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Welsh Water

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW) is a company which supplies drinking water and wastewater services to most of Wales and parts of western England.

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Not disputing the queues... just the unrealistic point about de-hydration. Personally.. n…
Worried about your water? Don't be! Welsh Water can help you through the changes in your water billing. Call 0800 0…
a half-quart of soft, still Welsh mountain water.
Go over to the Welsh Water stand at the Eisteddfod to see Arfona, our Educational Co-Ordinator, you can chat about our Edu…
Nice 'troots' there for a Welsh water - well done.
“True love she is water powerful enough to drown you, soft enough to cleanse you and deep enough to save you.” ―
You can be pro welsh without speaking Welsh, its a bit like , I can be Christian without walking on water
Welsh Water has questions to answer in these debates. Very interesting article from Rebecca
Contrast thin "Welsh" debate with on food poverty. But both uninterested in this imp story.
WADR to 1M is aspiration nobody will be held to account for. Govt can't make people speak Welsh! Can pour water into sand tho.
So resolve is about to be tested 2 tickler bids submitted 2 rest the water these clubs will b back. The downside of having good players
Hot on the heels on the Newsnight Welsh Language debacle, in more hot water.
So you're saying that just like the Welsh are the Irish who couldn't swim, Lake Bala is the water the…
Getting closer but still wide of even a low water mark. Unless the ruling Welsh elite stop feeding…
Don't forget to register your interest in attending the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Engagement Meeting on 26 September:…
Irvine: habitational name from Irvine in Ayrshire, which is named from a Celtic river, Welsh ir, yr ‘green’, ‘fres…
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Whisky, wine, water.. find out about Welsh drink.
I did it with a Welsh Potter called Joff he was broke to, -5 had to heat the mixer with a blow torch to stop the water from freezing ☃️💦☃️
Dong Energy to supply green power to Welsh Water
Welsh Water explain the background to the tree felling at Swiss Valley Reservoir. They will replant.
"All we hear are positives about it" choose 'perfect' system for Welsh Water site…
But surely your tap water IS Welsh water?
That's a welsh water tank , be ok if u can hold u breath till the fall out has passed ! :)
The anti-Welsh language English media smell blood in the water following Brexit, we have to stand up and fight harder than ever!
I just realized that Glendower means "Valley water" for Welsh names ohmygod
Security has been stepped up following a wave of attacks
Getting wet & experiencing the wonderful health benefits of Fresh Water, Welsh style. No cadets were harmed in the…
Safeguarding a reliable water supply for three million customers. We helped prepare for the next 30 years…
People taking bottles of water into Welsh courts are being ordered to take sips to prove it's not acid.
Traffic is being diverted so that Welsh Water can carry out work. For more information about the work contact them directly
Latest developer services standards results achieved by English and Welsh companies. Read more >…
Fly-tipping is a huge issue in Scotland. Like this Welsh Water case, we'll prosecute anyone fly-tipping on our land:
Supporting by assessing how consultation on access, water, ALTW etc will has on Welsh farms
Hi Julie temporary stops should be in place while Welsh Water are working on a548 will ask the question
People taking water into Welsh courts ordered to take sips to prove it is not acid
Its a welsh village drowned to create a reservoir for Liverpool's to have water its a Patagonia thi…
BBC News: Welsh Water bill system change 'led to complaints': Changes to Welsh Water's billing system led to ...
Welsh Water bill system change 'led to complaints'
Good to see Welsh Water trying to resolve flooding/sewerage problems in Ross Road and Monk St Abergavenny
Welsh have exactly the same no oil there so that kind of blows you out the water
I slipped in some water and ran into a wall
He's delighted to be in the village his dad came from. His dad used to bring bk loads of Welsh water to Eng with him
The great Welsh water swindle. How to shaft an entire nation. .
Our Spanish Flamenco Potatoes with Pork Roast is sure to make mouths water! Try the recipe: http…
Our team of are looking forward to competing in the 6th Annual Industry today!
