...
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Woke up and saw this 😂😂 the Wendy Williams Video is Trending ( fortunately she’s okay 👌 but ..…
Wendy Williams just became an all time meme, congrats
Get well, That was not a good scare!
Wendy Williams passed out during her show today.
I watched that Wendy Williams faint like
So who's gonna be the first to start the Wendy Williams challenge?
Wendy Williams fainted. Hopeful nobody actually starts using it as a Meme
Wendy Williams passed out during live Halloween special
Watch as talkshow host Wendy Williams passes out during a segment of her show. .
Wendy Williams needs better acting classes... even folks who fake catching the holy ghost do better
I hope she's ok, but Wendy Williams falling down while wearing a Statue of Liberty costume is a perfect metaphor for 20…
Wendy Williams fainted on live TV Tuesday morning — then came back and finished the show
Wendy Williams gave her audience a massive scare after fainting while filming her show.
Wendy Williams passes out, collapses on-air during chat show
Im happy Walter—er uh Wendy Williams didnt die on tv but I dont wish her the best. Im gonna screenshot and meme my life away
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Wendy Williams is transforming back to Walter Williams
Wendy Williams problems are much worse that Tamar and Vince. Kevin Hunter is buying houses, cars and jewelry with her money.
Wendy Williams has never heard this song before.
Fergie has opened up about her heartbreaking split from Josh Duhamel while talking to Wendy Williams.
Wendy Williams played as Matron "Mama" Morton . My name is Tiffany Barr from Coastal Carolina University
story: ”Angelina Jolie buys dog”. Wendy Williams: so Angelina just bought a dog. They say it’s her coping with the whole…
11.11 Reset sounded okay on the Wendy Williams show. Keysha Cole
I'd really like too see a fave off between Lisa Ling & Wendy Williams. Now that would be a scene.
Wendy Williams is dumb af !!you don’t ask such a sensitive question on live tv ,you could see the hurt in Quincy’s fac…
Debbie Mazar insinuated on Wendy Williams that Oliver Stone was inappropriate with her while auditioning for The Doors..
Wendy Williams on wildn out is the funniest thing ever 😂
For all Nancy is accused of, there's Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals a Linda who is Wendy Williams & former Pres Crimea Ukraine who set
Wendy Williams talking about Kylie Jenner being pregna…
'I stand by my guy!': Wendy Williams flashes her wedding bling after bombshell her husband is leading a double lif…
oh ok that's good bro i'm happy for you lol you can be stronger than wendy williams off BET cheek bones lol
Husband’s cheating report: “Believe what you want. I stand by my guy!” - Wendy Williams..
Wendy Williams makes a living on tellin other ppl business & all this time the real gossip has been right in her own home... lol smh
Wendy williams addresses claims her husband is having an affair: "i stand by my guy": via
Wendy Williams’ husband reportedly living a double life with 32-year-old mistress (photos)
Good for Wendy Williams for addressing her own Hot Topic. That took guts. NOW, I have...theories:
Wendy Williams doesn't think you should believe the hype around husband affair rumors:
Wendy Williams addresses cheating rumors on talk show: ‘I stand by my man’ - . Click link to view & comment:…
Not shocked one bit by the Wendy Williams news...
People's husbands have been very busy this summer! From Kevin to Chris & Queen and now Wendy Williams. Men do better. Stop getting caught 😅
Wow, After months of Chris Brown not saying Karrueche’s name and realizing that she’s losing relevancy, she goes on Wendy…
Somewhere in soulful heaven I imagine Whitney Houston is reading this Wendy Williams news like
i wonder if Wendy Williams gonna talk about her husband's affair on hot topics
Wendy Williams ugly *** just pmo saying that girl gone be a one hit wonder no tf she not 🤞🏽
So is this just a simply case of white and dark meat
.WendyWilliams addresses the alleged cheating scandal involving her husband. 🗣️.
