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Weekend Update

Weekend Update is a Saturday Night Live sketch that comments on and parodies current events.

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Tina Fey Slams Donald Trump on Weekend Update, Eats a Lot of Cake: via
Tina Fey, an 'SNL' and UVA Alum, Urges Protesting With Cake on 'Weekend Update'. Shared from my…
Tina Fey ripping into Trump while stuffing her face with a during rant is a must watch: htt…
Since when is the weekend update supposed to be taken so seriously??? They're all jokes??
Tina Fey made an Epic return to 'Weekend Update' and took aim at 'White Nationalism'
Check out this video update about our upcoming weekend. Please be praying for all the lives that…
Worth watching the Tina Fey bit from tonight's SNL weekend update
Just saw someone call SNL Weekend Update "fake news." It's a comedic newscast but the news aren't fake. Folks STILL don't get what it means.
Another brilliant sketch from SNL Weekend Update last night. They were on fire!!
This segment on Weekend Update with the brilliant Tina Fey is attracting some criticism claiming…
Tina Fey’s cake-eating sent mixed messages and exposed her privilege. Here's why: htt…
No, Tina Fey. Go eat a sheet cake AFTER you've spent the day punching nazis. Tastes way better. via
Tina Fey’s cake-eating SNL bit means well, but her advice to ignore white supremacy is bad
Do bags of gummy bears and swedish fish count?
I've watched this 3 times and gets funnier every time. SNL Weekend Update: Tina Fey goes on cake-fueled rant
Tina Fey rightfully deserves her praise, but also check out Jimmy Fallon & Seth Meyers as Washington & Jefferson. https:…
CLUB UPDATE: Please note that there is no truth to the info that The Club is hosting U17 trials this weekend.
Tina Fey returns to for a scathing take on Nazis and Trump on
Tina Fey stuffs her face with cake as she rips Trump in return to Weekend Update
People are really mad at Tina Fey for that Weekend Update cake bit?
Oh yeah. Super disappointed by weekend update for the first time ever in my whole life
If you haven't seen this. See it. Tina Fey talks about Charlottesville on SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’
This is one of the funniest things I've seen. Thanks Tina Fey for alternative protest . activities htt…
Everyone needs to go and watch Tina Fey on Weekend Update last night because she's absolutely incredible 😂😭👏🏻
of the former SNL Weekend Update anchors, Seth Meyers had the best CVille response
I liked a video Weekend Update: Eric and Donald Trump Jr. on Their Summer So Far - SNL
Tina Fey introduces the world to in a hilarious segment
Tina Fey to white supremacists: 'It's not our country, we stole it from the Native Americans'
.as George Washington, was interrupted while talking about the "Robert E. Lee thing" on
She was on the Thurs edition of Weekend Update and said we should stay home and eat cake and laugh at Nazis marching.
And this is how you do it. I love I love Weekend Update. I love Tina Fey. Thought you all might need this. ❤️😂. ht…
I added a video to a playlist Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville - SNL
Tina Fey stress-eats a cake and blasts Trump on SNL's 'Weekend Update.
Hey there everyone! Be sure to read about my amazing weekend & my latest update on my new apartment! Link Below👇🏼…
A quick weekend update:. -Web dev, Hot Module Replacement is great. -Home automation, Homebridge is perfect for the Raspberry Pi. -Yay Bitcoin
RELEASE UPDATE: after a busy weekend, we still have approx. (6) cases of DUNK’S FERRY, (4) cases…
Wake up, agents! gets a huge update tomorrow, and the Survival expansion is free this weekend!.
Doom’s 6.66 update makes all DLC free and revises multiplayer progression.
Our telephone friendship service & respite at home service featured on over the weekend. Watch video:
Fall's prep sports opener, a Twins roller coaster weekend and much more in today's update.
I uploaded two new videos over the weekend 😊. A chatty update: LGBTQ+ Book Recommendations: https:…
news update... Last Weekend’s Greatest Hits - My, my, my. This past weekend sure was full of surp...
For some weekend reading and an update on Raasay's changing landscape - Nick Fairweather's latest Thirsty Books blog http…
. overseas update;. 1st weekend under 15cr . Lifetime will be under 30cr. Verdict-disaster. .
