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Wellesley College

Wellesley College is a private women's liberal-arts college. Its campus is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, west of Boston.

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Great to have Wellesley College in at the ground this morning on this beautiful Wellington Sunday morning
Dr Paula Johnson is the first African-American to become the President of Wellesley College. 6 things:.
Game over. Wellesley College - 8, Middlebury College - 5. Go to to see results or watch a full replay.
Wellesley College at Middlebury College has started. Go to to watch the game live.
me: did you ever want to go to Wellesley?. mariam: the all women's college?. me: yea. mariam: no i need some *** in my life
Come see me at Wellesley College this month in Massachusetts; I'll be on a panel and showing art with some amazing artists…
Wellesley College ravens are back for a fourth consecutive year
Happy traying down Severance hill! One of my best memories from "Wellesley, Wellesley, only to be there..."
Wellesley College will be closed on Tuesday, March 14 from 5am-8pm due to the snowstorm.
If you are a transwoman looking to finish your bachelor's degree at a small liberal arts college, please consider applying to Wellesley.
For transwomen sisters: Wellesley College welcomes all women (cis and trans) to apply, admits mature (age 25+) women, & has financial aid.
Hillary Clinton at Wellesley. “What would you change about your campaign?” Clinton: “I’d win.” v…
Clinton returned to Wellesley College for a Q&A. But her alma mater made sure her remarks remained virtually private
Hillary Clinton at Wellesley College on what she'd change in her campaign via
"Like many trans students, he chose a women’s college bc it seemed safer physically and psychologically." no no no
"And as writer Nora Ephron explained in a 1996 commencement address at her alma mater, Wellesley College, about h...
This happened yesterday at Hillary Clinton's alma mater, the all women's college cc:
MassBay Summer Programs for Middle and High School MassBay Community College in Wellesley will again offer summ
Boston Marathon 2016: The best Scream Tunnel signs we saw at Wellesley College
How to Get the Brain to Like Art ❤ "A few years ago, Bevil Conway, then a neuroscientist at Wellesley College,...
One of my on-campus jobs is working at the College greenhouses. Tonight we had light show! I dressed up to gi…
Congrats to Amanda Kim on her verbal commitment to attend Wellesley College to further her academic and softball career!
The Live RavenCam at Wellesley College is back up! This livestream is amazing! We have watched this pair of wild...
Purchase today. Continuing the at Wellesley College next Wednesday!. https:…
Hillary Clinton has her face painted at Wellesley College, 1960s.
Wellesley College phones are down, dear audience! We are SOLD OUT for today's matinee - 2 more weeks to join us! All will be well asap!
so, apparently, folks at College are *** Sorry BILL. sorry they make irrational claims
I went to College and State this December to talk Trump and feminism. This is what I discovered.
Diane Sawyer collusionist with Hillary campaign. ABC anchor. Went to Wellesley college as did Hillary.
I am a student participating in the Albright Institute at Wellesley College. I'm fascinated by Liberia's education story.
Hillary Clinton getting her face painted at Wellesley College, 1960s.
Still refusing to tell us where she gets the authority to unilaterally change a law or discuss a hate crime at Wellesley College.
“Fear is always with us but we just don’t have time for it. Not now.” . — Hillary Clinton, 1969 commencement address at Wellesley College
My sis went there. Read this and get ready 2 laugh. So rare is a situation where EVERYONE loses. hard.
Diane Sawyer went to Wellesley College. Journalism is dead there!
Idea: a women's college shooting team called the Wellesley Snipes.
yep, it's still funny 😂 welcome to the white, male patriarchy. Now pay taxes and sut up you don't get an option. 😂
Anyone know a Malaysia from Wellesley college tell her to @ me !!
I am proud to announce that now I am a visiting senior fellow at The Freedom Project at Wellesley College:
The wellesley community welcomes incoming students with advice and encouragement _ daily ... -
Cradles to Crayons’ Collection Held at Babson College in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Agree w Bike lane maintenance improving but much better in separated lanes like Bloor or Wellesley t…
Thrilled to be College Club for the MARPA dinner to honor and for their tireless commitment to MA.
