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Welsh Labour

Welsh Labour is the part of the United Kingdom Labour Party that operates in Wales. Labour is the largest and most successful political party in modern Welsh politics, having won (with its predecessor organisations) the largest share of the vote at every UK General Election since 1922, every Welsh Assembly election since 1999, and each European Parliament election from 1979 until 2009.

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Welsh Labour voted to INCREASE tuition fees in Wales after London Labour manifesto!
And the Welsh Labour government put tuition fees up within weeks of the election
Welsh Labour govt is increasing them. UK Labour showing it will overspend. Will tax ever…
Reminder that Tony Blair blocked a guy from being leader of Welsh Labour because his mum had called him "Lionel Blair" at a dinner
We stand in solidarity with - I am asking Welsh Labour campaigners to keep campaign suspended in Wales tomorrow.
It's not virtues of Welsh Labour, but plain-to-see virtues of Jere…
The Tories are late to the party, but very welcome nonetheless. Welsh Labour has called for this for years... (and year…
Makes you wonder why Welsh Labour aren't demanding the resignation of their own transport secretary
ⒸⒸ↪ Welsh Labour to distance itself from UK party in general election - The Guardian
What Carwyn Jones' election statement tells us about Welsh Labour's relationship with Jeremy Corbyn
Labour candidates for Jean Hutchinson and Ray Butler speaking to residents with Welsh Labour's Owen Smith...
NEWS: Chris Grayling pays tribute to Welsh Labour intervention in Cardiff Airport describing it as "a great success"
So if I come in with a Labour / Tory badge to say a Welsh international? Welsh FA will be fined?
Sheep now outnumber people 3 to 1 in
Carwyn Jones is a total disgrace to Wales and Welsh Labour
Sorry, can't quite agree. Take yr point about Welsh Labour, but think all shd stand together against awful Tories.
Hmmm, it's almost as if Welsh Labour are taking Plaid's policies and making them their own…
In England the Tories are scrapping NHS Bursaries, in Wales Welsh Labour are protecting them. More info:
Polish members of the European Parliament will get to vote on Brexit. Welsh members of Westminster Parliament will not.…
Read why I believe Welsh Labour should take heed of critique ahead of Assembly Elections on
In case Welsh Labour start claiming all the good news about the budget...
Well done Welsh Labour nothing wrong in allowing extra funding 4 projects when its part of our agen
Extra £10m will be made available to help high street retailers, pubs + restaurants with their business rates thank…
£136m boost for flooding, housing and regeneration as part of the final Budget 2017-18 thanks to the Welsh Labour G…
This is fantastic news Nick Thank You and Thank you Welsh Local Authority with a heart x http…
perceptions of ppl in Wales have been to easy to manipulate for too long. Welsh Labour appear content in this.
WATCH: on Welsh Labour's historic agreement securing fair funding for Wales
Procedure Committee says Commons should look again at use of Welsh in Grand Commitee sittings in Westminster > . https:…
Plaid is just Labour draped in a Welsh flag
He knows the outcome. DET is in the "twilight" of his political career, and now entered it with Welsh Labour.
Wales will have another 5yrs of Welsh Labour political impunity & misrule, thanks to props Kirsty Williams & Dafydd Elis…
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.pledges to back Welsh Government giving them a majority .
Well, well, agrees with me! I wonder what DET, my Labour AM, thinks?
The Welsh Rugby Union have held talks with three regional coaches to join Wales' 2017 Pacific Islands tour.
unfortunately the labour AMs of the Welsh Assembly refused to ban smacking of children two years ago.
Elis-Thomas pledges to back Labour Welsh Government - Former Plaid Cymru leader Lord Elis-Thomas says he will b...
Welsh Labour's so good even former *leaders* of Plaid Cymru are switching to us!.
indeed! If he came back now, how ashamed of Welsh Labour would he be?
£660 million has been cut from Labour run NHS Wales over the last three years according to the Welsh TUC.
Elis-Thomas pledges to again Labour Welsh Authorities: Picture copyright BBC/Getty Picture…
A statement from Welsh Labour Students regarding the loss of our friend Lily Summers.
