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Weezy F Baby

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Wayne, is an American rapper.

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Weezy F Baby and the F is for foamer
Never forget the greatness of Weezy F Baby
. Weezy F Baby and please say the mf F
Weezy F Baby and the F is for ferreting
Call him Weezy F Baby, please say the baby
Weezy F Baby and the F is for Fred Hampton
Weezy F Baby and the F is for FrancisGotHeat
Weezy F Baby, and the F is for (Cesc) Fàbregas, the first player to record 10 or more assists in six Premier league campaigns.
I knew Lil Wayne was considered the greatest when he said “Weezy F Baby and the F is for phenomenal,” and we let him g…
People: I'm disappointed in Lil Wayne . Me: Why did you have high expectations for Wayne? He said "Weezy F Baby & the F…
Weezy F Baby and the F is for Fry Cook
These youngins forget Weezy F Baby sold over 1 million records in a single week. Unheard of for today's trappers.
Weezy F Baby and the F is for Flatulence
"Finish this statement: Weezy F Baby and the F stands for."
My favorite rapper will always be Dwayne Michael Carter. Followed closely by Weezy F Baby( please say the baby) and Lil Tunechi.
"Weezy F Baby and the F aint for sleep" - Lil Wayne
Weezy F Baby and the F is for Friday night Smackdown
Carter 2 ten year anniversary in December! Please bring back Weezy F Baby. Miss that guy. The flow + bars were EPIC back then.
Weezy F Baby and the 'F' is for Forever 21
"Weezy F Baby and the F is for Phenomenal". - Lil Wayne
By Danny M Earlier today, Lil Wayne made an appearance on ESPN's “First Take” sports show in Miami, Florida to chop it up with Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and Cari Champion. During the conversation, Weezy F Baby spoke on why he is a Los Angeles Lakers fan, how he feels about the Miami Heat...
Just received a message from Lil' Wayne a.k.a Weezy F Baby; "I still have nightmares about it every night man, Austin Carlile throwing racial slurs at me, beating me, hurting me. My mother had to work extra hours just to give me the lunch money Austin Carlile then stole. Austin Carlile was and is a bully, everything he did has been achieved by bullying, putting fear into people and harm. I decided he is not worth my time and worked hard to become the best rapper alive. Started from the bottom, and now we here, and where is Austin now? Nowhere. I show that hard work pays off and that bullying pays none, *** " Those are some big words from a big, successful man. Take note to this, working hard is the road to success, worshiping Austin Carlile is the road to much less. Thank you Birdman Jr. for sharing this with us!
Lil Wayne Biography Real Name: Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Date Of Birth: September 27, 1982 Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America Labels: Young Money Ent/Cash Money Records/Universal Motown Nicknames: Best Rapper Alive, Birdman Jr., Dr. Carter, Gangsta D, Mr. Carter, Nino Brown, President Carter, Rapper Eater, Shrimp Daddy, Tune, Tunechi Lionchess, Weezy F Baby, Wizzle A game-changing artist and an impervious celebrity, Lil Wayne began as his career as a near-novelty — a preteen delivering hardcore hip-hop — but through years of maturation and reinventing the mixtape game, he developed into a million-selling rapper with a massive body of work, one so inventive and cunning that it makes his famous claim of being the “best rapper alive” worth considering. Born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. and raised in the infamous New Orleans neighborhood of Hollygrove, he was a straight-A student but never felt his true intelligence was expressed through any kind of report card. He found music ...
On Sunday's, Lil Wayne normally parties at LIV nightclub for "LIV on Sunday's", but not yesterday. Weezy F Baby was spotted partying at Bamboo nightclub in
PepsiCo have decided to drop Lil Wayne as their sponsor for Mountain Dew after his Emmett Till lyric on Future's "Karate Chop" remix. Weezy F Baby apolog
Lil Wayne Quote Of The Day: "She say she pray she have Weezy F's baby; And I be having seizures, but she say she can't shake me"
"Im Weezy F baby and the F is for 'P'henomenal... "
Weezy F. Baby, I do it big weigh me.