Welsh Water were drilling outside my house at 7.45am-3pm on a Sunday a few weeks ago
I think I was a sea turtle in a past life & that's why I love water but have this irrational fear of dark water & sharks
I really don't appreciate Welsh water enough
Welsh Water in any other language...
Currently standing in the garden with welsh water trying to track down a water leak, how Saturdays should be spent 😂😂
At the welsh centre watching footie. On the sparkly juice & coke. Apparently ur brain doesn't like u running in the sun+not drinking water?
The Welsh team have just been treading water all year
Sat morning just settled compensation with Welsh Water for client has taken a while
Can someone Welsh tell us what psychoactive substance Farage added to the water supply?
Alright UK, we're gonna do a spin turn, a 180°. Welsh on bow side and English on stroke side. Both, oars out on the water, and PULL!!
Why is it that Volvic Mineral Water, which has been filtered through volcanic rock for millions of years, has a Best Before…
My welsh guest is battered, I'm explaining league of pissheads the more you drink the more points you get and he thought I meant pool water😂
Welsh independence I say, sell our water!
The Welsh language sounds like someone's gargling water in the back of their throat
WalesOnline: Extreme Sailing Series takes to the water in Cardiff Bay: . The Welsh capital’s flagship waterfr...
Welsh water compared to bristol water mind. No comparison
Mankind has been ruined by religious fire-water and the zealous bigots who push it. Perhaps Man will finally die from…
Scotland has oil and gas though. England needs that like they need our Welsh water. :p
Welsh Water starts work on £6m investment programme in North Wales network
Wife texts husband ''Windows frozen!''. He replies ''Just pour some slighty hot water over it.''. Wife: ''Computer's totally…
I wish drinking was ok morning noon and night but it's I'll take a water with lime 🙃
Here is 18 month old Henry Russell Welsh whom I Christened on Monday in Kill Devil Hills- with ocean water!...
something funny in the water you Welsh drink pal. You lot are out your depth!
Wrong. And Westminster has consistently stopped Welsh control of water, not the EU.
Welsh Water Pledges £32 Million To Customer Projects - the irish government could learn a lot from this
Find out how we're raising money for and with
Love water? So do we, that’s why we’re investing in our network in NorthWales. Clean,fresh water for decades to come
"Welsh people happy your just giving fishing rights away what next water sheep talk about Lamb's too slaughter. Out!
Disruption expected as water mains work closes Carmarthenshire road for three months: Welsh Water has applied for…
Welsh Back? I used to live just across the water. Happy days.
Trying to find water in our hotel room is so hard when the welsh came&brang like 30 vodka lemonades to the room...
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DDS for Green Watch today. WC Welsh detailing the capabilities of the water rescue unit inc large animal rescues https…
A beacon for London is Llanelli. Using nature to stop road pollution getting into its river & to cut sewer overflows
Unique not-for-profit model brings additional £32m boost for Welsh Water customers via
Welsh Water's Mike Pedley talks to Clean Energy News about his firm's approach to energy and demand response:
Moving out of your flat and realising that the letting agency never set up a water account for you so you owe Welsh Water £300 fab fab fab.
Solihull's water comes from the Welsh mountains and is soft. Redditch has table water and it's hard.
Welsh Water established a new company culture and way of thinking about health and safety.
were taking over the over side of the water! I even seen a Welsh Tranmere flag before that's going to far though
From weirdness on the Welsh coast: Whatever it was, the object was too large for a bird, too slim for a boat, too...
Welsh water signs agreement with . Read more:
. Good man. Send us a pic of the museum if you do. Get where water can't you Welsh lads.
chin up lads us Welsh fancy a trip to Paris next week which back water town are you playing in then
Except Welsh water. Our water is fresh af you see.
What are your 2016 Energy and Sustainability priorities? Do the rising costs of water have your attention, or what a…
There's definitely something in the water in Port Talbot, we are so far away from Hollywood yet we get there,...