- Quite frankly he disgusts me, He was elected on a ticket to provide opposition to "Welsh" Labour not join them...
Elis-Thomas pledges to back Labour Welsh Government -
Plenty wrong with Welsh Labour, but that's a diversion from the real enemy - British Tories & Ukippers
Is the 'troublemaker' Dafydd Elis-Thomas right to leave Plaid Cymru to support the Welsh Labour Government as an Indepe…
Note 'Home Rule' on the poster of Kier Hardie? MP for Merthyr Tydfil. Where is his legacy! Welsh Labour? Hardly!
Ego Dafydd Elis Thomas quote: "I am joining the Welsh Labour Government for stability", said one who undermined almost e…
He could have had a legacy. Not any more. The only leg he'll hold onto, is Welsh Labour's.
Elis-Thomas pledges to back Labour Welsh Government:: A Big slap on face. Deolch
BBC News - Elis-Thomas pledges to back Labour Welsh Government
Welsh Labour AM Dafydd Elis Thomas quote: "I pledge to back Welsh Labour!." No Dafydd bach, you meant, suck up to.
The discuss how Welsh Labour's very worried about Jeremy Corbyn's continued leadership of the Party
Welsh Labour think this display will be forgotten. It won't now, and it won't in future voting days.
In a moment of levity I have decided to consult the stoats as to whether they trust Welsh Labour.
If the lunatics take over the asylum I'll stick to Welsh Labour thank you Chris.
Interesting idea from Leighton Andrews. So there could be some sort of separate party created, a kind of 'Welsh Labour' if you like...
Leighton Andrews has his finger on Welsh Labour pulse and Corbyn is TOXIC in Wales
Fmr Lab AM Leighton Andrews quote: If Corbyn wins Welsh Labour would "Certainly" be autonomous. I say: Whitehall automatons more like!
Their anger at being called out on their ineptitude stems from fear of a Welsh Labour extinction. They are truly pathetic.
What we do know is Wales is defenseless as Labour MPs will not support Welsh Labour policy. Welsh Labour has to be rep…
Wayne David actually used the phrase 'coloureds'! Welsh Labour will get Ron Atkinson at this rate
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"For the fifth time in a row, the Welsh people have asked Welsh Labour to form the next Government" -
Welsh Labour's tactics of the previous 24 hours have been nothing less than shameful. Jeremy Corbyn should crack down hard.
A peverse alignment to be sure, but please don't confuse Welsh Labour with Jeremy Corbyn's Labour: different animals
I would vote Labour BUT Carwyn Jones says Welsh Labour will distance itself from Jeremy Corbyn
Who in Welsh Labour asked Jeremy Corbyn to stay away? And why?.
HERALD NEWS UPDATE. First Minister Carwyn Jones was in Pembrokeshire today to help campaign with Welsh Labour...
'I'm leading from the front', says Welsh Labour's Carwyn Jones. You could have fooled me!
Welsh Labour say Carwyn Jones is 'head and shoulders' above his rivals
Welsh Labour complain at Plaid plans for £300m/year reinvestment. That money will be spent on staff from cutting red tape that you built.
Questions simple do you trust a Harvard graduate economist (Adam Price) or Welsh Labour and the Tories saving face?
Why do Welsh Labour & Tories act only AFTER horse has left the barn? Steel in trouble for years, NOW serious faces?
Jeremy would make a 1st class member of the Assembly, and would make a key contribution to renewing Welsh Labour
Welsh Labour is "not jaded or complacent" after four terms in government, the First Minister says.
That's currently Merthyr Tydfil under Welsh Labour rule. Indeed a cooling environment to sooth my would-be pre"dic"ament.
Great speech by setting out Welsh Labour's positive vision for all of Wales. Read it here:
Wales needs a Welsh Government to be our national voice. All that's occurred so far under Welsh Labour rule is a whimper for Wales.
A Plaid Cymru Welsh Government will give us the Whitehall leverage Wales has been missing all these years with Welsh Labour.
if Welsh Labour wasn't delivering for Wales then how have they been in government for 17 years?