The only all girls college I Fuvk w is Wellesley
New post: Development Officer for the Arts & Friends of Art Manager: Wellesley College
Words of advice from the 1969 College commencement speaker: Rodham.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
what college do you want to go too? — I want to go to either Wellesley, CNU or Smith College
It was a great privilege to speak at 50th Anniversary of the Program at Wellesley College
MassBay Community College added to Boston's tuition-free plan
When your college is in Teen Vogue... .
Thank you Justin Le, Lyba Khan, and Cindy Perazo (2016) for speaking to RHS students about the college experience!…
What are you going to do about the 'hate crime" committed by those students at Wellesley College? Answer please.
Did cover freshman year at Wellesley College or Florida Atlantic for girls🤔
Wellesley college is the only college I want to go to. If I don't get in I'll be so mad. I'll cry n then run to China 2 b a Buddhist monk
I want a girlfriend. And by that, I mean someone who looks like Hillary back in her Wellesley College days.
Balch was a professor at Wellesley College, where she taught the economic roles of women.
I'd gone to Wellesley College, an amazing women's college where the st...
'Twas a good day at Wellesley College. I'm so proud of niece Kate and Mama (sister) Carol. Peace…
"First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College. •President of the Wellesley Young…" — KimKisapig
Wellesley College has an opening for an Assistant Women's Tennis Coach, Employment | NCAA
MassBay trustees recommend Dr. David Podell as the college’s next president via
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
8 1/2 x 11 watercolor of greenhouse at Wellesley College Botanical Gardens
1 more publication by my student, Jasmin Griggs, Wellesley College '16, "Gender Identiy in College & In the News,"
All I want is college...but IB exams are making that seem like a million years away
MIT northeastern the five college consortium Wellesley...just some here and there!
In case you haven't watched a video of two birds maybe fighting (or maybe just hanging out) yet this a.m.
"GREAT DIRECT SUPPORT" says student in Use 1000s of reviews to find your adventure!
Wondering why I didn't take more history courses at Wellesley. College is long, but it seems that the good stuff happens halfway through :(
Can you recommend anyone for this Student Brand Ambassador - Wellesley College - MA
"GREAT PROGRAM!" says Wellesley College student in with DIS - Study Abroad! Join
UT Waterpolo team pulled out a win against Wellesley College, 9-6. Great way to end the season!Hook'em.
my handsome boyfriend who seduced me with his frogsong @ Wellesley College
Hillary DID win Wellesley College Class of 1969's "Most Likely to One Day Be the Only Thing Standing In the Way of a Fascist A…
Defector “We have to have the courage speak out. We got freedom...and saw people suffering."
Wellesley Hills MA - Buyer II - Position Summary In support of College activities this position assists with ...
College student launches new line of dolls for boys of color: WELLESLEY, Massachusetts (AP) _ When Jennifer Pierre…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Someone at Wellesley College is offended by green lasers. @ Start…
Magellan counselors Jennifer Stephan and Evelyn Alexander at Wellesley - we talk all the time but we...
Clinton met with Alinsky several times in 1968 while writing a Wellesley college thesis about his theory of community organizing.
so somewhere between Yale College and Wellesley she was taught this
Hillary hasn't been "one of us" since she attended elite Wellesley College, where she began worship of Saul Alinsky. http…
President Bottomly reflects on her tenure and legacy at Wellesley College via
The college does not have a mascot. A beagle would be nice.
just happened. 5:30pm on Northbound train between college and Wellesley.
I checked in at Mass Bay Community College on
North Korean defectors speak at Wellesley College - (press release) (registration)
Our 3 SAC Srs are all set for college! Sam's off to Nana to & Anna to Hooray!
Wellesley College. Around the lake. When I read Robert Lennon’s CASTLE I pictured the whole thing taking place in the NW woods
President reflects on her tenure and legacy
live on today at 1:30 as she signs to play ball at Wellesley College
The senior thesis of Hillary D. Rodham, Wellesley College class of 1969, ha...
