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Welcome Back

Welcome Back, Kotter was an American television sitcom starring Gabe Kaplan and featuring a young John Travolta.

John Abraham Anil Kapoor Ron Palillo John Travolta Nana Patekar John Sebastian Shruti Haasan Vinnie Barbarino Shiney Ahuja Saturday Night Fever Dimple Kapadia Anees Bazmee Vincent Vega Gabe Kaplan Bosom Buddies Shruti Hassan

'Welcome Back' first look: Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Nana Patekar form the wedding party
I liked a video Sonny Bill Williams - Welcome Back.
Welcome Back to New Vegas!With the introduction of the Ultimate Version, Bethesda Softworks offers you the...
We're super-excited to welcome Romy Philips, YogaWorks master trainer, back to Peace Yoga in December! Romy will...
Ah, hello sleep deprived brain. Welcome back, my old friend.
Welcome Tyler! Let's see if Noah comes back for Beth.
How can Kash say nobody cared when he did Welcome Back the first time 😂😂😂😂
Car: Welcome back to Iowa guys. Jeff: I knew it'd be flat. Mike: Screw u car u knew I have places to be. Car: B cool bro
Welcome back hometown! On Palopo right now. We are back to business
Casually bring back Liam wrapped in a towel.. ur welcome.
>Using Firefox instead of glorious chrome in the first place. Welcome back home
Vince McMahon's announcement for Survivor Series now thats what I call best for business welcome back vince.
Hello winter. We missed you, welcome back.
enthusiasts take note: I'm moving the Mastery InSight Institute back 2 …
You're very welcome Elisa... I appreciate the follow back...
El lorde :) "Welcome to your life. There's no turning back. Even while we sleep. We will find you"
All purpose parts banner
Two Sundays w/o them... I'm definitely excited to see my boys back on the screen. Win or Lose, WELCOME…
“You're welcome. 3 mins 42 of my life il never get back fuk u harry styles
Welcome back to the FastWax hotline She will be back in studio next week, so get out of her seat
Same dudes said I couldn't get it tryna kick it balmain dinners spent a thousand on a ticket- meek back in his bag! Welcome home …
Mase is having a laugh. I know he didn't think he could come and perform Welcome Back in big 2014.
Welcome back to It looks like you had an amazing. trip! :)
You know your team has a deep passion for this game when you see this before kickoff. Reggie, welcome back!
Welcome back: One World Trade Center opened its doors today
"You're welcome. you cant hide it anymore, I saw you in the back of this video
welcome back to Fin City, we missed ya!
Welcome back theo! "feels "very strong, fast and very powerful" but knows he must be patient
Nice seeing the boss earlier. The guy still knows how to make entrances and save his quads as well. - JK, JK. Welcome back.
Greeted by my manager at work with "welcome back to *** ah brilliant !
Welcome home soldier! Just in time for the battle to take our country back!
no1 cared when he did welcome back so why would ppl in the UK care now?
That teamwork though... welcome back brook !
Got to say that life is really turning around for me and my babies. Work like *** but I am so thankful to have a job and being back on my own two feet again. Feels amazing to be this independent again. Hard at times but I know all I can do is keep going up from here. Two years ago, I never imagined I would have to go through the things I have went through for the past year and half but I can honestly say it has changed me tremendously. In the beginning it was a bad thing but I know now that I am stronger than I have ever been in life. And proud to say I have turned into a woman that will keep her head high and keep pushing and stop looking back and keep looking foward. I have been struggling with the fact of the trials my life has taken for the past year and a half but I see now that if I keep my thoughts in the past or present that I will never move foward. All I can do is keep looking foward, to the future and keep my head up and high and knock the devil down everytime he tries to down me. Kepping my .. ...
So I have been creating like crazy since I announced my return! (it feels sooo nice) and I think I will do a "Welcome Back" Auction so to speak to get back into things full swing!! I will announce the auction dates & details this week, so keep your eyes peeled!!
Welcome Back Vincent Kennedy McMahon! what a big announcement for Survivor Series! Team Authority vs Team Cena, If Team Cena wins.The Authority will be NO longer Authority! Oh! You can watch Survivor Series on WWE Network for FREE!
Welcome Back;The true voice of the Asia's Songbird.
Let's go big blue it's now or never . Welcome back Bradshaw and nicks .
Welcome back Space Oddity and Commander Hadfield! (for legal reasons this video was offline for months - but now all has been resolved and it's back again)
Good morning. Welcome back to my Net. Dahil dyan salamat sa mga offline transaction ko sa Royale Business. And back to business with my Business partners Up Nhel'z A. Llagas-Royale and Sir Jeffrey Hernandez and to my future business partner all the way from sorsogon Hotmom Mam Marina Dery Jao Lacra.Exciting to work with you po Mam.Let's Royalize Sorsogon. Join our Team. Ask me how.
Welcome back to the show. Here it is, your moment of zen.
So I was back at the office today for the first time since my injury and surgery and it was great to be back and more importantly my staff made welcome back real special. They are the best and it was great to be back.
"Welcome Back" on the sets with John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Shruti Hassan
some pipol cry for nothing . and laugf for something hihihi. Welcome Back Darren. ~JC
sis welcome back! hehehe. Jane And Jeron for McDo TVC. JaneRome LT is the Best. SpreadTheLoveFor JaneOineza
Hi guys please follow if you want pasalubong from Darren Espanto. Welcome back Darren. Welcome back Darren
We the Team Fanboy are not here just for fame but to defend our Brother D and all DARRENatics fangirls! 👊💪. Welcome Bac…
Cover Battle: Time or Women's Health: Welcome back to another edition of FishbowlNY's weekly Cover Battle, Tod,,, http:/
Forex Forum - photize replies to: Keroro0o0o's S&D + PA trading: Welcome back, nice to see your still successfully…
Welcome back PBA D-League. One of my favorite coverages.
[CBSNEWS] Marcia Strassman, of "Welcome Back, Kotter," dead at 66: Actress played Gabe Kaplan's wife on hit 19...
I'm feeling sexy and free. . Welcome Back Darren. Darren Our POPMaleCutie
'Welcome Back, Kotter' Actress Dies.Thanks for all the years of entertainment. via
I know you miss me,. Because you always do. Welcome Back Darren!