London Labour MP call for Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish to sing God Save the Queen B4 sporting events
but 30 storey towers in a Labour ward, next to the beautiful Welsh Harp, an SSSI, is ok?
council should be ashamed. not a single welsh flag on St Davids Day
Labour were going to cut more than that from Welsh unis budget in one year until forced into u-turn.
“Curtains for Welsh councils” if Labour get back in May, as Carwyn confirms plans ...
Since 2011 the Welsh Labour Govt has committed almost £300m - including EU funding, to managing flood risk
firm Essentra to create 170 new jobs, thanks to Welsh Labour Govt investment >
Labour MP in London calls on Welsh sport fans to sing God Save the Queen before sporting events. This is no joke!
do have a paddle, unlike Welsh Labour
English NEVER did anything against evil of establishment! Welsh introduced Scots the Labour Party! Serfdom mentality, whinge & whine!
certainly would make things difficult for Welsh unis. But 5 more years of Labour HE cuts would be worse.
Very strange from Labour two months from a Welsh General Election and on St Davids Day to call for Welsh teams to sing God Save the Queen
Welsh Labour Leader & First Minister talking to on program earlier https:/…
Wales needs Labour to lose, and so does Labour itself, writes
St.Davids Day plug for London Welsh Labour dinner on 14 March for & Carwyn Jones
Welsh Labour has pledged to create 100,000 quality apprenticeships for all ages over the next Assembly term
Welsh Labour distancing themselves from not that Mr Jones is much better.
Parties need to open up in the 21st century – including Labour Our blog on Welsh Labour conference
Spent a great weekend in Llandudno for the Welsh Labour conference...saw this being advertised Tom with
"there’s no influence from London at all”. In what ways do you think Welsh Labour has changed with Corbyn's UK leadership?
from walesonline: Jeremy Corbyn, EU and the Six Nations - five questions, 10 Welsh Labour politicians
North Wales: Six things Llandudno conference has revealed about Welsh Labour
We threw a quickfire Q&A at 10 Welsh Labour politicians at the party conference in Llandudno.
They're queueing early in Llandudno for Jeremy Corbyn's speech to Welsh Labour conference.
Jeremy Corbyn is in Llandudno for the Welsh Labour conference.
Beautiful setting in Llandudno for the Welsh Labour Party conference
Welsh Labour look to put clear blue water between themselves and best vote
“Labour is standing up, not standing by” – full text of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to Welsh Labour...
Second day of Welsh Labour conference. Great to speak to First Minister about care fees & campaig…
Carwyn Jones demands energy and unity on eve of Welsh Labour conference
Is hardest working person in politics! This am at meeting, then to Welsh Labour grassroots h…
will Welsh Labour pledge not to ditch for some London-returner if you lose a hatful of seats?
In 2016 I look forward to the lazy incompetent and complacent Welsh Labour government hopefully being chucked out of office
True, but hardly championed by the 'real' Welsh Labour leaders (Owen Smith et al) in Westminster!
were addressing this 6 months ago! We campaigned for fair funding. Welsh Labour campaigned against it.
Welsh Labour continues to be a source of disappointment & closed door politics, as they block behind the scenes docu
yep&neither does Welsh Labour nor NI Labour.
The Welsh Labour govt have achieved 91% of target to provide 10 additional affordable homes - w/over year to go https…
3rd they are not a Party, they are an Accounting Unit like Welsh Labour .
English,Welsh and NIrish opposition have reacted the same.Labour MP's said 'it could end the union'. Not just us.
.Labour, DUP, Welsh are all now under a nationalist spell. Witchcraft?
Was due to attend Welsh women's Labour conference but now have free ticket to Swans vs. Arsenal at Liberty Stadium on Sat 28. Big dilemma.
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.absolutely right. It's beyond shameful Welsh Labour have not protected Welsh people from the bedroom tax like in Scotland
"There can be no worse indictment of Welsh Labour than their failure to protect people from the
No greater shame on this welsh labour government for failing to protect people against the I cannot agree more!
Labour have sat too closely with the Tories for too long. Scotland wokeup now it's Wales' turn. Welsh Assembly Elect…
Welsh Labour have been boozing, gambling and partying as country goes to the dogs, say Plaid
After passes, Labour MP Kevin Brennan asks if Scottish MPs will get blue passes and Welsh red ones to mark different …
Obvious conclusion that Labour controlled devolved services are so terrible Welsh prefer W'minster English ones.