Update your maps at Navteq
Teenager Ruthie Carpenter is one of Niman Ranch's youngest farmers. Read about what this young leader did here.
Installation at the Game Worlds of Jason Rohrer exhibition @ Davis Museum at Wellesley College
High alum is boss of the boat at Wellesley College, where she's an award-winning coxswain
Dr. Ruth Chung who teaches in the Global program gave an invited lecture as part of Wellesley College's American Studies Lecture Series.
.and I met 3 years ago on a panel at Wellesley College, I was thinking about applying to grad school but wasnt sure I was ready...
my school is a magic fairy kingdom 🏰 @ Wellesley College
" unafraid as you search for your voice." - incoming Wellesley College president, Paula Johnson, MD, MPH, when…https:/…
Edward Everett Middle School step team shines at Wellesley College hip hop showcase.
Wellesley College taps women's health expert as first black president...
Hillary Clinton - the one who was the president of the Young Republicans at Wellesley College?.
Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis at Wellesley College was on Sal Alinsky. Sal Alinsky dedicated his book to Satan. Christian I think not!
The girl that went to Wellesley College; on Daddy's dime. Said others should pay their own way.
My former student at Wellesley College, Narges Bajoghli, on Iran sanctions affecting Americans.
AVP, Facilities Management and Planning and Chief Facilities Officer - Wellesley College -…
Thanks Prof. Quintana for inviting me to talk history with the amazing students College today!
First poetry reading for "Compass Rose" thanks to Wellesley College Writing Program
I like wellesley college better when the sun is out then I have proof that everyone isn't just studying and they r actually having fun
Great study space with beautiful wood trussing by for College
Fear of fraud across college campuses prompts alternative admissions for Chinese students via
I am going to again! I've been chosen as part of a scientific expedition to Lake Baikal through https…
Words | Jason Rohrer speaks about his exhibition of video games at Wellesley College.
Astronaut Abby is on her way to Russia…Again! :) ✈️
This weather is amazing! After a delish lunch get some sun, Wellesley College!
MASSACHUSSETS: 500 Words | Jason Rohrer speaks about his exhibition at Wellesley College
I'm a few miles away from wellesley women's college. I should go man spreading on a bench there
I am going to again! Find out about my first scientific research expedition happening this summer:
has retained to secure AVP Chief Officer
Wellesley College taps Harvard doctor Paula Johnson as first African-American president - The...
Hung out on Wellesley College campus the other day and got to see actress Susan Sarandon stumping for Bernie.
Wellesley College names its first African-American president
Hillary Clinton's relationship with Wellesley College spans much of her adult life
Dinesh D’Souza - Hillary got to know Alinsky in high school, invited him to speak at Wellesley College and wrote...
She's confusing watching episodes of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. while stoned at Wellesley College with enlisting.
"I'm much better at French, more independent, and happier" says student on program
Thank you to all the teams who came to Wellesley College for a magical day of quidditch! See you soon, SNEQC!
Maximilian Luce's Portrait of a Boy is at Wellesley College
Wellesley College Chamber Choir warms up for a fall gig
Elite women passing through Wellesley College's "Scream Tunnel." Deafening, it makes for a huge boost at the halfway m…
EVERY college football weekend, I ask Kurt "And who are you guys playing? Big game against Wellesley?".
The college department presents the Friends and Family Weekend Concert @ Wellesley…
Looking forward to spending time with amazing students and faculty at Wellesley College next week, and to cutting...
I envy you the college experience I lacked.
Realistic statue of man in his underwear at Wellesley College sparks controversy - via
Privateer's celebrating fall tonight with the Harvest Dinner at Wellesley College Club!
i went to visit a friend at Wellesley college in MA once it was unbelivably nice
Forbes Magazine once named Wellesley College one of the ten most beautiful college campuses...
Andy Shennan was at the table next to mine in the College Club and I feel like I spotted a celebrity.
"Do they sell friends at the college bookstore too?" — Wellesley College
Create college going culture NOW! kick-off on WMES morning broadcast. Wore shirt.