This fizzy water really is excellent for sinus irrigation, you know. LMAO!
I just snorted fizzy water down my 'ooter. Sinuses are better now. Ta...!
Totally thought the Panera manager was coming over to hassle me about breastfeeding. Instead he brought me a giant glass of water. A+.
Welsh Water have a lovely brand. Get involved!
Welsh landlords, are you aware of the Water Industry Act and what it means for you?
"Pouring water into a leaky bucket" That's why we need to build more local ownership, so that more money stays in the Welsh economy.
a conch is technically a Welsh. There are many varieties all over the world. Cold water conch is by far the tastiest!
flushable wipes don't break up at all. Causes massive issues at water plants.
this is serious, the welsh will take ova & we will all have to sing Bread of Heaven before breakfast and water our daffodils.
Fantastic Welsh area autumn forum today. Great speakers from within and outside of the water industry. Well done all involved
Hi Stephen, thanks for letting us know. We will notify Welsh Water who are carrying out the works.
If you've ever wondered what we can do with Welsh water, have a little look at the collection
Sorry about this. Welsh Water/Morrisons are working there. They failed to inform us - which is why it wasn't on the list. Sorry.
Welsh Water will be carrying out Sewer Replacement Works at Tir-y-Dail, Ammanford on Saturday 10th October.
And then later on I was bored, and translated a document into Welsh. So now my favorite words are potel ddŵr, which means water bottle. :P
If that was Welsh water he wouldn't have wasted it, even by mistake
Blood, water, trees, Palestinian, Congolese, Welsh, child, adult, existence... Nothing but power and capital matters to them
Mams are ace. Mine thought to point out I had cellulite just after completing a 4 mile open water swim 😒
Welsh Water goes underground for Swansea risk project - WWT
Arrgghhh coffee machine not put on. Will take ages for the water to heat now!!
yea got gold too. Must be something in the Welsh water this week. Well done again great performance champ
one thing I don't miss about London is the English water. My hair is so much nicer with Welsh water
lol this Welsh hun i chopped asked if i have running water in my house😂. I educated her, i represented Africa solid
Crystal clear Welsh waters. Today's 💢Rebel Pops💢 is on the theme of Water.
Cycling the Welsh Harp/Brent Reservoir was the best Sunday morning escape! (Once you crossed the A Road). Swans and sailing on the water!
Windsurfing was hella fun yesterday ! I'm nervous about the Welsh water in November tho 🙈…
Maybe this 'water' could scale up enough to support building city-wide distribution networks? Some sort of pipe? https:/…
Jeeze ,being a Midlands boy, we got our water from The Elan Valley ! Always smelt of welsh pish
.Morgan is a Welsh name - come on in the water's lovely and warm
this episode is good, its not written by Moffatt.It has ghosts under water in it
Water Break Its Neck, where the last Welsh dragon drinks
I only like the small fresh water ones.About the only thing I eat that swims now...
already done and appear to have left to Welsh gin and cucumber water
The balance is to make train companies mutual companies (like Welsh Water). Not private/public - just reinvest profits into service.
You'll find the Scotts & us Welsh have the monopoly on water in the UK def. better together then👍
Wild Water: with a breathtaking setting Catch up with part one at 99p via
Alright butty boy. I'm Gavin the Welsh pirate. I sail the seven seas in my water buggy. Hope you don't mind me...
Keep me close, keep my head above water . I need to hear your voice, I can't do this on my own
Whizzed up lemons with water. yeah. could cleans any surface at a thousand paces.
First up; Gary Wright and Chris Pattison in their class B1 MG ZR diving through the Welsh water https…
As the winter sets in Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water have some tips for making preparations for the colder months.
Meanwhile leads the Tour of Corsica! Have they been putting something special in the Welsh water the last week or …
Marsh Water Ponds exhibiting at Welsh Game Fair, Dusty our Great Dane stole everyones attention, she had a great time
I drank 4 bottles of water at dinner time alone, I may have a problem
Spent the day handing water bottles up to mate riding the Welsh 12hr Time Trial. Those who ride such events are mad
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I'm so excited to start my work experience with welsh water tomorrow!!!