Welsh Labour accuse General Secretary of being a Thatcherite. They truly are stuck in Blair era.
Welsh Labour Govt will do all it can to resist the Tory vows
Mark Serwotka says Carwyn Jones' Welsh Labour seem "stuck in the Blair era". Time for change!
Mark Serwotka: If Carwyn Jones represents Welsh Labour they are still caught up in the Tony Blair era & are not part of the new politics
Failures of Welsh govt "not about devolution, it's about Labour" says
'This is not just failure, this is a national disgrace' says about Labour's educational incompetence letting Welsh children down
Then Welsh Labour would have simply gone ahead with the plans without consulting the public. Dishonest.
New figures reveal that Welsh Labour Govt has already achieved 91% of its target to provide more additional affordable homes a year early.
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Ah well - it seems that our critique of Welsh Labour's manifesto draft has helped take the debate forward a...
The twisting roads to Welsh communities are lined with Labour inaction -
Tad embarrassing for 'Welsh Labour' to see Labour MP Alan Johnson MP supporting sugar levy when they ridicul…
Welsh Labour happy to accept £10k rise for AMs but instructs "Independent" Panel to cut cllrs allowances. Hypocrites
Big does not mean better. Welsh Health was reorganised. Biggest, Betsi Cadwaladr in serious trouble. Labour does not lea…
. . Deputy Minister Vaughan Gething:“Plaid Cymru- learn to stop obsessing about Welsh Labour, concentrate on Wales".
In 1947, our National Federation of Labour Youth organized the 8 Cent Candy Bar Strike to protest rise from 5 cents htt…
This is what Welsh Labour Government call an independent inquiry following the medical manslaughter of a child! :"( https:…
Welsh Labour and the Welsh Government must be "fiercely pro-business" says First Minister Carwyn Jones
Despite their protected status, Welsh Labour govt intends to lay 6 lanes of concrete & asphalt over the Gwent Levels
Welsh Labour govt invest £6.7m to pay for 44 new Ambulance vehicles
Welsh Labour government is on borrowed time. Assembly elections will see Labour Nanny's starting a long spell in opposition.
Nye Bevan is my favourite Welsh Labour politician.
Welsh Labour have gone too far now. Please sign the petition: Stop Labour's e-cigs ban
Welsh Labour condemns £50m Tory cuts from Westminster as 'bad news for Wales'
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Merger of adoption services - already happening in Wales. Was Westminster Govt inspired by Welsh Labour?
The SNP are talking about devolution of welfare & new tax powers, and what's Welsh Labour taking about? FM Carwyn Jones: Looks like rain.
in 1945 I was talking about, Labour have messed the Welsh NHS up I see it
hopelessly Welsh ppl will wake up to how ineffectual Labour really are. Saor Cymru
Probably not even aware Labour forced them onto only England's students using Scottish & Welsh MPs whose constituents got it free
We have a led Welsh Assembly this side of the bridge, it ain't all over here.
Side note. It is so reassuring to see the number of new young members on the Welsh Young Labour group! :)
Not sure of the accuracy of this graphic but the coalfields vs Labour clusters is stark, if true.
Welsh Labour moved left to contain Plaid Cymru. Now being squeezed from the right by Tories - memories of the 80s starting to fade.
Carwyn Jones: Welsh Labour result "not good enough" Meanwhile, for the first time in Wales, UKIP made a...
Welsh labour is in danger next year I think. Taken the electorate for granted.
Scathing but spot on from on the Welsh Labour problems that led to Thursday:
Labour in Wales now talking about being more centrist! This shower has been part of a campaign that has killed Welsh communities
Scots vote Welsh NI , we all get a maj Gov, change is needed and I don't just mean from FPTP to PR either!
The only place in the UK where the NHS budget was cut was in Wales by the Welsh Labour government. Who's the real threat to the NHS?
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says he's glad Labour still largest party in Wales.Am sorry to say it but this level of denial does not bode we…
Maybe trite but perhaps could recognise national identity with 'English Labour' to go with Scottish/Welsh Labour.