Marcia Strassman, who played Gabe Kaplan's wife on the hit 1970s sitcom "Welcome Back, Kotter," is dead at 66
Please do subscribe to Darren's Official VEVO Channel on Youtube ! . Welcome Back Darren. Darren Our PopMaleCutie
6. The youngest artist ever to have a finale performance at Carnegie Hall. Welcome Back Darren
5. The youngest and only artist who have 4 concerts/show in 4 succeeding days from Luzon visayas Mindanao. Welcome Back Darren
you can Never Beat This handsome face.. Welcome Back Darren
I noticed that on my way back yesterday. Welcome back to Dubai. I hope you have a fantastic time! 😀
3. Youngest artist to have two major solo concert at the age of 13. Welcome Back Darren
Planning on going back to New York in '16 after listening to 'Welcome to New York'.
You're absolutely not Goggles. Welcome back to that land of the conscious anyway.
wanted to share this(cto) because we love baby Ren Welcome Back Darren.
Check out Travolta (Vinnie Barbarino) strutting his stuff in the hit TV series Welcome Back, Kotter! You can grab the complete series at:
Good Morning Lovely people :-). Keep on the good work, lets continue posting. Caroline Kuria welcome back.keep us posted on how baby is sleeping. Dan W Mark the frequency at which you post amazes me.Every single day. Day I thought of a meal plan but I haven't put it on paper. I need to do some shopping though. Living healthy can be quite expensive uwi! Breakfast: Black tea (no sugar), Chapati, Salad & 1/2 Avocado Lunch: Chapati, Ndengu & Cabbage
I'm not gonna miss this inshalla!! you all shouldn't too! Welcome back to Jordan Hamdan Zeid and Maii Waleed Yassin
Marcia Strassman - who was best known for her role in the 1970s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter - has died age 66.
I Thought it was a dream! But when the clock strikes at 3 o'clock am, wooahh! Aloja !and Lyka ! She's really look like a queen! The queen of the dawn that sent from heaven's above to captured the hearts of some listener fellas. The ultimate diva! A mother who never stop singing some heal songs for God! Let's welcome the star of all stars!! The most fabulous female artist of all generations!! WELCOME BACK MARIAH CAREY!! :))
RIS: Photo(s) of the Day: 27/10/2014- Welcome Back RIS! We hope you all had a great week. We begin this week's posts by reminding all sections of the fundraising campaign that is taking place to provide comfort wheelchairs that can be transformed like magic into a bed for children and adults in need. Donations will be given to Father Ray Foundation. Remember that these chairs have been designed by Nicky Jumroenvong (Class of 2012) & current senior Land Wongsirikul (Class of 2015). Each wheelchair costs 3,500 baht to produce (the factory is being very supportive in keeping costs down for us) and we would like to target at least 10 chairs per section. Donation boxes are located in each section. On behalf of Nicky and Land, thank-you in advance for your support! RIS: Excellence.Character.Tradition.
Got treated to red velvet cupcakes and Mars bar slice as a welcome back to my team after being away for three weeks. So thoughtful ... and so yummy!!!
Actress Marcia Strassman, who is known for her roles in such hits as “Welcome Back, Kotter” and “M*A*S*H,” died on Saturday after a long fight with breast cancer.
We are really happy to welcome back Sweet Designs, with their stunning handmade home and baby wares!!
'Welcome Back' by John Sebastian (1976). Intro and outro with an extra verse.
A look into what really happened on the set of welcome back kotter. is time again for some Winter Indulgence...Welcome Back! We had to wait long enough! ...just arrived and already flying off the shelves.
TABATA IS STILL ON TONIGHT 6pm, make sure you make it down if you can. we have some "out of the weather areas" we can use if the weather is still nasty. And a BIG welcome back to Nicole, She will be running tonight's session. see you soon.
Health Point: Bonus: Machete - Fight Consumable: Bonus: Back Gift: your email bonus link doesn't work, use our spreadsheet to find one that does. All links are good if you haven't used them in the past. single toolbar bonus link no longer works, you can try the 2 link method.. Click this one first ~ this one ~
RIP. She had likeable down flat. "Actress Marcia Strassman dies at 66 - best known for 'Welcome Back, Kotter'
Last night with them...jen's crib lol. Welcome back jen thanks for inviting us... we're happy to see u…
Prayer is welcome, Katie Jungling, is not doing so hot, on top of her back pain, she keeps falling and I am doing...
So after almost a month of kpop hiatus, Kim Jongin felt the need to welcome me back w/ an extra glorious face. Not that Im complaining tho..
Good morning everyone. Welcome back to the endless scream of our eternally expanding universe in the great non-stick pan of nothingness.
The first flakes of the season fell today. Welcome back, snow. We missed you.
Welcome back from the weekend! Here are the top 10 things you need to know right now
"I miss the feeling of a win. Welcome back boys. Time to make some noise.
“Hey!” Josh said as he felt a wet drip on the back of his head...
WELCOME BACK TO STUDENTS MMC. CONGRATULATIONS WITH YOUR RESULTS... KEEP IT UP THIS SEMESTER.! "You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win"
good mrng Area mama, good to ave u back. Plz play welcome back - Mase for urslf
Chpt 2 My new online book, please read and give feedback, thanks It's been a couple of days since I've spoken to her, i thought maybe if i gave her some space she would come home on her own, but i guess that's not the case. I get up brushed my teeth and hopped in the shower. I remember the last time we took a shower together, the bubbles sliding ever so gracefully down her sensuous body. I kissed the back of her neck as the water sprinkled over her smooth skin, she turned around and kissed me then pulled away and looked me in my eyes, i thought I saw tears but i wasn't sure. She looked at me as if she would never see me again, unbeknownst to me it would be true, i picked her up and we made love until the water went cold. I was snapped back to reality by the sound of the doorbell ringing, I knew that it had to be my friend Leon Hinton B.K.A. twin, to pick me up for work; my car decided to break down when my wife and i broke up. I hopped out of the shower threw on some shorts and ran to the door, i opened . ...
Welcome back and congrats to our Tecla-crew for winning the race of the cassics! Well done!
LOVING - I miss ur musical presence ... Welcome back x
Update Via BOI : Welcome Back might not release along with on 23 Jan & will release in March/April 20…
Welcome back We've missed you on Hope you had a enjoyable holiday.
You're always welcome to come to my house and rub my back jsyk
oh. Well welcome back, Knoxville has missed you as well 😉🍊
Welcome back, Utes! . This weekend is our Fall Student Leader Retreat is this Friday and Saturday. Friday night...
Welcome to the week when the clocks go back 1 hour. Get the Lem Sip in, it won't be light until March!
