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Weight Gain

Weight gain is an increase in body weight.

I wish I could gain weight in all the right places 😂
I'm trying to lose some weight and gain some muscle to look good for you but I can't I just love food too much😩I hate mys…
I hate the fact that I've allowed myself to gain so much weight and do nothing about it,
ect, not just the exercises. I like that there was an article on weight gain even tho in the article it even said how it's weird to b
What if we stopped talking about as one of the worst things that could happen? Here is my spin on it: 
Two damning studies on the effects of fluoride in our water have been released in the hope that people will wake...
Some people want to lose weight, while others want to gain muscle or develop a leaner build, whereas others want...
Lack of sleep can cause highblood pressure(which is number one cause of aging), we gain weight, have problems with our memory, &
I'm just craving weight gain. Tired of being tiny.
Considering a person trainer to help me gain weight and muscle, so sick of having a figure as flat as an ironing board
I gain so much (great) weight when I'm happy 😻. I need to find my happy place. Struu!
Everyone out here trying to lose weight. Why you want to gain?
Substantial weight gain over years raises risk of related cancers in men by 50% and in women by almost 20%: http…
Hungry but i dont wanna gain weight but i cant sleep but i dont wanna eat you feel me?
Maybe I'd gain weight if I was happy and content.
I feel like this birth control is making me gain weight 😒
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So much stuff about how to loose weight... How about how to GAIN weight?. Not everyone wants to loose weight you know?
I eat like a bloody horse despite the fact I want to lose weight, not gain it
Most of our sickness and weight gain comes from the poison that are bodies produce from poor eating habits.
/looking at my wrist. Uh-oh I think I have to gain more weight :(
Insulin spikes accelerate metabolism, initiate the emptying of fat cells and prevent long-term weight gain.
I gain so much weight in winter i need to diet 😩
I have a headache yenzara because I have not eaten all day because I was sad and then cleaning and this is why I'm failing to gain weight. 😔
Skipping sleep can make you feel hungrier and that means an increased chance of gaining weight: htt…
Recent studies suggest those who wear fitness tracker have a correlation to weight gain.
It's cool. Until you want to gain weight...
I think that I don't gain weight because I wait too long to eat 💔 I need to gain weight
Healthy relationship will make you gain weight 😂
How come when my cat gains weight it's "aww so cute" but when I gain weight it's "who let this cow out of the barn"
Can't gain weight to save my life bruh ☹️️
Reduce your alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol consumption. makes you gain weight and is hard for the liver to...
Fingers crossed that today is the day that I actually get hit by a bus because I'm drowning in school, debt, and weight gain but IM FINE
No one wakes up obese without the warning of weight gain!
[TRANS] 161108 "She said her way of losing weight is to not eat". but u gotta eat to not get sick and gain…
Can't stop looking at his ankles... For God's sake, gain some weight Kang Seung Yoon. . btw, his lips are so noticeable =))) h…
i've been taking this new supplement to gain weight and i'm on day 4 and i've gained 3 pounds. this has NEVER happened to…
extra weight is very beneficial to keep you grounded and supports you in Processing and holding these New Vibrations you…
Ralphie the Robot, Know that I am trim and slim looking like a stringbean. however all over weight gain is common as we…
Trans fat, found in packaged and processed foods, slows your metabolism, causes weight gain and is strongly linked to…
Americans r used to being lied to. Reality tv is fake but we still 👀. . We eat "healthy" snacks but gain weight. Make tomo…
How food sensitivities lead us to low nutrition, high calorie snacks.
I wish I was one of those people who didn't gain weight and we're always slim :(
Heck with losing weight I want to gain muscles
Do your low fat, low cal, artificially sweetened food be making you gain weight?
I gotta help gain some weight for In the mean time... Drizzy I hear you like sloppy toppy. I'll give you a free trial 😂
So thankful for being a guy. Gain some weight, go play ball lol
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Things I expect to gain in college:. -smarts. -friends. -experiences. Things I gain in college:. -weight. -debt. -crippling anxiety .