Given your focus is on the NHS, will your NHA be standing against Labour in the Welsh Assembly elections?
By the way, while Welsh Labour are reflecting on why they failed in Cardiff North . Two words: Cardiff Council
I haven't seen anyone in my tl say all Tory voters are posh. Have seen the labour stereotype on here
isn't Labour in charge of a completely dilapidated Welsh NHS? Also weren't Labour the 1st to introduce private Co's to the NHS?
Election 2015: Welsh Labour 'in denial', says former advisor
I couldn't have put it any better myself!!! Former Lab advisor on why Welsh Labour have got it so wrong...
But agree it's been missing so far. (As has the Ukip-inflicted Welsh horror show for Labour.)
.Isn't that a contradiction? You need Welsh Labour to be more Welsh but you don't need to be more Welsh?
Good post-election reading on from on Welsh Labour' need to identify that something went very wrong.
Basically the SNP threats drove many English & Welsh voters to the Tories who would likely have voted Labour otherwise.
Time for change in the structure of our party to take account of the new politics. The Welsh Labour brand will need to be str…
That's because they're not really 'Welsh' Labour, they're a bra…
Charlotte Church protests against Conservative party's win but no protest over Labour mismanagement…
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It was a BIG part of the Tory campaign down here, without it Labour would have won a lot more English & Welsh seats.
Former Labour adviser fears Welsh Labour will learn all the wrong lessons from this defeat:
David Taylor claimed Welsh Labour leader and First Minister Carywn Jones was in 'denial' following Conservativ...
“I can't see Labour ever winning a majority in Westminster or welsh assembly again.” A true curse of millions of innocent Iraqi's
First Minister Carwyn Jones eyes reform for Welsh Labour in wake of election defeat. The Welsh Labour...
she's a moron. Typically Welsh Labour *** stuck in the past
pretty sure there *is* something to capitalise there. I don't think Welsh labour are as tone deaf as you.
Labour win 2 seats in Newton and are the largest party on cwac
VIDEO: Claim Welsh Labour are 'in denial': Former Welsh Labour adviser David Taylor says the party in Wales is...
First Minister Carwyn Jones says Welsh Labour result was "not good enough"
Don't be so silly. Ann clwyd one of Welsh Labour's best MPs. Need more sensible Blairites like her!
Reaction of re Leanne's coverage "It's galling because the national party of Wales is Welsh Labour". No it isn't
Miliband will join Welsh Labour leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones to reach out to the anti-Tory majority ...
Thought a close up view of shambolic attempts at Govt. by Welsh Labour might have changed your mind.
Welsh Labour manifesto visits the famous sites of Newport ... but you can read it here
.telling more fibs about Welsh Labour re zero - hours contracts. The power to ban them is not devolved.
A new biography of Nye, “a projectile discharged from the Welsh valleys" - by Welsh Labour's Torfaen PPC
Ed Miliband to tell Welsh Labour conference the party will 'govern without fear or favour'
Ah, so it's Welsh Labour delivering Scottish Home Rule on behalf of the English Tories? Fami…
Welsh Labour ministers on official business rarely use Cardiff Airport, which they bought for £52m, the Welsh Conservatives confirm.
So then, you think it's a bad thing that Swinney balanced the books without borrowing? Welsh Labour assembly bound by law too
I bet Carwyn Jone claimed the stories about the Welsh NHS were "lies" well; guess what Mr. Jones? They're not! Welsh Labour ruined the NHS
As I recall Welsh Labour managed 3 of those fire alarms at its Spring conference! Clearly the year of the fire alarm.
First Minister and Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones said it was an 'exceptionally important day' in Welsh poli...
UK Government given National Assembly deadline on more powers for Wales. First Minister and Welsh Labour...
Welsh Government response revealed as untrue by Daily Mail, Welsh Labour look like even bigger *** than before
Party political broadcast by the Welsh Labour Party , but hold on that's not Carwyn Jones that was Ed Miliband he's not welsh Labour , he's English Labour . ?
Welsh Labour in turmoil - Wales deserves better than a Labour govt
Welsh Labour put Breakfast Grant into RSG and then take £millions from RSG. They indicated RSG cuts for next year, now want more
"The EU Transport Map was published and there was nothing from the Welsh Labour government who need to be more proactive."