Long day...Mumbai and back to watch with brilliant fans. Thanks for the welcome..great to meet everyone
Karaoke time!! Join us and welcome back Monique on her new night with us-tonight-Monday night. Different day-same time-9:00 p.m. Hope you can join us. :)
Welcome back to...wherever this place is where NSW have fallen 57 runs short of
New day in a new office for many us here Bridewell looking forward to day ahead, welcome to returning PC Kev back E team
Jozi be blazing,welcome back spring 2014, summer be knocking at our door
That pass from Coutinho for the third was ridiculous. Welcome signs of the little Brazilian getting back to his best.
to tour Northern Hemisphere with welcome back friend, it's been too long! Who's excited for
Sri raam ji whn came back to Ayodhya after defeat ravana.All ayodhya welcome and celebrated
We will hopefully have that in soon enough too :). Welcome back.
yay South Brighton fish supply is back as the Pier Fish and Chips in Brighton. Welcome back...better than before
Been a mongrel of a day go to pick mum and dad up from their cruise get to ballarat and get a phone call to say a large tree has fallen down on paddock at front hwy from mums neighbour and worried about the deer getting out, not much we could do about it from ballarat, get to mum and dads house and their old dog missy is staggering, worked out shed been bitten by a snake, got her in the car but unfortunately she died on the way. WELCOME BACK MUM AND DAD, Crappy day all round dad and hubby buried the poor dog and are now out sorting out the fence and tree.
Welcome back in my arms darling.ur mine...
Xwei!! Glad I did not go on a walk today when me and my son wanted to during out lil storm. Cooked for the brunch at church then went to church, went home n almost went on a walk, then to our family dinner and was there to welcome back my nephew and his family. Was a very good day...exhausting, but still was good :-D And finally over that stupid cold that just would not go away. Time to recover and get back on track. Gnite and God bless :-) And Lord, give me strength for tomorrows family get together, lol, going to need it XD
At first, when i lost her, I had given up on the game almost completely; wouldnt be able to smile anytime i looked at my garage. Now that we are reunited, i cant stop smiling everytime i look at her. Welcome back, my dear BF Bifta.
with the boys .picking up my hubby.Welcome back :-)
Welcome back pot... IamRhon Torrente!!!shot na tayo... ;)
As promised, a spot of urban bush combined with bayside slick on October's ride down south. Thanks to all our riders for coming along once more and making the EBC click on over with interesting rides and even more interesting company. Welcome to our new riders Lauren and Deidre Dunne and a big welcome back to Steven Dunne from his exile in NSW. Just a few images this time depicting our foray through the obstacle ridden Onkaparinga Recreation Park - still worth all the hauling and lifting. Until the next one!
"at 021Records we don't accept alcohol for Bookings. Askeis madala", Welcome back Fosta, now lets work!
Hey to all my dia friendz ur welcome back from de weekend how was it? Am sory i has been off air my 4ne was having some mechanical problem but know it abit okey so i thank GOD 4 dat
Afrojack.spinning techno right now...welcome back :)
Went to go pick up my hermanito from jail. Poor baby:( Welcome back home Johnathan Nava! Nite nite♡
Good bye baler, welcome back to reality again in a couple of hours
Had a wonderful weekend with ALL 3 of my kids! Happy birthday Lys, Happy Graduation Andre, and welcome back Zachary Sack Porciuncula. Until next time.
Date again with lalab Rinoa.. This time sa davao na..welcome back junenaks.
Hey Seattle! Great news, I'm coming home EVEN SOONER!!! I shall be leaving Wahweap around 3 am Friday night which will put me home Friday around 9 pm. I do have plans friday-monday with Jaimee Arlene Green but for anyone who cant make the Welcome Back Bash (check your events page, all are invited Nov 1st 9:30 pm at Good Time's) hit me up and lets make plans to kick it during the week. Also, if anyone knows of any restaurants hiring (Server, Bartender, or Manager) let me know. Still looking feverishly. I look forward to seeing you all like crazy, though its hitting me hard knowing that I'm going to be losing my Wahweap family.Let me know!!!
Welcome back friends. ( jar jar like lagba nichay comments koro like pouchay jabay )
Traffic at LAX, 3 balik bayan boxes, our kitchen smells with dried fish & other Phil. Delicacies... Heart warming tagalog DVDs...welcome back Honey thank You for the pasalubongs and special thanks to Zen Cortes- Acebedo Pasicolan and many others who have made my Honey's trip to the phils. enjoyable.
Welcome back from the weekend :) Weekends always seem too short, especially when we're out camping in our Jayco! Did you enjoy the weekend?
Good morning world. And a nice welcome back from London midland yeh train is late! Xx
Shruti Haasan and Dimple Kapadia reportedly bonded very well on the sets of 'Welcome Back'
BBC Academy, Creative Skillset and The TV Collective are teaming up to host an event encouraging 50 black Asian and minority ethnic professionals to get back into the TV business. Welcome Back will be opened by BBC director of television Danny Cohen on 5 November and will offer panel sessions, hands-on training and one-to-one networking opportunities with talent managers, series and executive producers. The one-day event will take place at New Broadcasting House and bookings are now open to individuals from a BAME background with at least three years TV experience or three broadcasting credits. Delegates must also have been absent from the industry for over a year. Endemol’s chief creative officer David Flynn, The One Show executive editor Sandy Smith, SB:TV founder Jamal Edwards and Adil Ray, writer and star of Citizen Khan are among the guest speakers. Television presenter June Sarpong will deliver a keynote address, while Sky head of non-scripted Celia Taylor and BBC3 acting channel editor Sam Bickle ...
Welcome Back, Royals: Michael, it’s been great to see the Royals back in the post-season. I grew up on the Yan...
The ever-so-funny Anil Kapoor and friends – including John Abraham – are in Dubai filming Welcome Back –
Looks like nice weather in store for the "Welcome Back" Narberth Fall Music & Arts Festival. Come join your...
September 28: Welcome Back to Church Sunday. Come as you are. Wear your favorite team jersey if you wish. We would love to have you. Sunday School - 9:30a.m. Morning Worship - 10:45a.m. 12:00 - Tailgate party at the Lighthouse. Church will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments and drinks. Please bring a covered dish if you can. 6:00p.m. - Movie: "Heaven is for Real" in the sanctuary. Children's and youth ministry at the Lighthouse for ages 4 thru 12th grade. Everyone welcome. Come join us and bring someone with you.
Come to downtown Ann Arbor this Fri. for a 'Welcome Back to School' Block Party! Ill be spinning live…
Welcome Back: I almost had a panic attack the day David Roberts of announced h...
