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Weekend Today is the unofficial title of the Saturday and Sunday editions of Today, an American morning news and talk show which airs daily on NBC.

The last one out of the shop today... Delivered during a hail storm!!!. Have a fabulous weekend lovely people xx...
I just want to take a minute to thank my son for being cranky so that we'd cancel our plans this weekend. It's snowing today.
Bible study today and the women's conference/church tomorrow. I'm having a God-filled weekend and I like it.
Happy Weekend! We hope you're up to something fun in the sun today. :)
Happy weekend, friends! Enjoy the beautiful weather + visit us for $5 Caesars during brunch today till 2pm!
Weekend is here. We've got dibs on feeding everyone today!
Get this done today. And tomorrow. Definitely on the weekend !
Congratulations toAggies receiving rings today! Welcome to Aggie families here for Parents' Weekend! https…
Biggest tournament weekend in New England NE Hoopfest starts today who turning up for
Good Saturday come in today and pick up your marshmallow treats for the weekend!
Despite the weather, a "blooming marvellous" weekend is expected at the Flower Show today and tomorrow.
Going to be a good weekend, running the store today, bday party tonight for friend, and a day to work on Great Dream tomorrow. Wooo
"Whoop Whoop! It's the Weekend! Sunrise over Cedar Pt in St Marys GA Today!😎" via
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I know we are. Maggie completed her first race today!
A little weekend glamour! Working away today putting all the finishing touches on some of our new bridal gowns! 💍👰👰
Most do they just scared to admit it today I'm in s very good mood it's the weekend 🤗
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Congratulations to Sue Garrod on being with Tydemans for 30 years today. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Dear body,. Why did you have to pick today to be sick? Don't you know it's the weekend? 😭😞😷
Good thing it's a weekend because if it wasn't, Pike County schools would be out today.
Hoping the rain holds off for game two of the weekend series vs. Texas Tech today at 1:00 PM
lol! Just being *** ridiculous today. Need some excitement in my life this weekend. Looking for some ghetto cruise on FB
we are up at UConn today we did sacred heart yesterday good weekend of football
I have a training to complete that has 11 different exams. Sent yesterday, due today. What is Saturday? What is weekend?
Ill have my own form of weekend after today so I defiantly will
Today is the day. Get ready for 3 Day Startup! Follow us this weekend to keep up with the action!
Weekend rain = stir crazy parents = kids. $9 Rainy Day Play today from 10:30 to 7 p.m. $9/child as long as you'd like to stay.
Merci . yes, actually this weekend is "my turn", so we had some time today and will go to soccer tomorrorow good times
Well I have today and tomorrow off. This is weird. I have an actual weekend 😳
That's all from us at the showroom today, have a great weekend and see everyone on Monday!
Weekend plans Burnaby? Stop in and say hi Burnaby Crest. for some Prima samples and nutrition inspiration. Today 11-3pm!
Join us for our weekend breakfast menu today and tomorrow, plus our other amazing specials -
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Are you going to Relay for Life today? Head over to SEFCU before 3pm for loads of fun!
My dad's bringing by food today and that's as exciting as my weekend gets 🙃
Anyone else grabbing a pass today for ETG 12 ? Lets get to 35 this weekend !
You missed the moms weekend show last night? Don't worry! There's two more today at 2pm and 8pm in https:…
Addiction Weekend on might now leave my apartment today 😁
.Grand Opening Weekend has arrived with today!
Going to try and start working on my next demo today, might give you guys a sneak peak at some point this weekend :-)
A year ago I had the privilege to spend a weekend with an amazing Wheat Team. I miss TEC, I miss home, and I miss WT 305 so much today. ❤️
Can't make it to Get your fill at these other great events today! https:…
For Parents' Weekend, there will be free tours of Kyle Field and the Hall of Champions on Saturday! Tickets & info:
Today will be the gem of the weekend w/mostly sunny skies & seasonable temps. Much cooler w/ showers Sunday.
Good luck to Captain Love this weekend at . He tees off at 12:50pm ET today.
Got sister ball game today/pictures. Though i heard that there was an air show in corpus Christi Texas this weekend. Saturday April 9th
was getting a coffee today and thought of you bro .. Enjoy the weekend !!
It's not even 30° today, and next weekend is supposed to be 70°. I'll believe it when I see it. Either way I'll be on my boat!