On the other hand, no cannabis, irregular sleeping/insomnia, weight gain, depression, undiagnosed symptons of dystonia?
Couldn't if I tried.. Yes, if you eat canola oil & cocoa butter you will gain weight!
ACTUALLY eating regularly doesn't make you gain weight, it keeps you alive sooo BYE
The real-life diet of Adonis Hill, the trainer who gained 70 lbs to help hid client lose weight
I hate that weight is so easy to gain & so hard to loose
And im tryna gain weight but now i lose
Beware of Portion Sizes to Avoid Weight Gain. Ever step away from the table and realize you ate more than you...
A4. I can eat yummy foods without worrying about how much weight i'm going to gain.
I lost weight so now I'm a size 5 . :( I wanna gain my weight back
Skinny people eat a lot but doesn't gain weight
right so it clearly will help you gain weight I'll see if it continues
We got heat and clean covers I can't gain weight I prolly gained 15…
I can't even look at food without estimating the calories in it and the amount of weight I will gain after
Too Much or Too Little Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain and Disease -
Hara eats alot but she does not gain weight.
Please don't think I was knocking anyone upset over a weight gain. I know how important it is to us all. 1/2
Q3 a3 so that avoid some of the holiday weight gain
Too bad you can't recover without the weight gain.
Did you know that dieting can actually "help" you gain weight?
I just Marie again and she's doing amazing!! She finally looks healthy and she's starting to gain weight im so happy :')
Someone tell me how to gain weight I been the same size for like 5 years now lol
At least she can gain weight you can't fix your problem 😊
AD Exactly and we don't gain weight too!
. A3 Because the holidays are coming up and I usually gain weight
Because all the holidays are close and its very easy to gain unwanted weight
Advertisements encouraging women to gain weight from the 1950s.
First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ Campaign may be leading to more Weight Gain!
Jordan Morris Fruit Juice Isn't Good for Dieters - Juice Diets Run the Risk of Weight Gain
Lifestyle habits that contribute to weight gain aren't always obvious. See hidden causes of weight gain:
"I'm losing weight without even trying, tf? lol I'll take that as a sign 😊" omg what do you do? I try, and I gain weight lol
In this way the struggle of say a drug addict is not much different than a struggle with weight gain or loss.
You should check us out! All natural weight gain pill. Let me know if you have any questions
Who is Dodie?And i LOVE doughnuts.But i don't eat them often because i dont want to gain weight.
Ate so much today i guess i'm gonna gain so much weight again :(
I have to hop to make a chair lower 🌚 I should probably gain weight
I don't understand how some people can eat what they want and not gain weight
officially starting my bulk today. "If you cant handle me at my bulking and weight gain, you don't deserve me at my cutting" 😂😂
Try removing any superfluous body parts - limbs, digits etc - this should counterbalance the 4 pound weight gain
only problem is, I can't gain weight
Some people don't choose to be skinny & try to gain weight bc society/social media thinks "thick" is the only way a girl can …
Trust me when I say that I'm not like most girls. Most girls want to lose weight. I on the other hand, want to gain weigh…
gain? It's actually not about your stomach. It's your brain.
Didn't gain any weight over spring break! 😅
Lost all that weight just to gain it back in muscle.. I ain't mad tho! 😁💪
I try to gain weight & it's literally impossible for me to. I ALWAYS hear "just eat more". People don't realize that doesn't work
Skipping breakfast can cause you to gain weight. This tricks your brain into thinking you want higher-calorie foods later
Your mother didn't carry you around for 9 months, gain weight, throw up, get stretch marks so you could grow up to be rud…
Could these drugs actually cause you to GAIN weight?
According to a study, sports drinks have an even stronger relationship than sugared sodas with weight gain.