I hope new update in deep space Tycoon in Roblox realese today or this weekend
I haven't looked at the latest update, college my weekend. Should see the new perk system, new…
In case you missed our Kickstarter update this weekend, it's spicy. 💋Eight more days to make Year 5 happen!
Here's the second update for the Last Summer Bank Holiday Weekend + Leeds/Reading Festival
Hey everyone! We hope that you had a great weekend, we are back and set for another week of classes here at the...
More Summer Edition on Thursday at 9/8c! Until then, enjoy this week's full episode: htt…
Kenan Thompson’s LaVar Ball impression is hilariously accurate
Police say the victim of a weekend shooting in Cherry Creek State Park has died. . More:
UPDATE: President announces the DOJ has opened an investigation into the violence over the weekend.
Board update: Went full Trey on the double stack tubes screamers. Can't wait to play and Utrecht this weekend!…
August 10 - Weekend Update Summer Edition. Another SNL performance that is "Priceless" .
Am going to have the second update for the late Summer bank holiday weekend + later in around 15 minutes.
Update: it was bachelor party weekend I guess
PROGRAM BOOK UPDATE. Good afternoon! Prior to this weekend's pageant, we want to send out updated information...
Update from your CORBA President from the weekend!
Update to weekend wedding: got in a physical altercation with my drunk uncle aka Druncle. He was hitting on my cousin & i told him to GTFO
My heart goes out to Ric and his family and to all the true die-hard wrestling fans everywhere get well soon Ric
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Did you check out Yooka-Laylee's major content update this weekend?.
Kenan Thompson did a great impression of LaVar Ball on SNL's "Weekend Update: Summer Edition." Watch:.
Anthony Scaramucci -- the short-term White House communications director -- gets scorched by "Weekend Update"
SNL Weekend Update: Bill Hader's brilliant Anthony Scaramucci has 'no regrets, baby' via
'LaVar Ball' made an appearance on "SNL: Weekend Update" tonight 😂 . 🎥:
SNL's is back for a summer run. Will we see The Mooch? "There’s always a chance," told us.
A 17-year-old girl is struggling for her life after someone shot her while she was driving in D.C. Story on News4 after Weekend Update
first episode of Weekend Update: Summer Edition was so good & funny. Good appearances from some of the cast & Bill as Anthony.
"Bill Hader (in a committed impression as is the polite way of saying Meh! via
Thursday night's recapping everything from to "Weekend Update" to Snap's dancing hotdog: http…
SNL's Weekend Update hosts on their jokes: "We find out it's funny when the audience does.". See more tonight on
brings Bill Hader in as The Mooch for
Bill Hader's Anthony Scaramucci has 'no regrets, baby' on ‘Saturday Night Live
'SNL Weekend Update’ returns for summer with Trump sons.
are you aware your affiliate bumped the premier of Weekend Update for a LifeLock infomercial? Terrible programming choice.
Ask the Coach: Is running less the only solution to heel pain? Pub Run Friday in Clay http…
Bill Hader returns to to give the Mooch his time to shine on 'Weekend Update'
One of the best moments from last season: Weekend Update: Al Franken and Jeff Sessions
I assume SNL will air a special episode this weekend, and have Norm MacDonald on Weekend Update.
The only disappointing part of OJ being denied parole is that Norm MacDonald isn't host of 'Weekend Update' anymore
I liked a video Weekend Update: Beck Bennett - SNL
I added a video to a playlist Derek Zoolander & Hansel (Weekend Update) - SNL
Norm MacDonald did a couple of funny Trump jokes on Weekend Update way back when.
Billie Jean King is speaking at Northwestern's graduation this year, too bad I only know who she is thanks to SNL Weekend Update.
I liked a video Weekend Update: Jay Pharoah on Katt Williams and Kevin Hart's Feud - SNL
Vanessa Bayer as the local news weather lady on Weekend Update is inspired genius. I could never have come up with that.
Scarlett Johansson canoodled with Weekend Update's Colin Jost at the SNL season finale after-party…
another half journalist! ScarJo hooks up with 'SNL' 'Weekend Update' host Colin Jost via
Don't forget, Weekend Update will be back this summer!
Watch SNL's Weekend Update break down Trump and James Comey . As they have done all season long, Michael Che and C…
Hamilton Collection
ENT: SNL: Pete Davidson talks sobriety and rehab on Weekend Update
Pete Davidson returned to the Weekend Update desk and riffed on what it’s like to be drug-free.