Random thought:. Wishing everyone nothing but good things today. And its the Weekend, baby!!! Be safe and have...
volunteers set new record today by packing 256 weekend meals just in two hours for our program! Great job!
There are 15 (!) matches featuring players' clubs on U.S. TV today:
Yay! It's the weekend! Here are 36 things to do in Metro today to keep it going htt…
My goal for today is not get injured and be able to play throughout every game this weekend.. let's see how it goes..
Darlene and Melissa are spreadin' the soul today and next weekend at Costco in Apex, NC. For PC locations, visit...
It's so great to see all of our students and their siblings today!! Happy weekend!!
Once again for a race weekend. MotoGP this time. It's a bit rainy today but it's cool out.
will be this weekend as we cheer on TU baseball take 2 today!
So nice to see so many happy customers today..we wish you all a wonderful weekend💐 .
PLAYOFF SCRAMBLE: A look at the various clinching scenarios for today’s 15-game slate.
Today's from our little new house at 🏠💕
Continuing Heroes Weekend w/ Military Appreciation Day, current members & veterans get in FREE for today's game! Gates open at 12.
Enter to win a weekend getaway to by answering today’s trivia question!
Spending the whole weekend at the Today with the California Wine Fair, tomorrow with ✨
World of in today's Business standard weekend cover story.
It's the weekend! 🙌🏼 . Two uploads on . First one is today!
TODAY'S FORECAST: It's MiamiBeachPride weekend! NBC 6 has your latest forecast
You can find today's segments here, including flavours from
Gusty winds this weekend w/ sct'd shwrs today. Storms east of DFW Monday then colder Tuesday. htt…
I'm trying to get stuff done today but the snow is impeding everything 󾌡 so super glad I'm not moving this weekend ❄️
Had a weekend shoot today at school for NYFA.. Had a messed up filming cause of the rain and…
Lol I'm going to text all my new friends I made this weekend today
I have to pre film so much today because I'm leaving this weekend but I'm SO sick ugh
So all of last week, I was waking up exactly at 4:11/4:12 AM & this last weekend I was waking up between 5-6 AM. And today I woke up at 8 AM
MT Waves host CSUN on TODAY and Texas A&M for a 3-game series over the weekend. Notes:
I'm exhausted today but this weekend was worth it!
You pushing 30 today or what?! Lmao. Happy birthday Patty! Have a good day and don't turn up. The weekend was it. Lol. Love you!
You'll be able to download today's later through the podcast at Enjoy your weekend. https:…
rehearsals in LA today! Getting ready for next weekend's three shows! Tickets - h…
Pharmacy Alumni Weekend is April 15-16. Register today & join us for a fun weekend in Oxford!
No sun for you. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe Thursday. But can still look forward to a sunny weekend https:…
.in action at squad training today in UCD ahead of this weekend's game v
I was wearing dresses all weekend and today it decides to snow. Way to go NM. ☹️
Seriously? I just had the top of my jeep all weekend, and I did put it back on last night, but today it's snowing?😒🙄
Skipping one of my classes today because I missed Milo to much this past weekend.. 😅
We'll be on the on today at 9am talking about this weekend in
I dun loaned so many pimps money over the weekend & still is today. They lil jugs but still. Ism gotta tighten up.
Good ride today with some TOP lads. Threw some horrid efforts in and I’m now TOO keen to race this weekend!
75 degrees over the weekend and it's snowing today 😂😂 ABQ is wack.
I'm feeling a little better today. This week is going to drag. Looking forward to this weekend.
Last weekend I was loving the warm weather and today it's snowing..
I got the new game this weekend! It's been in Zach's car tho. I should start playing it during breaks today.
I have a bunch of hw to do today that I should've done on my 3-day weekend:)
Farcry primal comes out today. Maybe thats what I'll be streaming this weekend. Stay tuned
What a beautiful weekend. Today's the start of a new week... Make it count.
Wait till we meet you this weekend "All those I'm a Barca and Arsenal fan. We'll see y'all today 👍🏾"
The Door County Sled Dogs are gearing up for their visit this weekend. Make your reservations today...
Try these tonight or this weekend - take advantage of the weather later today before it starts snowing. (ugh!)
Missing for 3 weeks, February is found! Cold, wet, blustery, raw today. It's temporary though, 70-deg weather returns …
Highlight of today has been somehow synchronising both the toaster and the kettle to stop at the same time... Living for the weekend
I got a sneak peek today of the new in Stroudsburg. You will too this weekend.