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Welsh Labour and Conservative MPs voted against devolving policy on energy generation to Wales. These parties do not have Wales' best interests at heart. The Tories never did. Don't waste your vote on either of these parties Thursday! Plaid Cymru are of course up for devolving this power. The Green party generally support Welsh devolution and Welsh independence so I would expect they would support this too. The Lib-Dems are too, but their support of the TTIP is unforgivable and they're hardly likely to win an MEP seat here in Wales anyway, so maybe not bother with them.
.writes on that Welsh Labour are the ones presiding over a 'cost of living crisis'.
Ed Miliband arrives in Cardiff with Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones
do you think you can persuade supporters of Welsh Labour & Plaid Cymru to vote Wales out of EU? >> interested
Hello everyone! I'm James and I'm running for Chair in the elections. Voting is open now, so I would be massively grateful if you could have a look at my ideas below, and vote Brinning for Chair! We have made great strides in recent years, with a much larger and more active membership. This is a vital year both for the society and Labour on the whole, as we can make a huge difference in the two marginal seats in Cardiff. Here are my idea’s for the society in the next year: Our first priority will be to get a regular campaign team together. We have made great strides in recent years increasing both our membership and activity, this must continue if we are to make a difference in the general election! We must ensure we have training available from Welsh Labour staff and organisers for new and inexperienced canvassers, and that we are in regular contact with them, to make sure we can make the biggest impact possible; especially in Cardiff Central with its high student population! We have to make sure too t ...
Waiting for Tory response to Welsh Labour's fact straightening smear cleaning conference.Gone very quiet. Is that a white flag over no 10?
This week will be in Brussels, Prague and Llandudno. The last one is for the Welsh Labour conference. Should be good.
Disgraceful that Welsh Labour (in govt) have voted against measures to curb zero hours contracts. After all they've said ab…
Who has condoned mad scheme Welsh Labour Party BBC News - Salmon plan will end with all catches returned claim
Doing my dissertation on Welsh Labour - my VERY Plaid Cymru supervisor just replied to my (English) email entirely in Welsh. This should be interesting!
The Welsh Politician of the Year 2013 for a deeply personal and powerful campaign on behalf of NHS patients is Labour MP Ann Clwyd.
COALITION REFORMS INCREASE A&E WAITING TIMES? Hardly, considering the Welsh average is higher. (and its is run by Labour)
Welsh Labour Government incompetent? Nothing new there. Carrying on the Westminster Labour tradition to new levels
"£15bn Welsh budget is approved Labour continue to fail Wales and UK taxpayers
Labour's Geraint Davies MP and Tory Sec of State putting on the show at the Welsh Affairs Committee. Tedious.
True Welsh hospitals are not great at the moment. I however did not mention anything about Labour.
Wood says 'may not be the case next year', that a quick deal is done with Labour over Welsh Budget.
Probably because healthcare is devolved, I think? So should be asking Welsh Labour instead.
Gower could be in line for its first female Member of Parliament
Welsh Labour reveal female candidate to fight for Gower in next election Read more:
You've claimed that 'reduced' Welsh NHS spending is 'Labour's fault', & have produced NOTHING to back it up. [yawn]
So has the longest waiting times in the UK. Another proud achievement of our Welsh Government.
bbc not reporting but inventing news-Yet fail to mention chaos in welsh nhs is due to a labour govt. shameless propaganda.
Anybody surprised that the Labour-run Welsh bit of NHS turns out the worst again?
Welsh Budget being given an extra £100mn a year from Labour will probably waste it on nationalising more rubbish
Labour have been in control over education and health in Wales since 1999. Welsh services are failing miserably
well who's fault is that? Last time I looked Labour control where the Welsh budget goes. They spent it buying Cardiff Airport
I see a north welsh labour face behind ed m on bbc3 the revolution will be televised give him a pay rise
They've still got a big vote in n. England + parts of London. Wales too, but the days of Welsh Labour r hopefully numbered
Welsh Labour government in Cardiff. Tories & Fibdems in England. Go figure
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Here in Wales under Welsh labour government: knackered NHS & education in crisis Yet thousands still vote labour
And who sets the central government funding of the Welsh budget? Lazy 'Blame Labour' nonsense!
oh and in tackling deficit we have cut Welsh budgets less deeply and less quickly than Labour planned in 2009
The greatest crime of the Welsh Government is to make the Labour Party look incompetent managing a country.
