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Weird Weekends

Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends is a television documentary series, in which Louis Theroux gives viewers the chance to get brief glimpses into the worlds of individuals and groups that they would not normally come into contact with or experience up close.

Louis Theroux

Doomsday Preppers. In my day this was ONE episode of Weird Weekends, not a whole TV series.
That is a fun fact. Watched all the Weird Weekends again recently. The Jimmy Savile & Max Clifford ones are even scarier now.
Apparently I'm going to marathon Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends now
Louis Sebastian Theroux (/θəˈruː/LOO-eethə-ROO;[2] born May 20, 1970) is an English journalist and broadcaster. He is best known for his documentaries in the television series Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends and When Louis Met..., as well as his Louis Theroux's BBC Two specials. His career started in…
Louis Theroux gets a singing lesson from a professional Musical Director. Funny free BBC video clip from Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends.
Forgot how good Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends is. 'Waldo's the name...'
Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends on Thai Brides is hilarious!!! They've just gone to the Cabbage and Condom Restaurant
Louis Theroux attends an acting class and gets the chance to brag about himself and his partner. Free BBC video clip from Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. Video Rating: 4 / 5
Aw man, Louis Theroux was 27 when he recorded Weird Weekends
Not watched Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends in so long! A great evening awaits.
Seems like my Mega Man was a decent hit (well, for me anyway), so...question: Should I do a "How to" every weekend along with a couple of comics? Or do you guys just prefer seeing the finished product?
Woke up and had this weird feeling..i hate these but i hope every one is celebrating their weekend safely!
This weekend was a big change for me. I retired my iPhone and made the switch to an HTC One. It runs this weird OS called Android and lets me customize everything I want to do. I spent many hours with it this weekend and am starting to enjoy the functionality. Using it as a remote control for my TV's is pretty nice as well. I will let you know how things progress.
Could not be more proud of my dance school this weekend. Every single performer was fantastic and we all had fun! With the added bonus of placing in every single dance we entered... Bar one :p Well don't everyone
home again.had a lovely weekend. well plans to go to speedway have now changed since it got cancelled (thanks Mother Nature!!!) so we are looking at going to the movies instead...
FAST THINKERS!!! Apart from Weed, Word and Wood, write any other word that starts with 'W'and ends with 'D' .
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Its weird how hard is for u to get up from ur bed on weekdays, and how easy is for u to get up on weekends.
last weekend at work done and dusted and im feeling a little weird bout that! Hmmm think i need to have a few drinks and take 5mins to enjoy being home alone before i get bored with myself and sit here for the rest of the day twiddling my thumbs
I haven't eaten for a day and a half and I'm finally getting hungry. I'm not anorexic or dieting. It's weird.
Graduation tomorrow. Final exam the next day. Why, Business school?!
Wow this weekend made me realize how important family and friends are and how blessed I am to have wonderful partner as well. Seems weird in the house without the sound of little one's
Just cleaned up my friends list...If you were deleted due to no contact and want to restore send a request...if I do not hear from you then the decision is mutual. Have a Great Life! Great luck in all your endeavors...
Super fun weekend of rockin so far, off to Coralville Softball Field for a benefit gig thing Sunday 11 AM-1PM. Ended up tuning the tele down a whole step and free forming a bunch of weird requests and improvising. Tossed out my old set list. It was cool.
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good grief! I was woken by a 9am phone call on the land line!!! I hope this person gets the hint that I am NOT interested & NOT happy he is calling me @ my residence!
Well unfortunately the weekend is almost over but i will say that its been great! Spent most of it with my favorite cousin in the world!!!:) & some other great ppl
In case you haven't already checked - grades are posted. I posted them yesterday so go and check them out. If you see something weird make sure to drop a note in my mailbox on Monday (remember, I told most of you that I would be in meetings all day, Mr. Coldren is your sub so be nice!). Also, I am working on study guides for your finals so that you'll have something to help you study, although hopefully you have already been looking back through your spiral to see all that we covered this year. You'll get the guides on Monday during class along with a ton of papers that I graded. There were some pretty awesome science journals turned in for this last one! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, it's the last one before SUMMER BREAK!
People always ask me what I'm doing on the weekends & it's weird if I'm just like nothing or home 😳
I need a small trip away from cleveland
My husband is seriously so weird..we get home after a long weekend and a very long day itself and its 11 something and be decides it's a perfect time to go through his closet and figure out what we need to donate to make room for all of his new clothes he bought! Which I only agree to help him with, because I need more hangers for all my new clothes as well lol what I really need is just more space for my clothes, cause daddy won't share his closet lol
Having 3 day weekends is weird. I almost forget I have a job. Then when I go in to work it's like I don't even care.
The kid in me loves to sleep with the windows open. Perfect night for it, just wish I had gotten in bed 2 hours earlier. Only had AC on once so far this season and that was because it was raining. Our family did not have even a window unit AC until my freshman year of college and then I was living on campus during the week. Now that I think of it, the dorm I lived in did not have AC either. Been a very busy, productive Saturday, but weird w/o Joseph here. He had plans with his mommy and daddy today so he did not stay with his Manny as he does most Saturdays. Missed my boy.
It's been a weird weekend. On my way home, someone should come hang with me, don't feel like being at the house by myself right now.
So 3 of my babies are away for the weekend! Enjoying some adult time with good company:) Its is a lil weird being this quiet!!!