A lot of guys back in the late 70's wanted to emulate John Travolta on the dance floor like 'Saturday Night Fever' (1977) The film significantly helped to popularize disco music around the world and made Travolta, already well known from his role on 'Welcome Back, Kotter', a household name. The 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack, featuring disco songs by the Bee Gees, is one of the best-selling soundtracks of all time.
Check out my Welcome Back library newsletter - Garden City High School Library (via
Welcome September - Welcome Back to you all! Please join us Sunday September 7 2014 1661 McCallum Rd Free Pancake Breakfast 9-10 in the gym (northwest entrance) Church service 10:30-12 music and teaching, childcare available 0-grade 5 Party on the Grass 12:30-3 Lunch for $4.00 per person no RSVP requiresd pulled pork on a bun, potato and green salads, drinks, dessert Jackson Elementary 33165 King Rd Everyone Welcome! Activities for all ages including: ironman inflatable, volleyball, field games, dunk tank Can't wait to see you!
BSU Welcome Back bbq is HERE! show your love 1-6pm. FREE food, DJ, and tabling from UB's premier…
Today in the Bedford Plaza, the Welcome Back event is here! See and Mr. & Ms. CF while they take on the
Welcome was a BLOCKBUSTER! will Welcome Back be a blockbuster?? Akshay Kumar & Late Feroz Khan are not in the film.
Just a little Welcome Back dinner for all of the Clemson University student-athletes!
Warrior BN, Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a great summer. We have a jam packed semester for you full of exciting events. Be prepared to soak in a wealth of knowledge from our MS IV’s because we want to make sure you all become great future leaders in the Army. Tomorrow (Aug. 25th) will be the first official day of ROTC. Please come prepared with a pen because our main task is to ensure contact information is updated and other necessary paperwork is filled out to help facilitate training. Time: NLT 0600 (MS III cadets in leadership) and 0620 NLT (All other cadets) Location: Ching Field Uniform: IPFU (PT’s) for returning cadets or cadets that have this uniform. Otherwise, new cadets can come in conservative civilian workout attrite. Parking Options: If you commute to UH, you have various parking options 1. Park on campus near Stan Sheriff Center (cost: $5), if you have a parking pass than disregard. 2. Park off campus near Burger King or any other residential areas near campus. However, the later y ...
Looking forward to Pack 14's Welcome/Welcome Back at Starkville Wet n'Wild. Great way to start off the new Cub Scout Year!
Welcome Back to School from the RHOyally Refined Rho Alpha Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.…
Join the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta for a Welcome Back to High Point celebration at Barberitos on…
Welcome Back, Friends. We hope to see you next week!!.
Welcome Back to Walnut Street starts in 24 HOURS! Great food and music, come for lunch Friday!
Welcome Back to Walnut Street THIS FRIDAY will sound a little like this 11 am to 1:30 pm Walnut St Between 10th &12th
PARENTS!! On behalf of the Union County School Board members and Superintendent Faulk, we want to welcome all of our students back to school on Thursday, and I thought we'd have some fun with social media and all those first-day-of-school pictures! On Thursday morning at 6 am, I will post a Welcome Back post asking for you to share those pictures. All you have to do is share your students' first day of school pictures in the comments of that post (please don't post to the page timeline, but comment with the pictures instead...and only one picture/entry per family, just to be fair to all). At 9:00 pm on Thursday night, I will put all the comments/pictures into a drawing and will have my "non-biased" kids randomly draw one out to be the winner of a $50 Dollar General gift card. I'll post video of the drawing and winner after that on Thursday night. All you have to do to participate is share this post to let all your friends know it's coming and then comment with your pics on Thursday morning when you se ...
And the class of Welcome Back, Kotter. How many years were they held back?
Ron Palillo, Horshack of Welcome Back, Kotter did not die Friday
When I was a little kid, my favorite show was Welcome Back, Kotter. So sad to hear that Horshack has passed away. "Ooh! Ooh!"
Actor Ron Palillo has died. Is best known for playing Horshack on Welcome Back, Kotter. Grew up on that show.
I was a big fan of Welcome Back, Kotter and of Ron Palillo's Horshack - much better than Travolta's Barbarino. RIP.
Fastball "The Way" x10. They also covered the "Welcome Back, Kotter" theme once. Please add that one, too.
Ron Palillo, Horshack of 'Welcome Back, Kotter,' did not die Friday - Los Angeles Times
Welcome Back! 1,100 students moving into halls. Bulldog Battalion on Baggage Duty
Ron Palillo Dead at 63 -- Horshack from 'Welcome Back, Kotter' Dies from Heart Attack via
'Welcome Back, Kotter's' Horshack did not die Friday (he died two years ago) |
Much like "Welcome Back, Kotter", Ron Palillo was dead 2 years before anyone finally recognized it.
R.I.P Ron Palillo - aka Horshack on the TV Show - Welcome Back, Kotter - Another TV great has passed at 63 yrs young
Let the 'Welcome Back' party begin! We'll be back in Sorority Village at recruitment Monday with more freebies!
Welcome Back. View a video from our Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. Go to:.
Welcome Back to the Decatur Campus of Georgia Perimeter College College. Student life
Welcome Back, High School Students! Come take advantage of our huge Back to School Sale for all your art needs or wants!
Welcome Back! My daughter has been asking, where is Scott Pelley and who are those other people?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I think it was Lao Tzu who said "Those who cannot tune into Bosom Buddies or Welcome Back, Kotter will settle for Barnaby Jones."
Up Coming Events to Remember! Today-July 25th-Back to School Bash at Walking Track below the Whitesburg ARH. 10:00am-2:00pm. Free school supplies, games and food. Saturday-July 26th-Free Clothing give away at Letcher Elementary School Cafeteria beginning at 11:00. Tuesday-July 29th-Kindergarten Orientation at Letcher Elementary school from 10:00am-12:00noon. July 31st Letcher Elementary School Open House from 4:00-5:30pm. August 5th Will be Letcher Middle School Open House from 3:00pm-5:00pm August 6th Will be the First Day for Students!Welcome Back!! August 11th Mission Of Hope is bringing school supplies to LES and LMS Don't forget to join the school email for weekly updates, or check us on our school website.
Anees Bazmee’s directorial venture Welcome Back starring Anil Kapoor and John Abraham in the lead will hit the theaters this December. But Bollywood has often witnessed clashes at the Box Office! So Aamir Khan’s PK is no exception! Why do we say…
Who's excited for some football? I am. Welcome Back to at Lansdowne Park.