"A&E attendance has risen under this Government- do people still think NHS is safe in Tory hands& in Wales Welsh Labour hands
Labour have and still are spewing mongs out of Welsh schools
Sally Davison: the Welsh Labour tradition was always stronger but they also bought into neoliberalism at a certain moment
Yip! . Not many (of the Labour educated stock) realise the Tudor's were a Welsh dynasty.
Labour in Wales cutting the NHS by 8%. Not happening in England. Welsh Labour have not made any NHS targets
no doubt, even though we have had a Welsh Labour Govt for the past 14 years still seem to blame Westminster.
26 per cent of the Welsh population over 16 have no recognised qualifications. Essential reading, by
The problem is the vast majority of Welsh Assembly seats are in the south which are Labour strongholds and are unlikely to fall
At Welsh Labour Party Conference 1990 with late Mike Harries Watching Nelson Mandela face world after years in prison -no bitterness dignity
- and Welsh Labour as sour and grudging as ever.
Osborne right to lower business rates but will Welsh Labour Govt follow suit
UK Gov to cap business rate increases, will Welsh Labour Gov do the same to help our businesses?
Only Plaid and Welsh Labour where I am. But after the economic wreck and the incompetency of the last government I was glad when the
Regretfully, Labour get in the way of this policy helping Welsh business.
Free School meals for first three years funded by Coalition. Will Welsh Labour Government follow suit?
Welsh exports to non-EU countries have fallen by 5.5% in the past year according to new figures:
.has responded to disappointing figures showing Welsh exports down 3.5% under Labour:
says there are no 'quick fixes' to Welsh education, I think fourteen years of failure shows Labour aren't learning.
Education policies in Wales have failed a generation of Welsh pupils. But don't blame devolution. Blame 14 years of Welsh …
.Couldn't agree more. 16 yrs of Labour Welsh education ministers = stagnation & lack of ambition. Time for change.
Welsh Labour strikes budget deal with Plaid Cymru and Lib Dems via
Just back from the House of Commons where - along with Welsh Labour colleague Huw Irranca-Davies - I thwarted the Tory Taliban's attempt to introduce Margaret Thatcher Day.
Thanks to those who've also pointed out Scottish Tories, Welsh Liberal Democrats and Welsh Labour also have or have had women leaders
Welsh Labour lacking talent Edwina Hart is now Minister for Economy, Science & Transport
Labour attacked over festival rescue - Ministers are accused of "cherry picking" worthy causes after stepping in to secure the future of a Welsh language festival.
It's a sad day when even the English advocate Independence, so others might not need to endure Tory rule. I am truly filled with so much pride that so many English people would be so selfless. Another sure sign, we're brothers and sisters and in times of need, we need to stick together.
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*** marriage: MPs back bill despite Conservative backbench opposition COMMENTS (1579) The result of the vote on *** marriage was read out to a packed House of CommonsContinue reading the main story Related Stories *** marriage a step forward, says PM Viewpoints: *** marriage Q&A: *** marriage MPs have approved same-sex marriage in England and Wales in a key Commons vote, despite the opposition of almost half the Conservative MPs. The Commons voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, by 400 to 175, a majority of 225, at the end of a full day's debate on the bill. Prime Minister David Cameron has described the move as "an important step forward" that strengthens society. Voting lists show that 136 Conservatives opposed the bill. This figure includes two cabinet ministers - Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and Welsh Secretary David Jones - eight junior ministers, and eight whips. Of the remaining Conservative MPs, 127 were in favour, 35 did not vote, and five registered an abstention by vot ...
There needs to be a "fundamental change" in the culture of the NHS to ensure patients are cared for properly, a public inquiry says.
Delighted to hear Carl Sargeant, Welsh local government minister's comments today in committee. While the Government doesn't think the National Assembly has the power to alter how we elect our local councillors - he thinks the power should be devolved.