Do you think that atheists can still be spiritual? _js
so jake has been working all weeekend got here last night at 9.30 and we was asleep by 11 he's now woken me up at 6 to go to work... It's been so weird not being with him all weekend :(
B*R*E*A*K*I*N*G N*E*W*S: BEYONCE IS DEAD ' '' Beyonce died yesterday around 7.15pm. According to a reliable source, she was said to die after an unsuccessful operation that was performed on her recently. Her burial to be fixed during the weekend. Beyonce Nabweteme was a woman of 60 yrs from Natete. She was an hardworking school teacher at a boarding school. May her soul rest in peace *nato
Brain twisting weekend here, and it's only Saturday. Caught 2013 squirrel and relocated it a few miles down the road. Chickens follow Velcro & me around alot; complaining & begging, yet still laying great eggs. I got some tree trimming started & finish tomorrow with a precarious climb. Weird treatment symptoms continue to plague & entertain me. I drove to Eugene today to meet with a new (to me) person I met online & Murphy showed up. The flowers & garden edibles are busting out. I have hundreds of opinionated crows gathering & talking about my sister Patricia Koontz. I don't have locusts. Velcro doesn't have heartworms. Polly caught Patrick in a compromising position with Rosie. (Will her sordid past finally catch up with her?) Nice people who are mean don't get a pass. Moja (horse momma) is old & lame and lying down & sleeping alot these days & she worries me. I'm hungry and there is no shortage of food here. My complaints are limited, my gratefulness is huge & growing. How is your weekend? Hoping it's g ...
5+ likes and I'll answer 200 questions. STOLEN FROM Zina C: 1: Are you ready for 200 questions? I guess. 2: Was your last relationship a mistake? No, I think me and 1D ended good. 3: Do you miss your last relationship? HECK NO. 4: Who did you last say "i love you" to? My pet rock. 5: Do you regret it? HECK NNO 6: Have you ever been depressed? I don't wanna talk about this 7: Are you a boy or girl? A boy obviously 8: Are you insecure? Everyone is. 9: What is your relationship status? IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WANTED AND BRUNO MARS AND DEVON BOSTICK 10: How do you want to die? In my sleep 11: What did you last eat? SALAD ROLLS 12: Have you played any sports? Yes, I quit. 13: Do you bite your nails? Yeeeah 14: When was your last physical fight? When as in when did I physically fight with someone, or who did I fight with? 15: Do you have an attitude? Heck yes 16: Do you like someone? Yea. 17: What is your real name? Cathy An Nguyen 18: Have you ever read a book? This is a stupid question, no, I have never re ...
I think we may be getting a reputation at my bar for how weird things get.. which to me, means it's time to get weirder. Tonight, I may just step it up.
Just had a weird 'what day is it?' moment seeing Bill on What's going on he doesn't normally work weekends...
Having an awesome time, I've been hiking and caving preparing and planing the rampage program for the older scouts. The main camp is in NC but the rampage program will be run out of Virginia. Just had the weekend off and I went to a country music concert, got a free guided tour of charlote and went to Bowman Gray, home of NASCAR to watch some racing. Meeting heaps of awesome new people every day! Miss y'all. (Thats how they say 'you all' over here. Weird)
Next up on my black tinged reading rainbow, NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. I figure the best way to see if he can stand up against his father is to read him back to back against his father. I hope he pulled his Godzilla shoes on for this book.
It's all very exciting. Moving on to college, having late weekends, but all so weird at the same time.
Im ready to go to bed but I forgot that I have to make potato salad for tomorrows bbq at my bros house. So now I am waiting on the potatos to finish boiling so then I can put them in the fridge til the morning and then put it all together b4 we leave.
Didn't go out to camp this weekend it feels so weird being home on a Saturday...
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Went to both Anderson and Muncie today to do some shopping...kind of weird purchases...bought the bottom half of my swimsuit (love the top half of it that I found in Bloomington last weekend), glow-in-the-dark hairspray and a purple tutu.
mine was for Hum 2 at Hawkeye- weird! I miss you!! Text me what weekends you're in CF..want to come see you!
Been at home on meds and missed a friends fight and students quincenera. Good night folks be safe out there. No drinking and driving and remember AIDS is real.
Weird how this is the way you choose to spend the first weekend in a while with your son. its good to know i can trust you when you have him://
Did anyone else see what appeared to be a drone hovering over Kenhorst around 8:30pm?
Watching close encounters of the third kind with my boys. Wow. Makes me feel old, they think I am nuts. To think this was an awesome movie - back in the day! They are wondering why no one is getting killed.
Question??? Are you more concerned about your cats health then your own?
So, I know this is a weird thing to be thankful for, am I THANKFUL that I do not have poison ivy. Why? Yesterday I mowed my mom's country property down at Bogota, Illinois. In the process, I got into a huge mess of poison ivy--actually, multiple times. I had worn a hat and a long sleeved shirt and gloves... but still... the oil gets on your clothes and it is so easy just to touch something with the urushiol on it and get it on your skin. But so far, so good. When I get poison ivy it is a serious thing. At least twice in my life I have had it bad enough I probably should have been hospitalized. And when I get it, it doesn't go away in 3 weeks like all the literature says. I have it, and the aftermath of it, for months. Did you know that urushiol (the oil in poison ivy, oak, and sumac, as well as in the lac plant from which we get shellac) is practically "eternal?" Smithsonian magazine several years ago told a story about museum restoration workers who were working on a 4000 year old shel ...
Feels kinda weird being home on a Saturday night with no karaoke show at the "Frogs", but I'm kinda liking it. Almost forgot what a night off on the weekend feels like. If I could just find someone to get me a beer - hang on a second - "Hey Yvonne can you get me a beer" - well that didn't work, she's already asleep. Guess I'm getting my own. See you all next weekend. Real Deal Karaoke at Crazy Frogs Saloon.
Has anyone eaten "Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream"?? It's featured this month in Style magazine. Mary McKnight, Nicole Gunder have you ladies enjoyed this treat?
Spent all day waist deep in a swamp. Took land nav to a new level today
Went out on the back deck into the darkness. Too many snapping twigs for this city girl. My *** ran back into the house like a Kenyon crossing the finish line! :/
What's happening in Freeport right now!
My son leaves tomorrow and I will be here with my daughter-in-law and my grandson - Zander and hopefully my other grandson will wait for his dad to come back before he decides to come out of Kate. Love being able to be here for them!
image for Leslia Morfin *your 15 just starting to date, Louis is 16 again* "Hun you need to get out more!" your bff says. "I do! I swear!" you said sharply "Oh yeah when was your last date" "well... um... I have a date it a week with Louis Tomlinson this weekend!" "yeah right!" "I do" *a week ago at a 1D concert* your dancing around out side the back doors trying to find the boys. "Um hun can you move a bit so I can get in?" you hear a high pitched voice say, you turn around. "Omg Louis?" "Uh yeah? who else would I be?" he pauses "Harry?" "omg will you marry me?" "uh no... but I will go on a date with you." "ok" "saterday at Washington park, 7 o'clock" *Saturday now* "God were is he?" you think to yourself, look at your clock on your rist." '7:02pm' "hes not coming I was a fool thinking he was coming" you thought again "hey babe" a british voice says, you turn the he is "hey" "lets go for ice cream hum, management don't let us eat it so I will now" "yeah that's great!" you to are walking to the ice cream ...