Weekend Update was pretty great also, esp Cecily Strong.
Weekend Update: David Ortiz on Yankee Stadium - SNL - David Ortiz (Kenan Thompson) reveals what he...
I liked a video Weekend Update: Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy on Passover 3 - SNL
Dan Ackroyd to Jane Curtain during Weekend Update...Jane, you ignorant *** (circa 1978)
I just saw a ranking of Weekend Update anchors that had Kevin Nealon second to last and that's it I'm deleting the Internet.
Michael Che and Colin Jost have been doing Weekend Update for almost 2 years Nina😂
'Saturday Night Live' to spin off 'Weekend Update' to prime time this August
'SNL' 'Weekend Update' segment gets summer prime-time run
Thursday just became the new Saturday for SNL's Weekend Update.
. . You gotta make this a skit for SNL and SNL WEEKEND UPDATE! . Can't get any better than this!…
'SNL' Weekend Update expands with 30-minute weekly telecast
never in my life will i be against seeing more of and Michael Che doing weekend update
As a casual SNL fan over the years, Weekend Update wasn't my first instinct; I wanted to write his Burt Reynolds impersonation.
'SNL' 'Weekend Update' segment headed to prime time
This is awesome. Can't wait to watch. Congrats, 👏🏻👏🏻.
it's something else my man!! I got some big plans this weekend but I'll hit you up later and give you the first month update!!
'SNL' segment 'Weekend Update' is getting its own show
⚡️ “SNL's Weekend Update is headed to primetime”.
Weekend Update is always one of my favorite sketches. Congrats & Michael Che!
Seems writing, pacing, and prime time slot-wise they will try to update the weekend drama format to make it more attracti…
Martin is an *** Weekend update is funniest part of SNL! Good luck guys.. haters gonna hate
update: I got to read through all of the available shows and workshops I can go to this weekend, and I'm pumped!
There was a time that I would have been very excited about this but now it's just kinda like meh
at what point did you just stop reading the news? You hosted Weekend Update! You were a respected fake newsman once!
Colin Jost and Michael Che will appear in Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update, alongside other SNL cast members.
Update is coming to primetime! Weekend Update premieres August 10 at 9/8c!
is expanding with a weekly half-hour telecast featuring and Michael Che.
Trump is an amusing, terrifying punchline on 'SNL' Weekend Update
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
She was funny her first stab at Weekend Update just before Seth Myers quit. Sadly SNL hasn't been funny much for some time.
Stop promoting Bernie Sanders on Weekend Update. Sanders lost by MILLIONS OF VOTES TO HILLARY CLINTON. And she beat Trump by 3M.
...alex and mikey have the creepy acorns down COLD. YAY! CHEERIOS IN A ZIPLOCK! "-DDD
I've been fast forwarding through Weekend Update since he took over. I only pause if Leslie Jones shows up to chew him out.
last night was a great experience but I would pay good money to see an entire show dedicated to the weekend update segment
Why don't I know these guys names? They're killing it on weekend update…
'SNL' segment 'Weekend Update' continues to lambaste Donald Trump
When you have to leave your critter for the weekend, and the dog-sitter sends this update. 💔💔💔
portrait update: The portrait is done!!! There's just touch ups here and there. It'll be revealed next weekend!!! 👀😃
Happy to report that all system icons are now updated and themed for We should be good to summit that update this…
I liked a video Weekend Update on Fake News Sites - SNL
u do know weekend update segment isn't real news right? Or maybe u dont? Oof
WEEKEND UPDATE SUNDAY 3/5: PARK OPEN!. *All trails are open*. Still a bit snowy and muddy in shady areas like...
“The Trump boys” stop by SNL’s Weekend Update, snacks at the ready
Trump's wiretap accusations and Pence's emails get the 'SNL' Weekend Update treatment
Email update sent to all guests! We look forward to seeing you next weekend!!!
Here it is, guys - the update we've been teasing at all weekend. Our next campaign will go live... https:…
'goes after Trump's wiretap accusations in Weekend Update
'SNL' goes after Trump's wiretap accusations in Weekend Update
daehwakoh(Dr. Stranger producer)IG Update wz (in 2014). Good memory of the flight. Have a nice weekend.