Losing 30 Minutes of Sleep Linked to Weight Gain and Increased Diabetes Risk – Headlines & Global News
I need to get my dress already so that I know if I need to lose or gain weight 😭
My weight gain process has been unhealthy to say the least. But successful cause I don't get fat so. Yay thigh gap elimination
Aliya Saleem, of Jharkhand, India, was born at a relatively large 9lbs, then began to rapidly gain weight from the age of four months -
lol I'm gonna die if I gain that much weight
I eat so much and I can't gain any weight. ***
Lose Weight and Gain Energy Before Summer Begins!: Hormone therapy and optimal aging techniques help people wi...
ooh, Lumin did gain some weight. He looks so cute tho!! 🙊 lol
Lol They said Eat CANBUULO and gain weight "cambulo is the worst thing you could feed your child"
You did not gain the weight overnight, so you are not going to lose it overnight.
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Colder weather does not have to lead to weight gain - it's a great time for
The Maximum Amount of Weight You Could Realistically Gain in One Day You'll be relieved.
Kylie didn't even gain weight she looks the same
Uni is definitely making me gain weight 😁
Vintage Weight gain ads for women. 'Don't be skinny!'
Magic Of Juicing: 50 juicing recipes to help you lose weight, gain energy, feel great and stay healthy!
Was finally stating to gain weight now back down to 108 I've lost 4 pound in like 2 days 😫😫😫😫
I said grow up. I didn't say get taller or gain weight. Seriously, why do you have to be so rude?
Trying to gain some weight not lose it . 😟😟
If I could eat donuts for every meal of everyday and not gain weight I would🍩✌️
+45.650 RTMost people will never understand how difficult it is to Not gain weight! 😢
Gain Muscle and Lose Weight. Adopt circuit training into your routineinto your weekly fitness routine? For a...
The Enemy is not ISIS but DATA the sum of a self-policed citizen from weight gain to social media 4 post-NHS insur prem…
Alonzo has also made these errors & I don't want U to make them if at all possible. I'll C U on the Trail.
Still trying to reverse Holiday weight gain? This book will help! 'Learning how to eat (Again)'
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Relationship's make you gain weight 😭😂
Weight Gain 4000. It's helping me bulk up.
Baby babes, if u needa gain a little weight make a habit of shopping up a few sizes so u still have fly threads
I wish I could eat 6 million cookies and not throw up or gain weight 😭
In 10yrs time, with a lil weight gain, Oris will look like Asari
Bet you didn't know THIS was causing weight gain:
Anyway... I'm up eating pot roast at 6am. 😔 it tastes great though & fortunately I don't gain weight
Such foods that make weight gain. 20 kg task for me and this because leave is too long Wala [pic] —
ofc for real! To be honest, i can't eat sweety thing too much or i will gain my weight again XD
I might hv actually gain weight man 😩😂
She seems to have her fans, what's happened has she slated Kelly Clarkson, for her weight gain
All these people trying to lose weight, and then there's me trying to gain weight 😅
Girls gain weight because their brains can't hold all the info so it spreads to other places. Therefore she's not fat, she's a genius.
Christian Bale lost 62 pounds for his role in "The Machinist". He then had 6 weeks to gain weight and strength for his role in Batman Begins
I went through the blog but there was nothing about your weight gain
All of them said that I gain so mats weight. But he said that I'm still SEXY!
Finally~ arrived at home~ time to Pizza Party with my family~ Waa, i think i'll gain alot of weight lol
Stress eating is linked to 11 pounds of weight gain a year.
Lose/gain weight, or just maintain a fit lifestyle with Calorie Counter Plus!
I wanna pursue higher education without that massive weight gain ppl get.
I have friends that are v skinny and can't gain weight and they're told all the time they're too skinny and stuff
Didn't gain weight from my binge but didn't lose 😥
I eat more calories a day than I'm supposed to & i still don't gain weight.. 😒
Being skinny was being ugly not long ago. Weight Gain Ads, 1940s-1970s..