Belgium right size for country, wish mine bounded by Tweed water and Welsh marches.
I'm not used to blue sea water, it doesn't seem natural. I'm Welsh, I'm used to it being a browny-grey.
Death of reservoir in shadow of tree line was edge of water😔
So nice to be back at home with a cup of tea with beautiful Welsh water
The shocking map that shows the world is running out of water
I particularly liked the Irish kids throwing water bombs at the buses & the meat heads falling out of the pubs!! Never again
We advise people to drink clean water for their health we have a phrase 'clean living' so use 'clean activity' or 'clean exercise'
Great, I'm still in debit with Welsh Water. My monthly bill isn't going to lower again any time soon then :(
Helping out today judging for WSA trainer Dan for the Welsh 'differently abled' Surf Comp Porthcawl
Chirp* Into the valley: ...problem because Welsh Water now sells the supply to Severn Trent,’ sa...
There s only one thing I hate more than lying, and that is skimmed milk. . Which is water, lying about being milk.
Well what a way to start a weekend. Must be something in the Welsh water. Discovered another fine offering the...
typical - the once flooded a Welsh valley to make a reservoir for Midlands. Most of their water comes from Wales
Just arrived in the Welsh mountains! Doing some white water kayaking with my brother this weekend! :)
thanks but have already spoken to Welsh water and wanted to charge £414!
Back to drinking ntn but water and tea/lemonade every now n then.
Ain't nothing like drinking some cold water
well, probs not going to water the water bottle. OR WILL YOU? At 1am? Take photos
There's not just water in this Say Something in Welsh mug - there's love and good energies. I feel that!...
Protect me o father when the devil try to drown me I stay above water
At the Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Health and Safety Conference at the Liberty Stadium promoting Network75 Ltd
I need this to be true like I need food and water
Bought a bottle of water yesterday and it was sourced from Lampeter. Guess which favourite Welsh footballer hails from there 😏
Welsh Water Burst main affecting We’re working to fix the problem and restore the water...
Internet has turned more children into bullies says Welsh rugby's Gareth Thomas : Anti-b...
"Who put water in my water?" - WC Fields | Kasey the cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi, via Flickr - Photo S
*** tastes like water, according to Welsh-American punk band Pale Angels
This evening I've solved the problem of Welsh local government. Tomorrow? Water into wine.
I think it is Welsh water that has to look at it
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witty and wonderful Jenny wanderer in wild Welsh places, author of 'Leap the Wild Water' & 'The Calling of the Raven'.
I just asked Welsh to bring me a glass of water with a splash of orange squash. This is what I received...
Run away here. We have hot water and the feral 2yos can scream at each other.
Mum/I just had fab time in town buying essentials for our big Welsh adventure tomorrow ... water for me that is!! SO EXCITED!! CAN’T WAIT!!
have mild have Y Afanc. An extremely territorial (seriously) water demon who likes maidens..!.
my name's Elinor, but Welsh Water have me down as "Eleinor". Good times. Can't be arsed to correct it.
I *may* have just had a teensy sup from my Now-Inside-Water-Bucket ...
The Water Bucket has been filled and is in the Kennel rather than outside where it normally is. She thinks it will stop my early woofettes.
Can't be doing with under water battles. COD: GHOSTS made sure that experience was ruined for me!
There's a girl who teaches water aerobics at the hotel and I think I'm in love with her. She's 10/10
think your lot (Leeds squad that is, not Welsh people) know the best open water venue in the LS postcode area..
Fizzy water is my strongest drink for the evening...
Three remedies of the physicians of Myddfai: water, honey, and labor. ~ Welsh Proverb
Welsh water from West Wales at the Emirates stadium
Me *Thinking* "HM nothing very painful has happened to mw recently something probably will soon". *Open freezer* *Drops frozen water on foot*
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
what is in welsh water u are both HOT
Welsh want to control water policy in Wales >> and why not??
spent half an hour in inlaw's shower, not just to admire Big Welsh's tiling (but because water is so soft!