Second Chance  Ok I thought of this story from my friend Ami who had a Dream about Emmet I hope you guys enjoy I haven’t written a CT story for a while so bear with me this may be weird, crazy or just random… and yes it’s a little sad and happy  Ok our story begins with Ami and Jen chillin at Ami’s house watching Mythology the song Voices is on right now. “I cant wait till we see the lads live” said Jen to Ami who was awe stuck with Emmet’s singing parts in Voices. “I know said Ami it’s going to be amazing and tons of craic. The show wasn’t till tomorrow so Jen was crashing at Ami’s house until the show, so we deiced to go out for dinner what we didn’t know is the lads were also in town.  We hoped into Ami’s car and headed off to our fav pub in town called O’shamrocks and whom shall we see when we enter is the lads all chillin at the bar drinking and tossing jokes back and forth. “Hey guys” said Jen. “Well hello ladies said Ryan how you doing tonight? “We are grand t ...
Going to a club with Tyler. This should be interesting.
This is my last weekend living (mostly) in Yazoo City. We moved here almost 26 years ago after Jackson, Chicago, and Dallas. We grew up in Jackson, moved to Dallas for Dave's school, returned to Jackson for 8 wonderful years at Riverwood Bible Church (Thanks, Ron and Betty for staying with me Thursday). Then Chicago for more school for Dave and back to Jackson forever, we thought. Unfortunately, there were no jobs in Jackson then for us. Dave went to work for WYMHS in Vicksburg for a couple of years and back to Jackson hopefully forever. No, not this time, either. There was a job available in Yazoo City, however. We had visited Dave's Aunt Elma Nelson there and thought it was a cute little town, not a bad place for a couple of years. Our friends told us we would never fit in there, though. "Your grandmother had to have buried the family silver in the backyard during the War of Northern Aggression for you to be accepted in the Delta or you have to have a plantation of at least 6,000 acres." And y ...
Awesome game at XT, probably one of the best in a while. Great group
Hey fellow Equestrians, I'm in need of a 16.5 or 16'' wide tree, medium flap close contact saddle for my rotund 14.1 hunter jumper pony. My price range is on the low end (trying not to spend any more than $1500 right now), so I realize my choices might be limited. .I've noticed so far that M. Toulouse and HDR saddles seem to specialize in this area, but don't know much about either brand. Anyone have recommendations or advice??
it's so weird that freshman party. like when I was a freshman my weekends consisted of movie nights and the block
Lookin to chill, hit me up on my cell if your down.
Gotta say, I love the little bubble I live in. Moving halfway across the country and starting my life over has allowed me to be very selective about the people I let into the Pugh family bubble. I'm pretty *** happy with life, and the direction it's heading in. Got a few bumps left to smooth out, but it's getting there, and I've made a couple great friends out here. Sorry Ohio, but I don't think we're ever coming back!!!
My alma mater plays my future alma mater in baseball tonight. hmm. who do I pull for?
it's weird that she works weekends, well every other weekend, but I love that she only works 2 or 3 days of the week
So weird having the house all to myself... Looking forward to the boys coming home from Riley's bachelor weekend!
My sleep schedule on the weekends are really weird
Bandera, Texas, for a weekend , maybe July 4th, !!!???
Hot soups, stews, & chili: only when the weather is cool or eat no matter what the heat is outside?
Packing for VEGAS BABY ! 13 hours and counting.. YIPPIE!! poolside with a cold drink is where you'll find me and the girls the next 4 days. Then shows at night.. A much needed vacation.
Kings goal! Kopitar shoots, hits Richards and in! With 9 seconds remaining. We are headed to overtime!
I won't be able to call a lot of you tonight like I said I would because "Psycho", (My room mate) has taken over again. I'm sorry. I'll call you as soon as I can get the phone again. Evil dude. Evil. No lie! Evil. It's just better for me to not talk and take it. *** huh? I'm tired of going through this ((Bad word)). I just remember my dad and how I stand my ground but dang it if they think it's not fair man gosh. Oh... shut her up! Level her out and regroup her. It's not that hard. They have all the equipment needed to do so. This county needs to do it! Serio. I have spoken.
Did I just find out another friend is Vegan / Vegetarian? okay... Good for you... Still wonder about the protein intake... Where can you get more insects around here? (if you don't think I'm serious, just as my coworkers)
Just don't want anyone to worry- we are all still on track- editing wise, ordering wise- the internet issues are just holding back the actual photocart galleries. I just wanted to let you all know that so there aren't any weird rumors starting :) Although I am off this weekend because my Lainey turned 4 today! Still editing tonight :)
It feels weird, a peaceful weekend. I just LOVE to party!
For those in Louisville, the library is having its annual sale this weekend. Most of the books that I own come from either here or from the dollar carts at the Half-Price bookstore. Below is part of an e-mail that I got from them. I will be in Bardstown participating in Kentucky Music Week, so I cannot attend (for which my wife is very, very glad!), but if you go and have some free space in your box, could you pick up some books with sheet music in them, preferably some that have well-known music that I can convert to the dulcimer? Also looking for Greek New Testaments (or unusual English ones) and books or tapes on how to learn weird foreign languages, but I doubt that they would have any of these left. Willing to pay proportionately to the box size. Want free books? Help us clean up on Sunday after the sale. $10 boxes of books on Sunday, 1 - 5 p.m. We are looking for 10 strong volunteers to help us clean up after the sale is over. Clean up entails packing and carrying boxes of books. Volunteers are need ...