Welcome Back, Kotter's theme song will be 1st song played when returns-not Philip Phillips "Home."
Welcome Back. Min. Devon Jerome Crawford is a senior philosophy major at Morehouse College. Devon has enjoyed many...
Heard from one of my faves 2day epitomizes resiliency, Toughness, competitiveness and heart. Welcome Back home, Ronnie Ray!
Welcome Back to Basics - Social Graces, Character & Leadership Program for Youth. CEO camp + after school...
Congratulations to Texas Stars in defeating the Toronto Marlies, 6 - 2 in the seventh game to win the Western Conference title. Now it's off to take on the St, John's Ice Caps. Justin Dowling's first game after being out with injury for seven games, he got two assists & a goal. Welcome Back, Grandson, Go get 'em!!!
Let’s Welcome Back the 1 Percent: By Abraham Lateiner In her talk with Thomas Piketty, Senator Elizab...
I've spent the evening watching Welcome Back, Kotter and Bosom Buddies with Jonah. He also has Queen, Billy Joel, Elton John and Bob Seger on his iPod. As a parent, I have done my job! (p.s. He likes Arlo Guthrie and John Denver songs, too)
70s the feature of the 4th and final week of our month-long 7th Anniversary of Juke Box's what we played from May 24th 1975 - at 8:49am: - Only Yesterday - Carpenters - Sister Golden Hair - America - Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John - for my CLASS OF 1976 - Songs we graduated to from May 22, 1976: - Welcome Back - John Sebastian - Happy Days - Pratt & MacLean - Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightengale - More, More, More - Andrea True Connection - Here's to the graduating class of 1977 with hits we heard from the week of May 21st... - Hello Stranger - Yvonne Elliman - Lido Shuffle - Boz Scaggs - Southern Nights - Glen Campbell - Here's what we heard this week from the May 20th, 1978 charts! - Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow - Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione - Night Fever - Bee Gees - Take A Chance On Me - ABBA it was 3 of the hits from May 19th 1979: - Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger - Music Box Dancer - Frank Mills - We Are Family - Sister Sledge Have a safe Memorial Day ...
Attn: Attn: to all my hoppers it's going down Sunday, June 1st Ave Park. For the 1st ever "From My Hood To Your Hood" 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament. So if you think you can ball... get yourself a squad. $50 per team and we're looking for at least 8 teams to play but we'll take more. Tournament team winners will receive a big cash prize, so if your interested get a me or the homie Merv Gotti for more info. Also:: & will be having The Official after party 9 that night. With a special Welcome Back to my fellow Ave Familia homies Weezy & Peanut. So come out and show some luv and party with the best.
Welcome Back! Soyuz TMA-11M Crew Returned to the Earth On May 14, at 05.57, Moscow time Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft descent module successfully landed in Kazakhstan, Zhekazgan region . The landing took place in accordance with the plans. Roscosmos cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin (Russia), NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio (USA) and JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata (Japan) returned from the ISS onboard the spacecraft. Full story:
Take this as an official salute with this tribute. John Sebastian - WELCOME BACK "Welcome Back" is a popular record that was the theme song of the 1970s American television sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. Written and recorded by former Lovin' Spoonful frontman John Sebastian.
Big B to play Feroz Khan's role in Welcome Back
It happened this week in 1976: The theme song from "Welcome Back, Kotter" hit
Welcome Back, Kotter is the funniest show ever!
Marcia A. Strassman is 66 years old today! Best known for her role as Julie Kotter on Welcome Back, Kotter
Just pre-ordered the complete series of Welcome Back, Kotter. I regret nothing.
Hearing John Sebastion's Theme for new show - Producers LOVED it SO, they CHANGED the name of show from 'Kotter' to 'Welcome Back, Kotter'!
1976 – “Welcome Back,” the theme song from ABC Television’s Welcome Back, Kotter, took the number one position on Billboard’s chart.
Today in 1976: Theme song from Welcome Back, Kotter is the song in America. Lunch box
The theme from "Welcome Back, Kotter" by John Sebastian is the single in the US on this day in 1976.
Arnold Horshack is a memorable man of Memorable Entertainment Television. Watch him on Welcome Back, Kotter...
Wish it carried over to work. I would walk in the office to Welcome Back by Ma$e, walk out to Return of the Mack
playing 'Camron - Hey Ma' all we need next is 'Lil Flip - Sunshine' and 'Mase - Welcome Back' perfect 00's music!!! 👌🎵🎶🎧
Welcome Back to Karey! We missed you while you were out taking care of that beautiful baby boy! You have jumped right back in as smoothly as the day you left.
Welcome Back to the Assistant Regional Director Atty. Felix Alicer.. From the Personnel and Staff of CENRO-DENR West Bangkal, R-XI 4D and the OIC and Secretary
Welcome Back and Congratulations to all players on their opening games yesterday. All the Falcon teams came out and had a great show for their open game of spring season. As a Reminder here are the game times and the report times for our players. Seniors (13-16) Report time: 7:30am Game Time: 8:30am Juniors (10–12) Report time: 9:30am Game time: 10:30am Sophomores (8-9) Report time: 11:30am Game time: 12:30pm Rookies (6-7) Report time: 10:30am Game Time 11:30are We also have the Snack shack and could use volunteers to help out with both food sales and on field sideline spotting. Please feel free to contact your coaches or message us here with any questions. Remember practices are a t Gunderson High on the back field: Tuesday (seniors) 6pm Wednesdays (seniors, juniors) 6pm Thursdays (seniors, juniors, sophomores) 6pm Saturdays Seniors 8am-10is Juniors 9am- 11am Sophomores 10am-12pm
Marcia A. Strassman (born April 28, 1948) American actress best known for her roles as Julie Kotter in the TV sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter and Diane Szalinski in the 1989 feature film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, its sequel Honey, I Blew Up the Kid and the 3-D film spin-off Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! which was shown at several Disney theme parks through mid-2010. Strassman was born in New York City. Among her earliest acting credits was an appearance in an episode of The Patty Duke Show. In 1967, she became a recording artist for Uni Records. Her debut single, "The Flower Children", was a top 40 hit in many West Coast U.S. markets, most notably hitting in San Diego and in San Francisco; the track also hit in Vancouver, British Columbia (both at CKLG 730 AM and CFUN 1410 AM in July 1967). However, the single failed to break out nationally in either country; the record stalled at in the U.S., and just sneaked into RPM's Top 100 for Canada, peaking at Strassman's follow-up release, "The Groovy World of Jack . ...