Wendy Williams' husband leads a double life with secret mistress via
EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams' husband is leading secret double life, carrying on affair with massage therapist, 32
Wendy williams getting cheated on is not surprise nobody being faithful to a chick wit that type of body
Now for some "Hot Topics" . Wendy Williams' Husband has been living a double life and cheating for the past 10 Years.😂✌ https…
Anne Heche is amazing on Wendy Williams ... my morning routine 🙃
Okay in today's news let's talk about Wendy Williams husband.
bràxton I want to know if you are still dating Birdman. Please make Wendy Williams a lie. I love you two together.
Is it just me or does Wendy Williams look like Tracy Morgan dressed up as Beyoncé for Halloween?
Wendy Williams has clapped back at T.I. after the rapper shared a photo of her hitting the beach in a bikini:…
Wendy Williams is built like a squeezed tube of toothpaste.
I can't stop laughing at these videos of Wendy Williams
My perspective on the current violence! See the link and share it
Wendy Williams built like someone who should never have anything to bad to say about anyone else.
Wendy Williams...girl you look like the epitome of what's wrong with plastic surgery
is it just me or wendy williams lowkey looks like Roger from American dad
Wendy Williams is out here living. She never said she didn't have flaws. She has nothing to learn. Especially not from an *** like T.I.
Here's what has to say about Wendy Williams BEACH BOD ...thoughts ? 🤔
Wendy Williams built like a pack of newports longs
Wendy Williams gotta wear jeans and a baggy sweater next time she go to the beach
Son said Wendy Williams look like a Popeyes chicken tender. I’m gonna grab a plate and see myself out.
I wouldn't wish Wendy Williams' body on my enemy 😢
Why Wendy Williams didn't get a butt job to go with that boob job? 😤
Wendy Williams lil body giving out on her huh
Wendy Williams should never slander anyone about their looks never ever ever ever ever again
my *** is so flat this is unacceptable IM LITERALLY BUILT LIKE WENDY WILLIAMS KSJSISK
Wendy Williams got all that plastic surgery and still has no ***
Y'all. Someone in The Shade Room comments said Wendy Williams is "built like an improper fraction" LMFAO 💀
Wendy Williams skipped leg day her whole life so she could run her mouth
Wendy Williams should have stayed fat. Honestly. She looked good.
Wendy Williams built like a wet cigarette with titties ..
Wendy Williams kills me putting on them banana boat flats lol
Wow Hedda Hopper really was the Wendy Williams of her day.
P-Square being interviewed by Wendy Williams in 2011.
Since today is Whitney Houston's birthday, here is her iconic classy clapback at Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams // Loose Women, UK Interview // 17th June 2010 never forget this iconic moment
At Flame Broiler, eating some chicken and brown rice and they have Wendy Williams on the TV...she's like some sort…
I always felt like Wendy Williams had a crush on Rick Ross lol it's cute.
This *** said "Chris Brown, Wendy Williams all these men". I just slapped all my files on the floor. I can't.I can't
She looks like a mix between Steven Taylor, MJ and Wendy Williams 💀
That Judge Mathis vs. Wendy Williams video got me WEAKKK
How you gonna comment a Wendy Williams gif when she was just dissing Nicki 🤔🤔
Mike Vick, R. Kelly, Kevin Hart, O.J. Simpson and Usher are all trending today??? Wendy Williams is going to have a fie…
When Judge Greg Mathis had to check Wendy Williams for spreading lies on his name. 💯Don't talk lies on anyone Wendy.
Official Campaign to get Wendy Williams to do the Super Bowl halftime show and sit there for the whole 10 minutes doin…
Wendy Williams looks like one of the KPop boys yall always put on my timeline
Seemed like Wendy Williams was walking on egg shells in her interview with Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy seemed nervous, too.