The only good thing about this weight gain is having big boobs!! 👀..Everything else *** My bum won't even squeeze in my size8 anymore😩🐷
Must read! All you need to know about winter weight gain article on .
Time-restricted feeding caused less weight gain than all-hour access for
I just want my significant other to help me gain five pounds of muscle weight then he can leave. Where you at??
Now all I would love is to gain a few pounds and I can't even do that, I can't keep the weight on and it ***
I feel more hunger in depressing situations and eat more to gain weight.
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Faecal Transplant may have caused weight gain
Late night snacks lead to weight gain.
yea eat girl.I want ju to gain weight ju would look more beautiful
Although it really is time to start working on my weight. Lose the fat but gain muscle :)
Woman's stool transplant leads to 'tremendous weight gain'
There is some evidence that working out on a completely empty stomach prompts the body to burn more fat and potentially stave off weight gain, compared to exercising at other times.
no Greens? At least this provides a gain for UKIP as populus had us on 11 last week (they always weight us down heavily)
I'm Sad, Exhausted and Fat. I need to get rid off the holiday weight gain.
Feeling bloated? Weight gain? Colonic irrigation time!. ONLY £50 one off Appt in January to book call 0117 370 1177 .
your health is your WEALTH so why cheat yourself you may have tried to lose weight / gain muscle but…
Want to enjoy your weekend parties and feast without the guilt or weight gain? Take our Green Coffee Bean with...
Do you suffer from excess weight, joint pain, headaches, acne, food allergies, depression, insomnia, fatigue? If so, your body is probably out of balance and has a toxic overload. Your weight gain and belly fat can be linked to toxins… Continue Reading →
When I gain a bit of water weight (retention) what do I do? Nope, I don't restrict, I have MORE water and fruit! Cleanses the system :-)
Nothing like a few calls coming in. to get u to shake off the darn holiday weight gain.
Because you eat when awake?"Not getting enough sleep also promotes weight gain (apparently)"
You're so skinny nowadays I hope you gain some weight back soon
Guys I'm scared, I've been losing weight but I'm getting high today and I'll get the munchies and I'll eat.. Will I gain?!
Here is the last fashion campaign I could do before my bump completely took over and the last I'm going to do for a while because we start production on "RE6-The Final Chapter" as soon as I'm up and about after the baby is born! YIKES! lol! Anyway, it's all good cause I haven't eaten as many cupcakes as I thought I would and have managed to gain only the amount that's healthy for the baby; about 30 pounds (it's amazing how different every pregnancy is). It's also been easier to not gain all the unnecessary weight because I've taken the year off and had the chance to cook at home all the time. Nothing adds to weight gain like room service and restaurants! It really makes a difference when you know what ingredients you're using and not having the temptation to order stuff you don't need to eat (yea, I mean you Cheeseburger and Chili fries!) I've found that staying home has also made me really "go back to my roots" and crave all my favorite Eastern European dishes from childhood! I've always wanted to learn ...
my biggest mistake:. • eating when I'm upset or mad. • not being able to stop eating once i start. i'm gonna gain so muc…
you too siti! And please dont be so stress ok not good!!! Plus, dont forget to eat pls gain some weight bruhhh
* Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Elderly * Causes of Winter Depression This disorder is related to our body’s ability to regulate night and day rhythms. One theory is that the seasonal changes interfere with an important amino acid in our bodies called Melatonin – which regulates our sleep-wake cycles and may play a role in mood and appetite. Another possibility is that it is related to Vitamin D. Our skin needs direct contact with the ultraviolet rays of the sun to make one type of Vitamin D. Being deficient of this important nutrient is related to both depression and obesity. Seniors are more likely to have a Vitamin D deficiency since elderly skin is less efficient at producing this nutrient and they may be less active outside during cold weather. Signs of Seasonal Effective Disorder • Weight Gain and Increased Appetite • Irritability • Feeling “heavy,” slow, and/or Sluggish • Less energy overall – particularly in the afternoon • Increased sleepiness • Feeling unhappy, sad, or ...