Weezy F baby and don't forget the F and if you do then get the F from 'round me
Don't let someone change who you are, to become what they need ♥
If I leave this earth it's going to be on both feet never knees on the dirt. ~weezy f baby
Weezy f baby and the f is for FUNNEL CAKE
Putting on some vintage weezy F Baby
Weezy f baby and the f is for flip flops
Weezy f baby and the f is for feathers
Weezy f baby and the f is for funions
Weezy f baby and the f is for funny guy
Weezy f baby and the f is for faart
Weezy f baby and the f is for finger painting
Weezy f baby and the f is for frogs
Weezy f baby and the f is for French toast
Weezy f baby and the f is for flare jeans
Weezy F baby and the F ain't for fear
awesome and at the same time that is song is the Spanish version to future's and weezy f baby's turn on the lights
Weezy F baby and the F is for philosophy
Weezy F baby and don't forget the F around me
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The tumblr page titled "Weezy F baby and the F is for..." Is ridiculous...they ran with it there yoh...never like that
yeah true..punchline for days..but he feel off some..weezy f baby & the f stands for (a million words that starts with F)
*** that *** wayne went back to Weezy F Baby on I'm good
"weezy f. Baby and the f is for phenomenal." WAIT A MINUTE..
"Weezy F Baby and the 'F' is for phenominal." Wait a minute Weezy...
Weezy f baby & the f is for phenomenal. OKAY Wayne.
i wanna know what the real F in Weezy F Baby is for lol
What does the "f" in Weezy F. Baby, really stand for?
Lil Wayne made an appearance on Jim Rome's sports talk show on Showtime last night. While we wait for a video of Weezy F Baby chopping it up with Jim to
Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Lil Wayne Influencing His Career [Video] After bringing out Lil Wayne a few days ago at Power 106′s 2012 Cali Christmas concert in Los Angeles, Kendrick Lamar chopped it up with KC about the man himself – Weezy F Baby. K. Dot discussed how much Wayne has influenced his music career and remembers listening to him during the Hot Boys days. I don’t know about you, but I can definitely hear Tunechi‘s influence when listening to the music from these “new” rappers today, such as Kendrick and A$AP Rocky.
SUPRA have just released their new footwear called S1W, which is a collaboration shoe from Stevie Williams and Lil Wayne. In the video above, Weezy F Baby
Lil Wayne retiring after the Carter V. .,. Weezy F Baby and the F is for for FINALLY”
Can't believe Kanye said " I'm in too deep, like Mekhi Phife" you *** Omar Epps was in that movie! That's as bad as when Lil Wayne said " Weezy F Baby/ The "F" is for Phemomonal" Lord help these clowns!!
When did Wayne evolve from little Wayne to weezy f baby?
Its Weezy F baby, please say the baby.
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"Weezy F baby and the F is for... PHENOMENAL." NO.
Weezy F. Baby, the keys to the ladies, keys to the cedes but PLEASE say the baby.
Weezy f. Baby . Please say the baby!
I'm tatted up like the subway in Harlem call em weezy f baby !!!
Let me stop. Eff a weezy. Weezy f baby won't give me the GRE scores I want. Or that moolah. Baby. Back to studying..
"Swallow my words, taste my thoughts/ n if its 2 nasty, then throw it back at me" - Weezy F Baby
Weezy F. Baby and the F is for Failure
Weezy F Baby and the F aint for Fear.
Weezy f baby and the f is for filanthropy
Weezy F Baby and the F is for Front do'
Now she wanna b weezy f baby sitter she say she wish she could cut my *** off and take it with her...
you know dats right. Weezy F Baby. Forreal doe, when I start weezin i cant stop.
Weezy f baby the key to the ladys, keys to the cedes but please say the baby
“If she make this di*k hard she woke up a sleeping GIANT!” WEEZY F BABY
Weezy F baby and the F is for Farmville
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Nicki can't walk. She been back stage smoking and drinking with my weezy f baby
hair to the back, hat to the front, weezy F baby tatted on the butt
We all know its all about that Lil Wayne weezy f baby
Weezy f baby, the key to the ladiesss
Weezy F baby and the F is for forget it
MEN lie about women, women lie about plenty. Weezy F Baby quote
Single is performed by Lil Wayne - Get lyrics, music video & widget and read meanings of this song here.
Well i get pay every 24 hrs money n da power kome to v.i.p n get a champain shower i dont have to worry bcus everything is ours n i got a big bukay of marryjane flawers(that kush,)! Ha weezy f baby
Lîl Wayne shared the following link and had this to say about it: The swaggest In da World # Weezy F Baby ! Lîl Wayne
Knock off yo whole left u all right!! Weezy f baby!!