Wendy Williams is bombarding Billy Ray Cyrus with uncomfortable questions about Miley and he wants nothing to do with them
Wendy Williams asked Billy Ray what he would ask Robin Thicke if he saw him in the mall... response: say sorry for the death of his father.
Billy Ray also told Wendy Williams that him and Miley always play music together, that is their special bond they do together!
Billy Ray Cyrus told Wendy Williams that he is thinking about going vegan because Miley inspired him to do so!
Am I the only one who thinks Wendy Williams is starting to look like Beyonce's Twin Sister 😍
Lawd this Wendy Williams interview with Jayson Williams got me tearing up.
Jayson Williams on Wendy Williams today was one of her best interviews. So good!
Flo from Progressive. Francine Smith from American Dad. Ricki Lake in Hairspray. Wendy Williams. Queen Latifah in Set I…
Waiting for Wendy Williams to recap this Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, TI and Tiny mess
Wendy Williams gathering all the information on Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian for tomorrow's episode.
Wendy Williams taking down notes on the Ron & chyna drama like
New post (Wendy Williams' All White Mixtape Beach Party Tix: "Fat ...) has been published on Urban -…
30. Wendy Williams was really crying about being on her period 💀
Wendy Williams stay with all the tea
If the cast isn't on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Wendy Williams, Live With Kelly and Ryan, GMA, THE View and mo…
Are we just going to ignored the fact Wendy Williams arm is shriveling up 😭😭😭😭
Donald Trump is president, Nicki lost the female rap award, now Wendy Williams out here looking like Beyoncé. 2017 is wild. h…
So... karrueche , Chris Brown and Quavo all in the same building... . Wendy Williams home like: .
If you attend the Wendy Williams show you just as messy as her
If I wanted personality I'd turn on the Wendy Williams show
94% of BW voted for Hillary found one of the other 6% on Wendy Williams show saying that constand was to ugly for to rape 😡
me and my mom watch ur show everyday after Wendy Williams (that's my girl too) lol we love you !!!
Diddy is going to be on the Wendy Williams show 😩 someone pick me up and take me to NYC
What kind of sick individual do u have to be to actually go sit in the audience of Wendy Williams show...
Someone just shaded Katy Perry on the Wendy Williams show 😂😂😂 I love that person
loved seeing your promo during the Wendy Williams show! My tv producer brain has to tell you it's out of sync. Prep and swap! ❤️
I just caught a few minutes of the Wendy Williams show, and GOD, what a train wreck...
I never seen Wendy Williams use q tips for her eyes until tiny was on the show & was doing it 😩
I miss watching the Wendy Williams show   10% Off
wonderful interview on Wendy Williams show. will def read both ur books..
"Say it like you mean it." is one of the main themes of Leo Mercury, Wendy Williams' talk show.
If I ever got famous I could not go on the Wendy Williams show. I'd end up fighting her. She's so *** shady.
Years ago (again lol) Suge went on Wendy Williams radio show and said Dre used to do drag. Lol
Got my tickets to the Wendy Williams show!!! So excited
These interviews and more. She went on the Wendy Williams show talking about…
I love the Wendy Williams show 😭 it's like a love hate relationship with her.
Watching the Wendy Williams show at lunch has become an everyday thing at work 😂
Time to watch my Wendy Williams show
Why are there live animals on the Wendy Williams show. Is this what it has come to?
Things that gotta go in 2017 in this exact order :. 1. Wendy Williams show ✔️. 2. Dr.Phil✔️. 3.Maury✔️. They all make things worst 💯🚫🙅🏽
ok... I remember her face from Wendy Williams though.. Heard its a good show, yes?
Cuca the Alligator from a Brazilian Children's Show is Wendy Williams' Doppelgänger via /r/funny
from NYC . dude watching Wendy Williams and busting a big Nut. Shout out to NYC
Super chic stylist to the celebs, Melissa Garcia rocking our Wendy Williams snow leopard kimono…
Website Builder 728x90
Judge Greg Mathis manhandled Wendy Williams. Judge Mathis is a true thug! Gangsta. Wouldn't mess with him or his reputation. Lol. Aggressive
Judge Mathis you checked Wendy Williams well! I do know you I've watched you and followed you for…
Judge Mathis vs Wendy Williams.he checks her HAM!