u're great!! Congrats with ur solo debut😉 but pls gain weight a bit. Cause u look so skinny bro 😍😍 love ya 😘😘
I'd assume you'd want to stay in your weight class. And if you gain muscle you may actually go up a few rather than down
Unlike most people, Shaarad Dalvi needed to gain weight. Here is how Talwalkars helped him:
Did Sompal Kami gain weight and get short?
So proud that Kai gain weight this means he is eating and taking of his health instead of tiring himself just to perform perfect on stage
Ziena Ilao from Nueva Ecija talks about how Akuna Akuna Alveo Botanicals for Cellular Nutrition has helped the health condition of her daughter with Epilepsy and significant Weight Gain. Get your “Health on the Right Track,” contact 0917 50 AKUNA (25862).
Thought it was just a little weight gain and flu symptoms... I'm PREGGO!
50 years ago the idea of pregnant women taking part in exercise was frowned upon, and instead believed and were advised to rest and do as little as possible. Nowadays we know that this is in fact the complete opposite of what women should be doing. If you exercised before falling pregnant you should continue, and if you didn’t then you should start! Of course the intensity of each of these scenarios would be very different and you should never throw yourself into a regime that is not safe for you or baby and always seek referral from your midwife or GP. With each trimester brings new changes and challenges and this should always be reflected in your exercise regime. However with the correct guidance, exercise during pregnancy has some pretty appealing benefits for everyone. Health professionals have advised that women who exercise during their pregnancy and maintain a good level of fitness are more likely to have an easier and shorter birth. Fitness improves endurance, and if you're better able to toler ...
Physiologically, women are far more prone to accumulating fat on the thighs and hips while men gain weight in the abdominal area.
Nazriya Nazim Shocking Weight Gain.Nazriya Nazim has shocked her fans and media with her new getup. The actress seems to have gained weight and has ...
I have to gain weight khalas im gonna cry
It may seem that when "that time of the month" is coming around that you start dreading a lot of things. One of the most common issues is wondering how much weight gain is going to take place this time? While it may seem that you really pack on the pounds, it isn't as much as you think. Yes, there is a level of discomfort that comes from a bloating feeling, but it doesn't mean that you are putting on ten or twenty pounds. [ 456 more words. ]
If you're on Risperidone get off it ASAP. I've been on it for years and the weight gain is out of control. I've had Dr's turn me away because they soo disagree with anybody being on it and it's such a strong mood stabilizer and used to treat seizures. They only care about what happens to men but they don't care about the effects on woman. I have a list of side effects that I have to live with.
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During an episode of schizophrenia, the person may need to stay in the hospital for safety reasons. MEDICATIONS Antipsychotic medicines are the most effective treatment for schizophrenia. They change the balance of chemicals in the brain and can help control symptoms. While helpful, these medicines can cause side effects. But many side effects can be managed. For this reason, they should not prevent the person from getting treated for this serious condition. Common side effects from antipsychotics may include: Dizziness Feelings of restlessness or jitteryness Sleepiness (sedation) Slowed movements Tremor Weight gain Long-term use of antipsychotic medicines may increase the risk of a movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia. This condition causes repeated movements that the person cannot control. Call the health care provider right away if you think you or your family member may have this condition due to the medicine. When schizophrenia does not improve with antipsychotics, other medicines may be tried ...
How is it do hard to loose weight buts easy as *** to gain it!
I'm not sure if this holiday will make me loose weight or gain weight...