Jammin' at Geesh.I've been missing them!!! Rhoda Rho just shut it down! Now Jamie Spencer is killin' it!! Angela Brown and Nichol Stevenson ...Welcome Back! :) Tee Thomas where u at???
Initiative seeks to legalize pot in Nevada: Welcome! Welcome Back! Thanks for being a frequent visi...
Washoe County offers smoke alarms for the deaf: Welcome! Welcome Back! Thanks for being a frequent v...
Earlier today... Me: Bless me father for I have sinned. It's been 7-8 years since my last confession. Priest: Oh... (chuckles) Welcome Back! Me: It's good to be back. Priest: Shall we begin? Me: Yes, much to cover and its almost lunch. Priest: Indeed (laughs). (Next part is covered by a non disclosure agreement lol)
I want to send a huge to the Omicron Eta chapter of SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY, INC. Welcome Back!!! Can't wait to meet you all! Ee-YIP!
A BIG Welcome Back to Butte Montana's 3 Time Car Salesman of the Year Ken Dockter! It's great to have the Doctor in the house! Stop on by 3883 Harrison Avenue Mile High Motors of Butte Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM to say hello today!
Is Nick Clegg About to Welcome Back into the via
Welcome Back. . Didn't even know you left, but glad to see you're back.
Welcome Back, Kotter - Did Amazon Jump the Gun, or is a 'Complete Series' Set Coming?
Dubai is always in season for many Bollywood celebrities to have fun. Recently Sussanne Roshan and Gauri Khan visited Dubai to launch their real estate business venture and now Jaya Bachchan will be celebrating her birthday in Dubai. 'Bhootnath Returns' red carpet premiere is scheduled on April 9 in Dubai. Since Amitabh Bachchan will be in town, his wife Jaya will accompany him. Jaya's birthday falls on the same day so the couple will be celebrating the occasion in Dubai itself.It is not yet confirmed whether Abhishek and Aishwarya will join them but a special surprise is in the store for Mrs Bachchan.Recently Priya Runchal joined her husband John Abraham while he was shooting for his upcoming movie 'Welcome Back' in Dubai. On the other hand Shiney Ahuja's family also spent some quality time with him in Dubai.It seems that Dubai has become the most attractive place for B-town celebrities for taking a little time from their busy life.
Naseeruddin Shah plays a blind man in Welcome Back; look based on Karl Lagerfeld
Naseeruddin Shah plays blind 'Wanted Bhai' in Welcome Back. Look based on Karl Lagerfeld
Craig first I thought what I had heard was an early April Fool's joke...knowing you and all...but I just checked the online directory and their was your name... Welcome Back to the Pack!
Good Afternoon, I am home at last. Busy day today, worked 8 hours of it, went to the funeral home to pay respect to a dear friend, went out to eat with my husband and son and that is that! Just really good to be home where I feel safe. I love my home, I like the way when you walk in the door, it just feels like it is wrapping it's arms around you and saying Welcome Back! It is not fancy, it doesn't have best furniture, the carpet could use a good cleaning, but it's the place for now we call home. When I was saying Goodbye to my friend this afternoon, I thought now you are home. Right where you are suppose to be, will I miss him, sure, will his family miss him, yes they will, but he is at peace in a place that is now his home for eternity. The good feeling I get when I come home doesn't even come close to the feeling we will get when we are in our Heavenly Home. Lord, Thank You for this day and all that took place, I know You guided me through each step. Thank You for allowing me to know my frien ...
Update your maps at Navteq
LOVED Welcome Back, Kotter! Can you spot John Travolta in this pic?
Welcome Back! Ajirotutu Re-Signs with Bolts: Seyi Ajirotutu re-signed with the San Diego Chargers Monday on a ...
Shiney Ahuja to make a comeback in Bollywood with John Abraham starrer Welcome Back
Shiney Ahuja to re-enter Bollywood with Welcome Back: Actor Shiney Ahuja, who faded into obscurity a... via
Thanks for the warm welcome back, Clarksville
Doesn't matter how much you expect it, it still feels like getting punched in the stomach. Welcome back
I thought the hives were gone ughh welcome back
Morning world morning people welcome back sun. Get the life nice and nice day ☀
We came back because I tuned in. You're welcome Hoosier fans.
he told me I'm more than welcome to put my earphones back in...
So excited to welcome back to Penn State
7 types of rider together to promote road race! We need this marketing in .
You're welcome! And hey, you could fix it by bringing back Sonic Death Monkey. :)
Brilliant move: Univision Names VP of Digital for Univision News. Welcome back to America!
Welcome Back Hillen w/ mishandle that leads to goal against
COOL. Ain't seen Malik much this season, welcome back
Welcome back, Just subscribed! 1st issue of Newsweek hits news stands on 3/7.
If your in the hood looking for refries my dad leaves them all over the driveway, feel free & don't hold back. Your welcome
Hi Guys! So our vacations Ended so welcome back, -kenzieboo
Welcome back Hillen. Don't upgrade the defense though McPhee.
Welcome back to Penn State Panhellenic, So excited to have you!
Someone found our squad...welcome back!
Titans fans would you welcome back Cortland Finnegan back to the
Military cuts... welcome back Carter and American vulnerability. Apparently Obama missed history class.
it's been a while. We're so excited to welcome you back into our social circle.
LOL even respected criminologists don't buy that line champ. Welcome back to the topic. Love your work :-).
Welcome back, internet. We've missed you.
Good to have the real Prater back cause our statue wasnt holding up lol congrats and welcome back!
Welcome back The Super Bowl MVP came by the John McKay Center to say hi today.
Backing up, to be clear, Eagles would welcome Vick back but he has his opportunities he'll explore. No doors closed.
And my way back from the store. Just so you know how exciting my life is today. (you're welcome)
We're welcoming back Executive Chef after a visit to Welcome back home to
What a treat!!! Two huge talented boys in the house tonight. and welcome back! htt…
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1;17 every hiding place and secret place of witchcraft in my family, be exposed by fire and tree of problem in my life, dry up to the roots, in thy mighty name of Jesus.from now on, i welcome back evry goodthings i lost before in Jesus name.
The homie Ray Buchanan and I after spin class tonight!!! Welcome back!!!
Well, welcome back anyway! And I think you'll be happy to know I haven't gotten in trouble much while you were gone, hehe.
Same courthouse at night. Welcome back to Blakely Billy and Company.