Thinking about going to wall mart and getting stuff for banana splits
Sometimes I chill on weekends people be actin as if that's so weird
Feels weird not being drunk on the weekends
We left for nearly 3 hours this morning and came home...Stella was IN her fence without any sign of digging or attempts to escape! I know the battle isn't over but we made a step in the right direction! Also, Thor's mom had 3 males and 2 females but haven't heard from the breeders yet!! (We have second pick on male)
Where da party at bout drown for no reason and call it a weekend. Then go c ironman3
Tonight i'm the bby sitter ❤ , it might sound weird but i love to bby sit this awesome lil girl called Cherry 󾁏 lol , yes i'm bby sitting my own daughter... It's her wknd with her Daddy , since he has to go to work i obsoletely offered myself to keep her tonight jajaja !!! La Niñera Perla 󾌩 ! GN fb .
Visitors to Eastern State Penitentiary will sample meals served to prisoners from three periods in the prison’s history, including “Indian Mush” from the 1830s and Neutraloaf, a “food product” that is still issued as punishment in many prison systems today.
Alaiya been sleep since 845pm and this momma is bored af and cant sleep... Another boring *** lonely Saturday:/ I swear i have NO friends all everyone wants to do is be out n party.. But that just aint my life anymore.. O well gonna watch some tv till i crash...
This mama has long break from the kiddies. Now its getting lonely and weird with everyone gone for part of the summer :( ive had enough mamatime, i'm ready for everyone to be back home
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When did our parents become our children's parents too? I keep seeing/hearing so many people talking about how they get to buy this, do that, go here, go there.. At what point do you take care of the responsibilities of taking care of your kids that you created, not your parents. Like for instance, a house, groceries, your own bills! Today's parents are just having kids for their parents. My kids are lucky to see their grandparents 2x a year! When I had Alexis, I lived with my dad for a bit, but I paid for it. I didn't have free time, I had baby time! My parents raised me, they don't need to raise my kids too. Visits are nice, when it's possible, but living off of them after they've raised me, not even an option. WTH?!?! I'd be ok with helping, but if you're old enough to make the decision to have a child, raise that child right! Sorry, it's just something I feel very strong about. It's going on everywhere, I just don't get it..SMH..
The devil is hard at it..had a good day, things have been looking better for me and unexpectedly I get these weird comments on my page from someone supposedly in my family. After talking for a few minutes I gathered this wasn't who it was supposed to be, but I played along. There is always someone out there who will try to tear you down, I'm not letting anyone get me upset for no good reason. I am going to sit on my couch right now and enjoy the rest of the weekend with my kids. Family or not no one is going to make me feel bad. I refuse to be torn down. On another note I hope everyone else is having a great weekend !
Is June 8th a holiday im unaware of? why the fireworks?
Prayers please,,, Since last weekend, I woke up and could not see very well out of my right eye. The lights bug it and Its like I am not wearing glasses on that one eye.. No pain just feels weird... See a doctor On Wednesday.. Please pray it clears up what ever is causing it.
It's so hard to find a water station that sells Alkaline water..others post on their stickers/banners that they sell one but when you ask for Alkaline water they'd say they only have either mineral or purified. *** !
Big Wilkerson family weekend. My sister , Ginna ,finished her Doctorate and is now another Dr. Wilkerson. And Rob was elected to the Vice President of the San Antonio Living History Association, very dedicated to the cause ! And to top it off we have made a deal with an amazing family on my moms house. We will respect their privacy now ,but this is a deal made for all of us. Everyone comes out on top buyers and sellers. Jacob leaves in the morning for Philadelphia on a school history trip. Very proud , but weird sending my kid with a group out of town. I am sure it will be a great experience
My two big babies left for the weekend with there dad I feel weird not having them here making a mess and being bad. Now its only me my hunny and little andrew watching movies.
I have to thank Trussville Police Dept. Today when I was going to watch Morgan play ball at Trussville, I noticed a car following me by the airport. Then I thought, oh it is your imagination but I noticed every lane I changed, he did. As I approached Trussville, I quickly cut in front of a car to turn to see what he would do and sure enough, he turned too. I went through the residential area, making turns and circles. He followed. I then started going around and around the mall area in Trussville by the school and he did too. By this time I was scared so I called 911. The dispatcher told me to turn again several times while I was on the phone with them and see if he did adnd sure enough he did. They told me to come straight to the police dept so I did and when I go there and there were several officiers outside, the car went on past. They told me to keep an eye and watch and see if I saw him again to come straight to the police dept. He never appeared again but it definitely scared me.
So I tested my car. Drive it around a couple blocks. Left it on for a bit. And it's not overheating and no leaking, AC was actually running. I talked to a couple mechanics and I've been told because my back tire popped and had to change it to a donut tire and with the weight of 5 people in the car the fluid couldn't get the balance. And the donut tire is like hella too small for my car. Hella weird!
Good afternoon everyone, hope your enjoying your Sunday, it's Daniel with you through until 4, a little weird working on a Sunday but that's ok.
What the Downeys do in WDM Scheels when they have more time than money.
O.K. because it's The crazy things that happen to your body when you hold your breath
Thank you to all of my friends who have taken time to send me their words of love and kindness during these past couple of days. Since it is the weekend, I really haven't felt the effect of retirement, I am sure the next few weeks, no uniform, no reporting to work, no anything else military/work related will start to become a reality regarding my transition. Thank you for your support; I have a bazillion things to do!
I'm debating between hibernating under a blanket and walking to the grocery store. Having weekends off is weird.
The biggest 50's and 60's festival in Australia is right on my doorstep this week! I'm working hard this morning at my new job, but this afternoon I'll be sure to have a good wander around and get plenty of pictures for the blog! Hoping a few of the better dressed patrons will let me take a quick outfit picture! So many stylish people getting around town!
About 700 chassis numbers into my 1995 R33 GTR dual airbag project. Trevor Cobb
Going to seattle next weekend.. yeee
Spotted in Eureka today: a white-tailed squirrel that looked EXACTLY like the one in this Google image - as if someone had picked it up & dipped its tail in a bucket of bleach. (cousin of the famed albino squirrels in Olney, IL?) And in IOWA last weekend, the squirrels were black! Who knew?