Im so scared about weekend because im sure that my parents will make me eat and then im going tl gain weight😰
I haven't had this much sweets since my birthday! Thank goodness my boyfriend supports my weight gain saga. 😛😂
IRELAND'S MOST COMPREHENSIVE INTOLERANCE TEST: Do you, your child or a family member suffers from acne, rosacea, constipation/bloating/upset stomach/weight gain? Let us help you find the cause, not treat the symptom! The Raw Food Coach is the only clinic in Ireland testing for 600 food and non food items! PLUS 80 NUTRIENTS FREE FOR MONTH OF JAN! We are an established Holistic clinic dedicated to helping people restore their body’s natural balance. Using the latest in bio-technology our “One Step Test” allows us to test against more than 600 substances. We are now one of the largest intolerance testing clinics in the Ireland. We test 300 foods and 300 non foods as well as 80 nutrients to ascertain if you are low/deficient in any mineral or vitamin! Some interesting facts Many people who are diagnosed with a wheat intolerance are actually intolerant to the chemicals used to manufacture the bread. Our test is the only test that identifies these chemicals. Hay fever sufferers can be intolerant to grass, ...
Let's just say I need to gain some weight on my thighs 🙈
Breast cancer and weight gain: what relationship? In the year following a breast cancer, women take an average of 2.5 to 4 kg. How to explain this decision weight? Is the risk the same for all women? Is it beneficial to lose weight vis-à-vis cancer? •
If you gain weight while you still owe me money,that's a sign of DISSRESPECT!
The larger the dish, the smaller food will look on it. Studies show people with larger plates serve more food! Sneaky …
The average weight gain during pregnancy is about 12.5kg or 25lb
Anybody wanna get in a relationship so I can gain weight again ? 😬
Since I've been single I can't gain weight to save my life...
--- The Facts that Most People Don't Know About Female Birth Control --- - There has recently been some controversy over some of the posts I have made regarding birth control, but I just want to clarify; I am not just pulling assumptions out of the air. I have done a heavily profuse amount of research on the subject, and here is a mere summary of what I have discovered: - First and foremost, understand that I have accumulated over 40 bookmarks of articles and legitimate studies proving the dangers of birth control. An important factor is that, don't think I'm stating that there shouldn't be freedom of choice. I am completely pro-choice on the subject; every woman has the right to control how her body works, meaning I actually support the legalization of birth control; I'm simply expressing that [whether you want to believe it or not] Birth Control methods, especially hormonal, are very, /very/ dangerous. It would be very ignorant of me to state such information if I didn't have my facts straight; but I do ...
I seriously don't get how some ppl get to eat as much as they want n not gain weight...
I really wanna go gym but i scared i gain weight sia.
Hypopituitarism is characterized by a. infertility b. intolerance to heat c. weight gain d. excessive growth of the soft tissue
Maaan I done spent two days with dro and gain all that weight that I lost I'm str8 off kid for the next two months 😂😂😂
"Lack of sleep causes you to gain weight." That's why. 😂
Did you get through the holidays without a 7lb weight gain?
Congrats to all the girls who’ve lost the weight, but sometimes it feels good to gain too. Up 20 pounds!
Lovin' my post holiday weight gain :) spent almost 2 weeks stuffing myself silly and bingeing on my mom's cooking...
Just eating pizza and do nothing will definitely gain something. My weight.
ya but u didnt gain any weight from 0 months 😂😂 but that besides the point. Have step dad get ahold of me.
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1 of my Goals ds 2015 is to gain weight.
Lack of sleep causes you to gain weight.
man I been trying to gain weight for 2 years..I am still the same size bro smh lol
But I want Jonghyun bb to gain weight first. :(
It's impossible not to gain weight in India
yeah but I swear I gain weight from everything lol it's not even worth the risk
many I eat a lot but never gain weight bro.
I really do wish my struggle was to gain weight and not lose it but lord knows Lauren ain't no skinny minny 😂
I love that I can eat as much as I want and not gain weight 😬
When depressed, women are more likely to feel guilty, sleep too much, overeat, gain weight and neglect their appearance.