1800 :: Lord Wellesley Established Fort William College in Calcutta to Train British Officers in Indian Languages htt…
Opus 111's Jim Harvey attended the opening of his sister's 40-year Retrospect Show of her work at Wellesley College
Whitin Observatory draws huge crowd of stargazer to during public viewing nights
Follow proceedings of today's at College w/
Come check out College Night at MOS tomorrow from 5-9 pm. admission w/college ID!
Gorgeous day to eat lunch by the lake. @ Wellesley College
Wellesley ... . isn't that the woman's college that locks up thesis of undergrad presidents. as if ... .
You should follow today to hear the discussion at today’s conference at Wellesley College.
Wellesley College is looking for a Director in apply now!
Today there are two conferences covering cultural heritage destruction. One at the Asia Society in NYC and one at Wellesley College.
Glad to see my alma mater & employer both adopt new college cost calculator:
Female students playing basketball in Wellesley College, 1948
I liked a video Christina Hoff Sommers at Wellesley College
Good luck Abby! College time is full of colors.. Enjoy it!
. College will offer the highest highs & the lowest lows. Good luck & watch out for "super-motivated" guys! lol 🍸👌🏻
'From the start, Timothy introduced himself as “masculine-of-center genderqueer.”'.
Wellesley College | Wellesley Professor and Students Publish Research on Microbes and Human Health via
Trying to expand my college options.. Really interested in Wellesley College in MA right now ☺️☺️
I love this woman :). Watch "Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: 2015 Wellesley College Commencement Speaker" on YouTube
Wellesley College is a Tuition Hero. Come get your badge.
"I hate deleting apps. It's like they're shaking in fright as I murder one of their friends." — Wellesley College
Sadly Summer will be coming to an end soon. Time to start preparing for Fall. College Nannies and Tutors of Wellesley is Hiring Nannies!
Summer afternoon walk around Wellesley college. Just go fun
Know any amazing juniors OR seniors? Tell them to apply for $20,000
I live right next to Wellesley college. Small world.
Sigh...these "what are boundaries" questions irk me...people who think "downtown" is south of college? Right Wellesley is somehow midtown!
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Anne P. from Boston, MA. My educational background includes a BA from Wellesley College in English Literatur
Wellesley College, it's where the princesses go 😊💁🏽💙
When college app season rolls around and you remember why you fell in love with 💕
"privilege blinds because it is the nature of privilege to blind" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at
"I never knew about Saul Alinsky in college." (He was her Wellesley thesis topic)
First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College. Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School
college have you ever looked at the sculpture on the buildings at Wellesley college ? You should!
Karl Case of Wellesley College, Anne Thompson of Dodge Data and Analytics found that some people have strikingly unr…
It's 1969 and 22-year-old Hillary Rodham is about to deliver an address at Wellesley College in Massachusetts
Kathryn Lynch is an English professor and dean of faculty affairs at Wellesley College.
Wellesley College, Barnard & Bryn Mawr all ban men from attendance. How is that any different?
Superb exhibit of the work of Parviz Tanavoli, Iran's foremost sculptor, at Wellesley College http:…
essentials: 67yrs (will be 69 by El. day),born in Chicago,did Wellesley College + Yale since ’68. Methodist.
Want to send snacks to your student? Choose a healthy snack care package here for them to enjoy!
And his mom went to Wellesley College! Geez, dude!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Where is the liberal outrage over College discriminating against men?
Caroline Myran '14 playing for Smith College competes today at 1 pm vs. Wellesley.
Wellesley College alum Susan Wagner, cofounder and director of Wall Street giant BlackRock, has been named
16 days to the Boston Marathon and plenty of runners on the route by Wellesley College
Wellesley College Featured in App highlighting female historical figures. women in tech, history, and society
Wellesley College. Wellesley College is proud to introducing the DreamSeat line of customization furniture to our...
Wellesley College AAPI community: share your experiences as part of Asian Awareness Month
"I learned how to adapt to a new environment and a new way of learning" student on
Wellesley College just posted a new in Wellesley, MA.