I do not have 1 min or 20 minutes to offer anyone...i am sorry. Don't be demanding of my time. Do i sound like a broken record YET?
This weekend has been beyond weird. 0.0
Just, wow. This is what The Wall Street Journal thinks "normal people" are.
Just got home from work and clothes shopping. Yay! I have some clothes that fit again since losing some weight. About to start getting ready to meet some friends and go to the beach to party. Anyone care to join us? We have a DD.
just wanna get in my car and drive and see where I end up
My phone has been eerily silent this weekend.weird!
A day of transformation. Just went through three boxes of Mary F. Gregory...and I found a clump of my hair from 1977. Auntie Julie Frauenfelder-Gregory took me for my first haircut. CRAZY! it's the same color is now! Isn't amazing Clairol can do that! I'd show pictures but no one will touch my old hair.
To do the "Naked Bike Ride" or not? Been in Portland for a while now, it's prob a requirement after 5 years
Who gets a cold in June! I thought flu season was over. Ugh :( when I did the Good Guys show last weekend, I've had people wanting to buy my car and I had someone who wanted to hire me to bling his car. I got his email today about it, but I just have a bad vibe about it. Besides, I want to be the only Mustang with a crystal!
That awkward moment when you decide to go to work on a Saturday and lock yourself out of the office...on a Saturday...when there's nobody there to let you in. Awesome. Good thing I had my car keys and laptop. and Stephanie Fehrmann to save the day lol.
made it through a usapl meet. Didn't bomb out but didn't do my best. back to the drawing board.
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Thomasss is off doing lame stuff this weekend, so I had the bright idea to run some errands with my 7 year old, my 5 year old, my 8 year old niece, my 3 year old niece and my 1 year old niece. The following is what I learned on that experience: -I love having a van that will fit a polygamist size family -I got a lot of really weird looks, mostly from Moms that were too embarrassed to even pretend to be frazzled with their tiny brood when I was so expertly handling my 3 blondes and 2 redheads (I bribed with it) -Duct tape is worth it's weight in gold (Kidding Coleen Leahy Firsching! The bribery was all that was needed) -I don't have 5 hands -when you whine back at kids, not only does it make you feel better, but it cracks them up and they stop doing it (until they're done laughing at least) And most importantly, I learned that it is impossible to drive when you are laughing hysterically at the horrible noises being made in the van by 4 kids with Flarp and a 1 year old squawker. Sometimes a little ...
Getting ready to go to dinner, I'm looking forward to having a margarita. It's been a weird weekend already I'm ready!
Mixed feelings! Part of me wants to go out and get wild & crazy tonight-- the other part of me feels not-quite 100% and says I should stay in and relax. Ughhh! It's SATURDAY *** it!
Well another weekend without my girls. So how is it that i dont want to go out and find me someone else to start over with. Its weird how age changes everything. I guess im all growed up. ***
For those so called 'friends' I have, anyone who doesn't at least try to come and see me and when I ask if they wanna party. Screw you first of all, and second don't bother even trying to contact me when I'm having a huge party weekend for my 21st. *about to go MIA*
Oh my Henry and I have seen two Cinetopia films this weekend, that maintain my status as a weird film lover. One highly creative film called: The Painting about the life of all done figures, half done figures, and sketches in one painting. The other one was a film ( The Future ) with the Dutch actor Rutger Hauer ( we have been wondering whatever happen to him ) in a very odd role as a blind man pursued by a young Italian woman who is planning to steal his money.
The birthday BBQ grill is lit Grab something to bring to eat and/or drink and let's get this started Ill get a jumper for drunk fun if ya want lol It's hot and we thirsty! Steve Partyboy Kevin Briggs Daniel Prophet Marcus Barris
god I hope the weather is going to be nice next weekend!:) my goal is to head towards bar harbor to camp finally. Its gonna be very weird to go alone. I never thought life would still be so different. even after a year and a half I still miss my copilot. :(
MGK @ House of Blues next weekend then Travis Porter at the end of the month then Mac Miller July 3rd. I'm on a concert mission!
Weekends are booked through July but I still have some weekday / weeknight openings. Let's get weird.
I'm 62 years old . THERE IS NEVER going to be a time EVER when I'm going to live my life the way others want me to . I HURT NO ONE , not even MYSELF . Sorry if anyone is " DISAPPOINTED " in me . I stay at home day in , day out , STRESSING , PRAYING , about my situation . I BASICALLY LIVE for a good weekend . If I finally have one , PLEASE do not BEGRUDGE the fun I have had , just because I MIGHT not live up to your expectations ,,,and above it all . PLEASE do not JUDGE ME . I have DONE NOTHING WRONG .Thanks .
Only in Eugene would I be at a stop light and have 25 naked bicyclists ride by. OH MINE EYES
Quick got 5 holed??... Woah... That was imbarassing. Now I don't feel so bad about losing in a shootout last weekend
Worked mon-Friday with Nabisco. Now I'm working all weekend at Marriott. I actually missed Marriott. How weird is that? Free pizza and guest complaints. Typical saturday.I feel right back at home. Lol
Ugh-My head hurts. I'm trying to do a whole revamp of my site over the weekend and I'm NOT "techy" enough for this!!! Someday my page will look like I want it to :)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Its crazy sitting here thinking about you and how much of an amazing person you were, the first time I met you I remember that huge smile you had on your face and how much of a happy person you were. Today just feels weird replaying seeing you last weekend after not seeing you for a couple months and the first thing you said to me was that you liked the music I was playing. Days like today remind me of how important music is, how it brings people together that otherwise would have never crossed paths and how it got me to see your smile one last time before you went to heaven. RIP Quinn
who is the weird one that wishes the weekend was over already instead of wishing it would stay? ME! cant wait till Monday!
I hope Zoe and Hale are having fun in Verdigre with grandma Kathy, but it is weird to be without them on a weekend. It is the first weekend since September that I won't have the girls around. I miss making them their breakfast and hearing them say their prayers at night. I out weigh them four to one combined but those little ladies are easily in charge with the way they make you feel loved and special. God truly blessed me with them. Have a safe trip back tomorrow girls and I can't wait to see you.