Healthometer Personal Massager for Women SEE PRICES Healthometer Personal Massager for Women How to Construct Muscle, Drop Fats Currently From Scratch When you incorporate a ton of muscle to your entire body swiftly, you will get some body fat with muscle mass. This is the way that character handles the course of action of weight gain and if your aim is to get more substantial, you will have to take this reality. If you want to get bigger muscle tissue, you will have to try to eat additional energy to allow for your system to build bigger muscle groups. Healthometer Personal Massager for Women. Keep Searching Young With The Aid Of Facial Physical exercises Women of all ages usually stress with regards to receiving more mature and far far more considerably, "searching" older nicely there is hope by implies of facial workout routines that lessen the seem of previous pores and skin without any will need for surgical procedures. Ageing is a concern for females previous and youthful, and the industry of age re ...
Happy thanksgiving everyone! Be sure to lose all that weight you gain by next weekend!! 👊💥
Happy Thanksgiving. Don't gain too much weight.
Tomorrow at 4pm my house. Beat the holiday weight gain and feel real good too. I M me to save a spot for ya.
this is the time of year I gain a lot of weight lol
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I wonder how much weight I'm gonna gain after today 😭
And I still prolly won't gain any weight...
Thanksgiving and Christmas is where I gain The most weight 😭😭😭🔫 the food is just so hard to stay away from maannn!!
I should work off this food not tryna gain any weight
If I didn't gain weight today I never will
Thankful for gaining my pre love weight gain body back
Friends and family said I lost a lot of weight. They donut realize I'm bout to gain it all back 2nite
Doing a 1000 Day Push-Up Challenge with my HerbaFam in our private messenger! NOT TODAY THANKSGIVING WEIGHT GAIN, NOT TODAY. 😭 I've currently competed 300/1000! Hop in and comment below even if you just do 10,100,250,500 today!
Some girls gain winter weight expecting to lose it for summer, but we know hockey season is just as important as bikin…
Proud to say I gain some weight. Too bad it won't show up until tomorrow when I don't need it the most
If it's possible to gain weight in a day... I did it 🙋
TONITE! Tools, Tips and Tricks for Making This Holiday Season your best one yet!! No weight gain this year!! Stress-free holidays this year! Free Workshop! Sign up here: Nov 27th 8 pm EST/5pm PST
I don't get myself. I'm trying to lose and gain weight at the same time. I go to the gym on a regular basis and I stuff myself everyday
Waiting on the family to start the weight gain. Lol! Thankful for all those little moments that seem to pass unnoticed, for all those friends and family who share their ups and downs with me and no matter what are always there. Thankful for our health, home and opportunity to live.
I love my family. I told them I only want healthy food because I don't want to gain weight so they made me a bowl of ice…
Unhealthy carbohydrates include, white bread, pastries, sodas and highly processed or refined foods.They cause weight gain, promote Diabetes
my mom is making me eat more cause she thinks I need to gain more weight
I hate thanksgiving because it makes me gain weight I don't need
Feel like I'm starting to gain weight 😂🙌
except you don't gain weight so I do t believe you
Thankful for the 9 weeks left till weigh in... So that I'm able lose the weight I'm about to gain tonight lol
I hope you are enjoying your pre-stampeding feast as to gain weight to trample people for them discounts tomorrow
I feel like I just gained 10 pounds but then I remembered I have a fast metabolism and never gain weight so ;,(
I'm about to gain some weight today😏😂
I'm gonna eat all evening/night. Hopefully I gain some weight
Maybe I won't lose any weight this winter, but I won't gain any either *** it.
My family always comments on how I can eat hella food and never gain weight 😶
Hard to gain, easy to lose...Trust. Hard to lose, easy to gain.Weight 😑😭
Guess who lost weight but is gonna gain it all back after this meal
I feel like all I've done this year is gain weight but yet I've gone down pant sizes. Hello 00
In honor of Thanksgiving, from Archive: "Average holiday weight gain is less than commonly asserted."