"The cause of the outage was an unplanned event off-campus in the town of Wellesley electrical grid." -college throwing shade at the town
Only on Wellesley's yik yak will you repeatedly find intense debates regarding smoking pot on a college campus . *slow claps*
...During her first year at Wellesley College (1965-66) she served as the president of the Wellesley Young Republicans...
Fellow College alums, pls vote for Chef Carolyn Johnson,
Fellow women's college grads understand why ! Thank you, alumna, for the note on my car!
Breakfast with my little sister from college-the unstoppable -
Hillary Clinton has some explaining to do she went to a college that is guilty of blatant discrimination Wellesley. No men allowed
the headline is always 'wellesley college to admit trans students!' when they already admit trans MEN
I'm happy to announce that I will be going to Wellesley College for the next four years 💞
Why do Fire Alarms always go off when I'm in a Dorm?!?! at Wellesley College!
Team Meredith is out chalking this morning! Say hello and @ Wellesley College
Srs starting to transition to college. Prof. Ann Velenchik from College here w/ the First Year Exp.
Undecided on who to vote as your 2015-2016 cabinet members on this elections day? Read this!:
lifter Susan Meyer's book launch for NEW SHOES at Wellesley college
A great HR job opportunity at Wellesley College-
Wellesley College is hiring a Mellon-funded Instructional Designer for blended learning initiative
Bill Clinton & Hillary Rodham at Wellesley College in 1969. (courtesy Sygma/Corbis)
Attention lazy birdwatchers: College is back
More evidence: Craziest PC is in women's colleges (Wellesley statue)
I thought this was interesting and relevant to our class!
Dear When will you announce your presidential campaign?. With love from Wellesley College,.
Order Miche Bag Online!
A George Seurat decomposition at the Wellesley College Daves Museum of Art
Director needed in at Wellesley College. Apply now!
Wellesley College professor to speak at Natick Historical Society
I'm supposed to be part of the wellesley college walking challenge, but it seems to have screwed up my account link. Help!
All articles, aside from the College Gov. Statements of Intent, were published as part of the satirical April 1, 2015 issue.
Wellesley College is hiring a Sports Information and Communications, apply now! (
On this week's front page: Vladimir Putin lectures on manliness at Wellesley College
Hey Break a leg 2nite in Boston - can't wait to have ya on Friday College
I'm standing with Adeline Lee. lee4cgp @ Wellesley College
Good job to them. 😊 All-women's college Wellesley will accept transgender women.
Lake Waban on the southern edge of Wellesley College is best known for its shoreline trails offering a scenic reprieve from campus life
All-women’s college Wellesley to accept transgender women
as a Wellesley grad with respect for the benefits of a women's college, help us spread the word and
proudness! "Another women's college will accept trans students
I'm so excited to get Wellesley College's Alumnae Achievement Award on Feb 12.
Wellesley College is the latest all-women's college to accept transgender students:
HuffingtonPost: Another women's college will accept trans students
All-women's Wellesley College to admit transgender students (
Do transgender women really belong at a women's college like Wellesley? Yes:
Wellesley College for the first time will admit transgender students who identify as women
“Another women's college will accept trans students
I was thrilled to receive an Alumnae Achievement Award from Wellesley College on February 12th. If you'd like,... http:…
congrats on your Wellesley College award.
Wellesley will admit transgender students for the first time
Another women's college will accept trans students
Jan 26, 1961: Kennedy appoints first female presidential physician On this day in 1961, just about a week after his inauguration, President John F. Kennedy appoints Janet Travell, 59, as his personal physician, making her the first woman in history to hold the post. Dr. Travell possessed an impressive resume that included graduating with honors from Wellesley College, internships in cardiology, a professorship in clinical pharmacology at Cornell University and an established reputation as a pioneer in the treatment of chronic myofascial pain. (The term myofascial pain refers to aching pain or tenderness in the muscles and fibrous tissue that can cause weakness and feel like numbness, burning, tingling or aching.) Dr. Travell also designed prototypes of what would now be called ergonomic chairs. By the time she became the official presidential physician, Dr. Travell, an orthopedist, had worked closely with Kennedy for five years. Kennedy suffered from persistent back pain that he claimed was the cumulative ...