Weekend Update is consistently the only good part of SNL. You da best
I think should be able to do a Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live this season, like guest anchor
Weekend Update: . Just watched park it in Victory Lane in the Rinnai 250
and the winner is SECOND CHANCES. I'll see if I can get an update ready for it by this weekend.
Jets CB Darrelle Revis was allegedly in an altercation involving five men in PIttsburgh over the weekend…
Busted my butt to get the rest of my videos uploaded so I could spend the weekend playing ARK. Now it and Rainbow Six Siege need to update —
Important update. the minor game this weekend between Ballymac and is now not going ahead.
Thank you for the UI update. Working on getting that info up this weekend.
UPDATE: There is 174 days left until Fair weekend. Just so you know
Update Heading to Toy Fair this weekend! via
Website Builder 728x90
UPDATE!! This is the last weekend to order a shirt and turn the…
Holy crap I thought this was an SNL weekend update skit... That looks just like Michael Che
At the Farm getting an update before that storm comes this weekend!
PM Update: The next warm up starts Friday, then kicks into gear for the weekend
update: I'll be seeing Brody McKnight this weekend 😁❤
Looking for something to do this weekend? Come check out Long Beach Comic Con!. I'll be exhibiting with pink owlet
Sorry, I've been more absent than expected, life eh. I'll share some music & give ya'll an update of things to come on FB over the weekend.
update: now that he knows, Excision next weekend HERE WE COME!
Afternoon all. Just to update you that this weekend will start at the slightly later time of 11:45am
Update: first time going back to Iowa City since this. hoping I won't have to call the police this weekend :,)
Holly Oak Cemetery Cleanup, Having a Disciple's Heart, Cookie Ministry, God's Girls and more in the Weekend Update!
Chicago toddler shot and killed; 11-year-old wounded in weekend shooting.. Related Articles:
That's all from me tonight! I'll be back on Saturday for a weekend update. Have a brilliant Friday whatever you're doing 😃 :)Ollie
I have written for all of them, but I want to update them with my own favourites and bets in the final Oscar weekend :)
*SERVICE UPDATE* From this weekend there will be changes to our services in Wakefield and Leeds…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Gonna finish recording this new mixtape over the weekend, keeping my fingers crossed itll be ready the next, ima update ya monday💪
Weekend Update on the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling. Plus more from and Michael Che on the App:
Update my boyfriend is cooking an entire goose this weekend.
Galaxy Plushie shop update this weekend 💫✨
I'm taking over teen party playlist this weekend with
Okay, he's totally ripping off Cecily Strong's "girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party" We…
Finally we are getting new Pokemon at the weekend with the next update to PokemonGo. About time!
Update: We still have a few spots left for our Point Reyes Backpacking Trip this weekend (Saturday - Monday)!!...
It does read a bit like a Nicholas Fehn transcript.
We get tomorrow and Monday off school 🎉🎉🎉 gonna play that Dragon Ball Fusions update over the long weekend
Update: Factions WILL be in this weekend!
So this happened last night! DJ Salinger draws in Colin Jost of 'Saturday Night Live' with his Wax on Wednesday...
Asheville Weekend Update - This week we feature the "Bike Love 2017" event + plenty of other tasty events to sink …
This weekend a more extensive update on the new location of the Malmö HQ will be released. We are now based in the neighbourhood "Koggen".
-This was last weekend.u need an update!
Quick Weather Update... -5 and sunny right now BUT the weekend? 9 degrees all weekend!. ~ Ryan
This has put my mind at ease, as well as a lot of people! Now time to focus on the important matter of this weekend!
Sent off 2000 more invitations to explore this weekend's Technical Alpha play session! New update video com…
UPDATE: Due to expected weather conditions this weekend, has been moved to Presidents' Day on Monday from noon t…
Gatta update to OBS studio this weekend. Zzzz
ICYMI: USSSA Weekly Update from this past weekend. Catch up on USSSA sports w/
Weekend Update's stopped by last night after performing at
OPENING WEEKEND UPDATE: due to weather, the times of our 3 games have changed! We're now playing Fri at 2 PM, Sat at 6 PM…
UPDATE I'm slowly feeling better and I'm on amoxicillin now and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be feeling pretty good by the wee…
Colin Jost of 'Saturday Night Live's' 'Weekend Update' stops by Wax on Wednesday at Tellus360
they could just do whole show as one long cold open interspersed with musical act- Weekend Update as play by play commentators
Well, with that presser, I'm sure that SNL will have a ton of cold start and weekend update material..