See how ABB kept thousands of Welsh homes supplied with water
Welsh government wants control of in - WWT
In 5% of Welsh water bodies, if licences were used to their full allocation they could cause damage to the environment at low flows.
Welsh pupils left lagging behind after 15 years of Labour reforms that 'lack long-term v...
How is this bottle of water in my hotel room only £7.75? How do they make a profit?!
I'd like to put all of those blokes from that Welsh golf advert 'in the water'. for a very long time
THE A469 will finally re-open tomorrow evening (April 11). The road was originally due to open next Monday (14th April) but Caerphilly County Borough Council and Welsh Water have just confirmed it will be open on Firday. Cllr Tom Williams, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, visited the site today along with local members Cllr Gaynor Oliver and Cllr David Hardacre to view progress ahead of the opening. Cllr Williams said, “Both the council and Welsh Water have pulled out all the stops to reopen this road and I would like to thank all involved for their hard work and commitment over the past few weeks. The closure has been a major inconvenience for local people and this has focussed our determination to resolve the problem as a matter of urgency. “I’m sure the whole community will welcome this news and I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these essential works,” he added. Welsh Water has replaced a 540m stretch of high pressure water main at the site ...
Really not missing the water in uni.. welsh water is so much better!
Good man least the plants have had their water. Welsh cakes is what u need ;);x
That actually made my mouth water. I'm absolutely going to try the ice cream! But...on plain strawberries? Really...?
If Jesus had turned water into something awesome like Legos or a Novel by Irvine Welsh I'd be more inclined to believe in him.
Cllr Val Smith: why are Welsh Water not paying for the sewerage works? Cllr Bob Greenland says he will follow suggestions up
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Welsh Water man: Now you have a good day, okay?. Me: Er, yeah, alright, I will.
Heheh!! should dip my finger in holy water..warm it up a bit **boils**
Fascinating tour of Welsh Water's sewage treatment works on Fabian Way this morning. Major refurbishment underway
Welsh government wants control of water policy in Wales. What do you think?
Well done welsh water, i havnt even started working for you and you've f**ked up, by sending my contract to the wrong address
Anyone familiar w/ song in Cymraeg that contains Sysnaeg "and she came from heaven & water..just like a flower" (give/take).
Welsh Water keeping me excited about the apprenticeship and after 2 months of waiting, I cant go for the...
Rhyly Rhyly good news for East beach! It's just designated as a bathing water for the 2014 bathing season by the Welsh Government.
hi, there's a training group today at the Welsh institute of sports, Sophia gardens at 6:30. Free to attend, bring water.
Road closures are to take place in Mountain Ash as Welsh Water carry out work in the area
I love spending time I haven't got sorting out admin problems caused by reputable companies! NOT! today its Sheilas Wheels (again!) .. BES a nightmare..Welsh water trying to be helpful .. sick of having all this unnecessary garbage waiting around gr
Come home to find welsh water had dug a huge hole outside my front door
missed you so much I bought welsh water. I can taste the valleys
We keep a large stock of drives & motors. Perfect for our midnight rescue for Welsh Water…
you need to get a reduction on your rent if that's the situation. Probably legally he has to provide hot water. Check it out.
Is it true the Welsh have webbed feet and live partially submerged in bog water?
Join the best programme today at Welsh Water! Apply now:
SARAH VINE: My granny and the greatest scandal of our age: My Welsh grandmother was a to...
When you ask for a cup to get water and they see you getting soda
H2ONews: Welsh Water selects EC Harris for contract extension
I asked Welsh Water about a meter a few yrs ago, they told me don't bother too expensive
Undramatic travel so far today - taxi from Four Pillars Hotel at Cotswold Water Park into Cirencester for meeting...