$25 tickets available to public for Carly Simon concert at College
Welp. My interview with Wellesley College is tomorrow. Wish me luck. Goodnight. 😘
My dad just tried to sell me on going to an all girls college😁
Well, it ain't exactly the Wellesley College Club of Sedona broken down in the middle of Bumphuckia. But I'll do my best.
The Philadelphia Junior Tour would like to congratulate Annika Vandayar for signing with College's (Wellesley,MA) Golf Team.
Proud to welcome to Wellesley College's Freedom Project next week to engage our Adam Smith Fellows on Freedom of Expression
A review of the questions that face institutions in light of the rejected
and members of college government. At Wellesley, one transmasculine student was a dorm president.
Wellesley alumnae in particular are awarded more science and engineering doctorates than female graduates of any other liberal-arts college
Gender politics at women's college: exclusion of students & value of masculinity.
Can sum1 explain to me why a lot of wellesley students list "mit" as a college institution they attend on their fb/Resumes/linked in?
How did college early-admissions arms race get started? Blame Smith, Wellesley and their sisters. explains
Leave it to NYT to write the most transphobic article abt students in women's colleges who transition their gender
Wellesley College Freedom Project Wintersession on Liberty and Social Policy, features freedom of expression, at
Don’t Be Afraid of the Darks in Botanical Art: Friends of Wellesley College Botanic Gardens Certificate Progra...
An extremely interesting and complex topic: When Women Become Men at Wellesley
I can top that: While riding Wellesley College - MIT bus back on Sat night that happened. One freaking row in front of me!
This wk I'm staffing Wellesley College Alternative Break trip to Kissimmee, FL where we're volunteering at Give Kids the World.
"I graduated from Wellesley College. To save time, let's just assume I'm always right."
Interesting look at issues in a women's college: When Women Become Men at Wellesley
We'll be performing at Wellesley College February 21st! . S/O ETHOS!!!
great article on Parviz a Tanavoli ... Thx for mentioning Parviz's show at Wellesley College's Davis Museum from February 9 th
and a 100 masters theses at Wellesley College were born
New Curators For Davis Museum at Wellesley College Artforum reports that Wellesley Colleges Davis Museum has,
Digital Content Producer - Wellesley College - Wellesley, MA: FUNCTION Reporting to the Web Director, the...
"Quoting de Tocqueville, [Hahrie Han, associate professor of political science at Wellesley College] said at a...
Fascinating story on how women's colleges are addressing (or not addressing) the needs of transgender students
Didn't think I'd take this position: trans men cannot demand wmn's colleges shift frm women-centric to accommodate
Speaking of the marathon, Kelvin, as I said mile 12.5 of Boston - Wellesley College:
Had a GREAT time leaning in with the Wellesley College Club! We saw Selma and it was amazing I think…
· Chirlane d'blasio"was the 1st girl to go to college Wellesley in her family. Took refuge in long stacks of books"
From the A fascinating read about trans* students and women's colleges.
Helen Hooven Santmyer (1895 – 1986), author, educator, librarian: Today's TML Arts' Artist Birthday Helen Hooven Santmyerwas is primarily known for her best-selling epic "...And Ladies of the Club", published when she was in her 80s. Santmyer was born on November 25, 1895 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the oldest child of John Wright and Bertha Hooven Santmyer. Her father had been a medical student in Cincinnati, but in 1900 switched to business and moved to the Hooven family home in Xenia, taking a position with the R.A. Kelly Company, a rope manufacturer. Inspired by Louisa May Alcott, Santmyer was determined to become a writer and kept a diary from age 10. She also derived inspiration from her American Civil War-veteran grandfathers by weaving into her writings their stories of service during the war. She attended Wellesley College 1914–8 and was active in the struggle for women's rights; she began publishing her poetry as an undergraduate. The 1916 Alfred Noyes edited collection, A Book of Princeton Verse ( ...