Just got a new update on the last weekend's event. We landed ourselves in a first and second place, and not a third place!
Top story: 'SNL' Weekend Update crams a week of Trump missteps into 8 minutes see more
SNL's Weekend Update map is missing the Caspian Sea. And the Great Lakes. Did they just leave off all landlocked bo…
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Weekend Update: Kate McKinnon is maybe our greatest living performer
Watch: SNL’s Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren grills the Weekend Update hosts.
FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: NBC looking to capitalize on Trump & spin off SNL's Weekend Update into 30-min weekly prime time show.
Just read a critique of Colin Jost and Michael Che that called them the worst Weekend Update other than Kevin Nealon and Colin Quinn
Weekend Update on Russia Hacking the Election: "Donald Trump was just acting like a patriot"
I liked a video Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Transgender Rights - SNL
Hi! Here are some cool free vids of Weekend Update. Pt 1: and Pt 2: Hope…
Pete Davidson makes a glorious return to Weekend Update on
And now Weekend Update with Jane Curtain and Bill Murray. I'm laughing already.
Cecily Strong needs to be on Weekend Update again
Weekend Update: Adam Sandler and the Hanukkah Song - Saturday Night Live via
Ross, a former Red Sox catcher, also performed his perplexing home run celebration with Weekend Update anchor...
That lady in the cartoon that I mentioned earlier is Fredricka Whitfield. SNL should hire her for Weekend Update.
Also, Saturday's SNL was really a banger of an episode. Black Jeopardy, Weekend Update was great, David S. Pumpkins...
Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Being Hacked, my girl is amazing
Leslie Jones owned her hackers during "Weekend Update" sketch on
Catching up on SNL from last night. was INCREDIBLE in this Weekend Update segment.
Leslie Jones killing it on Weekend Update on
Update: still after a weekend in Iowa. Being 23-0 & the ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM IN THE NATION feels pretty…
UPDATE: is now having the same PC issues as SwerveCityElite. At this time, do not expect streams this weekend.
There are several sports stories to keep up with over the weekend. We help sift through it to keep you updated. https:/…
Alumni Update! What a weekend of 🏃‍♀️! alice_icecream9 lead the way for her team placing second…
Just a quick update on Junior results over the weekend. Well done to all kids, they conducted themselves...
- Thank you so much for early weekend update. My sanity and peace of mind will benefit from your wisdom.
Weekend update: relieved by all getting more attention than
I can't wait for weekend update tonight where they say that despite the trump video Hillary is still the worst
Effective now, through the weekend, a boil water advisory is in effect for An update will be issued Tuesday…
[Update]: Selena has not left the treatment center and she was just out for the weekend and will be returning soon
Best SNL skit I've seen in a long time. Hilarious!
Update: I made it through the weekend! 🙌🏼
Last highlight update for the weekend:. Middle School Mixed 8+: SILVER!!
The controversial and more new movies on this long weekend:
Will your players suit up for this weekend's games? Find out with a comprehensive injury update from
Update: Mom came to DSM for the weekend and also bought me tupperware and a measuring cup 😧
Weekend plans update... I have managed most of this, except Netflix. . There has been no Netflixing.
This skit will never not be funny to me:
MUSIC UPDATE: New Pledge tier to launch this weekend w/loads of new ways to support my new record incl. original sketches!…
UPDATE: A not so happy thanksgiving weekend for one Winnipeg football team
Channel Update: Everyday will have a 7 Days to Die episode at 12pm PST. Starting next weekend Fri-Sun Will add Bioshock as a 2nd video.
I can't step away from the Trumpocalypse for more than 30 minutes without there being a new, excellent update. What a great weekend.
Find a full list of weekend winners now on 51's Weekend Update:
SATURDAY EVENING UPDATE (Note this will be the weekend's final update.). Most of the roads are clear of debris...
WEATHER UPDATE: After a hot weekend, temperatures will start to cool off this next week in Fontana…
So Steve, w/ your professional IT career managing TDSB network, why wld it take a 3-day long weekend to update the…
I'll have our members only Weekend Update podcast today w comments on Trump & all updates. Join us!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Watching your Weekend Update clips online. Noticed that you glance off-screen to the left after nearly ever joke. What gives?