Today I have to go to the dentist, I know she's going to kill me, the weekend... "-"
I enjoyed a very beautiful weekend I hope you did While in today I shall enjoy while I dine . 💜Sempre💜 htt…
Yesterday 65 degrees. Today snowing. Tomorrow 60. Near 70 by weekend. We love our 4 seasons all in a week!!
Over the weekend checked out some new hardware. What's up today? Visit
Don't forget to enter today's giveaway to CYT Fredericksburg's presentation of Aladdin, Jr. this weekend. I'm...
Oh god I'm in such a strange mood today. Strange-good, I mean. I'm off until Friday now (weds/thurs is usually my weekend you see)
.has their home opener today and here's a rundown of their series over the weekend in Florida
after that long of a weekend getting up today was way harder then I thought it would be 💤👋🏼
It's sunny and warm the past weekend here in Lubbock, then today it's cold and rainy and crap.
find WORLDVIEW WEEKEND with Brannon Howse. Find "replay today's program" hit "listen now". :-)
I made chicken taco filling in the crockpot this weekend so I can pretty much have tacos whenever, including today.
Good morning, Tuesday! It's 8:00am Have you booked your adventure for this weekend? Visit today!
She spent the weekend in the hospital to get help. Told me she was sorry for everything. And today shes out scoring dope. I give up. 😵
Good Morning Everyone! Today we get you set for The Color Run! It's this weekend downtown. Details on how you can...
A Weekend Getaway with Nutty the Maine *** Cat - Guest Post & Giveaway today at Cozy Up With Kathy!...
Ready to go out today and play for Wish he was here playing this weekend
To all my friends across the pond... is in theatres today! Who's watching this weekend?
A 3 hour operation for today on his broken metacarpals, returning home this weekend. More info later today.
Weeks .MUFC EXCLUSIVE NEWS understands meetings have taken place with Woodward and Mendes over today and the weekend and the…
Finally going to school today after having a 5 day weekend smh lol
Sweet n’ Sour Chicken in the blog today!!. This recipe is perfect for a weekend night or a weekday when you have...
We need you in full-force this weekend, get your tickets for the Florida series today:
It's my granny's birthday today and we're having a big party this weekend so this morning she said "I want to stay in tonight" 😂
p sure i had some sort of hw thing due today but i didn't do anything all weekend so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Today I am thankful to made more memories with Mike Cahill and this weekend.
Have you seen the new mini boxes? We have just reviewed one over on the blog today, take a look
I spent some time relaxing by the pool today in Florida. I love quick weekend getaways. ht…
Today's baseball game against East Rankin has been cancelled. Join us at Volunteer Field this weekend for four games!
Are you already counting down the days til the weekend? Come stop by today from 10am - 8pm and get a break from...
Today showing love for X-Plosive Mas Band who will be playing mas in this years Bermuda Heroes Weekend - Head...
Drop the EP today instead of this weekend
Very nice finish to a lovely holiday weekend. Nice to see you lovely, yummy humans at the hot springs today.
I was going to do flvs today but then I realized its Harry Potter weekend and that's important right now.
So thankful for my family, who spent their long weekend helping me move and settle in to the house. And for today, when we rested together.
Yay :D I got to see it the first time today and it was pretty cool :) Seeing it in IMAX next weekend :)
Apparently went a little too hard this weekend bc my stomach is not handling alcohol today
set another record high today of 75! One more 70 degree day Monday, then 60s Tuesday & Wednesday with 40s for highs by weekend!
New mascara works great an I'm getting my phone fixed and I got new makeup today and yesterday was good... Can this weekend get any better?
If Case Keenum wins today at Seattle, you are looking at possibly the best winning weekend for the worst QB's in NFL h…
Yeah I saw it today. I'll review it as soon as I have time. Probably next weekend.
First Arsenal lost in a blow out yesterday and the Packers lose in embarrassing fashion today... Not my teams weekend...
Comfort food for today ... Much needed. GoodBye weekend
Technical Analyst Bay, Administrative and office support activit...
Had a Really Good Weekend at Work .. Was in the Top 3 Sales Yesterday &' Got the Most Accounts Today 😊💅
The long weekend make me kinda lazy today😂
Did you least make it into a bra today or did you make it a free titty weekend
A bit quiet after the Christmas weekend so just a few to pick out today see at
Perfect weekend with winning today in an OT thriller!!!