I have no desire for another night out but I have to getting wisdom teeth pulled next weekend no partying
to anyone out there i just saw posted. and I am not far from the same shape but there is only me! if anyone has any food for a family could they pls drop at 2350 autumnwood drive. near beban park the young ladies name is ashley. it's for her her kids and injured hubby who are waiting for med EI to stsrt and need help even $10 bucks will go long way! i would if had it myself! just putting out there if anyone sees this and has anything
Name a movie that defined your childhood...
Entertaining weekend. Weird when you see the kids perform stuff that you haven't seen or heard them do before. Some nice surprises!
Was watching Games of Throne when i thought to myself, Why am i not getting the story and why is it that people who died in the previously watched episode are alive in this next one... then all confusion cleared when i realised i was watchin the episodes in wrong order... must be the free weekend.
What has two thumbs and spent all day fishing up Fairview canyon? This guy.
This season is going to feel weird because we're not gonna have back to back competition weekends.
Who wants to come over and hang out? I'm down to have some people come by. If so call me
Hey party people!!! Lets get it IN tonight! DJ jacks from 10-close. Kendell and Kate are your bartenders $3 blue moon pints and blue agave bottles, $4 beefeater gin and tonic and absolut orange crush drinks, $4 BOMBS-cherry, grape and blue razz and $4 tuaca shots. Getting weird on the weekend no cover here:)
I'm seriously debating the purchase of a kiddie pool this weekend. The AC is cranking, but I want to dip my toes into some nice cold water. It would be perfect for an impromptu BBQ tomorrow night. I can just see it now...a pic of me chillin inside a kiddie pool filled with water, ice and beer.
Just wayching talk to aliens on Netflix. Not seen these Weird weekends for (pure) time.
literally just this minute started watching weird weekends! :L
There is something seriously weird with crowd on the weekends.An indian movie on the weekend=really bad choice.Weekdays from now on!
It's so weird having no university work to be doing on weekends. You don't appreciate them until you start working too!
My phone always dry on the weekends, that's mad weird
How weird will it be working at the weekends
Is it weird that during the summer I hate the weekends?
It's a weird feeling to not have homework on the weekends😳
In weekdays I woke-up late but when weekends I woke-up so early. I have weird body alarm lol ._.
Vampire Weekends weird video with guests and a sax filled with weed! YOU KNOW IT!
it's weird seeing you WITH makeup on. I mean you only wear it on the weekends 😂🙈
UTM is always hosting weird little kid sports competitions on the weekends.
Since January I haven't worn my onesie but yet on one of the hottest weekends off the year I'm wearing it and drinking ahot chocolate
cause I got on The Bus The 3 Act Weird On weekends
It’s weird how I count the seconds till lunch on workdays but forget to eat all day on the weekends.
It feels weird going into work this late on a saturday. I'm so used to getting up early for work on weekends!
It's so weird finally having free times at weekends after all those exams
TC gets a little weird on the weekends. Top notch during the week though
sorta weird hours, I think they're open 6a-3p every day, then dinner/late night on weekends. B&G v. good, there's a grits dish A++
Weekends are good but week days are bad! Weird af ha
Got a great idea for senior year weekends. Deff will make weird weekends 2x as weird.
I guess I should probably get ready for the day.. It's weird being in paso on the weekends..
I hate not being with Sonya , Stephanie and Brianna it makes my weekends feel weird
I do very little on the weekends, for some reason, which is weird.
Boyfriend's new job requires him to basically sleep until 4pm. Weekends feel weird now...
It's weird, the weekends are usually the most boring part of the week for me
Weekends are gunna be weird for a while after this
Weird how I only drink coffee on weekdays and weekends.
it's so weird not spending my weekends with Toby like I feel so lost
It gonna seem so weird to go to wrk on the weekends
Weekends without football are weird!
Weird how I never get anything done on the weekends, but when the night time comes around I'm ready to go again.
It feels so weird not having tournaments on the weekends. I'm ready for nationals
My sleep pattern is so weird on the weekends.💤💤
I find it weird when parents make their kids wake up early on weekends for no reason. My mom sleeps in just as late as I do hah
Is it weird that I like hanging out during weekdays instead of weekends ?
Feels weird not having a game on the weekends.
This having weekends off thing is weird. What am i supposed to do with my day?
It's so weird waking up early on the weekends too now
thought you stayed in on the weekends??? Weird.
I'm struggling with my weekends without football. Come next season its weird not seeing sir Alex and scholesy. None to lead the yellow cards
Weekends feel so weird if I'm not with my volleyball girlies 😳
My mom is awake? Wuuut? She wakes up late on the weekends though. lol
So weird not working weekends anymore.. Don't know what to do with myself
Like its so weird being home right now I'm never home on the weekends
yea that's weird, I usually go there on the weekends lol
Managed to watch every single Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends in a day.
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I need an update on the Survivalists from Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends
Hi my girlfriend and I have been re watching your Weird Weekends on netflix. One of the best things on TV, still! Thank you
I thought ignore julia days were only on weekends.. Weird..
Watching Weird Weekends with - this guy is the troll I aspire to be!
I'm working 2 weekends off the trot!!
Weird This week was pretty good, wow! Actually hate weekends here. Weird 
I'm weird I spend my weekends at the gym, not drinking like the rest of the world
Guys weekends are so weird I mean who makes the food and does the dishes ?
Weird to think il never really be out at the weekends anymore 😳
Is it weird if I say I can't wait for the weekends, when I just had a long weekend
It takes me a Solid 45 minutes to wake up every week day. On weekends though I wake up so stinking fast.
I wish weekends never end..The more weird you are, the more fun you are.
It feels weird not being with yanna on the weekends 😥
u wake up early on weekends and late on weekdays... Weird... But why?? :/
Only 8 more weekends as a wainwright left. This is well weird! 💍👰
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Life after high school is weird, it's like I have weekends during the week now but I still have class the next day and am able to do more.