This weeks update followers, fun quiz thrown in as well. Happy weekend
its the weekend.No update yet on where you guys are at with the update... Would really be nice to know when to expect it.
Latest Update from EM - Prepare for Deteriorating Conditions Throughout the Weekend
Really concerned about what's happened this weekend at . You should be aware - happy to update you
Update: it looks like Mafia 3 will be patched to include 60fps support as soon as this weekend https:/…
Leeds warehouse fire: "Firefighters have done an excellent job containing what has been a very serious fire."
Lost his mind on our last Weekend Update.
I don't know if Rick Perry was one of Bill Hader's all time greats but I have always loved Weekend Update clip
I'll also miss Jay Pharoah, too. Weekend Update: Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal on Kobe Bryant's Retirement
I mean... I thought this was the Weekend Update guys at first.
is a legend, and has been one of my favorite comedians since her first appearance on Weekend Update. Stay amazing.
Weekend Update: Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the RNC - SNL via
Watch the SNL Weekend Update team take on the Republican National Convention:
Don’t miss a special convention edition of SNL’s Weekend Update from Cleveland, tomorrow at midnight on MSNBC!
Weekend Update reports Francisco Franco is still dead and Rowan Atkinson is alive.
Bobby Moynihan.. His Anthony Crispino character on Weekend Update is second to none.
Weekend Update will never be the same without Seth Meyers
Weekend Update is not what is use to be... I miss Seth Meyers
I liked a video Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle and Peter Drunklage - Saturday Night Live
I'm so tired of preppy little boy boy Colin Jost on Weekend Update. What happened to rebels like Dennis Miller and Chevy Chase?
Colin Jost comes off as a very likable dude. Mad props to him for taking the reigns of Weekend Update & killing it.
When Colin Jost cracked up during Weekend Update was the highlight of my weekend.
I wish that every Weekend Update would end in a Colin Jost and Leslie Jones "flirtmance" segment!!
a friend asked me why I liked Colin Jost on Weekend Update. I said he's a hot nerd who is funny. What's not to like?
Did you prefer Norm MacDonald or Colin Quinn on Weekend Update?
"Weekend Update" features Finesse Mitchell as Donovan McNabb and Kenan Thompson as McNabb's mom from the Campbell's Chunky Soup commercials
I wish Dr. Jack Kevorkian was still around to put out of its, and our, misery. Do a half-hour Weekend Update and trash the rest.
How and her characters have become the best part of Weekend Update 📺
How is "Fox Sports Live" on FS1 still on the Air?! This is like an awkward sports version of "Weekend Update" on SNL...
defo but then I've only seen Michael Che mostly on Weekend Update, he's barely in sketches tbh
Flashback to Michael Che on SNL Weekend Update: “The Oscars ceremony is so long and so white and so boring it might actually win an Oscar."
That Jada/Rhianna joke was really close to the Michael Che joke from Weekend Update a couple weeks ago
I will say this about Kenan Thompson tho: he's probably got the strongest Weekend Update character resume of any SNL castmember ever.
Did you hear there was a blizzard this weekend?
Hey hope you all had a great weekend! 😀
Update to my Kingfisher blog from the weekend. .
The 20th SCGA TOC has been cancelled for this weekend. Rescheduled dates will be on Feb. 13-14. More information -
Hi FB Friends & Family Hope you all had a great weekend and a better week ahead. Anthony Update He out of Hi Care...
After two blind play tests and a few standard games, the biggest update of the weekend is to the wildcard.
lol girl I was a mess all *** weekend writing. Candy and Bruno stress me out! I'm gonna update again today
Update on a pair of prospects who were considering visits for this weekend...
Thanks to all who followed me this weekend for coverage. I'll try to update AMAP w/ Back to work now!
Update on two offered prospects that were considering visits next weekend...
UPDATE: Barksdale airmen has been identified in fatal stabbing over the weekend >>>
Best performances by Iowa endurance athletes over weekend, including and
New Update - bombing kills another 200 civilians over the weekend as Peace Talks stumble:
Seeing hit on on weekend update will always be my favorite
A weekend of Mardi Gras parties and a shocking admission by my wife. Details here:.
As of this weekend: we've released all of our Round 2 interview invitations. An update from our admissions team:
Weekend Update. Not the SNL kind. All up in that via
How did your site fair in the latest Google Search update -
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