😂 I do appreciate this! Let sis be the rapunzels of Anglian water
That's fine, but all the wealth from it like in the past from Welsh coal, slate, copper, gold, water etc will leave
Filling out an application form for welsh water, it's taken me an hour already! Better be worth it!
At Stebonheath Primary School in Llanelli to launch consultation on the Welsh Govt's new water strategy.
Drop in Session at the Strand Hall on Weds 16th April to see Welsh Water's plans to renew water pipes on Castle Road, Broad Street & High Street. Currently the plan is for the first phase to start during the first week of May to cover Castle St to High St with the work lasting EIGHT weeks & traffic lights to keep the road open (how???). The second phase, due to start in September, will also last EIGHT weeks and will involve closing the road.
Welsh Water would like to apologise to customers inFerndale that are experiencing discoloured water today .
yes but water tastes better... It gets shipped in here in bottles from Brecon!
Water meters proposed for Welsh homes to reduce waste - can support and reduce water&fuel
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BBC News - meters proposed for Welsh homes to reduce waste
Every Welsh home could have a water meter under new proposals: A consultation paper called The Water Strategy ...
I need to start drinking more water
Arrowmen supplied nearly 1,100 tons of drinking water to West Virginia communities after a recent chemical spill:
yep, did Chris welsh just say that as much water as this field took it was still able to bounce over fraziers head? Um tarp ***
- your members might be interested in the Welsh Govt Water Strategy - out for consultation
have you ever heard the welsh national anthem?? I feel like I need holy water while listening to if
A469 update – Friday 4th April - PLEASE SHARE Works continue to progress well on the site, with Welsh Water (cont) http:…
Boys & Girls, Are you sitting comfortably, Here is a short story to cheer you all up. Do you all remember the road works & traffic lights on the Wye Bridge, not many weeks ago. The hold -up's in the morning, traffic up the staunton road, down the Redbrook Road as far as you could see and then repeating it all at 4 0'clock,when you are all trying to get home. Have i bored you all yet. Well,this is what i am getting to- Welsh Water have just confirmed that they going to lay some new pipe in Monmouth. They are going to replace 1 kilometre of pipe through several streets including the PARADE, the A466, the BURGAGE, Old Dixton road AND under the subway at the Rowing Club, AND now the exciting bit--- the work will also be carried out along the side of the footpath towards the second subway by the Wye Bridge. Further work will be necessary in the footpath ACROSS THE WYE BRIDGE and across the road to the land by the Sports Pavillion. The work is planned to start near THE EASTER BREAK in April. There will be tr .. ...
WE IS BEING RIPPED OFF AGAIN WHEN ARE WE AS A NATION GOING TO WAKE UP TO THESE FRAUDSTERS? 10 Jan 2014 21:09 Senior Irish Water executives are to appear before a special meeting of the Committee on the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht on Tuesday. Committee Chairman Michael McCarthy this evening said: "This will be an opportunity for this committee to examine the operation of Irish Water and address public concerns over spending levels with personnel responsible for the body." A spokeswoman for Irish Water earlier said that its executives were willing to appear before any Dáil committee to explain consultancy costs of €50m last year. Irish Water has also issued a statement saying the creation of the agency will deliver cost savings of €2bn over the next ten years. The agency this afternoon said it has engaged closely with Northern Ireland Water, Scottish Water, Southern Water, Thames Water and Welsh Water to understand best practice in creating and operating a water utility. This has included mu ...
Message from Leon Wolverson I have confirmation that the following will be at Wednesday’s meeting: (7.30 pm at Village Hall). Herefordshire Council – Councillor Philip Price (Cabinet Member Infrastructure) and Richard Ball (Assistant Director, Place Based Commissioning) Balfour Beatty – Andy Williams (Contract Director for Herefordshire Contract), Andy Walford (Design Manager) and Will Frecknell (Project Manager) Welsh Water – Nicholas Broadbent (Lead Engineer, Development Services). Philip Price has another meeting in Dorstone and has to be away by 7.45 so can we please make a prompt start at 7.30. I believe we will now have the right person present (Mr Richard Ball) he is responsible for delivery of services to us. Please tell neighbours about the meeting.