Weird we used to always call it Easter break cause it was on Easter weekends
Dating a guy in high school would get kind of annoying idk bc I work on the weekends usually and he'd be in school that would feel weird??
Its weird how during the week im up until like 12 but on the weekends i fall asleep at like 830
Is it weird that I call my bed Sarah? Cause we have a serious relationship going on. I see her every night and all day on the weekends!😁
2 birthday weekends in a row.. It's about to get a little weird
BAD we weren't together this weekend😭 We're always together on the weekends
Today was super weird. With all the extra time running around during the week and weekends, and holidays, today was so relaxed it was scary.
no 😠😔 it's nice cus I have the weekends off but It's weird without my ***
Vaginal infection commercial comes on in the waiting room, lady across from me writes number down. She gets weird on the weekends.
Jus watched one of the best monologues ever on Louis Therouxs Weird Weekends; Off Broadway.thesps should watch
Im not on at weird hours, just evenings :( Well weekends I'm on all day so maybe then.
I think that's the same ones I'm watching.. Weird weekends?
am I weird? I dislike weekends and look forward to Mondays, all because of the absence or return of Late Lounge!
Watching some more Louis Theroux weird weekends
Felt so weird not to have a phone for 3 days... But that was one of the craziest, most fun weekends o my life! Now all I wanna do is sleep!
This may sound weird but I wish the school was open on weekends because I'm not capable of doing homework at home but I can at school
The only good thing about hearing people's weird weekends in class is that you have less learning to do
Feels weird that I aint go to the movies this weekend when I went the two weekends before. Was getting use to it.
Had another one of those weekends ill never forget it's funny because seems to always be there
Forgot how good Louis Theroux's weird weekends are
It's weird tt no one pulled pranks in camp. It's jus like time stopped ytd. And it will only be carried on weekends.
Only 5 more weekends until I'm done with college. Weird!
Weekends kinda feel weird now that I don't have hockey
That's weird I don't see Cylon on my tl..doesn't he only go to work on weekends?
I've gotten to that point in the year where weekends feel like real life and school is the weird part.
Not going out with every weekends feels so weird now
This weekends felt weird. Thursday felt like Friday. Friday felt like Saturday. Today feels like Sunday. And I'm not to sure about yesterday
Seems weird it's Monday. 4 day weekends r confusing. Don't forget the bins...
At least ex is not around any more... even though it feels weird... it also feels much better... no more dreading the weekends
Is it weird that I actually wish I was staying in Tallahassee in these next few weekends coming up...too much travel?
I have weird weekends, 3rd Person view of how the world works
Weird seeing my cousin on t.v. :) can't wait to see him play the Angels in a couple weekends!
I'm always down to get weird and a little naked ..
It's weird thinking I only have 4 weekends left at Alabama...
'My weekends' and 'Netflix' have the same definition in the dictionary . Weird.
we'll start movies then! And I know, I feel weird waking up at my house on weekends 😩
Calley needs to stop ruining my weekends with these weird books he assigns!
Zaal Khazraeinazmpour wears turbans on the weekends and chants weird things in Arabic
😔 that is weird! But, we all have to do it one day! Just think about how much fun you'll have! Come home on the weekends!
watched it a couple weekends ago. Forgot how weird that movie is.
Friendship is a really weird thing for humans when you think about it. Like I don't think other animals hangout during the weekends.
NEVER take buses on weekends. It's like weird, ghetto and stink mofos occupied half of every single bus.
I am so used to working at night and on the weekends that I feel weird when I don't have an urgent deadline
Slowly working my way through the documentaries on youtube, some of them remind me of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. Properly crazy!
Blimey. Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. Seems contemporary but then there's a G1 iMac and 35mm photography.
oh my god you need to watch the Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends episode on UFOs the guy on it is nuts
Rediscovering the joys of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. A must- see is Thai Brides
Watching Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends (again) and this Khalid Abdul Muhammad is literally the biggest *** I have ever seen in my life
I'm watching Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends!! the words FFS come to mind!!
Weird to think I used to be with you on the weekends 😔
Is it weird that I look forward to working on the weekends..
As weird as this sounds, this has been one of the most relaxing weekends of my life
I got 9 likes but, here it goes! 200 QUESTIONS! 200: My crushs name is: None :o (well Josh Hutcherson XD) 199: I was born in: South America 198: I am really: weird 196: My eye color is:brown 195: My shoe size is: 37.5 (in the South American size) 194: My ring size is:I don't know :S The littlest one? 193: My height is: 157 cm ( :( ) 192: I am allergic to:nothing 191: My 1st car was:~ 190: My 1st job was:~ 189: Last book you read: CF (re-reading it) 188: My bed is: comfortable 187: My pets: Are cute :3 186: My best friend: At this moment I don't know if she is a true friend 185: My favorite shampoo is: ? it's the same for me 184: Xbox or ps3: Xbox 182: In my pockets:Nothing XD 181: On my calendar: I don't use a calendar 180: Marriage: ruins part of the relationship. Because it turns into rutine, and rutine kills love (in my opinion) 179: Spongebob can: be sooo funny XD 177: The last three songs I bought were? I don't buy songs, I download them for free XD 176: Last YouTube video watched:Monster by Paramore ...
Elisabeth Summer Goss     January 20Elisabeth Summer GossI didn't "vanish" and delete my comments. That hypocrite banned me and deleted it. Feel free to keep slandering me, but just so you know in case you are actually the kind of person who cares about the truth      January 20Elisabeth Summer GossBut if you'd like to honestly discuss what your "evidence" (nothing new to me and nothing that has ever been a secret, sorry to disappoint you) actually means please feel free to contact me. You can even screen cap everything I say and share it around for those that maintain their creepy anti-AHA fixation. I don't mind since none of us have anything to hide. Have a good weekend      January 20Pro Life PagansElisabeth, it has been widely reported that you and others of your ilk comment and then run off after deleting their comments.You were not slandered. You were told you think yourself a solicitor and you were told to bring it on.      You lot at AHA started this rubbish. Some of you started in on a ...