Welcome back vacationers... As promised here's this years upcoming dates and rates! We apologize for the delay we've been busy making some great changes and additions! New additions include: bluray in living room, direct tv in master bedroom, and for your outside dining pleasure; large glass table and chairs in the screened in porch. We've also updated the guest bath with new decor. Book early and reserve your week, hope to see you all soon.
It was so much fun in class today welcome back
The rumors are true!!! March 29 we are pleased to welcome back Xacora Cayne to the stage!!! Make plans now to come welcome her back!!!
Well things are moving into place already. first we would like to welcome back Offshore Collision and Autodoc as sponsors. We are excited to announce the return of BizX magazine as a marketing partner. And for our friends out Essex way, a new ticket location. A big WW welcome to Cindy and Nancy at 2 Girls Gifts. More info and details coming.
well it looks like tomorrow morning is good bye to *** and welcome back to Menominee. ive made alot of friends here and lost alot to i really dont hve much to say about this town besides mostt of the people here are 2 faced back stabbers
Went to Ash Wednesday service, 10+ years since I stepped in a Catholic church, crazy how I still remember what to say and when to say it, and the reason why I left. Then there was a mom forcing her child to sit and he like 'i dont want to' oh the memories, LOL. But got my ashes on my forehead, and I told my friend if my grandma was still alive, she be so proud that I went to a catholic church, but then she be like 'welcome back!' Not going to happen, but nice try.
Well goodbye to Tysabri welcome back Anovex. First injection and I remembered what I didn't like about it.
Welcome back power. I missed your positive influence. Never neutral, always keeping me grounded. Thank you and goodnight.
So one of my kiddos hid my car keys behind the computers today at work, I was looking for them for about 15 minutes. What a lovely "welcome back"
Christine Girard, this made me think of you! Welcome back to the cold zone. I hope you brought us some nice warm weather!
Last night was crazy! Guess what though; tonight (at 7 pm) I welcome back special guest DecaDance! to The Bow Tie Broadcast, where we'll be spinning some LIVE moombah/110 goodness! tune in at!
Hello Sydney peeps. Just so you know, I WILL accept one of these as a 'welcome back to Sydney' gift. Thank you.
A warm welcome back to Coach Reid who is on campus today visiting the teams!
Warsaw folks will never compare to Tyler folks.but I give thanks to Lexi and Sommer and Emily to making it a nice welcome back❤️😘
OK... good evening and welcome back NYR hockey And goodbye trade deadline! So... how are we feeling so far about this line MSL/Hags/Richie?? -Tracey
Welcome back pleurisy , meanwhile I've checked in to the Mizell Hilton for a few days
Let's welcome back Shy Leiski. We missed you.💪👊👏🎉
Welcome back Martini Wednesdays! All featured Martinis are $5. Join us for dinner. Charred beets, bacon wrapped dates, pork chop, cavatelli, chicken and dumplings...!
I'd like to welcome back Mr. Hector Garcia, Mrs Michelle Romero and her children Andres and Jamie. We missed you and are glad you are back!
If we could say "welcome back" in Japanese we would! S/O to Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse! We are pleased that they are coming back into our 2014 edition! Have you tried the WV Roll?
What a brilliant session crew. You guys rocked tonight. Superb effort by everyone. Welcome back Ze and Charlie V. See you all soon. Topsy
Latest REVIEW “Welcome back, Bite...!!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed March 1, 2014 NEW I gave the old Bob Cat Bite a lowly "one" because the patrons and neighbors of Santa Fe Bite--and restaurateurs Bonnie and John--were so upset that Bob Cat Bite was being forced to close because of the property owner's obstacles and seemingly mean spirited negotiations. I waited for the obligatory time to pass before writing another review. Now, we are all happy to have a new and better Bob Cat Bite downtown, near the Plaza--with an expanded menu and beer and wine bar. Bonnie and John still greet us all, with smiles, enthusiasm and seemingly boundless energy and devotion to quality and service. The burgers, in all their dressed forms, are as good as always--still grilled on that huge, heavy iron grill from the original Bob Cat Bite. We love this experience, now better than ever. We wish the proprietors success forever, at least as long as we live here into the distant future in this wonderful town. Visited March 2014 5 of ...
VIP tables for next week have almost sold out and the event isn't up yet, you lot are awesome! Keep your eyes out for next weeks event & a welcome back to DJ MYSTERY J joining the red room DJ'S.
Welcome Back! We hope you all had a wonderful Mardi Gras break!
Welcome Back song postponed group song-and-dance sequence for Anees Bazmee's Welcome Back, scheduled to be shot this week,featuring Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia had to be scrapped at the last minute, apparently because the track composed for the shooting was not ready. Says a source, "Since the song is to be film on a bevy of A-listers composer Anu Malik, producer Feroz Nadiadwala and director Anees Bazmee wanted the song to be as perfect as it can get, on a par with the other blockbuster numbers like 'Mera Naseeb Mein' from Manmohan Desai's Naseeb and the title song of Amar Akbar Anthony, or Farah Khan's 'Deewangi Deewangi'in Om Shanti Om." Like they say, aim big, and you have to slog accordingly. Says Anees, "We all felt we were not getting that kind of grandeur in the sound that would justify the presence of Anil, John, Nana, Dimple and Shruti in the same frame. So rather than shoot with an under-whelming song we decided to postpone the shooting of the numbe ...
John Abraham's Welcome Back, Ranbir Kapoor’s Bombay Velvet & Aamir Khan’s P.K. will release during Christmas this year. 2.Juhi chawla reveal her insecurity with madhuri dixit & She never been friend of Salman bcoz Salman always maintain distance with her. 3.Himesh Reshamiyan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Irrfan [special apperance] starrer "The Xpose" to release on 16 May. Music launch on 3 April. 4.Varun Dhawan has paid a tribute to 'King of Pop' Micheal Jackson in his upcoming film 'Main Tera Hero'. 5.Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar will reunite for a special song in the upcoming film "Fugly." 6.Karan Johar says no film can change his close bond with Kareena and Hrithik. 7.Katrina might join Ranbir Kapoor for a three-day break in Sri Lanka. 8.Bipasha Basu starrer ‘Creature 3D’ is all set to release in June end this year. 9.Zoya Akhtar's next is about a dysfunctional Punjabi family titled 'Dil Dhadakne Do'" 10.Nitin Kakkar’s 'Filmistaan' will be the 1st film to be presented by Salman Khan’s production hous ...