I never come to the Beverly center ... Why did we come today?!? The weekend after Christmas 😑
Now 6-0 in the NFL today with SNL left to go. Congratulations to everyone enjoying our 13-4 (76%) Football Weekend & 18-5 (78%) Bowl run.
Its been a great weekend turn up with the family and with my friends. Football today with my ***
I smoked some mid over the weekend and today
Real tough loss today, but hey easy one at home next weekend
Anybody in the UK with a newish Audi that wants to give me a weekend alone with the car and my laptop? ._. Intrigued by today's findings.
Thanks for worshipping with us today. Have a great week and see you next weekend!
you made it back to Indy! I left today for Williamsburg VA. Will be back in Tarpon next weekend
Its A Boxing Day public holiday today. The real day happened on the weekend so i don't know why...
thought this weekend would've been lit😔 Friday was, just not yesterday or today..
Such a busy day. ..we are still in a long weekend breaks, but I have to open the office today to help one of my...
Chiefs win, seahawks lose. And my weekend begins. Today wasn't a bad day!
Great weekend! Family Xmas at my parents yesterday l. And today just trying to keep warm from this winter storm watching in Hulu!
Today with Art at Papa's house! Hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend.
Idk if yesterday was the best day of 2015 or today was. Either way, solid weekend
Like today I'm thinking I don't want to do anything on my bday weekend plus the day of is a Monday and I'll be @ school anyways
By far the best thing I've done this weekend is teach my niece to respond to "what do we say to the God of Death?" with "not today!"
Thinking of retail workers today and throughout this weekend on these busy days!.
Yesterday Em and I watched both Maze Runner movies. Today we saw and are now watching Living the YA dream this weekend.
Big Ben & Antonio Brown not only lost to Ravens today, they cost a lotta fantasy football owners in the championship game this weekend.
Mad weekend and back to work today. 😩
I have not had a single bite of food today. Also I got 10 hours of sleep this entire weekend and I'm hungover as *** so basically I'm dead
My real birthday party isnt until next weekend so i've enjoyed a pretty chill day today :)
Seeing you all weekend too not seeing you today ***
Drove home this Saturday, Christmas stuff today. Lan party next weekend.
We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas weekend and are enjoying the public holiday today... Leading on BWO is...
This has been a weekend of fun family competition! Today was The Game created by my brothers.
Holiday weekend service today. Northwood service only; reduced frequency and hours.
I hope everyone had a great christmas! We are open today till 7pm! Happy long weekend!
What a BIG weekend. Well back to work for some of us - WE are OPEN 10am to 5pm - Today Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...
GAMEDAY | One final game for the girls today after a big weekend in Get along, it's free!
Saturn and I stayed in the whole weekend and today we basically didn't leave the bed
The royal family attended church services on Sunday in Sandringham — two days after their…
well my first time to Coventry today and my team did it again to the blaze congratulations on a big 4 point weekend.
Calvin Johnson couldn't muster me literally an average game last weekend to get into the final. Now today I'm having the greatest week ever
Much thanks for the interactions today, I appreciate them. I hope you had a great weekend and a joyous Christmas !
If this is how you feel today, Click Like! We hope you had a successful holiday weekend with lots of happy dogs,...
Brunch smelled good today... Free smells next weekend :)
I am so dirty and tired after today and this weekend but after 21 hours that pool looks so good 😜
"Another great win today!! if we can just win at home next weekend we can win our 3rd…
• Best Buy was a mess all weekend. Was it today?
One year ago today we officially met the weekend riot. I would have never guessed that they would…
Kudos for "Today" for putting Kristen Welker on "Weekend Today!" I knew if viewers could see her personality,she would be lovable
This was a good weekend, gonna make some bobbleheads later today :)
Still want to do a little more shopping this weekend? Our stores close today at 5, come by and take a look at the new collections…
£200 DepositBonus when u register with today!. Join NOW the for the weekend! >
Lots of fun stuff going on in today. Check out our list for ideas
from 6pm today. The best way to end every weekend. Don't miss it! .
Led my first seminars today, on 'Integrity and Holiness', at Strathclyde CU Weekend Away! What a topic. I loved discussing i…
On set today in Regina, power shoot weekend with
Yesterday waffles today pancakes.she gets what she wants.
Fundraising this weekend . Serve the City Limerick busking & raffle for a hamper full of goodies. Back today to... https:/…
We are hanging out today at Sunset Terrain Parks & AZ Snowbowl Opening Weekend. Come get some turns in and shop...