QUESTION; do anybody know what the "F" stand for in Lil Wayne name "Weezy F. Baby"...because i dont think he KNO...ijs
If time is off the essence what if that clock is wrong---weezy f baby! Call him wack but you'll never mess with this dudes work
Weezy F baby and the F stands beside Fergie Alex
I throw up more cash and change the forecast - weezy f baby Lil Wayne
I'm breakin' her off, we breakin' the bed F-ck her like a dog, she shakin' her leg I'm killin' it soft, I'm makin' it red I'm makin' her talk, I'm makin' her beg I'm makin' her crawl, I'm makin' her run I'm makin' it numb, I'm makin' it *** I am Young Weezy F. Baby
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Jump off, jump off, the girl i5 a jump off, let her 5nort a mountain n 5he ju5t jumped off...F Baby.. N da F aint for fake
Throw it to the wall baby somethin gon stick...weezy f baby, dnt forget the f baby
Weezy f baby and the f is for finisher. Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer.
Lil Wayne ''Weezy F Baby'' Can't spell STUPID without U right in the middle.
Make your girl say my name like roll call *** ! lol -Weezy F Baby
I just realized the F in Weezy F. Baby stands for a whole lotta different F words.AMAZING!
Uumph!! Ice ice baby shake dat a$s juss like dice baby u hot and um tunchei I beat dat cat animal crualty um colder den yah man he should be yah Ex now throw dat a$s back like we playin pitch & catch.. f.ckin rite and all yu hear is p*ssy my name is show p.ssy sweet tooth roll tootsie if yu r wat yu eat den um soul p*ssy! F-baby && Kelly Rowland bumpin Ice !
"Weezy F. Baby and the 'F' is for phenomenal" Why did we just let that one slide? o.O
Happy birthday to the one person who is the EXACT same as me but the exact opposite at the same time. I love you B Weezy F Baby! Next year we're goin' hard for yo bday! And by hard I mean lots of Chipotle, a cardboard cut out of Weezy, and Mochis.
If you catch my girl legs open you better smash that, Don't be surprise if she ask were the cash at.weezy f. baby fan
Weezy F baby and the F is for phenomental .wait , whaaat ? o.o
In the great words of Weezy F Baby. " Ian Got No Worries" Im Sam and if you dont like it than Kick rock cause at the end of the day im not living for you! Aye 2x
Yeea some weezy f baby to get me in work mode!!..
Once u go black u're neva goin back. *dancin* weezy F baby
Can we take a shower together & wash each other's backs. And if she kicks it off Imma run it back. And then she say my name like I forgot it... She crazy about that *** # Weezy F Baby
Bandana mommy join my troop ne evry time she here my name she SALUTE... WEEZY .F BABY
Lol Lil Wayne dumb Jred , "Weezy F Baby and the f is for Phenomenal"
So in love wth weezy f baby wow I just wnna pull them dreads all day long his music really does sumthin to me I wnna b n weezy world pow Team weezy f bby
lmao!! D Wade sporting pants from the "weezy f baby" collection... Now, if they can only tighten up that defense as tight as them pants... and ooh yea, one more thing.. HEAT NATION OVER HERE!!
Look me in my face, i ain't got no worries -weezy f. Baby
She know I got a girl but she keep that shi a thousand - weezy f baby
Weezy F Baby and the F is for Franklin Delano Roosevelt my favourite president.
WAYNE- Run This Town off the 'No Ceilings Mixtape' Property of YME if you want to download this mixtape and also check out new up and...
Weezy f baby please save the baby done give that dope *** to her now its time to forget her I'm a pimp
suicide doors dont go up kanye u *** .. what a clown... almost as bad as weezy F baby and the "F" is for phenomenal??? dnt they have editors and producers?
Lil Wayne song - a milli... Is the hardest song ever, it's been years later and still no artist old or new can compete wit that song.! Weezy F Baby.!
[Lil' Wayne] Awwwaa MARIO!! and young weezy baby, so ya know that only means one thang, its the remix baby [Verse 1 - Lil' Wayne] So i met this shawty the otha day I got her number called her up like what you doin she said nothin I said whats good She said not much I said guess what? She said whats up I said i think we should hook up She said uhh I said what? She said but I said but? why you stuck? She said f**k I said who? She said not you I said then who? She said you know I know what? You know who I said i do? She said you do I said i do but i really dont because its you that i really want and we can do what you really Want girl we grown if he aint gone treat you right then i aint gone treat you wrong And thats my word but she done heard so many lies she dont whats true or not, shawty like a Valle service i swear she been through alot but i put her car in park and never let her cry alone I listen to her heart beat because it plays my favorite song [Chorus - Mario] I can hear your heart crying out for m ...
Weezy f baby im not a skater i all ways kiss myy daddy TUNCHIE
Seriously cannot stay focused this morning. I heard Lollipop earlier and now every other minute my brain is asking me, "What does the F. In Lil Wayne's nickname Weezy F. Baby stand for?" I wish it would ask someone else because I don't know and I have other things to do today. The internet is giving me conflicting informatiion. Can someone help me out here so that my brain can move on to gathering answers to other significant mysteries?