Reminiscing on old tv shows I used to watch including Welcome Back, Kotter, The Bob Newhart Show, and Dragnet...
Dreamt I was Horshack from a bizarro episode of Welcome Back, Kotter in which Travolta was Vincent Vega instead of Vinnie Barbarino
to Welcome Back to . Whatcha Gonna Do, when The Hulkster runs wild on . htt…
Happy 60th Birthday to John Travolta!! John Joseph Travolta (born February 18, 1954) is an American actor, dancer, and singer. Travolta first became known in the 1970s, after appearing on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter and starring in the box office successes Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Travolta's acting career declined in the early 1980s and continued to deteriorate for the rest of the decade. His career enjoyed a resurgence in the 1990s with his role in Pulp Fiction, and he has since continued starring in Hollywood films, including Face/Off, Ladder 49, and Wild Hogs. Travolta was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction. He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his performance in Get Shorty.
John Travolta is awesome. I had a friend who met him once at Barton Creek Mall and she told him, she loved him in Welcome Back, Cotter. He was really nice about it though.
Welcome Back, Kotter (1975) - TV stars as Vinnie Barbarino ***Possibly this is where most of us know John Travolta from. For some reason, "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" (1976) sticks more with my data base. ***Now, we get into the good stuff. Saturday Night Fever (1977) stars as Tony Manero (The best sountrack OF ALL TIME) Grease (1978) stars as Danny Zuko (OK, OK. GREAT soundtrack, too. Theme song written by BARRY GIBB.) Urban Cowboy (1980) stars as Buford 'Bud' Uan Davis (Own it. Love it. Damned good music here too.) Look Who's Talking (1989) stars as James Ubriacco (Just a fun flick, all of the series was.) Pulp Fiction (1994) stars as Vincent Vega (Odd movie. LOL. I did watch it, tho.) Get Shorty (1995) stars as Chili Palmer (Funny!) Followed by Be Cool (2005) Broken Arrow (1996) stars as Maj. Vic Deakins (JT's journey into "bad boy" roles was perfected here. OMG, he was so mean! Loved it!) Phenomenon (1996) stars as George Malley (Could not finish this movie when it first came out. Not why you think ...
The 16th Century Fox Brat Pack is currently setting up camp outside my backdoor. I now see a sign that says: "Welcome Back, Mother Nature." They have provisions for the next week and plan on moon bathing tonight.
Hummels is back in training with the team. . Welcome Back
Here is a big Happy 2014 and Welcome Back to all the amazing music, theatre, dance and other Arts Orgs that spend time rehearsing, workshopping, and performing in the hallowed halls of The Old Museum. It is great to see such a wonderful building so accessible to the People for now over 120 years!! Qld Youth Orchestra Qld Show Choir (formerly Qld Youth Choir) Qld Police Pipes and Drums Qld National Ballet Qld Sculptors Association Brisbane Symphony Orchestra Qld Wind Orchestra Qld Wind and Brass Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra Kelvin Grove Wind Orchestra Museum Collective Bollyfunk Dance Qld Education Department (Fanfare, Singfest Creative Generation and more) there are many others who use the building on a casual basis, but the organisations above are in almost weekly. Its such an exciting place to work.
What a great Welcome Back as over 125 Trojans packed the Chabad House beyond capacity. So excited to be back,...
Second touch, seconds after coming on he scores . Sergio Kun Aguero !. Welcome Back .
Great time last sat with Digital Getdown & Shake x3 in OCMD, and epic Welcome Back night to Penn State on SundayFunday! This week: Thursday- the SALOON Friday- Cafe 210 West Sunday- back at Cafe for a special MLK eve show:)
Caught: Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar & John Abraham on the sets of 'Welcome Back': Anees Bazmee completed the sec...
Welcome Back! What’s happening at your campus this session! • Closed, Monday, January 20th o Drop Deadline, Tuesday, January 21st • Open House (Week 5), February 10-13th, 5:15-6:30pm o Please RSVP to Corey Gasparini, cgasparini • Syracuse Crunch vs. The Utica Comets, February 21st @ 7pm o $15 tickets with Columbia College Student I.D Card • Help us to get 300 Likes, the more likes the more free giveaways! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the campus. Good Luck and have a wonderful session!
Welcome back, Comets! Our awesome Student Union & Activities Advisory Board has planned some great Welcome Back events to kick off the semester. Check them out!
Welcome Back, students! Sigma Alpha Mu wishes all students the best of Luck with their academics, organization and all other endeavors in this Spring 2014 Semester!
Welcome Back week has kicked off! Don't miss all the goodies we have planned this week: Monday - Breakfast on the go! Tuesday - Papa John's for Lunch Wednesday - Chuy's for Dinner Thursday - Bar Bingo and Party Shuttle to Campus Corner Friday - Spaghetti for Lunch
The NDSU Bookstore will be open on Sunday, January, 12th from 12 to 5. From Sunday to Tuesday, if you pre-ordered and pre-paid for your textbooks, they will be ready to be picked up in the Prairie Rose room in the Memorial Union. The Barry Hall store will re-open on Monday, January 13th with store hours of 8 to 6 for the first week of classes. Welcome Back!
John Abraham in, Akshay Kumar out in ‘Hera Pheri 3’Leave a replyJohn Abraham has been roped in for Firoz Nadiadwala’s ‘Hera Pheri 3’. Akshay Kumar who was part of the prequel and sequel has been ousted from the third instalment f the successful series. Firoz has not only signed John in ‘Welcome Back...
Shruti Haasan undergoes surgery - news. Shruti Haasan has been busy shooting for Welcome Back, but recently her busy schedule received a setback after the actress was admitted to a hospital
Veteran television director Robert LaHendro (All in the Family; Welcome Back, Kotter) discusses his long career in production, working from a cue card holder to directing some of the most well known series of the 70s and 80s.
Welcome Back! Classes resume from today. Over 50's 2pm at Burnham Park Hall will recap Rumba and cover Foxtrot
Welcome Back! : ...Metro Manila here we come,back to normal chaos..employees students workers etc..time to wake up from the holidays,back to backbreaking routines,earning a living year round..level up ur attitude to pull through with contentment!
It's all about them Niners and Michael Crabtree came to play today Welcome Back
Shout out to my brother Anthony Anderson for Co-Hosting With Carson Daly and Jane Lynch, NBC New Years Eve. Proud of you and Welcome Back to NYC, once your home.
Interviewed Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor for Gunday and Anil Kapoor, John Abraham and Shruti Hassan for Welcome Back . it's Bollywood fever in
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