A Carl Jenkinson goal today would make my weekend.
Busy long weekend. Last speaking engagement today Be on the look out in December for something new...(op ed)!
yeah I am. See if you can save my football bets today. Been a difficult weekend
loving this book so far. Started it today. Thank you. The rest of my weekend just filled up! 😉📖
HeadsUp: For complete details on today's events & service adjustments visit the Transit & Traffic Advisory
club practice at American U today 3pm-last one before holiday weekend, then resumes Wed Dec2
Haven't seen my boyfriend all weekend and he's going to the eagles game today without me 😢
Pretty pumped to be back in tournament mode. next weekend at . Schedule will be up later today.
it's been busy for me. Thankfully I can read today. Hope ur having a good weekend !😊
TICKETS: We're hosting next weekend, get your tickets online today!
How is your weekend going API friends? . Today we would like to welcome:. - Miaoxin D. from China to her host...
Ill try to put out a some plays today. But im late alredy for weekend soccer to find cream of the crop. But i will try. Since i didnt
Two great reads to prepare for the big match today by & . .
no caming again this weekend lol Im streaming on Youtube again today. I'm SO sore from all my dancing adventures I don't have cam energy
Lovely stroll around Greenwich it's time for the pub to finish the weekend off!
Took some great shots of this morning that I'll post today and this weekend.
Praying West Ham win today, Spurs can't possibly dampen my weekend even more surely?
If win today than that will complete the perfect game day weekend
After that UNC loss to NIU yesterday the only thing that would make this weekend better is a Duke W today over G'Town
Hit the Radnor Trail for the 1st time today (pre-race jog w/pick ups.) Are you ready for weekend ? https:…
contest in ON!! Make sure you enter today! We announce our weekend daily winners on Monday! https…
not bad but I'm not trying to watch Netflix today. Every weekend 40mb if I'm lucky
Rough weekend. Buckeyes looked horrible and lost. They killed my favorite character off of and today last race.
I need to get out today I been in the house all weekend , I miss my girlfriends !
I'm sewing again today and she is with me, just like last weekend. She reminds me to measure twice and cut once,...
Next weekend! Too much to do today and working all week.
spent my Saturday night in the hospital. and unfortunately I still have to work today. 😅 nice weekend I had. 😅
Church is where you want to be today! Pastor is back and preaching all weekend long! See you soon!
It was a wonderful time ministeringgrand finale of Family weekend of RCCG Covenant Assembly today. Indeed He is tru…
Off day today is a lovely way to end a nice weekend fr
If UofA loses today too for basketball my weekend would be completed. Since ASU beat em ystrday ☺👌
Great event at Fuji today, not as serious as normal race weekend so had time to do some filming!
farmer is selling his apples for $0.99 a pound today! Hurry down, it's the last weekend this season!
Good Sunday Morning everyone!! This is one awesome weekend! I had an awesome 250th last night, and today I get to...
My best friend comes home today 😩🙌🏽 thank god I've been lost all weekend 😢
Some of our very happy clients from today. All beautiful, hardworking ladies. So nice to start the weekend with...
Here's a recap of all the weekend's results after today's 1-1 draw.
I'm feeling incredibly down today 😭 so many things have gone wrong this weekend
good t see ya today grimmy .. Thanks for Having us.. See ya at the weekend
Today was good.. this weekend's been liiiveee😂👀
Many thanks to azcentral for featuring Power's War on their FB page today. Enjoy your weekend all! And please...
Black Friday weekend is quickly approaching and today we are announcing our Luxury Sunday sales! 󾠦󾔒󾔐. Next...
Fascinating book excerpt today: How maverick advanced women's equality -- by representing men
Busy weekend. Charity event yesterday and today recording audio for an up upcoming tv serie in the woods. First day off tomorrow in 13 days
in Palm Beach, Fort Pierce and Vero Beach add adventure to y...
I'm sad to say our weekend producer last day is today. Thanks for all your hard work
Real Madrid & Ohio State both lost, the Packers better win today! Need to get a weekend win 🙄
I cant say its been a good weekend till the win. Let's Goo Chicago!!! We playing in the Bears Den today!!
If my skins win today, that'll make my weekend *** near perfect lol
No motivation today. This weekend was literally horrible.
Game Day! Flyers go for the weekend split today vs Cataracts. Game Time 1:30pm
Biryani last night and leftover biryani for lunch today. Perfect weekend really
Feeling loved this weekend. Zoey peed on my gloves yesterday and today, she tried to target my sneaker. I think...