Wendy Williams and Jen Vernon tonight at the John Natsoulas Gallery hosted by Dr. Andy Jones.
HOT QUESTION: Are Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres to blame for Wendy Williams' lack of success?
Wendy Williams asked Nick Cannon would he smash Nicki Minaj 😂
4. Beyoncé dragging Wendy Williams on her Talkshow for calling Destinys child "Beyoncé and the girls"
Wendy Williams telling Khloe Kardashian what she would've did if a friend stole from her 👊🏾😡
My for biggest haters of 2017, is Wendy Williams, Charlemagne, Jo Budden, funky flex, Remy
so no1 heard Wendy Williams say we have to respect Donald Trump cause he our president?! Who *** she suckin 🤔
Wendy Williams manly looking *** is blowing me. " Donald Trump is our president respect him ". Girl if you don't shut your man *** up
Wendy Williams goes in on Kathy Griffin for what she did to Donald Trump
IDK why but I have this crazy super suspicious theory that Wendy Williams voted for Donald Trump.
Wendy Williams talking about the controversy that Kathy Griffin started with Donald Trump
I should just slap Wendy Williams for saying Donald Trump deserve respect smh
Wendy Williams actually used to be pretty. All that hate must've drug her face through the mud.
Wendy Williams really said that we should respect Donald Trump
Iconic drag by Blac Chyna and her Mother for dragging Wendy Williams back to *** and back .…
Michael Jackson with an Australian accent still isn't as bad as Damon Dash by Wendy Williams for Aaliyah's movie.
y'all just need to leave Michael alone, he didn't ask for this. I thought this was Wendy Williams.
Wendy Williams asked Priyanka Chopra about her friend "Prince Harry's girlfriend" and Priyanka shut it down:…
.reminded Wendy Williams that Meghan Markle is so much more than just Prince Harry's girlfriend. https:/…
16. I sort my memes. I have a special section for Wendy Williams and Kris Aquino
With past keynote speakers like Holly Robinson Peete and Wendy Williams, don't miss this year's expo. FREE tix:
I love Wendy Williams so much.. I wish we had a similar show in SA
This *** gossips more about men then Wendy Williams gossips about celebs on her show. Weird
In addition to the dates, .will also be appearing on the Wendy Williams show on My 23rd.
agsjsb your use of wendy williams memes makes me crack up EVERY SINGLE TIME
listen I love Wendy Williams so much idc
Wendy Williams calling Kylie Jenner out for stealing Rihanna's Style
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
New: will be on the Wendy Williams Show May 23rd!
WENDY WILLIAMS and ALT on my radio show---Full Length--on SIRIUS XM. Radio Andy. Yeeess! Listen!
Wendy Williams never received the strongest man award
Wendy Williams is the only man that should be wearing a romper
yo ya'll check this out Wendy Williams Hot Topics: Mo’Nique Versus Tyler Perry & Oprah [Video]
Tamar was so loud and extra 😂😂 I watch Wendy Williams cause I know she's a mess 😭😭😭
Plz listen to this: Judge Mathis checks Wendy Williams- Don't ever mess with The Judge-straight from the streets...
Lawd..lawd.lawd..😨. Judge Mathis done read Wendy Williams. from here to infinity!
Kfc and McDs, Wendy Williams and one of her wigs, Barack and Michelle , Honey boo boo and her belly, salt and pepper, should i go on ?
This girl on the Wendy Williams show put Miley Cyrus in her place
Oomf just randomly said "I used to think Niecy Nash is Wendy Williams "
Wendy Williams said on her show that Travis $cott would not be a household name were he not "dating" Kylie.
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