Welsh Water can provide a model for Royal Mail
The 'Welsh Water: Social Enterprise for the Future' lecture provided by Chris Jones, Dwr Cymru, is now available:
Not for profit Welsh Water was established after Lab windfall tax, as suggested by John Major re energy bills
Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru) Are deducting £11 per week from my benefit, also Council tax is being deducted from source too, this leaves me £46 per week to do everything on. I feed the gas quantum meter and the same with electricity. Yesterday I couldn't even afford to feed my cat let alone myself until friends kindly helped me out. I just phoned Welsh water and eventually (after much fobbing off) I managed to speak with the "Performance Manager". I asked him to remove this debt from me as I see it as both illegal and immoral. I see it as illegal in as much as I was never asked if I wanted FLUORIDE in my water supply let alone CONSENTED to it. Immoral because in my view I think it to be completely unacceptable to charge water rates when it would leave the client literally starving (and freezing in winter). I want to blow the whistle on this one and I am not afraid to do so. However I would like some support particularly from anyone who is used to challenging the legal system and big corporations or at least ...
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NEWS: A number of Barry residents are without water this evening due to a burst water main. Welsh Water are on site and working to repair the damage
Tim Hughes at Welsh Water: We bring emotion to life inside and outside the organisation
Fraudulent Psychiatric Drugs (Alternative heading:- Shoot You Up With Soot) I graduated with a degree in chemical engineering form Swansea University in 1997. My first job a chemical engineer was a Nipa Laboratories in Llantwit Fardre near Pontypridd in the South Wales Valleys. My main responsibility was to run the P2 methanol recovery Column. This was to distil a mixture of 10% methanol 90% water into a top product of 99% methanol and not more than 1% water and produce a waste product of 99% water and not more than 1% methanol that was sent to the effluent storage tank before being tanked away by Welsh Water for treatment before it could be put in the dirty water drainage system of the country. During my job interview I was warned by the Technical Director Gareth Vokins that the site was dirty as most of the chemicals had no pharmacological tests done on them. As the months went by I came to appreciate the serious illegality of this. Garth Vokin's God son the Healthy and Safety Officer Glyn Cox told me t ...
CUSTOMER SERVICE QUOTES “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”-Aristotle “The road to success is paved with well handled mistakes.” – Neiman Marcus “Everybody makes mistakes. It’s what happens next that matters.” – Danny Meyer “It’s easier to keep a customer than get a new one.”-Allan Keller “Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.”-Sally Gronow, Welsh Water “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”-PETER DRUCKER “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.”-DONALD PORTER “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.”-TONY ALESSANDRA “People expect good service but few are willing to give it.”-ROBERT GATELY “Choose to deliver amazing service to your customers. You’ll stand out because they don’t get it anywhere else.”-Kevin St ...
3 Day sale over, some very happy venders from today's van sale! Next weeks the big one though: Royal Mail & Welsh Water. Also to include a large section of contract hire & council vehicles.
Gerran Howell as Ernesto in Series 1, Episode 8 "The Unsuitables" of the Sparticle Mystery (2011). You may recognise Gerran's brilliance from Young Dracula - in which he stars as Vlad Dracula, Casualty, or maybe even that Welsh Water advert where
Luke Cooper gives us the low-down on sewerage pollution and it's reduction using GIS at Welsh Water '12
Looking into an apprenticeship for British Gas, Swalec, B.T or Welsh Water. This should be interesting.
North Wales again for 2 days for Welsh Water meetings, superb scenery on the drive up through Wales.
Welsh Water are investigating the two streams in Porthkerry Park, Barry. High levels of E.Coli found. Keep yourselves and your dogs away.
A former head of Welsh Water claims Wales should profit from transferring water to England, but the company says it is too expensive and impractical.
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