Shout out to our cast and crew who braved the cold and rain today. Enjoy the weekend!!!
Final race starts at 11:20AM US East time. Been a really tough weekend so, all or nothing for today. htt…
Having fun climbing this weekend? If it's raining like it is here today hopefully you'll still find…
and Joe Manganiello Kickstart the Sexiest Wedding Weekend of the Year!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Feeling fat today ... The weekend has changed me
well, except today because I apparently lost all my things this weekend, harrumph
Waking up today was difficult after a having lazy weekend 😴
I did nothing academic over the weekend, and today I'm paying the price of my behavior
I have to get the liquid latex and fake blood today so I'll be ready for this weekend 😈
Overindulge this weekend? Feeling bloated? Call today for information on our CHIROthin weight-loss plan! Find out how you can lose 20-30...
Happy Monday everyone, hope you had a great weekend. If you run into any computer issues give us a call today! Lets take care of those issu…
Monday morning "must've called a thousand times" over the weekend. Unfortunately, today I said "hello".
💋💄 15% OFF all day today with promocode: OCTOBER at the shopping cart! Happy happy weekend!
We hope everyone had a great weekend! Today we'll be at Schnitzer Bldg., 11812 N. Creek Pkwy N., Bothell (11am-2pm). Hope to see you there!
Awesome projections at the castle today! Getting psyched for After dark at the castle this weekend
What a fantastic weekend! Such a bloody laugh 😂 still feeling rough today! Roll on the rest of this week, soo many fun things planned!
Apparently I'm speaking with a slight Irish brogue today xD "did you spend your weekend with Irish people, Nyil?" Yes. Yes I did.
No school today! Feels SO good to just chill at home and get some stuff done! Had a busy weekend.
Goodwill is here TODAY to help you save money, give back and look great for this Halloween weekend! 👻🕸🎃
I've slept about 20hrs this weekend. No positive impact on my but I clearly needed it regardless. Taking it slowly today...
Yep, just a tiny bit stuffy. Rested alot this weekend.Lost workout momentum so forcing myself to gym today. Weight up again :(
Respond to every "How was your weekend?" today by staring off into the distance & whispering "So much blood..."
Deadline is today to register for Scholars Weekend at Coe College for scholarship consideration!
Last Monday! Been ace so far, off with the kids today, our kid just left with the family. Fantastic weekend!!!
Had a three day weekend from the gym but better believe I'll be back in it TODAY!
Looking forward to presenting resources with staff today at - great weekend to co…
Opening this weekend, reserve your tickets today!
From Maclovio Perez: Clearing skies today as rain storms moves east. Another storm expected for weekend.
Happy Monday!. How is everyone today? Did you stop by to play with us this weekend?
Monday scent of the day 10/26: . Hope everyone had a great weekend! What fragrance did you pick for today?. I'm ...
This weekend was so relaxing. I think I'd like to do it all over again and ignore all the adult things I have to take care of today. 😑
what a weekend my guest was happy getting.Back to work.All pics will be up today my assistant is...
Exactly what is on my mind today, especially after this weekend. Being an outcast is my thing. Today…
Thriving from happiness today after a perfect weekend 😊😊
So nice today🌞 bet it's liften on the weekend tho
I am so incredibly tired today it's unreal. Monday's after a long weekend are a punishment.
I left my history notebook in my classroom over the weekend by accident so my teacher knows that I didn't study for the test we have today
Stand out this weekend with the Request a brochure today:
Sharing our weekend baking at work today! Tell us what you baked this weekend!
Energy that Lasts all day Naturally! Was at robs all weekend, been home an hour and now I…
I just wanna get through today so I can get through tomorrow, then the next day until it's the weekend again.
I somehow worked 30hrs this weekend, so today is a for me too.
Did not sleep in at all this weekend and am very much paying the price today.
Human body is amazing... Struggle to walk on left leg on Saturday & stopped me from running over the weekend. Today... nearly recovered!
Today in tries to simultaneously teach coastlines and processes and teach me how to/what is a vacati…
Congrats to all winners this weekend. There's still hundreds of prizes to win so pick up a pizza today!
My legs are so sore today. Playing Sharks and Minnows with six and seven year old boys and girls at camp this weekend was no joke.
Hey Passes for this weekend's Halloween RaiderGate are available now! Reserve them online today!
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