The entire Welsh Conservative group were among 134 Tory MPs who last night voted against legislation to introduce *** marriage in the UK
175 of our elected representatives voated against same-sex marriage. And they tell us that bigots are a minority! As this bill affected same-sex marrioages in Scotland and their legality in England and Wales, I'm still trying to work out why the SNP abstained. A sad day for this country and its parliament when so many can actively vote to discriminate against people.
White Britons are now a minority in three towns and cities outside London, according to a new report.
Ashamed that the SNP did not vote during Westminster's bill on *** Marriage. That was 7 very important votes and the people of Scotland not being represented by these clowns. Poor form!
Disappointed that two Welsh Labour MP's voted against The *** Marriage Bill. Dai Havard of Merthyr and Rumney and Paul Murphy of Torfaen. Paul Murphy is particularly disappointing after succeeding Leo Abse in that seat, a prominent *** rights campaigner.
Just reading the round up of the day; did the mp David Simpson REALLY say "it was Adam and eve, not Adam and Steve"? I wonder if he's ever watched 'But I'm a Cheerleader'...
Former Labour Prime Minister did not vote in today's division on introducing same-sex marriage. At the last general election, he was the only party leader to explicitly rule out marriage equality.
UK HEADLINES FROM THE YEAR 2040 Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions. White minorities still trying to have English recognised as the UK 's third language. Children from two-parent, married, heterosexual families bullied in schools for being 'different'. Tolerance urged. Manchester schoolgirl expelled for not wearing a Burqa. Japan announces that they will no longer consume whale meat as whales are now extinct, and the scientific research fleet are unemployed. UK Government has told the Japanese that Grey Squirrels taste like whale meat. Britain now has ten Universities of Political Correctness. Professor Goldman of LUPC says there is still a long way to go in the fight to stop people saying what they think. Britain 's deficit £10 trillion and rising. Government declares return to surplus in 100 years which is 300 years ahead of time. Prime Minister Mohammed Yousuf claims increased growth through more immigration is the secret to success. Baby conceived naturally. Scientists stumped. Iran ...
Second last Boot Camp session just completed and that dreaded Beep Test done. Some great results from the troops, with a special mention to Rick Welsh, who in five weeks went from Level 4.0 to Level 7.2, that was a brilliant effort. Friday is our final session and all our other testing will be done, so be prepared. Next Boot Camp Starts Feb 18th and will run for 5 weeks. Boot Camp will not run on the Labour day long weekend, so only 14 sessions. Finally, some participants are up to their free Boot Camp session, so just to remind everyone, pay for 3 and get the 4th Boot Camp free. Please confirm your spots ASAP.
Welsh Secretary David Jones was taken between the Wales Office on Whitehall to Downing Street in a chauffeur-driven Jaguar XJ on two occasions.
House of Commons votes for by 400 to 175 - fantastic majority of 225!
This a Group for members of, and sympathisers with Welsh Labour Grassroots (WLG).
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
All eight Welsh Conservative MPs are poised to vote against legalising *** marriage.
Our only salvation is a total move away from money and a return to trading goods & labour with no currency we are free from the top few families.
Scotland will be holding a referendum to decide its constitutional relationship to Britain in October 2014. It is now decided that the referendum will...
A new survey has found many middle-class UK families want to emigrate as Britain can no longer offer them a good quality of life. Almost two in three families surveyed want to emigrate due to the economy, weather and a loss of national pride.
Welcoming the publication by the Scottish Government of its paper outlining the transition to independence, SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said that the detail being provided by the Scottish Government stood in stark contrast to the complete lack of detail from the ‘No’ campaign, which she said was a key f...
30 of Wales' 40 MPs have said they'll vote for Equal Marriage today, we hope each one of them attends to cast those votes!
The first Liberal Democrat MP to voice their opposition to the government’s marriage reforms since last week's announcement has gone public.
When I wrote previously about how Scotland’s export business does not depend on the UK (as had been claimed by Alistair Darling at last year’s Mackintosh Memorial Lecture), one of the questions I was asked was what export business Scotland has.
This baby had better hurry up, I can't eat anymore curry or pineapple (getting a right Johnny cash on)
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