.same reason 2lbs weight gain at Thanksgiving turns into 10lbs by New Year . . .
MENTAL HEALTH IMPACT OF ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY ON THE INDIVIDUAL An acquired brain injury is potentially one the most devastating disabilities, with a huge range of effects due to the complexity of the brain. The number and severity of problems resulting from a brain injury will differ from person to person because each individual's brain injury varies in the extent and location of damage. The extent of some of these changes may only become apparent as time progresses. Cognitive changes   Cognition is the conscious process of the mind by which we are aware of thought and perception, including all aspects of perceiving, thinking and remembering. In general, cognition is knowledge - the way we learn and perceive the world around us.   The nature of cognitive problems will vary over time depending on what the person with the injury is doing and where they are. Some of them may not occur at all. These changes may become more obvious over time and can be very frustrating because they can affect the person's a ...
The cardio starts now. I'll be damned if I gain weight from Thanksgiving lol
I'm totally going to gain weight this Thanksgiving Nah
I don't gain weight whatsoever so I can literaly eat as much as I want!
Eating like I'm trying to gain weight , knowing that's not going to happen .
This thanksgiving I'm thankful for the fact that my stomach only had room for stuffing and a roll. while everyone else is going to worry about weight gain i ate a "normal" sized meal
So far we've talked about my love life and my weight gain. Love family dinners.
Been losing my *** appetite due to stress😖 making this weight gain a lot harder
well haters gonn hate but I'm just gonna gain gain gain gain gain some weight 😘
Turkey Trot 10k✔️. Eat all the food you can and gain all the weight you lost✔️. Pretty great Thanksgiving if I say so myself!
Me and my 2nd oldest.. afer the 5 pound thanksgiving dinner weight gain!!! But, DANG it was good going down.. !! Love u all hope you had a very blessed very festive thanksgiving..
Well i know its late but i want thank God 4 da spiritual growth I encountered because f wasnt 4 hm idk where i would be when i say he done bought me alone way he has excuses that weight gain i just been so happy i got comfortable. In my little angle Kaylee
Regarding injectable progesterone a) Can cause skin problems b) Associated with irregular bleeding and weight gain. c) Decrease in bone mineral density (reversible). d) Delayed fertility after discontinuation (one shot can last 10 months).
Buying apple cider for Thanksgiving dinner? Remember to read the labels. When buying cider at the store, check its added sugar content. Many products contain added sugars, which can increase your calorie intake and cause weight gain. Choose low-sugar and sugar-free options.
I think Mark needs to gain weight. I mean, he looked so slim.
[Ceci interview] Ken: Im jealous of Hyuk because he doesnt gain weight even when he eats a lot. I like eating too.
When's the programme that shows gain an lose the weight on😂
How much exercise is necessary to sufficiently prevent long-term weight gain -- and is it in line with current recommendations?
Research: How much is required to prevent gain?
mirena side effects. Noticing Weight Gain & Other Side Effects from the Mirena IUD? Learn How to Over…
Scientists at the University of Colorado found those on shift work schedules burn less energy, and unless they reduce their food intake, it is enough to cause weight gain.
With the holidays just around the corner, SCARY, a lot of us have added stress. Long term, relentless stress can be one of the most damaging things for our bodies. Nagging deadlines, rush hour traffic, relationship problems, naughty kids are just some of the long term stressors we all deal with on a day to day biases. Unrelenting stress has been linked to weight gain, heart disease, insomnia and some cancers to name a few. Needless to say, we need to manage our stress. Take a few minutes out of each day to try and manage your stress. Take a yoga class, meditate, read a book, play with your kids, take a bath, go for a walk (burr) and clear your mind. To go along with yesterday's post, stress management and sleep are two of the major players in our overall health. So do yourself a favor and spend some time each day taking a few minutes to de-stress!
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