January was a really weird month. Started off half coasting the first 3 days of the year as I prepped for the marathon weekend. Had a great time in WDW with my brother's family, daughter and niece. Got the flu the day I returned and was out for a week and a half. I finally got a couple runs in late in the month. This AM I was juicing a few oranges and ended up slicing my thumb so I spent the morning getting stitched up. OK, today was not January but the great luck continues.
I really want a six pack is that weird? Lol
Chocolate Fudge Cherry Cake 1 box chocolate fudge cake mix 1 can cherry pie filling 2 eggs  Mix box of chocolate fudge cake mix, a can of cherry pie filling, and two eggs mixed together.  Pour into a greased sheet cake pan and bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool then cut into squares.  No icing necessary.  Note: I made this over the weekend and loved it!  My kids don't eat cake (I know.they are weird..ha!), so I brought it to my class of 8th graders.   They are still talking about how good it was.
Had a brill weekend at butlins, wiv me girls, Elaine Lowbridge, Linzi Bostock and Sara Bostock, thanx ladies, loved it! Gggr!!! Xx
Had a really good weekend! Very happy girlie :D nice chilled evening and early night with the kids xx
Didn't see chase for the past 3 weekends
Good Evening my to friends in Paris. Have a good weekend Sylvie. I'm not happy with France loosing to Italy today in The 6 Nations Rugby.. *** I was uset watching it on TV this afternoon.
What time do you usually wake up in the morning? — 6 am for school and 8 am on weekends! :/ ima weird ! XD lol...
I saw Warm Bodies this weekend and thought it was so cute and sweet. What was weird, though, was there were way more young men in the theater than young women to see what amounted to a romantic comedy.
The Cave Singers perform "Swim Club" live in the Bunny Glade at Pickathon 2012. Recorded by KEXP on August 4, 2012. Audio: Matt Ogaz Cameras: Jim Beckmann, S...
thankyou BECKY and my bestests for such a fab weekend in brighton!!
Wish I could just lay down forever.. But I need a way to kick this achy ness! What do you to deal with sickness body aches
Thanks to all of you that wished me a Happy Bday! It was heart warming to hear from all of you! Turnings 60 is a weird milestone. I miss seeing al of you! You have an open invite to stop by and do some woodworking in San Marcos. Or join Mike Behenke and I for a morning surf at Beacons love ya Campbell
Ghost Cam Plot: On Halloween weekend, a young and sassy man named Heathcliff bought the house of his budget allowing dreams, and all seem to be well. However a few months later, Heathcliff begins to suspect that he is not alone in the house when a serious of mysterous pranks and unexplainable activity begin to occur. Thinking that these strange occurances may be the act of haunting, Heathcliff along with the help of his best friend Berry, and his girlfriend Lynne, set up cameras in attempt to film a documentary of what may be really happening and cash in on the ghost on film phenomenon. Ghost Cam Cast: Heathcliff: He’s the new owner of the house that appears to be haunted. He’s a basic average guy, whom has spiritual but not religious beliefs. He's suspicious that his house is haunted. To prove this he decides to set up cameras and film a documentary of the strange happenings. (casted) Berry: Berry is Heathcliff’s best friend. He’s a wanna be film maker. He’s never gone to any kind of fil ...
This weird weather is really putting a damper on my sessions this weekend...all of them rescheduled! Now for a day dedicated to editing. I hope everyone has a fun and safe super bowl sunday!
anyone out there put milk over oatmeal I remember doing that as a child but I don't know if it was East Coast thing?
*** I've been wakin up in the am's lately on weekends. That's rarely weird.
I'm always with tre on the weekends.. it feels weird that I'm not with him right now):
Mum left after dinner and josh in oxford. This is the first time I've been on my own for over 3 weeks. Feels weird but am enjoying it x
Guys, today is your last chance! You seriously do not want to miss this! It's going to be amazing, and on a beautiful piece of property. If you like your music as weird as you, drop some money on tickets cheaper now, than they will be later! By midnight tonight they won't be $49 anymore! Plus for an extra 25 dollars you can get the Pre-Sale Swag Package! Which includes your Weird Bass ticket, , in addition to an official Weird shirt, Weird branded defractor/fireworks glasses and more, plus free warm showers all weekend! Please, also remember this is an 18+ event! Get to buying your tickets!
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weird weekend emotionally. Its been good and im chuffed to bits for our jj & sam but my heads been all over. Coming home crashing on peoples couches you feel like a burden & ive realised how little i actually have compared to how much i used to have and didnt appreciate it. Your parents are a pain in the *** the majority of the time but i'd seriously recommend you just go tell them you love them cause when there gone no matter how much you want them to come back, they dont come back & the pain is agonising
What the *** happened to my awesome weekend? 2 days great, 2 days horrible is not what I planned. Mary Cuthbertson we need to get our *** to Mexico like pronto. or at least the Keys, anywhere away from Tampa!
Sould of..but I couldn't...I would of but I didn't. Weird weekend.
I don't know if its weird... But I like Mondays. N m not a big fan of weekends !!!
I think it's weird that I go to bed earlier on weekends than I do on school nights.
Starting work tomorrow feels like that Sunday night feeling you used to get before school after the weekend...may need to have a bath and wash my hair in Vosene
So I'm in the "dirty south" where its really clean af. Me and my girl arguing about this fizzy drink for some reason she thinks its called "soda". Smh pleas my good northerners tell her was its called "pop" and not soda
Weekends almost over and I still haven't seen oomf.weird
Tonight? This amazing weekend wraps up with Emmett and the Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery team. The bearded one has quite the lineup for you this evening.
Thank you for all the lovely/weird & wonderfull name suggestions for this little one. Her new name is "Polly" (as in Polly pocket:) It really suits her little face. Tomorrow she will undergo surgery to remove the growth from her eye, the dual claws that are eating into her tiny legs and a hysterectomy as she has pyometria, Hopefully the rest and nourishment she has got over the weekend will stand to her and help her through the operation. We will keep you posted and thanks again for helping choose her name x
Wow this is one weird weekend for dreaming
I miss my Bestfriend :( Trevor Mercer we use to go everywhere together n chill every weekend , I miss having someone to always talk to about anything n everything n someone I was able to keep it real to without judgement . :(
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