Blue-chip offerings at NYC fall art auctions NEW YORK (AP) - The fall art auctions are about to sizzle. Coveted paintings by Andy Warhol and Edouard Manet - never before offered at auction - and works from single-owner collections with boldface names like Mellon and Bacall are expected to fire up bidding at the sales of impressionist, contemporary and modern art beginning Tuesday. "The fall auctions represent a rare opportunity for contemporary collectors to add not only quality but also pedigree to their collections," said Sarah Lichtman, director of The New School's master's degree program in the history of decorative arts and design. The exceptional quality of the works could mean a record-setting autumn, said Pat Berman, professor of art at Wellesley College. "The heights reached by Edvard Munch's "The Scream" or Francis Bacon's "Three Studies of Lucien Freud" - once beyond comprehension - are certainly attainable, and potentially eclipsed by these rare art trophies," she said. "The Scream" sold for n ...
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Wellesley College has overhauled its process for setting up international collaborations with Peking University
a special thanks to the college bookstore for supplying me with things to get me noticed by Hillary Clinton 😘
On Google Earth exploring Brandies University, Regis College and Wellesley College bc they're in MA and I'm not there :/
Are you A. a significant other of a Wellesley College grad AND B. Expecting or already have children? If so please DM me.
Week 3- future leaders at the Wellesley college fair!
Week 3- after touring Suffolk University we traveled to Wellesley University for a panel and college fair! Happy 50!
In memory of benefactor Horatio H. Hunnewell, born this day in 1810. College Hall across Lake Waban (1901)
How to make it Courtney Coile, a professor at Wellesley College, and colleagues from…
had a great walk around Lake Waban and the Wellesley College campus. Perfect day to be out!
today's wedding venue is quite beautiful. @ Wellesley College Botanic Gardens
To add insult to injury they mistakenly delivered the Visa to her college
Over 5000 articles in 96+ countries report on Tony Matelli’s Sleepwalker at Wellesley College: a compilation
Photo: mayachapina: Irene Mata professor at Wellesley College bought The Cha Cha Files as a gift for...
Not a drop of rain so far at the Needham / Wellesley line near Olin College
Collecting my Big's hoop from my college roomie's apartment as I head into the office. Only 14 mos after hoop-rolling!
Sat. 7/26 8am-4pm Many services unavailable: Access to the internet, Google Apps, college website, and library...
Where did Yonge, College, Bay and Wellesley get their names from? We've got the answer:
A petition calls for the removal of a life-like statue of a man in his underwear on the Wellesley College campus
94 Wellesley diverting E/B via Bay, College, Yonge due to a collision at Wellesley and Bay.
6 Bay diverting S/B via Bloor, Queen's Park, College due to a collision at Wellesley and Bay.
I gave an invited lecture at Wellesley College on the Thought Police in April. I hope that they'll post the talk soon.
responding to a medical at Wellesley College and investigating a suspicious vehicle on Cedar St at Rt. 9
Wellesley's college campus is beautiful.
What advice do you have for a rising freshman (me) at College?
In the library stacks. Wellesley College, MA (1969) by Bradford Herzog
HILLARY and GANGSTA RAP! When Hillary Clinton was a law student at Yale, she received a summer internship at Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein. This was considered the most radical law firm in America, based in Oakland, CA. All of its practicing members were current, or expired members of the CPUSA (communist party). Of course Hillary had come under the influence of Saul Alinsky her last year of high school, and throughout her Wellesley College years. Alinsky died in 1974 as I recall, just after she graduated from Yale. The reason Hillary sought out and applied only at Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein law firm, was she said her dream was to defend Angela Davis, the cop killer. The law firm had a major "soft-spot" for the Black Panthers. It is interesting that when websites laud her college years and other internships, they seem to conveniently forgot that radical summer. A few years ago a local RAP hero walked into a S. Korean grocery store in an attempted robbery. The Rapper pulled out a gun, and was matched ...
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