Weezy f baby ...i like da view frm here
It's Young Money# Lil' Wyane Ft GuddaGudda. Getme me High eryTime. Probably cuz I'm biologically correct when I say I am Young Money. ElJay The Dragon had to Tell you the true Alias B4 yall Mistake me_I am the Avatar and Reincarnation of BobMarley and Bruce Lee. Schizophrenic fusion Offspring to Weezy F Baby & Miss Nicki Minaj. Shinobi Jaymes Sevent Of God More then thy dreams Of making Swiss Every Stanza will leave you looking Holy. 0_0 I need my other half to be complete & I'm not tlkin bout E. Opposite me He is the Prophet using his gift to enlighten the masses. 1st on the agenda Legalize the tree of life, So can climb My stalks Stimulate ratchets and and learn the negelected yah know.
YMCMB is GARBAGE! The only ones good on there are Drake and Probably Nicki Minaj, Cuz Wayne is fell like a brick. MMG and G.O.O.D. Music are the ones actually on top. Weezy F Baby and the F is for fell off.
'Weezy F Baby and the F is for phenomenal'... wait, what ? O.o
U can keep knockin ...BUT u WONT knock me weezy f baby voice ;)
Lil Wayne is *** Smh no wonder why Weezy F Baby. Mad rich but ridiculous!!
How Lil Wayne gonna say "No Frank Ocean, I'm straight." when he kissing Stevie J on stage? Weezy F Baby and the F is for fruity.
Got a chance to meet up with Weezy F Baby and Eric Jones at Compton skatepark for a few clips. Lil Wayne obviously has been practicing and is a lot better. K...
Weezy F Baby... And the F is for funny...
Weezy F Baby man i gotta put the pressure on um Young money the special team, we so Devin Hester on um Right up on yo girl lips, got my *** restin on um Soon as it woke up, It came, and left it on um
If i could have a crazy dinner wit 5ppl it would be LudaChris, Meagan Good, Katt Williams,Weezy F Baby and ofcouse the gf ( )
*** forget The Clipse shot "Wat Happened To That Boy" in NOLA so I bet they do know wat Lil Wayne really bout!! Sorry To all The "Weezy F Baby" fans lol
In the video above, you can watch a rare video of Young Money performing their “How We Do” remix on their tour bus and at a show from when the group was just Weezy F Baby, Mack Maine, Boo and Curren$y. -
"Didnt ya mama teach ya not to f*** with them alliens. Im just trynna mate like a f* Australian. Dreams of f* ms Sarah Palin. and dont McCain look like his heart about to fail him. Scrarch that s*** Young Money we greatest. Add mo checks to my checking and savins. Add 4 Fs to the Weezy F Baby, now im Weezy F* F* F* F* F* Baby " Lil Wayne
I luv love Love LOVE Lil Wayne. Weezy. Weezy F Baby. Wayne. Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. And Soulja Boy, just not as much.
just combined Ray Lewis , Larry Fitzgerald, and "Weezy F Baby" names and created a whole new person. 😂
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Weezy F Baby and the F is for Farfetch'd.
U.S.D.A.- White Gurl (Remix)- *** I got that white girl, That Linsey Lohan, And all you gotta do is ask Linsey Lohan, And if you let that blow, Then girl i blow mines, So come and get this blow and then you blow mines and then you blow his and then you blow his, im fresh out of Christina but i got that Brittany Spears, Ya Dig, I got that white lady so im Drivin Ms. Daisy, and two grand fast get cha 4 and a baby"- Lil Wayne- Weezy F Baby in his Prime is the source for Weezy F Baby fans! We give you the latest news, music, pictures, videos, downloads, interviews and plenty more information you could need on the Best Rapper Alive.
Weezy F Baby, Lil Tunechi, Lil Wayne, whatever the *** y'all kall him... Dwayne Michael Carter will ALWAYS be my favorite rapper. period.
Weezy F Baby...the F is for fire. If you put me on a track I'll make it hotter than a lighter
And all my partnas got that heat I feel like Pat Riley! /Weezy F Baby/
Weezy F Baby and the F is for french fries...lunch time ^_^
"Weezy F Baby and the F is" for Falooda. Drake taught him that Slumdog Millionaire flow really well.
Weezy F Baby and the F stands for Forest Whitaker
Weezy F Baby and the F is for Liam Payne.
- Dwayne Michael Carter, Nae Nae's dad, Weezy F Baby and the F is for... , Tunechi, Wayne Del A Hoya!
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